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iii NT ED1T10N...12 1. P. IL
p. Blue_,_ Red, and Gray, meet
Sixth, 8, No. 1 White. Important.
Bloc 'meet Mad], 7, No. 1.
Pink ' ) meet Sixth, 74, No. L
White, meet Sixth, 71, No. 1.
BOATlNO. — Bpagcitis remarkably brisk at
and boatmen are busy as bees, and
their countenances beam with radiant smiled'
s t the harvest they aio enjoying. h ope
the season will last long.
floiso TO CllUROU. — Perseverance Coun
cil No, 19 ) J. 0. of U. A, Ms f will attend
thb'FiftliStreet M. H. Church, on next Sun
day evening in a.body. Rev. Mr. Pattison
will preach a special sermon on the occasion.
PENHIONA. — Many soldiers entitled to pen.
*ions under the act of July 27th, 18138, and
under previous act r o have never applied for
t h e m; it gives to widows, guardians of minor
c hildren, dependent fathers and mothers,_
the arrears of pension from the date of
d ea th of the soldier, and gives to the soldier
himself the ariears of pension from date of
Tug Ilmertotr.—Next Saturday will be
a va ts day for the Reading Vire Department,
on w hichoccasion the "Rainbow Company"
will receive their splendid now Steamer and
a grand parade will take place in honor of
the event. We hope to see a full turn out
of the different companies, and a display
ouch as no other than the gallant, firemen bf
Reading can makd.
TAY Cot,r,vcrons.—The following appoint
ments of Tax Collectors for the city of
Reading, for the year, 1808, were made by
the Mayor on the 80th ult., and . confirmed
by the Select Council:
Wm Helder,-Fifth And Sixth-}yards.
Isaac Leech, Ninth Ward.
William Brinentrout, Seventh Ward.
Daniel lishu r Virst and Fourth Wards.
Lodgedf tho linked States i _p the 'Knights
of Yythine • niet on' - Mondity, tho 9th
int., at 'Wilmington, Delaware. 'J'his now
order is spreading vidth Unexampled rapidity
all over the country, and promises eventually
to rival some of the older secret benevolent
orders. There are three lodges in this city,
Friendship Lodge, No. s'; Mount Penn, No.
0; Hiawatha, No. 99; one at Lyons sta
tion anti one nt Leesport, making five lodges
in the county.
PREPARE.—Tito , weather • prophets are, as
usual at this time of the year, busy in their
observation of omens , indicating a severe
winter, Lay'in a good supply of fuel, pro,
visions and clothing
,protect your small
fruit, shrubbery, grape vines,. ; see that
proper arrangements !lie made for the coin•
fort of your stook—and then you are pro.
pared for any kind of- a winter that may be
in store. Always prepare for the must se.
vero winter, and you will bo•aure,to come
out right in the spring.
P4OLE DEAD.—The celebrated bald eagle,
eo Well known in and around Germantown,
and for twenty-eight years one of the at
tractions of the Wistar estate, died recently.
This Hite speeitneti of the royal bird,became
the; property of the elder %star in 1840, in
which year he travelled all over the State,
on the roof of h log cabin, and became a
tplebrated character. Ho lived, in the trees
it\ front of the mansion, and though ho occa
sionally winged it away. a few miles, would
invariably return. His head and tail, origi
nally black, became as white as snow as he
grow older.
• ---•- •
ANOTHER pi I i i.:ND.-Yesterday as two little
daughters of r. Samuel, Miles, residing in
Irishtown, wore on thoNetersink hill gather•
ing loaves, a Man Attacked them and treated
them in a manner' which would justify his
arrest, and severe punishment, The little
girls ran and screatned for helpovltich fright•
nod the fiend off. ' There is no clue as to who
he was, or, of •his whereabouts. The girls
say ho had a knife in his hand when he foil'
lowed them, and wo have no doubt con.
templated an outrage and murder. We
hope ho will be arrested and punished to thh
fullest extent of the law.
Fiat: Moors. —A n ordinance authorizing
a uniform badge to be worn by the menibeia
of the Reading Fire Department when at
tending tires, (unless wearing the equipment
of the Company to which they belong,) was
approved by Mayor amend, on the 2d idat.
This ordinance .empowers the police officers
on duty at fires to .empowers
and eject from
the fire ground all persons not wearing the
equipments of his company or a badge,pro
vided that such exclusion or rejection shall
not apply to owners, agents, or other par
ties directly Interested in the property or
fire, or property in the immediate neighbor
hood of a fire."
ImesovEn.'.--' The Oloy Turnpike has , re
cently been improved. This. road, so &r As
completed, is very substantially built, and is
decidedly the best turnpike in the county.
It is a great improvement over the old road,
-which tiering the winter and spring thaws
was nlmost impassable. Workmen are still
engaged upon it in the vi e inity of the Oley
churches and the village of Pleasantville.
Additional subscriptions to the stock ere
needed to finish the road, As the enterprise
is one of great; importance to. the citizens of
Reading and the farmers along the line, and
the investment cannot fail to prove paying,
the amount yet required will no doubt be
made up as it is needed.
