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Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
PriVfaJ Baking
Wow Open
Their direct ininortntioti of
Out of town eorreepaBdeatl otlll Turn
I'M: should sUn their naoses in full tii eeob
iiews letter, Dot fop publication uut to iruarii
suuiust dceoiiiionJ
And Embraces tho choicest poods
for early jprini; an 1 summer.
Pnrctassers of Silks an 1 Drms Fab
rics will secure ureat alvanUge ia vis
iting our store at this time.
Experience of prnviona years dem
onstrates that the choicest and most
desirable fabrics are always sold early
and not duplicated.
The only way to appreciate them is
to see them for yonnelf. Our descrip
tion may be all very fine and very ex
plicit, but there is nothiti? as satisfac
tory as a look with your ow.i eyes.
And no more convincinc artjumsnt
that we have the finest noois.the new
est goode, the most stylish goids of ev
ery description, than the fact that an
inspection of our stock always leads to
a pnrchase.
Nusrfrtta of N.wj Pickad Up Ab-,ut the
Lively Snb'irb.
Sjweial to the Scranton Tritoine.
The street car run into k sragonlosd
of hay yesterday on M ini street. The
man in chaies of the wajjon did not
pay attentian to t'u ringing of the b-?ll
and would not get out of the way of
the car.
The Borderland Dramatic company
have procured the lemperauue hail tor
their rehearsals
It J. .Indite, of James J, Liwler's,
was at Archbald and Carbondale on a
business trip yesterday.
James Flynn left for Chicajo yester
day n fter a brief visit to his home ia
this place.
A valuable mule belonging to the
Greenwood Coal company was killed
Misses Mary Hanehon, Bridget Con
nors, Mary Lally and Bridget Lally
and Messrs. P. F. Hanehon and John
Cusick, of Old Forge, cullod here on
P. F. O'Hara, magistrate, it conval
cai ng.
("cue for Group Use Dr. Thomas'
and Mm. Swallow Honored Unou
Their Twelfth Annivruarv.
Special to the Amrnton IVtbuss,
Cl. auk's Uukkn, Pa., Feb. 27. The
twelfth anniversary of the marriage of
Mr. and Mrs. William 11. Swallow was
appropriately observed by a number of
their friculs who visited them on Fri
day evening last, and passed a very
pleasant evening.
Among the guests were Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Lutsey, Miss Nellie Lutsey,
Mr. and Mrs W. S Frace and daugh
ter, Luolla. Mr. and Mrs. O, W. Hie-s.-cker,
of Maid Mount ; Mr. and Mrs
Freeman Leach, of Ohiaobilln ; Mr and
Mrs. Welding M. Swallow, Mr. ami
Mrs, N. S. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Rhodes, Mr. and Mrs. M. EL Coon,
Rev. A. E. Douglas1 and wife, Mr. and
Mrs. a N. Patrick, Mr. and Mrs. J.
R Austin, Mr. and Mrs K. J. Chap
man, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Aylestvortii,
Mr. and Mrs, SiUa White, Mr. and
Mre. R. E Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. A
A. Davi', Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Nichols,
Mr. and Mr. O R. Jones, Mrs. C. E.
Hall. Mrs. F. S. Benedict, Mrs. Cooper,
of Taylorvllle; Miss Drake, of Lacka
wanna; Mrs. Datii! Swallow, of Wa
verly; Mr. W. R. Parker. J. E. Calen
der, Miss Nellie Calender, Miss Fie
Clark, Mr. J. D. Knight and Miss
Knight, of Plttston.
Many congratulations were exteuded
to Mr. and Mrs. Swallow during the
evening, and the party oroKe up at
about midnight
A Go3ip7 Batch of Items from a Popu
lar Institution of Learning1.
Sjtcrial to the Scranton IWftUae,
FaCTOBTVILLE, Ph., Feb. 37. H, W.
Mnmford has beu spending a few days
at hie homo in St.irruca.
Miss Lucy Hall spent a few days at
the Academy .last week visiting b-r
sisters, Misses Agnes and Mary Hull.
Mis Martha Tompkins, of Pittston,
a former student, has been spending a
few days among friends and school
R. U Capwell, E J. Ducklee and B.
F. Thomas were summoned to East
Lemon on Friday evening to act as
judges in a prize contest in an enter
tainment given by the students under
B, M. Stark, u former student at the
Robert, the little son of Professor
and Mrs. E. E. Whitford, met with an
! accident on Monday last by falling
upon a tin can, which severely cut the
flesh between the thumb and fort
i finger of his right hand. Dr. Heller
dressed the wound which, with proper
care, will be heak-d iu a few days
The entertainment which was given
by the young ladies on Thursday even
ing was in every respect a graud suc
cess, and much credit is due to those
who participated. It has been said
that the recent entertainment was the
best giv n at Keystone academy for
several years.
