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Protection's brilliant cham
pion, will speuk iu Wilkes
Bane next St. David's Day.
That One Day
Will be notable, of course;
but The Tribune expounds
protect ion to an audience of
thousands daily.
Sensation Caused by Report ot Steps to Re
stoie Hawaii's Sovereign.
Amnesty Being Assured, He Might
Set Up the Monarchy Congress
Will Be Wroth Only Restrained
Now, Supposing No Change Will
Occur If It Has, Woe to Cleveland
His Partisans Sack to Discredit
the Alarming Reports.
the town and started to parade the
A strong tore of troens w;is de-
pntched to disperse the mob. When
tbo troops apooarod they were attacked
oy tne rioters, many or whom were
armed with rifl-js or revolver", and a
desperate tight took place. Volley af
ter volley was poured into the mob,
and thirty of the rioter were killed.
Fifty others were wounded. Owing
to the strict enforcement of military
law it is hard to obtaiu full detail of
the affair.
Washington, Jan. 5
THE United State cutter Corwin
briugs the latest nows from Hon
olulu. The dispatches from
Honolulu announcing that Mr.
Willis has demanded that the Provis
isnal government surrender tneir au
thority to the queen has caused con
siderable of a sensation at the capital.
There is some difTerenos of opinion
as to its accuracy, tbo friends of the
administration, especially those of the
foreign affairs committee of the house,
expressing doubt as to its truth, Out the
general opinion is that, if it is true, it
will change the faco of things in con
Kress and that there will be immediate
action in the matter. Apparently if
Mr. Willis has requested the pro
visional government to step down and
out, the administration has been taken
by surprise
The understanding of those men in
congress who have been acting for the
ad-.iuistratiou is that the instructions
sent by tne Corwin, which arrived in
Houolulu on Use. 11, were for Mr.
Willis to take uo further action pend
ing tbe consideration of the question
by congress. Upon tliis information
tiiev are inclined to doubt tbe state
ment in the dispatch. These instrue
tions, however, were based on the re
fusal of the queen to grant amnesty or
to ascend the throne without the sup
port of the United States to uiaintaiu
Therefore, if tbe queen has changed
her mind and decided to accept the of
fer of Mr. Cleveland to the conditions
imposed, it is entirely within the scodb
of possibility that Mr. Willis would act
upon bis original instructions us apply
ing only to conditions existing while
the qUMn was obdurate.
Revised, corrected and complete
copies of the Hawaiian correspondence
transmitted to congress with the
president's message of Dec. 18, have at
hist been laid before the house commit
tee on foreign affairs. The volume in
its completed and corrected form, con
tains a number of interesting and im
portant communications from and to
Minister Willis heretofore Unpub
lished. A confidential dispatch from
Mr. Willis to Secretary Greshaui,
datod Nov. 11. lS'JU, reads as follows:
Nov. 7 at 11 o'clock I presented to the
urovlsional tfoverumeut Mr. Blount's
letter of recall and the letter accrediting
me as his successor. 1 lie time siuce then
has been occupied with the receptiou of
executive, judicial and diplomatic repre
sentatives of the provisional and foreign
governments. 1 have not, therefore, bad
an opportunity of executing more fully
your instructions-, nor was fuller action ad
Visablo while this excitement was so
great. 1 expect next Monday morniuir, Nov-
13. to have an interview with the queen,
which If satisfactory, will bo followed
immediately bv one with the provisional
government. 1 huve therefore enclosed a
tejegram to your dispatch agent ut San
Francisco as follows: "Heportcanbe sent
to concress Nov. 19, it being my under
standing that you desired to have all tbe
facts presented before any decisive action
here. The Alameda, the next vessel leav
ing hereafter next Mondiy, will not reach
tan rrancisco uutu -Nov. 'is, during which
interval it is hoped some definite result
may be secured.
The interview with the queen, first
nad, was evidently not ''satisfactory
for Nov. 16 Mr. Willis telegraphed
secretary liresham as follows
Views of first party so extreme as to re
quire instructions.
