Gazette of the United States, & daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1800-1801, December 15, 1800, Image 2

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    Foreign Intelligence.
Received at New-Turk, by the ship Matilda,
in 48 days Jrom St. Sebastians, and tie
sbip Eagle, from Belfast.
PARIS, October 16.
The city of Bourdeaux continues to enjoy
the greatest tranquility. Several circum
llances have furu'tlhed the opportunity of
dilcovering the melioration of the public
■Spirit. The tea ft of the republic, the trans
lation of the remains of Michael Montaigne,
the news of the prolongation of the armistice,
and the diicourfes of the FirftCor.ful to the
■e Department, have called forth
>i) of the good sentiments with
: majority of the inhabitants of
1 city are animated,
iapers ailift the magillrates, by
g union and the forgetfulnefs
of every fort arrive in abund
tvorks which relate to falubri
land embellishment, are pro
:<tb Vendemiaire, year q,
j>ctober 4.)
the French Republic, de-
f Army of Reserve, (hall
pVrmy of the Grifons.
kantomnent of that army
[on country, Helvetia, and
. Lemati.
I War is charged with the
|refent arrette.
fst Consul,
the jgti Vendemiaire, year 9,
(OQaber :o.)
Firft Consul of the Republic,
HSr having the report of the Minister of
foreign Affiiirs, decrees :
Article I. Citizen Joseph Buonaparte,
Councilor of State, is appointed Minister
Plenipotentiary to treat of the re-t(Hblifh
ment of peace between the French Republic
and his majeily the Emperor, king «<f Bo
"hemia and Hungary.
Art. 11. The Minister of Foreign Aflu\i--ii
is ..charged with the execution of the present
decree, which (halt-not be printed.
The First Cunlul,
By tie I'irst Consul.
Another arrclte of tbe same date.
Buonaparte, iirft Couful of the Republic,
decrees as follows :
Citizen Lit'oivft, Csowal of
©OverTtfiiervt, Tor the department of the
polls, is appointed Secretary of the Legati
on, charged with negocutiiig for peace with
Capy of a Report of tbe Operations of tbt
right wing of the arrpy of Italy, to tbe Gen.
in Chief Urune, by Lieutenant General Du
pont dated 2stb of September.
" The body of troops commanded by ge
neral Pino, having evacuated the line ot the
Rubicon, and gone to Bologna, tlie armed
Brigands in Ferrara«nd Tufcany thought |
the moment a favourable one to throw theni
fetves into Romania, and commit there
enery fort of excess without (yjpofition.—
They invad'd the greatest par: of that ter-.
ritory, and advanced as far as Imola, cut
ting down the trees of liberty, turning the
magifhates of the people out ot office, and
exerciCng every where the most abomniable
" Jn order to furpriae them in the raidft
of their incursions, I gave charge to general
Monnier -to fend to FerJi the Cifalpint
second half brigade, with a b#dy of light
troops from the 14th Hut Tars and 4th regi
ment of ChafL-urs. The general of divifiou
Pino, who had the command of that expe
dition, arrived the 4th complementary day
at Fxenja, after biv'fyg purftied the brigands,
who had already taken pofTeflion of Imola.
They divided themselves into several bodies,
ene going to Ferrara, another to Ravenna,
and a third following the road of Arezz#.
The general formed his troops into three
columns in order to overtake them. The
brigands, or their way to Ferraro, were
attacked near Lugo by oue of the columns
under the Command of Ferrand, chief of
brigade. Terror took pofleflioij of them,
and few made their escape.
"On the sth complementary day the
French column deflir.ed for Ravmina found
there the brigands ready to make refinance.
Their defence was (hort. The Chadeurs of
the 4th regiment, commanded by the chieF
of brigade Yam, entered, and every man
found with arms in his hands was extermina
ted. •
" The. fame day a detachment J of grena
diers for rounded the brigands, who were
making their escape towards the Appenines.
A Gmilaf state awaited the third body, and
the few who remained hid themselves in the
u At the moment when Bologna was
threatened with an iuvafion, the national >
guards adUd with greatfirmnels; they for
med a column ready to co-operate with the
French and Ci.falpine troops. I prefenu d
to them 6 pieces of cannon, which I xm
persuaded they will ufegloiioufly againfttticl
common enemy. t
Secretary oj State.
S**> clay of State.
