Gazette of the United States. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1795-1796, November 14, 1795, Image 4

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    T. STEPHENS, /
An. 60 Sooth Sicown-S-raerr, P/fILADET.P HTA,
RESPECTFULL' V inform# th' puW&e, that at Win Smre
they may be applied with moil 0/ the modern iu
y ropem tnd other publication «f merit, onrf'iiitice, Divini-
\ ty, taw, the Belle* Lettres, Ac. -See. AICo a great vsri
• / of ELEGANT PRINTS and Painting*, and every ar
ticle in the Stationary business; which be eoatiaoes, ae
nfual, to dispose of at the lowest prioea.
Gentlemen's Libraries furnifhed or pnrchafed; and Ae
■t-noft *»Ih', in exchange or cjih, given for any (Quan
tity as feconrf hand Book.?.
Wholesale DeaWrs l'applisd »t die above Store on very
moderate term*.
May ». <*£
George Hunter,
Cbemiti, ".
Jt his Laboratory, -S?. 114, south Stand /net. Vj
ISFOUVfS hio former follomtu and the pu»iic, ,i»t of
he has begun t.,e DStDCi buiuiefs Jgain on an cXtcn-
Ave pU*. At
He ha* tor f*lr a <*-nrr»l affiwrtment 1
Like wife, fWftifers'colmin. dry and ground ; n ms,
kfiifliW, wixU<y oU coacit dye ttefF*, fmlectf oil,
01. of lurjK Quae, e.i yarnid* «Mid » warranted
A lum, tf'vjprrjK, midder, ground rcdw*odbythe hogs
head or fillitiiF quantity.
A%be import# ihe mnpi * from the Dcfi market", ind
mak** the compel isnj ..ud jecparotwds limfclh, he ii
mated to roucH tor #nd warrant ever} art.cle foid. iu; HI
his Laborat®ry f and Kitew ifctq dtifpvtt ot then* at tire
most r«a finable races.
jrr He wi flies co fril a i*r 2 e LOT of
the norih-eaft coru«r ftf a«d EievcmTv-flrraa, enmam
feet front *n H;e;i, a«d aco 'ret cn Eleventh
ftrc/r, ©ppofite Mr. Lcipei'* bcw f.sliding—-Aftd mother
tor o* trte north fi<i<r'ot H»gh ikxfcet, itw-*r the abnve - , 28 J «r.
fert ;r«nr, md 200 seer iterp. Soitt ioi* &*«e the pttvi- pr
a 30 feel ailey in ih* rear.
£><*. 12- _ *-r
>#( ■ 7g£-
NOTICE is kerehy given tr, alt perftns who are ar < ~
m„y t»e Creditors of the United States, for any ,
ot' tht Fu*d-d IXi&t, ar Stock, karijr a prcfewt '
WfUrtfi >f fixper centum per ana-• *:
lit, That purf.iant loan A<ft of CoitgrtiV, p.ilErd on
the third day of March, 179*, l» ** An A3 4
making further provifir.n for the of Pul ii -
Credit, and for the redemption of the PuLlic Debt," m
there will be reimbursed and redeemed, on the firft day p,
ot jxrusiry enfulwg, the r»r» or proportion of Uv* p:r Ct
nnturn of the princ j>nl of the debt or flick, exprefTecf out
in the Certificates issued to th« said Creditor* refpec- ra
id, TTie fiid reimharfrmetiM will 'r-t made at the v*
Treaftfry of the United States, or at the Loan Offices *},
where the (aid Stock ta-iy stand credited at the elofe of
the present year. "
•<}, The said f«imhnrfemenra will be made to th«
said Creditors in person, or to their Attorak* duly
•onftituted 1 but i. e powers of attorney wh.cfc may be
pt-»daced rnuil eantain an kbttiority to receive the said
rcimhrirftment of principal, otherwise 00 more than the dividend of ixtenjl will be pai'f ; and alihaugh
the two p«i' centam of principal to be redeemed, Ihould
not be demanded, yet the interest thereon will cease
from the said firft day of January next.
