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Bad Cotou, SriT up Bmod,-(.'onkumptiun.
K. a Mr Lin. BtQ., of
Ktmpsvillc. Pi in SSI
Anue Co.. Va.. writes:
"When 1 rommtnri'd
taking your 'Discovery'
I whs very loiv with a
cough, ami at timi'8 sptt
;ip uiurh blood. I mis
no, able to do the lenst
work, rut roost of the
time wns :i ikhI. i was
nil rnii-ifiwn, very
sreak, my tattst wtu 'ii
iy, und i WMgitreinely
di poodotlt The llrst
i 7 pome 1 HUM on. IHit
J A rciu to lo me mncli
yt r!r tooi, hut i had fmtii in
it 111X1 l I I" it
until 1 bad token fifteen
bottles, and now I do
unt look nor tee liho
tlic tamo iiikii I w us one
ni'i' utuiieiii'i, mm pii
Mit. K. 0. MoLis.
., ., I'o, 1,1,
f II mm iliiu filtm I WOlllll Hot ilUVl!
thouirht that you would be Uvitog now. 1 can
thimktiillv lay 1 mi' entirely cured Of a dU
esse which, but for your wnnitt-rtul Discov
ery,' woulil have resulted In my death.
A Woman's Hoart is
Wrapped Up in Her
Ami sometimes it happens ;i man
ul'octurer's money is In the same
This one's was, With a stock
on hand and pressed for money
the storj always has the same end-Lag-
-the Cloaks are onr's. Not
oneof them over thirty days old,
the very newest styles for spriug,
und the s;i ino wiU enable you to
get lots of other things for Easter.
Out of town OOtMOpoMMkl ofTUB Tuts
Cnk should slija tholr names iu fall to ti-ou
umv letter, not for pnbUootton uut to foara
sgiurmt deception, i
Capes for $3.75
Capes for 5
Capes for
Capes for
Capes for
Stylish Jackets for $4 50.
Stylish Jackets for 5.00.
Stylish Jackets for 6.00.
Stylish Jackets for 7.50.
Stylish Jackets for 8.50.
Stylish Jackets for 10.00.
Silk Waists
We are showing a superb line of
these very popular garments, all
made in the very latest approved
While Goods
Onr Sj rinj,' Stock of Novelty White
Goods in all the popular and desirable
kinds is now ready for inspection.
As this promises to lie a season of
great popularity for thse beautiful,
noWT materials, we have prepared a
greater assortment than ever before.
Saving prices for you in thi3
popular department.
An BxhatuUyt Ii,c ird of Events of Iui
pjrtanc la a Hustling- Town.
foi tit the saunton TVf&enf.
ARCOBALD. Pa., March HI The mn
ploya of JoDSt, Simpson & Cj. were
paid yesterday afternoon. The Wtgtl
of t!ie men and boys for February were
the smallest received in man? mouths.
It it Impel ul to note, however, that the
outlook for March at nil tlie mines in
this vicinity ts mnoh brighter than it
appeared a week ago
Mrs (Jharlea Law, mother of Thomas
Law. is 111, She 18 Stopping with her
son, William, in Avoca.
High Constable Kewoonrt having
oiit Into the hotel business, it will be
in order for him to resign his ollice.
John J. Farrell. of Salem street, is
mentioned as bin probable WCCOMOK
(ieore Schoonover, who until a few
inontns ago resided here, snstalnsd
a s ivers injury to his left hand on
Thursday tbat amputation was necss
siiry. Mr Schoouover was OOUpllng
ears on an Krie train when the BOOl-U-11
1 occurred.
Tho Lenten serviees at St. Thomas
church on Wednesday were conducted
by Rev, J, B. Dunne, of Ureeti Kidt;e.
who dflivered a very entertaining sei
mon, Mrs. Mary Ptitlbin. of Church stroet,
is baautifylug lier residence by ad linn
a new porch.
