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    City bf Washington. 1
SCHEME of the LOTTERY, No. 11, *
1 A magnificent ) 20,000 Dolikit, and
a«ciiu»g house, \ cato 3*,000 arc
' * £0,060
1 ditto 15,000 4c ca.ih 25,000 40,000
\ ditto \ 5,000 6c ra(h 15,000 30,00#
1 ditto & cash 10,000 10,000
1 ditto 5,000 8c eaih 10.000
l ditto 5,000 St caJh 5,000 10,000
1 Ca(h pnre o| 10,00 a
t ditto 5,000 etch, ire io,or©
,'j ditto i.woo
ao ditto 500 i 0,003
100 ditto 100 » lb,ooo
200 dittb 50 10,000
400 ditt® •£ U>,oo»
1,000 dtftSl ao
15,000 ditto n*
16,739 Fruci
33,461 Bla«k»
50,000 Tickets ti 8 dltf ere 400.006
Thi* Lottery wilt afford an eV-jjant fpcciivn ef thr
private buildingi to be er«&cd in the Citv of Wafhibgfon
<—-Twp beautiful deftgns are alrcadv felc&ed for the entire
front! ori two of the public squares ; fiojn tWe r e dra«v
---u ie propoicd 10 cre& two and tour corner
btuMinga, as soon j» poflible after th*» Lottery 15 fold, and
lo cVrsvey fhem when complete, toth' tortnna'.c advcniur
frs, !u the manner defcribsd in ilic fchenic for the Hotel
Lottery. A nett of five per ernt. will he rn».dt
to del ray the nt ceffaiy cxpcnc<i of pi in- &.c. -nd
the (uiplu* wli be made a part oi tho fund intended so» the 11
National Übivciut), to k>e erected within the City oi
The drawing will commence as fooh as the Tickets
*rr fold off. ■ ■ The money prices will be payable
in thirty days after it is BpiJhed,*ifd any piises for which
fortunate nUmimt arc riot produced within twelve inon«hs fj
alter the drawing is clcfrd arc to be coniidetcd a# gwen e
towaida the iund tor the Univerfuy, it being determin- p
ed to fcule the whole bufinef* in a year from th«? ending
of Ihe drawing and to take up the bonds given as fccu
rtiy. t
"Phe real frcurities *;iven for the payment of the Prire
arc he]jd byihe Pteftdeot two Dire&ors of the Ba4ik.
of Columns, and are valued at more than half the amount .
oi ♦>»(. i.ixtery. J
The fventy four gentlemen who by appointment of .
the late ConunilDoners aflifled .a the management of thi
Hotel lottery are Vcquefled to undertake this ardaous task j
a second time on behalf of the public; a fufficicnt num- :
her of thef'c hating kindly acceptcd, it is hoped that, the
friend* to a National University arid the other federal oh- J
jejfcj rryjy continue to favor the design. The fyriopfis of
6ne of the Colleges, to form a branch of the National
Institution, is already in the press, and will be Speedily
published, together with its conftitiitibn.
A compleat Plan of the Who!* of this Important
lnititution, compiled from a fele&ioa of the bell matcrx- r
als, ancient and modern, will be submitted to the public
wnene/cr the fame may hare gone through fach reviftons
4s may be ncfceffaryto eflablifh the pcrfcA confidence and
general approbation, foitefTential t6 its present rife and fu
ture eztltcnce for the gdneral good of America. ,* i °
By accounts received from the diilerent parts bi the |
Continent as well as from Europe, where the tickets
have been lent for f*le, the public are alfured that the j
drawing will comm«n*c, and that the care and I
caution unavoidably neCeflary td insure a fafe difpolal of
the tickets, has rendered the ihor: fufpaafioii indifperifablc. .
February »4, 179J
Aug 30 | ]
1 ickets may be had at the Bank of Columbia ; : i
of James Weft &. Co. Baltimore or Gidev»n Denilon, \
~X7i'm 11, Boil on ; ot John Hopkins j
Rieh'ivjt d : and of R Coniv r'j fcrfv. j
:— :—l— 1
Sale of valuable Property. ]
To be Sold, by Public Audi on,
On'l'ucfday, the loth day of Dec mber, 179J,
At the Tontine Coffce-Houie 111 New-York, it 11 o'clock
h> the forenoon, all the rfghr, thle, and interest oi the
In the following valuable TRAC TS of I-AND, vis.
i. \ l.t. that trait of land co"t»ining about 2500 acres, .
ii iltuate in the county of Oraiije, being part of the ]
fnountain lots No. 21 and *;, in the patent of Cheefecock, ,
formerly laid out by Charts Clinton, Esq. deceased, and
purchased by the Agent ot the Amerisan Iron Company of
Wi linm Smith, Esq. on the Bth day of November, 1766.