ArreaerrED SUlClDS.—Aboutseven o'clock
yesterday morning, a young woman was seen
- to throw herself into the Delaware ) at Queen
street wharf. Persons who witnessed the
act hurried to her rescue, and she was got
out by moans of boat hooks, but not until
she was well nigh exhausted. She was re
moved to the Southwark lock-up, where she
said her name is Mary Cooney ; that she be
longs to Lancaster, and has been in Phila
delphia about two weeks, the object of her
visit being to procure employment, in which
the did not succeca. She represented herself
to be without relatives, except a small child,
now an innate of the Nbithern Rome for
Priendleis Children, her father and mother,
brothers and sisters and husband, being all
dead. - ---Philadelphia Ledger of Afonday.
A Bann.liE Comm.—Much space has
been occupied in our columns for e some time
past, in thd discussion of polities '
~ to the ex
daimon of miscellaneous and other matter.
The contest is now over, and we wilt make
full amends for
, past neglect in miscellany.
Ladies--dear creatures, you have borne tins
appropriation of our columns, with a great
deal of patience. You know l. we men must
make State.officers and Preiadents,.and as
these officials, after they are made, belong
as much to you as to us, therefore we pre
sume you wall pardon us for our apparent
neglect of you, .We will attend toper wants
uow—and we have no doubt ;111611 have many
a.pleasant - chat. We will tell you stories,
slug you songs, relate to you anecdotes, and
be loolable generally. • _1
iA VALVAILIE alle rlftiValtiVrthkrt'-
ing the life of the' late` en.. Ueet.'ht
of this eity l he bad collected a large and well
preserved must= of Indian relies, trophies
add cnrlo jet Th3a.collmton # 4thicifs mas
without iitiabtri the' ant ^ situtble one in
Pennsylvania,. being 'pined* several. thou
siftid donate, was receritiy presented by the
heirs and epeuorit of General Heim to the
Sfnitbsonian Inatitutionoit Washington. The
receipt of the collection was acknowledged
by *even)
Prof. Baird; and the
following letter from Prof. Joseph Henry;
Secretary of the Institution 4
"Smithsonian Institution, Nov, 4,1868,
"Dear Sirs--It affords me great pleasure
to acknowledge in behalf of this Institution,
the receipt, packed in three boxes, of the
extensive and valuable' collection of Indian
remains ionic by your fatbitotn4 . let 4 with
his Children at bis decease. Please express
to the other members of your father's family
and receive for yourself the thanks of the
Smithsonian Institution for this varylaccept
able donation; embracing, as it does, so any
interesting forme and representing so ex
haustively the antiquities of Central Penn
"The collection will Ite duly_labelled as
Coming from your father, the Hon. George
M. Kelm, and his name placed On all the
specimens. Yours very truly,.
Sect. Smithn.
Henry M. Kelm ' , Esq., Reading; Pa."
_Besides the collection above mentioned,
Gen. Keinvleft, a beautiful and valuable col
lection of minefale and•othei enricisities of a
like notate. It is .gretttly, to be regretted
that thacitiiens of Beading did 'not sectiro
both these collectioakand deposit them in a
museum in this city.. .•Years hence, when
the advance of civilisation has blotted out
almost every trace of the residence of the
red man in , this part ktf the country, this mu.
soum would have become the resort of thou
sands, endow colleptiono would 'havo beer!
more highly priiedWith the lapse of mole:
As it is ,
_ the collection of minerals should be
secured at once. The erection of a good
museum in our city, would add much to its
attrnetivenqss ns a place of resort -foti those
who annually' flock qo this "beauty spot
of the SchuYlkill Valley," in quest of health
and recreation.
of three horses wee thrown lnto the canal yester
day. They were safely got out.
Turkeys aro coming In, in large lots, , and sell at
16 cents p6r lb.
People aro pretty well stocked with cabbage, and
hence prices are aot so stiff.
'The protracted meetings will be continued in
Bt. Peter's Church during the week.
A fashionable wedding is shortly to coma off in
this city.
busineni yesterday on Penn street, was quite
This is fine weather for builder&
Painters are busy all over the city.
The mud hole at Sixth and Franklin will be
converted into a Skating Park.
Tho Court room was crowded yoaterday.
lirlint kind of water never freoseaV Hot water
Coal oil lamps. In malty part of the city, aro on
a "bust."
"Shinny" is the latest sensation among the Jove-
A fall that maim no prash—that of tho year.
What Is the most changeable trade? Tho turn
Tho wheat crop of 1863 le said to ho larger than
has boon known for sovoral years.
There is a great dont of discussion Just now about
long sermons. No one should complain of the
length of a sermon If a man preaches for eternity.