The announcement o( the candidacy
of Stephen J. Barrett, of the Third
war I, for delegate to the Democratic
county convention, has spurred to ac
tivity others politically ambitious, and
awakened an interest in politics rarely
manifested at this distance from a
county convention since Mr. Barrett's
announcement. Johu J. Farrell and
Tbomas J. Moran are mentioned as
prospective candidates from the Second
Ward. Both are very popular young
men who will undoubtedly make a
very In teres ting fight. As yet there is
no one named from the First ward, nor
have any Republican candidates been
announced from either of the three
A PUasins Writer's Record, of the In
t renting News of a Day.
Special to the sTpraaftMt Tribune.
Oi.YHI.vnt, Pa., March 10. Pay at
Johnson's colliery today.
It. W. Taylor will move his barber
bop to tne new building a few doors
below the old stand on Lackawanna
street. His family will occupy the sec
ond tl ior as a dwelling.
A larue number of people from this
place expect to attend the parade at
Wilkes-LWrrs tomorrow.
Miss Lucy Farrel has returned home
after a two weeks' visit at New York.
The funeral of Anthony Faddeu oc
cured this afternoon from his late resi
deuce on Duumore street, at 'I 'M The
1 remains were removed to St. Patrick's
church, where au impressive tulogy
was delivered by ltev. P. H. Murphy.
Intermnnt was made in St. Patrick's
The music pupils of the St. Patrick's
Parochial Aca lemy will hold a recital
in Academy hall on Eister Motilay.
The following is tbs cist of charac
ters of the "Mock Breach of Promise
Suit." to be held next Wednesday, un
der the auspices of ;,the Young Men's
Christian union i
Mr. Pickwick A. W. Shaw
Mrs. bant well Will V. Jones
Mr. Winkle F. L. Nortliup
Mr. SuodDraiis E. . Davis
Mr. Tupman a. L. Pugb
Justice htarlcnjh Thomas Palmer
Sergeant Sunburns E. S. Jones
Bergeaot BiiKfuz f. L, Knapp
Sam Weller f. B. Mitch"ll
Mrs. Cliipplus Thomas H, Kvans
Mrs. Sunders T. M. Voyle
..laaier Bardsll clarence Callander
Mas. Skimpy S. J. .Matthews
Mr. Phnnky W, u. Parry
Mr. Parker E. J. Bartnold
Mr. Dobaon L). W. Hani.
Air. Fae - w- Houser
Richard L'pwich E. O. Llivul
TnomasGri llln T. A. Telford
Ushers and jury from the Young Mou's
Christian union.
Ths Wll Knivn Cantata to BsRnderfd
bv Amateurs.
Sprcinl to the ScrOHtoe Tribune
Forkst CITY, Pa, March 1C The
grand cantata, "Rebecci," will be ren
dered tomorrow evening in Divis'
opera house for the benefit of the W-lnh
Congregational chnreh. The m mbers
of the cantata cnorus have nracti':"d
lone and faithfully th"ir work nntil
they have become the masters of the
difficult piece. John Luther Moruan
Is the conductor and Mrs. A. F. Aid
rich orjrsnist.
The following are the numbers of the
Abraham David J Jones
Isuar, Aliruham's son J. E. Hughes
files r, Abraham's eldest servant,
rinlip Thomas
fce Va J. C. Walters
Obed Isaac iJenjnmin
Jot) (ieorge T. 1,'oies
Hebecra Ada Jennings
Mary uiitkms
KMa Hlnea
S. J. Jennings
. . . .T. O, Jones
..Benlah Bines
...Mrs. S, .May
Rebecca's attendants
Hethuel, Rehecrn's father,
l.aban, Rebecca's brother.
Acha, EllesaPl wife
Edna, Se Ya'snffianred. . .
First Sopranos. Second S ipraUOS,
May Vatkin Mrs. O, Matty,
Mrs. T. J. Pentecost. .Mrs. S. Mav.
First Altos, Second Altos.
Mrs. GiifBths. Benlah limes.
Mary Kvans. Eila Bloat.
First Tenors.