4th, To prevent tiiegrc it troable and expenee which
WOtild attend a renewal of the Certificates, in confer
quenoc of the said reimb jrfemcnt of Priacipal, it has
been determined that no renewal (hall be made: And m
f irther, thir the Certificates which may be iflued dur- 1 so
ing tht year One thousand ["even hundred and ninety- j p
fix, in confeqaence of any transfers of the said fix per V
cent. Stock, fhail mtwitiiftandifig the T
of two per centum, as aforementioned, he exprefled P
for the refpeflive sums of the original Capital Stock.
Ail who ntynegociatethe Funded fix per cent. ''■
%t',ck of th; United Stiles, braristg a present intereff,
are therefore ea jtioneJ to observe, that daring theyeir
One thoafand (even hundred and ninety-fix, the valae
er trae am-junt of Principal unredeemed of said Debt '*
or Stock, will be ninety-eight per centum of the .urns c '
f*prtf£T: J in the Certificates
Given unci.r.»y hand, at Philadelpl li the ii-j
and rear before mentioned, parfoar.t to dt- \
regions of the Sccrstary of the Treafary, C
Trujurtr of tke Ita'e . v
Aug. 14.* lawtji
~~~A IsTILL for SALE.
FOR Sale, on privv: cwtncl, live nndWide-T"&r H.
part*< of that Vdoable meribaoMniH, raUft Mi
Penn,ypi«k Miil, wi:h twodwtllinghoufoa, (tab!«, roop
«■'* shop, cifk hoafr, an 1 other convenient buildings,
•wrth about %o aci';« of good laod, the greatest part thereof
h excellent watered rr »,:orr, the remainper j».rdcr, orch
ard, and wood land; fifuwte tefl miles from Philadelphia, -
rear the T«va», part'y on the post-road lead
ing to New-York, and partly op the-River road; a r»-
tr. irkably h-r.lthy enntry, an I an eTcellcnt neighhoor- '
h»od. ') Km mill b'ir-g on pecnypacl «r_tk, a h:i«y
ttrmm o{ <v it'r, with about 15 feet bead and fail, >nd
t! ; tide flow it _ a!»o«t6feet, will iJmit a vc!Tel carry 105
Irofh w of wh-it to lay fide, aad unload int > (
«, mill With F.rans's cb. .tor in about j!,ree hours. Thi !
iHill ho'jfe is lartre ati I biiilt of fume, founded.on a rock, !
th' walls uncommoirly thick and ft-ong, '!i a piece of '
triafon work i» rarely to b« found) contain . five floors, two
water wheels, and sbr. j pair of th: bed French burr ftr nes !
*il rynirir.f;, double geared, with three bosltmg rctls and
/jlot'ti ol th si 1 > quality, rolling scree», tyiiudcr, end
f*n» for (leaning wht »« tha beit manner, and paftinf it
afterwards by an clsratrr ;r.'o a hanging garner; alio,
cynvcycrs, elevators, and hopper boy, all iicomplcat or
osr. Tmr« at-. Kto large frame buildings arqoining the
null,which art couvanicm for.ftoring flour. fhcrt»j calks,
ice. A oorn-kiin is t.x 9.ed within the iiniiding, with
boultipg, reel cloth, r.nj other n.:o?flary futures for manti
faihiring l»r{(e quantitif -of kiln-dried corn meal. The
ItrciHVot water is i'oi*>nlS<nt that upwar l« of (io.coi fculh
«1» of wheat have lre»yi<htly been mannfaattireji ~t rhis
mmrtlly. 'l"ht tumbling dam «ra-; huilt of ftnna anil
si .one about .30 Jtiri ago, but the late extraordinary frcGics
bavc mad: a >r.-a-:b therein, it cincafiSy be r-*pjirciT >ito
rrthrr wkl. (lone, the grcaicfl part of which is already at
,i«nd, and the rcmaind»r can be quirtied ne«r the dam, a*
(here are fev. rill good q«tarrie» of cxcollert Hone on the
premises, afi(i i.ijjioerrt M ' trtek ; the contiguity of
this very valuar'- eflite to frajadilphii, ar.l the eaf\- as
vigjtion for Ihallops, < ,« irh the abo<?e-hientioned gn?t ad
vantages, and many others nor here ni nticrfd, niuft b«
Obfiou« to ary person who may view the premifct.
