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F, A.D I N 4:34., :PA.
-7itfiSDAY. DECEMBER' 1; 1808.
AND got4tirxiy:
SPITION.w.;III 1.2.. P. 'llll.
lola will appeal -. to-issilinr ?
Q; You eitn' paishiss lagotica tielrat ,14)
,airs st the upper ItesuilnyPePot.
L.—An Idtowboat is the . wheel ;diced be
tween tiro others to tralgter Wallop front one . to
the other without ehansbni the,db4otion of Pito"
lotion ,
)(MS L. The canary btrd less native of the Oa.
mir y Wands, from whence It was brought
yorope in the sixteenth century. and made is
household pet.
T. appears to us that you never wife
mem ber da, Sunday t3ohOol. If you refer to ahem ,
of X VI, Dth verse, in. the book alit. Mark, You
will dud your question answered.
Mn. JOIDC,KEPPLZMAN fleeted one of the
swoon Scales at his • foundry oat Fifth
street. " •
poL►ar bursmosnos.-4Not much doing
in police circles. One mamas arrested yea•,
torday for . being drunk." Six lodgers men.
pied the station house list 'night.
, WOOD LAND SOT,n. 1 rank DAVilli IMP
tioneer, sold .on Friday last, five acres. of
wood Ina!, situateditt Centre township,
property of Cyrus Snyder, to Adam Boonei
for the sum of $,121.05 per note.
NEW BUILDINOL—Worknien ate justa Qui
completing a handsome three-story brick
residenCe for Mr. Philip. Ermentrout, in
Wsinut betiteen Fourth and Fifth streets..
?dr. Joseph Miller built 'a neat two•story
blielc Wine in Franklin . street, .between
Eighth and Ninth.
A oplenild lolidPryCloAe at phirleslonaii
Co,, 441 Pena atroot.
Ox Saturday Captain Woodward,
with the detective officers of the Philadel•
phis and Reading Railroad Company, - cap.
tured Mary Martin f lianoy Miller,•Bridget
Krouse, Francis Walter and William Peter,
in the act of stealiog fromthe company's
cur.—Phila. Daily Nem. •
Tia following atO tho school teachers of
Buscombrannor.School Districts D,
Evens, Samuel' Bill, Atnbi Roberts lesAel'
Dhaker, Samuel Olitnacht,- Alvan Brown,
aniel Link, George IL. Va lentine. ..I
B. Lohman licebnor is the Secretary of the .
Ruscombumnor School Board.
WVDMKON, Hall*, PriVate or Public Portiere flir
niihed with Dinner*, flingionr. or Collation*, gotten
my in the boat style Fi f the culinary art, by Janos
Darenger, 15 }fort itroot.
TaA.VI3 So.—, When two ladies meet in the
street, they first talk 'of theirldrenses, their
neighbors' and their' own virtues, the latest.
engagement, And finish off with a grist of
_plate talk as long as Trinity church
spire. on two:gentlemen meet, they talk
of their aching heads, the.'virtues of
soda water, the devilish good time last
night," tho streaks and angularities of these
lady acquaintances, the gaylwalking pictures
about town; betties, dominoes, the !narks of
liquor, ladies, cigars, what's up and seven,
PlMlots Lsw.---The following decision
has recootly been made under the new , pen
sion law of Ali 28th 1888 . . The fasts of
the two; 'Which was s oldi eration of the
parents of a deemed for additional
bounty, were , as follovist The soldier :isms.
killed on Decogaber 14th, 1803, leaving rt
widow and Wants, but no child. The
widoWromarried len January 6th, 1805, and
thus forfeited her rights. The second ,comp.
troller of the treasury has decided that as
there was no widow of.the soldier at the date
of the sot of 1808, the next living heirs
named in the law, and the claims of the pa•
rents Were adMitted.
—.....„—....... .
to resort for Miles—the Pry Goods house of
Charles Levan & Co., tit Penn stmt. , ,
LAW OP TUE 1100.—Persons meeting in
carrihgea on a highway are to turn to the
right of the centre of the highway. It is
not the centre of the smooth or flint traiol
ed,..part of the road, but the centre of the
worked part, oven though the whole of tho
smooth or traveled part bo on ono side. In
winter, however, whop the road is obstruct
ed by scow,. the centre, is the middle of the
beaten path . the rule rquiring carriages
to turn to o ,tho right, does not Apply to the
:fleeting of a carriage with a horse•ear, nor.
with a traveler on horseback. .11,travelor on
n highway
,is boutid , ti) hit‘fe 'his . harnesk tud
carriage in a roadworthy condition, and is
liable for any damage to othqra occasioned
by his insufficiency in this particular.
PIIII.OBOIIIY op Itr. Egavrn.--=Sieltness is
very largely.the want of will. Everything is
'brain, There is thought and feeling not
only, but will;" and `.will includes •in it far
more than mental philosophers think. It
acts universally; now as u; on mind; and
then just as much upon thp body.„ It• is
another name for life—force. Men in
whom this life or will-power is great, resist
disease, and cominyt •ltliken attacked.' To
array a man's mlntkatid will against his sick.