Evan Evans.
V. Jennings.
J. I.. Hughes.
First linss.
D. J. Jones,
Philip Thomas,
Isaac Benjamin,
Second Tenors.
Henry t'arr.
J. Jennings.
J. ('. Waters.
Second Base.
Morgan Jenkins,
. T. Coles
Evan Morgnn,
First Tenor. Second Tonor.
Evan Evans,
W, Jennings,
Isaac Jones.
First Bass.
I. R. Benjamin,
David Jones,
Philip Thomas.
Henry Carr,
J. Jennings,
J. C- Watrea.
Second llass.
It. T. Coles,
Morgan Jenkins,
Evan Morgan.
Those wishing to attend from a dis
tance can return home on the 10.35
train. Tickets 2o. Wand 50 cents.
Dyspepsia and Indiireatlnn
In their worst forms ar cured by the
nse of P. P. P. if you are debilitated and
run down, or if you need a tonic to regain
flesh and lost appetite, strength and vigor,
take P. P. T., nnd you will he strong and
healthy. Kor shattered constitution and
Inst manhood P. P. P. (Prickly Ash. Poke
Root and Potssdutn) is the kiug of all
medicines. P. P. P. is the greatest blood
pnrifler in the world. For sale by all
druggisle. "
Nsws of thn Pionr City D,ishl Up for
Intttllfent P.rusal.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
CaBBONDALS, Pa, March 10 Sun
day morning in the Baptist tabernacle
I lie pastor, Rev. T. E. Jepson. will
preach a ttrmon on foreign missions,
also the annual oolltotio i fur missioas
will b- taken up at that timt.
Haydtn Bvant, of Scranton, was a
visitor in t ds city to 1 y .
Tomorrow afternoon Mr. and Mrs.
A. S. Lev-dy will loivelor Nineveii,
N. Y , where they will mske a short
visit with the latter's parents
W. D. Frank, of Scranton. calle I on
friends in this citv this evtning,
H Torrance, jr., of the Htndrlci
Manufaotorlng company, left to lay ior
a several weeks' business stay in New
York city, in the interest of his em
ployers. Rev. W. B. GrrOW, of this city, will
preach a sermon in the Biptist church
at Hawlay on Sunday next
At a recent meeting of the board of
managers of the Young Men's Chris
tian association, it was decided to bold
tbt district conference in this place
It will occur in the l itter part of April.
Bart Cnrran of Scranton was among
the visitors in this piano today.
Edward A Major, father of H H.
Major, of tbit City, died yesterdiy at
his home in Plymouth at the nj of
fifty eight years. Mr. an 1 Mrs. Maj r
are in the latter place and will remain
Until Monday.
Harry Herman, of Scranton, is visit
ing at the bottle of Mr. and Mrs Jam's
Rtil inson, of Washington street.
Mrs. William CbaSt Is visiting Mrs
W. H. Hiller, of Pittsburg.
My reTStOIAJI said 1 could not live, my
liver out of order, frequently vomited
greenish mucous, skin yellow, small dry
humors on fare, stomach Would not re
tain food. Itnrdock Blood Hitters cured
me. Mre. Adelaide O'Urien, oli Exchange
St., Buffalo, N. Y.
i. in
Matters of Personal Interest Reported
fnr HurtUd Prusal.
AlSCtal tO the SsroafON Tribune.
Minooka, Pa., March 10 James
Powell, who ia a student at the
Stroudeburg State Normal school, ia
oxpected home on a visit during the
I ' i. tor holidays
Misses Annie LufTy and Mary Nee
left for Ashley last night, where they
will visit at the home of Miss Barbara
Kearnev. of that place.
Miss Ellen Buckley, of Forest City.L
visiting ut the home ,of her parents on
Church street.
John Shea, son of Michael Shea, of
Chureh street, was severely scalded
yesterday by falling in a tub of boiling
water which was left on the floor. Dr.
E. E, Weston was summoned to attend
to his injuries, which ia of a painful
nature. "T.