An indisputable title, dear of all incumbrances, will be
made to the purchaf-r oo paying part of the monoy, an.l
jiving (a'islu+ory fccurity for the rerrtjinder, paysble
with interest in instalments at fueh times a- may be agreed
on. For furthtr particul«f enquire on the premises of
Frances Lrwu,Executry; to the estate of Robert Lewis,
dcceafed ; Jomh Swht, near BuiTell-Tow-B ; or Natha
niel Ltwis, or David Lrwis, in Philadelphia.
Atpi/I It- w&f-
ALL perfimo I»ny tenMnis da « Is jx. of
Mast H*wson\ lote of Backs oo»nt»,dotf»ff L
desired to apply tn WrLLIAM Hcwiai. usar — I I
hr ooontv aiorefaid, for imiiirtitate CcttjA ad ai.
ierfor.s la.Uutel to :ai<Lfßarr»e rapitilod to -,A :; f*J
rnont to the Cud WiUhun Bewfon, woo k ham f «««»-
riid to rcoeive the fas:.
Jo».lT«.kV Wll-• T
W-i-iiAJ* Hairsoa, >
MeStmmic, sear 3njU,
Q&.16, 1795 * - 3w *' a - iifl
American Lj
Tw EXT : - S ■ ■
QELECTED firom :4e matt «i..f - - Uittrateag
?roi'p«ct3 in the iff cited ilfctte*.. eadl »£
Views, will be accompanied wit <a uc ifrigtive aixoimt *"
at its Local, Hiftoricai, 2nd Pecu&anfies
By G. I. PARfiYNS,
Jutßmr tf th* " MortjTtt Scmnim J.W jLuimt CtelUi at Gnat
Britain." T?
r . That the work fhali be publifed by Subferrptioa: rid til
that each Sttblbriber fhzil exxgiie to take tie let i»
of VT«w?, aed ftaftpay for ta«u engravic?, £ blafck or
bnrvra, i Doilan ; and. if ccburcd 5 Dotiirs.
L That th.2 oimenßons of each, faaC Jti-vby T7 L
lacfcp, (.xecated in and paper
of a fapcrior quality. The publication to comiaence im- 3.
rnediatciy anci raxc engravmg obe d .iivcred *r> die Sub
farfters, an die Srft Monday at" cuch iiicc«etl-og month IH
iib»B tke proyofedferies &all be finally aorapiipL
:H. Thst rrith rise lail VrerrdT tke series, be
verrd an engraved tkTe-page r an ek-pnt dt**&K«k
Tjgnette; a map of th* route, wxzk '-ie prrf
pedbk exhibited in the die ooarfe of tiie Wotk ; ami an
Alphabetical fcffcof the 3ufci'cribers. ■
fjubferiptiona are received by Mr. Htffr.wa, as his Prrxst
"Jirp, aknc, New-York, by Mr irmy IfeoWcS*- —
it, No. Marksst street. zj all tht t
prMopul r. the Uoitsd itat?*.
Ftcr jarj X?. . J ,r
— a A - . ; ;
A rer*-sraluabfe £'5 i A i
Called firimrHW.
SITUATE In the t&mirjkip y U?*r BfSj, cmrty >f ■ ;
Ddxtvart, 7 t-X miim frtm w.t. m- .if x mt'U'
frrm the n*rv tVifif* nad: mrlmaixs ijc let"* rf rtolm
Laml, 4J y ,ratch art *md -mUrtd yCmJ*#. pi cf trine
IVocJ Land, utJ the res ArMt of tit Jail qixdJt °V*t: mn 1
im the *rrmjcw m tmnilmj Brmi Hmft, 1 m
sjlear, W Cellar; imJer tl:-while, Sfiti n ?»f! FT&tf ex- j/
kTum* Water tit frwtt ■ a Ur-z frame Bam, Suihx, ami tfher {J
nmmm* hmUm*; f a Snvdc-Hoje mifieaeSpria; Hsnft ; ttar Is
-ltd Apple-Orebxrir, and me if Pmakes. Tie F'ulJt arrjUi. , .
Career, txft tiaft under fdtme, art ere si .aid
mat as tahme tkeaJvoat.tae of IVuier in etsjr of .tern, vtiu'y |,
renders it peeuliarly evx-im.eiil for Grxzi-ir. j .