This was doubtless the dispatch
which called forth from Secretary
(ireshaiu that reply which has been
published, but without being accom
pnnied by the message to which it was
an answer, and is as follows, under
date of Nov. 24;
The brevity nnd uncertainty of your tel
egrams are embarrassing. You will insist
upon amnesty and recognition of obliga
tions of the provisional government uses
eontial conditions of restoration. All in
terests will be promoted by prompt ac
Mr. Willis in bis confidential dispatch
of Nov. 11 intimated that the question
as to whether tne United htatos was
prepared to protect the person of the
queen has been officially asked nf him
by the British minister, Major Wood-
house. Mr. Willis says:
1 replied tto tbe British ministon that
witliciut reference to her royal claims, tho
queen stood in such relations to in United
Mates tuat she was entitieu to anu would
receive tho amplest protection at their
hands. Asa matter of act, I hud already
ascertained that, at presout, she did not
desire our protection. After next Monday
and eailierif necessary, I shall lusist on
coming to the legation.
The domiciling of Queen Liliuokalanl
in Ihe American legation appears to
have been another of Mr. Willis' orig
inal intentions which he left unexe.
cuted. The why and wherefore of this
change of mind opens up a wide li -Id
of conjecture, which the correspond
ence. even as now extended, fuils to
atiar y.
Troops Attacked In Harloeo, Italy, Be
pond with Volley After Volley
Palermo, Jan. 5. The presence of
large bodies of troops in Sicily and the
establishment of martial law has not
had tbe effect of aweing the disorderly
element. Today at Marineo, a town
eleven miles east of this city, a most
riot occured. A band of mn
to have numbered 9.000,
the low quarters of
Two Children Get Marrlod and Her
Father Has Them Arrested.
Chester. Jan. 6. Fourteen-vear old
Lillian Drown, a bride of a few hour,
wag locked hp in tlie city jail here to
night with bur husband, fourteen years
her senior. The girl wlfo ran away
from her homo in this city on Monday
night, and her father , Joshua Brown,
placed the case in the hauds of Chief of
Police Hagsliaw
Two hours before she was married
he saw the groom in a barber shop get
ting shaved, and while the chief was
looking for the girl the couple were
married by Rev. B. F. Jester, of the
First Methodist church, and have their
certificate to show for it. They Kro
now spending their honeymoon in sep
arate cells in the police station await
ing the action of the authorities.
After Prolonged Discussion Thev
Agree to Push the Wilson Bill
Through Withont Delay.
Republicans in the House Refused to Vote and
'Ha ir Was No Quorum.
Washinhtos. Jan. 3. It was 8 05
o'clock tonight when Chairman Hoi
man ruppad the Democratic caucus to
order. One hundred and tortv seveu
members answered to their names, an
unusually large attendance.
Speaker Crisp declared that it was
the duty of the Demoocratic member
to stand together in support of tho tar
iff measure repot ted by the commit
tee On ways and means. He
said President Cleveland and the
Democratic majority in congress
bad been elected for the purpose of
carrying out the will of the people ex
pressed at the polls in lS'Ji upon tho
Chicago platform and he urired united
action by tho majority. "If any man
objects to the provisions of the bill,"
he s. id, let buu state his objections on
tbe floor in open dobate and then if be
cannot support the bill, vote against it."
lie protested agmist the policy of
tearing the meisure to pieces in caucus
and closed by offering a resolution
pledging the majority to a support of
the bill. Tne speaker was loudly ap
plauded as he took his aeat. General
SickleB, of New York, followed iu tho
same strain. Mr. Sperry, of Connecti
cut, outlined his objections to the bill.
Bourke Crokrau then pointed out what
he deemed to be the undesirable fai
lures of the proposed legislation. Mr.
Outhwaite, of Ohio, followed in the
same line as Speaker Crisp.
