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Py tin; Pennsylvania Dc
liiocrny, :i patriot to
Kai iiiico himself against
In person tomorrow at the
Harrisburg pow wow of
the Keystone free trade
Virtually Tells President Dole That He Is an
Arrant Usurper.
Minister Willis Tells the President of
the Hawaiian Provisional Govern
ment That Her Debauched Majesty,
Queen Lil, Was De throned by Yan
kee Soldiers and That She Would
Have to Be Put Back on Her Throne
Again President Dole Refuses to
Accede to the Impudent Demand.
Willis Then Threatened to Use
Force and All Hawaiian Citizens
Were for a Week Under Arms and
in Imminent Fear of Bloodshed A
Dispatch Received by Willis Dec. 27
Called Him Down from His High
Horse and British Marines Are Now
Occupying Honolulu, While the Pro
visional Government Still Lives.
Copyright U.'l iy the United Press.
VlCTOIUA, 1!. C, Jim. 8.
3HE steamer Wnrimno, wliicli ar-
rived hero tonight, brings ad
vices from Honolalii under tlw
dure of Jan. 1. On Deo 13, last,
President Dole addreaaed the following
communication to Minister Willis:
I nm informed that ynu arn in comnv.i
r.iciiti'in with LUuokalani, ex-queen, with
a view of re-establishing a monarchy in the
Hawaiian ialand,and of supporting ner pre-ten-ious
to tbo sovereignty. WiU you in
form me if tin report li tumor if yon
nre actinic In any way hostile to this gov
ernment! I fnUjr appreciate the fact that
any MJCli action upon your part in view of
yourpfficial relations witn this govern.
Went would seem impossible, but us fl;e
Information lias come to me from inch
sources that I am compelled to notice it,
you will pardon me for pressing you for
an immediate answer.
To this Minister Willis replied ns
I have the honor to inform yon that I hnve
a communication from my government
whicn I desire to submit to the president
n'.id ministers Of your government at any
liour today which it may you to
Foutiaff Oitice Honolulu, Dec. 10.
Preseiit- l'resiilent Snntord i!. Dole, linn.
S. M. Damon. Minister of Finance; Hon.
J. A. King, Minitter of Interior: Hon.
W. O, Smir!', Attorney General; Don.
Aibert si. wu'is. Envoy Extraordinary
nnd Minister Bltnlpotentlary, United
StatPs of An.eric i.
Mr. Willis Will Mr. Jones bo present at
-tlii " Interview!
President Dole Wo wish to lave him
present if you liave no objection.
Mr. Willis Is he a stenographer!
President Dole Yes, sir.
Mr. Willis No objection at all,
Mr. Willis then said:
Mn. PnsnntKT and QmrrumxH: The
president of th l"n:ted stales hm very
much regretted the delay in the Hawaiian
question, but It has been unavoidable. So
much of it that has occurred since
my arrival has bS-n duo to cer
tain conditions, precedent compli
ances, which were required before
I was to confer with you. The president
also r.-srets, as most assuredly I do, that
any secrecy should have surrounded the
Interchange of views between our two
governments. I may say this, however,
that secrecy thus far observed, has been in
the interest and for the safety of all your
1 need hardly promise that the presi
dent's action Upon tho Hawaiian question
his been tinder the dictates of
honor and duty, and it is now, and has
been fr'.m the beginning, absolutely free
from prejudice nnd resentment and en tirely
consistent with long established
friendship and treaty ties which h ive so
clcsly bonnd together our respective gov
ernments. Tho president deemed it his duty
to withdraw frurn the senate the troatyof
annexation which has been signed by the
secretary of stnte and agents of your gov
meat und to dispntch a trusted representa
tive to Hawaii to impartially Investigate
the cause of your revolution nnd to ascer
tain nnd report the true situation in these
islands. This information was needed to
better enable tho president to discharge
a delicate and important duty.