Joe Ungie, the well known aprinter
of Taylor, asserts that he will run auy
any of the noted sprinters of this place
100 yards for $101) at any time.
Miss Katie Siangan, of Forett City,
is visiting relatives in this place.
The Orttnwoud collieries Noe. 1 and
0 will be p. id tod.iV.
Mrs. Barbara Mangau, an aged and
respected resident of this plac,, died
yesterday morning at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. Barbara Davin, on
Main street. The dtOSMtd was a na
tive ot County Qalway, Ireland, aged
70 years. She is survived bv a son and
two daughters, Michael Mangau, Mrs.
John Caw ley and Mrs. Barbara Davin,
of this place.
Our Entortainiiitr Oones penU'nl'a Bui
g.t cf Bright Pq) .graph
yvecidt to the Scrnni tn Tribune.
Avoca, Pa., March 10 The L:ng
diffe Coal company paid their em
ployes today Tne Avoca Ootlttry will
pay tomorrow.
Miss l!ssie Webber and Nellie Cur
ran attended an enttrtainmtnt at Dur
yen this tvtning,
The funeral of the child of John
(iallagher took place this afternoon.
The council met at ..111 lolay to o in
fer with a committee oi Ldilgh Valley
officials for the purpott Of having the
street crossings on the West Side put
in go id order.
Miss Litzzie Whaloti is visiting
fne ids in Scranton,
L, F. Nolan w9 a visitor in Scranton
The runtrtl of little Bthtl Clark at
2 o'clock this afternoon was largely at
tended, interment in LnngoliS cemetery.
Meatlll are prevalent among the
children of Avoca,
Pennsylvania Coal company paid
tbelr employes yesterday
Toe Hidiool board at their special
meeting on Thursday evening, ap
pointed Miss Alice M irahaii to till the
vacanoy caused by tbt (resignation of
Miss Mamie O'Brien. She will take
charge of school March 'JO.
- -
News of the Day Compiled bv a Wide-
Awake Correspondent.
Sirciol to the fibrasfon Tribune.
Foiikst City, Pa , March 10. -Snn-dav
is Palm Sunday.
Tomorrow is known as St. Patrick's
Day in commemoration of tne patron
ssint of Ireland.
Evan W. Evans, of Hyde Park, lias
been the guest of his friend, V. A.
Price, during the past few days.
March came in like a lamb but pre
sented tho appearance of a lion yester
day, leaving on old mother earth a thiu
carpet of white in this place.
Mrs T. B. Crawford, of Jtrmyn, was
the guest of her parents, Professor and
Mrs. W. tl. Trim today.
JJEliss Edwards was iu the Anthracite
City today.
John E. Hughes wis a visitor in tho
city of electricity today.
Harry Skeels, of Carbondale, paid
his friends a short but pleasant visit
in this place this afternoon.
N. G. Cooley has purchased F. J.
Osgood's milk business. Mr. Osgood
will hereafter devote his time in the
interest of ths Southern Building Loan
John D Nealon, of Carbondale, one
of the most popular salesmen that
comes to onr place, called on his For
est City trade today.
John Moses is spending the day in
Copy of Old Birouirh Ordinance Roast-
leg Elsctrical rtorapanUs.
Special to the Scranton Tribune., Pa, March 10 - The follow
ing ia an ordinance tnat the "old"
borough council made a law, and
which may be of special interest to
mnnv of The Trihcne readers:
"Every telephone, telegraph, electric
and electric railway company erecting
or maintaining poles or wires within
the borough limits shall pay an annual
llctntt fee of $1 for each pole and $3.50
for each mile of wire so erected or
maintained, Said liseuse fee to be
paid on or before the first MondBy in
Vpnl of esch vear.
Epworth LtagUia and Christian Endeav
or Soc .ties M.t in Cnnvmilon.
Sptrial to the Scanton Tribune.
