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Modes and
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An Entertaining Bulg-it of Nwi from
Our R.ifular Corrmp-mdnt.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Avoca, Pa., Feb. r, P. F. Hnghes,
of Carbondale, spent last evening with
friands her.
A new postmistresi has arrived at
the horns of Postmaster Fitznmmons.
Mother and daughter arn doiujf wA
Tne new store of the Langcliff Coal
;ompsny will be ready to commence
busmen the b'ginninu of nxt week.
An infant dangler of Thorn OaU
was buried in the Lingcliff cemetery
:n Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mra. Eugene Dicker have
gone to house keping in the Cannon
building on South Main street
Attorney L. .1. Baxter attended
onrt at Wilkes Barre today
Mr. and Mrs. John Burns will enter
tain a number of their friends with a
party thi evening.
St. Mary's fair closed on Saturday
evening. It was a grand success. The
net proceeua will atnonnt to.over $0,000.
An infant child of Albert Coles, of
the West Side, died yesterday after
noon. The funeral took place today at
3 o'clock and was well attended Inter
ment was made at the Lingcliff .
Uiss Mary Earl; was a visitor to
Pittston today.
S. Block, the clothier, has gone to
New Y'rk to purchase spring and sum
mer goods.
T. W. (iraham spent Sunday at bis
home here.
Mra. John Curran ia visiting in Scran -ton.
The Epwortta league of the Metho
dist Episcop il church have elected the
following officers for the ensuing yar:
President, E. C. Kellara; first tic preg
ident, B, H. Campbell; second vice
president, Mrs. N. E Hopkins; tbir!
vice president, Mrs A K. Ferrel;
fourth vice president, Mrs. F. Mnck
iow: aecretary. Miss Kate Campbell;
treasurer. Miss Ella Kietb.
jitsrestlng Sessions Held at the Taylor
Methodist Episcopal Chmoh.
Special to the Sr ronton Tribune.
Tayi-or. Pa,, Feb. .I The Cnriatlan
Endeavor society conducted the acrvica
nt the Methodist Episcopal church
Sunday evening. It was the nnniver
aiiry of the founding of the first society
and the exercises were very appro
priate. Charles Nichols, president of local society, acttd aa leader of the
"Will Grdan made a ahort addreas.
He said that the Hociety was five and a
half years old, and when first organ
ized it bad only seventeen mmlers.
It is now in prosparons condition.
Charles Dibble chairman of the
lookout committee, ap ke on "The
Year in America," and Alfred Humph
reys, chairmau of the missionary com
mittee, spoke on "The Year Abroad."
The pastor, Bav. W W. Smith's
subject was "Practical Undertakings
for thia Society," which waa very In
teresting. Anthems, recitations, etc., made the
exrcins vary notable a well ai very
profitable to the large congregation,
Four Big- Succeaaea,
Having the needed merit to more than
make good nil the advertising claimed for
tbem, tie following four remedim havo
reached a pbouomenal sale. Dr. King's
New Discovery for Coneomption, t'ongtis
and Colds, eiich bottle gua'snteed Elec
tric Bitters, the great remedy for Liver.
Htomach and KidneyB. Bncklen's Arnica
Halve, the heat in the world, and Dr
King's New Life Pills, which are a porfect
Dill. All thesti remedies are guaranteeo. to
dolaat what la claimed for them and the
defter -.vhoso name Is attached herewith
willB Klad to tell you inure of them. Sold
I... aHBahuwu Itmn' ilrmr Rtorn "
route town oorrasponflanta of ins tbib-
I'M: should alga their utDM in full to oaoti
uews letter, not for iublic.itlou uut to guard
Stfuiuat Uecoiitlou.l
General News Notes of Interast from
That Enterprising Borough.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
JtBatYV, Pa., Feb. .I The Jertnyn
Water company will rais ttisir dam
all ffflt aa soou as tlm weather will
permit This, with the iucre ited ca
pacity promiaed by the Buahbrook
Water company, will give ua au abund
ant supply.
