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1 1 4 A.Dll•l6;'''EA:
`ltsiiAf 3i4uuou , n, 1869
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- (thWiT • 04.
CAT y A Ni),
coltmegtoe.Tlexe :intended tot publioa
ti,m In llM . lt , tecit retilitbe needetrottitext by
roipon4llPo 'lento, gearehtoo name
eerttyon the phrt of the wrltee,.; The
will „ o t, bo publishetl"enteee tiOileeireel by :
the correApiratdont;
Correspontlents ettoutd makelhetr
inunPatlone short ond to the .pohit. Out'
tipaee te too !hutted tor very artfolop,
' Wrlto ouly;bri 044 Ode of I,tteptpor, aro ,
69 M Nomalblo,„ e-lthOht,,,clourlabdea"
,! •
St:I33CRINISIOI who . fall tO 'receive ~tite
EAOLT. t eottthirly, ran , confer lb 1 fad .by
fr,trlfig norluo at tide taco, *Nut all COM
diutntH ft Irregularity or lett:bell, of de
! ivory w in be promptly tat:ended to.
Aurzwrisens tiro regeoetod 't IMIld to
-their atlvertone I upt(ll , , ,ut
inoroluenietita t
routing 10In t g he flay t im
pinn o1111(i, foi
COlOllOl.l to 1;0 tO ' Pres about' p.
. • -
TAR iti6IIIINRINIYHT.EnYt lu Schuylkill
count y; le solved at, taut. oleo our tipoolal
doy deli 'from Pottovilloln tho BAAL),"
to du
• ,
111111” . RIJECNTIOIQI)*;
Dan RICO Is loon to tip& ri fourthuri.'
taut farewell totir big • circuit.
This year tic , travois exclusively by rail.
Groat rivalry exists fer the lecatlon of
t h o iit it to Pair tls'year. Tlfoolairos ,of
t inivroot places tire •belneliressett for
ward with tho strongeSt hAdudementa,, ,
To !Ivo wlthOut ;ivork, la everybody's
Min. 'Dino wns,whott the tinettat read .to
wealth and honor MY tttrougli khevork
Mary will. If celiref nttonikni in snit:
next.—Exchange.• , ,A,
Wad to Iltar it. You-741*U' to bpi
ashamed for'tpglbettOg ha*, tor long. 7)
, 0,0 ..
We aro trot ' l4 ltegf :.with.ungke
friend of Om tiotantoo /7014er. n o
may say what ho ploasos about ItorUl.
fog, awl . wo ohall: Allkd him nono tho
smaller." • . 7-
The 'Fmk or the Keystone,lleek and
Ladder t <newly is tat present undAtga ,
lug repair%
Tho poor ' l llO4 horeehOutn celfeot,
conlprohOild.t4 dtift: - of the, ilovi‘Qtkhl:,
not. They kl'ei.ltkollie boy.
led whit° passing the grave yard, tci Iteop•
hirs courago up; •
• 1. .1 • :
The nail ivbrkti, hi Oak ef
Iltessrs. Itroek,.4 l , Co;.,;!it 'l3ltilebereo,:ileo
Ropatiti are bopgljitide. ‘: ••.• .
There is a.)gelitleintin tu 'this city he,
thoroughlythat , ' ho lepolopc4bB to
hts ivOu while hOinita'cold fleOlytplite
so frequent R 149tv10g,. -„
'Phe Ino . vlng BQQ:3011 lins rtlrdailibeen
Inaugurated In thd I.i getintyi stle:id
teanui loaded with furp3ture, inissod,
through the city this
Mr. Slovr thinks ,tho point of n Joke
should bo suiltolootly Wog to hang a hat,
upon. It would bo a good ono Wain.)
eluded his nook.
Our old lithaliPant"SaYs 'f'n'
poet an 'old faohionod Anew AtOkm , oforo
many Aar'. Whether ho 'ha& received
a lottor,or not wo cannot
• f •
Now la a favorablo Urn() to,planttroal:
A alrouis nutilagor lti,toWn
day and pratiltiOti to bring iibrallow ilk a
way lit April.
The question of 11 wider" or 11 no Wit
ter" 19 to 411 stikiniittefito. ,th#;.'people of
Lebanon tnYingl) on 1100 ' D l fnroli
If It le deoldod'iti favor Of ilwater,"..
tho lioreugh C9uncil i to talc° Buell'
moaamvi for JO speedy introduction as
may be (Wiped n;oat advisable.
Light yollow, cream or lavender color
ett 'ldda aro &Al to be finpbreoclitig 'White
gloves as litho.thius i fir tlross
HiOIIS. t.
I •
A horse ran off from Eleyonth and Penn
AtrootB lagt ovoning: Ho was Caught at
Sixth etrooV•wlikititdono any
damage. A
A dog killeo Eilii*tsrj)stOkiday ibo
market hotißb. '
Pennsylvania'la greatest iron State
to the Union—and Barks county is the
greatest iron county in. the gloat iron
Hist() of Ponnayitranla. A fact which wo
Can prove if qudstlotied. , ' '
Ito who filoops without sup or gpts up
without dobt.—Exchange. '•
But would'ut, bo bo dnoliuod ,tp stool
Ills broakfiAst?
Tho Colititiontal Old Folkitaproorod
hi Lock :Haven, last evening.
Ht. Patrick's (Idyls comi9g; -Writ( 49
our Irish tolloW Oithons intoitO tp do
• •
about it?
What is the difference betwOon•bule '
ors and ga then? !rho, foimer 'deal in .
moat, tho lattor iiTniotros.
rho following advico, whirl; ,WQ copy ,
from nn exeliango paper, althetigh per.
haw' sontowliat ultra, 18—at leastjsomo
of If—worth remembering t h?" oiltcnt
tri long tut your mouth it) foil rind your
liody Nvlr.a—rottiotriber the poor —klfiS
the pretty, girls :--don't rob,' your neigh
hoes 1,14,pr9qt`, , ' never Oldk nn'
pocket, hoe tho Idea that ho
going to tru4t, for over 'f 44" of , o igfgp,
dull 'to tho' deuce—
black your •OWil boots—never , ;parry if
yon have a prosimet of making a woman
mlsorahlek,and wo will add Bow tui your
own buttons when you buret.thoth off.k
The voloolpado School atltheltaystOrio -
Iti frill operation, , and attracts
nightly.a haw:01110)pr r ot spectators to
wltacss the spurt. • , ,
The now„Lodgo,-.0 C. 0,,) is rapidly
Ineretvileg its number of • members.
