The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, March 03, 1894, Page 9, Image 9

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mere had never been I beginning at
lenst tunt wo oonld retnember. Binoc wo
hml known ourselves Hulh and I had
kuowu and loved each other. Together we
hail played mi the siuuls wln'U We were WO
littlo t but ciu'h mil' Wail can to tlioutlii'i-.
Together we baa toddled, band in harid, to
thu private aehool and tanntend arm in
arm to the Foundation. Together wo hail
Failed within the retreat o( thr u arbor anil
then over the rolling bar into the r.nk
bound bay, until we dared venture on the
mighty turgee of the Atlantic and hud
tt'stod and proved our blood by l ircuni
Yi v the island.
And when I left for the mi' rsity (here
had been no ooauetrv, no doubt. "Hod
turn which was eiwhrined in a blue cabinet
on the mantel of our study, just as I did.
Ruih knew all about hiui too. Why, uiv
letters aud our talks had been full of him
for years. Was that not natural, since bo
was my hero, as she was my darling?
Betides they hai met and were such
good frii mis. Rntb had attended events
at the university, and during the past
suniimT Frank had visited me at our is
land home aud had sailedwith usowTtho
bar and through the hay and out on the
bread surges. Of all our happy days those
when Frank had beeD With us were the
happiest, How versatile, how brilliant,
how charming he had been I For once ho
had tried all his gifts to tin ir utmost, out
of loyalty to me, his friend.
And yet Kuth baft written this note ol
warning. Could she be jealous!' I laughed
at ih thought. Kuth wan Kuth. Besides,
if sin ll an impossible emotion had i-iiteml
bring you back to me, Kalph," said Kuth i her dear little heart, perfect love Mould
as stio stood withm arnt sreacnol me on i
the point of the pier. "I'm not leaving '
you, dear. I'm simply preparing our
home," said I ns 1 leaned over iho rail
from the deck.
Kach day of the four years, varying as
It did In storm aud sunshine, heat and i
cold, was constant in this single joy a let- j
ter from Kuth to mo and a letter from mo I
to Kuth.
Aud wheu I returned with my degree,
and wo sailed again over the rolling bur,
beyond the dark, shadowy waters of the
buy and out on the broad ocean, until our
island homo w as but a smudge like a sea
scud ou the horizon, every wave which
embraced us and lifted us up seemed to
say, "It was yesterday that we greeted you,
aud tomorrow we shall greet yon again. ''
All through that summer we sailed over
the trackless water whose paths were well
defined tO US. We were both expert, but
Ruth was the better sailor, as she was my
superior iu all respec.s. 1 w .is apt to he in
different, unmindful, enwrapped with
dreams, but there was an instinct of
Ruth's whose every impulse was timely
aud complete, Ut'teuwlicu 1 was faraway
within the temple of fame, at work at
that niche which rarely was to be mtne,
her quick hand on the sheet had saved us
from capsizing. Perhaps I was the more
cureless since I felt that whirever Kuth
Was there also were peace and security,
How we talked over our future, for there
never laid been a time when that future
hadn't been ours; I was to go to the city
iu the autumn and enter the law school,
How faithfully 1 would work and how
learned 1 would become! And then wheu
I had established myself iu my profession
we were to be married and buy a cottage.
With surrounding grouuds, in the subur
ban university town whose shades 1 loved
bo well, and Kuth did, too. because 1 did,
and ever after we Were to be happy, as wo
ever had been, together.
Weeach had a little money, small enough
in aggregate, yet we believed that it would
keep us until my success came. -My -access!
What a brilliant luted likeness of it
we drew! I was U. be a great advocate, of
course, a dread to all designing men, but
a tower of strength, especially to the weak
and theunfortuuute. Hesides though this
"besides" was generally my own there
was my divine gift, my poesy. What gold
en showers initfht it not conjure for US I I
had indeed wou quite a name for occa
sional vyrse, for which I had facility, bus
this was nettling to what the Utopian
"some day" should bring when the great
poem of which I was always dreaming was
published aud the bay leaves were bound
about my brows by admiring throngs!
"But never neglect the r'ltl for the
ideal," Kuth would say gravely. "We can
get along without the pinnacle, but not
without the foundation. Future fancy is
pleasanter than present duty, but I prefer
our cottage to your temple w ith its niche,
don't you, dear!'"
Sweet little Kuth, so prudent, SO wise !
She should have her cottage surely , I
vowed, hut as we sat on it.-, veranda at
eventide we WOUld see the siu.lii.dit gild
ing the minuets of that temple also.
The autumn came ami brought the day
of my departure. Again Kuth stood ou the
point, of the pier, again I leaned over the
rail, again we talked as if never before We
had talked, until the captain shouted, the
.gangway was drawn and tin- hawsers
loosed. Then as the paddles churned Ruth
stretched on tiptoe. "Here, Ralph, dear,"
she cried, and she reached me a note.
