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, mpenia*for the injuries we kavs fuffered ? that inoft
i; h-.s relmquiftied important claims ttiat we had irtg h
tipo-ifihe British government. That i« has given «'
no protection to our Teamen. That it it injurious an fh
to oir commerce, and ruinous to our navigation, out )
That it takes from lis the means we poffeffcd of re- on ft
t; inting injuries w thout the har.ard of a war.— of th
That it pledges the countrv for iromenfe sums cf comj
money, which it does net owe, while it curtails toya
our demands Upon Biifain. That itgivcß the Bri- of
ti!h fuSjcfls a variety of privileges i.t our country >s in
w'lich are but partially returned to JS. That it Is 0
c; it iterai\s the exilhng laws, and violates the fede- '9 fa
ral conftitutien ; and that it infringes the rights of the
individual dates. It is paffi'jx, that in Rating my j flip
iieas of the treaty, I may have run into errors :
J all I can fay, is, that if L have, none of them were eve.
! intentional | t aat havi' no party to serve, no per- a ""
fonal imcet to promo:?, I have only spoken
nv'ts which an ard-nj love f>r a country which
hive 1 >ng served, has inspired, without witoing to coal
wiiflei'lt I beg hit fcllow-cWzeni to recollect, j*fci
that if the treaty will bear the eouttrnStian 1 have wt
given it, though an eornmentator iiay
put a different sense upon teveral ai titles, that Iti'! or t
the objections I date will remain in force, since it ers,
is rmt the wAe/l but the firongeft nation that con- pro
| ftrues the articles that admit ef doubts, of which
I we have a drifeing instance in this very treaty — law
l In the treaty of peace, the article relative to the inaj
taking away negroes, &c. The words are express ; j"'!
the intention was acknowledged at the time by the we,
cotorm Humeri on both fides, .-.« d not doubled by tei
* either government: yet we find that Camidus has, Ch
bv implications, Bcc. spurted out a meaning which i• <
he fays renders it doubtful: he jtiftifics Mc. Jay in me
relinq :ifhing our claim. If th.s is-jml reafonin. t
in the mouth of an American wrier, it wll (li.i ;
*1 be mo: efo in that of Britain ; snd the moil U' fa jU*
forable conftrr.ftion of thf treaty, will be the tru i
■f one with refpeft to us, because every doubt is to be ge
cjoftrued against us. This argument is rendered far
nine 1 -. ItroHger from the circunylances under which cu
Mr. Jay treated ; for if when they were mote un f-j
•I favorable to Britain, than we can again hope to find m<
them, doubtful condrufltonf were to be conlliucd i*
i to her advantage, bv the admiflion of our en?oy, lar
they raaiti in future, be so. Let us not then form co
bur opinions of the treaty from distant impHctiont, \\
or iemote deductions, drawn troro fanciful reason- 1
ings on the laws of nations. *1
The express words of the treaty are our only ft
true ru de. Where they contain unfavorable ft:- an
pit's*:..;w, or where they neglect explicitly to de- di
elaieoitr rights, their plain and obvious meaning ; in
is to rifare the fird, and to abri !ge the last. Of jte
this we have already fufficicnt proof in th# eon- jot
ftrucVon/they have put on some parts of the treaty ■ c<
by thei'ate i* truftions. I ihoul.d, befotc I close,
•p >lo :Jxe for many eriors, either of the copielt or oi
Y the pre is, or both. It- has so happened, that most b
of the copies were made under such ciicumltanct s n<
as not t» have tjeen fubmitied to my. inflection, n
which, together with the errors of the prefa multi- «
plied by the different imprefTwnsit tin#', a
fcas ?nrrO<tn?fd many "SliuJi the ca-uli i 1
Ol: -Swadcr Will correct. It is also proper that I ftnuld tl
mention an error of my own in the frventh ritunber, o
which has not noticed ; but which, as I have 8
ao wish to mislead, lam baund to corrett. 11l i
j/ enumerating the impositions of .Britain, I dated, n
th>it she laid heavy duties on*our commodities, rice t
and tobatco particulairly, and atided, th it <u; tail j t
none upon htr, bat such us by trtaty vie tlleiutJ htr , f
to equalixr. The iait part of this article is an error, 1
which the hasty manner in which these papers have
j been written, betrayed me into, and which I take '
these means to acknowledge, leall (though of 8o
> ' great Importance) it might tend to deceive thofc
wh i had n>t at hand the p/opet means of cor- i
reeling the miliake. CATO.
