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MR. J. L. STELLE will continue
the business under the tirui name of
Stelle & Seeley.
Topular, reliable ami wlthlu your reach.
Htv taken over 100 Ural premium! hi
iLi past tlfty year.
Other make of Mario.. Four makes nf
Cigaiis iu beautiful uvr MH our
stock before buym. We hv the i;oodv
tor prieM r KwrjabiUg m Mm
idumc lma,
IS4 Wyoming Ave.. Scranton, Fa.
Punch Cigars
G, B. 8c Co ,
hrpret,! en E.u-h C'gar
Garner, Brown & Co. Mfr's.
u-To w r at.
W K. 'Az. V -.: iiaeu, u la
New Yor ou b.ii:ie.
WilUs a. Davenport, el Pittsburg, is the
guest of We-, isle trk ads.
Councilman T. B. Uori m Sew York.
Be return thu roo :
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wioum and Mise
K h-. : : i" i; Wn'.::;:..
Misses Masgi Lloyd and Jeie l.w'j.of
P.:t.roa, caiisU on We: ft.ead ve
lerday. Mrs. H. F. Taagar, of Mulberry stnW,
1 er:-r:Aiu:ai Mr LVLiaa Waitmao, of
w V rk.
RsV :n.r -- l Bttrk, P. t, M:t.
i secured the pottioa of chief txk
leeper 'or i'dertakar Oareu tu-::.
Mrs. Swra:.?;.wif of Kjv. H.C. BwetSt
lel, cf Br i.ya, hi th-i jieet of Mr.
."! - 1 i-. .
Mr r. i Mm V Z. Wood, of San D:fo,
Cal . .'.-.:;o Mr w d or .ther.
rMeffnglasas H. F. Ferber, of S.ath
M :c arena.
C K. Bofeatta and wife, of Scranton.
regietered at :hs Eoropaw hotel, Wil-hap-
r:, M:: !
Mr. Tho ma " irdaa and isoshter. Hat
tie, of Wt fi'tatva. w-re tb jfaets of
Mr W V. i. . R ,rtn iaoi-
-- : i;.v
Joeeoa J. Curt, of the Valley Hon.
P".s:v ws am ,it tu visitor to th
city --f lay Mr CwTtwB b- rema
hand ad a past Laua.ord of toe Westmm-t:r.
Uappenlugs of a Day That Will Interest Hyde
Park Readju
Miss Jane E. WUIiams and Howell
D. Phillips tlio Contracting Parties.
DMth ot Mrs. Henry Burporliolt.
Ei.lortainnient and Dobato This Evo
nini; PrtMnUtton to Attorney J.
Aiton Davis.
TlM West Bid. oBm o( tli BfntAJTMM
Truditi la looatad at W South hiaio nv
Hue, whan abaorlptlont, adTtrttoaawaM
ami conmuahMUooa will rMtin pooipl
A very pretty weldinif MMBlOtlT
Mrfortnad I nt erautai t the Dome
of Mrs IV V. William Oil PrtOt tret
lb COntMGtini! tiarlie wer It
ilauvhter. Mita JitUi K WitUttina. an I
11. well 1. IMulltp. of Liia'l'ii street
l ite oereinonv was ptrfDrtthd hv II v
IV 1. .loues. of Hi T'U (nro
w- eharoh, kl t Iu otMiuon)
no uctllrat upper w nrvhd t Mm
intimate friends Htl relatives.
KahuteUmMt fhii !!
An tBMrhitnmeut n.i dtbutt will
ocoqi m the BinMon M 'tiiodnt Bpla
copal oharab under in, laaploaa of
Blinpaon etaaplat of BpwotMi laagaa
i :u r. will N tiianv atwaonona, la
alttdittl a Worll't fair art gallery, for
a iaw of which an idnlettOD of a
eanta will ba ohargad, An kntaraaliaii
iiter.irv and BOaiOal jirogrsmme WlH
l reiulere.l. Tht debate i. RaaolTad,
"That nature is more plaaalOC to the
eye tlutt art " Jadfjaa of debate. I,
H Pile, V liaylorl rbomai and Al
fred .iodtili Maaie will ba randard
by a parly of mala otoea nodal the
laadarabip ot William W U'ns.
