Gazette of the United States, & daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1800-1801, November 14, 1800, Image 1

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    iVu.MBPK 1$ jß"|
B■y Tbe price of this Gazette is Eight
Dollar-! per an'nym to Subscribers residing
ir, the city cf Philadelphia. Ail others pay
tat Dollar additional, fvr enclosing and (Si
reeling ! eir\d unlessperson I*l t n *s city
will become antwerable for the subscription,
it must be paid Six Months'in Advance.
*„* No Subscription will be itcavtd fat
a sbjrtar term six months.
December 1 1799.
' .Vo»r»Sfr H —W Hrwemkr fl.
■IOU St AT I*. H. M.
I »0 '9
>1 *6
O %
0 41
. 38
"» 39
1 44
, Tburfdij
Just Received,
By the fcil* King Aon fraon Liverpool, and the
George from Hull,
and for sale
TIo. 31, Market street.
A large and elegant affortnaent of
c u r l e r r.
GILT and p'ated buttons, ivory and
combs, japaned, block-tin and pewter
wares, brat's and iron candtellicks, patent tea
kettles and sauce-pans, coffee-mills, iton and
brass wire as all lizes.
Alio, a large affurtment of flat-irons, bake
plates, pots, Ac. dire<£t from the manufatfurcra.
He has also on hand, a large and extensive
assortment qf
tin wares,
Of his own manufactory, manufactured in (he
bc(h manner ; ill ft' which he will fell on the
most reafonab.e terms, wholefalc and retail.
Received at tho fame time by the Ihip George,
capt. Rice, the much admired improved
Direst from the patentee.
These mtefcines are ma .e or. a 3mple and
improved plan ft,r copying, writing, &c. of any
size, in an expeditious manner, and are charged
at j much left price than any other r.ow in ul'e.
They are f< und to pnffefs a (uperiorlty over any
others, bjlh l<y l>cing move durable and not so
liable to get > ut of repair, and by topving any
number of vritlngs atone time, vMhoul making
anv alter ition in the machine, and their occu
pying lit'if foptn _
The very general nfe into which these ma
chines are new brought in use ir. L r.don and
other lar t 'e trading cicies. and the fa!isfj«£i,on
teftified by all who pdfTef* them, render it un
necrflary to enlarge any further <.n their advan
tage, both in point ot r.c«ur»cy and lecrecy and
in the Having of time, labour ami expiree,
november >1 tu&fa tf
Thomas Orr,
No. 52^
South Frout Strut,
HAS received by tfie Ltfft arrivals *>olll Lon
don, a well c'hofen afiortmerjt of the lol
lawing articles:
CALICOES and Chintzes, (a great variety J
Furniture do. d.i.
Corded Dimities for garments and furniture
Durants, Joans and«s
Bombazetts and Rumbazrem
Prirted Linen and Cotton Handkerchiefs and
Lawn bordered d«-
Jaconet and 3ook Muslin bandkerc.l icts
Shawls, Cotton and Chintz, a great vanety
D<i. Camel's Hair
Hosiery, Worsted and Cotton of all sizes
Do. China White and Black Silk
Tabic Cloths, from 5 4. to loby 16-4 with and
without Napkins
Thread, G«uze, Lawns and Cambncks
Jaconet and Lapett Mufl'ms, coloured and plain
Whi:e and Black last, Lace Veils, Cloaks and
Handkerchiefs .
Black Mode, Peelongs and Satins
White ar.d printed Marseilles forvetts
Swan Mown, ftripedand plaid.
Cpttpn Checks (five) 7 8, 4"*, »»-•• 'J",. 4
Black and coloured Barcelona handkerchiefs
India Bandanna do. ef superior quality
White, Ked and Yellow Fiannels
Guernsey Woriled Frock*
A lew dpzsn keft elastic Snfpenders.
Hfe has Also
Just Received, a well allorted Invoice ol
India Muslins,
Berhhoom Gurrahs P J ' na ® atus ,
Abhabad Kmert'es Do. Gurrahs
Cmnpjny Guzzapori lanna Mamooai«».
Coffas. By BMe or Pltce -
OAober 18. dtw 3 awtf.
i oo barrels of BEEF
suitable for Eaft-Indu Voyages,
100 do. of Store do.
50 boxes, containing each
best London MUSTARD.
Samuel Rhoads,
No. I, Penn street.
'Nivtuif 4
Gazette of the United States, & Daily Advertiser.