IletSi is the supreme lEl4' of medicine, In.
spire, in men courage :Ind. purpose, and the
mtnd•power will cast out disease. "NOP;
ins ails her; it is only her Imagination,"
sald the him one day. "Only", the
imagination ?—thatis enough. Better suffer
in bone and muscle than in the imagination.
If the mind is 'sick, what can cure that?- 7
ALWAVA reeelvins new goods—Marks Loren it
Co., al Penn sheet•
FALSR Patrescg.-tr-William Stott keens ft
store down. by the venal, and one Mary
Burk, wife of Patrick Burk, came to him
some time' in the summer to make arratige ,
meets •to wales° goods on credit. . She
stated that her husband had $1,600 deposited
in ono of the Banks which would make' her
good for the amount she would want.- Mr.
Stott was not'satiafled, and refused to credit
her. Some time afterwards"she came beck
to the store in. company with Thomas Mon.
roe, who Works in the' Shoot , Mill, who
vouched filth° tenth of what Mrs. Burk had
told him,lthout the money, affirming thet ho
kneW • that her husband had •$1,600 in' the i
Bank, and on this representation of Mot-7
roe's, Mr. Stott tontiented to give goods( on
credit to Mrs. Burk, and did give her goods . ;
to the amount of slB.' Yesterday Stott , as
certained that Burk's familY had their goods
packed and were to leave the City in -the 19:80
A.M. , train, and he. catee ap to AldermaP
Schools er's office end m ado complaint agoipst,
Mrs. Burk and non*Jionroo l. for 'pro ,
curing goods on false reptesentattons and
had them both arrested and brought
Witmer .tho':.charge.' Mr .Bteitt •demanded
payment for the goods, and tkeithei er the
prisoners had the stamps!, but OrentOolly the'
matter era; arranged by an order:on So felt,
McManus& C 0.., for the aramint ) „at& the prisoners were disobargaiL:l;.i.,l
• -
*Antis don' fa il call it the store; •Ot
lovak* Co.. 441 Pootkitseet t 1 (704 w 1 1 .41 w P
ti floods Out v ods to iiiviitoso. - . • '
rii) , (4,41V4i. - tiAoo*l'ii4i
.‘,',..,•..-:,.-,,,.., ~ , , ~.•
.'A, ip . . i5p0ri,, , ,...,
„v... v ., ~,,......
ra.,04 ***,...4,i,,,,,
J.ini. :1.4.4,,,,„,,,h,0it„,..,;
Oiditin yea - On 40101410 n 00000 Of OIL
: - Mallet's,* Kfttsei vs. 400 . 4411: ,-: - Con;
pined oispidicatleriaf deft .
_',.,-, :': -•: - ' .• '• ,•
.r' aCttb.:fklentacker arid Frederick ~' nip.
1140,11tur ofinitiOr C.iiildratt of Pitiiiel'Weid
ner, - Adem Beittitulidi eta', Record
*mended oh motion of pith., and 'cantle con
tinned On applitiation.of dells. ' ' : • ,
Same Va t Orin ilefilenger, If at...... Sy,
-Same vs,. Daniel amppett,,4.(ll.
• ' Same is. iTeltit 'St Hearer, 4444. Cont.k
ned upon ratnegrounds. - : '''. : • ,i '
.- • 04;' - Dawson Ordains's' vs:''AdminiStrstors
of. David Levan end:Jacob Potteiger.-402 .
Nor. l. 1660. , , , This was an ltetiOn of debt
brought up6tt a bond for. $OOO, siren, to the
Orion thalOthdaY of July, 1888,, kr:David
Levan and Jacob Potteiger_, 'under ' the . fol.
lowing' circumstances:. - Somiolme itt the
'early part of July, 1866, a lot of 21 Cattle
belonsing.te Me.- Coleptan were stolen from'
Ort‘of , hht ferule' at ''Elizabeth;- lAneaster
county. The Cattle were. taken from the
.taro in the'night and
• driven off towards
- *tdings distance bf2B inites.At Shillinfre
tavern they, were 0014 by a Ilan Calling him.
self John Miller, t,o 'Jacob Potteiger, one of
the defendants, with *beta Dail Levee Inill•
tbeti in partnerithip: ', On the Bth of July,
Oliver. P.. Caldwell,. lir l ,Coleman's refiner at
Blizitetitt; came,- i n conipany with the Sher!'
iff of Leban'oti; , 'tounty, ,to Beading, having
received inforMation of the disposition of
the cattle, and'called upon Mr. Potteiger, at
thecorner of Eighth and Washington streets.
B 1 this time tha tattle had • been nearly all
doptitied of tadifferent Parties by the letter,
and as the beet arrangement Abet 'could be
made, the bond in Suit Wa s drawn up, the
conditional tart of winch 'stipulated. that Lo•
'vaa 'awl pettelier were, to, return . the cattle
.'IASOO'd order to-Coleman withiti 80 ditys,ac
ocKtnt tor Mich as hadalteady :iftett aold-ror
Pay their , value. It eeenrie that the *ties
could not afterwards agree upon the amount
to be paid t end this suit was brought to ob.
taint a legal recovery. ' ,
The question of the fair valuation. of , the.
cattle was the only point. in,dispnte.- Mr.