Ptath of n Et:tnb'. Woman.
Mr !nrirti otT, wife of Uenrv Hnr
gerboff, of the ttrm 01 W .'gut4!i Hnr
I (Wboff, of avenue, died
vetr.lT at her home on North Lin
DOla sveuue after an tllnesa of aeveral
weka. Sbe wa s woman ll known
, n this side. whra sue had by hr
seiiisl. harpy deposition aeiiuired
: many friends. Bat husband and tiv
atntll children survive. 'l'Ua funeral
; notice will j;i?ir later.
Fucral af 3iunl Moor.
The funeral of Samuel Moore of
Uci-son trt. who met a tragic death
on Tuesday by being run down bv a
'locomotive in the Delaware, Lack
wauna tnd Western yard, will oconr
tbU afternoon at 0 o'clock. The re
mains wilt beoinvy-d to the Penn
Aveuue Baptist chureii. where servicse
will be held I iteriunt wlil le made
at to V?aabbnrn street cemetery.
Vm'.tr 'tj short letter of tn:ert
anil be pahsi vhea accoopaaied. for pub
l -.r-.c .- -.-r THiTitra'
mil aot o haid reetwiaibte for upioiuci ar
CswaTdatete -.: Btptii.
Ciiur of TfcTribcsi:
.-..-I.--. ; Moaday rr. r: .4
p-arel an ataMa from the Dunmore
correspoaderit in rejari lo the Uagh that
wa ha.1 a my ip!i. touching
tbo coming election osj ton th inat. AP
though 1 take very little intereet m sorni
of hi r-gar-iiog the aptraot for
boroufla favors ar, 1 a r.oih 1 might fel
thaaaful for the credit givn to nu of bt
i..g cooaidered aa teaaal mac, which I
think rather a rtr- sp-, laana of humanity
in the closing of tbia etaaMMtk eootary. I
must say that I f.. ic duty u mseif anl
the eU'zeo of Dunmore, compelled to
la 'be first place, I think it no sen-. flee
to giv mraeif the chsn-: to be repudiated
by rri7 f-.low ntizea. Ills well known
Vi Jama Young, who hi now Ibe chairman
of the Rpubii'n party in the borough,
that by hi edMBUg Mr. Oibbona i to
Repab..';n nominee or ritner raodldete
for tax collector, and it la well known
that Le, a mil m the majority of aald
ticket, are Ixm' crata. I ran a an inde
r.i. ' 1:, : '! : .(. tr.. ,.r: .o , ar t,-.-tie.
If y ,ar correepondent l.a o.nvinced
the voters that I Lave no cr.anc what
ever to be elected, then be will have ac
complished bn pnrpos, for thtn hundred 1
wonid probably remain at home on elec
tion day instead of going to tne polls and,
sure aaoaadi I won j ba brfi babntv Two
yer ao I rn for the same position
against Mr Itoiand, nd if ,arnes Vonng
told ma the truth that day. I would have
b-en elected nad lit been a acrei ballot
then aa it now l; for BtaaM tome that
Mr. iMri, one of the aspirants for the
position Vf,w, wnt round the p.ll that
day and foood out that I was running
ahead and Mr, Uwher'a party were
called upon to give him np and vote for
Mr. Iklurid. Thu cauwl the result of the
elctlon to give Mr. ii.vnver about iV) and
to Rive m .'ef. anil Mr. HrjiMd NO
Realizing this to he a haul light bet ween
Ml. Uiboon and Mr boland, 1 think thorn
Is a very uool chance for me to OMM out
vicfjr if toy friends will joat come 1 1 the
prills on the 20th nnd perform their duly
as citizens and not be mi-I'd by such atate-jni-nt
as your correspondeiil reported OH
Monday, Feb. 6. I assure you all who mav
be inteiesteil In tlnv election, that I am
running solely mid honestly for the posi
tion, and not against the Internet of either
of the other gentleman only a fur ua It
may be to benefit myself.
