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(Pipe I
Valves f
I Fittings I
Norrman& Moore
120 Wyoming Avenue
:oc Pcnn Ave.
Citizens of Snaulon Cimu Out Strong lor
tieifct Council Has a Working Major
ity of Three Republicans Common
Council Is Democratic -School
Board Continues to Be Republican.
J. W. Browning Detected In the Six
teenth Ward bv Charles Schadt.
Patrick Golden Meets with Simi
lar Fate in the Sixth-Detail:-, of the
Vote in the Various Llection Dis
tricts ot the City.
415 Lacka. Avenue.
Wall Papers,
Window Shades,
Mattings, Rms, etc.
ixruutoii will have undue nud patks.
ProgVOSslvontfS won the duy. The
iwople ot tliis city have emiilnitii'ii lly
declared themselves in favor of these
Very Choice Line of ' mocn iu,i,JeJ public improvements,
tiki polls lu the different wards, an I ill
a few ... i . blows were oxcliauod
by the over heated champions of the
Patrick Golden received a decisive
knockout in the Sinh war.l. where
.M K Clark il elected select oouncll-
, uiau. James .Mauley and AUtc.iii
Sweeney are re elected id the Twelfth,
where oue of the most esciliug battled
in the city was fought.
W, 1. Lnugstulf Is re elected school
director iu the Twenty - tirst ward an 1
John Devanuey hi the Seventh ward.
P. r- McCauu aud 1'. J. Xealis are
' returned to councils from the Four
teenth ward. They had a spirited oou
test, but their prerecords matt have
beeu satisfactory to their coustitueutH.
lu the twentieth ward A. T. Connsll
defeated Thomas McGrn), and D. I'.
Battle had no opposition.
&1. J. Burns uud J. K Noou are
I elected iu the Kiirbteentu ward.
Charles Schadt is elected in the Six
teenth over J. V. Browuinir. while
Fred lurr aud Fred S. Godfrey are
i chosen to succeed Victor Koch aud
County Commissioner Roberts.
I'. J. liicUey gets the largest luajjn-
ever given iu tue .Nineteenth ward
while Horn) an Notz it re elected school
controller, diaries Conrad showed
nnoiual streugth iu the Kleventh war 1
ml defeated B. 1-. I. Moore who was
I deemed invincible.
Wado M. Finn defeatsd James Flynn
easily iu the Second ward for select
council, while A L. Fraucois went
down before M . Morri?.
In tlie Fourth the Thomases are re
turned, V. J. 'lhoiuas stepping iuto
select conucil.
I ' I. Jacobs trove his title to lit In
the board of control for four years, de
feating Thomas F. Wells, his Dimo
oratio compeer without a simple.
in. re were a couple of scrapping
mutcUes in tue J weitcti oeweeu repre
I ser.tatives of tbe rival factions, uud J.
I W. McLean got a Corbett push in the
(nee, bis assailant, Lilly, being ar
rested shortly after.
Much money ciiangsd band iu the
Will I AMR ti MrANUfTY Upward. John P. Mabon was wa-
covered all bis bets. The latter gentle
man deposited 10n with a friend In
the morning so that in case Mr. Ciol
den offered any money daring the Jay
it might be covered
Yesterday's election does not disturb
the political status of the councils or
the board of coutroi. The following
is tbe tabulated vote of tin city for
coiigressmau-it-large, bridges and
'.2 7 Wyoming Ave.
T J, Davies, of Montrose, is at the Val -
ley house.
Nil school will li4 held in the public
Schools of tliscity toniorruw.
"Ludy Windermere's Fun will be the
attrnction at the Academy of Music tills
Judge Uunster has been coutloed to his
home on .lefferu avenue for the past
week by au attack of the gnu.
J. K. kenn urg, h nute l lecturer, will
appear In Musi': ilsll Sunday afternoon
uud evening and also Monday eveniug
The Ladies' facial union of the Penu
Avenue baptist ofturch will give J
Kiiglaud supper iu tbe church parlors
Thursday evening. Feb. !.
The ladies of the llowaid 1'lace Africau
Methodixt Episcopal church will bold a
Martha Washington tea anil cake walk on
the evniug of Feb. J- m the Uostou Store
La'.!. 510 Lackawanna avenue.
llazaltuu aud Fottsville h ive been ad
mitted into the Henusylvauia Mate Bane
ball league. Tbe league now consists of
fcerauton, Altouna, Allentowu, Harrls
bBTg flazletou, Heading, Potisville aud
Tallin Morgan will orgauia a united
choir at Moscow ou Friday evening The
choir will at once take up tbe stud; of
sight reading. All singers of Moscow uud
neighboring towns are invited to becoute
members of the organization.
Word has been received here that Mrs.
Ann Matthews, widow of Fred Matthews,
tor many years a resident of the West
S-ide, has died at her home in Oil City. I
Her many friends in this city will be
pained to hear of her death. Interment
was made at oil City.
Monday night alter tho perfurmance at
Wonderland, the orchaotru and stock com
pany urese nted Harry Thorne, stale man
ager ud scenic artUt. with a beautiful
mantel clock ami a tin.' gold headed am
brelln, each suitably inscribe!, it being his
4M birthday. Karlinr he received hand
come presents from Mi. and .Mrs. N. ii.
biooksand Mr and Mrs. Davis.
