The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, July 07, 1838, Image 1

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    VOL. 1.
Tnu. Doi.t.min'arro Furry C per annum.
_payable semi-annnally in advance., Ir Mit paid with
in. the *
ear,will be chargel tomll those who re-
Mike the paperfree of poinage. Tb mail subscriheri
•$3 per annum. If not paid within the year, SO cents
will be added to the price of subscription.
Two DOLLAR'S per annum, payable semi-annuall
in_advance. if not paid within the year.s2 50 will
be charged
Advertisements not exceeding twelve 1 i nes will be
. 3 1
charged $1 for three insertions—a 'd 50 cents for one
insertinri. Larger ones in orurml. on.
All advertisements will be in rted until oudere
opt. unless the-tame for wh. di they re to be continue
is *Pacified .and will he charged accordingly.
Ye irly acsertisers will be charged $l2 per annuw:
i nttlud ikg subscription to the pa pe r -!-wi t h t hepri vi lege
of keeping one advertisement not eXceeding 2 sqoares
stan ling during the year. and the insertion of a entail
er one in each cillw r for three successive times.
All letters addressed to the editor must be postpaid.
otherwise no attention will he pai d to them.
All notices for meetings. &c. nd other notices
which have heretofore been inserted gratis. will be
hargedls cents etch, except Marriages and Deaths.
• Wanted ' 1 .
i , YOUNG man, of loud . moral .habita,' ho
Can speak the German and' E nglish e n .
gouges. about 17 or Iti years of age, and ho
-writes a good hand, to attend in a Store nn the
NVert Branch Rail Road. Apply at thiaolfme.
JUN 4 1ti3i.5143
, ,
Bricks! Bricks
100,000 Bricks will be daddy for sale at
the Kiln on the Port Carbon road, on the 6lnst.
Persons wieung to buy, will apply to.
TIIIO 'IXIIIURN.Itt the Kiln, or
HIRAM PARKER, Ponaville.
N. It Two other KOn'e of.tbe same number
each. will be ready—one in August ■od one in
October. •
:Pottsville July 4
WILL be mold at Public Sal, on Saturday the
11th of August next, at the Pennsylvania
Hall, in the Borough of Potuivifte, at 2 o'clock in
the afternoon.
A certain Tract of Lind situate in'
' ' Barry township, Stihuylkill county,
ass about 10 miles from !Pottsville, and 6
'al. from Mineraville, old the Mahantaniro
road, which runs -about one mile
thrutivi toe tract—and Deep-Creek also runs
about the tome distanceihrough the same. This
hind wag surveyed under warred!, dated the 18th
day of Septeniber 1792. One tract contains 399
acres 130-perches—the other 290 acres and 43
porches and allowance, and will be sold together
or in small lots to suit put choo•ets. About 30 or
40 acres of the land is cleared, there is an orchard
'egad bearing apple trees on die pretni.e..
The improvements consist or two Houses, a
Bern, a good Saw Mill, and seats liar at least 12
snore, if required.' . I
This tract of land is without eisception the beat
oak timbered tract of land in the county, and a
considerable portion of it first rite farming land.
Tae East end of the tract is ib the immediate
vicinity-. of the Coal Region, and as well worthy
the ottchtion ot pereonsertgag in making rail
roads, canals, or is the Boat Bui ding Business.
The land will be sold low, an on easylerms
Any person wishing to view the remises, coo ob
tain any,intormation required E John Deatrich
chiding on Ow same.
'Persons wishing to purchase the whole or only
part thereof can de sit by 'itkplying t i either of the
subscribers previotis to the day of sale--but if nut
,neld in the meantime, it will peeitively be sold on
.the day Mentioned above. I
• The following gentlemen havki. seen the land.
and we give them as a hot of references.
'John Dreher. Orwqrsburg.
1 Dr.. .Stemberger. Mineroville.
Datiid D. Leiria, 5 Lodkii.
Jacob H. Ziegenfuss, Allinerstrille.
Dougherty.ll.ewie C. Schuy lk ill Haven.
Who-will give correct intormallna respeettng the
same if application be made to either of the*, or
to the subscribers.
WM. B POTTS, Orwigsburg.
July 4 1838: ' 5144
i reirektra.-AIIIOAIL Kue.u. MART ILIONRIt,
", Airslidera Teacher.--Maaosarr B. Hermit's.
IN this Seminary, Females : are instructed in
Needle Work, Spelling, Reading, Writin g , A-
Tithrnetic, Book Keeping. Algebra,English ram
mar, Composition, Geography. , History, Clironol
°go- Saline, "Natural Philosiophy, Chennstry,
Drawing. Painting. and-the French Language.
