Gazette of the United States, & daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1800-1801, October 10, 1800, Image 3

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    Gazette of the United States
Married lalt evening by tW Right
Rev. Bifllop White, Mr. Samufl Rflf,
one of the Editoie ef the " Philadelphia
Gazette,'' to Miss S*R,AU Povntm.l,
daughter of Mr. William Poyntell, all
of this city.
Meeting House in Pine flreet, Mr. Ja ■e3
Wills Clement, meVchant to Miss Hannah
'Coats, daughter ot Mr. Samuel Coats, of
this city-
the Rev. D. Armitrong, Mr. Joshua Allen,
Merchant of this city, to Miss Ann Moore,
of that place.
For tlie 24 Tiotirs preceding Wedtief lay
morning-, there were 14 deaths in Baltimore.
Total numbrr in the hcfpital tick
with the prevailing dilcale, 36
Conv ilefcents, 16
Discharged cured, 5
Some of the inhabitants hiving bepnn to
remove into Baltimore, the Board of Health
hare cautioned them against being in too
great hade, atld'obfervi*, that fom- few ca
ses of the Fever occur daily.
A letter from Charleston, S. C. received
in Boflon,dated the 14th lilt, (one day later
than the report of an infurre£\ion having ta
ken place there) is perfectly fileut upon that
fubjeft ; it contains howevrr the following
pleasing extraft : " We have (unexpe&edly)
pood news from Georgia, it is pretty certain
Mr. Jefferlon will not get the votes from
that (late ; this is not
solid foundation—in this liate lam
Vre {hall do justice to the federal cau
A letter from Plymouth to a gentleman
in Boston, fays, " Arrived this evening,
fchr Sally Barrlet, from Dominica. Capt.
B. confirms the New-York account of the
French having taken CUi< RACO A, and
M/VSSACREING the Americans, parti
cularly Capt. Hitler, of the Pickering, his
officers and crew."
of a letter from Ifamfmrgb, dated
siugvtt ij.
" Every drip paffiDg Altona is new board
ed by a DanHh officer. Two days apo an
English ship was hailed, and returning an
insolent answer, the mate and another per
son were taken out and flogged so severely
that the mate's li'e is defpaiied of. The
merchant# at Altona tyjfve voluntarily em
bargoed theii vessels till the present aifpute
with England is adjuded."
A Circuit Court, for the county of Fay
ette, before the Honorable Joseph l'-atet,
and Honorable Thomas Smi'h, Esquires,
Judges of the Supreme Court will be "held
on Mopday the 13th inttant. in the borough
of Unipn.
From tie Boston Commercial Gazette.
IT seems to be the lot of our Indepen
dence that the French never will let 11s alone
to exercise and enjoy it. They tampered
with old DoOor Franklin, and coaxed and
wheedled him till they got him willing to
accept a.scrap of it for the country —a little
dirty scrap, for the terms would have been
such as to keep us poor and dependent on
France, It was her fly policy to let Britain
hold the Western Territory, as would
keep the United States . fraid of thk Englifl),
and often at logger-heads with them. We
were to be denied thr fiflwry, that River mine
of New-England, where every Cod-Fifli
swims with half a piftareen in his mouth,
that nnrfery of seamen, our naval militia,
that is delliped to d:ftnd our commerce a
gainfl either France or Britain. '1
patriots Jay and Adjms, whom ntMijjfflLt
tery nor gold couUi buv, fpiirned at
and infilled on independence absolute and
unlimited firft, and then on the Western
Territory and the Filberies. They pievail-
Ed ; but France law ia our'weaknefs and dif.
IcntioTis after the peace, the means of m-i
---king us her" colonics. Accordingly, flit- fx.
merited by her en iffirif s, (of whom (he had
some penl'ioned in the town of Boftori) all the
discontents that the conl'ufions and diftreflrs
of the war so naturally left to ferment in the
firft period of peace. It is known that the
Fprnch Mi/iifter made the molt he could of
ths clamour about the cemnuiutKjn to the
army, and that he was even heard to fay,
that certain members of the old Congrels
■who voted for it, would be turned out. and
that certain persons would be their succes
sors. So Lll fail it happened.