In family of father, mother and seventeen
chtldre ,in East Tennessee, every one chows to- 1
!wee a cept two girls who dip. - L
The Public School House that is now building on
Elm street, above Ninth, adjoining Mr. Crouse's
new Church, is, progressing very ' rapidly., The
brick wotk of ' the flrst story 'is ,completed, and
judging from what we can see of the walls as far as
they have progressed, it is going to be one of the
most beautiful specimens of brick ork five have in
the city,
Quite a large meetingor the Young Mcennerchor
Society wne hold at the Jefferson house. Seventh
street near Franklin, on Saturday evening, and
the musk rendered would do Justice to Older asso
Thomas Richards. hay., starts westward this
morning with a number of stone-cutters and
mono, who nre to work upon the "Reading Furna
ces" in Missouri,'
Library Ilall has been engaged for a series o 4
select sociables to take place during the coining
Two distilleries are in operation in Ber Liss county
at present. That of John Lavans In Union kiwi
ship, with John W. Ryan as storekeeper or watch
er, and that of W. A: J. Kalbach at Hamburg, dilth
Richard H. Miller as storekeeper or watcher. •
The Secretary of the Treasury has appointed the
following additional U. S. Storekeepers for the
Eighth District of Pennsylvania; Bertolet Grant,
of Reading, and \Yin. Bucks; of Bern.
Tho ladies of Ephrata, Lancaster county, are _so
liciting subscriptions to aid in tho erection of a
Lutheran Church in • that town; There is no
church of any deriominatiOn in Ephrata. • •
The Germania Orchestra l " is one of the many ex
coltent musical organisations of Reading The
Orchestra is composed of some of the finest Musi
cal talent in the city, and its renditions are co older:
ed equal to the best.
s Coal is now selling in Pottsville at eight dollars
per ton / Delightful prospect with winter coming
on sharp. bet a hat it will be lower before
p bristmas.
The Mill Property and Farm, containing
_O4 acres
of land, in Robeson lownbsip, belonging to the
estate of Jacob Kurtz, Sr., deceased', was sold at
public sate on the 15th of October, to iamb Kurtz,
Jr., for 118.193.
Our confectioners • are already making prepara
tions for the holiday season, which is coming on
A small boy came near being ran over by ti horse.
at, Sixth and Penn streets. yesterday.
Lots of country people In town yesterday and to
The man who earViiii the point•pithhed It strong
It was on a bay-fork.
iThe Pennsylvania Central Railroad has 532 loco
otlvea—la larger number than any other „railroad
corpotation in the country.
The measles preiail In the northern part of the
county. • ,
ALDEN—On the 3d of November, l&A at A ps ton,
Camden, Delaware, (} arid, JONEsALDIx, son of
Farrell) , and Anus Ritelinen Alden, SIM 7 menthe
and 6 daYa.
;MILT RICTIEW or iivonnots. '
RIADISO, Nov. i 0.1868.
15 Philadelphia, the mimey market Is essier,and
loktueraer be - efiketed:at loweiriles,"ely 7 to 9 per
tent. on Government Collaterabs and #to per et
-on mired 'Onside* The rePortthigius I:Secretary
of the Treasury is ebent to itt-lisie the greenbacks
'bow hoarded in the Sub.'lreasury., and to purchase a
Government Loans , has canted more confident
tone. , 1
There was less spirits! peiltock Board yesterday
*kerning, and some irregularity in prices of the
;speculative shares. In iloVernment kans there
was an advazee of %per cent. State Loans were
better demand, with sales of tits Qat 101103 at
/01%, and the second at 105%. City Loans were
steady at 102)4 for the new issues. Lehigh tlold
Loan advanced K. and closed tit 04.
/leading Railroad fitioitnated between 4 18%R48%.
closed at ill% regtilar. Camden and Ateboy Rail
road sold at 128; Penna. Railroad 534; Norris
toirn Railroad at 67; 31 was hid for Catawissa Rail
road preferred ; 14% for Lehigh Valley Railroad,
and 31 for North Pennsylvania Railroad.
In Canal, Bank and Passenger Railroads the sales
were unimportant. "
Philadelphia Cattle Market.
Beef cattle were in fair tit;tnand last week, but
prices Were unsettled and lower; about 1900 head
arrived find sold at the Avenue Drove Yard, at 8 a
'9 e. for iistra Penna. and Westarn steers; 7 ar4c.for
fair to good do., and 4 a do. per lb. gross for com
mon, as to quality. •
Cowls were unchanged; =OO head sold at slo@as
for springers, and 1154)8,5 per head for cow and
Situp were dull and lower; GOOO head arrived
and sold at 4a4% per lb. 'ends, as to ConditiMi,
iloas were in fair demand at an advance ;1,800
head sold at the different yards, at 811 al2 sti per
1110 lbs., nett.
Dushong & Bro., Bankers, No. 16 North 6th street,
quoto as follows:
!Wpm, Nov. 10,180 i.
Old U. 13.6'a 1881 - -
Old U. S. U'e 1862 - - -
NOw I!: S. 8,20'a, 188), July and Jan.,
fiew;U. S. 5.20, 1865. May and NOV..
NMI U. S. 1865, new - _ ,
N. U. S, 5 . 20's 1867. July and Jab. -
New U, S. 5-2)) 9 8.1868, - -
Ten- F ort y Bonds, - - - •
Gold in Now York up t 912 o'clock. - •
Gold in Beading at Bushong &Bros.. -
IN Philadelphia, there is no better feeling In the
Flour Market, and some holders of choice brands
demind an advanee. There is no shipping de
mand, but the home trade are buying more freely.
