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Worth of Dry Goods, Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing Goods, Millinery, Cloaks and Notions, Curtains, Boots and
Shoes, Clothing, Hats and Caps, Infants Wear, etc, etc., of a large Brooklyn, N Y., house, bought
for cash for 50c. on the dollar by the Fashion Store. Not having room in our own store to accommodate this immense
stock, have rented the laro'e and commodious stores,
400 AND 402 LA
Opposite Wyoming Avenue. Will open up on
UARY 8, AT 9 A. M.
With the LOWEST PRICP2S ever seen in Scranton.
- . ;i -. v , : : ; -i in r- i ;
Below we will mention a few only of the many Bargains to be had.
' PnnnC? I IMCMC Cn as Ilrnssel. Irish Point, Tambiiya, I Man's fine Calf Shoes, Congress 1 75 Men's Hats ni 96c. Ladies' Kersev Jackets, ell New CUAAI Q
I UUUUO LILlCllO, Lib. Kottlne-naftM etc oi Lace: worsh3.33. At SI. 26 2 2S Mon's I lata at &I.U6. Styles, ware (16 iQ to Sr.' 50, at til OIIHW LO
i 00 Men 'a Hats at $1.76,
S3 C'ashtnere at 12c.
810. Cashmeres at 21c.
BOO. Cashmere at 31c.
.oc. lasnuuerea at -4 tjc
Aud all otbac Urea Woods in
like ! n
c Toweling at 2 l-2c.
Co. Toweling at 3 l-2c.
Hie. Toweling at Cc.
l'Jic. Toweling at 0 l9 i
ISj, Toweling at 9 1.2c.
Cable i.inan at 22r.
48a, Table Lilian at 29c.
50c Table Linen at 02c.
. Table Linen at 44c.
$1 Table I.tunn at 03c.
Velvets at 89,-. , Blankets and Comforts
Velvetsat 45c.
Velrets at 25c.
Surah Silk at 45c.
China Silk at 26c
8o. Muelln at 5c,
00, DomestU Flannel at :i l-2c.
Bo. Calico at 4 l-2c,
(Jo. Calico at : 3 l-2c.
Wortb !;. at 59c.
; Worth $1 iat 79r.
; Wortb $i -to at $1.60
l Wortb j;; 50 at $2.25
! Worth fiat S3. BO
. Worth ijsat $5
These aid only a few of the bar
10,000 pair the chance of a life
tiuio. All goods ate the very best, such
or Lace, worth 13.33. At SI. 25
Men's Heavy Tap Sola Shoes', Con
(real or Lice; worth $1,59, At 98c,
Youths' Pi 08 Calf, Hixli (.'at,
Knttoti or lace, worth .00.
At $1
ftottinghafiis, et
Those worth y.' 50 are !t 1.35
TMM v.'ofth : 93 are 1.75
Those wortb 4.00 are 2. 25
Those worth 6 00 ar 3. GO , By , "auia na above, at
Those wortb 10 00 are 5.50 j
Those worth t 00 are 8.00
Tnoso worth 80 On nre 10.60 !
Those worth 40 00 are 16.50 j
Those worth 50,00 are 25.00
Woiuens's Pitt Dottgola ( ipera
Tip or Common Kinse Button
Shots, were $i S lie at $1 1
Same as alnve, with Patent Tin,
spring Heeled, Unttou wore
Id. 50. Now 41.20
MUm' drain Tip Button Shott,
Spring Heeled Worth $1 VI At 75r.
Misse' Fine Dongola, Patent. Tin,
Spriug Hesled, worth $1 .50.
At 8Dr.
ChiMV, same as abve. sin 5 to
worth tiOo. At 34c.
All tinsr grades of Shoes iu liki pro
portion Clothing and Hats
liiy Paula at 19c.
f'i.Vi Boys Suits at 98:.
3.00 Boyi' Citae Overooate al SI. 26,
5 00 Men's Pee Jack Is at ... . S2.26.
