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-1 B ? I
1 111TB
Are Coolly Assassinated While
Trying to Stay the Cor
rupt Tide.
Municipal Revolt Against Murphyisiu Is
Punctuated by Unparalleled Violence
Robert Ross and William Ross, Two
Republican Watchers Who Endeavor
to Thwart Democratic Repeaters,
Are Shot Down in Cold Blood-Bat
Shea, Regular Democracy Hench
man, Arrested on Charj ot Mur
der Malloy Elected -Great Excite
ment Prevails Throughout the City.
A Mass Meeting Will Probably Be
Held Tomorrow Evening for the
Expression of Public Indignation at
the Outrage.
with other and endeavored to effol
111! Ca hire. 1 CM not nv what bt
came of McGouub, the excitement wan
10 ureal. "
There were five candidates for mayor
In today's eleettion, but Interest cen
tered in the contest between Mayor
Whelnn (Ind. Dam ), whom the Repnb
liciim tiMd endorsed, and Kraneis J.
Molloy, the choice of tli regular Dem
noraoyand the adherents of United
BtatH Senator Murphy.
Excitement wa not diminished to
night It u rnmored that a maai meet
ing will im hld tomorrow evening,
when public sentiment will nndonbt
"illy find expression ooncorning tie
election outrages today. Bat she wan
arretted this evening on a charge of
ut order.
Incomplete ratnni Indtoatt the eleO'
Hon of Molloy, the regular Democratic
nominee by a majority of 1,800 rbe
board of aldermen will remain nnder
Democratic control.
. . - .
Th Sim Penally tor S'.ealtrjK a florae
or a Oh-eken.
NORBISTOWN, Pa , March 8. A pe
culiar contrast In lentenoM was made
in tourl here yesterday,
David Holt was sentenced to two
years in the penitentiary for stealing n
norse, and John Brown to two years
for iteailng a ebicksn
TROT, N. Y. , Alnrch 0.
I EVER ban Troy witnessed a more
exciting municipal election than
that woich took place today
Tuere hail been scenes of dis-
Order at many of the polling placet,
but the ontrageotll ilisresard for law
reached it height at noon, when one
Republican was mnriered and another
was seriously wounded.
Tonight the streets are crowded with
excited throngs and tbe under current
of Indignation caused by the itovsruor '
refusal to sign the Troy inspectors'
bill has given way to a tidal wave of
denuucition. Tnose in official life on
whom excited oltiieni place the respon
sibility for the nomination, are ac
(;' in most bitter term. They
claim that had the in;otor' bill be
come a law, repeating would not have
been attempted.
Robert and William Kus were the
victims. They were among the citi
zens who (fathered at the polls in the
Third district of thi Thirteenth ward
to see that the election lawsw-.-re not
violated. The voting htd be spirited
at thi district, but not until the ap
pearance of a gang of repeaters was
there a ripple of excitement. A man
who had no right to cast a vote then
presented himself at the polli and d
niuuded ballots. The R publicans who
challenged him were ejected and the
applicant wes afterward pushed into
the street by other Ripublicans. Tnen
bullets flew through tue air an 1 four
men were strnck.
Prominent among the fighters wera
''Bat" Shea, John McGough and Jerry
Cleary, who idrew piitols, and so did
.1. i n .
Oliier. in me crown. nysianaers say
that Robert Ross was knocked down
with a club and while he was lying
wun mi raoe iown me assasnn seni n
bnllet into his braia, causing almost 1
Hunt oiain ai locner w in ran w n
i.i . . i . ; -1 ti . . wi i ..
i i. . i . . i i i
Clause i scaip wuuuu. j inarm man
ras shot and it is reported tonight ttiat
be is John McUough.
8hea is being closely watched and
vrjill probably be arrested. John H.
