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    VtiE MKANTON TK1HL 'M K -I L1J) A V MOKNfNO. FKJSK.i' A U V 23. 1K)-1.
I Pipe !
1 Valves I
j Fittings f
Judges Archbald aud Guuster SgrtS liiai Poor
Directors Have Fow.'r to Graut It.
THr. SCRAN I ON SUPPLY I ' JlK,K QUMter'l Opinion Disposes of
Norrman& Moore
.20 Wyoming Avenue
f 08 fonti Avo.
Very Choice Line of
415 Lacka. Avenue.
Wall Papers,
Window Shades,
Mattings, Rugs,
12 7 Wyoming Ave.
the Sea" will
Academy of
St. Vincent Ue Paul no-
intrt)itin' antertain- i, j'. It was
Hands Across
traction at tno
'Ibe South Bide
uiety ttaVB a verv
tnent at Collet Hall
largely attended.
Mrs. lldith Richards-Heckle will una for
the new date and chorus that will b
f-,rmei In the MoseowM. E. ohnrsb this
evening by Tallin Morgeu,
George Brown was yesterday appointed
guardian ot M.ry Sweet, the ItVyear-oUl
colored girl, she was then taken in charge
b the ladles of the Home for tua Frieml
les. The pantomime "Robert SCacaire" eon-
t incut to be well received at, Wonderland
The piece proves a iood drawing esrd and
I iai'i v Thome, tin- author, and Manager
Davis have received many Mnplinianta on
its production. '"Tbe Serious Family" Is
rendered each evening and OOQtlnuan to
utnufie tho patrons of Wonderland.
Exciting' Bask4t Bill Played at tu?
Armory Lant Ninht.
T!:a game of basket, ball between
Nantlcoke and the Bcranton Young
Men's Chriitl m association team i was
eon tat tad al tho armory las' night an I
resulted in a victory for the visitors by
a score of 9- 3 Tnat ton game is
wlnninz its way into pnblio favor was
attested by the large nunibur nf specta
tors Every aeat in the armory was
OCtttpiid an 1 a lare number bad to
Tlie teams lined un as follows:
fallett Heme
tiriffln itigbt K or ward
MeFsdden, .
Rleewfclk., .
Left Forward
f 'enter. .
.Might Center.
.I.oft Cantar, .
.Rioht i ui'iril
. .Ij'ft, (iuard.
loal Alcli'iiildrick.
Umpire Ooorga .lay, Hcrantoa,
Beferee Dr. Grotllng, NantUtoke.
Tha game war announced to bngln
at 8 30 o'clock, but owing to a discussion
ever rules piny was not tnann until
after 9 o'clock.
In tha first half Nantlnnke mad ) ."
points. 1 goal and 2 fouls ; Voting Men's
Christian association, points from '.'
fools lu tba ( oud half Nunticnke
.cored 4 points, I goal, 1 foul ; Young
Men's Christian association, II points, 1
Special mention ii due to plays of
Jay, Fostsr and I5?rchr. These three
men won repeated plaudits by their
feints, ginger and all-around good
Last night's game was a play off of
it tin frame and is tha lirst of u serins
of three games. A return contest will
be played at Nauticoke ou n date to he
announced later.
?t .
BBADLEY-BKELEY At tho borne of the
brldu. Mast Market street Sorautou, Pa ,
Feb. SI, ISM, by Kev. M. U. Fuller,
Humphrey Hradley mid Mrs. Francis
f-eeley, both of Scrauton.
WAliyUABT In bcrauton, Feb. Ill, 1SW,
Mrs. Catherine Manpiart, aged about Vi
years. Fnuural (Saturday at 1 p. m.,
from her lato residence, at SOI Prospect
avenue. Interment in Dunmore cemetery.
