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Highest of all In Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
Women's Maslin and
Cambric Underwear
AS IN THE PAST, our efforts thia year
have been exerted to gather topothor a
stock of I'nderwetr would (five the i:reat
et possible satisfaction in quality ot m i:-n
alii. carefulness of worktnaushiD and nortec
tlon of fit
And while tho priest are AO low can po
eiblv be afforded for such lna-b elms work wo
do not -nter into competition with tho info
riur grade of Codj largely sold at seemingly
low prices.
The stock now placed on exhibition Id all
new and fresh No shop-worn or couutor
oiled Koods in the let ml includj ouly the
latest styles and shapes.
Onto: town eorrespon land of Tun TStS
ONI iboQra siun their UHM In full to each
Ueivs letter, not for publication out to guard
against deoeptiou.l
We mention tod
Srtecial Bargain
'hlch cannot bo duplicated
at the prices:
Fine Muslin Corset Covers, 19c
Fine Cambric Corset Covers, 23c
Night Dresses,
Walking Skirts,
In connection with the special baryalus In
Muslin Underwear . we name some
unusual values
In Children's White Dresses
At I5o.i fc-. Wc, Sic , 98c
Infants' Long Slips
At tte.. 38c, Sic
SI 00 and $1.-1
It is well to remember that when we adver
tise special bargains it U not safe tu postpone
examination for a si - (tie. day The reason is
that 11 our notices are eagerly scanned, and
as we positively avoid all forms .jf sensational
advertisements it has been proven by experi
ence that everything mentioned in our notlcos
Is precisely as stated: therefore, the response
is prompt and lots are sometimes sold in
a few hours or days, as it may happen.
The Services at Honesdal Are Larglv
Attended Ysterdv.
Special fo the Scranton Tribune
HoNhsi'AlK, March lit -The funeral
of the lute Hon. John Torrey, took aflernoon at 0.30 p. in. at the
bom of Andrew Thompson. The
service were conducted iy the R"V.
William H. Swift, Honesdaie. and Dr.
Logan, Sornntout Her J. J. Dougherty
sat with the clcruymon
The pall bearers wore H. O, YounK,
Albany, Homer Uroetie, L. J. Dortiin
yer, H J. Metiner, H. Q Hand and V.
B. Holme, Honesiale. Among the
large number of attendants from out
ot town were O. F. Fuller, Chicago,
John Cheeney, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Fuller, Mrs. Judge Kie and
Mrs Johu Bedford, Wilkes-Harre.City
Solicitor James H. Torrey, Judae
Seelev, CharUa S. Weston , John F.
Roe, EUvard Fuller, Alexander Dick
ton and James P, Dickson, I. M. Kist
lar, Scranton ; Mrs. CleveUud Mrs.
Xewcoinb, Clevaland; Mia Gertrude
I'orroy, Montclair, N. J.; Superinten
dent C. R Van Berger, Cnrhondale;
Uelos Welles, C tsuovu, X. Y. i Col.
H irri. Miss Ellen Torrey and Mrs.
Lavina. Fuller, Mr.and Mrs. (J. L Dick
son, J George Eisele, W. H. Richmond
C. S. Fowler, jr.. M. L. Fine, K. M.
Vernoy aud D. J. Levi, Scranton.
