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LONDON, June i 3.
..An Imperial order is issued to the licen
ser i>t" the pref* at Vienna, forbidding all
bOoks or Jlorjes of enchantments, gholls,
robbers, iin pollers, and associates of frater-
n»y, -
-It is flow doubtful whether Genoa could
liav; been more ufcful to the French as a
pofiVffion, or 4S a mj*am of deceiving the
Audiians refprftiug the .object of the army
of re'ferve. Had it not been imagined that
-the of that army was to raise the
liege of Genoa, it mjg'ht never have been
alowed to march withfo much ease to Milan.
Me'as, we are told, wjll hive an a«ceflion
of 30,000 irieo that tyere blockading Ge
noa ; but" admitting the number to have
been so gfeat, a large garrifoh mult be, left
in the city, and the French have obtained
iO,OOo meh that wery Thus
the Auftriaiis will not have many more than
10,000 men on the bftl/.nce.
• Several gun boats, with a number of flat
bottOnlfd boats, have arrived in the Downs,
and, it is reported, that 9000 troops are to
embark at thu ,p v ace.
, The mutual publication of intercepted let
ters will have a gQod efltS£l upon statesmen
and fccrejtaiies. They will be careful what
and how they write, when they know that
they may soon come before an impartial
. The zeul for redoing monarchy is of a
veTy fulpici'ous kind. 'l'he king of Sardinia
owes fa'very Few obligations to his very
good friends that even the French begin to
pity him.
The forty-nine commrffioners of police,
th« twenty-four peace officers, and others
of the commune of Paris, are required, by
an edi&.iffued by the prefeft ot police, to
assist, by every means in their power, the
searches for conicripts and reqgifi'tionilU,
who ertde*vour to evade the law within the
twelye.diftritls of Paiit.
The renewal of the treaty of alliance be
tween Kullia 'and Pruflia, which would ex
pire in sous months, will (hortly be com»
pleted and for .'arded to Peterfburgh.
T';- French have found at Milan the park
and magajine of rcferve of the Austrian ar
my, the magazines of clothes, &c. the de
pots of Teveral regiments, the hospital, &c.
The priie is inmienfe.
' Letters frtm Geneva fhte tht arrival of
» great put of the new army of reserve,
Confiding of 50,000 men, under general
Brune. That town is full of soldiers—the
fmallefl bouse lodges eight or twelve men.
We have seen an account from Paris,
7i»hiohfis»t«si that Tiirih, Tortona, Aleflan
*lria,; Pizzighitone, and Plaifance, were in
the han(ls ot the Fiench.
It is stated in the journals that .the
Bataviafi government has sent admiral l)e
Wiiiter on a special commiffton to the chief
.The cabinet of Vienna strenuously infills
upon the Eriglifh fending to reinforce the
Aullrian <arn.y in Italy, the tro<w~"*"'7~ navr
in the Mediterranean.
j r irtwm -mat"jrrsiJ"ey Smith is coming
-trome, as well as general KeoliW. and mn(l
of thft <»®—" wclu out w ' l h '" m *
June 25.
We are happy 10 announce the fafe arri
val of the homeward bound Well-India
fleet, which, to the number of 100 fail un.
der convoy of the Prince of Wales, palled
Plymouth 6n Monday.
A lugger arrived at Plymouth the day
kefore yeileidar in 36 hours from Karl St.
Vincent's fleet, which he left on Saturday
afternoon, all well, about 6 leagues * eft of
A Mail from Halifax and New-York arri
ved thw raornii g It was brought by the
Earl Gower packet, which left Halifax on
the 27 th of May.
Letters from Berlin in the Paris Journals,
mention, that it is generally believed that
the Northern powers are about to conclude
a treaty of armed neutrality against Great-
The treaty of the 7th of August, 1792,
between Russia and Pruflia, has been renew
ed at Berlin. l|t is no: yet made public,
whether any additional at tides have been
ann xed to it.
A letter fr m Vienna, dated June 4, an
nounces, that vhe Pruflian minister of (late,
count Hangwitz.i' arrived privately in that
capital, where he has had several conferen
ces wiih M. Thugut, which are fupppfed
to relate to an approaching peace ; that an
other French courier had arrived there on
the 29th of May, wi>h frefh propositions
en the part of the French Consul. and that
the public voice calls for the re-appoint
■ rtent of the' Archduke Charleo to the com
mand of the armies, &c.
