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Collapse of Portion of a Bridge Sends Sixty
.Workmen Into Creek.
Temporary Draw Over Newton Creek
Is Precipitated by the Effort of a
Tug to Sqeeeze a Large Schooner
Through, and the Crowd of Bridge
Carpenters Is Thrown Without
Warning Into the Waters Beneath.
Dramatic Scene of Death and
Long Island City, L. I . Jan. 12,
n BOUT sixty men were thrown
M into Newtown creek tonight by
L the collapse of a section of a
lTU temporary draw bridge over the
creek connecting Bradley vimh at
Laurel Hill, with Meeker avenue,
Brooklyn. Just how many mn
were drowned cannot as yet be
determined. The following were on
the bridge at the time and have
not been seen since; Patrick Briody,
H. Markey, George Mills. Michael Mc
(Jurky and James Smith. Tbey were
all employes of the Laurel Hill Chem
ical work", Mills beinir foreman there.
Timothy Gannon, of 108 Ecicford street,
Brooklyn, was brought to St. John's
hospital, this city. One of his feet wn
badly crushed and he was cut about
the bead.
The section of the bridge that fell
was a draw thirty feet long. It was
built of wood and rented on tbe centre
abutment from which point another
sestion continned on tue Brooklyn
aide. The draw on the Brooklyn ride
was open. It was lew tiJo and a tug
was trying to force a schooner through
the draw. It was a few minutes be
fore (5 o'clock and tbe bridge was
crowded with men from nearby
factories anxious to get to their
homes in Brooklyn.
Suddenly there was a crackling of
timbers and the draw broke in two.
The men uiado an effort to get off but
the jam on the shore end of the bridge
prevented their making thoir escape.
Tbey fell into the water in a heap, and
theu commenced a wild struggle for
life. Somo climbed on to the wrecked
draw, while others sougut safety in
swimming for the shore. A passing
tug picked np a number and landed
them on the Brooklyn side where they
were attended by turgeonii from Brook
lyn hospitals.
The work of rescue was' a difficult
one, as there were no small boats at
hand. Ropes were thrown out to
some of the men and they were hr.uleu
ashore in that manner. During the
work of rescue there were somo lively
scenes in tbe water. Men struggled
with each other in their frenzy to es
cape. Some hauled under water and
nearly drowned bv those whom they
were trying to assist
Thomas Dobbins, of Meeker avenue,
Brooklyn, reached the scene in a row
boat in time to save four men who
were point of sinking. The captain of
the schooner rescued over a dozen men.
He got away before his name or that
of hia vessel could be learned.
After striking the water the draw
broke in two pieces and in an instant
both were covered with men. Some
managed to climb up clear of the
water, while others hung on to keep
their heads above water. It took con
siderable time to get all the men
ashore. As fast as they were lauded,
they jWure taken to Toner's Penny
Bridge hotel and filled up with stimu
lents. Many of the rescued had close
calls and for a long time after they
were brought ushore they were unable
to tell how they got there. The wreck
draw bad not ben nsed in three weeks,
owing to pile drivers working on it.
Bridge Keeper Daniel Hiakley was
on the Laurel Hill side Jwhen"the ac
cident occurred. Ho said that it was
due to the overcrowding of tbe bridge.
He said that be had frequently warned
the men not to crowd on the bridge, us
it was dangerous to do so, bnt they
paid no attention to his repeated warn
William Fdgan aud Patrick Mc-
Namara, or Meeker avenue, Brooklyn,
both had narrow escapes. They do
not know how they got ashore and say
thoy came near drowning. The search
for bodies was kept up till a late hour,
but none were recovered.
ed the ferryman to row them from the
root of Broadway over to thur vessel.
The wind was blowing a gale. The
boat was swamped before it had
gone 500 yards. The cries of the
drowning men were heard on
board the police boat Lanuon, and its
search light revealed the struggling
men In the freezing waters. One of
the Lannon's boats was immediately
launched, but before it reached the
spot six of the men had disappeared.
In attempting the rescue of the re.
maining three men the boat was
swamped, throwing Lieutenant Napier
and his two men in tbe water.
The crew them theu did noble work.
Grasping tbe exhausted sailors, Napier
and his men supported thoir inanimate
forms and held their beads above water
until their lusty yells brought help, A
boat from the Mareca manned by six
sailors came none too soon. The be
numbed men were drawn into the boat
and hastily conveyed to the hospital.