Upon the fncts embodied in Mr. Blount's
report, the president has arrived at certain
conclusions and determined upon s certain
course of action, with which it becomes
my dnty to acquaint you. The pro
visionnl government was not established
by the Hawaiian people, nor with their con
sent or ariiiie!!Ciico, nor has it since existed
with their consent. The queen refused to
surrender her powers to the provisional
government until convinced that the min
ister of the United Btatet hud recognized
t as tho defacfo authority and would
support and defend it with the mili
tary force of the United States ami that
resistance would precipitate a bloody con
flict with that force. She was advised and
assured by her ministers nnd leaders of the
movement for the overthrow of her gov
ernment that if she surrender d under pro
tost her case would afterwards be fnirlv
Considered by tho prosidout of the United
The queen finally yielded to tbn armed
forces of the United States then quartered
in Honolulu, rulyiug on the good faith
and lienor of tho president, when Informed
of what had occurred, to undo the action
of the minister and reinstate the authority
which she claimed as tho constitutional
soveroigu of the Hawaiian islands.
Alter a patient examination of Mr.
Blount's reports, the president in satisll. il
that the movement against the queen, if
not instigated, was encouraged and sup
ported by the representative of this gov
ernment nt Honolulu, thnt he promised lu
advance to aid her enemies in an effort to
overthrow the Hawaiian government
and set up by force a new govern
ment in its plnco nnd that he
kept this promise by causing n detach
ment of troops to he landed from the Bos
Ion on Jan. id, 1803, and by. recognizing
tho provisional government tho next
day when it was too fefble to defend
Itself and tbo constitutional govern
ment was about to successfully maintain
its authority agninst any threatening
force, other than that of the United States
already landed, The president has, there
fore, determined that ho will not send
bad: to the ncnato for its action the treaty
which ho withdrew from that body for
further consideration on March 0 last.
In view of these conclusions, I Was in
StrUC ed by tht president of the United
Statis to take advantage of an early op.
portnnlty to inform the queen of this de
termination and of his view ns to the
reap nstbllity of our government. Tho
pres dent, however, felt that we, by
our original Interference) h.ul
incurred responsibility to the
whole Hawaiian community and that it
Won d n t be just to put one party at t he
mercy of the other. 1 was therefore in-
strne'ed at the same time to inform her
thai the president expected that she
would pursue n magnanimous course
by granting full amnesty to all who partici
pated iti thr movement against her, includ
ing persons who are, or who liavo been
officially or otherwise connected with the
provisional government, depriving them
of no right or privilege which they en
joyed before the revolution of last.iaiiu
ary and that all obligations crested by the
provisional government In the court of
administration should be assumed.
In obedience to the command of the
pre-ident, I bays secured the queen's
agreement to tnU course, and I now da.
! liver a writing, signed by her. and duly at
i tested, a copy at which I will leave with
I you.
Mr. Willis then solemnly demanded
j that the provisional government ebdi
Icateand permit thequsen to resume
ner corona,
President Dole replied, refusing to
consider this demand. A week of
terrible feus ensued, nfter the ar
rival of the revenue Cutter Corwin.
Minister Willis held the mensco of
using fores with the provisional
government and the citizens got in
readiness to rush to arms, though it
was generally believud the minuter
was bluffi'mg. All fars were ended
by the receipt of the United Prss dis
patch per stoiiuer Arawa on Doc. 27.
The provisional government lias a
force-of men underarms atid the palace
strongly fortified. Minister Willis re
ceived a bulky batch of dispatches. He
immediately entered upon r in
tercourse with the queen. Homes were
being searched for concealed anus.
On Dec. 10 the alarm was roviv. d by
ttto British minister receiving permis
sion from the government to land mar
ines from Hr Majesty's ship Cnam
pion for tne protection of ltritish in
terests. Captain Rooke stated that he
expected the queen to be restored by
American forces aud would laud fifty
Graphic Story of Disastrous Fire in
the White City as Told
in Bulletins.