The Journal du Commerce announces from
Frankfurt, the 7th June, that they were
in consternation at Vienna, op learning that
thearmyof rtferve had descend.d into Pi
edmont } that thty loudly blame Melas foi
his want of f rcfight, and that they spoke
much of ferding him a fnccelTor, that the
aulic council ot war at Vienna had fat for
twenty four hours without feperating, de
liberating how to Hop if pofiiblc the pro
gress of ihe Fi;ci)th am y.
Tuisdaj June 10.
Sating before Lord Kenyon, and a Special
J u, 7-
This was an a<f\ion en a Policy of Jnfur
ance on a cargo of wine Ihipprd on board
the Jonge Frmcefco, captain De Jonqwer,
bound from Mataro, in Spiin to Amftir
dam. MdTr? Dorri;ns had effe&ed this
policy for Messrs. Hannenbufg, of Atrsfhr
dam. Tiie tliijv by ftrris «f weathef, Vas
obliged to put in at Ho vies, where the was
unlo»de<i and repaired ; one thii<l of dietaTgo
was reladen the'rtft detained Qn account of
ti c repairs. This was in the month of Ja
nuary, 1795, and. Messrs.-D. J & Gi. the
agents at Cnwes refilled to let her proceed
on her vovage, 011 account of the critical"
Hate of affiirs in Holland at tb*t ' time-.
On the 29th of the fame month, (he \v: s
(1 ized by the Dutch coinniiflioiteTS, and
The learnsd cotinfcl for the defendant
coiltenedf that she had fiolated the charter
party, by putting in at Cowes : tint" if Ihe
had not deviated from her original deftirU
tion, she would hjive arrived M r at her He-'
flined port ; he., therefore was of oprmonthe
Qontrait was ,vitiated.
Lord Kenyoji fa:d thatahij veflil had'iflfct 1
with an uuprofperous voyage ; that was
alone owing to the peril; of the fa i (he
h'<d Been riecelTarily detained at Cowes,
therefore the Jufy rhuft fcFr the fain tiff.
—Vtrrdivt for Plaintiff.
T' l " »
June 1.1,
On the 2J of June, adifpatch from Eiio
napirte received in the [Sitting of the
Council fit State,, in which he .still affcils
the,brief Oyje of Caeftr— ' Vcui ! vide vici!"
That of the Chief ConfuK however, is nei
ther so explicit nor expreflive-*."- Tout ra
tin inieuSt!"—"Allgoeson for the Left!"
Tran flat ion of a Circular letter from the
Admiral'y to all the officers commanding
vrffels belonging to his Britannic Ma
Whereas in confquence of the communi
cation which we ha»e made to the right
honourable Henry Dundaa, one of his ina
jerty's principle secretaries of State, of a
letter which the board of tranfp' rt has re
ceived from citizen Ott, commissioner for
the exchange of French priloners. 10 inform
him that the minister of French marine had
nounced, by icrcular letters, in aIK the
ports of France, that in future the English
filhermen (hould not be taken by any French
/hips of war, unless they should be armad,
ordifccvtred to have m de signals of com
munication ; Mr. Dundas has notified to
us the intention of the king that the oiders
which had been given to the commanders
of his ro»j<*fty'» (hips to take French and
Dutch fimermen, and their vedcls,. Ihould
be revoked for the present, and that .the
fai'l officers (hould be enjoined to treat the
said French (ifhermen, in the fame manner
as before the publication of the said orders.
In consequence we require you ta co: f jrm
tp the intentions us his majesty.
(A true copy )
The commiffijiieri of the French
government for the exchange
of prisoners.
MTLAN, June 8
The following order ban juft.l'een
tfie Cisalpine Republic :
1. All the citic? of 'he Cisalpine republic
fliall fucc ffively org nize their naticual
2 This organization (hall be made ac
cording to the difpofitiont that had been
adopted before the ir.vsfion of the territory
of the Cisalpine Republic by the Auftrians.
3. It (hall be made under the protediou
of the military authority of the French ar
my, and under the fuperntendance of the
4. Tne cities of Milan, Pavia. Bologna,
Lodi. See. fliall immediately organize their
rational guards.
General Pino is charged with the orga.
nizalinn of Milan. Officers shall be named
by the several commandants to take charge
of the organization of the other cities.