'4 Kltn stroel, Uuumora.
Wants Bttr Llirht.
To the Elitor of Tnt: TUntTKbi
hlK Meridian street taxpayers want to
know why they can't have one light at
lea-t at the intersection of Meridian etreet
and Luzerne avenue. There Ih no place in
more need of a light than this spot. We
ure aiked to vide for bridge am! vote fur
pnrks, when we )invn ban asking for a
light that is a necoKlty and can't get one.
It you want our vole on the bridges give
us a light, and that before election. No
promises. We have been traveling in the
dark the last seven years on pi onuses. The
long-suffering taxpayers of our vicinity do
cot intend to vote for any bridges until
they get some benefit themselves. For the
paHt several years they never received any
benefits from the city only what they paid
for, according to contract, and wo think
We are entitled to one light, at least.
D. J. CosuRova.
Mus,lo Bom Exclusively.
Best ronde. PlaV any dexlred number of
tnnea. Gantschi & Hons., manufacturer,
1080 Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orchestrisl organs, only IS and $10.
Bpecialty: Old munlo boxes carefully re
paired and improved with new union.
A Fressnta'i jn Made.
At 1 man tint; of tb Royal Arcanum
kidtta, N'1 Si. held last evening at
Clark's Hall, on South Msin arsnuo.
Attornev Alton Davis, pis, regent. wi
;:-::'-1 w::'.. . beautiful watch
i charm as a token of respect for past
service. After tbe presentation Henry
May was initiated into the order.
Niwi ia Bnfr Form
Mrs J T. C'riramings. of South Main
av-aae. ia earTriag from a paralytic
Mrs Aan Williams, of MM Wash
Dr.rne street, di-1 yesterday. The fun
ataJwill take place on Saturday from
her lau reei leuce at 1 HO o'clock. In
terment at Washbnrn street cemetery.
Mi ilabl Dershimer, of Eynon
tr-et. ia recjveriu.: from ber recent
Mr and Mrs H B Brown, of North
Sumner avenne, left ytrd.iy morn
ing for Pnlladeipbla. Mrs Brown his
teen surfering from cancer for several
weeks, and U on her way to the Uni
vertity hospital, where an operation
will be performed in a few days.
The tea given by the Latliar Aid so
ciety of the First Welih llip it chnrch
in the churcn parlors from 4 until
o'clock ysaterday attartKKrn, was larg
ely ettandbd, an 1 a g.ol time waa had
B l Frbr, of Hvde Park avenne,
is receiving congratulations on the ar
rival of a liveiy baby hoy at hia horn
Miss Lotti George entertained
MaMMla last evening at her home on
North Kebecc avenue. An enjoyable;
time waa bad for rasny hours in play
ing games end other social diversions,
after which refreshment! were served
The ltd-lfod fixed for Feb. 22 by
8t, r)vid e lodge, tr ler of Ivorites, to
take place in St David nail has been
postponed nntil March 21
The choir lad by I), Q Iticharls,
which will oofSpeta for the fi'f) priz
at Wilkat-Barra on March IT, will
meet for PtbatfUl at the Waalihurn
S ret Presbyterian church this even
ing Mrs Morgan F, I wards and Mrs
Evan Davie, of Wilks-Brra, were the
gueste of frindon this elde yesterday.
Jenkins & Mnsrave, driiggista. on
Hontli Mam street, are making exten
sive improvements in their store.
Ask your grocer and hulchnr for
('arr' homo mads minoa m 'at
cash store. Is anthoriza.l to collect
n. ws items for the Dunmore depart
tuent of Thk Tkibunk. All personals
or any Item of interest noted and left
in his care will 1m promptly attended.
Tint Tribune wishes to give its Duu
uiore readers a newsy column each day
and will be thankful for favors received
iu this manner.