At a special meeting of the board of
managers ot tho Honesdale Gas company
held at the office of the company, this litit
day of March, A. D. lt94, the following
nnnute was unanimously adopted:
Ic tho death of Hon. John Torrey we,
the managers of the Honesdale Uas com
, pany. feel that we have met with a great
1 personal loss. He has been connected with
I this board for more than thirty-five years,
ever since tho organization of this com
I pany, and for many years was the efficient
I treasurer of the company. Oar assocla
i tion and intercourse with huu as mem
i bers of the board of ma lagers has besu
I very pleasant and we desire to bear
testimony to bis constant courtesy,
his excellent judgment, his thorough
integrity and his unfailing interest
:n aud devotion to the affairs of this
c jmpanv. The success of the company in
the years that are past is largely to be at
triboted to the excellent business capacity
of Mr. Torrey, and to his thorough fldel
lty to his dunes as an officer of the com -
p inv. We shall greatly miss bitn both as
a friend and counselor from the meeting"
of oar board. To his children and grand
children in their greater sorrow, we ex
tend our heartfelt sympathy, and earnest
ly commend them to Uira whose sympa
thies are innnite, and who knows how to
administer comfort in every time of sor
row. It la directed that this minute bo spread
in full on tbe secretary's book ot the com
pany, that it be published in the newspa
pers of Wayne county and that a copy
thereof be engrossed aud presented to the
family of the deceased.
H. Z. Rissell, Secretary.
Similar resolution! ware also passed
by the board of directors of the Hones
dale National bank at a meeting held
at their banking rooms on Mtrch 10.
Items of General Interest Tsroely and
Intelligently Reported.
Special fo the Scranton Tribune.
Jekmvn, Pa., March 13 L La Rne
and family, of Mavfleld, hay moved
into tbe honss of Patrick Fooney, on
Third street.
Rev. Mr. Twain, of Drifton, has re
fused the call to the St James Episco
pal ehurah. The church has now ex
tended a call to a graduate of one of
New York city's colleges.
The funeral ot Johnnie, infant child
of Henry Langman, took place yester
day afternoon. Interment in Rose Hill
Tbomss Williams, of II street, has
removed to the house owned by G.
Tnpptn, of Fourth street.
A largo number of tbe friends of
Harry Jackson assembled at his home
on Monday evening and gave him a
surprise. A pleasant evening was en
joyed by all.
Louis Yarns, of Archbald; Frank
Ames, of Binghamton, and C. C Dil
dim, of Little Valley, N. Y , wore Jer
in vti visitors yesterday.
The wedding of William J. Giles
and Miss Mary Morgan will take place
Tha Epworth .league will hold a
meeting on Friday night. An inter
esting programme has been prepared.
Among those who will taks pnrt are
C. F. Baker, essay; J. G. Shepherd,
reading; Misa Emma Soby and VV. T,
Osborne, vocal duet, and Misses Hen
trough and Soby and Messrs Green
and Jopling, vocal quartette.
John Roberts, of Second street, who
has been very low for a nnmbor of
weeks is now better, and hopes are en
tertained of his entire restoration to
Pioneer Oltv News Briefly Rsoordod for
Hurried Rsadsra.
Sptciat fo fie Scranton Tribune.
OABBOMMH, Pa.. Maroh 18. Tha
funeral of the late Mrs. Mary Daffy,
who died Sunday afternoon at her
home on Gordon avenue, occurred this
afternoon at 8 o'cloek. Sorvioes were
conducted in St. Rose oemetery. Ia
termeut was made in New Catholic
Mrs. Burt Bennett.of Scranton, is the
guest of her sister, Mrs. John Harvoy,
of Canaan street.
Mrs. L. A. Bassett, of Lincoln ave
nue, is visiting her mother in Rochester.
N. Y.
Fred Emerick, of Scranton, made a
busiiifBs visit to this city yesterday.
Georgo L Smith, once a resident of
this city, and employed at the office of
tbe Hendrick Manufacturing company,
will be uni'e l in marriage on March
81 to Miss Eslollo SUorer, of Rochester,
N. Y.
P. J. Thomas, employed as brakomati
on Kenwortby's Delaware and Hudson
coal irnin, received painful ill juries to
tho thumb oil bis left hand yesterday
by having it squeezed between the
On icoUUtof the funeral services of
the late Hon. John Torrey, which oc
curred this afternoon at 8. 30 o'clock in
Honesd ile, the Delaware and Hudson
company ran a special train to that
place to accommodate those from
."ciantou and tins city who wished to
attend. Tho train left Csrbondtls on
the arrival of ttio Delaware ami Hud
son train leaving Scranton at 19 o'clock
noon. R turning, the traiu left H ones
dal at 5 35 p. m.