Efh a3 ofa letter from Halifax, July ij,
" I received your letter relating to Ma
jor SchaefFer, and on e- quiry found him
here, at a Hotel. I communicated your
letter to the Governor, and by the advice
of the attorney general, he was taken up
under the Alien aft, which enables the Go- >
vernor to fend suspicious perfops out of the <
country. I attended at his examination 1
before the magistrates, and I think I never j
(aw a man discover more effrontary, till he i
found he was going to jail, he then began
to shed tears, [lib tin box of papers are
staled up, and are to be sent with him to N.
Yoik k where he wilhbe delivered up to the
American government. Among his papers
is the one adveriifcd by Mr. Meredith, with
Mr. Meredith's fame to it, dated August
'9B. and he was advertised Oflober '9B.
This paper, and a large parchment he has
are well executed, but a little attention
would "prevent any one being deceived by
them. The paper with 1 Mr. Merediths
name to it, is likewise signed by Governor
M'Kean, Timothy Pickering, Governor
Jay, Governor Clinton, and all the princi
pal officers <>f the Government, and recom-
I mends him to all the titizens of the Uni
• ted and Great Britain, to an unlimi
| ted i rtdit, and makes all thofc gentlemen
jointly and severally answerable for all sums
ot money he might draw. He had nearly
negotiated a bill with the Cashier here for
one hundred.pounds, and another with a-
Mr. Findly forpne hundred.and fifty ponnds.
lam convinced he is a great villain. He
exhi ited among his papers a certificate
from a Gracd Lodge ia America, finely ex
ecuted on parchrrent, and recommending
him as a worthy brother. To the parch-
Hient a ribbond wa3 affixed which rurt
through a round tin bsx, which was gene
rally supposed to contain the Seal, of .the
Lodge : However,. on elofe examination,
and on opening the box> it was found there
was no Seal there.'* )
BALTIMORE, August 14-
T< anflated f?r the Federal Gaxette.
Report of general Deflalines, commander id |
chief of the army of the Welt, aga'Bftthe
rebfela in the department of the South, to
the Geqeral Chief of the arm/ of St.
, D-ooiingo.' ' '
' : i6th Meflidor, (July 4) Bth year.
My Genera'
i<Jta}?rch'ed this morning wi*h the retr)ain
derj«fll>e right column, and that of the left,
to occupy the heights of the plantation Dti
freie, where th» 6th, 7th. 9th and loth
Jenn-bsigades were encamped. Being arri
ved ttiere, I saW the enemy in great num
bers. encamped on the-plantation Dufrete,
and in the plains of Acquin. I formed the
j right coltimu-into three divisions ; ;he right
commanded by the chief of brigade Laurent
Defir>; the centre by the chief of brigade
Paul Louverture, and the left ky the chief
( of brigade Dornage. These three divisions
1 began their march for the plantation. The
firft division had fc rcely arrived at its desti
nation, (the two others beirg still on their
march,) when the enemy feeing this manoeu
vre, made a sally from the plantation and
took to flight. The divivifion commanded
by Dom"age, fell in with and engaged them,
but the affair was rot serious until their
arrval at Acquin. 1, Thtre the enemy then
rallied and gave battle : The '4th and Bih
demi-brigades whicTi were in advance, fuf
taiiied (he fire of the en: my foi- two. hours;
when, tflje other two divisions having
come' up with the enemy, he was beat
en and put to route. I ordered the Ca
valry to advahce. who made great (laugh
ter, and the .enemy were pursued to. the
sea (hore, whe e a number of tl em who at.
' tempted to embark, were destroyed jn the
! water or among the reeds. I returned and
ordered th: column under general Laplume,
which had not been engaged, lo march ahead
on the great road to Cayes, in order
to purfut: the enemy to a certain distance ;
but &c the ioftaut I arrived at that town,
' another column of the enemy, which had
sallied out from I'Anfea-Veau, attempted to
take us by surprise, and F had scarcely time
to draw up the third battallion of the 4th
j demi-brigade, when he made his attack >
he was, however, quickly repulfcd,
1 made in this-tail aftair many pris oners,
whom I fend to you, amen? other?, the
chi-f et brigade Piverger, two pair of co
lours and one brass four pounder. Piverger been wounded, and I have given him all
the afliftance in my power. Many of the
white and coloured inhabitants of the parilh
|vUMU I** 1 ** fl £'
, humanity which you hive pretcribed in your
1 inftruflions.
