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Daughter of LQlflklltil Orfad for the
ex-Quteu's Cast Oil Throne.
Interesting Incidents Illustrative ot the
Wanton and Savage Character ot
the Woman Whom the Democratic
American Executive Proposed to
Re-Establish Upon the Ruins ot Re
publican Government In Honolulu
President Dole's Health- Prospects
ot the Provisional Government.
ill a n .V j
NgW Y.-kk IVb. 11.
PF.CIAL Hawaiian oorreepondenct
to tbe Sun, under date of rb 8,
says: The news tbtt the x
onaao had so f4r relapsed Into
ancient suvaaerv of her race a to
demand the beads ol hr polltloal ene
mies caused urent excitement here, but
afttr the first shock it was remembered
that hr grandfather wn th first mm
hanged for mnrder ia the Hawaiian
Island, th crime b?iu: that of poison
in his wife, "'toe imperial jointress" of
the royal house TU-u, to. it was re c illad
tiiat when tb priuc who used to stand
to th way of Liliuokalani's heirship to
the throua fell ill her covetous hind
was more ttun suspected of bating
bateud his demise As th- story goes,
th prince was convalescing after a
looir illuess, 'mi the doctor said he
would get well. I. va thjn that his
sister appeared at t!ie bedside carrying
m bowl of pot, the u;itiv's favorite dish.
By her royal command all the attend
ants of th' prince left tiie sick room
aud th doors were locked,
Some of th poi was eaten, and in
four hours fie heir to Kilakauvs
crown was a putTe i and staring corpse
in whose body some "leperous distil
ment" had wrought the mortal change
They had no corouers in Hawaii then
who could lay hands on the Lord s
annotated, but thepbrstcians who siw
the ho ly knew th- cause af death.
Onceniore m after years the Polyne
sian blood of tba future patron nf the
axe and block showd itself through
the thin rouge of civilization with
which she ciiose to covr ber real
nature, Liliuokalant was in London
then, a distinguished guest atyiaen
Victoria's jubilee. During tbe
festivities the news of the uprising
here which forced Kalakaua to accept
a liberal constitution wag carried to her.
"Did my brother yieMT'she said,"Ah,if
I bad bn there t tie streets of Hono
lulu would hav run with blool before
I ihonll have let bim give way an
inch." Iu these piras spoke th im
placable savage of the ancient Poly
nesian type, "a chiefess' as the Ha
waiian title goes who oould bare
stood by and seen the neads of white
haired missionaries fail into the basket
with th same leer of barbarous con
tent on her face with which sh
watched live pigs roast on the hot
crust of Ktlanea s crater, when sh
made her pagan sacrifice, not many
years ago, to the fabled gjddess of the
burning lake.
Knowing th "x-queen a they did,
the annexation party was not surprised
at br demand tor blool, but the royal
ists were thrown into a state of politi
cal excitement and despair. They knew
the natnre of tbeir mistress well
enough, but they thought that she
bad th cunning to dissamhle un
til she had been restored to
power. Their intelligence told thrn
that the United States would never
seat her oa the Hawaiian tbron
after snch a display of blo.dthistina
as she had made. On all sides the word
was passed tbat Lillnokolani had
ceased to be a factor in the political
equation. The thought common among
the monarchist leaders was-what next.
Naturally Guardian Davie had a sug
gestion to make. It wis Lainlani. In
a letter to a royalist journal h ex
pressed abhorrence on the conduct of
the ex-qneen, and went so far as tossy
that previous acts of bers, of mnch less
savag purport, had absolved her fol
lowers from the duty of allegiance to
Privately among the royalists he be
gan a Kaiulani propaganda, and, al
though the nam of the princess bas not
hitherto been one to cot.jure with In
tha Hawaiin Islands h has managed to
give ber canse a standing which it bad
never beforo been able to obtain. It
may now he said that Hawaii has a
Kaiulani party, small, but capable of
growing larger. Davies Is a 'man of
wealth and culture, but of ultra-British
monarchist principles. For five years
and he bus had charge of the princess as
her guardian, and hehas moulded her
youthful mind with skillful touch nn
til she is now, in all but blood am)
color, an English gentlewoman. To
put bor on the throne, to m.rry hsr to
his son, to govern her through her
husband and through the Scotchman
(Cleghorn), who calls himself her
father, and to aecure for his further
reward tb post of Hawaiian minister
to the court of St James', are the lond
ambitions for which Davies works
early and late.