0.00 Men'a urereoata at S2. 76.
10 n6 Men' Overcoats at S4.5U,
l ioo Men s uvercoatsat $8.75.
1.7,". Men's Pants at 98c.
'J. 00 Men's Cheviot Panti at. $1.49.
5 00 Men FineD.-esa Punts at S2.7r,.
S 00 Men's Suits at S4.25.
18 50 Men'a Suite at 47.25.
ooo. Boys' Hats at 25c.
I v.r 110,000 worth of Ladies' Mi-8es'
' and 'hildren'a Ooalts.
Children's E derdown Coats, Tiim
tn"rt With Angora Fur. worth
t'J.M. At SI.44,
, Children's Eiderdown Utat&,Btt
Uhality Fur TriminiuR. wire
15.75 to $o.U- At S3, 98.
Missts' l.onrr Cloaks i Wooii, -i. 10
and 19 year ; were 50 to$? 50.
At $3.98.
Ladies' liavor Jackets: were
J7.08 to iO.OO, at $4.50.
Ladies' Beaver J tickets. Cape
Collars, Fur Trimmed, Wert
H?5, at $r.. 75.
Ladies' Beuver Jacket.tho Latest
Slvli-s, all colors ; werj $13 to
IAi At , $7.50.
Clark's 6. N T Spool Cotton at 2l-2c.
Coats' o. M. T. Spool Cotton at 2l-2c.
Sc. liewiig Silk at 4c.
3d Button Hoie Twist at Ic.
Ribbons. Buttons Soipl, Pins, Cor
ssts, P0cketbor,k9, Jewelry, etc , at 1-9
Cashmere, Flnni?!, Calico, Oateon.i: J. ,
from 5i iw, il ,50, Worth double.
4-4 alio, worth W:. . at 09c.
5 1 size, worth $1 as, at. l.44
From?5c, to$6eaoh. Thisaisortment
ti very complete and great values
500 do?.. Ladies' Fast Black Hose,
regular S3o. quality, at
450 dozen Gents' Wool Hose, reg
ular 3S& quality, at 16c.
Ladies' lieavr Hibbed eats,
worth D5u , at 17 l-2c
Ladies' Natural Wool Hose, worth
'.'oo , at t I5c
Ladles' Heavy .Merino Under
wear, worth 50c, at 33c
Cents' Natural Wool Underwear,
worth 5oo. $1.75
At .. 36c. 75c. $1.25
Ladies' aud Chi'dren'a Fur Mutfs and
Sets, from 60c. to 3.60. Wortn
Dark Calico
HappeniGgs Dl a Da; tint Will IntlNSt Byd
hit Readsi'i,
Gr.en Last Night in Wears' Mall by
Division Mo. , Ancient Order of
Hibernian-3, Board of trin Funeral
of Patrick Gurrell Death ot Mrs.
Hannah Walsh Many Brief Items of
fTha !st Side office of the 8oaatIO! is located et 186 South Mum ave-
1 ri up, where subset iptioun, edvertisemaats
; and eouiinumcatious will receive prompt
I attUDliou J
Half Pike. $'2.75 upward.
Misses' Gretchens
hall Prlcf. 19, 75 Upward,
7-Yard Dress Patterns
All Wool. 11.96 bpward.
45 rent:? upward.
Down Quilts
::.'.is upward.
White Blankets
r3 cents upward.
flADODWO r",u- Cortali for B9e,
WUUUUlUtl0i) Corsets lor 8I0.
Kid Glove Bargains at 45c,
69c. and $1.
