The press. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1857-1880, December 02, 1857, Image 2

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the' criVediiiiin' was deld : ,undirjhal;:axiii Of,'.
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p!ciplehacptelepted power to Cid Conveht on
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which Congress would notbo lust:Med.-in e
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Sci.fitt4ii -the .i.eiiiiis.`o.O4tltiitioiiiAii,,
earned, it was clearly , understood, en - diet='
.-. \i'do,llY, Al:Se - tad, that it would tie :putijott4e4:
: , :llitiftldfihio:4:49oi!W ; F,l44 l P: ol l the:`
veation, and his seven colleagues, weremietif
'!-I*tittivodilly;pledged to./;rind et;
:aft'"r,:"gtvpgpiOolon,ig.l)*liinilli ti wil
' piibiish 'helinv;`theY fitted' aA*4i, , b-' •
, lnissietik and.bytheir;yetas 1 daftsted it'. tis
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' th'eleiipp6•4o44 - oft,,i.*,'itii -,,,
T i g i cm , to i,peejli,,aii4 . hittX. : uttiorßA , t to,
maiteAttiat,,*...nunciti#44;,,withi.ut;tile air-,
preys!. of the citizens of Ratisso;than'they had:
' 'to lialed,s gonetithien feill'ennityiiitilis : ,:-:,;l'Dernocratte Yeters,of - ligh o m
ee ro
-- It, &tying bed,' elated WAWA, Abtilittda.n
paper; therHeilda t Of Fie:Want, and "by some
ouno-Demoornk~ who got up a
dependent ticket ' foi - lk — . efoiriPoae of meet
the Vet* OrthiShiek't itapnblicareV 7 tbat the
- lei nomiheetthr thh.Demooratic convention
Toed 4 10 stolttangihat,C,IMPOSAPAte
, p , , ,woe , the; candidates es . tnexalrasaLts- V
subthjr the Iblietivireiii.46llitiegs, yhiah'
_adopted . by :the'DbetheratietVonventthif
' plaoed."lloleatdminietioni; and *BSl:work tally
- hearfily,tnidoven: as: a complete Iverektebehre
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"L. K'Boling," 13 ' ' 7 'jfillil Bil.Witlf 8 . .19;
.'. Ww: - T:Sp,i.oeljr -., ‘ L.A. Pfatlor.
' ,Ltocaselee, K. T,'„ Jana 13;1857., - • ". 1.
- .-B4OSOIVGti, That .we 'will support no , •infi as a
-delight* to''•tke Constitutional Coriviintioti,! hole.
' dutlea - 11 OH ke to '" triune thy; Onstitutl n of
, ‘ the,futlica',Otatit of 'lshii's; -and'io - Igo* Aba '
4611tlearAriiitga - lons ' zinger; vtliqh'".wiri A lb,
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.l4ettoni:'to;,o4l- ,eery hitnisi.eiblir ietiane"to eitk:.
' fiat the same to qbeey beta. tAde itestiacid en of'.,
'lra:netre, at thellropoPttine•lo'r:Orlyoteelate
Wen itgoit, , the' ailoptiOt by the )edpleith r,iici
that kite saidlawititatilitumay ba.-04.0pt0: 1
jeptal4 th-e - '4.t01l tan t u tie thli - Virrito yee,,
, the inajorit;V2of the - voters 'shall Afield°. ' ' ,-, / . . ..
- THE ILLlrffitS,Die.niOcit'ACz .14.0,: IAE
—' = -1. -,.- - KAllsas -.QUESTIoN,. *-,,,- `... „..
' ' , So- for is we have -yet'uliticid s 'ihellenli*..
' . cratii ' ;14 48 15'29e,,.../iliOa - a :i i i i u l iiirl- 8 - .i ll
chndemping, , iltillte-MO ' st." - Alm'phat,lo' ,fenice,'
'... the . action - Of' the: Kansan- Constitution Qom.
f vention ., - f .,„The - - q e4g9 ..Tim l s, „t.hp ; amp
organ of •Senate'r Dotturas, denounce I t it
.• - the Wiest AC - aided,: language ::: ITho nine.) ,
~.,./iiitt/d,ihe. h.p4ce' - 'piztii!Wf thti: gpii (Jul :
.1 1
: , :ilt.,;A:i'ltxcliii.ausciN, the IlMitrrk '4 4 ' pion
,:". of the,l l ,4bpisktolll in'the Eirtnpe - of, - epre
ilentatiies, Speatuith*: . - r „' ' '''' --: I- -•
. WeAlaink ,it, Altogether. probahlti_ that, - if. Me
-- BlacfitOPublioan,Congtelle ..of, hit -yea;: tied. so
' amended the eleotionlaireiof-Vhe. laud aslto: rei:.
.quire the people of the gpited, Siatellberotd either.
-,, ...fer.Fromont,and freedonvity•gasevas ii. 0i ” jiii.,
- Premoot and; elavery in , 141illah'i Mr? Budhanais:'
' would.not harwbeengres ideut. to,•day,•And'yet, td
- havereiluired thepeoldeofthe Mated littates i to have
thus voto4wedertheldtiful •pretence--of °resit-,
.., Ong theattwohowstftheir Own Presidents- word 'not
; have heen.kbit . morel ridiculous-than, it.i to tell
go people of Kansas , as the - Constitatien I. Con,
. .ventioe „has _done- that they must en& shill vote
for the ti Constitution if they vote at, all. • If. this
„ be permitting the, people of golisas-t0 I `foriii- and
regulate their domestics, ;institutions in thl it' , min:
way," then we must sinless we hive misinte retail.
• and „• misunderstood . the :spirit and. language, the
',. ~ true • intent, andAiteetaines' , „of the :TiardiaitZlet,
- brash* bill; - and .w e did supper/ tket If Abilre ~Irtui
anything in-thie'veorld thatvre did uude}vdend;
in itespuit add letter, it wait the, plain i unetiuivooal
. language' lor that .greatmoiasolw- ' , At -4 laotilleit,
- : leers nor leee tbaaitu exercise, of dagmatio) dicta
' . bola,: autocratic power,' unauthorized by the
-organic act, •on: - the_ part,ef,the.ntemlitmi o f-the
Constitutional Convention. . ,•
The. plain intent and meaning ,01 . the organic
• lot was, that If the:-people of Kansas wort milled,
' upon, 'at -all, to: vote - mpon-"„a, Poi stitutio they,
' should. be permitted to vote either/or it or ,t hey,
it, as they in: their own goodludgment -tin plea:
-, sure should prefer to. de.- ahe actiorof the Con,
vention we regard es , nothimiem titan en teault to,
the intelligence end an outrage upon the people:of,
Kansas, as W4ii no contemptuous toward. th 4 friends
and; supporters of the, - ;lfansas-bl'ebral)ka bill
- throughout the country. ' . •. 1 ' -, I r . ,
lirothe wb Op platoon of Sianhai Orbs; th et th'eyi
must, he, theCeecotatinded,:bylniin eliitit'sil with a
little brief Auttteilty;Who be'their teas
, ti re , tic, go And: do. 8 g - sot - Which 'imisihiy," their:
intelligencirand"their ,inclinations,tell them:they',
:., ought not to'tio, do ,not :want to . doDitillwr4f/Ast
'"i10 - ,.unloSe; - 11lpe slaVesiforeed to,do it? ';'- They?* ay,
'':.:nr may uotht'. - anyAlting , clifillo,inthle toSha. , eple,
. ' of Rensas.l.4;;lllet.Constita,
,oriltlici,f4,l4 t o.,aCi=„
' 2 ,-" tpoineel.iv''oltloorlit 4 iikotO, dla: 41 00 litlitrofit4tl - •
- -of Wel pYovisl ens of - that'OtiiistittitioiClintde,sleves;
of them All l ;: It is only ionehiated lci,thein--their"
''.gloldna prltillege=7to,vpteVer!, l o - ;;iti arty event;
itSßutitt ettfjetigident, air atviedividual'Penioslat;
who never, eplits.. Ida 41044 quid- vr4ii • noyer ,yet'
saw the littar that tie:didn't fiekitiekhe Could' (1 4'
fend',bici:pkttl, its, lifine'lphisranct its publie men,
,from attack, dm nourSo r adopted
b y the CopVention
is- O abwlntoly. indefensible, A cannot, sod ,iVilt:
' not,liihruitallie&by thoPenitieraOyatth o 'country .,
~,, ..,, ~,,-, , .• . , , , , .• ~, ~ ',. ~ ,"
Vain i* •Nielgtipprig
,I.aregard to, the .oalhonn CortqltullOn,l bayo
+ only to day it, aa nap, judgment, 'and-wholly urti
worthy of am Democratio party.' .IVe Whouldliava •
fully raCt Ale question ; and, insisted'Upon'if:yete of
'the_ upon tha:Cou'lititatiebrrth a t - 44;
honest way, and, in sll,oandori the flab!: prePsr
way of settling:W.lW in Kansas, so as to glio tut
power as to ityold difficulties
between the twcrebetlo:ari46lThwi l : 1 4 - 4 .
Ad , that the.. L,ecorapiek Conyenthin taut cons,
"itituoney, and althoughirolwere :bound to regard.
it 'airs. legal body; we wore not board 4,0 - aCeept."
Banter's idi3a; that the 'peOpleA4Jolniiitiiieif
-:their, the C01,!4*+,,l
- -'.are!preituned" to' sanotion 'the , preoesdidgs of`the
Conicutton - , on•the ground that they haieno right
4o Say airalig- for or igainay the 114)orkirtlfp, ,
ilotusdapproral..k 4p4a the ,Sariheri,wheit
, ' this litter is iinnting-4tboth Insultin`g and'ab'surg
- :'l`helt4l.trannitttutorttit? ?evorliviiiigpoyvey
the 1- 14
~ ,notergliil4. - 404 4i ,-1 00 ;1440371190'!.nntittol,
`litiprotne Court2or-the itnited,outjeclintre decided
sotrtfrelgtity to tnaileritibla.t apjiljti
*,PpiN ,k kiiiPaii#V ibiatx.:4lk
mnjoriti tt;t3cirentntl - ont QTAlpivopAq l otlyr, r ,
owtriffsimrtq. -
, _ • .1.7k.:•+ "
I ,l lioAdiAbir-utta , -frontz eSe l tiladOpol, an
our San Francisco eorreapondoneo, NUS ap
pear `o-nugr9Wo
FULT , •
By the Fution, which . ',-, 7 . ..t - ..• : ..f.,. •
esterday, we have roc= 4.., . 1
~ s• ' V I
papers to the 18th ult., :;.., , "'t ' r
` 1
•. : 1
k,hetr intelligence * i t! '''-..,,y." 4 :' ''' ' - -..,!
PREEIq of Monday, by th': • ,'i a ...:. 1 , h
Cape Race. The Continental news is of little
:A writer_la tho : Londoa Daily News declares
that ev er? ,, anal aneinclitary man in England'
considiAMA klosi infilitto her Majeaty'a
artnythatftgafAltaltil 41114 HArlbc,lFc LAS
tft Til. o,sq,ded . in his comatand, tater a vie ,
rlif ,td sther
ipPking,9ll Tiqpni f 4 !)., te'.ll stieh:4l*Ft 60
lig ilat*.zoo.thatt gained, It 'l . .4,:littrd hd should
itid"ahltive4.lß , r A. 01:
" .
ParlianienrA id imdnisuirunioned I on
Tbllradelr,.,Decenlber 8, ‘, for deeps - fob' .di
;ItWil'Jt r l4e;tii, ilia.' iiiiPei,4t' n't 'iffefial ,,, :• l :l'fij
I.l,,neop,'B_,Ktt ' eliiiiiiillo:ii; : "dited /- 1413feriibtiiiii -
leenth, appeared lii'fiwit'oniffin aai4ile:biljit ' e!