Kaiulani will have behind her the
strength and prestige of Davies' in Ali
enee and wealth ; th help of a part of
the younger native element iu the
( Royalist party; the diplomatic cun
ning of British ministef resident, ami
the sympathy of the Koglish-Hawaii -ans
generally. Still, this will avail
her nothing, unless the Royal
ists revolt and succeed in an
effort to overthrow tbe existing
government. I donbt if their most
sanguine supporters think this ran be
done in th ordinary course of events.
Their hope undoubtedly is that the an
nexation party will break up into con
tending factions, and that, taking ad
vantage of the confusion which may
follow, the Monarchists will gain their
It is proper to say that many of the
published stories about the meutal ill
health of President Dole nre the result
either of misinformation or malic. By
overwork and two itiss of a groat strai n
of anxiety the president began to fl
a species of brain fag. which, while
it did not dim his intellectual
processes, made it advisable that
he should unburden hitusdf of much
of the detail work Which Ml to him in
his double capacity of President and
minister of foreign affairs. To this end
a bill has been Introduced separa ting
the two ofBoai. It will pass and with
it it will go a sslarv for tin presi dent
Of $10,000 a year. Uncr relieved of the
dutieaoftbe foreign office, Dvd will
regain his energy the next mi nistsr
Of foreign affairs is likely to bi ex N ice
President Francis M llntoti, a young
lawyer who oatt here SOU years ago
from New Bamshlro, and now bas the
large practice of the islands.
Should he decline to serve, ex Attor
uey General William Nevius Arm
strong, who accompanied Kalakaua
around the world and Bgard largely
in Hawaiian p.ilitic up to issj.ia likely
to have the post. Probably th present
cabinet will bold offisc under tbe per
manent administration. Th great
political c nitest of the pirty will, there
for, h fought upon tba vice presi
dency and tile composition of tba sen
ate and h uise o' representative, for
the vice-presidency there may be
half a dozen ssinrauts. among whom
William R Castle, William 0 Wilder
and Walter Q, Smith have been in
cluded by those Who make horoscopes.
Arntiiiit'iiitnit Have Bivn Mailt) for
bates of the Hay.
Hie lie
Contested Scat Wrangles, Euloglai
and Matters ot the Kind Will Kill
Tinie--Forty Members Desire to
Illuminate the Bland Seigniorage
bill with Oratorical Fireworks The
Peckham Nomination on the Pro
gramme Work ot the Committees.
taken from the current lutfOBM of tbe
The receiver will next ti m their at
tention to providing for the remaining
current indebtedness of the company,
mainly in the slisix of bills luyable,
aggregating about Hoti mm an 1 secured
largely bv securities of the comp my.
1 In o! the roceivvri in referring to this
mil Iter today said, "ymi can aiiuoum:),
If you choose, that within ninety days
the bills payable will ull b provided
t the same time tha receiver! will
provide for working capital for the
oompany, 1 he plan under considers -
lion, and which hide fmr to meet with
success. Is to issue siu.i.uuuuu collateral
trust bonds.
Rev. Father Hill, ot Brooklyn, As
saulted By His Assistant, Rev.
Dr. McDonald
BkOOLYN, N. Y., Feb. 11. - A sensa
tion of tb very largest kind was
created this morning In St Paul s Ko
man Catholic church, th oldest conse
crated church iu Brooklyu. It arose
from an attack upon the pastor of the
church. Rev. William J. Hill, at the
verv st'ps of the altar. bv his assistant.