Ilic Lxccutions tu I lie Iteoort lo
Auditor R. H. Hod;;atc Says There
Can Be no Doubt but that Out Door
Rtlief U.m Bo UeRally Granlcd
dudf.o Archbald Concurs
Judge F. V. Uunter banded down
an opinio!) la court yesterday disposing
of tbu exception-.! tu tun li'puri of At
torney U. II. llolgnte, the aulitoraD
poiutad by the emi t in the nutter of
the appeal oi John l.iibbons and others,
directors of the Ser niton Poor district,
from tho yearly settlement of tiia aud
itors of the district,
Tho exceptions are overruled and the
report of the auditor is continued fi
nally, vrhioh means that the directors
Of tno district Imva tho power to grant i
outdoor relief after the applicant has
made affidavit before two magistrates,
provided the case is found to be one
worthy of relief, lu his upluiou the j
jiiilee says.
The exceptions tile! to the report of the !
andttor . bttinlt of the peor dutncl chal
lenge His!, the jurisdiotloQ of the court
over an appeal from I ho veirly settlement
of the auditors of the Bcrauton poor dls
trict. and second, the power of the direc
tors of said diatrlct to afford relief to poor !
persona otherwise than i retpalring them j
to be removed to and kept at the poor
bouse excepting such cases where the
wives or the childiea of soldiers in tue lu
teal military service of tld state or of the
L'uited states, nud excepting, also, bases
where the applicants are afflicted with
contagious diseases, or where front actual
rdekneis, orotherwise, it shall be absolute
ly imposalble to remove tbum l the S lid
I oor house. The questions raised are ot
great importance to the reddantaand tax
payer of the district, and wo hive e.'i
deavored to give them CmmensOrate ex
amlnatiou and consideration.
QUBSTtON OV J(Jltt8DlfrriOV,
The judge tirst takes up the question
of jurisdiction, which he discataea at I
length, reaching tiie conclusion that
thecommou pie is court of Lackawanna
county lias jutisdiction over the sp
peala f torn the lettletosnti of the audi
lore Of this poor district, ite then
takei up the question of out loor relief,
and after oouaideriug the not of Aptil j
J. IsO.'. and its ouppidment of April 1,
1803, as well us the act of June 13, j
1880, says:
Theae provisions are ample authority j
for granting oul'door relief, and if a.- is
contendedby counsel for the district, it
was Intended by the proyise to the ninth
section to grant such authority, the pro
viso was entirely snperfinona The power
and authority was already granted by the
sixth section of thj act. There
may te districts in ths commouwcaitU
wLere the dlrectori or overseers of tho
poor have no power to gram ottt-dnor re-
aef, but wo ko iw of none, lite general law
expressly provides for it. Why should it
not Lo so In the bcratiton Poor district
Why should the wife and children of the
; soldier iu active service bo grained it when,
1 if he uirs m the service. Ins widow and
! orphans must gj "over the hdl to the poor
boUMI Or, 11 he he so turtttunte n to
I sui ive, and comes home maimed and dis
abled, with an honorable discharge iu hi
i pocket, and a pension that barely euah'.e-,
: lilm to starve with any degree of respecta
1 bility, why 6'icui l he bi denied a pittance
t fn-m the community he defended, unlesi
he is willing tj have it doled unt tu huu as
' htr nnnia Itmtu
1.. Ill,,,', ' pVrf.
i do not beliava that this community
aakedior legislation authorizing such a
i state of affairs iu lartt, nor do I believe
', the legislature ot that year would I
i have granted it if it had been asked for.
i Ike supplement of 1S' purports to put !
, construct ion main onlc the ninth section
I of the act of 18&i U says so in express !
! language If it had been the intention of
i the tfjpelatora to put that construction j
Music this i upon tue wuoie act it wooui uave oeca
verv mv lo sav su. If then the view
iereinbi-tor1 exoNtsaq in regard to tho I
j nature asd nurposn of the ninth section of
the i:f of lijtfi be Correct, then the general
1 power of toe dlrectori to Bfford out-door
relief upon proper orders wa- not affected
1 he the supplement of IBOa at all, and the
etfect of the construction put by the lagis
Mature ophn the nlntheeflon byaaidnp
1 p lament beaomes plain and clear.
