The miners' journal, and Pottsville general advertiser. (Pottsville, Pa.) 1837-1869, February 14, 1838, Image 1

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11111113- • f
payable mitt-annually in adva
fri Itte year, $4 will be cha • ,
ceive the paper free of tannage
$3 per annum. liner paid wit
wig be added to the price of B
' TWO DOLLARS per annum.
in advance, If not paid withi
be charged
Advertisements not excettli,ii
charged $1 for three insertion: '
ineertion. Larger ones i pro
All 'advertisements will be
out. unless the time for t h, :h t I
is Specified And will be harged,
Ye irly aciertisers wt l he ch•
inclii,hatt subscription tolthe pa
of keeping she advertisement s 1
B 1;104.111 daring, the year. and t
er one in each OW/ r forihree
• All letters addressed to the e s
otherwise nn attention will he
All notices for meetings, s. ,
which have heretofore been i '
cha rg-ed 25 cents each. except ,
Leicester Trade.—The
thr home trade continues N I
considered brisk for the seas."
some, inquiries for shipping
curtain that the Americans I
this next spring; but probabl
tent as in former years. ,
Suicide al York CasilS.-1
an inquest was held at Y.j:
Woods, Esq., the coroner,e
'Elizabeth otherwise Betty, /
iige e who bad pat a peirtod
previons forenoon, by imme
purl of wiver, as will be se,
evidence. It will, perhaps,il
here O to give the, particulars'
finement in prison. On th: :
she was tried at the Assizes
der of Geo. Burgess, at tWa
of that mouth, it appeared t
the deceased, a little boy IN :
•poninto the house, alien
out with an axe, and when
..neighbor entered they fon
;upon his back on the floo'
-blood, and hip braics protr
'"The back-room floor and th
kled with blood and brain-P,'
of skull were taken op.
questioned respectint the
fuul deed,' she admitted 11., 1 1
but added that she had be
yaars ago by Jesus Chri I
fore no (Ober ins OM
Sign of Prosperity.—We
by several gentlemen mauve
affairs of Wakefield, that ap,l
were nearly' six hundred iu
rate book as "empty." No
a house in good repair "to
Also informed that in the nc:
gate there has been such
houses titer rents have odes
ces from 108 to 255. York
The inhabitants of Winch
; 7 have subeer,thed nearly
lief ofthe sufreVrs by the II
An 'unexpected Fortune:
. feW days ago solemnized
huinble mechanic and a vt
Wthp course of the'day, w
were making.merry wash th
all on a sudden, emit a dagn
• solemn aspect, begged to
that she believed her earn s
rout pdre ifffeetion, believe
bride, but that she would
disinteresterhiess by presen
ravings, arid produced £2OO
prevent, and no doubt to al;
ti band.
Meahts, arc to - I:toff to cora
own. on. the all -important-
The Reformers of Chatha ,
utnmeneed prepat
lit4e of Rochester will read
i§ as it should be. The th'
fled in feelings and interest;
three have but one object ea
a political movement is requi
in unison. We trust thre pr
be one of such - numberit, de
shall- be worthy the charnel
act as a beacon to arouse the
Greenwich Patriot- .
Thongit upw4rds of gifil
beer. already expended by
vatiousrailro.d lines to Bri
that some of the litigants e tt
thriaten to renew Ifies' legal
present sessien.