It is also renaari.abk that vvbea our many
fufferings and fears led the people to adopt
the new Conftitntion, every Frenchman, and
and every .man in any connexion with or
dependence on the French agenta in this
country was anti-federal - If the French
monarchy had stood, it would have manifeft
ed the fame spirit with the Republic; to
m ddle with onr politics, though it is pro-
bablf the forms of decency would have been
rstihcr more carefully . obfer»ed, But it
jl the chara&er/ the ilitereft, & ur.chtng ng
policy of Franc;, to attempt to acquire
prd to exercise a controiing influence in our
affairs- Our wtaknefs, oar animofi'ties a
gainst G. Britain, and our divilions and
parties, afforded to her " diplomatic flail,"
the temptations and the means to effctt this
design, No matter who rules in France,
whether kl'n? or mob, it is alike her plan
and her pursuit to flir up a faction here, and
so raise that fa&ion up to controul the
the gqvcrnment. Thus (he exptfls to
-.•"ouiid and weaken Great Britain in ber
trade, thuj she e'xpe&s td procure fiippUcs
and prote&ion to the ever defencelefs
French l(land3. Accoidingly, Genet came
here with war inftruftiona in his pocket, and
lyng proteftalion of peace on his lips.
When coaxing & blustering ar.d stirring up
mobs in all our fta-poris. had with
an unexpefted bad fucc fs, Mr. Adet pub
pubiifhcd his bl'inderbus note full ot fophi
ftry,-liea and impudence on the very week
before eLetion of electors in Philadelphia
Then it wnsfaid by all the jac obins, and
by many who have been heartily ashamed
i: si' ce. that France was displeased with us
on account of the Britifil treaiy, and that
we must chufen a Prcfidcnt whowo.uid have
an influence with the Direflory, and who
would be a-Iil:- to avert a war.
ihametul as these ideas are, they worked
like hidden poisons, and certainly turned
feme hundreds of votes to the Jacebin tick
et. Some hundreds more were gained by
openly marching a labble of Frenchmen,
faiiors and wretches without property, prin
ciple or country, to the Fleftion ground in
the Liberties of Philadelphia. This was
done while the French fhg waved over the
shabby procefiiou- It is well known that
the election in Pennsylvania was turned a -
gainst the federalilts by a few hundreds on
ly Thus in fa£t France very nearly chose a
President, or as the 15 votes of that state
would have prevented Mr. Adams fiom b«-
ingchofen, had not luckily one in Virginia
and ose in North Carolina unexpeftedly
turned the scale, and saved the coun
Now it seems that the fame game is be
lieved by the fly Trlleyrand to be worth
playing over again, and with better (kill and
more caution, to the blunders of the
lad. It is for that reason, we are told that
the negociation is broken of on acccount of
the British treaty, at d this was intended to
be announced here at the very crilis of the
It is cunning, but it is detested cunning,
thus to time, and thus to frame the reasons
for breaking oft the negotiation. It is evi
dent King Buonaparte thinks it wiser tobef
tow his real friendfhip on a Jacobin Chief,
thai on President Adams. It is evident
that he expelts a state of hostility will work
the desired change in the chief magistracy
of the U.iited States. It is equally clear
that he calculates that it is cheaper too, to
wait till we also have a Firfi Canjulon the
4th March next, than to negotiate and pro
mise compensation lor captures, as if a Ja
cobin President (hould then come in France
can have no need to make even promises,
light as (he makes them, to pay money or
redress our injuries. So far from obligating
herfelf to pay a farthing, Ihe rather expedts
the Chief Consul of the American Repub
lique, one, free, indivifiblc, (though divi
ded) and dependant line her Cisalpine Af
ter, would nominate in March next, and
before the end of March would fend Citi
zen Munroe on a new million, to allure
King Equality, that we consider the fa
crifices we make with France, as made for
the cause of liberty, as part payment of the
debt of gratitude, and a proof, as well a? a
new cement of the aflfeftionate ties that bind
us to our filler France. This is only fayirg
over again Mun oe's very wordfc. And Bu
onaparte will reply as befote, that Citizen
Munroe carried with him when he left Pa
ris, the regret of that nation, and that he
scorns to speak of our government, altho*
he repeats Barras's tender prcfeflions »f re
gard for the American people. Then the
Citizen could offer to make loans to France
for the cause of liberty.