Latest Foreign Advices.
C<**iinua:i<ji: / i:e-, received bj ikejbip Ohio,
Cajiiiiin JLeiitp, arrived at Ntis-Y*rk>
LONDON, July 30.
I On the night of the 2id the privates of two
rorps, collided chiefly from among the French
prisoners of war in this couutry, (d'Hervilly'- own
corps is'faiJ to "be one) and well k"own to be irre
eiaimahle republicans long before they faded from
t England, gave,the countefftgn to Gen .Hothe, rose
upon ibeir officers, and delivered up to the enemy
the pod they were datione Ito defend. This was
the opportunity expected by Hoche for making a
general attack upon the reft, who, furpriled, be
trayed, and overpowered by numbers, were unable
«ven to secure a retreat Two battalions, landed
si nee the fird descent, tinder the command of M<
Sombricul made so gallant a defence that general
Hiiche allewed them termi of capituhrion. The
whole armr, except perhaps few, who rfiay have ac
cidentally been 011 board the fh'ps at the time, ate
eitherjkilled, oriloners, or gone over ;o the enemy.
Their number of men bearing arms, at the firit
was aboat 6000. About 2000 more have
beenkince landed. Among these, as our readers
will fee by a letter from an officer in Loid Brid
po.Ft 1 ? fleet, in this day's paper, desertions were
frequent; and m-itt of the pretended Chouans, who
carae to join them, daid only till they found an
opportunity of carrying off the cloathing. arms,
amnfuVtion, aud provisions with which they were
A letter/ ,oro an otficef on board Lord Biidport's
■\ Fleet.
Bay, July 26.
" We have jud been honored with a vilit from
the Mayor of <Belleiiie and his suite, in consequence
of our worthy commander having a second time
ftimmoned the governor to surrender, who imme
diately allemblcd the Viagiftracy and principal tn
habttauts to take the fai'l fummwns into confedera
tion : aft.r a short time, .i: was resolved to depute
hi? wo r hip the Mryor towakon the commode, '
in-orming ts:.n, that it was tni-vdetermination of
every one who composed the ftreig hof isle, I
to hold out to ti»e bit. The May ir brought with t
hrn :i handsome dilh of fi(h, as* pre at to the '
»omm«doie,' whom and from appearance's 011
t«la iides, tne day Ucmed t be spent after the I
most sociable and manner. In tfi« even- At
ing his Worfh'p returned to the Hie.
" night a very heavy:c .nno iade, heard
•n fh'ire, whieh led n» to (as' hii gk lumed
out) that the snemy was m»king a general attack
on forae new raised work to proteift the out-pofts '
of the royalitls. After a heavy canttft tlie enemy
completely fncceeded in carrying their p.iint. The c '
CoyaKlls luffeied very severely ; they lod upwaids
of ?oo killed, officers included : that of the enemy
is ftippofed also t» be great, b«t cannot be dated,
Us thev were left madets of the field ©faction. This
is fa id to have been in defence »f the battery, where
the guns landed from the d.fierrnt line «f batile
i ftiipi were mounted, aud which in consequence,
' fell into the hands of the enemy, who by a.counts,
every pate they advanced gained additional fpnit"
and numbers. It is fx id the whole.body i» ?U>ut
tore-embark, indeed there :sbut little chance, fjr »e
have agr.iii taken the bull by the horns. Several
coaftcrs have fallen int» our ha ids, some laden, and
others in ballad, but ft:!! they are not equal to what
w; dai!y lofc. The deferrion from the Hand 'rd of
Rovsliftn is mich greater than what we could wi(h
1 or expect : it diftreffts much our noble comma»d
---t ers, who though men of great perfeviranee audi
. profeffional knowledge, will at last be failed.
