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:n4Vt,frgi4iiiiii'miidt' or oil t , ihiado ii,4tiy to 'a.
,repageation of tlm,speepoli„of Senator 11ono
-I.l;r4aln. , Senate of Abe' ifilited States, on
.;• lfrOooy:,last. : cOnOal and-lerer
,wbelining in its Ingle, and may well be said to
im:unanswerable. Every friend Of the Icansaa
', 40454 and of the friend
will of .the majority shall rifle r will find theie
'cifeAt - . PrinaiPle a lucidly , expounded , •by
alEiteimFkivh6:4B never yet . faltered in the
_'Extra copies of the *pooh can lito
obtoine(Uat Ns office.
'Europa, mail-steaiser frrati,,plimrio
ofthe 2l3tit, ult.. is now fully due,Madlletil-.
telligence , onght to have been_ reporteTfroin
`ere, this.' - ,Typ to the leini,rif tectnk to
press nothing has beenheard of , or from
`....;7litini:wrs by this steamer yrilrtuli three days
:Xater;an4 prohablyjnellide the eeeteetl
• :of another Overland Indian mail. The expec
- - commercial circles of New'York
that badmen's marbe expected fromßngland,
' , :and, it 4W doubted,whether $5,000,000
, "Nlined tp'Aigt44l4,tr GNO, Prison - sr & • Co. 'would'
• autrietintl6 carry. that ,hOnse Into smooth
Water: - " " , -we
v; • Tar:
`pc; fitYink 4 . ,p - coaitiott,of 'hostiffiy,.tO the
7 oAratOtor , lfirtority gonvention, .ind• in tnip
•:,jcitirietit4"„Areet. prbielple . 4hatpo majority;'
,:iholtlOttli, we are proud Ito, k4w, ,that, lye;'.
14 - iretensteined - -byvilaerwholtuidtpublie son
'3lrk.zilvel:Ortle:orlidied:. to, Yidliere
lv,averiuglp:to our. position .f.ilrto Democratic
-The ~A ttiorieau
;t)104 , #44 , 540%0 of
?.pepltlei , so'verelgety'in its moist enlarged : : and
r, - ;)ili - eiiikiip4aviA.,thei:nalliet?.. to - it 'is
;ley OtedWitkibisoic4344,4B - eieiefeei . :
", Letfore ;pour` in upon us dglly Wirittroolo
eriirig<Certilq% that the heiitte - Of the Demo:*
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‘. - .c " 'B4+Ello , :rlt(q - itidialla Cid, 'rd..; 1)66:1. '-
1 •yetinit tdeto say that lintiatialghtforyard and.
''''lndeplendenteonEtte'lit , telattontelhe meant 'ditg
-1 ' - 'oultindin Kellam ale 'highly nOteiritd In Ditiryielnl Ey ,
',` =liy 511140 itielabeie or-thilfDelnooiettei*paity - I -
. . , ~ - 1.0ft5,11,1/811, Deeplib'erg; 1857,
- : -',X . see tha 'a . paper in • Phi oityleansfers to its
• itittele, taken fv3m"the,Unien ~Argas,
,publiehed at this plasm, and endtikiint to done - tine
~its ideal** into an otidarsotaent dr,ita,own anti ,
; .7. Waid i pesitioned the ifneseeConetittitiongnesfion:
.' . . i ff thaniisnitin*question farnishefany.labmfott or
eatlielatiotite She paper referred;; p;, let. - 1(, by ail
~.,,,n i iv . Arito it au ? : .: lt.Ounpt lief but kiionr that
~ „qt. g:reselystbri,epreientSAie will e ; the holiest De
,„ yeeenuiyof rettneykrantimatinilmakilleting anise
, Lit,scies„ilt tolnirstre.on Slits Kattemi-Dalhonn freed.
t,:„.7,14,5:353 it ,understOod 'and remotehered that the
t ‘ ailaele'refoired;to does not ,iiiidloate tlietalbeen
i I ,,,DolartitiaD,on ;. and 'did' it, 'it :would not tefleot
, 4 .4 „Thilinignents of the 'Detnooraoy, Of Union' county
- • hirttnicans;:foi. the 'Doineerats, of . Chia sestina
,;,7, ,ot-t, ...,544:-.,0 , 4 *thinsetie in their opposition to
- litialast'Kansasswindle—this tedeeiable expedient
~,;: fel liaii*lng, the eciipreign people, and tatting
- ,:isitliithe wilier theniajoilty. '" - . ' • ' -
1. , ' ~': You scuds lewalsipprojed ty all our con
; miestito iPtinnikeietee, ittseas, and,_ above; alt by'
. : theThitieeidef hateen elsewbete. 'lt is genets:Hy
.;:holleired • here - that. the. noble ate 4" eon:mending
~, ady n erai - Position' taken Iby Judge Dangles, Will
-*;Seal the - fate of this "dol46terltiaileci li,:susas euchre
. giYn.6
Nor. 30.
Alloyi mo to add "that'as to the Koinal! Coninity.
,thitt you aro' in m'y'vlowligltt.,;"
- newton:mow, pa., Dee. 2. '
I - cordially_endorie - your views on popular
vereignty t and the majority rule prinoiple in Kau-
Havtng taken an active, part 'jn the Frai
-1 dential campaign of l 856; I Well xpealleet that it
; ' vikconduoted upon the basis of an nereserved ad;
hererico' to, those great prinaiples, ded . thus only
s'Vfet this State; and I believe the Unimi, - saved. I
hene:, , those, pledges will be fully redeemed., it
'.,,they are not, it does not require the eyes of a stateeL,
, rean,tn,sen that'the Northern 'Demoomey will be'
;,utterly' annihilated., As far as I hoe conversed
with thnpeople, this opiniop Is universal. ;
. ,
. / ,`Anetliei corresponent" from the tune . Once
• ; :writ es:
of Vemeerets here look pp with'pride
-.10 the position' taken, by.yon Oh the, current
:;loos of the;und partreutur/y,toti, 4 yOut4lows
tile Rousse question. . ;
• ;` '' ' du l iKiirrow4 Ditl fa. 0 ,
Sqtaingovernor•Walk , or, 4134_1407 na_guartor
the: hopeDanyention thtPliitator
invare.righl -and* adettiYe.
e „ ; " ?IV : candid third/J*lg publip,'• hero ii 1111.10; your.
"/„, on fife' Xingu ilooettOn, Ond• wartelpetme
: ind - ,You for oustaining.Governar Walker and; the
trii.O - Prineipleir of tho'Kanatta-Nolges4 dot:,
i ; 24liNry*, - Allezhenz,Oo f , Deo; T.
Your on the Xantieutquebeti tneete 'the'
Deinooratir tea region - , arid
• ' 8-P r YlirPt. ' r - Ana
eve.ryiihere, who ap rove o o eonra
'" "roiniessof Geyer:lei:WM Ip.Kitniaa, and hope
.I'll 4 pipxyathliantitalued,' Ire are not tainted 'pith
i';11-::yigeletzoti 'that of the . Demi,- I
' crAt 4 o, bat 9 . 41,y,,,100k to the Just and
Setts 0 0 0 404; 80 0.` - -
A, EON CO., Va., Dee. 2.
• - tr' te'from Piing'
h, a're.ool,lll•7"a"n'exi t '
, regard tOnanitaaaff .,
,nlro a., 2
~'approbation, and I desire. to see your paper careu,,,
iata td this State, , , • - I
- -
. •
„. :;', --, , . , , . HunsON,(thio, Deo, 7'.
~7 . , ..-, ; tour position,upon the lath Ante of gamine of- '
i 'felts
„-i. ektrolaibiknow . ii- to every Delhoprat In:the
~,., glen,: end Wherever known
.wilLoonunana 1 the
45 eirfulland'untweitgting support of-the niateeeof
1,,,,' A ..e..DiPlocrMY,:”. -.: 7 • . • ,
4 -tArrk!soito; ~Buctrs Coitrr, ea.
I like your eourseetrEassaielfeirs.i .1 consider
ikvelYttenicantrinkerty , pernocritie , jeurnal to de-•
F , '• 1 " - seri Ciovv - Walkerz.2l,
Ibrate one hot More evident' than another,
;Stitt thie . :l(lovernbelfalker pledged hiniself to the
l people o f Ransse that the Constitution - should be
• venbocitted - UPthent•for rejection:
.. ,, --;4otheirrtise, - „he,..Wauld , joint them. In • riisisting
4 , inifiptioli - bY , Cotsgress. , sNovv,4 'do , not, know of a
journal?-at the- North bat= What' ap
:proved of his comae, and eulogized him on account
strenuoilvextittfOila he was making to re,
-- store Irene ,to that distracted Territory. 'Even
citEe - AdeiirestrationM its sllenee,oonsented to the
l'ooreirdethetneeh °evertor Walker and the people
But itansungithle-all-to , one side, planting one's
relf fairly Aelfansas-Nebraaka act, what kind
of libertpathill, 6f,ltiky ni` u'vpit what kind of in.
stitntithis they will elect to live, *ben their agents
-do their work and wilt - not allow them to judge
whethar Ills done - sight ?' Has I tWome to this, that
-- there are no institutions it) Kansas but:l.oo4om or
slavery? • lf . the people's ,agents could not - speak
• satberitittivelyfoi , them on the ipieithe ol"freortom
Jo bot‘tta presoMpticdirresistiblbithat
Ahem - wore other questions of tahislitritional, law
• • ',Wherein they-would fell gife satisfaction?
The, free• State `party oommithd Mender when
they , ,msde ktiewn• their programme 1 n-
'And prikilaltand. that it was their tuittled'Poliey . to
reject The: proposed Conititution under
„any cm
.' querstancee.: , Eutiight is right ; and, there Ism°
- c , burselio [alias that of trusting - the people, The
• • - harmer iriwhiCh the retirris Of the eleothnito bs
holden on thd2ttt of Denemher are to Jie'reade,
taken in conneolleti With other 'frauds against the
I ;
Tights rthe people, ban a very suspicious appear
--' -
1. ,-,'
,IfYrdnitbefomersetiPs,),Delootirat.) .
_ , c •-,..
t,, ~. ,Tie; , Kansa, ,COMITA L TuTION4.--48, ILItYC Ma-
, ,„: "deemed. froth the:4o, and shall continual° dope
~. 7„Ventri,.Wakterepte„udide, by 'either partrinithe
..: Territery,of Kansas; to nuttily the great prinalpie 1
'' ' ' - : - of poiallar_SOVereigati 'enunciated in the ipustes.
'''''lietireaka O iali',:prle 'kindle - 4m majority Ont . of
' - '"thelf JeSt eighfa: 'loth' part* in 'that Terrlbidy>
-: 'Mitre mieralitin 'Wide - atteratited to do s,o „Ant I- its
regent ConstitntionalConvention his' - again Nee.
•V'-ei ''*lad-to do the' smile thing' *Hie e.' high . liandi
i' " ' ' 'TfteVhive;litiAlre'it vie - laded of that orioeipie,
refused to submit the Constituthin to a ^rota 111
?',J.. , the: peopleilndz teduire , that it shall' be adopted'
4 - .. :.., whether it speaks the , will of the majoritl or eat—
oily permitting mi expression of epic:l:Miler and
agamet slavery, end that in OIEOtt an. ohjoetionablii
form as tp make it a matterot douht s whether aby. , .
