Gazette of the United States, & daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1800-1801, October 10, 1800, Image 4

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Lending ./ran tb' s.'.'if -America, W.r'fr.
Sims, Coi):nijy..!.r t^fi hii CmUOH,
13 Comri.
SaucJ.oni:, iff & inJ quality,
T okay, /
Younj hyf n,
Hyf >n, tit & id quality,
I npcriJ, ,
Yellow \vh!tc r, ankrens
Lutcftrings, blicV St rolor'd ( In Boxc.
Sinlhaws do. C aflVrcei,
Sattins do. J
tuteftrrngs, a>' z • Wwt 3c gfee®J ? n
Si(haw. d.» > %OX ,
Per!\a» ul tss, '-ac'f.n J _
They have uliq o/} t ind for sale, received 6
the late Arrivals from Europe, i? 0.
"J Infniailptck-
Striivd aiJ'l cltmked feingbarfft . agrJ iff rtei,
Whit? ttpwrtr! «c cclur'd Muf- | ..alculated for
linens J* tho
White corded dimilt£* I dia ipirkct &.
Color'd !i!k, striped Nankeens | entitled to
j drawback,
14 Trunks printed Ca!ic S rs,
5 do. da.
3 Bil*s fesot twin• ( Entitled to
o Caf«s Euvl 111 Chini «*re, ' f drawback,
in if* I'cti*
6 C.ifci mlnral M*k,
i i . da.
to do. cok.nhcr,
3 C»<kr pnrpl* hrnwn,
.3$ do. Ti-Mt iff ned,
9 do. l.°ndnn prrlrf in knttfcl
Xngiilh f«i) c»n»aa, No» 1, % k 3,
Jtufliv thick,
~tl Bo*»» wliitr Itavinoa fnftw,
13 Pipt»»lil Mideira wine,
Empty wine hotitri,
%m Gnat. 6 pc-iii.dtrs
M do. 9 d®.
]g do 9do w>h curiaers. Ac.
»Joi<ccib». CrriUoY Culter, I"}
quiUiy (Entitled to
kli< )l p>-pp«r f ■lnw'-atk
»o L«fr« cb»'.y J
Miy »'•
NV», 89, North Front Street,
Tronntpngn v, Wkry, Cutlery* Brass end
Jap „M Var s
6 ' 8.! 1 1 ' in'J z ' fl'.t pi i-t n3'
jGerrpan Steel,
H|<f> aiT.rled in cafe",
Pistol., guns flints, &e.4cc
Saulnier &. Wilson,
No. 6.;, North file Market-flreec,
HAVF. * general ass rtment of befl
fuperfi'ic Broa-1 Ctorilt and Calßiicres, (cl
the otwffl falhior.) silk f.r pe and f-cond quality
CiUHi*, u.ili l >-P"i-" mi, -a.,i
twitl'd Nir.tceeni.Jea ' Fuliiar, Gingham, Dimi
ty. Thickset, fattcj-C.»id, V«'v«s. Scirlrt yellow
and white Flatieta, 1 landcrj, liilh
Linens. D >wlas, mens' and w (mens' fi:'i and
■cotton Holiery. c<iat and vcfl pearl, ftcel, gdt and
plated Butt. n», different c >1 urf Silk Velvts, tam
boured and Cambric Mufli'is. Caliman
coe , h wis, Pocket Handkercfci-K Glutl's
tli est, &c See.
N B Taylors' bed quality Trimmings all
very low. •
George Davis,
' AY }iq Ifigl<-Sirert,
Per Adrian* from
(ew Trunk* and CXVs of 4 4> 7-8 & 3*4
Irifli Linens,
* .
Gentlemen's, Youths, and Boys, Fine
WHicli he will fell on moderate terms, at
a reaf ' credit.
Can va s,
Ebenezer Large,
200 boxes fliort pipes
faitabl" f r the Spa'tiijh Market,
omo. 13th, iXsio IpT- jf'i 7«-
HAVING, opened a Store it No. 19, Doik
fbeet, si r ti.e tranfaflisg all manner o? buS
nefs in the Mereanti'e line, «n rommtffi n, i
lici's the r-mp!.:ymei t of J is friends ai.d others.,
in ti>is way, as 'heir Faflor, alTVinp them that
their orders (hall he carefully a t m'.ed to ansi
executed in the heft manner in h s pawer.
ttn. F. WEST
fep eraher it
Stop I hid!