All of the drowned seamen bel onged
in Eugland.
Republican National Executive Com
mittee Proposes to Capture the
Next Congress, if Possible.
Washington, Jan, 12. The final
session of the meeting of the Repub
lican executive committee was u long
one, lasting from 11 o'clock ustil nearly
3, without intermission. Nearly the
entire session was taken up in a con
ference with Chairman Caldwell and
Vica Chairman Babcock, of the con
gressional committee, ai which plans
for concerted action during the coming
campaigu were discussed. The utmost
harmony prevailed, and it was stated
tuat active preparations would al once
be begun for the workiu hand.
The question of the selection of per
manent headquarters was taken up,
and, after some discussiou, it was de
cided to postpone tho selection until
the next meeting of tbe committee,
which will likely be held in two or
three weeks hence. New York city
seemed to be the choice of the majority
of the committee, and that city wouid
undoubtedly have been selected at once
but for the fact that with headquarters
in Washington the executive and con
gressional committees would be in
closer communication than if New
York were selected.
During the session the resolutions
favoring the admission to the U.iion of
Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Okla
homa were adopted.
Immense Mass Meeting of Gotham Ar
tisans Raises Protest.
New York, Jan. 12 In Cooper
nnion tonight a mass meeting wus
held under the auspices of the Work
ingmeu's Trade association of
New York, New Jersey, Penn
sylvania, Delaware and New
to protest against
of the Wilson tariff bill,
representatives present
of trades in and around
New York and nearly all of them de
livered five minute speeches. The
audience was composed mostly of
working people living on the eust and
south sides of this city.
Resolutions were passed declaring
that the Wilson bill would result in
widespread idleness and want, robbing
at least 500,000 people ot their meaus
of employment.
The Hawaiian Correspondence Remains
Pigeonholed in the President's Chamber.
Long Cabinet Meeting Is Held, but
Nothing Is Made Public Concerning
the Result of Its Deliberations The
Tariff Debate Occupies the Time of
the House, and in the Senate Very
Little Is Done or Said.
the passage
There were
from a score
Thy Agree fcp Accept a Reduction of
Twelve and One-Half Pet Cent.
Pittsburo, Jan. 12. The 400 em
ployes of the Charl-roi Plate Glass
cotnpanv are oti a strike against a re
duction in wages from 25 to 27 per
cent, with an addition of work in
many departments.
The striker offered to accept a re
duction of Vii per cent.
Ives Deflate Slosson.
CHiCAfio, Jan. 12 Ives won tonight's
Rame in the tournament at Central Music.
hall, defeating Slosson by a score of 600 to
The New Tear Seems to Have Inspired
a Measure of Hope.
New York, Jan. 12. Business has
distinctly improved since the new year
came, says Dun, and the gain is based
upon actual increase in tbe production
in the industries.
Tbe output of pig iron, Jan. 1, is
reckoned at 99,087 tons weekly, which
is slightly less than Dec. 1, though
Pittsburg authority makes it a little
larger. In either case it is from 41 to
43 per cent less than a year ago, and
stocks of unsold pig increased 19,457
tons in oember, though they de
creased as nnch in November. Several
more furnaces begin production this
month. Prices, however, show no re
covery. Failures for the past week hare been
474 in the United States, against 386
last year; and 57 in Canada, against 20
ast year.
Biz Men Drowned In Baltimore Harbor
by Capsizing of Small Boat.
Baltimore, Jan. 12. This morning's
gale cost six lives in Baltimore's har
bor. The names of the drowned men
are: Neal Finlayson, William H, Nel
son, Robert J. Wilson, John Hughes,
and an unknown sailor of the British
Steamer Mareca. and Peter Salranski,
a ferryman. Three men were rescued
by the craw of tbe police boat Lanuon.
The men all belonged to the British
steamer Mareca. At abont 2 o'olook
this morning the eight sailors employ-
William Wolf, ex-commissioner of Lu
zerne county, died at bu home at Glen,
aged SO years.
The annual meetinz of tho State Editor
ial association will he h ld at the Lochiel
hotel, Uarrlsburg, Jau. ill.
Ecklev B. Coxo, of Drifton, was appoint
ed by Governor Pattiaon, a member of the
Geological Survey Commission.
.lames Kappand his niece. Miss Id Kapp,
are in Lebanon jail, accused of having pre
tended to be husband and wife.