Rev. Dr. Patrick V. McDonald. The
trouble OOOWred at the 10 o'clock mass
when th church was crowded
with worshipers Father Hill is
about 'i years of ag. and
It was under his successful
administration that tbe parish, was
freed from debt and consecrated som
years ago Dr McDonald came to the
parish from Newark, X J., and was
originally from the dioces of Cloyne,
Cork, Ire. He is a highly educated
man, has traveUd widely aud. it is
said, one or twice been in ecclesias
tical trouble. He hail stated to F ither
Hill, it is sai 1, that ba had suffered
from softening of the brain. He is of
powerful physique, wighiug about !50
Dr. McDonald had been appointed
by Pastor Hill to ceUbrat the mass at
10 o'clock, and also the high mass at
11. During the celebration of the for
mer th worshipers were amazed to
se Dr. McDonald approach Father
Hill, who entered to assist at the cele
bration, and strike him a violent blow,
felling tba pastor' to the floor. Be
fore Father Hill could rise Dr.
McDonald came to tbe chancel rail.
and gesticulating wildly, exclaimed
that there had been a conspiracy ba
tween Father Hill and Bishop Mc
Donald to drive him from the diocese
Hi then turned and again assaulted
Father Hill. Parishioners finally
rushed forward and held him until the
arrival of officers He was subsequent
ly taken to St. Peter's hospital for treat
ment in chargs of an officer.
It is said tnat he had been notified
through the bishop's secretary that be
would not be made a -regular priest of
tne diocese and this fact weighted upon
his mind. He has many friends who
believe him to be insane.
The Farmers' Alliance National Council
is in annual session at T opeka, Kan.
Idaho Indians have cederl territory that
gives residents of Harrison title to the
town site.
A frenzied mob is chasing James Smith,
a Seymour, Wis., farm hand, who assault
ed a little girl.
Iiiscovery of gold deposits on E B. Ar
thur's farm, at Portland Ind., has set the
inhabitants crazy.
Daylight burglars strd-i 110,000 worth of
diamonds from the flat of Pawnbroker
Cahn, of New York.
Haying good-bye to his wife, Max flraun,
a Montgomery, Ala., broker, went into
another room and shot himself.
From the effects of swallowing a small
snxke. Mrs. Mary linrgess, ot Valley View,
Ky., expired in terrible agony.
Finding business unprofitable. th Stny
ve-ant Safe Deposit comnany, of New
York, is moving toward voluntary dissolu
tion. Because thn San Francisco Chronicle
cast reflections editorially on the news
paper men, tb local Tress club may expel
Editor Da Y'onng.
I nnble to get a snrgeon for three men,
whose feet and hands were frozen, ou the
shore of the QUlfol St. Lawrence, neigh
bors cut off tbe limbs with an ax.
Ex-Attornev (Jnneral Charles J.M.Uvlnti
of Baltimore, died after a ten days grip ill
ness. Mr. Oyinn has for n great innnv
years been the political advisor of Senator
ilormati. He was Dora In October
The l.nndOD Daily News nsrs that the
PriBCess Bat, the 1 year old daughter of
Piince Henry of Hattontrg and the
Ptinc.nss Beatrice. r thrown from her
pony near I Isiiorne hoii'-e on Saturday. She
lay insensible for 'J4 hours from concus
sion of the brnin.
The six elevators of the Farmers' Mutual
Elevator company at CrOOkttOU, Minn,
went Into the hands of the receiver Hatnr
nay, upon the oruer ot .lunge iTes; ( liarles
K Sidle, of Minneapolis, bninir appointed.
The liabilities are nlioiit f'llD.QQU, and the
assets about ?M,mi).
Mr. (lladstone declsrns that the alleged
interview with bin which was published
ny me rana I'atrie, on robruary o was
pure fiction. In this Interview Mr. Hail
stotm was represented as saying tbat he
would rotain hid officii to lead the attack
upon tb house of lords.