Rather puzzled for this was not like
Ruth I went into the cabin aud read it.
It was but a line:
Ralph-1 ask you to be suspicious of Frank
Dunbar. Kith.
have cast it forth Immediately, No, then
was no explanation. It was simply a mis
apprehension, a mistake, 1 kissed the lit
tle note and laid it away in my pocket
case, resolved uever to think of it again.
Should 1 doubt friendship, might not mv
faith be so shattered that I WOUld even
come to doubt low) also
1 reached the city station at eventide,
anil there was Frank Vuailing me, quiet,
self contained as ever, but, oh, so glad to
.-co me 1
'.My dear boy. what happiness to have
you with me again! 'he exclaimed. "Aud
how brave aud bonny we've grown, to bo
sure. Right foot forward aud on to SUO
oesa, he- Well, will! Oh, fortunate
youth!" Aud tears shone iu Frank's
eycd. 1, too, was moved. Who wouldn't
be indeed by such manifest affection?
"Some of the fellows are around at
Blang's," said Frank. "A nice, quiet
place, moat respectable, We might join
them for awhile and renew old times."
Agreed. We went and spent such a jolly
evening el song and reminiscence and
good cheer! But the next morning w hen l
awoke with such a dizzy head there was
Frank, cool and alert, pegging uwav at his
"1 must do it," he said apologetically.
"Thank your stars you're not a tortoise
and take another doze." .
The next day I started briskly at my
studies, determined to master the law.
For weeks Frank and 1 worked steadily
side by side weeks of content incut for
me. for I felt 1 was doing Bl) duty and
pleasing Ruth. The little note didn't dis
turb me. 1 never referred to it in my dally
letters. My present course seemed its best
answer. After awhile, though, Cams in
terruptions. Our merry friends of the first
evening began to drop into our rooms. I
believed thai most of them were not pru
dent coiupani 'us, and 1 told Frank so.
"You're right." he replied. "Still,
they're such dear, good fellows. A little
reckless perhaps, but it's mere froth, ami
beneath is worthy snbatance. Because we
are lUeii we mustn't be Pharisaical, Kalph.
We own a duty to our old comrades, don't
you think!'"
I did think and with shame. How open
aud manly Frank was in every way! So
evenings there was apt to bea jovial gath
ering iu our rooms. No one would be so
jolly, so f i ill of suggestions of sport as
Frank, until suddenly he would clutch his
hair with mock gravity and shout:
"Now clear out, you fellows, every one
of you. Kalph can go with you., He takes
to th.- law like duck to water, but I am the
piowman wno must pioa urn weary way.
A'ld oil W e'd go, at heart quite sorry for
One day lie said tome, noticing that I
was yawning over my books as I had
yawi.ed much of lute:
"How's the epic. Kalph! "
"There's no used of ridiculing it," I re
plied rather sharply, "You know very
i w ell what I hope some day to do 'The
Adventures of Alvarado,' in heroic verse.
I Doubtless it will uever see light, but re
spect its prenatal condition."
"My dear boy, don't beso touchy. Yon
wrong me. i'ou know what faith I have
in yonr genius, I want you to take up this
subject in all sertooaneas. Let me do the
boning: you can achieve success iu a leap."
"Or fall in the ditch."
"Or wake some morning like Byron to
find yourself famous."
"But the lectures, the cramming, the
moot courts. What would Kuth think
should I neglect these obligations?"
"What would she think should yon re
ceive jour due and be bailed as America's
laureate before you are 'Tie woman
truly who clings to the young knight, and
How surprising, how incomprehensible! 1 entreats him to stay from the wars, but
I might also as well be suspicious of Kuth:
Yet that "almost" was a word, believe
me. But Frank Dunbar, my friend! My
roommate ar the university, and now again
to be nt the law school! How could I be
suspicious of one who was constant in kind
ness tome, whom I respected for his char
acter and honored for his ability? Surely
something which I had said in my blun
dering way must have misled Kuth. Yet
what had I said, exept praiseworthy
Mings? For the first time I almost doubted
Ruth's judgment. But again that "al
most" was a long word, believe me.
Frank Dunbar How spotless, how noble
he appeared as I considered him! His
nickname revealed Ms character, as nick
names nlwsys do "Perfection" Dunliar!
Never had ne varied a hairbreadth from
the line of duty. Never had ho tnken part
in frolics, rarely in pleasures. Work was
nis preference work that cud. lie had
led his d iss, but this had Rot sufficed.
His exuberant energy had mastered the
modern languages ami the theory of music.