THIRTY dollars reward.
ißth inrt Ist* in the evening, ar indented
Mulatto P«y,
rf fofeph Brown, faying himftlfto he in-m Lan
c ifler or that neighborhood ;heisft ItT fut, has a
round lace, short K air, Urge m- uth (filing coun
tenance, dull, hig hanJs and fc« and hq
has no beard He may dr fs hun elf wirh a gen
tret coat of light drab colour, w. ite buttons, and
blick cape, He wears a good round black hat.
He has( rom thefuh(crib«f upwards of 100
dollars »n cafli S»d v.ilu.' of other Wm t.
ver will apprehend and l'tcure him with at much
value ab. ut him ■" iU r;c ive 'he above reward,
ani 10 dollars if tt.e young villain «ri only be
braueht to condign j umlhrient.
No. 70 Scnth rftrert.
Sept. 39.
•_V* :
.> . i f r
;n& c».
m,% vi* t c
JUD . 0.
Mm ( »o >,
r*t puacisniifG ir
OF the
Hon. James "Wilson, Efq-\L. L» .D
Lilt- one of the Associate Justices of the
Supreme {Jrurt of the Uv.i'ed States and
Projessor at Law in the Callege and
Academy of Philadelphia.
from the original manufeript, in (he pcffeflion of
Bird Wilson, Esq.
cond i
These wor'ts (hall c ejjvnt'y prilled in two
octavo, and delivered/o fubfcriUtfr? at
five dollars.
P-ly (V«ll be put to pref» »> fonn a« the fuMtrip
' tuii' will juhify the ftpcutc ol p«blitJ|n>»,
Subscriptions will he received by
The publJfhcr, oppofife Chrft'lChurcfe, PV»lia
de';hid ; and bj thfi principal bookfc-lltrs tfcrcugh
qui the United States.
* o * A . s rofpedn9 of the work may be fctn at
the place of fuhfeription.
f- pr -n 1 er I 3
r'HE jnderment'oned Certificates of Stock
of tnc Bank of the United States, viz.
No. July 1796, for ten (hires
in the nai;-.e of Charles Lavegrove of New-
No. »n*i—No. «sj»i, dne«t ift Ju'y.
1 for five ftiiret e»cl» ip -ihc nime, of
No. 11,80!—N 1. **Bo9, ilated iftjinuar),
1 "or. ii.r ten Ihirei e>ch, m'lha name «f
WiArt-.r.gmii, Merchant, London. .
Notice is bertfy gtvtn,
That application is amended to be made at
tin- laid Bank l»y the f,bfcrib«rs, frr areuewa'
of the fittnc, of which all p rlon« concerned
are req -ftfd ' • 'akr« tier
Vhibdelfhia, Jtily 30, 'BOO *
Twelve Shares
Of the Bank of the United States.,
X fO. »59.M to incluGve, in the nam oi
[N Thomas Mullrt: offend.>n, wrc forwarrl
.-1 -.bnu- th« 111 of Miy 1797. fro m New York,
I » thr faip ()»eida for Londo , which was cap
tur-d by the French, a.-trl taid 1 ertificatcs lotl 1
therefore applicsttiefl is made at th<*
fai It: k for the renewal of the famu, ot which
all jerions concerned are defiri-d to take noi ice.
Clement Didcuc.
rrmber .v. 1800
Phila! : Sept
VPERSOM pofliJlin.'i some-capital, a-confi
derible lhare of iitijufery, and desirous of
chfijcinp; i partner in a 1 craiive Imfmefti
rn.iy h ar of a StuatinH. All pr< pola's ou this
fttitje-l to be in writing, fralcl an rfire<sUd i
vi 7' ft. J New York, and left with the prjr.ter
ol 'Ue Gazette of the Uiiited States, will be ai
tended to.