Uoo life was lost and two persons serl
ously burned iu a tint at Corinth, Miss.,
yesterday. I be residence of Mrs. W. E
Nicholas caught tire and before the In
mates could be rescued an invalid sister of
Mrs. Nichols perished iu the llnmrs and
two children receivud Injuries which niay
prove i in in
Uonrge rora (Colored), a piano player in
i. n. iiounnmi s saloon at fi. state street
Chicago, fired three shots at Mamie Harris
Colored) at 2:30 o'clock this nioruiug.
Each bullet took effect. Th Harris wo
man was removed to the County hospital,
whore she died. Ford wan arrested. He
claims self-defense, as the woman bad
druwu a knife.
Washington, Feb u.
SplU' one event of the week is ex
peoted to be th vote III the holism
ou the ltlaud seigniorage bill,
providing that measure is not
side-tracked before the last legislative
stage is reached it is not exp noted in
any event that a deolsW vote can be
reached before Wednesday afternoon
ami probably not before Thiirad ly. Th-
chairman of the commute of the
whole on Friday last announce 1 that
upward of forty gentlemen desire to
speak on tue bill, Wlul it is not
probable that all of this number will
be h a ', it is safe to assume that more
than tw-ntv on the list tvill attempt to
a lilreas tlio house at greater or less
length. Tuero ciiinot lie more than
two hours' debate on th bill Monday
inasmuch as too Stanford eulogies
have been mad a special order for 3
o'clock ou that day.
I'he contested election case of
O'Neill, (Deiii ,) vs. Joy. (.liejp. ,) the sit
ting inemlier from the Meventh Mis
souri (bt, Louisi district, has the right
of way as a question of the highest
privilege if Mr. PatUrsoti, of Tennes
see, who has it iu charge ou behalf of
the committee on lelestiou those to In
sist 00 his rights, Some time during
the weak this mattsr Issues to come
up. It has been agreed that hix hours
shall be set aside for the consideration
of this case which will of course carry
it over to i ii- following nay oeior a
vote cau be reached. After this ease
bas been disposed of th appropriations
Committee will bring forward some of
the bills reported by them that ar now
on th bouse calendar. There ure five
of these measures, viz: (i moral Defici
ency, Fortifications, Pensions, District
of Columbia aud Sundry Civil.
Hawaiian talk in TBI sknatk,
In th senate there may become re
newai or cue Hawaiian d-oate, as
Senator Daniels aud Senator I' lay, the
Litter a member of the committee on
toreign relations has given uoticaB of
speeches on that subject, which will
not probably be referred until the re
port of the committee is made. The
Berry bill.requinng railroads in Indian
territory to stop at town sites, is the
unfinished business. An adjournment
over from Tbursdav to the .following
Monday is to be expected in order to
give tbo committee now eugsged iu the
revision of the tariff bill furthor op
portunity to complete their labors.
In the event that tha committee on
the judiciary should disu is of the
Pecknam nomination at tomorrow's
meeting, there may be a short but sav
age contest in executive session.
- i
It Causes Panic Amonir th, Rialdtntn
of th Conemauuh Valley.
Johnstown, Feb. 11. The Inhabit
ants of tho town of Wentinotit bad the
worst scare they have had since the
South Fork dam broke and carried
death and destruction through the val
ley of tbe Coosmaugh, Westmont is
situated on the mountain side, 500 feet
above the valloy, and its water supply
wos drawn from an artificial dam 100
Test bighvr up the mountain List
night tiie dam broke, and the sound of
the rushing water down the mountain
side awokn thn sleeping villagers and
sent them rushing iu a panic into the
streets of the town.
Fortunately the voliuns of water in
the dam was insiillicieut to do any
harm and beyond the fright received
hy the village ptoplo and the II mditig
of a few cellars no damage was done
ConKregatlou of R,v Scbnon'
Church N n HI, a -
I'll TSUI nil, Feb. II. -A in ling of
the trustees of the United German
Evangelistic ProtiiHt.tiit church, of
Mount Washington, was held today to
tak ltd ion mi tint iineiplaiuo.l abssuc.o
of Itiv. J II ii, who left bom
ii .Ian. - i and has not been heard of
since. I nn pulpit was dvclared va
l'hero am many disparaging reports
float concerning Rv. Schnorr. who
obtained leave of absence for only ona
week. The trustees are Very much at
sea concerning the Iniaiuess nllairs of
the church, owing to the fact that
Whatever record ther is of transac
li ins with banks and others, is in Rev.