A/al:kcal h—e:,, e n. kilo, Any!) hefwkii,prot'usiee to •
-1 /#7 , ' l Aen Signed Li; -,,,,1 r a_. t., ,i . : , .;1..1 1.,
'' 4 l'll4.Thindoili , monoy market vies getting firill.l
lil,.:4;:f°li*ilifiefinitiiini;illuilti3riirtinle of teal
pttify4lteus, tic .111-Norilb)dl'q't ilairs,the lateib,
petition of # , KA, q 'Ito ) sk i l ,-- 2 .. .i e. '''il' lilt?
I.:ltlgigtl374llVibl:VV;;Lirtd 4'i.
rao.iii-ovitd-ii.timridefixisLttre.ilidnoed be
iittlend the Difilveheiter Act; that ad tia new :refill yi,
urtia g ed,voialmrstlay, whou,the.o o ,verron9bt 1 01
In r assaitisned,,theifiankrearya is! se/gile halfe feili
len to half a enilizon,ole t ng t.stlie enormous ektont
,of ,tho applicathins which arorb idatioer by'th
:prevailink iiiittder -On Tridtl, it .lippettro o 1 th
litit'liaO Mit Infringed;the amount ief .notasiisone
'inqiciews ofltbo-legailimitaleing, boWever,llAllo
ipditanG 'i:,.. 3:,ii vl ...AI . • . .., ... ~.• , ~, -
On Saturday, and this d a ys the demand' et 'th
.hank, though much logs than that previously, - Mt
:tiifsest - i‘ritd, am 'veil , aeltil , e, , aridrati:thw r epay
' , ideals 'alike bittiblishrfinni id-day . ..are lillievaLt
hive Ameniticanaideiable,.thare, , ls kfery ,prointi.
hility. that Alio lacwo-Irt "the.:iolfoe. of 310 ten in n9'
;map conoid,crahlo„To keep the frealilaSed Wing
n/Pdelltlo.4 l 24,4loithe, hank *deal - t' he patefat ate
'' , lr ‘Teillifitbg Ah pertioil 'prthhirLgibteilienelitedeet -
'rities,; Iliscdosibbe, linv?eierchte.beikiidling , to h
- begird** , tlid liTobirOef=a4i6e ilm , the '
-ratoi f
iiiiihint lbeyotid4o peetiont.;.- id :
Ideniallileohtinnink stottvp,.end.oattiGmhthonota - .
Ito ltnekrlflthitAbabltito 1.0.140009 4 1 MR:AP .
S till' t 4 1 78 3 p1 " 940. 1411 3u,1 it tai ittliQbie l ra - 'Monti 'Eat r ;
, I r
inerery eXprosshit t vooinicaror tifiniateia - th t
[ ~.1.,' iiieLß'kkik'ettitiii : Otilieociiitat should net lel;
- aitetrd'Aeliivklieli• lintikintviate,' l a . oL long:;fisi 0.
extra issue of notes continues afloat, :ani Oat A e
.ifioiminiNtilt; iliteJ B --InfAt 19 f 419.• discretion, of tie
.PL;liAl••4.9•lln)nirtinh a r e oPi de rl i .11i3 are *ina x
ewit,triesel l .9*4' , eat wo nidot - laurels aliept
fsiethelgredteroirillzialuntesoPon Very stroni
nitnidi'WOents'aier-iedfilouletssil- id revive lb
. belingioPlineertitit4lit itliti itioneyauerketlit(
feetherrisefiwthe.rato.nt , Ail 000.• faL ,i.l ... .
i.i dierdwidie;ithel,k l 7 o hrloilffe. itlg l ti."4lt9:tl
,unsponsion .oLthe all, tfiere La' a-4teire#l.4,-un .
mited ,ittiiilly of L money; - ferfhot.'oli.VltlYon . .., , l :
Pr04Y,6 1 1 . iheuritiiii" ottgUio'ititlitio' to calla the p -
lielnitia: - ' .'''.--
,":" -- 1 v •' '" • ' ' • '
` - 'lt'Aviiiild'iipPetir-that the'detimict for:money so
:li6l3}idd 4bi-dITirS1441;1 1 11. great; meesuW3, ties heti i
.doiie ciflrish and cefftdry bankers tkillaoo the
selves. id ;a strong position. ;44 is l itlittgcti.tbat'f r.
411or_quantiges_qiutivireikes nro'beln - g. deep* ed
Iq,,lrekuni, but Merely, as it,nisesUrd or prooanti ii.
Oil - .die eih lia%d:ovii• know 'of "no 'inatitrices it
'illek • eiiiiiitr de
y'hankoraafeseretiingsotritigeth et
eiLOndolo.- <i , '-• It, • p• ~.,;,,, , - , (1i
- 04.8.snortget tifolsatlefebtero fedthresef the day ri
',i.faiiffer dolisidefable fallfin norSt, JO contin ed
impreven . ntat le *monetary and hommereliti aff ira
.0 4leimett.,; the' important -cheek to the' sil er
drain, andlhe km:citadel' that "lt Million in t•
tralian golitis now approaohing our coast; in tl
(Mimi t0..4290,000 actually, to band.
%lard are stilt boiritlidraWall'of bar gold f om
'tlfilib i ll . k'fbretportation.-- - . 1. - •
_. ,
Trite Aim iiiifiVid'in'thd lindon -- dohlte id-day,
lipt nioloB . ,ffopti 7 ite ;old 'will - 1m 'delivered I to
vire*. " t ! '''''':"'''''"
l'in 'Tlin'ametrl't of -koldaldird,
~ on board thi ex.,
:AlohaAiled fred:Chfellidtt no for London ` . on ;the
sth btfilePteniliari lil atintrieh - A51013,25.5 ouneel, Or,oooE, , Thli Seringaps.tamlladtabto ea ter
for,LlVelZiol;cni, the Idthlf, August; with - 4 ISt
o,tinoes, , worm 481700/7 .-'l - -- , - ..; "-' ----,. :,.'.*.
' ; In - eluding the - X585,000! *Midi lel - expected it
inadititaly nt Soutti a tupten". frboi Aleittndria,f ti,
tit_l ' , raillion aterlihg in ' Ainftraliaik" ge d it
'kiii.o•Wu'io,be"-itiritleehing - due - ab tires:" The-Essox
bus 'now, fait paiginty-,t air dare at son, and! the
llerifigipatiM 4 niliel.l-thraw daYe.:+i n , is -alleged;
goirevtir, iliittAlto, , Mb I:Chiding teforrfiik,.tdtlte
ft47t'Ple ;Mkt , ita - Ve' , .iot 'yet - demo , fortrtird,
, ng,.. Mated itithil - missisik - pbrtfon of thd us.
Italian - their; itac.ilfttkithdeatlimit for lifarse les
•Oirliigie;thli-cireannitantie :setae delay. nifty say
Wipe occur befofellie .f.62siooolrtgoldliansid ,
.ItreMilnif fetid - may liefelatrid• available. •
~. . .. ..,
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'Walker, 'lO ttl the'llrtle , ef theledntroversy'bti 0;3
.eali s edale tubifitdd Vic r ile liansae:genetitlitlonal_
, Coninntton t andiiieribn tikatieol?ject 041 ii'al,'lii
it _appears to, lka the general:4lBllA itterial4ra of;
lhollartYwho are heroinwait the -fullest • lafirtna,
thin'ltiett thfi Territory: ;. " ,, t. --,,, ,-- -. , , r " .
In any event, 'tlnire wilt; be..4ll;si ! le:OOn 064
made in oOnkroai",to krone a moderate, lino). o fair
linoof ,policy:} if it be made perfectly apparent .
`that the 'llonstitution 'is still"wlthhold frMn . the
pithlle,.,4:Aiiii4 l ;there - fe 'any jinn? bf'Plieinif on
4hopartOf ,the committed to:whlcii;tilii. frlunflig of
Jhal , instramont: wai , oonflde4., 4 ltillrlavedoh
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*eight lii thh - 4 &W
timato - inn. It is tak nni
~' irento- d ,liyptipy that th",fAtteStliin,as It nett tends
10 pretty much lailitatiie in its °lfni:loiter, and that
to (longress it will be left for74 . 4aerxrunatioxi altar
fall , and fair discussion.' Mr: Bubhanan, in .his
Ire :4akeii:villiiiOt . ko;fdrther then' he expression of
his opinieit fialhis rogiid;•nruil!rn kni!ng thisl only
repeat what; k'nyoAitton ytinOnoo hefori3. •'-
+.: I 'sin informedlrom-good :authority, that de-
Niatblidihkid roachell :'tho 'State almpartmolni, re
Lcoinixionaini aldelayNtiOlteleeognitlan of Yrissari ,
as ...ioarnmmn minister to iiiiitinit44ofis, l it is
alleged that to recognise him woidd be to stibsorvo
the interests of the Bllibuiters, and not ( teat of
:atablegevertiment in'OcattatMierloi. ' i
~This 7 4 1 13 Ang . .couill too 10. h :,Yrtsslyi haiboon
formally reeelyed:bY thia, cloVolnnient l .ap his,
tooted on thebohalf , of Nicaragua in the' negotla.:
tioi of a treaty. ."The notionlakon'on *hill treaty
bythe.Btathile, pro essoa,te . reprosen „Irllf, when
11 , is linoliiLAPP,ol4r,op,:svAtio now,doutffuron
dips point: Bveirarrivalil hoWever, .fropf' that
itiartei, of , lath, has only brought information of
inoreaging conaplioatiolia,,and 'ildded . to . tile per
plexity of ' ony'pody'o nttoni t iiiolOW 'Ondorstand
really the condition of -affelia.there.7 . 1
— The fates' are with the Mari of destiny." , 110
att. the 3danti to ihteroolit him, 'raiad it is
se en now, whlClt wak death ted at the tian, that, lien
Walker started ; for liliorguts.' , when, every - thing
'was xrropitious to his enterprise. It is.q strong
helief with gentlemen acquainted :with' GenerAl
apd'parttellh pifini,riikita, that there is a
'coin - plate inderstaiding feitween hintand
Commander Davis: reports to the Navy Oepart..
Wont that tie . has • 'Halted• NantuokOt
6u . ned by,ltonson'arid others', of ilia killer:
lean' quanc.; Opmp4nk, 04, .pft 4 'caroM
search, he. was unable to find therofinf,lorge do-
Tonit.of igurino, , ot indeed any at all to make. the
istande valttablv: , • •• • ii -
fleperat 119.ad011ffiefi
oeivpd #4,follow4x, ,
Plat,of the Rancho ef Larkjese oblldiol.finally
ebrititmed 'rto Prat eis !Larkin etual,' - 'colitatnlag
'44,bef 22-1004okES: ' I
This olaimis situated in townskips Tr,llB, and
19, north; of rangoaa and -2, wssLoc,,th , MOuat
!-,l)(iibre 91,1 lies 'upon 'the' aide of
Sieranie46 river. "' -" •
p4p1103 ccinfirmod
to Toont, ':oontOl#iog 1.1 3 81 f "62-101)
iiibtafed r liortb, of
iipexr,.ol4l' tOlii4o4 ' psrt - poitti:, f 4.0
;'' 141 44 : cre P4 ' ;Xuq,
ibrougil,thia ;. . • ,;
lifaV of ,the- suricy'Of Ito rancho .4 I:.ql;iikuna
'geotlii";`inclodl:nel44 of: Santa Toiilsit', finally
iionGrinfal 40, 'f,iborita 0; ISull of of Win.
Fisher, containing 20,051054-10aoros, This claim
' 20 oithated in townsbitiaB and 9 south, of ;'ranges , 2
and is
tiontyind, by -tlici',.Takbos Win lag Ani
mas, Din de, Apia. -do la, ilooho;
,Las liras, 'and
Outs Totality: - , •
' Ma' nf the survey of ianoho " 0,10 do Agua
do in Coohe, finapy,,eOn pas to, Martin J. C.