''A Printer would find it to «u advinr.iEe y d't
OF abilities, integrity and experience ir.
nercamilc Kufinefs, would wiliitiply en-
an'CLERK to a merchant or public of
nr '-e rnnrerr ed witli any *• |» »« t, o» be hu an intcreftof about one thou.'and
piundi in re-.l estate in thecitr. Pleale to jp
ply t>> the Printer ; "r a line left at the office
l\>r IV Y. wiltbe attended toim- e liately.
V v»" dtt mEcth t f
ACI'RTIFICA E, No. 15519. da'ed ift Jan.
n'v i»gv, in lavour ol Robert 1 imifay, of
harle!; fliStiuth-CiT'ilma, for one (hare of tb
firick <il the Dank of the United States is loft—
of which will be applied for at the faiJ
August 7* wAtjm
A Young Man,
PH-JFnCfI.Y vcr&d in Merca»«ile aceouutt,
brought op in oat of ttw 4tfl eo*ntinjj
h-i'.-.rek in thi« -ity. Viflie' cnolvyairnt >• Clerk.
Me in 11 prffent tbfcni from Phiiidjlphi», but 1
Nr; -'r »t the Office of the Oi»eit« of the Unl
tcJ frill k(c!t«, tod it #uH be lume
di»*e)y »t«eftdod to. Sility • ftconiiry objeA
Kit motive. •
• ' . 'M
For Sale, or to Let,
In Cbcsnut Street,
N ar tlic corr. r o f Elcvnth street, at. present in
ths tenure of Mr. A M'Call—P ITelDon may hi
qviircj Apply to
Edward Shoemaker.
jepfirAer j 5
' "FOIt SAL E,
A Valuable and singularly eligible
»• . . :'• !'-'0 ~f two h»•) jr»:ne dsv
houl'.s, with itodliift stabling for ftve:> horses,
out ' t hhi < molt completely fitted up; a
'. '.r vilu-iM* parlti riclvy H.1e.l
witS choice fruit, iurrounded with lri<*h board
fence, aV"I ntw. The premises are beautifully
:t : uatoJ near the middle of Gcrm*ntowa # fur
r^M: '<'<• 'v ■' i rirh profp;vsU of the mljacent
c.v.r-ry ; an orchard cf about two acres, wick a
' > ••• m i ... •: . rhr; back of th" houie.
O-.c house h?.»Krrn recently built or at; appro
»e 1 plan; tie other haibeer completely r-pairril.
. air:** a-v'. papered, and contai'i ten rooms with
hi c! i v vu-.u-toom, titt -en leet by thirty-
Therrew hfu.'e is well calcu'ated for a (lore in
nther 'he dry or we- pood line.
v.. • t riv i! it, anil th< re -;rc
1 Particular' e.iqnirc of the Printer, or of
on.the j remises
b;.:.jamin Clark,
To No. -?6, Markit Stueet,
SpriflSt and Clocks : rc<»ld and (live
A'.itches : Tools, Files anc.l Materials; A<~e
nd v>'ik CWins, Seals and Keys ; Spiings,
Rer^irci 1 es ofual.
■Jt** i ■>:-» ■ - '
WuJkh S ton. September tjl, iSOI.
Public Notice is hereby Given,
In purfirime of an a3 of Congrrfs. pajfed on
the 23 d day of April, one thbvfind tight
hundred, en iiled " An aS to ejhibli/h a
Gen.ral 'tdmp-QJ/ice,''
TH AT a General Stamp Office it now
established at the feat of government, in the
city of WVhington, from whence there wilt
itTue, from and after the date hereof, (upon
the application of (he Sopervifors of ttu
Revenue, under whose management the
collection of the (lamp duties is place l) any
quantities of paper, parchment and vellum,
marked o: (tamped, and duly cuumer-ftamp
id, with the following rates of duty which
aiv demand*ble by law :
For rvv-ry skin or piece of vHnm or parchn-.ent.or
ftiect or piece o! paper, uprto which (hail br
written ct printed any or either of the iaftru
ments or writings following, to wit,
ADM. C. M.