1 It simply tQOk away from the directors
i the discretionary power given them "f af
I fording out dooreeJiaf to snob persons a
j were charges u,io!i or who were receivi ng
I relief from the old districts, without first
obtaining orders of relief, except in cases
Of wives and Children of soldiers and In
cines of contagious dUeasosor where from
actual sickness or otherwise II was kb
solntely impossible t-i remove them to the
poor house. In other words, It compelled
i he directors to procure an order of relief
before they ,.uld furnish any outdoor re
hef to anybody, e.tcept In tho excepted
eaace, whether the poor persons were a
charge, npon or recelvir. g relief from any cf
tho ,1(1 districts or not. There was no
uo doubt a reusoti for this. It is well re
I nemberod that tho affairs of at least some
i of tho old districts bad been grossly mis
i maun joxi.
RBAton ton I'ftF.cAcri'.p'j
i No doubt the Lames of unworthy per
sons heel found their way Into the por
j hooks, and In one way or auothar thes
. pennai had bscoiae charges upon or vare
' receiving relief from the district Tbev
j were williug to subsist on tho public if
j tbeyoonld, nut they ntjght prefer support
I porting themselves to going to the poor
boqseandat i understand it, it was to
S' rape off these barnacles that tho nuppie
meutof 1S0U wes iins.sp'l. It put thotn
, upon the same footing as other applicants
j for outdoor lelief an I compelled tnein to
proeure aii order of niaimennnce from two
I magistrates before tho director! ot the
new distrirt wero nuthorwed to nidk i new
and first Inquiry into the merits of such
j cases end do doubt contributed largely to-
I ward Weeding the unworthy ones nut,
These views id tho act of 1802 and
I 1S0H t'lvo them bo'h a legitimate nud
' reasonable ootistrtictiou, borne out and
sustained by the letter as well ns the
spirit of the Inw and consistent with the
lOortrUCtlnn which bus been placed upon
It by tbeofflclaU and the people of the
lit! :ct for more than a quarter of a cent
j urv.
No exception appears to hara bren
tiled t-i the auditor's findings of fact. In.
deed t ne facts are virtnnlly admitted. We
I may enter judgment theroforo without
I directing an issue or the Intervention of a
jjury. If the jiartlss desire n formal jujg
! nasi we will enter it on notice.
The exceptions aie overruled and the
repot t of the ajtaltor I confirmed dually.
JDOPl Arn'llllM li'rt OPINION,
Judge Archbald hied an opinion iu
the matter of the exceptions by the dl
rsotors of the Scranton poor district to
the report of tbo diatrlct auditors stir
charging ihnn wiib money expanded
I for outdoor reliaf. Tlie whole subject
of outdoor rolief will thus bit aueu,
! It having been brought to tlio Attoulion
I of the court in the ahnpe of two ap-
peals, .in-lge Archhsld ngrevs with
j the conclusions of Judge Guuster con
f earning the powers with regard to out
I door relief granted to the direct irs of
,'be tfcrnuton Poor district, lu olosiug
hi'a opinion he lay I:
1 cannot closo without a caution ngaiutt
the lndiscritiilnnte use of this power (mnau
ing outdoor relief). It cjufea.'edly is open
to imposition from thosu who do not scru
ple to midrepreaeut their condition dilfer
eut from what it really ia and for whom a
suggestion of removal to the poor house
affords the only corrective tent. It is also to
be observed t hut tbe discretion ot graut
iug reliel of this kind is one to be exercised
be the at-
I I I Vis.
, ..Bercher,
. .Uowyer,
Mall iu.
by the whole board of directors rather ;
than by auy one member of it acting aioiie.
nut t bi-, after all, is mere matter of aug- i
gution and falls - utaide of tuo Immediate
MOjal nnaetlon involved lostha appeal.
I'pon that I eodCur iu the opinion that tho I
appeal from the settlemeDt male by the !
district auditors is well fouuded and that j
i he report t hereon made b.T the auditor ap- I
pointed bv tbo court to consider tho same
bo confirmed.
Local Agents Sh, w New Yorkers Abaut
t-crautoL '. Intersiilnir Points.
Dill riot Paiienger Agent Flltcroft
and Supertnten lent 0, T. Metz-
yar of the New Vork Ontario
and Western railroad were yestrr
lay piloting a largo nuiiiher of the
New fork employes about the city,
'they had taken advantage of the
Washington birthday holiday by tak-
iug a epecial train for Scranton to view
the points (if interest about tho lOO'lt
progreasiva city in Pennsylvania,
T he party w is comnosod of tho fol
lowing: T. W. Stiiith, chief cl-rk gen
eral freight and paiienger office; W.