A necktie tooial under the auspice,
of the Primitive ohnroh will be held
Feb ltl, the proceeds for the benefit of
the church.
One of our townsman finds fault with
our board of health for not enforcing
the health ordinance. They should go
further and compel the authorities to
sewer the town The item of expense
is nothing couiptrad with the doctor
and undertaker bills that so many h ive
been compelled to pay during the past
six mouths. Ueutlomeii of the town
council, IB the BMM of humanity, we
ask, will you give us sewers and do it
at once.
Thomas M Oriftiths attended the
meetiug of the Republican couuty com
mittee in BeraotOO Saturday.
A. F. llatteuherg and children spout
Bandar with WiIk -a-lUrrs friends.
T. V. Powderly, jr , aud Lsfi Liod
ley. of Soraiitou, and C E Biker, of
Bi'Ktou, called on the trade M iivl ty.
Patrick BlOOmsf VHited hia daugtlter
in Sera u ton on Siturday.
Mi.-s Uoul I is tiie guest of Miss Car
rie Murray, of Second street.
The eouunHtM appointed to take
steps toward organizing a Republican
elnb will meet at the Press office to
night, RY. A. J. Sanford conducted the
services lu the Baptist church Sunday.
Night school bvgan in the old Oath
olio church last Friday with au attend
ante of twenty-two. Mioses Qllligat)
and Mullen are the teachers.
A number attended the lecture of
Roswsll (i. Horr in Carboudale Satur
day evening
Misses Lizzie Winters, Ella Mnlbol
las 1, Grace Squlers, Angie Birs and
Professor Bovard attended the local in
stitute at Arciibald Saturday. Profes
sor Brovard's talk on ''Examinations"
was much enj iyed aud was hiahly
Oomplimtoted By duuty 4Superiutend--nt
Upou the invitation of Olive Leaf
lodge, a number of the members of
Rushtirook lodg--, 8od. Independent Or-
ler of Odd tallows, atteuded divine
service in Carbondale Sunday evening
A child of Howard Elmore la sick
with the scarlet fever.
Dr and Mis. M J. Shields atteuded
the funeral of Mrs. Aitkeu, of Carbon
dale, Saturday.
The Political Pot is Bailing Ordinances
to Be Infirc -d.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Taylor. Pa, Feb. 5. Tne political
fever is growing frarnsr both ticksts
are putting on a stitt tight. John u
Jonea and Alonz Hendershot are run
ning a neck and neck race for tax col
lector and their traiuera aay both are
in good trim, and as they corns in on
the borne stretch it is hard to predict
which will be left.
The burgess is enforcing the ordi
nances, and is kept busy in granting
licenses to peddl'-rs, hucksters, etc. He
means to have no one skip bis aye, and
if any one desires to do business in thia
borough they must tike out a license.
Everyone will u- treated accordingly.
The Price Library aasociation recep
tion committee will meet Wedii'slay
night, and the aasiciation will mset
Thursday night to elect a secretary.
Morgan P Daniels was a visitor in
town on Sunday.
The Young Peonle's Wesley leagu
of the Pyne and Archibald Primitive
Methodist ennren will give a free en-
tainment on Feb 23.
Let us have a it nod boird of trade,
one that will have push and one that
will live to do sotnsthmg to commun-
orate itself for generations to cotne
What say our enigtic citizens?
James Barnett, an accomodating
young man, has been promoted to the
position or general Bgent at the Central
Railroad of New Jersey depot.
Miss Susie Morris, of Grove street,
.iscomuanied by Miss Hannah Jenkins,
of Hyde Park, left today fo New York
to purchase their stock or goo Is to
open a millinery store lu Scranton In a
short time.
A donkey hitched to a hand sled, on
which were seated four little ohtl lren,
was an umnsing incident thatoccured
on Main street yesterday afternoon.
