The press. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1857-1880, December 25, 1857, Image 2

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464_ Senator # o F*Al l i and bif. AP'
'JeOtiarkl~ Aig *o.o l 4 ll tVi l itailidV",4 l o
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teeetwOntroctecett the Senator to -, they
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conX; and, iffingiOthk. aiPl*44; **a's*
ObiliklWV!, the' Ponetifuti9nt IWO
:Whichble ai;ing l 4l 6 ; :, i ll " 3ll # l -
• question, had heeriukty-Aefiliftweiptetk-ti_e,. ,
, opinJon hie - tirniisjority.
‘ , -. l o 3 ,a l 4 l o###o4,oo4 6 ariA*ltlig ri at
.feerinikT 41 . 01,9,Pment'iukviig been t?
itit"lio4o s C4ik 4.4* bill ;rte de
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F4citaikoll 44 o o4 l 4l4 g e * i ' f6 t il i ii 'l
-'l_eili=t4tta94,ipiihtne;c4r4 l lrithiend
He Ale:loK* A4o:f3llllo9PlitiAlatiiti
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prove' eeninenciv;Wortil , the 'opinion
ibrinfASirAtW by th4";;Pektibiitie§:*
' Menu
*Arsine, which had elected hincto the high
attire he,nort,hebi:7-
Senator follrudzidad`-.triit uti
jdaugO, did theito r ose a loud cell - for Colonel
'YOlimitjOdltor,lslin a bri e f .p ec '
tolhO' gr'eld.Prinoieliat:luotueend
suOyAi(t#o.Alojorlfid:egoOOnolu4ed bx Aating:
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Tone - agreeable
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'of Aka Obirer. - KOkel yrkpijtio : l4l:noW
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before - oilf readetiloklay: Assailed as toils,
feet" and tip*, it is a proud , spectacle AO' see'
hoirfoldii4tnil - ,46*:brayiilyhefhe'ais
'One ! t . i4o kiii - A'se;fidfn Wenninfler'4aliffeh
ha le atts , ,..lTrianAnifsret , resenteds that he was
iotip monstrous treoticiii[= ® ome re;,
voliiti444.44ta';itejigi4o**644lVii . :=.
ble'that;'lo; simply standing forth as the : ch# 3l .4 = ',
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the majority!?thkohcilild-he r tradneed by
calling the, l 7 ll oT l .o. 1 7d".c:'et 1 1c 4 ; 41 4, e°Milt*
toAoo44*liielioA 3 PF*7l: 4 4Yot..*
howpTer;o great satisfaction telhe friends of
.I"ndgtillDoitn:* ,, and , 7.tOither great cause of
whieliiMiAtLio,;:e . nkholiineht; that 'lnv 'ape**
Fos ;,Tini ,
Ivizoi;*fred byiielimpietlon4, and wylidu,ded,
by difilitti.6-149#4i'*1404511.4f:0410544.*:
feeliS:!';: - ***:#g#d l qTl 9n selll o°P't h,
ascazrAty..- or ynr--impuirroTzeurii.
of *Atli beexi4afrid t 61111!
._pertatkplace, tit Secretary of
,the Common-,
eattlV***'ol4lpgl - 44thiiifitlif Wit Of
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eaq thaale , ;haiine4exited the .01fer.,4
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et*'.ltheTtatievreeif sie iti*iitazaiii.
*ltiiibititii" ; thisingti4lie"-itevedutiefititr Ir
tnemotable s 'Ocinrage;4and" - ene
11064:41 , iti i .oel'ittailisitla cliartieter
,Stt , State 4 . egteltitute, and is remembeied frith';
=abilipvOurteti, and gentle='
maitiAtrat'liiiirhitera State'Steatef. -
dent; ;}file t - and . consclentio`us"te6laleaoi, ='a
nisn l lip e t aniteqslllo - proi ,; i ntest etdolent
and:pokAlT:4ooF37 , o74l*. - ..6g0n9,..aitk,
taoutrateiv.kpietsfot.-ZWe.eongettelate bier
eraiWe4t eyeiltda atuTialotts' . beiltaitni of
• Gutettnatliair *ear: : • ,
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-cluttarVllAlV , • • • —; •
, • • • CC.•• • •s igii ; "11s
- T4ift!i!PTie'o4ialf . . p.=oo.
pily; eery Christian , Aebtinijhitkart•ntaictitere•
a coinipilii.lopatliy ? aid retiti":)-ttnt#4l"joy.
Thetis the annual recerione,o of that ineaters-'
dfif trhen, taking our infirmities upon 111 m;
the 1141344,40 d ' hedhrne incarnate, and coin '
menced,that , human life, which he finally of,'
. fared up es ti sacripti for the redemption of
- spread-het36l4 - with: Civilizatlon•ss her hand.
.maid.--whesorer, t b
he lessed Grospelhf Attire
. • ton 4'''fahcipted-,;Whirifvr' phith, Rope, and
.4:lhfulty hire : sprting-Ni,juider her holy Win..
- .ence-16011etkil;01011,01;..axamPle•and the
inzepts.."(Ae litiviatie,..who took. ow.
liatt.. l .4 o 4! ; Pai,,srolikicip respect and;re:
cirri,imm to honored'
as tuanets*OultoVenly for Praise and prayer,
but idlioAttelitititde'rsnd joy.: It is-indefid,
and htfttelAtliy4finge of 'the word, a holy.
- day-;i•reritiMiiveletirated,-in• different placeei ;
but' waya . comlpemiarated w4,.genial as well -
'asvellgioucteelings.' - - •
It', MOO to;' have • beell'io
poinksgAt;t:Colebrated 'frOM the very corn.
-atertc*tatiii Christianity =from: the time.
whiOniati*dowit Wriersocution and . 014 . ,,F
t 371 4 .17 tigglAhltrueltypthe-oarlubelleiiis
In fiat faith tb t evep in
Ua 'catacombs it . Rome, to ttr
• periodwheti, theyrnlke each , k s oir
CongaiFgAißctubtp;tltei,j)t,imp splendor
the Qattio),lc pairchTere, euiploied ;to, Cele, ;
.brace;iln.abe,.most magnificent manner, the
.drailversitifotChristross. To this day, thal
Chateltpu,tlenlarly delights In honoring this
' greet Fitettia.- - " Molt" solemn solemn and eplendid is
this especial Season,
• titelfilkii46ll', iSitlAiretedlk eclebratoialhil
• 'ealgi::ldi;th?ot:* .14 !e:1
been for Ontorieif: ;the theiiddlinngid.
la the.other yChritiilan Churches therels far ;
less'spiendor, but ftertiinty not. lege:Aeration •
and thanksgiving. For Chrlsttnis is:ac c epted- •
by ill; as a seihme to be effOClallY honored,.._ •
• ,6fttholi . countries , tirtifttnalinai t once
that the relliions celehm4lekis amted, is
as kjettal and genial - In England, it
fs honored - by public iotship of Ocod, and also •
~bffintilfand imeralVitheringe around all . the
fireittlengin,itinfindk d oiOtilt day, at limit,
• gOdish,
• ser..v,The lonnOn . ofthe Roor 7 horisivirl i tli,
Prfs00 11 :1 11 ".tia!Ko
treated en ample supply of betteilAtr,sl.o4
the, ',a alton ,hard";cliet,,abicli .Iff allettpd:to Bin
itspenalty in Oaptivlty.: Pub
' • lio- Abe itkivate . charities abound on•-tbis day; '
„.:andTi npNrlirstl ce l iaitg or home &Ailment
cot', to ftitid trout irthice; to cottage;aloMst
.iihnospliere: - 4 ply:. ilia in
pgatpaep'iq stPPeAde.d: a 64. lietforrii;
Sinoes.are wholly suipendett: on that evening,
But there is no ascetic celebration any where.
bake song; merrimencgood cheer, and intioJ
tent ififelaitty•previlt. ' Forreite . greatly circa
• lath g ltritidrienies 'aro ln'reattest. Ando
nklitiktoo 4. ge
end not to
/.: • 111c*:484 * 11441 . 440 0 -111 iti A i i0 1. V.
$1441 E4ktt 1, 1 4.41441.§:;,-.:f :;.•
trunt_DCOßttit~; who,
Sn it,-Werl4ofr 1 cittii 04. other per : .
• ,7w #0 .#7 o ,W*4llo i ta%
rpßOptiolo o maims y m.,:
WS4*SilaW4 i 'l Bl 4ol.llo9l 6 9i
o;t4o4lll4**:linatii4ll . lo Or.
• # l/o • , ,, ai tri d .H it LV h4std ,‘ l P l F• 4lo,l4 , 4l4- i
' -:;frisilltrrrtY
1 - 7:1•!^:r• •- ):' .
blindman's :buff and Sir Eager de ®overly,
weed pie and plum•pttddings, the watts and
thc*intners, the boar's head and the rich
purl in; the wassail howl the jovial toasts,
everything, in fact, which ligenged to qhrlst
rani, in Ingland, a century:Mo., Many inars
later (c The Sketch Book a ,uhlithrn
141 . . Tanga spent a ChristmAnt, •
on-the-borders of YoiltShifput elyShireii.
where its owner,. (arkl/ccittrin , f . o:clefgi - rmoei
'banaed Bona's) pia hislttest Trie'cothplfilinif
at _there :repredlming the festivities of the
preefeely ai they had been described
49111 14.0,-*orimny pltATO;i. If we mistake' ,
ifik - ll(r.:164 *Ann *al one lor the patty on
that Al f a t f
-I . i"-I'WO6itiritiOnillet*ii - beett7tisdociated-•
Witlrthectbgl i ish Christmas, from thie:hume-
Meting ,T is the oVident growth
,thoreligions - sontgeni.4f.44: , b, " eq 4 k o 4; 4 !. -
thill'ihrniliAitferenoes . and- 'fallings.ont: Of.
frier Mi#`tht4i,ntiall'y iictionpr, ,arn
generally made nptihnuf,thin,tima.,: 4 4..'Scconst
.pcchlinkitr:cirthel , inisines, which- gom
, deara4;t4,Yonng 2ie,ooi, )0 'the Circulatiol,
:- Ohristirme bozos: In- .Buglatni; tht‘ )Bo gifts ar'o
.3,4r;vfinntereb4::'!Aci bie;tlM,ooctinent---ex
copt that, in Frinee,iiiey: kept' back until
(`how . -Years -Ddypthere cOmmonly.callod is
jo :roitia,„*.:9rtn,ao;!-I,llwe'vk
OnistinOotethm of Matting iteseute 10,Much
Aeti . ;l4.esiitlent'than in any other place,ex.
