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    Number .907.]
MSIC Tht S *' P
*§M§k. pENNs rL VA NIA >
BURTHEN 3400 Bbls. Flour—compleatly/ound, and
may be sent to sea at a fmaU expence.
For terms app Xj to Qgi T R NET <3* SMTTH.
A Quantity of Excellent Bourdea-ux- Claret in casks and
Brandy in Pipes and Butts.
July 16 $
-n. The Ship ADR.IANA,
Captain Samuel Ccapp,
Will receive Freight, ( part of whie-h
v;-jry?'t_V'?* i Js > i» engaged) for Hamburgh, and is
to fail as Toon as ifcf is dZfcharged,
Sid tan be loaded,
PafTongars that purpose to go to England, are to lie
landed it 'Deal or Dover, th* Ship having good ao.-
csmm ifhtioii', bei:ig lately enlarged for this purpoi'e
Fo!- freight o>- paffaje enq'ilre of
Ralph Mather,
No. 71, Pace-Street.
in Lon»dn.
July T4.
The Shi?
, , ,
y!t Mr. N xon sWtiarf*
r T"*HE jhip will tike a Freight to any of th; Windward
I rflanttt or Europe, if oae offers soon, as (be is now
ready to take in. She'is ia complete order, ani has good
;.cconiniod»tioEs for piftertgits. For particulars apply to
Jehu Hollingftvorth Si Co.
A Few Punch cons of Exceilsnl Rum 5
By the above ikip,,one of which is eld.
July 17
300 tibds. Maryland and Virginia
/~vr a funerior part of which 11 Kitefdot, and
i J particrlaily for the manafefiurers, or for the
Holland v: Hamburgh nuirkct.
50Q Hcglheads be delivered on beard a v< flcl in
C ; :cAj.iM- a ktj Eav, forfait by
George Sibbald,
No. 170 South I< rontJireef.
'fit/.- 24
The Subfcribtr
Has Removed h : s Countiag-Ho'.ife to No.
18, Pemi-ftreetj next door to his New Stores.
J,-h, 29, t79). diw
lb. of Virjl Quality GreenCnffec
Til.L be La-iced on Monrhy, the ac-th inft. cn i'Vleff
VV WHlings and Francis's Wharf, from 011 board the
Schooner Delight, Ayies Stokelv. Master, from St. Do
ming, for fak by LEVINUS CLARKSON
July 18
for Sale,
WARRANTED found, fuitabie for Chair or SaiWle,
can welf recommended for flrepgth and bottom.
Apply at No: 18 Pine ilreet,
July 17
From on board the Sno-M *ercurv, 'Haling* Qoyuper
thiuait, niaflrr, froi'n Ha-vartttsb,
215 Hogsheads of Molasses ;
FINDWG myfelf unable from ttdijus inclifpoCtkin, to
effed a r.ttlc»nent of my affairs, 1 have appointed R>>-
.irrt Hrrt'Wfm my true and lawful attorney, to adjust and
ftp-ally fettle all-matter* where 1 am icterefted, to pay all
debts, due bf me, and to receive all monies due to rrut, ei-
ther by bond, nate or other wife.
Jur.s 15 §6w '
Now Landing,
r eargoes of the brigs Weft-Indian and Betfey&Pol-
JL lr from Jamaica :
CofTee in hhds and "barrels
in hhds
Rum,' high proof, and
36 bags Pimehto.
A Quantity of Coffee in Hhds. Barrels aud Sags
' \> Tor Exportation
jßnrtifly, Id and 4th proof
\V"ine, &c.
July 3*
Insurance Company of the State of
A Dividend of Ten Boliarson eacli half stare -will be
paid to the Stockholders; n.r their legal reprcfenta
tives, on or after the loth inthint
By Order of the Direßors,
J 10
August i
Thomas Noble,
Monei, Lanv, i'l Commission &ROXBK,
Ko. 149 Cbefnut Jlree.t;
RETtTRNS grateful acknowledgements to his friends
and the public for the encouiagement he hoi received
fincehe commenced business.
Continues sales andpurchafes o, real eftatcs and public fe —-tianfafts every fpfcies of money negotiations—
discounts approved notes tolany amount, ucc. tic.
