Gazette of the United States. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1795-1796, January 18, 1796, Image 1

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    Number i048.J
Have for Sale at their STORES, on IVelnut-Jlrect
45 Tuns of Pig I ;
40 Pipes baft qu. Te Wine ; _
30 Pipes of Mild iri Wine, cemprifing each qtfality,
and contained in pipes, hog (heads, and quarter
3 Pipes and % hogfheada old Port;
150 quarter calks Mountain;
50 cwt. of Sugar Candy, in boxes of 80 £0 cach ;
3400 lUs. Jalap in powder, in 3 cases;
1100 lbs. of Camphor, in 2 casks;
a ca'fks of Coppera?;
JlnsJjifH Sailcloth, No. lay; *
30 bbk. of Connc&icut Beef;
and-a quantity of Mahogany.
A L S O,
the schooner
BURTHEN seventy tons, is a good
yt; he ifl will be fold at n reafodable rate, and on a libe
ral credit. November 27. « tu,th-Jcs
i~ The (hi ? Little Mary, J. Benaers,
; •r.ufttit, and the fhij> Fame, E.
0: f.'... J on '- s J -n»aft<r -
-3£y~Z~-: :jV»«-2\VeH bmit veflels, fail fact, and are
li; conifl: t'» order to receive cargdss imrxiec'iately. For
terra* apply to the master on board said vcflefs, laying
at the fubfj iiier'ji wrh:.rf, or to
7- -
;> P E A t
Captain Salter,
I rliis month. For freight orpaflage ap
.iptiin at South street vha-f, or
Peter Blight.
TO ' - _
ply i» t!
Kovemher 23
f/'2-vFor SALE or CHARTER,
N°w lying at Mr. Huddell's wharf in
ScathA'.rK • burthen 20.5 tons: (he is now in readmefs
to receive a cargo, and can be f nt to sea at a small ex
pence, as (he was supplied last. voyage in London v/ith
many new Ms and rigging.
The terms of sale reifonable, and time oi pay
ment made easy. Enquiie of
-John Craig,
No. 12, Dock-fticet.
Who has for Snls,
Sherry Wine, Dowlas, Irish Linens,
Seears, Belfalt Canvass, Spanrih Cordage, and BnlloL
Window Glass—-and the HOUSE a«d SI ORES he now
occupies. •>
Jan. 6.
Knives and Forks
A good allot tmem ot table and desert Knives and Porks,
with or Without cases, for sale by
Rowland Parry,
No. 36, Chefnut'ftr«t.
Plated and Japanned Ware,
Jewellerv, fine Cniliry, &c. &c. &c. as usual.
Plated work, Gold Rings and Lockets, and every thing
iii the Gold and Silver line done it the lWt»ft notice,
and in the bed manner.
©ecember 2,8
Copper Ware-Houle,
No. 2. North Fourth Street.
HAVEjuft received by the late vefiels from London,
Liverpool and Bristol, and which they are felling
at the molt rtducet! prices for cash, or a snort erf (lit,
a very large and extfnGve jfibrtment offlieet Copper
ar.d Bottoms, comprising sheets iron, 5 to loclb. »nd
bottoms from 16 inches to 5 feet—Atfo a handsome af
fortmentof the nioft approved fb'eathing Copjter with
nails, and bolts, Tin jnl'wees, Bloclc-tm, ?>pelwcr in
casts, Spelter fodder, !k.c.&.c.
Jan. 2
Jamaica Rum.
The Cargo of the brier Peace, Captain Gray, from the
ijgrth fldi; of Jamaica,
Will be landed to-morroismorningatSouthjlrcet wharf,
High Proof RUM,
Nov«mher 9.
OTlll sizes, from 3'a lb to Grape,
CaihboAlcs, -Pots, aridether caftitogs executed at the
fliorteft notice,
Nail reds, from iod to spike,
Hoop Iron, of all sizes, fqr cases or cutting into nails, from
a lirad to 12d nails,
Anchors, from IJ Cwt. to loolb.
Bar Iron,
A Quantity of James River Tobacco,
Carolina Pork.
Herrings in barrels,
Kiln-dried corn meal in Hhds. and Bbls.
Rye fl»nr &t. to be fold by
Levi Hollingjhvortft & Son.
Mpjl 4 " *<"»
F©r SALE, by the Subscribers,
The foUvwmz article, of the hjl from China.