*:eptit"the;ltAtOt d'erarany,' in
rniiitteular;toMes the Dniiatiate tree, hung 'a4
ieurkrOtV,.ggici Cf • all sorts, interspersed with
Ci#dict,tt:pbtail . Mppis;', l .lthiett; - illarninate the
tree, and excite• generaltultniration;;;. German,
Alse;lithe legend Sti Nlobalas, - (eontrioted
mifintry, into,4ititht' i Glaruo. the. inn:
Atineittf donor of toys,: , books, ;et, aetera, , te.
ehOreg.iif. all imita*and - sisies. • German; too,
1 41 : , _0a, - 4-iiitoma chil4'sii , i 6 aklng
~MPhriatmss Eire; the owner's . -full, faith' that
good, Santo Claiie wit ;.p>eniph " yititi!toyti
:o,nintroielr pnfnitified. , " - -
flit one
:inevihtbte.tintt plostannresmit ot bbriatinis so
cisl is the extent to lthich " love
teaklng is practised, fothieied 'Onetime "by a
increase in marriages:
"The ,truth of this
may he tested hi reference to chfirch registers,
which wpiihow More ‘.Matriininial entries in
the iemnierieement . =..of: the year than at any,
other:thee; - ex'eept in particular l'oc'alities..' ;
this 'country; IS might be expected from
our Mited
jig over many et. its Own _e,Ustoms, • _which
gradually' amalgamate =with othets, we have '
sort Tef.tniXed er,,CemPosite' manner xot celo:
beating Christman. = Like the English, we have
Aitul aterea-oloied,end the= eitatonntry :celebra
'tion intliedifferent churches;
here stoni, , for- our.theatres and each'
Atiecia ationseineilt are opened on
this day, &shiny iu tfie.;afternOnn as well , es
4nightyand.tgOvell - attended; We 'have
- :irtal,*incii, of the English
Christmas familvdinners, .•where_twc; or three
.gerietatiOne'oiten 'meet- at the- same social
;board:" .We Yheinthe,,roast-h eef, plumpud
ding( and mince pie, w ith addition of tur
if:stin'pencine unktiewtt to
and-we leogliave lmin under - the protee
ion :Orthe:4keed 'ailir:boiniteens Santa Clans,
the gilt-beater, ;AO delights to scatter pre
sents ;for'!gbod,=b6yii-aind - girls,•greallY to the'
• ....Such Is Christmas—so is it celebrated and
honor`etl, ht varloua climes .' " it* is a cheering:
; iliOughtthei, upon this day, all over the world,
=,preyerirof:tbardcfninesn to the Giver of;all
Crook‘i.llt;itrilie'froM the heart's and Spa of
millions 'Upon millions Of Christians who, what
, aver `their dlifirences ,on poi n ts =of deetrlne
241 slecipllno, , the, same undoubted
unwaveringtellef in .-tbe . , gracious mercy
of Him;`wh'o deseended,inte' Mr,;huManity,
- ..!ctilit , he might save - Oar souls This
fen consoling thought, and'we ought to rejoice
Heanwhile, with all iineerity'pf heart,
we': wish -to w a -Happy Christmas - and a
erTY-Ner(Tear.” - • • • •• • ,
~..oostinastev:aeneral"linows; in bid recent
repeit;inforniti us that lasfwbder his prede- -
r neeserlii.effie:e.salinillted to Congress a plan.
Py.wlich - he honaldeted that a system of postal
MeheYOrdera reiglit fin safely engrafted upon
sur Presentppeat Piece, arrangements.
` u-Q1 Hower . Oven though Die 'distinguished:
4.111 1 0.144 does; not - Commit: kt l l l -:,
that' tlie Matter will not be allowed to skald*
aweigh.. That
introdnetical Is environed with difficultiesis
aas,ity:so4:and, we do not Wonder,' that the
Department line always Objeatedl4 it.. The
man= who miderbilies to` peifeetthe details of
-.suela;:piar4andle.:,earrylliem into practical
A;ffeet,'Svill haves try the clearest bead
tifer2mPat'_degged industry; :but it must
genie; r ainfrilatelligefaeMnbition shOuld he glad
"of ''tlielopPertapity , of-- thus, distinguishing
'" ' •
The inaectiritY attendant upon the.tranarnie
otvairmble letters' through the mails - is
Yearkirearaing greater. The causes of this
re4.bectorind the-"enorniously expanding
mail'-business - of, the country, - and the utter
teMptitionnn the part of everymember in the
yatit:'firraY,7of postmasters, assistants, clerks,
yorite-agents,: railway • officials, and carriers.
The honest and earnest, efforts of the heads of
'DePartment to feint their macrons duties to the
Public satiiifaction,,are 'rendered nugatory by
the oppertMilties afforded to dishonesty by the
'inherent defeetag-the'prerient a'rrangerrierita;
andall, badness , nien ;prefer paying the heavy •
- charges Of 'the eXprestf eempanies on volilable
staffers te accessible Points, on account of the
reePorialbility as Well as the security afforded
*Li:irate enterprise;
:.' It is scarcely worth while even to - allude to
the registry 'systerti. It was a well-moaning
attenipt,' which • has resulted in a miserable
failure; Viand i 6 May:air - cad:yr , be, regarded as for
'-'lotted.; RpMetbirig, however, must be done,
and that Speedily. The business of thenoun-
Idyls rapidly expanding; and constantly de
-Mending new facilities Tor its unfettered
transaction; while it: is, in this respect, as con- ,
atm*. subject to' creasing trammels. The
'vast cireulation which our popular systems of
education haVe given to the periodical press
;in,ifs varied hisnes, daily, weekly, and monthly,
has Made -it -it 'Matter of interest to every in.
telligent - 'Citizen 'of the Republic, and the
people demand that ,the - Goyernment shall
pliee itself on_ a level with the wants of the
age, and yecrignise the neeeeeities constantly
arising in thoprogress of Improvement. . Con
irress:has repeatedly shown its sense- of ,the
Impertanee to a "free - and educated' people of
' the prompt and unrestricted diffusion of in
-formation, by the liberal rates of postage as
impaed-tiptin` printed; inane!, and 'the exce l) -
fleas made turfaver, of periodicals Mailed to
liabsciihers;:"Nevertheless, its servants com
raitdepredatiens upon -those periodicals with
::almost acknowledged impunity.
Principtil'objectlim tOthe money-order
system arises from the pecuniary responsibility
which ft confers' on postmastera, who may, in
many . Matinees', ;here .themseives unworthy
of the trust. .:To thialt may be replied that a
maderate'cOmmisslon,Whlch the peciple would
serveas r 4 guarantee fUnd to
proteettlis interests of the Department, while
POrtienlifthateointoisston reserved,te Post
:Mainers Weald increase the inadequate pay of
'those ofliolala----in 'return for which, 'security
might iiiic;:deinaildi t diroilf the :Incumbents,
-placing the 'Government out of the reach of
risk. No one who , hai had_ any experience in
the Mailing afmoney r ieiterawcinid.hesitate tp
pay; for the " safety - - thus' ~ afforded,wa- per
,tvhieli Weald allergy render - this
branch of the service a source of Considerable
rerenie.-...fratidilent issues for illegitimate
;purposed Might 'Oe'Preveated'hy making the
orders geed: at the office drawn • against, for a
Allotted time 'only. A check *wohld, thus be
Vlinoied 16 'expand upon
the; public credit, -by .preventing the orders
'front ',Weep:ling a paper currency useful fOr
4411"eipiiipoies than proinpt remittance. • .
Outside ef. the Departreent,the only oppe
aitienjhnt we, apprehend to the Measure will
arise tient' the, banks. Interior 'institutions,
:w,hoseprolltStme made by '- forcing their irre.
spciisihlm• paper : , upon the' community, will
riaturally,ohject'to any improvement that de.
pelves thenief the heneeti; arising from s'end
' eirealatfori to, a - distance,
,with A te
"„clumeed -'of.being
,dost , transmission,? of
191 a' 'ang'ile_ of time; as' of
;I*liitheughtip at abhavy, discount. by Weir
:agents in' the commercial centres: • Tha, in
terested eppositiOn of concerns will
dotljigesa tie `', ought ' to bear.", vigorously
iaikAittilti,tly.**;.elef WOE I;r0 . 0 iq bathe
• - ' 4 '
most formidable difficulty to be encountered.
Of course, however, the measure should not
be allowed to interfere with legitimate banking
and dealing in exchange, and this could
readily be accomplished byglitalting otigui to
sums under twenty-five do •. i , w
- Tfo: t eot l iki r nta,rapidis*u#ing
::co.idiat i o, to r la hi v .q. of Piltuke,tiber
;to amoVffits larger It otres,'9lll4f suc
epes4fukrinuler and 1-or ;Afitifettblc to
the convenience of the ptublie - , 'VO flirie - :tf
the objections to this purification )aqelr cur.
rency would be removed by the fdlfuption of
the system., --• •-:- - • - - '
It has scarcely , seemed worth while to allude
to the well-known eminent success which has
'attettall o`int `edittikirtlf etnieiklhrdertf --
thq E fi gltil f POt, C' t t i VmS er Pr `,l! t at t ,,
,worked for many years. to the great satisfac
tion of4the 'people 1,1 bat- we oannot - poncludel
without calling 'attention; to, tHe'vaet'benellt
ivbich would arise fromthe reMoyal, of tempta
tion from those having -access to the mails, •
Wliat; for inatanee; Woe% have been the r in.
ducculont toTobittitilikk to commit his gigau:
tie i•ohbories, if ho lisd 'ladle' ',view only, the
,iIC obt4ining ell-negotiable drafts
!And . moneyrorders that oeuld 'only be cashed ,
the parties in whose' favor they wore , drawn 1 .
During - yin last fiscal:year the Department spoht
over'sl3s,ooo in endeaers, for; the Most ,part
enay4lieg, to ferret,ent depredations: With
a system of money-Orders •the saving on this
point alone would . more than pay all , the' ex
penses of the arrahgetu'ent:- , -honeat Men *tottld•
no jonger, incur unjust attspicion,' defaulters
would at (Mee be ',det.setA . and their" ;sureties
1110.40 to, pay, and the result . of the reemnite
would be an immense convenienceto . the pub
steady 'reveutfito•the Department, and a
removal of the Itillwrsjkgrace which the in
security of the snails now4pflicts.•epee ,the
: national character.. , • ,
V . 9l:lTRimp tunisr*s
itr4di . t,ll4 arbiTi. R. lumina - iv
Woo Ann Tann DEMOCRATS the Wishing
ton Union, the Richmond South, the New , York
Neitir; and some other "promineot 'journals,' have
assumed the prorogatiVe of " reading out of the
party" all those who, do not agree with them; in
_their mad bruditight . on Delimoratio principles, it
beoMies tie to' inquire a who are tree Democrats'?"
, According to our own homespun country notion, a
true Democrat ie arm alli:arail firmly to the
'doctrines of the party, as announced .in the Macau.
Mons of our conventions,-the speeches of our 104-
darn, the columns of oar presses, end the measures
of Our representatives: .Let us' apply this, an a
test of position in the present oriels.