, r-. A ..I,lkii m lik e a felt • exprortioe of the. popular, liens,
''Xiainrieuld be had lon at olNiesion..: Thiele not
'- 7 L''tini - epirit an Intent= of their organie act, and ,
‘ ' . 2- 131toniii Mot; and we tifealy trust will noti be coun
t• ~ fientufeall Cdtigreesvihen aPplietithin is made for
-,-.."admissien in" the 'Union, fat' inao event' den the
,' '' , '.'lltOp'.6 Ibtii down that Ceratittitten)heineverohnox. ,
' ; ions - Wrig be. -,: They are throrromed tolarallow it i
' 'aafif tinedavery taimption, lirhetUr- thq 'approve
,I , it ormot ; and, instead of being eleMiedoM destgned
' by Ahem , organie net,-with supreme, sovereignty,
• ---*'. h - te 10 ''' -is I 'Of h. a
„t• : , t o,y,are , ,
.e mere pappe ,n ; e . an_e ea
• , i -3 - - boß,Oriribe2Who , received 'thee 7atotity from
:, 2 ,',:thein, mid iiiikne'vrelaMe to he's hi r au th ority.
-,,: . 1., , Threuglitith,lMOidel 01144 the roe-State men,
i - f,
, 2 14 St spriog,c in .refasing to tee pait in I.lllidootion
- ' 'fid. delegates to, Cie Conittlationel CenVegieri r the
',„protaloyery men obtainalleoionlete eontrot of that
- , Y,, , and we M dint P Bee tho..frarti3Of fpol 014.
.-.. , 1..:: as atteiniitdo - three the -*Tie I. Lath - the itriproval
:, ..,. of 16 , `:OnstItution,-, - wheiher 'it de. adeeptablo to
5:1 - •thseelor.tio_ ,_t.:!' The friends of theilandrinientel
..' , TLE , piinelpteienabodied- In. the' Kaneas-Nebrafice feet
- : lettheotdeedt itiolated, wititireptuaity. -. The pee
, 'pie of Kansas must be permitted to iffaate their
2 - 2 ? . 2 !o7sa 2 2thruanstielps • utions„itk theiVetviriraY; and
`.- *4.00 quoilly'eliqi!, eveihuldictired orope 'upon
.allot” lap .449 1 . 1. , wA:L.A. r ihAtitre bu r nt.
-,:e'f,:gl4 l - .. 1 . 4 1,..0 1 T44 )1V , ./.. : 44 1 / 1 4 .v0.t 3 ) 14 94....r.40.,
~.„..,10 .I,ls.,s t y tv a.wm. r . th
.P. 2 . 14 .1 1 1 4403. *heti
. -' .iiv_ore la toll a en, we eve eeelideete_p, ..., . •
' • pep that - she wittfiefer,the wholu,thetteaae 2 de
... 4 n ,Introllifffiro94o.ltiftitiorfk , tobititirtito of '
- ust . -- A'llitildoipthoir ointiltioAto#opOiubjooVolOrto,tho; I
. - :-.,)Canetitution Ofelled,,,.ropriew r 1
oppa i gre i g timootimrlir4titiparjyat.
-A"-42.greaiiii:it$Vgatlid 31: T., ,
tenet: ' -:',,•:;';'-,-; ''-',„ 2- '.' 2. • '',', - .. 4- :„‘ , r -- ' ,, ',-
2 0'
.tfif i ifrekihtkitiAlifiVici*Aii*it i ti*i''' -r 'Ti.;;
pa , 11/. jam JS Va'Xiiiik46kosii,
,'..• 2 ;111-rereark ltaVPaaltionX4. rtenienarodlaw
' ~, ow the, pioneer pfAkoToootiotiiikritiom eon
- - - ititatigllefinyolitloillitt, have learned what
~.,, 2 ,:iliat peidtiOit is., -1 1.Intil hie ,d'ilige la witually de.
" : 14 104 1#V."F# 161. Cqtila l f 49191 TOW it , Oil
contain. While we are ~ free to -confess to
some fears on this subjeat;tyeti we have strong
hopes that ho uttlillettye :Abe' matter in
each ehapo that Congress will have the en
tire disposal of it, uninfluented bY,arl eifireg'
don of opinion by,idm..l. - 41is a ; question alone
for Congress, and when theleiompton Constitu
tion comes before that body we cannot doubt its
fate. It will bo rejected—thrown out with indig
nation and worn. The great principle of " popu
lar sovereignty'.' has not only been attempted to bo
abridged, but to be actually violated, and that at
the hands of professed, friends in Kansas, to whom
it was - . intrusted. je our issue—week before
last—we stated that although the people of
llahstirhad been denied the right of voting
for or against tho,Constitation under whioh
they werele live; yet that the shivery question
littd been fully, and;.. as we supposed, fairly sub
'milted to' them. But, - Since then, we have re
eared the Constitution, and find that oven that
'question -has' not,b4ien so submitted. But even if
it Were, that is no apoidgy . or OiCUSO for violating
the prinoiple'ef
,theßanscts.blebreeka Ad. Popu
lar. sovereignty inibraoes 'more than the mere
questionef slavery. It was not Intended to con
fine ft to that alone.
Trifles are said to make up the sum of human
enjoyment or human misery. Even such an
InidgniffiCaitt matter as sealing-wax may hive
A decided influence on a man's happiness. We
are told the Postmaster of San Francisco has
given notice that many, letters arrive at his
• office from, the Atlantic States via Panama,
which ate found adhering so closely together
by sealing-was, that ft is , impossible to separate
them without mutilating, and in many cases
entirely destroying, the addresses.
It has been suggested that, , letters for Cali
fornia and other parts of the Pacific coast,
via the Isthmus of Panama, should not be
sealed with wax. If the - adhesive stuff on our
envelopes (simply a solution of gum-arabic)
be the only protection, letter-writers lean on a
reed indeed, for, on being damped or steamed
such envelopes can readily be opened,without,
any trace of the perfidy, and can as ea.sily be
re-closed. Sealing-wax, in addition to the
gummed edger! , of the envelope, is the only
security, There iongli as been manufactured
biEngland a pirticular sealing-wait, specially,
I used for, letters for India; which has the, ad
vantage of not being softened by ordinary
heat, certainty not by any atmosplierie heat.
Such a boon as this sealing-wax. 'would be
appreciated, 'no doubt, by—the ladies. Nor
by them aline, inft by-au who confide' secrets
fo .ftmisaitti, or 411t,eilged,and ;communicate
coft nothings by
,of the post-office.
that'estS.blishmiUt, eve know,, aSsilsts, "` '
- "The soft intercourse of soul to soul,
, And•wafts iseigh.frout - Indleirlo the Polo."
'Pitney thentischinf:Whfelt May aPrin4 . from
111e0410 - nejetrifer;liereited letters adhering te
kdthe,r;il4lltudfritotseparated without matild
thatn gentlemap had c; popped
'the question" in a-letter p.that the fair one re-'
plied...“ 3 will .not;" that the mutilation tore
away.: the. fatal negative ; and that, viewing
the'replir pa' affirm - ativs, - the , lover sought the
lady and atind her starting on a honey-moon
.with somebody else ! The bare pfig,sibility of
as this makes us shudder, and
teuipts mato ask : Will not.some one import
or manufacture sealing-wax warranted not to
Ma. Manarialm's 13Exam.—This evening, the
hist of Mr': Marshall's season at the Walnut Street
Theatre, he will take a benefit. The performances
include,,wilt , Sperry's comedy of " Extremes"
(with songs 'and dances), and the second act of
‘, The Enchantress," with the cymbal dance.
Among the performers who will assist on this own
sion;may be mentioned, Miss Etchings. Mrs. John
Sefton, Mrs. Silsbee, Mr. Etchings, Mr. Chapman,
Mr. Showell, and Mr. Daly. As Mr. Marshall has
fought the theatrical battle, this season, with bet
hope than fortune—mainly, indeed, for the sake
of the many persons who depend on the theatre
for their support—he deserves, and we do hope be
may receive, what will indeed be a substantial
benefit'to him. Every seat in the Walnut Street
Theatre ought to bo filled on this occasion. Mr.
Marshall has been liberal on all oceasions, publio
or private, on which the gratuitous use of his
Theatre could he benefistal, and the publio ought
to acknowledge the obligation, now, in the most
sttbstanttal manner. , We expect to see a crowded
and brilliant house to-nlght.
• 'ARCH STREW? TnEATB3.—Mr. 0. S. Leland's
new play, in rehearsal here, is pn titled "The Pelee
and the True." On Tuesday evening, that able
-artist ane, excellent gentleman, Mr. Thayer, will
take a benefit here. Me will give the comedy of
'" Speed the Plough," with " The Carpenter of
Rouen" es an afterpiece, Mr. Thayer is each an
established and deserved favorite, that the mere
annonneeteent of hie appeal to his friends, the
Dahlia, will certainly draw a great number of them
around him.
ISITIONAL TnEATEE.—There is to bo en after
noon performance toreto-day. In the evening, in
addition 'te . the' rinadrptaidal 'performances, the
&an:MO° 'pieee called ,"Putnam" will bo pro
duood, with Mr. It. Johnston; formerly of the New
York Bowery- Theatre, as " Oneactah," the In
- dinn.
The Ronzant Troupe will re-appear at the Aca
demy of Music on Monday evening. The prices of
admission are reduced to fiity . and twenty-five
6ents. •
S, .M/SS .711iTANA MAY'S CONCERT.—WO are in
formed that Mis s May, who lately returned to this
'country, after completing her musical education in
Italy, and his appeared, with marked success,
before large' and initial audiences in New York,
Washington, and Baltimore, intends giving a con
cert in this city, at the Musical Fund Ball, next
'Friday evening. She will sing English as well as
Italiunmusie, and wits be assisted by Signor Tibi
rini, the tenor (on his return from South America);
Signor-Morello, baritone, and Mr. Harry Sander
son, the pianist, this being his first public appear-
Vice In this, bii native city. It is known that Miss
May fp highly connected in Washington, and that
not any pecuniary Neoesnity, but high aspirations
for tame, with a naturally fine musical organiza
tion, has induced her to aim at the difficult dis
tinetioned becoming a world-famous prima donna.
11111,Xt AL.
, The concert given at the Academy of Idusic, last
evening, for the benefit of the St. John's Orphan
Asylum, was most ,successful—the horse being
crowded in every part. The Misses Heron, who
kindly volunteered ,their services, wore the prin.
'iftpOttreetion. These young ladies, who are
widely, known as talented vocalists, and deservedly
popitlar in this their native city, appeared for the
-first time on the boards of the Academy, and were
Most enthusiastically greeted. They possess voices
,of tesepeasing power and sweetness, and the manner
in which they eaguitted themselves on this occasion
gave additional assurance that they will both ere
long ocettO r Prominent and enviable positions in .
,mueleal world. ~We, particUlarly noticed the
rendition of "A foree',p 111 W! from Traviata, by
Miss Agnes Heron, which was exceedingly fine, as
WAS , also the drinking song (Libiamo) from the
f 4 nue 'Plieri;which, else sang in an encore.
Mis 4 Fanny fferen sang a covetina from the
Opera of Baffo with, great effect, and was ,enthu
siestically encored- when eho sang the drinking
song from Lucretia Borgia. This song completely
carried" the audience; who evinced their gratifica:
tion in loud bursts of aPplense. These young
ladles merit all the commendation we have heard
tiestswed on them. We understand they intend
giiing a - ,Concert shortly at the Musical Fund
A terrible tragedy was enacted at Ncatsville,
Adair county, Indiana, recently. It appears, that.
a. r ßAdmmukeesteralweuter, at4leativille, had
oloioatal - report against a party of men,ono of
whom waste young was, named Kr, Whetter, the
eon of.!a highly respectabloeitioni, that they were
counterfeiters. 2holeard of this, Ond laid as plan
totiecoy Redmond front his home and murder him.
Mr, W horter divulged this to. Redmond. Oa Fri
day the party made an- , .attack on Redmond cad
his friends in Nentsville, among whom was Red
mond's. eon and Mr..Whorter. Nearly fifty shots
were Axed- The elder Redmond was that through
the heart and instantly killed. Mr. Whorter was
.shot in the book of the heed, and it it thought
cannot recover. The affair has created a tremen
dous excitement.