Tickets in the Canal and other lotteries, may be had
at the above office.
The. Washington I>9TTef v being now on the eve of
drawing, a numericalbook will be kept; from v. hicr. Lie
T,ubli" will have the advantage of examining the .fate of
tifkets, three days crHcr than by theufual communication
of incorred printed flips, irregularly fcr.t by poll, and
■which arrives twice* a week only.
June l-t *
For fate by
Peter Blight.
No. 70, South Seconi-Jinet, war the City Tavern,
HAS Just opened and for Sale, an Assortment of La*
dies' and Gentlemen's
from London. AHo a variety of Children's Hats 0: differ
ent Colours.
N. B. A Man or two as ftnifliers in the above business,
well recommended, will meet with constant employ and
good encouragement.
June 6. <1
American Lanifc&pcs.
SELECTED from the molt striking and intetcfting
Profpecls in the ETnited Stctes ; each «f which
Vie-.vs, will be accompanied with a descriptive account
of it's Local, Hiftarical, arid other Incidental Peculiarities
Author of the " Alvnajltc Remains and Ancient CaHlei fn Great
I. That the work shall he pub'lilhed by Subfcript'.on; and
tl;ac each Subscriber (hall engage to take the uhole set
•f Views, and lha.ll pay for each engraving, il Liable. or
brewn, 2 Dollars ; and if coloured 5 Dollars;
11. That the dimenftons of each engraving shall be 24 b)' 17
inches, executed in aquatinta, and puhlilhvd upon paper
of afuperiar q\4uliiv\ The public&tian to commence im
mcdifOeiy; apd one engraving to he delivered to the Sub
fpi jbers, on tho nrft Monday of eark fuceee jing month,
until the propofedferiet be finaiiy cQmplcfcd.
Hi. That With thj last View of the Rries» thall be dcli-
vered- an engraved title-page.; an elegant Qhara"<steiifcic
_ — e> . - - r c. > . T , 1
vlgmttfi: a *nap of• th« roitte, conricitcd rrrth the pro»-
pt <3 s exhibited in the the cotirfe ot the Worl.; and an
Alphabetical lift of the Subfcn'oers.
Si.hfcl - ipt'ioj»s are receiwAby Mr. Harrifon, at his Print,
{boo? Maidttilafcc, L.I:, >-ir Eoyk-kll
er, No. 118, Market street, PtiiladWphfS, and by aH fee
principal Dooik-fclljri in tbe>Ur.itei States.
February 23.
FOR SALE by the Sub/l fibers, at their-Store on
Walnut Jlrtrt IVharf,
26 Hhds. T
33. Barrels and > Ilifpaniola CQFFSE, lately arrived
540 Bags J
P.ljq have also on ha fid,
Red Port Win*?, in Fij«s and Flog&eads
Mountain \ : ;'inc Wine, in Qr. calks
20 Tons Brina&ane
N?ih a flirted ,
N°. 1 a 7 and
A u_vv harmonic Saddles
Ju'y 24
l iiAUNCKs's Tavern.
No. 59 South Wattr Slrat.
T*E Subscriber rcfpe&fnlly begs lcaye to inform his
friends and the public in reneralj that he h-is remov
ed from No. 166 Fouth id Street, to that large, commo
*4i»UE, Hyuft »n WtttfrSird Jt, a.9 a
Streets, lately occupicd by Mr. Ifuac Ilaaiel-arjf, and, on
which he has f pared no pains orcxpenfe, t# make it con
venient and agrecible for the receptio*. of gentlemen. The
Ho»jfe i>eing iHuated on the fame fpot'where the notccf Beef
Swuik and Punch house formerly stood, has the advantage
of the bolt water in this city, known long fmce by die name
<:f the Grew Tree Watt*. As there are several elegant
Rooms', fufticiently large to accommodatc any Society or
company of gentlemen, and from bis well knovyn abilities
topleafe in the line of hisbufinefs, he fiatlters himfeif with
a continuance of *hat patronage whioil he has experienced
fmce he firft. opened a Public Houfc in this City, and, for
which he begs leave to make a public acknowledgment.