The body of an infant that had come
into tho world alive was found in the rear
of Elmer Trout s yard at Litltz.
Serious Injuries resulted to Joseph
Wargleand Stephen Waclslca, by being
run over oy a car in a mine uearnazie
ton. Green glass bottle and vial manufactur
ers of the United States, in session at Pitts
burg, re-eiected William E Smith president.
bamuol rrey. or Mecuauicsliurg, was
killed at the orld's fair grounds, Chicago
Wednesday uight, while removing an ex
Frank Albaugh, aged 10 years, was
drowned by breaking through the ice
while skatiug on Rudy's dam. at Harris
An explosion of dynamite In s tool house
neat tho campus Miook the Lafayette col
lege buildings and brought every student
from bis bed.
Thnxorotier is investigating the death of
Christine cugueust, upper 1'axtou, Dau-
puin county, wno is suici to nave oeon ler
ribly beaten by her husband.
A stage coach, carrying mall aud passen
gers between Jlolirsville and Bernville,
Berks county, tumbled over a nana Into
creek, but no one was injured.
Ou his way from Middlehoro, K v , to
visit the family of A. P. Eugelbert, at Ly
kens, J 'annum county, E. A. Launer disap
peered, and it is feared he fell from the
The report of Revenue Collector Fridy
for this district shows that the total re
ceipts for 1893 from the tax on cigars were
ti,nO8,OH60, a decrease of 38,878.28 from
August Somnierfield, who pleaded guilty
to manslaughter in causing the death of
his 10-year old son, August, by whipping
him until n jumped from a third story
window, was sentenced by Judge Ewiug
to psy $100 tine and undergo one year's
imprisonment in the workhouse.
Washington. Jan. 12.
HE adjournment of the senate un
til Monday may not prevent the
transmission of the Hawaiian
comspondence to congress to
morrow, although the probability is
that it will uot be sent in until
both houses are in session again
Custom and precedent are agains
the transmission of messages of simt
ilar import intended for bot
senate aud house when only one is in
session. But custom and precedent
have not provided for esses where both
branches of congress call for the same
matter for tbe executive department
by separate resolutions. It is pre
sumed that tbe president will send in
the Willis communication to the house
tomorrow because the house called for
it independently of the senate.
Everything is ready at the state de
partment for the transmission of the
correspondence. It was expeited there
this morning that copies of ail matter
received from Mr. Willis by the Cor
win would go to both houses this after
noon, but the president did not give
the word. The cabinet meeting began
at 11 o'clock, with all the members
present, aud continued for three hours
and ten inluutea At its close cabinet
officers refused to say whether it would
go lu tins week, No inkling was given
as to the reason Tor holding it back.
little worn: IN CONGRESS.
The house early resolved itae If- into
committee of the whole this morning.
Mr. Brosius, Pennsylvania, concluded
the speech which be was delivering
when the house took a recess at o 30
yesterday. He was followed in turn
by Representative hveritt (Dein ,
Mass.), Blick. Dam, I Pondelton
(Drin., W. Va.) Pavue (Hip.. N. Y.),
Simpson (Pop., Km.). Daniels (Rep., N.
Y .), McDjwsII (Rep, Penna.), and
Meililejobn (Rep , Neb.)
ihe senate wee lu session thres hours
today, but only half an hour was p issed
with op m doors, the reuiainde? of the
time being given to the consideration
of executive business, and it large num
ber of nominations wore confirmed,
among tnem oeing Director of the
Mint Preston and Indian Agent Wool
en. During the open session no busi
ness of any importance was taken up,
and without resuming legislative mat
ters, the senate at 3 p. m. adjourned Mondav.
Farmer Wocdworth Flees, Is Pursued
and Cuts His Throat.
Wilkes Baiwe, Pa. Jan., 12, J.
Miner Wood worth, one of the most
prominent and wnlthy farmers of Lu
zerne county, residing near Sbloklhin -ny
is dead at hia home tonight. He
was in this city lhnrsday attending to
business and returned to his home in
tne evening apparently in bis usual
health aud frame of mind He arose
this morning feeliug quiet unwell, suf
fering from grip. The disease rapidly
ihcressed in severity and affected bis
head with particular violence.
At seven o'clock tonight he snddenly
rose from the couch and dashed out of
the door. His family followed in pur
suit, and tbe chase continued along
tbe country road for a quarter of a
mile. When the sufferer saw that the
pursuers were close uprn him, he took
trom his pocket a large knife and drew
it across his throat, tailing dead in his
tracks. He was 50 years of age, quite
wealthy and one of the most promiuent
farmers in this county
also implicated. It is believed that
Dr. Campbell is in Ohio.