After a retrofpeft of the frandal us fafls,
is it incredible that in cafe of a Jacobin
Prelidency such would he the million, and
fu h the envoy His stile and sentiments
are too remarkable to be forgotton.
What then has (his nation to do. but to
afle.'tthat Independence which has been so
inceflantly fifturbed and usurped by France,
and to convince her, that her favor 19 fatal
in the opinion of our citizens to any candi
date. Let the people mark the men who
are tools to her, let none such be Ele&-
Far the Gazette of tie United States.
.Dot's/?, September 19, 1800.
AS your paper has a more exten
(ive ciicuUtion through this State, than any
other, I wish to contradift a Jacokin lye
which is gaining ground. They fay, that,
the MathodilU who form a very large pro
pot lion for the Federal interest of Kent coun
ty, intend to drop the Honourable James A.
Bayard at the next elc&ion. I can with
boldness contradift the mifebievious and
ill-founded untruth, and fay, that, t.lere is
not twenty voters, of that society, in the
county, who will not fnpport him with all
their influence. The following is the Me
thodift Ticket.
Kent County.
Fiicnds to Washington's Policy.
Rcprtfenialivc to Congress.
Janata A. Bayard
James Sykes.
Henry Mollefton
Manlove Emerlon.
George Cummins.
William Sorden
Stephen Lewis
William Warner.
Levy Court Commissioners.
Ebenezav D. C. H.
J.ifoh Stout, L. C. H.
Jonathan Hunn, M. H.
Richard Harrington
William Needles
Gazette Marine Lift,
Arrived, Days
Ship Miflouri, Lark Liverpool 49
Dry poods, D W. Coxe.
Schr Hen», Growell Boston 9
Fish. Oil &c.—J. Duffield. ,
oloop Sally, Denyke Richmond 6
Coal, &c.
Sliijp UlyfTes, Mugfo.rd, Calcutta, via
[Salem 6
Rice, goods, &c;—j. Stille, jnnr.
Brig Sally, Logan, Cadiz 48
[Ballad-William Bell
Schr. Dolphin, Burrard, Dfghton 6
[Barley—io Captain
Sloop Swallow, RufTel, Boston 10
[Rum, fifh, &c.—to
Ship 1 hortias Wilson, Gtiinn, Liver-
1 [pool 70
Dry goods, &c —Shoemaker St Berrett
The frigate Cnsftellation, Captain Mur
ray, failed from Havanna the 13th of Sep
tember, having under convoy a fleet of 20
fail, among therrl were a (hip, a brig and a
fchouncr bound for Philadelphia, tl e for
mer of which is the Galen, Smith, and the
names of the letter are unknown.
yTwo fchr'a. pamts unknown, afliore
near Cape May.
Captain Guinn informs that he failed from
Liverpool the 31ft July. On the 4th Au
gust. in latitude 49, 30, N. longitude 13,
00. W. spoke (hip America from Philadel.
phia for London, all well. August 17, lat
itude 49, 10, N. Jongitude 16, 10, W.
spoke (hip Atlantic of Philadelphia, from
Baltimore for Amsterdam, out forty days.
On the 18th, in latitude 49, 00, N. longi
tude 17, 38, W. spoke brig Experiment
of Philadelphia, for Liverpool. On the
25th, latitude 47, 24, N. longitude 27,
14, W. fpnke the (liip Jacob, of and for
Wifcaflet, from Liverpool, out fifteen days.