I he little ones seemed to enjoyed to."
mirth with delightfulness. They Btllud
fun serosa the world famed Lwrfi
wana river.
Notes of Interest from te Lively Vil
las Down the Valley.
Special to fas Scranton Tribune.
lfOOtUO, Ph. Feb. !i Oscar P,iyn.of
Scran. ton, spent Sunday with Birt
Lewis on Main street.
Miss Lizzie Bo'sard, of Minooka nve
nue, is visiting with frien Is in Penob
scot. John Alexander, of Plains, spmt
Sunday with friends in town.
Mrs. James Brown and Mrs. Thoms
0-rnmell, of Honth Main street, called
on friends in Avoca Sunday.
S. J. Corby, of North Main strnit,
spent Sunday with friends in Mill City.
Miss Bertha Cile of Dumnore, has
returned after visiting at the home of
her grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Timo
thy Parfrey.
A new boarder, a boy, nrrivnd at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. William C.
Drake Saturday evening
Mr. and Mrs F. H Johnson and son,
Baft, spent Sunday at the houi'iof Mr.
and Mra. George Tregaltos, of North
Main street.
Miss B' H'ie Hinds has retnrne I after
visiting at the home of Miss Kittie
Johnson, of Penobscot.
Mrs. James Hamlin, of California, is
visiting at the noma of Mr. P. S Ham
lin, of Penn avenue
' e
H. B. Durkky, mate of steamer Arizona,
had his tool badlv jammed. Thomas' Kc-
lectrlc Oil cure I. Nothl ng equal to 1 1 for
a quick palu reliever. "
A Well Known Cltlzm Katplres After a
Two Yeara' IUnee.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
JKHMYN, Pa.. Feb. 5. Joseph II.
Lapp died at his residenoe on fourth
street early Monday morning. The de
ceased, who bss been sick for nearly
two years, was unexpectedly taken
worse while bis wife was at church
Sunday evening. She was at once sent
for, but be was unconscious and did
not again rally. Mr. Lapp was born in
Providence Mav 10, 18411, aud was com
paratively speaking a young man.
Until his last illness he was one of the
most rugged men in this vioinity and
was employed by the Hillside Coal and
Iron company at the Erie mines.
The ruueral will take placd f rom the
Methodist Episcopal church Wednes
day at 2 p. m Interment will be in
Uose UU1 ctrnetery.
A Few Thawed Notes from the Valley
of Cold.
Special to the Sci anion Tribune,
Honksdake. Feb. 5 The mercury
in the thermometer this morning ran
down to one degree below zero, mak
nig the coldeat nighi here this winter
Charles V, Bentiey alill stands at the
head of the Exchange club billiard
tournament, having won four straight
games, scoring 11)0 not ta.
Kev V II. BerghauH, of llarrishurg,
Pa , will officiate lu Grace church Ash
Wednesday morning and evening.
Services at 10 ISO a. m. and T.ilO p. m.
Miss Fannie Sparks will deliver a
lecture in the Metholiat Episcopal
church on India and its people next
Friday evening, Feb. 0 Admission,
15 cents. Miss Sparks has been a mis
siouary in India. Alter tnu lecture
refreshments will be served
i'here were n number of sleighrido
partita from llonesdale into the sur
rounding country Saturday evening.
Thomas t roasley, jr., passed Sunday
with his parents here
B Crossley aud P. A LaBsrr are
at home.
Thomas M. Fuller, ,1 Kirk Hose, F.
B Whitney and Da Boll Weston leave
lor New York tomorrow morning for
several days stay in the metropolis.
Ilenjamiu Gardner, jr., passed today
in scranton,
Miss lMiie Muir left for Scranton
this morning
A Honea lale board of trade was or-
gainznl last spriu.'. flltny pirues
would like to know if it is frozen up
A Record of Sociul and Other Huppia
lnga of Interest.
Special to the Scianlon Tribune.