Tie fstuat'vm is plea/Mt mi h.-aUsy, Jiaifrva tee oi l Mid- J
latim of tie Lmd, the gad ad the 1 mijto tiro- r ,
If, it is very faitriile fir a itnt.eaem s CxsMry ■■itni. , ;
The fieeroiagis p*rt f tie if Ota of Msemzi\ uceafU j "
undowered foe sale iy M ORDECAI LV. »IS —
Ssrviaiag Bxeuttr. . J
OA. j, I7VS
Sale of valuable Property. 1
To be Sold, by Publk a - ei
On TaeWay, the loth iay of Dccar. r, 17y,
At the Tontine Coffee-Hoof* in ' frw-Y >r ■-, a: 11 o'clotk
ia the forenoon, all the right, ti'l-*, aa*» .r. TCtl o: tiv. . - V
Ia the following valuable ["lACf > or ah..
I. \ LL that trad of lan-d c-snuiticg ibout ijooacres, 5,
l\_ J.-oate in the comity of Otaaje, pan; as the l
mountain Icta. No. «»and »j, in tie patent of Cheefecoek, j,
1 former'y raid out by Charfcs Cliitoa, Esq. dcceaftd, aad g
: purcbafed ->y the Agent of the Aaericaa Iron Company of r
Wi lia.n Smith, Ef;. oa the Bth lay of November, 1766. c
This traA c-.ntaiss foae plon» land and fwainp; also si
Potoekeit and the outlets feereof. R
a. All :hattradl of laad jituac on the weft fide of Hud-
son's river, near Buttermilk Pali; loooacrsa q
tn this trad there is faivi to be avaluable mine, looc good r
f.vamp aai timber 'and. £
j. A"! thofc two traAs Stale on tl»e north of the £
Mohawk river, being part of he Manor of CO&7, pur- _
chafed by the Agent of the Amirican Iron Company in the j
years 1765 aad of OliverDelancy.Efq. the one cor.- ' acres, the other jjlj acres.
4. All tiixt trad of lan i feute 4c the north. Me of the 1 r
Mohawk river, near the Germa* ?lats; ldjoining part of '
Coiby's manor, aad bounded on th* ti\ by Canada creek.
Ti. i tract will be dividtd, aad Mi in tS* r :'Jlswing Lota,
Acrc*. 1 »■ . Acrcs. I
Jot 1 containing 966 Lot 14 emUtnir.g tooc
! <5© 7 1) tcoo
A '*56 1; si 4't J
f 5 76* ■ li liV}
7 , 971 " ia; i j '
1 t toco ■ 5 1 Ic-,o '
9 rooo :i 3yo t
1-3 l!W> «.i 7JC | '
if loco 3 9jo ,
;; it 13.-0 45
tj I=o3
I The traA on No. 4 iiahiefly bach, mlp'e, Irvianit elra.
r The purthafe money to b* pad by the foikming :a!V.I» ,
viz. one-foarth on the it) of file: on .-fourth on tire ,
firil Tucfday in April next; one-sarth n tbe fir.'t'l'utflay j
. in O&obcr, 1796) and the reminder on the Rrs. Taefday
lin April, 1797. when deeds wiUbe given to the
Plans of the different traAs o' land may y c fern by ap
.. f lying to Mr. Peter Ccelet, one of tb» truiteej, in fiavr
t York; or to Mr. JiJ?uarJ EJ-warx, in Pluladelphis.
j November 4. mjtf. .
Forty Dollars Reward.
n AN away front the fu'ifcriV.r, living at Mordisgton
;c VV Mill", Frcderica, ia Kent county, ilate of Dcla- ,
3 ware, on the right of the 27th of Jnne lift, a slave negro
rian rsmed BENN, about 17 yesrs oW, 5 feet 10 tr 11
. inches high,.of a yellow csmplesion, and might piss for a
ie mulatto. The cloth- she had on cannot,
, be defrribed, as he.made Csveral btoacHos of hocedy, in.