Caldwell, testified that the lot consisted of 8 .
drove cattle, 11 thoroughbred- short-horned
Durham; and ti . pair ,of work Oxen. The
drove cattle he estimated' at • .$BO per bead,
the thormighbreds at $OO per head . , and the
oxen at $826--4he aggregate . .tracuntbeins
$1986. Another witness `for the Plff, subs
mated thti value of the cattle at 8} cents per
pound; live At eight,at about the same figure.
Wm. B. ' Albright , Who was landlord at Shil•
ling's when the cattle were', sold, and who
i was 'called. for the defense,thought they were
' 'worth about 7 cents;per Pciund,aecording to
whit* estimate Alio let would bevel:mounted
to $1,588 70.: " Saetitel Ouldin, of Amity
township, bought Bor 10 of these cattle for
7i cents perpound, end testified that Mr.
Toteolger had - asked him 71. ' - , - •
The Offs% Claim, with interest, amounted
$2,226 48, th amount in which deft ac
knowledged themselves indebted i beins some
$ 7OO less. ' Verdict for ,pill. for $2,020 88.
Firmantrout - for plff. , Hagerman and 3:13.
.Richarde for deft. . .
Cleo. N. Tatham et al. va. Jonathan \ Greg.
Pry. On trial.
BUBRCRIBIS for the BAoll,
THE MAIN -4130 UT TOWN,—A %stern
opor !peaks of two mon who NW out of An "in
to:lotto& buggy:' ' • •
Ovor•o4aata and furs canto la aloe today.
Ice wee formed on the pondetb.ll morning,
The lesturo sooson is upon us. That no leaning
• •
, The !measles opposite Ifaritsbura are covered
with 11130 W, -
Tbo coming your will begin Its existence on a
bad day—Friday..
We noticed yesterday at the Express ,ofilee two
deer, labeled for Robesonin.,
lead the proaeoaings at the Young Mons! meet
ing at Librery Hall last evening.
. ,
The protracted meetings at the Fifth street M:
E. Church, oontinue with much simmers. '
Readingbas more Leaflet than any other city of
its else mid population in the United States. '
• .
. „
A now water tank has bean arooted at the Shoot
Works or Bogert. McManus dc Co. i • ,
Alloon=unload's'', addressed to this office isnot
lie sinned by the real tamp. Otherwise they will
be rejected. The name willmokbe published un-
Jets desired by the ooriespondent. •
ribe.Junior Steam Fire Engine,' which Loth been
Undergoing repairs,' wntit into service bust night at
7 o'oleek. s ' • .
. .
Proposals will bo received Until Docainbor 19th,
1868,,fei furnishing the Now **eel louse on Elm
street, above Ninth, with Desk, Chairs, ke,
, persons having elatasa against theLlberty
Steam MO Company, N'o, 5, are molested to pre
sent the earns for settlearot„-bellire their nest
dated meeting.
A Doan /OR PIITSBURO,••-ThO ppkindart Ot broo
groWeaterrone le one of our inhere ie
rpaka of the "smoky pity" at Pidebursh: A 'term.
like that' Is enouth to*, toga?. the iron workers
The weather deseires mention. It [a All that
could be. asked• 'The person 'rho earl And fault
With fluoh ileniber ought teso eased and exhibit. !
ed: . •
Tom Thumb. Commodore Nutt, Mrs. Tom
Themb, and Albs Minnie Warren aro at Radon..
Coatis tailing, and it id thought that ins month
tr ant' this it will• he nitioh lower than it, is to-day,
l'his Wilk not be inweleonie nens to tho pbor. ' •
*63 , are fowls the moat
thlose far
mers keel)? Beearise for every grain *ay Wei a
bar:knoss comes on about 9vao'clook thesis days,
which makes them Very short. • ' •
Quitting advertising In dull times is like tearing
Out a dam because thewater is low. Either plan
will prevent goqd times from direr coming.
If cranberries are dried a short Unto in the sun.
and Plated in bottles tilled' with thew , and then
closed with sealing wait, the• betties will keep in.
food eenditiOn for Several years.
Mace' the Intioduction . of the' new style ;Atop
hat, our ladles' men ban very emits hem at*
All theY lisie to do is to tOtweimil with ft ;show
la the hat and smother, fitielle"On the arta,'
term Datros:—.l4, , Light. Np ,1 North * fifth'
otreitt.,Ber Pa....hai ill Ms siert& ono or the
estetlitt4 aefstooko of huh drui hi th is
taK ILW • 'ltaktent eirfaterets
rtettea tte eve in want at any hoer •
triar i ls t. Liej ilia his arKiftut a
, oi 0 # 1,41 7" Ito it,leaken. V
,„ .
s t re
'' '
. 4iliiiii ' iiiiiiiin)idteirabli itk;
Atuttsihril, 4 1 to. y„,,,„„"me Rat ReilotV
tl ig 47:lbb iMiti , taii r reOr&4l thfilib 0:i
no r s Ire
in o _eltlifititFV_LsP,Pio a ,
til e *di
,tZTSCI rli. 7 "II
B oa 0 10 6, beeKief f ~ , t _ DOT It.
