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    Num * er 993-3 ' FRIDAT EVENING,. NOVEMBER' 13, 1795. {Volume VIH.
m • /~ii f / . -- ■ ■ ■ 1 1 1
Ship Charlotte.
Oil Saturday, the 14th inft.
At 6 o'clock in the evening, at the MerehantsCcfF e-koufc,
J3&- ihe ship Charlotte,
A s ae now la Y s at Mr. John Wilcpcks'a
w harf. iKc C harlotte is a feitVfu \ 1 uilt
£n g? an 3 $*?».?SB!6Si y «w» »* fiTppdfUtt
.-m- ? * 7 or liiocabout* : ilie is well fouai
and fitted in every refpe<si ;is now ready to reccive -
, S° on board. Her, inventory uiay he seen any time pre
v:ous to the sale, and the terms of pavitient m?. :e krewn,
*y , JOHN CONNELLY, An? sneer.
November Xr. t( j 3 .
FOR SAL £, B r
No. 12, Dock S[r?;t,
IO Pipes of
7he very bejl Madeira WIN E i
9c quarter cafe of Sherry'wine,
glass as different tz ---.
A quantity ofbeft Havanr.ah %a.i, m boxes,"
A few calks nf tugar,
4 boxes cf yard wide Irifli linens,
4 bak's of do. canvass,
5 bales of red, white, and yellow Sannel-;
BdRTHEN i6ao barrels, now lying at Mr. Thaddle*6
wharf, in Soutrnvark.
Philadelphia, Sept. sa. f-
For CharleTroi"!.
. Lovely Rachel,
ssato H:r.ry Reland d, mdffer y '
NOW lying at Bifcihirs's -wharf. She will pofifively
fail on Saturday next. For freight or passage apply to
fiie Captain on baar'., or GEO. 3IBBALD,
Nov. IG. § No. 170 south Fron^-ftreet.
To Maceira, ,
■ ~r __ K'.'lia-: Rkka-di, mijirr,
"WILL fail in all next week. For fre. ht or passage ap
November 9. dtf.
For Falmouth and a Market,
S E D G E L T,
SHE will fail with all convenient l'peed. For freight
or parage apply to
Philips, Cramoad & Co.
November 9. d.
■■ Ttomas Gifford, mailer,
HAS a great part ef her cargo engaged, and will fail in\
a few days. For freight or passage apply 03 board at I
Wilcock's wharf, or to THOMAS NE.WMAK,at Rosa's 1
wharf— I
Who has for Sals,
■Coffee. Cotton, Claret in cases and hampers, Old Fron
teiniac Wine in hoglheads, and [even doz. Mens' ruffled
Shirts. o<ft. 22.
ChrVtopher Franklin, jun. master,
HAS excellent accommodations for paflengers; \viH ,
fail in all this month ; three-fourths of her cargo are ,
ready to go on boaid, a few tons of heavy goods will j
be taken on freight.—For freight or passage apply to
the Master on board, Peter Blight, or to
Pragers & Co.
September 21, 1795. §•
y»W7 p,- the Snozu B"/}o1, jfe/mts XieifuXritJ:,
Master, from Liverpool,
11 Crates well-siTbrteil Queen'a Ware,
4CCO bufnels belt lloved fine Salt, :
& to be fold at No. 1, Plne-ltreet, by (
'fames Campbsti. 1
Also, a few boxes well-aflorted IriSi Linens.
N. B. \
Said Snow for Freight or Char
ter, either to the Weft-Indies or
C' T'y E" r,, .p e •
15 Enquire as above.
Augii/i 18. $
F 0 R S A L E, <
mr J. Wendell, master, y 1
LYING at Willing and Francis's wharf; a strong,
new vefiel, five months oW, built cf red cedar, bur- (
then ijotons, fappofed wB cafry about 1200 barrels (
of flour, is of ar. easy draft of water, and has excellent ,
accommodations for pafllnge™. & For ,
If not fold in two or three days, said veflei will pro
eeed for the state of New- lork.
Philad. Sept. 29. £—
To-Morrow Morning will be Landed,
At Stamper's vjbarf, from on board the
Jchooner Eliza, T. Arnold, majler,
direS from Malaga, * ,
goo Quarter Barrels frefh BLOOM RAISINo
SOcßSkc. «lo- *>•
St t t
Ilj Quarter Barrels FIGS
137 Boxes PRUNES
50 Jars GRAPES n/rrvMTtQ
94 Sacks Soft Shell*! A^ O T^T D .^- TXT p
100 Quarter Ca&s MOUN I AIN
FOR sal Veter kuhn.