Chicaoo, Jan. 8. Mnaio hall at the
World's fair grounds is burning. At
11 p, in. one-third of tho roof of the
manufacturers' butfdihg had fallen in
and the firemen laid they could not save
it from total destruction. Twenty
thousand cases of exhibits are in the
The Casino, Music ball and Peris
tyle have already been destroyed.
Fiyo firemen were injured during the
progress of the fire, and one will die,
A! midnight it is thought the $2, l00, -000
worth of exhibits in the Manufact
ures' building would be saved.
A conservative estimate places tho
total loss thus far nt a million and a
half. It is not definitely known what
caused the fire, but the commonly ac-
oepted theory among tbo thousands on
tho grounds tonight is that it had been
caused by tramps sleeping in the Ca
Orip-Crozid Man Kills Hi) Children and
Then Himself.
Macob Chunk, Pa,', Jan. 8. Summit
Hill, the head of the Switchback rail
way in thin county, was the scene of a
territde tragedy yoaterday. John F.
Thomas, n well known resident of the
'own, in n fit of insanity killed his
child, a little hoy 4 years of age, nnd
afterward cnf his own throat.
Thomas nad been sick for the past
six weeks, a sufferer of the grip, Both
were found dead in hod by tho horri
fied mother, with the razor by which
he Committed the deed still In the
father's grnsp. Thomas waa 40 years
of age and bore an excellent reputation.
I S I :
His Second Inauguration b Attended by Very
General Jubilation.
His Speech Confined to a Discussion
of Ohio Interests Democrats Who
Participated An Exhortation for
tho People of the State to Relievo as
Far as Possible the Prevailing Dis
tress Some Remarks That Ap
ply with Force to Congress and tho
Democratic Autocrat in the White
Columbus, o., Jan. 8.
a 8' oond time inaugurated gov
ernor of Ohio. The day was
disagreeable, but the inaugu
ration services were Imposing, It has
become customary for inaugurations in
this state to be made nun partisan
events. Prominent Democrats partial
F.x-Countv Commissioner Murphy .was
stricken with paralysis at his 1io4b in
Wiconisco on Saturday.
The Bpnng Men's Democratic club, of
William-port, Celebrated Jackson day by a
bin ((net nt the Park hotel.
The boot and shoo house of lienjamin
Rakisteraw. at Ifscbantctbnrgj was closed
by the sheriff on large judgments.
The anesthetic administered to John
Dolan, at Krie, before a proposi ti surgical
operation was to have begun, killed him,
The Lancaster TobaCOO Urowers' associa
tion delegated three of Its members to go
to Washington to protest againSt the re
duction of the duty of Sumatra tobacco.
A statement Of tho casoot Mrs. Fred
Morris against hrr husband's parents for
$20,0U0 damages fir robbing her of her
husband's lovo, Inn been nt Pittsburg.
The Jackson (hi I), nt Johnnlowii, cele
brated tho anniversary of tho baltlo of
Now Orleans by calling upon all Demo
cratic congressmen to give their uiiitmli
fted support to the Wilson bill.
The Wheewill murder trial which grew
out of tbo GHlberton Traction Company
riot, of which William F. lfnirity, of
Philadelphia, is president, was postponed
at Potts Villi till the next term of court.
Af ter being out on a strike f or ten days
aud losing $i.,ir0iti wages, the coal miners
nt Arnot, Fall Brook and Morris iui went
to Work, accepting a 10 pur cent, reduc
tion. Jacob Lnvino and bis son Charles, woro
impaled on a shin p iron fence ut Pittsburg
(luring n runaway incident,. Tho father
was badly cut about his body and his sou's
throat was torn from ear to osr.
Hev, Dr. Robert Lowrv, tho eminent
hymn writer, created sensation nt Lowis
Dure by advocating the breaking down of
sectarian lines nnd the amalgamation of
all denominations into one great universal
The gripmea nnd conductors of the
Pittsburg Traction company and tho
motorm ii and conductors ot the Dmiuesno
Traction company were untitled thnt their
wages tTOttld bo reduced for B,$B to fcJ per
day. About 'JWJ uiou aro alluded.