, r :
' ''
. WA* ' NM Wit 'or V illini f - '' Sl. ;
#l l l4 l 44l.litlii. the week epeurat i on swetatiril"
k:',lrear market. and 'WI loans Oa (41/1111.1014
11144 **".4 1 1100 4141 MC*? Rat isttb: rudeti . l
;01064atteifiis rmalsrlties at Tfel 'tier. , 1, 1 •_.. 7 b.!
°Orssa Of Aitntantlie were tight, but, esiktutio7A
Were `reirmitahla alrensisPrfat la 41 00‘r # 4l ot l "N'
Md. nothing bat drat class short obligationsOnabi
Disbud underAllo per etnt.,
, ~
...' Thismi*Onsentln doelrelmniaday Were reinark.
50i,,,,, 1 44. without much fluctuation ,is prices.
\ u
uQterolsert 'mum Were quiet. State loins dosed,
at 1001 for Ou t aeries, 100 for the second do.,
.ad NW for the ird do, City !Mum were g lash._
'Sr, and 'the nil e add to some extent at 103411'
Arsdint Railroad Was wit ski strong, and timed
uttlet:at 403494494. - Pennarirania Railroad was
firm and in demand at 54;4. -Camden &Ad Amiss*
Itralras4 add. nt 124-4 decline of g I til was bid
tar Aline 11110tailroad I 1553 for Lebigh Valley
Railroad; 40 foi )3101011Rar010 Pieferred; 30 for
the &canon sin.* i ,St for North Penns. Railroad.*
80Si fbr Catalytic* Railroad. preferred; lid 2 5 %
for Philadelphia, and Erie Ralipaad.
In Oarial Stooks thore was less fitfulness. and 24:4
w as the bid for Lehigh Navigation.
Bank and PaSlBl4ol' shares were without essen
tial change, ' '
Irt Neir York; the week closed upon a deoldcd
renewal of the speculative feeling in the stook
Market and *driller tone in prices in general. This
activity, was not to well pronounced in the earlier
portion of the week. rhea extreme oration seemed
to direct operations. The favOrable bank state
ment of the previous week. the ease in money and
the virtual elimination of Erie from the Hst gradu
ally removed this hesitation. and a strong tide of
ipootHation set in on Wednesday, which by Satur
day hal carried Prices up as many assist end seven
per cent. for the prominent stooks.
The money market worked with great ease dur ,
ins the week, and the rate on call loans ranged
from fair per cent. exceptionally. to els at some of
the banks. The statement of, the associated banks
Choi, an lnoiciai 'in circulation of 490,000 and a
decrease in legsltenacri of °vet. 111.000.000, An in
crease in loans is counterbalanced by an almost
equal increase in deposits.
The sales of government gold aceonnt for the de
crease la legal tenders. but the explanation of the
decreer° La specie is not so readily' given and
hence there is an apprehension that the purchas
ers of the government gold have been putting it
away for a "squeeze" in the etlilUllll week, espe
cially as the demand for gold to pay for imports
will bolero for the rest of the year. The customs
receipts during the week were nearly $1,000.000
and the otports:of specie over 11600,00(k
13ushong & Bro., Bankers, No: 16 North 6th atroet,
• quote as follows
. .
Old 11., Os 3881 ISRADING, Deo. I. 1868
Old u. s's 1862 -
New U.S. 5,20% 11
1861. July and Jan. . 1
New S. 5..20'5. 1865, May and Nov., - 1
ew 1.1. 1865, now • . 109,
1; U.5. 5-20'a 18C
_July and Jan. -109 i
Now U.S. 5.-73 s, 1868. - 109
Ten-Forty Bonds, - - - - 105 • •
Oold n New York up to 12 o'clock, - - 13514
Gold Lu Beading at Hushona &Bros 6• • / 34%
Ts ,Philadelphia, there is a decided improve.
meat 'in the Ploui market, and for the better
grades of Extra Families we advance our quota
tions 260. per barrel, with the remark that the de
mand is mostly for . this description. The tradi
tional Prr/adloes which have existed against
Spring Wheat Maur are no longer recognised, and
most of the bilkers 'now prefer , choice brands of
this description to the low grades of winter Wheat
families; solos of 400 barrels lowa, Wisconsin
and Minnesota at $BOB 76; 100 barrels good, Indi
ana at $lO 25; some Ohio nt $l9O/1075,.and fancy at
VW. Rye sloails bitter, and s oominands $750
(4.143. •In Corn Meal no further sales have boon
The wheat market remains without quotable
gbange '
and the only sales reported are' small lots
of Red '
at $202 10 ; 1,800 bushels in Indiana Bed
and Amber at $215, and 2,000 bushel, KentuebY
White at $245. Rye comes in slowly, and Western
60/upends $1550167. The market is very bare of
old yellow corn, and it lommandi $125. There a is
a good demand for new, and 2,000 bushels. sold at
410110, according to dryness. Oats are in fair re
quest, and 6,000 bushels dark and prime Western
sold at 67071 e. Whiskyli quiet *ales of wood and
iron-bound barrels at $1 0601 08; duty paid.
White Wheat. per bbl.,
Bed ' M i tre, Famtly per bbl,
MI •
Corn C hop (old)
• new)
Tun o ld
Corn Iriegl
White irbsat,pir buetel
Corn •
Corn (odd) , .
Corn (new)
Tut Reading NitOad closed its dicellear Noy.