Wmi Allmon ,was tried recently in Beaufort
county, N. 0., for bigam,y; he *having married a
wife in that State When he had another living In
Efampton, Va. This ease 'excited agood deal of
'sympathy, owing to certain mitigating einem
stances ; yet be was convicted, sentenced to re
ceive thirty-nine lashes, to be imprisoned one day,
and appearance at
on his personal recognizance for
hit appearance at the next court, then to be branded
on the left cheek with the letter B in presence of
the court, and to receive smother thirty-nine
lathes. Et it hardly to ho supposed that he will
appear at the next court.
M _
_ r. Thomas Scattergood, of Brown's Mills,
N. J., lost foot fine mules recently in the follow
ing singular manner : One of .his men emptied
some pickle in the yard, when the mules cow-
Menotti Baking it tir, and3lis doing so, eat a large
of sand. ) whieh ceased their 'death. They
died in greatsigony, in less then a - week after
ward:. 'One of them was opened, and ebony 'three'
quarts of sand was taken frown Its stomach. These
mules wore valued atilve'handred,dollant.
In nrdentis 'exhibit ths_ifeht, lincline widdh
ks,i;takin' illiVeto Within, tWoi loileiti, in ihe ittlini Of
601-porfilbnitodke hi" that bity;;lhe. Balton rratv
*I lAsAilliti-lin,eirletnife t tili'nejoilidied anti
If vitoutipix 41611stioSit'the eitsflor,fieriod, which
A attic' deklineirfottylikintend' dellitb. The
1 ,-; miki. pretatioAlta:'Onirliy,,i6l/3gloilarally
:( , tiktle *, Ilfipilo o f 51 uillien,of,dollars
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, if;fe aibyl,
~ I Obtacll/141,9P4fr
4• .. 1.-4(,.. IC. r 0 i uallyThi the'
al . ~i *- -.,-,-, 14 ~,,, i , 1,,.. ~ - , •- • ,
, fikc,...a0.044 1-IY4trillitao/4:44n , ,Goings; free
--,. , , OE4O 1 11 1 68011141110 ed for, Wilier In the first
elit go lastesolftiet_utitbe- Circuit Court of
100 1 1 1 1 6.10114 - 4was-teealvad by the clerk
.1101ruililourtfaratioaday last. Ile is to be
t'P i
', -„,,, il-Yrlast;:- the 16th day of January next.
'L'A4l,lsloking3iftittr t dole-place iit•Ciuieyvillo,
Union ciiirity, - Illiiiitils,'On -the morning of the 27th
ult.; between John Hall and Dr. Norwell Taylor,
Which resulted In the Immediate death or the
letter. An old isradge is said to have been the
0011001 the dlitlaulty.
iocom i l asiuriatoN.
Important Intelligence from , Utah—Report of
Colonel Johnston to General Scott—A Pro
tracted War Inevitable.
Mummr" December 11,1857
The following important report from Utah PM
received here to-day :
Ileausgraitnine Ann' UTAU. SOU TIT PASS,
en route TO SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 18, 1857.
DEAn Bin : Accompanying this communication
I received your two letters from Colonel ALEXAX.
non, the commander at present of the Main leidy
of the army of Utah. In his letter of Bth of Oc
tober, Colonel ALEXANDER questions, by the hesi
tation with which he assumes his right to
exercise fully all the duties of commander,
but hie authority to exercise them without
restriction is clearly granted by the 62d arti-
Me of war. Moreover, general orders, No. 12,
head quarters of the army, specially direct who
shall command in the absence of General Han-
Noy, and suMoiently explains the. objects of the
expedition; but no question for the decision of the
commander, under his ordinary military duties
could arise before the arrival Of Governor COR
IUM Misapprehending the, authority with which
he is invested by law and the orders of the Gene
ralain-ebief, that portion 'of his letter respecting
command would be, if ho wore correct In hie view
of hie own position, a merited reflection upon his
superiors, and it is therefore that I have advert
ed to it.
Pursuing hie design indicated in his letter of
October Bth, he, you will /earn from his letter of
October 14th, has advanced up Ham's Fork of
Green river thirty-five' miles. above the atoning,
and there directs the movements to be made by his
own immediate command, and the troops in his
from erroneous sup-
rear to fuse ajenotion - ,
positionswould be wholly impracticable.
First, ho evidently. believes that Colonel SMITH,
°stetting tberousainder of the supply trains, in
all alMht nine, including three settler's trains, is
advancing on the lilt:Mei 'load, or out olf, with the
foreinamettin Conoral HARNEY'S order of Au
gust 18th, andef coursohne not received the oeun,
termand of that order. Ito assumes that the oom
„Maud hi the roar is capable of a more rapid
movement than hie own, anti therefore, after wait
ing one day at the point indicated, will resume his
'march.' In this also Ito would have been distil).
pointed, as the trains in the roar, suffering from
fatigue and scarcity of sustenance, and without
horses, which the teams with him have had, could
not overtake him.'
'These r are the facto, and if known by Colonel
At,exopprt, his disposition, as determined in his
letter of:October Bth, wou!4 have been wholly dif
ferent. ,Col. Sutra is here at this clamp with 50
memof his regiment. I overtook him the day be
fore yesterday (the 16th inst.) about twenty miles
east of this, and have added my escort, ilfteen
dismounted, dragoons, to his force. Lieutenant
Snout, in command of a squadron of dragoons,
and fifty of the 10th Infantry—a force of about two
hundred men-an:my be oefeeted hero in three or
four days. He is aware of the necessity of prompt
neee, and lam sure will lose no time. Mr. Wit
matt lifeatcam, superintendent South Pass wagon
road, with a patriotism highly creditable to him,
placed et the disposition of the Government as
many employees ee will yolunteer. He thinks
fifty or sixty will organize, and I have weed to
accept their sortie°, and have them mustered in
I for 3or 6 Months, as they may select, and he has
also leadmed 15 good teams of mules and wagons
which I have also accepted, and directed them to bo
received Ph- common delivery. Feersupply trains
oontairdne pleating, of which the troops now in
advance, Zam informed, begin to need, ordnance,
medical, and subsistence stores, are still in ,the
rear, and may be ogpectod in two or three
days. The ' storm of last night may have
destroyed mome of their oxen, and en that
account there may be more delay then I
estimated. Eleven mules of Col. Surrn's train
perished from cold last night. The thermometer
this morning at remise was at sisteen degrees
above zero. The sky is now clear, end the thora
mometer, at one o'clock, stands at thirlysfour de
grees, and the small quantity of snow which foil
during the night is melting, so the animals
can graze fully. lem thus minute that the resents
for the order transmitted to Colonel ALEXANDER
yesterday morning herewith may be fully com
prehended. His intended movement, if met
with opposition, world have so retarded his
march as to have made it impeeetienble, and
would have probably so entangled hint in tine
midst of'the deep snow of the Fork of the Bear
River, which I understand never fails to tall there,
and usually early in the season, as to place him be
yond the means of extrication. Our most potent
enemy at present is the snow, and constitutes at
present our chief embarrassment.
The mew:went of Colonel ALEXANDER, for the
reasons I hate mentioned, and of which he could
not be apprised, would have separated hind from
supplies indispensable to the comfort and safety of
the army, and deprived him of the assistance of
the force which will hi concentrated here in a few
days, which, however small, being partly of caval
ry, is of vital Importance.
• In ordering Colonel Atm:rta:Den to the mouth
of Fontonollo croak—a position about thirty miles
from his camp, on Ham's Fork—l did co with the
design of making a junction practicable. It is
about seventy miles honee, and he can reach it by
a good road, and without any danger of surprise.
There is there an abundance of grass, and it is the
point from which I can reach the region I
intended Ito occupy this winter, without risking
the loss of our animals. (As soon as the snow falls
auffieientlyon Green river to prevent the burning
of the grass, I will marsh to Henry's Fork, and
occupy that valley during the winter. It is a
commanding pbsition, and accessible two months
earlier for reinforcements and supplies by Che
yenne Paso than any other, and will enable um to
march to Fort -Bridger, and on the most direct
route to Salt Lake, as soon as practioahla in the
prime. At this position, also, Colonel COOKE can
join, which I still entertain the hope ho will be
able to do.
I greatly regret that the impossibility of eon
centrating the troops destined for this service and
their supplies, will prevent a forward movement
before spring. It is now manifest that before the
force can be united the autumn will be too far ad
vanced to move with a probability of success,
though not opposed by the itformons.
You are already apprised by the proclamation
of Baletatal YOUNOan— his letter to Col.
DER, which transmitted on the 15th Inst•, of
the political attitude SUMO by the Mormons,
and the resistance they meditate to the just au
thority the Government desires to nacre;so in that
Territory, and the General-in-Chief no doubt hue
already considered tho necessity of a conquest
of these traitorous people, arid has estimated the
force necessary to aceomp,i4 the object, with a
fall view of the whole subject before him. Ills
great experience would not be henefitted by any
suggestions of mine. I will, however, mention that
unless a largo force is sent hero, from the nature of
the country, a protracted war on' their part Is In
evitable. The great distance front our stores of
supply makes it impracticable to operate with a
small force.
It, la fact; requires the employm sat of rush forge
to guard numerous trains of supplies, leaving but
a small portion, if any, for offensive operations.
A movement of troops from California, Oregon, and
by this route, would terminate a war with the
Mormons speedily and more economically, than if
attempted -by Insufficient means. 'This ground
was taken in the Washington letter of Tne PRESS
some days ego :- 7 1.4?„ PRES SA
In five or six days I . think we will have all the
tome available here for %forte aril movement. By
that thee the trains will all l) 'They should
a bott,berstsoteseia In twelve clays from this time I
expect to join Col. Abe:tato:ma ct or near Fonte
' netts Creek. Tho General May be nesured that
no retrograde movement will be made by this forte.
, With great respect, youropedient servant, -
4. B..TotisaToN,
Colonel Second Cavalry,
Commanding Om Arley for Utah.
Major Inwtn AfcDowst.r., Assistant Adjutant
General, Headquarters Arm', New York eity.
The weekly report of the Treasurer of the
United States, for the week ending 7th December;
shows these facts:
Balance subject to draft at that date. 115,069,026 001
Amount of receipts 602,473 81
Drafts returned paid r.. 1,013,141 40
69 : 05 Redtetion:e eeevions report...,
Astatng ra:erhmjtstreehNhere:lonitogßy j. ; AtxEnheaarrv.aio::
to Kansas. 011 inquiry
I fledihat neither
before a meeting of the people of Philadelphia,
in the State of which he is a native. X. Y.
WeensunvoN, December 11.—Senator Bigler, in
Order to correct a misapprehension, etates, in con
versations which, have been had on theAmbject,
that the meeting, to which ho alluded in his speech
on Wednesday as having taken place in Mr. Doug
10'0 room, lest gear. to consult on the Toombs
Kansas bill, was an official, rather than a private
meeting, of the Committee on Territories, and one
to which the other Senators bad been invited..
The death of lion: Andrew P. Bailer, of South
Oak/lino, will be announced In the Senate on Mon
day, according to the present onderatanding among
the senators ; and the death " lien. James Bell,
of on Tuesday.