Tiie mock trial to b given hv the
members of the Phi Mi society will
take place on .Saturday evening,
March 10.
A Million Friends
A friend in need is a friend indeed, and
not less thnn one million people have
found just such a friend in Dr. Kind's New
Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and
Colds, If yon have never used this Great
Counh .Medicine, one trial will convince
you thnt it has wonderful curative powers
in nil diseases of Thniar, Chest and l.uncs.
Karh bottle is pua anteed to do all that is
Dlaimed or money will he refunded Trial
bottles fre. at Mathews Bros', drug store,
l arge bottles !ioc. anil I.W.
Movomonti of the itufl ltd Residents of
the BretBV Hill Rncord-d.
Special to t'te Scranton Trilmne.
MoNTiiOSK, Ph.. Feb. 27 The It
publican county convention convened
in the court house yesterday, Tna re
sult will be announced In tomorrow's
Rodney Stack and'wife (nee Miss M ay
Scott), of Waverly, N. V , were guests
at R. 0, Scott's nn Monday.
L. B Park, of Hickory Grove, was
her" yesterday.
H. L. Beach and E C. Fordham were
except Saturday evening, iu the Young
Men's Christian Association hall.
Miss Sophia Falk lias returned to her
home in Syracuse after enjoying an
ex- d-d visit with Miss Millie Sahin,
her cousin, of South Mem street.
Mrs. A. s. Lewsley, will spend to
mori -w in Forest City as the gusat of
Mh.s lona Tyler.
Arrangements are bing made by
the Cottage Hose company for their
first annual ball, winch will be
held on April 80, in Keystone hall .
Rev. E, J Balaley, rector of Trinity
church, preached a sermon in St.
James' church, in Jormyn, this eve
ning. A. W. Daley, of Church street, will
leave tomorrow for Philadelphia,
where he will represent W. EL Davis
post, ef this city, in tho department
encampment of the ( iraud Army of thn
Republic, which ni-ets iu the Liaker
city on lurch 1, 9 and 8,
This morning Horace Fox, one of the
proprietors of the Niagara hotel at
llultalo and the new k'lit House and
cottages at Lakewood, arrivod in this
city. He called on Mr. Frantwein, sec
retary of the Anthracite Land Im
provement company, with the object
in view of renting tb, Hotel Anthra
cite and running a tirat-class hotel.
Mr. Fox, in a short conversation with
Tin: Tribuni eorrespondent, said he
had looked through tho new hotel ami
is very much pleased witn
the way it is planned. He
also says he has been iu
the hotel business since he was 1 years
of age, and with his experience and
knowledge of the business we feel con
fident that should he become the pro
prietor of our new hotel tliat it would
be run iu a tyle second to none iu the
Delaware and Un ison p isseng"r',train
No. '.'8. drawn by engine No lii, which
is due to arrive in this city at 5.88 p.
m., met with an accident at Arobbald
this evening which delayed tho train
about thirty Are minutes. The acci
dent was caused by the stay
bolt blowing out, which wrecked the
boiler, and to keep the boiler from i x
ploding the fire was at once drawn
irom the fire box, and it II iw in ill di
rectioOS, setting the cab on fire also
the wood work about the tender. The
fire, however, was extinguished and
for some timetiie accident ctuse I great
excitement A freight train whicn
came along at that time was side
tracked and the engine used to brin ;
the passenger train to this city.
.lainrs Murray, a miner residing at
May field, was hit at that place till
afternoon by tho Delaware and Hud
son passenger train which leaves this
city at 12.10 p.m. After having his
injuries attended he was brought to
the hospital iu this city iu the com
pany s ambulance, where he could re
ceive better attention.
Dcing-3 of Residents Upon the Briozy
Plateau Above tho Notch
Special to the Scranton Tribun.
Clark's Summit, Pa., Feb. 27. A
poverty supper u announced to bo held
at the Methodist Episcopal chapel on
Wednesday evening. Two judges will
be in attendance to decide wuo is I:..
most poverty stricken.
Mrs. Zibn Vosbnrg is a great sn!T;rer
from a stroke of paralysis and her lite
is despaired.
Thomas Schilling and Mr. Van AU-
tyrs have each lost a valuable horse
during the past week.