■am* ' i«'
? » 4
7 3 4 57
7 4 4 56
• 7 5 4 55
- 7 * 4 54
7 7 4 5 J
7 3 4 5»
just Received,
By the George, AminSle aui other late arrival*,
Oti low terms,by tte package, at
No. 48,
Sotttb Ft (fit Strtet,
i g Bales Role Blankets, 1
5 bales Puffill ditto 3?
15 bales Kendal Cottons s;
4 holes lew priced £roa»lcloth« g,
4 bales London ftroerfine .19. , g
1 balis Plains anj torefl Cloths r n.
I bale falhionablc fine Coatings
» bales fafhio:;aS|e Librlkin do. %
} Iraall bales law priced Swanfdowns S
4 bales Ingrain Yoilulhire Carpets and f
so hlut. oein Twiue.
An ex'enfive an I choice affurtmcot of
-0 P K H.
c&oNcr X <Ut
At Walr/g wharf,
The Cargo of the brigEnterprize,
Surinam Molafles,
Of an excellent quality, in
And abrttt 40 quarter casks
Fog Sale nr
Wharton Lewis,
No. Ifj.fouth Front
f) tn f h i® tP
For Sale,
No. 80,
Swans in. street, Siutbioark,
The following >
India Goods,
v 1 z.
too pieces Goldhcad Mamoodies
100 do do
500 do JalalpoerS wns
95 do Chanitrconna Manfnok
75 do do Handkerchief#
$Ol do Burbhoon Gurrah®
•ftober 24 tush fa 1 m
frtm the (kfa firmer, captain Gibfon, worn Ham
but);. • Jaiko aflorunrnt of l.imi a»d #(b«r
OMill. am-Mg which*!* an i*>voi«of J J bait'
of real Prroch Bnmanka, 6ar.d 7 4. which are
offered f*r sale on rcaiuiable tcra» (or approved
paper, or in barter for Well-India produce.
Sritaaoiai, real French, I Bncca<li}l^
6 and 1-4
;>lt:nlui Rnyalaa
L.)cp.i|iJof all dcfcrip
Creas a la Morlaix
Check* No. 2 Sc Stripes
609 of Bohemia
White Window Glass,
Of tke fir ft quality, 7 by 9, 8 by 10, 9 by 11
by 1} and upwards.
Of late Importation :
HftopiUat, Boetadillot, Quadim'l# icUCn, Oow
<•*, C uciU, Liftat'oei, hlbrrfrl fine Ch«tk».
Bnl patch et, Ftindm Bed Tick*. I'tpr* of ail
Coflce (ciiho, Uicutin,
Oil) TumbUn. Traveling Oa(«*i tuli'i; Wn,
ud Demijohn*,.— to
OA.iVr 6 rtiot w*f».im.
John Whiteiides
INFORMS hi« friends an I --lie public i;i general,
that he has taken the BREWERY, late William
Dawion'i in Sixth ftrcct, between Market and
Arch ftrects, whtrs they may be supplied with
Purtcr, Ale. Tible and Small l*enr«.
N. i>. A quantity of exceiient old Perter on
hand, fit for imtncuiatc ate.
October 30 tu th fa 3 w
OF the firft quality, fit for 'niia vayag <•*, now
putting up,and for fie by
William Sheaff,
No. 168, High street.
o&»t>«r .10
To Creditors.
•VT a county court o f common pleas, held at
Union town, for the coui.iy of Fayette, the fe
cond Monday of September, in the year of cur
Lord one thoufarrt eight rnndred, before the
honorable Alexander Addifon, Eiq. President ol
the fame court.
ON -the periritm of Thomas Pew, nn insolvent
dcbtur, praying the benefit of the *& ef
Affcnibly, passed the fourth day of Aprjl one
thousand (even hundred »11.1 rlnety-eight, forthe
'relief of insolvent debtors. The Court appoints
the second Monday of December next te hear the
petitioner and his creditors, and orders that he
jrive his creditors notice thertoi by a publication
for three fycctffiv* *>,eks in the fayette Gazette,
and in the United Stutes Gazette, printed at Phi
ladelphia, the last ol which publications shall be at
leatt three weeks before the day of hearing.
By the Court.
OLP Long Primer,
Small Pica on Pica Bedy,
Rnglifll, Chafes, Composing Slicks, and agrea
variety cf articles necelliry to carry on the Prill
ing Bufinda- They will he fekl cheap t#r calk
\jiply to the Printer.
By C. P. Wayne, No. 65, South Front-flreet.
For London,
r 1 ■ %x thr SHIP
Captain Rick,'
HAS the gresteft part of her
Cargo engaged—will take Freight if applied
for immediately.
Thomas Murgatrojd (J" Sons.