Moscow, Pa., Marou 10. The Ep
worth Nagn-H and Chiistiau Endeavor
societies of this district met in a joint
convention today. Large numbers
from Elmhnrst, Salem, Hollisterville
so l Daleville attended and took part.
Tho convention was divided iuto two
The aftsrnoon session was opened by
a praise service led by Silvin Au Irews,
of Daltville, R)V. S C. Simpkins, of
.Moscow, delivered an address of w.-l-
Otne, which was responded to bv Rev,
Henry Ward. II a id Rsv. L. B. Cra
Beauty and Purity
(io hand in hand.
They are the Inundation of health and
Health, because of pure blood;
Happiness, because of clear skin.
Thousands Of useful lives have been
embittered by distressing humors.
Cutici ka Resolvent
l the greatest of skin purifiers
As well as bksid purifiers.
Because of its peculiar action on the
It is successful in preventing
And eui iiiK all torms oi
Skin, Scalp, and Bkxxl humors,
When the usual remedies and even
The best physicians fail.
Entirely vegetable, safe, innocent, and palatable,
it especially appeals to mothers and children.
Because it acts so gently yet effectively
Upon the skin and blood, as well as upon the
Liver, kidneys, and bowels.
Its use during the winter and spring
Insures a clear skin and pure blood, i
As well as sound bodily health.
Sold everywhere. Price, Cutici ba Rrsoivtint, $i : Ointmhnt, soe.; 15c. Pittbi
C: ano Chlm. COST., Uostou. AST "All about the Ulood, Skin, Scalp, and Hair," mailed free.
Women and
Women Only
Are moat competent to fully appreciate the purity,
sweetness, and delicacy of CUTICURA Soap, and to
discover new uses lor it d.iily.
In the preparation of curative washes, solutions,
etc., for annoying irritations, dialings, and exhort
ations of the skin and mucous membrane or too free or offensive perspiration, it
proved most grateful.
Like all others of the Cuticura Kemp.diks, the CimcuRA Soar appeals to the
refined and cultivated everywhere as the most effective skin purifying und beautifying
Soap, as well as the purest and sweetest lor toilet and nursery.
Acute Rheumatism
Months of Suffering -Hood's
Sarcaparilla Cured
mer, After singing by the congrega
tion, Mrs Marion Psrry read an essay,
her subj'Ct being "Christian Citizen
ship;" E O Simmons, of Pittston, read
a very interesting papir on "Work;"
Misa Nora Finch read an essay on
' '((leanings. "
A. B. Olsr, of Elmhurst. read a pa
per on "Organize,) Enthusiasm " This
concluded the afternoon session.
In the evening the societies again
met. and after the devotional exrcisos
conducted by L B Cramer and b se
lection by a male quartette, the con
gregation listened with much interest
to a discourse on "The Young Wo
man,' by Rev. M''Lau,of Elm hurst.
For Col Is, Croup, Asthma, Bronchitis
and Sore Throat, nee Dr. Thomas' Eclec-
tricOil, ami get the genuine,
Bright Paragraphs Concerning Citizens
of a Progreniiva Borouirh.
S)teeial to the Scranton Tribune.
TAYLOR, Pa., March 1C A large
number of the members of Emblem di
vision. Sona of Temperance, are attend
ing the anniversary of the Pittston
lodge tonight.
J. F, Tubbs, ex-borough clerk, has
broken ground ou Taylor street for the
erection of a handsome block of houses.
H. B. Jones and wife, of Priceburg.
were visitors here on Thursday.
Next Thursday night occurs the
"tea" of the ' Old Maids" at Price
library. All nre welcome.
Tomorrow (Saturday) night occurs
the entertainment at the Welsh Bip
tist church The programme entitles a
crowded house.
The social of the Ladies' Aid Society
at the Met ho list episcopal parsonage
on Thursday night was an altair or
much pleasure nnd profit.