30th. !the insreased 'demand Caused for coal after
the result of the late Presidential election 'was
settled ,by the October citations, has
road to make units bases on the coal tonnage
from Schuylkill County,. anti will Mmeallastyeer'a
quadtiti a few thOusand tons, This, net profits
however. on its coal tonnage, will show a consider
able falling off, owing to the low rates at which
they Ilferecolliflelltd to Ant the rates eftrantporta
stiOn for a large portion of the Season on coal, to
compete With other regions.
' The season is rapidly drawing tp a close by the
canals, aryl the demand is stacking off at present,
owing .to the extreme high prices, caused mainly
'by the BerantonAuctiOn Sale of October %which'
*as the result o speculation on the part of those
who bad Coal td receive from the Setentrin Com
pany, pnrchaecd at lowefratts. The result is that
consumers of coal have been and Will be taxed
not, lasi than 04000,000. while the *reducers have
derived scarcely any _benefit by. the Uncalled for
advance. Prices are noir Needing, and there it'll!
Probably be another Contest to December, before
wegea. can be reduced to meet , the reductions on
vial.. The advanced rates of freight in November,
'ought also to be taken off en the line and toPhUa:
as it would be an outrage to keep them
okin the present state of the trade.
seentslrenge to as that tha&trietore Company
sheeld have bid so large a quantity, of coal to de-.
liver qn their - sales previous to the sate in October,
as was Opresented. They have tent attire coat to
die shipping ports near New York. than they have
'sold atAuctioa this year so, far, and we have al
, was. tialaratooct that they only sold privately' . the
aprplue of Coal sent , to :market aver the gußnttty
sold at Auction; Under these circumstance*, we
cannot understapd why they , , should base ter be-'
magi hand in their deliVeries, as represented: tiro
it be poelible that "it ring"' was termed at 'New
Ye* tO ran up the prim ,We should like be
eiligbtened on tle sad set by those who ire pasted
up.' There is aiwir' itirrible eatery Wh4i the
04608 Of OW are ran - .lto ,10130bnilklit ceuntY
singed by &legitimate delimit by the liow York
'qua genera* i hat Whoa the' woe wig tin up at.
,the Nil york Auction itafta,'%totoly , wood for
by eh. 0110 trade. and aolidemait by the
torodu9eri the Pwise York 'op-
PatiPto. be inice:***°4 tttb AitieCt."'llfsere
;Thirnal ;
* l iiiio i i i- H - : ook Ott CAP
IS ,
~•*-•-... 0
, '
I '
, ~ _ .., „,,,;:...,, - 5 .,„ •
: Pet.• , '•,' :.
.- •
!,; .;:.«,.,i.:•..44.4 , ; 4.
p ' 1 ...• .. ~, ~ !,..4.i...4'imi. -.‘ i ! •
IN •
' IN •
!! ,
v. 1.,
.T A •,,.: ~,.,-,! , "7 .,••••- -,: , --- !; - . 7 1 :. - ,A •
.± ,- ;-..7 oi • si ps - '. , . -:, -,, st a
- - vikAot: ' istotumec: ~
.i N u if i n . go.Worr -.Y. - - - •`.. - P;- :i •.' ' ---' i :'-.:-:. • . 6 ,
.1 — ',..:' , ,c , •"; , 4' , . 1." , ' , V. ,- ; , , ,, 1,:;, , .•,.„ k- ','•• .",NN:' - '; /- , *.'.!,„ ,, ,',,, f , :
sot— 40.11 *
4 1; ;
To ton * • •
TO4PAT 404 . 510ve i ei lie nbnamninn' the
Brat 4,7 ofletiOr•
, AK , . , ',. ~ . ,• , • ... ,
iso.--,-Mr: Daniel Itheitni 'a highly . re.
spouted eta the oldest china • ot :this A:4,
r ?
residing at the earner a T 'l4 and Wash •
ingtou streets, illed ibis Pie nig• ' Ire irSe
between 90 sod OJ rare of a e. - ,
En. C. IL Barran, or Aaronsburg, - Cen
tre county, Pi., will preach in the Amityville
Reformed Church, on Sunday morning
next, December 4th. Mr. Reiter, we are
informed, is a natty° Amity , torrnahip,
Berke county. , •
RAND IlttiNICD.-9110 1111$ 1.4 *.telct Mrs.
liiller,residing in North Teo at tort,bad her
hand severely inui.boi li ng
and one of the children threw. cip into the
kettle,* which caused the lard to take fire,
and in her pfforte patitsguish it, she tiara•
id her right hind. She is unable to be about,
and suffers much pain, •
Qoannuntested. •
, • ReanittO, bee. let t 1868.
EDITOR Damir EAOI.V;—I noticed a state•
meet in the Votes of" this Morning', that the
income nett on the market sheds this year
will not amount to $2,8Q0. This la a polo.
take. The Inatome will amount to over $B,.
000. 1 earl prove this ) and, if neceseary,wilt
do ao.