Schnorr' possession. T he trUStOM are
however, that there is a
of a considerable sum of
Siie Succumbs lo the Terrible BfMltl of an
Unprofessional Treatment
Tragical Incident in tbe Little Country
Village of Kunkle, Wyoming County,
Causes Excitement and Recalls the
Unpunished Crime in Which Miss
Helena Roberts Perished Arrests
Expected Soon The Plain Facts in
a Case That Serves as a Warning.
Uordon, addressing th council whil
the lobby was crowded with BOO unem
ployed man, said : "1 will not he r
spotiHible for what my occur if this $2
for one week is not distributed at ouoi.
'fh board of publiu works reportH that
1.H00 men have registered for work.
None liss been furnished. Men will
not starve. The money is in tho
treasury and let it be paid out 13 for
one week to each man."
The demand was referred to the city
attorney for an opinion as to its legal
ity, that being an easy means of dodg
ing the issue A resolution was adopted
ordering lutiir complaints and re
quests mad before the committees in
semi privacy. Cordon ears be was
formerly a councilman in Hostou.
a few
Evelyne Callatroi Colonna Secretly
Flees From France lo Avoid Sur
rendering Her Children.
Ni w Yoltk, Feb. 11. --Princess Eve
lyne Uallatroi Colonna mid her three
children arrived here this morning on
th steamr New York from South
snipton. She was accompanied by her
step brother, John W Mackay, jr.
The Princess hurriedly lft Franc
with her children week before last,
and her departure was surrounded by
considerable mystery. The fact that
sh has taken hr childreu out of
France is said to be a violation of
French law, as the children were undr
the jurisdiction of tbo courts. The
domestic differences of the Prince
Colonna and the Princess were being
adjudicated by th courts of France
and the prince bad sued for control of
the children.
To avoid surrendering the children,
even temporarily, tbe princess was
said to have left the country, escape I
from the decree of the French court.
Mrs Uaokay. her mother, is still liv
ing in ljondon.
When the Now ork drew into ber
dock today Mr Mackay, the uriucess'
step father, was waiting on tn dock
with bis business partner. Mr Mackay
leclmed to discuss the affairs of his
daughter. As soon as the gang plank
was lowered the priticess descended
from ttie steamer, followed by hr
brother, br maid and the three chil
dren, who were dressed in natty,
Italian sailor costumes. She was met
by her father, who warmly greeted
her, and immediately conducted her to
a carnage iu waiting at tho entrance
to the dock.
J. W. Mackav, jr , when approached
by a reporter said th family was
averse to making their domestic affairs
public. II sail bis sistvr had no
latement to give to the public. Tba
lilY-rent members of the pirly then
got into carriages and drove off.
he prlusess occupied staterooms rr
and ."ii ou board the Now York. She
mudu a number of friends suiong the
female saloon piissengeiigers and joined
in the ordinary conversations of the
voyage, but avoided any msiition of
her case in the. French courts.
Th Inaurirsnt Lund Trinpi nd De
stroy the Government Strongholds.
Klo Df. Jankkid, Feb. U. via Monte
vide'). Feb 11. I he insurgent fleet
attacked Aruiacao at H oeJOOl last
evening and continu' d to light until
dayhreak The insurgent laudi
troop ntul dstrovd the beach and
hilltop forts of the government. With
six heavv guns and two magazine guns
they swept the streets of Nictheroy,
but finally were forced to retreat
before tbe superior iiumbsrs of the
government forces. The government
admits a loss ot 21)0, but the United
Press correspondent at Niclheroy says
Unit Mill is nearer the true Phi
The loaurganta succeeded beyond all
liopss, having destroyed the govern
ment position most menacing to Hie
Meet and having lost but 270 men in nil
Plaa for Tutting the It nd Upon
Sound Financial Bsel.