' d' f 1
rtk November.
Jamaica Rum.
The Tzrgo of the brig Peace, Carit-n Gray.'frora "le
, 1f..,., *orth Cdw of Jam;.
~ ,T: 'o-wrrovmomrHg at S v \tMreet whir ,
High P.-nf RU.Mj J
1 . P'imc SUGAR arid COrF£E
— — -L— $
1 a HAS FOR sale.
At tir stores 'ately occupied by Wliirton i Greeves,
A FEW PI pps
. -L,cndofi particular Madeira WIN E;
A few quarter c.ifks Old SHERRY WINE ;
Russia MATTS, &c.
Thirty finds, prime St. Croix SUGARS.
November 6
jaft rec«ived by the late arrivals from England, and
\ » now opening at fcis STORE,
N°- 134,
1 larkcUjlreet* corner cf I 7 our thy
\ Large afTon;r cat of braad an 4 narrow Cloth; Elaf-
J-'j*. tic do. Ksrfeymeres; Coaihigs; Blaoketj; Flan- -
neh. *ce —Alfc, an elegant aH'ortment of Londoa
&na printed Caliitoes of the newe patte -s,
adapted lor tap fcifon, printed Cotton Handkerchiefs and
Puliicats, Pinr, BccJ ivmch he will fell by the or
i Mckage on i.e lowelt terms ior Qafh or approved ntjtcs
«.t 4, 6 months.
Novc nber f -j
- <•„»■ u..
One of Bed tide 'Jo be^'i,, w j
to clof: Sales, by
Mordecai Lezvij. j
: Xovetn - 4. jawiq.. |
Bartholomew ,Conoliy,
No. 48, Chefnut-ftreet,
RESPECTFULLY informs hi 6 fiier.ds and the I
in general, that he has imported in the late arrivttk
from England, an -elegant, extensive and well chosen as-
of men's and women's hofieijy—among which
is a very great variety ef beautiful fancy hoiiery—fucn as
Sriped and clouded cotton-r-fine plated silk and cotton —r
elegant patent fancy lilk. Tine striped an& clouded patent
worlted, &c. &c. wh?ch are now offered for sale upon
his tifual low terms, together with every other article of
dry good', suitable to thefeafon.
3. C. has also imported a great variety «f gentlemen's
out size {lockings. o<f. 24. eoim.
The Partnership of SAM. & TKO. SHAW
BEING difTolvcd in Augtift last, by mutual consent;
all those indebted, whole accodnts arc due, are dc-
Qred to make speedy payment at thtir Store, corner of
Front and Arch-£reet. The buGHefs ii wow carried 011
at the fame place, by _ —-r— —
Wjio hn for sale, on reafofiable terms, for cash, or the
usual credit,
Ageneral assortment of Merchandize,
Imported by the last vefTels from London, Brillol, and .Li
verpool, fuitabie for the Fall Season.
A Tobacco Engine and to be fold byjiijji. Situr.
o»st«ber 23. zsffJzcScizw do.
For sale, at low prices,
NAILS by the calk, from 3d to iod assorted, and a vari- '
ety of Sprigs, Brads, and Tacks;
Cotton and wool Cards, from No. I to ia ;
Hatters and stock Cards ;
Cards set in calf, fuitabie for cotton machines.
Also, Machines for cutting and heading N'ails, with a va
riety of articles fuitabie for that bufkiefs, which will
be f®ld together. ;
A large stock of Wire, and other articles for carrying on
the Card Manufactory, with the valuable machines for ,
cutting the teeth, and other parts of the work.
And a quantity of Leather, Teeth, &c. now in forward
nefs for finifhing. Also;
Occupied by the late partnerfliip of Webfler, Adgate and
White. As the store is convenient for the business, the
machineA fixed, and the whole in a condition to be work
ed, it affords a good opportunity for any one inclining to
purchafc and follow the business to do it to advantage.
O*. 20. din. No. 63 Chefnut-flreet.
James Tiffin, i
Ni; 70, south Sccond street, near the City Tavern, [
HAS just received by the late arrivals from Lon«U>a
and Bristol, a large and elegant assortment of Ladies
and Gwitlemens fafnicnable HATS,-j—Alfo, a variety of
Qhildrens HATS of different colours, which will be fold
on the lowest terms for cadi.