About 1,000 barrls changed hinds at 87 25p7 75
per barrel for Wisconsin Extra Family, and
$76048 25 for Minnesota do. do., including 600
bbls. Penna. and Ohio and Indiana Family at
trAll ; some fancy lots at $ll 25®13, and Extras at
114 75@ri 25. Rye Flour and Corn Meal aro very
qUiet. We quote the former at 7508.
There is a fair inqury for prime wheat, but in
ferior sorts •aro not wanted. Small sales of Rod at
$18502 05, and 2,800 bushels Amber at $ 2 lO. Rye is
steady. 1,050 bushels Western sold at 8160. Corn
Is very quiet. Small sales of Yellow at $1 17®118.
1,600 bushels weevily at 81 12 ;600 bushels new atsl.
and Western mixed at 111 1641 18. Oats range from
69 to 700. for Western and Pennsylvania. and
60465 for Southern.
'Whiney is dull. Sales of 250 barrels duty paid
lot at 91 03@I 12.;:1, as to packages.
BRUM Patois. _
White Wheat per bbl., ,1 81350
Rod " Extra Family per' bbl., , 12 60
12 00
Corn Chop (old) 135
(new) , 1 10
, , 135
• new) • 6 ' - • 110
Beat Middling. '' 130
Common ' 100
Bran . _
Corn meal 150
White wheat per bunlipl 2lO
Redorn " ' 1
Corn (new) . 02(t5
THE announcement Is made that the price of coal
at the mines, has gone up 8150 for prepared and
$ 25 for nut coal, which will make a ton of coal
cost the poor man, when dumped at his door, from
$7OO to 8850. An exchange truthfully remarks.
It scorns strange, passing strange, that the price of
coal always advances about the time winter begins
to blow its !coldest blast, and what is still more
strange , , the Increase invariably takes dace after
the rich have filled their cellars with s flicient-of
the article to last them for the season. Wages
have slightly increased at the mines; taxation not in
creased, the cost of living at the mines Is no greater
now' than it was a month ago—yet the community
is coolly told by the owners and controllers of the
mines, that coal will cost from 81 25 to 31 50 *tore
than was paid for it last week ; for no other reason
under God's heaven than that the speculators and
monopolists desire to oppress the consumer. The
whole proceeding is one well worthy the condem
nation of the press, not that the callous-hearted
money greeds who control the business will relent.
but that the people who are made to suffer by the
extortion may know the fault is not with the re
tailer of the article. As the .ottl business is now
controlled at the mouth of the mines, it tends
more to imposition on the mass of the people than
any business now conducted in the country. The
present rise of the article is a case in point. Itmay
be called robbery of the poor man; an oppression
of those who are compelled to buy their coal by the
ton. As wo have already written, there is no relief
from such imposition, but that shall not deter us
from demanding it in the name of the sufferers
from the speculation. •
Many a poor man, whose pay for daily labor is
now inadequate to feed and clothe his family, will
be compelled, at this rate for coal, to shiver at cold
hearths during the coming winter; while tho widow
and the orphan must content themselves to freeze,
or satisfy in sonigway the greeds of the spebula
tor grasping to overflow his coffers with filthy
lucre. God help the poor! Man has no pity for
the helpless and needy.
Stove, Egg anti Bi -
oken Coal, $0 $7 00 V ton,
Nut, - - - , 000 50n
Pea, - - - - 4 -00 it
Bitumi l - nous Coal. - 25 - ets. It bus.
____ ---r- ,
IN the housekeepers' market, prices remain the
same. In a few articles, however, such as cabbage
and potatoes, there is a slight decline. Potatoes
are coming in by tl►e wagon load, and aro offered
at $1 per bushel. Cabbage can be bought from the
farmer at E 5 per hundred.
BUTTER—Fresh dairy, li lb., 48a 50
Lump, 35
. "
Ctrrsx—Cheese VI tb., 20422
LARD—Lard 11 lb., 24
Eaus—Eggs 11 dozen, 40
Atemts—Apples V peck .34Q40
Dried f quart, 12
Pe*cults— lb 20
Mckr—Beefsteak, round 14 lb., 20 .
•• " sirloin, " 20
45 41
rump, "
" 17@18
" Beef roast, 18
Beef dried, ~ W
" Veal cutlets, 44 21
" chops, SI 20
" Mutton, 66
" • Puk, 64
/3@ 2 0
" - steak, 46
Sausage fresh, " 22@25
" smoked, " 25
ifAu—Hams, 41
" Sliced,
.15 30
SIDES —. 20
POULTRY — Chickens live, "
dressed, "
' 66 'rarities live, "
' 111 " Aressed, "
Chickens 1ive..... .., 60@100 •
Potatoes V bushels e V air:, 76a100
ALL PEnsimis who ordered trees from Wm. U.