J-i w
For the accommodation of Small Parties, the Large
Coffee Room on the ground floor is conveniently fitted
up with a numbefc of Bftxes, conftracfled in such a man
ner as to admit Gentlemen to be as private as theypleafe—
Where may ba h&d, at any hour, Soups, Beef-Steaks,
Kctli'fres, &c. Szc.
He has on hand, and will keep a constants upply of Spi
rituous* and Malt Liquors, and of the best qualities.
Breafefafts provided—Alfa Dinners and Suppers cook
.ed in the'mofit approved manner,at a ttiort notice; andPaf-,
tvy of al) forts, ma<ic to order, in the Hotffe, or to fend
out at any hour.
He has several well furrirlhed Bed Chamber!., for Board
er* add Lodgers, by tile Week, mouth, ®r year.
Juae 2,
In Bitli County , Virginia,
450 Acres of Good Land.
WHKREON are the Hot Springs, iv'ju'j- art frvm 70 to
110 de'greis of beat. There is on the fetid hud a bat:d
forxe and commodious faufe tivofor its high, 160 by 30 fret, ivitb a
portico the full length of the hoife t aid extending to the upper fory,
and ctber.ncce(fary hcufes Jit for a Public Hvufe, for ivtficb ihey
itxere intended; good houfts are over ferueral oj the litfjs, with
piveating rooms. There are adjacent thereto, tiuo remarkable cold
■fp rings of ivell tafed. dime-Hone ivater* Tpefe baths area fpscifc
sot the mojl obflir.aie rhcrrmat'wand all other tfifegfes originating from
colds or objl rutted p erf pi ration s y and gives great relief in tbegout;
tbsy have effected wonderful cures in various diseases incident to tie
ladles ; they have ibis spring made a perfeSl cure of a d'ifeafe on a
IVejl Indian resembling the Itfirojy, and are remarkable for the
cure of Tvbitefivcilings,' c&ktraciednerves, and many other difeaf
are tso olf.intdc to be effected by Mert'/tine.
Titer eis near the said Baihs ,
A new Saw-Mill erected, and a Race
dug from thence, to build a Man nfaElv. r'tfig Mill, which reelqims
about 30 acr?s of dsrieb Meadow Lund as any upon the Continent,
and may be watered every night, and the hay made ther'.on Jells as
well as any that is made near any city or town -within the United
The proprietors of the above property will treat for the fame 9H
the premifci, at any time between the IQth of Augiijl tftd the IGth
'of September ; they will alfofeU Vninth!e Land for two or three
farms njear the said Springs % and if toe said-Land and Hzufes at
; ihe springs are not fold, they ""ill be rented.
j B, Good accommodations are provided dt ihe above springs
for ladies and gentlemen this fe/ifon, which from experience is found
i»'jl to commensc in June, and end the frjl-of oSisrber.
July 14
LANDING, from on board the Ship "Charlqtte.
Gaps. . Jena. Bowers, from. Bourdeaux,
. 30 Pipes Brandy
20 'i ons Claret
No, 121 South IrSnt, near Pine ifcreet.
W!}o has al/o,
cases of 30 3c 50 bottles, Choice okl Claret
600 hoefheads ditto
A Quantity of Anoifeed
Novawx Liqueurs afld
Philip Nicklin & Co.
For sale by
§ July I 6
BROKE out of the ptfture„of John De Gruftie, the
corner of Eleventh acid Spruce Streets, about the
Bth instant, two Mares ; one an iron-grey, about 14 md
3-4 •'"tiads high, the legs of whiAhave been much in
jured by the flies. The other i fm.i!'. Bay, low in fleih,
about 14 hands high ; legs also injured by the Hies.—
Whoever has taken up tliefaid Mares, and will return
iheoa as above, (hall be rewarded and all reasonable
charges paid.
July il
New-Castjlk Pier Lottery.
PHX2»I£ la tiv» uiniM I.o»|gr.y ..a ja-.fsle.
tlircount } or * ichangod f*>r tickets i-t th<* Cu\al, IV.-.jh*
imrion PcUrfjn Lotc rics, at the OlILc No; Chcf
nut Strert.
Wiiese approved Notes to a»y amount are also di r coun>ed..