The Bpwortb league hold its regular
monthly meeting at tho Mthodist
Episcopal chinch Tuesday evening.
The following delightful programme
was rendered iu an excellent manner:
Duet Misao Kinney and (I I'owoll
Hi d.igue K.llis and Lvta
Duet Powell sislins
Ksay Mr. J, Raswrllna
Duet Misses Powell and Kiunuy
The essay read by Mm Ktsierlino
m 1 on tha snbj e of leagna work and
.a written by Uiai Julia Labanon, of
Bingbamtnn, who permitted it to he
rand at the meeting of tm league. A of thanks w tendered her for her
kindneai MissQraoe Boglawu th
aconmpani) for the evening.
Till'' TKIBUNI In Its regarding
t ie boisterous conduct around the
"COravHf' Sunday night did not wish
to cast any rellm'tions 011 the polio
force and should have stated that they
Wi re at supper when the affair hsp
p nd, The present foron does very
I'flh lent work, the only trouble being
t ut it is Inadeqnata tooopawlth all
eruption! that h tppeu, Mora man iik.
the pratant nJBoaN wit it is used id
Bella Arcbar, the wondarfnlly hand
some woman with miicIi hand on eyes
and called "i'alk's iniii'h pliotogialied
haantyi" li now itarrlng on lha roud
with hr own oornpany ol oomadiaoi In
Bidnay Urnndy 'soomady, "An Arabian
Night, and will appear at the Aoad
my tins ayenlng,
Tlty KHINll ilKNKIl M IUN.
" The RIiIbi Ueiieratlon," m which
Mr. William Barry 1 starring this sea
son, mad a pronounce.! mucus in New
York, when presented there a short
lima mo tlr Barry's Irish comedy
work is particularly unuiHlnir, nnd so
cording to the verdict of the New York
critics, tho best sesu 111 that city for
many years Tin play will b pre
sented at the Academy tomorrow mid
Saturday evenings.
w K Heck, member of tba legislu
ture from the Third district of this
county, was in the city yesterday. Mr.
Btob has a delightful home two miles
trom Moscow, whara h antartaim
many Sciantom ins, esp daily during
Iba bunting and trout tishiug seasons,
lie devotes himself to lumbering and
farming with politics sn.l legislating
at hi diversions. Mr 11 -ck'a frisiuU
are urging that his mine be placed 011
the Republican county ticket next
Postmaster F. M Yaudliug was able
to be about the city again yesterday
after a severe 1111 1 painful attack of
! rhutuatism. Before his illness he was
convinced that the hordes of ofti'e
seokers by whom be had been besieged
was an intl ctiou that could not b
surpassed. He is now couvinoed, how
ever, that rhutuatism :i even a greater
Happenings of a Day That Will Interest
Many Tiiliuno Readers.
Young Women's Christian Associa
tion Annlvaraary it Will Take Piaco
Tomorrow Evening Much Good
Accomplished -Candidacy of Cooro
Okoll for tho Shrievalty A Very
Popular Man.
Books I Booka I Books 1
During the coming week we shall offer
to the subscribers of Tin- Triuune rare
bargains in books.
We Imvii n larcn lino of briirht nnd pop
ular v, .lumen, elegant Iv bound, that wn
intend togivu to the patrons of the paper
lit about . lie fourth of the usual price.
The following hat will give you an idea
of I he inducements and the uniiHiiul op
portunltlea to secure valuable additions to
your library.
Keipiliir 1 1 11,1111. 1
Tba World's Fair (New)
Pictorial History of the 1 1 rent
Pilgrims' Progrens lHlust'oil)
Earth, Baa and sky
Marvelous Wonders
I ,lfe and Works of Spurgeou
Pictorial History of tba Blbla
Museum of Wonders
From Polo to Pole
Pictorial History of the U11I-
Manager Martin Swift of the Scrsn
ton Uase Hall club cam down from
his .borne in Archball yeBterday to
disenss mutters pertaining to the club
with the directors of the association.