This trstCT contains plough laid and swamp; also
?otuckeit Pond and the outltts thereof.
2, All that trail of land situate ou the wed fide of Hud
son's river, near Butterntilk Falkf containing 1000 acres
In th» trad: there is laid to be a valuable mine, some good
swamp and timber land.
All thofetwo tracts situate on the north fide of the
MohaWk riv ,r, being part ot the Manor of Cofby, pur
chased by thd Agent of the American Iron Company in the
years 176'jr and 176 7, of Oliver Delancy, Esq. the one con
tainin^at;4o acres, the other 381 j acrca.
4. All that traet of land ti::uatc on the norf.h fide »f the
Mohawk river, near the German Flats j adjoining part of
Colby's manor, and bounded oW the e.iit by Canada crook.
This trail will be divided*, and fold in the following Lots,
Acres. Acres.
Lot t corttai'ning 966 Lot 14 coWainiojj; 1000
% 907 ij 1000
3 844 16 5»9
4 411
5 j6t iS 1160
6" 8 05 ity rooo
7 97a 10 foo«
8 rooo ti 1000
9 1000 2 4 390
io rooo ij 750
ri 1000 i t4 : 9jo
12 1000 4j
13 rcQo
The trail on Nrt. 4'is ehiefly beach, hiaple, hjfkand elm.
The purchase money to be paid by the following inftal
pivnts, viz. 011 -fourth on the day of sale: one-foUrth on the
fir It 'l'utfday in April next; one-fourth on the fir'ft Tuesday
in G<ftobcr; 1796;' and the remainder on the firtl Tuesday
in April, 1797. when deeds WiU be given to the purcliafer.
Plain of the different tracts of land may be fcen by ap
plying to Mr. Peter Gsclet, one of tht trufteei, in New-
York; or to Mr .Edward Edivardt, in' Philadelphia.
November 4. m&t.
Andover Iron Works
THEY are situate in the coontics of fcufux and Morris,
in the State of Nc\v-Jerfey: Ihe ore lies within a
mile of thu 1 urnace, i«» efteemcd of the firlt quality of any
in America, an:l particularly adapted for making Steel.
The. Furnace an«» Furge, to which belong bctweeu n and
12,000 acre-sol will be fohi together, of Icaied ei
ther lepuratcly or together : they are diltunt about Jeven
miies from each" other, and are an objc& well worth the
attention of Iron Matters. The buildings, &c. are in eve
ry refpe<£ comniouious. For further particulars apply to
Benjamin Cnew, or johtiLardner, I J iuladeiphia.
Oct. 2'. 3taw
AH- pcrfoni havitg any demands on the Eftatc of i
Mart HiwsoN,late of Bucks ooun,ty, Jeceafed,arc
deftrod to apply to William Hewson, near Vriftol, in [
the county aforefaid, for immediate fettlenent. And all
perfont indebted to said Estate are requested to make pay
ment to the said William ftewfon, wh« is hereby autho-
rifed to reeoivc the fame.
Elizabeti Hewjom, R*e*utri*.
Jonathan Williams, { Ske *p, rg .
William Hewion, )
tcltwaJc, near JfriJlol,
OA.»«, i?9i- , **J» "11
' . e<
A tierican Landfeapes. a
SELECTED from the mod (hiking and mterefling
Profpeflsin the United States ; <ach »f which
Views, will be accompanied with a descriptive account
of iti Local, HiftorieaWand other Incidental PecuHarities *
Author if tht " Mmsflit Remaims *nd Antiful Cabin m OrMt v
+ Britaint(
I. Tfet the work fhali be publi%ed hy i and n
I that each Subfeiiher (hall engage to take the whole set
' of Vwwj, and /hall pay for each engraving, if bla<Jc or
brown, a Dollars ; and if coloured 5 Dollars.