Mgrphy,containieil,9g't 49-100 afros. This olefin
is eituated• in township -9, south, of range' 2 salt;
loWnehiiis 9 arid' 10 ( southcof range 3 , east ; and
'teiriislitp:9 df'fangb 4, oast of the Mount
• ift,17.0f1i1,404 - 0!1 901 north by
-the rancho de 1w AgtutU seoa;, and.on:tho south by
-i4 who doles Lagasii , • ,
These„oluims cover, altogother, an urea of 85,437
* I 9P. IFCf,.:f .1 x,, Y.
`We' ; ltivo"iaio)f bad: to record oanorq
*fit ic It: gtiipici
- 4(4014 itui Day .1i10Z : ::„ . ;' 411.61/04 Xiaapa .0e n,
anocrat of Tuesday sap ; —. •
geti.", - 'iditbr , ,ofithe Day hook,
( 1 44 iiieterdaY: in -- the '3:45" train' of care from
Br/toldtit" 'dit' littOrly tehie` iintdonoo• it pyprotts
littd 'been %AV of UAW for amoral
vittekti;'s 'iring'titt i dent ley riptottof of ittotatitoptioa.
tatittaay fluit by itttititt , Of pittpitlttion of,
bertift*,nfiOnvie tell ht, rooovorid... Ho
.Iverit,,tiatio otti ditteidlFf t& ' . ittlohd Ito his bold
ieSS/InitgrG'!"Mr;AaPArkik. , onTgoing to the
ta flih ottriknbseivied biog. loaning over
the intilWebr fliti bridge; to-,o boiol o g o con di t i on .
Ho aseleted - him - to - thb - boat and on board the oars.
Otter being:seated ho roilved, nod,
talked little; helra conscious of hie eitentlea „
qratir eicpreared fdoubt,.o(4;ll,,ltyies •until ho
-retielleri honk Floibtifteallie rieril started Jiiiirank
in bleeeatiirelexpitell stryggre.'"lt is'
Inttlesed,thettliefiXertiens iteVAK. in for 4
broughWtitleltipee cri4ellefit_c„ egli;;;.11e
,:1 , 1111
REAL ESTATE AND STOCK B.—See Freeman's eale'
Oita 01'011lPS.
FUND HALL L f IlkyENlg .
t , Yl4so/ I ,P p l u s , . , ..; 0 ,
o y k e e s
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r ttt?r , n o oo o n n ,
"Rh . uses of OOB9 " Fanatic 14Ife'' was
at I ''
o' surer ' ivith• iiilail, art '',. iti „ ,eve;,-our,
I bet highlyll rable to •14
hall was crow ed to its iflinot p4la-oltuyt, the
eluding the platform, long beforo t ilittler of oom
mooning. j v.-ell
- Indeed, so intenso was the rush fat' admission
beyond the capacity of the room, that, at twenty
live minutes boforo night o'clock, the doors -were
closed, in consequencio of which hundreds were' oh.
4-110it-ffiedfirdidappotnted;,,-----“,,, ,• ~---,..., ~.„,-
Theiseenofron‘ khciplatfortn wooin tr i nsely into
; resting, pieherifingkresdt did , to tlie/rfposk i ei , /1 per-
I feet sea of humanfooes, - with three long bridges of
standing'speettefoleathillying the' aisles.
Y‘'.3V-rtoolliiatit tiredidtion haying:lie-on . -maile,in ,
,- tilie siiiiii of 18:19: by it Well:knowM lihroriologist ,
1 in this country, that in ten yours from that time :
1 Ifent7 l Wardlleechei would ho i ons of, if 'not - the;
lciitliiigBiiriffohlie" ago.. No matter how much •
- `tiiii -1 'liyl'Ldvii lie'eti "',piling' the agony"-:—to;
quote ; a l OpZliar ,4;utgartam-Lon .'filr.' .Ticoelierie ,
powers ; cortmn, it4..,Tlnlt ,fBis' Ali 'his"equals ins
swaying: a ipipitlai an.dienco . "ivith 'the - arts of :
PretorS• i- ~ • t ,, ,; , 1 „i ' , '-, ' ' C ,
;e k t, Ave rainutee ,hefore eight'Air; Beecher op-,
;peered uport ttio,stand, And was wooled : With loud'
.andbontimped applause,- immodiately after whieh'
1181-843ollins; Secretary :of: : the People's Literary
Inifittte; came forward,noilannoonoed,the,futurti
lecturers of the eourse, and introduced to tiro ani
dienob theacituroo fop the evening, i , •
On 4OrningYfortlaidc Mr. Booeher said that It
was abont to tread to his ,andleace .4 lecture el
"Tito -Causes .of; Bucceas , atni ,Failuro in Life,"
both of, which, hohod himself in some degree'ex.!
in in his foirder fiiihift Ind pieselit sear
owls= niebting:his engagement' - — ,
' For bid own:pari, ha hairdona this best he eokill
oh a former ticeasion le the theroiand he had done
ho'bottor now; With durance to XL at A isappointi
'meet ho dittniqfeel called, upon ; to, make, an bx?
planation for himself; but with the permission of
ADO,II.II4iODCO, 15p, propid Stip a; llttloybeforo - comt,
maiming lila ISetitio, 'for ; lootdrars'gonefally: and
cipoolally,fOr those roost 'abided of ,all . things, 11
- .throbenitaittoes. - . - - -''' :-. -. c I-
.:: i
' ''''He'thort4ilat-Inta sittings - Mous oiplandtion, o'xr
onerating lecturers for Similar:fanny/8; and said;
:• Abet 101 l ,things considered, the, wonder. was that
,:, dhoyoverq ; mot pinch, moro,,frequent—statiil at
..'- thelsamo tinao4hat'oh . a plevious seritiou,hisfriond.
~, ..Enhn:l3ltintf; • h;t4, potintenbed rt - three. woek:f
. Wearing 'engagement - ht,llliidagbi which was to ebb
:" edici tinned down to‘the 8 tate.Of Malta; and that, by
E t -a- suoceSsion of intervening:eireuinstanoes, he had
..-- -failed AO' meet' a single engagement in all of the
~ "elgheolininghtB; anditte.Was sure that, under thoge
o .OtrODMODDODS, the audioneeboforeltim had no roa
st- son-to-complain 3 far They- hadlost butt WO,llllOWil
o &Taxo , i. tbis, end both bf Which they were to
e , „biiifo tadb tip,to thorn, - ',:•'- 1 .-' ,; .." • . -. • ,
g - : "Mith regard tone: Qurneß fa - nitre he felt old
a; bpoti'to 'say that Mr.-Ouitls had waited upcin hi ,
a...and iiiquesteGihiprzto,aot as his sul/stitute.„: t I
happened, however, that Mr. Curtis was idess4d 1
to' - With_ ii,att good gift, which was,' a wide-spread reAt-
1..,; Traida,, and another, which was still batter; 4 goqd
wife, a vid Who'had on'that occasion given 0 him' a
- son.' 'And he _would say'to the nu'dience i that :if I
' thb son inherited-the talents of its hither and go.'
i..i ;beauty of RS motherilhe world would gain in, th it
0 - 'nieh - naore;thhn .they could possibly have Mat 111
1.: :not being, allowed the privilege of hearing the
?.. ;father of t-lso child on the evening proposed. • i
d .Ho MIS Pow ready to - commando his leeture. 'Mid
l ; in opening which, lid said that it was a retusrlialito
n fact, that no other creature on earth was so apt to
k bottle way as man. - ••
• ' The young lloMthat rtionied the wilderness wifli
i, opt a teacher ; neyor failed of lionhood, but came
d to iitiby instinet,lind thus the whole animal or ‘a
m .tipp,ttelow m'an,,tegettior with trio vegetable king
r , dam, grey( and develeped'hi perfection. ' . •
. Manhood, however,' consisted in character, and
that,was ii very different thing feom'grawin a. I
' It'weenotieetiblo, too, that those animals which
attained :their highest state of perfection with Bat
the Ind of training werwthe lowestond that those
which only coma to the full development of their
instincts by ouoh,traitting were the highestin the
souls of being,. , - I
A WOO, for ex4mple, - Mitno to its maturity id a
,' four hours,;„ whilst mart required years for the cull
i .deVelopmentef hlapbwers, and it was only throdith
,a, the trainibiorthir various faculties ,to their hifh
io 'est; ro-operorton. with, mit other that the por not
. maturity of *tractor could ho attained. In no
i.. flonspan
,incidueuta4 man was not a than, no More
i.,, than An adorn ' was an bah; or a spear of grads a
is - hav field; ' ' ' ''' ~''' ' ' ' !
• ft was 'no' extravagant assumption to say that
ninety percent. of Immlin life was Kits boot oon
, Xingu/ wasted i neatly one-half of 'tho,hrunan I aim
' Xlidd l in the ortlle. As to the blossom's on the t yes
-it was no that thousands of them' shoal,, be
scattered to the winds, without ending in frith; for
• th'fir production , teas
- not attended with eirenn.
~":.: stances, affecting' thii feelings and ' allbotiong of
,4' livingncruis ••But experience taught tie:that no
. , 'ffardotior , weeded his. gaiden with, a more!un
smiling hand than Gad weeded: the( garden of hu-
I .
taan life.
-: • , The peculiarity of 'the; human mind Was, thl,t it
: - never died, - or - ceased to exert an influence • upon
the minds.of others. • Especially was this true of
,ininds in past ages. The'old Greek
still ati r d•swhydd his Mentor sceptre; th ugh
buried beifenthlhe dust of 'aged. 1: : . ~
- , -If- - vrd-lobked -, into the great hive of hums ity,
andliiii- there; with surprise, the -groat. relative
',proportion of- drone bees, wo should' bo still: dioro
sorprlsed ,to And: that A Ain , greator proportion
',lsyervitlivedtheir birth, and Sower still thatiro a
3iixed.tO:manhiiod,- and a saltless propdrtion that
*ere "Vipttla Ail) Plucking -When matured: -- 1 -
iThe- rtibin .'at'this .'point beedning almost sun
bonne: frt.& the - nialtitiple -of -breaths and! the
general ntigleotof opening ; the Windowi for veoti
l-ation,illr. Beecheratopped aside from his looturo
- fora-moment and gave us a fine' episode on' the
impartanoe .of breathing fresh air, and which was
-followed by'ri general uprising of window wishes
and other Bondi) , maneovros, which excited thioh
-inerilitient.l , ' .- ' ' -
'." The :leeturef, resuming, said,' before enttiring
npon•theproposed Investigation of his. subject, it
was all-important for us to make up our Minds
first what-we really meant by the terms success
and failurq, and which ho contended could 'only
be'proporly measured by the measurement of in
,terpal eviden'oe. .
- It Was ixgroat =Wake to suppose that a Man's
sucooSs consisted in the accumulating of an alum
, donee of this world's goods.'
, Thepursuits of life, instead of being mods to
subsorvo this one endohould but bo regarded as
-disciplinary' to;:propBtro us for the higherj pur
-1 poses of life, - • - :
, That these things wore essential in ono sonso he
'would admit, upon' the tenne‘principle, that there
could be TO branches unless , Gaon was a stock, nor
loans without branches, nor fruit,without :ileitis,
-yet ; after all, it was the that constituted the
great end and object of thorn all. , ;
„Failures in lite, according to the world's calcu
lation, were not always failures. ' ' !
' The reVaries of fortune, as they were sometimes
called; were oft times brit the moans of bringing a
man's best - qualities to light. As we could not
taste the meat of the nut until the shell was
;broken, so those breaking revulsions in a lan's
:fortune were oft thnes.necessary to bring nit the
latent :polities of character.,.
If dike ryas a man that, in his opinion, was en
:titled to sameship on earth, it was the being that
oduld surmount the effects of ill health- Tho
selfsitorifiee of the martyr was not to be compared
with this, as the burning fagots of the ;Asko were
-not to be compared with the still hotter fagets the
'dyspeptic earned around with him in his stomach.