Townsend, and have not yet received them, are
requested to_call on 3. Dall BolKener , 517 Court
street, or John O. Bohm -r, West side of Ash
Alley, near Walnut Bt.; a take them away.—
Suit `will be brought 1 , soll Who d o ndt call
toitnin three days. • • nov,92t
14 O'CLOCK IN al.
nail v Nitwits ir.
943.1 tins • - - 70118w:ices - • - 4ra
Vasa length, 9 hours sod 4timiautes.
Stal• ql As WO the', 12 o'clock At.
%Thai N.,
, ,
Stale at Th ervicr eter.
Tut: conductors and brakemen :on the
'New Jersey Central railroad are uniformed.
°Fa, boys and girls aro already talking of
sliding, skating, sledding—tho anticipated
joys which winter has
,in atoro for them.
Tag month of October passid showticf us
two 101 l moons—not a phenomena preelsely,
but still rarely occurring.
Ilona TutEvr.s..—Quito a number of
horses have been stolen, lately from the
farmers of Lancaster county. Onr fanners
should be on the lookout.
(colored) Was arrested' yesterday for beiiig
drunk, by officer Fagan. lie was fined
$3.25, and haying paid over, said sum he
was discharged.
Six •lodgers found. shelter in the station
house last night.
A - RECENT medical writer states that, the
vies of thd American character may be brief
ly'summed up as follows: Ist. An Mord'.
nate passion for riches. 21), Over-work of
mind and body in the pursuit of business.
Bd. Undue hurry and excitement in all the
affairs of life. 9th. Intemperance in eating,
drinking and ,sinoking. Gth. A general dis
regard of the true laws of life and health.
THIS season we resurrect in Eats one of
the oldest fashions—the sugar-loaf, with
crushed in top and curled brim. To be cons
sistent the next revival 81100.1 consist, of the
well remembered
,bell-ciroWn—with which
the stage Yankee is to this day furnished.'
And with it we might do well to resume.the
horse collar;,gwallow-tail coat, and the peg
top trowsers with narrow "falls." If we
cannot imitate all the wisdom of . our grand
fathers, let us seize upon the style of their
NEIY INvErtrioN.--The transmission of by
power from its source to pro of ma
chinery at a distance, is now engaging the
attention of the scientific world. It is said
that this principle can be applied to common
manufacturing purposes and at a cost one
half less than the coat of steam. To illus
trate it, we Nill suppose. a dam erected
across the Wyomissing creek, with a
current of water turning two water wheels,
affording . say, 2,000 horse; power. _ With
these air is pumped into a reservoir from
which pipes lead out in every direction the
same as water or gas pipes. When it is do.
aired to obtain the power thus' afforded for
any particular machinery, a lateral pipe is
attached through' which the air is supplied.
Should this invention prove effective, it will
be a great advance in science, and we hope
may have a tendency to make living a little
Every one who wishes to spend a pleasant
evening should attend the Ball to be given
by the Schiller Verein, assisted by the Mll3ll.
nercher, this evening, at Aulenbach's Hall.
Thq entertainment is varied and interesting,
and no doubt will give much pleasure to all
who attend. A largo attendance is expected.
The programme is as follows :
Introductory Orchestra.
Threo Wishes, F. Abt Ma3nnerehor.
Nocturno — _ . .A. Jungtuann.
Plano Dnett bkkirq. Borg and tighoane.
Orithe Rhine, TechkWh iiiiiiiiirehor.
Wee du Concert Q. Scheme.
Piano Duett by Prof. Mane and Rhoads.
Knight's Parma Kinkel ?if tennerehor.
1. The Last llone B. M. Gottshall.
Piano Solo by Prof. Berg.
8. A Sleighing Party ~ X. Ohwatal.
Grand Musical Burlesque for Piano Ddett and
full Orchestra by Muennerchor.
1. GURIA on the Rhine. -
2, To "Rohl Olooke.".
3. Colutnbla and Ooramnin.
4. Captured.
NEW POST OFFICE Box.—An improved post
office box for the receipt of newspapers as
well as letters, is now on exhibition at the
Post Of Department, in Washington.
The opening of the box is bight by four
inches—big enough to receive the largest en
velopes and newspapers. This opening is
covered by a lid so contrived that when it is
raised a cylinder just below it revolves until
a similar opening is presented. The letter
Or newspaper is then deposited, and falls on
the bottom of this cylinder. When the lid
is shut down main, the cylinder revolves until
the opening is downward, when its con
tents fall into the letter box. Of course
whenever the lid .is raised the turn
ing of the cylinder cuts off any "communi
cation with the receptacle below / so
that packages can be deposited .
norm min be abstracted. This letter box'
beat's upon its front a' dial or clock- faee
with hands. The cagier, when removing
the contents of the bOx ' sets the hands to
the hour when ho will' next call for the
mail, and thus every one can see at ;what
hour the letters or opera he - deposits will
be called for. •
Reported bn Zoi►is Richards, Attorney at
Law, 630 Court Street.
