Gazette of the United States, & daily advertiser. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1800-1801, July 19, 1800, Image 1

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    NUMOF'A 3437. "J
tCT* Tie price of ibis :: i.i
OoLLAits per Jnnumt- Subscripts res. '
ii the c/tp f Pbilekh i(Jt>ia. otbr ' /"t.L
• e IJnUar ulJ:ti.,n .'r >■ tt*g J d «
rertihg ; and utile ss>svri< ■ nin '.3 ei[
wilt becvt.c amwer .■Me ' ■ f t t j>ti<*- j
it must be paid f/jr jMgr>
*,* Ao Subscription wli be ri.jivrd fur
a shorter term tbjn six m&ittbt.
From July IJ —to a*.
&§p» Roebuck,
Berna d Rafrr, Mailer ;
Has a conliderable pirt of er Carg . engaged,
and wjll fail with ail expedition.
For freight or piffage, apply to the Cap
tain, or to
July 12. eod ;t
A fa/hicrtable
Horse and Gig
The Horle young, and the Gig as good as
new. Appi, to the Editor
N.B. NEW WATCHES will be taken in
payment at a fait wholesale price.
Tune it
70 HHDs— AND
36 I'ARRELS, or
Prime Port-au-Prince
.v; d
Twelve Tons Logwood,
JUST arrived . n th< Brig • ufannah, Captain
Smith, from Port-r.u Vrir.ce, and for file by
July 14. mwSf lot
0 K t0 ft J iL K,
A 2-story brick house
TW'J rno:"« on u P.?< r, kitcben »nd
boafe. >'l Vuil' 01 !ie 1 oi«t>riih. »!><; «ic-U
la t orjrr i cellar* uurf. r tbe «h otic p«TC.',
at ! [d> r»« lattice ci- feci «i h oclt * lirjf ipi*
d'ii .n.i y»*!, I'cwrml fruii T'r<-> in ih, jfwjin,
two jumpol (CCv'Uni wjtcrnc.t tbc yremifc*.
£j;qoir« at h« Jf, Ardi l.r«t
jW 'J
Baltimore and New York Mail
Stage Office
IS removed from N I * South Fourth street, to
No. 18 South Tfctrd • reet.
An Olfic. for thife !' ■ ::*« it *lfo k»pt at mr
Ha-dy't Inn, N;. M :rk r treet.
General Pi ft Office, {ril 18
Jast si "iVod f
AND FOIt SAI.E BY rilß subsckibkbs,
Theodore Ulifs, Commander, from Benga
coss\sr/nc of
An allortr ent of Piece Goods.
Sugars of tlu Srtfr quality,
And xoo qr chefcs of superior quality
Hyson Teas,
Witlings is" Franca, and
TbjMtis if Join CliJJ'vrd.
March 17. d.
A Valuable and singularly eligible
CONSISTING of two handsome dwelling
fcoufea, with excellcr: fUhliog lor seven horfei,
douhl cnach-houfc mofl completely fitted up; a
beautiful Urge a, J Vi'.uablu garden richly filled
with choice fruit, furroundeil with high hoard
'fence, alfewft- new. l'he premilVs are beautifu'ly
fitnated neir the middle of Oetmantowu, fur
rounded with rich profp«£ls of the adj cent
Country ; an orchard of a out two arres, with a
handsome lawn at th& back tf the hoafe.
One house has been recently built oa ar, appro
ved plan; the other has been completely r- paire.!
painted and papered, and contain ten rooms with
an elegant drawing-room, fifteen feet by thirtj
new house is well calculated for a fir,re in
either the dry or wet good liHe.
Tho air and water are unrivalled, and there are
some most excellent fchcols in the neighborhood.
For particulars enquire of the Printer, or of
onothe prkmites.
May 9; dtt
Fog 3 three quarter Share ot Bank Stock of th<'
United States, No. 381! in the name of John
Holmrf, Jun- ban been lott or ipiftayed and for the
Renewal of which application has been made at
hid Bank, of which all concerned are desired to
M*y 19-
Gazette of the United States, & Daily Advertiser.
—— Jr ■■■ ■ .