Ile would not:say that bad health was altogether
the , cause of moral deterioration, but that it
greatly contributed to that result there was no
room for doubt: lie held that no man could be a
keeper of God's law while ho continued in viola
tion of the natpral laws , -,
Health, said the speaker, was the first 'element of
lifo's BtICOOSS, to which he Invited the attention of
his hearers. ,
' So high did ho osthoato this, that ho considered
'its possession a virtue, and tiro absence of it a sin.
lie mould ,not .say that this construction, would
apply. in all particular eases, but he wohld say
(facotiously) that it would, apply to all
In a high' Bike oflealth, the mere fact of living
was a luxury. This, he thought; was exeMplified
in'the happiness of children.
The harmonious 11n4 Tleaturable notion of the
social affeations, depended greatly upoo .the staid
of the health,froiv the fact that if a man was sick
in body be was so om healthy in soul.
But leaving the moral 'aberrations, which wo
"name vides, there' wore very many [also maxims
of life which worn the result of vitiated intellects,
ettused in a groat measure by ill health,
In this lions°, tunny of the evils of the day might
truly be said to bo, born of the stomach. 'Tim man
who sat himself down to write a trestle() on theoln•
in a: worn oat and Used upstate of boat th , would
predueo"a' post for his readers, and. the abler it
the worse. —•— - • , ;
When a man oame to him deploring the tempta
tions with 'whioh ho was besot, and his inability to
resist .them,:his. advioo generally . was, to reform
hisjotenaperate mode of living : I
' He had no faith In the Old 'saints allot calendar,
who used hunger, haircloth, , and indolmme, as a
means of grase.- . .., ' " I ;•
—The. feet that - persons in ill health solnotimes
made .their ;mark, was no more an evidence in
favor Of IA-health itself, than the fact that un
merited allipti sometintes'outrodo' the storm safest
wag a . proof that a full-rigged vealol - wax not its
supenordntlie main.' , , -1_ • • ~ , ,
1 The Second principal Means Ofsuecess eolisidered
by' thespeaker Was, The ability of usiiig every
part of our stature properly. . , . , 1
Knowledge woo :not education. A roan might
be able to ispook all the languages in the universe,
and at the sometime ho a stupid pollyglot as re
garde the practical ends of life. The trim idea of
education was evidently in disciplining ever y
power EU pet - orin Ste functions. Mon . were net
broad enough, they did not spread out all their
branches to the air; and thoy were afraid to do so,
because they could not watch the nice propriety
and eireunispeetion of each. Tho present custom,
was to grind moon to ti sharp edge, forgetting tha t
all such grinding was at the expense of the sell;
stance of the blade.
The man who wished tO, understood what integ
rity was, must first magnetize his mind with con
sciontiousnesi, and so of every other great moral
'quality. -Men needed openlng.and throwing out.
Thebusineso erten of our 'largo eities,here come
in for Alen , side-splitting comments, that brought
down the house in a perfect roar of laughter.; ',
The various idiosyneracies of our nature were
not taken Op,' and - reviewed with nil the mastery
of A thorough aoimixinta - noe with mental Science.
• One mani•for exomplei enjoyed himself
through-the organ of approbativeness;.sueh a loan
smiled, and while .ho was, applauded , prelied,
anditattered„ be was bappyi, but, by, and by,
when revolutions came and' overturned ' these
slender prOPS, be 'Weiriniolo miserable, and all
beoautio 116 had 'depended 'Wholly. upon a, sin
'irle - element of character for, his -enjoyment,
I t
Ile had known a man to be made Avretc o un
happy because ho was now obliged to alicdOwn
'town, whilst last year ho had , been 'nem tomed to
'rib - in' his' carriage. 'A • lady; to his knowledge,
had !b'een made very miserttblo because she was
now obliged to-walk on Brussels carpet, whilstlast•
i i ih
year.,ehrt bad ,been acsustomed to step n velvet'
Others again there wore, who made the Mph) 010--
ment of take 'their solodenendonoe for' world's
enjoyinerif, nto whiah;Whenever it was wed to
Monopolize the' 011010 UM, teas burp t 0.1711113Cti. ,
latabitn: . 7 • • `• . ' -
_.• ' - ', • . : -, ' - ' , 1 ,
Another embarked nu, }tie elements of enjoyment
.10 tho social endearments, and ,accordingly when
this' bank of bite happened to hicalt, ho was mode
A i4alikiA p t, What he hold was, that eta etiltivate
'every' 'On e br the tliiitrot 'MO , ' pur eh of bur nature,
so that if we were driven from ono we could fly to
another, He maid like to see the man that could
take away from irttit thep,owOn'A enjoying hilt.
self, unlell hti . tri*, r ik enthlntrof NW body, „
Another Pf allneinia in life tOikthe
art of living- veil ,
,' i lidi , it 'Would be found Iv.!
the main that we' hit *toirewdo with m;*inin
with anything elical , ?Aslf,l/hovt hew to nye 'With
men so as to mako4ftokltfppy *id - to bd made
happy by them, was tho'groatcsturti- and till trite'
harrot,of it Was, the free - exercise of a tail share . '
of fraternal love,-and if -this ,was properly culti
vated between hum end man, tho web of happiness
could not but fly out between them.
A most laughable and ludicrous part of the lec
ture was Mr. Moocher's advice to young men—how
to get rich. The gist of this recipe for the 'ac
quisition of tsar yaw fos ithein -0 got all they
could-and &A' fug. all( they)lietl !3—to t keibpf 44
Jsafety-valvo down tight on every, generous emo
tion of Moir ilftturo requiring their parting‘with-a ,
dims ; and then they were consolingly told, that if
thoy kept Od'hoardidg until Old uge,lhe'y would
then ho quite equal to any old' sack for the purl
pose of hohling,monoy, !, „
Thelrrahlvas, that exter4ai suedes'' r' vas 'ln the
main.too often rui evidence offaiistre, and-theiverst, kitid of intOrhaf bankruptcy. ' . • t• .
' The histhAd greatest element of success was the
vtligiousebucas that more properly belonged to the
pulpit, be would passit by„with, but, few remarke, ,
and had, in fact, only felt called ttiiOn` to Introduce ,
it, lest 'hi's 'not doing so' might he construed into '
'neglect. This World was-thin bow to shoot unto
• the next, - His concluding . remarks, were truly
'brilliant, and exhibitodiln admirable relief the
absurdity of a Man's being considerodAulned be-1
cause he ItaipPeried'to lose I:de' property. ' Properly I
-defied, such misfortunes woo but as: tho.knoek -I
log of tho superfluous dust bat of. a coat.. Ac gold i
could not matron man, so the ,loss of it could not ;
be said to ruin him; and M suppose that a man'
could be Made as a bronse•Statuo•was east, by sim
ply ponying' Sufficient metal- into the mould, was
ridlouloul. ' . ~
Tho lecture was au hot/mud-all/80pr in its de-'
und ,tho best account wo can giro as
to tho way in whroh' it was rooolVeir by tho
once; is to - state that it was greeted with thO
warmest' applause, loudly oxprossod,, from hut to
PAIION's ,CONOERT. —ThO ,pecon,ii "concert of
Med'lle Parodi, which , came off lest night, waf
even better attended, than the previous one, en
Monday. .Not,only Was almost every Seat in thi
hall itself filled, even to the entrance, tint s the gall.
lory was crowded. Me attraction indisputably
.was Parodl's vocalisation—something' betiveen
sing and ,musical deo,laination—lof that spirit-stl*
ring national poem 'l La Marscillaise." Itwas most
nobly given, and was encored. But eneores seemed
tobo the order of the eioning ; the persoiering
noise which. cpnspeqed thorn beteg made by three
little heys.wbeaat,,near thedoor, 'and 'apparently
thought it groat tun to liainniek the floor with their'
heels. Vionxiereps ' as usual, gave great salisfini-,
tion. Parodi ilia seldom been In Iluer'voice. • Thig
,concort . ,has, Bar farther `developed tho
merits ftbe two ,English'singera. ',They appear to
Wlllitfiy . ce, b ut their piirity or tone is delightful,
and they have been Weil brought up in a very god
schhol. We should like to 'hoar them'wholly in
English music. Surely, Mad'lle Parodi does not
mean to give only two concerts hero ? ' I .
AjtCU-ISTRI;LT, THEATIM—Every seat, and' al
most every inch of standing 'room here, was oh
oupied last night. It Was Mr. Whealloy's benefit,
when "London Assurance" and "Madeleine"
wets played. IV 0 Myer saw Mr. Wheatley per
fprm with more - spirit and , ease. His' Charles
Cott rtley showed us simply—nn elegant gentles.
man,, ao difficult to represerit on tho stage. Mr.
Davenport's Dazzle also merits praise. Why
does not some one play the part as an 11 i vlonan,
,with natural dash and—modesty ! It is Irish,:in
conception, wo aro sure. Mr.' Wheatley may nen ,
gratnlate himself on having had, for his benefit,
the very fullest house title season.
WAI.NUT STREET TM:ATM—That - splendid
,operatic spectacle piece ' , The' Enchantress,", as
got up, with now mole and scenery, for this thee;
tre, has filled the house every night'eince its nto
auction. Miss RithingiCin the principal 'pdrt,
really is,?They.nohantress," looking charminnly, -
and singing with remarkable sweetness and skill.
The whole otrerigth,of the Company has, been On
contrated on this drama, wide!' fairly may be called
the boat card Mr. Marshall has played this seazion.
The prioes continuo at reduced ! rates. 1
BANTOIII , 'S OPERA Boom —The return of Mr.,
8. S. Sanford, after his starring tour in "country
'parts," has added to the attractions of this pt ea
ler home of Ethiopian, song, dance, end eccentri
city. . .
Buormar'4 , OPEttA Titorrx.--lhese ',excellent'
end popular artiste maintain, in.Philadelphia, , the
reputation they won in california, England, and
New York. They are musicians of a high order.
The violin' solos of Mr. Frederick Buckley show
remarkable execution, and not skill • atom; but
taste. Upon Ilwaino and Bishop Buckley the Pub
lic have long since pronounced the most favoritblo
judgment. ?Ansi Iliffert, who now belengs to the
company, is a capital soprano, with the mar t of
also being a good actress.: •In the hurlesque . o mra
she is unequalled, and she sings ballads very hell.
The Buekleys are now.loCated in Jayne's 118111 ,
:rnn.—Tho performances hero 40 very well attend-.
ed,'noul the riders have complete and gra eful
mastery over their . horses. The.gymnasticrests
ate cleverly prerforMed, :We sh'quid ho muoh• titi.
fled with Eph Horn, ea a Circus clown, if he,lo o hld
give even a few original jokes. Objecting lie
down with a pony; because kthb went to teed faith .
his shoes on ," is as old as the hilla,lind wait not
goo originally. The somi.drama of " Cattqlna;
or the Dying Brigand," is welt acted hero.
, Miss WILLIAMS AT CQ.NCERT iiA!.4..-.-Tllitl iVen
leg, this lady will repent her musical ontotain- .
misfit, "The Lady's Dream," at Concert Ball, for
tiro benefit of the Children of the Union Telmpo
rary Home. Miss W. is a good singer, and ought
to draw a good house. .
MADAMN LOLA MONTEZ gives a lecture at the
Musical Fund Hall, on Friday evening, the subject
being, " Tho Heroines of History, and Sftrong-
Minded 'Woman.' This is entirely a now 4mpo
eition, which' oho teas never before presented to the
. ,
NEW Tenn, Dec: I.—The municipal elocyon in
this city to-day has resulted in the electionof Tig-
MANN as 'Mayor,. by not loss than two tbdusand
Wtr.mAnsvonr, December I.—An into eating
child of W. D. Hunter:conductor, on th . o, Cala..
wins railroad, aged three years, came to. its nn
timely and this afternoon. It is thought that
while in bed this morning, she reached some
matches, which she ignited, and gave origin' to the
flames in which sho wee
. so much injured thtz she
survived but a few hours.