160 Quarter Chests Hyson Tea*
jlO Quarter Chests Sowcbong Tea,
400 Boxes China, containing Tea Setts,
4500 Pieces Naaikeens.
Willing.r & Francis.
September, i /
From the entry of House No. 9*, South Frcnt-ftreet,
y ■fterday evening l ,
Tiro sußTour coats, viz.
ONE of fuptrfme forreft cloath, double breasted, co
vered buttons, v«ry light irab colour, little worse
fortlle wear.' 'One ota'fscond Yorklhire cloath, double
ur«&fted, dark mixed grey color, moth eaten and much
worn - . . r T.
A generous reward win De given to the perlon who
ftalbapprebend tl* Thief an it recov:r the jj<mds.
ift'mo. 6th, 1796. aawiw
* *JL
w ,&r.
Pet en Blight,
•v.; v V*
-'fjBBSP John si. Hodgfon, commander,
SHE is a Otout live oak aad cedar built veifcl, just copper
ed, and fail's pefttarkably fail; -witt ih j<* port
of February. For' fragjit owt* or home,, apply to
"Jafeph Sims.
A. small quantity of OINSENG, ot the ftrft quality—
'as «U>cv :
For Charieiton, (S. C.)
The nzw .Schooner
-Robert Butler, master,
NOW lying in.Smith's Dock, "he second above Race-.lreet;
is ready te take in goods and having been built for a
Facket, Ins excellent accommodations for pafiecgers, and
will fail ia a few da?s. For freight or juiTag? apply to
the Captain on board* or JOHN S^IIEIjDS,
-fan 11. d No. a'l.Cliefnv.t-Sreet.
r a ' e or^;lart:er 5
The new (hip SUCCESS,
Robert "Welsh, matter ; lying at Stam
per's whan 1 ; a Itrong faithful bufit vefTel, fails extreme
ly well, and is also well found; burthen 159 tons.
For terms apply to
Joseph Anthony & Son.
Who have received, bv faicl vcflel,
A few calks Madeira Wine, mould
and dipt Candies, aad befl. Eofto* Chocolai««.
Uectmiftr .29. "-J
Juji Arrived ftr the Sno-iu Bojlon, James IZirkpatrick,
, Majitr, from Ijverpoul,
113 Crates wcli-afibrted Queen's Ware,
4CCO bushels heft iloved fine Salt,
Sc to be fold at No. 1, l'mc-Jlreet.bjr
James Campbell.
Also, a few boxes well-jfiorted Irilli Linens.
N. B.
l Said Snow far Freight or Chai -
ter, either to the Well-Indies or
%t£cZi% Enquire as above.
stu«u[l 18. $_
For Falmouth, and a Market,
fjSfoj roebuck.
WUI begin to take ia In a si w d*y*.' asd is ia
tended to fail with all expedition. For freight
or jiaugc-, ipp'ly to
Thomas tzf jfebii .Clifford,
J Vic have Imported in said Vejfctl* andbavzfar S'jMti
Bcfides tiieir ufuat aflortnaent cf I rod nip ngeryXutlcjry,&o
A fcr.' crates of Flint Glass Wart, crates of PHjh>la>
"cr-'tcsof cream colour'd Ware, boxes of Long and Jnort
of, womens and childrcns fiat* afTorted,
London and Brittol pewter, befl Englilli crown Otafi of
the dilferent sizes from 8 by 12 to 9 by 7 inches, Irtiii's-eye
Glass, boxes of Tin Plate*, Bar Lead and Shot, a,nd a
quantity of Copper in fhcets asd bottoms.
*Thti have iihew'tfe received, . /
*n sflortment of Garnett & Company'j patent fjftcnis for
Blocks for fhif s use, and other purposes, which arc fotfm(
from fcveral years experience, te be a very confukra'iiiii
favisg of labour, as well asfavingin the war of cordage,
and are now generally used for the principal blocks in new
Also, a few Pipes of Old Madeira WINE
[anuary 14,
Canal Lottery Office,
Near the Bank of the United Slates,
January 16.k, 1796.
THE Public are informed, that if none of the high
prizes are cut on Monday's drawing, price of
Tickets will uc raised to Thirteen Dollars, cach, 011 Tues
day morning; and will be higher every week er.fuing, on
account of the Five stationary Prizes, worth one hundred
thousand dollars.