Programme That Will Ds Kindrd To
morrow Evsolng.
A musical and literary entertain mint
under the auspices of Women's Hslief
Corps No. 50. nnxiliary to I, Untenant
Ezra D. Grlfflin Post No. 189, Grand
Army of the Republic, will be held to
morrow eveniug, Feb. 89, in Grand
Army of tbe Republic hall, over b ust
National bank, L ickawamia avanue.
The programme will be as follows
Piano duet, selected, Miaiei Alitmia
Weber and Stella Yobe: solo. "Two
Little Girls iu lllne," Master Wilfonl
Davis; address, E. W. Pierce; duet,
"The Bugle Call," Missea Hattie and
Nettie Jones, Misa Janata Sample pian
ist; recitation, selected, Miss Durness
Conger; banjo solo, "Meta Mazoiirka,"
Professor George t 'arr, Miaa Lillian C,
A. Hniiimi tt, pianist; recitation, se
leuted, Gladyas Soby; aolo, selected,
Mrs. M. A. Goodman; military aoug,
"Yankee Doodle," twelve little boys
uud girls, Mrs. A K F.ynon, iuatruc
tor; Mrs. J. D. Loom is, pianist,
recitation. "The Maniac," Miss Joasle
Uustley; piano solo, selected, Miss Lil
lian Q A. Ilammltt, duet. "Will
May,'' Misses Maud Jeffries, Hattie
Jones (Miss Jennie Sample, planted:
banjo aolo, "L'tnfanto March," Pro
fessor Georgs Carr (Miss Lillian C. A.
Hamtnitt. pianist); recitation, selected
Misa Clara Bliss; solo, selected, Miss
Mamie Diiley ; quartette selected, Hyde
Park Quartette club
A r amp's huikk
LA not.
i ward, i dts
i ward, iiis
1 ward, -'i di
3 ward, 1 dis
J waril. 9 dis
U ward, J ills
war J. 4 ills
; ward, t dm
:i waul, I Uh
9 ward, 9 dls
4 ward, 1 ilis
4 ward, J ills
4 ward, I dls
4 ward. 4 dls
ft w ui d. I dis
tt wurd. - ills
" ward, ;( dis
It w'uid, 4 dls
i. ward. 1 ills
n wui d. dls
7 ward, 1 dis
7 ward. dis
7 waul. :l dis
5 ward. I dls
K ward. dis
I ward 1 dls
!i ward, 2 dls
Mrd I dis
In ward
II ward. 1 ills
II ward, i dls
II ward, adls
H ward, I (lis
Il waul, 2 dls
I-! ward. I dis
id ward, - dis
: ward, 8 dis
I i wurd, I dls
11 ward, '.' dls
16 ward. 1 di4
It ward, '.'dls
6 war . I dls
If ward, tola.. A..,
17 ward. 1 dls. ... .
17 ward, t dis
Is ward.
IV ward, I dls
tt ward, J dis
IV ward. .1 dis
Iv ward, 4 dls
90 ward, I dls
wind, : dls
'.ii wsrd, a dis
21 ward. 1 dls
ii ward, - dls
tt 141
n in
124 Hi
04 KM
ti M
u Ik.
a i Ms
as i'as
ji. 934
4i, ICI
r. ut
nt ;
X 17
114 :.:
It : .",
' W
7i 4i
188 i.i
141 III
HI latl
16 S4
II 117
,- 41
ion a
14U ia
185 lili
W 101
M ii (i
'.'44 4
IU ....
DM 41
7:t m
m i4
r 118
70 61
60 MX
:i7 1U7 ill
K 01 113
vt m n7
1 M
117 U7
to n
B7' a
: in
M 191 01
tfs.i. wiujanoiflibi .aw .14
. J09'....'I6N),.... WOO.
Ksiult of the Balloting lo All Paris of
tha City.
The following is the detailed voto of
the city by election dint nets
First wurd-Oeorge Mitchell defoals
(Jeorgn Archibald, Democrat., for school
coutrollor by a decisive plurality.
First district-Select council, Flvuu. 47:
ton. 130. Common council, M V. Mor
ris, 100; A. L. Franrol", 77. Judgo of elec
tions, lluslander, 131: A. K. Detweiler, 3;
Joseph t'iiurcb, 1; John roy, 1. AsausKor,
W. E. MUrldge. ISS, Inspector, A. Farry
194; aiartln uernty, l, U. Y. Miller,
Second district i lynn,
Morris, 15U: Frauonls. 00.
Third district - Flynn, 41
ria, 43: Francois, 102.
Fourth district Flyuu,
Morn, IW; Jirancols, T4.
Fifth dlstrlct-Flynn, l4; Finn, 9t); Mor
ris, To; Francois, 107.
1UIKI) WAItl).
First district School controller, H.
U'Mallev, 78; Connors, 116: Richard
Walsh, 5. Judge of election, Mauley, lau.
Second District U'M alley, 131; Cju
Bor., 7.1, ,
First district- For aldtrmail, o.ven 1).
John. It, 73; William Oram, I).. 73. Com
mon council, Siinou Thomas, nS; William
II. Koe, 53. Judge of clectiou, Richard
Nicholls, tt., 181) Jamea Watson, D., 'J3.