M ullouli. general trilght oIUj;.I II.
Meiblngtr, motive power department;
W, Unnete, Jamea M. Fleming, audit
ing depsrtmeut; V W, Oonrt, general
freigln offloa; T. W, Macustiy. genoial
OOalofH'te; K J, account- I
an t'i office; M, C. Boyd, sales agent;
c. T. Dnke, s c, Tlven, general coal j
offloe; L inis H, Foit, Sidney S . Holo-
inoii. Tbomai Q. Pratt, oasuior, gen- J
ral freight office ; W. T. Kan born, W.
E, Barton, anditlng department: 11 !
II ngnion, auditor; W. hi Bsdnne, jr.,
Bi McCaon. T, M. McCinn, Charles
A. Clark, general coal olliCi.
District, l'asssuger and Freight Flltcroft and Superintendent j
Met Zir were assisted In entertaining j
tbe Ontario and Western young in -i,
by Frank Smith, of Carbon iali, gen
eral shipping clerk at Mayfiild, and I
his assistant, John Campbell, P. B I
VVUliama, and W, F 'i'nayer, J. S.
Swisher and C. F. Ltppiuc tt, of the
Jersey Central road, Tho party i
visited tho Bottth works under !
the guidance of ES W. Tewkibury "nd
afterward vlswsd Sarinton'a splendid
pnbtiu building. After dinner they 1
went on a sp.'fial car to Providence,
where they visited the Wast End
breaker and explored the colliery un- !
der tue direction of General .Manager
J. II, EtittenhoUM. At tt o'clock the
New Yorkers left on a special Irain to j
particlpite in the skating carnival at
Lake Poyntelte,
At tiie Westminster, whore the party i
made its headquarter! whiUln the city,
one of theOatario and tVostelu meu
aid to u Tkibcni reporter;
'New York uud Scranton are tho
only two cities iii the entire east. We
thought this city was a small mining
place but were lorpriied to find n life,
iiostiittg and tirogreiilveolty of 100,000
poptllatloi , Kvery mie of otif cr wtl is
delighted witu Scranton."
J. E. Ksrn and laiie Myrtle Kayeis
United at the Eride'a Horns.
llev. Warren U. Partridge, of the
Penn Avenue Baptist church, performed
a pleasing ceremony yesterdsy morn-'
wueii ho united iu matrimony John E
Kern and Miss Myrtle Bayers, at the
home of the bride's pireuts, Mr. and
Mrs. Hiram Ssyeri, at 1305 Academy
Tlu wedding was a very (iiiet one.
and w is attended only by tno rela
tives and a few Immediate frieode of j
the brile and groom. The ceremony ,
was performed iu tno parlor and was
delightful ia iti simplicity. Mr. Kern
and Mi-n Siyers were both unattended
The Irido wore a bine strge traveling
coetmue with dttohoss laco aud carried
oridal roiea,
A Wi ddtng dinner wai served, after
winch Mr. and Mr. Ksrn loft at Itf 3 I
for a tour that will iuoiu le Maw York,
Botton and Washington.
Mr. K?ru is one of tho best known
newipaper writers of this part.'of Penn
sylvinia. Be was connected with the
b'cranton Timss in th capttvity of city
editor wlien that paper Wax uuler the
management of A. A Chas- nod P. A.
ilsrtett. lie has been a valued mem
ber of tbo Republican siaff for over
nine years, aud for the past five years
nas been tbo city editor of the papir,
His writings have given him a name
that is familiar in tiswspapir oirclps
throughout the entire statu. During
bit career ae a writer Mr. Kern's hap
py and cheeriul disposition has won
for him hundreds of staunch trie.nds
all of whom join in wishing him un
bounded joy during his married life.
Mrs. Kern is a decidedly handsome
young woman of tho brunette type,
who has a grit number of loving
friends on the West Side.