TERMS—For Boarding add Tuition, eacept
ing the three lest named branches. One Hinidred
and Forty Dollars a year, payable quarterly in
Fur Drawing. Painting, and the. French tan;
4ttaga, •FiveDullars a quarter additional, each
Washing charged at 37i cents a doze 4, and
• Books, Btationary ‘ ike, at the 'tore prices.:
Did a and -Bedding., the' use Of the Library and
Class. Books, are furnished Aci the e upili without
- :
• Pharile.''
Vacations, in the Fourth! and Tenth Months,
and to the SCholars who do not remain I-at the
, rticirscli this time is nut charged.
c l
. . F:1 A r farther information, P ' rents and Huard
* ilia* are-respec t fully reforrets o
Edward B Hub
ble, Orwigshors; Joseph F.: rroll„ Port Carbon;
John M. Lewis*, George M, Yenning', Pottsville;
Or to John Scholl, Schuylkill Forge, - heir Port
.?!•. Chotoov-all of whom have cb4dren at Kimberton
) Wiwi.
*in - Berton: June 25, Isl9B, 30-6 w
Encinthrge Home anufaatireis
COnttl,Ctionarr - ffliatenthciory.
VELE subscribeirespectOlv annoonceit to the
! public that he bail commenced the hitinufac
threat" Confectionary in all its various brioches,
it his Store in Centre-Street, nearly oppeitite the
Pottsville House, wheie Confectioners abd utb
, ere can allays be sop t illholesale MO' retail,
tithe blest Philadelphia Ugh prices.
Country Merchants aro respectfully Mgicited
.R 4 focasli 4l9 sad examine bin Monk-WM Ponthasing
,101141.8:C. MAO?.
, •
, .
, .
ocm , xx , o, i , nu i zo *,, tx p npio our non ?Amerman op tsar ir."-" 4 " , ...... um" Itlucli -
W 11 "1 2 " 1 " 113
Asa rano? TO CHOWT I
- D 1t....L.E1-1) S
Sarsap*rilla lil . 1 Irills
Art the most effectual purifier pfthe Blood
and Animal" Fluida that , have ever
been discovered!
The following Me some only of the
Effected sad h t iard from durinkt,7he 4 pOit TWO
MONTHS, iii Philadetthia.. -
Louisa Simpson. euked of violent p ain in her head
and sides. witlr;muelr giddiness to tmhtch she was
subjeci f.or three years.
Julia tucker, relieved from habitual costiveness
and want of appetite, with offensive breath and bad
taste. I
Joseph Marlow, cured of an ulcerated leg and arm.
Israel Jones, cured of a breaking but all over his
w hole, body. , s
Sarah Jones, 'Mired of pain in her brcasts and sides
much headache( and sickness after eating.
William Mowbray,. cured of a Rbetimatiant. and
swelling of his lip and fee?. havinebeen unable to
walk any distance for six month* palm.
Michael J. Rnskans. cured of swelling under his
arms and on his neck, with' considerable breaking
out on his body.
Elisabeth Craomfir,' cured of swelled breasts, pain
irPher side. cornstant disgust to fo -diland much sick
nese at her stomach.
Jeffery Cline, cured of rheumatic pains and swelled
Samson G. Howard, cured of a tatter and rash. a
braking out user his body, with soma f i nning slam
and uice.s..
Rev. A tanbx, cared of an affection of his throat.
sweeess and atcerauott,whrch ?rotates!) affixttd hta
The following are tumid only of thelarge number of
cures effeuted•tn Berko J.lontaott.eryi i huylktll, Le
lugh. Lancaster, sod Northampton counties, during
the past three nionthrs
Junes Ureen, y.sq., cured of a scurbatic affection,
ulcerated leg, sweiiedjoults and rheulnatic pains.
Adam C. Carp nteri cured of vtofem pain in his
"sides. much cost i tveness, bad appetite at d a shortness
of breath,
Rachel Snyder. cared of a difficuhrin bre thing
habitual costiveness and violent paint in-her herd.
Michael Jones, his two daughters andyoungest sin ,
cared oI a breaking out of•dry and solbetimes watery
pimples over their whole bodies, attendecl with great
itching, frequent unpleasant feelings: in their heads,
sickness at the stomach. and pains over the heart, Otc.
Thus family was afflicted for years, and never found
relief from any Medical treatment, or from any medi
dines, until using Dr Leady's Blood Palls and a wash
directed by Dr. Leidy. .i
Sarah Mclntosh, cured aif violent•pains in her back
and loins. rheuumtism;swelled jean
Andrew Green, cured Of griping pains, bin of ap
?eine. disgust fair food, and habitual cnstivenesa
Adam ft. Ginnie, cured Of scaly eruptiokas and break
ing out, soreness and painrthrough hiabunes.