We have taken the port-folio of Rigauc!
j and the copies of his Jctters ; an-' he nar
! rowly escaped being taken hiinlelf.
; We have alio found i:i one of the forts
on the fca-lhore, two 24 pounders, and one
nugazine si.l :d wirh ammunition. I cannnt
inform you of the quantity, as I have new
: a lever at the moment of writ'ng.
Health and rel'peft,
(Signed) D ESS A LIKES
Another dispatch from general l")e(Talines
to general Tou (Taint, dited I'Anfe-a-veau,
July 7th, mentions that place and the
neighbourhood having been cleared rf the
foops under Itigaud, and that Petit-Trou,
.was on the point of being evacuated by
them ; that the inhabitants and cultivators
of Acquin and I'Anfe-a-veau, who had fled,
had tnollly returned to their homes, and re
ceived the vi&oiious troops of ToulTaint
with open amis.
Among the letters of the enterprising
chicltJin TouflVmt Loiiverture, the follow
ing defer ves to be recorded, it is dated at
Leoganer J*fy -Tjfby {si'l Meffidor) 1800
—lt is direflied to G. DdYalliries after the
redu£\ionof Petit Troxc.
" Citizen General,
M The details contained in your letter to
nie refpe&ing the capture of Petit Trou,
give, me the in oft sensible delight. Conti
nue, Citizen General, .to cause the arms of
the Republic to be triumphant and refj/efled.
Clierilh with the gredtrft friendfhip thofc
persons of every age, sex, and color, who
have been led affray, and now return to their
duty ; cause them to retradt their errors ;.
the planters have been most cruelly deceived.
Take pains that the landholders arid their
property be duly refpe&ed and prote&ed,
preserve ordsr, r<-eftablifh cultivation, and
exadlly purWe my inftruftions for the pur
pose of avoiding the effufion of huiisan blood.
And may you be Govered with that glory,
which you have so lichly deserved of your
country, you/ chief, and your fellow-citir
• In the Borough of Fran kj'ord,
BORDERING on tht fide of Frculif»rd creek,
with a large will finifhed Hone dwelling,
house thereon,, with. a hritk kitci-en adjoining;
and alto a UnzP 'convenient itan e coa.h
houfe and lfabk- "The lituation is health) and
agreeable. For luriher particulars apply to the
fubferiber onthepremifeK.
Aujufl J. i« i*Slt
'< and friend (hip.
For Sale,
G'azetfe of the United States-
Philadelphia, Aocoet li
Old 8 perC&ut Stock for calh
M«wß perCent Stock do- io8"« 108 1 4
Six per.Cent.:(net amount) 87^
Navy do. do. 87
Three per Cent. (Jo. Jj
Deferred, - do. Bj|
! B4INK United.States, do. 31
[ 1— PSnnlylvania, do. s6
North America, do. . 48
(nfuransecomp. N. A. ihares 10 pet cent, be
low par
Pcnnfylvania, ftiares, it per cent, adv,
Turnpike Shares, jo per cent, nndtr par.'
Bri.'.ge (Schuylkill) Stock, par.
| Kaft-lodia Company of N. A. 7 per cent advance
I Land Warrants, ij dolla. per ico acres.
Billson Lou. at 30 days for cafe r 7 l per tt.
ljo. do. 60 day* do. 170 do.
Do. do. 90 days do 169
Bills on Hamburgh at 60 days 36 a 37 cts.
per Mark Banco
Da. in Amdcrdam, 60 days 39 a 40 cts. per
Having at length engaged a gentleman of
dilVinguithed talents to aflift in writing a
History of the Life ef the late General
Wafliington, this work will be immediately
commenced, and will be compleated as ex
peditidufly as the nature of such' an under
taking will permit.
Jlvgust 16/3,. 1800. , • I 1
Bth month, ijth, 1800.