Shrewd Scoundrel Raises a Draft by
Adding; One Hundred.
KiHTiiii folks Sfruiitun jWoaae,
OaBBONDALI, Pa.. Jan. There
came to light today a most daring forg
ery on the First National bank of this
city. Georgo D, Couch, teller of the
bank, gave out the following state
ment: On Nov. 20 a man called at the First Na
tional bank nnd purchased a draft on
their Philadelphia correspondent for 186,
payable to Henry T. Donaldson. Soon af
ter Jan 1 the Philadelphia bank sent to the
Carbondala bank t be vouchers they had
paid n their account in Decern lair, when
it was di-covered that the Philadelphia
hank had paid a draft for fJ.OOO to one
Henry Donaldson, dated Dec. 18, and on
examination it proved to bo an absolute
fot gory.
The schome tbo rogue had pursued
was to have a facsimile engraved of
tha original draft. He then clevorly imi
tated Mr. Htolt's signature, filling up
the blame with similar wording only
adding the word "hundrod" after the
amount twenty-six. He bnd obtained
tho money on it while also using the
good check forsf'.'S. Hoth checks bore
the indorsement of Henry T. Donald
The Largest Hat Manufactory in Dan-
bury, Conn., Removes to Newark,
N. J., to Get Cheap Labor.
. I m
' . - 4.''
p.ited in the exercises and the affair
Was largely a social one. It was, p-r-haps,
on that account that Governor
M'Kuilcy refrained from taucbiug es
pecially on political topics.
About 5,000 men were in the proces
sion. There were not, of course, any
Democratic clubs in the lino, bu: the
militarv nnd civic organizations and
tho staffs of marshals contained many
well known 1 NM) and t tiler Democrats.
The par ttle moved at 1 o'clock. It was
reviewed by the governor and his stall.
Many leading citizens in political, so
cial and business life occupied seats on
the largo reviewing Stand, which wns
on Iiioad street, north of the Capitol
The event of apocial social importance
occurred this evening in the somite
chamber, where the governor in charge
of the oommittee of reception, received
the people. Th Arion, Liederkrau". and
Maennerohor singing gooletiei sang us
one, also as sepirat- -organizations
Nodderruyer's orchestra and other mu
sic of a high character constituted part
of the programme.
The inauguration proper w is held at
the west front of tho oapltol, S on
liter io o clock the governor appeared
escorted by the legislative committee,
consisting of mem hers of each house,
and received n cordial welcome from
the large audience. Key. Archibald A.
E. 'Inylor. pastor of the Westminster
Presbyterian cbnrob, invoked divine
blessing upon tbo occasion, after which
tho governor was Hworn into office by
Chief Justicu Bradbury, of the supreme
court. The governor tlieu spoke. Ilia
address was largely historical. Of
present issnes nnd duties ho said :
My fellow citliens, we cannot be indif
ferent, even if we would, to current busi
ness conditions nor unmindful that today
many of our fellow citizens are without
work because they cannot find anything to
do. There are homes In tho state which,
less than n year ago, were tilled with
cheer and contentment that are now
haunted with hunger. Our hearts go out
in feeling sympathy to these unfortunate
on s of our fellow citizens, and our pllions
Should OpeQ to them in sweet and sub
stantial charity. The present situation
affords a great, opportunity to nil of us
to demonstrate tho love we bear
our fellow men, and if rightly im
proved will cause us to realize
that it is moro blessed to give than to re
ceive. Those who havo, should - and 1
know will give to those who have not,
and the people of our great state will per
mit none of our men or women or chil
dren to suffer for tho necessaries of life.
God grant that this scourge of our indus
trial prosperity mnv speedily pass away,
iiml thai the time may not be long distant
when business oonnuence simii again come
to every community; when industry shall
resume its former activity: and when the
men now in enfoiced idleness shall have
work and wages, aud the BOUtCS now in
poverty shall bo blessed in plenty,
Al'I'UCAltt.E, iXBtb, TO OOltQRgM,
Afterdovotinir himself Instate issues.