It i in I. a p-ominent citizn. was ar
rested this afternoon on a charge of
being implicate I. Justice Foreman
refused to take bail and lioland was
remanded in jail.
bystandkk hoi.and s statemknt,
Bolsnd made the following statement
the Lnited Press reporter: "Im-
enenn vvitu m on jr VI --vm.y cui.-iii
do hi all toward securing an honeat
. M h.U f . . L. ..tll.i.
e li Tn iiLi.i'ii'i. i . ill Liiey n i L'
. i . . ,. Hi . . a ... .
acien in un rirsi an i .-vicuna aiincis
of the ward. Repeaters were said to
be operating in these districts nlmot
without moUstation, and when the
Democratic heelers began to arrive th
lespectable element was ou the alnrt to
prevent fraud."
' 'At noon Shea, John McGough, Jerrv
Cleary and one or two others whom I
do not know, went into the polling
place with a repeater, and a wataher
followed thm Into the polling plac
and made a protest against the fallow
voting. McGough, Shea and the other
followers of their crowd forcd the
watcher and crowd beck. McGongtl
drew a revolver and ordered the crowd
to stand back. Hhea and Cleary did
the same, and all three at once bnitan
firing. Robert Ross wna struck under
the ear. He never uttered n word af
ter he was shot.
rows' imOTIIKIt also shot.
'William Ross, seeing that his
brother was shot, rushed to the reseue.
Before he could reaeh bis brother's
inf. np inn irn. nnnr. ill i n i linn iriirn
,i..,l ... .1 I.. II ... Ik. .... in,. I I..!.,
nui niinrniir irn: no r inneii ill I nil
rending a light as I ever saw. John
Ross was holding his dying brother's
bead and moaned: 'Look at my dying
brother's life blood,' as the vital
strength of Robert Ross oozed from the
wound in his hoad.dyeiiiK his brother's
hands and tho gronud a bright oritniOD,
"The trouble originated and the
fight was precipitated by John Mc
Gough, who is a Democratic heeler.
The firing was fast and furious tor a
few moments, and it is a wonder that
others were not injured. After the
shooting McGongh dlsnppearod. I saw
McGough empty his revolver Into the
orowd, and believing that he had
killed my friend Ross, I followed him
Senator Hill Precipitates an lotimtiog Dis
After Discussing; the Practice of Ap
pointing Naval Cadets from One
Stite and Crediting Them to An
other, the Houso Denounces a Re
cent Selbctlon by Secretary Her
bert -The Pension Appropriation
Bill Considered.
Conferences Between Mill Owners
and Workmen Have Thus
Far Been Fruitless.
Lebanon, Pa., Msrch ti. None of
tl i mills in this city were running to
day and there is no clmngo in the sit
uation. Stwral eonferenOre have been
held between the men and their em
ployers but as yet no satisfactory un
derstanding has resulted. A secret
conference of the discontented mill
bauds was held in the birch wooils in
Independent district this afternoon.
The men grouped around the leading
spirits in one corner of the dancing
pavilion but whut transpired could not
be learned.
All persons excpt the poddlers and
helprrs were excluded, and even re
porters were requested to keep away.
All seemed quiet, but evidently de
termined on adopting some plan for fu
ture action in view of tho little they
have accomplished in conference with
the proprietors.
The mill owners imist that they
cannot pay any more than their com
petitors in surrounding cities They
say they are sorry for the men, and
advise them to return to work for the
present. They assert that there are
thoiuauds of men who have had noth
ing to do for months, who will gladly
take their places if they do not want
On the other hand the men say the
reduction means starvation wages, and
that they may as well starvo doing
nothing as working.
One of Buffalo Bill's Star Runs Awav
with a Chicago Olrl.
CHICAGO, March 6. The romantic
courtship by a young cowboy of a
young lady of Euglewood, persisted In
despite the opposition of the parents,
yesterday ended in the elopement of
tnn pair.