Mr. Swift says ttiat the tmm Scrautnn
will pot in the fiell the coming season
will be secoud to none iu the State
Deputy Prothonotary Myron Kssson
returned ysterlay Lfr jin a visit to the
Suniushaiina county oil fid Is Mr.
Kason is convinced tint jthere is oil
beneath the aurfaoe of the laud in the
suspected district, but would not ven
ture an opinion as to Its bsing found
in paying quantities.
Physical Director Weston, of the
Young Men's Christian association
gymnasium 1 a great admirer of bis
ket ball. IU was so well pleased with
the game between his team and the
N'aiiticoke players in this city last
Saturday that tin is endeavoring to
nave th two teams brotwht together
in the arm iry ut Wilkes-Uarre.
I he Trio Dancing class has re or
ganixad and will hold socials every
'i ncsday night
A benefit ball was held at 'lompsny
H armory Monday night for .John
Oook, of Ohm Bidgt, who, it win he
remembered, lost his logon the rail
road some time ego.
The Ancient Order of Forresters held
a social at Burke's hall, Oreen Itidg.
last night A moat enjoyable time waa
had t,y all Who attended.
flsrr'a bom mad mince mat is now
being sold by several dealers here
The regular monthly ineetilig of the
Epworth league was held in the lecture
room of the Methuditt Episcopal
church Tuesday night. After tha rou
tine business hail been dispensed with,
thu entertainment committee furnished
an excellent programme.
The temperance lecture under the
suapices of the Loyal Legion at tho I Id
Fellows' hall lust evening was Interest
Ing and irntruotlvo. The lecturer waa
Mrs A. M Holvey.
Many a curions eyn is tnrned toward
the Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern tracks every day when Kngiim 17,
the now compound, comes along with
Its train, it is the peculiarity uf the
exhaust that attracts attention, and
which is only half the number heard
on ordinary locomotives. There is
something strange looking about the
huge machine as it moves along, seem
ingly without an effort. Tba steam
going first to the second cylinder is
of course not heard, as is the oan in
the ordinary type when both cylinders
exhaust into tbe outer air,
Harry Spencer, bead olerk in Price's
Mr. J. !' Munson lev kss tha Aid of
the Law AsralnstC. P. Davidson
C P. Davidson, Thorn - Northup, If.
S Lewis and B. S Lewis, jr , were
charged with forcible entry and de
ta! oaf before Alderman Wright yester
day, and warrants were Issued for
their arrest. The complainant was
Mrs .1 H Munson.
She owns a property on JelTerson
av-nue and Mr. Davldoin owns the ad
joining lot. A few days ago he began
to ereat a building an l tore down the
line fence batween the lolaaiid. as Mrs
Munson ullages, is erecting the build
lag psrtially on her laud.
'ih men named Iti the warrant with
Mr Davidson are his workman H S
Lewis and Mr. Dividson entered hall
yesterday afternoon in the sum of
O. W. Wsalpfahl Maila Chairman of th
Kstlrnata (lorntnltta.
A meeting of thn estimates commit
tee of BOnnlill Was held last evening
anil C W. Wastpfalil was elected
chairman. There wr present hesldee
th chairman. QolOMl lorg Hau ler
son f 11 Glemont, 1 toiieri. Bobiaton,
1 H Darles, w. .1 rbomai an t W. B,
The com in 1 1 tee la evidently deter
mined to go slow on new improve
mania, for a motion mad by Colonel
H mdersoti waa ndoplad that prevenla
the consideration of all Improvements
until the appropriation neceaairv for
the maintenance of the other city dt
partUMOti iraaf ranged, Adjournment
was made till Tttaoday evening.
- -
Attornay Dlehl Bays Vsritlnt In th
Baird Onrtta Date la Uejuat.
Attorney W H Dlohl made a lengthy
argument iu court yesterday for a new
trial In the ni of M. M. Knitd
against Walter II. Curtis. Mr Hand
aueil Mr. 1 in 11 for malicious prosecu
tion and at the Inst tarin of common
ideas was given 11 verdict of filH). Mr.