Yet. he was never a prig. Re sympathised
with the weaknesses of others, though he
had none himself
No one could laugh more heartily over
crapes nor picture revelry more enticing
ly'. But whin others, sftt r BBOh a convi-r
satlou, rushed headlong nud beedli Into
trouble Frank returned tranquilly to bis
books, lie never preached, never sought,
to inculcate his principles. That is w hat
we all liked in him. Often he would say
to me: "Go ahead, old buy. What's the
differcnccl1 Knjoy your youth:" Yet, lie
was h year younger than I.
He was such a prudent fellow, too, was
Frank. He lived like the rest.of us, hut lie
discriminated between comfort and ex
travagance. Bo while we were generally
in debt, and sometiini s in distress heal
ways had plenty of money. I used to be
sorry for him. lb- couldn't lend, for be
bad promised his father, and be would
griev lest his Inability should be miscon
strued. Frank was ambitions truly. No young
squire, emulous of his spurs, could have
been more so. Yet he was distrustful of
his powers. "I can't do what you fellows
do," he would say humbly. "I must stick
to iny treadmill." And while we all real
ised his mental ns well as moral superior
ity we liked him the belter for veiling It
We respected his lamest scrapie! and never
sought to tempt him from his course, ,
How heart single, too, was Frank!
Tlnr.igh not, a handsome man, for he had
small eyes, red hair and a short, squat
figure, he was fascinating in manner and
speech.' He attracted and retained Inter
est. There were many sides to bis nature,
and that side which would be most con
sonant and agreeable to a companion bo
intuitively revealed. We all concurred in
the opinion that be would prove iireslstl
bio to any woman if he should ever care to
exert himself. But he had no time for ro
mance, so he said.
And yet what a confidant ho was
Uever prying, never curious, but learning
one's secret thoughts as If in suite of liim-
lelf. Why, he knew all about Kuth. Iliad !
talked of her for hours at a time, aim be
laid been just as Interested, ho had bean
just as helpful when 1 finished as when I
began. I hiifl read herletters to him, and
he would say, "tiood night, Kuth,"
"Good morning, Ruth," tu her little plo-
Whan he returns glorlOUS she is the first to
rrown mm. Hesuii s, law is M natural ft)
you. You know that your judgment ex
ceeds ycir industry. You can readily
make up the work of a quarter in a fort
night, II I'., the profession will never DO
even an incident to you, believe ine. No
man will grub if he can My."
Oh. rare and beaut inns vision that ros-e
before me: The little cottage with Ruthin
thu quiet, university town, the delightful
toil iu the study, yitb itut'.i by my sideaa
an inspiration, the Society Of the cultured,
the praise of the woithyl
"Surprise her," suggested Frank.
Aye, I wouid. I would refine the gold of
Diy intellect. I tossed Justinian into a
corner behind the lounge, and there he lay
until the dust was as thick ns his age might
warrant. Thereafter 1 dreamed and
dreamed until I was aroused.
How careful Frank was of my moods for
! of eour-e 1 became nc-oilv . lb-taught mo
that a poet must be a child of impulse,
not a man of habit; that when the spirit
moved him he must drive his thoughts
until they tottered from w eariness, but ex
cept when that mysterious spell settled he
must sillier then to recruit iu apparent
idleness. He led me to believe oh, so eas
ily that I, rioor I, indeed, win as one set
apart and chosen, not answerable to the
call of duty n ir accountable to foibles.
He would instance Horace and Drydeu
nnd Chntterton and Savnge and Shelley
and Byron. Byron especially he consid
ered my prototype, and I was dolt enough
to think so too. "Here, you (slloWSl" he
would cry. "take Ralph OUl I f this rush
for a hurrah. Pegasus' wl ngs are droop
ing," And the lively, generous hearted
lads would oil the downward grude with
sincere adulation.
I did woik feverishly. Unnaturally, turn
ing night into day aud burning the candle
at both ends. I became nervous, Irritable,
overwrought, but each manifestation was
greeted as a proof of the divine afflatus
Which lllh il me. I grew OBftlesS of my up
ptaranoe, My collar was rolled back, my
bslr disheveled oh, what an egngious
As for money, I disdained It as ilrorn.
When I hail it, I Hung it. broadcast, hut
the lin k of if uuver res! r lined me. I had a
credit which OUld have been inexplicable
to a rational man, but 1 accepted it as
Iribut" to my genius. N jackdaw vr be
Hived in his borrowed plumage Or Strutted
as arrogantly as did I. I posed before the
distorted lens of conceit and thought its Iu one thing alone I Was
constant Iwrote'to Kuth the sums con
tented, iJUe.ry (lail) letters us of yore. Oh,
bow hard It was! Sentence by sentence I
dragged through a (ask that had forini rly
been such a delight. YetlsUCCO led at
least 1 thought I did.