NY certificate of naturalizati <n 5
Any licence tn pradUr.e,or certificate
of the n.drr.iffioil, enrollment or re
gillry o> any counsellor, Solicitor
Advocate atfc.itiev. or prii«Bor, in
any court of the United Sta ei 10
l-roindrd, that 1 certificate 111 any
one of tiit ct uru ti fle U ited States,
for any one of the said ffices, fh.ill
!'o far aa rentes to the } of the
duty afnrtfjfd, t>e a futnr.ient adroif
fion 111 j!!. the courts of the United
■States, for each and every of the said
office*. , ' •
Any gram oftJettirapatent.under th«
leal ut authority at flit United
Sures (except f<>r limit gnoted
for nirlitaiy 4
Vfly f *t®pliflc;iiun or crtlfied copy
(jf tiH'-Jibcfi ar> 1 t or !c:(cri patent
ltnd« granted for mili- *
ivy Vtyieca}. »
Any piety, bott' mcy or re
fpiWflWW hord t |
Any tic*h>trpdifi , l»«rj* fororonac- %P
togij us any legacy left by 107
mill or oihfi 1 [edwntntary inftru
meiK, or for fry fbare orprt of
a ptrfuml tflire, divided hy force
of My f)itniui(4iltrikiitiQi» »tWr
ihin lo(be*lfr, c«rldrcil nr (fMiid
children of thf pet/ t> diftifrJ, 'he
•rtioi.nt * hrrco fhill he abjve'the
va>p { fifty antJ frill not
exceed (Ik value of one hundred
dillar* »J
When the thereof ft ill **-
certl the
lar»,. ndlbalj ifjfxiccd flvt tmn
<lr«l •H.JtKir" - J°
An-', for fviry Turn of five .
llO|>drr(J| dj]ljr» t tfcc ajlfliti'tful
' frtpi at ' t
it ry iijftirsnce or iliflru
s >/iei\t in nilurc (!iere y t when the
fmn.fur%Mch irferame- i* aade
fiuil atft cscecii five huwdrcd dol
lar* •■■'•■• _ as
yVheurhtfum infuitd mill fxcew
flve % hiadr«dUioll*r« 1
Any txemp'ificaru>ti of wl it nature
fr>rrcT, thai (bill pa fa the fe»t of
. any eobrt, *«rFter than fuck »» it
niTki die duty of the clerk as
such court trvfiWrlJb fer the »fe of
the-Uiiitfil St«t«« t or fwoe parti- .
euiar tate' ' 5p
Amy bond, bit! finale or pentT, inlind
bill of («kl»2o, p'r.itDiOury
. aote or other octt(i*tker than l»iy
rfroghrtance, Ml, h 'orf -or othef /
obligation or coiiiratTt, marfe to or 1
with the United Statea, or any (
state, or for their pfe refpeQitrly ;
and any bobd* rctjuire l in any cafe
. b* the lawi p/ the t/nited titptc*, .
or of any flite, up n Irg l pToc<l»,
or in anv judicial proceeding
fnr iht.faithfvl performance of any
troft rr cjuty j '
If above (aunty dollar* and, not
orrblipi ana kiqidrtd dullwi 10
If one and not ex*
cce<Mnr five hundred dailara ij' .. .
' If ab<u*'lv*ltupHred Ut6 tw*t e*-
cwdinirone IhotifinAflol'ira- 50 - }
And it aboveone ■Hrflftd.
PrtvUtd.-ihit vn iMdt "♦ .
note* ftiU *<o9
Gxry: (l&y*, fucV booila (bait ' ' ' 1
the duty t/fweuii, Vi*. . "•v ' 4
It ab.iw twenty ana not exceeding.,
If ibnie ide liintf'd Manaitil Mt ■
, ciCMding Avehtiß dollar* to
If above fWr fiuniUt r dollar* and
no» eioted jjt'wie thob'and duMa. »o
|r ab»*ttan( dt'lUrt , .. ... w
Ar.y fpreigijMall pifcxchMitie,
t>r tfroer fctiepayeatnt of
"in any tb
• The nl4 .dirty' btfjpVicfcarjft-
upon ttck.ahd ettrjf bitf'of i*.
thtngt. wwioo't (Othe-iionf*
ber ei>nt»ifed in each Jirt i ■> '
Any lidinpar'wttiirijt •-
or r««pi It.nitore thereof", for
- (omlwu. iMitbaidiu tv be <*-
If fronf «rt <iirtria to'ancthcf Uif.
in (ft. fame (late
If ftofrfjfte UhitM «fate» k*viny f<s- , " * .
