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MR. J. L. STKLLE will continue
the business under the rirui name of
Stelle & Seoley.
Popular, reliable and within your reach.
Hare takon over 100 Qrst premiums hi
tkc past tidy year,
Oilier make of Piano. Four rushes of
Organs In beautiful new designs. See onr
Itock before buying. We have the good.
Cor prices am ngliu Every luiug iu the
BlUblU hu
154 Wyoming Ave., Scranton. Pa.
Punch Cigars
G., B. & CO.,
iinnrlntert nn Each Clnar
Carney, Brown & Co. Mfr's.
ml ui UOlst kUVAUKi
OFFICE H00R3:ljftWSk
Trustees' Report for the Past Year Has Just
Been Issued.
There Are Now 18,720 Volumes in
the Library, of Which 4,538 Have
Been Added to It During the Year.
List of the Persons Who Generous
ly Made Donations to the Library
During the Year.
Mayor Connell has signed the Fifth
ewer district ordinance. Thi an
couueeui-nt will give pleasure to 93
p-r cent, of the people of the North
Ei! A want of proper sewerage is
one of the greatest evil we have to
coinpluin of. A great amount of sick
ness here is attributable to the in
sanitary condition of the ptaot.
One of tne most exciting runaway
of tbe season took dIhc on North Main
avenue M : I y The team belonging
to the Liberty Hots company took
flight while standing outside Bright'
carriage factory aud went in the direc
tion of the hose home at a in id pace.
The horses turned off the main street
along East Market at the game fearful
rate. They wre stopped near the
Primitive Methodist Episcopal church
on E-ist Market street. Fortunately
there was no one hurt or anything
Mrs. Anne Raine. of Dsacon street,
died Monday, aged 31 yars Interment
will be made at Forest Hill cemetery.
Thomas P. Evans, of Cavuza street,
was painfuliy hurt in Von Storch
min-s Monday by a fall of rock. His
wounds are of a serious nature.
Belle Fox, of Biooui avenue, agel VJ
years, died Monday after an illness of
three weeks. She was one of the most
popular young ladies of this section
and her untimely demise) is deeply re
gretted by her sorrowing family and a
larire circle of loving friends. Every
body who knew the deceased young
lady deplores her death, the immsdiate
cause of which was meningits. Inter
ment will take place today in Hyds
Park Catholic cemetery. Funeral ser
vice at Holy Rosary chnrch where, high
mass will be celebrated at 10 o'clock
this morning.
In "Lady Windermere's Fan," which
will be presented by Charles Frohman'
company at tbe acadeinv this evening.
Oscar Wilde disappoinis no one. Peo
ple expect something out of the ordi
nary from him and tiiev always get it.
Columns have been written about the
play since it was produced in London,
and with that production the fame of
Oscar Wilde emerged from tne eclipa
into which it went after his salad an 1
sunflower day. An excellent perform
ance of the play is promised, the com
pany being headed by Miss Virginia
Harned. formerly leading lady to Mr.
Southern Miss Harned acts the part
of a woman with a past.
Hoyt has never written anything for
the stage so consistently and uproar
iously funny hs "A Textl Steer. Giv
ing its initial metropolitan production
oyer three years ago, this satire on
Washington and Texan domestic and
political life was forced from the stage
of the Bijou theater, New York city,
after a run of over five months, to meet
the clamor of out of town managers
who held contracts for its production
in their respective cities. Its return to
Scranton for an engagement of one
night, next Thursday, Feb. 22, will
doubtless be greeted with a welcome
that will solidly demonstrate its popu
larity. It would be singular if tne
theme hit upon by Mr. Hoyt did not
furnish ronsing entertainment.
That bright little soubrette, Mis
Dell Ellerson. ia this season playing the
role of Lucy Nettlefold in "Hands
Aero the Sea, " and the press speaks
of her acting in tbe very highest terms.
Mies Ellerson is not only a very clever
actress, bnt is also a very handsome
woman. Tbe play will be seen at the
Academy on Friday aud Saturday
evenings and Saturcay afternoon.
The trustees of the Sttranton Public
librur have issued their report for tbe
year 1803. which niukoa the third an
nnal. The address to the councils is as fol
lows :
To tbe honorable, the select aud common
councils of the city of BcfantOD,
iHnti.kmks 1 It is with unalloyed pleas
ure Hinl honorable pride iu this third an.
nual report, the board of trustees can Con
gratulate you, the people of Serautou, in
having ii well selected working library.