We : understand that the et
to~ll lily inr ton
ce is about 111.—Br
re let of hrowary, t
in Railway will be
, and also the Bi
making in the who
Treat undertaking
Tance of the Dondo
rat Dew carriages , ar
4, conveyance of the
Railway, so contri ,
mt with the bags wi
his„journey.—Li • •
'mania! of Respect .
xi:li tan tn uf iternare C
for the purpose of
of expressing thei
H• T. M. Witham,
great and Hiccesstul
.conatantly makrn
m of the working cl
d that some present st ,
tm,.espressive of the
hini; and that a subsc
g and under, for arc
into, and closed in
the three days no fa
trolled as subscriber.
resent to Mr. W. a tit
'table erlablems, and
Bel nerd Castle, and
disappointed Brid
Leman of this town, till
/mmoned a party of h
. a conveyance, to •
mug town of Chorley
for the ptirpose of entering into the trorried sjate
On the arrival of the party, all- were soon in read
-11101/ to .repair 'to the church. On their iray
thither, his intended met anotSer lover, "moire
lovea," who gave her the beck; and after proeeed
ing a little further, she returned at fall speed to
the outskirts of the town, to meet her real 60°r
its, leaving the whole party in_utter astonishment,
and the forsaken Ccelebs to return to Preston as
joyless and as wifeless as can be well cancelled.
—Preston Chronicle.
Ceirrs per ttonen.
ce. if not paid ir with
to tip those who tie
' To ;nail subeerthefrs
in the year, 50 cents
the bar $2 50 will
The corporation of Newcastle have resolvid to,
build a quay one thocisand feet !Ong, at velitch
there will be twelve feet of water at low %Oder
mark, for which they have granted the suit of
A correspondent, who has visited the different
mining disiricls'in Derbyshire, reports that 'the
trade in lead is as prosperous 'asit has iSseni
known to be for a number of years. -The,'
mend .was stiuidy ani the price remunerating;
being about „E'l 9 per father.
. .
'Dreadful and Lamentable Accident.—Tmenty
seven Lives Lost.-We have this week the pain
ful task of recording one of those dreadful .
explosions which involve the lives of a MIM2
her of car fellow creatures, and are the eitiinie
of reducing whole families to distress and desti
tution.On Wedriesda r morning, bet weeu nine
and ten o'clock, an explosion took place in the
Springfield Pit, near Wreckenton: belonging to
Lord ilavenswnrih and partners. All that time
there were npwnrds of ninety men in the Tit,
of whorl appalling to relate, twenty-seven bore
perished. two buts have been severely injured
and, in addition, three horses have been killed.--
The cause of the accident cannot be correctly as.'
certruned, as all the men have perished the,
were working in the immediate 'district where
the blast took place; but it is supposed it must
have originated by one of the sufferers, named
Edward Price, letting fall ha pavy lamp, near
the train rord, a tram haVing gone over and
brolcen it, the hod , orthe untortuntle man being
found near the lump, 'and tbc ceurae of the fire
traced from that place.
The Queen, it is said, has taken the first step
toward,. her coronation. by ordering a rrnwn "to
he made. It is to he of very small dime'nsions;
to be worn on the back of the head, in the mat.
net we see in Vie portraits of Queen Elizabeth.
Thrstlevices to be employed us ornaments are the
rose. the thistle, the shamrock, the oak leaf. ,and,
the Hour-delis. There are to be no coloirred .
jewels whatever in it, nothing hut diamonds.'
r: twelve lines will 5e
and 50 cents for olve
IBested until ordered
I.y are tobenontinued
rizedisll4 per annuin;
i • r —viral' the 'privilege
t exceeding 2 squares
I •
insertion of a small
; uccessive times r
'dor must be post paid.
aid to them.
and other notices
; 1 erted gratis. will 6e
I . arrtages and Death..
. .
li IL
and for goods for
endy, - nit hong h not
. There hove been
nod., unit it is nod•
will he purchasers
not to the saute ex-
n Saturday e.-ening,
k Castle, by John
view of the body ni
sixty•uine. years Uf
her exit.ttmcc dike
strig her head in 'a
•n by the followll
`; not be out of piaci...,
espeeting her eon
!4th of July taqt,
nor the wilful mo•-
~ .ing t on. On t aci
tat she h9cl enticed
o was a neighbor's
knocked...Wayra ins
her hushan and •11
':, the deceased laid
, surrounded with
%iing ftomfTiis bead.
walls wi!re sprin
and several pones
the pri,oner be4g
.trnission of thks
ing perpetrated
rdered 4,c, do so B.
t. There was there-
h'etaieorii I,mulena ni fur eland.—There is
a rumour, that his Royal Ilighnewr the duke of.