PECKTILLE, Pa., Feb. 5 Born, to
Mr. ami Mrs William Wallace, last
Saturday, a son
Mis. John Corcoran died at her horns
at JfS.iip last Saturday. The remains
will be taken to 11 awley lor burial to
A large sleigh load of young folka
from this placa took a sleigh ride to
Carbondale last nveuing and put up nt
the home of Mr. aud Mrs. William
Fred Melbourne, of Philadelphia, is
visitiug his father, Joseph Melbourne.
Harry, the little son of Mr. and Mra.
Ueury Oberts, is sick with measles.
Hoe Scott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Asa
Scott, is very sick with pnenmouia.
Mrs D. Kelley, who has been visit
ing frieuds ftl Clark's Summit, returned
noms yesterday
of Pittston, spout
and Mrs. Henry
increasing here in
People know where
Alfred Stockton,
Suuday with Mr.
The i itmi'NE is
circulation daily.
to find what they want.
George Liwis, of B-lmont, is visit
ing his cousin. Cnarles Harding
Clara, the little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Avery, died at their home on Mill
street on Sunday evening of measles,
aged v years 7 months and D days. The
remains will be taken this morning to
Mill City for interment.
The Kev. Willinm Stout, Wiarton, Oni,
states: After being ineffectually treated
by seventeen different doctors for Scrof
ula end blood disease, I was cured by Bur
dock Blood Bitters. Write him for proof.
Musical and Literary Eymts Masque
rade Ball Hullding Improvements.
tmcu! to the Scrant tn Tribune.
Dukyka, Feb 5. A concert will be
held in No. 2 school house Saturday
evening, Feb. 10, by the Duryea Mu.
Ical and Literary society, for the ben
efit of the Duryea Baptist Chapel.
A party of Christian En l-avor-jra of
thia place attended the Curistiau En
davor union at Pittston, Friday eveu
ing. They report having had a good
time with their broth-r En leavorers.
Mulharn & Judge, of the) South Side,
have the contract for building the new
Polish church, and have already begun
The M.'ieqneradi ball held at Fier
stein's ball Safirday evening was
largely attended, and the masks worn
by the Jolly people war vsry Appro
A Pleasing Entertainment Qlven by the
Silver Lik i Qaartette.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Dt itYEA, Pa . Feb 25 -Rev. O. H
Mead, cf the Silver Liks quartette, oc
cupied the pnlpit of the Methodist
Episcopal church Sunday m iming ami
preached an eloquent sermon, taking
f r hia an Uject "Light," and proving
to the large congrxgation present his
ability as a speaker. In the evening
the quartette gave a gospel temperance
concert programme, Inottl ling some
choice vocil selections An appropri
ate address was delivered by the leader,
tne Rev Mead.
The quartette will give one of their
concerts in the Methodist Episcopal
ehurdli Monday evening.
-o- .
8. B. HIIU' Devloe for Throwing Light
Rava Around i Curve.
Special to the Scianton Tribune.
Jkkmyn, Pa., Feb 5 O ir popnlsr
townsmtu, S. B. Hills, has luveiilnd
and patented a device for throwing tlto
rays from the headlight of a locomo
tive around a curve. It is now being
tested upon one of the large steam
roads. Tbis will, if aucceasful, insure
Mr Hills an income which will place
him among the) millionaires of our
Ua has Boats of frinnls who wish
I dm Micceaa.
In He- hand of a Rurtron
f Ives you a feeling of
lorror and dread. There
ia no longer necessity for
.. lie use In many diseases
lurmrriy regarileu its In-
eurable without cutting.
The Triumph of
Conservative Surgery
Is well illustrated by tbe
fin t that
RIIPTIIRF or Breach,
we 1 la now md-
itally cured without the knife and without
pain. Clumsy, dialing trusses can be thrown
away I They never cure but often Induce In
llsiiiiiintion, strangulation and death.
TUMORS "u" liui. Klbrold ( Uterine ) and
I umuiio many others, are now removed
without the perils of cutting operations.