, I. That the dimenfiont of each engraving lhall be 24 by 17
j inches, executed it> aquatints, and upon paper l
of a superior quality. The publication to commence im
mediately ; and one engraving to be delivered to the Subs
cribers, on the firft; Monday of each succeeding month,
i until the prcpofed series Jhall be finally compleyd.
HI. That with the last View of the series, (hall be deli
vered an engraved title-page ; an elegant eharaifteriftic
vignette; a map of the route, connected with the prof
-5 pedis exhibited in the the course of the Work; and an
c Alphabetical lift of the Subscribers.
Subscriptions are received by Mr. Marrifon, at his Print h
i {hop, Maidcnlane, New-York, by Mr. Carey, Book-fell-
II cr, No. 118, Market street, PhiladMphitt, and by aU the
- principal Book-fellcr* in the United States.
g February aS.
■ f~O R SALE,
A rerjr valuable ESTATE,
Called TirtTTRNHAM.
1 Q ITU ATE in tlx trwnfiip tfUpfer Derby y and county of j
r O beUivare, 7 1-1 mi\*t from Pbiladclf\ua, and half a mile
' from tin new IVefern r*ad: torrtaining 230 acres of excellent
? Land, 45 of 10hitb are good watered JMeadow, 90 of prime j
Wood Land, and the ret Arable of the sirs quality. There are
" on the premises a good HvoUory Brick House, -with 4 r»oms on 3
C a floor, and Cellars under the whole, -with a Pump Well of j
oellent IVater in front; a large frame Barn, Stables, and other j
. convenient buildings; a Smoke-House andflone Spring House ; two j
good Apple- Orchards, and one of Peaches. Fislds are all in I
Glover, except tbofe immediately under tillage, and are so tatd ]
out as to have the advantage of IVater in each of them, which
renders it peculiarly convenient for Grating. ]
'The situation ie p leaf ant and healthy, and from the high culti-
C nation of the Land, the good neighborhood\ and the vicinity A» the ci- ,
ty, ts very suitable for a Gentleman's Country Seat.
The foregoing is part of the Eflate oj faeoh Hi»mat. s deccafed
J andoffered for sale hy M ORDECAI LF.WIS
Surviving Executor.
* | OS. 9, 1795 '"/
31 A MILL for SALE.
if I,' 1 OR Sale, en private eontraA, five undivided ftxtha
!• r parts of that valuable mejsjum-milf!' caHßd Old
yp.jj.-v iJJjir tw " J'.v.'lling iiourc., —i
'-trTThopT caflt house, and other convenient bnildings,
With about jo aei':i of good land, the greatest part thereof
; it excellent watered meadoyr. tlie rcmainper garden, orch
r, ard, and wood land; situate ten miles from Philadelphia,
u n«ar the Washington Tavfrn, partly on the post-road iead
ihg to New-York, and partly on the River road; a r«-
— mirkaMy he*Uhy country, and an eicellent neighbour
hood. This mill being on Pennypack week, a heavy
ft ream of water, with about 15 feet head and fall, and
the tide flowing about 6 feet, will admit a reffel carrying
1350 bulhels of wheat to lay along fide, and u»lo«d into
the mill with Evans's elevator in abont three hoars. The
mill house is large and built of stone, founded on a rock,
tKe walls uncommonly thick and strong, (loch a piece of
mason work is rarely to bs found) contains five floors, two
water wheels, and three pair of the best French burr ftonoa
*' all running, douWe gaared, with three boulting reels and
iC cloths of the firft quality, rolling fcreea, cylinder, and
L ' fans for cleaning wheat ill the bell manner, and palling it
afterwards by an elevator into a hanging garner; also,
conveyers, elevators, and hopper boy, all in complcat or
j?' der. There are two large frame buildings adjoining the
0 mill, which ate convenient for storing flour, ihprts, eaflcs,
&c. A corn-kiln is erefled within the building, with
boulting, reel cloth, and other ncceffary futures for ma*u
: ® faiturir.g large quantities of kiln-dried corn meal. The
flream of water is so constant that upwards of 60,000 lsufli
els of wheat hl»e frequently been manufactured at this
>c mill, annuajly. The tumbling dam was built of stone and
r " frame about 30 j ears ago, but the late extraordinary frelhes
,c have made a broach therein, it can easily be repaired alto
gather with stone, the greatest part of which is already at ,
hand, and the remainder can be quarried near the dam, as <
1r " there are fevefal good quirries of excellent stone on the |
° premises, and adjacent to the cfeek; the contiguity of
this wry valuable cllate to Philadelphia, and the cafy Ha- i
8 * vigition for fhaHops, with the above-mentioned great ad- |
vantages, and many others not here in ntioned, mud be i
:s * obvious to any person who may view the premises.