Sussex is about to be appointed Lord Lieutenant
of Ireland, and that the present Viceroy, Lord
Muigria N e. is to retire tram his post and to have
a seat ia the Cabinet.
Dublin, December Court of Queen's
Bench was occupied yesterday with the trial
of the highly important ease .Malone
pr. Property to the amount of upwards of .clO
000 a year depends oiron the result of the vier.
nict, and the result is looked
. to with much anx
iety. The issue is from the Court of Chaneery
to try if plaintiff, John . Malone; Was _the
heir-at• law of the Right Hon. Anthony Maluou.
The main queation is the validity of the ivar
riaze ot Capt. Malone to the mother of plal4ll,ff
The marriage took place in-1810, Townitilirl
-tre e ! Chapel. It is alleged by the dcfendslOtv.'
that the hu-hand was then a Protestant, whilst
the plaintiff contends that he had conformed r i to
the Boman Catholic doctrines previous teilhe
marriage and continued inthat faith subsequent-
aye heard it stated
ant with the parish
•en years (leo there
sea entered on the
i it is difficult to find
-let," and we ate
ghhorliond of
demand fur cottage
I: eed in many inston•
e.ter and its vicirli
16011, tot% a rde , Ibc fie
.at Solitliatupton;.
4 marriageNFas a
Ripon, between „a
o the happy couple
it friends. the bride
!'ied tleporiniehl and
! .01”re the cooipin ll
!osa had married hi,
her n moneylvss
19uw ;ecompetise his
lig - to him her tilde
1, o the surprise urall
1: &keit or her !Pis.
'll - he fair of 5.% mile Bridge held yesterday, pie
-ehiett the h• slow ot stock fro 'natty yea •
i•al s list rattle la, re hink. it Int
of very aimertor rs toroti•lii d by
,Gattiwit hroutt hi .£ I 2 lr. each. Ishii bullock.,
weld from .£9 t0.£16 Loh 'Jr. H. alv.o. Zito:nu-%
brought a very prone lot at XI 6, tired and fed by
M t , Artier (.10-ter, in Liberties .Siweti
wer4or io deditiiiM Wool-Mads at from I.s
'4l to 2d. No sale whatever for irit.rwis. On the
%Mike a better fair hard not been MAUI tor in-int
e a ,meeting of the
object of the ballot
I and Stroud have
d there is no Moot)?
ly join them. Thin
cc Mum.. arc Menlo
he Reformer/fall
mart, and whenever
,edit should te made
=posed meeting wOl
iiaion, and union, its
The fair of Ctonrod on Monday,wait kh in
diffrent *one. few I , wgre made, the (kidders
waiting for the lair of Six-mile Brittgei . pigs
wire plenty and' sold ad an average of 335; per
cwt. There were vary few horFes Fold, and the
show of heiffers and bullocks was not eqt4l to
former fairs.
Paths Grenn-has sent up £27 to the O'Ciinnell
tribute, and Bruff. £7. •
of our towns, and
est of the county.--
000 is said to haie
advocates of the
tinn, it Is rumoured
dismayed by defedt,
warfare during the
Trade.—Our calenders have again heeti
very busy during the last week, and Work
ing extra -hours, there haying been a'.hrisli
ilviitaiiil for .our Linens. for the (*.reign as
w •Il as the In 111)4! markets. flax antis
IPt . vitig talvaliced a shade in price, hut, tow
y.Lros remam as beiiiri.; and..thesaltii; du
ring last weekhave been very considerable.