Mose desirous of boothilieg charter
members should gtiu 4 in ..tioir • appliei
tos at once. tle a bonoficial Lodge.
tl .
.1 now 1,14-0 —foto r eon y toeon
opened at the offnerst.gight.h.gpd lona
l ' t nets by .IstOr.gini. tidghns & :flhode.
Thoy,ltaxii on hAhd ati °soonest stook' of.
brantilmghiS i *41601*
E i onhe ‘ ! 111 moot Saturday'dye
ning. is oximoNd•thst 'Wu I SlVatoi
l+fatttr" Witt otOupy the entire Wm:t o In
both branohos, of tho aosatort. • ,
.111oIlivnin.18 'putting in
order , tho ground 'NWT purohasod by,
bins of Aaroo Alright, on 'North,: at
10100, on which ho - wilt put ttp nn,_bit
tensivo cOnl,'Oiood and lumbar yard, '
Tho Court Howse styttplo AYR be patota
fad no goon 'nit • thb - , o3athor bocoitiei
settled, which wo, kflunitittO'eNill;.bii. it fttar':
the Vorn4 l Eciqpwc ; ~. ~,, '• • i'u i ‘ . ).1
•.1 • :: i l t • 4 .1 7 0 t '
I Vdtiarri' loittliftlil sold to- Joint
Cavddy, Ma' atOhot tif, tho nitatiolOttlit
and Roattin itillromi VO'tiiiAtik,,atot Of
ground adjoJrAng ttiktafgool ,fittitkon -On
Centro TnroAtoon ivbio4fiti'mlll er o d'
a jealdonco. • '• . • ' '' '''' '''
-- '''
Mr. I;liftinbii, Peith' attioi; has
just roiSlohlshOd ' hls;atofo with, a•, app,
stook of candy. '.Tc etli of oyetA.thloya
should War thhi 1u rnb ti.s".
By roferen s
co I to our advortlalrig 6014 ,
,unma it will bo Reim that Mlobaol Has-.
'eon, 113 South iFigvantliktt4it; isAlbOr
carryingr n thq pip nl4ig
b behr,,,,... 4 / 1 0 °Se(
Rails prepared to.davrorkiat ereet9T
raw may ppyVpip9
". • ,
tt:hirg . i) Trciplar4*llit CheittiAt t
*ow , Third. h4wi„ /
liktunately without hijutinigraly,paraon. -
A I,osta uuntlar t ', , ot oval teatilti aro
passing through tliii*tilty„gwAttelr.:waY
flof mylklll count% . , •
Farmpa are beititiiitng tO l giclye,f t 1141)
to market. ...MN, latgurulng -
live ordAtittr ktma :. trtabu
br h igcs loaded wlth'graln. • . .
Leesport Furnace la th tuft ,
PkirsTropp Is completing s i new wheel•
viigh( shop In Front street *or Penni
I '
OEI ENVEVED.—TtiO' r 'old 44 Ai1ifoti
,1 i !'' one of the ''Brat co olpnntett
respond to President Ltneidn'a eali for ,
troOpsrin 1881, is to bo.Yeviviati: The
Itit*gold Artillery shotild folykr suit.
' Tag AllontOwn Pally New says" that
a!Alatly" In that highly, virtuous town
piumodi a bad 4.2 , note :on a blind ninth In
payment for two broono.l jlon't talk
about 'goading meanueal,:.l tr. , 'Nowa,
atter that! We have no ett h•ldltidl'ea?
hero; thank Providence! : ':- I -
, READItio.-=-Porhdps no inland town .in
tiniviThlted States ylessesses equalradvan
tagliSAVith • our betnitiftti , eity, in regard
to agrieutttfre, cointtierce, manufactures,
and general prosperity. Situated within
flity miles of the great emporium of the
State, upon the banks of one of the finest
- riveni in the country i and nerrininfied On
'every hand by ' rloh 9nd flmfrisiting
tioighb ft
othood, witb . proper exertions on,r
the part of our.eitlzento Itoannot fail, eri2l
long, to become oneeethe most flourish
ing Inland cities In tho Unieri." With the
Manifold advantages we p9,spess impoltft
of locality, and by the emploYthent of
the .natural enterprise of our •eittzens,
,Rending is calculated to'become the see-
,ornl i elty in the State. AlreadY do nrci
enitnininber In point :of °Ovulation every
:eh)/ and town in the, State, with the oxyl,
eeptiott of Philadelphia :and Pittsburgh
era InAlyear or two wo 'venture ' to pre-,
diet tits) wo will outstrip „the latter In
Of inhabitants, agrienlttiro,'cOm
memo and mantiltictures.:-The prosperity
of : pur city for the past foW years has in
deed beep astonishing. It boa not' Wien
a long while ago since soul g of the larger;
townain the State sneered nt lia because
•theyfar exceeded us in point of °enter
rise, And population, but now ivtet can
,nf,:wealth ' enterprise And 2, popula ! '
tlon,andour sister towns and 9itf9B have.
nothing more to say about the 4, Putchlit-•
Ale town," Reading, from its admirable .
e) nation for the profitable employment
'of Wiitepand steam power' to"nn ))!moat
intiluilkd extent, In eminently, tinalified
to been Mb a groathuinufactitring contra.
' Thin ndyantage is . lust becoming, dove].
°pod; 'o,a %vo hoar of Ii" project to, build a
'col,ttiti *tory nent Hissingor'n ;Bridge;',
.Whitili will bo driven' by water ' poWer.:
Tho'Bohnylitill river, 9f supplying : the.
')!duels; would furnish watt:manor° :thaw
flitalliento drive Manufactories .as ex
,tenalv'oe those et I f eyell,filtinshollusettn..
i i
:Thertis lso as tnitehidie capital hete,:as
14 emplo ed in the, city: of LAWOIIi and
that capl al once Invested inmailufaeturea
will yield more real
.prodt ' than that 9f 1
9111. *torn nelglibebi. No'haito:everp, I
thing :that is eorniuolyo - to health and !
comfort-4m) fresh mountain' air, :pure j
and'Wholesetne spring water—all that is ,
nocessatir to meet the watita eta 'great
imd actiVe population. All yo want now
Instill trier° increased enterpried`te make.
ifs prosper In the Attu° in a ratio pro.
portietutto to our lato advancement.