Governor McKinlcy uttered these
Words, which aro applicable as well to
congress and tho nation as to bis own
state ;
The tendency of nil governments nndall
branches Ol government, executive and
legislative) is for each to increase its power
and magnify its importance, sometimes in
doubtful regard of the laws and theooA
atitntiou. W hue the power and indepen
dence of the co-ordinate branches of the
government should bo sacredly maintained,
We should bo careful never to encroach
upon the organic law, nor to trespass upon
the rights of the people. The best govern
ment is the one which governs the lenst.
nnd which keeps safely within the letter
nnd spirit, or (lie constitution, anil tinniest
government always is that one which best
looks niter its own, aim wim-n is m closest
heart touch with tho highest aspirations
ot tho people
A severe test comes to ilia majority in
a legislative body when that majority is
phenomenally large. Mien a majority is
dilllcult of control. Self-imposed restraint
in tho Use Of power is hard to exercise, but
when ex'Ti-i-ed Is a demou-.! ration ot
comiiiaudlng virtue and the highest ex
hibition of genuine statesmanship. The
uossession of great power too often le.ols
to great abuses. It is often less trouble to
let hud legislation go through than to
stop it, but that practice Will neither
justify the conscience ol tile honest legis
lator nor retain the ronfldenos of his con
stituents Conservatism in legislation
marks tho wise legislator, aud delibera
tion is promotive of thu wibusteuadniuutu.
Damilry, Conn., Jan. 8. The hat
manufacturers have begun to move out
of Daubury. Heck or i & Co., who
nave the largest hat laetory m Con
necticut nnd who employ 500 bands,
announced today that they will remove
to Newark, N. J. The first shipment
of machinery was today anil
tho work of removal will be doue as
expeditiously as possible, us the firm
wants to get located in their new quar
ters in time to start work on spring
For tho past five years the pay -roll
of this firm has exceeded $100,000 an
nually, and the loss to this city by its
removal will be incalculable. In New
ark the firm will run its factory inde
pendently of trades unions, something
it has fouud it impossible to do in
th.s city, Not only will Danbury lose
the factory, but in addition it will
lose William Beckorle's immense
stock farm on which there are 200
high bred horses. It is thought that
this move of lieckerle's company will
break tho ranks of 4,000 union batters
who have for six weeks refused to go
to work in the twenty factories that
closed their doors against the unions,
and have siuce tried unsuccssf ally to
open ns Independent sh ip-.
It is too late now to prevent the re
moval of Heckerle's company and It is
thought that the hatters before seeing
tho other manufacturers leave will
give up their uuUms aud acknowledge
defeat. Mauv of the other mauufaot
urers havo their arrangements nearly
completed for removing elsewhere.
Blnce they first signified their inten
tion, a week ago, of moving out of
Danbury they havo received hundreds
of letters from all parts of tho country
offering inducement! to move.
Members of the Party in Two Counties
Have a Celebration,.
V.U.U.Y FoiuiE, Jan. 8. A large
number of leading Democrats from
Chester and Montgomery counties met
here today and celebrated Jackson duy
with a banquet hold under tbo auspices
of the W, U. Hen- i Democratic asso
ciation, of Chester county.
Among the speakers were 1 borons
W. Pierce, of West. Chester; H H.
Scbofield, of Paoli; W John Campbell,
of Berwyn, and J, H. Forrest, of Wil-
Engineer at Potts' Colllerv Leaves a
Widow and Nine Children.
Ashland, Jan. 8 Edward Morrie-
8 an engineer nt Potts' colliery, near
Ashland, dropped dead at his engine at
7 o'clock this morning.
He was r." years of age. A widow
and nine children survive him.