A grand entertainment and social
waa (liven Inst evoninc in Hears' Hall
j by divifion No 1 of the Ancient Order
of Hibernians, Board of Erin. The
programme opened with an nddreas by
Chairman T. J. Bilbow, and waa fol
lowed by a piano solo by Mrs. Frank
j Malntte. A vocal solo by Mrs. Kate
I Sullivau was well rendered Lawrence
Ketnck rendered an excellent ong,
and r s'inj.' with a double clotc dance
was mveu by P. J. Wiilsh aud Frank
Mulotte. Remarks were then glvmi by
J. H. Carrolle, of Fall River. Mass.
Mise Mmne Boland tave a rocitation.
comic eketch entitlfd, "The Btt?a,"e
Room," was civen by It. J. Coyne and
Mr. Flynn. Doting the sketch M. J.
Coyne whistled the "Mocking Bird,"
Miss Lorettii Fahey receited. and a
vocal lolo wus rendered by Miss Mat
ft'ib Jordan An addteU waa given by
Hon. T . Powdorly, which was verv
Interesting John P. Kelly aho spoke
Miss Maud MoHngb Kavi- a re, itation
and a solo by Lawrence Ketrick closed
the entertainment A social followed
and Aabotttfl WM continued for several
houis. Mrr. Muhitte furnished the
music for the ocoasion
home at Ji'Jd Washburn street on
Wednesdoy nlglit from pneumonia.
The funeral will take place tomorrow
afternoon at '1 o'clock
Gent's Fleeced Lined uuderwear Oil
cents at Menrs & Hfcgeni,
Rev. D. P. Jones. pHStor of the Tab-
oniuclo Gooffregatipnal church, will
adjudicate at an eisteddfod at Given,
Mo., on St David's Day.
Rev HUtfli n,iVio is til at his home
on South Lincoln avenue.
Miss Citrrie Dicker, daughter of Rob
ert Decker, of North Sumner uveuue,
is very ill.
A 90 inch Si'k umbrella for !I5 oents
at Mears A Hngens.
W K Rirkart, nf North Main ave ¬
nue, and William B. Buchanan, of
Philadelphia, were iu Honesdale yes
terday on a bnslness trip
Mrs. D. B. Pease and three children
have returned to their borne at Cohoes,
N. Y., after an extended visit at the
home of her parents, JMr. and Mm
Lewis Morse. She was accompanied
by her mother as far aa Nlnoveb.
We guarantee our $1 uO Kid Gloves.
Mears & Havens
Mrs 3. Long find son. CiMtlta, of
North Bromley nveutte, will spend the
Sabbath with Mrs. Martin Bold, ot
The funeral of Mise Winifred Hart,
of Sherman avenue, who died after a
long ilinose, took place at J 'M o'clock
yesterday afternoou. Services were
conducted in lit Patrick' church by
Rev, Fattier Lianue. Interment was
made in the Hyde Park Catholic ceun
Our M& H Kid gloves for $ .: . gives
pprfect satisfaction. Mears a; Hagan.
Misses Cora Edwards and Maggie
Lynett, of Cirboudale, visited friends
on this side ssterday.
Mrs. Simon Uetzei and sou William,
of Philadelphia, who have been visit
ing at the home of Mrs. Adam Schoen,
of North Linoold avenue, will return
liome today.
Gents tine white (birts tor DO iients
at Mesrs A Iiugens.
James Li, Langan, of Little Rock,
Ark , is ths guest of relatives on this
Mrs. M L. Dtvita aud daughter Liz
lit, of Nauticol.e, are visiting friends
on this side.
Robert Duher and Kllas Thomas, of
Plymouth, visited friends on this side
Miss Emma Williams and Jessie
Evant, of Pittstou, are calling on
friends in town
A petition Was circulated among the
merchants on this aide yesterday Hik
ing them to close their stores at . ::
each i -veiling, Saturdays exepted
Bargains in Ladies and Misses Fine
Wool Huse at Mears A Hageus.