Miss Lucy Onnor, of Wilkes-Barre,
is visiting Miss Maine Campbell, of
Brooklyn street.
The primary department of the
Methodist Sunday school will give an
entertainment in the lecture room of
tho church on Monday evening. March
19, the proceed of which will do-
voted to the church building fund. The
following pleasing programme will bo
rendered by the little folks.
Chorus The Merry Sunshine
Recitation The New Bonnet
I'earl Oliver.
Instrumental soio .Miss Lena Urouson
Recitation Grandpapa's Spectacles
joale renseuy.
Tableau Now I am Grandma
Vocal boIo The Wanderer
Mum Frank.
Instrumental duet
Misses Lena Bronson and S'adio Miller
Recitation The Kittons
Emdv Edgar.
Instrumental solo Nettie Bayley
Recitation "The Telegram
Leila Kirov.
Tableau,. ."New 1 Lay Me Down to Sloop"
yuai tette Hunting Chorus
Misses Lillian Kobinson ana Luna liroii
son. Frank Stephens and Del Wilson.
Vocal solo Miss Ida Snyder
Recitation, . . "Pat s Chriiicism
Earl Brink.
Tableau "The Doctor"
Vocal duet "My brother"
Florence and Van Gorder.
Recitation "A Little Boy's Speech"
June Kilpatrick.
Vocal solo "La Sorenata"
Miua Frnuk.
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. II. H.
Daley, on Sslom avenue, the Woman's
Relief corps will hold asnpper between
the hours of 5 and 9 o'clock p. in. to
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Frenr, of Peck
ville, were the guests of Mr. and Mm
G. H. Dimmock, of Canaan street, to
day. Mrs. A. H, Crago, of Salem avenue,
is visiting friends In Middletowu. N. Y.
Mrs. Johu Maze is visiting friends
iu Forest City this week.
Word was received today by the
relatives of Bert Colwell, who was
unfortunate iu meeting with an acci
dent on Saturday last which coat him
hia foot, that be is doing nicoly. Mr,
Colwell has many friends iu this city
who will be glad to learn that he is
An Exhauatlva Report of tho Proceed
ings of a Rsosnt Keating'.
flntetal to tht Scranton 7(6une.
Archbald, March 13 The borough
council mat lust evening. President
Lane presided and the other members
were Messrs. Jouos, Blake, t'addeu aud
Several bills amoutiting to M were
ordered paid.
Tho matter of levying a tax to meet
the expenses of the borough for tho
coming year, was then considered, ine
general borough tax waa finally tued at
5 mills, tho light tax 5 mills, water 1
mill, and epeciul 'i mills, a totnl of IS
The president then appointed the fol
lowing cominitteos:
Road Lane, Blake, Jones.
Water Padden, Caffrey. Lane.
Light Jones, Swift, Padden.
Auditing Jones, Caffrey, Lane.
Supply- Blako, Padden. Jones.
The work of Street Commissioner
I bill' v having commended itself to tho
council during 1898, he was ra-eleutod
James G'Rourke, who creditably
served as borougli treasurer during
1898, was also ru-eleetod by accumula
tion. John R. Jones was oloctol borough
attorney, without opposition. Mrs
James Johnson wan ro- oloctod janitrlx
Johu Sweeney, of Scranton, then ex
plained to the council why he had
asked the council why he pressntol his
claim for $'.20.81 for laying sidewalks in
front of bis premises. Ho maintained
that his sidewalk was laid in accord
ance with a borough ordinance, which
directed that an allowance bo made to
tiiose who laid sidewalks provided tho
written permission of the secretary
had been obtained. He also stated that
a general notice had boon published
which made it unnecessary for him to
procure tho personal permission of tho
secretary. The council listened but
took no action on the matter.
little Locals of I itsreav. to Our Neigh
bors Over the City Lino.