By order of the Committee,
Wm. Blackburn, Agent
1 pr:2.e of 30,000
3 do. 20,000 -
2 do. 10, coo
3 do. 2,5 00 -
4 do. 2,000 - - 8,000
11 do. 1, cog - - 11,000
23 do. 500 - - 11,500
50 do. 100 - " 5* 030
With a proportionate number ©f 12 dollar prizes,
Purckr.fers will be accommodated with a credit propor
tibned to the number of Ticket* they take.
Note. A Check-Book kept at the ab«ve office for exa
mination, at two cents each number, or twelve cents for
The Commiflioners now draw 600 Tickets per day
George Bringhurft,
RESPECTFULLY Informs his friends and the public,
that he has removed frem Arch-street, to No. 43 in
north Fifth-Srect, adjoining the Epilcopal Burial Ground,
where he continues the buiinefs ot
Coach making in all its Branches.
He mates all kinds of crane neck and peich
such as Coaches, Chariots, Phxtons, and Coachees ; alftt'
Chairs, Kitterecr.s Gigs, Sulkeys ; aud all kinds of Har
ness, with plated or brass mounting. Mc hath a gpod
supply of the best materials, ahd a ftoctf of the best fea
foncd wood.
Orders from any part of the United States will be du-
Ifcr attended to with the greatest punctuality and dispatch.
' HH lohg experience in bufiriefs, his care in the elocu
tion of his work, and an unrehiilted attention to the df
fires of his employers, he flatter Aimfelf will prove fufli
cient njcopimendations. '
He has several Second-hand Carri ges for sale, viz. a
coriipleat Coacftee, with a coachman's feet and Ven®tian
blinds all round; a Phreton ; a Chair ; and a Sulkcy With
a falling top.
All kinds s>f Carriages fold on Commiflion, and Car
riages taken in to Hand by 'the month "er year.
Apprentices to the Bufmels.
Philadelphia y November it. t,t,c^s3^.2aw(!•
A FOUNT of BREVIER , half -.torn ; about four hun
dred weight. Enljuiie at the Office of the Gazette
of the United States, No. tt'9, Cie£hut*ar««fe
December 5. 4"
j By the fijjjp Faiior, from Lond«n, a very extenflve
jSL, . ' afTorfinenr of
"as Gentlemen s Dress IVaiJlcoat'ing ;
Satrins, tambor'd Camel'* Hair, Mulefkius,
T vanlmer?,' &c.
"With a very elegant aflortment of
Be(I LoncLn fuperjinc Cloths & Cqffimers.
January 6
Nutmegs and Mace.
Joft com: to hand, a fniall Invoice of Mace and
Nutmegs:—JLikewife on hand,
Speimaceti Candles and
A General Assortment of Groceries,
Whick will be /old low, for cacti at N0.96.
Chefnut-ftreet, corner of Third-flreet: by
Woolen Draper and Mens' Mercer,
Ai No. 2s, South Second ft recti
H AS, in addition, to his aiTortment of
and Caflimers, Received by the Fa-ftor from Lon
don, 3 very elegant assortment of Gen? (omens' "Waistcoat
Patterns j such as Sattin, Silk MolMkin, Caffimer, and
which will be fold at their just prices.
Jan tary 9. * d.
Juit Arrived,
Per the Frigs Eliza, M'Leod, and ThtodcKia, Captaia
And for file by ike Subscribers,
Prime Coffee,
la Ilogfheads, barrels, and bags, and lonie
C 0 C 0 A.
IVho havr llkewift,
A few Pipes of LISBON WINE, for Sale.
Jan. si. 5
Will be landed to-morrow morning,
At Philip Care's wharf?
Thz Cargo of. the biig Susanna, j. Frankford, mailer,
fro:n Havaniia,
14,2 Hogfliead®, a.»u"£ quality Jamaica Sugars
12 J lerccs j
51 Bales of Cotton,
12 Puncheons Jamaica Rum,
15 JVpns-of .Logwood and Fuiiic,
708 Hides,
4© Boxes Segars,
Dec. j.
459 Sr' above 600,0001 L
Bags, J
llj Hoglhcads of choice Jamaica Sugar.
»». i Rites of St. Domingo Cotton,
Will be landed Moinlay ninrnirtg, 2'.;!; inft. at South-
Being the tntire car?b*» or Snow Hclie from Jamaica;
Drio- Folly, and Induilry, frdin Jerc'mie,
rot i.ilt nv
0-9oVr 22
320 Barrels of freto New-Ergland Beef,
33 Barrel? of Cider,
2000 Pair of Shots,
1000 Yards Tow Cloth,
ao Sheets of Copper,
12 Kegs Lard, and
60 Wool Hats.
Dec. .1 2
50 Pipes Cogniac Brandy,
Corks, in bales, and
Holland Gin, in pipes,
For Sale by
Benjamin W. Morris.
December 31
For SALE, by the Subscribers,
On renfonable terms of credit,
6 Bales of low-priced Flax and Tow Oznaburgs,
6 Bales of Enghfh Sail Canvai's of the following num
bers, viz. No. 4, 5, 6.
Willing! & Francis,
November 21. 3'w- Penn ftrcet.
Asjhclon and James Humphrey r,
HAVING conne<st: d themselves in bufineft, at their
Office No. 63, South Third Street, next door but
one io the corner of Dock Street. Draw at a moderate
charge, deeds, bonds, mortgages, contracts agreements
memorial-,patitioris, &c. &c.
They likewise buy and fell Real Mates upon commis
sion, and procure momy ttpbn lban 011 g'ood security.
The bufinefc of .an attorney at Lav/ and Notary Pub
lic is alfe tranfofled at »he said Office- by the fnbfmber.
B F.EDS to the proprietors in the agency of Winthrop
are tlepofitcd with Thomas M'Eues. No.
78, Chefnut-ftreet,PliilanelpiTpe, a;id ready to be'deliver
ed when hiilctt for. A feeona dividend of the Funds has
lieen declared, v hicii proptietcrs may receive by a drift
upon the treasurer of the company.
N. J?. F.tght dollars are due upon each ihare, for ex
pirees of the agency
■ December
A Dry Good Store, near the centre of biv-nefs, on or
before' the Ift o F March IlfJt. Enquire of Mr. KiDD,
j mnary 6.
No. 66 Chefnut-flreet
George SibbaU,
No, 170 (o-utb Front-ftrcc 1
flreet wharf,
Peter Slight-.
Samuel Coates,
No. 82, South Front-Street
6t eod*
For Sale by
No. '4, Soutli Water-Slrcet.
No. rt/i, Market-Street
By the last arrivals from Lorxjon,
"an extensive" \ssortment or
Fajhioncilc plated War el# Jewellery)
" For faie on reviewable terms, by
If Francis,
No.: r Pcnn-drcet.
January t6.
Ojjicc of the Insurance' Company of North <
JANUARY I'lth, 1796.
~pHE Dividend declare'! by the Pr ifidcn: and Direc
-1 tori, for the last fii months, is Ojic Dollar and Se«
venty-Five Cents en each share of Stock in this Conspany;
which Will be p.'.id at this Office to the Stocld'olderj, or
their Attorneys, duly Erutliorifcd, on any day after thj
lift iiiit. agreeably to Charter.
Ebenczcr Hazard, Secretary.
January 14
Jaraes 1 iffin,
No. 70, south Second street, n;ar the City Taverg,
HAS jaft received by the late arrivals from London
and Bristol, a large and elegant assortment of Ladies
and C.cntlemens fetfliionahle HATS.—AICj, a variety of
ChiMrens HATS of different colours, which will be fold
oa the low-eft terms for qui.
y. B. Ladies Hats trim'd in the rcwe.l fafiiion from
No. 8, North i rcritjlre\l.
Printed Calico and Muslin
Hitve j.tjl received a fitperb aff>rtme;it of the follow i:ig artel fa)
•tvbieb they offer for file.
PRINTED' calicoes Oeijtte;vien's neck handkfs.
4-4 w'd. boafc muslins Nev\»firfMqnab!c; ftiawls
6-4 wd. ditto ditto Madras Han ikerchief*
Book rauilin handkerchiefs Tambour'<f muilins
Pocket ditt > Gurruhs
Colored, bordered, muslin Humhunis
Very new fancy ditto
Eligant tambore muilins
Colored work ditto
Laced figured ditto
Brocaded ditto
Ladies plaids
And a variety of othei
Many of the above poods
For the Wefl-Indii market.