RrpEET PEnnuons.-÷Peddlors are nub
fiances; and especially are those peddlers,
thilesecat who go aromal the I town
ringing. ho doer-be)la • ' - and
loving their °Wafflers
,•;parkod 4 ,60 ,
be kept Until called, for." Those elm ,
lira are not always of a kind to 'be 1513011
by tadlea and children; ,, and their, effect
upon so+ mon might nob be beneficial.
The on l y,way to inanfigo these follows is
nob. to return the - paper. Give orders
that ltl,,eldestroyed as soon a& recented,
or,biitterifitill, not "received at all. Not,
all of These perambulating 'ltfiliVicitifils
11011119 t, and it lit Well in every case,
'never„ o'allow them to pass the ,front
detir.'r , hey have' , no legitimato jbusi-;
tress house.„, Their goods aro in
thellilit);worthlega And if powdere,lsoap,
diton pike: Ms. Have 'as little
to do with them as • •
, llousEtfoLn Punbirruilit: 2 4`fie Su
preme Coitrt of Pennsylvania has recent
ly ileghied that a impost of si household
ftirtlithref' includes all the .furnitheo of
a boarding-school` eitablialulont con
ducted by the. testatrix. in, Mel:house '4n
which she lived, hut, does n e t` luelhdo
the furniture of the school-rooms.
'ljuit : Jorinnfo aPTARTMEN : T.—We do-
Biro to call special attention to tho 'excel
lence and, completeness of out' Jobbing' Department. OuffactMies-for tunhig
out workl arc superior to theose' of any
other .oillee in this city. Five presses
,c 11.6 loipt constantly, running, and any.
to4,,fkotn the largost poster tci . the
Rion cart], can NS printed on the shortest
notice.' Qur compositors are skilful an&
tasty, and wo proudly point , to our cards;
bills,' book work, Ito. as tho best spoill;.
nnins,of tho typographical c urt whiell !arc
gotten up in this city. „
VOTdOgi Art illiaM • ,Campbell
bocame'Vcfry drunk yesterday afternbon;"
and in his wanderinga got upon theyail
road at lie rerni , street •ct'onalrig. The'
flr4 O,yen tig- , !passehger train fnr,l3hija 7 .
dilip t itme along, And William was
614 : I run ovcr by it. ~ Itad this.un
thrt h been tho• case, his , friends
plight ,ItaVo sting - and tito _bag•pir,
plksred the familiar old Scotch air,Y. ha,
Campbells are coming," until dooms( ay
before pody Willianywould 'have - put in,
anappearance. ()Alcor Boone took'him
tb the Station house, whore hq is retained,
on account of having no money;'
,There were 7 lodgers at the Station
House) last evening.-;
, . ,
EDATOR nkoms, :—Why is it that s ome
ininisters of our various churches, 'and
other pablio speakers,, so tar depart from
,p,roduuchttion as to obrithnielly uti with tlib. 4ression, of the
o-pressor, i ante almost upon oVerY
O-canton that may o;c1o., seem , to ' bo. po•
aease4 .w)th a spirit of incorrectness, that
oortalnly Produds•an elect, but miques
lionably a very bad ono? Setreral other
•werds could be mentioned as being often
'Made subject to this, mutilation, but
these :are perhaps the most frequently
presentedo the attentionof the hearers;
not forgetting the 1110:insistent pronun.
elatiOn,of kky ind for the ; frequently used
wordy *kid. Muelkcao also be said in
regardltd the ludifferent - -observanco' of
p_unoluatton 'inarkti; for instance; in the
Psalmist: "'The Lord - WIII come ?: and Ale
- , .
Will not." After that line; the next Is:
ulteep silence,' but-speak out." Each
lino Is a contradiction of itsolf separate.
.1y; ,but by a proper rittiou; they become
a truthful exprossioe,:thits :
,) , , .
"T in conie,:tiiid be will not
vep silence, but sp'eakout.n , •,i
Now, not aisurodlY; we continually
look othe se4to, the pulpit, and
the bar," as our• standard of right and
, i'll !natter of pronunciation: 'lt
behooves th se who. takoAtn a' position'
in elther f these influonces to keep
that standard pnreonul , vot , at least,; to
misguide the many *ho 'rollow. the lead
Of ip few, for the evil.will not be confined'
re ; themselves,- but - wilt 4 grhdutilly.'and
surely' pass Into: ednottoii nio; Tliti evil,
g ao l W I it to; lo•deeidedly Alrowilig 4: " :161 9
'and to all wltO3Ove.the-Anl(ma anniMp.k
donvof „Mir oboantitutsindif exprAttelye
istigutO, it.eannot; ix, a lyattor , et 'in 4
itifferiihtle tint itit'foiM • midiyigiii. tliould:
A 0411.titOm.d away . . I: ''A -.' ','j- ti
• I • 4. - vr•,-. , s
• Itligftniawise 4
f 3 is iv .. r ,:Vnzi„iztAl4'.. :. ,').
-__:4 )
f ICommunt,o4tod.l
i 2 1-2
;41 , t , .14
)1 - --,
4:: ; 4;8e 1,44' 006110i1. $•• ho hastifleoo
tp.ollngl.l a Ytreat,Mirt ibidtbiahle"
ing. : 4s. scat .t:l% - ..1
lifiiiitikkj); Suet
Or sugar sod molassetc to the Vnlted
Stator* are:4very heavy froriVilottebt
our largo , elites' tlifk. : LvlAph-„.
Sale ,of sugars
denta per pound. This will begoodtpisis•
•to consumers and doalers -Of Ihnited,
'lpeanit'who,liave not latOtk a lalke'latipt
O.': •
•.,t7ttptviitavtz CB 1 A rrootrldtiiftli—vrii ,‘
Aro the appointmanwouthe
Slot .I'pantsylvania Gt•liferonee of th
Ityabgelteal, Aisoelation:—
tivritt iditiir.Pll/ A DISTRICT, ki.NEIT!G,P,R
Phliaaoipbtri StatiOn s X.lloA3; S. rhu
adeaphlatfr:Plattenbergent Germantown
F. MeLiebtonwalner ; .11toyagomery
P. 'Lehr, ti. Althight ; Milford
J. Schell ;. Kutztown,. p. Slegrlst, A
Kincits Philadelphia (Engl.) Mission, 'l'
Dowtnan ; Philadelphia,' - (oormati),, J
Kurtzp , Norristown. 141...,1iutz; Bride:-
but/M. 0001 i Catndon . r n 1 GIB isboro
kl.:100p,11r1o. •
lidaton Station, C. B. Fliehr; B3thle
heat J. Adams; Freennitriburg, J. C.