128 Wyoming Ave.
Belnbkrt'a IXarktet,
S3 and 8i Lackawnnna evenne. Kverv
day from t) a. m. to lu a. a. Reunil steak,
lie; sirloin steak, He. ; standing rib roast,
iOc. ; uhnck roast, be; boiling meat, 4c.;
fresh pork, c. ; park sausage, itc
uotial of Patri.vlc Gtiirrdl of Patrick Gurrell. wbo
died at the homn of J. J. Healy, of
Ninth street, on Weduondav, occurred
yesterday morning at o'clock' The
reinatni were conveyed to fit Patrick's
church where u solemn high mass of
requiem was celebrated by Rev. Father
Whelan. Rev. Father Lmnn acted na
deacon, und Rev, Father Me
Nally na eub-deaenn. Durlhg
the aervice Rev. Father liealv,
of FlcHsant Monud, tat in the tauctu-
ary. ttev ratlier wnelau unring ins
remnras apol:e highly of the good traits
of the deceased, wbo was a devout
Christian and a faithful worker in the
Cbttrdh, Tbl pall bearers were Jamoa
Gurrell. John Gilzalloo, Hugh I -at km.
Michael Larkin, Lawrence Rooney and
Patrick Sullivan Interment was made
at the Wett Side Catholic cemetery.
NTf la fthort rariafaphs
rl'lie tuueral of Thomas B. James oc
curred yesterday afternoon from his
late reaidence on Eynon street, and was
attended by u larae number of friends.
Rev. J. T. Morris, pastor of the Cal -vinistio
Metbotlist chnrch of Eellevue,
or wnicu tne uaceaseil was a tuemoer, i NU,i Mvia h Ink ley. of liickson City, bv
omcinletl. 1 ue aei vices were conducted cierk n( the Uuu: ts i na, rt-sterdny.
at the borne, Interraeht Waamadeatl During the year JSW ibi clerk ot the
the Washburu street oemstery. courts granted 1,311 marr iRg.' Ilreue
The shenrf veaterdav tonk pussMion ot
the groei-ry atore of Charles B. Tropp
Co. on Wyoming avenue. The acizure was
made on UMoUtlUll issued at the iustance
ot M. Lehmau nud Charlua Troop.
Itejjuter of Wilis K oehler yesterday ait
milted t pthbaM the will of John T
late of CarUoudala, and grantud
iKtters testauieutnry to Theresa A. Junes,
The Will of Patrick V. UnrTy, lata of Car
bondale, whs admitted to probate arid
letters testamentary granted to Margaret
Marriage licensee were granted to An
I drew Muran, ot Pfckvilltt and Mary
i li.ivle, of bcranton, end James ' i,v,lei
L-idies' all wonl Black Hose for 90
cenli at Menra liagena
Tbe Welsh Phisopblcal snoietr will
elect officers this eveuing for tbe ensu
ing year.
Mrs. Hannah Walsh died at her
Arbitrator. W K Lewi", ,lohn V. Cam
miligf and U 11. Tarlor i.-i-l. . filed an
award -.ft. m the caie ot B A.Walsh
against W, M. Hull.
It la not likely Dial the grand jury will
be able lo diapose today otall t ha cases
that yet remain to come betere it.
cf Persons Who Kemembred
' lnatltution During Decamber.
The Home for tbe Friendless was
bountifully rememberod in December
and tbe Christmas donations were e.r
ceedingly liberal. Gifts from the fol
lowing donors for the month of Decem
ber are here gratefully thankeJ
Mr s. Frank Stanley Barker, Guild of St.
Hilda, Mrs. Simon Rice, Second Presby
terian church, Mrs. W. W. Watson, Mrs.
J. P. Dickson, Zeldhrf'a bakery, Mhs Mul
ley, Mm. Allied Hand, Mrs. W W. Win
tun, .Mine Wicka, Mrs. Oosnph K IS line,
Miss Susan Jermyn, Miss Llglie hherer,
Mrs. Geoigo Sandersou, MrsJ L. Steele,
Doctor Hill. Hint A Swuie, Mrs. R W. Oj
land, Miss Pickering, Lcouomy t'uruiture
Co., Miss Duval, Mrs. E. N. Willard. J. D.
illiiims - Co., fifteen tons of coal Dela
ware St Hudson Coal company, five tons of
coal Lackawanna Iron & Coal company,
desert Mrs. F. W. Mason, Dr. Montgom
ery and Dr. Coolrulge in Attendance dur
ing the month Mr. M. Norton receipted
bill of.4IS6.OO.