Notwithstanding the large arrivals ot, flax
this month, prices remain firm; nd, are
more likely to advance than recede, arise
Marty as the keennesS orate hous a
in the flax trade have MOS purchasgp for
spring 'shipments at considerahle higher
rates than were anticipated, or We mill re--
.aliy say, ihati•the state of trade warrants ;
though the advance on cottonif' which
is nut more thatteigbt wee‘ i 'ssuPPIY
in Liverpool, and that held chiefly by tipec !
ulaturs for a ris ) will have.a tendency to
increase the demand for linens, and keep
up the prices oax yarns.
Dundee Coug•kr.
lament of Iron hay.
s emincou-: its pre
tol.Jutos nal.
tc Lond , in and Ryr
rn far as Stoney
ningliani as fax
, seventy seven miles
Mail.—We under.
about to be prepar
', ail along the Grand
ed that a post offiFe
be able to sort the
pool Times.
public meeting of
at le was held on the
“nsidering the beiit
respect and grsti.
exertions that gett
, to eineliorate ,toe
I saes—when it was
i old be made tog,:
Wigs of town tri
: iption, limited to rifle
- pet son, should be
hree days. At tlic
er that 2098 namip,
when it was resolS
epiece, orna Viten*
wring the ancient
an. appropriate in.
Dreadful Murder and Suieide.-4he
neighborhood Of Peolcva,:k was, on !cue,
clay and Wednesday last the scene 4JI an
awful domestic tragedy.. It tippeari:J that
a persob of the name of IWK ayLhad, beep
paving his addresses ttithe eldest,Jaughter
o f Mr. Andrew Laing; joiner.• Silveihtirsi,
and; having been rejected, deteitninid to
murder the girl. Accordintly,od 1141 day
evening about ten o'clock. be proceeded
to the house armed with aloaded guns and
havinig, through the kitchen, siadowi
•.—On Monday,
d.of single blesiso
s friends, for who'n
"pan) , him to 14u
with his 'fair one;
o- • o
c " ' • !i?tE
served her sitting at the fire kniuiog a
stocking, ,he 'deliberately tool aim and
fired at her. Th 4 ball shattered one ol
her arms, and Tassing through her arms,
lodged lb her body. She lingered in great
agony till Wednesday fotenotm, when she
expired. At first: it was not known who
had done the atrocious deed ; though sus
picion was not tong in attaching to hl'Kay,
who, the girl said,, had previously threat
end to take her life if she refused to mar- -
ry .him. Parties ; were accordingly dis,
patched in all directions in search of him,
until the afternbori, when his lifeless body
was found at the hack of Sir George Clerk's
garden wall, where he had blown out his
brains with the' same gun with which he
had but a few bouts before murdered his
unfortunate victim.
Iron Works at Goistono—W e under
stand that a highly: respectable C parry
inGlasgow have made an arrangement with
his Gr..ce the Duke of rortlarid for 4 lease
of the minerals umthe estate of Cesru'ick,
hi the vicinity o(Galston, consisting orison,.
lithe and coal. ?'he laml4 extend to about
60 acres; and we are informed that an 'an
nual rent of a tbousiind pounds is tote piid.
The minerals are ascertained to be must
abundant; and the Company have resoled
to erect works upon a most extensive
scale. It is Calculited that £12,000 wilt
he expended in twirling; and their-first e,
rection will consist in enclosing ism acres
olground with a high wall. In order! to
the proper trarisnosaiinn of the marmite
toted commodity, a branch railway in
contemplation fume Galston, to join Kith
the Kilmarnock and Troia] Railway, Ind
also with flic terminus of Glasgow lied
Ayr rade. ay at Kilmarnock. Such) an
undertaking flutist prove of great advandige
to this neighborhood; and, from the geat
nutidter of hands Obit will be empluired
when the works are in operation', will iidd
greatly to the resuuices already t4ur
'slung village in did neighborhood. 7
Carnaroon „Fufr. —The fine seasonable
weather- on Tuesday caused a large attend
ance at our fair on that day, and tOir u
sual general business to a good extent was
transikted. There was a large suly of
horses, horned cattle, and pigs sown,
though few only or the two former were
of superior quality, There was ins° a
large. supply of beef in the shamble hut
very little Of a prime description. & lking
cows 111 calf were in good demand's from
,C 8 to £ 12. Stores were nut mu In.