Thomas Scott plead guilty to assault and
battery upon Daniel Smith, in Reading on the
9th inst., andivas sentenced - to $5 fine and 8
month 4 imprisonment. District Atty. for.
Comm ; j. Ross ,Miller assigned to deft.
John Blum, a German straggler, plead
guilty to the larceny of a coat and shirt from
the house of William Spatz, in Reading, in
August last. The deft. has 'already been in
prison 2 months, and has sentenced to 60
days• additional imprisonment. Wharton
Morris for Comm; Gearhart assigned to
Two sealed communications, addressed
through the Court to the Grand Jury, were
handed to the foremanby Judge Woodward,
with directions to open them and submit them
to the Court. They proved to be anonymous
communications, one being signed "A friend
of the Tax Payees" and the other "a friend
to the Poor," and related to the administra
tion of affairs at the Alms House. Judge
Woodward's:laid that anonymous communi
cations were' entitled to no consideration
whateTer by the Court or the Grandlury t
being, in this respect, on a level with anony
mous publications in the newspapers, while
on the other hand, the communica
tion of any citizen,. however humble, and
signed with the name of the writer, would be
entitled to a respectful attention. This in
formation will be instructive to all who may
desire to communicate with these tribunals
upon =titers relating to the administration
of public . justice. • The letters referred to
were withheld front the Grand Jury.
Geo. F.Leitzel was convicted of assault and
battery upon Peter. F. Seidel, at the Ham
burg station, on the 25th of September last.
The parties were rival omnibus drivers, and
the affray arose out of a Oiliest for the pre
cedence of their respective vehicles, in backs .
leg along side the iffutform. Sentenced to
$lO emoted cost's. 'J. floss Miller and Beet .
ei for Comm. A. B. Wapner felt deft.
Alfred Young was Convicted of assault and
battery on William Gottschall, constable of
Spring township,. at the polls at Sinking
Springs, at the pctober election. The deft.,
with another peison, was creating a great
deal ot, noise and disturbance, by o ff ering to
bet on 'the result in Beading, and Young
booming engaged in a fight with a' thio
person whom he had challenged to bet, the
officer laid hold of him, upon which Young
struck him twice. The defence set up wits
that Young was nift awnre of the official
character of the constable.. Not sentenced.
J, S. Livingood for Comm. Becker for deft.
PREPARE FOR 'PREM.—Tito annual meteoric
shower is expected this year betweetrthe 12th
and 15th of November. The astronomer of
the Cincinnati Observatory writes to the
Gazette of that city :
.On the 12th. and 15th of Novemberbo
tween the hour; of midnight and sunr_tsb,‘
watch will be kept at the Observatory for the
so-called November meteors. In this labor
it is peculiarly advantageous to have the co
operation of several observers, and as the
observations are'of a very simple character,
the director would cordially invite all who
aro interested in this subject to unite therein
with him.
Those who cannot do duty at the Obser
vatory may still accomplish something at
their own residences, especially if provided
with a good watch and a star map or globe.
A map of the bright) stars within forty-five
degrees of Leo may indeed be easily con.
strutted beforehand, and be used with good
results. Corresponding observations will be
made at several points within a hundred
miles of us, and it is hoped that some results
for parallax may be deduced.
Sumke.—The improvements recently made
in grindingrand preparing American sumac
fOrtnarket, , have been of a most important
eharacter,/and Consequently ,the business is
increasing largely and is already promising
to bedew a large source of revenue to ninny
sections Of our - country. The cost of start
ing a sumac nil completd is not more
than $350, and fine ground sumac will brill
from $75 to $95 per ton in England ;, an
American sumac in
.England is Just as val
uable in - the leaf as when ground. Tho in
troduction of American sumacinto Europe
was not at first favorably received, but it is
thought that all difficulties will soon be over-
Come and•sumao will be a regular article of
-export. The amount of sumaogathered the
present season is more than double that of
any preceding year, and more care being
taken in preparing it its quality is therefore
Sumac grows wild in considerable quanti
ties in parts - of Berko county. It reedit) ,
commands from $1,25 to $2 per hunOred
pounds, at Which p i pe the gatherers can
make a fair income nring the season ; and
as the demand is large and increasing there
is every prospect that the gathering and iwo
•paration of sumac will 'eventually prove an
impCrtant branch in the manufactures of the
ItiADINO DISPENBARY.—Wo have no insti•
tution in this city that bettor deserves sup
port than the Reading Dispensary. What
are its.objeets?
1. It supplied the best medical attendance
gratuitously to the suffering poor. The
workingman who has no money to pay the
doctor, the suffering female, the mother with
her sick child, may go theft) freely and ob•
taro the best advice. Our leading physicians
attend there every day.
" 2, Besides the advice, it supplies, medi
eines: ' Many a poor little child haS suffered
and died because its mother !Hun n° . money
to pay for the medicine which the physician
had ordered.
8. When patients are too sick to call at
the dispensary, physieirs attend them at
their houses,
4. The dispensary building is in COurt
street above Gth, near the Court House. A
male and female nurse reside in the building
day -end night. This institutign was, long
wanted, and now that it is established, will
the citizens of Reading give it the support
which it needs, or will they permit It to
languish and die? . .