The Cnristmas donor Wire ae fol
Clelland, Simpsou ft Taylor, of the Globe
wareUouae, furnished an elegant Christ
mas dinner; Mrs. A, M. Decker, Mrs.
Charles Schlatter, Mrs. H. H. Crane, Mrs.
W. D. Kennedy, Mr. 0. E. RoblnsonIiss
Jermyn ! - -' ,-un Jermyn, Mrs E. B.
Jermyu; Mrs. A. Coleman, Mrs. John
Coleman, Mrs. W. H Perkin. Mrs. 0. B.
Scott, William Sisseubereer. James Arcli-
bald, Mrs. W P Hallstead. Mrs C S.
Weston, Mrs F M. Spencer, Mrs. W W.
Watson, J. Banister, M.Norton,4-cent store,
Mr. Mclatyia, Mrs. J. 1 Connell, C, 8.
Woolwortb, Mrs William Counell, Mrs.
W. W. Scranton, Goldsmith's Bazaar, Mrs
Robert Clark, Mrs Reese G. Brooks, Mrs
P, Laugstaft, Mrs E. S Moffat, Mrs W.
k. McClave, B.Taylor Lacey, Mrs. J. A
Robertson, Mrs. 0. B. Penman. Mrs. Tripp,
Mrs. O, P. Jalwin, Mrs. N. V. Leet, Mrs.
Broudbout, W- T. Smith, Mrs F. Gerioek,
Mrs J. P DioRtOBi 9. R. Clarke B Do.,
R. M S-rantou, Mrs. Slowe, Storr &
Conrad alias Coslett, Mis. K. N. Wil
lard, Mts. M. A. Friedlauder, Missi'laik.
Mrs. Thomas Moore, Mrs. Joseph Uber,
Mrs H. A. Masser, E'.. G. Coursen, Mrs D
E, Taylor, Mlsies Bestnce und Trystine
Morris, Hine Bwltjie, Mils' Unmane Hay
bolt, I'niveraalist ohnrcb, William Vney,
Miss L'Zoie Snerer, Miss Height, Mrs F
Haztaftl, Miss Junto Doo, Mrs. U. 1.,
Dickson, Mrs. C I' Mutth.iws, Mrs. G. B.
Hand, Mrs. William Welsh, Mrs. John
Veuter, Mi - C'nerles Sehlager, Mrs Bur
.lick. II. Bevaj, New Vork Market, Huiiar
& Warnke, D. D, Evans, Miss Lois Sauc
ton. The cash donations were:
W. T Smith tlO.OO
Mrs. L. B. Powell 5.00
Gladys aud Law Watklua li'.Uu
.Misses F.veivn and Marlon Jones Itl.OO
Charles F. Joues So.WI
B. Finn tt Hons..., 5 00
Mrs. W. W. Wlnton 1.00
It Will Ba Held In St. John's Hall, Fin
Brook, Jan. 11
The quarterly conventiou of the Sec
ond district of the Catholic Total Ab -
etluuuc union will be held iu St.
John's hall, Pine Brook, on Sunday,
Jan 14 lu connection with it a fine
entertainment nnd rally will be held
by St. John's society.
The board of directors 6f the district
desire the secretaries of loual societies
to fill out credentials of delegate,) aud
have societies Instruct delegates bow
to vote on the itisurnnco project.
Sir. and Mra. J. J. Woodling- Buttrtaln
In Honor of Tbslr Daughter.