Tune i\
Far Sale by the Sub/criber,
A few hundred barrels of Prime Herrings fit for Expor
70,000 H). Gfe&t Coffee in hluis. barrels and **
Port Wine
Madeira in do. hhjds. and., garter caiks
Malaga in quarter casks
Jamuica Spirits in hhtis.
New England Run; in ditia
Hyfoi) ~\
Hyson Gomee (
Souchong and C
Bohta ■ J
Turk's l£and and ")
Liverpool j
&\vce£ Oil in Bottles, :mu Cases of 30 boil!
2COO Bu/hc's bejl Liverpool blond Salt
now afloat, v. ill be Sold .cheap from 01s boaril the vefGsl.
Leviaus Ciarkibn,
- • • *it .1 ; ■ rcet
TEAS, in whole and Half clu!U
July I
i'Ue liigheft price VI C'. fb, will be givren for
A preference will be given to Civet Bottles—Apply to
No. IS7, ibiiih Third street.
ylj'ri- i v
Of a Superior Quality,
Nov.- tfiidin? at Piiie-Su'ewt Wharf,
ban S.vle bv
William & Samuel Keith,
No. J79, South Front-St-«et.
J"!y i 4'
Horle Acadcmy;
HORSES, frc.
r I 'HE Ladies and oi' Philadelphia and its vi
~JL ' onity arc rcfpc<Sf?ilJf iaforriiciy that a "Building of
the'above del'cription is intend*d to be immediately eredl'ed,
under the folc direction of T. SWANN, where Ladies
and Gentlemen will bo fcllni&ecfc in Riding and managing
the H.orfe according to the cfiabliihed ruies of art,, and
Hories wjll be properly broke for every purpose. But as
the fitting up such buildings will be attended with a heavy
expence, he has published proposals, soliciting a fubferip
tioH to forward this uftful Seminary, particulars of which
may be fcecat Mr. Ormrod's Printing Oflice Chefnut
ftrcct ; he will be happy to wait upon any lady or gentle
nuii inclined to bonoar l}im with their support and fully
e*p ain himfelf on this iubj.e&, a line addiefa'd to him at
J4o. 63, South Third Itreet will be duly attended to.
'I'hol'e gentlemen &c. who may have honfc; labour
ing withdifeafes either sick or lamehe will attend on them
ijf dfeftred and immediately explain the nature of the com
plaint and what can lie done to help and relieve tfyem—he
also engages to cure and make found horfci wl\ich have
the following complaints, viz. feet, contra&etl
hoofs, sand ctacks, quittors, fplents, wind galls, curps and
spavins, either bog or boncy, if in their firit stages.
He performs a eurious manual operation which tak£s
away tjie cause of blindness from Horses that have bad and
weak eyes. The above he has experienced on more t*a«
fix hundred Horfc*, with lingular success.
Letters acMreiTed to bim or left at Ma]of Pan
cake's, the sign of General Iviiifiin, north Fourth ilreet,
will be duly attended to.
N. B. Any Lady or Gent!en»an who have Borfes
that have bc-pn ill broke, and very aukward and un
handy to ride, he will engage to give them iix fupplitig
leflbns in his temporary manage, at the finill expence
of only five Dollars, by which, their M;>ut'»> and anions
fnallbe more altered tor the better than is possible tc be
conceivcd by tkpfe who are unacquainted with the art.
The LecftureS on Horfemanfnip pubiifned by 'i . Sv/ann
are to be bad at Mr. Ormrod's, Chefnnt-ttr^t; where
ie contained more concile and genuine inftruilioiis
on which the art is founded, than are to be had in any
-wMication, comprised in ib finall a compass, now ex
J u| y_6-
ALL Perforis indebted to the Estate
of Alexander Ritchie, deceased, are requested to make im
mediate payment to the ; and those who haVe
demands againit f;iid eftat:, are requaled t® r bring ki their
accounts and receive payment.