PBttADIliPBU, Fb II. The sue
cesiful i 'ebnln 1 1 nil ion of the Heading
railroad and its speedy extrication from
the present receivership were prncti
ally utsiired ou rial unlay wlieu ar
rangemonla were coucluded for
wiping out tb Moating debt and
putting thn company in shape
for restorslion to the stockholders
Thn first step to this end, ns decided
npon by receivers, and now only
awaiting the sanction of the court be
fore being put into effect, il th issue
of lK.ODO.000 of cosl trust notes based
on Hie coal in band and the coal no
counts of th company as col lateral
with which to pay oil' the fJ.OOO.OOO
loan of Spvyer & Co , and the fl.lHIO.OOO
advanced by the nuance l oiupmy ul
Pennsylvania on th company s coal
accounts, valued at over $7,000,000
The additional $500,00.) naoesaaw for
this purpote will, it is uudrstoud, b
Unknown Veetsl on th Shoals at
Cepi flatter".
PHIbAI'i I i ill , Feb. 11. The un
known steamer that foundered with all
hands on outer Diamond shoal, Cape
Hatteras, last week. is believed
here to have been tho Ttrilish ateatn
ship (ilympia, ( 'atitain ( 'olemnn, from
HetaDiaa, ubs, rebruarv I, for
riuiadaiphm, Willi a cargo
of 2,'JiK) tons of sugar for
the franklin sugar refiunry Frointh
inscription given by the life guards
who caught a gliuuii" of the ill fate I
steamer while she was drifting towards
the shoal ninny points of resemblance
to tb l Ilympia are noted. I bo mi
known steamer had n light colored
smokestack, and the ilvniina s was
painted a buff color. The Olvtnpls
was a two masted schooner rigged
vessel and so was the lost steamship.
h the vessel drifted In towards the
shoal it was noticed that she was deep
in the water as if heavily loaded, and
thn Olympia'e cargo of sugar would
have sank th Steamer well down. The
Olympia carried the new of thirty-two
men besides Captain Colnman, and was
consigned to the F.astern Line Stenm
ship company of this city.
For sever il years past the Otytnpta
has traded between this port and Cuba
returning with a cargo of sugar. The
8,900 ton aboard the (llyuipia was
owned by the sugar trust.
The vessel was owned by thn Crown
Steamship company, of lldfust, Ir
land, and Was built in IMS.' at Stock
ton. Knglaud. Sh- was 1100 feet long
I'M feet beam and "l feet draught.
Th Board of Trad Building and Oihr
Property Burned.
DiJI.tTII, Minn., Feb. 11 The board
of trade building, in which were lo
cated the offices of the board, the North
American and western Union
Telegraph company's, the Amei
icau Neel liiirge company
the Ijike Superior Union lin
provement nnd Ihiluth BleVetOf com
piny s ami the OulOeS of nearly all the
citv grsin and vessel firms was entire
ly destroyed by lire at noon today.
1 he bosrd 01 trade building was
built in IHHo end cost ;." 000. The
total loss today's fire is $1)1.000 with
an insuraucsof $0,000.
fljpeSfdJ to Ms ftfaatoa Tribune.
TCMKHANNOOK, Pa., Feb. 11.
"PRESIDENTS of tbe adjoining vll
DJ lage of Kunkle are iu a state of
pn excitement over tb sensational
J U death of Jennie Tyler, the 17
year old daughter of Edward Hoover,
a resident of Knukle. Th
datti of the young woman was due
directly to the unprofessional opera
tion of a prominent Wilkas Hirre phy
sician, whose name is iu th posssssiou
of tba authorities.
Before she died, Miss Tyler made a
statemeut.duly attested by
which she charges that she had been
wronged by a young man nemd Fish
er, with whom she had been on friend
ly terms. When her condition became
snch as to excite comment. Fisher re
fused her the reparation of m image,
and absented himsslf from the commu
nity. In this plight, the girl sought the
services of th physician iu question,
and treatment was given which ended,
soon after this statement was made, in
Miss Tyler's death.