tlut way k jp« hyfrttinjfaet. IW
[ in hitdrefs; h*s naturally •» eonefc: J . w i ; caunto
. nance, altlio' he at times s'fj&izup: i?9*V">~'-S e
isthih, with large I>iack \»; t ' itn ofkittyet
.. often red :It is not rccollefled vlisther he has lE7 par
ticnlar iltib-marki, except on his k, where maybe
J. fcen (tljo' light) the fa rsof the wivp, p'r—iby jadiaal ■
e j authority, for houfc-'oreaking, loeVßreakiog, lUaljDg,
&c. ai well*b«fore, as fmce I pv.rehafed him. He is pof
j foff'-d'of but a leidll lharc of rtafcu or fenEbility ; a great
S j roward, tho' his looks are ilevilift, and at the fame time
sneaking. A» he took his flight upwards from here, at
the coiamercemeßt ps harvest, it is prcfuaied he was p«r
, j fuaded by iome of the free negroes in this quarter :o paakc
i j e his cfcape with th«o> —(hould he a»t be ia Philadelphia,
e j he is probably between here and t)iere.
0 f Whoever takes up the said fifcgro Bean, and fecares
j, him in try public goal, so that his mailer may get him
A J again, fha.ll have the above r«»jn-d ; and if iroaght home
additional charges for raafonable paid by
James Douglafs.
* ■ 4
PHILADELPHIA Pimtsa ** "fftflif FEN NO, K°* IGkefnutStrtet.—Puce Six Dm. lass PisjAsnw*
BOOKS, Printed for *n*
a*, iif rnizmr tncrr.r.
f Price Sixte'i Dniiars.) P v
i New Sy/itm of Modern Geograpky : /-
Or, a Okpafiu*, •«* CammrrM Oramm*, , V
andpr'fe* JuU >f *' jmrU Jf tlx Wtr t,
Tjle G-"tre*, r.'" ill), and culiar bo each >wiatry.
! iifUuceaat the Planet*. Ac- VII. Obfcnutwa* en v.s
nHliij- -o-heNewcwiianfyf- ebaage3 ilwt havj beer, any *<
ecm, an*i the iaidffc uiiferjn- where a - xvzd sydn -*' 1
t : or „ at nature lifice rue rnoli ai
n. A goicmt view of the ly period* of hiSonr.
H; di. FiJi rit 111 a planet; VIII. Hklory vid or pi
, T rh aJHai deinitioae of aatiotu; their forms of go
»ernsuer:, !iwi. A
3l Srmd -Livillous of the revenues, cues, aa«l and .
diobe mm land and water, military lirengA.
torauMnr* isd idaoKis. IX. Geaius, xunners,"caf-
Sirßatinaaaiestentafem- torn* and habit* of til* people,
p*es, itates, pro- 'X. Their language, learn —
aiace* and colonies ioy, arts, I'ciecces, macufac-
V. Their diniates air, foil, tare and commerce.
T?g«*able*, productions, Hie- XI. Chief cirt«s, icrmAures
tals, minerals., nrvtanii curie- nxirn,
Ones, fcas, rofervfapt F ro " Xfl - Liritude, imtfkaie. p
uwntorie* and iJfcc—s- bcsringsanddiilanceiof prtn-
VI. 3irds and Bails pe- cipai pUc**£romPtiriadilpiua.
L A Seognphical lidex, wkhthe names and places a fk*-
betically arranged.
3. A Talile of the Caina of all cations, scd tJiiir value in
dollars and eeus.
10. A Chronological Table of remark Ale events, from
the Greatioo to the pre!'_at time.
The ASrcnomical psrt by J««o Ptrrwfm, f. It. 3.
•| C«rs«aed by Dc. Daviu RrrrENiiOiiii.
7# -•uh 'tcb a't tuidtj,
the late Difcoverces of Dr. Herfehell, and other eminent A
The rurr America* editiom, corre&ed, improved, and
grearly enlarged. Coataininydie foilorwuig
Maps and Plates. J,'