Dinah Cmwley, cured 4.r nogwornis end letter.
Henry C. Re ney. Esq. cured of inward fevers,
=oneness of his mouth, throat and nose, glandular swel-
kings, &c.
George Layman. mired of. mereeviigafreetion and
violent rheumatic pains o"his head and gotten.
Jonathan !Weald. Isaac Colman and John G. Thom•
son, cured of vaiinus affeitions of the bead cos ire
nes& so it eructations. titaness at the atilmach.&e.
Sarah Jenkins. Alfred an I Tracy Jenkins. cored of
affectmns of the Skin, breaking out. puns in then limbs.
Numerous other instances might be published. but
to swell the hat wo unnecessarily Marano the ed..
peuse of publishing them. .
It mist be pia my seen from the fote , 4 oing. that the
Wood Pills art in escolleM correctivelot• a dam ;tiered
stomach, the cause of diseases to which the human
system is liable. together with the impurily of the bleed.
which exists in ill amuses, and in conjunction with
a disordered stomachs very rapidly P 4 Mere tee the hu
man body.
• These pills dO not purge as powerfh 14 , as do most
pills of the prevent day. (Which prod ,, te at stud ads
chief as did everMereary.cts the stineMs, by Wlllkentug
the systera.destsniying the knee and vigor of the bodj:
and rendering it a prey ten constant slid uni.enutslis
ease. distressed and bodily suffering ltral are. mild am,
mild and gentle list their operation; ual only increasing
the natural
.dis4az=flirsends to carry off impert
ties as they are; their use. nut rendering
necessary any restraint &pin occupation or bumneen.
change of living or diet, Or even a liability of taking
cold from their ace. : •
The process tor extracting the virtue of the Sarsapa
rilla without oektroying its efficacy .ia known only to
the pmprietarit .
P epared only and sold wholesale and retail. at Dr:
I,eidy's Health y.,mporium, Sod St below Vine, No.
191.—Also Sold by
Jane 9 44 Pottsville.
- • '
Wonderful Cures.
Have Oen perlormed in, this eity,-44( thrboghttot
! the country.
BRING a concentrated fluid extract of Sarsararilla„
combined with) other vegetable estrileF e whieb ren
ders it as a medicine of &eat utility in cure °fall
diseailes a mini frothimpinaties of the b ood, from im
prudences in life. and constitutional Miasma formed
or produced by the injudicious use cif mercury, arse
me. bark. or quinine. In kbort,it is an invaluable
edy forall.
Rheumatic Affection. iGeneml Ileb4ity,.l.llceroos
Sores. white Swellings 1 Diseases Qf the Liver anSI
skin. Uleeratelf,Sore Throat, Ulcers pf the Nose. C
anes. or diseases of the Wines; Scrofula, or Kinz's
vii; Krysfhelacyn St. Anthony's Fire. and all unplea
sant and dangerous affix:toms consequent to Syphilis,
Luca Venereal,' &c • .
So effectual Yias this medicine been In the cure of
venous deees * for whir* it is recommended, that tt
is far superceding all otliprprepitraboua of Sarsaparil.
la. P inacea: AM. .
It is now etaphyed by numerotta Obysicians. and
has been introduce:n.4 the n into many hospitals, in
firmaries. &c thr o ughout the tloniedStat es.
It is a preparation of greater strength ( consequently -
of greater efficacy) than my other ettrpct now made.
is also much cheaper, btpng bet °penciller per boule,
which is sufficient to make one gallien of Syrup of
Sarsaparilla. Ind is bought by different druggists tot
that purpose. .
Numeneuscertificates hare heenrec . fired suid pub
lished from time to tined, but in coat*ltence of the
put =pantie *deriding newspaper p,;1 4 :1 cation oftbern .
the must Incredulous cut be convin of the superior
efficacy of Di Leidy's' Medicated, larsanajilla, by
calling at Dr. , Leidy 's Health Emdo urn," too. 101
nortb - Second meet; below Vine. rAgn of the Golden
Eagle and - Serpents; wberecertitleart . slarrid references
can be given to handr.Ws of instal .14s iofthe most re.
workable eons aver performed by any anedicien.
Sold - by IliNllol, Pottsville.
June 0 1 44
_ _ PrOposa!s.
. i •
PROPOS*LS i l l be reeeiv4l by Coot.
,the Co.
mis m a r i ar k o t ftelmy dial County at, their d
irt* in the bnrongh of OrwigehVg. on Monday
the 30th of.loly. 1638, fir budding a one arched
Bridge semis the riverSehaylkiil.nt Middlepori,
with two dupe ributments. T'e t
. Bridge to be
roofed and Weather•boardedi * *ill tr 4 0 fiat
long; door to be 10 feet abo.olo )reter mark
the Pelage to bi 16 feet wide e 'l2 fier Iligh.
