Gazette of the United States. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1795-1796, January 12, 1796, Image 1

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    Number i043.j
Have for Sale at their STORES, an Walnut-Jlreet
4j" Tons of Pig Lead;
46 Pipes best quality Teneriffe U*ine ;
3<5 Pipes of Madeira comprising each quality,
and contained in pipes, hogsheads, and quarter
3 Pipes and % hogsheads s old Port 5
150 quarter casks Mountain ;
50 ewt. of Sugar Candy, in boxes of 80 to jOlb each ;
3400 lbs. Jalap in powder, in 3 c fes;
tioo lbs. of Camphor, in 1 ca/ks;
S calks of Copperas;
English Sail Cloth, No. I i 7 ;
30 bbls. of ConnecSieut Beef;
and* a quantity of Muhojany.
BURTHEN seventy tons, is a good
Vessel, and will be fold at a reafbnable rate, and on a libe
ral credit. November 27. tu,th&s
The ship Little Mary, J. Benners,
matter, and the (hip Fane, E.
Jones, mailer.
built vefiels, fail fad, and are
in complete order to receive cargoes immediately. Fer
terms apply to the rnaflgr on board said vefiels, laying
at the, fubtsrilier's wharf, or to
December 21
For Port au-Prince, direct,
%■; S. 'W' General Greene,
m* 1 1 Jifev,T7> -±£-z-^IM.'£UXX
F - EIG H T will be taken if application is speedily
made to
December 15
P E A C E,
TO fail in all this month. I 7 or freight orpafTagp ap
ply to the Captain at South street wha-f, or
Peter Blight.
November 23
For SALE or CHAR ~ TER )
Nov/ lyilg at Mr. Huddcll's wharf in
Southwark ; burthen ao| ton*: Jhc is now. in readiness
to receive a cargo, andean be f nt to spa at a iniaC ex
pence, as fhr wa,s supplied lall voyage in Londod with
many new fails and rigging.
The terms cf sale will be reasonable, and time of
ment made easy. Enquire of
Wha has for Sale,
Sherry Wine, Dowlas, Irifli Linens,
Sugars, Bel'aft Canvas, Spaeilh Cordage, aad Brill*!.
Window GlsXs—and the. HOUSE and §'i'QB.E> he o&w
J*n. 6. dtf
Copper Ware-House,
No. 2. North Fourth Street.
HAVE jaft received by the late vessels from London,
Liverpool and Bristol, aadwhielt they are Celling,
■at the moli rsduced prices for cash, or a Ihort credit,
a very large arid extensive afiortmerrt of Iheet Copper
and Bottoms, (jomprifing theet&fron, 5 to loclb. and
bottoms from 16 inches to 5 feet —Also a handsome as
sortment of the moll approved ftieathing Copper with
nails, and bolts, Tin in boxes, &l6ck-tin, Speller in
cafe, Spelter fodder, pig lead, &c. &e,
Jan. 2
Jamaica Hum.
Tbe Cargo of tha brig Peace, Captain Gray-, from the
north fide of Jamaica,
Will be landed to-morrow morning at Soutbflrtet wharf.
High Proof RUM,
. -Prime SUGAR apd COFPEE.
Novemta-r 9.
S \] ill sizes, from 32 lb to Grape,
Vy Cambooies, Pots, and other callings,executed at the
fhortefl notice,
Nail rods, from lod to fpilce,
Hoop iron, of allfizes, for calks or cutting into nail?, from
a brad to I2d nails,
Anchors, from 17 Cwt. to ioolb.
Jsar Iron,
A Quantity of Jarres River Tobacco,
Carolina Pork.
Herrings in barrels,
Kilr.-dried corn meal in Hhds. and Bbls,
Rye fienr &c. to be fold by
Levi Hollingfrnrth is? Son.
Au?jiJl 4
Fer SALE, by the Subscribers,
The fallowing articles ef the l.i/j importation from China.