,*B -* ,)<«*>,■»*• - J 'gwsat.^«.« l niiwnriir
3n WEDJfESi?. Y 'e 23d yof ]uly. at 7
.•'tick, P "... ut the .Mer.kaoi*' Coffee House
1 in Se 1 street,
A Lot 6f Ground,
CU 3 acn... 4 (v'frhes and ■ ic. 1 :■
i .: - jV nvsfi • - .d p£ Germ -nt t /..,
ppj' 1. .e to V \: I .>, •> bout i ixiiUs Iron 'Jw
On which in crafted a gjm! new
"one d«t liug-houie, kitchen j.mzi, See. alio a
Ooi.e J am.
!r i- r.n ciigiMe Gvu .tion f-r a family who wi(h
to ictire fr > the ciiy d*r.iosr the fomnur months.
' July 14 dts
SH'UATF.D on Scot's mountain in Oxford
townlhip, county of Suflex and flateof New
Jersey, eight ar ten miles from (about four
from the river Delaware, and l'eventy two Irora
Philadelphia ; containing 579 Acre 6 ; aiiout ioo
acre* of which 11 cleared and under good fence,
inclnding 11 ac.s of meadow : the remainder.ii
woodland, coafiiling moflly of chefnut end oak.
On the pre-jifes are two log hdlifes and out
boildings, a number of fruit trees, and fprirgs <i
excellent water, and a ffream runs through the
rra&. The premises is occupied by Chriliian and
Peter Snyders.
Letter# addressed (post paid) to the fublcribcr.
at No 87, Arch ttreet, Pl>ila.V v hir • or it Mr,
'E« k#at\i Mou'a, *}aAcu r i'iunjrjwi-' ii, will be
puly answered.
N. B. No application will be necessary after
the 14th of July next.
Jtyieao. eod tf
9 S4
to 4>
li *9
o <i
0 S°
t 4*
* .•»
-aisrs asr>
4 4.1 —-7 17
4 44 7 '6
4 4.< 7 'J
- 4 4< 7 >5
- 4 46 7 14
4 4" 7 *3
4 48 7 »
DESERTED from the Ml' ine Barracks on the
Bth iiiftant, the 10l owing Marines, viz
JOHN STEEL, horn near Urandy Wine in
Cheiter county, by profeffion a.Tailor. He i» ».?
years of age, five feet eight inches high, grey
eyes, light orown hair,thin visage and fallow com
plexion—had on a round h.t, brown silk ccat,
nankeen breeches, and other decent cloathing.
Frederick Fry, born in Germany, but came
to America very vonne, about thirty fix years
of tpe, Ave fcitfeven Inches high, Hazle eyes,
Black Curly hair and very brown complexion—
had no uniform on—He was lately a Soluier
in General Waynes Army at F rt Detroit
The above reward w ill be paid, or Ten Dol
lars for either, and all expences, on delivering
them at ihe Mjrine B:rrackt, Philadelphia, or
to ar.y Olficer in the Service of the United
Schuylkill Permanent Bridge:
A DIVIDEND ol 8 per centum per amiu;n is da
dared by the Vrelideut and Director« of th.
Company f >r «re3ii g a Permanent Bridge ov?r
tlit U:ver Shuylkill, at or ntar the city of Phila
delphia, un the amountß paid in on the ifl day tif
April l<ft, (the time whai the fubferiptions to the
fti'Ck cf the faii company were csmpleated, and to
be from thence computed) payable to the rtock
holder* or their legal representatives after the loth
d?y ot the prefcut month, out of the profits ari
fmg from the Floating Bridge Ferry and Tavern
at the Wettend of High Street, on application to
the I'reafurer, Mo, 13, Church Alley.
tu<tf fiw
Twenty Dollars
Adjutaut Marine Corps.
fV.IH J*lv ti, diw
WILLIAM BANKS, -Secretary.
July (• <uth«ira
Strayed away,
ON Pun ay the 3> h iiift a lma I lit a wherry
coloured MARK, fourteen hands h'gh,
has three white t'eft, a white face, aboet ten
years o.d. Any information will be thankfully
re. eived, »nd if delivered at lohn Ncpus's
Ferry, at Market street, a reward of four Dcl
lais'will he paid.
