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Dark Calicos
Half Price. 12.75 upward,
Misses' Gretchens
Half Price. $2.75 upward.
7-Yard Dress Patterns
All Wool. 11.96 upward.
!." cents upward.
Down Quilts
s.'i.iis upward.
White Blankets
58 ceutfl upward.
I'lie Cmvoi Art More Original aud Leo
Elaborate Than I'sual The same Mate
rials Adopted by Adults Are Employed,
feature In Millinery aud Cloaks.
The winter gowns for little people are
more original than usual, for they hardly
trench on the modes adopted by their
elders a remark which does not apply
to the materials used for frock?. Hop
laoHng, tweed, faced cloth, poplin and
satin aro all utilized for young people.
This winter's models for children gar
ments are comparatively plain and ap
propriate, and the tendency is toward
the English und American styles, which
are well known to be better adapted, in
i 1l .- y i
Oc. CorBflts for B9a
"c. Corsets for "S;.
sl. 00 Corsets for 88ft
Kid Glove Bargains at 45c,
69c. and $1.
128 Wyoming Ave.
n practical form, than the Parisian ideas
for children s apparel. I he more simply
a child nr nirl ts dressed until the age of
17 the more becoming it is. There is al
ways an ungraceful period for young
girls, and tilks. laces and ohiffoni are
unite out of place until a girl is about to
appear in society.
A pretty model for a girl of 14 to 1C
years of age is made with a basque
with full sleeves and high cuffs. The
cull's aud collar may be of velvet of the
same shade as the dress.
A wrap for a child of 0 is of electri
blue cloth, trimmed with fur, and for
another color dark red in the same form
is prettv. Cloth hats with feathers In
Lhe same color are very popular for chil
dren, and Scotch plaids, with beige color
fur foundation, are much in use.
Party frocks are made of pretty cre
pons, poplins, cashmeres aud soft satins.
Very picturesque and simple are the
frocks with fanciful yokes and guimpe.
simulated with soft silk either plaited
or gathered. Two capes edged with
lace, made full from the neck, is another
favorite mode of bodice trimming, and
in nine cases out of ten these pretty
party frocks are mado with puffed
sleeves at the elbow and narrow gaunt
let cuffs at the wrists.
of ready made rultles of black satin,
elaborat o gimps, jet insertions and fancy
collarettes, berthas, etc. Lace is still as
popular as ever, and a particularly pret
ty trimming is a ruching of black moire
edged with extremely narrow white gui
pure. A bizarre effect in a broad trim
urng laco is produced by bands of white
insertion on black net, or black inser
tion on white net. Thoso transparent
bands of insertion aro in high favor just
now and are used on the heaviest mate
rials, such as satin, bengaline and moire
One Way to Dry' Wet Shoes.
When, without overshoes, you have
been caught in a heavy rainstorm, per
haps you have known already what to
do with your best lad boots, which have
been thoroughly wet through, and which,
if left to dry in the ordinary way, will
be stiff, brittle and unlovely. If not,
you will be glad to learn what I heard
recently from one whose experience is of
value, writes a correspondent of Har
per's Bazar.
First wipe off gently with a soft cloth
all surface water and mud: then, while
still wet, rub well with kerosene oil,
using for the purpose the furred side of
canton tiannel. Set them aside till par
tially dry, when a second treatment with
oil is advisable. They may then be de
posited in a conveniently warn place,
where they will dry gradually and thor
oughly. Before applying French kid
dressing, give them a final rubbing with
the tiannel, still slightly dampened with
kerosene, and your lioots will be soft
and flexible as new kid and be very lit
tle affected by their bath in the rain.
Ln following these directions it need
hardly be added that, kerosene being in
flammable, one wants to keep away from
the lire while treating the shoes with it.
A Convenience Ttiat Is as Serviceable as It
Is Frctty.
A uniquo workbasket, which can bo
readily transformed into a table, and
originally on exhibition at the Decorative
Art rooms ta New York, has recently
been described for The Household. It is
distance from each other. All of which
prompts the remark that the world
would be made more cheerful and sensi
ble if "mourning" garments were dis
carded altogether.
New Materials For Untuning.