At a **QOM of the Democratic membere of the
Renate, which was held to-daY. th'e. clouding com
mittees were" agreed upon. Mr. Mason will ton
tine as "chairman of the" Committee on Foreign
Relations; ,I,fr". Douglas, of the Committee on Ter
; Mr: Hunter of the Committee On Finance ;
Mr." Stuart, of the ConAnlttee on Public Lands;
Mr. Brown, of the Committee on OW District of
Columbia; Mi. Cley;,to be chairmen of the Com
mittee on Commerce ' vies Dodge ; Mr: Bayard, of
the Committee on the Judiciary, vire Butter;
and Mr. 'Voted, of the Committee on' Post Offices
and Post Roads, vice Rusk, An effort was Made at
the canons to elect now officers of the Senate, but
the proposition was postponed. Tho nomination of
a public printer will come up in the oaucns to be
bald on Monday next. Much Interest Is natal
ratted otioapins tholf aoilenuA the subjeig.
The Dictatobinetalleil.-Meteat of the novelle:
doubts- The Siege of Campenchr.
Nair .oarmtzta i 'Dee. 11 .—The steamship Ton•
nemee has arrived from Vera Orin, bringing dates
from the latter port to the 7th inst., and - from the
City of Mexico to the 4th.
The position of the Government Is much Improv
ed, the revolutionist forces having been defeated
nt Puebla and other points.
Comonfort, with tho other otheers of the Supreme
Government, were formally installed on the let of
The pert of liwridad bar been deolared open to
iiio(lovernment has issued a proclamation re
gulating transportation aoross the Isthmus of Te
huantepec by the Louisiana and Tehuantepec Com
The sie ge of Catopeachy is still carried on, and
the beseiged aro reported to be suffering severely
On amount of the want of provisions.
The New Governor of Kansas
Waantrusvon, Dee. 1 L—There will no new ap
pointment of Commissioner of Indian Affairs, us
it is understood that Governor Denver will resume
the office after he has accomplished his mission to
V. S. Supreme Vourt.
ItrAsuinaron. Dec. ll.—Tho following cases oc
*led the Supreme Court to-day :
No. 47.—David Carroll's Devises or. Alfred It.
Dawson's heirs. The 'notion to dismiss the cause
was argued•
No. 11.—Nobert Taylor's dorinistrators:vs. Na
than T. Carryle. Argument continued.
The court has adjourned over until Monday,
Examination and I . ttgal of Alleged Mardorerg
nt Cincinnati.
CINCINNATI, Dec. 11.—The examination of John
Beattie, charged with the murder of Frank J.
McClure, who was recently found dead on a step,
closed yesterday. The defendant was held in over
$2.000 bail to answer the charge of manslaughter
at the next term of the Court of Common Picas.
The trial of the Gorman named LCOE6IOr, for the
murder of his wifu, and .of her employer, Mr. t lost summer, has been in progress seve
ral days.
The Kentucky Senatorship !
Lotrtsvitt,n, 800. 11.—The Kentucky Sonata,
by a strict Party vote, tabled a resolution to elect,
on Tuesday next, a United States Senator in place
of lion. John B. Thompson, whose term expires lu
1859. This action constitutionally postpones the
election till the meeting of tioo next Legislature.
Wreck al a PhilailelWa Yessrir
NEW Yon . , Deo. 11.—The brig Georgia, from
Philadelphia, with a oargo of coal, le a.shoro off
Jones' Inlet, and will probably. bo a total loop.
liar craw was saved.
knempted Suicide.
EAT/7, Me., Dec. 11.--Ittr. Jarvis Slade, of the
firm of Luivronco, Stone, 14 Co., of Boston, which
recently suspended, attempted to commit suicide
Departure of the Powhatan
NORFOLK, DOO. 11.—Tho United States steam
ship Powhatan sailed yesterday afternoon, with
ruT-}'resident pierce and lady,
CINCINNATI, December 11.—Flour closed steady
and in good demand at $4 for good brands of super
fine. Whiskey is unchanged. Hogs are firm,
with but few on the markot at $5a55.25. Pro
visions firm, and holders nek an advance.
PITTISIIVIMIT, December IL—Flour is dull and
without sales from store or first hands—imperfine
nominal at $4.50. Wheat 90a05e ; red dull. New
Con 43. Itiw Whiskey 10. preved hogs $6.50.
Nothing doing in Provisions.
BALTIMORE, December 11.—Flour dull. Wheat
firm and unchanged. Corn—old white 038650 ;
new white 40a500 ; old yellow 60a63e ; new yellow
45a550. Whiskey 22a230. Exchange on New
York 104.
' Rome, Dumber 10. Cotton—Salon 3,000
bales; market unchanged.
CnAnmesrog, December 11. Cotton—Sales of
'the; week 8,000 bales, at 1011110 i for middling fair.
SAVANNAS, December 10.—Cotton—Safes of tho
week 5,000 balm at 10111100 for middling.
New OnigazesiDeceiriber 10.—Cotton.—Sales of
7,500 bales et irregular prices, mostly at 10io for
middling. The rooeipts today amounted to 11,000
bales. Sugar is firm at dim*. White Wheat,
UM. Mess Pork, $lB. Exchanges—On London,
1030; on New York, 08111931.
New Yong, Deo. 11.—The market here is over
stooked with corn, and there has been a consider.
able decline in Woes. tallow riUotes at 5450 c
and white at 60a.
OSIVE.OO, Deeember 10.—Flour steady at 54.33 a
54.75 for &unman to extra State Wheat un
changed; sales of 12,000 bus at BIWA aforChicago
SpFing, and $l.OO for white Canadian. Corn very
Scarce; amalll9ts selling at SOS. Barley—Sales
2,400 bus at 700. Late Imparts to-day-2,400 bus
Barley. Canal Rxports-13,000 bus Wheat. Ship
manta, by railroad-500 bbls Flour. Freights, by
railroad-420 for Flour to Albany.
Owego, Docember 10.—Flour firm. Wheat
firm at 550. Corn quiet Oats dull. Receipts to
day—Flour, 2,000 bbls; Wheat, 7,500 bus; Corn,
3,800 bus,
New Ont.n NS, Dec. 11.--The sales of Cotton
to-dayiwere 3,000 bales; the market closes slightly
cheaper; sales of middling at Main The fol
lowing la the weekly statement:
Sales of the week 31 000 bales.
Receipts 08,000 "
Stook in port. 203,000 "
Receipts less than last year 152,000 "
Receipts decreased at all South'rn
ports 333,000 "
Sugat continues firm; molasses Is 'selljng at 181
nl9}; flour closed steady 'at $5 ; corn Is active at
110a62Je. Pork dull at for mess; lard in bble
100; rio coffee Is quoted at 9aloo for prime. The
sales of the week have been 12,500 bags ; bulk
pork hams sell tit 80, and shoulders at eindiej sides
at Bia.
Freights are drooping. Sterling vtebango 103
105. .
BTRAIETS.--Concert for the lieuellt of Bt. john's Orphan
by the Weleh Nightingale.
Covsrmar.—Ethlopf in Lite Illustrated coucludlog with
a laughable altarpiece.
Wain Star' s Aiwa BTRIVNT Tescrus, MICR RrkEIST,
alloys Ellsru.—. , Richard Sudden Thoughts."
Waxy? ... Tai writs, N. N. 00aNNR NINTI
AND WALNUT S7RIDIIB.—‘ , EXtrelae9"— , The Nnehan
—"Putnam l, —"Equeetrian Pertormaneese*
Interesting and Novel association-. The Sub
ject of Idiocy.—We have been kindly furnished
with en account of a meeting of no ordinary oha
rooter, which was held in this pity on Wednosday
last, by the representatives of the folloWing lost!.
tutions, who had'bcen brought hither to witness
the laying of the corner stone, on Tuesday, of the
" Pennsylvania Training School for inded
Children," at Media, a description of the inter.
noting ceremonies of wbiob occasion have already
been given in Tan Pnass. The following societies
were represented :
" The Massachusetts School fur MIMI° and
Peoble•minded Youth," at Boston.
"The Massachusetts Private Institution for
Imbecile, andjßackward Children," at
"The New York 4sylum. for Idiots," 'et Syra
"The Ohio Asylum for nioni," at 'Columbus.
And our Pennsylvania Institution at ?erman
The object of the mooting will to organise an as
sociation for the purpose of bringing the subject of
Him before tho people, discussing questions of
interest, and maturing methods of treatment re
lative to this unfortunate class.
The well-known Dr. Howe presided at the moot
The fact that so little legislation was hail upon
this subject, while such abundant provision wee
made for tho insane, the blind, and the deaf mute,
was stated as a source of regret to all those who
have devoted themselves to the cause of the idiot,
and it was unanimously agreed to organise On as
sociation. Ono object should be to memorialize
the different Legislatures, in the name of the "Ap
sedation of Medical Superintendents of American
Institutions for the improvement of Idio t" to
make provision for the recovery of this unfortunate
bless, within their respective limits.
The discussions were animated, and each tif the
superintendents freely participated in them. The
subjoins discussed had reference especially to the
moral and physical training of idiots, its causes,
results of treatment, &o, and the necessity es
tablishing institutions with especial referenda to
their management.
5. It is ttle,dsity JAglpi Aire to proisld iiitpna
for fhe erection and endowment of institutioneTor
this purpose ' se It is their duty to provide common
schools for the poor, houses of refuge for `de
praved youth, prisons for ',lnternee* hosp4als
for the insane, asylums for the' blind, deaf
mutes, &o.
1110 formation of this ambulation is regarded tby
its friends so an mtidenee of progress in therAlit
dlPOOtion, and the best results are anticipated m
its labors.
The next meeting of the Association Is to be lild
in New York city, when essays will be read by Ate
following named gentlemen :
"Dr. S. (1. Rowe, of Boston, on the Causes and
Mode of Diminishing Idiocy ; Dr. R. J. Pattersoh,
of Columbur, 0610, on the Relation bet wean Diloty
and Insanity; Dr. George Drown, of Barre, Mass.,
on Physical Trainink, its Philosophy and Results;
Dr. If: II; Wilbur, of Syracuse, N. Y., on the Boat
Modes of' Diseipline and Moral Treatment; De.
Joseph Partial, of Philadelphia, on the Organizti-
Con, Location, and Illanagentent of Institutions for
Feeble-minded Children
The McKeon Inquest.—The verdict reported
in this case by us yesterday, was reconsidered to
hear additional testimon, as it was believed that
the deceased bad not fallen, but had been thrown
from the roof of the (hood-Will llose house. Tho
mutter, however, is an great a mystery AS ever,
The following Is the additional evidence:
Dr. S. P. Brown, sworn.—Rxtinelned the body of
deceased; there was no bruise upon it exeepting
upon the face; there was a crescent-shaped cut
over the eye, running down to the lip; it appeared
rather more like a cut than a bruise ; there was a
bruise upon the chin and a earatolt on the left
cheek bone ; the upper jaw bone, and lower jaw,
cheek, and nasal bones were broken up to the eye,
above which there was no wound ; I opened. Had
examined the brain ; there were clots of blood be
neath the dune meter ; I believe it would kayo
been impossible for any one to move after re
ceiving such injuries . The prominent part of the
face was uninjured; the Injuries were in tbv
facial indonta one; I cannot Imagine how a man
Gould fail from such a height without receiving
other injurlee. . 1
Lteut. dames Ilea, sworn.—Dxamined the roof of
the hone house; observed on the parapet marks as
though some one had slipped; farther down, on
the east side, there was a mark, four feet long,
directly over where the (imaged lay ; L examined
the roof at the request of members of the Com
A number of other portions ware examined, but
no additional let was east upon the affair. The
verdict was, 0 , oath by some moans unknown to
the jury:"
iltlempled Robbery.—A man named John
McGinley was committed, yestordn'y morning, by
Alderman Williams, on the charge of attempting
a highway robbery. It is alleged that on Thurs
day night he struck a roan while passing along
the vicinity of Front and Green streets, and while
attempting to roll No Ylgthrit woo captured,
Military Funeral.—Tho remains ofSergoant
Joseph L. Parker, who served la Capt. Moorehead's
company of Pennsylvania Volunteers—a skald! of ,
whose history we have before given—were Inter
red yesterday afternoon, with military honors.