ROBERT SMITH, ( Exeeutoss
Philadelphia, July 27, 1793
1< 0 R S A L E,
A very valuable ESTATE,
SITUATE in the toixsnfhip of Upper Derby, and county of
DcUncare, 7 I-Z miles front Philadelphia, and half a viHc
from the ttev& IVejiern road: containing 230 acres of excellent
Land, 45 of if hi ch ere good watered A. 50 cf prime
IVood Landj and the reft Araltle of the fvji quality, 'There are
on the prci*ifes a good tzvofiory Brick Jtloufe, with 4 rooms or.
a. floor, and Cellars under them;hole, ivith a Pump Welt if cm
cedent Water in frgnt; a large frame Bam, Stables, and other
convenient buildings; a Smoke-Honfe andfone Spring Honfe ; two
good Apple-Orchards. and one of Peaches. The Fields are all it:
Clover, except those immediately trnWr tillage, and'are so laid
out as to have the advantage of Water in t jeh of them, zc\:i>
renders it peculiarly convenient for Crazing.
The fttuaiion is p leaf ant and healthy, and from the hi Ai culti
vation of the Land, the good rjivhborbort, and the vicinity to the ci
ty, it is very suitable f r a Ger.t'emqns County Seat.
lire for egoingis part of'.he EjlaU of Jacob Karma::,
and offered for fedc iy
S A '
.li* •
m oroe;CAI -LK-yrrs
Surviving Executor,
At his Store No, 8» South Frc;:tf.;ect t
103 Pieces of Uull'.a Om-k, '
15c Barrel* of exc-llrnt New-Enj-had Beaf,
Cheers oi Copper*
o oi new f.n^rij
A q'jautitvcf mec's and women's Shoes and Sixers.
. i- Wool Hats, "
16 Csfks or Claret,
32 Caiks or Shc-rrv Wine,
A lew bags.of Janbaiuf Ailjnce. t -
__ _
-T-- j& 'fj rrr's
A Lot, containing about icventeen
aar&, on tile Wlflahickon road, 4 troin the city,' And
directly qppolte to the houl'e of Mr. ifattc Wharton.
A Lot, containing: 10 acres, in. Iflingten Lane, on fw'd
road, near thd estate of Jaf er Moylaa, Ef^.
A Lot, containing io acres iii Turner's L?.ne, cp said
road, and dire&ly oppoHtc to u;e estate of Mr. Tcrnait.
Pn«juire of .JjQiqph Rodman, YVowdsCpck coiner oiTui-
:r's .Lane,
April 6
Fresh T E A W,
Of Superior Quality, mz.
Imnciia!, or Guiippwdet
T"I>lon Gomee,
I ft quality Hyf"",
Z'j. do. uU.
Young Hyion,
Skin,' and
[fe jlfc Souchong.
/! Je-zu t B'uxfs of eachi f.r fate at
No. iq, Third Street, South.
17w> ,r
i Oi! Uciy a t'ubitjueUy
A > I of
The ,Wo rl d DisVl afE b ;
Or*, A Curious Celled! on of VOT AG US h and
(7? El.rC 11 D x'.n«4 compiled from th" Writers of all rr&-
tion?, ly Smart, i-joJ.DSMiTH and JoaNsoN. 5n
wl.ijhtl.s ctHijcvyurea ;ind int.rrpolaticiiS ci f.v.rai vain
JlcLtur* ui .1 Tram-utcr* are expunged; every relation is
1 :r co::c:ic mfd plain ; and tiv_- divifious us countiics
; ik! jri- cj-.Mfly *n»l di;hn- v ly po:n;«u out. In
winch, it C 'jC'Jt'S I-AS-'T (/I /i'Gi-.
CcnJiiioHs Wort .will It- pubjiihed in 48 -waiUy
elegantly priiitid on fine.papei, with ■«. ijinutilyi new type.
11. Eich will cm lain So p£g;6 1■ ■ -^eclavo. —
Six RU^ihi.r. to carji; ltutc
111. The v. • k will be with jo hand^onis
IV. The price of each number vyjll be a quarter of a clol*
iar, to be paid for en delivery.
V. Subscribers names flisil be .prefixed.'
bubfcriptlonF rec-ived by the puY iTner* at t&e rr : rtirig
oflke of..Jchn 1 ftunapfoni, Ko 43 Carter's i-lie/, aijVnilfc
No. 79 Dock llrert-
Mgitjl 4
Io Be fold at Private Sale,
TWO n«w thr?e story brick houf;:,' neatly finifhed; on
on thefouth fide of FiKictt, abov! ninth ftrest; CJ.h
house has the privilege: ol a three fsct alley, -a.i the loft
run back to a 30 feet wide street.