Bliem ,• Catasaqua, J. t10',,1 Lehr;' Nov ,
Yoik;:l. E. Knorr; Pleara(ilit, Valley M
eng, A, Shultz , J . L. Werner; North
",arnpton,fiteizel, Zitnnterman ;
Monroe, W., 'A. Lepold, IY. Hacnbright ;
•C'entrlil 'Park Ntia.slon, A. Belabor; Union
J I III acid G.'Schitrff; Nowerlr,•
E:inenget . Kellytown, U. B. Fibber;
astnn , (Ung.), L. N. Warman..l -•••
AIt.I.ENTOWN DISTRICT . J, vim gi;:r,,
liiiptitt?nrt Station, C. l a l rt llakbr ;
_,n E. Ely; Tatuatitte r g
W.; '•
/51 - altanoy City, 3, C. ifornber..
ger; Orwigsburg Cireult,; l 44,llarier;
Ely, J. K 4 Soyfrlf f - Ber inst Ole;
ds St'eUtir; Carbon, M. Blseinger. Sebny,l
kit)Ziegonfeas; Ashland - D. 4,i'Kere
,bell'OttSlet.Ott Neaten, Myers ; Allen
,tow n(Eogl.), S. G. SandC= .'[
Beading (Eighth at'.'); . - Stp,tlen,„
Iteieri; ;Jltiading (Chestnut at.), 5..0.'
ttlioads; tebanon S. B. Ilroatn ;
Ki Fehr; Lancaster, J. Koehl ;
Lanessiterl, , AAreuit, .T. Apeelit,'' A. 'N.
Stlrk; lit'eUrtistown. Zarh.
Wnlrfeledslrf, A. F. teopoler, alYirstown,
I). Lentz; •Afinvillo,
11 J. Ltirr4 Cheater,
.'Landls; Lancaster gg I.Y` .1'; N.
Metigarl'-‘ 1 ""
POATOUN DISTRICT, .1,-;• P 4 Lgiiii; P. V.
'''POitSililo Station, I. Gehnian;:Sobi
Elayene.B, H. Schnvor; Tine Grove, C S.
, lianinni•Ttornont, Icrochor; ' titito
Knorr ;
snydef,,. L A,tens, W. }Win, S. L. Waist; Mttial")ttongo; ` ji.
MaitOngo, r l3. F. Bohner, W.U.
ner ;, Port Carbon, S. Breyrogel erfalmo.,
A:.'Neitz; llarrisburg Mission; 0. -
(Epingrieb; Tto'yorton, Sifi:,llklhubb. • 1! 1 ,)
„ • 11:‘'t
• f
Ting #l,EsTetntswr, 702 Penn street,
lifts jtiiii t 'Peen opened by Albion - Loin Inger.
All kidda optie best ea4bles /awl drink:
`abOs f ,liwaYs,on band, Ideals horved at all
,beuro., The neatest bar. , rocnn In the dity,
with the- iTst:of yinet, albilte. Give 'him
‘ v
;, k tinar
For the beading Daily Eagle. •• • • 1••
joke 'Porpott•Ao . d
by your": Correspondent, 4 4 M.," in last
eitonlng's i AQLn,isverysevere. Indeed,
I we.nder ho survived the effort. He
probably knows I ant not a lighting man,
or he iwould• not have minuted to make
such use of mY: patne. I say
ho has nehight In coup•
to y 9 itairio the grade of alai to whibh
I shbuid'bo,aplwinted
my:aspirations." I Wish Min to under
statia,thatdry goods men are looking up:
Theli,pelltical,thorinotneter marks hig,
or tban,in,ore 4, temperate ;" that when
,tussy,oditb) ont for Wilco . ' they want the
big thing. Nothing: loss . than' the °hole°
of a phafr in the Cabinet, with assnranced
of adVeneetiient; 011 prove any tomptk,
Lion. , Unt,ll ; we atinoutice ‘ • the position
we arc 'willing the dear people shall Plm.
us in, "let us have peace." i•
,; M.IIA T.
RE t:Dnio Thuriday, March 11th. ."
Tit WOKING rTlid' , GI as 'arid
'Sfeain Fitter's oti Now ,YOrk have de.
terinined 'to strike on March 22d for - the
iecrease of their wages tP . ' $4 per.d4y. , ,"
'',fhp'Marble'Polishers )3rooklin„have
- resoiro4'l4i . ask an increaso„of wages .to•
$3 60 per'dity.i
' , The betteyhands in the : Morocco man:
Ufacfories, of, Nownrk have, struck .for
higher'wages, which the' employers have_
radial ;A iS stated that the men de.
'mind a:uniform advance of Wages regard.
letis'efihe ability of the , Workmen, every
`kilo to. reCaive the salmi price, , whether,
he'had work at the- .#ibeam" six
Six years, •
`no stoweuttera of 13e141)10re are on
a stride to .enfOce the obsorvance of car•
tain rplolutions passed by the assooiation.'
Thfitie,resolutioria pf the',„jeurneynien ex
press stideinand for $4 50 for nmil bourn'
Work- after'March Ist, 1800, and )dealaro
ittiatiboy mql,oonso wort at four O'olook
ea Saturdays, and from The first ! ,of No
'oo,er tdthd fi rat Monday .of March they
`N 4 .(illgo'td mirk, balf ; past sown o'clock
iit;the [nothing, and stop work at sun
Vinantraincarpetlareav*s of Phila.
de,lilbut.are abdut to form a.union.
, Tivptvri s ot Philadalphin policemen
r,osigned oil night, becanso tho
tfivot, had issued orilers . foFhidding them
to - "joaf''on the corners. and, in saloons,-
alStrict waS left all night
with btit half the usual 'foie°, the mon
offering ••their resignation' as thoy wore
about to go on duty for tilo.Oght.