The funeral took place from the late resident's of
the deceased, Lombard street, below Ninth. The
cortege consisted of the Scott Leglon,of which he
was the President. the National Guards, the care.
den Artillery, and the American Ifose, of which
latter company he was a member. A long train
of carriages containing his immediate Mends
brought up the rear. ,
Larceny Case.—Janies Baldwin and Wm.
Cornish were committed yesterday , afternoon on
the charge of stealing a quantity of tools, the pro.
potty of Patrick Roney, Frederick Fisher, and
Charles McMullin.- The articles were stolen from
the workshop attached to Whitson dc. Son's eta.
bles, in West Philadelphia. A portion of the
goods were recovered. The prisoners acknon
lodged having committed the theft, and stated In
their defence that they were compelled to do so to
keep from starving. The accused were committed.
Another Altempi at Highway Robbery,—At
a very early hour yesterday morning a citizen,
while pasting Front and Green streets, was as
vaulted by a man who evidently Intended to rob
him. The intended victim, after receiving a blow
which cut a gash in his bead, raised au alarm and
the would-be robber was captured. Ile bed ahear
ing, yesterday morning, before Alderman Williams,
who committed hint to answer. The accused is
named John McGinley.
Run Oven—A man who was employed to
drive for Mr. Crease, paint manufacturer, while
driving along the Ridge avenue, above Girard
College, on Thursday afternoon, fell of the wagon.
The latter was heavily loaded. The wheels passed
over both legs of the driver, breaking ono and
crushing both in a dreadful manner. The sufferer
wan carried to the dwelling of Mr. Crewe.
New Counterfeits.--A new counterfeit note
on the Merchants' Bank, of New'York, of the de
nomination of tire dollars, marked A, is in °iron•
lotion, and can mil be detected by the coarse
ness of the paper andits dirty appearance.
Ilaydn's Grand Mass, at the Catholic Church
of St. Philip de Neri, will be given to-morrow
forenoon, at half-past ten. This fine composition,
will be given with able musical and instrumental
DOCCIACit 11, 1857. '
The' business in Produce, since the date of our
last -weekly review, has boon light, and the mar ?
Imes quite dull. Bark is lower, and more active,
are very little inquired for, dal the
prices of most kinds have a downward tendeney.
For Coal the demand is less active, but prices aro
firm. Cotton is in limited demand at previous
rates. Iron—little doing. and the market un
settled. Groceries attract more attention, and the
prices of Coffee and Sugar aro firmer. Provisions
continuo unsettled, with limited sales of most kinds
at lower prices. Fish - aro very inactive. Hides
are without alteration—very dull. Lumber—no
sales. Naval Stores are unchanged. Oils—very
little doing, and prices favor the buyers. Seeds—
Moro doing in Cloverseed, and prices are firm.
Whiskey is loss in request, and Wool has boon un
usuallyquiet. Otherwise there are no changes
of remark. The Itry (100(13 trade his been
dory light with the wholesale dealers, but the mar
ket Is without any especial clangs in regard to
prices; the retail trade, however, continues very
aotive, goods selling at low prices for cash.
BnEitorirtiers are without much alteration, but
the market with a limited export and home de
mand, has ruled in favor of the buyers. The
week's sales of Flour foot up about 5,000 bbls, in
lots at $5 for standard brands, and 85.255:35.37f
'for common and good extra, hut the market is dull
at the tame figures. For the 'opal trade the sales
have been Nutted 'within 'the !aim of s.sas6' for
common to choice brands and extra, and $8.50 to
$7 per bbl for fancy lots, as to brand and quality.
Rye Flour is doll, with sides of 100 bbls, in lots,
at $4.25a54.37f per bbl, mostly at the former
rate. Corn Meal is but little inquired for,
and only about 800 barrels Pennsylvania Medi
have found buyers, part at $3, and part pri
vate. Wheat—There has not been much of
fering, but the market, °Wing to the low tales
now realized for Flour, is unsettled and Calk
per bushel lower Sales embraoe about 22,000
bushels, in lots, at 100a106c, for inferior, 115a130e
for rods, and 120 c to 1350 for white of fair and
prime quality. Rye Is steady, with further small
receipts and sales at 75c kr Bolan:are apd 78e for
Pennsylvania Corn •1103 abiti declined, and the
I market at the close is dull; about 27,000 bushels
sold at 74a780 for old yellow afloat, 72a740 In store,
and 54a000 for new; the closing sales wore at 74a
750 for old, and 54258 e for new. Oats are dull, and
about 18,000 bushels Southern bave been disposed
of at 33a38e, closing at the former figure, whloh is
a decline. Of Barley some sales of Pennsylvania
hove been made at 70a75c, New York at 90e, and
Barley Malt at 1100.
inspections The of Flour and Meal for the week
endinS . D o P• 1 0 , 1857, were :
Half barrels of Suporlinti 487
Bariola of ,Suportipe 10,500
do Fine 185
do Middlings 140
do Rye 103
do Corn Meal 433
do Condemned 145
Total 18 025
PROVIRIONL—SuppIies are coming In more freely
from the West. but tho demand is limited, and
prices tend downward. 250 bits Mess Pork have
been disposed of, in lots, at 516.50417. closing at
the former rate. Mess Beef is dull, and sells only
for ship stores at about SlB per bbl. Of Bacon, the
sales have also been light at 10al8c fur plain and
fancy Hams, and nialOo for Shouldere Green
Meats are selling as wanted, at Nato for Shoulders,
and flalec for Hams, closing at the former figures,
which establishes it decline. Lard is lower, with
sales of 50 pkgs at lOiallo for Mils and tierces,
and I2al2ie for kegs; sales of country peeked at
lOalle, cash and short time. Butter is in demand,
end Roll is scarce et 19a200. Solid Peeked is sell
ing more freely at 12a14e. Cheese—No change
and sales moderate. Eggs are wanted at 20e per
°nom! Es.—Tbe demand for Coffee is rather
better; the sales were mostly by auction, including
1,400 liege Rio at from ilt to 100, principally on
four months, and' about 600 bags sold by private
contract, within the tango of tilalOic, on time.
There is a little more doing I Molasses, with email
sales of Cuba at 22a25c, the latter for Itluteevada,
on time; by auction, 30 Ws end 100 bbls have
been sold at 23a21e, and 80 bbls Now York Syrup
at 20a350, mostly cash. Sugars are better and
buyers have taken hold more freely ; sales Include
about 800 Ws Cuba, at 63710, 100 hhds Porto Rico
at 7101 e, and 200 boxes at OaBo, all on time.
Idayar.s.—Tho Iron market brut been at attend,
without much change in prices ; the demand, how.
over, Is limited, and to effect sales for oath very
low figures would bo accepted by some holders;
small salon of Anthracite are reported at $25, $23,
and $22 for Nos. 1,2, and 3, on six months credit.
Nothing new in Scotch Pig or manufactured Iron,
and all kinds are quiet. Load continues dull and
unsettled, and we hear of no further sales this
week. Copper—Nothing now, and very little
doing ; Yellow metal Is held at 22a, usual time.
Astins are dull, and a small business only to
note In Pete and Ponta, at firmer quotations.
Boni is lower, and 50 hhds Quercitron have
been diapered of, mostly at $26 for Ist No. I, which
established a decline.
BEESIVAx —Sales include about 2,000 lbs good
Yellow, chiefly at 270 per lb.
BlicAD.—Very little doing, and the quotations
are nominally unchanged.
CANDO:H.—A steady business to note, with sales
of 000 OM Adainantino, at 20a210 per lb, as to
Co ta..—Tho market is len active, but prices,par-
Ocularly of small sized-coal, are fully sustained
end firm, with a lair business doing for the season.
The sales of lust month exceed those of the saute
time last year, and the market is armat the close,
with moderate receipts and stooks.
Corrov.—The demand is small and prices Irregu
lar; about 140 bales only have found buyers in
small lottf this week at from 11; to 141 s for Upland
and Orleans, mostly cash. • '
FRAM:HR.—A few email lots only are reported
at 45a48e, the latter fur prima.
Ftati.—The recent arrivals are going into store,
and the sales of Mackerel are only to it limited ex
tent, at forte ,sloaslo 50 for 2e, and $0
a 59.23 per bbl for 9s; the latter are very scarce
A sale of 300 bbis pickled Herring was made from
the wharf at $8.75 per barrel. Dry Cod sell as
wanted, at $3 250(3 75 per 100 lbs.
Fettly.—A fair business has been dime in Rai
sins, with sales from store at $2.2502.35 for wbolo
boxes, as to lots; halves and quarters in propor
tion. Two imports of West India Oranges sold at
sscaslo per thousand, as in quality. linen Apples
sell slowly at $1.50a53.50 per bbl, and pried do at
dale per lb; 100 casks of the latter told, to go to
California, on terms not public. Peaches coma In
slowly, and aro quoted nt SalOn per lb. Cranbor
ries range at $740 per bbl, as to condition, with
moderato sales.
Favours aro lenity's, and the rates to foreign
ports aro unsettled. Engagements to some extent
for flour and grain havo been made to Liverpool
on terms kept private. There Is some little move
ment In tiouth American or West Indian freights.
Coastwise rates aro unchanged, and a moderato
business doing. We quote. to Boston at Ito for grain,
and 25e for flour. Colliers have been in moderate
demand, and oho going rate to Norfolk is $1.25 ;
Providence, V.:41181.55; New Bedford, $1.t15;
Richmond, $1.50; Boston; 52; Beverly, Mass.,
82.15; Pawtuoket, It. $1.50 ,(I lounsier, Mass.,
$2.15; Itorohostor Point, Maas., $2.05; Bridgeport,
Conn., $1.90, nod New York, $1.25 per ton.
11EMI..—Tho demand is limited, and prices, in
the al.lonco of soles, are nominal.
ilinne.—Notbing doing from first bands to es
tablish prices, whieh are altogether nominal. An
import of 3,000 dry Laguayra have been stored,
and 0,000 African have just arrived.
LEATIIER.—Thoro has been rather more doing
this week, and red Leather is bringing better
prices; other kinds are dull.
Lumenn continues very dull, and quotations ate
entirely nominal.
NAVAL &Oar:R.—No change In the market, with
small sales of Spirits 'furpoutina at 40aitio per
gallon. Of Rosin, Pitch and Tar, the salon have
been '
Wm—Linseed is selling an wanted at 51a550.
Lard Oil Is Marna, but the demand is limited at
88a080. Red Oil Is also varee, with vales at 000.
Spoon and Whale remain inaellve, and prises are
PLANTER.--Tilara is Marla little arriving, with
sales at $.l per ton.
small business doing at 3.1a31e ; 100
tea mid at $3.30.1 the 100 lbs.
&abr.-1,000 mks Li vorpool have been sold at
a private bargain. The market Is firmer.
loans —3000400 boa Ciovorseed have been
'taken at $5.25a55.50 per bus. There Is less in
•quiry at the close, end the dealers are offering
less; about 200 hags have been taken out of the
market on torms not public. Timothy and Flax
seed are very quiet.
Soittiva.--No movement in foreign, and priests
are nominal, N. k. Rum sells as wanted at 400.
Whiskey has been bringing rather better prices;
bbls have been taken at 221423 h—the latter
fbrprime Ohio; 220 for bhds, and Ole for drudge.
I TALLOW Is firmer, at Slagle for country and dia
ido for oily rendered.
TnAii.—The market is dull, with but little do•
leg except in small lots to the trade.
.'fonaeco.—No obango in the market, and the
transactions generally are limited
Woos, remains very quiet, buyers and sellers are
meat In their views, and only a few small lots
hbve been disposed of, mostly at low petals for cash.