Mr. bioley. ot Pennsylvania, pointed
out some of the matters in which the
bill did not go far enough to suit him.
and how he would like to have it
amended. John Dj Witt War
ner and Mr. Dun, of Now Jer
sey, spofc and then Mr. MeAleer
of Pennsylvania, off-red a resolution
that the committee on ways and ineaus
be requested to report all internal reve
nue measures in a s-parate bill, which
was afterward withdrawn and Speaker
Crisp's resolution that it is tbe duty of
every Democrat member of the house
to vote for the pending resolution pro
viding for the consideration of
the tariff bill in order that the
house may have an opportunity to re
deem the pledges of the partv respect
ing tariff reform, and that it is the
duty of every Democratic member of
the house to atteud its daily sessions
and "we herebv express tho opinion
that tbosi members who are absent
owe it to their party and to those of us
who are here to immediately return in
order that pressing public business may
De attenueu to.
Hie Body Found Forcad Into tbe Well
in Hi, Garden.
London, Jan. 5. A dispatch to the
Standard says: Abbe Fricot, cure of
Entramtn, near Laval, the capital of
the department of Mayenne, has been
murdered. His absence was noted and
his body was found by the vicar in a
well in tho Abbe's garden.
Tho murder mnst have been commit
ted Tuesday, and it is thooght a hard
struggle occurred between tbe abbo
and his murderer boforo tbe latter sue
ceeded in throwing him into the well.
The well is shallow, and there are evi
dences thnt tho murderer used a long
prop to keep tho abba down. The sides
of the well aro spattered with blood
and the uitirks on the corpse made by
the prot) show that tho abbe made it
fierce struggle.
Mr. Paiot, bishop ot Burgos. Franco.
Tho Duchess of Argyll, at Inverary Cas
tle Scotland.
At Vienna, Baron Kai l Von Haseuauer,
a noted architect, aged CO.
Colouul James Tjoroornn, awollknown
lumberman, at Muncey, Pa.
At Brooklyn, N. V., Harry Kennedy,
the notod song writer uud ventriloquist,
aged 45.
At London, Crowe, aged 81, one
of tbe richest noblemen in Euirland, who
deserted the Unionist party for Gladstone.
John A. 'in luii of Chester, agod 75
years. He was one of the original forty
niners during the gold excitement iu Cal
Mr. Cockran, ot New York, Speaking
tor His Democratic Associates, Said
That What the Country Wants Is
Not Academical Contributions to
Tariff Literature, but Speedy Action
on the Wilson Bill,
of commons this afternoon and his ad
vent there caused much comment.
Soon after his arrival Mr. Hunter had
a long private conversation witli tue
chancellor of the exchequer, and tho
member for North Aberdeen eventually
left the house without putting this
very important question.
Washington, Jan. 5
HE house of representatives gave
another remarkable demonstra
tion totlay of its inability to
transact public business against
the will of an active and hostile min
ority. After a session of nearly four
hours Hpent iu an attempt to reach a
vole on a report of tne committee on
rules, it was realized that, in the ab
sence of some fortv or fifty Democratic
members, and with the It
a man, declining to vote, it was im
possible tomaltoany progress, and there
WO nothing left but to adjourn.
The report on which the fight was
made came from the committee ou
rules, and was to the etfoct that the
house should meet daily at U a. in.,
sit till 0 ')0 p. in. and then take a re
cess till S p. in , ami the house should
sit as in committee of the whole on the
tariff bill, that general debate should
close Wednesday, Jan. 10, that the
bill should then be open to amend
ment, and that tho previous question
on the bill and amendments should be
ordered Jau. 25 at noon.
no QUOBUlt
There was no objection indicated
to these terms, but not a single Repub
lican uu-mber voted when his name
was called, and only one Populist, who
voted no. All the Democrats who re
sponded io their names voted aye, but
there were only IV.) of them, and it re
quires 171) to mahe a quorum. Conse
quently the house adjourned until to
morrow, Mr. Pendleton, of Texas,
introduced in the house today a bili
providing for the free coinage of sil
ver. Mr. Cockran, of New York, pre
sumably voiced the sentiment of his
Democratic conferees ou the ways and
means committee today, when be said
that what the country wanted was not
''academics, contribution! to tho tariff
literature of the day, but speedy action
on the bill,"
The Republican minority of the com
tee Bre uot, however, 'o be restrained
by these considerations of a prompt
disposal of the bill. It is the purpose
of each of these gentlemen to be heard
in set speeches during the prog
ress of the discussion. Beyond the fact
that Mr. Burrows will open and that
Mr. Reed will close the debate on tbo
Republican side, no further programme
has been arranged.