• • ' TnITUSra; 'Mandl 11.!:1 -
,The Faurth ,Nationnl . Ita'nk of Philu,
'delpbil has been reopened •for business.'
'Judge Hoar was qualifledts AttOrnq
. ,
.4eneial yesterday. . :_
My. Delano took the oath,na Corm's: .
sionor •of Internal Revering, yeaterdayi
and entered upon the duties'of his. office.
Mr:liollins„tqietiring , ROvenue Coto ;
missioner,' lane called upon by the ,elerke ,
of his . office ,yesterday, and, preic‘tited
with resolutions expressive •of their re , .
spect and-attachment forhims
3.110 , itnpublican State t OOikveptio4 Of
Virginia - yesterday nominated 14.
Wells for Governor, and J. D. Har
gis, a Vegro, for Lieutenant Governor... 4,
The Maine Senate, by two tnajority,re
fused Yesterday to pass iy':Constabulary.
restraining the sale of lifluor.
In the Criminal Conn at Baltimoit,'
on Tuesday, John D. French was 604,
$490 in costs, as a non-rasident trader.,,
'He liieS in Ceimecticut, and •field good's_
bq'samplt, a liconse r in violstiuri
of State Inv;
Two yppght quarreled is salobafr:at'
fit. louis,yesterday t , 4nd.. seirerely stab.,
'was tietikiffieirefid i is not wog edto,
rover. •
81 IthOtheartaf 111,!it, It • 1 ere c t' of
itrietlin, . 0 . 4 81 41,,
4044(,,,1itt,4014,* -: 'rrattk . 2
kitifr „ it, i , Odrifta ivi %' f i. r thital
' A ' ''', 'O, ir : • '
i ' Ittit oa
t. ,' ~ .., :Itisiteball,'Jto , . read
:iti r .*t...4 .414114* 4 , !yasterds,#, -I ‘,'t.r.hell
"w/4 1 ,0,1004 4 .M;: and 0 0 44 3tF , a Ood
'fgft t rlpitit*.flatitaili,Viti Hatatrovinced
itii^oinotiott:-' , ; l
i,,lit .
' ll ' 45114i0etitrodt was killed. by. poi.
1. 3 P ”.111.,'',Tbill14.ellibia yostiiraitY. Aii*
Om 4,#iit i lioattaagh his *Ms was ar•
:i l o B t ', 4 l.#oitt 4 l 4ll of having elvigilt W . '
(leaf - I ` . .
' it nry IL Steole, a partner In: a larga
dry goods,, use in Now York, 'shot'
hints 4 cfo.,"T.oanYl on necol u 'of dill'.
, f _enltie.,:wit4 his salt., with whoftil he had
I not ileetiiiiine.for some than past. ' ' '
PriSf i tytmOill& , ialctstikttilussr,
11 • Illantsatmo, Marphlo.: '
In the Senate, & resolution was intro
difeetl`'l4,, Mr 's : - T 4 nwry,. proiiding. for nn
evening stigsion to be devoted to Fonsid.,
oration orthe amendment to thek'onsti-
tution., Dehato4o be limited to balf,,an`
hour end he taken at 10} o'clock
this:evening. The question= was called 1
nd sustained by.the Republican Senators,
nd the resolution passed by a strict
patifiote. ,
`Resnlationa Postponing the • considern.
AO.n.of'the:Mpendment and leaving the
net:ter,to-n l POPtilar, vote wore offered by
11 . 64iiirti:Ittilletiltind Davis, but were de.
Tented by a party,VOle. ~ .•
hfi."Daviti:rtiad 'in, his place and pre... l
settled to the Chair, a bill refuting 'to the
Redding eempany. . . .
.. , ,
Tho ,
,whole., evening sessieli Was spent
in the,discusgan,of the Fifteenth Amend
ment-$.0'44 Constitution, providing for
negro suffrage. '• . •• - •
, The PptnoOrata of 11ennsylvania AvOio
m. ~ . .. ~
ost ably
~ represented TV'. ,Metrara,
110 ' 1310h . , iSpilAght, M'Candless, Davis
aod IyOlittetf; ': .
Theitepublierins agreed in their 'eon;
ens to ilay,llothiOg to defend46ir pos) ; ,.
tioh, lid 80**Loivry becoming res•
tire' under the lashing of . the Democratic
'a i
pei ! OcorpolV i t a , a defence of the
f r rip4 004 ,bolig porpOtrated upon the
people as hqfboble condition Would . ad
tm.4.‘ „",.' Duri4g t tlie.'discussion S'etintor Er-,
rettflitli - !, himself so obnoxinus to the
whole 84144 that : the Speaker was ecnn
pelted:o,op hint,t6 order., , t , ,)°
(in the question ) will the mite-ratify
the . ainondreent,‘:the yens an 'ffilys were
required by Mc.'Errott and Jackson acid .
Were 'a,S,Tolle.wa ; ,
•Yeatt-- 7 -Messra. Rillingtalt, 13eVin(Mer-,
'&0,1 .dol em an, , bOnn 0,1, Erretcc Fishiir,'
.9,rah,ant,,, tfe,nSzex, iterr, Icoqm, ,91Flp •
sted,. , Osterhout, Robinson, Stinson,
Stutzman i , Taylori White and , Werthiag
ton, Spnaltoii4.l9:,, r
' Ntiys-,Mesars. Reck, Broiyn fr (North
`ampten), Burnett, Davis, DUncar, Jack
son, Linderman, M'Candless, l f dlatire,
IN 'fliii, Nagle, Randall, Searight, Tar-,
' 0- : 45; •,„ ' . '
,So the queStion4as deterreined in the
affirmative: '. The preamble and title were .
else agreed-to. '
~ i
'in the House, the following hilts passed
1 " •
t kr . tatly` t' ~,`, , ' - ,' • , '
No. 314 1 -an act to enable the courts' of
common plena of this Commonwealth to
chtingc - tho,name,. ; style and title of or-,
porations. ‘ . ' ,• .
N0.,816, iin act to anthorizo'oppeals to ,
.40,84i9tta0 co.ust in applications , for,
p - changes' of charters of, incorpoia
"ti9no.l,, •
10. 373, An net to repeal the last pro- ,
ii , '
trig, to theth ty-ninth section.Of the act
approved 29th April; 1914,.itkliclatiolt to
State Board of revenue Commissioners.