Vhe use of tbe memorial building aud dis
tribution of book therefrom attest iu si
Itnre more emphatic than words, an ap
preciation OB the part of the people of the
gifts of the buiMing, grounds aud bonks,
and of the commendable interest which
you hs councilmeu have shown.
Mr. Albright at the inception of his gift
of a memorial building pledged an expendi
ture of $75,000, and Kxeurod the same by a
deposit of collaterals in order to guard
aoatnat unv contingency. The final cost
ot the building and appurtenances to him
has reached 1188 000; tne vouchers aud
payment tor winch have at his request
passed through the hands of the president
of the board.
The reports of tbe secretary nnd libra
rian, with the summary of the expendi
tures for the year ISBSt tell their own beti
eticial story. The rapid growth in the
utility of the library may OS uuderstood
from the fact that a maximum of over
1,000 visitor in one day has been at
tuiued, that 6,307 name have been regis
tered as borrowers, and books have
been out at one time. All classes and lines
of society are attracted to its enclosure
and receive freely the benefit which self
culture, the best promise of future
growth, affords.
Iu our estimate for the absolute necessi
ties of the library tor tho coming year, wo
have cut close to the Una of rigid econ
omy. The estimate is slightly Increased,
but we assure the councils, aud through
thm the citizens, that we make no pres
sure on hem. which i not made up m us,
tiv the tacts aud the huiwer of our na
trons, who are your wards. We sincerely
trust that you will see your way clear to
grant our "praver in this regard. The
building and grounds, if spontaneous ex
pression of the people aud of all intelli
gent critics, which have come to us, are
any criterion, have more than met all ex
pectations iu their utility aud elegance,
The amounts for maintenance for the
Bscal year commencing April, ISA, (this
mouthly date should always be borne in
mind iu jndgiug of our expenditures), are
as follows:
Forbook-iUo0.0Oper month i 3,000 00
For pay roll, salaries and labor,
iW30 ner month) 5,10 00
For incidentals, (MOO per mouthi '2,400 00
It Wan Tendered to Mr. and Mrs. F. W.
Simpson by Thslr Friend.
George Atherton took a large sleigh
load of friends from the North End to
Olyphant on Saturday evening, the oc
casion being a surprise to Mr. and
Mrs. F. W. Simpson, The party con
sisted of the following:
Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Myer, Mr. and
Mrs. Herman Price, Mr and Mr A.
If. Keiiling, Mr. and Mr. Giles
Deoker, Mr. and Mrs. A. Y. Hepler,
Mr. and Mrs. Sander of the Truth,
Mr. and Mrs. William Kennedy. Mr.
and Mr. William Clark, Mr. and Mrs.
R. Lavining, Mr. and Mr. R. Jones.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hayden, Mr. O.
A. Slocnm, Mr. O J. Myr, Mrs. A.
B. Meyer, Miss Cappie Cooper, Mis
Mary Hawks, Miss Alice Lahey, Mis
Katie Lloyd, Mr. Author Meisliug, Mr.
Edgar Sanders, Mr. Ernest Slocnm.
Total 110,660 00
The summary of expenditures for tho
past year will be found among the reports
herewith presented.
The accessions to the book department
during the year were4."3, making a pres
ent total of IS, 720 volumes.
A great encouragement to the manage
meut of the institution is found in the
spontaneous and unsolicited generosity of
those who have adtleil their guts or valua
ble books to the library. Wo trust that
this spirit will grow and be a constant
support nnd a fitting compliment to the
int-rest which our municipal authorities
and public otlicers aud representatives,
both state and national, are showing.
The meetings of the board bave been of
the most interesting and harmonious char
acter, and the fuitbfulness of all tbe otli
cers engaged in the active work of the
library are worthy of special mention. We
desire to place the future growth and ex
cel leuce of this beneficial Institution, both
as to its incoming supplies aud its outgo
ing benefits, as a grateful burdu'i on tbe
hearts of all of our people, young and old:
and we invite kind, intelligent aud faith
ful exsmination aud criticism, and a uni
versal nse of its privileges.