£ of tli« World J J Hiadoia*
| ,■.«t of
, I-rope — %s Uni&ed State* \
:*C'joiitrk;sn>undth«N<Jrth 26 Eritifli Docuniocj in A
! Pali. merica
' 5 tweden, Dentnsri, Nor- 17 Wjft Indies
way and Finbad. »B'Province of Maiiw
6 »j # New Hirapfh-rt jv
7 Scetlaad jo*MsiTachafetts
i £njtand uj ffi!a 31 'Connecticut J(
9 Ireimi 3 1 'Rhode Idand j.
10 France 33*Verra««t p ;
xr'Seatof War 34' New York
' is Seven Unkcd Provmc«« js*NewJ«rfey
I j Aoltriaf!, French and
1 Dnt-hNetherlaaia 37'Delawart at
14 German j 38' Miry lend
15 Switzerland p
l 4 Poland 40'K.entnaky
'j'l7 3p*i» and ForrifU 41' North Carolina *,
iJ ftaiy 4iTenefiee governmeat
19 Turkey in Earope 43'Sont^Caroliiu.
10 Asia 44*G-orfis
il'Diicoverws made by cap- 45 Coperntcan fyfletn
taios Cooks aod Clerke. 46 Armißary fphera
it China tt
Ihe Map* marked with stars to this •Stion,
eiefaSve of those in the last London __
The United States Register for 17 95»
Price jo Cents. C OSTESTS. 1
- ■ Qr,„ ... itfiTii./ —' » UaitM J
uWc, &«. &w. States. Pbpaktitm
» Sopreaac Ejcecuclvc Lift of the Officer*
Lcgifiature ot Kipom a
> Jiioidary Public Dcbi *
1 department of 9«at» Pay, &e. of the array "
Department of the Treasury Mint Establishment
Commiffiotwrsof Loans Rnle* for reducing the eur
' Officers of the CaQonis recdes of the differert
Revenue Cutters ftat«s to a par with eaA
" Light Heufea other
1 Omcerj of the Ezcife TabU* of the number of
Dktie* aadDutiable artkles Cents and decimal part* t
Examp * from duties ill any number cf fliilling* t
0 : Duties on tonnage and pence less than a col- r
- oa domeo.c obje-4s lar in the currencies of J
e Drawback*, See. and r«gn the different states
Irtiou to be ofsrved in Tables (hewing the value of
olttsining thtm dollars in the currencies c
■' General Abftraci from the ol ditto t
" revenue laws, relating to Pok-office eftablilhment y
j the duty of mailer* of Liii of Post-Town?, Sic.
'• . vtfllii, of t!ie owners, Latitude and Longitude of j.
ic €,? and the the principal town» in the 3
'• oScers ol" the cudnras; United States
to the payment of duties. Bank*'
» and tie importation of Literary In2itntions
good* Kational Manufactory]
*C "• ;"l Cqy«uMn«ot tl -
inr r f)\ Western Tetiitory
1 of V. r ar
c i*■ . State Gov«aNv»r,NT3.
New HampQiirx South-Carclina
, V ermoat' Georgia
MalTachiifet'ts Order ol time in which the
I ConncfHcat fcveral States adopted the
Mew-York federal Confutation
New-J*rfey Table of the Sun'* riling
P«nnfylvauia ard setting
DcU'varc Abftra'il of goods, wares,
~ Maryland and eiport-
Virgink ed from the United State*
' Kentucky from the Ift> of October
North-Car»!ini '90, 1030 th Sept. 2JQV
Char bete a tale of truth—by Mrs. I »wfon, of the
new Theatre, Philadelphia. Second Air.eiican edition—
Price 75 cents. [The rapid faie of the firft edition of this
eHtereding navel, iu a few mor.tha is the bill criterion of
- its merit.]
tiTMcrriouTut c*iticai review, abkil 179T, p. 468.
" Ir may be a tale of truth, for it is not unnatural, and
1 i: is a tale of real ditlrcfs—Charlotte, by the aatiiice of a
leacher, recommended to n school, from humanity ra
ksr than a convidfi»n of her integrity, or the regularity,
if her former romiucl, isentictd from her govtrncfi, and
aecompanies 1 young officer to' America—the marriage
. ' seremcoy, if not forgotten, is poftponcd, and Charlotte
die. a atirtyr tflihe inconflincy of her love; and treach
US ot ti«H - •
1 Iho fitiiation: are artless and affecting—the defcriptioa
r.atural ar.d pathetic ; we Ihould feel for Charlotte if such a
; per foil ever eiiiled, .who for one error, fcsrcely, purhaps
defcrved so severe n punishment. If it is a ficlior., poetic
n i jj'liee is not, n e think, properly diflributed."