.W.n4—and When We ear "We," it includes" Baal
noble champions 'as 'Douglas and Walker, who
hive never faltered, alined the whole :Democratic
press of Pennsylvania, the entire Democratic press
of , Illinoitt,:every fiernomatio paper in' lowa, ex
cept the Dubuque !fort/west, overy"Demooratio
paper in Wisconsin, and in Michigan and Indiana,
and ghtii;the leading -Dentecratio papers of Mis
iotmi, Ret4ecky, 01d Virginia, and nearly the en
tire Democratic press of_ New Jersey ;- wE are all
pronounced traitors to , the party, because' we ad
here to the following landmarks:
let. "It being the true intent and meaning of
this act not to legislate slavery Into any Territory
or State, nor to exclude it therefrom, but to leave
.theyropie thereof VERPEcTLYrninn to form and ,
regulate their doniestie netitutions' in their own
way, subjeetenty to the 'Constitution of the United
States.'"—Nebroskii' Act.
2d: " Resolved, That , the Democrats of New
Jersey do unhesitatingly declare their approval of
:thoKstems•blebraska bill, which restores to the
people. of, the territories the right to determine
upon their own-local inetieuttone, without the
assumed authority; of 'Congressional legislation.—
Cotivelieion. • - ' -
3d. "Risetvref,•‘ That we reeognite - the right of
the people of all the Territories, inclUding Kansas
and Nebraska, se ting through the fairly-expressed
will of the inajoritv of liettia-1 resulente, and
whenever the number of their inhabitants justifies
it, to form a.Connitution with or without domes
tic slavery, and, to' be admitted into the Union
,terms of fieifect, equality with the other
States."—Cincinnati Platform.' -
, 4tb. It is the imperative and in dispensable'duty of
the` Governmentof the. United States to secure to
every resident inhabitant the free and Indepond
, out: expression of his opinion by his, vote.. This
_corral right of, individual must he. pre.,
served; and that boing accomplished, nothing On
ho fairer than tOle ri ve the people of a Territory,
free from'alf foreign Interference tb -.deride their
own destiny .for themselves, subject only to the
Constitution of the United States.—lltso4nan's
When such a Constitution shall be sub-.
twitted to the people of this Territory, they must
he protected In the exercise of their nght. of voting
far or againit that instrument, and the fair -ex
pression of the popular will must not be inter
ranted -by fraud or violenoe."—lnstruetions
JP. Walker.
, 6th. miriade, these circumstances there can be
AOll4llOl thing as ascertaining clearly, and without
doubt, the will of the people in any way except
their cma - direct expression 41 the - pone. A Con;
stitgron not subject' 'tb to:Lug 110,41 Mt:
utainsi , will stoVer be 'acknowledged by - rte
opPonents to be anything but a Proust—Washing
,ton Uuiont,Tnly 7,'sd7.
7th. "I uuderstand thatyou and all your Cabi
net cordiallyeneur in the .opinion expressed by
me; that the' actual bonailde residents of the Ter!
Titer, of Kansas, by afair aud 'regular: vote; unaf
fected by fraud or vlolenaeotust de perinitted in
adopting their State Conatitution, to'decide for
thetneelOes what shall be their soctal institutions,
I contemplate a peaceful settlement of this ques
tion , an • appeal to the, patriotism of the whole
people of Kansas who should all participate, free
ly and fully, in this decision, and by a majority
of whose votes the'ditormination must be made, as
the only proper and Constitutional mode of adjust
ment.''—nraller's Letter of Acceptance.
Bth. I repeat, then, as my earnest onvietion,
that unless the Convention-submit lite Constitu-,
lion to the vote of all the actual resident set
tlers of Kansas„ and the election be fairly' and
justly conducted, the Constitution will be and
ought to be rejected by Congress,"—Walkers
jiret speech in Kansan.
9th. "A Constitution. widely framed and pro
purly, fairly and honestly , ' approved by the true
cittzette of Kansas, will settle lathe difficulties
that surround us, and that have been surrounding
us; and will at ono restore harmony to the Union."
The high and responsible duty, therefore, devolves
upon us to take in our hands the ergo* act of
this Territory, and, outing upon its principles, to
present to - the CongreSs of the United States a
-Constitution framed,in such a manner, and/Mang
:rug as endoreement US that we may not merely
-petition fur admission to the Union, but demand
that we, shalt be admitted.:--Addirss of Calhoun
.to the Kansas Constitutional Convention.
10th. " L trust, Imwever, the example set by the
last Congress, requiring that the Constitution of
Minnesota should bo subject to the approval and
ratification of the people of the proposed State,'
may be followed on future occasions. I took It for
,panted that the Convention of Kansas would ad
in Acordanee with this example, founded, as It is,
on correct principles, and hence my instructions
to Governor Walker, in favor of submitting the
Constitution to the people, were expressed in
general, unqualified terms."—finchanan's Ales
Despatch Offices in Philadelphia, New York
and Boston to be Abolished—Negotiations be
tween the United States and Great Britain
Vtah (Drennan—Kansas Affairs, fre., ke.
(Oorrespondenee of The Press.]
WARRINGTON, NO. 24, 1857.
I. learn from the highest authority that the Post
master General will, under the authority given
him by the note of 3d March, 1845, and 3d March,
1851, deolare the streets of Philadelphia, New
York, and Boston post routes. This proclamation,
it will be at ones peroolved alms to abolish the
various penny-post offices In those cities under
the control of private individuals.
It is said in support of this measure that it
will ultimately have the effect to reduce the charge
for city delivery of mailed lettere from two cents
to one. There is charge, under the system of
sub-offices reeently.established, for taking letters
to the main office, 'whereas the despatch oompa.-
nice charge one'oent for this service.
The negotiations bet erimi the United States and
England in regard to Central Amerloan affairs, are
at It stand.still. Orators in Parliament, the Lon
don Timis, and the 'other British ministerial
press, and Palmerston himself, in words, express
their willingness that ,the United States should
have in the affairs of neighboring States the sups.
fior weight of intluence to which she is entitled by
her position amongst the nations of the earth, but
more especially by, their cot tiguity and power for
good or evil over her commercial and national in
But the British Government 'do not net up to
,their One expressions of good-will. General • Cass
says, "Welt,• Lord Napier, neither the United
States nor England desires possessions in Central
A tner iee, and why not abrogate all that has been
done previously, and say so in a few plain words
in a new .treaty.", Ah t" replies the wily diplo.
mat, and then he goes off Into the old story about
•Honduras and the Bay Islands.
The truth is that Great Britain endeavors to ee:
cure a foothold in Central America, and I know
that Administration are fully satisfied of this
fact/ and determined also to prevent it. The
treaty with Nicaragua was one step In that !Wee.
Sox; and the further proper steps will be taken In
due time, I am confident, to wipe out every veitige
of English elnim there, and Inaugurate upon a
sure basis a healthy and just American policy, the
animating 'principle of which will be that ±39 cote
.hrated under the name of the Monroe doctrine. ,
Lieut. General Scott has been ordered here to
confer with the'pahlnet upon Utah affairs. In op•,
position 'somewhat to hie opinion as expressed
when transmitting Col. Johnstou's despatches, the
Administration are at this time inclined to favor
an eXpedition of volunteers from the Pacific' slope
agatnilt. Brigham Young.
Thht seems to be epet measure with Californians,
and. Indeed with' many offmers of the Army who
are augoalnted,with the country to be traversed,
It is said that the dry season commences in April;
add that thihardi miners of that region will then
tie ilneployedi; that they are, by their mode of
Dra t lOurad ,to pa'olo and hardships ! and would
; • „
THE titiDAY, IVCEMBER 25, 1857.
make the most efficient force which could be r eel
for the character of service required,and that the/
could be mustered under army regulattons, - at a
email cost to the Government.
This whole questktutkit, le ,pvied, Hlil be
brought soon.botke fistm oq u i p
from the Praddent, t' • d • port froth pie,
War Depaftmikt. g .
General • Dakiitei Co , iti'GOVirbof
If ansaarialletto,,4oll#4t
ipiarters that the litilietWteat,4l4olo-4411k.,!0;.
ceircd it " •
Meessions 'are '•9ae:oh:44 diadelo the sepia of
the conservative Dennialits who stand with Doug
las, Walker and Tau PROBII upon the platform of
popular sovereignty. Bran those who favored the
latodeptou oontrivapoo, trim ,Intlifeikstroftintk„d
or andfisti, bogifi; to addle - thotf o4 4o o4 tatikkk
thisc,instsinooliano4titottiet r 4o4..l4,
consequences which, others saw, rceirAneyttablo,,
and that aftee, all CongreitCniiist'passyromPUY
an enabling sot. 'view oetho lidubles dew .
in , tho ;unfortunate Ter itoOriaf glF, 1 8,1••
and the neoesslty of Speedy, notation •of 1% pro,
bfetzi'ishiCh 104,1344 inirlipvetini4inta4 pad le
;for four years; it • not. improbablcahit ldr.
obtintai may arrive at the conclusion thai r aftor•
all, p i)rope t ily , i the ,
onitstire - diiiasuiro ofieliati Thera' tome strong
effort to bolster ripi the, Limaroptcd.Oontilitatidt
o,.prognant that that its worrifsupporters .of - a
* o k 850,04Y1 now, that Congresciojnit, 'nation, relit '
dePand on further, dey - elophiente: .
• TiniTreiserit'd weekly `dtatiinioht futinishd'ui
with thhfullowlng important iig'uves -'-
Amoiint on deposit '' • • $8 4 271,460 88
Drafts drawo but notpaid 1,553,803 08
Amount subjoot to draft ,5,717,851 85
iodation from 1a5t , w00k494,662 96.
Rdelpte, '
Dinfts paid .::.:..,. '
.::•,'4,7 3 , 04 4'65
• DiO ft d4Stuad. • • • - 067,961 01
:1; ][ infOrmed drat the treasury-noted rebently
authidisod by °digress will be Issued in about ttro
sleeks. The ft Scretary•of the- Toddy has
tednlned that the denodinotion -of Akosaproulk
eon to pay, shall be $lOO, 8500, : and
The contract. for engraving tile phkto. has tooll
givon to Itiv,ffdobaratall C0.,•0f Noir York, and
,Toppan, Oarpiritorl Y l Co., of •PhilidelphiaLz•
the former Aid having the execution of the notes
of tIIOO and $5OO, and the.-latte'r - the, notes of
Who Secretary is vory aazious Qat tholwilotaa
shall be excepted in the best style of,4nioilean art:,
op, LATEBT:;:fI:S Or!
• - •
, . ,
'llistie,at, Fait Scett:.;Fivn ,Pis•Slairirti Men
' Sr. Loom, Deo, 21.—LA Kahane letter 'reColved .
by the Democrat says that on the evening of the
16th inst., a battle occurred at Fort Molt betyreon'
the pre-slavery • and the frea.filtate suen,,in which .
Ave of the former-were killed, looluding Bloke
Little, a member of the recent Leoompton Conven
tion. Severn' were wounded on botlt sides, and
twenty free-elate' men Were taken' prisoners
sand confined in the fort. The difileulties stair
Cut of ' Clark, Old to' be. nobSilons
the murderer of Barber, two years Attica;
going, about neompanted, by a sheriff's • Meer
collecting taxes from the free-State 'men, Oiling
property in default of the 'payment of taxes; tind
making proseentions under 'the Territorial rebel
lion law.