No. 375 i an tier making itilifiiroi tho
several courts of, the State hi counting
time,ln relatiOo• sto the stay of execu
tions. , - - •' . ,
. . .
146. 361 e ~ an act to settle,. 'determino
and locate ilio , :eouthern bolundary , line
of this Commonwealth, was taken , up,
amended and passed.
14,3`. 853 1 0 act relative to ' aetiofls of
. ,
tresspass and ' , for'mesne proate, was
linsied-. ' • - '',2. •
5 per cent. Or a year, and 4 p er cent; for
ehorter . perlods. Money paid on demand, at
the Reading Savloga Bank. (mar 11-d4w
etcrrillifa t --IV: Van 'Reed,'B26 ?cap street;
' lhadi ,
ng; wtdoly known an d,hititly
brated; for the quality , of his .
go9ds, but for the eandori and fair dealing
patrond„ ' t lfr. Van,
lieedbilys his stook with groat pare, bas bhp
work done under hts own auporvision by
comiietinit workman, and Is contelil,
with a mad, e F l atd profit.
40ifilakOlulok sales, :
, k aro small ;
So old anon and young,
'Please give; him a call.
k . •
mar , •
LAitß O ,
lotav - Tains SALE.—% o desire;
to cnitt.t34 ik'ffielat4tOntion of our read oli•
to itiO, of now and =oleliaut
trariliturk tO; ba f hoo l on Tuesday, March
lsiti;att,clnlotop*,,d, Concert Halt Auotlon"
H 0913441210 Chestnut street, Philadelp4l4
This sale Is . on, aeCount of large,:tosinufao.,
livers 66 4 4'4000t . ..4 4 POriOiStlng of some LaraiS
hundpeteitits Of Walnut and 'Cattittio FUN
niturd, Of , thojatest and most litelifon sble
'styles, eoiOpilqlAiparlor, obambet
Ing, roam gnlts. hi is a rare 06Ortunity
'fur 4oalsre told tone mars, as,,tha sale Is ,
vathOnt terniqe," T. A. IteCLam4un, ADC
tlonott.. ; • . war 10-4td
may Seat and blanch yelit'brow,"
but It elliMait Sheer your hair, if you .mie
thaeoteclient oßarrettte
Vegetable lialoloeterative" to Jhe ablie
lute exelmtlen: ef all the vile cunlipounfie
"#itli *Well the, ineihet 18 1100 1 11811.•••POrq.
aiiiidyl . :Ottaayl I Candy! It
•I. :,,RAIIBO f ;r•
IPc s airt VOAAZIO447gCOVat:
iit t l Oity,
which will bb disposed '9f as • • )-'
z• , -•- 4
ifj,knipitier Rouen In Hson
r`t2oll4olq . ' _ • • v
6.lll**AgOriti l itinill It Nrill. ,
....4,,.-40,...... 1, : , ' , sr -.8- -AIL+ , t 1"'"? —.
4 . lCfige• , , :`* ; ? , ,l .
,k, FOR 0/04 ta t . '
..: t it j 1 Or 111014111. D
. w t h . , • t i lt?"
~ 41,
1 I I dit !Ot 41 . . " 1 4 e.• i titattit
thltaLia_Vi . • * so North 6th t,
tut#,RA*Att, %;711V6 .; • ; • ~;" • 'f .
.P u irg 4 '
it ,4 -14 2 . fitri t alN;
Oaltson j ikil 1114,Y#eli-13th, IMO, at tto,
.Ney4tailts loe,lttit pi/ o at 1 031,90$ km.,
` i lertipiii;glP.oll l 4)lntllkilfroid,lipiok, -- '
iii .-: ‘, 2 1 4 - , ..:' - '4‘Clt:;,l4(tzfookoh,baet4r.
-,,1144t:411,911013.'• , . 1.. M. • t.' , - '.. ,;, : • p;,_,
• • '
; .4 ° )4Z.
m 4-
gre4k - gX
fg to
Le t
1 1 ' 1
o gt PC
ttcc t o
—1 Cto
.44P nI C )
A e+ •
, 1
`slth •'.
<6N,ZA • : . ...- , • -!; --
.., ;. • " . .1 , ,la „ , _ ~ 1 • :. _
\ - ; 1, i.,?: 14 quoit q(jitE
1348 JUMp 11E,INN brJINED AT T,l .E
don. OF EIGHTH OD PENN,:03....,
'FOr inniny 'yea* ,witit los. lillshler & Co.,
1 ' ' ' AND ,
~ ,
r'''Pß NC'S P: !RII01)1i4,
Son of in, IL Rhoda, uhder the firm of
ai. ILES & RH ODE.
Thesl b Nto O litetetand and Sv ill at nil , times
kook rt • IA 'daft Well'ted stock of all
broads an 441A1 ttetlo,l (
IMP° TED, WIWI'S, , -", i .
, f t _ ._
imialin, 8 ANP , , billiS, ii '• .
.41..011 lee lot Or .
011.A.MP Oft : AND CLAtt'Et
Also, fine °Uhl° distli,led rye whisky of
diffo*ent b n isi alsO• common roptified
whisky and inegar wholosale and retitil.
Demijohns a ni bottles of all 81205. All goods
•will bp sold it prieed to stilt the thug*.
. '
they elite d tin inVitittioa to mem nu•
morons friends and the public generally,
And .hopo by • - Strict attention to business,
and courtetiy to all' who may favor • thorn
with their patronage. to gain the onufb
donee of Livers. 11U011ES & RItODE.
Mar 8-Imd
( •
JOHN- ,., 1 $ 4 1.-TARP :'
: i s ,
i,„•.„ . t•,:
).fjPW.PI . ,
F A.- R
009 . Pg.14N STREET, REAlSitie.
'* l COVER iIitOWN I S)BAhLIi HAT 8T01%1C3
.J 1 „
, 141410
• ' S,U.AL' Itt.Tstial.!WOßlr,` -,
'",.•; '
. lilrPAill . INI prio*toiiry .i.TTUNDEID ; TO.