Pll F TUMORS ''"wcver lame. Fistula
the lower bowel, are permanently cured with
out pain or resort to the knlte.
STflNF m ""' 'Ns'I'It, no matter how
OIUHL. j cnmlifd, pulverized, waeh-
ed out and iicrfe, Hv rt-inoverl without cutting.
QTRIPTIIRF Urinary Pnaaage is also
0II1IVI wni. removed without cutting in
hundri'ds of cases. Eor pamphlet. refercniTS
and all particulars, send 10 cents (In stamps)
to World's Dispensary Medical Association,
No. m Main street, Buffalo, N. V.
A Prominent Couple Wedded Other
Notea of Oeneral Interest.
Special to th Scranton Tribune.
Cahuondai.k, Pa., Feb. 5 Monday
morning cards were received by
friends in this city nntiouucing the
marriage of our most popular photo
grapher, W. B. Foster, and Mias Jen
nie O. Dernd, of Dan bury. Conn. Tne
marriage took place on Tbii'.-sday, Fell.
1, at the homo of the briJe'a parents
in Danbury, Mr. and Mra Foster ar
rived in this city last evening and have
taken up their residence in rooms at
the corner of Sixth avenue and Main
Tim young piople of this vicinity ar
making the best of au elegant sleighing
and Hleigh ri ling parties are being ar
ranged every day. List evening four
tiitrtiea left this city, one went to Don to Way mart and two to Dun
d iff,
Professor Carl Hessler has arranged
to givo a very entertaining recital in
Association hall on Friday ovouiug of
this week.
The Carbondnle Organisation Will In
Futme Ocaipy Elegant Rone.
Spcciat to tfie .u-ranton Tribune.
Cahhondai.h, Pa., Peli 0 The third
floor of the Aitkeu bull ling, corner of
Main street and Salem avenue, has
been leased for a term of three years to
Branch No. 121 of the Young Men's
InatltQe, a Catholic beneficial and edu
cational society of thil city. This or
ganiz ition has been in progress a few
years and lias held meetings in the
Catholic .Mutual Benevolent Associa
tion ball, on Bslern aventi', and now
that the sum of money wnich is in
their treasury will allow it, they have
decided to secure these splendid quar
ters, which they will fit up in au elu
gam style.
Tbe hall will bo completely reno
vated by the aociety, mid when com
pleted will have in it a library, parlors,
gyinnaiinin and a matting room. Over
$1,000 will be expended to alter the
hall and furnish the rooms.
Stirring Me-, gi H.ld In the Interest
of Gospel DlsH.mtnation.
Sccial to the Scranton Tribune,, Pa., Feb. B Missionary
s -rvicea wero held Sun lay and tonight
at the Primitive Methodist cburch of
the Pyne and Arch bald. Tbe collce
tions were very gratifying and will be
used in Home mittlonary work. The
Sunday morning services were pre
sided over by William Press wood, a
locsl preacher, and the Sunday evening
s-rvices by the pastor, Rjv. O. II
Tonight's meeting was a rally meet
ing in which many of the members of
of the church took part, among whom
were David Lloyd, jr., William Press
wood, and the pastor.
Entertainment by th. Young Ladiea of
a Jerroyn Chuteh
Sjiecial to the BctXMton Tribune.
Jekmyn, Pa., Feb. ."i This evening
at Enter) rise hall the Young Ladies'
guild of St James' Episcopal church
hold their basket social ami entertain
ment. Tbe programme is as follows :
Selection Temperance Band
Dialogue, iho Widows All to."
Solo Nellie Hogarth
Poem aud Tublcaux,
"Tbe Song of the Seven."
Song John Hogarth
Dialogue, "The Lowboy's Cousin."
Solo Nellie Degrnw
Medley Ueorgu Lee
Selection Baud
After the entertainment the baskets
will be sold. This church is strug
gling hard to keep up. Come ont and
help a good cause.
Pleasantly Entertained at the Horns of
Mr. and Mra John Ortsdale.