I "By report daily brought to us from the main
_ land, we have been mo't infamoully egregioufly
e imposed on with refpeft to numbers being readv to
: join us, and labouring under afcaicitysf proviso 11s,
e we, to vur sorrow, find lothin,; of the kind ; theie
y certainly are feme fmaU bands of people, called the
Choii-ns, scattered upanddotvn the coaft,|who live
II in enmity with the pcefent fyllem of French guvtrn
n meat, but are likewise in enmity with every thing
g tha* k rcgn'ar : they seem to eo:.dtift themlclves
II j like the Arab tribes, who attack each other tor the
1 i fikeof plunder, the weaker jfoing away to the g
[ ■ tl onger ; they may join you t« day for the fake of ' _
e getting font, a.d to-morrow leave you for the j —
:.i fame purpose—where there is carrion there will be j
■h cioi «. Tliefe Chouar.a ought to be looked on as a: i;
1 fcparate body f:om th- French naiio", they by no —
id meaas resemble those iu.'.a'oi.ants we hare met with
rd in few villages through which our people on their /]
y, landing m».de good their way, *scut uiifottuuitely
m could not keep their hold: th.y are math like the
/, White Boys in Ireland, a rapacious set of beings,
r- Though we are cotidarrtly Upon the look oat, what
wi h one thing, and what with a .other, yet by the
ly persevering fplrit of the enemy they find out ways
ti- and means to fend ve.fcis, said to be lidrn with fun
e- dues, such as dorts, ammunition and provilions, : I
ig ; into the different creeks of the Isle, where they as- j {
Df I terwards find their way infafety. As to darving it I (
in. 1 out, this is quite out of the question, though tbt c
ity • commanders think othei wife. i j
fe, " N.iw snd then a foilofn deserter reaches some ■ j
or one or o.her quarter of (Lis expedition : we find t
oft by hiui that the lite defeat of the French fleet was j
ct 5 not looked on as of r.:iy consequence, chiefly by j
>n, mi trsof the emi'tants landing immediately after- (
Iti- wai.ii, and drawing th« attention of all Uands tow-
there are by no means so many (hips at ]
H J l Orieni as we wereTuh !-4 t /Hc!ic«e had sheltered
aid there niter the late engagement : and a few of them
ler, only f, em to be much fhatterrd. It ii said, fester?!
ave is.ias.tie S (ing at BreS, where, by repoit many
In Amctic.m runners have lately arrived : it is also rH
ed, niourrd, but I cannot fay from what quarter it at
"ice tirft originated,that the great American convoy was
!aid |to (-■' 1 this year from America in small detatched
her ' Sot.iMi", consigned to different ports in France: >
for, by theie mea:j fcrrie may fail whilst others escape.
lave ' Sir John Vv arren is sppointcd C immiffionary
ake . Geneial to the fleet snd army acting on the coad of
»<> i apce ; his new Kommulion authorises him mod
lose amf'ly to purchase every thing, trolling to bis dif
cor- creti<>7, which appears ueceffaryto the different op
>. erat 01.s.
-" 1 havejnfl heard, that part of the fleet under
the immediate conamand of Lord Bridport, is about
to retarn to Old Englaad.for what reason I do not
*hio, know, cut fnppofe for the purpose of getting some
repairs, aothe Royal George, and some other ships
were much fhjkcn ir. the late naval engagement, as
thry bore the brum of it."
OW n Philadelphia,
; rre . FR'P-'.Y EViNING, OCTOBER », ~<y.