Four Resolutions Regarding Our Relations to
Tbat Country Introduced,
Debate on the Wilson Tariff Bill Be
gun in the House by a Long Speech
Made by the Framer of the Act Con
taining Nothing In Addition to What
Has Already Been Said on That
Side Discussion to Be Continued
All the Week.
Vatican authorities say Satolli will re
main in this country, even if made a car
The Norton, Kan., Social club has wired
an offer of $00,UUU for thu Corbott-Mitchell
Evangelist Sam Small will start n
newspaper at Kuid, O. T.. to answer his
All Chicago gambling houses hnvo
dosed by ortler of tbo new Democratic
Flight of Froight Agent Frank Mattisnu
from Bennington, Vt., revealed a largo de
falcation. The American federation of Labor will
go into politics after the fashion of English
trndos unions.
A 1600.000 fortune fnlls to Miss Alico
Greene, formerly ot Hempstead, L. I.,froin
a Scotch undo.
Warned by an alleged revolution, Ida
Rux, a La Porte, Ind., belle, has fasted
two week" and will die.
ltlowlng out the gns in n Savannah
hotel, E C. McDonald, of Hamlet, N. (J.,
compassed his own death.
(leorgo J. Gould hns given tho family's
Fifth avenue residence in New York to his
wife. It is worth ftM,000.
For half a million dollars n, New York
nnd Kuglish syudicsto bought the famous
Victor mine at Cripple Creek, Col.
Harlan Kichnrili, a mine ownor and
politician, of Oentrevlllo, Iowa, was fatally
injured while inspecting his mines.
In the billiard touriinmont at Chicago
Boh M fat and rlossou played the llrst
game, tho former winning by n score of
000 to 204.
Chicago bfOWSTI IB tho trust charge tbo
Manhattan Drewlng company of Now
York with cutting rates, contrary to
New York's first legislative hill of 1801
was signed by Lieutenant Governor Shee
hnn ou nu express, slopping a few min
utes la Albany.
A pauper burial was glvon Dr. Clinton
Cavendish, the English scientist, nt Han
Antonio, Tel., ns be bad only worthless
Houth Amoricau currency on his person.
Joso Coreco Do Mello, Bertha Manches
ter's murderer, pleaded guilty to ttio
charge of uiautdaughlor at Fall Kiver,
Mu.s., aud was Boutoucud to life imprisonment.
THE senate committee devoted
nearly two hours today to the
discussion of the resolution of
fered last week by Mr. Hoar,
calling on the treasury department for
a statement of the payments made to
Mr. Blount as commissioner of the
Hawaiian island, and of the law or
authority under which such paymsnts
ware made. The resolution was finally
referred to the committee on foreign
relations, as the inquiry which that
committee ia carrying on covers the
pointsjraised by Mr. Hoar.
Mr. Frye's resolution of last week
declaring the sense of the senato to be
in favor of strict non-intervention be
tween the qneen and the provisional
government was laid over until Wed
nesday uezt, to give Mr. D.v.s. Minn.,
an opportunity to speak upon It. An
other resolution was offered on tno
same inbjeot and was laid over for the
present. Its author was Mr. Chandler.
N. H., ana its object was to get a re
port from the judiciary committee as
to the constitutional right of the pres
ident to appoint agents or commission
ers to foreign governments without the
advico or consent of the senate.
A fourth resoluti n in relation to
Hawaii was offered by Mr. Turpie,
Indiana, declaring it to be unwise, in
expedient, and not in accord with the
character and dignity of the United
States to consider further, at this time,
either the treaty or project of annexa
tion,, that tho provisional government,
having boon recognized, should b al
lowed to continue its own Hue of
policy, and that foreign intervention
would be regarded as an act unfriendly
to the government of the United
States. Ibis resolution was laid ou tb(
table, and will be oalled up tomorrow,
or next day as a basts ou which Mr
Turpie wi'l address the senate.