Inspector of election, Morgan Thouias,
US; Brook A. l!ns, '-"J. Assessor pf vol-
H. Qeonra w. Bkallhoro. 191: Fred I!.
Ilitirwith. '.'II. Selei't council. Wiiliam .1.
Thomas, loo; William C. Vettar, 4
BfOOno dutrict Select council William
J Thomas, It, 185; William t;. Vatter, D.,
tj, Common council, Blmon T09maa. Ft.,
ih5; N. H. hoe, D, s.". Alderman, t'. d.
Johns, It, 180; William Oram, D., 15,
Jndtta of election, Ubeil Jenkins, 100, lu
Speotor, I'eter Maker, 101. Assessor, Wil
liam J. James, 1S7.
Thirl District Alileiinan, (i.ven D
John, ltiT; William Oram, 70 Select oouo
cii, William J. Taomaa, IBS; William O,
Wlter, 70 Common council, Siinou J.
Thomas, IS6; William II, Hue, ,i. Asaeaaor
of voters, Reaeklah Peters, 153: P. J, .M --
Namars, 71. Judge of eltctlou, Thomas
L. Wnlliins, 183; iloorgo Hull ring, 0.1
Inspector, David S, Priced Ht; Thomas tl
White, SO.
Fourth district Bateot council, William
J. Thomas, tt,, IBs; William ('. Tetter, D ,
lilt, Common council, Blmon Thomas, It,
173; William 11. Koe, D. OS. Ald.-i man,
uweu D. John, B,, Hi; William Dram, l .
129. Judge of OleOtl John Lloyd, It..
212; Hugh Larkiu, D., 63. Inspector of
election, Da uud Robinson, K., 1100; Morris
T. Welsh, D., js. A-sessor of voters,
Marry Dreonwood, it., 891; J. w. Buck
ley, D., Si
rirtu wAiiti.
George R Carson, Republican, is
elected school controller without oppo
sition. The vote:
First district School controller, Qeorrn
H. Canon, R 145, Judge of election, Hod
crick Jones, It , 13.1. Inspector of election,
William Madden, it., I80 Charles F. Doi-
sliull. , 114; A J. Martin. D., IS Assrs
sor of voters, William Campion, R , 130.
Second ulatriot School coutroller,
Ooorge It. Cur r i u, R., 120. Judge of elec
tion. Reese A. Phltlipt, It , 188. Inspector
of election, Q, A. Williams, R, 115. Asses
sor of voters, lleujaiulu D. Kevnulds, It.,
Third district School controller,' ieorge
li. ('arson, It, 132. Judge of elect iou.
Thouias Leyshon, It . 121. Inspector of
election, Bitty Bradshaw, it. 108; Wat
kin Jones, D., 12. Assessor of voters, D.
Owena, it., m, Chester Cammer, O., 1.
Fourth district- Schooljcoutroller, Oeo.
ii. Carson, K, 142. Judge of election,
Benjamin tlnlllth, R., 18H, Inspector of
election, Joseph Wrigley, It., 120; Lavell,
D. 7. Assessor of voters, David W Mor
gan, R,, 124.
Patrick Golden is defeated for tho
ollice of select council by M. B. Clark,
Democrat. The latter's plurality was
1110. John L. Regan, Democrat, de
tented Michael J. Ruane for common
council bv a plurality of Oti. The vote :
First district -Select council, Michael ES.
Clark, D., 175; l'atrick liolden, Citizens,
los. Council, John E. Rtgan, D., ICS; Mi
chael Si Ituaue, Citizens, 1U0; Judge of
election, John Kecgau, D., 212. Instiector
of election. John Mctireevy, D., 148; Ed
ward Kuddy, t 'ltizens, CV Assessor ot
voters, fatrick lioche, !., 140; rhomas
Murphy, itlzens, 07.
Secoud district Select council, Michael
K. t'lnrk, D., 101: Patrick Golden, citizens,
tss. Common council, John K. Regan, I',
88j Michael J. Kuaue, citizens, St. Judge
of election, David J, Iteedy, D, 185. Iu.
spectond election, Bdward O'Connor, D.,
84 1 Charles O'Hoyle' citizens, 47. Assessor
ot voters, M. D. McCawky, D., 131.
8K KKTB WAliu. .
John iMvauuey, Democrat, the pres
ent school controller, was elected over
Jaiu-s J, J 'add en, the Independant
Demi . ratio candidate, by a plurality of
32. The vote 1
First distrist School controller, John
Devanuey. D., 84) James J. l'adden, I D .
72. Judge of election, August l'euster,
Jr., R., 20; William Newell, D., 5s In
spector of election. Theodofe Leib, K., 23;
Michael Hauuoii, 1)., 00; Kobert Qlllard,
Bj Anthony Qlllard, 1. Assessor of voters,
Jacob Krion, R., 10; Patrick Wir, I).. 88,
Second district School controller, John
Devanuey, D., 3h; .lames J. l'adden, I. D., 1
50. Judge of election, William Met lee, L).,
50. inspector of election, Joseph Corby, I
D.jfift Assessor of voters, .Michael Corby,SB,
Third district School controller, John '
Deva.iney. 149; James..', l'adden, I. D., SI.