Gertrude Risen, of 8184 Evans avo
niie, left her home with her little
brother to visit friends. Bbe deserted
him at. the Thirty-fifth strvot statlou of
the elevated railroal, ami is thought to
have gone away with A. W. Gormley,
her cowboy lover. A (.J,. Rosen, the
father, has secured a warrant for
iormley's arrest, and the polio are
now looking for tin couple.
The affair dates from tho World's
fair. A V. Qromley came to Chicago
to perform feats of horsemanship in
Buffalo Bill's "Wild West" last sum
mer, He secured an Introduction to
Miss R isen. Love at first sight re
sulted, but Mr Rosen denied Qromley
the house The latter persisted and
Mr. Rosen hail him arrested and placed
under 1800 bonds. All through these
trouble the young people continued to
meet clandestinely. Finally Miss Rosen
left her home, as stated. Her little
brother Freddie's description of the
man she Diet at. the station corresponds
to that of liromley.
Charlea Johnen Bhoit Hi Brother and
Thnn Comin t 8ulcide.
PflIt.ADCt.PHIi, 'March C. After at
tempting to take the life ot his brother,
Charles JobnSOD , aged 88 years, sent
two bnllets into bis own head this
morning and died soon afteward. Peter
Johnson, the brother, is the proprietor
of a sailors boar ling house. List night
Charles, whom Peter had not beard
from for fifteen years, called at. tho
boarding bouse Under the influence of
liijnur and got permission to remain
dining the night,
Thll morning whn Peter arnnsed
his brother for breakfast Charles drew
a revolver and tired. The bullet en
tered Peter's shoulder an 1 befell to the
floor. Charles then shot himself
tlitougb (be Ilea l and be died instantly.
The wounded brother, who will re
cover, canuot account for the deed.
W (8HIKQTON l. C, March 6
H PRELIMINARY, bat highly iu
IU si motive discussion on the sui
lr J' ' rl"' tariff hill, and tho de
U u ay in reporting If, was precipi
tated in the senate today by a question
of privilege, that first, in order of
titn. names resolution offered by Mi.
Hill, New York, with a prvniubl" as
sertlng that by the treasury statement,
there was a deficit of $7N,O0i, OU'.I for
the cnrrenl lineal year.
In addition to snob deficit the Wilson
bill discarded $78,000,000 of revenue,
and Instructing the nuance committee
to frame amendments to the bill that
would admit the internal anil direct
taxs and provide sufficient revenue for
taritli ig other foreign imports, and
otherwise revising the turifl without
creating a deficiency,
The resolution was at Mr. Hill's re
quest laid on the table for the proseut
lo be called up by him probably very
The seigniorage bill, which was
nominally before the senate during the
whole of this diseussiou. went over
till tomorrow, when it will agsiu be
presented for its second reading. The
senate adjourned at 8 00,
After discussing tor a short time the
practice of the navy depart mont of ap
pointing naval cadets from one state
mid crediting them to another, tbs
house today passed a resolution de
nouncing a unauthorised and void the
recent appointment by Secretary Her
bert of u cadat from the district of Rep
resentative Bank bead, of Alabama, and
crediting him to the district of Repre
sentative otrait, of South Carolina.
A resolution was passed lttiiorizing
an Inveatigation ot the order of Jo lge
Jenkins in the Northern Pacific . rail
road receivership. The house then pro
deeded to toousider the peusion appro
priation bill under an agreement to
close general dobate at 3 o'clock to
morrow. Speeches were made by Sick
les and Coombs, (D'tn's. N Y ), Milli
ken (Rep , Me ), Grosveuor. (R-p., O ),
Bluir, (Rep., N. H. ), and liattou,(Rep.,
Discovery of the Bodies of the Gay
lord Victims Expected Hourly.
Flying Rumors.
Danlal Trcy Bli'.ot Father and
Aailgo no i(aion.
Highland Ckktkb, Wis., starch 6
Daniel Tracy, a young man of
town of Rich WOOst, tins county, shot
an 1 killed bis father, Anthony Tracoy,
this morning After the shooting be
took bis rifle, went into the wood
where for a number of hours be held
th officers at bay.