Alda Robinson bas regained con
sciousness and tells the same story as
related by her sister Margaret yester
day, Hartshorn admits that he be
trayed Alda, but denies that he tried
to kill the girl. The school board has
annulled Hartshorn's contract. He is
unable to secure bail and is yet 1
Startling Discovery Made by Charity
Offiotale In Pittsburg-.
Pittsburg, Jan. 12 When the De
partmeutof Charities' ambulance went
to No. 235 Bank street, this olty, yes
terday, to remove Frederick and Molly
Dragorens, a destitute German couple,
to the city farm, the driver found tbe
woman dead in bed and the husband
lying asleep at her side.
The husband's limbs are paralyzed.
His wife earned a living for them both
until two weeks ago. Last night Mrs.
Dragorens became worse. Her hus
band crawled to a gaspipe and sum
moned assistance by pounding on it.
He was replaced in bed, aud his wife
cared for. This morning she was found
Committee Looking For a Suitable Looa
tlon For a Steel Plant.
Johnstown, Pa., Jan. 12 President
A. J. Moxham, of the Johnstown com
pany steel rail manufacturing plant,
has given it out that a committee is
now traveling over the country inves
tigating the advantages of the various
steel centers. He said that this meant
that the new steel rail mill contem
plated by the company might not be
located in Johnstown and further that
rolling mills here might go wherever
the new plant goes
The money involved in the con
templated change is about $3.000.,000,
It is proposed to go In debt $2,000,000.
Congressman Tom, L. Johnson, of
Ohio, is oue of the largest stockholders
in the company.
For Many Years He Managed Lthigh
Vallty's Supply Department.
Hazlkton, Pa., Jan. 12. Timothy
M. bantee, for many years superintend
ent of the Lehigh Valley Railroad com
pany here, today tendered his resigna
tion, to toke effect Feb. 1.
John 0. Sraithall, chief clerk for the
company, will succeed Mr. Santee.
Teller. Baker Told the Truth When He
' Said $47,000 Was Stolen.
Philadelphia, Jan. 12 National
Bank Examiner Hardt and the ac
countants who have been inspecting
the books of the Consolidated National
bank, which were frandently altered
by Paying Teller Baker and Receiving
Teller Tlersol, finished their work to
day and reported that the defalcation
amounts to $47,000.
This is tbe sum? Baker confessed was
stolen. Baker is in jail, being unable
to secure bail.
Charge of Murder Will Be Preferred
Against Professor Her shorn.
New Castle, Jan. 12 Tht city of
ficial claim to have evide icj that
Miss Alda Robinson's child, wuioh was
burned in a oooking stove on JNew
Year's Day, was born alive, aud In ad
dtion to other charges, that of ir urder
has been preferred a;ainst Prtfessor
Hartshorn and Dr. Campbell, wno is
Sentenced by Judge Lynch to
" Fine and Serve Over Two
Years in Prison.
Wilkes Barre, Jan. 12. Judge
Lynch this morning sentenced ex
Banker F. V. Rockafellow to pay vfioe
of 1,250 and uudergo an imprisonment
of two -ears and two mouths in the
Eastern penitentiary.
Before sentence bad been pronounced,
Attorney Wheaton reminded the court
of the long aud honorable career of Mr.
Rockalellow and spoke of his advanced
age While the attorney was speaking,
tho ex-baaker leaned against the rail
ing with his face to his hands, and bit
ter tear coursed down his wrinkled
The court expressed regret at being
compelled to perform its duty and. iu
conclusion said- "Were it in my ju
dicial power I would hesitate to pun
ish you. But the present is not a mat
ter of personal regret or sympathy.
The court is in duty bound to take
cjguizanoe of the jury's recommenda
tion to mercy, and it is after consulta
tion with the other judges that tbe
sentence has been agreed upon."
Attorneys John T. Leuahun and F.
W. Wueatou will proceed immediately
to Philadelphia ami ask of the Supreme
court a special writ to again allow
their clieut to be plnced under bail.