_To be tonstiveted Upon the igah ilk that &hail.
kill Haven Bridge.. ; i.
, , i PHILIPLintiAN.
• . i , . BENIMI 0717,
• ' Antal.youtieszit
Orwipborg," Jiuldlll ' • • ;!'•1 ' 43'
• • I.r C`
10" • -
POTTSVILLE, PA. SATI3E4* *llo4l4l*6'ittLY,
Resumption or Bushmen
Subscriber smarm hie gra isful acknowl
edgeinenta to the citizens of Pottssdiso ' l and
others, who stepped forward to hii — misistancs af
ter the loam of his. property by fire in December
last, and would also acquaint them and the pub
he generally, that he has 'gain commenced the
Drug Susiitems io the house formerly occupied by
charier' W. Clenmus, in Centre Street, to the
Iporough of Pottmville, where may Owe,' be had
general assortment of
Drug*, Medicines, •
, Paints, Oils,
"001 1. 41 1 / 2 • 'Pie SOI
4►nd every other article in the above hne..which
a diPposeo to 'ell on very low and automnio
dating, ternw.
N. B. EP Physicians prescription' carefully
put up of the shortest notice.
Pow's!llk, May 30,1&38.
/VET undersigned cautions thy public against
la purchasing or leasing the tract of land called
Clinton Tract, on the East Nurgegian rail road,
from Elizabeth Spnhn, or Henry Morris tor her,
es he the undersigned claims title thereto, ■nd
*lll institute a suit against any person attempt.
ing to take the possessing thereof.
Manheim, April 28, 1838
flltiE Register of County having
granted to the subscrilipPr, Letters of Admin
istration on the estate of /leery Neigh, lots of
the borough of Puttaville. deceased. All pentons
indebted to the estate of the said Henry Nene'
ire requested to make immediate payment; and
all those having claims, are requested to present
shem for Settlement to the suts.criber without de.
june 2 42-6 Adminkrator.
& Hardware More.
THE subscribers would respectfully announce
to the -public, that he has added to his femme
stock, /ran and Herds:Wee, consisting in part or
American and English Bar Iron, Hoops and Band
Iron, Round Iron; assorted sizes; Cast. Crissly,
Shear. German and English Blister and A. M.
Steel Vices, Mouse• hole anvils. Smith's Bellows,
bast Steel hand, choping ind Broad totes, bails
and spikes, together with a general assortment
Of Iron Mongery, all of which will be sold at re.
duced prices, by JOHN CLAYTON.
April 22 32
Teas! Teas!! Teas!!!
g a n CH,ESTB and i chests of Fresh Green
and black Teas, consisting of Orange,
Pieco, Souchong, Pouchong, Gunpowder, Young
Hymn, Old Orion and Hyson Skin, just received
and for sale at reduced priees by
Several small chests put up for family use.
may 2 A.. 33
Leaden IPipes & Hydrants.
110, BA N NAN has just received a lot of Lead
"• en Pipe, which Ire will warrant to be of
superior 4ualtty, 11 and 11 inch. Also.Sunimsr
and %Viola. Hydrants. constructed of the best
materiabe, all of which he will sell cheap,
juin 13 45
. New and Splendid GOOlllll.
THE Ladies of Pottsville and vicinity ate tee
' ik pect luny invited to call and examine a most
splendid assortmebt of
Painted Lawns, Jacemette, Printty
Black and White Lawns,
Mouslinedelains Lyonaise,
Hosit an, dark and light kid Gloves,
Worsted, Cotton and Silk do
Fancy Handkerchiefs, Shawls. YAK •
'Plain and painted bordered linen Cambria' bdkfe.
Bilk & Cotton, bleach'd & nnbleach'd hose,
do do Embroidered do
At the store of N. NATHANS & CO.
may 19 311-
Flooring Boards.
CAROLINA worked flooring boards, plough.
rd, tongued and grooved ready for laying, 1,
11 and li inches of diffe•ent quality and price■.
constantly on hand, ind for sale in lota to suit
purchasers, upon application by. letter to
- Planing Machine WharL:N.
april 25 31—if PottsvOle.
GREWIT naßeasx • p
Valuable Real Property in Magnille,
THE undersigned offers for sale all that well
known three glory BRICK STORE AND
DWELLING HOUSE and the appurtenances
situate in Centre street, Pottsville, the prpperty
of the undersig4d, brigether with nine other
tenements in the %anti said building. and the
lot of ground whereon the whole stands:, The
brick building aforesaid. contains thirty feet in
front—finished from the basement story to the
garret in the best style of workmanship, and both
as a business stand and a residence. is mint fa.
vaorably situated. The foregoing properly will
be sold on low and accommodating tents.: Part
of the 'purchase money may remain on thi , prop.
arty for a few years. it desired. Title indtsputa.
ble, and possession can be given Immediately—
ePtaY to G. M. JENNINGS.