July 17. .. 11 3t
■f T7"HERJt AS ir.y wife, Margaret C.nnor,
W has ahfented herfelf from n.y t md
board, without any jufl cause. I hereby f< r
warn all per 011s from harbouring or c e'.itT.g
'her on my account, as I am cjewrinined not to
pay iny debts of her contraiflit g.
lu'v T7, iBo->. T : f-. 1 '
AN atthchrrent was lately iflued out of the in
fer. r oeurt f common pleas of the county the llat - of I'jiv Jersey, direited to
rhe flieiiff f the lid county, against the rights,
credits, monies a&u ifft-Ss goods and chattels,
landsand tenements ol y»l* Clcves Symmes at li..
fuitof William Weill, in a plea of trespass 011 the
cafe to his datnag r hr«eth ■ rfand dollars; —
And rvlureai, the laid (be» iff <!t i, at the term of
June la!t pa tJ return to the laid court that he had
attached the defendant liy a certain tond given by
Matthias De-nman and Samuel Meeker te the fa..!
defendant, to the amount t f near two thou'and
dollars,aw! alio by fixtylar.d warrants; —
Aaw therefore mi-f- hs f.i ■' { CWfl
Symmesfhaliappc \i ve fpeijil l.ail *-
a declaration at the suit 01 ih». plaunf cj?t
will be entered against him, Jnd hi» jt -rt v
herein attached, will b. fold eeaMy to tke
(latutein luch tafemai' aH pr*v !-d
Aaron Ggrten, Clerk, &c.
FlizflVeth-'own Tuh 8. I*o ( f l) r>w?im
Bank of the United States,
July 7ih 1600
THE Directors have this day dec arrd a di
vidend ) r the last Jix ißontl.B, of fuitr n
Dollars per rhare, p ya ;,e t- tft« St ckhf.idtr
their reprefentatives aftet the 17ti.
G. SIMPSON Cadi'r.
A Printing Press.
Apply »t lb* Office of th« Gazetteer
the Umicd Statei.
By C. P. Waynx, No, 65, South Front-street.
, Cr.& Kiss Watch Mjiker,
To No. 36, Market Street,
Where he Ivas i r Sale,
Spring and other Clocks.; jfojd and silve r
Watches; Tools, Files and Materials ; steel
ind pjilt Chains, Seals and Keys ; Springs*
; &c. &c.
Repaired at ofusi.
'lwe l tukftf
A Summer Retreat.
WITH a liable, carriage-houfc and lot,
situated in a pleafaut part of Trenton. The
terms will he moderate, and pofleffion Tan he
had immediately ; hut the teaa;.t will not be
wante* to occupy the premil'ej after the roth
c?f next Novethbep. For terms apply to tha
printer, or to'ABRAHAM HUNT, esquire,
in Trenton.
June 14. tuthAcs tf
RAN AWAY from the fuSfcriber, on the 18th
viz a negro woman numed I at, a wa(her-wo
msn and cook, of übcut £hy iv* years of age—
OB and well shape f, of aUI ict 1 »mplexion. She
nas bad teeth, thof- of her uni! jr jaw are much
difcolourei-' and prr jcS a good ,eal. She has a
full head of wooly hiir—a very aioft forbidding
countenance, is very impertinent, and 1-ughs and
talks loud. Pa: was bora in South-Carolina, and
fpeakft bad Englilh, with the negro dialed. She
has on the upper part of her braaOt, two pretty
large lumps of flefh reftmbling Wens, or rather
with the appearance of the marks of a burn. She
carried away with her feverai changes of clonthe,
and go-i/ns of white rcuflm and of coloured and
figured printed cottons fafiiionably made up. She
also carried away with her,
CLARA her daughter—a very {\ont, robust,
strong made girl, of a short (tature, and rcund
Siouidered—appearing ta be about 14 years of
age. Clara has large llaring-eya-, a flat nose, an
•val flat face, her tir.dv r j,w pajtfitgf a little,
and good teeth. is very artlul and impu
dent, has a great fluency of fpeech.ofes goad lan
guage, has been taught to read.—She has the
appearance of ring worms on her left cheek and
chin ; thefkin in lpots appearing much paler than
the reft of her compl.xion, which is much lighter
than her mother's— er hair is fbert and w-,oly;
She ware a pink greunded printed with a
small black figure, with new foreparts.
Also ran away, on Wednesday t.V: nth inft.