Judg of election, J . Scull, K.. 50; Jamea I
Collins, D.. 10:'. Inipector of election,
Winters, R., Donuis Roche, 100. Aaassaor
of voters, Benjamin Davis, It., 57; James I
S. Dougher, 101.
Fred Dtirr is elected select coui'cil -man
by a plurality of SO, an I Fre I S.
Godfrey by a plurality of 190, Both
are Republicans The vote:
First district Select council, Fred Durr,
I: , 131; Fdward J. Walsh, 1. D., 185. Coin
111011 couucil, lied S. liodfrey, It . 1110;
Morris Schwartzkopr, 1. D., 05. Judge of
electiou. W. A. Kauh, It.. l3ii;,lohn T. Ken
nedy. I D., 190, Inspector of election,
James H Drew, It., 133; Thomas Conumy,
L D, 120: assessor of voters, W. S. Millar.
It., 141; Kobert Hackett, US.
Second dtitrlot select council, Fred
Durr, H.. 184; Edward J. Walsh, I. D, luo.
Common council, Fred S. Godfrey, 203;
Morris Schwiirtzknpf, , D., S4. Judge of
e.ectiou, F.W. Zitzlemati, R , is2; Marshall
Preston, 17s. Inspector of election, J. M.
Kvorhart, R., 176: A. li. Nenlou. I. D , 75.
Assessor of voters, J, M. Rose, ISS; Dennis
J lenit y, I. D., 70.
William J. Welsh, Republican, Is
elected school controller. Only one
vote was cast against him, and that
was for G li, Thompson. The Vote'
First district School controller, Will
iam J. Welsh. It., 201 1 1. II. Thompson, D.,
1. Judge 1 f election, II. C, Reynolds, It .
1SK; Frank Megaruee, D. 41. Inspector of
election, O. W. S. Fuller, It , 189) P. J.
McCaffrey, D., 30. Assessor of voters,
Robert Harlan, It, ISO.
Second district School controller, Will
iam .1. Welsh, It, 1(12. .1 U'li'i- i.f cleiti.01,
F. W. Floltz, It., 14a Prank Robling, Jr.,
D , 51. Inspector of election, Johjf P. Al
bio. It, 148; Thomas A. RudilvT I)., 44
Assessor of voters, E. C. Browning, K., 150.
Third district School controller, Will
iam J. Welsh, R., III. Judge of election,
0, H. Fuller, It.. 140; Albert Rose, D., IB.
Inspector of election, Robert M. FvanF,
It . 131; A. H, Christie, D., 91 Assessor of
vttera, M. V. Dowrf, R., 189,
ChaiDs Conrad, the Democratic can
didate for school controller, defeated
II F Moore, the present R (publican
incumbent. The vote:
I list district Moore, 102; Cirirad, 88',
Judge of election, C W. Schank, 188; An
toiiFisch, 170. Inspector of election, II.
C. Ilaag, 112; T fiesslnger, jr., 101. For
register, William Koch, jr., ISO; George
IluUHIIlT, 127.
Second district Moore. Ill; Conrad,
110. Judge of election, D. W. Humphrey,
102: Peter Robling, Jr., 108. Inpector Of
election, H. Annbrust, jr., 100; Joseph I .
Rosar, 00. For register, Albei t Heler, 101;
Henry Walter, 100.
Third district Moore, 52: Conrad, luT.
Judge of election, C. S. Uelbert, 104; H.
Uergbauser, 45. Inspector of flection, C.
11. Murray, 105: Charles Ulnab, 45.
eloi t hin
47; Fiuu, 220,
Finn, 00; Mor
120; Finn, 80)
Tho wannest light of the entire
municipal campaign was fought in the
Twelftn ward. Mr. Manipy wa op
posed for re-election by J, F. Kenrney.
a popular young plumber. Mr. Alanlev
waa reelected by a majority of 21.
Mr. Swentiey wag also victorious.
He was opposed by hit old
antagonist, D W. Coyle, and
It was a battle royal between tho
men. Sweeney has u majority of 0.
Tbe Scrauton 'limes 'antagouized the
successful candidate!? . and thus sue
cesdfd in electing them. Tho vote'
First district -Mauley, 167; Kearney
110; Sweeney, 140; Coyle, 134. Judge of
election, John J. Dm km. Inspector, Pat
rick Lenahau, 143; John Wbelan, 101.
Register, John McWratb, 150; John Keap,
Second !i tikt .Vai.Dy, 70, Kearney,
0O; Swi'eiienv. S5; Coyle, 01. Jude of eiOC
tlou, Dauicl Hayes. Inspector of election,
P. J, O'Brien. IOO; P. Plnnesau. 88, Eteglo
ter Phillip Wren, 09; Phillip ItcOulre, 9ft
First district-For school controller,
Charles Jacobs, If ., 116; Thomas F. Wells,
D.. 103.
Second district- leooba, 140; Wells, 102.
Third district-Jucobi, 152: Wells, 02.
First District Select ccuucil, (J. F. Kel
low, 140; P. F. MoCaan, 13); Judge of
election, Robert J, Williams, 188; Lonla
lluuuell, 188; Inspector of election, Aluuzn
Porter, 19.": Philip Durki", Ml, assessor
ot voters, David Jones, 87 John liilgal
ion, Din; common council, P. J. Nealls,
IBS: H, L. Krigbaum, 131.