Bliir 0 7 3 ni(1. - ''.',
I,tl Pecker,. Of the tniviibblp of Min
creek; iu the County of,Berlis;havint 0
ented an assignment of 411 his estaie to
John 8; Fox, of thetattne'place, in trust, for
the benefit of his or'editord, on 81.11' day, of
February, .)), 1 1,1359,;
Notice is hereby gPren, that all l i e one
having claims on said
,estate, will present
them, and all portions owing' money Weald
estate, will make immediate payment,
the Onderiiiglied, • • JOON 8, FON
feb 7.0-6tw •
3EIEA7 StOliEs
arittrip dociimi trs ) r n opENINCI. •
,04A,11',/iFUL NEW, STitliS SVITAiILIC
All Sales iv a rra n 10, ve• sat hi fad t ton
vizir z sji ,
0. am*, -
541 PENN 8111038%
Mar 41.441 ‘• . .
PARPATS I 'oAluitTs 11 ,
i , lli. • R. bIARiLRIC la CO:, N o. no Plum streak below Presklliti
. bettreenlizth And Neyetith streets,
1' ItespeattunYintaint ifiti *Altana of Reading
'btu* vielni. Alin thtiy at via asufactutlai the
very boat logralb.,All.l:stao ,Catioith ever ofret-•,j,
i t
nri in 041 *lir* Lilted feints itid colon!.
111)01641cLand re(4l( • at 10v York 'pricov.
' Wo Invite the pnbile'te• aupaino our ) 1 006
• before kurohtsiOgiplmmilfhe: .11a4 faro 26, per
• _
Dotal Au/ ifio, (4,*litob, bandit and sive
In°4 ll t' .- • 'A . jelA 'CO . ,. a -Bina - ' .T. ARLEY .1 CO ,
lik At ': a l i g tl k il l. r v.:tux:l4:6n
nt ti
ifto.. r ..-r ker , As. For
,: le 41011 FITO AI
104; itwii. , . 7 114 p, 44 . 0 Po nes To
. '
i ~
~. A`N i? ;
iiiAmo;ND -
FASIIpkIABLE , , - . 1
•' 0 the siihAr
iS t Afttl i grePUttr i etro at xeyatono
Ii 4. % 'fi t . ..., Omar IV•litOi t
p , l .fts ft
Tie l ic A fit" l c / ..`,- o t . , .rif , ,
. LAUGH HOU will take ••' Alhigt I.'
teirr#ll,6o4,silk '',.- ' s i ,riPel ill
~, i ...:Y , •
' Itt.ll. 'Staler *ti* silk .'• tit do ,
megtees tw, tit' ru ' .„..tilt
fox att.
02A 1 ntin r z. , Oisti •' • '
;gunman I .' kil - - W *net k i e hog .
away ea eatutolaXtere,soma 04 • act. •
Jutlr4`. 4 .tl; ' , " • -- v \-
THE HE' sExta.Housgi
Womeidortt Bork& Oth. Patz
RV& Y. ITAVIpiI o 1 ,
~,Iroprientrit. thir
LI excellent acconiniodatlen, the lead+
lords obliging. arid the. table' iiiisd with all
the, beet/ the mutat atortle. • seontteotvil
with the hotol is a erstrelasittivery Stall ) ),
80 titilt conveyances oh , Ow ye at hallti• r
thou!) Who wWi
ay sejo,ura th heautiftil evil.
la o: (hunibitees to axid,fro the deo b t . ."..
W. B.— After- April lets the intrtnersble
VIA he, dissolVod. and ,IlenryJ Michel will
assume entire °entre/ of the hatel. _
tunr 1041 rad . „', - , •w . •
• alciDafttll t TAMlN, `: •
mar 9 , :ltd* lieyatapti lions&
• —•-.
Quinton Tomatoiis t- :4Qtantou ioniatooll,
-. BUY i lr itk • a ET .
' • -
'PHI is * CitHA PEST.
. -
ill() Qulptffia can tqo tho
beat the market. 'ilrelopy the ottse or
T 1"/ at t"
Tnarbt4 . • "
• -1, • -!.=- 1-•
MairoW and Mittiuni Beane!
k •
Caniufa Peat,' 8pli( redBifititiftts, aei
• Dried Corn, Piett;' Tapioca, Nago,
• , Barfry, //ontitay, Gritz, . •
• • Bccd, -
ft(tlto oherip storo of
; VViiKtIOO44 fr OtiACIEIRA , ,
mar 9-4 6tll cold iYa4litngttni,
• , Juiit nEuairvub.,
A 9holco lot at
'nor 0-d
• „ „
illtmOvAL.—J, A. STROIIECRER hits re
movetl. his autAT MARKET to No, 41
North, Ninth stroot. and 1011 , custom
era' Aro Witted to coll. All EWE, or Fresh
Mut Sttokeo 4 )lehttl Will:
tool! 6-IWI.I , „ c, ' •
4. Large itiOreliMel4ted.Stopk:
IVAL . L I?}*
" lvirveior 1 34 A o
At, Prioeslo Suitethe .'fames:"
4hades Ydrniehod and.Lotterodp Order
mar 94ml'
~ 1 ~}
1100MIDIN(; STANTED.—A, leling ge.etle
I) man desires boarding iu a private fam
fly, OM per week, • Atieess
Alareh 6-2w(11 • "Jet l AGL)3 OFFICEAK
None bUt tbOSO'deprived otthte bloesing
know of its loss. The pimpled blotohod
and tettemi cricted'persOn looks upon 'a
oloarf stniorOthakin witkles.Loash And:in
wardly desires thesittne. Thoth) Whose sye
tems aro filled with the-tirtisof SCROEU•
LA, and other eutaneothi diseases, `can nOI
have good health.: When • the blood is 1131-
pure, disease is sum tni
All have timely warning in 4hose Pim
ples, Blotches, I Tetters, Sores, Bolls, Cop ;
per-colored Patches, Scales, ito. Avert the
calaul by pnrifyleg tkosysternlth the.
SAM A lIITAN P8 . 44:10' . 1`4 . 1.ND I
pefore Scrofula takea a. firth hold.
, Ilow many have the virus of Syphilis,
in the system, and in Out pontron emu.
tetnplato` mairlagOi'itho#lng.ll flu of. Ink
baneful inftuoneo OtineonSilt tion. To
such wo say STOP. ' Fr ets leanse youreelf
of those impurities }tit that sorotAlous tu.