'"r" V 1 r*/ Le " t,s 1? the Ship Adriana, which left London
to e tae firk of AuguQ, were received at the Poft-Office
emy un eyrmag.
was A Lctttr from New-York, dated yeflerday, fays—
ig a " j, fu! morning died Cal. K. Oswald."
be- 1 ),e re " c ' 1 Gazette lays, that grief and confterna
abls t,or trough St. James's on receiving the ac
count o, th.- defeat of the Emigrants—and that nei
' : .itr jcorge nor Pitt had appeared in public finca the
• arnvai et tilt infortunate intelligence.
- Sayt a CtrrefpenJent,
ac- The power of Coining Money is reserved to the
ate General '-jovernm eii j— an( j States individual^
my. cannot make paper money that shall be a tender—
firit bin, what fecunty i a derived from these, if Banks
lave may he ere£ted without limitation, not oaly by the
iters separate G.ivcrn»fnts, but even ly unauthorised
rid- individuals ?—-It j s already a complaint that the
'ere quantity ot Banlc paper in circulation is so great
ivho to an Jrtificial, tho' diftrefling Value to 'he
ian neeeffaries ot lift.—but what profpeft is there of a
rms, diminution of the evil, when we fee the Banking
pcre mania extending fmn, State to State, and from one
part to another of the fame State I
,rt ' s j ■ r "
Arr-.vaUmthe Port of Philadelphia.
SI. Sarah Ann, Xaylor, Frederickfburgh, 4 days
rom r 'S Molly, Merger, Bermuda, 21
:nce Arrived at tbt F»rt.
, ime Brig Ilawkins, > New-York, 16
me- P at '"cltor in fight.
i in- A paffengcr ia the Adriana informs, that they
fra- spoke the Sarah of Bodon, from Liverpool, home
>ute -vard bound, »n t;ie banks of Newfoundland—
jre, 1 iie Sarah, two days before, spoke tb» Mcduf,.
iof French t igafe. v? ii< h had taken two horrcward
isle, bound Brititii and was In cl:afe of
vith three others. Lad Sunday, off 'lie Delaware
the Capes, the Adria;,» spoke the brig Molly, from
soil Liverpool, bound in. ■ The IXira and Ruby failed
tbe Cme dayabefore tfo. ,\dif»na
At a aamtrtui meet" of the t t'.zcßs of Phila- .be a
dtlp:.i*l> con*«rne»i Oflofe J, '7^5 — I fore
Cel. A*B:'.iw Gsyk» in the ch :ir. ln l
Rtfolvtd unani-.j-jly, That the following per-
sons be recommended to our fellow-citirers, -c ( j,;,
proper charaftcrj to represent the of Phila- care
delp »a >11 the Legifhture of this StaU :
General Jacob Morgan.
Charles Peltit,
Isaac Pennington,
Jacob S. Swyler,
Israel Israel, j
Fcrgufon M'II wain t, j
Henry Kammerer.
PuViifhed by order of the meeting. .1
A numhei of the Citizens of the County of Phi- j
ladelphia have agreed to run the following Ticket
at th- General Eledtion, and beg leave to re-
commend it to the confideratioa of the County to be held to morrow.
Thomas Forreft, ,
Thc>m?s Britton,
1 Thomas Paul,
Jonathan Williams, r ,
* Peter Mierckiti,
» Richard Mu'eley.
f October ti, ijqj.
t ' . ■ Oi
t« prr Celt. 13/" J Int.