The managers have appointeil nOnts' to
call upon our people. - They • want annind
subscribers, so that they may have Sothething
to depend uon, or.they will take dentitions:
Citizens of lteading,givo these agents a kind.
It is a noble charity which you - arct'asked
to support. Amid your blessings renuOber
the poor and the suffering. You will never
miss what you give. It will be returned to
you ten-fold by the Father of all. •
Wonimunteated. 1.
EDITOR EAGLE :-.-Allow a whilom ,
tent of your beautifulcity,a small space in the
columns of your sprightly' young "EAGLE."
Several evenings ago, whilst on a visit to
your place, and promenading Penn street,
I observed a crowd of persons at a bulk
window, between Fourth and Fifth, to which
my attention was also attracted. In this
bulk window several caricatures of Seymour
and Blair were displayed. For the moment
I concluded that these pictures were exhibi•
ted for sale—not at all supposing that a bus
iness man, who expects the custom of all
parties, would lend himself as a tool to in
sult those who differ with him politically;
more particularly after his political oppo.
nents (also customers)) have been van.
quifilied. Whilst these thoughts were pass
ing through my mind, an acquaintance
tapped me on the shoulder and said:
'HI possessed an artist's power I would
,delineate a picture very interesting to be•
hold ,• as it is otherwise, however, I will
merely relate an incident,. with ,which, (so I
haveibeen told) the proprietor ef this bulk
windew and its contents is very closely con:
nected ; but you must promise me never to
repeat the same to any one:"
To this I willingly acceded, whereupon he
related as follows, as nearly as I can recol
lect :
"Some years ago, the captain of a canal
boat, whilst lying at the wharf on the Schuyl
kill Ride - of Philadelphia, took a notion to
doff his boatman's habiliments and to don a
branlbew suit of black broadcloth, cover his
hands with the softest kids and his head with.
a skining silk top piece, and to sport
dandY's cane. After being thus accoutred,
he made a bee-line for Chestnut street,
where he found a
.suitable hotel and (it ;in
seid) registered- himself : "Capt. -Id
the U. 8. , N." Some time after,
v d tcouth.looking boat boy enter
.ed a inquired for "Capt.
The clerk looked suspiciously at the odd
specimen lQf humanity, and rather gruffly
asked tho boy "what he possibly could want
with Capt. --, of the United States• N
avy.," The boy, with a broad grin on his
face, turning to the stern-looking clerk, ex
claimed ; • "Capt. of the - United
States Navy, only Captain of a
Schuylkill Navigation Boat.' •
hly friend again requested me 'never to re•
peat this incident, and I never, never, never
Will either, .. • 11, •
Philadelphia, Nov. oth, 1868. .
Too skY Yesterday yea Wre, a sespitleent
opal. A better opportunity to see the fall
amen the n was en in the streets yester
day 'sr neseteNoyedo ,If arty fop s tyle of
dress prettier thaa th
anotber • it is e pro'
sent walking costume of Reading ladies.
Gaga§ Laves &Do% 441, Vein e. outgun*
to sell their stock off smithy. no • pill, of
mum ,. 0 where they eau parc h th e otherotalt
goods. At Ibis store can always Num •
and well seleeted stack of eretykh ne t D the ry
Goods line so that no one cep tel to mate ase ec
lion. end besides it Is sold Wiser then any ot er
house tn the city.
Tan ItaABON Mi t if I ALECUaII MSS Constitution
and all diSesses of t
wile N
ments to throw the m (ohm Annals to ,tne seat
of the disease, theta y agaJecting , Mira to tto
change. as medicines given by the stemma arein
variably snWeet to, Scores of persons i ll testify
to there tliraoy in ail atfect(ons .of t 0 Blood,
Throst,Chott anti Lunt. Otribe equiS te4 each
tar of tho gest, %unda* /and
nionday, at
e Keystatto House. Kea Ina'.
Vie sire a few refereqoes from kending and Le
banon, of the cures pertortneKl, by Oda %%silent.
Abraham Itert L eatarrhai Gansu p t 0
Howl Hann. heart disease and nen ' la.
jams Moss, !Weise Orate Kidaets.
11, Henry M. Craters, Catarrhl consul:0141 0 N
dine Kelm; Cancer of Stomeot.
100 To Trout* vntniutplion.
wiyi l o n soli' nouteatilM.
lilt% Willtant uds. heart 'Memo.
William Shiner, Ritotiontisin nail DisPerAic
Mrs. Ferdinand Sh ants, Asthma.
Amnia Garen rips for it sears.
John V entl tilt, theumatltun for 2 years.
man a Sat to *its fOr 4 years.
'ate Walton. Itronchial Consumption.
ammo) Brant. Fits. •
wands Millielmok. Fits for 0 years.
fenry Hemp% kV!.
floc& Krill, Bitosso of Kidney. 5 years.
Connie finoke. Fite. •
Lortua Wetornkan. Bronchitis for 10 years. .
mos M. Fox," thattithel 1181011ptIo,n
Mary Prey , Consumption and Female Weak.