June, DICK and AMELIA. Dick, or as he has
lately ealled himfelf, Richard Weaver, is a houfe
fervant, —he is about 5 feet 7 inches high, rather
small made, is about n years o<], of a gjad
smooth, black complexion—has a flat nri'fc, with
very large open noflrils. He carried his head
and neck a> if he were fliffin she neck and shoul
ders, which arc high and tolerably fquarc, and his
neck fliort—his 1 g« are but fiMll and
illy maie, with scarce ar.y calf. He has ha- bad
teeth, is left handed, and exceedingly awkward
he has a full head of wooly hair, which he pi? its
and drcfles to the best advantage. His voi'e is
tmall, his lpecch coif.moly ciild and llow, and his
ma ners appear <-x;remely simple, but he is at
bottom an artful knave, and when fpuken to is
very apt to be paflionate and impertinent. Dick
is a native of South-Carolina, and fpealcs bad
Enghfh—he seduced and carried away with him
Am lia. who he called his wife.
Ai. ejia is a very complete, well inftruifled la
dies mail!, mu h below the common fiature an!
of a fmallmake—htr complexion is that of dark
mulatto or meflizoe, nearly re(emtilip,g that of the
Lafcarsol India. with Mack cur'ing hair, and a
very lu*' forehrad—her right eye has a great
we knef«, owing to the (mall pnx in her infancy—
under herey«» very black—a flat face, flat broad
nose. with fcarcc any riling at the > ridge; a large
mou'h with thick lips, and good strong teeth.
On the rape of her neck (he has the marks of a
inn Dretfis with tafle, and inii'ates the French
iyle; ij very feufifcle, and cxnrtffs herfelf well.
She took with hr a variety ut clothes, falbion
ahlyraade—(hehasfor more than tvw> years pad
1t n liable to&is, which at times sive her awili
i ess in htr eyes—her heal this generally delicat.
fh u preftnt lUtly to e*crc<ife tcr farrily, and is
ahi ut ai > • irs pi age—(he can dress hair, clear
starch i a- a tailefor millinary and raantua- ma
king; an J a« is very ingenious, ran turn her
hand to any thing and may probably offer herlelf
to some milliner or mar.tua maker as a work
woman. As . ; rr-elja has heretofore been a great
favourite of a very indulgent mistress, and 'tis
believed has been led awr.y by the perfuafian of
her paramour Di.k, if (he wiii return to mi, (he
will be lorgiven and treated with the fame ten
dernef- (he lias (jwarsreceived
FIFTY DQI LAkßeward for each will be
paid /rr the delivery cf Vat ar.d Clara to the
fllbfcrl'er, or to any goal in the United t'tates so
cl.atl mry get poffelfion of them—One Hunfed
Dollars esch for Dick and Amelia, on 'he like
dtliv r; The fubfcrilier warns all matter
of trfftls, from taking these Runaway servants
lrr>m he United State*, and re<jue.{U such
of his friends and acquaintance as it may notluit
to arrvit them, to gtve inlormation, fhnuld they
hear of either of the fugitives, to the fuhferiber
by letter direfledto the post office, Philadelphia,
which will find him, wherever he may pass the
dimmer, or to the Printer of the Gazette ef the
United States, who will communicate it to a
iriena in Philadelphia to a& en his behalf.
Ot South-Carolina, corner of Fourth and
Union-streets, Philadelphia.
June 45. w&sjt
ASINGLF. Man,capable of inftruitir.g twelve
Boys, in the Latin, Greek and French lan
alfo writing aud arithmeti.k. Such a
■ crten coming well recommended, for his abili
an : good behaviour, will receive four hun
ed ,loliars per annum, and be accommodated,
• uch to his fatislaition, with meat, drink, waih
•c.g 3nd lodging ; by applying to the fubferibers,
vi gnear Berry's-ville, in Frederick county and
ate of Virginia
Jnbn Milton,
IVarntr Washington.