The treasurers report shows the fol
lowing: Citizens' aubscriptions due
last January, $-M7; collected during
the year, 741, The total of th- citi
zens' ubscrtption last year was "),33'J
and tbe expendidtures dnriig the year
from this fund were $3,79107. The
city appropropriation with balance
was $11.1131, and of this amount $10, -il8.5S
was expended, Toe balance on
hand at this time is a follows: From
citizen' subscriptions, $1,841.90; from
city ppropri-ition, 1 012 12; from
p-tit cash account, $413 63; total, $2,
907 8.1 The report is signed by Henry
lie. in, jr.
The following excerpt
rian Carr'g roport will be
from Li bra -interesting:
Tho number of book takers has proven
large from the first and fully In excess of
any prior anticipations. From flay 26 to
Dec. 30, 18113, a total of 6,807 names were
registered and library cards is-ued to same
as follows; City borrowers. 6,960; non
residents, 33; deposits nnd special, 14.
Thero were surrendered or cancelled for
ono reason or another, SO cards; leaving in
force at tho end of tho year, 6,891. Of the
,307 enrde issued 500 were to males and
3 s47 to females: 4.65!l were to por-ons aged
18 years and upwards and 1,648 to those
undor that age.
As to locality in tho citv no spoclflc
count has been kept, hut frequent Inspec
tion of tbe applications and home address
es recorded shows u good representation
from all sections, even those most remote
from tho library.
Particulars concerning the home circu
lation ot books will appear iu a summary
appended to this report. Total issues from
the circulating department for the seven
months l7o days), number 85,021; a daily
average of 500. This wns exceeded, how
ever, by the daily average in November,
which wna 699, Largest Issue of anyone
day was 1,018, on Monday, Oct. 2. Largest
daily number out in the hands of readers
was 3,053, on Monday, Dec. 1.
Percentage ot circulation from the sov
end sections of tbe librnry, other tban
Prose Fiction aud Juveniles, has been
higher than was originnlly expected aud
shows a large class of reading of inostgrut
ifyiog character.
Use of reforenre department hns not been
specifically recorded In statistical terms
since, of those hooks, over 3,(100 aro placed
on open shelves for public access and read
ers make uvnil thereof freely. That por.
ti 'ii of the library has received a pleasing
patronage unci the MUM . is true of the
reading room proper as well as of tho pe
riodical literature placed thero for free ac
cess and nse.
Annual report of 1802 showed the pos
session ot 14, 100 volumes at the oloso of that
year. Accessions of 18'JH number 4,633 vol
umes of which 1108 were by gift. 980 by pur
chase from Citizens' Subscription fund and
i.y.i.M by purchase from city appropriations.
Deducting 8 volumes witbdrawu and can
celled on acconut of damage or loss (duly
paid for or chargDd to the borrow! Rl. ih
balauce on haud Dec. 30, 1893, ia 18,720
Whether the library can continue to
grow a vigorously in 1804 depends, In the
main, upon the extent of the appropria
tions for that year. Having now a good
start and foundations well laid, ft will be
possible then to give especial attention to
the matter of duplicating, more or less, In
the line of most popular and ' Bervicenble
works, and of filling up any classes found
deficient in quantity.
A "finding list" of books In the circu-
USUng department, up to tho oud of Feb
ruary, 181)3, wus punted iu March and
April, making a handy pamphlet of 204
page in manlila bag-board cover. Being
in readiness at the opening of the library
aud sqid to book-takers at the nominal
price of 10 cents each. I.'.CI copies have
been so taken, up to tho close of i the year.
Two hundred and fifty copies remained
for sale at that date, together with a small
number additional in uubouud sheets for
future use.
Lists of additions to tbe circulating de
partment, since the punted finding list,
have been currently made on the typo
writer aud posted on the bulletin board
at the library. During 1894 it will prob
ably bo desirable that those and subse
quent additions be printed in a supple
ment form and supplied to the library
patrons. While doing this it may be feas
ible, perhaps, to combine with it an author
Index to the entire contents of the library
and thus supply a feature which was omit
ted from the original finding list fur rea
sons of economy.
As usual, exchanges with other librar
ies and Institutions huvo beou carried on
sine - the last report; resulting in tho r
csipt of many catalogues, reports, bill
lot ins and kindred1 publication of interest
and value. Various other volumes aud
pamphlets have beou given to the library
from sundry sources, as showu iu list
appended) aggregating some 1107 volumes
a id 696 pamphlets und curreut numbers,
received by gifts during tho year 1SSJ.
list Of HONORS.
The following persons made dona
tions to the library: Captain S. H.