Brom atm Rum. Bmvavu, Tuesday next, ltith
In. Bee Thomas pamphlet and catalogue,
lotted today.
bor. See hand-bills at the auction mown, and ad
vertisements auction head.,
0 111 0 1 at the gisibaVga, rerilorly, ovary wyd.
A general stagnation continues to prevail in the
stook market, and the absence of encouragement
from outside operators keeps prices steady for the
moment, but altogether uncertain as regards the
In the money market there is also no change to
record. Those who are fortunate enough to bold
undoubted paper are able to realize upon it readily,
at prices not greatly in exam of bank rates, but
for other descriptions of paper money le as tight as
a drumhead. But little improvement In this re•
spout is likely to bd felt until the return of active
business after the opening of the new year.
Counterfeit Ave-dollar notes on the Merchants'
Bank, letter A, are in circulation. They may be
easily detected by the quality of the paper, which
Is coarse, and has a dirty appearance.
Counterfeit two-dollar notes on the Newark
Banking Company are also in circulation. They
are photographs, and may be deteoted by those
familiar with the genuine by the stiffness with
which the name of the cashier, J. D. Venally°, is
written. The execution is &tarter than that of the
genuine, but it is calculated to deceive all num
, quainted with the bills.
The coupons due on the first of January on all
the bonds of the State of Missouri will be paid
after that day at the Bank of Commerce in New
A correspondent writes to the New York Times
es folios's:
" WIII you be good enough to Inform the public
In your money columns, that the Pennsylvania
Coal Company have but one °lessor bonds out—a
7 per cent first mortgage loan, of $600,000, Issued
in 161, and due in 18.61. Several have been
grossly deceived in making loans on and purchases
of bonds issued by Pennsylvania Coal and frees
Co., and Penn. (not Pennsylvania) COlll Co. One
of the latter is advertised, to-day, for sale by
Nieolay, al Penn vy/vania Coal CO. 6 per cent
bona issued during peas, September 1, 14157.
Wbather a mistake of printer, Nieolay. or owner,
the price at which it sells frightens innocent
holders of the Pennsylvania Coal Co.'s bonds."
The following it It summary of Tnetipte and ex
penditures at the Treasury of this State, from the
let day of December, 1850, to the 30th day of No
vember, 1857, both days inclusive ;
Auction coninaissions
Auction duties
Tax on bank diridetals
Tax on corporation stocks 310,240 93
Tax on real and, personal estate— . • 1,554,667 34
Tavern licenses 100,889 87
Hotallera' Bonuses 100,001 29
Pedlars' licenses - 2,72.4 10
Brokoro' licenses 7,708 83
Theatre, circus, and menagerie II -
Causes 2,800 50
Distillery and brewery Homes 11,065 34
Billiard room, bowling saloon, and
ten-pin alloy licenses 1,550 86
Ealing!bonsp, beer louse Mad Testa's
' rant licenses 11,696 26
Patent medicine licenses 1,296 97
Pamphlet laws 389 82
Militia tax 10,364 91
Millor's tax . 4,771 37
Foreign insurance agencies 7,488 11
Tax on writs, wills, deeds, tc 96,948 22
Tax on certain offices 18,918 49
Collateral inheritance tax 139,600 11)
Canal and railroad tolls • 1,308,598 82
Tax on enrolment of laws 16,400 00
Promiume on charters 35,352 86
Tax on loan& 204,756 05
Salm of puthio property 8,947 49
Tai on tonnage 204,564 11
Esoboatt 200 35
Dividends from ttritrge tolls
Accrued interest.
Refunded each
Annuity fromright of nil.. ~, . . 1 9, 00 9 00
POOR of the illtbllc offkces, . 4,421 90
Atigeolltineous ' 7,624 62
Balance in the Treasury, December
1, 1840, It ailaj i le.. t $1,214,795 42
DoprealVesl funds in the Trawler!,
unavailable 41,032 00
Public impro vements WI 312,705 67
Expenses of Government 423,448 89
Militia expanses 2,832 83
Pennsylvania volunteers in the late
war with Mexico
Pensions and gratuities
Charitalile institutions
Pennsylvania Colonisation Society .
Pennsylvania State Agricultural So
Farmers' ilighrtchool of Penn's....
Now State Arsenal at Philadelphia.
Common Schools
Commimioners of the Sinking Fund
Interest on Loans
Guarantied Interest
Demotic creditors
Damages on the Public Works
Old claims on Main Line of Public
Works, under the several acts of
Special commissioner
Revenue commiesionere • ,
State library.
Public buildtngs end grounds
House of refuge
Colonial records and Pennsylvania
archives 11,823 00
Amendments to the o:institution. : 33,137 85
Geological eurvey 7,000 00
Abatement of State tax
50,538 09
Mercantile appraisers 683 13
Council fees and commissions 8,924 59
Nioholyou lands. 12 10
Williamsport and Limits Italltolui
Company „ 2,428 50
Mioolleneous 31,310 08
Salamis in the State Treasury No
vembor 30, 1857, available
Depredated funds in Treasury una
The following were the receipts of coal from the
Lehigh And Schuylkill Region, for the week and
the season :
3857. SProon Week. Benson.
C6llOl 8.491 899.250 22.54.1
lulroad 10,687 4:28,823 43,881 1,776,413
Total, 19,078 1,328,078
1856. Week. Sisson. Week. Beam
Canal 5,551
. „.1.3 , 46,=1 18,114 1,164,104
Railroad 2,146 , " 165,740 50,614 2,172,028
7,057 1,351,970 68,688 6,336,222
Mtil.a 7 or TgR BSIBOI.
1850. 1857.
Lehigh Cknali 1166,250 609,27.0 Dee.. 206,080
haul.— 184,740 428,823 1ne..:113,033
Schuylkill Caua1...1,161,104 1,267.141 1 uc..102,047
" Railroad. 2,172,028 1,770,412 Dec..ns,fita
4,633,102 4,311,676 Dec. 316,616
following is the amount of coal transported on the
Philadelphia and Reading Railroad, from the:3d
to the luth inet., inelutilve
From Port Carton
" Port Clinton
Total for the week..
Purim].ty this year
Total for year
To same time Intl jar
the nook ending Thumlay, Deo 10, 1S
From vrt Verbrai
" Pothyllto
'• Ilavou
Port elig3too
Total for work 172 SJII 00
Proviett,ly this ',tar 1 t:..•.-1,b07 0,
To Irma tluio last feu 1 161181 18
Drettober 11, 1857.
RipOrieti by B. Arality ‘ Stori Brolor, No
801 Dralnut street.
2000 Penn 5e 05
800 to ...... 85
boo do
3000 du
1000 Ca' o e 5.31% 20
11010 Klto It 7e lot 10t..70)4
7 Penn 1t.........301,
3 do R 8 ‘,‘
30 do
25 1. 10Inud It
1000 City Coup Cu —O4lO
11400 31e5,1
000 City 610 AP new 01
000 do new CAP-01
700 do CtP ll'
1000 do CAP Si
1000 Pa Ito, 24 wt.— Ttl
2000 retina 50 85 I
WO do 85
1000 411 It 7. int not ...70S,
2000 do letup - 01
1000 Mortlo Count 6,, .7.1
1113 Penni It lot.— .30 Ni
Bid. A sked.
Philo ti'm int off 831,; 81
" 81183' 4 84
" Nnw,ool4 904
Potnnylo 5'.....84 85
flooding R 9 0 211 t;
de Bonds '7O 7414' 753 i
do Bltt 113 , 14. 91
Penns 1111 98 38),‘
110rtinCoill Con 45 40
Bohn 18 tls .Gt tif 67 )0
10 11[flint 111131 r 0
29 Harris!, 11 10tm...51
30 do ba
100 Itptding It '2O
100 do 20
Norrht It b')j
5 Bear WO 1t.... 50
1 do 54
1 do
6 Ilorrim Canal 1)1,1.93
1 do Al
6 Phllnda Mot 55.90
Bid. dska
flo N 'B2 pret Id' 17
Pinaspl& Elm Hl2 US
do letmort TIC.Wv 704
do 2dm 49 61
Long Inland ~.. 9,1 97.,
Viekebdrg 6 y
Uinta Dank 9 9..
Lehigh Zino i 1
Caton Canal 3 4
New Creak
Cat►wiers R R.. 6 % T S
YO Beetling a
100 Jo ...
2.50 fteadilh; lots 235;
100 do 25 "i'
Oh Sunday afternoon last, 3flas Olean Tay
lor, reatding nenrCue, Ohio, eommitted sui
cide In bar room_ b banging. Mies Taylor IFILS
about 22, beautiful and uceompliahod, and had n
Mir} fortune in her own right. :lo cause le as.
signed for her awful act.
Letter] front Constantinople announce the
death of Mu. liar/dip, wife of Rey. Mr. "lamella
misnionary of Ma American Board, now !galloped
at Rabat.
The United States mail seemlier Welakte waR
totally wreokolaearJaoksonville, Flo., on the 3d
inst. I , To lives hat.
J. S. Marshall, Fwl., minor and proprielQr
of the Ilagaretocra (Md.) Chronide, died left Sa.
Benedict Arnold's silver watch Liss been
presorted 19 Bin Gonneltieut illatorleal Oveiety,
Correspondence of The Pp m]
Hsa Tomr, December It, 1857
The delay in the arrival of the Er "pa, from Eu
rope, with three days' later news, et. lee a general
holding off, and hesitancy to do busicess of any
kind. Bed news is apprehended of ,the great
American houses, and rumors were rife to-day that
the munificent aid recently given to a large Ameri
can banking elm' by the Bank of England, will
not be =Blatant to put them In smooth water.
There is also a rumor that one of the largest,
wealthiest, and most respected of our private lank
log houses, in this city, is going to wind up Its af
fairs, rather than Oontinue to Lear the heavy bur
den it has Lorne for some time at such heavy lose.
The house I allude to has given notice of dis
missal to a number of its clerks, and one of the
firm is said to have stated that " We have borne
this long enough we had better stop while we
can." I have been unable to trace the ranter to IS
positively authentie source. but I believe that
there is some foundation for it, although a favors
change of wind may alter the resolution. The
anxiety is intense, and if the news should be favora
ble, as I hope and believe it will, we may expect s
better tone to-morrow. There is cot the least altera
tion for betteror worse in the money market, if that
can be called a market where nothing is bought or
sold. The same delusive tale of abundance of
money at easy rates, on the " right kind of secu
rity," and the impregnable position of the banks,
and the truthful story of no money to Le had by
those who want it, except at a sacrifice to the note
shavers. The same thing day after day ; every
body complaining who needs assistance ; and every
body afraid of transferring his wallet from one
pocket to the other who has money, lest the trans
fer might lead =lose, from an unforeseen weakness
in the trusted pocket.
It is really unaccountstbie, bat it is so; and the
Lest evidence you can bars of the effect this state
of things is producing, Is to be found in the dimi
nished revenue. Could we got even a partial re-
stormion of confidence, the Improvement would be
immense; but when are wo to got it, and where ?
Contraction, liquidation, lawsuits, sheriff's silos,
suspensions, dismissal of workmen, are the events of
daily occurrence, in any quantity; but no tendency
to reviving commerce or industry.
This is a deplorable picture ; the more so when
we know we have abundant means, and are blessed
with every element of national wealth in agreeter
degree than any other nation in the world. bold
is flowing in on - us in million.,. One bank, it is
said, roamed half a million in one parcel, and
another steamer is due from California with SI,-
500,000. Tho salutary effect" of this in Wall
street, alluded to by an evening paper, is not so
apparent as that sheet seems to think.