The Supreme court will convene In
April and if their decision in the case
now pending is in favor of the defend
ant, tbe other indictments now against
him will be dropped. If however, the
court finds against him, it is more than
likely that be will end his days in the
penitentiary. Mr. Rockafellow was
taken to the county jail where he will
remain until the result of his attor
neys' mission is known. If the special
writ is granted he will be released next
Suuduy under bail.
Labor Difficulty la Precipitated at the
Keystone Colliery.
Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Jon. 12 The
miners at tbe Keysloue colliery, near
Plains, went out on a strike today, ow
ing to some disagreement with one of
the officials
Up to a late hour this oveniag no set
tlement has been mads.
Brakeman Harry Brown la Killed Dur
ing Terriflo Storm.
Wilkes-Barre, P., Jan. 12. The
maiuied remains of Harry Brown, a
brakeman ou the Pennsylvania rail
road, were found on the tracks near
Wolverton this morning.
The deceased lived, at Sunbury, and
fell from his train during a terrific
storm last night.
Another Death Is Reported Id tbe Sorely
Afflicted Albert Family.
Declines to Run for Senator In Interest
of Party Harmony.
Detroit, Jan. 11. The Tribune pub
lishes a letter from General Russell A.
Alder in which he declines to be con
sidered a candidate for United States
seuator. He states that tbe declination
is in the interest of party harmony.
Heroic Action of Dr. Thomas C. Wal
ton, the Republican Leader in Mon
roe County, Who, After Another
Physician Had Been Frightened
Away, Surrenders His Own Prac
tice and Devotes Himself to the At
tention of the Five Remaining Mem
bers of the Albert Household.
Special to the Seranton Tribune.
Strocdsburu, Pa., Jan. 12.
STILL another death from diph
theria is tbe news received from
tbe afflicted family of Andrew
Albert, at Delaware Water Gap.
A promising young lady, Mabel, aged
16, is the last victim of the dreaded
disease, making a total of six deaths in
the family siuce Jan, 1 A young lad
i still 1 -ft at home tor the poor parents
to bestow their affection on, and should
he escape death, which now seems
probabW, almost a miracle will have
betn performed. The poor mother
who has so faithfully cared for her
children, will, it is feared, when she
fully realizes h-r loss, be deprived of
her right mind, for she has faced a bat
tle which oven trained and experienced
physicians have refused to face.
There is some feeliug against the
doctor from Portland who was en
gaged to attend to the sick family by
tho authorities of that place'. He per
formed his dnties for a short time and
then bscima forgetful, aud left the
unfortunate family without medical
assistance. Aid was soon found in the
persou of Dr, Tuomas C. Walton, the
Republican leader of Monroe county.
Dr. Waltou who has fought many a
lieroe political battle against tbe De
mocracy of Monroe county and when
this is said, a great deal has been said
was not to be frightened by diphtheria.
Although he had been feeliug unwell
himself and was the father of two chil
dren who might thus bo exposed to the
eontagion, he offered his service, sacri
ficed his large practicj and gave to the
poor unfortunate family the best medi
cal attention that could, be found in
Monroe county.
The citizens of the Gtp will not
permit the Alberts to bear the expanse
which iia' come to them on account of
their affliction. Contributions iu liberal
quantity are pouring in from all sides
to a fuud of assistance.
California's Midwinter exposition will be
formally opeued on the vi . th.
Having bathed and put on burial clothes,
Mary Rlckert, of Baltimore, took lauda
num and died.
Tho lofty tower on the Chicago board of
trade building will he demolished, having
sunk eight inches.
Unkuown fiends blew up tbe tailor shop
of PiucusUans, or Aew lorl, nut fortun
ately no one was hurt.
For trying to depress stock on the New
York exchange, Broker R. W. Sabiu was
suspended for sixty days.
Judge English, of West Virginia's su
preme court, resigns his place as presi
dent, and Judge Branson succeeds him.
Explosion of a locomotive boiler at Bel
mout, N. II. crushed iu Engineer Bowles'
forehead and scalded Fireman rtallautine.
Cuttiug Into M Cocheuthaler's jewelry
store from the adjoining premises, Mon
treal, robbers cot (3,000 worth of dia
With t6,'i00 for Eaaton banks, Cashier
Pullman, of AsTieville, . C, National
bank, left town two weeks ago and has
not been seen since.
While riding on a handcar on the Wood
ward, Ala., Iron company's railroad,
Foreman John Neal, Louis Frizzle and
James Uwens were killed.