Three »t.T . ent. ------ VSft $ »ff
-8 Dcftirc 1 Sii per Cert. - - - - 14/j
e BANK United States, 33 pr. C«Bt. »f
»f : ■ — NoftV *nwrka, -- » - 50
i I Pcnaiylviftia, --- - - ji - . 6
a ' insoranci Compav* Nortii America, 40 cant. _
a P^ttnfyivarna. [Lnt. cent.
lr We been favoured with London pap rt of the
J 9th, 30tb, and $\ft of July, received by the late
g arrivals, frim which the following articles are ta- 81
»t k:n.—Further extract to morrt-w. j
ie — s
,s LONDON, July 3 1.
n- On evening arrived at Portf.T*«uth kit
s, Majesty's frigate La Blanche, of 3* guns, Captain
>f- : Sawyer, on board of whuh Admiral Caldwell, late
it I Commandei in Chief on the Leeward Island flation, -
bl came paffengcr. We are happy that this Gentleman
j is returned to England, as it will afford him an op- j
ne ■ portunity of t'c plying to the various infiuuatioiis
nd thrown out againil his character by the Merchants
as and Planters :n the Welt-Indus, of not Jiaving pro
by perly applied the forces enlriilted U him, during his
rr- command or. the Wetl-lndia station. A
w- It is with much concern we are obliged to con
at firm the general tenor of the news publi/hed in our 1
ed Ppc of yctterday, lefpeitmg the lateur.fortui.ite
•m affair on the Pc.Mnfuia ofQnl'.jtroH. What we now .
tsj Hi.? as ihe'TeTult, coßict to usTrom tilt tirft autho
ny ritr, and may be depended on.
'H- Neither of the i»n Commander* of the unlor
at tunate expedition to perilhed lnthcalFa.r
vas of the 2 jft instant. M d Hervil:y is'and. Dat Ply
ied mi nth, and arrived near town, weuncied ; and
:e : nM. de Pu.£aye has saved himlelf i»-the Island ot
pe. Houat. It appears, that out of 90 officers of the
iry regimeßt of d'Hervilly, no more thae 30 are alive ;
iof and out of 1600 privates, of which it was fompefe ',
10ft there remain no more than t.Bo. i h.- defect 10a.ui
Jif- the rrgimeHt of d'Hei villy, is entinly to bealtri
op- buted to the French,feamen, who were pnfoners
in England, and rnlilied in this regiment All those
der who were taken in ihe m*fs, and formed part of
out the (hips crews, as veil as the peasants, who had
not joined the R< yalifts after their defient, behaved ex
ifre trenie|y About 12 or 15 .hundred of the
lips latter ere with that part of the army which hasta
,as ken refuge in the isles of Houat and Hoedie.—
These brave iren jwefened d aring the fate of the
— remains of the troops of the line to the advantager us
offeu made them by the Republicaas. It wa s in
the night between the 20th aiid 2 ill inft. that the
— Republican troops, by meai sos a secret tinJer
don standing they kept up wiih fomc German folriiers,
ice w ho under the cloak of defeiters had Itolen into
the place, surprized Fort Penthievre. Mr. d'At
-1 tilly, Lieutenant Colonrl of the tegimrnt of Her
-na- 'illy, was nsmdered in his bed; and the other offi
ao cers were malfacred. 1 tie traitors had already ren
nei- dered themfelvei fufpieious since the affairsot the
the 15th, by their ill behaviour to*aids their officeis.
M. de Sombreuil, wh« was encamped in the Pe
ninsula, was not acquainted with the traiterous
>ranfadi<m, until break of day when he saw the tri
coloured flag hoi fled -in the fort, and the enemy
ready to attack him. He immediately charged them
r ~ with the utmost intrepidity, but was at lait aftei
n . the mod heraic effoits of his troops, obliged to
" t entteat Sir John Borlafe Warren to fufpe«d the
'J ed fire of his gun boats, that he might be able to par
''C ley, and treat fur a capitulation. We learn that
he has been promised that his own life, as well
f as that of his troops, (hallbe spared- Thi Death ol
Mr. Damas is not eertain. Out of 1300 men which
'"X M. de Sombreuil had brought with him from Ger
s"e many, o»ly 49 have effetied their efenpe. Tbr
corps of Drefnay and LaChartre have foffcred mod.