There are many new materials that
can be used for mourning, such as bright
reversible satin, with satin on one side
and a cord on the other. All the large
patterned moires are useful, especially
when trimmed with jet, and the soufflet
mohairs, which are woven to resemble
bubbles, stand up in bold relief. Some
of the line rps have been brought out in
a new guise. But mourning, to bo in
good taste, cannot be too simple und de
void of ornament. Heavy crapes, which
aro expensive, are frequently tortured
into all kinds of shapes of plaitings and
rnchingl, which are decidedly in bad
made from a common camp stool, from
which the CftnvM for the seat has been
Into the opening thus formed was
shirred a capacious bat; or pocket, wires
being stretched across tha two-open ends
for holding the frame in place and serv
ing as a foundation for the ibftrihgfl of
the pocket the materials being figured
india silk in dull old rose shades, with a
lining of old rose satin.
The wooden framework is painted
white with enamel paint, and a square
board, painted in the same way, with
gilt lines for decoration, is made to set
over the pocket, resting on the frame
work, thus making a table of it and hid
ing from sight the work in the pocket,
It makes a handsome piece of furni
ture for a lady's use and is as service
able as it is pretty. Quick witted women
need hardly be told that this convenient
affair tatty be made less delicate and
therefore better adapted for the wear
and tear of the ordinary sitting room by
making the pocket of darker colored ma
terial aud painting or staining the
wooden framework B cherry or mahog
any hue. Indeed, ingenious women Will
doubtless add to and improve upon this
model, which is suggestive of a variety
of styles made on the same principle.
A Dressy Wrapper.
The modern tea gown is usually too
elaborate an affair for ordinary home
wear when the lady of the house attends
to many of the domestic affairs herself.
She likes, however, when the more ardu
ous duties are over, to have a comforta
ble and at the same time pretty gown
or wrapper at hand, which may be quick-
a neat Firnsu wraitki:.
ly put on, and present a neat appearance
without all the accessories of a regular
dress. Such a wrapper may be made of
any of the attractive all wool fabrics
shown in the shops. with a fancy
drawn yoke front; and Watteuu back.
Hake it dressy by putting on a turn down
collar, cuffs, belt and shoulder caps of
velvet or silk. The result will be a trim,
neat house gown.
The Gem Coupon. The Most
Unique of All.
To Clean Marble.
It is a delusion to think that bad stains
on marble can lie effectually removed
without calling in some professional
hand, but there are a variety of recipes
which will help to lighten tho color of I six months
ltulcs For Mourning.
According to one of the authorities, the
period of mourning for a father-in-law is
a yearten months black, two months
half mourning. Crapo is seldom worn,
though tho crape period was formerly
A Trip Through the Colum
bian Exposition,
stains and even remove them if they are
not of long standing. For instance:
Mix an ounce of soda, of powdered
chalk and pumice stone, respectively,
with enough water to form a thickish
paste. Spread this well over ami beyond
Tho comparative length of girls' frocks i the stain. Leave it on for 24 hours or
This Is of the Utmost Importance to Both
Pupil and Teacher.
As regards the selection of pieces, !
teachers too often make the mistake of !
choosing those too difficult for their pn- j
pils. They forget that a simple melody
well played is preferable at all times to j
an ambitious piece whose difficulties
cause the performer to halt and stumble, j
Au examination of tho musical portfo
lio of our average young ladies by one '
uninitiated would lead him to suppose
them performers of the highest caliber.
Liszt, Rubinstein, Raff and, in fact, ev
ery famous concert composer will be
found represented, while tho owner
thereof, most likely, will be unable to
play even one bar of their compositions
The Strauss wait, mania that swept
over this country somo years ago must
beheld responsible for the" checking of
many a promising student's advance
ment. These waltzes, never originally
intended for the piano, contain difficul
ties beyond the grasp of ordinary per
formers. Written for orchestra, their
arrangement in piano form could not bo
otherwise than impracticable, so far a"
the aiding of a correct style of playing
is concerned, and also unthankful as re
gards results. For an average valse de
concert, written for the instrument,
though apparently from a cursory glance
of a much higher grade, will, on close ex
an.ition, not alone bo found easier, but
also incomparably more brilliant and ef
To those whose style is not yet formed,
and who are anxious to obtain a perfect
technique, Tho Musical world advises
that they avoid all arrangements for or
chestral scores or adaptations originally
written for other instruments. This of
course does not apply to transcriptions
made by eminent writers. The judicious
(election of pieces, studies, etc., is of the
utmost importance, not alone as apply
ing to tho welfare of the pupil, but also
molding the material success of the
teacher. It is well for both parties if a
happy medium is hero adopted. Many
go to tho most opposite extremes.