Sjiecial to the Scrnuton Tribune.
PlOKVILLE Pa., Feb. 5. A party of
young people from tierantou took tbe
Advantage of the sleighing last Friday
eveninit and called on Mr. and Mrs.
John Grisedale ou Hickory street. The
party included AIisos Flora Long,
Maggie Kaufman. Ella Sinders, Maud
Cooper, Bertha McVey, Mattie Siokler.
May Roberts, Jennie K iitfm tn, a Ada
Aleiander and Joe Waguer, Charles
Doerson, Eugene Hall, John Leonard,
George Day, Robert Cooper, and Wil
liam Hall .
Hood's Cures
Mrs, Mm a Sputh man
Of Philadelphia.
A Weekof Writing
Would Not Toll the Story
Scrofula for Seven Yearn Cured
bu flood's SiirHapartlla.
"A week ilcvoteil to wrlllng would not he suf-
floicut to teli of tbe good Hogd'a BarnparlllahM
doueino. Seven years ago a running sore ap
pesrad on my ankle, which grtW worse until It
entirely covered my tool and the hones caino out
of my toes. Than the sores sppearco on my
other foot, rluht arm nod hand. Hides were
eaten In my lower limbs, my arm was one (treat
ore from the shoulder down, and Mio bones
cumo out of two of my Origan. Words
Cannot Tell My Sufferings.
I could not sleep and had no appetite. About
three years alter the first appearance of the dis
ease my husband road of what Hood's Sariapa
tills had done for urs, and BTfad me to try
It. I was confines' to the licit at the time, hail
flven up all hope. However, 1 commenced
iklna tne ineillclne, and before I had finished
the bottle uld sleep and not only eat, but
enjoy my loud. Now the
8orea are All Honied Up
with the SXOeption of onn spot on my limb. I
thank nod for havlog dli sotad my huihaad'i ai
tentlon to Hood's Hiirsapurllla, otherwise I
should bare been In my grave. I can now niovo
about with the aid of crutches, and will always
need Hi' ii assistance, but anyone w ho had seen
my condltloii when I commenced to tako
Hood's Sarsaparilla
would marvel that 1 am now alive to move at
all." Mus. Maiiv ni-i.akman, UTitr. Latona
Street, Philadelphia.
Dr. K. Grewef
Tbe Philadelphia Fpeclallst,
Anil bin iiMioolatoil ,un of EiirIWi and (ier
man rhyslcluiis.aro now purnmnoutly located
Temple Court Building
:it t HI"
Hood's Pills oure liver Ills, constipation,
biliousness, Jaundlc. aluk bead ae he, ludlgeatlon
Where lliey may l .. . UIUd DAILY AND
M Mi.H,
The Doelor Is a graduate ot the University
u Pennsylvania, rormarb) dsmonatrator oil
pbysloloay ami mrgery at tho Medico Chlr
argjoal College, of Philadelphia H.. Is also
aiibonorary member of the Medloq-Chimr
Ileal Association, mid was physician aud
anrgepn in chief of ihn mont noted Amerloaa
and (lerinan liospiials. comes highly indorsod
by Ibo leading professors of Philadelphia and
New ork.
His many years of hosnital czperionoo nn
allies this eminent physician end BQrSjeon to
correctly dlaifnose and treat all ei
and liisu.iies with the most llatturinx s access,
and hi lu.h standiou in I he state will not
all w him to accept nnv incurable case
It you nave oeen kivi-ii up oy ymir physl
cian call upon the doctor ami iw examined.
Beenrea ins worst eaaesof Nervous iiehinty,
Hcrotula, Old hores. atarrb, I'llee, Kumale
Wmkness. Affections of the Ear, Hy, Nose
and Throat, Asthma, Jleafnoss Tumors, ''nu
ceis and Crienles of every description. Con
siiltation in lii.'lisb and Herman Free, which
thall he -onaidercd sacred and strictly confi
dent lat
Rice Hours; f) A. SI. tn I'. M. Dally.