Spoo eath' and hill -ofia fJng';
tn the u".
4iinei »».each fet r r» 1 ■'<> "*
, Any -notea iffiiWl Sy the Kan ha n» -- 1 •
*liMWhri.Df lliat*b»yt»e
«AaWifl>e4> . the Doited > .
. w rh*o , t>ie y "
ftich ot thd Wfl "baMra xe-fkxlt *• f
'to aj .
oiie Mii»oal'di- k
Vidcndi made'V, ftitb t»
: HirU RA*h «eWlr«(f*<»ivelf, *C
cordrng totfc# Wlowitjj; scale: ,;
On all note* nor fcl-. )
Ut»Jore»cSiifllUrC'-i >. ,» 1
' t Qo jwiea d«#v» and. - < if
. r, «0< ucctdky •- .-/.fV 1
» OBiHnMe».ahor«*nk>im<lr*d «faK - i
lar» »nnix>te<Ctedinefl*cJma^ryd^vj },■ .
• iftHan.-.f T
Ofcilt A*t» a.' ■
1 lara 1,- ' i r "f
DdU. C. M.
ftriy protsft or r.olarial aft 15
Any letter of attorney, exc pt .'or
an inva : ;(l p. nfion.or to o'vain vr
felt warrants for Unci grants J by
the United States as tjmiuty for
military fervicts performed in the
J 5
Ar-y ir.Trti'ory cr rf any 'ur
nirure. jr- *ds or ''iF-ils. made in any
c«f<3 ay x'"*■£>' jn c if; i
of g"Oi'.f chattels ■ i 'i vrtci for
tu B ofanv Vg : -! pr<>reft f>y ai-y officer 50
Any cmi<<cacc« ' f a ilnre ill any ijdu
ranee enmpary of a fhar.-* in the Kink
of the TJhitc-d Statc-3 ; or of any fcutc
or other bank ;
If above rwf i;ry dollar* anr'. r.ot exceed
ing oneMir dred dollars 10
if above one hundred dollars 25
If under twenty dollars, at the ra*e of
ten cents tur one hundred dollars.
That the power of the fupervifirs of the
Revenue to mark or ft,imp anv vellum,
pnrchmer.t or paper chargeabla with duty,
will ce ife and determine from and after fix. from the date hereof, to wit, 011 the
lad d:iy of February 1801.
That, if any persons (hall, after the kftl
day of Frbrnary have in their caiftody 1
i or poir.flion, any vellum, parchment or pa
per, marked or damped by the l'uper»iforsrf
the Revenue, upOti which any matter or
thing, chafgfd with duty, shall not have
>een written or printed, they may at any
time •tvitbin tie space of sixty days after
the said last day of February 1801, bring
or fei d such vellum, parchment and paper,
un'o I m- office of infpeclion, and in
thereof, receive a like quantity or value o{
veHum, parchment and paper, duly (lamped
in pursuance of the a£t herein before recited.
And in cafe any person Ihall ncgleft or re
fufe, within the time afocrlaid, t 1 bring or
cause to be brought unto some officer of m
fpecVion, any fui h Valium, parchment or pa
per, it is hereby declared, that the lame will
thereafter be of no other efTeft or use, than
•f it h d never been marked or (lamped, and
that all matters atid things, which may af
ter that time be written or printed upon any
vi llul, parchment or paper, authorized to be
•xclnnged in manner aforefaid, will be of 110
• other effort,' than if they had been written
or printed on paper, parchment or vallum,
not marked or damped.