The, Missourians are said to be assembled in
strong force along the border, end mere fighting is
apprehended; ..
The Territorial motive committee has issued
. a mill for re-assembling of the delegate Convention
held at Lawrence on the 2d initrint, to take place
on the for the purpose of conlidering the beet
course to pursue in oonsequenee of the Legislature
having failed to submit the Topeka .ooristitution,
along with the Loompton Constitution, to a vote
Of the people. ,
' The Bombardment et Bev/twin
• W49insrron, Dos. 24.-z-A• requisition has been
'made on the Treasury for' $530,000, for the pay of
nienibers of Oongrest from the 4th of March last,
-under the joint - resolution Tamil:4ly 'passed, Of
thia ainoutit Oer 4 311.20,000 haie already been did.
bursed'ln •
In addition to the Parma, delegation of Indians,
a delegation of the Poucalts, from Nebraska, Lave
*hived, both on heighten! with the President. '
The President has ironed a proolamation, setting
apart the 15th of February for taking the sense of
the votenn of the 'District of Columbia on the new
code of laws. , • .
the contrabts for engraving the plates of the
treasury notes have been made, and the latter'wlll
be tutted to - about two weeki. They will be of
the denominations of one hundred, live hundred;
and one thousand defiers. ' „
The President; in reply to the resolution of 'the
Sesiateytranareitted to that body the correspon
dence which took place nearly a year Age, in re
ference to the bombardment of 0 reytown. Count
Sartiges, it appears, asked an Indemnity for the
actual losses sustained by French subjects, who, be
says, found it phyaleally imieseible to reire
their goods from the oontiagra on , eaused 14 , e
0 4,
moiements'Of the oom
lifreitio7ll - trldardyr - tu
~ 'ls, reps - , a hi*,
that the President has not beetk. ab . duktre
light or even the equity upon Welt the reolanw,
tion can be sustained, and in a long despatch ex
pounds to him the international law. CountSer
tiges acknowledges its receipt and eays be will not
fell to send Mr. Mercy's communisation to the
French Government. No response to the letter la
embraced in the documents. Although the re
solution calling for the informationinoluded an?.
correspondence with great Britain, none was :
transmitted to the Senate.
Error in General . Caosts Letter to Geveruor
WASHINGTON, Deo. 24.—The time allowed for
copying General Oasis's letter accepting the re:
signation of Governor Walker was so, short that
several errors were made. One sentence to par
tinier should read •
"Ile (the President) never entertained MT ex
pressed the opinion that the Convention wore
bound to submit any portion of the Constitution
to the people except the question of slavery, much
leee that the other portion of the Constitution
would be Invalid without such a submission."
WASIIINUTON, Dem 2i.—No. 40 of Deeemlnsr
Term, M.—Augustus Kernonway, claimant of
sh(p Independence, vs. W. B. Bieber: Chief Jas.
Lice Taney delivered the opinion of the amid,
overruling the motion for damages.
No. I.—White, Stevens, A Co. vs. Paschal
Bose's administrators. Judgment of the Supreme
Court of the Eastern District of Louisiana affirmed,
with costs.
No. 222.—The Unitod States vs. Jenne Noe
On motion the case was docketed and dismissed.
Adjourned to meat on Tuesday nut.
Mita.r.nunvir.ix, Oa., Dee. • 23. 7 .00 Tuesday
night the Governor vetoed the aetcrefiently palmed
by the Legielature, pro% iding Per the legalisation
of the suspension of specie payments by the banks,
but the bill was passed over the veto, by the Le
gislature, by a two-third vote.
TORONTO, Deo. 24.—A eerlous affray occurred at
the eleotion held at Perm to-day. One men was
killed by a shot fired, and another was stabbed.
CINCINNATI, Dec. 24. —Fleur le unchanged ;
there to a moderate demand at 13.50 for good
brands to superfine. Whiskey bas declined to 1.01
cents Hoge aro dull and rather lower; eaters
are plenty but buyers few. The provision market
continue, dull, and declining; 300 Green name
cold at li cents, and 2 0 bble of Lard at 81 cents.
0111.11LOTON, Dec. 23.—Cotton—Bales of 400
bales at 10a101. cents.
iltynossen, Deo. 23.—Cotton---1,200 bales sold
to-day at 91.1101 for middling.
New 0111,11ANI, Deo. 21—Bales of 10,50 h tales
of cotton to-day. Prices aro irregular, and altow
a destining, holders pressing upon the quirked.
Middlings aro quoted at 01a01. Sugar buoyant at
44a41; flour steady at $4.5044.60; corn declining 58a mess pork $l4; lard In kegs
91. Other artioles,unobanged.
New Ontrtna, Dec. 24,—Sales of ootton to-day,
31,500 bales; prices continue irregular entl.nond
nal ; sales atoa9l.. Sugar is irregular at, 41115.
Floor is dull at a decline of So. Yellow cor 1150.
Sterling exchange 1041a100. Exchange on New
York mal ditoount.
The managers of the different plates of publio
auiueement appear to be " spreading themselves"
on their Cbriettene entertainments.
"The Golden Horse," followed by a deadly
lively farce called " John Jones," and the second
scene from Cesare Ceeehettlin now ballet of " L'-
Alloggio Militare," will be produced at the Aced's
my of Music this evening, To-morrow, (the lest
night of the performance of- the Romani Ballet
troupe, and for their especial benoilt,) The Cold
en Horse" and the lively faro° of " a Double-Bed
ml Room" will be played.
There will be an afternoon performance at Arch
street Theatre, this day:• It will consist of three
Manias. In the evening, the epetaele, founded on
and named after Balwer'l", Um, Days of Pont
whioh has not been played in this .city for
many years, will be performed. •,A, bares, Mr, Da
venport; Sydon, Mr. Wheatley; 'Lydia, the !blind
girl, lifts. Davenport ; and lone, Miss Emma
Taylor. kinagnlticent show, le promiata.
AT WALNUT-87MM TrIZATRN, there also will be
afternoon as evening performances, A
faroo wag lo melo•drawa at fault past two P. M.
At night, two fames; and,(for the first time) a new
{wo•aot a grand ,romantic rnystio Legend" called
" The King of the Mist, or the Miller of the Harts
Mountains." •
AT THE NATIONAL TLISATIti, (whenoe the quad
rupeds have departed) the mole drama of 1, Pat
nanb.) gymnastics, and the ballet pantoniinto of
Santa Olons : " . On Mandel evening, thoseater
ling performers ? Mr: andAtiii. 10: Conwa y ,' will
appear here as Camille and Arinaad '
Ar Benr . orto's,.beeidee a variety of Ethiopian
performances, With new .dandes by the Sanford
Children, there will 'be Oetented a new panto
mime, qatalqd `.'allopPlakor of Ropsingtoo."
Walker Cerreeted.
Uni{ed Stat 4 Suproi!e Court.
The Georgia ,Banks
Elettion Affray In Commis.
NorreSpondence of The Prose.]
, BOSTON, .pta.,lB, Ifig., o
Ws, MY first lette, will assuOt that- you
are attar held ILltiely remem "a; Plower*
•flide ip their t^eeaetin, and thenll m again.
Net; , o,oos:Artfir fnendthimfor „that,..,. endures
415.„ tit alletMeene. -' ..- . -
'M. levsti 'elf:always-be ' : acheginnhig . to every
jthill' I ,' ' fo,n9JAßßiletttl y ,. slake lin' attempt to
41 4 4 011-OWIOO4I PPlatie,in whielt WIWI* '
e resetfd frank, and 'hone/it...sentiments 'upon VA . .:
dons topics, and a gist' of such news, oolleoted in
this.modern city of Athens, as may possibly be
acceptable to yourself and readers.
We are now, all over the country, reaping the
fruits the seeds of excess and luxury have gar
nered up for imp and If this lirvest of bankruptcy
w og, dresithwieda alike oaten et :the ciltitisters of
16.1.1ereeld,tiltdillit glen/lb. ut, also ! this is not
' so. Tile now motionless w aterwheels; the 'Streit
:Pinning Moms, and the mood inactivity of,
Waxiness :in all our workshop , toll us too plainly
and - truthfully ;or the 'yeaeniferers that t m ust
welt the , abatertione- of -the
,great finanolaVetiorm
'Hersh has been raging with stick disastrous tem
.pasinowiness, before permanent relief eon 'be af
forded them.
The wailings of the distressed that wilt be beard
from many a hungry and Cheerless abode the
prateid winter, are, indeed, sad - to contemplate.
ahem rectory managers, stook jobbers, and others
,who have broughtlneoeent'iletiun'tii the brink' or
povitly,•lif order to enrioli theirvolves—those who
have lived in costly mansions Unpaid for, and who
have walled in luxury at the expense of defraud
ing holiest tradeeinen arid Mechanics out of' their
'just - dues, that they might for a while move in
-fitelticniable soolety—those banks that ,have been
conducting their business to such a prodigal extent
that they eahnot guaranty to the poor holders of
their rags a dollar to be worth a dollar, can ask
themselves; the lamest question, sitar have are
And bow haire they answered the question? By
going into genteel instilveney I The (Martino of all
leaks that suspend specie payment are virtually
,yittejeul and annulled.
,:Our banks, with perhaps, few ,exeoptione, have
been, oonduoted reetlesely, dishonorably, and en
tirely regardless of the wants of the hard.working
Sad worthy portion of the community. , Di fact,
' . ,
have proved nothing more nor less than
' ii; 4 •ulatiVe Institutions for the sole profit of the
directors. The bank directors have employed their
egad especially (or (ladle& Painesieei.l l oLlFl
am a merchantable .article and employing,
tinder cover, street agencies to take from the honest
4giesmen all their profits, in stringent. times, by
ug, them to pay, in order to maintain their
tire it, ruinous and illegal rates of interest.