Stevent, New York; Henry Bsrlln, jr.,
Jam P Dickson, A. H. Winton,
Colonel E H. Ripple, William Weber,
Pittiton ; Colonel It M Bdas, Lemuel
Auieriuati, M. E McDonald, Mrs. A.
ii (hltnore, Jenkin T. Reels and as
sociates in the Delaware, Lackawanna
and Western coal engineer' office.
Charles L ltice, W. M. Dickton, Mrs.
Kate (L Price. Miss Helen Price, H. J.
t'arr, V. C. Mattes, John Owens, S Ii
Price, A. K. Rauby. N. L. Smith,
Siuul E Stevens, L. A. Watres,
Frederick Wetzel. W. A. Wilcox, Mr.
V W. Winton.
Thirtieth Pythian Period Commsmor
aud bv Fsstivitiei at Castlo Hall.
The Fifth Regiment, Uniformed
Rank, Knight of Pythias, representa
tives of the Wilkoj-Hirre and Flttston
divisions, and many of the lodges in
this county, made a gala affair of last
night's celebration at Castle hall of
Scranton lodge, 211:1, in Old Fellows
building. Th event was the anniver
sary of the thirtieth Pythian psriod.
A high class and very interest
ing programme had been arranged by
the committee, aud was rendered as fol
lows :
Address of Welcome H. N. Dunuell
Soug Lindtajr McMillan
Address W. W. Baylor
"Hardeu Village" Quartette
Stump Speech W. Hulbort
Soug !onn Blyth
Brass Quartette From Uermania Baud
Address ou the Order
District Deputy 1 1 rand Commander John
H. Thomas.
Burlesque. "Two Willies"
W. P. Delke, H. S. Longcor.
Soug William Jonoi
Silent Manual and Bayonet Exercises
Uus Weymejrer and Fred Elmrt.
Address, "I'mform Ksuk" . .Martin Jovce
Sing Alexander Brydeu
closing Address P. C. Hr.ragg
Song Lindtay McMillan
Organist, Past Commander John Morris.
H. N. Dunnell, in his address of wel
come, made the visiting members feel
at borne nd auspiciously start 1 the
entertainment. The ''Garden Village"
and "Mockiug Bird" songs were ren
dered in an excellent manner, and the
young men by their clever singing won
the plaudit of th aulisnce, The
stump speech of Mr. Hulbrt was de
livered in that gentleman's inimitable
aud original manner, aud kept every
one in convulsion of laughter.
no worthier gentleman conld have been
selected to deliver the address on the
order tbnn John II. Thomas. His re
marks were to the point nnd caused
the members present to feel mor than
ever well satisfied with the benefits
of their order. Too much cannot be
said in praise of the clovor
and comical work of Mr. Delko and
Mr. LaogC )t in t heir burlesque act.
These two conld give point to many of
their professional brethren. Martin
Joyoe's address to the uniformed rank
was a pithy and well timed speech.
The other entertainer were particu
larly clever in their respective line.
The exercises were conducted by Sir
Knight J. J. Shuplantl, assisted by the
following committee: C. E. Robinson,
T. A V Hodgnou, Martin Joyce, F.
B. Mclntrye, A. Rose, David Donald
son, John Blyth.
Patrick F. MoQulre Shoot Th mss
Hughes Below the Ankl.
Thomas Hughe, a young man em
ployed in tho law office of WiUard,
Watren and Knapp. was shot below
the ankle while walking on Wyoming
avenne yesUrday morning. The shoot
ing wa done by Patrick F. Mcfiuire,
an unmarried man who lives with his
sisters on Wyoming avenue between
Ash and Phillips street, and if he lives
till next Thursday, Washington' birth
day, will he 38 yoars of nge.
There seems to have been no provo
cation for the shooting. Hughes had
tieen at his home nnd passed McOuire
on the opposite side of tbe avenue.
McOnire claimed to have boon bit
with a stone on tbe jaw 'and imagined
that he saw Hughes' haud descend as
if it bad propelled the missile. Mc
fiuire then whipped out a revolver and
as he did Hughes oxclaimed that he
had been bt. He walked to Dr. Gib
bons' office, but the ball was not probed
and the wonnd is not considered dan
Special Officer Meinzer arrested Mo
(liiire. He offered no resistance and
was given a hearing by Alderman
Wright in tbe afternoon. Th weapon
used wa a Smith & Wesson, 32-oall-ber.