3 An indisputable title, clear of all incumbrances, wAI be i
3 . mide to ihe purchaser oa paying part of thr money, and
1 giving fatisfa&ory security fs<r the remainder, payable
l with interest ill ihllalments at fueh times as may be agreed
3 on. For ftirth«r particulars enquire on the premises of
3 Frances LIWI3, Executrix to the .iftatc of Robert Lewis,
1 deeeai'ed; John Sivir r, near Buifcll-Tewn jor Natiia
-3 nixi. Lewis, or David Lewis, in Philadelphia.
3 Augu/ 31. w&f-
Forty Dollars Reward.
RAN away from the fubforiber, living at Mordington
Mills, mear Fredenca, in Kent county, state of Dcla
-IT- ware, on the night of the 17th of Jnne last, a slave negro
man named BENN, about ly years old, 5 feet 10 or 11
inches high,'of a yellow complexion, and might pass for a
mulatto. Thie clothes he had on cannot, with exa&nefs,
a y bb described, as he made several breaches of honctly, in
er _ that way, on his fitting out. He is a very great floren
in his drels; has naturally a coftdemncd and surly counte-
P" nance, altho' he at times affefis a smiling one ; his vilage
w " is thin, with large black whilkers; the whites of his eyes
oftien red : It is not recollected whether he has any par
ticular Utlb-marks, except on his back:, wfiere may be
seen (tho' light) the so rs of the whip, pl«ed*by judicial
authority, lor houfe-breaiing, lock-breaking, filling,
•itc as well before, as since I purchased him. He is pc{-
fcffcd oi but a imall iharc of reafo» or feclibility; a great
-is etiward, tho' his looks are devihfii, and at the lame time
sneaking. As he took his flight upwards from here, at
the commencement of liarvcit, it is prti'amed he was per
cl fuaded by some of the fre; negroes 11s this quarter to make
n( j his citape with them—fliould he not be in Philadelphia,
e j he is probably between here and there.
cn Whoever takes up the said licgro Benn, and feearcs
J ie : him ill any public goal, so that his mailer may get him
e again, shall have the above reward ; and if brought home
t0 additional charges for realonablc expellees; paid by
Jcfmes Douglafs.
No - 5• 3taw3w.
PUIL.-tDELriU.!, a* JOHN FMNh'O, N°- ity cU**Strc«.-F* W « Six Dom.a»s Pn A****.
800 K S, FT inted for ana
PulU&cd by MATHEW CAREY, *
( price Sixteen Dollar*.J ftr
i New Svflem of Modern Geography : an,
Or, = Gwr'.Mcal, mjUrUal aU ; »•»
mJprefnt Jtatl of the frocrei xVrinm ef #*» IV,rid,
The fisnire*, motions, and collar to each oountry. <»
diftancen of the PUtt-U, »c- VII. OHemtion. op the r
cording WtheNewtonim Fyl* eh*.** t>»t havs been aay
tern, imd the lawft obferva- where observed upon the face «
tioiM # f nature Ancc th« molt car- lJ
11. A (Tin«ral view of the ly poriids of history.
Earth. oenGdored as a planet; VIII. Hiflory and origin
vri»h faveral ufcfnl definition# of nations; their fo-m» of go
and problems. vernment, r.Ggnauon, laws, ■
111. Grand divifians of the revenues, taxes, naval ana
Globe into land and water, military ftrengnh. ii
continents and islands. IX. Genius, manner,>cuf- «
Situation and extentof em- toms and habits of the people, pi
urresj kingdoms, itates, pro- X. Their language, learn __
vinces and colonies. 1 ing, arts, fcicnces, manutac-
V. Their climates,air, foil", tores and commerce.
vegetables, produSions, me- .. XI. Chief cities, ftn;ft I
tals, minerals, natural curie- ruins, and artificial curioutioa.
fi#ies, seas, rivers, bays, pro- Xfl. Latitude, longitude. o
memories and L&es. "
VI. Birds and Beasts pe- cipalplacesfromPhiladelp&ia
I, A Geographical Index, wrfch the name* and places a pha
betically arranged. . .