The spiing oame. AftST infinite copy
ings and reconyings "Alvurado" was fin
ished. "Don't prune," warned Crank as I hen'
tnted over passages of my wildest mo
ments. Luxuriance is the poet's attribute,"
And so I bound the mighty pile of man
uscript together ami sent it confidently to
a leading publisher. Confidently indeed,
for my assurance had achieved a brief
nKithcosls. Then followed an Intolerable
wailing, bringing doubt, dread ait) mis
ery. The fever bud pussed aud left my
mind, loo weak for any exertion, a pre to
My gay companions were gay no longer.
In the face of thu approaching examina
tions they were throwing up earthworks
Of desperate diligence. Yet when I tried to
dig also I found I was absolutely Impo
tent. Where now was my intuitive knowl
edge of the law, w here that judgment so
accordant with equity? Alas, 1 compre
hended that I had risked everything op a
single cast, and 1 dared not think what
this everything might include.
Then it was that I noticed a singular
change in Frank.
".lust look at my duns," 1 said to him
one da anxiously, holding up a mass of
bills ami letters, "it seems Impossible that
1 could have been so reckless. Why, I
must have been craty I"
"YOU certainly have hud an agreeable
faculty of ignoring such littlo mutters."
"But What shnll 1 dof"
"Do! Yon have money, haven't you?"
"Gone, all gone."
'"PheW I You have been going It,
haven't you, in spite of precept ami ex
ample? Oh, well, your precious 'Alva
rado' will settle everything, l guess," and
Flank laughed.
It wasn't a plea- ant laugh, nor did it
sound like Flank, but I was so troubled
that l scarce appreciated it theu.
"Do jou really think so?" 1 questioned
"I mean what I say. it will settle everything-
you included. But doubtless
Kuth w ill pay."
1 leaped to my feet in a nage. Frank
oonfronted me. for an instant with mid,
sarcastic eyes; then he shrugged his shoul
ders disdainfully and left the room.
1 sank iu a chair, trembling iiuii gasp
ing. What did it all mean? Was I held by
a horrible dream? Such words, such looks
from Frank, my friend, my Pylades, my
mentor I Could it be that he had changed,
that 1 had changed, that the future was a
void, that the past whs a sham ami that
le ahiug was real except the present debt,
the approaching examination, the impend
ing disgrace?
1 opened my pocket case. I read the note
of warning from Kuth so long unheeded.
Again l couldn't comprehend it, but I did
thoroughly realize that w hate er she said
should have been observed with a true lov
er's fealty.
For hours I sat pressing my throbbing
head w ithin my hands, trying to shut out
the disordered visions w blch Hashed before
me. Then came a knock at, the door. I
opened it. aud a messenger entered, laid a
large yellow parcel on the table aud with
dn w . Did 1 recognize the wrapper? Oh
didn't II A hundred years weighted me as
1 glanced at it. The very paper! The very
string which I bad knotted with SUch ex
cited fingers I Oh, dear, oh, dear, too well
did I know what had happened! There
was a Dote, which I read iu a Hash.
"Regret evident merit -voluminous
expense to warrant publication!" I threw
"Alvarado" Into the corner behind the
lounge, where its fall scattered the dust
from Justinian. Then I moaned. The room
faded aw ay. Again I saw the harbor, the
rolling bar. the reck bound bay, the broad
Urges of the Atlantic; but, alas, sober and
melancholy Wore their sweeps, a requiem,
DO) 0 welcome, for 1 was aione. Where,
oh, w here was Ruth?
Then- were heavy steps on the stairs.
The dour opened, aud my principal creditor
entered, accompanied ly a marshal.
"I want you, my man," said thut func
tionary. "But you can't arrest for debt," I stam
mered. "How about fraud and fake representa
ti 'ii and pretense? This man claims that
you have deceived him into believing you
a young millionaire, wheu you haven't a
"I never said such a word."
"No. but your roommate did many n
time," interrupted my creditor. "Oh,. it
was a cunning cutch between you. But
you're vastly mistaken if you think you
do me w ithout smarting for it."
"Come along," said the officer.
At this juncture Frank strolled in whis
tling. Iu an instant all recent doubts had
fled. I "lily remembered our old intimacy.
"Oh, Frank," I cried, "help me!"
He looked at thu officer and winked
"No green there," he ejaculated. Then
be turned toward me. "You will have to
excuse me," hu said suavely, "if I decline
to walk the floor Instead of our confiding
friend here. Besides, I have an urgent en
gagement. I'm off to the island home to
see Ruth."
Then, while the blood roared within my
ears and clouded my eyes, a wonderful
thing occurred. Again the door opened. A
little form glided to my side nud threw
her arms about me, and Ruth's voice ex
claimed, oh, so blithely:
"That won't le necessary, Mr. Dunbar.
You can flnd me here for the future with
my husband'."
Then she went to the men and whis
pered a few words, aud they sneaked uway,
"i toid you she Would pay, you cur,"
net red Prank.