It whs bought for $11 a year and
a half ago, and McOuire stated that lie
purchased it for us In the forest be
hind Forett Hill eotn-tery. He'elalmed
that he had been struck with a stone
five times during tho last two years
and he lost ins tomper when he was
Rtriu'k yesteedny. The alderman
nlnoed him under $2,000 bail to appear
at court. He ia charged with carry
ing concealed weaputi and felonious
The Lsdlss' Aid Boolety's Dinner.
In nrcordsnro with their usual and ex
ceedingly popular custom, the Ladles' Aid
society of the First Presbyterian church
will serve their animal dinner aud supper
iu the lecture room of the church ou
Washington' Birthday Thursday of this
v.'ook. Dinner will bo served between
the hour of 12 and 2 o'clock and supper
from 0 to 8 o'clock. The following exoel
lout menu will be provided:
I toast Turkey. Boast Beof.
Stewed OnionB. Corn.
Cranbery Sauce. Celery.
Dressed Cabbage. Pickles.
Minco, Apple, Squash Pies.
Plum Pudding. Cake, Ice Cream.
ColToe. Tea.
Cold Turkey. Cold Ham.
Creamed Potatoes.
Escalloped Oysters. Baked Bonus.
Dressed Cabbage. Olive.
Raised Biscuits. Bread.
Sliced Orange. Cake.
Coffee. Tea.
Michael Barrett, 'who wa severely
burued at the South works recently
and taken to the Moges Taylor hospi
tal, is in a critical condition. The hos
pital physician attendiugMr. Barrett's
caa told a Triduni: reporter yetrday
that there wa not much hope for hi
recovery. Blood poisoning is feared
as a result of tome compoaitiou
of the ipilgel getting into the
system. The injured man has been
unconscious most of the time since Sat
urday luoruiug. i Howovsr, he was
healthy and strong at tho time of the
accident, and is making a strong fight
against collapse during his conscious
moments, the physician stated that
these two thing were importaud fao
torg ot hope.
Wedded Vary U ietly.
Imanuel Alplaualp, a popular street
car man, and Mis Emma Lovelund
were married on Saturday last by Rev.
Dr. Peurce, of the Elm Park church.
Miss Minnie Livison attended tho
tiride and William Loveland attended
the groom. After th ceremony the
happy couple returned to the bride'
hotu. where a large unmher of friend
had collected. Mr. and Mrs. Alplanalp
are well-known. This was shown by
the number of present they received.
Shorter Paragraphs.
A crank shaft of the blooming en
gine at the South work broke early
yeaterday morning The damage will
be repaired this morning.
William Fink, who bad his thumb
injured on Saturday, wa discharged
from the hospital Monday evening. The
doctor hope to be abl to save the in
jured member.
The Young People' society of Chris
tian Endeavor of the Hickory Street
Pretbyteriau church have made all ar
rangements for a pleasant time at their
entertainment this evening.
Miss Kate Ryan, sister of Patrick
Ryan, of South Wyoming avenue, died
at the home of the latter yeaterday
morning. Miss Myan has been ill for
some time.
The funeral will be held tomorrow
morning at 0 30 o'clock at St. John's
church. Interment will be at the Hyde
Park Catholic cemetery.
Thomas Mask, a youug man residing
in the Twolfth ward, has been missing
since Saturday. His friend wero in
quiring for him at police headquarters
Mis Olien, from Jerusalem, leoturxl
on mission work at the room of the
Young Women's Chriitiau association
lust evening.
The Heckman property on Cedar
avenue ha been sold to a man named
McNuIty of th central city; consider
ation $700.
Interest Manlfsstnd in the Coming V M
C. A. v. Nantiooke Game.
Considerable interest is manifested
by Youug Men' Christian association
utbletes regarding the coming basket
ball contest with th Nantiooke tnm
Thursday night at the armory. R L
Wetton, physical instructor, has kept
the men in gooi training and praotice
and manv feint aud special play have
bo'in perfected.
1 he prowess of the Nanticoke team
is uot underestimated. They have met
all tbe high grade teams in this part of
the state except the Bradford men.