It Has Flitted lu Upon the Poor Mud's
To the masse, heretofore the pos
session of a library hits been but a fond
dream, the waking from which has
been hut disappointment. II ills of
state nnlvereltisi, palatini homes and
occasionally the professional nun's
smrtntn were the abode of such lux
uries. The advent of the Encyclopedia
Britanslca, ii III preisntatati of per
feotion at the price and on the easy
terms was the first rny uf sunshine
that Hilled in upon tho poor m m e as
pirations. It, is truly a litirary cover
ing fully and aoourately all named
knowledge From a condensed cyclo
pedia for the convenience of people
owning librarlei it h is gone through
nine ruvisious, each time being enlarg
ed until tlie present edition, com
pleted in l h embracei twenty five
large quarto volumes, a total of i .000
pages, besides about 'J 0')0 pages nl sup
elemental matter written since v.
Tin: Tribunes oflir will he exten leu
for only ii snort period, Do not miss
the opportunity. Dioliion is half the
battl ) in this tu liter.
Tho ESnglUa melo-drama. "Hands
Across the Ssa," the attraction at tl e
Aoidemy tonight and tomorrow after
noon tin I evening, is a play that Is said
to be most Interesting Hiid full of ex
citing scenes and situations It is a
Stags Story that hnsmit with as great
a SUCCSSS in America us it did in Lou
dou, because of the r- ally human spirit
that pervades the work, tho oarefully
formulated sentiment, the contrasts of
humor and pathos and the various
unique and happy surprises presented
The comedy elotnenf of "The Dis
trict Pair" is one ot its chief features.
The absence of horse play is especially
note worthy. Charicters that make
yon laugh heartily by nntiiral acting
called forth through unforced situa
tions. You will get all tne fun you
want in "Tbo District Fair." which
will tie the attraction at the Acaieuiy
of Music on Tuesday evening.
hi i(S
Mualo Boxes F.xclustvtly.
llest made. Play any desired uunibnr of
luucs. UautocbUv Sous., manufacturer,
1030 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won.
dcrful orchesti ial orgaus, only S.1 and $1U.
Specialty: Old music boxes carofnlly re.
paired and improved with new tunes.
..-. .
UoBMBB'S now Turkish bath, livery
thing new, .vhj Spruce street, opposite
Court House.
Siilsiactory Batitrns Stiowa by tlie Board oi
Associated Charities.
SuriouiiJed by tour Pollosmsn Wli D
Lowiy Fired ou Him.
The Organisation Was Not Effected to
Give in Charity -Its A;ent Can Only
Investigate This Rule Is Inflexible.
Many Cases Have Been Found to
Ho Unworthy - Applicants Who
Prove Themselves linposters.
The Hoard of Associated Cbaritiss
cOtntneooed active operations iu the ra
liet of tint poor in this city on Dm. Ill,
1898, with headquarters in tbe munici
pal building, ."die. W. H. Dnggiu be
ing appointed agent of the organisa
tion and that the agent has not been
Inactive is clearly proven by tbe
weekly reports furnished to the oriranl
Sltloni by the eg, i at the meetings
held iu the Albright library.
Unny of those intended to lie bene
fited ar - nonwAreot the rules and re
Ultttloul governing tho organization,
laths first plans the association was
not formed to give aid in any form
from the organisation It was formed
for the purpose of investigating all
oases that might arise so that relief
might be offered to the worthy.
The board of associated charities lias
no fund out of which to relieve dis
tress The agent listens to the appeals
of tbosi who nave been driven bv mis
fortune or oilier cause, to seek relief,
and at once makes an investigation,
visiting the homes of all who apply,
and no relief ia afforded without suoh
lu all cases where the applicantl are
found to bo deserving, relief In some
form is administered Many of the
cases aie loam) not deserving, and it
iukv be well to State how tne organ i -Sstlon
distinguishes between deserving
ess.fs and tnoss that are not In the
former miuv conditions are taken into
consideration, Tne head oT , f.aaiily
may bo oat of work for a long time
either through illness or because work
ran not he obtained, There m iy be
lerloUS illness in tha family that may
bava sapped all tho rosourois, and in
many esses widows with largs fami
lial are to be fonud who liave been left
uucared for by tlie death of husband
and father. Some cas h are found
where parents may be deemed unwor
thy, hut they have ohildrou that mmt
be provided for. In nil such cases re
lief is administered for the sako of the
.Mrs. Dnggnn, tim asnt of tho asso
ciation, Informed n Tribune reporter
yesterday that there were many oases
where charity applied would bi sinful.