Oftrcber it.
3i>tn.ipfc »-4co.
Tjp-ri nl fcrcril kir, J»
Q canters
and piut tumblers
Tr»*elli:iJ Cifes
Obf. Bead*, Tiolini and
Gideon H. Wells
Has Just Received,
By the late arrival#—a 1 arge and general affort
mcr f t of
Hardware, Cutltry ijf Sadlery,
Which 1- Sl' far cai Or ;fce
ulual credit.
Market-street, No.
In the ftily Atlantic, captain Waters, from
Calcutta and Madras,
And for sale by the subscriber,
jreat variety of articles mostly suitable
far exportation,
' Neckaates
Soor Huraalt
Vciila pilaris*
Madras Long Cloths
Uit'.o Handkerchiefs.
2000 bags prime Sugar,
Hyson and souchong Tea,
No. 80, Dock street.
o&ober 10 rows tf
J nil arrived.
Per the
Brig Perseverance,
Mr. William Bell's Wharf.
So hhds. Antipu* and St. Kitts Rum and
10 ditto Coffee
No. 4, South Water St eel.
O&nber 8. dtf
In Sheets, Bottoms & Still Patterns,
LE AD, Brszier'a Solder, Tin in boxes. Steel
j Sheet-irou, Sewing twine, and a large aff»rt-
Bieiit »> Ironmongery, Oitlery, Saileiy, Drafs
and Japann'd wares. Forfa'ehy
Elisha Fisher & Co.
Qdtober 17. mi.
Forpitblifhing, by Subscription,
Of the Law of Anions and Trials at
By Isaac 'Efpinaffe, of Gray's Inn, Esq. Barrrftwr
at Law.
The third edition, torre&ed, with confiderabl*
addition! itom printed and manulcript cases.
Eft spes et ratio studiorum. Juv.
IN fwo voLUMfs.
THF. work is now printing, and in confidera
bte forwardnefs, on a fupcrfine paper, <>f
royal fize.aud oitivo f<-rm. It will he printed
page for page with the latelt London edition, and
no pains will be spare so render th? work cor
ceS, andfree of typogtavV.ical eirors.
It will be neatly bound and letter J in two to
lumes,royal o-savo, and to fubicrihers will bo put
at five dollars and filty ccntt per set—l» nonfub
leribers the price will he somewhat enhanced.—
The price of the London edition is fcv;i, dollars
Those who fubferibe ior tight fats Cull have a
ninth gratis
The two volumes will coafifi. of about nine
hundred pages, of which the one annexed to the
yropojals is a fpccimeui As the work is now
publilhing, and will be completed with all conve
nient expedition, those who wifli u profit by the
lubfeription, will please to fublcribe feafonatily.
N. B. Gentlemen holding subscription papers
are requ*fted to return them to Thomas and Tho
mas, the publiihers, by the firft of January next.
£3* The hookfellers in Philadelphia are rsfpeft
fully informed, that they will be l'old either bound
or gath«red in fhctts, by the subscribers, at their
usual low price. Those who wiih to purchaU
will please to apply by letter to th« publishers.—
The work will be out of press some time in the
Walpole (N. H.) Oil. ißoo (a 8) eats
Modern Europe.
second Volume of MODERN EUROPE,
1 h now dtlivermgto SuMccibers.and may be
had of
W. Y. Birch,
No. i;i South Second Street.
O&ober *5.
August 4til, ißco.
THE commanding Cl.icers of c<-rps, de
tachments,pofts, garrifoni, anditecruiting I
parties, belonging to the military eftablifhpient
of the United States, are to report to, and
receive orders from General Wil
kinfon, in the City of Wafli ngtun, and all
officers on furlough are to report themselves to
the fime officer with all poffinle dispatch.
Secretary of War.
#5" All Printers wiihtß United States
who have publiOnd invititior.s for contrails of
the 13th or March lift are requcfted to insert
the above in their reCpeflive papers, once a
week for two mcntiis.
John Cliffton, jun.
HAVINC declined his former hjlinefs, of
fers for fait all his ttock, rorfiftipg of the
following articles, viz.
Sixteen Anvils, .
PJghteen pair of Bcilovr'a, jjr- Vices, with all
the otker 'Foals QCceffitvy i jr- contisfling the
Smith's Buflnefs.
About 5 tons of Spikes,
of different tizes, 30001b. Sheathing and Draw
ingi-Niils, a large iffortment of Tackle Hooks
and Thimbles, Swivle Hooks, Scrapers, Hin
ges 3n>? Nails, with erejy other description of
ready made Iron work, suitable for stocking a
Ship SLith'i, or (hip Chandler'j Store.