Abraham llambergorCatarrh and Nenrelitlik.
Mary Tioe, Catarthal . Consumptlon' anti Female
Weak neo. •
Dtharine Miller, Falling Fits.
avid Wentling, ittratuaattaut and Heart Dir
John Steelibtiek, Disease Of Kidney..
nov ti-lw • •
Litt thoso who havo dotooted th, premature ovt•
donoo of ago—the telt-tale If Waning of the Locke,
the unnatural thinning of the covering if hlah ne•
turo design - id should ho preserved to throrioci
of dhsolution, loso D0311[116 in seouring.a ottle of
"Barr4tt's Vegetable hair Rfelorative, " t great
nntidoto to baldness, sq. wigs.—Buttato
&Tyre rt. fook.lo4ruo
FRESII DR1103.-Dr. Light, No. 1 North Fifth
street, Reading, Ps. bM in hie 'store ono of the
finest and beat eoleetoit stooks of Nall drugs 14 this,
oity. I.)r. Light and hts asalatant are sterol ready;
to wait on persons %shove In wept, at any our of
the day or night. Or. Idght an his assistant are
both iooompllahed druggists and gentlemon,Yersed
in khrinnroology.
HAR , RI.iv
take pleasure in informing the people of Real
rind vicinity. (but- lucre particulatly all IMO
llousekeepers that! they aro manufacturing ar.
introducing a ono superior to all others for the
following purposes: -
e, lIST--Tor Cleaning Paint, Wood-work, Mar-
BE iND—For Cleaning (and Polishing at the
same t me) Metals of all descriptions.)
Ronal:tome can at once too the greatidvan
tage of t is, as its entirely unnecoseary_to keop as
heretoforc, folishing Powders, Briok Dust, Sand,
Aei e, ko„
THIRD— or a Palm or Ilath Soap.' moon?
whore there aro any impurities ore tains upon t e
hands, such as Paint, llreaso of any kind, Printers'
Ink, rice. &o .
rOURTH and last—For the thousand and ono
other purposes for which soap is In constant use,
and which it is Impossible to enumerate at this
for'eaoh and every,,Putpose above mulled, To
be used In the same manner as any othei oap with
this exception, that it only requires 0 -THIRD
the amount of our Soap to acoompllsh t o same rq
sults na others, and ONE-TIIIRD of thci TIME
and LABOR saved,
WANTED, every Person in Reading to ill/
Nututfacturcei Erclueivelp by the Great Mull,'
Soup 0).,1(Xt Arch Street, Phitacie/phia.
HARRIS 4c, 00., Proprietors.
ItultgitoLegn a MADRIRA, corner of rfth
and Mtuthington Streets. Sole Agents for Rea log.
The soap Is now offered to the Public at the fol
!mint; Stores
Stauftor 114' Shonfolder,
A. Potteliter,
J. & B. Saylor.
Baer & Boone,
D. Kelso ,
A. Swats, •
J. 0. Monies,
F. Keifer & Bro.
J. H. Hildobeite l,
W. Stott,
It. Hernmig,
F. Behan,
W, I3oyer,
At No. 107 North Fifth Street.,
(Old' o 'ail) Reading.
lanow proasred to farniah ouieltitens with Con
feetionery, Candies and leo ream, at wholesale
and retall.
Also all kinds of and Pag et'. Cakes, fee
Cream of all flavors e itstantly on band. A call is
solicited. Jana 9
11OTICE.—The attentlen of mechanics and la.
boring men is called to the Fortune Building
and Saving Association of Reading, Theshares
are 111 each, and limited to flßeenhundred. Already
a large number of shares aro taken, Miring few
Adore for disripsal. Those desiring. hid better call
early in order to secure them.
For further information_ call at-the store of
Jo t nes 0. Thomas, grocer, border Fifth and Court
streets, or at the residence of Robert Wagner, N.
H. corner Fifth and Court streets, or on th o under
signed, j. ROSS iiIII4I,RR, Secretary.
oet 29_
mo OIIIce, 521 Court Street,
Hu been removed from the Keyatone Building to
the new and elegant atilt.),
. -
Whlro cuatomere will find every large stock of 114
beat and pureat
&a., ever offered to the publieof Reading. All lb
proof of the above that is. ref/fired is trial. A
share of patronath is aolicited. TOBIAS BARI°.
OIAN -- -
.11A880 < NO
GAN AND N i rtitjg - '
AnkhiallUraire" of
LOTS, ail.
` 113 fiOUTH fiTnEICT, .
- READING?,' PA. •
oc2-3,m0. .
NElystpyiß • A large lot 'ot
• old g ' lot
on. and at tit o w§leh will be gold
OM. .
Yocum & II ueuw.
& J,
E. C. older,
P, ichlhorn,
Ilinnerehlta & Bain),
C. Ifeffeltiriger,
P. tihaeffer,
D. I_,) liretn & Co
M. Keifer & Hon.
G. K. Boyer,
J. Jardine.
J. .
J. , lino,Oa Dobler.