I iehl argued that the verdict was uu
Judgment waa reversed in the four
cass of th New York, Luke Erie and
Weatern Uuilrond company against
Tlinmiia Sullivan and In th ease of
.1. mies Orltllii against Fillru Plsuinery.
The case of Patrick Burke against
Patrick V. May. rule to strike off ap
peal, was reported settled.
Kelnhart'e Market,
18 and It Lackawanna avenue. Every
day from A a m. to 10 a. m. Round steak,
lie ; sirloin steak, 14c; standing rib roast,
lOn.; chnck roast, 8c. ; boiling meat, 4o.;
fresh pork, lo. ; pork sausage, 12'to.
Tho Young Woman's, Christian rmo
Olatlon Will celebrate its Hooond Mini
varaary at the rooms of tha aatoolatlon
on Oadar avuii" tomorrow oveiilug.
A Kioial programmaof raraaioallanoa
has been prepared and it is expaolud
that the rOOmi will be crowded to
ovel Mowing.
Tha organisation haa baan prolific of
plandld result and it has good reason
io oalebrata, suiting with nothing
but 11 desire to a 'Ooinpllsh good, it has
aeeu tba fruition ol It fon.liiat boptl
Thn rooms are all that could be .In
sired and tint at l.uo lance hs shown
a marvelous luoraaie. Every service,
every sntSrtaiUlUSnt nIiuws new facaa
while noli ot the oi l members have
fallen from tha ranks Tbaaasooiatlon
Is working much good in lb SOmmun
It V and the desire in gSUiral that Its
growth may iUOfSaaa in tint luture to
OOrraspOnd with IIh pset record.
Will Make a Hir.inic OaiulhUte.
(leorg i'kll has linen fruiiieiitly
uiLTvdbv his 1 1 lends to stand for the
nomination for th ehrlsvalty. Till
deairo on the pin t of the latter has been
of long HlaiuliiiL' and Is so thoroughly
grounded that many of them have
OOma to call him nothing but ahurill'
lie has finally yielded to the de
mauds mada upon him and has entered
the race for the nominal 1011 In real
earnest A more persistent worker
does not exist. Mr. U n 1 1 is known to
every Kepiiblicau of promlueuoo In the
county, and his record aa a worker 1h
unexcelled. 1 hi that a. i t he is not
very popular with Democratic loaders
but ho bus done many favors fur the
rank and tile that will be kindly re
ChaiUa Cuby'a Kapii lance.
Chrrles Cuby keeps an oyeter house
at Pitta! .11 avenue and Hnech etroet,
and he was fonu-rly proprietor of the
South Side uiuat market 111 the Kraiuvr
building. On Tuesday he wan reclining
on a sofa iu hia ailtu room, seeking
relief from iiwutul and bodily fatigue.
While thus engaged he was eurpnsel
by a visit from a couple of stranger
who made theiUHslvea pit,, ut home.
They requested the pleasure of his
company us he wan wanted on u
serious charge, The constables, for
such they were, mistook Cuby tor an
other man thvy were iu soarch of, and
they lost 110 time in departing when
they were made aware of the mistake
they had made.
A reciillar Injury.
William Walter, the terpsicborean
instructor, is employed by the Scran -ton
Wood Working company. kTwo
weeks ago lie had his foot injured, aa
he thought, very slighly. He paid no
atteution to it and, the injury ceased to
bother him. Monday night, while en
gaged aa prompter, Ills foot reminded
htm very realistically of the injury it
had received, and an investigation on
Tuesday showed that oue of the bones
was broken.
Death of Mra Richard Z ilagsr.
Mrs Blobard Z.ileger. of Alder
street, died last evening at 8 o'clock
after an illness of four weeks. Sue is
survived by her husband and oue
daughter. The funeral will take place
Sunday afternoon
Showing thi Police Forci Did
During January.