He was finally indued by friends to
glva himself up. Hu assigns no reason
for the crime.
The senate lis couth mod the nomina
tion of Patrick Ilriody, as postmaster of
South Bethlehem, Pa,
Hecretnry Morton has Jolt addml a new
division to the orgnniz mon of the Weather
bureau, to be devoted to tbo subject of
meteorology in it- relation to agricultural
soli. Professor Milton Whitney, of Mary
land, late of John Hopkin's university, has
in ' ii appointed cLOr',
Wilkes Barrel Pa., March 6 (treat
excitement took place at tbo Gaylnrd
ehafr at a late hour this afternoon when
a rumor gained currency to the effect
that the thirteen entombed men had
lieen found. This was supplemented
by another at r o'clock that the under
takers bad been notified to prepare of
fins, and have them all ready in an
hour's notice.
.Mine lnspictor Williams, who was
seen later on, sai 1 the party were
making good headway, but ue yet there
was no truth in tho report that they
hail found the men.
It is true, however, that the rescuers
at work are gradually approaching the
point at which the men were working
when they wore buried beneath the
fall, and it now looks as though the re
mains of the vietim may be nneovered
almost at any moment,
... Town Agitated bv
Thounand Dollar MsStS
l.N''AS1Klt, Pa , March ! Fire this
evening badly damaged the building at
M East King street, this city, occupied
by ii, M. Myers, ptotore and novelty
dealer, and Miss Mary Rose, um
brellas. Myers' loss will be about. 17,800 and
and Miss Rose's 9,000. Both covered
tiy Insurance. The loss on the building
is 18,000; insured
The slandsrd dollar coinage last week
whs BbBiMQi
The livening Star, of Memphis, is tbo
l nited press' latest, acquisition,
ExtotiMvo beils of bituminous coal have
I n discovered near I he City of Mexic
Wild parsnips eaten by mistake, killed
tWO children ot John Kelly, at 1'ayet.te-
ville, N. Y.
Michigan's Salt, trust i iisil tbo price of
salt, III cents a barrel, osteii-oiily to iirnvunj
losing money.
(in a wager for 110,000k (ins Kuehn. of
New York, will try to drivo from Alaska
to Qotham in a dog curt in iiotl davs
Despondent over Dnanotal ami family
trouble. i, Henry Dobmer, book-keeper for
a l,ouisvilli bank, put. a bullet, In Ins le-nd
Chicago barken of Thn ubuo TIiouiih
ate likely to withdraw from him their
B naranteS and let him return to New
In a frarns over retaining the pastor
flllv members ot u I in it Int. cliurcli near
Lebanon. (J., were Injured end ho peWt
and carpet rained,
Word I,,, . I n received of the safo Sf
rival lit St. ThomaS, West Indies, cf tile
Pen uavlvhnla School Bblp Bsratota. aii
on board are well.
Telegraphic advices have been received
from Panama that a revolutionary upris
ing bus taken place in Con a Uica. ft Is
understood thst the rebels nave not as yet
tnel wit n any lUCOuSS.
1). II. Stager, of Bcbnylklll Haven, I
d ad. aod 71 years, Be was the father of
TrmiHiMi'tiition Mister () W. htager, of
the l'hiiaileipiiiii mid Eteadlng Railroad
company! and Blltor Htsgar, ot tue Sons
of America Camp Mows, i' dladelpnia.
A Vivaclnue Dell HI lea u Korae Clutbss
llue l'sshion.
PlTTSBOBQ, Pa., March (! The most
novel expedients on record for the rais
ing of uhnroh funds have driven the
sheriff away from the Coreopolis Meth
odist ohnrob, a few miles below this
city, and caused him to lake down bis
placard Of sale. One vivacious young
h"lle of 88, Miss Fannie Siobold, won a
wager by riding n spirited horas with
out a saddle, clotbesllus fashion, for
the church fund. The whole church
community was animated by thcotn
mon purpose of keeping the sheriff from
tbo church door.