Second district Select council, Kellow,
i3ii; P, F. McCann, 167. Common council,
H, 1. Krigbaum, 19S; P. J Nealls, 170.
Judge of eleCttOU, Whitehall! Audruws,
IV2; J. F. I uuiiiiiugi. lid. inspector of
). t Bcnreirer, HO; Charles
176. AaaeaMr of voters, Hen
134. J. it. Burnett, 105,
li. Williams, Republioini is
elected lohool controller, 11 had no
opposition. The vol":
First district School controller, John
11. Williams, it, 808, Judgs of .election,
Jonn Wagaialr, It. 181, Inspector oj elec
tion, John T. I '.vans, jr., It., Is:.': John
Wagner, D b. Aaseasor of voters, Luther
Lewis, it., 184,
Second dis: 1 lot School controller, J. It.
Williams, it ,120. Judge of election, T, Foi
lowa Mason, it, us, inapectoro of election.
Jacob Jones, K, I IS; John McTieriiau, D.,
21. Assessor ol void's, Thouias M. Wat
kins, R., lis.
First Ward, Second district School con
troller, Mitchell, l:. mi, Archibald, D ,
12. Judge of electiou, William Wilson, 79.
Inspector of election, W. II. Rutsell, IS.
AsHSIOr of voters, Samuel kobbius, 7S.
Captain William Kellow, Repnbll
080, is re elecled a mem nor of 1 elect
council without opposition, Charles II.
Schadt. Dtmoorat, defeated J. W.
Browning. Republican, by a plurality
of 70. The vole:
First district Select couucil, William
Kellow, K., 107. common couucil, J. W.
Browning, R , 107; Charles 11. Schadt, D ,
145. J udge of election, F. L. Sinrdevaut,
R. 142 Inspectors ut election, W. i.
Loomis, It., 140; J, T. Fahienholt, D., SO.
Assessor of voters, N. Hallstoad, R, 141.
Second district Select council, William
Kellow, R., 188, Common council, J. W.
browning, It , 123; diaries H. Schadt. I).,
155. Judge of electiou, F. C. Smith, R.,
Iti5. Inspector of election, W. A. St. John,
R., 107: Johu M. I.unny, D., 90, Abscssor
of voters, Seth A. bouuey. It , 103,
The election In tho Seventooth ward
was reinsrkably uneventful. Frank
Baiksr, Rejiublican candidate for
school controller to succsed Uotcy A.
Kingsbury, was unopposed. The vote
resulted as followf.
First district Congrcjsmanat-Lnrge,
lirow, R, 177, Hancock, il; school con
troller, barker, R, ls7; judge of election,
A. R. Foote. 1S3; inspector of election,
John RoU, 1S2; assessor, D. II. Jay, ISO;
tor bridges, 151; against bridge4, 49; lor
parks, ISO; against parks, 18,
Second district I 'ongTOeimsn W 1 1 lorgf
Grow, tt., 964, Hancock, D., 41; school
controller, barker. It., 875; judge of elec
tion, Horace K. ilaud. 807; inspector of
election, Robert T. Hague, R.,205, John T,
Magrahn, D ., 8; MS sapor, . b. Partridge,
90S- for bridges, 858, agninst bridges, 44
for parks, 209, agaiust parks. 4.
Michael J. Burns, Democrat, is
elfcted select councilman by a plural
ity of 9, and James i. Noon, Democrat,
is elected common councilman by a
plurality of oS over H. M. Williams,
the present Republican common coun
cilman. The rote:
Select, couucil, Michael J. Bums, D , 151;
John Conilly, People, 142. Common coun
cil, H. M. 'Williams, R, 118; James 1'.
Moon, D., 17": Judge of election, John
Fluuuery, D., 200. Inspector ot electiou,
E. J. Williams, It., 02; Thomas Rooney,
D, 125.
NlNKTIittN fit WARD.
Tho Nineteenth ward went bxck to
her Democratic moorings yesterday.
H-rmaii Notz was elected school con
troller by a mij itity of 1 11 while P. J.
llickey dafoMOd his Republican com
petitor 307 votes. The vote:
First district -Nott, IBS: Mantz, 160,
Hickey.214; l rantz, 94. Judeeof electiou,
il. J, May, 13S; W. J. Smith, 134. in
spector of election, Louts SchWaAS, I4S; M.
J. Ryan. 189. Register, Henry lleiuz, ISO;
G. L. Miller, 1U2.
Becond district - Notz, 170; Mailt 74;
Rickey, 104; Frantz, 47 Jadge of election,
Fred stagenwall, 53; Ambro.e Her., 177.
Inspector of electiou, Charles Dteaing, 09.
Maitiu Woysbner, 150. Register, John
Schunli, 01'.; M. .1. Iliglin, 170.
Third district Notz, 192; Mantz. S3;
llickey, 188: Fran, 89, Judge of election,
August N'euls. 00; Thomas Kennedy, 191.
Inspector of olectiou, Heurv Fuller, 70;
Patrick ktullaany, 110, R"gr,s'.er, W, II.