To the child who is just learning to
read, we do not offer Shakespeare; nei
ther does the father, when he deMres to
give his son some relaxation from his
schoolbooks, select one of George Eliot's
works. This would only weary his young
mind, and instead of stimulating serve
to check whatever is luxuriant there.
The same rules apply to mttdo. To ap
preciate what is noble iu this art, a grad
ual cultivation is necessary. Yet tho
means to arrive at such an end must be
most varied. It will not do to pursue a
cut and dried course, applied to all, irre
spective of difference in character or tal
ent. One must be led, another stimu
lated; this one restrained and apparently
held back by force; all different, yet all
brought nearer to perfection by ways
seemingly opposite.
at various ages is thus directed by Har
per's Bazar: -'At from 4 to 8 years the
skirt falls just below tho knee. From
that time it begins to lengthen, reach
ing two inches below the knee at 10
years, three inches above the shoetops at
18 years, two inches above the shoetops
at 14, and at sweet 16 comes back to the
J-yeaY-old lengt h, which is just Hush with
tho top of a not overhigh boot, unless the
young woman is of more than average
inaturity, when it may fall to the ankle.
Three-year-olds are on tho debatable
ground between the longer frocks of
babyhood and the bhort frocks of child
hood some mothers preferring one,
more; tneu wasn it on wuu soap ana
warm water and polish it well with an
old soft rag.
For a parent the period is the same as
above. The longest period for a brother
is six months five months black, one
month half mourning. The crape period
was formerly three months; it is now
almost discarded. The shortest period
is four months black, no half mourning.
Tho period of mourning for a father-in-law
is often shortened to six months
when relatives reside at a considerable
72 leaves, printed on one side
only. Showing all the places of
LlltereSt on main grounds and
Midway i'laisauce. Size, 5x7.
Embossed paper covet- or lull
Two Coupons anJ 25
embossed cover.
CENTS takes
and 40 CENTS takes
Two Cn pans
cloth cover.
Add 4 cents for postage if orderoJ hy mail
Examining the Stomach
By Electric Light
The best substitutes for flannel petti
coats are soft silks quilted and edged
with lace, or warm, thick flannel draw
ers worn over combinations. These seem
to answor the purpose of warmth with
out adding to the size of the wearer.
A favorite handkerchief is of fine sheer
linen, with a hemstitched border.
Eucklan'a Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for Cuts
Bruises, Bores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Bores, Tetter. Champed Hauds, Chilblains,
Corns and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively euros Plies, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or money refunded. Price 25 ceuta per
box. For sale by Matthews Bros.
some the other but latterly there is'a
decided preference for putting them also
into the French skirt falling just beyond
the bend of the knee."
Three-quarter jackets, trimmed with
braid and fur. und long coats are always
well worn, B8d ono of the favorite col
ors just now is a gieen cloth like beige.
The coats this winter are generally
double breasted, have triple capes and
are trimmed either with beaver or some
kindred far.
A feature in millinerv is the extraor
dinary size of the granny bonnet. The
fresh little faces are hidden away and
seem to bo visible only at the end' of a
long tunnel.
A Novelty lUttle.
Wonderfully pretty and sure to please
the sovereign of the ni-.jtery is a novelty
rattle, which may be put together at
home with but slight exjiense, according
to Golden Day.-. A small wooden lroop,
such as lansedfor
embroidery pur
poses, is the foun
dation for this
bauble, which be
comes a giddy af
fair when bound
about with nar
row satin ribbon,
half au inch iu
width, especially
if two tones are
employed, such
as white and or
ange, blue und
gold, pink und
green, or buff
and crimson. To
do the work neat-
BAllY S BOXXMA&J ly.sian witnone
itATTLE. colored ribbon
and carefully bind the hoop. When this
is finished, wind in an opposite direc
tion with the other tinted ribbon. After
the hoop is neatly coyered take several
strands of ribbon and attach with a flar
ing bow to the bott6m of the hoop. Tip
each ribbon end with a silver bell, and
the fancy is in readiness to delight some
nursery cherub with its brilliancy of col
oring and musical Im-11 tinkle.
The New Trimmings.