Miss Siobold beat them all. for
though she made she male portion of
her host's family, in a country house
hold, remain indoors wnile she strode
the turnback hors-, she only won her
fifty cents for the church by riding be
fore men and women who chanced
along the road and marveled at, what
they saw. Station Aeut Samuel Mar
shall blacked boots, IWept out a pool
room, wheeled M W Watson, a staid
oilisen, about, ;iu a wheelbarrow, and
turned burlier to win hie churcb
moneys, Mrs. Hamilton, a well known
society !i:dv, sold bread, lanndried tho
gentlemen's ties and cleaned shoes.
Sli' returned about -std ss the result ot
her labors, and tho total ifund Kised is
if'.'OH ,V ; so tho sbiiiili's sulo has been
stuved OS,
- ' '
Strikers Thirst for the Blood of the
Man Who Disclosed the
Dynamite Plot.
Charleston, W. Va., March u. An
excitiug twenty-four hours havo passed
in tbo mining region. Ibo disclosure
uf a plot to blow up the troops with
dyuamite bad an eleclric effect ou tbo
strikers, and they are bloodthirsty and
lotermiued to find the man who
A mob thronged Hundley, spies wore
in every bouse and the man's life was
in the utmost danger, and bow he
escaped detection is a miracle. This
morning he whs taken secretly from
Hundley to Liglu ou a locomotive and
there placed under the protection of
the military. The strikers do not yet
even know wboro he is.
Alarming reports come from Fay-
etteville that the jail, if not already
tired, will be before night, strikers re
leased and Wyant lynched. Crowds
ot miners have been hurrying in tbo
direction of Pavotteville since late In
the night by tram and on foot.
I wo gatlmg guns were sunt up this
morning. Ibe trial ol Wyant and his
two men is taking place now.
Suspended ia Mid-Air While Uis Hand
Was IS. ii Torn.
Lebanon, Pa., March ( -An agoniz
ing accident yesterday betel UNorge
Sullivan, a Pr-dnricksburg lad. Ho
was playing in the cellar at his home,
anil was endeavoring to touch a beam
overhead by leaping up. After several
attempts lie touched tile coveted beam.
bat bis baud was cau,;nt by a huge
meat hook that projected from it.
The iron pierced his flesh and he
was unable to release himself. His
feet were a foot from the ground, and
his whole weight was simp irtod by his
baud. It was tearing bis hand every
second, and ha screamed loudly for
help. Several companions went to the
rescue and took the lad from bis terri
ble position.
-- -
A Starving Wonnin Truuioted and Her
It he Broken.
Chicago, March 8. A grim approaoh
to deetn in a wild rush for bread to
etnvo oil starvation was experienced by
Mrs. Bridget Riley, an emaciated, wan
little woman, who full fainting at the
county agent's office this afternoon.
Sue and her husband had come for
food for tiieir family,
When the door opened the other ap
plieants weresoeager that Mrs. Riley,
entirely exhausted, fell and was
crushed in the crowd. Before the
police OOUld rescue her shn had been
mercilessly trampled and two of her
ribs broken.
Some Tioga county tohtOCO growers will
discard that crop and raise ciibbsgo.
Allentown wants a bridge over the Le
high river, to connect. South Allont.iiivn.
Criminal court, opened yesterday at
I'otlsVllle with "50 cases on the calendar.
Diphtheria add scarlet fever are alarm.
ingly prevalent in the vicinity of Pine
I liove.
In one grave Mrs. William BchSeffof and
her daughter Rosa were buried yesterday,
at Reading,
Thieves die-polled a Hlot machine in
Michael's restaurant, Pottevllle, sad got
mi in nickels.
Rev, Dr, V, II. Dunbar, of the 'ion L0
I derail church, Lebanon, has resigned to
go to llalllinoro.