The Engineer Corps found time to re-embaik theic
ordnance, and raoft of the men were saved.
*T* However great the loss fuflained in this unfortu
nate action has been, it is in a political point of
view «ore considerable on account of the rank, than
the number of slain. We cae however, state, that
this di!afi»r has by no means checked the ardor of
iey the inhabitants of Britanny end -Normandy, who
ne- continue toprofecute the war with the utmost rage.
1— "ftr army of Hoche i» chiefly composed »f Be'.gi
uL ars, Liegeois, and Batavrans; and only a small
ard number of ifce natives of France have joined him.
of It ought nof therefore to be inferred, becsnfe no
are delerfers froin his a r*v have joined the RoyaliAs,
om that the country is averse to the Royal cause.
■led It is of the highest importance that the numer
ous band of Ciionans who are «ombatting ia tht
be ab'indu ted. I.e>td Moire's e*p:di. on v-... <
fore proced. What i ' o,; 'y P'°* e " i
dinger" partial operatic.» ;<" _ wc n "
iiitcnor, under the bannrx of Rdy*)ff» » 1oU _
reafoii to believe his Majtfty's Minist er *- u " 1' °.
this danjrci, will ule i*fiy rsetwi ' .<■ t elf
care to render th# next expc ilio*more decide-
■ ..<!>■< AMMimt ■ ' m
NEW YORK, Oa»ber i.
/frroiHTuKNii rot THK CUT.
Richard Varitk, re-appointcd Mayor.
Jacob John Lanfing, Sheriff.
Di'&or William Pitt Smith, Health Doflof •»
l he port.
William J. Elfworth, re appointed Coroner.
Assnt or Bxsjo.
' A loaf of fiiperfine wheat
flour, to weigh I $ 0%. for 6a
A ditto common ditto il. f° r "d
' A ditto infpeatd rye do. i j l : nts for 3d
Daniel Phobnix, City Treafurcr. #
September 24, 1795'
The Committee appointed to prevent the introduftlo*
and spreading »f lafeilious Diseases in thiscity,
That Thirteen perfohs hive died in this City, and
One at Belle-Vut, of the prstcltt Epidemic, iaaca
their report of lafl evening.
By order of the committee,
JOHN BROOME, Chairman.
fredr.tfda? E-\eni/;£, Sept. 30, 1795-
DicD, <?n Sunday morring last,. at Matianeck,
"• after 8 davg illnefi, Peltr Uuggford, jun. Diug
gift of this «iTy.
Arrived at this Port.
Brig George, Toulfon, Cadis
_ William & George, Benton, St. Croix
•be PITTSBURGH, September 26.
lit Letters from Prefqu'ifle inform us, that all th®
. a , artificers, owe or two excepted, are laid up witk
the ajjue and fever, ar.d that the g rrifuo is not if,
such foiwardnefs as we have had reaion to expert,
owinfr to. the aScve circumstance.
, . We are also told that the troops are unhealthy.
The Commiflioners having finiflted layirg out
411 the tows at Prefqti'ifle, are gone on to Concwango.
» n? " " ~
«P" And fpoc&ly will b« published, by BEN'JAMIN DAVIIi,
oi'.S At 6€, Hijrb-Jlrert,
MB T ' *
>ro- American Repository, for 1796;
h' l CtNTAINIt/O:
A Cora pleat Calendar for Rules for reducing the tur«
on the year. renciesef thefeveralftatea.
our Lilts of cite executive, legif- Table of ponnds, &c. redu»
lative and judicial offic rs ced into dollars St cents.
* of the fe: er al government Summary of the export! i*
,0 ® — of iJiii rr.icirters and A fneceffive years.
ho- confuk to and from the Amount of the unredeemed
Ur.;ted Statis. debt, annual revenue i»d
| or . A r«g : fler of the la«d and expenditures.
r t sea force« cf do. A view of the finking fund.