Following is the repifrt of Chief of
Police Simpson for the first month of
the year 111:
Total number of arrests. Ill . native
born, 77: males, 123, married, 50;
minors, 111
Of the crimes for which arrests were
made, drink produced HI, while lis nt
these were drunk an I disorderly mid HI
were arrested for lighting,
The other crimes catalogued, with
the number of arrests, nr aa follows
Disorderly conduct, H, vagrancy. S; us-
so: larceny, trespassing, abusing
families, I each; suspicion, nuisance,
gambling, 2 each , street walking, ills,
charging tirenrma, felonious wounding,
pointing firearms, pu king pockete, and
resisting an nlll -rsr. 1 each.
The total number committed to the
county jail was Id of which 5 WON
sruinani number rsqolrad to furnish
bsll ftir appearance a! court, 2. s.-n-MOOad
to work on the chain gang I
discharged at hearings, is, amount of
linos collected, f 192.
Science of l.ifi-
i.ifeof Illinium I. Ml
1 1.. 1 in 11 Mm rors
.1 HephllH
Shepli's PbOtOgfs phs
(JOlunbtta, the .Navigator,..
Uear UalaBD ISianley's
Webster Dictionary in one
half Russia
(in prasantation of two of tbase
1 .,111.011 ., ttobscrlbers of TBB 'I lilit
I UNB may puichaso any book in the
1 ah,. ve list
rice. Price),
12.60 I M
n m .ho
Si. M ,H0
2.7S ,71
J.7 M
l.M ,W
2.7.'. ,H
2.7.1 ,n
2.73 .8()
lir.D .10
2.75 tOO
I. Ml .Mi
Lw .Mi
1,00 1.00
UM 12(1
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
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Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Clothes for Almost Nothing?
Do You Want Cloth n for Almost Nothing?
DRlCESon brand-new Suits and Over
coats in our windows will convince
you that wc are about giving them away.
Martin. 6c IDelany
Coal Exchange, Wyoming Avenue.
u u i I,
Northr-astern Penn
ari'J Organ's. Tho
1 )eparture.
TOR Ono Week, commenc
' ing Monday, February
5, we will have a CHINA
when we will sell Cups and
Saucers for less than
Their value. Remember
this sale will be for one
week ONLY, as we posi
tively will not sell a cup at
the sale price aftar next
116 Wyoming Avenue.
tn'r.t hOMilar muoi'.al otfablkhmont in
yrvania Th; h irhett arAo of Piano?
l'!'.( pricea obtainabltj anywhere an-J the most liberal
tomr; o':r off o rod to pnrcbasors aro r,omo of the
loading inducementts Look at the list
8ohner Pianos.
E veretf Piunwi,
ln;e & Soir;' Pianoi,
Mi'hlin Pianos,
Popular Pease Piano:.
Ei ley Organ,,
Story & Clark Organ;,
Chicago Cottage Organ:,
Paace Organ:,
Ai.i a..
c :. :-. ,1 y. .a Vs.'-.lai..:-1
orjit' t'y go haul.
The Holidays are Lore, and thin is ths pl' to bnj Pianos for a Ccrist". .-
Preaant Prices are lower than aoy othar music store la Seraoton. Spec
Attntition Kamembar always wh'-n you utart out to aearrh for a Piano or Of
gau that Christopher Colnmbus points with hi right bLi to the exa':: ..
you want to g . No here it Is:
zzp.A.r.'z::, pa,
ouernsey, r rop.
w a as
mum. uf nun i mi s.
Leetnrs to B Delivered by r plain
IIOMba B. fes Bf Balvatlon Army.
Hluir Captain Blanoha II I'm, uf tly
Salvation army, will deliver an address
In the ( Ireen Knlg I'lviliylvrlan church
this evening al 7 15 o'clock II r
auiijcct will lie, "The Slimn of "ur
Citle "
Hh will he accompanied by her sec
retafjr, Llautaoanl Offana, and ktajor
William Hopkins, of the eastern Pino
lylvanla and West Virginia division,
HIM Col will alio deliver an address
lO the H I I'reabyterlau c'mroli on
Jsffsrson a van ua on Prldu evening.