WHEREAS the board of Health
having received information that a
coHtageousdifeafe. dangerous io the com
munity, now cxiftain Norfoik, "Virginia
RES OL V ED, That all vejfels from thence
bound to the port of Philadelphia, bring too at
the Lazar' tto, ti recei'.e a •uifit from the
Re/tdent Phyjician, and there wait the determi
nation of the Board. . .... r •
And further, That no person (or goods ca
pable of retaining infeQion J from Norfok Vir
ginia, Jha I le permitted to come to the city or
county of Philadelp' ia, until hey produce a
fatisfsflory certificate of their being at leafl Jif
teen days from thence, under the penalty of
able to the -th feStion of the Health Law, half
of which wi Ibt paid to the informer on con
£DW \RD GARRIGUES, 'Preftdent.
PETER Kl YSER, Secretary.
DlED—l.aft Tliurfday night, at his
conmiy rtficfcrre near Frankford, Mr.
__rj : a.— yj ?. u.—tj i en -J—°—
of this city.
Died; in Centre County, on Tuesday the
23d ult. in the 2id year of her age, Mia.
Rachkl Rose, daughter of General John
Pattort, a lady whose amiable qualities en
deared her to till her acquaintance.
Israel Israel, who has been a constant can
didate at every opening, is now brought for
ward by one Worreii (fee the Aurora) as a
candidate for the office of Sheriff one of
the reasons afligned for what Worrell him
felf admits to be an impudent intrusion, is
whimsical enough,—He fays that the Uni
ted States has become, like a dirty " Augean
Stable'' in allusion, we suppose, to the late
importation of United Iriflimen, See.—hence
he concludes that Mr. Israel being bred ir.
a Stable, may be a p:oper person to cleanse
itThis might be well enough, if we could
fee any connedficn between the business or
duty of a Sheriff, arid cleanling the State of
its filth. If Mr. Israel has the abilities re
quisite, the tetter way would be to make him
a Governor at once.
I At a meeting of a number, of inhabitants
t of Delaware county, convened by general
j notice, at the Black Horse tavern, in the
township of Middletown, the 9th day cf
j August, iB6o—
THAT the pad . services of Nathaniel
Newlin, in different public employments,
do justly entitli him to our future confi
dence—We will therefore l'upporthim with
our fuffrages as Senator for the diftrifl
compoled of the city and county ».f Phila
delphia ; ■ d county of Delaware, at the en
suing tie ft ion, and recommend Mm to our
fellow-citizens of the fame diftrifk.
Resolved also, That Hugh Lloyd; Wil
liam Weft, Benjamin W. Oakford, Davis
Bevan and Richard Flower, be a committee
to correspond with the Federal comrrittre
of the city an*) county of Philadelph.-. and
to communicate to them the pr® of
this meeting.
Resolved, That we' will support Jonas
Prellon and Mofei Palmer, member's of
Aflcmbly. and Jonas Eyre, as County Com
Resolved, That a committee of eleven
perfi/ns be appointed to attend the meeting
ofChefter •">unty, to be held at Well Ches
ter the 30th inft. to confer with them on the
fubjett of felefting a suitable charader to
represent the diftrift in the Congress of the
United States —the f.iid committ--e to con
fifl of the following gentlemen, viz.
Richard Flower, Isaac Gilpin, J'frph
Men-Shew, Mark Wilcox, Jof-ph Pennell.
Jonas Prellon, Berj*iuin H- Smith, William
PepnOck, W. O.ikford, Joseph Hcfkins,
Thomas Bifbop.
Signed by order of the meeting,
Benjamin H. Smith, Secretary.
Ttt ipe Editor of iht Aurrx
Is John Barclay, mentioned in your p.'.-
per of this morning, the' front Innan who
was formerly Prefidertt of the Bank of Penn
sylvania ?
For tbe Gazette of the United States*
UNDER the treaty ■with Great-
Britain, large sums of money were lor.g
since expefteJ to be returned to our mer
chants and insurers, many at" whom arcveiy
much etiibai n.lTed by the delay, occalioned
by certain disagreements or objeftions on
the part of the American Commiilioners
refpefting the Virginia debts. I would now
aft, what has Virginia done for the Fideral
government that the merchants of the whole
union, with all thole to whom they are in
debted, embracing a very great portion of
the community, ftumkl be kept out of their
money —is it merely to serve the Jacobin
An ti's of Virginia ? Tile honest part even
of that Ibte having paid the debts to G.
Britain, it is pret'umcd none others than the
J rcobins can be benefited by the present de
lay. How long t'lis delay will continue I
know not. but, this I do know, if either
our jjt'overnment or their commiflioners are
the fote cause of keeping the merchants,
sic. out of their monies, now due, by the
;reaty, Cbngrefs ought to alluine and pay
;he fpoliatioa debts.