Neither Bradford nor Nanticoke have
y t ien defeated in a eerie. The
Young Men' Chriitiau association and
Nanticoke teams have each won a game
from each other and Thursday niaht
will be the play-off of the tie. Each
tiide ha great pride in their record and
the resuR of the game will place the
victors iu a position to play Bradford
for the northeastern Pennsylvania
championship; consequently, the con
quest will be replete with excitement
and hard fought from th first blast of
the referee' whistle
Th Young Men' Clirittian associa
tion tt urn will probably be made up a
follows: Bercher, center; W Jay,
right center; Moyer, left center; Nul
len, right gnurd; McGoldrich, goal:
Foster, left guard; Reese or Welland,
home ; Tonking or Koch, right forward ;
Davis, left forward.
George Jay will umpire, but the ref
ereo, to be chosen by Nanticoke, has
not been announced. The game will
be called at 8.3(1 o'clock. An admis
sion of 25 cents will be charged.
Tickets are now on salo at the Young
Men's Christian association building or
may be procured at the urmory Thurs
day night.
Tonight the team will play a prac
tice game with the Company C team.
County Teachr' Association Will Con
vene at Moscow Salurday.
The third annual convention of the
Lackawanna Comity Toaehers' Asso
ciation will be held at Moscow on
Saturday, Feb. 24 Principal George
P, Bible, of Stroudsburg; Principal F.
M. Loomis, of Keystone Academy;
Superintendent George W. Phillips, of
Scranton; Superintendent J, E, Wil
liams, of Dun more, and other good
peukerswill address the association,
The question, "Should tho Provision
al Certificate Be Abolished," will be
discussed by Superintendent Phillips,
Superintendent Williaina, Principal
M. J. Lloyd, Principal F. C. Hanyen
and others, The opinion of State Su
perintendent Sclnietfer on thia subject
makes it one of great interost.
The annual election of officers, the
subject of teaohers' contructs and
other matters of importance will come
beforo the association. All th touch
ers In the county should attend. Trains
leave Scranton for Moscow at 8 o'clock
and 9 50 a. m . and teachers can return
by a train leaving Moscow at 5 20 p,
m or later in tho evening. All who
are interested in education are invited
to be present.
. .
Dainty kitchen,
Pretty miss;
Future husband
Sure ol bliss,
Charming pastry,
Perfect roll,
Hrocory things
From Coarsen of course!
Thk Lahiks' Aid society of tlio Dal ton
Baptist church, will have a chicken aud
waffle supper in their new cburch rooms
on Wednesday, Feb. 21, from 5 to 9,90 p.m.
New Eicycla
A uew bicycle worth $75 will be Bold for
(85. The machine ia guaranteed aud is a
rare bargain. Machine muy bo seen ut the
Tribuuu office.
If von want the Inter styles and finish
in photography, you can get it ut Griffin's,
Wyoming avenue. Wo are introducing
uew novelties constantly.
Havk uew neck bands put on your old
shirts at the Lackawanna Laundry, 308
Penn avenue, A. B. Wurman
UST arrived by the
Steamer Panama
large import order of
Haviland & Co.
Many new novelties in
Boudoir Sets, Smoke Sets,
Salads, Pin Trays, &c.
We give better value in
Dinner, Tea and Toilet Sets,
Lamps, Silverware, &c,
than any other house in the
116 Wyoming Avenue.
Do You
Do You
Do You
Do You
Do You
Do You
Do You
for Almost
for Almost
for Almost
for Almost
for Almost
for Almost
for Almost
pRlCES on brand-new Suits and Over
coats in our windows will convince
you that we are about giving them away.
Martin & Delany
Coal Exchange, Wyoming Avenue.
FEBRUARY 21, 1894.
Your tthoioe of .three beautiful
pictureH, "Telephone Girl," "IV
liveiinK Chrlktmaa Presents"
and "Maidens Swinging.'' Hentl
by mail or messenger or bring
coupons like this of three differ
ent dates, with 10 cents, stamps
or coin, to
Cor. Knn Ave. and Spruoe St.
Is the most popular musical establishment in Northeastern Penn
sylvaiva The highest grade of Pianos and Organs. Tho
lowest prices' oblainablo anywhere and the most liberal
terms ever offered to purchasers are some of tho
leading inducements. Look at the list
Sohmer Pianos.
E vcretl Pianos.
Vose & Sons ' Pianos.
Men! in Pianos.
Popular Pease Pianos.