Bbe has found I uie families so habit
uated to begging that tlieycan not get
along without resorting to this method
and now thoy try to got the best of the
organization by conveying tiio impres
sion that they are in want. On inves
tigation the shallowness of tbe claim is
exhibited, Other undeserving cases
are found where the provisions ulven
in relief are purloined immediately for
whiskey, and of such there have been
several instances,
Kcojrnuitig that ono person cotil-1
not perform the duties that would be
imposed, tbo poor directors decided to
engage the Services of an agent to as
sist Mrs. Duggan Accordingly, on
Dec. IP Mrs. I'ettigrew was chosen to
that capacity, and her duties nre to
give nstdseauce to deserving applicants.
She fills out or lers for relief and us-'s
the fund raised by Mayor Conaeli for
that purpose.
In addition to this ol'i?r m I ies of r.1
liuf are adopted. In many cases the
applicants nre members of soma church
that has a charitable sooiety connect d
with it and in at! inch cases the pastors
are notified of the families' condition,
Other cases are found where families
may be fonnd In want with illness in
the family and In such esses .Mrs.
Duggau. after investigation, reports
the same to th" poor board an I relief is
administered from that a lurcu. lu no
ease is Mrs. Dttggnn authorized to af
ford relief herself. Her dntiea are
imply and purely to investigate and
Since becoming agent for the Hoard
of Associated Charities Mrs. Duggau
has visited I2S7. S uns of tiies have
had to he visited more thau once, and
in all 100 visits have been made. Of
the total number visited, two out of
every tiiree are found to bs worthy
and the balance havo been found lo be
impostors. This latter class, of ooorss,
protests against whnt tbe consider I he
injustice of the system, but th rules
governing the agent are inflexible and
cannot be violated,
The asociated ohariiies has boon in
existence nhotlt two months, hut in
that time much good has been ncoom
ultlbsd, Begging on tlie streets has
been prohibited, ni.d that class who
have b en improvident and who hive
resorted to arttliea nud deceit to obtain
a livelihood are getting out, of tha old
ruts and are seeking to earn u living
by honest methods.
The association has also provided
work In many instances both for lueu
and women, while many have been
sent to charitable institutions. Many
have been help-d to go to friends and
relatives in different parts of the state
Mrs. Duggau, the agpnt of the oharl
lleS, and Mrs Petllgrew, tho disl.tirser
of t he mayor's fund, have been unre
mitting in their attentions and their
labors, They have frequently worked
as latu as 10 p tu.
01 SI -
its Himbirs stavi a Beuie '.varming
on Watblngt it.'j Blithday.
The Scranton Bioyols olnb osltbratsd
Washington's Dirthday by a species of
house -warming at the club house on
Washington avenue.
The f, stlvittss wero informal and the
afternoon was devoted to dnneiu;,e,ir Is
and other SmMetnsntSi The merry
company departed early In tho evening
satisfied that they had appropriately
1 observed tue anniversary of the father
of bis country.
Charles II. Von Bt jroh a Candidate for
The ichool board will tnoet for re
organisation next Tuesday. C. II. Von
Storch will, In all probability, be its
next president.
There will be no opposition to P. D,
Fellows (or fecretary. Ills work dur
ing the past year has given great satis
, -
TJucklen's Arnica Salve.
The best salve iu the world for Cuts
Bmlsea, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Klieuin, Fever
Sores, 'i'rttrr. Chapped Hands, (Jbilhlatus,
Come and nil Hkiu Km pi nun, ami posi
tively curse Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or money refunded. Price HS3 ceuta per
box. Fur lalo by Matthews Liioe.
Had Been Attempting Burglary, - Fired
on Sergeant Zanr and Olhcer
Johler-A Night Chase-Four Orli
rers Surround Bernard's House
His Wound Is Sei ious- Otticer
Lowry Repentant.