"Hush, dear," she interposed. "Why
shouldn't 1? Whatever is iniuu becomes his
on our wedding duy."
'I hen at length I comprehended the note
of warning, for as Frank departed from
my sight and from my life his glum e as it
rested on Kuth changed from onu of fierce
malignity to one of uuutterublu longing
and despair.
What more shull I say? The sequel is
(he old unreal ending, but for tis most
real. "They were ever after happy." We
were married that day, for Kuth scarcely
dared trust me from her sight. Iu a few
years the little cottage, in the quiet uuiver
iity town bechiiiu an actiuility. 1 was
never n" dread ' nor a "tower of strength,"
I am sure, but I honestly earned my daily
And, more, during one summer vacation
I picked up "Alvarado," and I slashed it
well, remorselessly hewing away all that
luxuriance which Is a true poet's attri
bute, ami 1 sent it, much shrunken, to u
One evening as I snt on the veranda
Kuth til-ought me a letter. It contained a
bewildering offer for the poem.
'.My dear, said I as I showed It toner,
"perhaps wemay yet si e Hie sunlight gild
ing the minarets of that temple."
"Yon see," aha exolalmed, "all things
come to you.
"Because In you I have everything," I
replied. -Hartford I lines.
On the
I write that you may Snow
the mod I have received from
11 It II 1 was all out of
health sod rofferlng w ith con
ntiiiitleii unil hillniiiincM. I
tried other II.- a but
they failed i" do any k1
At hint I bought " bottle of B.
It ii unit before I bad used it
nil 1 wont, to Work us wall ui
ever. (H's Nki.soN,
Bui 60,lrvinetou,Wurrenco.P
u, K. DEAN, tHsosisi of thu Kye, Nona
rhroat and Bar, ixii siauo street! oopo-
alta court luiuse.
a.j. ci).. i.i.i,, Mil Washington
avenue, corner Swine Mreel, over
Krancku'H drug utore. liutiUleace, la Vino t.
OAcehqnrei 19.10 toll a m. '' tod ana
tM to T IM p. in Kuiiihiy, ' to 8 p. in.
DR. w. E. ALLEN, Ofllee cor. Lacks,
wanna uuil Wiisliiiigton lives.: over Louii
ard shoe store: offloe hoars, 10 to lfa, m.
ii to 4 p. in ; svenings at reswenost us n,
Wsshlngtoa svc.
laaL Hti'.Y. I'rsotioo limited to Duv
It casus of tlm Eye, liar, Nose uad Throat!
office, in WyuiuiiiHuvu. Residence, i Viae
Dlt I. .11 tlA'I'LS iln Wunliuaitun Avciiii).
utneo boors,, l.butu and l
J OHM L WKNTZ, M l. Offloen H sndJM
Ooaunonwesltb bnlldbigt residence III
Mmlisouevu; olHeo hours. 1J tu 12, i tu I, 7 to
B; bundeyii UO tu i, evenings nt residence, A
pociulty insdii of dirsssel uf tliu oyo, ear. nosa
anil tlnoat unit KVUHOology.
u. u u HURRAY, specialty madeon ii
eases uf eye aud SHhiSlS fomiOg Ave
LMllce hours: I'util lea in -' to I .out . tu - I' m.
Upholstery Department
William : Sissenberger
Opposite Baptist Church,
Fei in Avenue,
Is replete with fine and
medium Parlor Suits, Fancy
Rockers, Couches and
Lounges lor the Holiday
Trade. Prices to Suit all.
Also Bed Room Sets, Din
ing Room and Kitchen Fur
niture. Parlor Suits and
Odd Pieces Re-upholstered
in a Substantial manner.
Will be as good as new
City Musio Store,
h It A N It'll & HAOU
hTl'lVi ic UAUUlt
RTUHQR. Veterinary riuruuun.
. . -- . . , , n . ...
L'uiu measnsi or "i-
li,lln i, a,,. .,!, He
taiiu Xeleriniirv ( ollege. um -e. Siiiinuiur 1
livery, 8BB llii St.. near Keller 'e OAT Hags shop.
Telupllollu Nil. 41 i
I V KliS.
I M C. HAM K S Law uinl Collection uf
tl . tlce. No KI7 Sprue.) nt., optiusltB Furivit
House, Bcrsnton, rs
outs ill every cuun ty.
iKasum ii a.
J lors at Law.
Wushuitflun avo.
i ulli etlults u l-li.-cllllty
tiiiuuuhuiit Pennsylvania) reliable correspond
U, Attorneys end Counsel-
Orwunoawealth imlMui&
W. II. Jusst p,
HollACI. B IlAMI).
v Ii. Jassop, .in.
neys and Counselors at Law,
I uililinit, WaslihiKton live.. Seriintun. I'a.