Miss Clara Vosbnrg has been conGusd
to the house for notiie days past.
Building is still the order ot the day
Resides those already in progress of
construction contracts have been made
for the erection of eight or ten more
George H. Nichols passed through
here on Saturday afternoon last en
route for Cleveland with horses be
longing to Messrs, Oleland & Simpson
from their Ani l stock farm.
George Rsed has, disposed of his
OutcDvring business to Messrs. Ball
& Bill, of Factory ville, who will coa
tinuo the business at the old stand.
Tho Ladies' Aid society held at M.
E. Clifford's was a voiy enjoyable and
profitable affair,
3undry Ksnri ftotea frm a Locality
Where People Never Grw Old.
SpHtal to the fieraafon Trtbunt,
CLABK'8 GREEN, Ph., Feb., 27. A
Ackerlvy and family are visiting the
parents and relatives of the former in
this vicinity.
Many of our oltlseni are suffering
from severe colds which are quite pre
Mr. and Mrs Emory Stone Attended
the golden welding, in Green
Mr. and Mrs. Ira ('lurk, which was
greatly enjoyed by their many friends,
The phonograph entet taium nt given
in the Meth dist Episcopal church last
evening was well attended,
The Epwortb League entertainment
given last Thursday evening Was well
Attended! and many words of praisj
w re extended to its m tin oars and its
efficient coi pi of workers.
Charles Van N'ort, Jr. of Scranton,
spoilt Sunday with his uncle, A. T,
Mr. and Mrs J. L. Lntsoy spent Sun
day with the parents of the former,
B. F. Courtright an I laughter, Jen
nie, with. Mr, and Mrs. W. V Good,
Sttends I the funeral of the brother of
Mr. Courtright on Monday lest.
man went to the Temperance hote',and
representing himself as a telepnone
lineman, engaged board for hitnsolf
aud three other co-laborers. Hs then
told the proprietress of the hotel that
he had his tools at the depot and being
little short of cash, would like to
borrow the above sum and. a bair. He
inpearod" perfectly honest and his
wishes were promptly granted. After
receiving the money he lett for partB
unknown, and the owner of the bag
aud money is patiently awaiting their
return. A iiitm bearing the same de
scription "worked I uiikhannock yes
terday aud secured "good wages
there. Moral Rad the daily papers
and bo prepared for nuch scamps.
.Mrs. Charles Kuanp, and daughter,
Bertha, are visiting friends at Puck
vllle tiiis wosk.
Mr. Stanley Reynolds spent Sunday
at Harford Presumably the attrac
tion was to view the oil fields.
V preliminary meeting was held
Monday eveninii iu the lecture room of
the Baptist church to organ;. a sight
singing- class under the direction of our
talented music teacher, W N. Man
chester. Tliero were about fitly in at
tendance, and forty persons gave .their
names as members of the class As a
teacher Mr Mansfield has had large
experience, ami is conscientious and
thorough. Il would bt difiicull to find
his inpei ior outside ot the large cities
He was at ouo time teacher of vocal
music at Keystone Academy.
Ihe ice harvesters are busily engaged
filling the cream ry ice house, wliicn
furnishes work for a large force of mm
and toHius.
George Spragueis building a barn nn
tho land he receiuly piucliased from
( Ibarles 1 i ir iner.
Mrs. M. J. Watiiins, who has bten
seriously ill, tiin result of u fall on the
ice, is slowly Improving.
W. N. Manchester ami wife and Mis
Alice Northnp spent Suuuay witn
friends iu Pittston,
B Freeman is moving into his new
bouse, about a mile from town on tin
Wall's ' lomers road.
Charles M Waiter, principal of the
graded school, has moved into room-
iver Hellers drug store iu the Sisk
H. Bedell, of Sorauton, spent Sunday
with triends iu town.
Kr.teitalnlne Nrwi Nitm Culld with
Care for Awake Readers.
Special to the crouton Trihttiw.
PrCKVILLB, Pa.. Feb. 27 Mrs. S. M
Rogers is improving after suffering
with a savers throat trouble.
Henry Purdy is gone to New York
on a business trip.
Mr. I s Graves, of Jertnyn, was a
caller iu town yesterday.
The dancing class held a social hop
at thn home of Maple II 11 last. Friday
evening. All were delighted with the
goo 1 tune they had.
Mis. William Pag is suffering from
a severe attack of rheumatism
Daniel Tutbill, of PromptOO, was a
caller in town yesterday,
Lillie May, the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles II Bigart, of Orassy,
died at her homo yesterday afternoon,
of peritonitis, aged 16 years. Funeral
arrangements will appear later.