Sjircinl ii- the Scranton Tribune
TAYLOR, Pa , March 18 Tomorrow
t Wednesday) night is la ties night at
tho Price Library association, they
hope the ladies will turn out ia large
Tomorrow is payday at Pyne, Tay
lor and Holdeu mines.
Tno funeral of 'Richard Davis took
place this afternoon. Services were
held in tho Welsh Baptist church. Rev.
1'homas preaching. Burial was made
n Forest Home cemetery. The True
Ivorites lodge attended in a body.
Doputv Internal Revenue CMleetor
Billy Craig was in town to lay.
The Kloctric Base Hall elub will bold
ball in April.
W. G. Daniels was a caller in this
town today.
Mrs. George Snow and Mrs. Uenja-
min Lewis, or Hyde i'arK, visited
friehds her today.
The "old maids'' extend a cordial ln-
itstiou to the "bachelors' ofthebor-
ougn to attend their tea sooiar on
Muroh 2: at Library hall. No doubt
he invitation will be aoceptod and tha
bashful young men be induced to be
come benedicts.
Labors of Evangelist Monro
Meeting with Graat Succsoo
ftiecial to the AfaatON TVibiiae.
Hopbottom, Pa., March 18 Sunday
evening, March 11, wan one long to bo
remembered in tho Methodist Episco
pal church of this place. Rev. G. D
Moore, the noted South Jersey evangel
ist, hud been witn ns one week and
luring the time seven sonls were
.lived Sunday evening twenty eight
snore came Hocking to the altar, seek
ug the interest of their souls.
Mr. Moon had intended It as his last
vn i tig, but so many hungry souls
nukes it, be feels, unjust to loavo jast
low and will probably remain this
ireek. Mr. Moorn is author of tbe
teatitifnl song, "Anohored My Soul
Tie the Heaven of Rest"
But It Must Be Rspsotable.
Lancaitei InteUiytnrir.
Respect for the law making power
needs to be maintuined.
Mv physician said 1 could not live, my
liver out of order, frequently vomited
greenish mucous, skin yellow, small dry
humors on face, stomach would not re
tain food. Burdock Blood Bitters cured
me. Mrs. Adelaide O'Brien, 37J Exchange
Bt., Buffalo, N. Y.
Interacting News from Monroe's Capital
Intelligently Written Up.
Pj.ecial to t'ie Snranton Tr 'tiaas.
Stroudsbukg. Pa March 18. The
mystery hnrrounding the shooting of
Jackson Vall-ribimp promises never
to be cleared up lho authorities who
are working diligently on tho case.hav
little hopes of ever bringing the guilty
parties to jnstie. There seems nodouot
in the minds or tuose wno are stil
working on the case, that oom on
who personally knuw V illershamp. an 1
on the day of the attempted mur
der saw his wife leave th9 house
on a visit, committed the crime. There
may possibly be a reward offered by
the commissioners for the conviction of
the guilty parties The peddlers who
are in the connty selling tbe wares, are
not believed to have had anything to
do with the affair. They seem to have
been able to clear thenmlves.
There was a lively battie between Al.
Fabl, a merchant of this town, and a
burglar who has been stealing the mer
chant's flour for some time. Fable
mistrusted that his il iiir was diai
pearing too fast and concluled that
some one was robbing him. Ho de
cided to wait and watch. On Sunday
morning early he heard some OM try
ing to got into his flour bin which ic
situated in the rear of his store. He at
once made himself known to the
stranger and fired two shots at the re
troatinglflour thief, who made his os
Oapt whether wonii led or not The
thief, who was also armed with a re
volvor, fired at tho merchant but
missed him, the ball landing near tbe
door. Tnere is no due as to who tho
robber was, but evidently was after
il uir for his family.
William Craig, doputy collector for
this district, who was lately appointed
by Grant Herring, occasionally visits
this place and is getting acquainted
with our psople.