NEW Yont:',•lloo. I.—The following ruporloduia•
joritie9 kayo beim' t coohnid of the oleattou for
Wards. Wood, (Dem.) Tietnann, (Lim o n)
First 120
Second !r7l
Third ; A
Fourth i 581
Sixth... Sixth...
Seventeenth. ----- . - -
Eighteenth --
Nineteenth reported 101
Twentieth .
Twenty.first ...... -
-Twenty-second 203
Majority for Tloraann
• I
HALIVAN, Doe. 1.--,Theto Ito siges of the
approach of the 'steamship America, row duo
hero, with three days later news from ;Europe.
The weather is thick and rainy; so that there is
no prospect of her arrival to-night.
Arrival of the Kangaroo— The Latett from
London. ;
blinv Yew:, Dec. I.—Tho steamship Harigaroo
arrived late this evening. Her dates freq. London
by telegraph aro to noon of Wednesday,ltlio 19th
inst. Consols wore quoted at 891u891 for money
and 90 for account.
The steamship Baltic, from Now York nrrirod
at Liverpool about ii o'clock on Wednesday morn
ing. The effect of her adviciis had not been do
voloped when the Kangaroo sailed.
The Kangaroo was detained till thrco o'clock in
the afternoon of the 18th, to take out anstrers from
Lire] pool ruerehants to their Americancrrrespon
dets.- . .
' The cotton market open&l quiet:hut italady.
• The market for brondstutfg wed utterly litagnant,
adwerd also provisions and lard -
' 11108Srd , Richardsonif3pence & Co's. eire tier gives
the following quotations for broaditutfe
Wheat.—lted 6su7s; choice red To Ild;i white Ili
lida7s lid; elmipo width 83..:
Iflonr.—Philnd?lphia and Ilalthnorei 268a27e;
extra Ohio 28a. -: ' . ,
Corn.--Yellow 355a35s 6d; whit° (Eoarce)4oani le
In queroitron bark thera WINO been EIJ tram° .
, .
.. • . . , •
Thu New 'York .Electlono4epOrted Success of
Suvo . lith., Ward, 70 undorily,fo Wood; Pour
Noah Ward, 1,1:11 for 1Vood; Sitleontli Ward,'
1,285 for Tiomann.
NI:NY YOPK, O ' d10151; P. M.-"'Reliable
roturnri from,most of flio oily IMvo beo, rooaivod,
indicating tile dotont of Mayor Wood, 1) from ono
two thOusand votes. ' • j _ , ,
- NEW YORK, DCOOIRbOr /—li o'teiocli t P. M.—
Reports have been received from 'tyre ty wards,-
whioh foot rap he follotve i• , ; • .
' Tiorniintly .; ••:- -
:----- •
It is considered that Tiontann ieoor i ly elected
by about 1,500 majority.
Fatal AcFldent
(51.201 AL DIV9PATCII SOIL Tint rttitgB.l
Returns Of the Vole 'for Mayor, ;
reported 290
Non-Arrival of the Amorlya.j
, The President's 111essUge;'..ja
}V,tanurarolvil?co. lat.—lt iin q n , :proballi that
not only the President's Menage, Nut the reports
'44 the heads orDehartnients, will , be supplied the
r J ilftbe ininotpal Atlantid Oltie11; and nowspa
. ill:*0;01(3ra; when the veadlngpf 'the Message
bOen counnerunid'hiCUllgEOPS; the sawn
to he previously sent to tho „postmasters wire' will
bn telegraphed at the proper time with that view.
The propriety rif ,such nu arrangement is appa•
rent, front the foot that it will avoid telegraphic
blunders, and secure a correct publication in the
newspapers distant from the capital, at tho ear
liest practicable moment.
Although the utmost care has boon taken to
pyoveat redundant language, the Message is una-
Im.,Afring tcttp protoinent subjeetl,
Kansas, I:itah, Central America, and the citrrency.
Ex-Preoldont Pierce ut Norfolk.
NOIWOLIC. Deo. I.—lpx-President Piero° and
ladfayrived hero this morning in the Baltimore
boat 4 'Choy will be the guests of S. T. Sitiryer,
tintil the sailing of the U. S. steamer Pow-
She will be ready for sea in about a
The eldse of Hge' il'ej,tein or the Ntrantship
NEW 01 IXANB, Doe. L—Tho District Attorney
has entered a nofle proTepti in the cosi) of the
steamship Galveston ; also, in the once of tho first
mate; pilot, and others of the steamship Opelousas,
Savona others aro yet to be tried.
Sinking' of n Steamer on the Mississippi—Loss
of Life,
` Bp. Donis, Deo. 1 —Tho famous steamer Alto.
ihony, bound to I , Uiv Orleans, struck on a snag
yesterday afternoon, at Quarantine Island, and
immediately sunk in seventeen feet of water. Ono
man and a child Were drowned. Tho steamer was
Nialued'at $25,000, end Insured fur $15,000 in Pitts
burgh °Moos. _
A singular Rumor—The "Craddock Murder."
louts vt LIM,' Dee. I.—Rumors nre current in this
city, that Pascal D. (haddock, for the alleged mur•
ler of - )Yhow, in August !KO, several respeelable
persons afo under 'arrest, has been seen In Temp,
within two months past, Owing to his connection
with several' crimes, Mr. C. was warned out of the
county, and subsequently a body, supposed to have
been his, was found on a .road near his residence,
the fees of which was mutilated by hogs. It Is
,probable the body was wrongly identified.
The .I,oto of the Steamer, Rainbow
NEW' ORLEANS, Doe is fenrod that Ron;
J. M. Sandidge, member or Congress from tho'
fourth distriot Malts State, was among the lost in
the steamer Rainbow, whibh was burnt a fow days
TIM Sloop-of-War St. Louts.
New Yone, Doc. I.—An arrival at this port re
ports tho sloop-of-war St. 1.411b1 at Port Praya on
October 30th. All well.
Buratug of the Barque OUtarlo
Di.r.trAi, N. S., Dee, I—The bartiuo Ontario
from Now York, bound to this port, WaS burned oa
tho 26th ult., with her oargo, oft' Whltebedd. The
oroy worn Bayed.
Fret' het at Buffalo
'•BoFF:ArQ, Deo. I.—Heavy rains hayo fallen
4ern for two daya past, (musing a Serious (reshot,
'and doing groat damage to the shipping.
Notes of the Bunk of Hamburg net
AUGUST t, Pee. notes of the Bank of
Ifambufg have been refused to-day by the hunk
here, resulting from the want of harmony in rela
tion to the tonna of their weekly eettlements.
Bank Suspension.
ST. Joni, 8., Due, I.—Thu Central Bank
Frederiekton has suspended.
BALTIMORE, Dec I.—Flour is lower Howard
street opened at $5 12L and closed at 05. City
'closed nt $1.871, which is the lowest point reached
since 1854. The Wheat market is depressed and
lower. Red is quoted at 105a110c ; white nt 115 n
123 c for good to prime, and 130 c for choice. Corn is
qudtetil at 55a620. Whiskey, country, 230; Ohio
24e. .Exolumgo on Now York 1031 e
CILARLESTON, 800. I —Cotton—Sales yesterday
100 bales at 11e, a decline of inic.
New Onmear, a, Nov. 30.—Cotton—Sale. of 8,000
bales to-day. MOTS ore easier, but quotations
continued unchanged and Irregular.
'Sugar closed buoyant at saslc. .
Rio Coffee declined Wheat—Red quoted
at• 110, and white 118. Corn—White 55c: 3 el
len, On. Mesa Pork $lB. Other markets un
Naw Oar.gasv, Dec. I.—Cotton—Sales to-day
8 1 500 bales; receipts 1,300. Prices are stiffer, but
quotations unchanged Tho Stock in port amounts
to 208,000 bales. The receipts thus far, less than
last year, aro estimated at 153,500 bales at this
port, and 321.000 hales at all ports. Sugar is
steady. Flour dull nt $5 Molasses 2210. Yellow
Corn, t10a650. Bacon quiet; supply nearly ex
hausted Lard in bids. quotes nt 121 c.; in Leg,
1014. Gunny cloth, llallic. Freights on Cotton
to Liverpool, 1d; to liners.. If. Exchange ou
Loudon. 10311100; on New York, 04 fao3l.
AIIOURTA, Dec. I.—Despatches from the south
ern cotton ports k roport the markets easier, with
out material change in quotations. '
Arrival of the Steamer Fulton,
NEW YORK, Dee. I.—The steamship Fulton ar
rived at thiS port this evening, frcan Southampton
anallavre on the 18th tilt. The most important
hews brought by the Fulton has boon anticipated
via Cape Rare She brings 5120,000 in specie,
Including 831,000 to Richard Willing, orPhiladol
'phis- Among her passengers is henry I.lason,
Esii,,.beartir of dispatches.
the Bummer Rattle arrivad'out on the 18th ult.
'We nOtico that a' meeting of the holders of
shares and bonds of the New limit and Fait, Rail
road Company, especially of the holders of bcinds,
not secured by mortgage, and falling duo in 1832,
1671, and 1675, is invited for the 18th inst., in
London, to consider of measures for mutual pro
Groat satisfaction is expressed at the news that
the banking panto in Scotland has subsided, and
that the notes of the Western, and City of Glas
gow Banks are now being taken in the ordinary
way of business, by the other local institutions.
This stop is greatly calculated to reousuru the
public. The advices from Liverpool, Manchaqter,
and othbr great seats of trade, concur in declaring
that the news of the sasper.sion of the bank
ebarter act has been the signal for universal ro
Paris dotes of the evening of the 15th tilt state
that the Bourse opened very badly, and the fall in
the Route made further progress for some time. It
opened (10e lower than yesterday) at CM 50, and
fell to fol.:15. lint at two o'clock there was a sen
sible amelioration, and the market became firmer
and tirmor to the end, when the closing price was
CS SC, the same as yesterday. Far cacti there has
a rise of he.
It was, moreover, rumored that the Bank o
France would forthwith i,suo notes of .50f. each
Such a stop would alone bo a great relief to trade
and although not expressly excepted by the The
leror from the "empirical means" %%hie!, h
denounced cannot rationally he classed as one o
[From tho Deily News, Nov. 1d ]
THE LONDON MONEY MARKET EvENtNa.—The funds oponed this
morning with some Ilatnr,s, at n further decline of
I per cent. For some time the tendency to
wards the improvemont was bold in chock by nous
of the stoppage of the Wolverhamptou and
Staffordshire Banking Company, but in the
'afternoon considerable buoyancy seas shown
After a total rise of 4 per cont. from the lint
quotations of the morning, the market elo ed
to per cont. higher than yesterday. To
account for the advance, a report was circulated
that the Bank of France are about to issue notes
of as low a denomination as 20f., or 1.2 onch—a
measure which, like an issue of 11 notes here,
would probably tend to release a large ma •s of
coin now required for circulation lit the best in
formed quarters, however, no information point
ing to the immediate adoption of such a measure
has yet been received. The advent:a in consols
seems more immediately traceable to the closing
of the accounts of two or thleo operators for the
fall coupled with the continued Investments of
the public The prevailing distrust series tether
to stimulate than discourage tam absorption of
At the Bank of England today the demand for
money, tbouoh, still native, was less pressing than
yesterday ; the demand has been greatly promoted
of late by the provision made by the Irish banhcts.
Further parcels of sovereigns, to the amount of
between £150,000 and £200,000, are elated to have
been despatched to Ireland to•day. On the other
hand, about £lOO,OOO in coin 11/18 today received
back from Scotland, where the late bank panic i.,
rapidly subsiding.