For tbe Gazette tf tie United States.
•. I' . * •X -.
* '
• r.
On Sainrda} the 9th inft.: the Supreme
Court of the lj»ited States, commence! its
ft-ffipn for, AugullTerm—th.e quorum con
sists of their honors Judge Patterfon, Judge
Chafe,Ju-lge Wafhiftgton and Judge Moore.
Judge Patterfon being thsoldell affociatj;
by cojnmiffiiin, prelidea. >
Tl e lift of eaufts was cflltd over on Sa
turday arid several were liffarked tor argu
ment on Monday .
Mond y the 1j k, .The court met pursu
ant t'o adjournnj'e.'it. The cafe of Mofla*
and others'agaii-.ft Higgip.fon and
itrg'firft on the !W» was argued by Dallas
for pjaintiff in error, and Ke»d of South'
Carolina for .defendants. A preliminary
point was argued by ,t!ie lour.fel for the
plaii.iiff in error, wh ch fcemed chitfly to
turn upon the q.eftion wh'etHer the court
below had jurisdiction of t-he cafe. We are
nor well acquainted with he merit*; but
tl-.e court were unanimously of opinion that
the Circuit Court had not jurifdidtion.
To this fuccceded a cauft of very great
importance both, on account of the legal
principles, applicable to .neutral comracr«e,
and the magnitude of the pecuniary Interest
involved in -the rvcut. bein no less thau on®
hundred and eighty thousand dollars*
Talbot §hii lam. 1 Error from the Cir
ia. >cu:t Court for the
The Ship Amelia, Isfc. J N. Y. Diftrift.
The (hip Amelia, belonging to Meflrg.
I Chapeaurouge, Merchants and Burghtrg of
I Hamburg, navigated by Hamburg teamen,
on her homeward bound parfage from Cal
cutta in Bengal, laden with a valuable car
j go, the produce or manutaftures of that
: place, was captured by a French corvette
i and dispatched for the (lat)d of St. Domin
igo ; after remaining ten days in p ffeflion
; ofthe'captoTS, (he was fallen in with, by the
United Sates frigate Conlitution, captain
Talbot, who retook and fen' her into New- .
York, where, upon her arrival, (he was li
belled by captain Tal ot on behalf of him
felf and the crew of the Co ftitution for
salvage in the Diftr'ict £our r . The (hip
and cargo were condemned a d fold at the
Marthal's falc by a decree of that court,
which under the 7th fe£k on of t' e law of
| Congress, pafled March' 2 1799 entitled
an Adt for the Government of the Navy
los the United States," thought fit to ad
judge by way of salvage to the ro captori
one half of the whole valße of the laid (hip
and cargo, without .ny deduAion what
Fr m this decree an appeal was entered,
to the Circuit Court for the Diftridl of N.
York ; and at :tlie last ftffiin of that court
in April term, his. honor Judge Washing
ton, after hearing counsel in the cafe, re
versed the decree of the Diftrifl J'idge, up
on the ground, as stated in the judgment
rendered ; that na service had been rendered
by the re-c«pt®rs of the (hip Artielia to the
! owners in taking h?r out of the hands of
the French and fending her into the United
' States j because Hamburg, where the (hip
and her owi eV» belonged, was a neutral
power, not at war with the Fiench Repub
lic ahd in amity with the United States.—
To presume therefore, that the (hip and
cargo would have been condemned in the
I Admiralty Courts of the French Republic,
] would be highly improper, because such a
proceeding would be a violation of the law
of nations, however confiftest it might be
with her own laws.
The libellants being difiatisfied with this
decision, removed the cause by writ of er
ror to the Supreme Court, f here it was ar
gued with great ability and very copiously,
by Ingerfoll and Lewis for th,e Plaintiffs—
Dallas and M. Levy for Defendants.
It was contended for the Plaintiffs in
Error, that the (hip Amelia, although ow: .
v ed by fubje€ls of a neutral power, bsing
• bound from a port in Bengal, in the pof
fcflion of the E-glifh, and laden with the
manufaftures. and produce thereof, was a
proper fubjeft of capture and condemnation
under the decree of the French Republic
of the 4th of Jaouaiy, 1798-which.adjud
g s "'all veffele, to whomsoever belonging