J. W. Anglo, merchant, has moved
into an adjoining room in the Anglo
bnildlng and his old quarters will b l
oecupied by Muicleinan & Custar I,
Kteam laundry.
The athletic exhibition in tho Grand
Army or tho Republic hall a few even
ings ago was a groat clnbbing success
The young sp irts of the town are about
organizing themselves into a club.
The merchants of this town and East
Stroudnburg have agreed among them
selves to close their stores early In the
evening. This experiment to last one
year .
Mrs. Ehlers, who was shot at tbe
time her husband was killed a few
weeks ago, is improving and she will
doubtless recover. The murderer,
Richard Piiryoar, in still confined in
the county jail and there aro no indica
tione that he will bo disturbed again
until he is tried before Judge Craig at
the May term of court, and then, doubt
less n short time afterward, will re
ceive his just desert The unsuccess
ful attempt to I ynn the murderer a
few evenings ago litis had the efTVot o
quieting thoss who would take tho law
in their own hands, aud no one expects
that a second attempt to lynch will be
Interesting Hatch of Brief News
Notes Erightl; Written.
Special to the Saanton Tribune,
ELMHUBOT, P., March 13 It is
rumored that Tallin Morgnn will form
a class of juveniles in sight reading of
music in our place at an early date.
Our board of health is gottiug into
shape for business, and they can do a
good work in our community.
F. Hayden and wife spent last Sun
day in town with Mrs. H: Finn.
Building operations will soon com
mence. We look for a boom In that
line this year.
Carr & Son intend to surpass even
themselves this year in gardening
Rv t. A. Matterson. of Ktioxvillo,
Ph., presetted on Sunday last in tko
Baptist church horn.
A box social at H itiinatin s hall ic on
the tapis for Thursday evening next.
All are uivit-'d.
The spelling match will take place at
tho uraded school house on Tuesdav
evening, and it is expected that every
body will attend and participate.
Already signs of improvement in our
borough are apparent.
lbe borough council reorganized
with r. L ( arr again tne presiding of
ficer and B. F. Butterfi dd.a now mem
ber, in place of E W. Davis, whose
term has expired.
A Victim of the Powder Mill Explosion
Expires Yesterday.
Sjiecial to the Scranton Tribune.
HOOUOL Pa., March 13. Tha death
of Arcliio I Win iid. tho young man who
was fatally injured in tho explosion of
tho barrel mill Saturday, March 3, oo
curred t-iis morning nt a few ininutos
to B o'clock.
Mr. Dvmond was an esteemed and
sober young man ; he was lilted by all
He was an earnest worker in the
Christian Endeavor society and the
His remains will be taken to his home
In Luzerne county, Thursday morning
Brief services will he held at ti o'clock
Thursday morning, at tho homo of E
C. Herlow, where Mr. Dyiuond made
his homo while in Moosio.
Iiis-nso follows a run-down system with
the livor inactive and the blood disordered
Pimples. Boils, Moron, Carbuncles, Ulcers
and like manifestations of iuipuro blood
should lie driven out of tho system with
Dr. Pierces Golden Medical Discovery.
Mrs. KrtHN. of BIS K
Kith Stnet, New York
OKI), writes an follows
" It ileuses mo to
state that I had a run
ning soro upon my
nei K, and linn It oper
ateil upou three times,
and Mill It was not
cured. I wns also run
down very much
Thero was a decided
cbnnire after using ' Ur
Pierce's (iolden Medical
Discovery,' 1 took
fow bottles and was
noon cured. Later my
tualMtn.l l.n.l m itimn
Una i: , - .
- oeniDa nut ear; no tnu
your mt-dloine, and one bottle cured hint,
shall always recommend your modlciace.
Bright Correspondent's Views
Passing Events of Interest.
jBMcfal to the Scranton Tribune.