• ia: merchantable article fluctuates in price ac
oordingly• to the waits of purahasers, and the
changes of the market; and, that article may be
had' at one price to-day, and at another to-mor
row. Not so with bank bills • when legitimately
' dealt out by chartered bank.. • There is a perms.
neat chargeable rate, fixed upon them when they
aro giten to their respective customers for' iatis.
factory paper, And'when an Meer of a bank sin
ploys the funds of that bank to illegitimate 1180.9 c
AS ; to ramie° more interest than the law legally
allows, ho is a dishonest man, and amenable to the
bar oejustleo. And yot, how numerous have been,
.their cases! They have as often taken place, in
this old Puritan Commonwealth' as in any other
part of the country. This usurious interest is
taken either by the way of circulation, or, as I,
have before Indicated, through , itrest egencies., '
Now, in support of these last amnions, and to
show how little our banks adhere to the pisrposes
for which are chartered, lot 'me cite, in brief, a
simple illustiation. Isere is a bank c hartered In
Brighton or Cambridge. The petitioners for that
bank wore, as is usual, the residents Or the piece.
a to fair to suppose that their wants should be first
supplied before yielding to outside teniptations,
for they are the bone, life, and ' sinew of , the
place; and very reasonably expect that their own
bank should first attend to their, pecuniary wants,
to advance the trade and prosperity in their
different branches of business in their own le
aunty, before accommodating outsiders. But,
instead' of applying its capital to these legi-
J,timate . ends, the bank will, especially hi
stringent times, send packages of its bills
into State street, and other places, there to
be disposed of through street agencies at Hie
gal rates of interest, accompanied with ' a guar
antee, tht the bills shall be disposed of in sash a
leity as shall Ramiro a lrood circulation. This le
one mode officers of a bank adopt in appropriating
its funds to illegal purposes; and another is, to
411 OW their depositors to go bagging during a
stringent rummy market. Curbstone brokers and
prltate money bousesepay, have a right to nego
tiate bank bills as' a merchantable article; but
fee! regular chartered banking institutions to
embark In such. traffic- is, dishonorable, and
cannot be 'too Severely condemned by the
honest trading community, to whose entire
benefit their capital shoilld Jbe devoted.- Until a
radical ohange shall have taken plaoe in, our bait
ing system- 7 8mA as to secure, beyond any contin
gency, to the holders of bills, their redemption,. at
any momen , with, the legitimate eein .of the
realm. (specie) ; to accommodate the honest trades
men, farmers end meetianlos with discounts, at.
lawful rates, and In preference to outsiders or men
of wealth ; every bank to be held to a strict ao.
imuntability which allows a fraction of illegal in
terest to be taken for diseounts; not to frown upon
the hard-working mechanic who may appear in
humble garb and apply for a small discount to
enable him to facilitate his littletasiness, bat to
remember that the mechanics are the bulwarks of
our, nation, and there is not a public structure in
our broad land that does not bear unspeakable
evidence of their 'skill, Intelligence, and ingenui
ty ;—until souse such wholesome measures as these
are inaugurated, banks will be of but very little
value to the industrious portion of our common
country, ,
Upon this subject of banks, which I have herein
very feebly sketched, I write from personal expe
rience, and after reading the following sentence in
the late splendid massage of the President of the
United States: "The existence of banks and the
birettlitlon - of bank met are so identified ,with
the habits of our people, that they cannot at this
-day be suddenly abolished without moll imme
dicta injury to the country. If we would confine
them to their appropriate sphere, and prevent
them from administering to the spirit of wild and
reckless speonlation by extravagant loans and
imam, they might be continued with advantage to
'UM public,. But this I say after long and much
sollection : if experience shall prove It to be lm-
Possible to enjoy the facilities *bleb well regulated
banks might afford, without at the same time suf
fering the calamities which the excesses of the
banks have hitherto inflicted upon the country,
it Would then be far the lesser evil to deprive
them altogether of the power to issue a paper cur
renerand confine them to the functions of banks
of deposits and discount."
In the election for Mayor of New Bedford, the
7th instant, Ron. A. H. Rowland came within ten
votes of an election over the Republioan eandi
date. This Is an unmistakable evidence of the
great popularity of Mr. Howland, for, independent
of eight hundred and .rixt, c real negro votes,
(many of them fugitives front j ustice ,) out of about
two thousand votes thrown, New Bedford is other-
Wise deeply imbued with Republicanism. As it
Was, I have been credibly informed that Mr. How
bland would have been Wasted but for certain mem
ers of his own party using most strenuous
efforts to defeat him. This opposition emanated
Item the New Bedford custom house, who would
inek to cad a blemish upon Mr. Howl and'. politi
cal reputation, for the furtherance of ungenerous
There is not a more sound, reliable, and national
Democrat in the country than the lion. A. II
Borland. Prom the beginning he was the ardent
sepporter of James Buchanan to the Presidency,
aqd advocated most assiduously, on all occasions,
the nomination of that distinguished gentleman
titthe Cincinnati Convention. I have yet to learn
that the President is not warmly diepored towards
Ms. Howland, the insinuation of others around
theme regions to the contrary notwithstanding.
Al an independent correspondent, I shall always
fr eV express my views. You may hear from me.
(Cqrrespowlenee of Tito Press.)
Among the most distinguished and promis
ing members of the bar of Leavenworth, is
tito Hon. John A. Haldeman, member elect of
te Council of the Territorial Legislature.
into H. is yet quite a young man, not more
thav twenty-eight or thirty years, but by his
talehts and energy has established a very reputation, being regarded as a well
rear. and skilful lawyer, and au eloquent, for
cible jurist and political debater.
In the late contest in Leavenworth county
he led the ticket, being elected to the Council
by areeisive majority over his political oppo
nent , as well as the Democrats who were
nominees on the same ticket. This fact argues
well for the future success mid politica) emi
nence, of Judge Haldeman, and is alike hone
rableAo a constituency so capable of a just
appreniation of true merit, and to him whom
they have honored with such a marked and
genernus manifestation of their confidence.
I need not say that Judge Haldeman is a De
meentAin the true sense of that term. Never
count ancing the excesses committed in this
Territory by some who have zeal without
knowleilge, ho enjoys to the fullest extent the
confidence of the Democracy, while he com
mands the respect of his political opponents.
Win gpatifying to see men like Hidden= at
taining; political distinction. No man in this
community would make a more able and popu
lar United States Senator than the Judge to
represent the people when this Territory be
'comes a i State. He is also a great admirer of
President Buchanan and Governor 'Walker,
and would become very popular in the Senate
chamber,of the United States. J. E. S.
Greeniburg, in this State, according to the ,
Democrat, must be a very queer place. The
coroner holds an inquest, and the doctors make
post-mottent examinations. merely on suspicion of
a man being deed. The Demoerat is responsible
for the fallowing Mary; For some time back,
whenever a man dies within six miles of Greene
burg, there is a general rush, on the part of our
justices of the peace, to be the first to reach him,
to hold en inquest upon him. Not loss than three
weeks have passed by since an Irishman went into
a shanty, near town, in the afternoon, whereliquor
was sold. After aittitig by the stove for tome
time, he was invited to take a drink, which
be did, end then resumed his seat. Pre
sently, be laid down by the stove and appa
rently fell asleep. There he lay for several
helm, when, the night coming on, some persons
attempted to wake him up. in order to have him
leave to bunt quartets for the night. This could
not be done; and it was summed that he was dead.
leemeilletely, word was despatched to town, a pa
tio of the muse was informed of the fact, a coro
ner's jury was summoned, and being unable still to
waken the man up, they set to w o rk and out bite
up to aseertainlthether or pot he was dead ! By
the time the doctors got through with him, there
remained no'dOubt• on' the minds of the Jury of
his death.' . It, is , reported to us that in less
than five' beers from the time he laid down
by , the stove, ho wee effeetually slaughtered.
One of the jut" Informs us that while the post
mortene exemleation was being carried on, Me
body was stilt learns and smoking. Sleepy in
dividuals Who're hard to wake up when once
asleep, are berbby respectfully notified not to go to
sleep noes.thta town. If this advice Is not heeded,
we shall not be answerable for the consequenoes.
Sheol& they woke up and find themselves cut up
Into small plea , and • dem intelligent men
speculating on t a facts, they must net be Beton. ,
loped, of blame nybody but theposelyes,
PiEur,ADELrazA, Deo. 24, 1857
There is no more pleasant fact to record, than
that, while banks and bankers, corporations, mer
chants, manufacturers, and traders have every-
Where been involved in difficulties, seeking extort.
Monti, or suspending, or failing outright, the re
turn utile annual holiday;seimon proves that thiiyi'
bee been neither failure nor diminution in the Shp.:
`o .tbol4`teatv f eli springs of human kindness'
and hffeetlon - It would seen', as if all other businate
Viits'istat'ae possible laid aside, that the fullest re
gard might be paid to those little attentions and
affectionate remembrances which ever mark the
return of Christmas day.
Norhere is this more observable than at the
it4oh heard, whore the disposition is universally
,tuanifestml, to...raskoverthe holidays. /q mop
queue, there was very little business transacted,
therelslittle or no'ohange prices to re
. Any attempt to sell largely however,
Would be very apt to break down the market, in
its ii , resent weak condition.,
The shipment of specie by the Europa, the lam
est ever made by one vessel, amounting to $2,381,-
822 can hardly fail to exercise a favorable effect,
in ;he event of its 'safe arrival in England. It is
said that the amount shipped would have been
mutht heavier, but for the difficulty of effecting
further insurances. There are some doubts as to
the 'propriety of sending such large sums in the
winter season by a single vessel, at a time when
the moral effect of its loss would be very disastrous
to slowly recovering confidence and the enfeebled
state of the international exchanges. No smolt
cendderations, however, can be expected to influ
ence the agents of the steamer, and as the larger
number of shippers ,act independently, and in lg.
norince of the doings of each other, It lA. perhaps,
fortimate that the limits of the lines of the under
writers impose some chock upon the amount. The
market •does not feel the loss of the specie; the
Opinion being generally entertained that the pay
merit of the debts, and the restoration of confi
dence abroad was as good a use as could be made
of spore portion of the very heavy soutunlation
in the Now York banks.
• Tie St. Louie pavers are urging immediate re
gumption upon their banks. The detailed state
ment gummed up shows the following aggregate
Immediate Liabilities,
Bank of Missouri
Bank of Missouri
Merchants' 023,000
Southern 429,000
. .
Total $1,123,000
Or about 75 cents on the dollar of cash assets to
meet immediate liabilities. ~ „ ,'
The Demociat says :.« Four menthe, ago' bailie
in Missouri woro thought to be in astrong position
when they had thirty , cents on thij *to pay
their immediate liabilities,, and if, 'the ,statement
"we have given approaches- even to the actual peel
tio4, we can see no good reaffeu why they should
not immediately resume,'and at once.wipe out the
odium which attaches to the city of Bt. Louts—
the great eontmerolal emporium of the northwest.—
by having all her banking inetitutions cave one—
kbeMechaniefvßank,--remain in a etate'of suspen
sion. We itliVo heard it Mated that the Moment
the'hanks resume coin will be demanded of them.
This, we think, to a great error, for there are
tent of thousands of dollars of gold in. this city,
nevi hoarded up, the moment the banks resume,
will flow into thorn, and until they do resume, it
will be locked up." Besides, there isa groat Mere]
effect in banks resuming; and this operates to
give oonfldence, and lessons the desire to obtain
We repeat, that from these banks' own showing
it is their duty to resume; and, we are quite sure,
If tbekr managers bare the courage to resume
they will stay resumed.
The Harrisburg Patriot and Union publishes a
statement of the circulation, deposits, and coin of
the several banks of Pennsylvania, which we copy
below. The comparison of the country bank
aggregate with that of the city banks, gives color
to the statement that our city banks would be
ready for resumption, but for the backward oondi-
Hon of the banks in the Interior. They compare as
follows :
Circulation. Spree. Depoaita.
City Banks $2, 004.840 22.108,363 $13,097,319
Country Danko 8,827.414 2,337,553 4,=4,220
$11.432.363 $ 1,40 ,91 - 6 - $76,12 t,TZ
The branches of the State Bank of Ohio make
monthly reports to the board of control, and the
footings, us furnished in the report submitted on
the first Monday in December, compare es follows
with the November returns :
November. December.