(Mired for. Pigs, six to eight well . old.
t3s. 6d. to.9s. Larger pigs were such
'the same as at the late fairs, but in Imse•
quence of the decline in fat pigs in thq Eng.
11511 markets, prices were looking +mil
a srd,. Beef 3d. to 4d. per pound, ;
. 3
,ifanr . hrmirr Cambrian inaitution
I . i.i . ni-1.:,,:,,,ti ila, e1.11 . 1.A VII A I.4erlail
imptil-i• I/Irlfl thl • ieettl'e. %% bid. till• 4lt el
tr. 11:1% e p/,‘ , 1 , 1f . (1. 'I it tint ( . 1111111.1E! trfl
1•81..1/11 tilt ttilleV, 'wag rervivi (I In ilte sm..
cf. I ImM-is! ir Ill:olliter Ih e i t •0i,,,,, 10 ,
i.van IN il•rain . ,` didiv,,red hito..tdr 1 0, a 'MI
. ell ,IN h., nod wa• ‘, oden. dto lib roar
anctdion. The At4.•,mirtitir-... mt militia:
history, was. lately commenced hvi Mr
James 1-11ghes; and, judging from tht fir.t
lecture, it may he reasonably antictitted
that thus crease will have that nine shone oh
attention and applause as tßZ'first. A Third
course was commenced on Tuesday week,
,on Welsh poets and poetry, by the han.
!secretary, Mr. W. Jones (to be delivered
alternately with the course on natural tis
tory;) and this being a subject possessing
so much nationality, it is of course likely
114 draw considerable. attention. We tin
' derstand that arrangements' are making,m
have a .course each on the philosophy tat
'the atmosphere, eject. icily, and astronont
}Maynard Lead Mine near MA,
Fantshire.— A ~•iiir, n lar discort - ;ry e 11.
made an this wine a few days ago. Tit,•
workmen at the , coal of ante of die level,
were surprised and obliged to run for their
lives, an conseglitfriee of an inonense rusks
of water suddenly. bursting in upon titent.
After three daysithe water totally dish!).
pearcd; and, op cautiously proceeding to
the place, they - ,fctund an opening through
which the water had issued, of about four
inches diaineter. nearing a sound as of
a heavy run of water inside; they enlarged
the apes tore, so as to admit, of their passing.
_and /omit! that it was the bed of
a subterraneous river, which in probability
affords the prinCiPal supply to the far famed
St. WiiiifrecVs I Well" at Hirlywell,. from
which•it is distant. About 12 wiles. The
L. (ream being theft shallow, they explored
it about 60 yar i di, 'down, and were aston
ished to find several large caverns to Ow
right and felt, from-tire roofs and sides of
whirl) were suspended numerous anti beau
oful specimens o( white spar or stalactites.
The company are in high spirits, these ap
'pearances being considered favorable for a
large lodgement Of rare.
Exchange at New York, on London,
Se a 81 per cent Orem.
wiLLorvavnumorat TO ova MOM MiLLINIIIIIICT IiILL4SATEIEZ VD oak cups
CANAD4.--The Patriots" are com
pletely absquatultitell. 'There is no more
"dreadful cannonading " to chronicle, not
even the crack of a
Hard Tintee.—A Tatter in Huron co., Ohio,
contains 18 solumda. of Advertisements of
Shentra sales.
A feet 'tote Noted.-ISeren years ago, there
were 1129 distillers in New York; now there are
only 200.
Robbery in Bonkl—The,,teller, White ‘ of
tbe - Nyrth Bank. Boatoii. Ins - confessed Abet he .
robbefilbe bank of 8.28P011.