160 Quarter Chcfts Hyson Tea,
X.zo Quirti'r Chests Sottchorg Tea,
400 Boxes China* containing Tea Setts,
4500 Piece* Nankeen*.
WiJ lings & Franck»
v Ssft^tfirx4f
fcrom, th£ entry of ilcufc No. 92, South Frort-ftrect,
v ftcrday evening,
if r^\ NF. of fuperfine forrcjl "loath, douJiL- lirtsltcd, co-
U vercct buttons, vJry light <kab colour, little vr.atCc
f\;r. the-ft ear. One of a facoiid Yorltfhirc cloath, <JovU:
fc.v-iicd, darkmiio.! grey color, niotli eaten au.l mu.'b
. ,
. scr o;(s frcward will lie givi'n to toe perlon Wh
"John Craigy
NO.-lA, itock'&teet. 1
v< & f.
Peier Blight.
( >
i '
- ;
a aw iw
fljlagetfe of ti»f Ifteto # talis
F O3 " Sale orCharter,
The new fliip SUCCESS,
Robert Welsh, matter; at Stam
per's wharf; a strong faithful built vefTel, fails extreme
ly well, and is also well found ; burthen 159 tons.
For terms apply to
Jofefh Antkony & Son.
Who hive received b/ said vessel,
A few casks Madeira Wine, mould
and dipt Candles, and bell Boston Chocolate.
December 19. dtf
Jufl Arrived per the Snow 80/lon, James Kirkpatrick,
Majler, front Liverpool,
113 Crates well-afiorteil Queen's Ware,
4000 bushels best (loved fine Salt, '
& to be fold at No. I, Ptne-ftreet, by
"James Campbell.
Also, a few boxes well-assorted Irifli Linens.
1 Said Snow for Freight or Char
ter ' either to the Weft-Indies or
Enquire as above.
18. i
i'or Canton,
John B. Hodgfon, commander,
SHE is a stout live oak awd cedar built vefTel, jult copper
id, and fails remarkably fact ; will leave this port the lad
of February. For freight out, or home, apply to
Jojtph Sims.
A small quantity of GINSENG, of the firft quality—
apply as above. Dec. I. §
Nutmegs and Mace.
Jnft comc to a small Invoice of Mace and
Nutmegs:—Likewtfe on hand,
Speimaceti Candles and
A General Affprtment of Groceries,
Which will be fold low, for cacti at No. 96.
Chefnut-ftrect, corner of Third-ftreyt: by
feotf) DUNCAN M'INNpS.'
By the ship Fa&or, from London, a very extenfiv^
affortiruent of
Gentlemen s Drejs Waiji-coating ;
Such it Sntrns, tanibor'd Camel'* Hair, Mulcflcins,
Gaftimetft, &r
With, r, very elegant aftarfment of
Bc/l Londonfuper/ine Cloths & Cajfimers.
Tajiuaxv si.
A FOUNT of BRK VfKR, half worn ; about four nun
tired weight. Enquire at the of the o"aactt«
of th«-lj'niiti States, No. 119, Chafnui-ftreet.
De :ember 3. $
J L 1 Sl' JfLliJj^ls-liAL>,
By Thonias Dobfosi, ta. hotft, No. 41, [cuthfj
;ond itrect,
DomelHc Medicine^;
Or a Treatise on the Prevention and Cwr of Dis
eases by llegime; and Sim h Mcdtern with au Ap
pendix, containing a Difpeufatovy tor the use of pri
vate PraoV.t loners.
By WI;/l UM BUCBAN, M, I).
Revjfed and adapted to t.e Climate and D'.j-Cji'j of the
United |j:ates.
ByS.4KUf-L Pov/FLL Griffits, M. D.
Profelror of Materia Mtdica in the University of
In one very learn ' volume oHavo.
(Price two dt>ikir& and a half.)
The merit of Dr. Buchan'* Domeitie medicine is
top well known to need any encomium ; indeed the
ery extensive sale rf the original work fpifrtks its
worth abundantly. But however well calculatcd for
the climate ofßritam, foV which it was originally de
signed, it isiobvious that it was net fuHVciently adajtttd
t« th« climate and drfeaiit of America.
The design ef this improved edition was to remedy
th is and. to render this valuable and popu
lar work more intelligibje and more ufeful to the citi
zens of the United States, and th* improvements
U*ing the refuk ef experience and observation, it i*.
hoped will render this work more truly valuable and
Dec. 17
Ami for fele by THOMAS DOfISON,
At the Stone House, No 41, South SiCont,l Slrpd.