Miss Carrie Frssier returned home
yesterday after a week's visit with
friends at Parsons.
Don't forget the dinner that will be
icrved by the Ladies' Aid sooiety of tho
Methodist Episcopal sbureh at the
Grand Army hall today, from 12 to 2
The KembtrS of fompany E Will Be
Kxnmind Thin Evening-.
Sptdol to the ScritntoH TtibuHt,
HONESDALR, Feb. 27 The spring in
spection of Company E will be held iu
tuo now armory . iv evening,
to which tho public is cordially invited.
Fha following oflicer from out of
town will br nrosent: Colonel Ripnle
Lieutenant Colonel Coursen, Major
Mattes, Adjutant Miller, 1):-. Fulton,
Dr. Parke, Sergeant Major Oakforu,
Inspector Rifle Practice Pratt, A tjus
taut Mattes, AdjUStant Dttwiler, Lieu
tenant H. B. Chase, Lieutenant Mc
Ciiusl and, Montrose ;Lien tenant Jessup,
Montrose; Sergeant Conkling, Sergeant
.Teacup, Privates Qunstsr, Jeehops and
What is Eczema?
It is an agony of agonies.
A torture of tortures.
It is an itching and burning of the
skin almost beyond endurance.
It is thousands of pin-headed ves
icles tilled with an acrid fluid, ever
forming, ever bursting, ever flowing
upon the raw excoriated skin.
No part of the human skin is
It tortures, disfigures and humil
iates more than all other skin diseases
Tender babies are among its most
numerous victims.
They are often born with it.
Sleep and rest are out of the
Most remedies and the best phy
sicians generally fail, even to relieve.
If CUTICUKA did no more than
cure Eczema, it would be entitled to
the gratitude of mankind.
It not only cures but
A single application is often suffi
cient to afford instant relief, permit
rest and sleep, and point to a speedy
CUTICURA works wonders because
it is the must wonderful skin cure of
modern times. thronshoal the world. Price, Otmctnu.
SMc; SOAP, ilJc. ; IUsOLVKNT, $1, I'OTTEB lUll.o
.m Oiit.s. Ooap., Null- Props., !!""iuu. "Ail
bboui ihu Mu uuu hiuoj 11 minima flee,
1 here are hundreds of young men and young women iu this
country who have splendid ability, but llu-y have never becu
wakened up,
Wood's College of Business and Shorthand
Has been an inspiration to hundreds of youn-; people. If yon
ore tired of Inactivity aud want to do something tangible,
come to the College.
SUOflVaANU COURSE. ri t? mrrt T ,
F. E. WOOD, Proprietor.
m:w yi:.k opens January i.
IMS - ma Ri
Imported by Us direct from Sxxony, aarmany.
Sole Agents for Scranton.
A Beautiful Carpet Siza Rug, made from Best
Mohair on Hand-Loom, soft but tough Mohair
Yarn, double tied into the back of the texture,
thus making its durability everlasting, the
more so as Mohair remains completely inacces
sible to moths or dust. The silk finish of the
"Mohair -Sultan" perfectly beats the genuine
Oriental Mohair Carpets and tha cost is but
One Half.
We carry also a full line of
Fclettric Oil aoOoMiUg to rtirnntlons. It I the Montrose delegates at yesterday's
is the best remedy for ail sudden attacks Retmblioan convention.
of colds, pain and
iutlniuination, and In-
A Reoord of the Sportinir Evsnta in a
LIvMjr Town.
Special to the Scrnntnn Tribune.
Oi.n Forme, Pa., Feb. 27. A rand
pigeon shooting swe'it ilcej w ill be
held Saturday, March 17, at Iticoby's
hotel for the local shots. Entrance
fee, 60 cents. A gold watch will be
presented to the beHt shooter.
On Monday, Mnrch 19, a match
at quoits for (51) Bside will b
jilnyod between Thomas Morris and
Thoinns Hell, on Hiooby's ground at the
blbley. CominsncH riisrp at 1 o'clock
ft m. forty-one. (jnevn'a Kame. John
Iticobv, stookholdor. Tho contestants
have already deposited $10 each with
MisB Stella Tendered, of Jertnyn, is
oa a visit to her sister, Mrs. L. Morris,
ut KendhHtn.