John Richards, the versatile writer
writer of the S-iranton Frue Press, is
enjoying tho sights in Philadelphia,
A child of Mrs. Smith, of JNorth
Taylor, died on Thursday of the
A report comes from Old Forge that
a Polish woman stabbed a young gitl
at tli is place this morning. The woman
whs arrested by Constnble Patrick
Henry aud committed to the county
WllHnm J Frost and Mlis Anna Nelson
United at Mooslc.
Special to the Scranton 7Vi6tae.
MOOSIC, Pa., March 10 A very
pretty wedding ceremony was per
formed at the home of Mr. nnd Mrs
Thomas Nelson, of Miller's Grove, on
Thursday evening The contracting
parties were their daughter, Miss Anna
Nelson, and William J. Frost, of Moo
sic. The ceremony was performed by
Rev. L A Lindemntb, pastor of the
Presbyterian church.
The bride and groom were attended
by Miss Anna Cranston and Alonzo
Ellis. The bride was neatly attired in
a becoming dress of steel colored oash
roiere. The bridesmaid wore also a
steel colored cashuiiere.
After the ceremony an excellent sup
per was served to the immediate
frieuds and relatives. Mr. and Mrs.
Frost rec -i veil many valuable presents,
nnd expect to go to housekeeping on
Walnut street.
There nre hundreds of young men aud young women In thll
country who hare splendid ability, but they ha o never been
wakened up.
Wood's College of Business and Shorthand
Has been an inspiration to hundreds of young people. If you
are tired of inactivity and want to do something tangible,
come to the College.
common i:n;i,ish course
business course.
SHORTHAND COURSE -a ti n,AA. , . .
F. E. WOOD, Proprietor.
50 pieces Moquette, $1.35 per yard,
100 pieces Velvet, $1.15 per yard, -100
pieces Tapestry Brussels, 65c,
50 pieces Ingrain, 65c,
Now $1.00
Now 90c.
- Now
- Now
Also a laro;e line of Cotton and Wool and Cotton
grains at 25c, 35c, and 40c.
Dr. K. Grewer
The Philadelphia Fpecialist,
And tils asaoelated ttatl of English mJ oor
uian uuw ticrmaneutly located
Temple Court Building
.tl 1 SPRUCE ST..
WheiB lUoy uisy bo consulted DAILY AND
The Doctor In n graduate ot the Unlvornity
ef Peunnylvania, formerly flemontrtor of
physiology and surgery at the Mcdlco-CMr-triilcal
College, of Philadelphia. II Is also
an honorary memlwr 0f the Medlco-Chirur-glcal
Association, and was physician and
surgeon in-chief of the most noted American
and German hospitals, comes highly Indorsed
by the leading professors of Philadelphia and
hew r,rk.
His many
Other grades reduced proportionately. The best bar
gains ever offered by any firm. No old stock. All new
spring patterns.
Straw Mattings
Fresh stock (150 rolls) from $4.00 per roll (40 yards)
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pars of pxtipnono
bleu thli eminent phynifiRU nnd
surgeon to
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and his high standing in thn tnt will not
allow him to accent any incurable cos
If yon have ooeu given up ny your physi
cian call upon the doctor and be examined.
Be curse the worst casusof Nervous Debility,
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ana i nroat, Asinraa, Lieainess, rumors, l an
cers and Cripolos of every desoriptloD. Con
sultation in English nnd German Pre, which
shall bo considered sacred and strictly confi
dential. (ifllce Hours: 0 A.M. to O P. H. Daily.
Sunday. O h.iii. to p.m.
National Bank of Scrantoa
Mr, tfoah .. Hornet
BtahlltOWn, I'enn.
"C. t, Hood ft Co., Lowell, Mass.:
"Gentlemen: Pour years last .tnnmry I
taken down with sub acute rheumatism which
located at the base of tho brain. It was eight
weeks less osr day belore I was able to walk
out of tho house bud after months of millcrlng
ami DQUSll pain 1 leared
I Would Never Bo Well.