April 22 , 32—tr
frOIE 8o her blreeeiviag from the A. Law
.' too CollieOm, a fresh simply of the relebra:
halite at Ma "W. Pins street. Schuylkill.—
Orders BR at the seas. Nu.lll Doak stmt, or
at the whirl:44loe promptly attaerlait
P.S. NIC E! on_
Philadelphia. May 12.1838.
TIIF. tiabsonibent * Mated yin: thewlind on
Fairmoontdam, rout a Willow eit.Rafillciad;
joining Ole onenceognid by- Dolton* Co.
inirineparid Gat luenber. 314 an
;wbaAkgr and oinimia4on. .12aqiikettlewan4.
sertinrirocr Oln peend iltagiltahchaf t or. atal SITOm .
.pc • re CO
inns 20
, .
' -
• - iort CRErton •Feuimihry, .-
WILL .bs so d at private ealg„ the Foundry
i l
VIVI *amend sitnetedatPort Clinton,&tbsyl.
kill county, on very reasonable terms. - Thili
Foundry is at-, tr commencement of the-Little
Selfbilkill . and Misquebenna Ilan Road; now
making, and .ifr in a short finis be one of the
best sitdatinns the country to do a large bosi
nese . Forte= ,41. c. apply to '
'lron Founder., Philadelphia.
Port Clinton.
E-63t ..
jelly 29
AVE on band
• It 4Th Rp4D • de.
Bar Iron or .4y size drawn to order. Nails
and spikes or alllpiemyfor pale at t e lowest City
prices. *ELMS. WHITA ER
Reading. May l 22. 1838. 40—Imo
.11.I' TERMEr, •
, . (from i Adedelphis.)
' ECTFUI,LY_ tenders her services to
( :Ladies nf Pottsville and the vicinity, and
hopes is the neatness of her work, quick des
patch And moderaha charges, to merit a share of
-their patronage. •
Her residencei Is at Mrs. B. Mason's, opposite
the store of Aetna. Nathan, & Co. in Centre
Street. `
Jone : l 42—.
PURE Proprietors of this Line,(Sthich has been
fitted op in a superior manner for the 'mom.
odation of the Travelling Community.) respect-
fully announce to the public that the Line will
positively commence running tetween
on Wednesday tie 2d of May, and will continue
to leave their office at the iffeansyluraist Halt,
Pottsville, daily at 6 o l 'clock. 'A. M..and strive in
Philadelphia, at j 6 o'clock P. M. at the followirg
later of Fare:
To Orwigsburg, so .50
Port Clinum, 75
Hamburg, 1 00
Reading, 200 •
Prkttatowo, * 300
Trail , .62a
Norristown, - - -450 ~
Philadelphia, 5 00
For Sesta apply at the. Pennsylvania Hall,
Poutedlke, Here" Hotel. Reading; and at their
Office, No. 25,.North Fourth Street, Philadelphia.
MINTZER do Co. Pottstown.
May 2 Proprietor*.
Choice 'Fines and - Liquors.
N. ff&TELASS & CO.
.HAVE on hand the following choice Wines
.z-s -and Liquors which they _warrant genuine.
and offer for iale on the most favorable terms,
consisting of
50 Basket. Champagne Wines. of Key, Hick.
• ory, /Star, Woodcock, Anchor, Grape and other
10 Baskets Sparkling Whhe Burgundy,
10 do Old Boa.
5 cases Old Grape Juice Port,
SO do Medoc& Si. Julien Claret,
Also—a few dozen of the much pelebrated East
India or Star'Madeira,
Old Brown, Gold and Pale Sherry hi bottles,
do Madeira. Muscatel do
Curracoa. Perfect Love, Rose, Boyne% Annis
mute, Annixseed Cordial.. do'
Madeira, Pale, Brown & Gold Sherry, Lisbon,
Tenerife, Mar. Madeira, Malaga, Malmsey,
Dry Malaga. Muscatel and Old Port.
Champaign. Brandy of the Pinet brands,
Cognac, Bordeaux & Charante Brandy,
Holland Gin. of Pile Apple and Fish brands,
Jam. Spirits, M. Whiskey. N. E. Rum, .
Com. Gin, Coin Brandy &c.
Tavern keepers from the neighboring towns,
are respectfully• invited ki call.