A Sturm) Moon for , teckeya took_plece
at Latter'i Park yesterdio afternoon, Small
bore rifles wore used—distanci about 66
yards—filly ;cents . for = three ihots. The
shooting was very good. •
The prizes were two large turkeys, one of
which was a handsome white one, Weighing
22 pounds.', We did net learnithe, names or
the winning marksmen.. Another match'
wilt take place at the Park next Mon*
afternoon, ,
STATEMENT of• moneys; received and paid
eat at the Mayor's offite,'ftont the tat to•t b o
80th day of. lov r , 1808 , inclusive, vlz •
$2O 94
88 00
To cash for fines t feesand-coats,
" Cases of drunkenness.
" . from District • Attorneys
Morris and Shearer, 20 28
441 ;County CoMmissioners,
ases returned to Court. 6l 06
r building permits . s 66 26
By cash paid policenien and *fitness-.
es; • - sB4'oo
S. M. Rea, for Assaistant
Engineer, •
By emit Peter Jones ' Treasuyer
Reading school District,
,- . •
By milt Heidenreich ) -City .
• $l9O ,88
The're- were 22:permittr issued during the
Month of 144 A-ember to wit:
i rwo-storyi brick dwelling houses,
Two " • frame 41
Frame Stable,
Frame Butpher shop,.
Total,,L' -
During te month of Novembfir, 242 inch-
Musts have been put in . the. loolt-up,as
lodgers and otherwise, and such as violated
the laws :
Lodgers, , •
Drunk, • . •
Assault and pattery : -
Vagrants, - -
Poor House,
Before Aldermen,
Run Away,
Trespassing, • • • • • , 2
°t i the above 21 were Wonienfas Lodgers,
15 ; Prisoners 0. ' • , •
of Lodgers: ' • • •
Americans 47, English 7, Irish 6U, Ger-
mans 66, 'Welsh 8, Scotch 8, French No
groes i s
Reading, Dec. •1, 1868.
81812 03
1 10
A meeting - for die above:object was held
at Library Hall on Monday evening Novem.
her 110th, MS, at 71 o'clock, and was largo.
Iy attended. - '
motion G. A. Nleol s .Esq., was
called to the chair, and Louis Richards ivas
appointed Secretary.
John. Richards t Esq, stated that Ole
'object of the Meeting would be best.ex.
plained by a set of resolutions which he bad
preferred and which Ke offered . tor. consider.
atton. The resolutiona•were as fellows.:
Raotved, 7'hat in the °Anion of this Meeting,
great necessity exists In this pity_ for a ,irree Regd.
Int Room for young men and others, Wording, as
such an Institution would, toustay• the unapsifor
passing their event:Ws agreeably and profitablY,
who have pow no such o e rtunitn .. • r•
Resolved That Imm t o measures Jll.O ,te / Inin
for the ordsnizatten of a Fr ee Reading Room As.
goolation, and that all eitisens of Roing whn de:
sire to promote the best interests of ti e town, and
the elevation of its young men he socited to give
their aid to the effort •
Netolvecf, That ottr_th adhere due tO the ClergY
of heading and the Wilton of the city papers For
the inte t zst they have manifested In this enter
prise. 1 • • • ' -,.: • •
Reed , T That ,nrge upon' professions men ,
merchants. man astute* and especially t 6 in:.
telllgnt median zi andarig Pen Of to to city, to
0 rcpt eadu
theirir lies? . ed h , tira l t a Slim o 01 taly to be s u a l l,,Adeo "'tram
thaviirious wards,of iulebitr. bir OPPoiumrts TOW
duly it shall be to meet at M early 'day is in ft.
cable. to prepare a COnetttution, for the pro *osed
Antoolation, ascertain ' whenK:: and smote 1 7
onus s suitable robin , erloinan min be obtain •
collect Rinds for the p ro oPlietotnd Centro 1 1
to take all proper etc $ or th e unteentsie. ont* -
.Rss pf thro isa tattoo. ,
ooked. rat so d I:emulate* bri e Wiod
to confer th e kilittnenlofthe Li.
brio_ ,Comnee*- (If lie POPO. 0 1 1 1 .011:4 Mai
whether the co.opera on'oftnat excellent nstitu
tien cannot be obtained. so as to promote • mu.
cum sdrantage of, bout orient OWN '
Mr. iiiebaids then of Dine reupirhitin
auppOrt or the resOintiotts.' lie •
said that he
was glad to see so large a. numb* pie Sent
. this evening. _ This was .tbe 'attest .11100 leg
for an object or title kind hi had -,evoi‘ n
in this tu w
ty.. *sot' the; most t rape ' t
inititutione in ,Rding lumi • been set on toot
in meetings, that bad beep . attended byl. but
bait a dozen. , % Is t want in 'this
. place
lb an Institution of o biad proptilud, , The
young men • 'of: - ing 'We tto:plaSe :to
spend theili, r eVallinglit kotlitoi, ' tit • I .144 thO
sive* Ou fig latO g ie_C 4.- 4,.
`r4S) Out . ,dgienigto.o4 10
men fat sriatlag t titiiiiiisilatlithir s h ou ld
Inquke, . 1 s #heilleff ~- ' :•: ant::.; ' 1 icovidOu
ati p
is ' nuitie , , 11#'' their , :',ltu rp,senient.
Haw i te i lleititt Ws: ji,k nt *MO
a , eoin 'to are rf l * . eereeMil OP
be Obtained fort '0 putt*haof a Free] W•
ins Sown; iiiid4hes the Citizens 'will' dp 'to
"PPlraririg The‘wolo.roons
nudSt, a gwhi9Vi4bei'ilt.