And ftf the convenience of those persons
-vho m y F>e inclined to' have their own vel
lum, parchment and piper (lamped t>r mark
ed, it is herein' pecUred, that when any per
foft lhall depbfit' any vellum, pa-climent or
paper at the office f a lu; ervilor, accompj
nied with a lift, fp> c the number and
len"niina.tiou ot' the lumps or mark-, which
a defiicd to be thereto affixed, the fame
ill be transmitted to the General
Oftic", find there properly marked or stamped,
aid forthwith sent back to the I'.me fup-r
---vifor, who will thereupon colletS the duties
.>nd deliver jbe paper, parchment or vellum,
to the order ef the person from whom the
fame was received.
Given under my Hand, and the Seal
(L. 5.) of thr Treafmy, at Wsfhing
ton. the day «nd year above men
> f-ptroiber iq.
Houses to Let:
ONE large cotiven ent three-dory Brick
Dwelling House, with f>ur rooms ox a
floor, aud iwo Kitchens ; there is a pump
»f water, and a rain wattr cittern n the
Yird ; fitua:e on the east Tide of Fourth -
Street, one door above Race Strctt, lately
occupied by* Solomon Moroche.
A convenient Three Story
brick house,
Next door, but one, north of the above,
No. 57. — It has a Pump and C'fb'rn in
the yard', See. For terms apply at No. 116
August 4. Sep. 16 m&wtf
Fifty Dollars Reward.
RAN-AVVAY from Gen, Ridgely of Oalti
more, on the 10th inft. a coloured
segro ",an, who calls himft'.f WILLIAM
Mc. DONALD : He is about 14 age,
about 5 feet 8 inches high, neat in hisdrefs, and
has a good fait of hair, llid on, he
went away, a good beaver hat, a short light
greeß cloth coat, edgc»i with yellow, and yel- !
iow gilt buttons —a light buff caffimer, double
breasted waillcoat, a pair < f dark.'olive colour
ed thickfett pantaloons —a white linen (hirt,
white ribbed cotton neckings, and a good pair
of ihoes with Wrings. He took with him a
dark blue coat, a pair of olive caffimer panta
loons, and a light cwrduroy pair of breeches ;
alf~> a gnld or pinchbeck watch, with a steel j
chain. He isfond of fpiritous liquors, is inso
lent, has a stupid lank, a«id chews tobacco. —
He was bred in Charles couu'y, Maryland, and
purchased of col. John Thomas by gen. Kidge
ley. Whoever apprehends said negro,, and le
cures him in any jail so that the owner may
gst him again, shall receive the above reward,
with reafnoable charges if brought heme, or de
livered to Jofhui B. Bond, Philadelphia,
may t dtf
•* «dvotf, bT l«nf• llwßw,'** *r
180?. fo>6i *hii . Srtrtr
oim; -*U ter&f *N»trt4'"A| <WA»*»
t» tbe •& W
'2 ".',,T^v£?'
>Yf, »*»_.:. £,..' ■■/£'
- ■'?
Secretary of the Treafuvy.
,-, 99 ; n j I i.ANLASTEIi SV/tGJiS.
iaid thrr MpHE Proprietors nf the Philadelphia and Lan
• the fame I JL carter line wfStnges P.iSV \TCH,t«turn their
er ■• f said ' grateful thinks to thrir friends and the public in
■ith» from j general, for the pall fav(>"« tscy have received,and
according inform them that in ad.'ition to the reg»!»r i,ir.e,
'erl, Will ; they arc provide.! with Carriages.sober andcareful
:onnty. ! drivers, to go through between the City and
iflioiierS of travailing csn he accommodated at the Statu
Slougby Downing, IJ" Co.
d 90'. 30. 2t—f •
Just arrived.
Pkh Thf.
Brig Perseverance,
Mi% William Bell's Wharf.
80 hhds. Antigua and St. Kltts Rum and
10 ditto Coffee
No. 4, South Water Sleet.