My physician advised mo to use Hood's Harsa
parillu. Alter taking It in half doses for two
weeks i felt better, so at different tines aftsf
wards I used It awhile and during the last year
I have again liccii restored to Invigilated health
by it. i attribute my restoration to ktalth to
the use of lb... Sarsap n ilia
calami since quiM young
wuiie aiienuing scnuoi ne
anil last summer
used two bottles of
Hood's Sarsapnrllla and said It did him more
good than he rtftltted froin 9100 for prescrip
tions, etc." NOAH J, IIhRnkh, Postmaster and
General Merchant, Slahlstowtn, Pennsylvania.
Hood's PIIIb cure liver ills, constipation,
biliousness, Jaundice, sick headuchc, indigestion.
Having suffered from Dye
pepsin for three years, I as.
ci.feil to trv BUBDOCI MbOO
Birrmis.'and after using one
Isiltlo I found myself so m li
better that I was encouraged!
to us,, another; after taking
this 1 find ruvsolf so full y res
Btnred that I do not need any
mop. inedlcine. feeling truly
grateful to B B li
Ma Q WniTtt,
Taberg.llnelda Co , M.Y
m . - . in i -a
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000.
RAMl'EL HIXES.IPresl.lent.
W. V WATSON. Vice PresidsnL
A.U. WILLIAMS, Cashier.
SAvrtt. ntNFs, jamf M EvrnrtART,
Joseph .1. .Hum vs. M s. Ksmkiikh..
Chas, P. MaitiikvtS, .Ions T. Pouter.
W. W. Watson
This bank Invites the patronage of business
men and llrnis generally.
The most complete
in the market.
Hull & Co.
205 AKD 207 VTOlilG AVE.
"No star was ever lost we once have seen,
We always may be what we might have been,"
Scranton, Pa.
62 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
flooms 1 arid 1 Commonwealth Bld'g,
Made at the MOOSIO nnd HUSH
La niin & Ilnml Powder. Co. "s
Electric Batteries, Fuse for explol
ing blasts, Safety Fuse and
RepaunoChemical Co. 's High Explosives
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
Slnli'inrnt Feb iM . 1HHI. culled for by
III,' Coin idi oller of lb. Currency.
I.onns 91,210.310 OO
Over.lriilts IMT.:l
United stutes RO, 000,00
Other Bonds BI8.S7S.TS
llnuklng Bonse .0,111;
Premium! mi t. s. Bonds..., D48.T0
llili, Irnia U. N. I , , usurer 7,600.00
Hurl Hankt "os 111, 73
Cnsli 1 ISII.U40..14
rapllnl si'.'oo 000 00
sin plus ! 10.000 00
Undivided Proflt ftli IH1 Oil
h . uli. I Ion IS, OO 0,00
111,1,1. o, is Unpaid 384 BO
Deposits.' 1, mil. 11110 m
Hue to nauks Oll.llllO .tO
IS, Ml, BOO. 00
tvii.i.iAM roNNi i.i, Prealdeal
t 11 11 1 v 11 in Vlee-Presldenfc
Will. I AM II. PKCK, Cashier
Wllllnm Council, QooMO II. Cntlln,
AlTred Hnnd. Jiuiios Arelibnld, M,.nry
Hell, 1, jr., William T. Siullli, Lutlior
This bnnk offers 1 depositors every
fntilllty wnrrant,-d by llielr balances, busl
uoss and resjionslblllty.
Special attention tlven to business ao
counts. Interest paid un time deposit.
"The other man does tho work. All I
havo to do is to carry up tho hrick. "
Tne Same Way at the Economy
All you have to do is to brinp in tho
money sn.l very little at that) nnd wo
do the rest. This week we oiler the
Greatest Parlor Suit Ever
Offered for the Price.
A fivo pieco over stuffed Turkish frame)
suit, upholsterer! in American Damask.
Trimmed in -ilk 1 'It: - 1 and extra heavy
Fringe, soft top and spring edge, con
sisting of
Tho nboTO Is a combination of rich colors.
You Should See lt-
BPKCIAZr A 100-pltOS Uluner Set
prrsented with all puivbsees of $73 00
or over.