I " The Cisalpine troops employrch ii) that
expedition h**o emuiaied the French in
activity and oiavery. Gen. Pino has ren->
dered/very iniaei'Wnc fefvkcs <>n the. occa
sion to'the French and the Of.ilp;ne repub
DUPONT, Lieut. Gen.
Plan to assassinate Bonaparte.
PARIS, ai Vendemiare OA. 14
During the firlt dtys of the 2d Decade of
Vendemaire, information was received, that
a p-rion ot the name of Demerville, retiding
at No 24. Rue des Moulins, had dittributed
a roniider.ible fun> of money ; and that some
well known villains frequented his houle.
Positive information was received, that
on the 1 ith inftant,eleven of thfefe villains
were to throw themlelves upon the Full
when coming out of the Opera.
The Police then took the mod adtive mea
sures to watch them.—On the 18th two of
them (one by the name of Cerachi) were ar
retted in the lobby of the Opera ; they were
armed withcutl dies. Demerville and some
of his accomplices were arretted in the night
—they are in pursuit of the others ; Dem
erville and Cerachi have both confefled.
Thole wretched miscreants are for the mo ft
part, compofid of individuals, inured to
mu-der in the massacres of September, and
those ef Versailles.
BELFAST, Odlober 17
Copy of a letter from a House of the firft re
fpeflaliility in the Corn Trad«, Elbing, dated
nth September, to their correspondents ia
" We have hitherto experienced such favora
ble harvest weather, as we have fcldom (een in
this country; and, notwithstanding the back
wardness of the crops of grain in summer, every
thin«j is now in fafety in this quarter Whfat
cinnot be deemed an abundant crop in this
countjy, but we hav« reason to expedt the qual
- for the most part will prove much better and
heavier than for several years past; and ac
counts from Austrian Poland especially, are
equally favourable of quality as of quantity.—
Barley and cat* are every where in theft pro
viuces abundant, and of such good quality in
general as to afford very flattering hopes of the
existing restraints on their exp nation being
removed very soon Pease are also much more
abundant and of better quality, than was ex
. peAed. With regard, to the new imports on
wheat which amount to about too p per lali,
we have reason to conclude, it will be entirely
taken off or greatly modified in the course of the
winter if not foouy."
DUBLIN, Oft. 13.
The twelvepenny loaf this is increased
14 ounces, the aflize being four pounds one
quarter, it will in all probability exceed five
pounds next week.
Application has, we hear, been made to
Government, for permilTion to relume the
malting of beer and barley, in confrquence
ot the happy fall in every denomination ol
We are enabled to ftaie the following as
a fatt, which has powerfully tended to law
er the great price of flour in our market.
The fealbnable supply of rice at 2S. 2d. per
(lone, which the induflrious and necessitous
are favoured with, through the unceasing
bounty and benevolence of Marquis Corn
wallis to fuhltantially relieve the poor work-,
ing clafles of this metropolis, and which, we
are warranted to publilh, averages, half of
Dublin, oidinaiy coufumption of Sour, as
appears by the weekly returns as follows ;
The ciiy of Dublin usually consumed 3400
bags of flour per week, and the recent con
sumption of the riee above mentioned, is re
turned to about 2500 bags a week—in con
ftquence of this cheap supply there has been
a drawback to that amount to bring down
the price of flour, which flour moreover
at market must ha»e felt a more material
depreciation from the demand for it being
less, and the monopolist finding it nrcefl'ary
in his own defence to fell, as the counterac
tion of foreflalling, must oblige him to argue
that the abundant produce of the harvell
will soon cause a plenty of fair prices fuffi
cient to make his (lock in hand a means of
loss, instead of ill-gotten gairs to him.
-Letters Patent have pasTed the Great Seal
of this kingdom, constituting and appointing
Ponfonby Tottenham, F/q. Clerk of his
Majesty's Ordinance in this kipigdum, in the
room of Richard Magennis, Elq. Rehgn
Patrick Farrel, was executed this day at
the front of the New-Prifun, for the rob.
bery of Mr. Grelliam, of Castle street.
opposite ChriH Church.