X. The Inqsifitot"—by Mrs. Rowfon. Sacond Philadel
<l ' phiae>Htion. 871 a cent*.
J- Adventure* of Roderic Random, s vols. I doHar aad
jo ceatj, ccari'e papef —1 dollar and 7J cents fine.
3. Notes 011 ths slate of Virginia—by Thomas Jefferfon.
, r _ Price neatly bound, one dollar and a half.
4- History of the French Revelation, from its con.
mcncoinentto the death 01 the Queen aad the c:xcu»ion
' ef Briffot. 1 Collars.
res J' Plow<ien's History of the Britifli Empire, from May ]
im 1792, to Decensber 1793. x dollar and a quarter
[Tnis is an interesting and vahiable publication as lias
appeared for many years.
6. Beattie's Elements of Moral Seienac. a vols. One dol
lar and three quarters. «od.
V- - .. . • :-5* . . ---■
■' »»
D, r. s t£fh e 3,
C and remari<aoAe djing-.i,;-. _
edta* any «;>er pcrfoa oa sarti-
Tii.'x work it iotereiiung rotrery cos.
" Av(rtjt .-4 ,»;r
*n-l foeedUf will Ltepi:. , h*i,;>7 iElf;_±:vtE{ D-IVB*
asr , 'i- t
American Repository, 1796;
e» vrAjr ixL"?
A zomplcK Calendar for Ka!a u - rr/ucinj ri.-
tue year. S, r-mric ->• in- :i lt- Ti
LLii of tie exmwire, !-~'f- Table ot pcaads, ■fc# a fc*.
l*»cVd ar.d jaduua! ofiic rs '«d L.;o uo an A ctnts.
of the UdjunX govemni jut Summary of Ac opera :a
of tile niiniftars a-. f 4 fucecfiv; year,.
conluls to aad fram Aactistof tie •mr:ifn*al
United States debt, rcveaac »n<l
A ngilier of the laad and ex-iendfcnro.
lea torse* of d"» A view of the flaking (nod. of pofiagv, and tim«s An e'.yimate as tie i-.iuocu
•c receiving 3c cleSnv tis of the L'mtii
mails at Philadelphia. two f<rveraT years.
Alill of the pnii-cowni, with D-HaeSic <baties or eacifc.v
the diitancea of eica, on Dnwlftcks and boanriei.
tie main Sne, as well a* Banker *it-i roles of coa
j «rofs road*. 'miing »u-ndik
— of the federal eoarts. Officer* of die civil gnvera
, —of the fu#;r»Uorj of tins meat of ?eanfjl»anii.
revenue. ' Eitimate of estaeacao cf iio.
The mist, and manic* of the id oae year.
C. 3. and this earreacy of Ofiicera of cull javjrsaei*
•ach Rate. of New-Yort
A lilt of the conamifiSoaers Sovereiga pricce* and r,
of loans. pnbiici if finrope.
t A table, Huwiag tie proper- L.i of tie tuvy of Great
tion of troe perfom to 3« .tarn, corrected agree
' flavea, aad of male* to ft- able to tie i..uit ■ ■-
ma*!, Ac. in the U.S. tios.
Militia ot' the United Statsa, Do. of tie navy of Praaet,
with the proportion of d».
e-c.V - "jf ■ gitt. tWiirr
An alphabetical liil of datiea cf the wind: and weather
agreeably to the jail a& in Philadelphia,
of Cocgrcft. montka, eiding i 2 Jejt.
A moonc of isipoft and toon- 1795.
age of ami yrar. Sills of mortaEty ic Philad.
Cu!to«-ho«fc fee, Sec. of one jz*r.
TTua littia volume will contain a much greater cpmpa'i,
an well a* variety of matter, than that of the precediej
year, aad wilt be rabeliiihed with an engraved frootu
piore, title page, and a vignette faced with a head crna.
nent, to each month. The fceuet depicted k the vi{-
aettes, allude chiefly to the rural laboors ot the year. Ths
angraving* ar* new, and erccutcd with aa ei*di«ace tkat
<oa credit to the American fine art*.
At the fame flmet rmiy hi bad,
Piaas of the city of Philadelphia, and its earironj, acra
tattly engraved from a late farvey. (
Maps of tie United States, and of cadi slate frpenttly.