Pence and'Farthfivc.—An easterri lady named
pence, has presented net liege lord with four ape
eimens of afnaller cUereicy. They muster course
be faeltriiigs•
From the Boston Transcript.
Courage and Proio . ees,ot 140=k East
Bags:—A. friend has permitted tisk° make
the following extract from a letter received
froin his correspondent , at Machias, (r)
dated .2d inst.
"On Tuesday last, three boys went a
few miles to catch, a deer. They followed
the track a mile or two, when they came
unexpectedly across a bear's den. They
had but one gun, and the boy who catried
it fired it into the dew, when out dame
two cubs, about a year or a yearend a half
old. The gun being diSeiarged, and the
boys hot having 61114 to load it„ ihrew it
away, but as each bad a knife, and the
cubs rim in opposite directions, one of the
boys followed one, and two followed the
other. They soon name "up with them,
clinched in with them, and despatched
them both with - their knives. They then
returned to the den, where_they fiiutid the
old bear, an enormous one, Weighing about
400 pounds. The gun shot had wounded
her in .the head, but she was ready for bat
tle. They fought her with club% until
they were tired; when at last one of them
getting a little wolfish, drew his knife,
and declared he would clinch her, if he
lied in the attempt. They did clinch,
and for the first half hours they went end
over end. "At last hid bruin seized him
- by the leg with her mouth, which gave
him an opportunity to use'hia kuife, which .
he did in such a manner sto compel her
to yield, and give up the host. The boys
then turned ton, dressed t e bear and cubs
handsomely, and went h me. The next
day-they went with a %le , and hauled the
whole to my store, whe they wer 4 ex
hibited to a large numberlof mile. ,The
old one would stand . as hilgh as a man—
say six feet,' and lotikefi as wicked as Sa-
tan himself. On the whole, I think it
was rather a- courageous I fight for three
4 ,
boys. Their names wer , Marshall Har
mon, Rufus Berry, and tis Hanscomb."
Wo presume the wilier rieame Mending on
the hind legs.—En.
He speaks German!—ln not icing th e nomina
tion of 111. MUHLENBILAG as Hairier to Austria.
the Delare Journal says: "The important reason
vireo for this appointinent is that Mr. MeFILF.N
gran speak. Gorilla ii! What lion ofGerinamt hat
of Ii rk. county would be inl the cnartly cirel e i.
01 yuiona, we I',IVC lOC °trier to d -Clersoine. It
was suppoqed Mr. Howard o Baltimore was to
neve (hi.. 4 pp.,' n t,nent " . I
Gil Howard, or Foote other' suitable friend of
:he Administration eonth of 1 afoul and Diron's
hoe, would no doubt beim ha i the offiir or this
mission. hod it not been for, lb . stro , l desure felt,
both at Washington and be tile party oldie 'Key
stone State, to dispose, of Mr. 1 M eHLENBERO,' and
the difficolty of doing no. Ektng a 'democrat' of
great wealth, it was nut pra tinkle to fob him
off with an Audttorship, as i the ciao of his late
rival; and not being exactlY ualified for a De • t
partmcnt, to which,it is said, e aspired, it would
nut do to make a change in die cabinet in his fa
vor. What remained: then but to give bun the
Austrian mission: for which het is happily quali-
fied, by being able to . 4 spetik German." In ano
ther aspect of the case, there itr 'fitness and keep-
Mg in this notnination. It iii but a few years
since, that a duce meat was put forth, showing the
small favoi -in which, liberty; and knowledge,
among the masses, iii4e held oy the Emperor of
4nstria. What distriet then an propel', to rum.'
ish an envoy to the Court n . Austria, as Berks
county. Pa. with her political 'war cry of "MO-
Jenberg and no Free Sehools!"4—Boltimore Amer.