Honksdalb. Pa.. March 18. Tbe
Houosdale agency of tho Scranton
1'hiblxk is opposite the city hall, where
all matters relating to The Tribune
will be promptly attended.
t rod Brown, iof Carboudale, was in
town today.
The epidemic of menslss has become
quite general here. The little daughter
of Fred Rupert is now confined to tho
The election contest between D. C.
Osborn aud A. F. Voight for tax collec
tor will come up in court Tuesday,
March 27.
Almost Blind
Inflamed Eyos and Run1
ning Sores
The Success of
Croat Rejoicing-
Hood's Causes
A Perfect Cure
WITH a clean, wholesome
scalp, free from irritat
ing and scaly eruptions, is
produced by the CUTICURA
Soap, the most effective skin
purifying and beautifying
soap in the world, as well
as purest and sweetest for
toilet and nursery. It clears
the scalp and hair ot crusts,
scales and dandruff, destroys
microscopic insects which
feed on the hair, soothes irri
tated and itching surfaces,
stimulates the hair follicles,
and nourishes the roots. It
not only preserves, purifies
and beatitilies the hair, but
imparts a brilliancy and fresh -ness
to the complexion and
softness to the hands une
qualled by other skin soaps.
Hold everywhere. Pries, 35e, Pot
TEK DitCU AND ' 1 1 M - Colli'., li'JaluU.
Thero are hundreds of young men aud youno; women in thil
country who have splendid ability, but they have never been
wakened up.
Wood's College ol Business and Sborthand
Has been an Inspiration to hnndredfl of young people. If yon
aro tired of inactivity and want to do Bomethiug tangibles
conic to the College
shorthand course. F qq Proprietor.
(Upholatery DepartiTient.)
Wood and Brass.
UMBRELLA STANDS, jRS? 90c' 0M in 0x
Hat and Coat Hooks,
Easels and Screens.
Step Ladder Chair, $1,25.
Oak Tables, 90c, to $1.15.
SPECIAL, to Close Them Out:
Velour and Tapestry Table Covers at just ona
half their former price.
Full line of UPHOLSTERY G00D3, Gimp Cord,
Tacks and Fringe.
Dr. EX Grewer
The Philadelphia Fwctallsl.
And bis ssoelstl tafT uf EnirlMi and Gor
man PLjHiciaus.aro now pi-rinanuiitly located
Temple Court Building
81 1 SPRUCE ST.,
Where tliey may bo consnltOd DAILY AND
Tbe Doctor Is a graduate ot tb University
cf I'onnsylvunia, formerly demonstrator of
JibynioloKV and siiritBry at the Wedlco-Chir-nrgical
College, of Philadelphia. Ho ia also
an buiiorai-y member of tho Mcdico-Chirur-peal
Association, and was iilivnictan and
ourgeon in chiof of tha most noted American
and Qerman hospitals, comes highly indorsed
by thp loading professors of Philadelphia and
hew Vork.
His mauy years of hospital cxperlenoo en
ables this eminent physician and surgeon to
corroctly diagnose and treat all deformitioi
and diseases with the most flattering success,
and Li high standing in the state will not
alL.w htm to accept any incurable case
l.osr il v nii inn. RKhTOKKD.
If yon nave rjoon given up ny your physi
cian call upon tho doctor and be examined.
He cures the worst caeesof Nervous Debility,
Scrofula, Old Bores, l aturrh. Piles, Fema!)
Weakness, AfTectiuiis of the Ear, Eyo, Norn
and Throat, Asthma. Deafness. Tumors, Can
cers and Cripplos of every description. Con
snltatlon In English and Herman Free, which
shall be considered sacred and strictly coull
dential. Ilffloo Honroi 9 A. M. t. 1". K. Dally.
Sunday, : u.m. In " p in.
The most complete
in the market.
Hull & Co.