Poreigu Exchange
today was drill at full rates
of yesterday . bold is still in demand, though not
quite ao active. Form of the presidents of our
city banks propose a resumption of speeds pay
ments: There is an example of high-minded
honesty for you. It is not their fault if theirbro
ther presidents do not concur In this step. The
notes of the Huguenot Bank of Now Pelts lire
again received at the Metropolitan Bank. The
crearing house settlement to-day was, clearings,
$12.164,735.48. Balances, $510,138.01.
The cash transactions at the Sob-Treasury-to
day were as follows: total receipts, $431,218.91,
including $54,000 from customs and $300,000 for
transfer draft on Now Orleans payments, firls,-
171.25 ; balance, $4,1130,98742.
The Fulton to-morrow will take out about
$500,000. The stock market, as I predicted, has
begun to collapse. This morning it was very lan
guid, and the bears were blooming, the bulls
having confessed their weakness. Outsiders are
I very scarce The decline in ablest the entire
list will indicate the moxement. State awoke
Were dull at lit Tilling decline ; bank aliases firmer,
and in more active demand.
$21,553 69
. 20,275 00
300 00
3,828 31
20,154 73
84,890,581 8
Tenn 61, 10, 13434
120 ,, 3lisrourl 64, 77s
61100 4o lIGO 78
7000 Virginia 64 87
4000 Ind State ss, 82
1000 Erie 3d mtg Bd, 89 ,
6000 do BS
2000 Tule Bonds, 'B3 973
1000 T II& Al 2d mtg, 49
9000 LaCroallll 1.4.4, 30
1000 MACen 8 pct Ist
mtg Skg F'd Con
10000 do 83y
10000 11l Cen 530 83
4000 do
1000 do '62N
10 Bank Commerce, 94
34 Ame Eg Bank, 90
10 Ilk or Republic, 102%
Manocer Rank. 78
1D Metropolitan Wit
6 Bank dr N. Y., 95
Manhattsui ILI, 120
65 Mecbanies Ilk, 106
10 Commlb Bk, 77
75 Meech Bk Scrip, 9D
100 Amer Coat Co, 20
100 Cumberl'd Coil, 9
170 LaCros & Mil R, 1044
100 do
10 do 104,
100 do 1,80 11
160 do MO 107
220 Chi lc R R 7.lei
$1,285,827 42
$5 978,415 28
21 25
2.022 p 9
64,183 75
180 00
3,073 07
25,000 00
20,000 00
322,008 24
713,952 01
104,5115 31
2.035,809 94
21,017 50
50 80
46,552 65
Asors,—The marhet is tower and nnsettled for
pot.; sales at $6.25. Pearls arr quiet at 65a1ti.12.
Ftoutt, de —The demand for Wuetoen canal
flour k limited, with large arrivals; pities still
tend downward, and at the alone our aztrecaltquo.
tattoos (or the low grades cIALIKt be obtalded-
The demand ii mainly for the home trade. sales
of 6,600 bbl., at $4.55a51.6$ for common to pod
State ; .$1.7534.95 for extra 41054.65 Scr sn
pecnne Indiana and Michigan; 51.7 $ 5. 75 for m
ica do; $5 75a55 SO for oembion to Gatti Ohio;
55.130a57 for good to ehoioe do; $.5 7.50 for St.
1 4 ouis brands and $5.75a7.75 fur extrn (immune.
C 4111 0414 flour is heavy, the supply larger, and
the sales only 400 bids at $1.80a55.7U for super Oner,
and $4.9546 25 for extra.
1,1%,3 00
6,962 22
3 996 60
15,013 61
53,000 00
93,825 00
Southern flour with fair arriT4 3 4 sod riallY a li
mited demand—sales of INIO bhle at 5545.30 for
mixed to good brands Baltimore, and 55 3546.80
for better grade!".
Corn meal is rather lower—sale4f Jersey at
53.2543.15, and Brandywine at $ 3.6543.71).
Buckwheat flour Is pleity—sules at - 52.151a,V 23
per 100 lbs.
attAlg—The demand for wheat le sore actin . ,
to complete Trenton s freight engagarnents, sad
the market is late better; the inital4y is princi-
pally for export.
Estero( 4,000 bulbuls atsl4l 05 ilwapke4
Club, inc for Chicago Spring, $1.41 Ihrsood South,
ern white, and $1..21.011.25 for red d 0...
$5,407,276 19
3528,106 47
41,032 00
*569,133 47
$5,976,415 26
Rye la Arm ; gales of 4.000 bushels aE 74a75e for
Jersey and Northern. Oats are in fair demand at
44a48e, for State and Western.
Corn is a shade better, the arrivalantoderata,
and the demand fair for the East and city trade.
Sales of 14,000 bushels at 75e for Northern mixed,
leo for old Southern and Jersey yellow, sad Ithatee
for new white and yellow do.
IRON—Scotch pig is languid and rita#lng at $2
8429, 6 mos. Other kinds are also Inmate.
NATAL STOSElL—Dallnela sad leper's& are
the characteristic feature of the market. Thus
roelltS to be a genera/ indisposion as the part of
shippers and the home buyers to mambas* at pre4'
ent, while receivers are pressed Mud for payment,
and are anxious to dispose of stadia even at the
low rates current. Spirits Turpentine Is dell and
heavy at 40e, cash, no scieh quantity hue been sold
in this market within the past Pew days, as re
ported in the columns of an influential journal of
this city, which Ands its way to the South. The
fact is. there is no demand at alt worth noticing,
beyond a retail business to the distfllera, and 400
is the best price obtainable for *Ole parcels.
Crude is devoid of animation, and any quotation
given would only mislead, in the siledenciTef Wes.
C'etniuon and One rosini are extilinttly
and prices rule very luw: rar is'detil at ;n.871.
re per bbl. Pitch is quiet at the Jab •MN
OILS continue extremely quiet, but, prices are
nominally unchanged. American - Mussed is in
moderate request at 14a.54e. Crude whale and
sperm remain dull ; the same is tam ot sander
t urea, and most other descriptions. 'ln the absence
of Important sales. it !Hammes unressary to re
peat or alter quotations.
Pnoviciosi..—The Pork market te again towel%
the demand moderate, and the inisgdy increasing
Sales of MO Wale at 51.4.50516.6.0 fhr country and
city tura, and Sl4eSt4 25 for prime.
Dorf Is heavy, the demand linaltal—sales of Intl
bbli at $5.7559.0.7". for country prima; $93310 for
do Ines.; SI lASI., for repacked Western MA and
514414.50 fur extra do.
Prime mess and beef hams &retail and heavy
at former priers. Cut meats are heavy; malt
sales at 910 for hams, and Zane fur shoulders.
Dressed hogs are firm—small sales at Sadie.
Lard is dull—retail Wei at 10a10fe. Large lots
are not to be heti.
Sutter is in fair demand and is abundant at 12a
Me for Ohio. and 11a20., for State. Chef , ' it sale
ibis in smell lots at 6aB Ic.
76,431 3,043,5 a
Tons. Cw
0,672 11
3,153 18
v ,o 0 00
. 001 01
.7,628 00
43 SB7 Ox
23 9,2 19
80,070 04
Tone elf
10,:01 61
; 134 09
19.514 10
. 2 394 00
1,267 it Otl
TEig.—Tho auction Baia this atoning atteacted
a large company, and pawed admiring a decided
improvement in the Acting. ,Alt the eatalytia
was sold atprices nearly cornea amay tattle ea.
or talt auction sale., The °erring Wils of old perm
and blacks.
45 Reading 11 261 i
2 do "6S:
CA do ... ...... '.l' ,,
150 do 26%
3 iisrri.b It 6.1
10 do 6.1
13 Norrist R 51%,
61 do 57),
:1 121tulrk R 12
Thu will of the . late Georgel , P. C u rtis
directs that all his slaver, some 20 or 3uo,
be set free within the nest Ara yours, leaving it
to his executors to provide the ngcessary funds
from hi+ estate to remora them from the Common
John P. Galbraith, formerly a citizen of
Kentucky, was khlel in an affray, by A. B. Flay,
at llearlarl, Vimiscippl colinty, Askanias, a few
days sine°. lie died in a fele minutes after being
Omaha City, Hu• capital of Nebruke Ter
ritory, contains a population of 3,500 Bat three
years ago, the town site WU a reollllll C 1101.12/
ground for the Omaha Indium
Mr. George K. Dubs, residing nes*llapriver s
Pa , hung hinvelf In his barn, on Sunday last.
Caton—bad whiskey.
At Monnt Pleasant, lona, on the !2d tilt., a
fire destroyed the Tiffany Howie, Bark* , fre mom,
and several other buildings. Lou ti 0,040.
Harding Johnson, formerly a grocer In Cin
cinnati, committed suicide a few days ago. Chill*,
pecuniary troubles.
The Galveston Neter, of the 26th Alt., says
there are now about 700 men enlisted InTl/2113 es
emigrants to Nicaragua.
Passed assistaat surgeqn gdword R. 4. *Squibb
hes resigned his commission In the nay. -
Come, white imp', to lathy arid me
Touch hie blue eyes with Image of sleep,
In his surprise he will cease to weep :
Hush, obild, the angels ars coming to met
Conte, white dere, to haby and me
WO Whirr in the silent
Flutter about his golden hair:
nark, child, the doves are ouolaw to thee !
Come, white lines, to baby and me;
Drowsily nod before bia era,
So full of wonder, so round, sad wise:
Mkt, child, the tilphetts tinkle for thee.
Como, irkitemoon, to baby and me;
ttently glide o'er the ocean of sleep,
Silver the waves of its shadowy deep :
Sleep, abild l sail the whitest of dreams to thee
ke i t%tl P P:o;ri L. grL;fl ar Mcplcai. Fr% h
Ettiet.urr Emetic/ --Ittlhe sherretted hiciteet iteu
ing the EeT. Mr. Coyly,
of New Tot, was greeted with
a large and spocireistt4e andletiee ta Mar his lecture. se
eastatuett. en s , Istorkui, flews* Lidi f rots•Li4, its
Parliaments, Palsies, ;Winer" Le; - „
The testate_ woe repfoLo with latitesitiroughoet.
and attested in en eminent iegree the superior deistip
tits powers elf thet lecturer. TWO liklesoo Its
wings of hosgioutiort into the heart of Lossloo. he gat
as a graphic pieta,* of the way the makes blood of
that two taill:on metropolis 14 eis<lo4.4 hum the rsnam
all round to the citemnfereece, by mesas of 3tte Ws:-
bows. Frees the fact that John Heil had s, tartiralsr
aversion to doing any wort before be get his disses, lss
proposed to set out cue stroll through Lowden in his
ea flee o'clock in the evening. Petieaj wereral Gar
honored and ever-memorable (ratans at Landes, ws
were Introduced into the British Ilessost Parliament
Fermi welldrawn verbal portrait were hers Fe.
seated by the leetorer, of the moat prominent members
of that body which we had inatiurtirely been taught to
rarer* from our boyhund., IA the speaker's opinion
the British Mime of Parliament was a much tem erg
nifieet body than our American Contras,-
Leming the 'louse, we were permitted to tale a
Imlay glance at the aesembled Lords, is which the lec
turer gave as among other good things, a capital de
scription of one of Laid Brougham's sarcastic speeches,
which were represented so being like's Are sweeping
across our western prairie*, eonsumieig, destroying, and
withering everything that opposed its onward low.