N. B ¥ Ladies Hats trimM in the newest fafhion from
•London, 0&. 12. §
FROM the firft of December next, the annual fabferip
tion fbr this Gazette will be EIGHT DOLLARS. (
Subscribers out of the City will pay One Dollar a year in '
addition, for inclosing and directing their Papers.
Remote fubferibers are requested to pay up arrearages ;
to the above period; also the half year's advance from
that time—those who do not, will be coniidered as de
fining a continuance of their fiibfcription. '
Advertisements ot a square, or less, are publilhed in this
Gazette once, for ha lf a dollar; and continued at one
quARTE* or a dollar for each subsequent infertiou.
The Editor acknowledges, with gratitude, the favors
of his adremfing patrons—He afTures them, tliat the en
creafed, and encreafing number of his fubferibers, it con
tinually extending the circulation in the-city—ltsdiftant
circulati«i is now equal to that of any other publication. 1
Philadelphia, November 3, 179 J.
Fresh T E A S,
Of fuptrior quality, viz.
Imperial, or Gunpowder
Hyson Gomee,
lit quality Hyson,
2d. do. no.
Young Hywn,
Hylon Skin, and
A few Boxes of each, for sale at
No. 19, Third Street, South.
December 10. x eod.
Canal Lottery.
No. 149, Chefn ut-Jlreet, bet-tveen Fourthly Fifth-fireets.
OILKETS examined grain, and every information giv
i en refpeAing said Lottery. Alfa, Waihiagton and
Paterfon Lotteries. OSt. %%■ f
John Miller, jun> & Co. '
le I.'-- t, Chefnutjkrett
J' 1 . : -v r?cw'vcd, have ob hand j.
remaining of the
' C'a ' 'rothers& Aretha fafrom India,
A>; only,
1 •; CoiTaes 4-4 and 6-4 book muflios I
- Long efcths in do. r
Patna .njnilkerchiefs Humhumi b
Shirting muflir.s Baftas cl
, Blue romaU Cambricks cl
Book Handkerchiefs in MuCia b
small -bales ne.ttljr as- Taffaties
' fortcd. Blue checks |4 "
Alfo«rt variety of French Goods, viz.
Looking glalfes Feathers and Flowers J,
AnsroU gloves Paper hangings f n
Linaas and Linau handkerchiefs, iuitable for tie v
Weil-India market. i„
A few elegant Time Pieces. bi
1 OA. 9th. § w
Ffer SALE, by the Subscribers, h<
The followmp mrticUs f ibt las importation from Chi-.a.
160 Quarter Chests Hyson Tea,
1 t 2,0 Quarter Chests Souchong Tea,
, 43 o iV: •> Cl;::1a, containing Tea Setts,
i Nankeens.
IVi/lings & Francis.
c -- ■U- 3 taw tl(
s H O ~T: ::
OTi 11 H
le4, executed at the
' [ nc-die, —; -
I NaX c»d».' from iod to fpSre,
I Hoc iron, of :1 sizes, for c or cutting i«to nails, from
.j :' 1 to i d nails,
J Aurw.ti, from 17 Cwt. to ioolb. H
I Ifc" v :l,
| j ty of James RiSrer Tebacco,
i | Cariiiia Pork.
i Herijjgsin barrels,
- Kilp-iried Corn mj in Hhd6. snd Bbl».
1 Rytfl«ur See. to be fold by
Levi Hollingjhuorth & Son.
fg# 4 2aw
; Just Arrived, and for Sale
Frin on bard the k-ig WalterJlor'fF, laying at Iv 3
s the fubfcr.ber s <wbarf.
A cargo of excellent St. Übes SALT, j~
for tenai s'pplv to the fubfcribcr.
' ctb Tvivember. dtf
f ] tO K SALE, '"■
1 I-npcrt:l in the jhip Arethufa, from Calcutta and
iladrnfs, a variety of A
BiN aA I Q Q o ,
liafcis, ',
Kr:.sfl^ —
To b; ScM'by tLe Pmkage, for approved notes at
lb ret ail'- four by
No. 41 Dock Street, or —
German Pajfcngers
i Just arrived in the Ihip Holland, Captaki Franklin,
from Hanburgh, now at anchor opposite Vine-street,
1 v hose tisneis to be agreed for by applying'cn board,
or to PRAGERS & Co.