Its Increase Partly Attributable to the
World's Fair Showing.
London, Jan. 5. The correspondent
of the Times at Berlin, commenting
upon the slight increase of Germany's
export trade displayed by tbe annual
report of the Germau chamber of com
merce, says:
"The increases, slight as it is, is the
more remarkable, as tbe exports of
England, Goruiaiiy's most dangerous
rival, show a slight decrease." The
correspondent says that the brilliant
success Uermauv achieved at the
World's fair at Chicago undoubtedly
contributed to improve Germau trad-
Ind fihraut as to Hit Fate When Told
He Mnst Hang-.
Carlisle, Jan. 5 --Charles Salvards,
tbe murderer or Policeman Martin,
whose case was argued yesterday be
fore the board of pardons and to whom
a pardon was refused, was informed of
his fate this afternoon by the sheriff.
The prisoner had nothing to say and
seemed as indifferent as usual. Uver
1,000 applications for passes to witness
the execution on Jan. '.'3 have been re
The Countese of Ancastar Makes Speoihjs
in Her Son's Canvass.
London, Jan. 0 The political cam
paign preparatory to the coming elec
tion at Herncustle, Lincolnshire, is
proceeding with tho greatest aotivity.
Lord WillouL'hbv De Eresby, tbe Con
servative candidate, attended over
twenty meetings held yesterday iu va
rious places in spite of the fact that
some of the reads wore covered with
snow to the depth of eight feet.
Lord Willougliby de Ersby was sup
ported in his campaign yesterday by
his mother, the Couuless of Ancaster,
aud by his sister The Couservalivo
candidate and the ladies drove about
the district all day, the latter making
speeches at the several meetings.
Biataop Spalding Learus Nothing to Con
firm Rumora of Satolll'e 1: turn.
Rome, Jan. 0 In an interview Bis
hop Spalding, of Peoria, III., said, re
ferring to his audience with tho pope,
that "after an exhaustive exposition of
his ideas as to the direction of diocesau
affairs, the pope referred to the gen
eral situation Of the Catholic cnurch,
but did not touch upou Catholic ques
tions in tbe United Stato. "
Regarding the rumors that Mgr.
Satolli was about to reluru from
America, Bishop Spalding said that he
had beard nothing iu Rome or at the
Vatican which would tend to confirm
such reports. Bishop Spalding Will re
main in l.ome 'or several weeks.
Very Sensational Attempted Theft of Ghouls
in the Stroudsbury Cemetery.
Grave Robbers With Dynamite and
Crowbars Invade the Massive Tomb
of Colonel E. E. Norton, Attracted
by the Belief That Diamonds and
Other Jewels Had Been Interred
Beside the Remains of Mrs. Norton
No Booty Secured.
Congressman C'uiumings proposes to
have vessels loaned to the states that haw
a naval militia.
Secretary Morton is surprised at tho
public missapprehunsiou as to bis position
toward the agricultural expeiiment sta
tions. Congressman tlbley, of the Erie (Pa.)
district, has arranged to divide his salary
between tbe fanners' granges of, bis dis
trict. Thomas J. Lynch, tbo Democrat who is
expected to hold the Into Mr. Biaiuu's
home city iu the Democratic column (now
that it Is iu for the first timo in twenty
five yearn), tins been appointed postmaster
at Augusta, Me.
Enormous Total of Frauds on the Eauca
Romano nf Italy.
London. Jan 5 Signor Antonio
Mouzilla was arraigned today at Bow
Street Police court, charged with be
ing connected with the Banca Rnnauo
Counsel for tho prosecution said that
tbe bank frauds referrel to amou:itd
to $12,000,000 and that the prisoner
was formerly the chief government
director of the Banca Romaua.