Millars Gardner*. Difliaoary,
new edition, fuKo 36 00
WeUi'eTravelj, » vols 7 00
Rocbefaucault's Travels, 4 vol# u 00
Anti-Jacobin Examiner, a vols. 6 50
Euompartn'a Intercepted Letters 3 7s
Crut well's Gazetcer, 3 vols, and atlas 1% co
New Dictionary, I ? vols 37 jo
D'lvernois's Survey of the Lofiis of the
French Nation % J-O
Parson's Britiih CUflies, }6 vols 40 00
New Syllcm of Natural History, 3 vols 12 60
Payne's Epitome of History, 1 vol* 6 00
Chefttrfield's Works, 4 vols 11 00
Bifbo? Wilfon'-i works, 8 vole II 00
Goldlmith's Works, 7 voU 900
w ilpole's royal and noble authors s »5
p ron's new geography, 4 vols. 11 00
I e rke, on Insurance, new t,on. ed. ®f 1800 5 <3O
I Dr. Carrie's edit, of Burns's works 4 vols 12 00
Fenno's edition ol Gifford's works, 1 vnls a»J
Dslpuo'* reply M tiratcan,
He fart of tW iccrel committee of the hoof*
of commons on the Irish rebellion
Rofc's examination of the increase of the
revenue,commerce, &c of G. Britain
Gifford's letter to the Earl of Lauderdale
Romel's narrative of the Deportation to
Cayenne I 00
Ainie's do 15°
A variety of Pamphlets on American Politics.
/decanter 11
By this Day s Mail
CHARLESTON, Decembe n.
Arrived the fchr Peace, Bernenk,St. Tho.
mas's in distress: out 53 days ; bound to Ai
House of Representatives.
Nov. 27th, 1800.
Gen. Anderfon, from the committee on
011 privileges and election, on the petition of
futidry persons, ftatinptbat the members f rom
S. Phillip and St. Michael's were not entit
led to hold their feats, being not duly and
legalfy elefted, fnbmittcd the following reso
lution to the consideration of the haufe.
" Refjlved, by the committee of privileges
and eleftions, that it be recommended to the
house to fend for and dire£l the manager? of
the f; election, for said Parilhes, to attend
this house, to give such information as may
be within their knowledge, relative to the
late eleftion for the said parishes."
The fame heing taken into immediate con
sideration, resolved, that this house do con
cur with the committee.
By order of tne beufe.
Thomas Lee, c. h. it.
Columbia, Nov. 38, 1800.
The following gentlemen are nominated
electors of Prefidrnt and Vice President, at
the ensuing elefton ;
General Wnfliington, Mr. Falconer, Capt.
John Blafingamr, Gen. M'Pherfon, Mr.
John Ward, and Col. James Pbftell, Mr.
Henry D, Ward,and Alexander M'lntolh ;
tie latter dtclintd.
Gen. Andtrfun, Arthur Simkins, Col.
Hunter, Dr. Blythe, John Gaillard, Wade
Hampton, Andrew Love, and Paul Hamil
IC?» If Mr. Samuel Fenno, formerly of
Philadelphia, is ill this city, and will be so
obliging jts to leave his address at this Of
fice, he will cpnfer an obligation on a friend,
who withes to refott to his testimony, on a
fubjrft of conltdfruble importance.
December i.
NEW-YORK, December 13, 1800
Yeltei day papers an J letters to the jth inft.
were received from Oiarlsfton—and what is
very extraordinary* tlie'r# is not a word of
the S. Carolina eleftion in either of them.
The difapj ointment is great.
Just after the brig: Morning Star failed
from Malaga. Ihe fell in with the Englilh
fleet, which hid been driven from before
Cadiz by a Itorm.
It appears by the extratts in this days
Gazette, from Irilh papers, that a confisc
able reduftion had taken place in the price
of the neceflaries of life ; and that there
was a profpeft of peace and plenty in lie
In a paper of the 6th Oftober received
by the brig Union, w« find the follow in g
" the two American Ministers, Messrs.
Davie and Elfworth, are to set tail from
Havre this day. The third, Mr. Murray,
will depart to-morrowfdr the Hague, where
he i: uinifter.
Citizen Louis Bonaparte feti off to-mor
row for a journey to" Germany. He goes
firfl to Piuflia.
Th.-jr write trom Home, that M. Labra
dor, minister ot Spain, has begun the exer
cise of his functions near Pius VII.
A Piedmontefe, named Amoreti, was
arrested at Genoa, being the bearer of
fcveral letters from the King and Qcen of
Sardinia directed to Turin.
When the arrival of the Emperor at
the army was announced by the firing of
guns, and that general Moreau was ap
prized of it, this last sent to the head
quarters of the Emperor a general officer
to compliment his majesty.