Septembe 10. d.
Cmal Lottery-Office
. Near the BANK of the UNITED STATES,
oSober I, I 795. 53
_ ' | 'HE drawing of this Lottery began on, Monday, thl 4j
, X Jjthalt. The sale of Tickets is continued by the 13
fuWcriber, froja 8. o'clock in the morning, until 3 o'cloA 11
!in ibe afternoon, at the above office, and by J. Roberdeaa S1
at the Statc-Houfe, warranted undrawn.
Prfie'fjdseK-itill b«> received is payment; fubjeft to the
deduction cxpreficd 111 the tickets—Price It dollars until
further te.iee. Approved notes, with a good indorfer,
payable ic;h Dc«embev next, willbe rcc- ived iSTpaymeut
for tickefs amounting to one hundred dollars and upwards.
1 |j tl'illiam Blackburn, Agent,
s <S!ieck Boo'-, iept at the Office. Tickits examined at
f 4-JOi each number, and regifterod at 12-100 each ticket. T
I N: B. No tickets fold durin? the hoars of drawing.
N y . 64,/outb Sfand-Jlrect,
CANAL Tickets for sale, or tickets given for
any prizes that may be (Irawn. L
Information given refpefling Wafliington lottery, and |„
ea'fh or Canal tickets given for prizes that may b : drawn.
Both lotteries commence drawing September 28th.
BOOKS will be kept of ach day's drawing ia both lot
teries, and open gratis to the enquiries of the possessors of —
Tickets purchased at the OFFICiS.
£5* Halves, quarters, and eighths of Tickets may be
had at the above Office. Sept. 26.' §
M*de by OLIVER EVANS, at his Factory, in the old
wind-mill ia Elmfley's alley,
South St:.s. a little beU-v Dactpnet,
WHERE those who may be supplied with Hone*
of such quality as wjll suit their purposes. Also,
ftoaes for giidgeaus to run on, and Pliifter of Paris.
He ietps for SALE, .
At kit dr •'Vp-?Nc. 215 northSecond-ftrect, a ifctle above ■
Vine street, r
Boulting Cloths,
A complete assortment of both imported and American o
manuTa&urfld for merchant aad country .votk, which he p
warrants good. v
The Young Millwright's and Miller's GUIDE.
Containing a system of n»«chanic6 and hydraulics as they F
apply to water mills with the whole proeefs of, ami ail the t
late improvements on the art of manufacturing flour &c r
intended to be ufefal to all concerned in building or uling t
water-mills, which book is fold by Matthew Carey and
Robert Campbell, book&llers.
Sept. 25. jtdiawtf. ,
itic higbeft price in Calh, will be givcu ler .
A preference will be given to Claret Bottles.—Apply
d No. 187, south Third-street.
S.trU 13. d
For Safe, at Public Vendue,
On Monday, the 16th day'of November, at 9 o'clock ia
tie forenoon,
of Samuel Fraur.cts, inr.kerpcr, dcccafet.
In Water-street, between Chefnut & Wakut-ftrtru,
' No - S9> ,
A variety tf HouJbot4&Krtch'en Furniture*
• at uia.iuji.Bj dining rabies, ;ii letts of 1,», 3,
i V> 4, and 5, pier tables, card tables, round tables, bu
reaus, warJrobe, night table, mahogany belleret Cde
board, large plain do. mahogany worked and other
chair,, large gilded frame looking gUiles, small do. do.
chamber do. mahogany frame lockinsrvglaffes, plated ani
br.ils lconces and. chandeliers, mahogany knif* cases of
ivory handled knives aad fork., silver plated eaudiefticks,
do. to urns, japann'd do. plated cake baflcct, tea ca ir,
butter tub and ftaud, silver tea-pot, milk-pot, soup-
JfL-onSj tablc-fponns, Jea-fpoons, an elegant silver plaui
eporgne mi glaft hmvl esmplete for a dining tsble, tea and
small waiters, setts of tea and tabic china, glass and queens
vare, fable cloaths, beds and bedding, hair and common
liaatraiies, oc ftufTfctiof bed and windew-curtaius,
brass and bell mettle kettles, smoke jack, bras, and iroa
iirdirans, (hovel and tangs, carpets and carpeting, larg*
painted floor c!ot>es, hall' and, fide lamps, tells and
hanging*; large and fni»ll iron pots, a f.Ufett of difli co
\ crs, knives and forks, spoons, a pair of large TTon rac£s,
and many other articles not enumerated, which may b«
viewed any time previous to the day of file.