Toe quoit season here betcins on Mon
day, March II), at Kicoby's hotel by a
match for $50 asulp between Tom Mor
ris and Tom Ilnll, play to begin at 1
o'clock p. m. shurp; forty-one quoits
game. The contestants have deposited
ench $10 with the etaktiholdur, John
Cure for Headache.
As n remedy for all forms of Headache
Electric Utters has proved to be tho very
best. It effects a permanent euro and tho
most dreaded babitunl sick headaches
yield to its influence. We urge all who are
ufflicted to procure a bottlo and give this
remedy a fair trial. In cases of habitual
constipation Electric Bitters cures by giv
ing the needed tone to the bowels, and few
cases long resist the use of this medicine.
Trv it once. Large bottles only Fifty conts
at Matthews Bros', drug store,
We had a taste of the recent cold
snap ou Sunday morning. The ther
mometer registered If to ,'0 degrees be
low zero.
The Unsh stage came np on wheels
Herbert Wilbur has gone to Blag
hamton to be doctored It is Imped
that he will return greatly benefitted
Conductor Carpenter, of tho L. and
M enjoys thn sleighing as much us
any man in the county.
Company O will give a hauqnetnext
Frid.iy night aftur inspSOtion in honor
of thecolonel ami staff aud Inspecting
officers. That it will be a first class
banquet there is no doubt, for thecom
pany never do things by halves.
Laat Monday morning Mrs. BSllsa
bet Shelf, of Fairdsle, dropped ilea 1
while attending to her household duties.
Happenings in ih, Pioneer Cltv
onrdxd for IntslUtrent Readers.
Special to the i'crantnn Tribune.
Cariioniialb, Ph., Fob. 27. This
morning ou the 10.05 Delawara and
Hudson train the remains of Benjamin
Moary, who died on Saturday last in
Dunmore, were brought to this city,
where interment was made in Maple
wood cemetery. Mr Geary was at
one time a resident of this place, and is
the father of Charles B. (Jeary, of
(irove street, and William IJ. (ieary,
of South Churoli street, this city.
Tonight the Temple quartette enter
tained a very appreciative audience in
Masonic hall on Salem avenue.
Mrs. Edward Lswsley, of Seventh
avenue, attended the Ctould-VanKirk
wedding in Scranton last evening.
A series of special meetings are be ing
held ever evening for two weeks
II i'i , of the Day In Reran ton'e
North'n Suburb Bi 1 11 ; Reported
Special to the fcrflftfon Ti'ttmnc.
PBIOBBDBO, Pa., Feb, 27. A ltepul)
lican club will lie organised at the
Central Hotel hull on Wednesday oven
ing, March 5 All oltisaui wuo desire
to join are requested to attend at 7
o'clock, p m. Benjamin Hall, Jacob
Yarku, Itich ir 1 I! irrou.
N. T. Dick, of (.'rot on, N. V., is stay
ing at the Central. Mr hick Is here to
superiniend the building of tho now
iron bridge in this borough.
I. F. Cronln, of Arobbald; C. W.
Fuller, of Pittston; L B Lewis, of
Providence, of Scranton, were among
our visitors during tho wouk.
Matthew MoPberion spent the Sab
bath with friends iu Wilkes IWrre.
Dr. A. A. Lindabnry, of Scranton,
w,i in town ou bnsimtsa on Monday.
John O'Hara visited friends in Jos
sup yesterday.
A valuable dig belonging to K. O.
VVeatherly killed by tho cars Mon
day. (live your niimo to the carrier hiy
and you will have THS TttlBUMB bright
and early every inorning.
The sinkers engaged at eUohmond's
No .1 at Providence struck th hiiiiii of
coal known us the Clark vein on Mon
day night. From indications it will
be a splendid piece of coal.
-4 .
A Brx Batch of Interesting News
From an leterprtslnR HamUt.
Sverial to the Scranton 'lrihan-.
Factoryvim.k, Pa., Feb. 27. - J, C,
Reynolds has opened abik 'ry in his
si building near the bridge and has
engaged Barton Butts, of Scranton, as
One of our oitlgeni was nicely duped
out or o is touay. a tall, well dressed
Dr. K. Grewer
Ihe Philadelphia Specialist,
And lim usoeUted tUSof English and r,er
man i D)rslelans.are uuw tieriiuuMwsbr located
Temple Court Building
:i i SPltlJCR sr.