AH of which he will fellon very reasonable
terms for calh or approved nojes.
* Apply at No. 80, Swanfon 6reet, South
Oiloher 15. Utawim.
Horses to Winter,
HORSES will he taken to winter at Profpe&
Hill, at the 13 mile stone.on the BrifloJToad,
where they will have good T»mothy and Clover
Hay, be well t?ken care of, and have a field to ru*
in when the weather is >d ; enquire ol William
Bell, Philadelphia; or, 01 Joleph Hunting, ob the
They engage to return them in good or«!er in
thefpring or charge nochiiijr for keeping them, and
will not be anfwrrablc for accidents or escape, but
will take every precaution to prevent either.
oiSober i; mwf tf
The Porcupine.
I TAKE this method of informing the People of
the United States, that on the firftday o4 No
vember next, I prupofe to resume the publication
of Porcupine' 6 Gazette, under the title of THE
PORCUPINE ; and to notify (in cafe any geotle
man in America should want it) that the price of
each Number will be fupence ilerlirg, and that
the c-[h must be received by me before (J, e paper
can be lupp'Ud.—As to the mode of
so frequent are the opportunities from London to
New-York, that file» may be forwarded to the ii»t.
ter place once a fortnight upon an average—from
New-York they can be fpcedily conveyed to ev
ery part of the Union. When files can '»e, with
out delay, feat to othir places direcS, it may be
done ; when they cannot, they will all be sent te
New-York, unlefe othcrwife ordered.
Porcupine's iVerks,
Which have beeu fonietime in the Press, wil
lie completed in February next, when the copies
fubfcri'ied for in America will be forwarded to
the Subfcribcrs.
Any of my literary fr 1 'litis in America, who
may be disposed to renew tUeir corrtfpon'!nce
with me; will please ;o direiSl to me at my print
ing olfice, No. i,. Southampton flrcet Strand, or
at my Bookfellcr's shop, No. 18, Pail Mall.
London, September 6, ißco.
1 The Works
Hon. James Wilson, £fq- L. L. .D
Li.te one of the Associate Justices of the
Supreme Court of the United States and
Prajessor at Law in the College and
Academy of Philadelphia.
From the original manuscript, in the polfeffion of
Bird Wilson, Esq.
These works (hall he elegantly pr>.' t> in two
volumes oSavo, and dclivered/o lubfcribcrs at
five dollars.
TKty (hall be put to prcli a< soon as the fubferip
tions will juftify the ex;<ence of psl-licstion,
Subscriptions -will be received y
The pubtther, opposite Christ- Church, Phila
delphia ; and by the principal bookfclicrs throngi
out the United Status.
*,* A Profpe&us of the work may be feec at
the place of fubfeription.
fcptetn-crlj §
This Day is Publijhed,
And to be fold
Second ftrcet, opposite Christ Church,
An Essay
Eleventh Chapter of .the Revelation of St.
Id which is (hew n that the words " And in the
fame Hour was there a greit Earthquake, and the
tenth part of the City fell, and in the Earthquak
ere (lain of Men seven thoufard," relate to Je
rusalem, and not to Rome or France
By Charles Crawford, Esq.
fcately published by this author,
Observations upon the Revolution in France,
See. &.c.
r&obar 31 Fjw
Clock & Watch
M A K E R,
Corner of Market and. Front-Jlreets, Phila
H»l received by the Kingston and other arrivals,
CHAMBER and otlier Clocks, (. luck Move
meats, Eight day and 3c hour cad ! raf-, Clock
Bells, Clock Dials, Cat-gut, Vtatth tilafe and
Springs, steel and gilt Chains, silk firings, ladies'
chains go'd, gilt, and steel; gold, gilt, and steel
keys; seals gold, gMt and steel.
On han 1 1 generalfipj'ly of flock and Watch
Maker's, and Silver Smi'h's Tools and materials,
and Files of all I'rzes, &c.
IPummfce, Ro'tcn Done, Emery, Borax, &c.
N, B. Watches and Clocks repair«d aiufual.
Just Received,
Foutth (Ire: t, corti«r of Union £r:e:,
Frefli Cloves
Real C.eylon Cinnamon of thd
belt quality.
rov.-mfcer 6 tuthfcSt,
Clock isf Watch Maker.,
To No. 36, Market Strekt,
Where he has for Sule,
Spring and other Clocks ; gold and filvti
Watrlies : Tools, Files and Materials ; ftrS
rid gilt Cl.ains, Seals and Keyj ; Si>ri»gsj
&c. 85c.