Blden, 188: cimries Hoffman, 88
Fourth district Notz. US; Mantz, 07:
Hickev, 73; Frnuz, 'J J Judge of election,
Fred Zieglor, 88: John Breeu, 54. Inspec
tor of elertiou. Jacob Cordler, 70; R J.
Sheridan, 63. For register, John F. War ner,
74; Chailes Cordler, 03.
In the Twentieth ward A. T. I'ontiell
arid D. P, Battle were re-elected Mr
Battle had no opposition, while Mr.
Oonnoll'l majority ovsr his Democratic
compeer was 90, Mr. Oonnell three
vears a'.'o defeated Mr. liattle for the
same office by a msj iritv of 98, The
First district -Cotwell, 105; McOratl, 99;
Battle, 150 Judge Of election, Patrick
Corcoran. Inspector of election, T. J
Coyne, 188; P. Walsh, 91 1 II Buffer, 8
Register, P. T. Buddy,
Second district Council 219, MoQrall
103, battle 947. Judge of election, M. T
Laiigau, 103, M. Szyiitar I25. Inspector of
election. James Chil i' 15S, John C. Lavelle
00. Register Thomas HelTroii 1SS, Fred
Uauirath 07.
Third district Council, t,7; UcUralU107;
Rattle, 98, Judge of election, T. Doherly
Register Jamu 1 iiolaud, Inspector James
First district -For school controller, W.
s Langataff, it., I881 David .1 Bevan, P,
P., 17; Edward T. Leonard, Citllens, 7.
Alderman, ICinuey, 85; Joyce, 43 George
Key oa, the only colored man 111 the ward,
was elected judge of election without op
Second district -School controller, l.nug
stsu, 74, Leonard, T: buvuu, 57.
Yesterday's Election Doss Not Cbanye
Their Political Comp'.txlon.
Yesterday's election does not change
the political completion of tbe city
councils or the board of control, The
Republicans have a msjorltV of two iu
the connoila on joint session. Tha He
lent is Republican and common D.m
crallc. Republicans have a majority of two
ou the board of control. The slau.liug
Vf the bodies is us follows ;
First ward Finlay Ross, R. ;
Second ward Wade M. Finn, It. I
Third ward- Peter Kelley, D.
Fourth ward W. J. Thomaa, It I
Fifth ward Richard II. Williams, R.
Sixth ward M. F.. t.'larke, D.l
Seventh ward John E. K.irhe, I).
Blghth ward Fred Durr, it.
jSinth ward C. I. Chittenden, R
Tenth ward- Charles F'. Wagner, R. t
Kleventh ward J. F. Schwenk, D.
Twelfth ward James Mnnley, 1).?
Thirteenth wsrd George Sanderson, R.'
Fourteenth ward P. F. McCann, D.t
Fifteenth ward Horatio T. Fellows. H.
Sixteenth ward William Kellow, R.t
Seventeenth word F. R. demons. R
Kighteenth ward Michael J, Burns, D.
Nineteenth ward-Charles W. West
pfahl, R.
Twentieth ward-A. T. Conuell, R.t
Twenty.iirsi w ai d Victor H. Laner, D.
Beoubiirana, IB; Democrats, 8. Old
members, uew members rs elected :.
ooumom ooraon
First, ward--P. 11. Golden, D.
Becond ward -M. V. Morn.-, R
Thiid ward- .lanici J. drier, 1)
Pourtli ward Simon Thouias, It. 1
Fifth ward K, B, Robotban, It.
Sixth ward -John P.. Regan, D.t
Seventh ward John W. McLean, I).'
Eighth waul - Fred s. Godfrey, It. 1
Ninth ward James Molr, It.
Tenth ward I'M ward F. Wenzel. it 4
Eleventh ward Robert Robinson, D
Twelfth ward-Morgan Sweouoy, D.t
Thirteenth ward Ti B Howe, k."
Fourteenth ward P, J, Nealls, D.t
Fifteenth ward T. B Davies, R.
s xteentb ward Charles 11 Schadt, D, I
Seventeenth ward -Arji Williams, It,
Bighttenlh ward -James F. Noon, D
Nineteenth ward-P. J, llickey, OA
Twentieth Ward Daniel P. li'tttle, D. t
Tweuty.firtt ward Tboma Norton, D.4
ttepabllcaas, 0. Democrats, 8j 'old meiu
bers; tnew members; , re-elected
Vote on joint buiiot, Republicans, 22,
Democrat!, 20.
First ward (ieorge Mitchell, It.
Stcomi ward 1 . Ii. Von Storch. K. '
Thud ward B. 'J. (I'Malley, I). 1
Fourth word James Brans, K
Fifth ward George B Carsoo, it 1
Sixth waul lohn P, Million, D.
Seventh ward -John Devanoy, D 1
Eighth ward F. t Wormser, K
Ninth ward William J, Welsh, ha
Tenth wind w. s. Watront, it.
Kleventh ward Charlei Conrad, D 1
Twelfth tvard James O'Bayle, D.
Thirteenth ward -C. S. Jacobs, R
Fourteenth wmd -T. J. Jennings, D.
Fifteenth ward John 11 Williams, it.,
Hlsteenth ward -O, b. Hchreifer, it."