The Convention of Amity and Com
merce, between the U. S. and France
we are informed, been publiftied in
the Paris papers. The following is the
fourth article. r
•' Property captured, and not yet defin
itively condemned; "r which may be captu
red before the exchange of ratification
(contraband goods destined to an enemy'*
port excepted) shall be mutually rellored
en the following proof of eidzenllup, viz,
[Here fullews 4 copy of the form oj the
passports now used by American vessels.]
And this palTport fli«.ll be fufficier.t without
any other paper, auy ordinance to th'
contrary notwithfUnding ; wbich paflpo
Ihall not be deemed reqmiitr to have beei
received or recalled, whatever numbers ol
voyages the laid (hip piay have made, un
lets Ike (hall have returned home within the
l'paee of one year.
Proof with refpe& to the cargo (hall be
certific.itei containing the several particulars
of tha cargo, "he place where the (hip
failed, and wither (lie is'baund ; f® that the
i forbidden or contraband goods n)ay be dif—
ting ui (lied by the wkiili ce:;i.
ficates ihall have oeeu made out by the
officer of the place whence the ftiip let fail
in the acc.nfioir rd form of the countiy.
And if such palToort.-, or c<rtific:>tr<!. or
both, (hall have becd deftn ye-sl by acc.deri's
or taken away fc'y forte, theii deficiency
maybe supplied by inch other proofs oi
ownerfliip as are admiifiolc by th« general
ufaje of nations.
1 IS
Proofs with refpedt to any other than
merchant (hips (hall be the com/uiflion
tliey bear. '1 his article (hall take effeft
irom the date of the signature of the pre
sent provisional treaty. And if from the
date of the laid signature any property (hall
be Condemned, to the intent of
the said treaty, before the knowledge of
this stipulation (hall be obtained, the pro
perty to condemned fiiall be restored or paid
for without delay.
For the fourth time here.
December 15,
Will be prefentid, a celebrated new Cemedy, in
5 sits, called
Speed the Plough.
Written by Thomas Morton, Esq. author of Co
lumns?, the Way to get Married, Cure for the
Heart Ache, Secrets Worth Knowing,
Children in the Woods, &c &c. and
now performing at the Coveot
Garden Theatre, with ")
univcrfal applause
With new scenery and decorations;
Sir Philip Bland ford, mr Cooper; Morringt»n,
mrWignell; Sir Abel Handy, mr. Warren;
Bob Handy, mr Wood ; Henry, mr. Cain ;
Farmer AOifieid, mr. Bernard; Evergreen,nar
Morris; Gerald, mr Prigmore ; Postillion, mr
Hopkins; Young Handy's Servant, mr. Durang;
Petrr, Mr Baily
Miss Blandfi rd, miss E. Weftray ; Lady Handy,
mrs Shaw; Susan Aflifield, miss Wtftray ;
Dame Afhfield, mrs Francis.
Country Lasses—miss Arn»ld, miss Solomons,
mrs Doftor, mrs Stuart, &c ts"c
In act 11,
A Country Dance,
By the ch a racers.
To which will be added (not acled thi« season)
a Comic Opera, called,
No Song no Supper.
rr The third reprelentation of the above Co
medy. was on Wedwefday, hencred by a crouded
and brilliant audience with incrsafed approbation.
The public are refpeitfully informed that on ac
court of fevcral new pieces in preparation, it wi.l
after this evening be laid afidc for feme tims.
Cod Fish.
A few quintals l eft Cod Fish and
100 quarter calks Sherry Wine, just received.
On hand, Wine and Cyder Vinegar in?
pipes and quarter calks, j
December i». eodjt
Wanted to charter
A Vessel,
of 15,0 or 280 toils burthen.
Apply to
James, Cltbhrn, ss* Engli/h.
la mo. 9th. $
For Sale,
W* Alciander Ruffel,matter,
Burhen 76 tons or thereabouts, between two
and ti:ree years oM, and isfaid to fail well—a cre
dit <ti 4 or 6 metiths will be allowed.
E&quire of
No. 18, Dock street.
December I) d6t
'for sale,
Br Joseph SIMS,
No. 155, south Water street.
White &brown Havanna Sugars '
Holland Gin
Old Coniac Brandy
London particular Madeira Wine
Pale rei ana yellow lefuir's Bsrk
A large aflortmer.t i f CORDAQE, &c.
decemberij mw&fa tf
j he Cargo
Qapt. Stockley, from Batavia,
Coffeesugar& pepper
Of the bejl quality,
FOR sale By
William IValn. j
December 9. 6t
JuJl Received by A. Dickens ;
Opposite Christ Church,
Desultory Reflections,
Political Aspect of
In the United States of America.