June ic tuth&f iptf
300 Dollars
WHEREAS by an aft of C rgrefs
pafled on the feverth day of May,
in the year of our Lord one thouf nd eight
hundred, the President of the United States
i» authorized to borrow, on behalf of the
United States, from the Bar.k of thr Uni
ted States, or from any other body or bo
dies politic or.corporate, or from any per
son or persons, and upon such terms and
conditions as he (hall judge, roost advan a
geous for the United Stated, a Turn not
exceeding Th ee Millions Five Hundred
Thousand Dollars, so however, that no
contract or engagement be mad j , which
fnall preclude the United States from reim
bursing any sum or sums borrpwed, at any
time after the expiration of fifteen years
from the date of fich Loan. And Whi re
as it is declared by said aft, that so much
as may be necessary of the fuiylus of the
duties on imports and tonnage, beyond the
permanent appropriations heretofore char
ged upon them by hw, (hall be pledged and
appropriated for paying th& interelt ; and
also for paying and discharging th£ princi
ple fiun or sum« of all the monies which
may be borrowed according to the term or
terms which may be fixed pursuant to the
authority aforefaid. AND WHEREAS
by the said a£l the fa:th of the U. States,
is pledged to eflablifh fufllcient permanent
revenues, »or making up any dehciency that
may hereafter appear in the provisions be
fore mentioned for p ying the interell and
principal iunis, or either of them, or any
monies which may be borrowed pursuant to
the said aft. AND WHEREAS the
Phesidknt of the United States, did by
an Aft or Cotamiflion under his hand, da
ted the seventeenth day of May, in the
year one thousand eight hundred, autho
rize and empower the Secretary of the
Treasury to borrow on behalf of the Uni
ted States, any sum not exceeding in the
whole Three Millions Five Hundred Thou
sand Dollars, and to make such contrast or
cootrafts as should be nccefT.ry, and for
the iutereftof the United States, in pur
suance of the aft of Congress above recited.
NOW ( 1 HEREFORE, theunderfigned
Secretary of the Treasury, in pursuance of
the sft of Congress and the authority from
the President of the United States' above
mentioned—Doth Hereby, on behalf of the
United States of America, contrast and en
gage in manner following, to wit :
i ft- There shall be created a funded Ca
pital Stock, to a.i amount hereafter to bede
fignated by the said Secretary, but not ex
ceeding Three Millions Five Hundred Thou
sand Dollars, which Capital Stack fliall be
divifiblc into'fhares of one hundred dollars
each, bearing interest, at eight per centum
per annum, payable quarter yearly at the
Treafgry of tie United States, or at the
Loan Offices, where the said Stock may
Hand credited, until thelaflday of December
in the year eighteen hundred and eight.
2d. After the last day of December in the
said year one thousand eight hundred and
eight, and after reasonable notice to the cre
ditors, which shall he given by an advertiCe
ment in some public newspaper printed at
the feat of the government of the United
Stites, the said 'Capital Stock shall be re
deemable at the pleafurc of the United
States, by the reimbursement of the whole
sum of funis borrowed and which mav con
ttitute the said Capital Stock, either at the
Treasury of the United States, or at the
Loan Offices wh;re the fame may stand cre
3d. The credits for the said Capital Stock
fkail and may be separately certified in iums
either for one hundred, tour hundred, ore
thousand, four thousand, or ten thnufind
dollars, and the credits so. certified (hall be
transferable by the creditors, or their attor
nies, at the Treasury and Loan Offices re
fpedively, in pursuance of the rules which
have been or which may be eftaoliflied rela
tive to the. transfer of the funded Stock of
the United States.
4th. A fufficient sum of the surplus of
the duties on imparts and tonnage beyond
the permanent appropriations heretofore
charged upon them by law—together with
the frith of the United States, ar<* hereby
pledged for the fulfilment of this contract,
in pursuance of, and according to the terms
and conditions of the act of Congress herein
before recited. *
GIVEN under my handj and the seal of
the Treasury of the United State's, at
'TT ) Philadelphia, this iec Mid day of June,
one tooufand eight hundred ; and cf
the Independence the twenty-fourth .
Secretary of ibe Treasury.
BANK of TH: UN! : : D n TAT£S
jane 2i. iKce.
Prcpofals will be received until ths tail |
day nt July next inclufivr, at the Bil l: of
the United States, and the Offices 1 I):f
---count and Deposit at B;>llon, New-York,
B'ltimure, Norfolk, and Charleflon, for the
p'jrcirafe of One Million and Five Hundred
Thousand Dollars of Stock, dir. fted by
the Secretary of the Treasury, t > be issued
in purfuarce < f the abovenientici.erl con.
trad. The prcpofals most advantageous to
the United States will be accepted, but no
1 Stock will be iff tied at less than five ret'
I centum advance, or one Imndr-d ai d five
dollars in money for one hundred doll.:rs in
flock. In cafe the funis fpecijjcd in firrilai
proposals Ihail exceed th? amount of (Utk
offered for file at the places abovenientioned, 1
they will be accepted, fuDjeft to a propor
tional dedu&ion.
wf G. SIMPSON, Cafh'r.