In one bandfome volume, printed witli a goad type, on
fine paper, price one dollar,
A narrative of the BritiJhEmbaJfy to China,
In the year 1792, 179.3, aqd. 1794;. containing the
various circumitancei of she Embafl'y, with accounts
of the customs and manners ef the Chinese, with a des
cription of the country, towns, cities, &c.
An EmlwlTy to Chinais an event which naturally e»
cite&general curiaiitv, from tite ignprarice which pre
vails the interior parts of Empire, whose
jealous laws forbid, the intrusion of any other peaple.
The aoVclty of an authentic description of it mutt at
trafl »he attention of an enlightened people.
The author has wcurately related every circumfta"ce
which caine'jioder his own obfervatioa, with rsucfe in
formation drawn from unquestionable ftiurces cr.icuia
ted togratify rtafottjiblexuiiafuy acd enlarge Urt know
, ledge of a country fojittl? known tq the other nations
of the Globe. Dec: 29. 4»iaw.
Knives and Forks.
A good assortment of table t'efcrt Knives and
with or Wi:howt cafos, for sale by
Rowland Parry,
No. sfa Cfacfnux-itrect.
Hated and! Japapned Ware-
Jewellerv, fine &c. &c. &c. as ul'aal.
Plat< ci work, Go£,d and Lockets, and every thing
in tlw; Gold and Silver line cclk at the ffeo? ta/t notice,
and in thebeft fiiariiftef.
ISectmbor 28 mvrftf
No. 66 Chefnut-ttrset
Just Arrived,
Per the Brigs Eliza, M'Leod, and THeodcrfia, Captain
And for sale by the Subscribers,
Prime Coffee,
In Hogsheads, barrels, and bags, and some
Wbi bnve titevii/f,
A few Pipes as LISBON WINE, for Sale.
Jan. 6.
Will be landed to-morrow morning,
At Philip Care's wharf,
The Cargo of the brig Susanna, J. Frankford, master,
from Havanna,
—consisting or—
111 Hoglheads, and") n. , r -
1 » Tiert'es J I" 1 "'? J*»*ca Sugars.
51 Bales of Cotton,
12 Puncheons Jamaica Rum,
15 Tons of Logwood and Fiiflic,
Salted Hides,
40 Boxes Segars,
George Sibbald,
d No. 170 ftfcith Front-ftrec^
Dec. 3
J37 Hogftcads,-p
459 B »rreis, (Coffee, above 600,'0001b.
124 Bags, _)
115 Hogsheads of cjloice Jamaica Sugar.
211 Bales of St. Domingo Cotton,
Will be landed Monday morning, 26th jnft. at South-
street wharf,
Being the entire cargoes of Snow Hebe from Jamaica ;
Brig Polly, and Schooner Indullry, from Jeremie,
Ofloher 22
Woolen Draper and Mens' Mercer,
sit Ac. 25 , Sout) Secondfireet,
H'S, in addition, to his afFortment of fu erfine Cloths
and Caffi ner% Received by tilt Faitor Jrom Lon
don, a very elegant alTortsnent o G U' 1 mens'
Patterns; iuc as Sa.tin, Silii; .ol ft i., C iffiinef, and
Merleillcs, which will be fold at thti; juli pric 5.
January 9. ,1
320 Barrels of si tlh New-hijgUud lie«t,
33 Barrel oi' Lit! r,
1000 Pair of Shoes,
loco Yards Tow Cloth,
so Sheets f Copper,
12 Kgs L.ird, and
Co Wcoi Hats.
Samuel Ccates,
No. <Sa, South Front-Street
6t eod*.
Janncry 9.
For Sa'e ly
No. 4, Soul I] Water* Street.
Dec. 1 2
William Sheaff,
No. 168. IT ft reef, has fur Tale, whojefale and
Madeira Wines of the Vintage 1788 to 1793,
bh;rry, -1
Cape, iuxi
i,y lipx or (Wef).
if! an,l 4th' Cognac
Old Jarnai a Sgfrits.
Wine Bitteis.
A L s a,
A fciXr-barvete of prim* Mtfs and' Cafgo B££F,
Dirrwbfr 10.