11. A table of the Coins of all nations, and their value m
JolJara and cents.
HI. A Chronological Table of remarkable events, from
the Creation to the present time. r
The Afironomical part by James Ptrvufon, F. X. J. E|
Corre&ed by Dr. David Rittsnbobsi. j;
To <whieb are added,
the late Discoveries of Dr. Herfchell, and other eminent a;
Astronomers. /
"the riRST AMERICAN edition, corrected, improved, and
greatly enlarged. Containing the following
Maps and Platei.
I Map of the World 13 Hindoftaa
a Chart of the World 24 Africa
3 Europe *5 United States
4*CountriesroundtheNarth l 6 BritilH Dominions in A-
Pole. merica ®
5 Sweden, Denmark, Nor- ty Writ Indies
way and Finland. lß*Province of Ma-ne
6 Rufiia / »9*N«w Hamplhire
7 Scotland * jo*MaffachaferM
8 England and Walo« 3l*Conneflicut
j Ireland j»*Rhode Island
; io France jj'Vermont
11 "Seat of War • j4*New York
la Seven United Provinces 35*Ne\v Jcrfay
I j Austrian, French and 36*Pcnnfylvania
Dutch Netherlands 3 7 'Delaware
14 Germany jß*Marylaiid
15 Switaerland 39* Virginia
16 Poland 40* Kentucky
17 Spain and Portugal 4l I 'North Carolina 1
1 it Italy 4»*Teneflee government ]
' 19 Turkey in Europe 43* South Carolina 3
j to Alia 44*Geergia }
ll'Difcovenes made by cap- 45 Copernican fyftona |
tains Cooke and Clerke. 46 Armillary fpheM
«i China ,
The Maps marked with stars are'added to this cditioa,
exclusive ef thefc in the lad London edition.
The United States Register for 1795, 1
'i i Price 50 Cents. CONTE NT S.
Calaiio* t m iuij ■n'a rY Boundaries of the onited '
tables, &c. &c. hcincs. ■ ■ _j
Supreme Executive Lift of the Officers
Lcgiflature Statement ot Exports 5
Judiciary Public Debt 1
Department of Stata P®y» &c, of the amay
department of theTreafury Mint Eftabiifhment 1
Coßimiflioners of Loans Rule* for reducing the «ur-
Officers of the Cuftoras rencies of the different
Revenue Cutters states to a par with aadh
Light H©ufei other
Officers of the Excifc Tables of the number of ]
' Duties and Dutiable articles cents and decimal parts I
( Exempts from duties in any number of shilling* i
t Duties on tonnage and pehce less than a dol- 1
I on domestic objeAs l«r in the currencies a( J
. Drawbacks, &c. and rcgu the different liates t
lations to be oferred >in Tables (hewing the value of
obtaining then* dollars in the currencies (
' Gsneral AbftraA from the ol ditto \
revenue laws, relating to Poft-office eftablilhment r
the duty of mailers of Lift of Post-Towns, &c. \
' vessels, of the owners, Latitude and Longitude of j.
&c. of goods, and the the principal towns in the a
officers of the customs; United States
to the payment of duties, Banks
, and the importation of Literary Institutions .
goods National Manufactory,
s Expcuccs of Government Seflions ef the Courts
ior 1794 Wol'tern Territory
t i department of War
. j '* Statl Governments.
' I New Rampfhire Sooth-Carolina
P j Vermont Georgia
j Maffachufetbt Order ot time in which the
ConneAicut fcveral States adopted the
. 1 New-York federal Constitution
I New-J«rfey Tahle of the Sen's riling
t ; Psnnfylvunk and setting \
I ; Delaware of goods, wares,
, 1 Maryland ami merchandize cxport
\ Vu-ginw cd from die United States
f Kentucky from the ift of OAober
Nprth-Carolina to 30th Sept. \jnv
' Charlotte a tale of truth—by Mrs. f «jwfon, of the
new 1 heatre, Philadelphia. Second Ameiican edition—
Price 75 ceata. [ The rapid sale of the lirft edition of this
- enterefting novel, in a few month* is the best criterion of
iu merit.]