Tho Wolverhampton and Staffordshire Batik,
the failure of which reference is mode above, is
Joint stock bank of issue, and was established on
the 24 of January, 1832. Its authorized issues is
,f,35,378, and its actual issue, according indite re
turn 'published in lust Friday's Go:lefts, 4:35,012.
Tho bank is established at Wolverhamptim, and
has no branches. Tho paid up capital is .1:100,000,
and tho reserved fund was last stated at .C 7 000.
The' amount paid up per share is .Cl.O, going 30
per cent , and the dividend loot declares! woo at
the rate of 20s per share. Tho number of part.
ners is about 201, and as many of these are known
to be men of wealth, the ultimate liquidation of
all claims upon the bank is considered to be as
. - -
. ; 81.7
. 144
At Paris to-day the three per cont. rbntcs ad
vanced 8 to 1 percent., closing at 00,65 troth for
money and the end Of the month.
At ilamburg the rate of discount has declined
to it per cent.
At Vienna yesterday the Austrian funds attained
a recovery of about 3 per cent., but tin exchange
on London was quoted again rather higher, at
10.29. At Frankfort Austrian stock was - weaker.
Consols, which were quoted at four o'clock yes
terday at 893 for the 7th December, iipened this
morning 89! to 3, and, after varying for sometime
between that price and 093 to 1, rose to 110, buyers
finally closing at 893 to 00. For money tho last
price was 891 to 1.
Exchequer bills were again rather firmer to
day, closing at 17s to 12s discount.
The rezpectable house of Messre. Doan, Bur
ton, A Co., of Old Broad street, worn compelled to
huspond payment this afternoon. The event is
atitibuted chiefly to the absence of remittances
from,Fwedon ' in connection with their tratidactions
in the Swedish iron trade Tho monetary pres
sure extends oven to that northern port of Europe.
The liabilities of the house are expected to prove
rather considerable.
Tho produce markets to-day were tinier, more
buyers coming forward. Sugar exhibits a rally of
alma As per cwt. from the lowest point' touched
last week. CoWoo, ton, cotton, and some 'akar ar
ticles. are all firmer.
[From a popplament to gal London (iazetto, Xlxtraw di
nary, of Saturday,. Nov. 14
Wnt:nr:AS, Our Parliament stands prei.ogued to
Thumlny,, the,l7th' day of December next; and
wnreas, for divers weighty and urgent reasons, it
seems to us expedient that our said Pailiament
Shalt ensemble and be holden sooner then
OM said day, wo do, by and with the advice
or our Privy c'eunoil, hereby proelahn and
glue uotiee of our royal intention and! pleasure
that . our said Parliament, notwithstanding
the same pow stands prorogued, us hcroin
'l4oo mentioned, to the said 17th day of Decem
ber mat, shall assemble and be hoiden, fur the
deapateh. of divers urgent and in pertanfalfairs; on
"Plintsdayi the 2d day of December next; and the
lords spiritual and temporal, and the knights, ci
tizens, and Ihrgesqes, and the coututHioners for
shires and burghs for the house of ()ominous, are
hotoby required and eouunitudett to sivo their nt
tondance accordingly, at Westminster, on the said
3d day of December next.
Given at our court, at Windsor, this 16th day
of November, in the year of our Lord 1557, and
itt the 2ist year of our reign. God &eve the
Her Majesty hold a Council at three o'clock in
the afternoon of Nov. Di, I'ie4ent—Tho Prinea
Consort, Earl Granville, Vi,,cuunt Palmerton, the
Marquis of Lansdowne, Sir George Grey, Mr. Sec
retary Labouebere. Lord I'anmuro, the Chancellor
of the Exchequer: Sir G. Wood, the Hight lion. It
Vermin Smith, Lord Stanley of Alderley, the Duke
o f Argyle, the Eight Hun. 111 T Baines, Earl
Spencer (Lord Steward,) the Duke of Wellington
(Master of the Horse,) and Lord Ernest Bruce
• 'At the council a proclamation was issued, sum
moning parliament to meet for the despatch of
public business, on Thursday, the 31 of December.
cable required ftir ilia• Atlantic telegraph has ju't
been commenecd nt the marks of Messrs Meese
1. Ellett, at Greenwich. About another 1,000
miles will ho made, and it Is intended that the ex
pedition shall not go to Sea again without a full
3,000 miles on board. :Welts are being made to
recover the 100 miles that were lost off Valenti:),
on the occasion of the late experiment. It Is in
tended ultimately to have a second cable across
the Atlantic.
We have received files of the Melbourne Age to
the 10th of September. We gather that more than
83,000 ounces of gold, and XlO,OOO in sovereigns,
were shipped in the Emou.
The commercial advices aro not encouraging.
Unprecedented dulness had prevailed for two
mouths. The storekeepers had previously supplied
themselves; while the long-continued dry weather,
hindeting the operation of gold washing ;tad di
minished the means of the consuming clasqes.
Rein bad commenced to fall in abundance, how
ever, and speedy improvement was hoped for.
The Heather Bell had sailed fir London on 7th
August with 19,047 ounces of gold; Royal Charter
for Liverpool, August 12, with 83,593 ounces; Se.
tingapatam for Liverpool, August 13, with 12,153
ounces; and a) Essex for London, September 2,
with 105,255 ounces. The value of the gold alone
in this last ship exceeded X 410,000.
The told amount of gold shipped since the cote
meneement of 1857, including the • shipments to
the neighboring colonies, had been 70 tons 1 cot
3 qrs. 2ulb, II oz., which, et 80s. per oz., gives the
value of £7,030,602, The receipts of gold by es
cort continued to ho far in advance of those in
the correspondingperiod of 1650. Ballarat gold
had sold on the fields at 80s. per ounce, and other
fields in proportion, but a reduction of Od. per es.
expected. Tho now gold field at Mount Ararat
promised to he very successful.
[Prom tho Daily Now, N0v.17.]
Our military correspondent at Calcutta has ena
bled us, in some degree, to fill up the void hitherto
left in the narrative of Havelock's proceedings be
tween the passage of the Ganges and the rebel of
The Ganges ayes crossed by the troops on the
19th of September, by the heavy guns on the Nth.'
The passage took pines almost without resistance,'
and the enemy fell back one strong position at no
great distance from the river. On the 21st, this
position woe attacked and earried. The rebels lost
four guns, end seared severely, especially from
our small fetes of volunteer cavalry (under two
hunlred men,) led by Sir James Outran, who are
stated in Havelock's despatch to have sabred one
hundred and twenty cf the enemy.
No time was lost in pressing th - o advantage thus
gained. On the 21st, the day of the engagement,
the British force advanced twenty miles, the next
day fourteen; the retreat of the enemy thus hotly
pursued was too precipitate to allow of their break
ing down the Bonnet) bridge.
On the 23rd and 21th, the advance appears to
have been continued without interruption; on the
latter day the relieving army distinctly heard the
firing at Lucknow, and the general in command
immediately ordered '' a royal 81111110 from our
twenty-four-pounders, to announce our approach to
our friends;" that Was the first announcement to
the heroic little garrison at Lucknow that the
hour of deliverance was at hand.
On the 2:dh, at the distance of five miles from
Lucknow, the British came in sight of the enemy
—in number about 14,000--entrenced in a position
which appeared impregnable. There was not a
moment's hesitation about the attack. "Havelock
went at it at once; and, after a desperate struggle,
our troops, to the cry 'Remember Cawnpore,' car
ried it." This is where 1110 great loss took place.
Here fell Neill; here fell between four and five
handrail of his gallant brothers in arms.
Beyond this point, wo know nothing except
through the medium of the telegram. By this
means, we know that the result of this action wits
tho lmmediatr relief of the Residency ; that on the
nth. the batteries of the besiegers were as ;
that between that day and tho 29th, the possession
of the city was desperately contested ; finally, that
the resolution had been taken to fall back on Cason•
lore with is portion of the force, leaving the resi
due to strengthen the garrison of Lucknow.
Of the de.4pei ate heroism of the relieved garri
son, our correspondent supplies a brilliant exam
ple. When the intelligence reached the besiegers
that Havelock was again crossing the Ganges. they
despatched to meet him the force whose dispersion
on the first day of the march has already been no
ticed, and then made a desperate last effort to over
power the obstinate resistance of the besieged.
" They were on the verge of success; some of
them were actually penetrating into the entrench
ment. whorl a sudden inspiration seized our mon.
There wore plenty of shells, but no mortars ; our
men, reckless of life, nod resolved to conquer or
to perish, soiacd the shells, lighted the fasces, and
taking them in their hands, hurled them with all
their force at the enemy."
Well may the enemy have fallen back. as we are
t,,1 they an e,l" nnd '• It was the
last attempt they made against the heroin garri
son. Three days afterwards Havelock was upon
Prince Frederick William, of Prowls, reached
London on Tuesday evening.
There is great complaint among the working
people in the manufacturing districts of England.
The payment. of ono half the hop duty now due
is to be postponed till February.
In the week that ended on Saturday, November
11, thu total number of deaths registered in London
was 1,161, which approximates very closely to the
number in the previous week.
Augustus Stafford, Ms P., had died In Dublin.
TIM courts wore to go into mourning on the
15th, for the Duchess do Nomouro, oousrn to Vic
The monetary troubles continuo throughout
England, and a number of additional failures aro
The Montteur of yesterday contains an imperial
decree, by which M. do Royer, Proeuteurdieneral
of the Court at Caisation, 13 appointed Keeper
the Seals and Minister of Justice, instead of
Abbattieci, deceased.
The Bourse has been very heavy, but without
any great change in quotations There were ru
mor> of failures. The ltente, after unimportant
fluctuations, closed at yesterday's price, Otlfr..soe.
for account, and for cash there was a rise of 50., the
last price being thlfr. Mobilior fell ,Iofr.
The railway settlement went olf better than might
have been expected Northern rose 10tr., and
too or three other lines 2fr. 50c. Mediternlnertn
foil Mr.
011ie Dank of France, at ;t , last Frttlement hu 1
t o r e ( vivo at Paris :dune 82,000,000 of franca, re
pre,cuted by tit ,000 bills, which were collected by
eighty bank runners and ono hundred and fifty as-
Astents. Out of that large amount of money
thorn were only twenty bills protested. In the
branch banki etcrything passed over let most
The Mum Breloane of Nantes states that the
news of the export o: corn and ether articles of
food being again permitted, had led to a rather
large amount of busines,, and orders were sent off
to effect sales and purchases. A certain number of
vessels have boon chartered to curry away corn and
In Paris. however. romlitise:on agents, who, (at
tracted by tho telegraphic news that the decree
against exportation had been repealed,) arrived
from England and elsewhere to make purchn•cs,
weie going away without doing busaiers, finding
no sufficient margin to justify operations.
It is not likely that the sudden rise In cereals
produced by the announcement in the illoktteor
of the day before yesterday, will be mn•ntained.
A great ninny Americans had left Paris within
a few days to look after their affairs at home.
Tho Paris Mai pm( osies to be able to give the
following its a inflect nocount of the elate of affairs
in Ouilo at the date of the latest nows •
•• The English are not masters of the town of
Luck now, but only of the citadel, about too kilo
meters distant. This fortress has been rerietuailed
by General Outran), oho succeeded, after a mur
derous straggle, in putting himself in communica
tion with the besieged. 110 is now shut up within
the walls of the place, Oenerat Havelock, who
commands the second column, is oneamped outside
he citadel, on an eminence called Mount Harnett.
lie is held in cheek by the insurgent Briny, 20,00 t)
strong, which is master of the town of Lueknow.
In this very serious situation, the English find
themselves opposed to a vastly superior force,
which intercepts their communications with Caren
pore, the base of their operations."