Repaired s.t usual.
June 3 tu&ftf
STIL4- continues teaching Ladies' the above irt-
Orumcnts, &c. Those who may with lor his
i n ftr u cti on, i their favors will be duly attended to,
on application made t«i him, No. 96, Worth Sixth
ftr.-ei, when they may depend on bring inftru&ed
with care and attention, and pu;»<Sually waited on,
M. B. R. Taylor having a ajood Hock ot MuGc,
both vocal and inftmment*l (particularly for the
Piano Forte) Songs, Opera's, Oratorios, an ! Sa
cred Music. Any Lady or Geiriiunan may have
Music copied out on proper terms. Ha has several
of Handel's Oratorios, &c- and all his Oratorio
bcl*s, Dr. Eoyces's, Bach's, Ciamentini's E
man's, Goird?.m's, Haydl/, Nicolai's, Pleyei's,
Fchobert's works, &c* &c. A very fweet-tonel*
Ucoad hard Phno-Forte to be fold, abdaGuitar,
with other Piano-Forte's Aay pcrfw wanting a
GRAND PIANO FORT may be accommodated
with a very excellent n;fti un .nt of that kind
worth their purchase Songs, &c. composed by
R. Tay lor, to be had of him, and at Chalk's Mu
ficalßepository, No. 75, Nortfi-Third Street, vig.
President's March, for two performers on one Pi
ano Forte ; tfec favourite fo:ig of Summer, De
Taut Mou Caeur; En Vcrite, Rustic Feflivity,
Morry Pipmg Lad, Nobody, Jockey and Jenny t
Amyntor, &c. Ac
R. T begs the Ladifcs ar.d Gentleman wh<? catt
upon him, (or fend) that their addrels be left in
writing, fteuld he r.ot te at home, which will
much oblige, and they will be waited o>.
OSober 23. t.h*3cfa:ny.
To he let,
That large and commodious (our story
Brick Dwelling-House,
No. 343, High-tirect. ,
IT'S fituatian is peculiatly jjleafant heajrny
and it bas every convenience rrquifite for the
accommodation of a family; a pump in the yard,
lot Hsvfe t Stable and Carriage House, &c. &C tfef
eilion may be had on the 15th of next ntocth, ©r
ooner, with the consent of the prcfent tenant.
(On very low terms for the eofuing winter ac 4
spring) a large juid tonvc^iect
Brick House and Kitchen,
Coach ho'iiie, Stable and Lot of C rout* r '
iituai'J rn the Nor i* era Li'ocmei, a little tp the
wet . of Fifth and norths atu Jt CaliowhiU
(lreet3, at> ! wnviin tea minutes walk from tLs
A . ; iv to
Attorney at Law —So. 16, Areet
Of Pittsburg 6 Glass Works,
HAVING procure-., a fufficWdt number* of
the moil approved Europe** Glais ."anu
'uc.jrers, and having cn hard a large Uock of
tb beit Materials, on whii h their workmen are
now employed, have the pleafur; of alluring
thepubiic, that window glafa of a fupeiior qua
lity and of any I ze, from 7 by 9, to 18 by »4
inches, carefully p.. bed in boss*
100 feet ea h, may be had at the Ihorteft notice.
Glass of larger sizes for purpofes, may
also be bid, fucii us for pictures, coach g!afT.-s,
clock faces, Ac. Unities of all kinds and of any
qumtiry may also be had, together with pojket
Balks, pitklirigjars, apothecary's flirp furniture,
or other hfcllow ware —the whole at leafi tg per
cent. lower than articles of the fame quality
brought from any «f the lea ports of the United
States. A liberal allowance will be mide ea
sale of large quantities. Orders from merchant*
and others will he punfitua'ly attended to on ap
plication to JAMES C'.A.RA o. ISAAC
CRAIG, or at the Store ... MdTrs. I T' A. TUER.
andSMILIE, 111 Matket-Strect,. Pittsburgh.
March 4, _ : ■■
Neatly executed a' Ihe Office of the
Gazette of ihe Uniied States.
Book-Work Haiid-Billi,
Cards—Blank of a' Kinds,
&c. inc.
Wil! be printed at the
Shortest Notice,
august 25.
To Printers.
WANTED—in Exabange,
A FOUNT or J-ong Prime, weighing' 6
or 700 lb or upwarrts, and a Fountiof
Brsvier, weighing 400 lbs, or upwirda.
Ser*tsml>? r r.
• -*■" *rxirrzD, ' *>% . •
At iiuQftcc of.tfct of 4* (Mu4
fPoiffjue XVijl.