11401 - 1004; Ml*
$l9O 88
.== =
15 90
17 25
so is
P 1 = 1 • lull ?slat
0 ' it* should a wl tar:fiei, , ,,ltriti
for &W and it Ilicield be iniPPlied,with Work 6
Of stied to iplArellt Otels; : it Ude initiner
*AgfulnrtAli • res 4 lial Weida, ~brt - P+',
MOW. ' : O 'was Ciitilideat ant t)tere. Were
rely Oew pnisoins who would not gtee is. tuna
moonlit to stichnu object. ' ~ '" '
-; lbw:, T. A. Fernley followed: Ho 'toted
Ault , head known itistantet Whore' $9O l ll
men i.n,this 04 bid-tit 4ulted'llliville metes,
Of institsietion, andthOe Welt nitabireWhn,l
would gladly *nil themselves or Oki benefit*
of o • •project - tike .• ' thit.: Where .0 1i
our Topes' men - go f . Churches are
indeed excellent: laces for . ahem". , but
they owlet be provided. In addition with the
means ofinstruction rind innocent anieste
meet. hey ought to be full , of • Wits;
newapare,. and magiosines, ' Ile' was riot
ono of that Ohs* who thought 411 newspapers
belonged to the devili and eppieciated their
value as popular instructors.; The!•,expedt•
en j oy of thji ',prefect was palpable. , The
only question bi t low can the expenses 'be
defrayed P. - We hay° had committees abroad
collecting foe various public obletts. 'He
was in favor of putting another committee
in the field, 1 and they would - ail succeed:
He did net believe io much moneywoUld be
wanted as ' was summed. '. lie thought a
judicions•committee could effect an arrange--
merit to combine; the project with the Read
ing Library. There could be such an Ar
rangement made, and if it ought to be done,
-then it will be done. There- wee no , such
word as ,fall hi the American vorlahnlary,
and if theood of the community dictate
such a pro ject, the people will not auger it
to sink. -
Rev. E. .1. Richards was the next speaker,
Ile said that he did not come hero to make
a speech, but to oho* his interest In the
proposed association: More than ten years
ago an effort of this kind bed been made and
failed, but ' there"was no reason, why this
should not sueeced. • There had been trouble
for twentyy_eare to, keep: up . the . Tre a ding
hihrery. Diciwit grand end . tilefill ,reselt
ad been ' attained, Of, which this build.'
big was the inoeumenti ' The importance of
this movement be did not consider to bein
ferior to the LibrAri Aasothition• It will
reach a different•olass. He did not see why
some of the rooms of, this bending could
not be secured and opened for the purpose.
There was now no sere place open fbr young.
Men—no satisfactory ' resod for 'an evening's
entertainment.,The people to the of
us make provision for wants ofthiskindoind
multiply the means for literary improvement. 1
What after ell was the, amouht -recoil* to
set on foot this Project?. - , •
If he hadall the money that was 'pent for
cigars in a single evenin he could organize
a free reading room. ' He hOped the town I
would be canvassed and that the matter
would have a trial. Ile had always felt an
interest in;youpg men lind•would never cease,
to feel en interest in them. His own leans
were' 'Wilted, but ho would cheerful! give 1
them all ho could—his services and is ere
couragement. , • ' • i
Rev, B. Peters explained that he did not
receive a notice of this meeting in time to
announce it from his pulpit onlirinday even ,
ing last. Had the tinily° reached there - 1n
time he wouldheve given it out and advocate
ed.the objebt of the meeting.', ' • ...,.
Rev. B. Id. Schmuckerstated that the notice
failed' to reach him also. He held that the ,
clergy are to holhe aide judge • of the pro
priety of reading fromlhe pulpit, the notice
that,may he •banded thorn. Other persons'
opinions on the subject are no law'to then).
Ile fejt the most eordlal symptithfor this
movement, and would , give it h s hearty
co-operation. Ho would suggest that all the
facilities for literary improvement be 'con
centrated in this building, as there was
•abundant room. The projects should not be
divided', but should be carried out in coni
neotton with each other. • ' , H
The' resolutions.. wore• then Considered I
separately and adopted. .
The Committee provided. for by the fi ft h
resolution was thmiselected him the seep,'
wards 'of the city, the names
• being suggested
by the meeting. The Committee consisted
of 87,and was as &Hews :
Rev. Mr. Pattison, Jesse 0. Ilawley,Capt.
F. S. Boas, Wm. C. Wheeler, Jto..L. Do6g.',
lass, Dr. C •H. Hunters jas. • RolandL Prof.
'J. p. Baugh'er, Dr. • 8.• S. Stevens, Daniel
_Daniel Hertel,* Dr..D: A. Uirieh,
Rev. Mr. Schinucker f "fredetleir Limier, '
Peter ' D.. Wanner, • , FranK.Warron; . Leivls
Briner, Win. IL. Strickletrirl y •Dr.4no. It.,
Brook, Thos. 0, Zikunern)ttn, .Abner N.