We learn by telegraph from Turin that the elec•
Lions aro going on, very favorably for Cont Ca ,
vanes government. At Turin, live supporters of
the cabinet have boon °Wk.& For the other two
seats the votes aro not decisive,
and there must ho
a second election. Throughout the country (es
ceps at Genoa, which is the hend..quarters of the
opposition) thorn nIII be an imposing majority for
overnment The utmost enthusiasm for the per
son of the King and the institutions of the country
is everywhere manifest. It has been observed that
a considerable section of the higher classes, whose
opinions have hitherto been hesitating, has e frank
ly rallied to the Government Cause.
The Piedmonteso G•tzette' announces that the
euntral administration of the Piedinonteserailways
belonging to the State had given orders for the
gratuitous conveyance of the electors to their rt.-
spsetivo colleges and back, on the 15th and 18th
inst., cn merely producing their electoral card.
The Chamber of Accusation, at Genoa, on the
10th lustcommenced the inquiry into the es ents
of Juno, lust,
the purpose of acquitting thwe among
the prisoners against u hem there is not suflicient
evidence, and sending the others for trial. '
Tho tfr, of Turin, of the 12th, states front
Naples that upwards of four hundred parsons im
plicated in a conspiracy have been arrested there
in a ,inglo night. It adds, that the Neapolitan
police have been led to the dhcovery of this con
spiracy, not by any revelations of Captain Risa
rano of the Cagliari, but by,inre articles in
the ihdia o Popoto of Genoa.
The Milan a: etre publishes notifleation of the
fith, from the Prefect of Finance of Lombardy.
announcing that for the year 'KS, the direct
taxes are to be incteased at the rate of live Icren t
-7ors for every florin of taxes, (the florin is about
2f 50c, and contains sixty krentzors.)
lAvnneoot,, Nov. IS —The sales fur the three
daydpast amount to 13,EM bales. The market
opened with an' ndvanoing tendency, but elode , l
with little inquiry and weak prices. Quotations aro
generally unchanged.
Flour very (lull, and lanlgal lower. Whont (lull,
and 'dila Id lower. Corn dull, and declined 6dals
Closed vory dal]. Lard Leavy and nominally
quoted at 0.13. Sugar firm. Spirits Turpentino
MITCHEB'I4 MAP OF hat —Prom T. B, Peter•
son wo have roceived a copy of tho Map of India,
with nil the military !tations, &a., compiled by
Mr. W. Hughes, the etntnent English Geographer.
It is beautifully engraved, with each Presidency
distinguished by colored tints, and is admirably
adapted for reference. In a word, it is a bargain
at gm-Andy-five conti,„atul the original costs three
dollars in Lyndon.
Tlj s_ _ , ( l lT Y.
ARP WALSIOR-R1MT14::" Thepit hsatrekg
ilrftc,fi.ance AI4EtTIOUTIOt, &RCR oTea,r
Alwyn fit 11.—`• ',eV Y Tr, or, The Pri
PLedelAtne, or; The retpdltog of Pari3
1 4 1.10 c oxiit r tvug IS"AI4I27STHY :NEAR EIGHTH
--. 4, EqueAtian Porformusatit.,,
341rA'S'3 Yew llt 1.. eII!STNUr ,:litkET, BELO.
8z k'N'Tet —Buckley's Opera Trcups
CHESTNUT —.Ethiortan Life Illustrated, cone:titling with
a laughable atterpiece.
X,hf Welth ,
Meeting. of the Bondholders of- the -Union
rand/ Comp,: py—An Lite, tong State nu nt.—
A geueraf meeting of the `bblidhdldere Of the'.
edual Company was held at 12 o'clock M
v ,,,, terday, at the Loud of trade room, No. 20
Merchants' Exchange, in accordance with a pub
lished call.
On motion of Mr. John E. Addicks. John A.
Drown, En t , was called to the chair, and Mr.
Charles Hamilton acted as secretary.
Mr. Addicks mowed that each gentleman pre
sent forwnrd his n .me and address to the secre
tary. This motion, be stated, was made in order
to ascertain who cOmrs)sed the present meeting,
and in the event of any further business with the
'bondholders being necessary, that the bondholders
would be known, and aeeessible. The motion was
agreed to, and about one hundred gentlemen
handed to the secretary their names end resi
Mr. E. Rundle Smith. President of the Polon
Canal Company, stated that ho had been instructed
by the Board of Managers to make the following
statement to all holders of the bonds of the com
pany t
To Met Bondholders of the Union Canal Corn
p ny.
On September 4th last, the company failed to
Meet its notes issued to raise means for completing
the canal and paying the interest on the bonds
maturing, while the work woe not earning it A
meeting of the holders of them notes was at once
called, and a committee of their number made out
is statement of the condition of the cowpony, Sep
tember 12th.
By this statement it appeared
that the entire tloatin4 debt
amounted to S:AS,4SI 74
Of utile), the amount 11,,rored by
a judgment, b• sundry atqckv,
and undoubted collateral, Wild 1.38 2.0 n
lly the Bonds of company, ana 190.1100 00
And the unpaid emporia of No
vember 1,1.356, and May 1.1657,
wore 127.120 00
While the rennonder
of the debt either
had no collateral
at all ra2,466 61
Or the stock of the
company . 99,591 24
229,060 91
This committee of creditors recommend that all
oreditors (as well as the bondholders) of the com
pany ahotthi give an extension of time until May 1.
1860, and that the nett receipts of the years 1553
and 1859 (which were estimated at $325,000) should
be applied--
First—To pay the interest upon the Coupons
which would mature prior to May 1.
Second—To pay the holders of the notes of the
company who had bonds as collateral, being. $190,-
S5O of notes, with bonds to the amount of s37d 504
113 collateral; and
Third—To pay in cash the Coupon maturing
May lot, 1543,0
The remaining holders of notes to be paid in
certificates of a second mortgage loan; and the
interest upon all notes to be also paid in these cer
tificates; and those parties who bad loaned bonds
and stocks, and paid the Coupons of November.
1:43G, and Mar, 1457, to be settled with by means
of the $376,40 of bonds which would come back
to the company.
The plan recommended by this committee was
adopted by the meeting of the creditors, and up
to November let ult , more than two-thirds of the
holders of the floating debt had signed an agree
ment acceding to the arrangement thus proposed.
and strong hopes were entertained that the plan
could be oarried out.
On November 2d the coupons maturing on the
let were presented for payment at the office of the
company, and them presenting them were fur
nished with a circular setting forth the plan pro
wed, which they were requested to read, and then
to call and my whether they approved of it.
On the morning of the next day, a call, signed
"Many Bondholders," appeared in the new,pa•
pers, asking all holders of bonds not interested In
the preferred or common stock of the company to
meet at the Girard House on the evening of the
6th, when the holders of about one-fourth of the
bonds attended. rend appointed a committee of nine
to wait on the officers of the company nrol to ob
tain information as to its financial condition.
When that committee met the board of managers
they were tendered all the information they could
acme, and th e details of the fin metal operations
of the company were freely foraished to them.
On the 2-Ith of November that committee made
an elaborate report, and though the matter had
been strongly urged upon there, rem eel] fur a
meeting of all bondholders was recommended by
them, or directed by the meeting itself.
Under these circumstance, the stockholders,
feeling that all bondholders, whether claiming to
be pure bondholders or nut, were entitled to be
furnished with the information affiwded to that
committee, and them they reprelented, instructed
the managers to call a general meeting of bond
holders, and in pursuance of that call this meet
ing is convened
The plan recomme•tded by the noteholders, and
adopted by the company, is .halieved to be the
wort feasible and just one that can be suggested.
The calumny has felled to meet the coupon
which matured November 1, 1857, and will, under
any circumstances, fail to meet that maturing
May 1, 1553. The plan propo,es that, in addition
to them two coupone, the holders should withhold
until after May 1, 1860, three other coupons ma
turing respectively November 1, 18.13, and May
and 'November 1,1859, and that - the nett - receipts
of P 455 and 1350 should be applied to pay off .the
8100,850 of notes, holding 0376,500 of bonds as col
lateral. And this is all of the finating debt pro
posed to be paid with the cash receipts tram the
Tto payment of this sum of $190,850 Oil
will return to the company the bonds
now pledged as collateral, amounting
to $376,500, which includes an amount
of $lOO,OOO of bonds loaned to the corn-
pimp, whla, can be then ritturned; and
the remaining 5278,500 can ba wed in
redeeming and cancelling the coupons
of November, t 3511, and May, 1857,
and nthns senured debts, amounting
to 10,:".70 83
Making the floating debt paid 0ff..
or more than one•half of the entire amount; while
the present elaitus under the mortgage. to which
the bondholders look for their security, will be
reduced by the cancelling of coupons to the amount
of $127.329.
All the receipts of the canal which will be re•
quired to pay the floating debt. is... ...... Sits) S, -, 0
Less the amount of coupons cancelled... 1r .320
Or rather leas than one d months' coupon ;Fi.: .510
In the report of the committee of pure bond
holders, to which allusion has been made. it is
stated that the coupons of November 1, 1936, and
May 1, 1851, are regarded by your committee as
in point of fact, and in consideration of law, paid
and cancelled," as they were paid by the trea
surer of the company at the °thee of the company.
on presentation, agreeably to the requirements of
each ooupou, nod pursuant to a notice, to the Effect
that the coupons would be so paid, published in the
newspapers of the day, &c."
This alsortion is not founded on facts.
The coupons were not paid by the company.
No notice that they would bo paid was publi,hed
The holders of them, were paid their var gas
mounts in bank-notes, while the charter of the
company expressly provides that no payments
shall be made by the company except upon cheeks
signed by the president anti secretary, and en
dorsed by the treasurer. They were paid by Isaiah
Hacker and J. Rodman Paul, throtigh their agents,
113 trustees for the persons advancing the u.oney
for that purpcam, and are now held by theni, hav
ing never been in the Possession of the company;
and the minutes of the board of managers will
show that the company resolved that they could
not pay them.
This plain statement of the facts of the case. It is
hoped, will set at rest forever the charge of '•legal
fraud" intimated in the report of the committee
of " Pure Bondholders
R. RC:NI/LI; SMITH. Pre4ilent
Philadelphia, Dec. 1, 1557
Mr. Smith said that he had Itho been instructed
to say that the Loanl of manauvra felt aggrieved at
the notion of the meeting of the pure bondholders.
Mr. Edward S. Buckley said that the churge of
legal fraud referred to by the board of managers
must have been made out of a plain statement of
The president stated that there was on the table
a communication addressed to the meeting.
Mr. Williamson thought that the communlea
lion was from a committee of the pure bondholders
Col. Page said that the committee had no power
to communicate with this meeting If they did, o,
they exceeded the authority vested in them
A motion, to read the communication was nega
tived by a iery decided vote,
Cot. said he would offer a series of resolu
tions in order to teat the sense of the meeting
Resolved, That the prepositions submitted by
the Union Canal Company to the holders of their
coupon bonds, be accepted by said holders, on the
company agreeing to the following conditions :
1. That on the formation of the Boardof Direc
tors, elect to and admit four persons front bond•
holders and largely interested in such bonds.
2. That the said company Anil and will permit
a committee of three, appointed by the bond-hold
ers, to audit their accounts at least' talc° a year,
for the purpose of ascertaining whether their re
ceipts aro applied in the manner and according to
the terms of their propositions.
2. That the primary bit:Mess of said Cand, Com
pany shall be transacted by its board, end not by
4. That the Board of 14ireeters and stoehlwildors
be recommended to curtail their expenses, in all
eases where practicable, during the time the com
pany is not able to meat its etigegements.
The consideration of these resolutions elicited
much diqeu,sion, and were adopted separately.
Mr. Willinwon mused that the direetors be
authorised to take such :lotion an null protect the
interests of the bondholders. This motion was
made to meet eArtain executions which will proba
bly be issued against the company. The motion
woo agreed to.
After the transaction of some unimportant
ness, the meeting adjourned.