Seventeenth ward Frank S liarKer, R
Bighteautb ward Thomas Coar, D.
Nineteenth ward- Herman Notz, D I
Twentieth ward William G. u 'Mailer,
Twenty-first ward W U Daugstau",
itepublicnus, 19) Democrats. 9; "old
members; 1 new members; Ire -elected.
Fraud Charged and IhO Counting of
tlie Votes Slopped Room
Broken Inlo by a Mob.
Tliev Visited Five Plates at Fine Brook Mon
day Riiu.
About $300 Worth of Notions and
Othor Goodi Taken from His Place.
Urandenburg's Carpenler Tools
Made Away With -Two Cellars Ri
fledDaring Attempt to Burglarize
Roos' Market Many Hell Thetis
Borglau visited four houses ut Piue
lirook Monday night, and at each of
them secured al llcl-S ut valtl.
Word in iSKsrd lo eXtraetl Nu artlole that
is us;d iuiookitig is inure subject to dilution
than Savoring extracts For Instance, a i-
!oii ol Extract of Vanilla can be produced
costlnu Jlito Sis, ur It can bj reduced Ly the
use of alcohol to a cost not eicnedlna- H tier
iiallon. An inferior ranllla bean can be
uouiiut lor a i) u pound, wbsrsas strictly
llrst- clusi bean of dslleloni flavor will brttM
The greatest rafforet wet Benjamin 1 88 to 810 per poand, so you can how very
The election in Olypbant yestordny
was the most oxoiting ever held iu
that borough. For an hour before tbe
polls opened the voting places were
thronged with a crowd which re
mained throughout the day
In the Third ward tho Republicans
had a fusion with a portion of the
Democrats, but tiio regular Democratic
nominees were elected by majorities of
from two to ton. The defeated candi
dates are going to contest the election
H Levi, ii Dtddler who resides sl 1U10
apoiise avenue An entrance wus
forced into the room where ho kept his
merchandise and about $800 worth of
notions, etc . taken.
David 1. Brandenburg, a carpenter
who resides at 995 Ash street, about
half a block from' Mr. Livi's place,
was noxt visited. A cheat containing
his carpenter tools was ou the atoop
and tho cracksmen .-pin ted it uwav with
They curried it to the Delaware and
Hudson railroad, a short distance
away, and opened It under a freight
car. The best of the tools wer" se
lected and the rest abandoned. Yes
terday morning tue chest was discov
ered by men on their way to work.
Tools wvre scattered abjut it for a
distance of many yardH.
1. hi than a block from Mr llrand
euliiiri;'a re.-ideuce is a double frame
building occupied by Mr. Wall ami
Mr. butts. The burglars also pail
their respects to that building. An
entrance wus forced into the cellars of
oothof,the above named gentleman
and a cross-cut saw and a number of
other articles stoleu.
An attempt was made Monday nig'nt
to enter the market ou Flue street,
1 ear Washington avonue, of which S.
Koos is the proprietor. There were
four men in the party of Imrglurs.
Tne noiie they made awoke Mrs
lieorge lirock, who oecupus apart
merits over the inHrkd. S!i raised an
alarm which awoke W. J. Burke, who
occupies au adjoining house. Mr.
Burke appeared ou tho scene with a
revolver, and .Mrs. Brock grasping a
revolver ran to tho residence of Ur.
Koos, a short distance a war. and lu
euijr ,1 19 10 DATS a lentil) or VMIUU or kl.y
other extract that can beaold for about th
cost of tbe bottle, labia and cork, but this
is not tin, quality mostAod housewives win
to buy In fast, most 4W them will say "th)
best is none tow good for me." Appreciating
thil fact, we have had put up by a thoroughly
reliable party u line of Kxtrscts that we cat
Kuarautee a, being- as FINK AB IT IS 1'OS-
8IBLE TO PRODUCE There Is point m
conn ction with dilutud extracts WMeh is
4Ulte apt to deceive. Cpou drawing the cork
'c ". a Dot 1 1" '.1 Nriielliii n Hu
I contents, it may appear to be very strong,
I but when uv-d th:s urtitlcial str-iiKth entirely
disappears and you imagine you forgot ti,
put In auy H ivoting. Von did not forget, bu.
1 you have used au extract thst ia built ul bv
"u. other Material thaD the true flavor and
which ijuifkiy evaporates when uncorked.
We have just received tbe first Invoice of
these ei tracts, th", whole of which coull b
cai ted oft on a wheelbarrow, and yet the bill
amounts to 877. We have the different kinds
as follow.
8-ounce Bottle, 55c.
4-ounc3 Bottle, 28c.
2-oun.ce Bottle, 15c.
rbeee are all f nil-weight bottles, not what
is ordinarily used and known to the trad.- as
hort weight bottles, there being about on--fourth
difference in a lull and short weight
bottles We respeetfulli reoommend these
extracts if you want Genuine flavors. We
think you will he surprised at the difference
in the results of this aud that you have been
usiutr. even If nn hae kssi getting the hoit
be.-t you Ci.uld.
rhe Republican, la tho Becond word J'f ,1 .tmVt thot
I!. .'.-I' ' I ... ... ....
art elect id
A climax was ro iclied iu the First
ward battle, where the noils were sur
rounded by a crowd nf several hundred
people nil day, und tiiihts were con
stantly occuring. In . .anting the
votes fraud was charged by one of the
electiou board, aud the OOOntlng ceased ,
the room was broken iuto by tbe mob
who poured into the room and violence
was feared. The ballots were all
placed buck int) the box which wns
locked by the judge, and he at once
secreted himself to avoid bodily in jury.