N. B. Gimts_delivered-tolnj — part ofthifto.
rough or neighboring . towns free of expense.
may 2 • 33
For Sale,
A vatatutbk Tract of Coal Land,
'LYING and.beiny in the township of Horwis
•A wegian. on the \Vest Branch near the West
Branch Raif Road. about dour miles from Schuyl.
kill Haven—there is sae-or more Coal Veins
punts% through this and. For information'ap.
ply to A /At=
• • at Pottsville,.
March at Readier.
New 'Establiiilinuent,
Corso of Cea4re mad 'Shrift &recta Pattsoilis !
TME subscribers respectfu ll y announce to
their friends and the public isnerally, that
cher loos taken- Mestere 'Smokily occupied by
Jacob Wi l k Co.. corner of Centro end Market
streets, where tfisysto now provided With& choice
awoOmesit of '
atthet l ac iet ined talon atillossoY low.
ostprosas. r, 4 EFAZZAiIIDit MAUCH.
N. R. "AU kinds at Conceby bodges iskea at
the higbssi t aiiirket,prioes• % .
April' 1 ~ ! 4-8
.'' . : Ailltia ' beat' , Citi. Piela). . . • -
FlNiri Wawa CO Slir Madeira. IPPOltier
-", "Bar # . Old Port.: Hats*„ -. . Heekboisten
tiobit, ~_. lialiCEfroirii iind aiild Sherry.
1 AislV.46 I OEM.. Claret: SPIIIWEWINKVie
derrases, isli Rhenish lime or Autosilharquili.
~, r -
• * lOll 0 1 0 .41 4 . : 111 Y 18, 0qf.!! ' l i t ili: al !P '
t ii,6 1 1"111 4 1 1 .1b P riat:... - • . --, ' '
itellallUerai r ..a k I 4 ,
cry't, • 1 • 0.- r,R,..... -- , 1 , - . i.. f .i•lyrap os aii,
_. ,
'lto oil" !wpm-wirosnatreizi:
F 71 7 4_ 111-..7 .
Leo on ins asqa nanuar..--Mainutiox
mil 1 lIIN SILVER ) - •
TAILEISIi • ' • eln iriforteisg his Mee& and the
public. t t he continues !ha fbirscronv under
the -Penney' nia Hail." in Pm:trills. He. hopes
his Pam repo don for keeping a respectable Erato
lishosent.'a fir ed daring th e ; experience of 5 years
in the meal of business. and a desin. to please.
any merit a tinuance of their favors and tattoo..
age. I 1
JOHN SIIWER has made arrangements with Mr..
Robert-Harmer. of khe "Corn ie° idis." N 0.44. 'North
Third sureet,l Philadelphia fora supply of all the
delicacies wMch the Phdadeiphia market can afford
during the Summer season.
Bfil or ,Fare !
Roast Beet cold. per plate.
Corned do do ' • do
Fried Ham 4 Egii, do
Green Tunis Soup, ' do - . •
?real) Pi Salmon.
Spiced Ely rs.. 1
'Old Made' Wind, per bottle. 150
Old Pale erry Wine, de . ' 1-50
Old4lrowe do do 130
Old ,Part do do
Old Lisboai _do do 100
Chimptiffre. (Polinaro.) do
London Brown Stout do
Pepper's,Smith's dr. Aechers- XX Pale Me.
Apartments are alWays in readiness for Sapper
Partieryfrc arid those who call may *speed to receive
every. atientilm.
Pottsville. May
.11. 18311. 38-tf -
31 1 5C t : ri ERS 4. TAILORS,
( y Parker & Willieres,)
("WAVE moved on the opposite aide of Centrt.
A.Allitteet, la few doors above Norwegian Street
where they l offer for sale a select assortmint it,
Superfine Broad Cloths and Cassimeres of the
mo.t fashionable colors, with an elegant assort
merit of Sommer cloths, Vestings, Lthen and Cot
ton Shirts, Collars, Bosoms, Stocks, Gloves, Sn
penders, linen and cotton Hose, and all kinds .
Gentlemen'wearing apparrel. which will be
made to ord r in the most approved style as to the
workmansb p, and warranted to fit equal to any
in the pity or elsewhere. e•
P. S. P. & Co. keep on hand an excellent as
sortment of ready-made Clothing of all kinds,
which will he sold at very low rates. - .
jone 17 _ •
üblic Notice.