Stauffer,lno. 8. Richards, George F_, . Baer,
Jacob Pricker, Wm, Ardoldp..lito, • E.WoOteei
Ilenry_VroiseiWm, Gelger l Jne.l3.Behaeffer,
Rev. Mr. •Fernley, Rev., Mr3lloll6rda A. 41 ,
Green,. 0, A, 'Nicene; A.: 'v. ' Bbini fr tot!. B.
Peters, D. Young Jones, Leiiii.rde. , 1
Oa motion it was: •reSolvedi,thet .Ino.!13.
Richards', Esq.', be ehairiniinofilie Conn. ,
tnittee, end that the Cdrineitteih'ave posirer
to• fill viteencies end make !MA) additions' as
theyinay: deem proper. Ili.: Richard!) stated
that be Wonlitgive notice to the members of
the - ; Oomnittlen , 9f the dine:and:place ' of
meeting., • "' ' . . 1
- On motion'the meeting then adjourned, to
meet again at the call Of the Cheirman of,
the Committee. • • ;
IMMediately after the adjouriunent of the
'meeting, a meeting' was' held of the Cern- I
mittee. Jao. 8. ilichards, Esq., took the
Chair and Louis Richards . was
Secretary. - •
On motion, of , Rev: Mr, Fernley, ti.Salv 1
Committee'off - five was appointed to pipet*
6, Constitution for the proposed Assoolatign.. l
The Committee selected were as follows 11 L. .
J. 8. RiChards, A. G. ereerii George p,
Baer, F. B. Boas, ROY. Mr. Scbmucker. • . •
Tho chairman of the'lluiteamed Commit
tee e fated Viet be Weida give notice of the
time and place of meeting. ' • • •-,
Oa motion of Rev. Mr. Fernley, a Com
mittee. was' appointed to coder with the
Reading Library Company in regard to the:
adoption of .plarts. for obtal e ing money ; for
the no* Association. • . , ..
The • Committee eOnsisted •of Rev. - i.
Fernley, *v. Mr. Richards, Reif. Mr. air
terson, Dr. -D. A. Ulrich and A. lf.,Btau er e ', i
:The Committee were instructed toMeet it'
Dr. ITirich'e office t ,oa •Yriday evening 110114
at 7 o'clock. Tbe Committee then adjourn
ed, . LOtaill 14611/111D1 Sec'y
Death *Sim Ostia* fa Rebtothill I*i*
i 1ig14 , 14
PoirreruitAi. Dee. I.4ates . rullehithe
*contd.lo Wlllaplin . of. J. Claude *hiti,' died
in•the county YestSMsi
morning, from
,the "wounds , rei4l tired the
ref4COltKe. It IS o,ltilOred, ke' made
'eSsfelSisS, prior to his 4eatti but the
of it 'knot made *./
Oa Thinks Olag Edfird kareell
.DatTyi fa' a'
4rislitss ho* atDelawriure * l nes, bes#uss
Dairy *4140,0 "drink with kitaiii7insikat
member - at a tainpioinoo soote*
One'shOto4iol Daff,f hk.,thi'" left thissils
lie le It Is /mid
IPrk O t gr # 7l o::' - ' l 4o'o ol oss 4S jail
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To alletlata loniatosOketak 1001411,~ AI
It4tioit r i toft or the 11 #6140 0 4414 1 }NN:
Nigir mil
la our olio dashtet "'frailly,. _
the tatoitotka of tlitleptone obi '
Nottegooot tiPon 411 Moull 11 VOM" 11,
' • ."
. ' • . SA.YROS , , 3 , :; "kI "0, tt
NT PAIN , ;, ,0, i.
vim imenpllott tkp stattla 0 1 1 *U1 44 40teiiiii't?,'4C
; • Ito of is *heti, aunt lud i NA 4attleepareltuiro to
entirety barmiest Mto he ttiaippllteMo NONltitilkg4 ll , l lo
der ay as to the adult. Ttaletaaado 44 oiKeit*litilltel.
tity that this lea° 01991"trat a- tett 100 111 feuttesuief o
and a sitter: applleitlenot no chili telt istittaitt "boat
. skentliakeldlttetSPl o!it a
Ml tt,t4 t o l il o : , *k.
•WE Ottitiao' '4OlO
, . To Pita** All /11114 l'„
kali:unity that once tiacvitia#g, ,
.with its virtues tattl.beitlithaiaiit.
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to plgonre hi I%zo
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-an whoa it 11l OISPONIDIC t 0,411111, : iiii
',: huitorrost rot Atithht SIM ..,, 4, „.
te r a i rtlat i gilsl4 l lV 17, '",''. 'f . e.':'; ' t - •
this, except , li t witio..7. X.
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tho lunO tto kor oar .
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• and..tatiso owroar-' '.., ' - ~,. . •._ , .
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ManstfilthireCiatli t li - ' •
' Sodp 024143 z ret red i. ' / ''.,„,,a,
Mir Bilizgot,i4s * giniiii, " :00.514. ,I 1
and Weatlilleo6 13treeta , Edge. WS ror, sof.
Aotbinwigrlda_ trico If
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The sgag to now *Pored to th ir P• ',
ik 0 aft !Ws
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W. fltott. . • . MN • `-.
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best purest' , • " ; 7••
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.._'" :, i :.
-,•, • - 413.CN,403;.1tett .
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