The crowd would not leave but desig
nated their intention of remaining
The eherilV was finally sent for to
straighten luatters.
The eloction of the burgess, for
which Kditor Sctmbutehl and G ii.
Hitcbler are Opposing candidates, is to
bo dec'uled by the vote of tbe First
ward In the other two wards Schub
luebl had n majority of about 75,
It is probable that the board will be
atlested. No coriec: returns can be
obtained until it is known what the
court's action iu the matter will b?.
At an early hour this morning the
candidates were endeavoring to have
the bsdlbtl counted and tin' matter utn
icubiy adjusted. Lits reports did nut
show that this had been accomplished.
Appropiii'.lon for l'ayiuinl of G.ivera
meut Witus3ss is Exhausted.
I'nitsd States Commissione'r A, J,
Colbuin. Jr., was notilial yostvrlay
that no criminal cases will bo tried at
the coming term of I'mted Slates
The appropriation for the payment
of I'nited Slates witnesses is exhausted
ami the last congress failad to provide
for its renewal
- .
Johnny Duhl D1.1 Kot Rstura from
Sunday Fchool.
Information was lodged at police
headquarter! yesterday to the etl'ect
that Johnny Diehl. of tho West Side,
had not been seen since Sunday.
Tho boy resides with Ins parents on
Bromley avenue and left Sunday after
noon logo to Sunday school, lie lias
not been seen since.
DOBS your shirt neel a new neck baud
We put thotn on while you wait.
1. vc'KAW ANNA
SOB I'enu avenue. A. B, WAhltAX,
Mi BAlDtfS new Turkish bulb. Bvsr
thing new. 808 Spruce street, opposite
Court House.
Bucklnn's Ainloa Salve.
Tho best salve in the world for Cuts
III niseis Sires, Ulcers, Salt Itheutn, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
Corns and nil Skin Eruptions, aud posi
tively curt i'iles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect Hatlafactlou
01 money refunded. Price S3 Cents DOT
box. For sale by ilat thews Bro.4.
in ii I''' s
You need Uot worry over your nuances
if your money Is Invested In good real es
tate. Real estate pays for itself every
SSVSn years' In Bctan tOn, PiunA Sous of
fer three bright new houses on easy pay
uieiitB. I
. e
Desdleatnn Woerx's and Ballantine's
Ales are the beet. li. J. Walsh, agent, sn
Dmkawanua avenue.
bad been made to despoil his markit
By this tins the burglars concluded
there wus too much excitement about
Koos' market to suit them and they de
parted so hurriedly that they left be
Uind a pail of luincemeat and an
umbrella obtained earlier in the night
in a place they invaded.
Of lata coniid.rable petty thieving
has beeu going on about the residence
properties on the bill. Any article !e!t
lyiug about back doors is not of too
little value to be taken. Brooms,
shovels, clothes lines and numerous
similar articles h iv been stolen. Dur- :
ing Monday night a quantity of oye- ;
teis woie taken tiotu su ice;
chest, from which dis ippeared a
cold let; of lamb a short
time previous. Scarcely a night passes
without a raid by the thieves, and the
people of the district or. tbe hill would
do well to take no risk of leaving any
thing accessible to these nocturnal
marauders. It is only a question of
time when their growing bolJuess will
laud them behind the bars and relief
tvifl follow.
- -
TUmic Boxes Exclusively.
llest mnde. Hay any deired number of
tunes. Uautschi A. Sons., manufacturers,
luSoCbeetnut street. Philadelphia. Won
derful orchestrial organs, only So and ilu.
Specialty . Old mush; boxes carefully re
laired and unproved with new times.
Bai kkt hai.l,. m c. a. vs. Nanticoke,
at Armory tomorrow night, 8 no o'clock.
Admission 85 cants.
Anbeuser Bujch Besr.
Levis l.i hii.iui s, Spruce sL
Scranton Cash Store
F. P. PRICE, Agt.
Dr. Hill Q. Son
Fet teeth. 8848; l est set, ?S: for pold enps
aricl teeth without plates, filled crown and
'ridge work, call for prioea and rvferenesn .
TONALQIA, lor extracting teeth without
pattk Ixo ether. No gas.
We have
a large
ment of
. . . BLUMBING and
Good Work.
Henry Battin & Co.
Leave your order at
or 413 LACKA. AVE.
Our Lackawanna avenue
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Eureka Laundry Co.
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Cot in Hones sci atic.
All kinds of Laundry work gnarantOSol
the best.
Best Sets of Teeth, $3 00
Including the rainless extractlnji
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The now offer
made to Tribune
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one yet made
LADIES' KID GLOVES, Men's and Boys' Winter
$1 quality, 89c. Caps, assorted, 10c. each.
MILLINERY PRICES cut Boys' Winter Gloves,
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One-third oil' regular prices allowed in
Cloak and Fur Department.
Small lots in all departments at Way
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