A 9 it app4sarr, that because Mr. Crane obtained
no pa nt for smelticit Iron Ore with An.
thracite Coal in this country, Many suppose that
they are now
,at _liberty to adopt the method of
smelting Irentpri with Anthracite by the use of
a heated air blast; although I gave notiai list
you that Ia patent for 'melting ,Iron Ore
with Anil: cite Coal. both by the use of a cold
li r
atmospher* aid a heated air blast, I would now
inform the blic again, that on the 14th of Jan.
usiy, 18313,11 received a letter Pram the Commis-,
sinner of Patents at Wubington, stating: "Sir,
open examining the case 04 Mr. Crane's applica
tion for itent for Smelting Iron by means of
Anthracite, have viewed his chum as interfering •
with your tent of Dee, -1810 , and have given
notice to h INI
attorney of tka decision." Every,
attempt to s elt Iron ore with anthracite by the
usec of a hat air blast. is in infringement upon •
my patent , gainst which .-', I caution and warn
all men;as I shall prosecute every one tithing:nil
upon my rights, according, to law. And I fur
ther offer to dispose of patent rights tbr the erect,:
ing of fore an, •Ccording to my patent, upoii
very mode to terms.
New Foil'. May 16,1M48. —1 y
Frederick C. Epting
ESPECTIFULLY informs his friends and
mg. the public in genera 4 that be has opened a
Bakery lid Cmgfectt onary Establishment
in Norwegi n Street, next door below the Arcade
in the bo ugh of Pottsville, where he will al
ways keep on hand and bake to order all kinds
of Cakes of every variety of Patterne—and where
alspi4lll always be kept on hand, Breed by the
Loaf. orate excellent quality, and of a large size.
His °NlGH:denary comprise, • large and •gen:
eral assortment selected with care, and sold at
the 'very lowest rates.
F. C. E. would &leo inform families that he is
prepared to bake Family Bread' for any- nornier
who prefer furnishing their own Flour, at the
Andrei notice, aid on the inoet.reasonable terms.
• :
april 21 30-3 m
New G4oods.
A r oi ne4l sitsortment Of fresh and reasonable
zw. • Om rec lved = consistin g in part of
ilDry Geode,
I nardware, -
trnsviare, .
ckerei, ,
it,' Piaster, Ire» 41c0.1
I bo sold low for cash. Tip hitting
in cash for all knodonfenuntrir prroducw.l
' - rbon, Dee! 1 • - 2
which wi I
price paid
' itted
TO ship., -
i 4ll ' I — ell"
THE' hipoide isha . bitsais of Norsegian tow*-
, ship hi Elabaylkdi County. are repuestad !in
an at, tha odisrattbe . satin:Aber. at!mt ter:
be an Monday's Wades:Oars abd Sitiordaj'a:
sem oesh July court. , a*l Par 0004 trill
Conway • School Tag. for ths•ppie I :ren t '
alms tat idiotism*. trill besansd sob
isle! whit it* MOW therewill ; Wittily,
Thigaii, isis-10 praisOirtbs auterityoteisk
tallith": ssibtakirlireseilw . • --, 1
t. -A .-11.' k. ^A.T . I .1., Po: , IR MAW .;,
. *Poe Amilitv
___..--;-• 1
Gaols! New GiOds
calked by N.liathaies new
tot uportmeit of 1101rber lad Bois 4
yawed missiles and lawns, wpm/
y- bur head a int pions et Engibk
very 10/ mei Also. a aphodiil mo t
r ad* purbneres, Vesting, fe.
getlersim's Besomer wear. to
iiiitaWrtmen4 of Limas,
dop e allosliasi
Ne \
Jon T
IL. and •
mar hiss
wakh nif
Prints ai
with A et
aPeTi. i n
aptil I
RE:PEIVEII a "apieiiiiiir
!iind Summer' Goodic - c — andiftilt in
- • itzer
• Goods,
Liquors;Ac. -
which I sod ritepared toned cheaper . ever
offered in 'Shis market for cid", uf in e
for country' prodhce antis Menial miiiietooll.
. 9.41.Pi11f*
To Old
'Agency for 'Line of Packets frootAird
. • pool to PhiAzderphia;%.,,
$ 18
4 . 121
MBE SLIBSCR I HER his been- - aptidutust
.gent Bettie Bleirati4 Copc's Litie,ol3.iver.
pool Packets, between Lixsrpool apd Phitndelphla
and Will receive the pennies mosey th ous
who wish 'to send for their friends Waif old •
country. and also,will procure Bills Borlfibiliper
sons who wish to Ittaostnit Money to their
irked* abroad. Imo IN&
The Packets belonging to this Line are fitted
up in a superior manner. and are ciminiiiiiifed by
persons who pay great attention e olafort
and converitence of passengers—acd havOiettu
_reit satisraciion to pa:imagers sensually. - Ern id
grant' who intend sanding In this
find it to their advantage reengage their pallier'
in this Luis, and land at 'Pkiiladeiphie; Iberian%
by dointr use the fare and expense float New
Yu& to Philadelphia, which - is fourrarfivedol.
lees for each individual.