A man whose name is supposed to be Os
borne, of Hoboksn, N. J., was found dead
at Ingram station, Allegheny county.
While asleep on a chair at Pottavllle a
little sou of John K. ohver tumbled
against a stove and was burned to death.
The dynamite house of the Juniata Min
ing company at Williamsburg. ISimr coun
ty, win blown upon Sunday, but no one
was hurt.
The York Dally, which was burned out
of Its home ou Sunday, appeared us usual
yesterday morning, printed from a con
temporary's ufBoe,
The directors of the s mthwsst Pennsyl
vat, ia It ulioad company, a branch of the
Pennsylvania railroad, mot. tn hiy and de
clared a dividend of live per cent.
Philadelphia and Now York capitalists
propose building an e e trie rail win from
Philadelphia to Burrlsbnrg via Reading,
Publication of intention to apply for a
charter was nude hero this afternoon,
At the executive ISSsiotl of the sunate
yesterday tbs following Philadelphia ap
pointment wore continued: John 11.
Read, collector of toe port; f Gray ffrolr,
surveyor of the port, ami st. cist; ttnl-
hollum) pension agent.
Airangemauls have been completed for
a 74 hour bicycls race between Dnwsou
rournwald, ol narrisbnrg, ami J, J, Mo
Uiattuhlln, uf UolUinbla, liegonnim 7 p. m.,
Apiil II, and ending Op 111., April II, for
the championship a ccntiui Peunaylva
1 IN no to
Con Halation Nearly Annihilates a
Southern Town.
Three Blocks at Cullman, Ala., Wiped
Out by Fire Four Persons Fatally
Injured by an Explosion of Dyna
mite - Fifty Horses Roasted Alive.
A Methodist Church and Many
Handsome Dwellings Also Go
Birmingham, Ala., March ft
HEAVY rain, which began fall
ing at 'i o'clock this morning
prevented the total destruction
by firo of the town of Cullman,
The hre started at 10 o'clock last
night in York's livery stable and
fore the flames were subdued, the
tire business portion of the town,
eluding McMinn's ( ipera house
twenty stores were swept away.
During the progress of the fire a
large quantity of dynamite, stored in
CoODIUan M" Hordes' warehouse, ex-
be -en-111
pin led. instantly killing rb-rks U F.
Mitchell and (). Dinkelberg, and
fatally injuring P. M Allison and A
P. Leiob, Twelve other persons were
seriously injured.
The firo was undoubtedly of incen
diary origin. Two men were seen to
leave the hay loft of York's stable
shortly before the fire was discovered.
Their identity is unknown. Fifty
horses were roasted to death In Y'ork's
stable and ten others iu Coopmau cc
Qerdes' stable.
Among the buildings destroyed were
the Metnodist church and four hand
some residences The burned district
is about three blocks in extent.
The total loss will aggregate nearly
if 100,000. with only a small ;amonnt of
The Famous Indian Fighter Inspect
the Nw Gun
SANDY Hook, N. J.. March ft Gen
eral Miles, the veteran Indian fighter,
with Ins aide decamp General Maut,
arrived at Sandy Hook this noon on the
tteatner Ordnance. He proceeded to
the proving ground, where Major
Comly directed a series of firing from
modern guns, snch asG 'ti-ral .Miles, in
his long service in the United States
army never saw before.
The general left for New York late
in the afternoon highly pleased with
his visit.
Michael Burn Five Years In the
Eatrn Penitentiary.
MEDIA, Pa., March ft. Michael
Burns, the discharged railroad employe
who on Jan. 'vO last attempted to wrock
an express train on the Philadelphia.
Wilmington and Baltimore railroad,
near t'runi Lynne, was tried today.
lie was OOnVlOted and sentence 1 to
five years' imprisonment iu the Eastern
. - -
The Returaa Show Larue Republican
Onin Everywhere.