Imported, and for Sale,
One HuudreJ Quarter-Calks, of
By ISAAC HARp'ET, jun.
litb Mant-h, 29, 1795
r. Walter Robertfon
BEGS laave to acquaint the Gentlemen, subscribers to
the print Portrait of George Waftiington, Prefid#rlt
of the United States of' America, engraved by Mr. Field,
from* an original pi&ure painted by W. Robertfon, that!
the Vroofa .arc really fox delivery to the fovcral
ers at John Barraltt's, No, 19 north Ninth-street *
©r as J, Ormrod's, bookseller, No. 41, Chefniit-flreet,
where the fitbfciibers are requeued to fend their address.
O&ober 27. eod.
Bank of North America 5 Jan. xjl, 1796.
AT a s mectirig of the Dire ft or s this day a dividend of
fix pwr cent declared for the Itvil half
will be paid t;o tj)e ftockholdcrs or their at !
any time the 10th iaft.
By order of the Board',
JOHN -NffiOft, Prefifoit_ j
At Mark*<-Oreet wharf, from che ffcl/ooner Dispatch
Captain iitutfon, from Surinam, a (Hrontity ot
MolaiTes, Cotton, and Cot Fee.
• < Jug/if lk» r. -*-•»; '
•/,•>. -= •. , JfIAAC. jam
• No, j,.gi»W«*eM<fcr«t.
Asjhtfan and fames Humphreys,
HAVING cornel d themselves in< bufincA, at tbeirj
Uipcfc Na. 63, South Third, nrixt door but ;
one to the corner of Dock Street. Draw at a moderate;
charge, deed*, %frads; contridls agreements.
ITic trroriats. petitlotts, Stc. &c.
They likitwifc buy aud fell Real'folate* upon comn>if
jion, aod procure mon y upon loan on good fccurity.
The tufmeis of an .Tttor»ey at Law and Notary Pub
ic is aifo ed at tfie fcid Office fcy the fubferiber.
Jan. 4-
Peter Slight.
Of dw flrft quality.
5, $ Wacqr-ftreet.
No. 8, North Ftont-Jlrret.
Printed Calico and Mullin
IVAK V.89&28.
Have juji received a fypcrb ajf otmcnt of t'>e fdhivzng artrilcty
which they fj:r for
PRINTED calicojs Cyefttiemen's tic k hafid&f*.
4-4 wd k book miiflifi* New fafhimia'ole fhawit
6-4 wd. ditto aitso Ma ira & hafi kerchiefs
Book nluflin handkerchiefs Tambour* d muslins
Pocket ditto Chifr lis
Colored, bordered, moil in HumiiumS ,
liandkefchiefs Coii'acs
Very new fancy "d'tte h \n elegaiu and f'refl l ! aflort*
Elegant tarfthor muslins ment of ribband* and
Colored work ditto fai^e*
Laced figured ditto Oottort flocking?
Brocaded ditto
Ladies plaids
And a variety of &tker articles, just opened
Many of the above goods are particularly calculated
for the Welt-Indi* market.
December 23 taw
Office of the fnfurance Company of North
America, December 18th, 1795.
THE Stockholders in this Company are hereby in
formed that Tuefiiay, the twelfth day of Janua
ry next (being the fee; nd Tuesday in the month) is the
time appointed by Charter for the choice of twenty-five
Direflors, to serve for the ensuing; year.—The Eleflion
will beheld as this office at II o'clock) A. M. on that
daV* ~ '
Votes may be given by the Eleiftors either in perfott
or by proxy j but no Stockholder can "vole at any E
lr<£tion for Dirc&ors unUfs the Stock (hall have floocj
in his or her name, in the Books of the Company, at
leaf! three iiionths preceding the tjme of such Election."
In cafe of a Stockholder s votinir by proxy the Char
ter requires that " the proxy be d.reflly from
Stockholder, ind the vcitebi given Ivy a citir.eii of*thi»
Commonwealth." FBEN : HAZARD* Secretary:
w&sr f iW
ofifo COMPANY. " ■"
DF.ED9 to the propri toite in the iwrency
Sargent, arc with I homas M'Euch. iv .