-I 00
. 37e
The ran* of fare will be made known by.apply
in at the One of the Miners' Journal.
. J ane 30 ' • 0. BANiTA;
J 14.
for the instantaneous censor ,
Discovered and brought to its graded paefeetiots -
This id to certify that I have tried toliterl(Pur"
as Elixir its several cases Of Vieth Ache:lookb'
I have certainly found it'of very great mike. •
' • • J. 13. JIARVEY:
Member of the Royal Collegeofilarganits.
London,!Sept. 10, 1830.
A friend stepped in to,say that be bad imd i fly
the Fire King this morning, and witnesseiLb
'nervationScup° of the Tooth Ache. One HUIi
boy in paMoular, who looked cross enough to bits•
a ten penny nail clear off, in ten minotae - atalled'
at the decayed tooth and defied its pain.-11.
Gazette. !
A fresh supply of the.above Ehzir
lid and fianaki by ' BANNAN t . •
Sole. Agent for Schpylkilliounty.
July 13
'Wholesale and Retaikilry
Good Store.
VIOLLCiCK &WEAVER have just received' .
in addition to their extensive assortment of
.DRY GOADS, Super SOFerior Blue and Black
Cloth, shperior &nby coloured do. hew 'style ,:ces.
simeres, guineas and 13everteens,ininerarfos
tiansoin. Feb IS"
111411er & Haggerty/
Dy7Goods,Grocery,Wine +LiquorAwn
(Next door to Mortimer's Hotel.)._ -
THEIR Coons:ion with a Mime in Philadelphia: •
enable" them to keep on band a very_kiten
sive assortMent of good., which they at
Philadelphia prices. St •re and Tier* lieSpers:
and private families, would do well' tiPtalf'and'
judge for *imparts. . • r., -1:t •
april 191 91.
Wietherill & Briitlkeic;,.'
• lAT 7HI. Otti S'PAND__ l ' -"
. • EAST SJDE, c ,=.•._'•-
Teaks DOoselmox vas C0R14211 or.Aactifftr.-•
White Lead dry and t Calomel, , •• '. " , !,1 t+
VOUII4 in Cil, f Red Precipt, %,.
Red Lead,White do
Litho's. Vitriol Alb.
Chrome Yellow. Snip. Quinine.. "e.:.'4,..,
do Green - Tart. Emetic - • '
do ' Red . Ether Mph:: '—
Patent Yellow , do -Nitric r 'T, •
Sager Lead do Acetic.* •,.
Copperas ! ,Lunar Caustic
01. Vitriol ! , Com. - do
4q.Fetetisi • .- Acet. Morphia -,, •
Moriatie %cii Selpb. do
Epsoin Salts ' Lae. Polither .
Taw Acid Opi. de Nareot.
Sop. Carts Soda • Rennes !Weikel
Corms, Sob. Mere. ' Ethiopo do.. ,
RefiberdnrChadn 3 b o 7 , Sal Nitre , Brimasoooll'orae/
&e. Offer for made the above mentioned-4toombto
gether with a geneiirassortmenc of „ m
faibte,jor' iv
and ly e Ron. and twiny bther article i*Obetni
eat and Medicinal line. --. •, •vi . .01'.
Reinginanufsetwers oral l the snicks c eiiimintsOid
under the above bead, rhea pledge timmaelves to saps
ply their freeda and the public on the most resin:ma
[ ig• term.
1 Wiedoer and Picture Maw 1
'Octont6, 34 30.
Oct 3 1631
her now on hand slide ittnrer
And I.?•torehooes. en Centre and Rainiest'
'abeeta.• arportment et' Goods. stdreldeAr'iltei•
task mike :
Beni Iron of Heeded sines,,.
' Band and Hoop do do
Nai*andSpikalltoidedo •do
. fkiej.litnend&pqniusra dec.,
Yaill and elakfa do 1 -• do
9 1 04 1 . 1 . 011 62 ' •
liers. a gaaanraallatial4: • if
AllisPnbk* be la iadlistattedsWlliesk
. Jan - 1t71.41701a.
Iskiti 'altflavibiii $0
,17rrsrin f ra; TOwid .---
wuncE is:hereby' aivea. that. ii:',lßlietioat
tha*dahlias» is thaj raatitatioa,"iiitilitaday.
,thy 9th day of July .nest, Wawa Ihial_ltelidaAtt!.
s'and 4alciak M: et. th e rettheilleithAljo;
or die Board.
• po i , g 3 48-4 •
cuniammut i bPati*". 4o ;
- t , 4016-7-,OIL, am"
win 1184-111 T-7 . 717' 'YO - 17 .4 7-7 '
tea,- ;ft 46461000*.
. • -
tr '. lll l l : •
- •