As soon as District Attorney Car
man, of Luzerne county, learned of
these cbsrges, b telegraphed to the
Wyoming county coroner to hold an
inqiieit. Hi latter deeided to hold an
inquest this afteruoou, aud impauneled
ujury, but the hearing was not com
pleted. It is expected that the render
mg of a verdict by this jury will cause
the arrest of the implicated physician,
who, it is understood, is now under
surveillance by the Wilkes liirre
authorities. Miss Tyler, tbe victim,
was it vivacious and prepossessing
young woman, whose death has occa
sioned a profound stir amoug the easy
going inhabitants of the little country
village iu which It is au event of sur
passing magnitude.
Relatlvos of th Omoera and Crew ar
Bcomlng Anxloui.
Washington, Feb. 11. Secretary
Herbert was anxiously looking all day
for a dispatch announcing the return
of the rescue steamer City of Para to
'olou with the ouii-er and crv of tb
wrecked corvette Kearsag, now lying
upon Houcador Keet, 250 miles away,
but up to n late hour this evening no
lispatch bad come to baud. I he sec
retary i anxiety arose more from an
amicable desire to relieve the minds of
the frieuds and relatives of the ship
wrecked men than (roiuauv real appre
hetision ou bis own part, or on that of
the best informal navy oUicials, ot
serious impending danger.
1 lie uavy department officials stated
yesterdny that they would fed no canse
for alarm if news of the successful ac
complishment of the city of Para's mis
sion did not reach them till some lime
Monday, or even us late as Tuesday
mormiiL'. Hut sensational stories pub
lished about delay ill the attempt to
rescue ami of possible starvation and
other horrors have c msed the depart
ment to be overwhelmed with telegrams
of inquiry from relatives, whose fears
tbe secretary would like to alluy at the
earliest possible moment.
It is hardly likely that anv news can
come now to hand tonight, hut tomor
row morning it is hoped will bring a
welcome cable message of Hafety and
Husband of the Lale Annie Pixler
Has Arrived.
Nuw York, Feb. 11, Among th
passengers that arrived here today on
theWew York was Robert Fulford, the
husband of the late Annie i'ixley, the
actress, who recently died in Knglaud.
Fulford ba come over to meet ti e
accusations made against him by th
family of Miss PixUy in regard to the
manner of her death and the property
she ie supposed to have left
$200,000 Fire at Hartford Seventy-Five
Presses Valued at
$30,000 Not Insured.
The Celebrated Tariff Rformr a Verv
Met Man.
Kansas Citv, Feb. II. -Tonight a
change for the wors came In the con
ditiou of Congressmen w L Wilson,
who arrived In this citv yesterday
morning en route to Mextoo, Mr Wil
son caught a severe cold and suffered
with a chill while on his way from
Washington to Chicago Inst week
Against tbe advice of his physician, lie
left Chicago Friday night and came to
Kansas City to hll an appointment to
speak here last, night. At 7 o'clock Inst
evening Dr I orter positively forbade
his leaving th hotel.
Today he fell better, and this after
noon the doctor thought Mr. Wilson
Could continue his journey Tuesday,
but tonight the great tariff reformer
was attacked by a high fever, and is
now a very sick man. Il Is doubtful
if he will be aide to leave hern this
KnaClty and Several Oilier Vetrn
Point Hnnwed Under.
Kansas Citv, Mo., Feb 11 tine of
the BefOOAl snow storms ever known of
In this section began at noon today and
is still raging. The local signal service
oBoen say it will continue throughout
tonlghti Traffic on all street car lines
was blocked by 6 o'clock this afternoon,
but tonight some of the companies have
partly cleared thvtr tracks.
F.venlug trains from all directions
centering at this city were from one to
four hours late, with the condition rap
idly growing WOfse, Reports from
many points in the went indicate a
very-general storm
The Unemployed D-ni mil Money from
the TI y Treasury.
Tai'iiMA, VViisIi., Feb. IL .lames
Qotflon appeared before the city coun
cil last evening and demanded that $2
be imm-diately drawn Iroiu the city
treasury and paid to each of th 1.800
uiie in ployed wuom be represented.