" It may be a t.ilc ot truth, for it is not unnatural, and 1
it is a tale of real diftrefs—Charlo'te, by the ajtifice ot a
I acher, recommended to a'fehool, irom humanity ra-
aer than a-convi'm«u of her integrity, or the regularity, '
if her former conduct, is enticed from her governess, and
' accompanics a younyr officer to America—the marriage
t eeremony, if not forgotten, is poftponcd, and Charlotte
dies a martyr to the inconltaiicy of her lover and tre»eh
# uy of his frieud.
t The lituationc arc artless and affe&ing—the description
i.atui al and pathetic ;we lhould feel for Charlotte if fucft a
person ever oyted, who for one error, fcarjely, perhaps
, deserved so tsvcrc a punifhmeiu. If it is a fiction, pv^etic
julbce is not, thnik, properly diAributod."
' Ihe In^ailitor- —by Mrs. Howfbn. Second philadel
phu edition. 87 1 a cents.
.4. Adventures of Roderic Random. 1 vols. I dollar aa.i
t 5° cents, coarie paper—i dclW and 75 ccnts line.
3. Notes on tha liaac oi Virginia —by Thomas Jeffeyfon.
e Pricp neatly bound, one and a half.
4. Hletery ot the French Revolution, from com*
mtnctmenl to the 01 the Queen and the e»ecuiioii
% of Brifl'ot. i *ol|a
1 S• Plowticii * History <>t the Empire, irom May
e 1 79 i» to December x 1 apiLir and a quarter
£1 his is un int.resting ,-iul valuable publication as has I
appcarrcl ior mat j p ()T .,.
6. Beattie $£lomex>ts ol fvforai Science. 1 Oue j
lar and thr ;c quarters. tod.
Mo, r i' v ln r.« -r-v r\
The Panorailia.
MR. SAVAGE refpi&fully infarrat the Ladi ana
Gentlemen of Philadelphia that the PANORAMA
is r&w opened in Higis-ftreet, between io;h and : itH
streets. The SuHjedt is a view of the Cities of Lbn ,n.
and Waftminftw, comprehending the three bridges, Snuth
wark, Surrey, and St. George's Fialds in the Borough,
With every other objeA which appears from the top of til ;
Albion mills, at the end of Blackfriars Bridge, oppoiitc
the rity of Londoa, from whence this view was taken
The painting contains nearly 3,000 square feet of canvas.
Beirtg in a circle gives evory objeA its proper bearing, and
exhibits it in its true point of compass, appearing as lan-e
aad in every refpeiSt the faee as th« reality.
Price of adiailfioa half a dollai Tickets far tlu Season
three dollars.
Panokama open every day from ten o'llock io the
si PRINT of the PRESIDENT „f the U. S.
18 Inches by 14; only a few skoice iiiprdSom left: th*
companion is a print of Dr. Franklin A variety of choice
prints may be had at tke Panorama.
31- , mtf
Mr. Walter Robertfon
BEGS leave to Ksquaint the Gentlemen, fubferiberj to
the print Portrait of George Washington, Prefidsnt
of the United States of America, engrave;] by Mr. Field,
from an origihal picture pamted by \V. Robertfon, that
the Proofs are ready for delivery to the several fsbferib
ersat John James Barralets, No. 19 north Ninth-street;
, or at J Orrnrod's, bookseller, No,. 41, Chefnut-ftrtet,
where thofubfetibers are requefWd to fend their address.
, O&ober 27 eod.
PubliS Notice is heteby given,
TO the delinquent Stockholders in the Philadelphia
and Lancaster Turnpike Road, to pay up all arrear
ages and penalties upon their (bares by the firft day of
December next, otherwise meafurej must be taken to en
force payment, as the Road is now. ( nearly com pleated,
and th; Superintendant is called upon to mike final set
tlements with the different contractors and workmen,
[ By order of the Board of Managers,
Tench Francii, Treasurer.