The Rate of Dlvldent of ths Dolaware
and Hudaon Company,
New York, Jan. 5. The directors
of the Delaware and Hudson Canal
company today decided that the rate
of dividends for the ensuing year
should be seven per cent., the same as
in 1803.
The question did not come hp of
giving the stockholders rights on ex
tra stock to be lssned to take up $4. 500
000 bonds maturing Oct. 1, 1SIM.
Rumor That Inquiry Regarding Them
Wae to I e Mada In Parliament.
Don don, Jan. o. Mncii stir was
created in financial circles here today
by the announcement that William
Hunter, Liberal meuiher of parliament
for North Aberdeen, intended to put a
lengthy (lueatiou this afternoon to the
chancellor of the exchequer, Sir Wil
liam Vernon Qarcourt, regarding the
Bank of England's advances to tho
Barings aud to stock brokers and in
quiring as to the quality of the assets
generally of the Bank of Umglauu.
Mr. Hunter was noticed iu the house
Frank Bardeen Accuses Couehlin
Being One of Three Men Who
Were in Carpenter's Wagon.
Chicaoo, Jan. 5 Again something
new and startling broae in upon tue
trial of Dan Coughlin and upset all ar
rangements for continuing the recep
tion of testimony against one of Dr.
Cronin's alleged murderers. Persons
iutoreBted in the case had been pre
pared for sudden and startling develop
ments during the morning session,
when Mrs. Susie Horton, a new wit
ness against Couglilin, was called.
Judge Wing, however, protested
against tho good-looking woman in the
witness cliuir telling her story, so Mrs.
Horton was withdrawn until Monday.
Another new witness, Frank Bardeen,
of Otsego, accuses Coughlin of being one
of the three men who drovo to Edge-
water in the carpenter's wagon
containing a tool chest or trunk, and in
which tbe jury is asked to mfor lay
bidden the bloody corpse of Croniu.
Die notice came upon tbe defendant
and bis counsel like a thunder clup
from a blue sky. No other witness was
examined aud the court adjourned af
ter having heard Judge Wing's objec
tion to Bardeen.
If a Further Reduction la Neceaeary the
Refiners Wlllell Lower.
New York, Jan. 0. Presieont Have
lueyer.of the American Sugar Reliu iug
company, stales I tbe recent decline
of : cent per pound iu refined sugar, is
to induce the country to buv and to
preclude the necessity of a prolonged
stopp ige at the refineries.
It a further reduction is necessary it
will be made as it has been determined
to continue tbe operation of the re
fineries to keep the workmen employed
and sell the sugar below the cost of
manufacture if necessary.
Arrested for Robbinir the Houae Where
Hie Vint. Were Uuwulcome
Bethlehem, Jan 5. William Mur
phy, a handsome, well-dressed young
man of good family, was arrested here
last night upon a charge of rubbing
the bouse of Mr. Thompson.
The latter is a wealthy resident of
Ashbourne, whose daughter he had
been visiting iu opposition to the
wishes of her parents.
Tho collections mado by tbe attorney
general's departmout last quarter were
fl.UOl, 008.72.
Tho Pittsburg Plato Glass company, of
Creightsn, has resumed o pel aliens aud tho
wages have beeu cut.
Tho Pittsburg Steel Casting company
plant is again in operation, giving em
ployment to 1100 tnou.
The Rending Pressclub has elected Louis
Q, Early president, and its anuual banquet
will occur on Jan. 'M.
Just for fun, young William Hare, of
Reading, mounted a freight traiu. but ho
fell off and was kfllod.
Mrs T. Mi Logan, aged 47, dropped dead
while participating iu an enthusiastic re
vival at Maplotou depot.
Five freight crews ou tho Lslngh Val'ev
railroad running between Coxton aud
Packerton were suspended.
There will bo no conference between the
coal operators and iniuers in tho district
wain question at Pittsburg.
The Pennsylvania building at tbo
World's fair has beeu disposed of for
$1,550 to M. Jlycrs, of Chicago.
Executive Commissioner Farquhar, of
tbe World's fair board, says he is not a
candidate for congressman at-large.