AT1 KUhO.N i; Wll.luX. Attorneys mil
Counsellor, at Law: offices 0 uinl e Library
LuilUlug, bcrautou, l'a.
Willi am a. Wilcox
tnrnevs mid Cnunsellurs, Cumuiuliwealtb
liuililiiiK. Renins IB. 1lanil Jl.
SI'.KI.Y Law offlrea In Priio
HANK T UK. -LI.. Attorney at Law. Room
1 1 imihliiiu. l-'i Washington
Ham- InvnttltiHlp.
After tlm high tribute wa paid to tbnt
diminutive hut plucky little locomotive
which runs between Rartwelland Bowers
villi the Nancy Hart tbe mannacr of
the Hartwell road baa advised us to cease
1 n 1 1 1 i -. 1 1 1 1 1 l; t lie scheilule of thnt roiul. This
M ii heavy blow to us. The remuneration
thnt we reoeived tor printing this aeheduli
whs it (iiihs over to miles ot urn row tciuin1
loud w hich ive never u-cil. It Is true thnt
the splice occupied by tbe schedule wns
worth hriu t Sill per iiiinum hut what Is
Hint paltry sum In comparison with the
privilege of wearing. mt. by carrying
around in our breis hes pocket, n puss over
tlm HartwsU rail road f. Tooooa (tin.)
The mnn who tries to take sdrjantage of
tli ii Ignorance of another bco'aUoullj k,,,'
ii llohinil for hi i Oliver. A Hostou iniiii
once in England, Seeing n Inhorer iIIkk'11!?
flints out of chalk, pompously aiged hlm
if In- thouuht they L'rcw.
"Sure," was the reply, "I know they
"Then put some flint on a table, ami seu
now much It ((rows in n year."
"Aial you, air," said the laborer, "put
a potato on the tublo nnd see how much
it grows in a year." Harper's Mniintlnc
HILTON W, LOW BY, ' Att'ys,
II VON STOUCH. I ton nv.
C II square
i AMES W. OAKFOUO, Attorney at Law
I moms 6B, M and W Commonwealth b'l't.
AML'KL W. BDUaR, Attorney ut Law.
" mil. e, Spruce nt . Kcranton. I'n.
A WATRR8, Attorney at Law, 4-J
j. Laeltaw-.-inim alio.. Serantnn. I'n
) 1'. r..iri'H. l .inn. -eliur at Law. Ollle..
rooms 51, aV .Vi Oosatnoi'.weftltti binloinu'
' K. PITCHER, Attorney at Law, Com-
' . monwealth builains, Seranton, i'a.
. I VMKUYS, .CMs'piueu'it.
nB. RK1T.OIJLK. Attorney-Loans neuo-
tiateil on real ueUtn sssttrity.4H Hprnea
p r. KILLAM, Attoruuv at L.nv, lu Wy
lJ oinini: avenue. Seriintun.
written and acknuwleiltreil by J. W.
BltOWNINU, Attorney and Notary Public, 29
. untniun'veaitn miiiiiinu.
sf lioni s
i5 ton, I'a , prciiaree boys and airls forcollcca
or niminiiHti: tiiuruumy irains vuuhk cnuuroa
LHIuluSue al legllest
.'I and Kcliool, ill
all timos.
r ceivinl at
fannsrv W
WAt.Tsn H. Hl'Ki.I.
una avenue. I
M Xt term wiu open
' C. LAUBACH, burgeon Dentist, No, llj
'. wyonungsva.
M. STRATTON, ..niei- Coal Ex. e,nir.
Till; LI.I'l lll.K S-n itiim and Loan Asso
I ciation will loan (00 in uiev on easier terms
ind pity you better on Investment than any
itier iissoeiiitlon call on s. .-N . CALL -.N-
I Dime Bank buildini;
nr. wiuu'MiNMr.K, i-i, sm Wyoming
ave. IdHiliis in-aleii witn Kloniu: all moil
urn Improvements
. ii ue, Sfiaiiluii.
C M TaUMAg, Prop.
RateR reasonable,
P tlSOLSB, I'roprletor.
W. Q. SCI1I:NCK. Mhna.
Bixteonth street, one blocs east of Broadway.
ill M man noiiare, isew leTS.
American plan. W M per day and upward
'DYNE Hot. HE. buropean plan; good
' rooms, upon uay unci niguL. nu 6Uiy
piled Willi IBS nest.
P. H. rOYNE. Proprietor
i'( AH OS lin er iru. 1. w nan.
r u nger depot Conducted on the Europein
iitnn. Vn Toll goon Proprietor.
inA.sD i KNTKAIj. 'I he laruesi and bSI
I eiiuippol hotel in Alloatoivu. , ...
n saulDDS
f 2 and P.H per day
ion I' BAS SI ii, Proprietor.