A most enjoyabl surprw givsn
last evening by Mr. aud Mrs. J. .1.
Woodling in honor of their daughter's
first wedding anuiversary at their
home, 4iS Olive street.
Among tboae present were Mr. and
Mrs. Scuiiupf, Mr, and Mr. Wilcox,
Mr. niid Mrs. Turner, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Gee, Mr aril Mrs. VVoolling. Mr. and
Mrs Mclntyrp, Misses Titus Tokowsky,
Long, Thropp. Snover. Fannie L r d,
Lillie S hlnte. E IDh Woodiing, l),-r
am, Muller, Krowtber, 8chltbtf,
Doud, Bnrt Woodling. Arthur Van
Gorder. Will titans. Jolin S Volk -
1 mandt A. Grusner, Ling, Miller and
I After maslc, social gatnas and dtne
iug, rafreshments were ssrvjd
Anolhsr Har.ring- Aslf-1 for la
Thrice Tried HartUy Case.
Judge Sittser. of Wyoming; county,
cam to this city yestord.iy to hesr nr
gument on a rule to show cause why a
new trial should not be wanted In the
ejjetmont suit of Silas Hartley against
John P. Hull. Tho case was tried be
fnre Jndga Sittser last April. A tract
of forty acres of farm land ia Madison
township is the property iu dispute.
Ex-JliJge Jessup appsared at 1 1- ar
gnmeut yesterday for the plaintiff and
Attorneys W. W. Watson and U. B.
Garner for the defendants. The case
h s bean tried three timet in our courts,
it was triod tho first timi bsfore Judeo
Gunster and a verdict for;tho ylaintiti
returned. Anew trial wan granted
and the case waa nrst tried before tbe
late Judge Connolly, resulting In a
vordlct for the defendants Again a
new trial was ;ttranted and last April
Judge Sittster came over bre and triad
the case.
if he refuses to grant a new trial tbe
case will go to the suprsmi court,
. -
They Entertain a Lares Audlmoe at the
Elm Park Chuiob.
The Glee. Banjo and Mandolin clubs,
of Syracuse university, gave a vry
successful entertainment at the Elm
Park ehutch lasteveuin? The i.-olleg -ians
wre greeted by a large audience,
and thair efforts were rewarded by very
liberal applause.
The matagement of tho GUe club
exhibited good judgment in rendering
only popular, jolly college songs No
attempt at rendering classical selections
was made, und as a rnsultthe audience
was entortaiued aud amused etceed -
iugly well.
The Glee club consists of twelve
members, and is well trained, giving
the songs with much spirit. Thu BaOjo
at:d Mandolin clubs played very well.
The quartette for guitars, "Scottish
Bell8,"as performed by H. H. Wads
worth, W. P. Grab am, C. S. Ciager
and W. 0. Gavltte was one of the best
numbers on a programme ot htteen
Frank S. Barker Momlnatad for th Of
Uea of School Controller.
The Republicans of the Seventeenth
ward caucused iu Alderman Post's of
fice between 7 and o'clock last eveu
ing. The otbee was school controller an d
the candidate wre C. B. Penman and
Frank S. Barker. Mr. Barker reueited
'l 1 1 votes aud Mr. Penman M
1 . a 11.,-
Y w c. a. Notes.
Tbe Animal Objured to Baing Poked
with a Stick.
William Scott, aged 14 years, a
driver bov in the Clark vein of the
Marvlne ahaft, was kicked by a mule
and Instantly killed yestsrday after
noon about 1 o'clock.
Ho was returning home from work
nnd was poking the mule with a slick
when it kicked bim
cansing death
His remains were
home of his parents
iu the stomach,
conveyed to the
ou Brick avenue
The Oetn Coupon. The Most
Unique of All,
k Trip TtaMgb th? Colum
bian Exposition,
It Was Held at the Home of Dalphine
Caviea on Thursday
A pleasant Surprise party was held
at tbe house of LMphine 13avies on
Thursday evening. Those who were
present were Sophie and Minnie Leuth
ner. Mary Kearne, Sadie Baldwin.