Tbe strikiug grinders at the American
Axe aud Tool coinpsuy's works 1c Beaver
Falls, protested against a wage reduction.
The Htaudard Plate Glass compauy, of
Pittsburg, has started se vera! depart
ments of their works at a wuge reduc
tion. Thejcompauies of the Fourth regiment,
National Guard of Peuusylvauia, are
spending the winter nights with black
board exercises iu Pottsville and vicinity.
A maudamus has beeu issued at Phila
delphia against the National Trust com
pauy, United Pipe lines division, charging
that tho company has unlawfully discrim
inated. Executions have b.'eu issued by the E II
sou General Electric company against the
Mououuahela Electric Light and Power
compauy, of Unmestoad, to tbe amouut of
Stroudsuuro, Pa., Jan. 5.
NE of the most daring anil sensa
tional feats of grave robbers ever
undertaken iu Monroe county
came to light this morning,
wneu visitors to the cemetery here die
covered that an attempt hail beeu made
to euter the imp sing family vault of
Colonel E. E Norton. This vault,
which is one of the most notable pieces
of masonry in the Strondsbiirg burying
grouud, is built of heavy limestone,
with granite facings It is thirty-five
feet hu'h and twenty feet wide, and
cost ; '- i. ! '. It was specially designed
to keep out iulruders, and was consid
ered invulnerable against possible at
tack. Massive steel burs guarded its
entrance, and the imur apartments
were ho arranged, it was thought, as to
baffl the hardest ell'orts of possible de -spoilers.
Holes bad been drilled in the stone,
however, and dynamite charges ex
ploded, shattering the masonry and
permitting the door to be forced open
by means of crowbars. inside,
the ghouls had expected, it is sup
posed, to discover valu ible jewelry
upon the remains of the colonel's wife,
lately deceused. It had been gener
ally believed that when the body of
Mrs. Norton was placed in the vault,
handsome family jewels were placed
beside it. Iu this hope they forced the
outer door and drew thj cisket from
its resting place down to the flaor of
tbe vault, where it was opened aud
A earful scrutiny revealed that their
quest had beeu a vain one. No valua
aolus were found, uud the intruders
gut nothing. The noise of the explo
sion of dyuamitti brouglit residents in
the vicini'y of the cemetery to the spot
aud frightened the thieves away, 'ihe
casket yet lay ou tbe floor, where the
robbers had "left it, with the glass bro
ken ; and beside it lay the bars and other
implements whereby the thieves had
gained entrance.
There is no clue to tbe identity of
the ghouls. The appearance of the
vault indicates that the outrage was
the work of professionals. Much skill
was manifested iu the blowing opeu of
tie door. A reward will bo paid for
information leading to tbe capture of
the miscreants.
When She Eelz.d Him with the Family
Plunder She Held On.
New YOKK, Jan. 5. Fannie Schnei
der, aged 15. pretty, with rosy cheeks
aud big black eyes, lives with her par -en
Is 110 Roosevelt street. She was
alone in the house last night, her par
ents having gone to an entertainment.
Ihe little housekeeper 11 1 the
room for a few minute iu order to
take some ashes to tbe sidewalk.
When she returned she saw a man
leaving the apartments, having iu his
aims a sealskin sack, a camel's hair
shawl and other clothing belonging to
various members of the family. With
tho cry f "Tbiefl" Fannie made a
dash the man, who started down
stairs three steps at a time. But the
girl was at bis heels and wae fleeter
than he.