O&obcr 8. dtf
On Weclnefday,
THE 15th day thi» present month of O&o
---ber, at to o'ck>ck in the fnwaoon, at Rofs
and Sitnpfon'sftore*, on the wharf between Wal
nut ttrp-et and the Drawbri«.!ge, in the city of Phi
ladelphia, will befol! by public audio!)—
One hundred andJixly nine bales of
East India Goods,
Here imported m the (hip ATL ANTIC,
Captain William Waters from Cal
cutta and Madras, to wit :
281} pieces of Burbhoom* Gurrahs
1700 pieces of Mamoodies
\470 pieces of Fhoolpheor Copas
400 pieces of Hurial Hummums
500 pieces of Dacca Baftas
lop pieces of Bonnahead Mamoodies
600 pieces of Jalapoer Sawns
70 pieces of Sfuidta Cofias
136 pieces of Nemdercunna Nanfooks
2CO pieces of Mympfawliy Goffas
IS 10 pieces of Kern ah red loth#
500 pieces of Collapatty Baftas
469 pieces of Chittabitty ditto
457 pieces of Lukcypoors
53 1 pieces of Hinial CofTas
a? 4 pieces of Blue CofTas
ces of Blue Gurrahs
264 pieces of Oafhmiri CofTas
100 pieces of Kieraba ] Guzzenahs
17 pieces cf Mulmulls
'Jfer P'ecc* of
MBfcpieces cf Dauamuflins
|f pieces of Chmducoma Handkerchiefs
of >
piurt of SiK fdlicu Hodkndiib. <.*,
tco pi»ce* of B«wHn» 4itf«~v 3'" 4.
to)s piccu gf MUW Oiil|liiw. : • ' ■?
IC6 plot* «f Nickaactt* .-.V .
40 pieces of Long Ctaths
480 pieces of Madras Handkerchiefs
OF which the particulars will be publiflied in
handbiils md the fi!es>e continued daily ur.tii the
who'i? are fold. The said good- will beYold for
approved notes, at two, thr e and four mon:h*
CLEMENT BIDDLE, } Agmisfir the E. Ik"
THO -AS M 1 i- URN, din Company of JV.
\* The go'da may be viewed fer fix days be
fore the laic, Vy applying: to
JOHN CONNELLY, Auctioneer.
O£)o' r 3. drS
Indian Queen.
THE Subscriber begs leave to inform the
Public that he has taken that well-known
liiD. the INDIAN QUEEN, lately kepp
bv Mr James Thompson, deceased, and
folicitt the# patronage as well as the pa'.-
ronage of those Gemleman who were ac
customed to Rive it their ftipport. alTuring
them that it (hall be ccnduttedon the fstnc
liberal pkn which charafterifed it when
u id<-i' the I'Liperintendance ot his predecessor.
The house hns und-i-joiie a thorough repair,
and it would be needltfs to observe to those
w! >1 know them, t! at the !><.b!e3 aie, in l'pa
cioufi'efs and convenience, unequalled ill
Philadelphia, and the best prevonder and at
tendance are always provided for horses, by
the Public's obedient f-rvaut.
OcV bcr i. §
TI-yj pubnc are lirrcW informed. that the Bal
timore will future fl art from the In
ixcept at 7 o'clock, and will arrive at
Peck's Tavern, Baltimore, the next dayat 8 o'clock
' a»<J the Stages to New York, will Hart every day
N. li —A !>ook is kept open at Mr, Ely Chan
dMtsFrankiir. Head,where feats may alio be ta
lP"-r * _
German I\edemptioners.
NINETEEN rem ::r.3 f 'hose, who cmtn* !n the
fliip Anna from Hamburgh, and are willing
Who have on Hand,
Remaining of fete importations, and which are of-.
ferftd on r'ra'or aide and the ufusi credit, «
33 cases Eftopillas,
Forming a coaipleat slTortmept ot Uni, Raye
33 csfes ca(Tcril!(v»s
5 tafea boccadillos
a Ciles quadruple filefias
I c;• f« fupsrfine dowl as
4 caf> c coutilfi and i
a cases fuperfine Klbeneld checks
3 c.ilcs s ed panhet 1
I cafe Flar-cierabed.'ticks, $-4 : ... ;' <• ;
io cases coffee mills, Nos. 00, to No. 6, as
serted '
i cis c Scyfhei
5 cales ol double flint cut Decanters quart and
I cafe gill turn! 'ers, and I cafe of Travelling
, ■ >,. - '
■ ■<*>
f*. f.
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