78, Chefnut-ftivet,Philadelphia, and ready to be deliver
ed when called lor. A second dividend of the Funds has
b en .jficnrefi, which proprietors'may r ceive by a dra.t
upon the trcafurer of the company'
N. B. dollars are due upon each fhar-e, for ex-
of the
December 29*
i'lic Proraroa
MR. SAVAGE reffK'&ffclly informs the-Ladies and
G?nt!emen of Phila4<-lphia that the PASQRAM/l
■a now opened in High-llrceJ, btwecto 10th and nth
fireeis. Th<* Sutjeft is a view of the 1 iri.-s of Lenden
and rchending the three bridges, South
wark, Surrey, and St. George's Fields in the Borough*
With every other which appears from t*>e ten of the
Albion mills, at the end of Blackfriai> Bridge, oppoiittf
the city of London, from whence this vieiv was taken,
The painting contains nearly 5,000 Ajuare feet of can ves.
Being in a circle gives every object its proper bearing, and
exhibits ft in its true poiht of compass, appearing as laro-e
and in every te£pz& the lame as the'reality.
Price of admiffioa half a dofta. Tickets for thd Sealon
three dollars.
Panorama opeii every day from ten o'clock in th»
A PRINT of the PRESIDENT of the V. S.
iS r.cKeshy 14; only a fVw choice mipreflions leit: the
companion is a print of Dr. Frank tin A Variety of choice
print;. may be had at the Panorama.
A"g«J> 3 j,
This Day is publifheu,
American Repository, for 1796.
A compleafe Caienda* for
the year.
Lilts of the executive, legif
ia'ive and jirdieia! oscrs
Of the federal government
———7 of the minuter* and
cofifii-h to- a»d ftrorii the
Unk-ed States.
A register of the bad and
sea forces of do.
Rates of peftage-, and times
of receiving & closing the
mails at Philadelphia.
A lilt of the poft>towns,\vith
the diiiances of each, on
the main line, as well as
cross roads.
of the federal courts,
of the supervisors of the
The mint, and monies of the
U.S. and the currency of
each state.
A lift of the commiflioners
oi loaqs.
A tahle, shewing the propof
tion of froe persons to
slaves* and of males to fe*
males, &c. in the U.S. tion.
Militia of the United States, I)o. of the navy of France,
with the proportion of do.
each. State of the air, and a diary
An alphabetical lift of duties of the winds and weather
agreeably to the lafl a& in Philadelphia, duringp®
of Gongreft. * months, ending ift Sept,
Amount of impofl and tonn- 1795.
age of one /*ar. Sills of mortality in Philad*
Cutyom-hotife fees, &c. \ of one year,
This little volume will contain a much, greater eompa r s,
as well as variety of matter, than that of the pi .ceding
year, and will be embeliiihed with an engraved frontis
piece, title- :sge, and a- vignette faced with a head orna
ment, to each month The l'cenes depicted in the vig
nettes, to rural labours Olthc year. Th*
engravings are new, and executed with an exceiie&ce tkat
aocs credit to the American fine arts.
At tlx fatne place may be bad-,
Plato* of the city oi Philadelphia, and its environs, ac'ctf*
l ately engraved from a late i'urvey.
Maps of' the United States, and of each (iate fep-rately.
A valuable collection of modern Boots, and a general assort*
ment of Stationary Wares.
Note.■—-Thole who desire it, may havel
oned Maps, or ?.ny
ent, by applying; at dire
. J*»r»- V . ■■■.'' 4
Woriied ditto
ftulcs for reducing tile duf
rencies of the feveralftatcs*
Talile of pounds, &c. redu*
eed into dollars & cents.'
6ummary of the exports irf
4 fueceflive years.
Amount of 5, the unredeemed
debt, annual revenue and
A view of the finking fund;
An cilimate of the imports
of the United States, iri
two seVeral years.
Dtftn©ftid duties or cxeifes.
Drawbacks and bounties.
Banks, with rules of 'con
ducting hufinefs.
OmoerS of the civil govern
i.ient of Pennfyivania.
Estimate of expences of do.
in one year.
Oiacei's of civil government
©f New-York;
Sovereign princes and re
publics of £urope.
Lilt of the navy of Great-
Britain, corre&ed agree
able to the lateii informa-
, , and rarnilk
i may be mod coirveiu*