Another principal feature in the lecture wee the de
scription of the person and the eloquence of the world
renowned Spurzcon. In answer to the inquirj,wherein
lies the power of this young David I he worth! say, Ant,
that one of his most effective powers lay in ha clear,
powerful voice ; vrtrieb, like the peel of a hell, rolled in
its distinct and audible fullness to even the smut di,
taxa hearers of his immense cougrezations. Among
other distinguishing chsrsciertaties of lir. Spurgeon,
Mr. Cayler ascribed to Lim extraordinary facility ft,
saying what he had to say to good, plain, ustm'staltati•
English, and sprays stopping when he was done! Yill
boldness in meeting popular sins, squarely and fairly,
whenever and wherever he met them, was also tivizdt , l
as constituting one of the spans of his unporallele t
ancessw as an evangelical sessenher. - -
The I . eote re es eulogy upon superior th 4 nlnierviane of
the laws of health by the wisest' of Ihigherid was Ten.
limed and forcible. Ma review et the seer* presented
in Hyde Park on a June afternoon was delightfnity
picturesque and entertaining. suul Ms audience wee:id
to be delighted with hie just sad ...Wile connneuts
. _
upon the tbleen, who vie repneeratiel L.+ payee.
fug the arraetiens of het zukfwts as a wife apta MOT/!
quite at mueb as .ha shared their respect and eeafiden,
as a motereign ; and, taking her all in all, it In& priiLe
hly not,osying too muds to sire her woessulty
the credit K bekg the toyelest leafage of her coml.,
The last touch of the speaker ass 11.0“1 sod %helive
Taking as to a eotuatuoling hehl t in the boort of fur
city of Landoll, at the noon or aigbt, and showing u$
the star-gel:amid vault above, be fai4 BMW AMU 0.1
baueoth us, with Hs myriads of lamps, rras in one
sped a reflex of the Itasca. abort. Elio moral
izing comments from ibis poittion *are, is Um maim
striking and well suggested by his theme- Bet
we mast close oar notice for sheer want of spice
As a whole, we may say the feature was a credit.tbia
cdort, and so far as, its inter4thug descriptive feature.
were - concerned, came up out rutpectations.
some of its minor details it i. suseeptibis of lreprooc
meat, both as to matter and esecullon, and which lie
pioraments—intsinuch AM the lecture is a young lame
the reverend lecturer will doubtless kale thssagaelt)
make, as by doing which it eannot fall to become a very
vahmble acquisition to the popular lectures of the day.
We were pleased to find that Ur. Coyle?, throughout
his ea tire lecture, gate special proialemmo so the doe •
trines of his holy calling. and is no landance seemed to
show a disposition to allow bit convietleas as a pfoneber
t¢ be dimmed by the applause of the lectors board.
The Mission Sabbath Sawa, tee whom - benefit the
leisure was 4Ureeed, neut bats realised handsomely
from its proceeds.
LECTURE HY W. W. MILIVI3.—WS huh* tt a
attention of oar readers to a teeter. to M 4.0 trend by
the'Rer. W. B. ifilbunt. fa Tivafth 4 riot !finial, a t
Eplecoped Church, o; hloaday e►eain tboMth inst .
From the character of bb subject, urbia4laaanotarrt
In another column, ant the well-Immewst ebilit»s hi
the man, we Slay safely Devrak for tin i tarp atient
100 Chi ik RI R. a% , 11
10 New York Con, c 7S , i
50 do e 'MN
.',O do c 73N
50 do s 3 73,
50 do wo 22,
100 do a 5 73
1110 do
00 TS
140 do
161 73
140 do 73,4
[ 6 do 73X
[6O do c 73%
10 Reading R R 61 „V,
100 do - 61;
300' do 63 41 x
100 do 210 51, , ,
100 Brie Railroad, a..,3 10
60 do c 181(
240 to as 16'
100 do 1., 1 0 la;
/00 do tW! 15 %
do 14X
500 do 155
175 11n,lson Theor B, 19
40 Harlem R R, 31,
I Third .tveone 11, 65
293 Mich So kN T R, 18,1 i
132 Dl eh 8 te ti I Prf, 3211
115 P• 10111111 Pr,
d Galena k, Chicago, x
4o 73
36 Cies k Tol It, 42
'.3.10 do
315 as 4.30 42
: -A2 f 4
To ?RE LOVERS OP Altt.—Va would again watt
the atteatioa of the pahlie to the Large and ralaab:e
collectlaa of falatlua at the TOMS of A. El. Itobiasen,
Na, MD Chet tuat street. Muse days la* la tke aale
Thursday, the lith instast—aisttais mill have ea ep
partnaity of azaantatag, thaw - ptetemeatt iy.datelepae.
doubt that it It be ame chants tookttia ga.d.
tuna at 100 prided.
FAN Pra xis woe Goobs,--At no place bt town
coo e handsomer stack at farm , foroishimr pets 1.•
found then at the shako sad payelar atm of }par's.
T. C. Walborn .t Ca.. Nos. 3 sod 7 Nmth Sixth stmt[.
This Tsai la Otte of the *Wet end meet orweesernt to
its ray in the city.- Law piss( *en thare, ar the
readers of tbo Passe may knew Ty dropplag is.
Tu Calms Pier =tt ii non gentiilly'cimiede
that the gni/Ida! eliag itt 'ewer, m 4 that Widow will
soon be prop/Wog in its old ear... Codas these rireem
'Unroll Owe tem /ewer say *Rosa 6r- shabTiriess,
sad all yenmai to • j .- _
" • • , Xquile Clothing Hall at
Rocthill & Wthos, Noe. IRA Nod. 604 Cloctasit stmt.
*bore Sixth, andobtairtam,lomentlgiandi coarrodrut to
Too RtAnna or tor Potts ham &addles;
=diced sir frivent olkaioita M tio groat aarrlicr at
VOA tlao rolatostat a-14 MM /Moo it Milos, AI.
k CoAga L'iormea Mt. Sr Chortaa t
attest. arodogyoolotrtglieir Is* aid oalessat stock of
seasootveciouarr, We. T. 414 tsaigd tio" at ikBa
ft 4 11,1 Pat toks..
omit '. - Anrrieltrelpiroror at Ma arao of
, •Albtikteitionolooltiolc go, • _,
""-!j IttliChOotant alma,
boa tie Maim ottithot ..tioijoitamit" trier Vs odotral,
sad %lot, par easiowooe, a ore,ol ttiaahya pearao
Mats's. 'lnt- T. Par it op. "eft* a rieb sri
salsa asarirsist at tsar) mast psb, stitch, as
they class °stilt:olr ritalbairn as the but passlas,
ars sold" st•sa Lamaist dlaasast: jar
-41"."11 wall bear eats het is littir star* is is
Arch street, sane '
A TA.IIOI Waters PaaxeLtsa icsat every day,
at fair o'eloelt, at Peet? Yean't,'Adat, beim Watata .
neat St. Taal' Chalet!. at dikes sa an berme np,
sal nab wiatet rhea, toes*** malls eon nay as*
aiaal Ettrt 7finer'etars Um Di mere sr Thiledelph le.
'Rfeanittftatitsoitafriettirtg to a kaasty wen,
naquestittenty, 1* alit* et caw bides' aa grail+.
antes ardtaary,Stsbett e labeirantinet. Eratfthiag
Y sawed op *ben iik Ma aaaitiatitasrele imam, aal
'with the oh:est taped for the mama weak...a palm.
Wirt ha Cards' a .ysty ayraudd. 42.114. y-h. pis , *
,ban they tz_t9tektkalltittl
-C. 011Scist Anew Ratars.—Meaots. W lams* t eo ,
saeami greet, halo, =24lpaper as avisaelly
tee stock a( allet Iptipuatery to the ae -
11a$1111" .
meads of tie - Asada' the latter we wale
. sofel Idlea- . .
.: ac the very %cog ht .4
iritlehri?, - et ttiiior peicollit a sten.,
a tuaipak. : .- -, ' !'"1-:..
Osz or - tag Paers sew Lomita
*loth bit iledritst folotwailets. gaol: totistitta
Its way. 44 to loe tad, toot at a tow Oar, ttia ect4.
ether style et kat itOrocaiot. die built* tae
tualter,lttAt44 *elm Chaebtot. war. la
dealiatt:rfely`A`taatiMfisil ilimtea iMlM.,
to cal zant tist , Aße 101 'UP.
'iltriitrit . eAVIAT, Pnu seven jean
ago, Unit 'WWI* iteraqq, who was
wit )z a Mall] eillbtdiftbmitt e .tlie eldest of WhO t ii
4 " 4 kbOuttrtil fll of **fee* ituablets- A
yquaritiatt in ! 'reeighltittrhood, who was or
good. Apaillani tf*ltarii.: to Der.
Young at& iv . !SU MI into the
spe Ogeltutent
snare aot fur het. .
secomplisW, * L.,4aUta Paring tte
wrath of her Adler consequences (4
his villainy ataxia !tlll=Flitt..7wparent,_alteus,tll
- The girl ilson44aseatissews fled to Harris , -
hail. Waging her Loosed.. into a creek ttbicli
dolled through bre lather's rani, in order ta
tuakt• Iferitipti& Were lbw was drost,e.t.
Shortly atte; her Auntosial death r iter father.
neon libA/0 wand the treat ueiglied hearilr.
Irritant to trove tfitt_ . , of l iits-aglictot it,
soli bfik tam imdledlartMrairfersi count. ,
.- -
Ohio. • . .
In the meantime i ik A4 reittiied Barri -
berg, taken We oars ' - 'la' a few 41..
found herself at ttsti intt(beer• in a aleclodea
villa.* in t 1 interior tar 31khigan. Tb.
hit it/I ' l4- rex akindbestrhgliinniut, and at tba.
Ettliklikr Biti , ente kr -mini of an smildsata
She beard the tierLof the poor gitkesyteme..i
thised„wikb bet, andAked)terapfkaargBBe, in'
- - epee , bee tasking that her home. it
linseed atelyeart of content.
meat illastoreasees intrethieed her as a tvidi.,a
-alribthted Meads and received naanti ad. Vl
tagronsoiliensof saarthee.
One asdralat, Ithantidel meatus ago,
was in the shinty totreawihaa the stage dr,:q e
up,. Tbe niaSows of .thearmeactimere tear,.
and she cupid tee molt of the pa:sever
,itmong them teas lento diatseetoed %initial
to btr. sMitOoked agate- sad with a Iriel
fen fanding the floor. ) 2 12 wait ker mincer
The liidla ba.
di nottnimmedlow mallerstc,c.s,
and iety.nalseet that jostle* shout bodune.
She fought bOOoltr bies IttoAllets, id its.
slated that be 's.l repektbg InittiTte had
inflicted, by maktnir het his wife. To Us ha
at once consented. - Three beano abr his
Mete from teanaylrania;leired wb re.
motets,- he - had started - leek with se in.
teation of marryig. .bet.• ,tm 1h era: be bad picked up 'a.tievelaper, nhie con
tained an account of hes tradmil llemb.Feei.
i et that Mrwas the came Mtbst satinet ens,
heart-tick and sad, bartitrat4 tick, a Aired
and better man. Be had Rented dowmicen
mutated propetty, and warts ;ma of acdiss
and influence. The Joy of the iliri . wka stte
.net with herrepentant loser Mei 048 urea.
Tbey ware married that evening,' at
next morniag started for 1" Al
ex realnieg the addreer ' . - , their,
came okip_ 0 as fat as steam
tould carry tliem. oda atanOipsiot the
raptures of the old tam mho tai to hie
bosom a daughter he had tanansid foe
six lank years, Expkinatinas made, all
was forgiven, and after Oath* a weeks et.. _
unalloyed happiness at the mad of the -
girl's rather, they returned to - - .Isentes In
the West. • . - r
" w h a t's ,
Doctor, kla you tell ' flutter with
my chars must She keep ',din' or it--
" Yea, mum; iu probe*/ irritation ot ,
the patio mews membrfireatiig a :
sympathetic taillatios tot or the '.
echarriam" :
c: There, now, that'sjost sit tokhkcky ; !
she 'lowed It was wormier' 1
What IN that f ro m which, th e who
le Is
taken, some will ream% 7 word where_
some. t
A 'ziArtitt COV:Iit'SOMANCE.