MinnuTON, N. Y March 6. William
A. stumbnry, Republican, was today
sleeted mayor of this city. Tho Repnbll
cans sweep the city.
ITHACA, N. Y., March li - At the city
election here today tho Republicans elected
the recorder and the city civil justice.
The Republicans carry three of the four
AMsrcBOAH, N. v, March ft. The Re
publicans hud n sweeping victory in this
city today. They elect a mayor, city re
corder, city treasurer, live aldermen and
four out of live supervisors-
ui.nvK.iisvii i.k. N. Y , March b In the
city election bre the entire Republican
ticket, was elected by over 1,000 plurality,
the large. t ever given.
ROME, N. Y., March 6. The charter
election today resulted in tho election of
Charles Oarmlohaol, Democrat, for re
corder. Tin- oombion council will stand
the same us last, year, tea Republicans to
seven Democrats, with a Hemocratio
mayor holding over.
BoRNBLLaVILLB, N. Y , March O.Tlio
city election today resulted In s Republi
can victory.
Rochester, n. Y.. March 8. The Re
publicans have elected the entire city
Pouohkkspsis, N. ., March 6. Elec
tion took place iii the twenty towns in
Dntohess county outside the city of
Poiighi.eepsu- lodav. The Republicans
elect sixteen sil l the Pom n'rut four su
pervisors, Last year the -mmo towns
sleeted nine Republicans and eleven Demo
crats In the city the Republicans have
four mid the Democrats live, making the
board stand twenty Uepubbcans and seven
Democrats, Instead of thirteen Republi
cans and fourteen Democrats as before.
OWKOO, N. Y., March II The charter
election held here today was the mosl ex
citing and the most closely contested In
the history of Owego, The Republicans
idect MX out of eight aldermen.
Newburoh. N. Y , Msrch 0. The Re
publicans today elected all their candi
dates. 1'ki KsKn.i, N. Y., March o The Re
publicans curried everything here today.
Arm UN, N. Y . March ft. -The entire
Republican ticket was elected today.
BLMIRA, N. V.. March (l --The Democrats
sleeted ttaeli candidates here today.
BROOKLYN, N V., March ll. The special
election ordered by Governor 1'lower for
the purpose of electing a supervisor from
the l-'.ighth ward, resulted today in the
election of August t '. Fisher, Tb elect ion
of Fisher gives the Republicans toll con
trol in the board of supervisors.
Lb Rot, n. Y March K The Republi
cans elected their entire ticket here to lay.
Ni ah Aitv FALLS, N. Y., March (I. The
ejection today was unfavorable to the
CORNING. K. Y March II. The election
tod, iv resulted h the Ripablioons electiug
their entire ticket.
lUi'AViA, N. Y , March (I The liepub
licans eleced their whole ticket by large
KoOHEBTBB, N. Y , March 6 Out of
thirty-nine towns mid wards the Dam I
BfaM today elected bat six supervisors.
Fruitleea Eff irt t'i Run Street Care with
Non-Union Men.
Y0DO8TOWN (.)., March (I There was
a enisll riot in this city today na the re
sult of an attempt made by the Youngs
town Electric Street Hallway company
to rim a car with nun union men. The
streets were crowded by thousands of
idle men who hurled insulting epithets
at the men on the enr, A wild rush
was made for it when the public, square
was reached. Every pane of glass was
shivered to atoms in a minute.
A short time afterward a terrible ex
plosion was heard and the first thought
wsa that the mob had resorted to dyn
amite to blow up tho cars, having
threatened to do so sinos'the tie up It
was found, however, that sympathisers
oi the mob had exploded a large dyna
mite cartridge to frighten the men
who bad taken the places of the strik
ers. At 2 o'clock the company announced
that no further attempt would be made
to run cars for the present.
Th Delegates of Two OhuntlSS Instruct
ed for Him Yesterday.