Part 11.
" Anil I leoked, and beheld a pale horse : and
" his same that fat on him was Death, and
" lisll fjllowad with him "
(Price a$ Cents.)
For the year ißo«fe
By Henry Jaines Page & L.
Superbly printed in 4. to.-—
( Price 75 Cents.)
December ie. § j
Neatly executed,at the Ojfice of the
Gazette of the United States.
a—smmmmm—H g—mbme
Gazette of the United States.
■For President and Vice President ef the
United States,
New-Hampshire, 6 6
Massachusetts, 16 16
Rhode-Iflnnd, 4 4
Conne&icut, 9 9
New-York, y,% I 2
New-Jersey, 7 7 00 00
Psnnfylvania, 7 7 8 8
Delaware, 3 3
Maryland, S S S S
Virginia, 2 , 2I
A letter received in town this morn
ing, dated Walhington, December 11,
announces the arrival of the Portfcnouth,
M'Neal, at Norfolk, from Havre-
General Davie, with the Treaty, is on
December the Fourteenth :—Eack
annual return of this inauspicious day,
will for ages, remind Americans of the
irreparable loss sustained in the death o£
the man who was " firji in War, fiyjb
in Peace, and firjl in the Hearts of his
The Providence Rhode Island paper, and
the New-London (Con.) paper, states that
the Ele&ors of Rhode Island gave an unani
mous vote for Adims and Pinckney. Pie
fuming the information to be accurate \fe
have plaeed the return in our lift of votes.
A gentleman, left the City of Walh
ington on Friday morning, and arrived
here yesterday, informs* that late on-
Thurl'day evening, letters were received at
Washington by gentlemen high in office,
dated Columbia, Dec. 2. Theft letters
D.ated that the Eleftion for Electors of-
President and Vice President had takea
place that day, the result of which «>s,
that the Eleftors ct-nfidered as pledged to
vote for Jeflerfon and Burr had succeeded.
The following are the names of seven of
them, copied by our informant from one of
the letters—the eighth he accidentally
Robert Anderfon
Arthur Srnipkins
Wade Hampton
Arthur Love
Theodore Gilliard
Paul Hamilton
Jefie Blight.
Our informant also assures us that the fol
lowing is a correft lift of the Elefiors
appointed by the State of Georgia, and
that they are pledged to vote for Jeffer
fon and Burr.
Gen. John Morrifon
Doftor Dennis SmeJt
Jchn Lumpkin
Henry Graybill.
An Alexandria paper of December 10, sajs,
" Lad evening arrived here from Nor
folk, citizen Dubrugeac. We are inform
ed that this gentleman lately came out from
France, as Gonful for Cape Francois." Im
mediately on his arrival in St. Domingo,
he was lent by Touffaint Louverture, with
difpatehes fur the government of the Uni
ted States. He left this place, for the City
of W'alhington this morning.
" We are informed, that a Proclamation
was lately ilTued by Xoulfaint, comin;indiii{j
the Negroes to return to the plantations to
which they belonged, and go to work ; in
consequence of which a mutiny brake out
among the blacks, which was quelled by 12
of the ringleaders being executed.
We are enabled to inform the lovsrs ®f
pleasant, congenial reading, that there is
printing by MelTrs. Furman and Loudon, of
New Yoik, a little volume that has for its
title, ' The Farmer of New lerley, or a
Picture of Domtftic Life.' The firft part
of the Tale lias excited our mirth, and the
latter our fyinpathy. It cannot fail to in
terest thole whose minds have not loft all
relilli for th« fmiliag l'cenes of rural life ;
and will appeal very forcibly to the breast of
every parent, hulband, wife, lifter or bro
ther, who poflefs any acquaintance
tural sentiment. N. Y. Gaz.
The English fleet, which were lately be
fore Cadiz, have difpeifed, and the blockade
is continued by fix fliips of the line.
Canzler in his lHjemetrs upon Sweden
eftablilhes :he following proportion of trade
in the commercial towns of Sweden. Con
sidering the whole trade as of 13 parts
Stockholm would have 7, Grothenburg 2,
and the oiherTowns Mparts of the exporta
tion. Of this importation Stockholm
would have half, Gothenburg a quarter,
and the other quarter belongs to the other
towns. The whole revenue may be reckon
ed at five millions of Crowns*
A 8 ' &
£ £ £
.8 -
57 | 46 | 46 {