..All- ,V IP Oil. Architects Ituuins 21
I H and Commonwealth b'ld's, ieranton.
L WAL1EH. Architect, Library build
lni. Wvomlnir avetni" M-rantoii.
alldjs(,)gl Washington Ave.,Scrnnto
lumber.' and e uiuio liniik bUldlng
Kcrnntnh. i n.
lUPpUes. enyjUOOee, paper liaga, twine.
Waruhoiisix i; Waahlntitoii live, Scratitoii
PoliTE S I,1I' IM. i ,i,t i Hpouse iivenun
I' Mi st clsn cirrlaites n I, I OOTE. Agt.
l uueml Director aim hiiioiuimi r.
ob Cloth,
,'H W. Lackawanna avenue.
I'RVNK I'. BROWN Co, WIliU,!'.
I aalu ib-aleia In WuoiHvare, CordaKu nud
1 1 ACER'S
ll baili, pleulea, part lee, receptions.
I l Ml
s, piriiies, parous, rco".iions, ueu
lined anil Oolicot work Mirillsheil. l-ur t.oiiM
iddrSM 11. J. Baip-r. conilnctor. 117 Wyoinlug
live., uvnr llnllieri a inuai.- siore.
I.V.UA ElNN SONS, builders nnd contra
I j tors. safAst Corner 1 'live at. and Adaim
live. ; corner Ash st. and I'ciin uve , i-eranton
J In a larga ito. k of Cnt-claa
Ml MIL, 1 .1 Ci., E'lU
Coal of the bout iiuiilltv for clnm, nt ie tlm mill
of all alzes, delivered in any part of thu citv
lit lowest price.
Orders loft at my ufllc.ii,
Rear room, first floor. Third National Bans
or seiit by until or telephone to tho mine, wili
ill,..- piouipi aio.-niiuu.
BPSOUI contracts will DC made lor tuo sale
aud dslivel y of Buckwheat CoaL
Hnvin-'securod the KIlOEINd KOHtlE of
w nii mBlumeftBon for a permsnenl bus!-,
ness stand, 1 shall coadnet BdentUM ami
I utho.ogical 'hoe. ii lor the l ieventlou, Ko-
llei aim i it sol La no nest and other Impedi
ments in the movement! ol Horses lacldental
or inn- to imperfect shoring; I shall pre the
work my personal stteati a snd guarantee no
extra charge, except far Improvement, Lame
aess. etc., will be treated sttornoons A lruo
clime and professional advice given every
Monday fiuiu . to P. M.
Auction! Auction!
133 Penn Avenue.
CHANCE to buy at your own price
Hardware. Saws, Hammers, Tinware,
Lamps, Hosiery, Gloves, Notions. Fancy
and Other Goods.
Sin Red
r i
Atlantic Refining Co.
Manufacturers nud Dealers iu
HlaminatiQ and Lubricating
Linseed Oil, N apt has and Gaso
lines of all ttrii'les. Axlo Grease,
Pinion Grettae nnd Colliery Com
pound; nlso, a largo lino of Par
ratline Wui Candles
We also handle the Famous CROWN
ACME OIL, tho only family safety
burning oil in the niarlrrt
Offlro: Coal Exchange. Wyoming Av
urk8 nt Pine liroult.
Office, 813 West Lacka
wanna Ave.
Quarries and Works,
Portland, Pa.
llatiufarturiil at Iho Wupwallopon Mills, l.u
scrno rounty I'n.. snd at Wil
mington, Delaware.
General Agent for tbo Wyoming District,
ti8 Wyoming Ave., Scrsnton Pa.
Third National Hank BoMingi
THOS FOKD. Plttstoa, Pa.
JOHN H H.MITH& SONirivinnuth. Ts.
i: W.MULLIQAN, Wlutes-Barre, ia.
Agenta the Hepaano Cliomlcal Coin
l'aiiy'a H ... 1 1 i v i
Valuable ns a Souvenir of the Fntr.
WEAK MAN CURE yourself
IIS I BBSS Itkifc ai'l
Wn Y wait tlmJL tnoocT and hratthwlib ,dl rtor!.' wnnder:
al..-." wcttJca, etc., Then 1 will acnil FREK the prescription of s
new Bud poaiilTO remedy fur laMinR cure of
1 ui-1 Manhood, Kighlly KmUslonii, Nervous Weaiiness 1.1
old or young men. Varicocele, Impotenrv, ard to enlanrc weak,
ctnnted oreacn. Cutis 111 Iwo i f lis. I tond this prosrrii-
MI'orb. arris. tion Tree of charge, and there is CO bumbni? or aovcrtlnnpcati h
MM It. AnTgooddrnsilitor Phytlctaneanpntlt tip for yon. asCTerythtBs 1 Plain and tmpls. All
1 n.-k In raturn la that y.u will buy a small quantity of the remedy f rem lse direct or odvlso yonr
friends to do o after yon receive the recipe and see tha- there isnohnmhcit Dnrclroce'tltin. But yen
can dean y.'.i please about this, O.irrespondenoeatrttgjy eonfldrntlaL and aU letters sent In pi ..n
sealed cuTulop.'i. Kneleae stamp if ounfoaleat.B.UJBnniferfortf, HoxAt37,AlliioTi,1I i. h
btlOREANOsMtRUSING not thsr. A.idr.