Hhii is uu educated and glfled voung
person, with a World wide platform
SiplriSBOa Miss t',.x has travwled
tbfOQgh todlt, BaglaOO and the prln
clple lltlei of the UOitod States. The
party will b sntartatnad vrhlls I i i
Hie home of City Treasurer It 1 1
New III. V.'U
A new bt6jT0lS WOrtt I'.', Will las tqU fur
i 'I he BMcblna Is gnaraptaad and la a
rare baigaln. Machine may b aoeu al the
'Irlliune uniun.
Ailtlatiaar lluai li llnnr.
l i.ula l.ohiniin's. ICd Spruce -L
i irovas' photos, 411.
BOI 1 atreet.
The new oiler
made lo Tribune
readers on page 7.
It is the best
one yet made
saaortmaai of
Vef aplM aleil
e nave tin. moat enmplete
Men u nirllSablng i1imI that
t" the e e el p. the taste. Sim,. ,.f ,,,ir tl
sliaile and deaigtia in Ties re eajH-clelly ut
tractive. They are selling at IgnrsM in. h
give you no excuse for bumg without all oit
of ailtu. and al) lea
.11.1 Lxkawanna
Tht Great Marvel ofDeutal Bcienoe
A reccul tl
IM'I lJf
pro port
Henwood k Wardell,
31G Lackawanna Avo.
mis 111 swoon ,v miu 1 ,
aiiei having eleven teeth oatraeted ut
uiieU b the painless mathod, i pre
abaaaa n eutlrelj snllsfaetori In even
particular, j, a si aMONl
4jeese)ei ,
Scranton, Pa.
MHaBfggiH s3Sl
Have arrived.
Best quality and
lowest prices.
220 Lacka. Avenue.
Special for This Com
ing Week.
Men's fork Sole Lace Shoes.
Qoodyaar Walt, f-i grade, 'i
to ba . - 1
$5 98
Man's Cork Sole Lsoe Shoes,
baud ia wad wait, 3 grade, to
Ladlao' Dongola, Kid Battoo,
Patented Tip, Goodyear
rait, Common sense last. all
IfkM grade, to lw
liinlies' Puie Kid ButtOO,OOrk
soles, hand turn. OommOD
Baaaa last, only a few pairs
Of tin in S grade, to be, . .
Ladlaa1 Doll Dongola Button,
double an)aa,Common sens.'
only, H grade oloaed i ut at
Miases Straight tloat BnttOO,
spring heel, eiaos 1 1 to 8; H
grade will soil at
Hoys' School Bhoaa, 1 UttOn and
lace, M II 10 '.', t 93 will
soli at
.1 AC K UT, Ft
Skirt, Bali ne i''
and tan. Cvi t-
make, ,io Now
We will give 0Q
Um ohoioi of tQ
Jacketa, all this
MaMOo'a tnako.
Not one in Hte
lot that ivst loss
Uuta U to 20.
fjn .)
1 1 j
aud WRAPS, It
trill pav you ta
soo this offWing
of Tnilor unuln
We need room for new Spring
Stock. Visil us.
Arcade Shoe Store.
w VOM1NQ At li sj
Str) 608
& Co.
i aiii. -
HI 'li
Tailor . loaW Makois
and Kiirrlvrs,
i i'i r .
K'T I ll )l
Scientific Eye Testing Free
By Dr. Shimberg,
The Specialist on thu Kye Headaches anil
NervousuesM relieved. Latest and Improved
Stylo of Kye Ola.H and SHii taduK at the
boWSel MOSS ltuat Al tlUoinl Kye. lusjrt.-il
for !'
30s SPRUCE ST., op. Post Office.
ill l I lls l IU I .
I Portfolio of Photographs
5 February 8, 1394
Semi or bring in !
of different dates, together
with ."1 oenta, und receive lhis
Album !' rare Photograyfaa
I'or. renn Av. and Sprue St.
Ol IT this OUT,