November 3 std.
at Franklin's Head, Chcfnut-ftroef, three doors below
Second-street, by
I. G#i. Washington's Official Letters, 2 vols. » dolls.
». Burgh's dignity of human nature, 1 del. 75 cents
j. Letters on the nature and origin'of Evil, by Soarne
Jenyru, 6a 1-2 cents
4. Beauties of Sterne, 6» 1-2 cents
5. Melnaoth oh the sublime of Scripture, 50 cents
6. Patten's answer te Paint's Age of Realon, 50 as
7. Young Men's Guide, 50 cents
8. Hayley's Triumphs ot Temper,embellifhed with
elegant engravings, 1 dollar
9. Pleasures of the Imagination, 50 cents
10. Pleasures of with plates, 1 dollar
if.' Edwaf-ds f>ti Redemption, 2 dollars
i». Romance of the Forest, I dollar
13. MyfWries of Udolpho, 3 vols. 2 dolU. 50 cents
J4* Travels of Gyru , J7-I-2 cents
15. Mah (rf the World, 87 1-a'cents
16. Watts on the Mind, 1 dol. 15-100 cents
'' it Life of Col. Gardener, 67 1-2 cents
18. GoldfmitVs Eflays, , •
If. Homer's Iliad, trar.dated by Pope, I dollar
jo. Book of Common Prayer, 67 i-a cents
j 11. Brown on the natural equality of Men, 62 l-» cts"
xx. Life l>f the benevolent Kow«rdV 75 cents
13. Luciaii's Uialog'jci eefc, dollaf
24. Trials of the Human Heart, 1 vols. 2 dollars
25. M'Ewen on the Types, 67 I-2' cents
#6. Life of God in the Soul of Man, 50 cents
. & J' Ormrod has just received an elegant collec
tion of Books from London. Nov.». §6t
h '
We are informed that the gentleman who drew the
,{ 15,000 dollar prize, in the Canal Lottery, was the
s proprietor of only a single Ticket —This instance of
•s good fortnne, (hews that it is well to be in Fortune's
[. road ; and is the more pleasing, as the owner of the
i prize is a very worthy, though not a very affluent ci
>f The Scheme of the Canal Lottery is certainly one
9 of the heft which has appeared—for, independent of
the ufeful objefls to which its proceeds are to be ap
plied, the fchemeis so calculated as to continually en
hance the value of the Tickets remaining in the wheel;.
' beoaufe, while the drawing progrefTesi the chwce of
e a capital prize growing greater, mufl increafc the va
lue of the undrawn Ticket.
The Prizes drawn to the close of the drawing oil
last Wednel'day Evening, were
1 of 15,000
% of - t,ooC
5 of - 1,000
4 of - SOO
II of - - .10®
1700 of - - . t*
d And there then remained ia the wheel
e I of 50,000
I of - 30,000
g % of - - 10,000
I of 2,500
), 9 of - - 2,000
15 of - 1,000
IS 36 of 500 1
X g 9 of - 100
14800 of - 12
ie And ; stationary prizes of 20,000 dollars each ;by
7 which, and the nature of those 5 stationary prizes,
l *i which are to belong to the Sve last drawn rickets, it
will be found, that an undrawn ticket was yeftcrday
j morning, worth nearly 11 1-2 dollars, which, at
l ' the beginning, was worth no more than 10 dollars
a and so the undrawn tickets must continue to increale
A _ in vaUe, as fact as the drawing proceeds: Antl this
. circumstance will account for the number of Offices
which are opene 1 for the sale of Tickets, as the pro
re fits must be daily iucreafing; and in a few days a
te Ticket now felling at 11 dollars, will no doubt com
li mand 15 dollars, and must continue to get higher as
the drawing approximates to the five stationary prfcres
•i of 20,000 dollars each.
a A Li, peftoni indebted to the Eliatc ot SAMUEL
>s I\ FRAONCIiS, late of this city, Innkeeper, de
lc sealed, are desired to make payment to the fubienber;
and all those who have any demands against the said
1 Eitate, are reqtitfted to bring m thwir actounts proper
-1 ly'att cltcd.
SAMUEL M. FRAUNCE3, Aaing Executor,
n South Water-street, No. 59*
Oi9ober 28, 1795.
n- /\ 1.1, periods iudcht/a to the Eftats of JOHN
on l\ H, GIBBONb, »ite of Philadelphia, Jecealed, are
reqaefted to make payment; and those who aave L /
ay demands agaui!l l'a'ct £ilate, are desired to bring in their
— accounts duly atteftod, for (ettleascnt, to
Attorney in fa<st for Mary Gibbons, admimftratrii
ol- I to the said tieeea «d's Eitate.
Aich-flreet, No. 10J, Nov. 4. aair6t