In the house today there was no more
difficulty encountered as to a voting
quorum, aud when, alter a controversy
between Mr. Doutelle and tne speaker,
came the vote ou ordering the previous
(itiestion on the report of the commit
tee ou rulos as to the tariff bill, it was
carried by IS!) yeas to no nays all the
Democrats (ton more than a quorum)
votiug in tln affirmative, and tbo lie
pnbllcsm not votiug at all.
Then the order was modified so as to
leave the whole of this week to gen
eral debate on the tariff bill, and to
let the nv minute debate run on until
Monday, Jan, SO, The debate was
opened at 8.10 by Mr. ilinu, West
Virginia, chairman of the committee
on ways aud means, but ho had not
concluded bis remarks when tho beur
for recess came. He will finish his
speech tomorrow.
Not more than fifty members attend
ed the evening session of the house
Speeches were made by Line Illinois;
Morse, Massncbu-tts; Hell, Texas. At
10.30 the bouse adjourned.
Varid Programme Arranged for Friday
Fesiion at Tnmpkinsvllle,
Fjifi'iat to the Seraafoa fW6enei
Jeumyn. Pa Jan 8 A Farmer's In
stitute will bo held lit Tonmkinsvill.'
on Friday and Saturday Jan. SO and
Among the subjects to be discussed
are: "Fruit Culture," "the l'otatoe,'
"Fertilizers, ""Fonltry" nnd "Egg Pro
duction," "Carp Culture," "Bee Cul
ture," "Onion and Cabbago Culture'
''Noxious weeds" etc. etc.
Friday afternoon Protestor J.C. Tay
lor will address the tarm'Tson "Why
Farmers Snould be Educated," and in
the evening Professor Craves will
speak on "Necessity of a Moral Educa
tion. Un Friday afternoon (. lark Sis
sou will KpeaK", subject, "The State of
Washington;'1 in tho evening, Z. T,
(hire, will lecture on "Tho World's
Fair." All are euruestly invited to be
Hungarian Host Who h luffid Revelers
Got Worat of the Bargain.
Sptetol to the Street ion Trttane,
Jeumyn, Jan. 8. Saturday being
Hungarian "Christmas" a celebration
was held in the house of Peter Pis-
lopskv near the Delawnre and Hudson
breaker. The host thinking that his
guests had imbibed enough, attempted
to clear tho bouse, using a revolver for
the purpose.
In some manner it wan discharged
the ball eutering tbo. body of his 10
year-old son just nbove the heart. The
boy was taken to tho Emergency bos
pital in Cnrbondale, mid at the present
writing is still alive.
St. Mary's Catholic Church Entered by
Conscienceless Thieves.
Sprriol to tht San n I on TWeetM.
Avoca, Jan. 8. Tbo meanest crimo
of the season has been committed here
Thieves gained an entrance to St
Mary's church and robbod the poor
A Neapolitan Society to Be Prosecuted
as Aeeociate Malefactor.
Rome, Jan. 8. According to dis
patches received today from Sicily, af
fairs are quiet in that island. General
Morra Di Lavriano, the military com
mander of the island, which is in a
state of siege, lias issued an order for
bidding the company controlling the
cable connecting the island with the
mainland to accept any cipher mess
ages or any messages written in secret
In consequence of the disturbances
tbat occurred yesterday, several an
archists were arrested today. Among
tho prisoners are ssverul of tbe men
who were tho boldest of the rioters on
May Day. 1891. Tho judiciary has de
cided to prosecuto us an associate mals-
ractor with the Fasci Dei Lavoratori of
Sicily, the Fasoio society of Naples, a
majority of tbe members of which are
known to bo anarchistH.
Former Mlnistir, Bound by Fetish Cere
monies, His Only Retainer.
PARIS, Jan. 8 General Dodds, who
is conducting the campaign against
ex-King Bohanzin, of Dahomey, who
was deposed some timo ago by the
French, has telegraphed to tbo minis
try of marines that the French forces
are in active pusuit of Hehanzln.
lie further says tnat the ex king is
forced to hide in the forest under
growth and that be changes his camp
every night. Cue of bis former minis
ters, who is bound to the ex-king s per
sons by Fetish ceremonies, ia his only
retainer, lhe despatch concludes with
the statement tbat the other native
princes ucquiesce in Bshausin's down
There Is Not a Sign of Its Coming
Convention Yet Visible at
the Capital.