September >6, spoke and was boarded by
the brig Susannah, thirty.two days from
London, for Philadelphia, 'hen in latitude
4©,. 8, N longitudeso, 10, W. had loft
th« head of tier fpremaft. On the 23d ult.
longitude 61; 00, W. spoke the (hip Fan
ny of Newburyport. from Boston, bound
to St. Sebastians. and on tie 29th Septem
ber, in latitude 38, 64, N. longitude 68,
40, W. spoke the William and john, from
Baltimore bound to Hamburg, out three
The frigate Congelation, capt. Murray,
from a cruise arrived at Bombay Hook, on
Wednesday evening last,
NEW-YORK, Oftober 9.
Brig Eujle, M'Kie, New-Providence
Schr. Swan, Snilli Liverpool N. S.
Brig Diadema, Syn>e», arrived at Montego
Bay in a I days from this port.
BOSTON, Oaober 3.
Arrived, fchr. George, Burroughs, 37
days from Bilbos
Schr. Conclusion, Sargent, Lilbon, 43
Oftober 4.
Arrived ship William and Jane, Little, 43
days Liverpool.
Capt. Abbot, of the Judith, saw fevera!
wrecks bottom upwarJs, but coitld not find
out their names.
The brig Abigail, capt. Gove, or. the
lßth nf August last foundered off the coast
of Ireland in a violent gale of wind the crew
and pallengers, amounting to 36, fix only
were saved*
Arrived, fchr. Friendlfeip, Gage, Rich
mond ; Deborah, Luty, Chatleflon ; Hope,
Howl-nd, Wilmington ; Favorite, Gross,
do. Polly, Lunt, Alexandria • Jenny Derby,
Philadelphia ; Mary, C.i'ttle, Savannah.
Cleared, fcl\r. Lively, Marble, Philadrl-.
phia ; Harmony, Prentifs, Cluult:lion.
SALEM, September 30.
Arrived, (hip Ulyfles Captain M fguard,
from Calcutta, In the longitude of 62,
00, W. and latitude 36, 00, N. fell in with
a double decked brig, bottom up, Iheathed
with copper,with yellow fides,freth painted,
and apparently lately upset.
October a, arrived, brig Good Hope,
Thorndike, Petersburg. Left there ihe
(hip George and Mary, of Newport, and a
{hip belonging to Boston, just arrived.
Sailed from Elfinenr on the 3d of August,
in co. with the (hip George, Salter, of
Portsmouth. September 1, in a heavy
gale of wi»d, carried away her main top
mad. September 10, in a heavy gale of
wind, (hipped a sea and loft both boats.—
September 26, spoke a brig from St. Übes,
to Portsmouth. September 40, spoke a
brig from Trinadad, to Wifcaffet.
Arrived, brig Mars, Cook, twenty-feveu
days Havanna.
Schooner Willard, JJ days Havanna.
_,eft there the fhip3 America, Webb ; Fan-.
Ny, Lindfay, and brig Rofaona, Oiborne,'
of tliis port.
Schooner Freedom, Fabens, from Balti
Schooner Polly, Snow, from Alexan
NORFOLK, September j.
Arrived in Hampton Rhpads, ship Indu
stry, Vickery, j2 days Liverpool, to City-
Also, brig Antelope,. Keown, 52 days
Londonderry, with tjo passengers, to Alex
Z ■ rs *
I M# O R TE D,
tn the Waters, from
Calcutta and Madras,
And for sale by the subscriber,
A great variety of articles mostly suitabl e
for exportation,
Neckantes i
Soot R 6 mats
Salem poores
Ventapolams »
Ditto Handkercniefii.
2000 bags prime Sugar, .
Hyson and Souchong Tea,
No. 80, Dock street.
oilober 10 niwf tf
Marshal's Sales.
Unlted States
Pennsylvania District^
PURSUANT to a decree of the DilriS Cour'
of the United States, for the Pensfylvania
Diftrift, will be fold at the merchants' coffee house
on Friday th« 10th instant, at 7 o'clock in the
evening, the following articles, being the remain
ing part of the ippurtenances belonging to the
armed French fchooncrl/Aigle, condemned in said
court as prize, Sec. viz.