•By order of the Executor,
VYm. Shannon, Auctioneer.
November io. £
Iti addition to the above, will be fold a valuable collec
tion of \fax Work moulds, of various sizes and impreff
-011; prepared inuring the life time of {he deceased at a
very yrcat cxpence.
Jri/b Linens.
James & Henry Fisher,
8, IV:llnut-flrect,
Have imported by thf Rebecca, from Dublin, a krg#
aflortment of
7-8 and 4-4 white Linens,
?-S brown do.
4-4 half white Sheetings,
9-8 brown and white do.
3-4 brown *nd white Lawr.s,
7-S Dowlas ;
hichthey will difpo/e of on reasonable terms, by the
pa w C 013 F1>™ VC< * Notes, at 60 and 90 days.
- ■ 1 'I®' aboTe . Goods bekg immediately from the
Maßufaderics, it is prefum.d they will be fo:iud worthy
of notioe. oa. 26. f 7
Jolm Miller, jun. and his brother Alexander T. Miller
have entered into partnerlbip, under the Firm of '
John Miller, jun. & Co.
They t a ve rece'mi iy the fro* Eurtfe, a. i are „ov>
•A"'":' for SALE,
At their STOKE; No. 8, Chefnut-ftreet,
A capital afartment of DRY C.nn 779,
Broid ucd narrow Cloths,
Plain and fancy Coating^j
Eaaveret's and el^jlics^
•Rofeand point Blankets,
A variety of coarse Woollens,
Manckctfer minufailuies,
Irish Linens,
India Goods, generally,
French Gooda%
All of which they will dispose of for cash or the *fual
credit. Oihiber 9.
Landing, at Hamilton's Wharf,
the CARC ocf the Jhip Triflra:*, J. Cbrif ie, mjjl.-r, frtm,
120 hogflteads, and?,.* r , „ _
7 2 barrels of \ Muscovado SUGAR,
45 barrels of COFFEE.
George Sibbald,
0&. 26. d No. 170fouth Front-street.
53 7 Hog(heads,
4 J9 Barrels, i Coffee, above 600,0001b.
214 Bags, 3
115 Hoglheads of choice Jamaica Sugar!
211 Eilea of St. Doningo Cotton,
Will be landed Monday morning, s6th inft. at Sauth
ffreet wharf,
Being the entire cargoes of Snow Hebe, from Jai\ai*a;
Brig Polly, VnJ Schooner frnrn
rot sali by
Peter Blight.
Odlober si.
The CARGO of the ship Harmony,
Ezra Lowell, mafier—frcm BOURDEAUX,
BRANDIES, in pipes and pyncheons; and
CLARET hoglheads, is discharging from on.
board the said ship at Cuthbert's whaff, and for sale by
Andieivs & Meredith,
Sept. 15. d. No. 86, south wharvct.
In calks, suitable for the East and Weft-India markets.
TRENCH BRANDY, in butts and pipes.
And a frw eafet of
Ticklenburgs & Oznaburgs.
Run die £9* Murgatroyd,
OA. 28. (d2"jj) No. 11, Walnut-street wharf.
Hare's Patent Floor Cloth,
THE mannfaftarcr has jsft imported by the LIGHT
HORSE FROM BRISTOL, an elegant aff.rtment
of the ncwefc and best Patterns, which are in excellent
preservation, from 9 feet square to 18 by 15 f ee t; like
wise, for Stairs, Entries, and Halls, from J yard to 3
yards wide. ,
The fabferiber refpeftfully informs purchaferj, that
Floor Cloths laid under woollen Carpets during the win
ter, will be in a slate of improvement till th« fpriiig, and
render rooms warnl by preventing air Ircm pafling be
r tween the boards. JOHN BROWNE,
[ No. 145 north Setond-ftreet.
A quantity, of Remnants to lay before the fire for the pr*
• fervation ot woollen Carpets ;
Dipt and mou'd Candles, with sip.c eottoa wick;
Brown and white Soap, ef a very fuptrior tjuality, jn
small boxes suited for families;
1 White Lead; Red Lead; Sp.nilh Brown; Orang* Mint "
ul, &c. &c. November 10,