There ure any number of new trim
mings. One of the most effective Is a
broad braid of various colors, edged with
fur, which looks particularly well on
cloth dresses. Other labor saving aud
Striking effects ure produced by means
illuminating the Stomach hy Electric Light.
are going to do business in
4 .4 Y 1 1
new store bv the middle oi
month, and we have concluded to move
no goods from our present place of busi
ness if we possibly can help it. To ac
complish this we, on second day of Jan
uary, put figures on all goods in stock
that ought to sell them all in one
Below is a partial list:
"Medical Electricians have recently devised a plan by which the interior of the human body
may he Illuminated for examination. The patient is laid upon the operating table aud a slender tube,
carrying a glass bead upon its end, is introduced into the stomach. A small light inside the bead is
supplied hy line wires running out through the tube aud connected to a small battery. The iuterior of
the stomach is plainly lighted and all its pails arc brought into view by a small movable mirror at the
end of the tube.' Quoted from THE TRIBUNE Encyclopedia Britannica.
The above picture is photographed from an illustration on page Gl 9 of tho Supplement of THE
TRIBUNE Encyclopedia Britannica. It is only one out of nearly 100 illustrations on the subject of
electricity contained in THE TRIBUNE Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica thirty-six of which can
be found in no other edition of Britannica in print. Among them we mention a few of the modern ap
pliances therein so beautifully and accurately illustrated:
"Arc Light," "Wood Dynamo," "Slattery Incandescent Dynamo," '-Improved. Dy
namo," "Incandescent Lamp," "Portable Electric Lamp," "Edison Generator," "Recording
and Alarm Gauge," "Electric Elevator," "Electric Car on a Ten Per Cent. Grade," "Elec
tric Percussion Drill," "Police and Signal System," "The Death Penalty hy Electricity,"
etc., etc.
The articles on Electricity in its various forms in the main body of the work and in the supple
mentary volumes treated in 138 pages.
Every subject known to man is treated as fully, carefully and accurately in this princely library
as the subject of Electricity.
Pear in mind that the full set contains over 22,000 Pages. G7I Maps and Plans and 10,000 Illus
trations. Not to own this great Reference Library is almost as unpopular, in this age, as not to own the
Bible. But the possessor of this rare set of books stands a more than even show of success in life.
This oiler at the wholesale price and on easy terms of payment can remain open but a short
time. Do not miss the opportunity. Such chances do not come every day. Give your order at onco.
On receipt of L50 the entire set will be sent charges prepaid the balance to be paid on easy
monthly payments. The hooks can be seen at THE TRIBUNE Encyclopedia Department, 437 Spruce
street, any time during the day, or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings.
A volume will be sent to any part of the city for examination.
Highest Grade Minnesota Patent
Flour (in sacks) - $3.99
Highest Grade Pastry Flour (in
Best Baled Hay, per 100, -
Rutabagas, bushel,
Potatoes, bushel, -
Onions, bushel,
Best Sugar Cured Hams,
Best California Hams,
Best Shoulders,
Best Bacon,
Lard, per pound,
Lard, 10 pound pails,
Lard, 5-pound pails,
Lard, 3-pound pails,
New Orleans Molasses,
Pure Sugar Syrup,
Very Best No. 7 Brooms, -
Very Good No. 7 "
Very Best No. 6 " -
Good No. 6 Brooms,
Large Sized Cedar Tubs, -
Medium Sized Cedar Tubs,
Small Sized Cedar Tubs, -
Large Sized Painted Tubs, -
Medium Sized Painted Tubs,
Small Sized Painted Tubs,
Cedar Pails,
3-hoop Painted Pails,
2 hoop Painted Pails, .
Large Sized Feather Dusters,
Medium Sized Feather Dusters,
Canned Peaches, 3 pounds,
Canned String Beans,
Canned Asparagus,
Canned Pumpkin, 3 pounds, -
Preserved Strawberries, imported gg
gallon jar, . - '
Preserves in large tumblers, . .09
Preserves in 30-pound pails, - 1.80
Preserves in 5-pound pails, - .29
Jelly, 30-pound pails, - .7?
Fruit Butter, 5-pound pails, - .11
Without going any further, we would
say that all goods will be sold for less
than they are worth until closed out. We
will also have counters, scales, show cases,
coffee mill and other- fixtures to sell for
what they will bring.