I anchor
8 cartridge boxes
Xl powdef hora»
9 time glafles
47 cutlasses
4« piilols
44 mulkets
II cutteans
JOHN HALL, Marjhal
MarjhaPs-Office, )
ofto. ID, 1800. )
Pennsylvania District,\ '
PURSUANT re the directions of the Honorable
Benjamin Stoddard, Secretary of the Navy,
will be cxpofed to piiblic sale, at the
coflee the city of Philadelphia, on Mon
day the 19th dty of O&ober instant, at 7 o'clock
in the evening,
jTTl—i The two French schooners called
Npw lying at Brown's wharf,
•" " Together with all and Angular their
tackle, apparel and appurrenances.
JOHN HALL, Marshal.
Marshall's Office, ?
Philadelphia, 080. 10, 1800$ mwf tS
Saw Manufactory.
No. 10 south Fifth Oreet,
Manufactures mill, cross cut and pitt
saws, equal in quality, appearance and H.ape
to any ever imported; which i<t fella wholcfale
at the followingp_rjce>—6 fe£t mill saws i J-» dol
lar eacHT; crort-cul ao v do,
60 cent! per foot.
Wood-Cutters c*f! fleet saws, and every other
kind, made to any particular direction.
o&ober 10 mwf rm
A white Spaniel DOG, mirked with large liver
coloured fpoti, large ears and ftiort, and
answer« to the name el Carlo. Two dollars re
ward will be given,if returned to No. 39, north
Front i;re«t, or if 6olen,Ten Dollars for Thief and
o&ober 10 d3t
At a County Court of Common
Held at Union T-wn. for th." county of Fayette,
the second Monday of September, in the
■C" O year of our Lord one thousand eight
{Seal) ( lu , M j re< i j before the Honorable Aleian
der Addifon, lifquire, Prefidsnt, and
his affeciate Judges of the fame court,
ON the petition of John Bart'ett, an Insolvent
Debtor, prayirg the benefit of the aft of Ge
neral AfTembly tor the relief of Infolveut Debtor*,
the Court appoints the second Monday of Decem
ber next to hear the petitioner and his creditors,
and orders that notice thereof be publifbed three
fuccefTive weeks in the United States Gazette in
Philadelphia, in some daily paper in Baltimore —
in a Lexington paper, Kentucky, and in the Fay
ette Gazetta, the iaft publication in each, to be at
lead four weeks before the day of hearing.
ir , <
By the Court,
Odober 10. djw,
FOR apprehending and bringing to
the city of New-York, Nathaniel Ol
cott, late of the said ci y, Br< ker, who is
charged on oath with felonioufly, fraudu
lently and by falfe pretences, taking from
th: Bank of New-York, large fuma of mo
ney It is supposed that he has a large
sum of Bank notes now in his pofleflisn,
which any perfqn apprehending him is par
ticularly desired to secure, with all his pa
Nathaniel Olcott, is about five feet
ten inches high, has dark hazel «yes, and
dark hair, which he generally wears turned
up behind, has rather a down look—is (lout
built and straight—rather red about the
noft'ils, in of taking fnuff—
he is from 25 to 30 years old—had on a
dark great coat and a light coat underneath.
Any information given to the Caihier of
the Bank rela ive to the said Nathaniel Ol
cott, will be thankfully received and reward
Printers throughout the United
Staus ar requeftcd to reprint the above- j
New-York, OA, 9. if-
Loft or Stolen,
2000 Dollars Reward,
And ail charges and paid.
Cafhr. b. A. t.
notiC E '
To the Pilots of the Bay and
River Delawar#.
THAT agreeably to Directions of the
B ;ard of Health that they " bring the veffej#
to, which they may have ch rge of, before
the Lazaretto, after the firft o.f next month
as heretofore, until otherwise directed.
Nathan falconer.
Matter Warden of the Port.of Philadelphia
Warden's Office, Sept. 12, 1800.
Three Cents Reward.
D UN away from the Subscriber on the evening
of the »?th inft. 2 bound Servant GIRI.i
named Elizabeth Howcfcel, had on snd took with
her three different change of garment and money,
proud, Ijold and impudent, a noted Jyar ; any p«r
fon apprehending her {hali be entitled to the above
reward->-no co?s or charges will be paid. -
N: B, She had % years and some months to serve
Goflien TowElhip, Chefier County, Jsly 19
august 6 jawtf
. . F6r Salej r
Tie Unexpired TIME of a BLACK BOY.-
i \X7HO haj three year* ami fire BtCKha
• V' .frrTe; l»e h lober, h«aeft, a goo4«if.