Serious Shooting .Ijl'air.—On Monday eve
ning, between the hours of eight and nine o'clock,
a party of young men got into an altercation in a
small niley running foul Third street, below
Christian, during which a young man, named
Charles Whitehead, was shot in the face by a man
named Hugh Earle, destroying the eight of one
eye, and so injuring him othereiso that he is net
expected to recover. Ho was removed td the hos
It appears that Earle, with a few of his com
panions, were visiting a young lady named Ile,
[Roca Fields, who resided in this alley, and while
there, Whitehead came up to the door and opened
it, at the sante time requesting Earle to, step out
side, as he wished to have a conversation with
him. Earle stepped out, and it in alleged that,
after some sharp conversation, lie struck White
head, and knocked him down. Whitehead, while
in the act of rising, was again strucli, and the
contents of a pistol was discharged inn 0 his face,
de E stdestroyingarle ie uonyeouonfghiLetiy,"l, ns above state 9
or 20 yosra o age, and
resides at. Fifteenth and Market streets, where he
was arrested b' Licit Raines, of the 81.Tth Pollee
District, who is at present the acting; Chief o
Police, and taken before Alderman 'Luau ycstnr
daysethnEng, itheit-tatrifentratarseesummy daari
Samuel Rifled'. testified that he frailat
Vie corner of the alley and Third aktet ru arn
Whitehead went to the door, and be caw Rule skp
Out, and after atandang some time knoeked Wkite
bea.l and inanelliately after be saw a pieta
diwhArged : then Earlesan.
Mr, Yields. the mother of the young lady, tee
(Mal that Earle and hi; companions were sitting
In the le,u•to quietly when Whitehead, with a
Earty of other men, requested Earle to step oat;
arle and hie companies,: went out ; and while out
they were set 'upon by the party accompanying
Whitehead, and were beaten each emirs:died to
rue She stated she heard the report of the pistol,
1, ,, s he did not know who dierharged it
The accused was committed to await the malt
of the injuries reeeived by the prang mart, White
The difficulty is said to have arisen in the fol
lowing manner: Theme parties were at a ball
given a week or two since, and while these White-•
head ant Earle got into a difficulty respectiog •
young lady who resided at a house in the alley.:
It is supposed that Whitehead went to this house__
with the intention of Llia-tising Earle.
Joseph Dunn. one of the party accompanying
Whitehead. was arrested and taken before Al
Encu, Yesterday afternoon, and sent ',relay. H'e
states 'that Whitehead went in and took hold of
Earle andpulled him out, and then they wanted
to strike Earle, when be drew off and knocked
Whitehead down _
Importata rirrest.—Yestertlas afterneenfive
" snehk thieves" -KEA, taken before Alderman
linen, on the charge of being concerned lathered>.
berg of the fancy goods and trimmings store of
Mr E. H. Duren, at Second and Coates streets.
The prisoners gave the names of Charles Croup,
Charles Crouch, A. W. Shoff, George Stokes, and
Charles R McMullin.
This party is known by the name of Jock of
Clubs Association, and they have a room over a
lager beer saloon, en Callowhill street, near Fifth_
On searching their place of rendezvous, a number
of private marks, torn front stolen
_goods, were
found. They were identi fi ed by Mr. DUTOII. •
A quantity of silk handkerchiefs, gloves, pset
monnales. knit woollen scarfs, silk for 'nits, anti •
considerable number of pennies, were found on crc
of the parties Crouch was arrested by OEcer D.
Smith, on Shippers street, near Fourth, on Thura
day morning last, at which time the articles were
recovered. The thieves destroyed quite a quan
tity of Lae goods by trampling on them with their
muddy feet. The s:ore was reobed on Wednesday
night last. An entrance was erected by boring
through a couple of doors with an auger. This
class of despoilers are know, to the police as
'• sneak aderes." They were committed.
The Cvniniontetailh Bank.—This bank will
go into operation le-day, and it is therefore to be
regarded as one of the institutions of the eciemtry,
and being based on a exand metal& currency, will
of course, stand as long en the said foundation
Today the bank will Wee its notes, re
deemable at sight, in gold 6r silver. A considera
ble amount of the bard staff was placed in its vaults
yeesterday. Nothing but specie will be racked on
Tice frialtiirrifelawf iwerarrwara
offer a reward of $3O for information that will
lead to (he airest Ord - etirtviction or the - petite' or
persons who set fire to the shop of George Poz, the
house of the Liberty 'Engine Company, and the
barn on the poor house - fern, .r any ether property
recently burnt in or near Ifolmesburg. and tostared
in their alto. This example is worthy of imita
iec dent.—Tames McElroy, eight years oki,
was re.:eite4 et St. Joseph's Hospital, entering
frog injuries of bis left foot. caused by being
teught between "the-batopors_of two ears,
near Ninth and Tnotupi,ort streets
PHILADELPHLi, Dec 1, 1 , 1/7.
There is no changes to mord in regard to stock
sales to-day. The market is weak and inactive,
without much prcspect of any speedy change.
The reports of the proceedivga of the bond-hold
era of the Union Canal Company, at the ineeting
held at the Girard Recut la3t night, and at the
Exchange to-day, will elicit much attention from
the lactic! Interested Sorb di:evasions always
benefit the corporations whose affairs ewe them
to be made, by awaking the attention and attire
interest of individuals to their welfare. The chief
cause of the troubles which seem to beset all incor
porated institutions to a greater or /ens degree. is
to be found in the apathy of those whose mosey is
invested in them. and who would naturally besup
rusted. to ho feet
realty h e e got as l; cilme; y
the m ir t
hat nn
acft menu
them whatever.
The amount of specie in the New York bank
vaults, nearly twenty-four and a half millions cf
&liars, it getting quite burdensome, especially ae
the easeltle 1 ettte of the forei;n exchange tenders
a postponement of the resumption of specie pay
ments probable. The footings t - t the itstement for
the week ending November , Uth are:
Loans VI-4.911M 1 Ciroulattiort••••l4,ss3,7,7'3
Specie 2-1,LV3,1.1i Deposits . •• • •i 9,309.22.5,
These figures yreun t the following ch.:Logger:ore
the statement of the prelims week:
Decrease in loans
Increase in specie_
Decrease in indrawn deposits
Increase in circulation
The Comrounwealth Bank will commence opera
tion.' As et speciwpaying bank. on Chestnut &treat,
abort Fourth, to-morrow.-
November Ist, 1357, b, $1.367,501 50
Rempte dorieg. the month; --
01/ aCCO ant of Cu5t0mt—....51,"40,1)39 01
do l'ateet )CCs.. 3,029 00
do I' 0. Dept's.t. 335.2:67 9.)
do TreesfC.`7l 1,000,000 CO
do Mwellatteous 151 019 44-2,7e9,19,3 ES
Parmenti :
Treason./ Drab
Post Other So
Noreml,er Mat, 185:, Balance.
By lailanc-.. Cr , tl,l-17,4161 13
By receipts :luring the month 1,„:14,i :SO SZ-3.30.,92t2 00
To paywents 1..V5,1141 .511
Ey balance, Cr., interest aocoontq
To psymects.
Bp rcc<ipti fur CuAtorns in Nor. ICS;
du do da
Daerea3a in Nor. 15;57 1 615,M4 SI
bal Cr., Bul. and Ex. Ac't for As'y Of. =,103 01
By coal reed d'in,lthe meth. 2.1,55,136 72
By tine bars 14-3.,".11,564
T.) payments in coin
ta,s bars
By coin in hasuila Of. _ 5Ol (f. 31)
414 A - •sy Of. ^ -.S--2..F51, 3 ,)3 43
I3r Bne Lan 55.5.5 - 24
112, ttplart'd 1,1 ;.12 ••77 51
13u114424 at ]fiat for coma] t7c.G1.3 Sl-1,173.33117
Statement of baslneas at thr United States Assay
Office, at New York, for the month endlog Novetzt , er
311 h, Si
Deposits of Gold 53.150.000 OO
Forelgn Coins CO
Foreign 21V,C00
tioltra States Loll:on 2 Celli COO CO
Deposits and purchases of Silver Zif,^-0 , ./ 00
Foreign Como 141,0000.6
Foreign Bullion 4467) 00
s Bullion , (contained is
Gold) 17.000 00
S Bullion. (old coins.).. S. CO
S Bullion , (L Soperior). 1:3„,,0
Total Deposits, pay alAa in Far. 2.00).000 00
•• coins 1;?..57,3 00.3.3 •)0
Gold Bin stamped
TranAmlttel to the U. S Mint, Yhiia , for
coinage 1,110 671 :9
The following arc to-day's quotations for Specie.
by Croniso & Co, Bullion and Si , ecie Brokers. 40
&math Third street, payable in bankable tads:
.1.; D011Ar5,e11..1.03 1 Ara. Coll. oil coinage 1 u 7
4 "4
'• Sovenagms
3leaican Dellar4 1 06 .• old .... 4 93
louth Au , •• 031 Napoleons(2oFramm). 390
Spamsh Palar Dollars 1 00 Ten ...4 C. 3
} e Francs 99 1 Ten Thalera 793
German Crowns 1 1:3 •• Prr_44itn..9 10
French•: 1 10 1 Uncnts " .. 2
- .
Arnensin Gen IN to 2 prec4:un
New Yore I:lghange I? ; to 2
Boot.. 1, to 2 t•
lOtittolore •• 1\ to IS ,113.
Reported by R. Manly, Jr., Stork Brokrr, No
WI It aim:: strew,
200 Penn 5, 04 , 4 100 Lor.g. Illata Beall .101:
1000 do ..... ...S5 171 Lear Mead It 4'15.52 'i
600 Schl Nay Cs Y11t3.61 -) do 55 52
200 City It Co O4N lOO Beading R ..rash 27. i
1500 N Penn 11 C 0.... 51 415 do
'3.000 Leh Val 11 6= Ita.64,‘i 255 do icts 27;
500 Lehigh Go '70....501 100 do 5.11.27;
1000 Peon It ds . 2m0rt.75 21 Lellizh Strip ..F.5.34 V
1000 City 01 ....L.I: P.M 6 do ...... ....361g
5 Norristown 8....573 5 Penn R Own :'.93,5
05 N rent It 9, IS Catawura K. ... 7
50 do 9 , - 10 Merns.cnes' ttxnk.24
4 Minehill It. 584 1 50 Girard Bank 9,.Ni
50 Long I.lar.d R...10N I
COJ ITaa Coal Co C1..52 I 15 Penn R 3414
&Oa Trenton IL do Iti.Cd ( 100 Rule.. R LS. 44
1000 I.:liihh Vlll C.,..6114 100 Realing 11 "-'i
J Penn 11....535rn 30)100 Sehttyl NIT . t,
, 5 d u
...... 65.5),Ni 00 Catawims R
1000 Lehigh 6.:•70...63 11000 N Penn P. 141,
1 ,-, 00 do .. 70.. SO 17 Peen R....h5vre..^.J4
1000 CS: A 11r375 10 do ....55r.e.39,
1 , 0 .s.chl :Nay Cs'o.6l 10 Rea.ller. R
000 do 81 70 Lon, Islaud R.. 10S
207,25 do 61 150 do 10 1 1,
1000 do 61 8 Mechsruce Book f.'.4
500 N P,on RG3 ...51S: 10 Gmtnl Rack .... 9
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—There is no doubt of the reopening of the canal.
Auditor lienton Las received letters from all along
the line. Tolls are collecting, and a large alllolll - a
of revenue will be received beyond what was ea•
pected. At the ;West, loot night, the mow nos
melting, rain falling, the ice breaking up. atdp.ats
nun ingsastward. An immense quantity ,f wheat
is reported tea the canal.
band, coining home at one in the morning,
found his angel wife sitting up reading an old
novel. With a coarseness altdost amounting
to cruelty, he took the book from her hand,
and placed before her a pair of her child's
socks, which happened to have holes iu them,
disgustingly observing: it If you trill fatigue
yourself, Illy love, with any work at such an
hour, I would suggest It 33 Never lea Late to
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December 1, 135: