Gazette of the United States, & daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1800-1801, September 03, 1800, Image 1

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' |U ) ■ i.
-lsTqn» ; .1 "fJ 1 Sfc
•jrf; Lt ' j . J't /■ j
y. M j •„
* i r
* • I 'l
Numbpm 2476 1
- to-1 tirw I im
►H7* Tie price of this Gazette is Eight
DolLjns per annum to Subscribers residing
'it t/'E city of Fbiliidilfibia. All others pay
•tt Dollar additional, for enclosing arid di
re r ting- ; and unless-tome person in this city
will become answerable for tbe subserijdion,
it must be paid Six Months in Advance.
*„* No Subscription will be received for
a shorter term than six months.
December i J 799-
Fr*m Stpkmhr i—to Stffmt* 9.
high water.
'M«n Jty
Tuts !ay
Neatly executed at the Office of the
Gazette of the United States.
Cards—Blanks of ail kinds,
&c. &.C.
WiH ' e prSi-.ted at the
Shortest Notice.
august 23.
, T
Trade interdi&ed with Baltimore,at
well,as Norfolk.
8/■> no )ist t 1800.
WHEREAS the Board of Health
have received information that
a contagious dil'eafe, dangerous to the
community, now exists in NORFOLK,
(Virginia,) and also the CITY OF BAL
TIMORE, being, as is represented to
us, equally sickly.
Whereupon Resolved, with the as
sent and approbation of the Mayoj-, that
all vellels from thence, bound to the
Port of Philadelphia, bring too at the
Lazaretto, to receive a visit from the
Resident Physician, and there wait the
determination of the Board.
And further, that noperfon (or goods
capable of retaining infection) from
permitted to come to the City or Coun
ty of Philadelphia, until they produce a
fatisfactory certificate of their being at
least 15 days in a healthy state, from
thence, under the PENALTY OF FIVE
HUNDRED DOLLARS, agreeable to
the 7th 'fe&ion of the Health Law, half
of which will be paid to the informer
on convittion. All proprietors of Sta
ges, both by land and water, are dsfired
to govern themselves accordingly.
By order of the Board,
Peter Kf.yser, Secretary.
CJ* The Printers generally are request
ed to give this a place in their papers as
often as convenient.
Of the Pittsburgh Glass Works,
HAVING procured a fufsci»nt number oi
themoft approved European Glals iV.anu
fcfhirers, anil having on hai>d a large Dock of
the 1 elt Materials, 011 which their workmen arc
now employed, have the pleasure of alluring
the public, that window glaf? of a fupei inr qua
lity and of any size, from 7 l>y 9, to 18 by 24
inches, carefully packed in boxes containing
lo" feet ea h, rnay be had at the lhorieft notice
Gtafs of larger sizes fcr other purposes, may
a!f» be had, such as tor phSluro, coach glares,
clock faces, Vc. Battles of ail kinds and of any
quantity may also be had, together With pocket
stalks, picklmpjars, apothecary's shop furniture,
Brother hollow ware—the whole at lea lk 15 pei
c#nt. lower than articles of The fame quality
brought from any of the lea ports of the United
States. A liberal allowance will be made er
sale of large quantities. Orders from merchants
,and others will be punflually attended to on ap
plication to JAMES O'H RA <>r ISAAC
Cii \IO, or at the Storeof McfTrs PRATHER
and ■> MILIE, in Maiket .Streeh, P.ttlburgh.
Vbreb tuthtf.
Philadelphia &? Lancaster
THE Prtfidurt «i<l Vanaee » h»*« tfcit fiij
drrl.T-'t! i d?vi cn<irt £n* ' Dol'ar* ;, n each (hare
rf ftotk. of wtich, lit J.-llsfjcr Aire will he
j tid ihc Sirekh«) 'fji or rh- jr -c};ref:rt»ti»rt injr
jly vtir tr.e I4:h infant; the remaining («•* hit h;e<i rrtjinc.l inif FTp»ndi-d in tim
|ir-iiiirg »nd <he agreeably «r*
r. r oiufin«*f the flock•
Wm. GOVETT, Treasuer.
uij 14
£ 1; Ai 1.1
H. M'
» 8
* 55
3 4°
4 33
5 6
« 5°
6 36
-Illtl SITS
5 6 15
5 36 6 14
5 37 6 13
j )t A %4
- s 4« 6 *0
S 4' 6 '0
$, 4* 6 !«
BY Virtue of a Writ to me Hirefted from the
Hon tabic Richard Peters Esq. Jid e of
t(.e DiltriiA Court of the linked Sta ee. in
ai.d for the Pennfyivania Diftriifl, will be ex
p.fed to public sale on Tkurfdiy the aßth of
August inlt. »t 11 no n, at the effi. e
nf Infpefli n, No. 49, North Third ft eet, in
the cily yf Philadelphia,
Two Hogsheads of Rum.
The fame been feirt-d, Sir. »nd Jibel*
led aeainlt, prol'ecutcd and condemned a« lor
fe ted, ic-
JOHN HALL, Marshal!.
Marfliall'k Office, >
Pbiiidel*b>a. Aug ?a 1890) JiwtS
j'O iv.s. Mace, 1 .. r .•
4 co lot. Nutmegs, J
Jamaica Spirit*, 4111 proof,
Do. "Suq;ar of the fird quality,
H Uand Gin in pipts.
Port-au-Piince Molafles—and
30 Tierces Rice.
R. iJf K. have also on band, for sale,
Hrfofl, 1
Y-m. g Hyson, & I TEAS,
Seuchong J
Cogniac Brandy, ift Sc 4th proof,
Sherry Wine in quarter casks, very nice,
50,000 Spnnifh Segars,
And a Variety of other
Augn ft 26 eo tf
Port Wine & Claret
In Cases, cf the first Quality.
Wine and Cyder Vinegar.
In Hpes and Quarter Caflts—For Sale by
July 19 3»w3w.
The Unexpired TIME of a BLACK BOY
WHO has three year* and five, months to
ftrve ; he is fobor, hoacil, a good wai
ter, aiid underPtaNds taking care of horses. En
quire at No. to, Pock lireec.
July 29,
%t/yl\tb, 1800.
'; ■ *
A Red Morocco Pocket-Book,
\X rHOEVER has loft it may receive it on avi-
V V plication at the office of this Gazette, and
paying the cxpence of this advertisement.
July it,
. of States, & Daily
By C. P. Wayne,. No. 65, South Front-street
For Sale,
the *v piii °T bd "-T
Mr St. Tammany,
NG at Say's Wharf, above
Marker Street, burthen 70 t -114, fuppolcd ts he
a remarkable fait failing veflei, ai (i may (•« fit
ter! fnr lea in a few day*, Inventory to befeen
and terms of fgilf known by applying to the sub
>utb Water Street
35 Hhds Mnfco»nrl . Sugar.
White and hro vn H-va'. n>h riit'o in boxes.
Fait India do. in bags.
Well India and C<>nr,try Rum
ico Hhd . Molaflei.
Holland Gin
French ind Spanish Brandy-
Proper, C ike, &.c.
Augufl 9.
For Baltimore,
Jam s Van»en, Master.
on Saturday or Tuesday
next- Win take in freight »n moderate terms-
Application to be made 10 the captain on board
at Jeff? and Rob*rt Wain's wharf, or to
Levi Hollitigsiucrth Es? S: n.
84,060 lb. Gonafvea Coffes, and right
totis of Logwood import- d in said brig, the
Coffee entitled to drawback on exportation.
August 20. djt.
Marflial's Sale,
United States ) _
Pennsjlvani: District, $
BY viitue of J writ to nic dirt-fled froiti the
Hm.orable Ricl.ard Peters, Esq. Judge of
the DifKd Court of the United Sta es or the
Pennfvlvania Diltri<9, will be exposed to Pub
lie Sale, at the Merchants' C. ffee Uoufe, it-:
the city of Philadelphia, on Mondijr the 3i >
■lay of SeftemTer next at 11 i>Vl"ck «f n ion,
f-~—Tbt Vesiel called
A» (he now Let at Brown'i
Wharf—«*ith a'l and fipgiilar her tackle, ap
parel, and appurtenances, the fame having h»en
condemned in the laid contt a forfeit d &c.
JOHN H Marjhal.
Ma JhaPs-Office,
/■■Ujjuft 27, ifoo.
Marflial's Sale.
United Stater, >
Pennsylvania District, 5
Just Received,
For Sale,
I For Sale,
city oi' Washington.
sHE toilowing property belonging to the Truf
tees of the v 6 g egate Fund, provided for the
pay mem of cert .in crediiurs of Edward Fox
and ja::i■ » Greenleaf.
' M >v,d-\y ibe Gtb October inst.
P ART oi the p'roperty of faiil fund, in the City
of Vl'afliipgton, that new is ren iered clear of
every ii cumhrauce, will be exposed at Public
u.2i"n at Tannidifl Tavern, amonp-fl which are
the following valuable fituatioi., viz. u Lots in
Iquare No. 973, 1 Jots in fqu ire 974 15 lots in
jquarc N»> 995, 1 lota in square 1; uth of fquari
1010, 49 lotfcin f'ruare 1010, 1 lot in square io»e;
1 lot in square 1031, 7 lots in square 1013 4 lots
in square 10*4, 3 lots in square T045, 310 s in
'quare 1046, 9 lots in square 1C47, 11 lots in
square HD4?, wi'h sundry others, advantagroufly
iituared in various parts of the city. AWo the a
ftorjr fra'- e houl.e cow occupied by Mr. Oehlois,
beautifully situated (with an extensive view ol iev
eral miles down the Potomac) on the fonth 03ft
corner of square 973, fronting 4a feet on 11 street
1 east, and 41 fectonfouth G street r a commodious
j Kitchen with an oven, &c. adjoining the south
iront. A large frame liable, carriage hbufe ami
j ay loft 50 feet by 25, ftnd a pump of excellent
I water near rhe back doer of the kitchen, the lot
•* : ending9i fetton «| 159 feet 1 inch
j m G flrent, comprizing lots Nos. 1, 2, 3, and part
J of ii, in the regifiered division of the square!
i he fab-swill commence at the said t' Vern at ten
o'clock in the forenoon.
Ihe termione fourth call), one fourth in fix
months, when a deed will be ijiven, the remain
ing mr iety in two payment to be secured
by bond and mortgage, fiur the creditors in the
above fu.v.', may in li u of mortgage secure pay
nent rf their bonds by ,Jep--Gt of c rificatm of
the trustees at the rate of five (hillings in rhe pound,
to the amount fecursd an I fticsld a dividend take
wlace l elore the expiration of the tw
will he fet'flf agsinft th« bond, aod the certifi
cates rerurned in rhe fame proportion.
Henry Pratt "j
Thomaj W. Franci* j
John Miller, jun. Trujlces.
JuhnAfhley |
Jacob Baker.
Augult 3'aw t»
fa tu&th tf.
r n tie pleasant v/lagl of Mount IloV.y, fflu*-
.ington C untj, 18 mites from Cooper's
Jerrj, and 7 from n ;
FJVH mil thi;'y left fgjiri, four roon>i oi
fach floor, iaJ * tvlUr un >r tkr whok.—.
Ltkewift «4jnirtiit£' a fenyfom fcantl.o*. Dm
•if* on Mil) Areei, »ti> »ht ntirktt, •id t nrw
Cairlagt House Jnd fttablca-<fc (k« rear of b«
Lot, fronting a public aDeju. further f*r
uculan iprly t- ■ . • • '
ISAAC CARJL, in Qyrling^en.
Who will (kcw tl.e prcpiil'ea and r jjbe Juiow
tfc<klcrm<, or of ih« fubfcri'.'e'r it- Ryrfiiytrp,
Sir who® ao iiuJifpulaMf rfifevill (it^ivrn.
micajah ell
Burliiifim, Jalf 9, I too,
J'>'r »9
A 2-story brick house
Situate in Dnke-%tre,t (or Artillery lane)
Northern Liberties,
TWO roo iu on a floor, kitchen and wafli
houfc, all built of the brft material*, and in excel
e;,t order; ce!lar» under the wh ,l«, one paved,
ind ha« two lattice cl'ifcts wi h 'ock», a I'.rge gar
iDand yar :. several fruittre.-« in th- gardm,
'wo ; um[ »"f exctllent water ne ir the i-remilts.
Er qnirc at No, *9, Arch flreet.
'u'v • r t u Vf 6w
A Summer Retreat.
WI I H a flahle, carriag*-h ul'c and lot,
Qtuatrd in a plraf.Rt parr of Trenton. The
•erins will be moderate, ar.d pofleflion ran be
had immediately j but the tenant will not be
wante. to occupy the premifei after the lotfi
ot next N vember. For term# apply t m tfii
printer, or to ABRAHAM HUN T, e!q-.iire,
in Trenton.
' tk M- tuth&slf
To Printers.
A PERSON who has in contemplation the
publilhinfc of a work that will ma k» a
bout »5o pages, pica oflavo, with marginal
notes, wishes to receive prop»»fata for printing
it. They mail fpecify the turn per half fh*et,
for ft-ven or ten thousand copies, the Printer
fnrnifhing piper, which mull be of such quality,
as is now f ild for four dollars prr ream. Seal
ed propofalir, direfted to S. P ajid left at this
office before the expir.tienof fen days <rom
this date, will be attended to. The terms of
payment will be fatis;adlory.
August 2o*
The Anti-Jacobta
Review & Magazine,
(VOL. IV.)
Have just been received and are now for sale,
Opposite thrift Church
July aa.
eo ft I
Notice to the Pilots.
rS hereby given—That in confeqtience of the
Beacon on the Brown, being so much injured
a s to render it unfit for service, a Buoy with a
keg on the mart, will be placed on that ftioal,
until it can be replaced by the Beacon, of
whirh due notice will be given.
W. MACPHERSONi Superintendent.
I August 16 diy
For Sale,
City Commissioner's Office,
Pbiiaitlpb-a. Aug. iGlb, 1806'.
TNpurfuance o an Ordinance of the Seleil and
-I !-omm«o Council!, l afc the »id day of May
(in writing} . ,
Will he received by the C.iy Co>tnifli oners, until
the thirtieth day of September n< j xt, for renting en
l.eafcs, for one year, *o commeme on the first day
of |anaary next, the following public pro; erty of
the city, viz.
1. The-Wharf ar,d Landing pq Vine Street.
,4. ditto on Saff frai do.
3 Ditto on, Mulbury do.
4. The Wharves and Landings om High and Chef.
nut streets. 1
Ji Ditto on Walnut stuert, thei'Drawbridgr,
Spruce, Pine and Ce lar streets, iucludini' the
Fifli House.
6. The Cellar under the City Hall.
Applications may he left with either of the
Commifßoners, or with their clerk, at No. 6)
Cherry Street. eot.ioS
300 Dollars Rbwaed.
LAti i tattnlay ugf.t my shop in Water
(lieet was Opened by a fall'e key, and sun
dry articles of Ji wflleky, to the amount of
ten or twelve hun Ired dollars, were carried off
Among them were,
Two marrow Ipoor.s marked " Worr « k
Ljlctt cfli'9 ot Mr James Rob rtfon akd wile, <f
Peterfcurg—or.c do-'of aMr King' "bffe'do.
of l*St John Trimble, late of this town, the
bark set with a large blue gbfs and a smaller
in the re .tre, under w ich wai a plait of hari
lid (trait, with J. ,T. in a cypher w».ike lif
peail Together with a nnrs' cr of iancy pie
res, painted by Sully, whi h cannot now Bf
relieved : 5 B»jtfwW» Calls flampc
The following Watches:
I Gold watch, maker's mme ProvaH, Paris
l silver do Thomji Green, Liverpool. 7 jej
i do do George BifieH, London, i3,jco
i golr', do. Fr'nch, no rrjnje
i 'o do. John Ryland, Lond' n, 2331
I lilver d.', French. J ro nnmr
1 do. do Jtrl n ;'nH, Loudon, 744
i pold do. Rodart, Varn
1 filvtr do. Joseph Kem er Shaw
1 do. do. j. Darli ,gton, London
1 do. do. No. 9.^61
i piltdo. G. M. Mefcalf, Lond. n, 4196
I Jil'trdo. Oer.tge Hal'wood, London, 2906
1 <lo. do. J Smith.' Lond. n, 111
I double c»fe gilt watch, R. Cfoarn, Rich-
mond, 8 7''4
icb Do;lars will be piven for the refloration
of *he jewelltf T'f-or -too dollai 5 it th* llitcf Or
liiicrves are also feou.vd.
Mr. UifDni Morris, the owner of the
Watchgjßt'. jch »eri taken at the fame tim<-,
will 100' dollars ffr them.
J"'y >9
§5" The "rimers at Peterfburp, Richmond
Ale* jiul ia—Uiltimore—Charleflon - and o
thers. are requeued to insert the above for a
r,w ' mes
In tie Cij of Burlington, State of Nctu-
Brick Houses,
Situate on Market flreet,
BEING twenty feet front and thuty-two feet
deep, each with cellar un Jer them mi kitch
ens in the rejr, likcwife a well of good water in
Four twenty feet Lots,
Adjoining the above yremifes, one hus«dr*d and
si ty ftet deer.
For ttrms of sale applj t the fuMcriber in Tur
lington, by whom 311 >*difputable title will be
Burlington, July 9, i goo (29) eotf
Baltimore and New York Mail
Stage Office
IS removed from No. 13 South Fourth flreet, to
No. 1 8 South Third Qrect.
An Office for those stages is also kept at Bar
Hardy** Inn, No. 98 Market street.
Oenom' Pod Office,
lor f.ile on a Credit, deliverable at New-
York or tl,is place. F.'quirt- of
Samuel C. Cox,
No. 83, Market-flreet.
d i xv
Anruf 1 25.
wanted to purchase,
Prize Tickets,
At No. 143, L-h_fnut-ft.
Loft, yesterday,
A white young Pointer Dog,
WITH liver coloured spots, taU and very
thin—fcamed Momus. Any person giving
inlurmarinn where he .nay be found, ;it No. i»6,
Chefuut ftrect, will be liberally rewarded.
To Printers.
WANTED—in Exchange,
A FOUNT of Long Primer, weighing 6
or 700 lb. or upwards, and a Fount of
eighiiig 4 colt> a . or upwsrdi.
, r w.
1 <•' J.
T '^i' |
wd 6t
I- ><• y
Pfoprietor, in the words iolloWirig, to wit.
I'ables of T)ifount, or Interest,
FROM one to two thousand ;on evetyten dol
lar!-,from two tb, uiand to two thousand five hun
dred ; on e* , » fifty,from two thousand five hun
dred to three thousand, and on every five hundred
from three t! oufa:.d tb fiv thoufand—from one
day to ujty-four days inclufivp, A'T SIX PER
Jl NI\ Comprizing, iu the whole, Upward* of
one hundred arid thirty two thousand one hundred
acc 'rcii: g-o the cqnita .le f i incipl. sof th lSank»,
and as pra<sHfed between individuals throughout,
the United Suates °
Preceding the work, (hewing fyow, by means of
the Tah!,-s to „fccr(ain the UiifgQflf Al' SEVEN
and at UIGHr Pi;R CEN f. reckoning either
or 365 days to the year—explained by examples.
/• LS ,
Anotfler under the firft p 9 ge of the W«rk,
(hewing the m«de ol calculation on CENTS.
The ready way to use the rubles for any number
of lJay* exceeding-fixfy-four
To ::1! wh.cb is add <l, the jrincij l?s of compu
ta'ion tif the various exchanges betwten each flat
refyiihv'ily, and betwi/en all th-Te and London
and Paris, at differ nt >:.tes of Fxihange
Accomptant, Bank of North-America,
IN CONFORMI rv to the aft of t- e Con
gress "f ths United States ( inritnled u Aa
[iSAt,.]. by f-curii g the copies o' Maps, Charts
and Do"ks to the Authors and Propri
etors of such copies during the time here
in mentioned
(Signed) D CALDWELL.
Clerk of the Uistt ict 1 f r
anguft 1. iaw 4 w.
On Fifth Day the gth ot Ottobrr, on the
prernill-s, The
Mary-Ann Forge
And Plantation :
SFTUATE part in brandywine townftiip, and
parr ii. WVrcklaiH, about 30 miles from Pht-
I*d Iphij r and anhal mile from the Turn
pike read, and Dowping'g town ; containing
a out 33c acres, with allowance of 6 acre* per
roo; rwo third of the land is good woodland,
(ome excellent meadow ntide, and much more
an be made of the firft quality ; the fcrge is
turned hy the main branch of Branny wine Creek,
I forcible Stream, the fofge has three fires and
'wo hammer- all in repair. The darn being
'ownd and well backed, and apparantly able to
refill any freih (not supernatural) Likewif there
II an thcr lively stream and current of water, that
empties into the fa\s dam, that might be very con
venient for a Grift Mill, or other kind of Water
works, might be wi»h facility ere&ed* there is a
good tw>*-(1ory stone dwelling house for the ac
commodation ot thepropiit torof the works, with
an excellent Ipriug and good house over it; con
tiguous to the door also convenient none stabling,
with an entry thr- ugh the mid 1 fufficient t*
accommodate three teams, befi les hackney horses;
contiguous to the forjfe stands a good store office,
at d a num' er of convenient houftts for the work
man is ereiled amply adequate lor th? f3id works.
If not then fold it will ' e rented for a term of
years. Terms and conditions made known by
applying to
WILI.I \M EVANS, in Willistown,
©r JOHN MARSHALL, in horn
bury Townftiip.
N B. Ths Sale to commence at 1 o'clock oh
said day.
Aug, 5 saw6w^
H. MAXWELL, Printer,
has removed to
(F rmerly 111 the tenure of Mrs. Groo.'nbrijge)
South-Weft corner of Sprsce and Eleventh
August ?5
Eliflha Fisher & Co.
No. 39 N nth Front Stree",
GPR.MAN S TEFL, window glass, hats abort
ed in cases, Niils in calk«, and a hrije aflort
ment of Ironmongery, Cutlery, Sad'ery, Coach,
and Han.efs Furniture,Erafs and Ja: anned Wares.
_Hy 29
Now Landing,
And for sale by tbe sub .cribers,
Lisbon WINE.
July 30
Guns, Gun-locks and Flints,
Far sals by
No. 36, North Front-ftr-et.
Aagvft I*- *
OLP Long Primer,
Small Pica on Pica Body,
•in, lifh, Chafes, Composing S >ck«, and a;reat
vantty of articles neceflary to carry on ihq- t'rii.t
ing Business. They will be fold cheap tor cafe
\pply to the Printer.
P-* -
t-i ' 'J. t W)'^
? i,A.
-•* A ngpr?
V ~
fVoimm*. X\'lll.
tu tb fa. rm.