December 21
A PrintHg-OHice, complete;
CON £'AIMING two Prcffss, two Founts of Long Pri
mer, one do Pica, 'one do. Pica, one do. En
ons do. Double Pica, one do. Double £ iglilh, one
do. Script, one do. French Cannofi, three Alphabets of
four line fever. Alphabets of seven line Pica* Flow*
«rs, Cuts, \jfc. All the Founts are very tav£c. The a
bove Qilice will be fold with the benefit of several Ap
prentices, and a well eltablifhcd Newfpape-, in a very
iiourifning town, about 50 miles southward of Baltimore.
The Apprentices have from ten ftibnthtf td five years to
jfcrv&., computing from :6th September i a ft..
The price of the Printing Apparatus Apprentices*
lime a..d Newfpapcr miabU3uae*t,. is One I'houfand
Poundi, Pennfyjva»>ia earn ncy-»—one-third to Ue paid
tiown, the remainder n good neporiaMe notes, payable
one half in 3 rtronths, the other half in fix months. "Eor
•irther information apply to theO.Hce oi the Gazette of
the United States,
r'y i .ctwrs (post paid) v/llM)e ~t'enJ:d to.
DvCCiuln r T J .
' I.orn:itv cji'Kic:
C< ANAL Tickets for iae, and ca(h or ticj&cts given for
i any prists that may bj drawn.
This Diy is published,
By EENJAMIN DAVIES, at No. 63, Higl-Jireet,
American Repository, for 1-796,
A coinpleat Calendar for Rules for reducing tne cur-
the year. the feveraltyatoe.
Lilts of tke executive, legif- Table of pound*, &c. redu
lative and judicial officers eed into dollars & cents,
of the federal government Summary of the exports ia
of the mini fibers and 4 fucceflive years.
consuls to and from the Amount of the unredeemed
United States. debt, issual revenue and
A register of the land and expenditures.
sea forces of do. A view of the finking fund.
Rates of postage, and times An estimate of the import*
of receiving; & cloftng the
mails at Philadelphia. twofcveral years.
Alitt of the poft-towns,with Donseftic duties or excises.
the distances of each, on Drawbacks and bouivtie*.
the main line-, as well a3 Banks, with rules of con
crofs roads. dueling fcufiiufs.
— of the federal courts. Officers of the civil govcrfri
of the fupervifor# of the ment of Pennsylvania.
revenue. Estimate of expence* of do,
in one year.
The mint, and monies of the
U.S. and the currency of Officers of civil government
each state. of New-York. *
A lift of the commifHoners Sovereign priijces and r«-
of loans. publics of Europe.
A table,(hewing the propor- Lift ©f the navy of Great
tion of froe pcrlons to Britain, corre&ed agrea-
slaves, and of males to fe-
males, See. in the U. S. tion.
Militia of the United States, Do. of the navy of France,
with the proportion of do.
each. State of the air, and a diary
An alphabetical lift of duties of the winds and Weather
agreeably to ahe last a<sl ki Philadelphia, duringfiz
of Congress. months, ending ill Sdpt.
Amount of lmpoll and tonn- 1795.
age of one yc ar. Bills of mortality in Philad.
Cutlom-houie fees,, j&e, of one year
This little volume will contain a much greater compa V,
as well a* variety of matter, than that of the si ceding
year, and will be emb.llifhed with an engraved frontis
piece, title age, and a vignette faced with a head orna
ment, to.each month The depicted in the vis*-
nettes, allude chiefly to the rural labours ol the year. The
engravingsare new, and executed witk an excellencc tUac
Goes credit to the American fifte arts.
At tiff Jam? place may be bad,
Plans of the city ox Philadelphia, an 4 its environs, accu-
lately engraved from a survey.
Maps of the United States, and of each flats fejrrately.
A valuable c®lle&ion of modern Booh, a d a general
ment of Stationary Wares.
wjio desire it, may have the .above-menti
oned Maps, or any other, coloured, can vailed, and varnifk
ed, and put up in aiiy manner that may be most conveni
ent, by applying at dire&cd ab«ve.
oa. a, 1795'
[YoLvm* IX.
R E C E 1 r .A
Oft. 12
OcfTaes &c & c
An elegant and frefh afTort
ment of ribbands and
Co?-on (lockings
Worded ditto
t articles, jtift opened.
Is are particularly calculated
A L l\,
N°. 64,/outb ScconJf.rcct)
of the Un/ted State*, in
able to the latefl informa-