Lillie Price, Grty Hampton, Edith
Rridenbacb, Jane Kav, David Roche,
M. D. Roche, Arthur Price, Bertie
Ohavles M. Trunan. tbe arlabla best at
tho Westminster is a candidate for select
council in the Eighth ward. Tbe csusus
will bo held Mouday afternoou, from 4 to
t o clock. Mr. Truman is a Republican ot
euercy, abonifaceof unvarying amiability I
and hospitality, and a hustler from the
headwaters of hustlersVille. His selection
would please a host of friends, who are
giving him loyal support.
A caucus ot tbe Bepubhcan voters of the
Eighth ward will bo held next Mouday
afternoou betwoen the hours of 4 and 6
o'clock, at tho reenlar polling places, to
nominate caudidatee for the office of select
and common council, aud sucb other ward
officers as the law direct. W. A Kaub,
8, A Lackey, J. L. Roeslr, William Shifter,
vigilance committee.
72 leave.i, printed on oue side
only. Showing all tbe places of
interest on main grounds aud
Midway Plaisunce. Sire, 0x7.
Embossed paper cover or ft 11
Two Coupons end 25 CENTS takes
embossed cover.
TwoCupjns and 40 CENTS takes
cloth covjr.
Add i cent j lei 1 sta?s ir ordered fcy maai
N. H BKOOKf? Supt and Lecturer
HAKRY THyRl. E thgeMapaji)r.
r7ek commanelai MOWDAlf. JAWilTT 1
Hatrv Thpmt'i Comic Pantomime,
Pan key
Rp1 OVfiP i,T3 Lptth CAnsoa.of Star
Htsiivioi. Aii. n 1 hat
keen troubled with a nriioU
hradarhe lr abont two yrs
roul rould nor get anyrhini! t.
ham mr. but ar lusf 11 r 1
1 saTMMBM Mtakevour Bl K
... j no.i; Bl-od BllTl.ns, wliU a
Hpnlth I and alUi takiuu two
UaalT-.i I bat ftei UJ
I headache sinea "
Tbe tneetlnii Tor woman at tbe oiuiBt.
Woiuuu'a I'hristiau asjociation rooms will
be addressed by Kav, K. 0i Logan.
Plnct-s iu tho drawing nud sewing classes
are still open to those WDO wish to enter.
BiMo classes liieet f nosrtay at S K p in .
nnd Thuraday, Friday and Saturday at a
p. in . in which new members will be
As tuteiiieut of the past ynar'a work has
hei-n issued. Members and friendjean Ob
tain copies at tbe rooms.
1 315
AVlNil HADE n rnhtract iiitb a
tram factory to tmn out I, ran
liani a betwiien now nnd rhl at
,ti mas 1 wUa l.mniiuiu,'i to the uub
- Ih'H'St 1 Will IUI.W- II I i F.N 1 IN I
c ua 1 u s I'uiti n s.i i rupicu rrom
Kv email uu AHsHH.I lHM FKEE OF
Workmanship laarantasd.
Framed ') per reut. less than regular price
Ra IIFiHFII, Artist.
The Tribune I
Are to t given to the
Ti. lets to all parts of the house, -".cants.
Oat t u .tin i the pjHo otBi.vr..
Kit. tu Lact .,f Ulcorij ; -Oi-. to front of
balcony and rear piu.uette'. ,'Oc opra cbaira-
Peitutaaaa at It aud Ml p a, Dors
open at l.Jn and '.
MONDAl, .IAN. 8.
Comedian James B. Mack ie,
US "bill MESEV Mc" fiflV
fH -
Grimes' Cellar Door.
A Ref Ised PWOk, A New atd l.arjer Com
pany. Novel and Heauriful Ideas In
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Sal of seats opvti Saturday.