Notion, (willell 10 Wan e r lesOs tiered ,
Itary In the constltUtion l ibil oliyOu bring
misery on yourself alit{ o , ptiPu. Puce,
•(,Q5 per bottle. ..,, c, . : - .
0 4 ,431#42IRTAN' lE2' t
TRH MOST U'extr.
Ten t A Ipanifira FOrq I
Fbr all Diseases .Artstno /rani Traut//4
cscrett(nrc,, ;
4 "fitainglki ... lineralillo Balsam, no Itor•
oury. Only ten Pin t s to by token to effect a
urq. T hey a; O entlrPl9 irnantikt4e, having
9 smell nor,any untapagiuntatitO t and win
not ,10 anyway: tliture Dia ottoman or bow-
We of the meet' dot:9ooA .thireq In from
two to fouridayo, and rooont calms in Lwow
ty-four Bent Urinal:. rrloo-Mulb
paokagese?, 1C6041043, ,
Bold Ur EllifYo74llWii itnaillng t Par, and
by DruggistaiDEl3 ,- -
Abili) 4*(ko „ ii.Oprictors,
40o*1yd3 elk/lane qtrebosililladelroblit.
&.VOltt4 STANtfi i irt Illertbe good,
0 will of ffnltX( l ItEKTANI),
corner ,of find Cimtnut, streete v Is
Of for tea.- with br lyitlicitit the snit
of Ile mia. no,Jitank , lol`nrary profit
abfb bit% dnly r dlipOited .ottor want of
time to attend tojbe opal/ s. ritellollo, iOti
givenht) fliseotApril:. Wit to
• ••': - L. • t , Alfini DREXEL,
• mar 4 Sweotlfili "On thefi'reinieese.
Atilt grn i e l at tat tker Al Ar g
vxmtitur 1140110iment, 542 v tin tared.
dew,: 14141,:. rowans,
tiTtlatei9'M T o g Mae. at the:
Zralteik! )44, • Mt. ,
t0...9* .4 4174
M 03 (4 4 4 0 A ittiVOlii V4ll_ 8
i A A . 1
trri` elf• 44:; s , :"
E 111,14 B 1 VA E its
~,..,,, a1?, , 5,, vti;it.iiipt I ,':i , ::`
yi :I- - ; rt ~; t• ttr 4-r - ,r 4-,4111,1M. • 11': , •`,p , -• :t
• 4• 01 -, :: „.q .
; 1) •t,r:tr „ Ira': -....'s ; , , f
PlOOl-4 1 $1104 . : TONIO ,
Axe lii/igua ie*litalibbioasea oft
~..1::._ • :e„.1.,_21:-: - ., % Al. OA
',,_t',' ,
0 4 1041 f!Y?
, .
...i. I
h Ait
oomposot,tho liAtctiollOo* (or, al
ttkoY At* UntliottetplYoAbrot ed. Au
trocill.9,,MOOS ' 11.6iblatti.11 - 4rlce,
making. et pro rti ou, Willy oonoootra
th...ll‘‘ an °Min t it.tfroot ateohatto tuhßtz.
tune qf any WA . •, , , ti /...: 1 / 4 :, ,
' ROOrti l kliAit stlttittiEkii *me.
•/A a'odiahloatton. tit hu ,thi irthrite
0 um) BittoyorittOk. URI plAtitek Reliky ot
ennto chnt*Riett, Vntnite, Rt., m king one
. 02 the most plo4 vi mid agisooablogoufe•
(Hos ovoc oihrou ro taßttio. ,?, i
Thote . pitterrina ttl the blree trout
poOholto aitlpitZtltrN lari 'Ale ~ 't t
ThOoo who htwoknooNeottoo, to tpo cow,
bluatett.of the Bitt.exer tut etaleitionll nee
The are biltt itqllty • v • , hi siti c kpontaln
the saute r4OOl Oh itt t• & 0 0100 ilt.
Moon th e *0 ollt mere .. a tot f tasty,
t Ito Ton lo being
,lio inust k patatable,
The atoulaetti . frOlu ver44 ot 040/8 "1
SIICh •ItS "latlig4131011; yep a, ,tiorvous
Dobillty, ott.llo VkirY 0 S to e 0 its Alm.
clone tl 0 ran g ad , TheLlver,syrapt .
athlaluif l as ollee t y i t ~0, it e r . Walt
the St° itch'; h ' o, the
result o wltle Vie tlrai=r sutlers
?row sovoral or, iltpru,p4' 00 following dia•
oases t zL A , il , ,: , \: „ 4; ~ .A
, OonstlAtlolli. 4 1 101Viek% 1 blifill Pileti
F ()UM u nO. W to tit o 110 ad, " 'chitty
of tho Stomach, yatteea, lloart-burn,
' Dlnuet.tibi , 1 Foodi aNinew or
' 'll7Wght) he theilitorilkdko- Shur •
EructattoW Stn or Mott
• orinf agbil PK g
AA lho ficounob t
Swkii m g opit thoi amid, Ilstried
or Dlftioult Brdathing, Fluttering at
the Itea Ul lo k lll 4oniciltillg Son"
siitloiiiiv e Id' ig: 4 pt. o k Min
ima of V dn, DO eOr 615ii' betoro
t the Hight, Dull. _Vein hi the Head,
DotteleneyofTekst B ~ , ir4'e ow• nose of the Sigh et 4 ,, - , • u •
' jitithetildo,Bliok, h 3, cis' ..
- ete., 5udd00..44 1 4. 08 of eat,
Burning in the , ,t‘ leek L:Ctinetent
maglutnge of , Evil , 1 i
iottii , Meilriblititon
- . of Spirts.
. The sufferer frata th,o4o'.4lotskslili!should
exacts° thd greatest 'padtldlein - the et.
10ottott isf a nweity• tot bte '''ftlie l .liroha
slog only that which hp Is .assured trout
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the energy and ardor ltd. Or youthiu.
days, build up their Shrunk n' Ms and
give health and, happiness to their re.
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To this class of perauno tho /JITTERS,
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Hon. Geo, W.
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From *v. Joseph if: Koppor4 R. D
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Dr. .Taeksprp—Doim ll ' ' 4 have boon fro
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with roe wendatiewl, of-diffOrenticlmis
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&tartan* Editor Christiais Chronicity* Pillla.
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