*r,«rd underfUadi taking care of horfict.ilr*.
qaire u Nq. 60, Dock Oreet. . '
T»'r n>.. ... ■■■
To Printers.
The follswing MATERIALS will be Told
reasonable if app'.ed for immediately.
3 Founts Long-Primer (partlv w.orn)
1 ditto Small-Pica ou Pica body-,
2 ditto Pica,
1 ditto English,
2 ditto Brevier,
i ditto Burgeois,
Several pair of Chafe?!, seVeral composing
(lids, frames and galleys, foroe brass ryles,
Ouotntions, &c. &c. &c: all of the above
will be fold veiy reasonable for Call).
September 8. . _
Taunton \
of an excellent quality,
Per We Amity, from Bristol,
By John Alien,
If a. 122, Spruce
Who has also on hand,
Bristol Patent Sail Clath,
No. i to 8.
feptember 22
Modern Europe.
The public are refpe&fully informed that tbc
First *Olume of the above Work is printed and
will be imniedutly delivered to the lubfcribers.
Those Gentlemen who have exprefled a .wiflj
to fee the manner in which it is executed before
they*becom« fubferibers, are requested to call at
W. Y. BIRCH'* No. 17, south Second-ifreet.
It is prefumsd that on comparison it will be
found superior to the London copy.
300 Dollars Reward.
LAST Saturday night my fliop in Water
ftreet was opened by a falfe key, and sun
dry articles of Jewellery, to the amount of
ten or twelve hundred dollars, were carried off.
Among them were,
Two marrow spoons marked " Worrock
Likenefles of Mr James Robertfon and wife, of
Petersburg—one do. of a Mr. King —one do.
of Mr John Trimble, late of this town, the
back set with a large blue giafs arid a fmallef
in the centre, under which was a plait of hair
laid ft rait, with J. T. in a cypher worked in
pearl. Together with a number of fancy pie.
ce», painted by Sully, which cannot now be
recollected : 5 Boatl'waiu's Calls ftarapod
' Warrock.'
The following Watches:
I Gold watch, maker's name Provan, Paris
i silver da. Thomas Green, Liverpool 7703
1 do do. George Bifield, London, 13,500
1 gold do. French, no name
1 do. do. John Ryland, London, 4331
j 1 fiirer d ). French, no name
1 do. do. John Bull, Lowdon, 744
1 gold do. Rodart, Paris
1 silver do. Joseph Kemfcer Shaw
I do. do. J. Darlington, London
1 do. do. No. 9861
I gilt do. G. M. Mc/calf, London, 4196 ,
1 silver do. Genrge Hafwood, London, 1906
1 do. do. J.Smith, London, aii
| 1 double cafe gilt watch, R. Oiburn, Rich
mond, 8764
ico Dollars will be given for the restoration
of the jewellery, or ico dollars if the thief or
thieves are also fecurci.
Mr. Benjamin Morris, the owner of the
Watches which were taken at the fame time»
will also give 100 dollars fer them.
July 19
0" The Printers at Peterlbure, Richmond,
Alexandria—Baltimore —Charlefton —and o
thers, are requested to infcrt the above for a
ew times.
0- The Editor wishes to contrast
for a constant supply of Super-Royal
wanted annually will be about one thousand
reams. Any person disposed to contrail,
by calling at the office will learn further
September 3.
Notice to Creditors.
0 TAKE Notice that 1 ha»e applied to the
Judges of the Court of Co:nirnn flea?, for the City
and County of Philadslphia, for the brnefits ot the
several afls of this Commonwealth; ar d they have
i appointed Monday,the 6thof too'clock
i A. M. at the Court House, to hear rae and my
Creditof3, at which time and place they may at
tend if thsy think proper
T .. .Ci .ataw
r . •>*
4 V ♦