E stey Organs,
Story & Clark Organs,
Chicago Cottage Organs,
Palace Organs,
And all kind ..f Muaicil Merchant!!)
constantly ou baud
The Holidays are hnre, and Ibis is the place to buy Pianos for a Cbristraa$
I'resent. Prices aro lower tbnn any other lnnsio itore in Scranton. Special
Attontion Remember always when you start out to search for a Piano or Or
fzau that Christopher Columbus points with his tiht hand to the exact plaoa
you wa,ut to ko. Now here It Is:
I AST irEAE he had saved 1300.
He bought a house worth $1850
paid 1300 down, gave a mort
gage for $1,550. Today he est
mutes as follows:
Runt saved Jj)0 Ui
lnti-rHt on umrtxas-u $M OJ
Taxetbnd repairs 26 so lit 'M
Net sa vine; on rent $1'J0 !il
Saved on alarj uo uu
To apply on mortgage fr.o so
REFLECTION "In POUB years that
limis. will be free from debt and I shall
have a home of my own."
GREEN BIDOE Is tin. , for
hornet. Finn A Sons have recently fin
ished a beautiful villa, whleh they offer,
on im" paj meats, t
Call at their office, between Washington
and Adam on Olive street.
E ESTAB. 1866.
g New York wareroom. No.
g BU Kifth avenue. S
g Sole dealer In this aeotlon
Offloe 133 Adams avenue, S
J. Y. Guernsey, Prop.
PRING . . .
Styles of
Have arrived.
Best quality and
lowest prices.
220 Lacka. Avenue.
The Great Marvel of Dental Science
A recent discovery and the sole
property of
HeiiYood k Wardell,
1)1 : MISTS,
316 Lackawanna Ave.
After having eleven teeth extracted at
00 alttlng hy thepniulrsH method. I pro.
nonnee it entirely satisfactory in aver?
particular. j, SEAMONS
Special for This Com
ing Week.
Men's Cork Sole Lare Shoes,
Goodyear Welt, $4 h'radc, ") r.fl
to be O-'J"
Men's Cork Sole Laco Shoe,
band'MwedweltftS dfrQ OQ
be C.I. JO
Lailies' Dongoln, Kid Button,
Patented Tip, QooJyear
welt. Common sense last, all s?0 V0
$4.60 grade, to be O-'O.'
Ladies' Fiue Kill Button, cork
soles, band turn. Common
Sense last, only a few pairs Q'l ')'.
of them, f" grade, to bo... O'-'
Ladies' Dull Dongoln Button,
double soles, Common Sense
only, if I grade closed cut at O I '
Misses' Strainht float Button,
spring heel, sizes 11 to 3; $3 &1 j (1
grade will soil nt 1.4.'
Skirt, Balloon
Sleeve, navy, black
and tan. Cost to
make, $16. XoW
We will give yovu
the choice of 40
Jackets, all this
season's make
Not one iu tho
lot that cost lass
than 12 to $20.
and WRAPS. Lfi
will pay you to
.see this oiTVriug
of Tailor-madi)
Boys' School Shoes, button and, silSS It to i $1 25 will it
sell at ' I C.
I Scranton, Pa.
SCHANK'S Arcade Shoe Store.
Scientific Eye Testing Free
By Dr. Shimberg,
The Sporlallat. on tlio Eye. He.idnahe.1 sud
Norvounne relieved. Latest kd Improved
Stylo of Eye lilamai nnd ,.;. nt the
Lowest l'rloea. iiest Artificial Eye inserted
for V
305 SPRUCE ST., op. Post Office.
We need room for new Spring
Stock. Visit us.
8c Co.
Ladle:.' Tailor-, Cloak Makor
and t'urrlera,
".li SPRUCE T..
& VOUB of th,-... mn-iiNS. ira-
S Mated al llt Xi-llmn '1IU. .' oar-
SS nr lVnn uv.imif Mid apruoe atreer,
S I M . 1. .. ,.. Alt K nr., .
S tl-i;i ut th,- HBtMtralleted offera
lor .imtrlKuttitK ptipuiur noon
among out readers. Tho offer uiado
by Tho Trlbunu uanaioueut. are
as followa:
1S TKNTS and Tour Coupon for
nny volmuo Iti tho eolnmbu
rift. Over 100 title. toeiect from.
S'i.7f ut hI Four Coupons for a 10
volume sot of llokna' complete
30 CENTS and Four Coupons for
any book Iu the Hue by
36 ( 1 Mi. and Vnur Coupona for
any book In tho Oxford Herles.