Coin 81,269,379 35 $1,369,245 96 Inc 809 876 GI
Diatom ex,. 486,178 01 556,851 00 Inc. 80.675 99
llills dirt.... 8,832,064 12 8,108,076 67 Dec 2 7 3;907 55
Circulation . 6,401,226 50 6,343;47 00 Dec. 67,959 50
Deposits.... 1,846,054 25 1,813,330 00 Dec. 33,361 25
Isrom the foregoing figures it appears the banks
bare Suede the following - ohenges during 14
month :
Inoirease of cult mom
Decrease of immediate
Total increase of strength $272,113 35
This has been gained ohiedy by a ciontraetion of
discounts, which item decreased during the month
$223,937.5.5. Some of the branches are very
strong, while others are quite weak, and wilt re
quire careful nursing to carry them through.
It may be noted as an interesting feature of
the late panto, that in his explanations to the
Rouse of Commons on the Bank of England in
demnity bill, the English Chancellor of the Ex
chequer stated that the bank-note circulation of
the United Kingdom in the hands of the public
stood in October, as •
Issued by Bahk of England
By the Provincial banks....
Total circulation Great Britain 188,385,000
Same time Bank of France 121,070,000
Same time banks of United 5tate5....148,020,000
The gross issues of the banks in the United
Steles on the last Treasury return
Ness notes In hands of the banks
Leaving in hands of the pub1ia`.....11148;929,000
In regard to the source of trouble on the late
panic, the Chancellor comes to the tame oonedu
elan with our BN:watery of the Treasury, that it
was in the mess of private credits inscribed at
bank, deposits on the one band, and bills (Recount
ed or other accommodations granted on the other.
The Chancellor instances the Western Bank
failure at Glasgow as occurring without the
slightest premonition to or from the noteholders,
who neither knew of the run on the bank, nor
showed the slightest concern for the safety of its
notes, until the mischief had been done, through
the alarin of the depositors. Itt like manner Se
aretary Cobb shows that the bank suspension in
New York was the work of the depositors.
We copy from Wright's eircular the following
etatement of the movement in Cotton since Sept.
1, as compared with the previous four years :
1857. 1858. 1855. 1854. 1853.
115 c 54 rt.. 828,000 1,201,0001,252,000 784,000 761,000
Es to 0.8..285,000 237,0)1 115,000 310,000 217,000
.1:5 to Fronts 80,000 316,000 158,000 85,000 52,000
Es, ot'r P.P 80,000 05,000 108.000 42,000 45,000
Total Expqm 425,060 418,000 870,000 143,000 314000
Mc on hapd.433,000 610,000 525,010 314,000 408,000
Of which during the past week, included in the
Roe. st Plo.loo 000 1211,000 144,000 77,000 105,030
Ex. to a. 11,. 20,000 20,000 28,000 31,000 31,000
E. to Franco 13,000 14,000 20,000 7,000 7,000
1)4. et' rP. P. 16,000 17,000 14,0030 1,000 9,000
Total Exalt'. 40,000 07,000 02,000 07,000 41,000
The following statement shows the circulation,
deposits, and coin of the soveral banks of Penn
sylvania, compiled from the November statement
made to the 4uditor °Matra! :
liainra of Banks. Circulation. Coln Deposita.
Man and Mech. kik , Phil-935,6n° 948,355 93 8.834
Dank Penn Township, .. 85,560 64.991 414,955
Bank of Commerce, .• —18.1.543 105,136 583.291
Bank of Chester Co 176,088 84,600 218 419
Dank of Ntont(comery C0....156A29 63.244 112,233
learmere' Ilk of Lancaster-305,505 24,513 66.460
Dank of Delivers Co 89,416 37,231 134,909
}Norville Bank 100,275 81,369 25.968
Lebanon Bank 177,960 51,848 25,526
!humeri!' awl Drover'' , Dank
of Waynesburg 108,400 26,170 21,381
Farmers' and 31ech. Easton 289,120 75,514 71.651
Wyoming Dk. Wilkeebarre..l22,slo 41,142 48,304
Bank of North America.... 422.950 615,776 1,808,372
Went Branch, NT illiainuort.llll,39o 11,278 41,525
Bank of Danville 199,950 54,707 55,021
Franklin Bk., Washington. 118,490 61 478 43,095
Partnere' Bk., Schuylkill c 0.159,1180 18,084 31,771
Southwark Bank, Phil,: 55,850 165,826 559,389
think of Northumberland...l69,oBs 44,025 60,411
Citizen.' Dank; P.ttaburgb -135,640 70 638 84,678
Bk. of Chester Valley,(new) 870 6,1411 5,683
Western Dank of Phil', .g
.. 64, , N 5 80,135 833,235
Farmer. , Bank of Reid1it..321.005 27,491 96,517
Dank of Lau fence co 46,600 22.831 13,549
Miners' Bank of Pottsville% 341.031 9 9 ,188 /52.996
Harrisburg Bank 586.645 07,019 1112,7
Bank of Chambereburg ....351,255 01,382 63,652
Exchange Bk. Pittsburgh..7s7,4Bo 319.290 107,969
Mechanics' Bank, Phila.... 71.000 131,108 341,220
Allentown Bank- 03.380 50,140 37,553
Warren Ca Bank •60 725 6,145 40 OM
Banton Bank 307.476 90,308 130,614
Kittanning Bank (new) 10,390 0,974 1,769
Vann. & Macb. Bk, Phi1...298,206 333,112 2,310,509
Bank of (I ettyaburg . . ....,234,340 40,654 32,946
Kensington Bank, 1,688 51,461 353,867
Tradessoen'a Hank, 4, 29,165 57,711 378,633
York Cu. Bank.
... • .... 7.4D,425 22,677 40,603
Monongahela, 8r,0wn5y1Ue..862,275 70,004 94,030
Bank of Northern Mettles. 75,349 75,867 103.Z.1
Columbia Hank. 295,845 10,831 239,989
bank of Plttabugh 159,367 311,14,6 000,998
Farmers' Bk, Bucks c 0..... 57,747 18,987 24,115
Contuses:4l Bank ..... ~...103,848 101,818 088 033
Philade)phlaßank. 137,959 1,6101.68
City Bank, Phi 1.,.,., 89,585 46,295 2114,686
11019144,4:11 Bank 070 95,841 11,660
31(eghe }B a ulk ' ` 88,995 35,011 29.836
Bank of Oatanaqua 0,950 2f AU 1,781
Bank of 0 ermantown 84.531 .744 175,164
Boy ['stow n Bank 80,875 23.476 30,488
Tioga Co. Bank 595 19,611
York Bank 538,840 48,127 192,887
Bank of Middletown 300 315 26,414 118,671.
Bank of Pennsylvania ...... 548,392 6,166 300,533
Lancaster Co. Bank 2110,015 82 893 115,113
Girard Bank 108,430 732,820 411,000
---- ---- .........
blanch Chunk Bank .
115,805 . 33,507 25,140
Consolidation Dank 40,470. 21,283 120,000
Mechanise' Bk., PittsburBh.lB2,lol3 117,02.5 111.053
Lock Haven flank 133,100 13,104 71,036
Erie City Bank 133,000
31erchants 1 and Manufastu-
.236,490 32,042 100 214
. E 0,500 0,610 9,0441
rare. Bank, Pitteltrgb.
Authracite IJk , Tamaqua
Total .111,432,383 4,463 ; 910 113,421,539
December 24, 1267.
Reported by R. Ma-ply, Jr., Stook Broker, No.
802 Wainut groat,
600 City 10, M.P B Pennt R 8
& • At. - 444-4 do ..
1500 N Penrui do idys... 8
600 .....51X 481 do
500 ....;5131 800 do 8
600 ÜBlon Onl 00. - .... 37N 10 kfliao.lll R go
4 retnna R.r as 100 Iteadhig R i5w0..27
3 Ifyinieb o s urg 11..,..:52X X 1510 GBeltd Bk
e.. e.. 11%
d 2 12 do 8N
5 do ...:42X 00 ONtlicionkith 1tk..1814
2 do 51 „Mk - do 1111(
20 N Rintnaß 8 16 Philada Bk 9811
10 da , 8 I
5 N Pima& R IX]
500 Reading R awn...2lX
1000 C&Arn R 811 , 70%.
500 Read 11 6s 4.11
1000 Lh Val R Be 14.... 84X
4 llinehill R 69
100 R
13 States 65 10.110 ,
Phil& Ws nit 0ff.83 653 i
" " RR.BS 806
g. N0w.92 93
Petnsylv 54....84 84X
Reading R 21 27K
de Bonds '7OlO 74
do Dirt &'{4.40
do do '86.63 66g
Poona RR 33% 38J(
Morris Oanl eon 40 43
liohn N 6a 82 60
PHILADELPHIA, Deoeisiber 24,1857
The Produce Markets have bead dull this week,
owing in twine measure to the holidays, and most
departments of Trade have been dull and builritios
much neglected. Birk has been more inquired
after. Breadstuffe have been dull under the u -
vices from Europe, and the transaotions have been
limited. Candles are in steady request at former
rates. Coal continues dull with but few orders for
shipment, the warm weather has restricted the de;
mind for horns consumption. Coffatria &Di. 13a-,
gar has slightly improved, but Molasses is quiet.
Cotton is unsettled. In Romp and Elides nothing
doing. The Iron market is depressed, and prim
are about nominal, Lead is also dull. Naval
Stores are quiet. Oils are unchanged. Plasterbi
scarce. Provisions meet a very limited inquiry,
and the tendency is downward. Rice has been
rather more inquired after. Cloverseed is in
steady demand at former rates. Tobacco and
Wool are inactive. In Dry Goods the tranesetions
have been of a very limited character, both among
the jobbing and commission houses. Cotton goods
generally maintain former rates, but for Woollens
prioeo rule low.
llhaensruvrs. foreign none has increased
the dullness already so apparent in this branch of
trade, and the prices of all kinds tend downward.
The emand for Flour /We our ,last: review bout
been limited both for shipment and home use, but
prices have undergone no quotable ehanms.• The
sales for export comprise about 4,000 bbls at 8,5 a
$5.50 for standard brands, $5.25 for extra, and
$5175a50 far extra family flour, including 500 bids
,Ohio extra, on terms kept private; the inquirY is
limited for the Supply of the retailers and bakers,.
within the range of the Ahern quotations. Rye
Flour and Corn Meal have been very inactive,
with small sales of the former at $4, and the latter
83 p_er bbl at which figures they are freelyetered.
Of Wheat, ,
the supplies have been.fattl,but the de
timed le only fot prime lets x at 'a decline on last
week's quotathins. o.her kinds befog bigleetad.
the sales foot up 171'18,000 bush at 1024112 e for in
ferior and prime red, and $1.10a51.30 for white,
chiefly at $1.124122 for the latter description.