For Sale in Scrnnton, Pa., by H. C
mil Sni'iioo st'.vi'ts.
TSI. wornlrrlbl i n r. . gutr
Inlxdl- rutr i'I M",.. i . fll
eases, sneh ns Wenk Memory, Loss of Rraln PewefkHSSsaeaS,WakSfalBess,
Lost Manhood. Miihtly missions, Nfrvousnes.alldralnaim loss of poner
lnHi';iorallvei)ransof rltticr son caused by over eioi tton j onthfiii errors.
' excessive use of tobacoo. opium or stimulants, which lc;id to Inflrmtty.Con
Asiimptton or Insanity. Can be carried In vest pocket. SI per DOS, for .,
Shy mall pea paid. With s M order wc lve nrltien cnarnnter lornre
Dnr mMi ihr ninneF. rtrciilar free. Sold by all driwlsts. Ask font. ms
sh ll i.l l tii in ii., i. lempic. i. mi auu. ii.u
SANDERSON. Drutfsist, cor. raslnno;toD
0dV- undfr lusnnty, hek. by '-
lorniiuiwillyour(l I
inJO iofl".u by I
Maalo Rem-
lklln" nrtvid piuI JO-pU" Hxk ilhwtrslM from
I llfft ii Unito 1 ftre I, llll VV.. ! II t f( :ir I
nd Meirtnisii Our Mnutlo Rorvtedy W I
tiMlhrlt "i lIMMt II I 'I t IU II , I M-iw III.
I s- . -
-l i:n.
( it. i i.aick As CO., Besdemwi noruTti
I I. ami ntl(Srf mli; store UO
avenne; uroen Imuso. I'lii North Main avenue:
Mtnro islepbons TM
1 1 .
IIHANI' IMo:. 'I Y.. Hi.. .Ioiilh Hr..s
t ihk m tu: s.
1 1 Bcrautou, Pa., nisiiuf r of WIN Hcraoiw.
lad Unnhnnri
ly carfd t) INII
nnJ vigor quickly
Ml I V ,'iiils,i,iU.
trolihv . Ill,' . .,n,! I , INllAIMI. ll,., l-r L
niMOO NMU . Willi avnHVIlHWIMIVSWSj you iy
HA11HEWS SltUS, UruivliM. Scraaten, Ja.
DKXTKK SH(IK CO., ln-'p. Capital. Sl.Oiifi.OOO.
BKBT i.a snot: in l UK WORlDi
11 A dollar mirtd ita dollar rarnt'tl."
ThlsLuilloa' Rnl lit French DoikgOla KldTtii.'
ton Hoot delivered free nnywhere In the lt.S.,0'
ITi'i lit of ( ash, Money I'rdci
or Postal Note for Sl.fn
Unniila every wav thu boon
old In all retail storm fOI
'ISO. WS make this boot
ourselves, thorsrofe we yssf
nnffs tho Jit, styU aud tear.
and If nny one fa not sattitli"'
re win riiiiiini inn uiunei
or nend auother pair, i )pei :
i oe or r,iuiinon seni'.
WldtM 0, D. K, ft KK,
Ires 1 to B and hall
f litis, asad yonr si'.'
Kill ft Vou.
8ptctal ttrtm to Vtaltti.
I I If ilillT.
Br I','..
mm w vr ! ,
Dexter Shoe Go.
The 011I7 cftfo, euro nntj
relinblo Fomnlo FILL
over ofiered to Ladies,
ospeciully recommend
od to married Lmlioa.
Ask for SB. MOTI'S FEKNYSOTAL FILLS and t iko no otlior.
FV- Sond for oireulnr. Frlee fl.OO per box, 0 DOS S lor &.00i
L)l. MO TT W CHEMICAL. L'U., - - luveiaau, Ulilo.
KorSalS byO N. IIAKHIn, h . ISJ I'eun Avenue.
This Coupon, with two like it, but of different g
I dates, and with Ten Cents in cash, will secure one
b part of the World's Fair Art Portfolio in four 5
S parts the one announced before.
This Coupon, with another like it, but of differ-
g ent date, and with Five Cents in cash, will secure J
5 the "Trip Around the World" portfolio of photo- I
i graphs, a rare and interesting glance at noted
spots in all climes.