HaBRIBBCBO, Pa., Jan. 8 The Pro
hibition itate convention has been
culled to meet at the onora house to
morrow afternoon at 2 o'clock, but
Chairman Patton's call is so gsneral
tbat iome cold water people are of the
opinion that the convention will be
nothing mors than a mnss meeting
with no power to nominate anybody
for any office. Agib Uicketts, of
Wilkei-Barre was the first arrival,
As to the Democratic state conven
tion to be held Wednesduy there is not
tbe slightest sign tonight. Chairman
Wright ia expected to open headquar
ters at the Commonwealth tomorrow.
Philadelphia's Young Democrats Enter
tain Many Distinguished Guests.
Philadelphia, Jan. 8 Tbo four
teenth annual dinuer of tbe Young
Men's Democratic association, in cele
bration of ''Jackson's Day," was held
tonight at St. George's hall. President
William f. llarrity presided, and about
800 persons were present. The following
distinguished guests were seated ut
the table with President Harrity: Gov
ernor Pattison, Governor Reynolds of
Delaware), United States Treasurer D.
N. Morgan, Aaaiatnnt Secretary of the
Treasury Charles S. Hamlin, Assistaut
Secretary of the Isavy William Mc-
Adoo, cx-Postraaster General D m M.
Dickinson. ex-Assistant Secretary of
State Josbm (juincy. Attorney General
House, supreme Court Justice Mc-
Colliim and I'uited States District At
torney H. Alvin Hall, of Pittsburg.
Many interesting speeches were
Duval Athletic Club iu8Ue an Ultima
tum About the Fight.
Jacksonville, Fia, Jan, 8 The
Duval Athletic club this afternoon
threw out the gnugo of battle to Gov
ernor Mitchell and tho state authori
ties. It announced that it proposed to
Icing about tbe prize fight between
Corbstt and Mitchell despite the oppo
sition of the governor and the opinion
of Attorney General Lamar that tho
light would be a violation of tho laws
of Florida.
The club people seem to think they
have the law on their side and that
Governor Mitchell is acting in a tyr
annical ami extrajudicial manner, aud
they say bo in plain words,
Imbortant Decision of the New Jersey
Supreme Court.
TRENTON, Jan. 8. lu the case brought
against tho city ot Fitizaboth and tne
New Jersey Jockey club to lest the
s inndness of the rnc-' track laws passed
in New Jersey last winter, tbe supreme
court of the state decides that they are
iiucouititutioual. Justices Depnn nnd
Abbott concur in the opinion of Justice
The court holds that the laws aro
special, regulating the internal affair
of tho towns and counties, and also
granting to corporations, associations,
or individuals exolnslro privileges, Im
munities, or franchises, aud nro there
fore unconstitutional and void.
Luztrne Commissioners OffV Large Re
ward for Murderers' Arrest.
WnjtBS-BARRE, Jan. 8. The new
board of county commissioners this
afternoon offered $300 reward for the
apprehension and conviction of the
murderer of Contractor Jobnion, who
was stabbed to death ou tho Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western railroad at
Hanover, Oct 0:1 last.
They also offered $500 for the arrest
and conviction of the murderer or
Harney Rick, a merchant here who
was sandbagged to death ou the even
ing ot Nov. 17 last.
Bride of a Month Stricken Other Very
Sad Cases.
fhlUftll to the feinnliia IrfOSMfi
Sthoi uslii uu, Jan. 8, Diphtheria has
filtered the home of Andrew Albert, of
the Water Gap, aud three of bis family
buve died within a week.
One of the victims , a young lady,
was only married a short time ago to
Theodore Rath, of this pine. Two
others of bis family are dowu with the
disease and are likely to dio.
' m i
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