205 AKD 201 1101 NG AVE.
National Bank of Scranton,
ilinK Cora 11. Ebert
r.:illn"ivllle I'.i
C. I. Rood & Co., Lowell, Mass.:
" 1 (Ml its duty to state what Hood's Snrsa-'
parilla has done for mc. I was utmost blind,
being compelled tostu) in a daiki uud room ou
mint of liiBaatnstkni of the oyot, I alio
Uftorad with i uniting lorol oil 111) boil) . I was
III terrible condition. My mother tiled every
thing she knew about and I was attended by
two doetnts but without helping inc. Finally
iiuiiii s .iiiiiipaiiiia iii n-i-oiiiiiii nodi nun i
had not taken tWO bottles before I began to get
bettor. The IttflSltUnsUon left my eyes aud the
sores healed, und the tcnilt was that 1
I Became Stronger,
mil was restored to perfect health. At that
time 1 was only twelve years old; now I am
nineteen ami I have iit.t since been tumbled
Hood'ssyCures I
with my eyes or noticed tiny sign of a return of
tho sores OK my body. 1 enn lecoininend Hood's
Sat sit par II la as an excellent blood pin Ifying
medtdM." MjisOosU Bbmt, BtmnvlUs, Ps.1
Hood's Pills sot easily, jrol promptly and
emeieiitlv, on the llvet and bowels. 2!m.
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000.
V. W WATSON, Vice President
A U. WILLIAMS, Cashier.
Ihvinii A. FiNcn, Picnrr. R,,
JoHKI-ll J. JlHMYV, M S. I- I'M I i I ...
CUAa, P. MA-mmws, .Ioiin T. Puhteu
W. W. Watson.
This hunk Invltos UM PAtMHItfi of busiiiMn
nuMi nml llrnm gt'iicmiiy.
"No star was ever lost we once have seen,
We always may be what we might have been,"
Scranton, Pa.
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
Rooms 1 aod 1 Commonwealth Bld'g
Made at tho MOOSIC and KUSIi
Lnfllin & Rnnd Powder Co.'s
Eloctric Bntterlos, Fusei for explol
Ing bloats, Hafuty Fuse aud
RepaunoChemical Co. s High Explosives
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
Statement Feb. VS. 1S!I4. culled for by
the Comptroller of the t'tirrency.
Loans tl, 916,840 00
Overdriifts 1147. :I7
U Hi td Stales Hniids SO, (Kill. (Ill
Other Honda AI.1.A7H7A
Hanking- House U8.074.46
Premiums on U. s Bonds,,.. :n:i ;."
Due from V, . Treasurer 7.660 OO
Hoe II. .Hi II ii. I.-. us ,. ..I
Cash 140.84U.A4
2. .'OJ, .-,;,(l.(t(l
Capital smon.ooooo
Surulns i ii ooo no
CmtlTlilrit I'rollis 60 180.00
Circulation 7'.'.000.0i
Dividends Inpald 3S4.AO
Deposits.' l,Al4,UnO.A4
Due to lianks 69.300.AO
EO. H.CATLIN, Vice-President.
William Council, Oenrire II. Cntlln,
Alfred Hand. James Archhnld, Henry
iieiin, Jr., Willi no T. Smith, Luthar
This bank nfTers to depositors every
facility warranted by tlielr biilanuvs, busi
ness aod responsibility.
Special attention clven to business ao
Oouitto. Interest paid on tliuo deposits.
"Tlio other in. dor i tho work. All I
hsvo tO do is to cirry up the brick."
The Same Way at the Economy
All yon have to do is to brinij in the
money (and Tery little at that) and we
do tho rests This weak we offer the
Greatest Parlor Suit Ever
Offered for the Price.
A BVO'piOM tor stntlVd Turkish frame
suit, upholstered in American Dntmtsk,
Trimmed in Silk Plush and extra heavy
Fringe, soft top and onrino; odjje, con
siting of
The above is a combination of rioli colors,
You Should See It-
SPF.C'IAL-A 100-pieco Dlnnor Set
presented with nil purchases of $75.00
or over.