Forty heirs, including coachman
Richard .Savoy and Frank Addy, of North
Adams, .Mass., divide the fortune of Mm
shal Durand, of Baltimoie, getting ftW,-
uuu uacn.
His Nomination and That of .Others Is
Favorably Considered.
WasuixcToX, Jan. 12 During to
day's executive session of the senate
these nominations were confirmed:
John M B. Sill, of Michigan, Minister
resideut and Consul general of the
United States to Korea. Collectors of
Internal revenue R. E. Shearer, !)th
district of Pennsylvania, Grant Her
ring, 12tb district of Pennsylvania.
1 he following Pennsylvania post
musters also went through: G. B. Nye,
Ellwood City ; W. P. Walsh, Snietn
port; J. F. Mover. Catasauqua: F. P.
Sharkey, Mauoh Chunk; John Wolf,
Bangor; J. h. Malone, Lancaster; T.
A Butkiewiz, Nnnticoke; Thomas B.
Gillouly, Ridgway.
of the station. The passenger train cut
thronghtbe freight, throwing five cars
down an embaukment aud breaking
some of them into fragments.
Ihe baggage and express cr was
turned partly over and the express
messenger, John Dietz, was the only
person hurt. His injuries are not ser
ious. The passenger coaches were full
of people and the shock created wild
excitement among them.
Son of Cyrus W. Field Goes Back to
Ludlow Jail.
New York, Jau. 12, Edward M.
Field, who has been returned to jail'
nere trom the Buffslo State asylum for
the insane as cured, aud against whom
there are five indictments for forgery
and srand larceny, was today held in
tho sum of $50,000 on tho charge and
$15,000 ou another.
As no bondsman was forthcoming
Field went back to Ludlow Street
Had to Send to Hag-erstown for Engines
and Men.
GettVsburq, Jan. 12 A fire that
threatened to destroy the northern
portion of this town started in the
stables of the Eigls hotel at 8 o'clock
this morning, and fanned by a high
wind it spread to the hotel and its
annex, both of which were entirely
It was necessary to send to Hagers
town aud Hanover for aid before the
fire was gotten under control.
Creates Consternation For a Time But Is
Quickly Extinguished.
Bpecfaj to the Svraittun Tribune.
Caruoxdale, Pa., Jan. 12. At 4:30
o'clock tonight a fire broke out in the
meat market of Benjapvra Lyons, at
Church street and Salem avenue. The
blaze was caused by the explosion of a
lamp In the window which quickly
ignited in some fanoy decorations. The
scene for a few moments was very ex
citing, but prompt action by the pro
prietor brought the tire under control.
Little damage was done. The fire
compauies were on hand but their ser
vices were not required.
Dalton Dispensers of Laotaal Fluid Or
iranlzi for 8nlf Protection.
fitofefo! to the Seranton Tribune.
Dalton, Jan. 12 About fifty farm
ers met together Tuesday in Francis
hall and formed a Milk Dealer's Pro
tective association, the purpose of
whioh will be to protect tlielr interests
against any cuttiug of tho price of milk
below a certain ugreed figure.
The officers elected are: President,
Thomas Smith ; secretary, H. W. Nor
thup; treasurer, W. H. White.
The Coming Fate of the Iniquitous
Scheme Is Practically Decided
by the House Committee.
Washixotox, Jun. 12. The house
committee on ways and means deotded
today to present the income tax and
all internal revenue propositions to the
House in an independent bill.
There was a hot fight in the commit
tee and the victory for the nnti-income
tax men was brought about by a fbp
on the part of Mr. Bytiutn, who baf
heretofore been ou the Income tax side.
At the very outset Mr. Cockrati and
Mr. Stevens announced that if the in
come feature was put on the Wilson
bill they would vote against the whole
tariff bill. .
The question of a caucus was dis
cussed, and by a formal vote it
was decided to ask for one, but
later this action was reconsidered. The
treating of tho income tax as a sepa
rate measure practically insures its
Its Occupant Unconsotous of the Wreck
About Him.
Braddock, Pa., Jan. 12- This morn
ing tbe horses attached to a carriage
following the hearse in which were
the remains of Elward Simmons, a 10
year-old hoy, took fright aud rati away.
Tuey collided with and demolished the
hearse and wrecked tne carriage, the
casket was ouly slightly damaged.
Tbe occupautsof the carriage were
considerably bruised and worss fright
ened. Another hearse was secured and
the funeral proceeded.
It Is a Citizens' Band, and It Is a Sing
ing One.