A valuable ceile&ion of wwdrrm 3—is, and a general aiTarf
mSnt of Stationary Ware*.
Altc.—Thole who desire k,jray have the ahove-menti
oasd Maps, or any other, enioartd, canvaffeil, and varailh.
Ed, and p*t up in any manner that may be auit MaTcuW
tnt, by applying at dire&cd above.
• OA. i, 1795. law.
_ — —
r'ion —
1 Jfj the print Portrait of George 'A'aihi;: ;tor, Prel"i:«nt
of tie United Ac.cj.. a, «igra /:d-y Mr. FKld,
from an original pi&ure palated by W. Rob rtlba, that
the Proofi are rta-y for delivery to the several iibfcrib
ers at John James Barralet'?, No. 1) north N .'.ih-Jreet;
•r at J Ormrod'i, book Siller, No. 41, Cbe&at-Srcct,
where tie fnfelcribers are rwpeiteu to lend tietr adflr.-ij.
Ociobir a 7. tod.
k We are Informed that the gentleman who drew Ike
,f 1(5,000 dollar prize, in the Canal Lottery, wj; t..;
, s proprietor of only a single Ticket—This xr.A jJice <-f
rs good fortnne, fcewj that it ia well to be in Fortune's
1- road; and is the more pleifing, as the owner of t!i;
if pnzt is a very worthy, tiieugh not a very afiuent ci
)f The Scheme of the Canal Lattery is certainly one
a if the heft which has appeared—for, -rrc(-pendant "f
tke useful ob'ecli to its are to be ap-*
plied, the fehemeisfo calculated as to rontinual'v en
hance the vaiue of the Tickets remaining in the wheel
'f beeaufe, while the drawine pcogreifos, the ch:nce ot
le a capital prize growing greater, jnnft incresfe the va
, lueof the undrawn Titket.
The Prizes drawn to the c'.ofe ot the drawmj oil
last Wcdr.efday Evening, were
1 of - - - tl»3g°
a of — 1
, Of - " !»•»>
4 of - - s°°
11 of - - • lea
I'MS of - 11
be Aad there then retrained in the wheel
- 1 of J o t°°*
1 of - JO.OCO
Ig a Ot - - " JC,C3-3
t of - - 'iS co
:s, 9 of 2,0c0
t- 15 ot - - I,oco
;cs jS of - - J OO
cr 89 of
'J* 14830 of - - - :l
And ? ftatiocary prizes of so,eoo ao'lars each ; y
— which, and the nature of those 5 stationary prizes
which are to beloa; to the five last drawn tteUts,
01 will be found, that an undrawn ticket was y«ltcrday
9 morning, worth nearly 11 i-» dollars, wiii«» 3t
'®* the beginning, was worth no more than 10 douar*-
1 and so the undrawn tickets mult continue to locrea.e
® in valse, as fact as the drawing proceeds: And"'*
rT circumflance will account for the number ot<
u 'd' which are opened for the sale of Tickets, as tks P' 0 *
jn fits must be daily and in a few diy>|»
tia Ticket now felling a: ir dollars, will no doubt com*
:h mand ij dollars, and_muft continue-to
the drawing approximates to the five ftanonary prizes
oa of 2Q,0c0 doilars each. L——
1 a ALL perlons indebted to the littate ot
l P' Jl\. FRAUNCES, late of this city, Innkeeper, de
:tic ceased. are desired to make payment to the lublcnbctl
, and all tliofe who have any demands again" the la»
Eftatc, are requdfcd to bring in their accounts proper
"id ly '"" SAMUEL M. FRAUNCES, ASing Ez«utor. ,
South Water-flreet, No. 59*
Oifiober zS, 1795. : t~. - -
im- ALL perf»*s indebted to tie iilate of Dot&or JOH^
ion A H. GIBBONa, late of Philadelphia, deceai=J.
reqaeited to make payment; and thofc >vho kiie **.
lay demands again.t said Eflate, arc desired to bring ui tnt'
— 1 accounts duly attcScd.for fetlement, to
Attorney in faA for Mary Gaboos, aaaaipiAr*ra
Jol- to tio laid deceafid's Eltate. _ .
!. Ajcb-frrc«t,No. 107, Nov. 4.