"Wolfe" Bernard was shot and ser
iously wounded by officer Thomas
Lowry on the Bottth Side at an early
hour yesterday looming. Barnard
hud previously shot ut Bsrgeant Zing
and Officer Johler while trying to lore-i
an entrance into Mr. nenilemsn's
honse. Bernart was surrounded by
four officer when he was shot, and
was taken to the Lackawanna hospital,
whre his casa is considered almost
At 1 o'clock in the morning Sergeant
Zing tttd Officer Johler were 00 their
way to the (1 its A young man came
rnnntng down I'.'eunr avenue toward
Pulsion avenue mid said that a man
was trying to force open the abutters
of Christian BeuElsman'a house. The
i, Ulcers hurried to HunzDmau'e and
wnilo Johler watched in trout Zmg
went to tho rear and hud passed nearly
around the building when a 111 m war
seen passing from tue rear toward the
i jhi-i at orfiOER joai.fR.
Ho was riOOgnised a "Wolfe' lisr
nard. who for many years had b-en
considered n hard character and a des
perate man who would hssitato at no
i ime to escape arrest. The two offic
ers gave chase, Bernard turned and
tired twicj. one of tim bullets passing
s a close lo Johlci's hea 1 that he could
plainly hear tho whiz of tho ball.
Bernard had too good a start to he
caught, and disappeared in th.; dark
ness. The lwo offijrs repaired to the sta
tion house an i with Officers Lowry and
Jones started on! for what might prove
an all night hunt for Breoard, Johler
and Jones wsre detailed to watch the
housi where Bernard boarded while
Zang and Lowry started on a general
round of tie man's haunts to locate
him. They w-re not successful and
tinaiiy j lue-1 the officers watching the
house. Johler and Jones waited in
j front and Zing aud Liwry want to the
roar nnd settled themselves for au all
night watch,
In a i-hort time a lns.ii was heard feel
ing his way along toward the house
from the rear. It proved to le Bernard
and be had a revolver in his hand.
; 'A, ing c imtnlfided him to halt, but he
bvked away twenty teet and pointing
j his repou first at the sergeant aud
I then at L iwry was evidently about to
fire when the latter took a snap shot at
him. Bernard staggered aud was in
the act of firing when Z ing made n
j leap upon him and bora him to the
ground Bernard shoved hi revolver
into a pile of snow as be fell, With the
i evident intention of hi ling it. A doc
tor was Bsnt for to alleud the wounded
man, but before his arrival Bernard
was taken to the hospital i-i Underta
ker Miller's wagon, accompanied by
7. ng ami L wry.
Dr. MoAndrewi immediately set
about probing for the ballet, of 38
ealibr-., but Bernsrd wus in a state of
collapse from shock and the probe wis
withdrawn III pulse at the time was
not perceptible and be hid a very high
temperature. Th- bullet entered the
fissby part of the up;,er l-ft arm in the
rear and then into the armpit union
into the chest, where it lies somewhere
beneath the collar bone, Uatil he gels
stronger no .-itlemut will be made to
reniov- the mis-ile.
A Triutnt. reporter saw Bernard at
tlie hospital yesterdav, He weighs 160
pounds and is about o feet 10 Inches In
height His forehead is prominent
immediately above a piir of small blue
eyes set eiose together and retreats to
the top of his bead. His countenance
is forbidding and does its part in bear
ing out the reputation its owner has
as a bad tuau. Since his adrout to the
hospital Bil liard has asked to see bis
children but male ;no mention of his
wife who has not been living with him
and is said to bo instituting proceed
inge for divorce. He will not talk
about tho shooting.
Officer LoWry is repent mt over the
deed, but his superior officers exculpate
blm from any blame, as someone of
the quartette of officers would have
been wounded ami perhaps killed if
Bernard had not first been winged.
Lowry is considered ono of the bravest
and most faithful of Scrantoa's police
At midnight Dr. McAndrewa said
Bernard was better and the bullet
would bo probed for today if he con
tinued as well.