Also, alarge three ftofy brick building, thir'y anj ta
half feet front, or, the (outh fide of Ftibcrt, above
ftreef. TJi 5 lot cxt ntZ 120 £e:t in depth UiiJfostfie pri
vilege of a nitre feet alldy froni "Filbert'(lreet the -■ hole
length of the lot, and of a 30 tret fqaare-ioart for carri -
gcs to turn in.
This iaft building is not fimihed in th« Jn&de, aa3 jbiay
be made cither iiiroonc or two houses— it u 111 hi f ».r ft r
any large nxanuf-clory. Thj whole clraf ci groui
or any incumbrance
Fos tewtts apply at No. ill Chefnut ftrcct,
/I\>truo r
_L i_ jL ojO uj as il. v V - j .
MAY 2i, 1-7 5
THE Grammar School formerly attached to this
College, having gradually, declined through tiie
increasing iufjrimtics oi' the late .IVeSiknt for funic
time before \iis death, it is propuf.d by die fuii-'fiUtr
immediately tp revive it, ami to
cartful inltrudliun and government. The Latin,
Greek, ami French Languages-frail be taught'in it, to
gether wiih the principles of Engliih Gfawjnar, of
Geography, and practical Geometry; l:ke
wif<; who do not ch'jie that their ciiiMrcn iVmld go
through the' intire course ol liuditk in the C'ojJege,
may now have them inftriufted in any particular
branches in.the fame maimer, on the lame terms, arid
to the fame extent as m the-Co!.ege—particularly 1:1
the antiquities and mythol&gy of Home, in Gepg'a
phy, in the Mathematics, in Nattiral Phiiofoyhy ajjd
Attronomy, in Moral Phi]ofnp"hy aad' the lVipp:p'e J
of Civil Government, \ti Eloquence, and'hi' the Ele
ments.of Hi'tofy. They may address their thildie'n
to-any of the Mjftera in the College, cr to
N. B. The young gentleifien fiiall b< under the
famerulrsof moral <iifcipline as the other i ndents —
(hall be fubjcdled to public examinations, ant!', at leav
ing the College, Ciaii i.e entitled to public t.llitooniaU
cf the branches they, have studied, and cf their profi
ciency in them.
P. S. The School h already-opened, and. under- the
diredlion r f Mr. Scott.
ibN GLJS li CHE K S F..
JUST imported, and, in order, a Qnantity of
DUUi!i,E : GL OUCESTER CHEESES for uie.vrhMe
(ale or by the cjieeli, by (lII.' iS. HE?!3SI<V\V,
No. 128 South H cherjlrc.
I. P Ci
Bottle Porter for exportation, tavern , or family use
Port Wine, in cat's of <<fnc°do». eacii
Brandy, K-uui, o.n,
An/:,H r
"7('.vj , (O. £'•) —
NQTIL'K is 1> :v.'
ion I
Keeling and Anthony!
t ;
of Anthony Kjciiujv .'in; i j u.m : iu ;'~i ' "O'voty
of Stafford h> nv:>:i!■ au: :r;. a: chi.'.a. .md v*r;h
en ware, is JiiTuivrj' tTtt 14th d»y &f Milt.. a!M
that-the laid t".iJc \vi!' in futur. 1 ' ! c carriedim n-y i.oii
Anthony lvc.U.,>,'aii.i Eitoch ii;x!ii the f:m
of Anthony & Enoch Kc'iirg; and'aft who have
clwnts upon thi laidr p'ru-ceri, aro jicfoid to t>anfmit a
particular account. 4h<'S.'«* to theni at their laid .nranuf'ailo
ry,. arid to whom *11 debt* due to the.-laid Cojuptntr&jp
are to be paid. * ' ' Aug I, «4*
anthont keeling, ■
*' '
1 T
Tolvms VIII.]
' —
f : o tr
"il ' . . ~ -
'» , I i y 4
'. i"t T>- I .l' ■'
7, Lr.-'ch
bitwise An*!
icr-tiit. Rrrii
i rent