Rye has been in demand, and taken on arrival at
7.5a700 fory'ennsylvanta. Corn 'hellbent in Tiede=
rata request, and about 25,000 bush were disposed
of at 50a50e for new yellow, according to dryness;
and 55a58e for white. Oats have been in fair re
quest, and sales of 10,000 bush Southern are re
ported at 330350, and Pennsylvania at 35a380 per
bushel, closing at the lowest figures.. Sales of
1.500 hash Barley Malt at $l, and 1,000 bush New
York Barley at 83c per bushel. which is a decline.
The inspections of Flour and Meal for the Ave
days ending Deo. 23, 1857, were
;Barrels of Superfine...
do Fine
do Middlings.
do Rye
do Corn Meal:
do Condemned
PROVISIONS.—The receipts are light, but the
transactions blue been limited, and the tendency
of prices is downward. Bolan sales'of Mesa Pork
of $16416.50 per barrel, and prime at $l5. City
peeked Mess Beef sells as wanted for ship stores at
$11417.50, which is a decline. Bacon is very
quiet, with but little to operate In. Small sales of
Hams at 11a13c, and Shoulders at 91e per Ito, on
time. treen meats aro coming forward rather
more freely, but there Is very little demand. Sales
of Hams at 9c, Sides at Be, and Shoulders et 61e3e
per lb, short time. Lard is in limited demand, but
prices are unchanged. Sales of barrels at 301a/Ole,
and kegs at Milne pet lb, each: Eutterbr drill at
last week's quotations. Sales of solliVplieked'at
12a13c, and roll at 16118 e per . lb, cash. New Tork
Cheese is selling at 9111103 per, lb.
GROCERIES —There has been a good inquiry
for Sugar, and holders have realised. an advance;
of fully lo per lb. on the closing ratesof last week.
Sales of 800 hhds Cuba at 6a71 ;mails, and some
Porto Rim of eafit cents en time.,The market for
Molasses is firmer, but there habwen verylittle
selling. Small:sales et -Orbs. Idgeoeiado et-23'
cents cash and abort time, 4%420 bbls New York
Syrup at D6a35 cents. lipanotion a small lot of
Cuba sold at 2210 cash. , Tbe ;Coffee market Is
firmer, but very quiet. and orts 7xBoo bags were
disposed of tit 914101 cents for Ma, and 11 cents
for Laguayra on time.
MSTALS.—The demand for Pig Iron continues
light, and prices are unsettled. We quote Anthra
cite at 1134525 per ton for No, 1 ; $21423 for No.
2, and S2oas22 for No. 3, cash and time, with
small sales at these figures. About 100 tons of the
latter sold on terms kept private. In Scotch Pig
no sales have come under our notice. Moo= ere
but little inquired after. Small sales of Charcoal
atlSl35 per ton 6 months. Bar Iron meets a limi
ted inquiry et former quotations. Lead is but
little inquired after, and no sales have been made
Public. For Copper the demand is limited, with
small sales of English Sheathing at 380, and 1,000
sheets yellow metal at 22c, 6 months.
Baer.—The receipts of Queroitron are light,
and the demand is better; No I wanted at $26 per
.4180,552 00
.. 91,623 75
.. 89,525,000
BesswAx.—There has been some inquiry, and
small lots of yellow sold at 2Te2 3 e cash .
OANDl,36.—Sperm are in limited reqaest at 42c
per lb. City manufactured Adamantine are steady,
and 1,000 boxes sold at 204210 psis, terms.
Colt, continues dull, with but few orders for
shipment in market, and the demand for home
consumption is limited. Prices, hoWever, remain
without change. The reeelpts are falling off.
p Corrow has been deal and unsettled, and salsa
of only about ISO bales are reported at irregular
rates, varying from 11 to 1310 per lb, cash. The
receipts and etooka ere small, but hilly equal for
the demand.
FEATHERS are dull, with smell sales of Western
at 43a400 per Ib, short time.
Faso continue very dull, and all the recent arri
vals have been stored. Setae have been confined
to small lots, from store, at 510411 per bbl for l's,
59.50 fur l's, and $9 fur 3's. Small sales of pickled
Herring at 33. 700 bbla sold (rem vessel at $3 50,
and Codfish at $3 2343.40 the 100 lbs.
Fntir.—The market isintose active; about one
half of a cargo of Messina Oranges and Lemons
has been disposed of from the wharf ou terms not
public. Raisins have been in good demand, with
further sales of 200 package at 52.2541 311 per
box, half, and quarter boles in proportion: 'The
demand for dried fruit has been better, but sup
plies come forward slowly. Small sales of Apples
at flail centp per lb., as in q uality , and Peaches
at Bal2 cents for unpaved quarters and 'halves.
Green Apples range from $2553.45 and Cranber
ries from s7alo per bbl., as in quality.
FREIGHTS—To Liverpool ore better; the asking
rates are 2s Oil per bbl. and 9d per bushel. some
Cloverseed was taken fqr 30s per ton to London;
258a308 are the asking figtires. Colliers meet a
limited inquiry at our last quotations. To New
York $1.23, Boston 52 if, Richmond, Va , St 80,
end Washington, 1) C., 91 Si) per ton.
Oussewi —Sales of Crude at 45117 cents, and
Clarified at 70 cents per lb, cash.
Grew.—There is no demand, and the sales have
been unimportant, without change in rate's.
haste—fs very quiet, but no changes bare come
under our notice.
Ilums—There bu been very little isquirT, and
the market continues dull and unsettled.
Hors—Are in steady demand, wiibout change
Small Wes of Eastern and Western at 7112 e per
lb, club.
LEATNEll.—Splaish wile and slaughter are
steady, but there has been very little inquiry for
the article
LIMBER —The demand bas been limited for all
descriptions, and prices are about nominal
NAVAL STORES --No 11(1103 of Rosin, Tar and
Pitch to alterquotations. A email lot of fine Rosin
cold at it Sidrita of Turpentine has declined,
and 150 barrels sold at 45eadila cash
()wt.—Lard Oil is scarce, with small sales of
winter at ssasl cash, and $1.05 60 days. Linseed
oil is better, and sells in a small way at 53.155 e.
A email .ale of fted oil at 60 teats clash, and Olive
oil at $l.lO. The sales of Fish oils are limitid at
former quotations.
PLASTKR.—The last sale was at $3 per ton,
RlCE.—Very little Inquiry. but prices are firmer.
Sales of ISO casks, In lots, at .$3.50153.75, cab and
$0 days.
SALT Is steady, and about 2,000 lacks !ine
has been sold en terms kept sacra:.
SEEDA.—There Is more demarid fur Clorerseed ;
400 bushels fair and prime quality eold at 45a
$5.25 ; 300 nags, to go out of the market, sold part
on terms not madepublio, and part it 55.50. In
Timothy nothing 4oivg. 450 busbete Flaxseed
sold at St 3 per bushel—an improvement.
SyjniTA.—Bpt little inquiry for Brand and
Gin, at previous qUotatlemb. New ppglimd
ranges from 3d to aft cents.
Whiikey has been in better demand, and prices
are well maintained. 4ales of barrels at 23124 e ;
hogsheads at 22a221c, and drudge at 21422 c per
TAl4.olti is 4rnier. &ales of country at cn, and
city atlabia per lb, cash.
Tres meet a limited inquiry, but prices are well
TonAcco.,--A steady demand for manufactured
but leaf is neglected.
WINES.—The sales bays been unimportant.
Wont..—Tbere is a firmer feeling to note, bat
the detband is limited, end only 20,000 lbs, mostly
palled, were disposed of at 25b380 per lb, cash end
BlompueNT To Da, lisag.--The Freeraseons of
New York propose to erect • mournent lii bons o
Pr, Kane,,,e straw peak of latmoolo beiah is the
park of the Cooper Institute, to lw of wh to mar
ble, of irregular slaps, With lbar tablets la the
base, appropriately ineeribell.
Val Bellamy, a negro, aged 110 years, died
in Hancock county, , ttoently. He was • nook
fur the American Troops stationed at Charleston
during the revolutionary war.
Henry Potter, judge of the United States
District Court of North Carolina, died at Fayette•
vino, In Oat atsco, oo Banda: last, aged 93.
100 Newlin It g5...17%
10 Commonw'th 8k..165r
2 Norristown B 54X
SU. Atka.
1801119092 prat 17g 17g
W +, l
& Mu AWL...
RlO 1 9 7 2
_de /st snort Vs G 7 99
do Sim 41 48
Long Island.... 93( lig
Vicksburg " tsg ' 7g
Girard Bank' ilig 9
Lehigh Rine yi; y i
Union Canal ' 8 4 .
New Creek % ii
Ogiwissa It Ls 5 6
r" 11 149
Wirsirruirr i o - Auielluzu4suudardiALDlWAiteir.. -
the Weeding Bkiek Byrd Boar Jollntee'r
Courtship?, !,"4
Mu. D. P. ikoriciete 'Markt? rung' Titgartg.-
"rho Blend flubj"-“ilsek Bottum PO al? Moak ” - “
Moment Away:. - or BAUD lip Linotigr
STRISTII.-"Oolden Eforuei-iiDoeibis Bedded Binoin.”
Mu. D.P. Boum' wain,' Smarr Ilium, R. B.
comma or Brun .L3D WALIII7I.-"The Your ate.
tern"- , The Lire Indisui'-uTheiling of the Met."
W11217/AVIS /Luz 8111il? Titursk, Yu% Bruns,
ABOYI &rm.-. The Loot Dips or Pompeii"--"ihrelen
Young Man." - -
Nalrucit. TRIMS, WAlailrf STRUT. Iran beam.
Putnam ; or, the iron Son of 'T6'". — .Seta Otau.F'
11.11/0/41'11 PIMA. Hon., Euvrioin 672/#l, Awn
CaSIMUT ,- -=lll Lib Illaattstal, aaimelaitnisith
a laugluble
Wourrtor's Aim - Bums' Ticisimit' The Lust
Days of Pompeii Lollop Bowan."
MIL - P.Boarpas' WAMIDT _Ferinr - ?s=izes
"TO Four Riders TM Lire Longa Mut
King of the
~kiladtlpiita Dry a:Ws Market.—The or der: sales, 'among - some of the jobbers, coatinna
vary Who', hilt the regular trade, directly with
buyers - , is remarkably fiatand unprofitable. The
amount of goods disputed of weekly is .ao meagre
that two or three good houses mild safely make a
contrast for-supplyiug-the. wantsettke_Peblievat
least fur the present. The merchants are looking
forward, with ranch interest; fur the developments
of but from the Intelligence they receive
from the west and `whithirett, the ehilloceff ler a 2
very heavy or lacratire. trade, ate rather gloomy:::
The remittances are by no Means ag, large as they
should be, and u the short credit - sYstem is to be
inaugurated at once, there appoint to be no hope
for hearydeniands for voila. Dealer's in the west
represent themselves as being rely • poor; that
they cannot realise sufficient from their crop of
cereals to pay their taxes, and until their taxes are
paid, storekeepers can expect no Money. This is
plain talk, yet It is.a plain feet. Ia other guar-.
tem the hog prop is not as large as it eta thought
it would bigMd prices arc much below those of a
yeai ago.