In the Jh'ip Mary /Inn, Francis Stewart,
majler, from Hamburgh, ho<w landing-,
Jacob Sperry & Co.
No. >9s. Mirkcfcftceet, >t,
C(S!iEß[Ll>oi or *biie ralji oj n| ytrii,'
tot and uJru~noa,
Fl»fc CafnioJ&lM difto, / ' •
OUf» pearl. and W4* far dacUactt'M «H «Mo«r«
•ad fno,
Blicfc *n4 wh/tc edgiojgi and lu**, • .
RiWions r;jif♦, -
Ccifce-inilh, Chilli, it}d At' I *' ■ l> -
35>Bck> Boiivi'iii V.'iodow Gfafi£ ♦ J, t Id,'
| n, io u, » >4, «4
«<, 16 13, >8 »4, so A 4, %0 t6 M
Also, via Neiu-Tork, . .
6 Cslcs white roils,
6 do. Crcas» la Morlaix,
' 1 do. f:nsti;s
On hand, which will lie loid rcafonaMe tc close
1 new Cables of no fathom each q &ioimh.
July i w&t -w
Philadelphia Academy.
ReiSor oi St. Paul's Church, and formerly Vice-
Proroft of tils Unirerfity of Pcnufjlvauia,
On: of theAlfiftant Miniflcrsof Christ church and
St. Peter's,
At No. 14, Spruce Street,
AN Englifti School, a Clafiical School, and
a Mathematical School, in which all the
bianchtj of fciescc conntitci w th thr.'e de
partments are taught. N. B The Mathema
tical Department is conduced by Mr. i'F tt R
Dflama k. formerly Prrffjor of at hematic*
tn the Royal Academy, Jjublin-
June 6.
»©* -
About 25 acres of Land,
T AYING on the eaf. sdc of the Falls K. a-1 .
On the East i: is hounded 1 y property i
iKj» to Mr. Te. ch Francis, f»n. .>ll ti— fojith, !-y
a road oi" two perches, and oßtt. i;; rth hy a !:ne, ~
w.'-iich fepa»at.-3 :t from Mr. VS'Call. It i« pi< po
fcl to dirldcthi* land into 3 equal pan . n. urdar
to fair. the ptrcfcafcrsi
Also, 31 acres, fi.tatrd . n the fide of
Gormantinvn rujd, adjoinicg eftstej
being part of th» property of the lite Samunl
For ternn apply to Samuel Miffl'o, ccracr of
Mnrket and isth
OF abilities, ititegfit • an rap-pence in
mdrttntile'<bufinefs, w.uld wilii- ly et>-
gige as CLERIC to a merchant or pni.lic of
'j e, or : e concerned with any perfo> .-s pait
i er, as lie has an iF.tereft ot about one ihpuiand
pounds in real ellate in the'city. Plealc rc> ap
ply tn the Printer ; or a line left at the office
K,r B Y. will be .attended tu im e.liaclyi.
Mavi- -f
itui idige and Lcu\ffu Jtuu# < i
At the corn r of Arch and Ninthfreels.
And entered upon this mentis, the Bouse
ble . G ach : . J oufe and 1..0t5, uov/ in the wi.tire of
M jorSuth::-. tituite as above. a, No.
■ 8 north Fifth street.
Jn!v to tnJtrh 3w
Either separately or i
The Two Houses,
LATELY rceupicd as a HO i hi, hy Mr. Sa
muel Francis, No 13, fuuth Fourth ftrect. For
terms apply to
No, 41, Arch itreet:
July ib 3taw aw
In the Pomo" J, trom Liverpool, -nd for sale*
Ironmongery, Sadlery, Cutlery,
B r ass Es? Japan'd V/ares,
Per the Brutus an J Penelope, Via W.York,
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No. 3q, North Front Itifet.
June a 6 dim
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June 5- d:t
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