Clerks Who Kv Bssu Chosen to Do
tbe Work.
in court yesterday morning clerics
were appointed to compile the vote
cast at Tuesday's election in the count
Qeorge L Peck and U J. Beamish
were named us reading o'erks; M. W
Lowry nnJ John H Colling as record
ing clerks, and K. H. House and H, W.
Mullhollau as file clerks.
The returns were brought into court
and then, out of consl deration of the
fact that it was tho birthday of the
father of (ho country, an adjournment
was taken until today.
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Judge Archibald Dis&Tssas tha Exceptions to
tbt Return ot laquest.
Dr. Burr's Attorneys Will Take Steps
to Have the Casu Heard Before a
Jury in Common Pleas Couit
Judrjfc Thinks Jurors Have Right
to Take Note of Testimony il They
Feci so Disposed.
In an opinion handed down by Presi
dent Judge Archbald. yesterday, the
exceptions to the inquisition wulch
found Dr. A. !;. Burr an habitual
drunkard, were orerruled aad the re
quest continued.
The first exception was that jurors
.took notes of the testimony at ths hear
ing, but tbe judge did not comider
'hat eulHcient ground for setting aside
'he Inquest, He says that in the trial
"f a case of any maunitn le he would
" nd it difficult to remember the facts
"IthoUt not'S, and if any juror recog
BSM iii himself the samo inability, he
'hies not feel like rising up to condemn
Tho second exception basel up jti un
alleged exclusion by the commissioner
of svldenoe to show that the sub
ject of the proceeding was
fully competent to manage his busi
ness atfsirs was overruled for tho res
son that no hills of eicsptlon were
tlven and the commissioner not bing
required to note down the testimony,
nor reiairt the proceedings had before
him, there was nothing to bring up the
rulings of the commissioner from re
view. thk commissiohkr's eoxpucr.
The third exseptiou complained that
ouituissioner Uawley, befors Whom
the inquisition was held, weut into the
jury room after tiie jury bad retired to
deliberate and instructed them In cer
tain irrelevant matters, thus influenc
ing their findings. Of this Judge
Arohbsld says:
This is in substance a charge of misbe
havior and we have therefioe a right to
look Into it. The evidence, however, falls
very farsbortof sustaining it. Mr. Hawley,
no doubt, went into the room where the
jurors bud retired to deliberate, but it was
at their request, to further instruct them
Upon certain points, and after he had au
swered their queilious he immediately re
tired. That he attempted in any way to I
mflueuce the jury in its flndlugs has not a
article of evidence to sustain it. Counsel '
fur tin acceptant knew of the call made
by tbl jury and had opportuuity nf going '
into the jury room with the commissioner
us to n-i open session ul tbe reijUeat the
communication was therefore ueitber
private nor without notice and affords no
i just ground for our interference.
Tho fourth exception charged that
' the jury wai infiuenoad in its findings
i by the lalse statements of oce of its
j number based npon his own alleged
j knowledge that Dr. Burr was wasting
j and mismanaging his property, rolling
i up debts against it aud not paying the
I interest ou his Jmortgujes. Regarding
this the judge says :
The tirltimouv of jurors cannot bo in
troduced to impeach their verdict, and
thort i very little upon which to do so, if
what tbey have sworn to could in fuct be
received. AVo are L.airowed down to the
testimony of Dr. Burr alone. We will not
criticise the method by which this evidence
was obtained, for Dr. Burr was probably
outirely innocent of intentional eaves
dropping, nor do we mean to say that we
will listen to nothing brousht to us in tint
way. But we cuuuot be expected to en
courage It.
If we are to set aside tbe lindincs of
juries upon what somebody chances t,
OVerbeat of their discussions, from the
neighboring coriidor. we shall have no
end of applications bssed on such echo' s
from the jury room. We will not, there
fore, move iu auy snch case unless there
be the most substantial occasiou for it.
There 1 nothing of the kind here und the
exception mu-t be overruled.
The filth exception bss been practically
disposed of by what has beeu said above,
and the sixth il merely a general excep
tion without specifications aud need not
be considered.
Dr. Burr's attorneys do not propose
to give np the fight. They will nt one
take steps to liuve the matter heard be
fore n jury in common pleas court.
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