She tiling herself upon the thief and
threw her uruis about his body, shout
ing for help. The thief lost, his footing,
and man, girl and clothing rolled in a
heap to the tollqin of the stairs. Tlitu
in answer to the girl's cries. Jacob
Schneider, a boy cousin to Fannie,
came to her assistance. The thief
struggled desperately and would doubt
less have escaped from his small cip
tors but for tho limely ai rival of help
in the person of Detective Webb, of
the Oak street station, who was pas
sing and heard the noise Webb rushed
iu and had the thief in subjection iu
a jiffy, and matched him to the station
Senator Qiay Consult Keirai'dioB1 Con-Kietaman-at-Lart'e
Philadelphia, Jan b. senator
Quay and his son Richard arrived here
last evening ami today most of the
Republican politicians of tbe city
called upon the senator. It is gen
erally thought that he has taken
advautage of bis visit to consult
with bis lieutenants In t his city upon
tbe coming campaign for cougreasman-at-
Senator Quay is credited with the
wish that the campaign shall be
an aggressive one and tuat as large a
party vote as possible shall be brought
out. The olj 'ct iu making such au
active campaign on a by election is for
the moral effect ths casting of a larae
voto will have upon stale and uatioual
He Say the Englishman Will Wriggle
Out of the Fiabt.
Jacksonville, Jan. 5. -When he
saw the despatch froui Cuarlie Mi tcholl
ol jectlng to Brady's handiwork iu the
signing of the agreement this morniud,
Jim Corbett waxed wroth.
"It is only another of Mitchell's
quibbles," said he. "1 tell you be will
not ti;lu if he can possibly find a loop
hole to get out of it He says that he
will violate no law In fighting in Flor
ida. That is right. We can fight
without violation of the law. It he
moaus to fight, all he has to do is to
sign these articles and koep bis mout h
"When he signs them nnd gets down
to business I will have nothing more to
say. Ho claims tob e worried over the
place of tbe fight, and says he cannot
train well unless he knows it in ad
vance. Poor, delicate thing. I too
m worried, but it is caused by my
fear that he will fly the coop. I would
give $1,000 this minute to get him
Mtfely in the ring.''
Mr. Bowden said this morning that
the contest would surely take place
and that Northern men who wished to
see it could come to Florida with the
full assurance that it would take
place. "
Baron Von Drainer, Who Exhibited
Keupp'e Guua at Ihe Fair, Hu rt
BeTBLBHBM, Jan, B. While out driv
ing this evening Baron Von Dreiner,
who bad charge of Krtipp's exhibition
at tho World's fair, his host, Lieutenaut
Jacques, chief of ordnance at the Beth
leliem Iron works, and Mansel White
weru seriously injured in a runaway.
Their horael took fright near a grade
crossing of the Jersey Central railroad
arid overturned the carriage. Baron
Von Dreiner was cut about the legs
and aims. Lieut. Jacques escaped
with cuts and bruisea about the fuce
and Mr. White suffered frightful
scalp wounds. The latter was dragged
quite a distance. All aro under care
of surgeons.
Unless He Shows He Requires
Assistance ot Another in Walk
ing, the Sum Will Be Cut.
Washington, Jau. 5. Commissioner
Lochreu of the pension bureau has
sent tbe following notice to Judge
Charles D. Long, of Michigan: "I
have to advise you that it appears
from medical evidence on file iu this
bureau that jron are not disabled from
the effects of loss of left arm above the
elbow, and gun shot wound of left hip
iu such a degree as to rtquire the reg
ular and constant personal aid aud at
tendance of another person so as to eu
title you to $7;! pr month. Said rate
will, therefore, be reduced to 50 per
mouth, unless satisfactory evidence
shall be furnished to show that you
are so disabled as to require the regu
lar aud constant personal aid aud at
tendance ol another person.
"Under the provisions of the act of
congress of Dec. 21. 1803, you may, if
you believe that the said disability en
titles you to the rate of $73 per mouth,
within thirty days from this date, file
iu this tune m competent proof to that
effect. Your case will thereupon be
reconsidered, and if tbe testomony tiled
warrants such uctiou, your present rate
will be allowed to remain unchanged,
if, however, such evidence shall not be
satisfactory, or shall not have been
furnished, tne said reduction will be
made without further uotice at the ex
piration of said thirty days.
510 AND 512
Dress Goods
In order to close out balance
of stock in a few broken
lines the following
Special Prices
will hold good for this week.
7 pieces 46-111, Storm Serge
in Navy, Myrtle and Black
55c, former price 85c.
5 pieces 54-in. in Navy only,
65c, former price $1.00.