Whoro ibey may im consulted daily and
Tlie Doetnr Ik a graduate ot thi University
er renniyiyanla, rormerly denonstrator ot
pliysio Ion and snrgerj at tho .Mi dl.-o-Cblr-i:rKicl
CII.-ku, of Plillnd.'liihl.i. lie I.-, also
si. lij norary i, emlaT ot the Medico ( hirur
yirai AstoeUttoa, and was pbysidaa and
sfSon-ln-ohltl uf the meet noti-ii Amerloaa
aii.i Oerman bospltals, eomse blehl Indorsed
NawY l Protsssorsot PhUadelpMa and
His many years ot linsnital rxnerienoe on
Sums this emlnnnt phyilotao and surgeon to
correctly diagnose mid treat all (b-tormlt ai
and dipcaios with tho moMt flattering success,
aud hja : i.h Standing in the stat" will not
SUeW him to accept SUV incurable case
Ifyootaave oeen given up y your phjrst'
nan cull upon the dm-tor and ts examined.
He cures the worst cases Ql Nervous Debility,
Berofnla, Old Horea i atavrb. l'lles. PemalS
Weakness, Aff actions of th- Ear. Bye, No
and Throat, Asthma. Daatnees, Tnniiirs. an-
eers ana unnpies or every di-scriptioa. (on-
snltallon In KngUsh and Herman Frea. which
shall Iw considered sacred au.l ttricUy c-ontl-
itSSasllonrai DA. M. to l) r. M. Dally.
Suiiilar, u a. in. to V p hi.
Cured of Catarrh
Feels Like A New Woman
Since Taking Hood's
Indigestion and Sick Heartaches
Also Relieved.
"0. I. HOOd ft Co., Lowell, Mass.:
" i have been taking Hood's BarsaparlUa sines
hit i mber tor Indigestion, catarrh ami ick
beadaobe, and It lias made me leel like n new
woman, When i oonuneneed taking it l did not
have any appetite and tor years i had to be ren
careful about my diet. Now i can sal any kind
ot fond without any distress afterwards. I hod a
lotrere ease ol catarrh, and tins with uiy Indites-
turn hroiiglit on rieiiient ult-ieks of sick hi-inl-
aehe, Tboy hnihercd me rery much, nut since
taking severs) bottles ol Hood's Bsrunsrula
All Is Chnna;od.
It has eured me ol catarrb and my other
troubles, I hODS every ono similarly nr
llictcd will try Hood's Barsaparltla mid he
CollVlhoed ol Its merit." Miss BLLA John
son. I J I. -i A 1.1. r Slie.-t, I'luhidelpliia, I'.-iui.
Hood's Pills are hand made, and eicl
Iu proportlun and apNnrance. Mc. a box.
Tl 11 E
National Bank of Scranton
011OANI7.KD im
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000,
BAlltTEti HINES,Prettdeni
W.w. WAT80N, Vic President,
A. U. WILLIAMS, ouihior.
Min i Tons.
BAMtnti IIinrs, jamv.s M- KvrnuAnT,
IRVino A. FlHOR, plBBCB B, Kim.kv,
JosaPII .1 Jkiimvv. M s. Kemkiikh..
W. W. Watson.
This hank Invites the patronage of DnSUMSS
men and Brins generally.
The new offer
made to Tribune
readers on page 7.
It is the best
one yet made
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
OmiANiznn US72.
- $200,000
- $240,000
ilepnKltnrl every
Ir Imlnm-fN, bnsl
"i Hank ellcm in
laelllty warrnuted by the
liras anil ri'spiiiisll.llll,.
Special attention given te inmiiiriia ao
eouats, Interest paid on Urn deposits,
UKO. B. CATLIN, Vleit-freildcnt,
W ILUAM 11. I-KI K, imliler.
Wlfllaas Connell, Gaorae 11. Cattle,
Alfred il,,,,. 1 jnniei Areubald, Henry
Helln, Jr., William T. euiith, Luther
In Various Sizes at the prices of Smyrna Rugs.
Real Daghestan Rugs, $9 Each.
Bokhara, Anatolian, Bahudurr and Kazae
Oriental Rugs.
406 an I Lacka Ave.
"No star was ever lost we once have seen,
We always may be what we might have been,"
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
Tribune Art Feature
To miss THE TRIBUNE'S World's Fair Portfolios would
be to neglect the best opportunity yet offered. Tho ad
dition or the "Wanamaker" series makes it more valua
ble, Read new announcement on page 7.
as .,' t .-II . . a iff a ir, HNi Vam UUH
An Elegant African Fibre and
Cotton Mattress for
WORTH $7. Sec our Show Window.
Have arrived. Also Baby Carriages, Crockery,
Etc. Bedroom Suits, with Large
Mirrors, &15-SO.