BeLLEFONTE, Pa.. March C The
Republicans of Centre rountv today
elncfed James A Heaver and Mr. John
P. Harris delegates to the state eon
vention. (i-nt-ral D H Hastings' can
didacy for the gubernatorial nomina
tion was endorsed.
Lock Haven, Pa, March c.-The
Republican county convention this af
ternoon elected S. M. McCormick dele
gate to the Republican state conven
tion with instructions to vote for Gen
eral D. EL Hastings for candidate for
CARLISLE, Pa., March 0. The Cum
berland county convention (Rpnbli
can) met here today and elected C. P.
Adams, 1 f Carlisle, and Alfred Lou
don, ol Silver Springs, as delegates to
tho Republic instate convention. Gen
eral Hastings' candidacy was endorsed.
R -publicum) Will K-p the Bland Bill
Baler the Senate Twu Moalhe.
Washington, March C The Repub
licana to n man are determined to get
the Bland seigniorage bill in tbe way
of the tariff if they can. They held a
caucus last night an 1 decided 0:1 this
course. They decided to get the Beig
niorage bill before the SSOStS and to
hold it there in the way of the tariff
bill for two months.
The finance committee have practic
ally completed thoir work, but this
new turn of affairs greatly alarms
them. They agreed this morning ou a
plan'to get tbe seigniorage bill ou the
calendar, tint there was a blunder made
somewhere which may make the plan
In addition to our magnificent
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Fifth Annual National Convention
Session at Toledo.
TOLEDO, O March 7. The fifth an
mi ll convention of the supreme coun
eil of tbe Patrons of Industry of North
America was called to order in this
city today. The following supreme
officers were present: President B F.
Kerrick, of Durell, Pa. Secretary (ieo-
A Ii'iiuett, ot Marengo, 111. ;lreasnrer
M. E. Hoginlre, of Bangor, Mich. ;
Lecturer A. S. Partridge, of Flushing.
A new constitution is to be adopted
at this convention and it will be a ra
dical departure from tho one uow iu
Three Hundred Ir. n Worksra Demand
Iiicrinn cf weaea
DOVER, N. J March ft -Monday af
ternoon mm mini rs employed by the
Mount Pleasant Mining company, at
Mount Pleasant, within three miles of
this city, went on a strike, they hav
ing received 90 cents a day. and they
demand $1 88,
The company is not disposed to yield
to their demands Tuis ulteruoon a
committee was appointed to meet the
officials of the company. If a general
strike should be ordered there will be
fully 1.800 miners thrown out of em
ployment, MM- -
Vicilma of lh Slutlnstcn Dleaetir
Crushed Peyomt Recognition.
BlaTIHOTON, Pa., March ft The
bodies ot Griffith l) Pritahard and one
of the Hungarians killed by the cave
in at Williams & Sons quarry last
Thursday wore recovered today.
Tho remains could only be reCOg
tnzed by the clothing, the bodies hav
ing been crushed into a shapeless mass
by the hundreds of tons of rock and
A RUrVlVOI of LtbbS anil Anderaonvill
PrUona llnuir Himself.
Celina, , March 8 George w.
Sherry, an BIUnlo0 soldier who had
peut nineteen months in Anderson-
Vllls and Llbby prisons, bung himself
yesterday morning.
Il had grown desji indent, over the
suspension of bis pension of tVi a
Captain Sumner Marey, 7(1 years old, of
Cape May, N. J,
Wniier li Breneiser, sole heir to the
large estate left by his lather, In Reading,
Buddenly, after an operation for' ecu oar of
the eye, . I. T. .Murray, of the New York
Cotton Exchange.
George M Norton, n noted mining ex
pert, ot Denver, OoL, formerly superin
tendent Of the Coinstoek Lobe, and
known as the "Hoy Broker."
.lames I,. Bines, si years old, a shoe
maker at Gloucester City, N. J,, for the
last half century. Deceased served two
terms iu tho legislative and was mayor of
UlottOSStcr City in IST4.
Wahiiinutov. March li. fore
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