Special to the Scrantot Tribune.
PliOKVii.LE, p.i., Jan. 14. A new
baud has been orgauia-d here this
week to be known as the Citizens'
It includes some of the best players
along the valley.
Up Train on the Pennsylvania Has a
Narrow Escape.
Sunbury, Jan. 12.--The passengers
on the WilKes-Barre train that left
hero at 5 89 this evening hud a narrow
escape. The train 'struck the New
York time freight that was crossing
the main truck about a half mile north
Lewis Mistakenly Thought
Husband Was in Jail.
Cincinnati, Jan. 12. Edward Lewis,
a young carpenter, waylaid his wife in
a hallway this morning and shot her
do d, then turned the weapon ou him
self and ended his own life.
They frequently quarreled and finally
Mrs. Lewis had her husband arrested
for-beatiug her. She was on her way
to tbe police court thi . morninp, sup
posing tic was locked up.
Favorable Report on the Proposals to
Coin Treasury Bullion.
Washixotox, Jan. 12. The house
committee on coinage has reported fav
orably Mr. Blatid's proposition for the
immediate issuance ot ' r, 000, 000 in
certificates based upon the nominal
seigniorage of the silver bullion iu tbe
treasury, and providing for the coinage
as rapidly as may be of all the bullion
in the treasury.
Serlons Depression Exlsia in the Vicinity
of Sparrow's Point.
Baltimore. Jan. ,12. Of the 8,000
men usually employed by the Mary
land Steel company at Sparrow's Point
but GOO are now at work
Lack of orders is given as the cause
for the discharges.
510 AND 512
TO close balance of
stock before in
ventory at following
22 pair Swansdown,full QOn
size, per pair "Ovi
13 pairs, All-wool $2. 75
1 1 pairs Eleven Quar. QR
ter All-wool at P" " U
9 pairs Eleven Quar- 00
ter Scarlet, at tj)0.ld
12 prs. Natural Wool M RA
Eleven Quarter, at PtUvJ
About 15 pairs Fine Cali
fornia Blankets at heavy
reductions from regular
Small lot of choice de
signs in Wrapper C( AA
Blankets at H'W
Elegant stock of Fine Crib
It is not certain that the New Jersey
bridge bill will be approved by tho presi
dent. The treasury ofhcials now estimate the
world's production of gold in 1893 at $150,
000, U00.
Senator Quay has had a bill passed pro
viding for iuspectiou ot boiler plates, etc.,
at the nulls.
The series of official evening receptions
given each year by the presulaut and Mrs.
Cleveland has breu inaugurated.
Hancock, Democratic uomiuee for
coUKressmau-at-larKe in 1'euusylvania, was
iu Vnliingtou talking cheerfully of bis
There Is said to be a deficiency of W00.
000 in sight iu tho appropriation for fees
of wituesseH in United States courts for
this fiscal year.
Secretary Carlisle has ordered erased
from the Fairchild commission report all
Kerioue reflections upon high officials now
or formerly connected vrith tho surveyor's
office aud the naval office at- New York.
England's hudgot deficit will probably
reach 10,00U,0U0.
Abolitiou of capital punishment Is pro
posed by a French deputy.
The French chambor of deputios re
elected M. Dupuy as presidont.
Hussia is strengthen inn her army on the
Qerinau and Austrian frontiors.
Sicily remains quint, under fear of troops,
nml iliiueritl dt l.avriano. the commander
in chief, will make a tour of the isiaud.
Miss Elsie burrows, daughter of Ogden
H. Barrows, of Now-port, R. L, was
wedded at Loudon to Captain Johu Saul'
aer, sou of a barouot.
Ihe Ueluinu ministry will resign because
the parliamentary majority will not pro
Vide for tho representation of minorities
in the suffrage reform bill.
Maltese Cross
And Oak-tanned Leather Belting,
H. A. Kingsbury
313 Sprace St., Seranton, Pa.
Lewis,F.eitly & Davies
Reliable Footwear.
sf ill
Feet of overy description fitted at
Lewis, Reilly & Davies.
COLD ' fl-A"iToa, Jan. VJ. Forecast
, for Sut unlay: For eastern 1'enn-
yhxNlfa fair, decidedly cooler.
We Examine Eyes
Free of charge. If a doctor is
needed you are promptly told
so. We also guarantee a per
fect fit.
AT COST lor one week ouly.
1. J. !,