HAiiTKnitu, Conn., Feb. 11. Colt's
Patent Fire Arms manufactory Was
destroyed by lire this afternoon, in
volving a loss oi nearly $350,000 Th
fire started near tbe boiler house, and
when discovered had communicated
with au elevator and a tier or closets
running up three stories near th main
wall of the east armory lue build
ings where the tire originated were of
stone anil brick, three stories and near
ly 400 feet long, connecting tb east
and west armories.
Hy tbe time the department got fairly
to work onhalf the long building
connecting tb two armories was ablaze
from base to attic, and tne efforts of
the firemen were then directed to sav
iug tbe east armory. Lines of hose
were soon ruu up into the third and
fourth floors of the east armory, and
the progress of the flames was headed
off in that directiou.
The fir, In the meantime, was slow
ly working its way toward the West
armory, a building 500 feet long and
three stories high. It hud already eaten
through a brick tire wall a foot thick
and was working its way through the
attic over the heads of the firemen,
who wero bravely trying to stop its
progress on the fljor below. For some
reason tli stairs leading to the attic
could not be found an 1 the flames
made rapid progress nuiotig tbe season
ed gun stocks aud other comnustible
material stored there. Finally a line
of hose was run up Into the attic of the
west armory aud in through an iron
door the tiremu faced the smoke aud
fire for nearly bnlt an hour, It was
their last stand and it was wnat saved
the west armory.
As soon as the fire burned through
th roof the smoke was drawn awav
from them and the tin-men then fol
lowed up their advantage and quickly
brought the fire under control. In two
hours from that time it was practically
out. Tb three story buil ling contair
ing the tw armories is partially ds
stroyed, Etatof the dividing brick
walls it is all g n and west of it the
roof and the top story is burnt off.
The loss ou the buildings is estimated
at 178,000, There wr ssventy-ftve
Universal presses ready for shipment
which were totally destroyed III th at
tic were 5,000 black walnut gun stock
seasoning. These were a total loss
Then 1 Pierce, nickel plater, on th
third floor, lost most of hli machinery
All the other flairs were occupied by
the Colt company for storing and pack
ing purpose. The concerns in the
west armory lose little and that by
water. The total loss will reach $250,
000, covered by insurance to the
amount Of $800,000 The seventy five
presses, valued at $80,000, were not in
Thirty years ago this month, on Feb.
5, Colt's factory was destroyed by lire.
At that time the east armory was to
tally destroyed. Th cause of th fire
then was thought to be of rebel origin.
PlVS hundred hands are thrown out of
work, but if the boilers are intact, as
it is believed they are, the shops will
be running iu a week.
The Colt works are about a mile and
a half south of the city on the river
front They occupy a large tract of
land and are a notable feature in the
landscape, The fire mads a brilliant
spectacle, which attraotsd n throng of
people to the scene,
- -
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tnrned yesterdey from the new gold
lllstnOt itlotitf the inieriintioiiiil bnuuu
m y in tbe sicinttv nf Ruiny Lske. lie
says people sre Booking to th district
bv every nistis of transportation.
Ml tbo bntldlngi in Rainy Lake City
nre crowded, mid hundred of people
ire sleeping lu tents nnd sheds with
tbe temperature frequently al twenty
and twenty-five degrees below rero.
Rainy Laks City is iuu miles distant
from a railroad, and h tii" centre of the
Hold discoveries on the .Minnesota side
of tbe lino-
kesterday morning the centennial pole.
bnitlon of the Market Spnire I'teshyter-
ian congregation m Hsrrlsbnrg waa tn
sttgorated with sermon by Bey, Dr.
Jehu le Witt, of the PrlMtOO Theologies!
Jacob Bansman, one ot lbs oldest and
most prominent reldeuM of Lancaster,
died yesterday, aged 8) years for over
twenty yesrs be was nreeid"nt ot the
Farmers' Nstlnnnl bn"k, of that city. He
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