4 pieces 50-in. Hop Sacking,
ouc, lormer price $1.00.
16 pieces strictly all-wool
Cheviots in Stripes and
Mixtures at
29c and 47c, former price
50c. and 65c.
A few Choice Patterns Fine Scotch
Cheviot Suns in Broken Checks
aud Plaids ut nearly Half-Price.
A Chance Now to Teat the Legality of
Intor-Stat Commerce Aot.
New York, Jan. 5. The presidents
of 1 he railroads in the Trunk Line and
the Central Traffic associations met
this afternoon to act upon au agree
ment for tbe formation of a pool
on all dead freight, live stock
dressed beef and traffic east of
Chicago. Such an agreement was
draWU up and adopted by the
joint committee of the two assoei
tioni some time ago, and was later
acted upon by the presidents of both
associations. This was adopted this
afternoon, as all tbe roads aru iu favor
of it.
it is plainly a violation of the in
terstate commerce law, hut that is pre
cisely what the railroad managers ar
after. They want to bring the matter
to an issue and have the question settled
once for all. The adoption of the pool
agreement assures a legal fight over
the constitutionality of the interstate
commerce law. Perhaps, when the
receivers of the Erie road ask permis
sion of the court to enter the agree
ment, the question will be precipitated.
Police of New York have given f.'.UOl) to
relieve the poor.
With a shot gun, John P. Alfriend, n
Lee county ,Ga. 1 farmer, blow his brains
Republican editors of Now York will or
ganize OOdei Chauncoy M. Pepew's leader
ship. The boom tor McKinley will bo launched
at the banquet of tbe Ohio society iu New
York Fob. 17.
Clipping of gold coin jailed Ralph Wil
cox and Mrs. James ilcox, his sistcr-in-law.
at Chicago.
A New York syndicate has bought the
old lliliiugton caie, at Narragausett Pier,
and will erect a new hotel.
Postmaster Ciale, at Shnudou, Butlor
county, ()., has been arretted for appro
pi nil lug nuiiiey order funds.
Chasing three burglar, a Chicago po
liceman seriously wounded Stephen Con
way, but the olhors esonpod.
Asleep in a caboose, U. J. Ciisbinau and
William Morrill were killed iu a wreck at
Waisaw, the'ear i uuuiug away.
1- ightiug for a woman's baud, L. W.
Fowler, of Spring Hill, Kv., fatally shot
P. C. Youseu, wuo in turn fatally stabbed
Found short 180,000 to 180,000 in Ins ac
counts. Treasurer F. A. Nelson, ot Hi uns
wick, Ha., was removed from office aud
has fled.
Kussel Sage says: "The report that Mr.
Pierce or any other niau will be appointed
receiver for tbe Missouri Pacific is ab
solutely false."
Jake KUroy, living near nine, Ala ,
went home drunk autl to bed with bis
lighted pipe, and burned himself and two
children to death.
At a meeting of tbe clothing cutters as
sociation, iNo. T.9M Knights of Labor, of
Cincinnati, resolutions mdorsiug tho Wil
son hill was ndopled.
During a drunken row in a German
boarding house near Kankin ou tbe Haiti
more slid Ohio railroad, Frank Bohmltt,
aged 30, was ratally stabbed by Joseph
-. - -
Maltese Cross
And Oak-tanned Leather Belting,
H. A. Kingsbury
3f 3 Spruce St., Scranton, Pa.
Lewis, Reilly & Davies
HERE is 1H04
Delighted and iiniiy because his principal
article of apparel is a new pair of BHOBg,
Yon, ton. will ho more than pleased if you
will let a, lit you with a warm, comfortable
pair of Shoes.
Lewis, Reilly & Davies,
!We Examine Eyes
Washiniiton. Jan. 6.
for .SW undue t' 'UMfeVH I'eiin-
ytecmfa, portly sdntdp, il-
Cldrdiu colder, want to north
Itrfttds '" 1 tttiiufifu.
Free of obarge. U a doctor is
needed you are promptly told
so. We also guarantee a per
fect at.
AT COST for one week only.
W J 11,