Its all departments of the trade time is a fair
supply of goods, except the articles we before men
tioned as having run short. These hare advaneed
considerably. The market may be said to - be.
very unsettled.
- .+l special :union in behalf of the Fifteenth
Ward Relief Association, will be delivered in the
Church of the Redemption, (Episcopal) N. W ear
ner of Twenty-second and Callewbill- streets. on
Sunday morning, by the Rev. fleorle W. Dur- -
letrow. It is hoped there will be a fail bows; and
&blubottle collection to' aisle!, in alleviating the
suffering poor of the Fifteenth. Ward. - Already
that Association has Wen instnunentid thintng
.vast deal of good, end we regret Se myr.ths
means of carrying on its operations during the
winter, are well nigh exhausted :- Theellisens of -
that ward, who can afford to do o,4l'odd - con
tribute 'liberally, and continue their interest in _
providing food for the destitue. Remember that, have been nsdueed to want, who were
always well provided for -until the recent rival
lion, and that we do not know - who will be the
next applicants for °lenity.
c'•stront - anti other
principalthctrougbfaree of tite.Aolt, eartainly_
Presented a lively and cheerful aspect last
evening. Never do we remember to have-_seen`
such stone or such throngs
of apparently-happy people atturned out of doors
to jolts in the street-fesdifithis' itf.Clulaittuts Eve. -
The boys wens nut liwthing in Carel* gbie—the
young girls and their beaux - tiree ce assn end
their wivse weye set, esCialfset. the Make ell/-
appeared to he taking an evening promenade The
weather was beautiful, and indicative' of a mild
Christmas day'- We trust that to all this day may
be pleasant and prottbilde;_antl that whollic-ntor
row comes roped, we may OM refreshed bight re
membrance 61' Merry qh!istaiss, ,:" and the
Up, of a Ileripp-Iterefear:'
liabert tittedad Mar
garet Leonard was emanated yesterdairniorning
by Alderman Enen, on.the charge of stealbv a
bog containing about WOO in gold sod direr be
longing to Jolor Walter; No. 1107 Jefferson st r eet,
Twentieth ward. The'. sieseed- was aoremitted.
The offender Is young, and about four 'smoky eines
she was eccommodatel witbeteropontrybeini at
the hospitable residence of Ma- W., ant on Wed= -
*Way, afternoon Mrs. W. went eittaiialtag the
house in charge of Margaret-, Euringliar diemee
the latter borrowed a shawl from a, neighbor, dole
the boi, and- was arrested lanerenbog in the et-,
deity of _Pannonia. She tried to grease herself
by saying UM- she.wait drunk, trk she Todd- not
hare committed the theft - -
Foustllisg.:—Abiut ton o'clock oo Wed
nesday night, a baby, not more thaw' law days,
old, was found en a door step an ter third
street, below Centre, Fifteenth ward;' It was
snugly stowed away In a new wino* basket, yid
well clothed, a red shawl being ea fixed Indite bot
tom of the basket, as to form a bed for The in-.
accent responsibility was token in abatis by
Mrs. reyorifia of the Pollee linettermat of that
iariray of Nails.--Darld Graharn, Ames
Young and John Lafferty ware •eonsmitted by Al
derman Rom yesterday morning, en the charge of
being coneerhed in the larceny of two innikuteet
nails, neighing about seventy pounds. The pra
party Iris taken from a: place near Ridge a - vemse
and Fifteenth street:. " - • „
Diatriinstiot of Bread lo the Poor.—We
learn that two Minna loses.* of broad min be
distributed to the poor it the Untraisalist drench.
Eighth street, above .Noble; tbia iaeintng at mho
Arrested.— At young man, giving the na m e
of J. Knorr, Tiros committed yesterday &Remain;
by Ahr Eaeg;bn the' chaise of selling sparks!"
tickets for the Northern Liberty Hose ben, end
for consigns swine' , under fags prOtenots.
NEW "1'09.11.. mmaxers.
' Dee 34 ; M:
novo, .-Tiedos market for , superfine' !WO.
may her quoted ashada bitter, with iralhaf we
Eastern dammed. - Priest far ether iinds.are
out important ohmage, while the .Irsalsetations am
only to a very Moderate extant' = - '
- Sales 8,000 bble. at 54.2544 30' fir common to
solid superfine State;
.$1.4041.61).f0r extra State;
$4.25a31.20 sor taper. I
for common to medium extra 010chigiutjeteliais,
Illinois, iraconsin sad Ohlo. - 'Fintseirket doable
Superfine Chmadien Flour is a shade better with
only • limited business ; sales 300 lath at 94.30 * $4.36 for superfine, and $4.60418 for extra.
In Soothers Flour there is not a graat deal do.
ing, and the market is without material alteration;
safes 1,100 bole at 94.75a55 for superithe, sad $3,10
a 55.70 for fancy sod extra. Inchtding 200 thin
Riehound City .Mills extra, on private term&
Rye Flour is lower sad dull; sales - 100 hila at
s3as4. Corn Meal is in moderato ?maw, Ant-Leos
in favor of the purchaser; tales 250 bble Jenny at
93.2041.30. Brandywine is held at s3.s and
puncheons at Sl7.
CANDLES.—We notice a limited, beelnesado.
at 19490 for Adamantine; 40•42 c far Plain, sad
50a520 for patent Sperm
liar.—Receipts moderate, and with a good as,
wand, the market rules 0n,,. Sates 500 bales
shipping at 36 •540 per 100 lbs.
idors are in rather better demand, but prices,
however, are without change.. Salton halal at 5
and So per lb.
Tays.—Common has advanced to SU, with sale,
to a fair extent. Ivan is nominal at $1.03. •
Rica.—There is no change worthy of notice, and
the business is limited at Sane per lb,
MOLASSES —No "material alteration in prices
and the demand is moderate; sales 100 bbls new
crop New - Orleans at 35,5.
SCOAR.—A steady market, with . sales to a mo
derate extent at about previous prices.
Tsxxow. 7 —The market oontlnaes Ina With a
light supply and a good demand. Sales 10,000 lbe
prime at 100. Rough Fat Le held at Bic.
RAIX.—Tie wheat market is dell and in favor'
of the purchaser. The demand is iddelly for tale
couramption sales of 9,000 bushels at $1.02 for.
Red Indiana; Ole for Bed Whottnala ; $1.17} for
inferior White Soathetu; 91.25 for wipe White
Michion ; and $1.35 for prime Whole Ken
By. is In demand at better prim: sales 4,000
bushels at Tptatto, afloat aid delinred•
barley and garle7Milt are possinall, the same.
The Coro market is steady with a fair demand for
export and home oonsamption, sales - 22 AI buslosli
at 00a624 for new intetWr to prim Piton' and
white Jersey mg Southern including shippin iota
Oats dell and bury at 2Sa36e for Butkus, 33a
.tae for Jersey, 42a4re for State, rad Oat& for
WHI3f6T—Is offered with extra freedom and is
lower ; sales 41:16 Ras ehole• West 2,k.
Ass cs—A knl.t market, will spell sales at $d
fot botb - Pote and Pearls
Corros.—The market IS Tarr dull and umlaut
at Sj amts. for ralddliat frpl”oi *ad 101 eta. far
New Orleans.
PeOvistoes The demand for Peak is { tibia
more settee. and the market elated with a shady
better feeling ; sales 400 OW at 815.5L041$ fo;
mesa, and $l3 IleSI3-5Q for prime. '
Beet rules eery heavy—ealea 200 Wart ss.'fba
;6 .50 for prime; 344 9 .15 for ditto mss 81.4
'512.50 for repacked mese, and 1134141 for extra
ditto. Beef hams hare again deellned. We hear
of sales of 50 Ma" at 113 50415, the latter price
for Chicago.
Prime Mess Beef is nominal at S I 9422 Brewed
Hoge are selling at ale, and very choice at 61e.
Pictled Meats steady. Sales of 39 hide at S u f i.
Shoulders, at SlaSte for Sams
Small urea short ribbed, city eat, Middies at flle.
Lard drooping; Wee 150 bbla at Wile, aid 11111
t o m it Ole. Butter has' slightly Meanee4, with
sales of Ohio at llarle, and 1440 e for State.
Cheese Is selling at 6aBle.
aloes.—The transactions are only to a limited
extent and
_prices are without material 'cheap;
sales 2,000 lilleboll Aynn at 20 cads, shed 1,000
Orinoco at 17 cents 26 months. This range for
Rio Orande slid Buenos Ayres is 19a20 retro City
Slaughter are Bening at Sieli cents gods.
LlUTlRR—Continued in good drawled at full
prices. The sales are largely in erase of the re:
ceipts. Hemlock is gaited at n0431 - teals, '44
Oak 24a3) cents per lb.
*F.IIr Ypax STOCK REC11414111—p140.24.
FIRST so4aß.
2000 Teo aBB '9O 82%1 10 Radio!! R R I?
20000119peoari de 79%1 40 Rri r e $
2001 Cal Tile ,- 61% ITI3 ' 'do e 3 14
1000 Tirainli Co 29 1r o ) di 13 18
5040 Erie Coa7 11 :V I do 4 15
00 111 Cea BS 651 35 do 14
4500 do 85 x 1 100 do 18%
3001 Lae& Mil LO 25 100 do Dl5O 13%
2600 GaldChie Wm 79 1 000 do D6O 19%
2700 Harlem Dm 61 Isola do AO 1$
60 Idereh'o , Bk Scrip 103 200 do 18%
10 Ocean Bank 76 ;100 do BD 19%
10 10.0e0Leother BIL 99% vo do 40 11%
25 Deld.Ru4 Cal 109% WI . do 19) 6
60 Penn Coal Co WO 69 100 do atm - 12%
TO Carob Coll 9% 10 Mr Calk Cie 11 N
20 Pacifie MSS Co C 6 10 do - 95%
41 , 8 Trost 99 60 do 20
10 GalACltle R 73% 50 de a6O 84
750 N T Con R e 74% NO Etadfag R e 53%
305 do e 74% 100 do • 1040 i 65%
1.1 , 4 de 46
"t 1 I' " 4) "
101 do MO 74,' 1 o .10 63%
do elO 14% 100 415 . 63 932
F 0 dp 149 Nig pq dp 1:4 d3,i
Od db . lad 74,1( •W do D3O 63%
20 do 1 , 3 14% UM do 10113 63%
60 do 71% 25 Mich SAN I K
1 23
60 do 40 14% 100 do c 20
38 Cble&R I R T 4 220 do alo
100 do a6O 74 100 do a 3 214 -
60 - de DSO 74 100 do 110 20%
50 do .30 73% UN do 14 NA
100 LiiCall 0 do it a 1.00
10% 1 74% l I ave& UN 1 pfd We 34,13
S 0 do N
30 • da. 202 IN Climatal I 2412 42
30 Mak= A 4% 300 do , -412 r
we. .d e - 459.140 - do-- - 4301-422‘
10 tiled Am B . illa do . - NV [I
N 049
Plumes a-Wlla ' SP 410 - = lep iic
.. , .