'. ' Rate* of poflage, and times An estimate of the imports
'J' of re: & doting the of the United State*, io
ami mails a; Philadelphia. two fcveral years.
dol A lift of the >io!t-towns p wi'h Domeftie duties or excises.
■ ) i( . the diftase:> cf each, on Drawbacks and bounties.
the m~in line, as well as Bauks, with rnles of CO*"
' ' erofs roadb. duifling bufin.fs.
' c > —of the f eleral conrn. C£c*i« of the civil g«ver«»
•a ut —of the fupervifori of th* ment of Pennfylvacia.
ttri- revenue. Ef imate of expcnces ef Jo.
ners The mint, and monies of the in one yeor.
1 r U.S. and the currency of Officer, of rivil govsmmeni
"" each state. of New-York.
1 A lift of the cbtanuConers Severeign princes and
had of loans. publics of turope.
| ex- A tabic,fhewing the propor- Lift of the navy of GrraN
the t ' on roe P er^ons t0 Britain, corrcdcd agree
flares, and of males to fe- able to tk« L.test inform**
' a males, &c. in the U S. ticn.
•'* Miiitrn 0 :Ke United States, Do. of the navy of France,
F the with the proportion of do.
cr us each. State of the air, and a diary
Bii j n An alphabetical lift of duties ef the winds and weather
' ■ agreeably to the lafl ad in Philadelphia, during i»
r of Congress. months, ending ill Sept.
K ' cr ' Amount ofimpoft andtonn- 1795*
icrs, age of one year. Bills of mortality :e Philad.
into Cuftom-hoafe feea, fcc. of one year
This little volume will coatair a mnch greatercoinpa's,
r_T fj . as well as variety of matter, than that of the preceding
L * r " year, and will be embelliftied with an engraved frontis
piece, title j age, and a vignette faced with a head orna
ren- merit, to each month The feenes depi>9ed in the vig
t itc nettes v allouc chiefly to the ratal labows oi the year. Ihe
cets. engravings are new, ar.d executed with aa cxccUucs that
, p coet credit ta the American fine aAs.
, roHB At the feme plate may be bad,
c Jr j Plans of the eity of Philadelphia, and its environs, acca
' rately engraved from a late furvcy.
icm y Maps of the United States, and of each state feparats'y.
hem A valuable eoiie&ion of noicm B*&, and a general silort^
aftei ment of Stationary Wares.
d to A't/#.—Thofe who desire it, ir.ay have the above-menti
thc antd Maps, or any other, coloured, and varnilk
,,?r ed, and put up in any manner th t may be sioft canveni
, ent, by applying at dirtied above.
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hith Partner/hip diffohea.
Ser- r I HE partner fnlp of John Curtis and Jofsph Lippeneot
X is thii day dissolved. All pexfoas ha»ii'.g deman -«
n against Jolin Curtis & Company, are requeftec to exhibit
' ,LI ." them t» John Curtis for fcttiejnent J aad those indebted
their w ;jj pi ta f_ t0 m ak e payment to said Cartis."
yd>n CQrtis lif Co.
ittu- Philad. OAober f, I7J . dlw.
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( h h a > '.' Andover Iron Works
j, are fitnate in the couuties of Suilex an j Morrfs,
B ° J. ia the State of New-{erfcjr: rhe' ore liea Within a
a S*- mile of the Furnace, is esteemed of the firftqaaiity of any
clgi- | n .America, and narticularly adjoted for making Steei.
mall The Furnace and Forge, to which belong between II and
,i m . i a.eoo acres of Land, will be fold or leafed ci
ther feyarately or together: they art Jirtant aioit fevcm
:.r° miles from each other, and *re an obj d vreli wcrt! th*
atiention ollran Masters. The i-uiidiags, i<c. are in < ve
ry refpeft commodious For farther particular apply to
iter- Benjamin ®r J«hai*r4aer, piiias..;hia.
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