Sllntllly, II u. in. I,, N j, n,.
National Bank of Scranton
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000,
W . W WATSON, Vice I'residont.
a. a Williams, Cashier.
SAvrai. HiNKs, jamks M F.vrnnAiiT,
JOUPH .1 JbRMTS, M. s. KtMl.HKiu,
W. W. Watson.
Tliis tmnk invitos the patronage of hmllUM
und i: i ii, gt'Ufrully.
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
Statement lire. 10, 1S0S, called for by
llio Comptroller il the Curreney,
l oans SI, '.'114, 4 7.". 40
Overdrafts 740.S8
United Mutes iiiuida
Other llnniis 448, ID 7. TO
llanklni: House M.074.46
I'reiiiiuuiK mi I', s. Bonds.. 17.448.76
line from r. s. Treaanrer 10.000.00
Una from Hunks 891,130.09
Cash i: ii 's
Capital s.' 1 i
Sill plus -lo o, ,,,o,i
I'n. livid, ,1 I'rollis 80,0,1ft. SB
Clrealatloa 168,000,00
Dividends I lipoid 1.888. SO
Depanlta,' 1, 788,886 80
Duo to Hanks 66,684.07
WII.l.lAM CONN KM, President
KO. II. c ATI. in. Vlee-Presldonfe
WII.i.i am h PKI K, Caabler
William Connell, Oeorn ll. Cnitin.
Aifi-i-d Hand, Henry UIId, r.. James
Aiehlmld, Willi,,,, 1'. Klliltll, l.llther
Tills bank nflVre to depositors every
in, I niy trarraated by tlieir balances, busi
ui,es and responsibility.
Special attention BlTen tn liuslness ac
counts. Interest iald ou time deposits,
Best in the market.
Brandt Clay Product Co,
OFFIOEt Binliauiton. N.Y
FACTORY: Brandt, Pa.
Manufacturer, and Dealers i
n rt
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also Shafting and Journal Greasa
0FFICK:-721 West Lackawanna Ave.
WOHKS: -Meridian Street
There me hundreds of yonps men ami ynuii"; women in tlii-i
country who have splendid ability, hut tbey have never heeu
wakened up.
Wood's College of Business and Shorthand
Has been an Inspiration to hundreds of young people. Ii'yon
are tired of Inactivity and want to do something tangible,
come to the College.
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SHORTHANU cuts,, p j, W()0D propriet()r
m:w yi-'.ak QPExa January i.
Combination Goat and Sheepskin Rugs.
Fine Angora Wool, all sizes.
Real Leopard, with full head.
Baby Carriage Robes
Sheepskin and Goat Robes, with felt or
Satin lining. Large line to select from.
Moquette Rugs
(Three sizes.) At Special Cut Prices.
SMYRNA RUGS, 30 inches wide, at $3; worth $4,
SMYRNA MAT3, 50c. each. These are bargains.
COCOA MATS (all sizes), for out-door use, 50c.
and upward.
406 and 408 Lackawanna Avenue.
"No star was ever lost we once have seen,
We always may be what we might have been,"
Scranton, Pa.
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
V7i7"ll)LE many iinimf.irturprs mil Jpalcrs ara making extravagant stata
tnetits concerning the merits aud durability of medium or low gri
pianos, intending purchasers should not fail to examine the famous
Illustrated book containing valuable information on pianos on application,'
123 Adams
Days loft of our Odds, Ends
and Remnant Sale, but still
a few choice things, maybe
just your selection, are here.
We Are House Furnishers
That statement will never
become threadbare; and we
don't have simply a spatter
ing of everything only, but
a complete, comprehensive
stock of Furniture, Carpets.
Lace Curtains, Crockery.
Stoves, Baby Carriages, Re
frifrerators, Lamps, Clocks,
Our Credit System
Allows you to pay for it at
your leisure in homeopathic