. ,
- •
Salling Fend ~ Ocw.lei Ws .
rrili E Port Carbon i Saving Fund Society, is
a- now open every day 9 ttr3 d ' clock at
the Office of Discount?' and , posit, fbr the par'.
pose of receiving depilits to a amount not za.
ce e dl ug ssoo,Yrdm any, one ne on , upon which
an interest 914 per cent will paid on every $5
and upwards . but no interest ill •be allowed , on
any fractional parts of 85. he whole or any
part may be drawn
t 4t on gi ',.Eg ' notice , Urn to
fipir weeks, at the o eon Ways , . The ha.
Mlle!' at the Society ' , will be canduOted by the
following °Meets and' , manag re, until the first
Monday in May next.,
President—AQl7ll4 DU
Joseph Carroll. Sam.
Edward Hughes E. S.
Jacob Bull ! -Jets°
L—Whitncy. Secictary
Article 3d of the Charter.
whatsoever shall_be feeeive ,
or Managers for thdir sery
Manager 'become a horrow,
ion.' ~
English and Welsh Rooks.
IliE Subscriber Will- import alltiethi of Ent.
110 a go . welsh 14roks. at the shortest notice.
perions wishing to ebtain foreign, poblsca•
lions will "please leave a listlit the plico, of the
Blinenejoitinal: I a BON"
Deis 95
EZJJAH HAMMER; Treasurer Di .Sehtliknr
county, in accownt antral with the Directors of
the Poorand *retie of Employments' said; Caro=
t 4. frOinje_witary 1837, to Annuby lot, 1838,
both 'days" trichtsied. • I
DR; , •
1837, Jan. 16. To Balance remaining :
in bands of Treasurer from vast- •
year's setdement ' • 8104 14
To Cub received from the Directors -
during the year 400 00
from 'William Grieff for a witch 8 . 00
froM do for pigs and empty bble 4'86
froM Peter Wonder for al cow • 22 14
from Wm. Mats 2 pigs and] cell ' 25
from Adam Loy for bal. on cote '• 28 1 1 1
from John Seitz for Sheep ,• 8 Le
- Atturnllt advanced by '1 reasurror - .! 19 10
CR. H 1 '
• , .
**mount paid during the year as p'et order
from Directors for the following articles ;
Cash poOd tot- toward 01648 00
Aluellus:, checks, bhdkfs, flamilsls, 1 .
enfloos and tilanitets 201 01
linsey; eattinets, and dom. flannels 46 26
200 lbs. init., 208 lbs. coffee '51426
222 gallons molasses 146 076
'butter 47'06
8 bbls. flour , 177 56
beef and butchery . 146 24
salt and t vice ` , t. 5 036
rye, dent, oats and potatoes 1•59 366
weaving rind fulling 152.26
printing .aud stationary . 69 311
shoes and stockings '47 201
hardwar :.64 - 52
834 tons 'stone coal 0
. 192 95
freight and toll on limestone 106 661
2841 tons limestone 160 09
clover and garden seed . 47 35
merlon. carpenter, and btackimith '
work and new Wagon
work on , farm and hired men
S stoves, pipe, and tinware
queens 'and • earthenware, brushes,
spices ,and soap
insurance on house
out door paupers
nreJitines, pints, oil glass & putty
2 loot& sod gears
jm.tice lees and toll
fruit trees
postage •
old rope. for oakum
dower due Elizabeth Shoemaker
late clerk and Setveying
neat cattle
ground rent & cost on Patrick Dow-
Y's ,pronerty
Doctor Halberstadt, out door physt•
clan and medicines
WilliamZzieff;l year and extra set-
vices as. Director '
William Matz, 1 do do
William Mass, 1 do salary as Direct
Dr. Jacob r. Treichler, physician for
1 year '.
Belanee due Treasurer
We the 'subscriber' having examinedffie Ac
count of the Treoemer and olthesDirectoerf the
Poor and of The House of .Employenentr pr the
county of Schuylkill. DO REPORT the fore
goori e statement as the result of our, invelikation.
%linens our Hands this 4th rtav if actuary
1838. • JOHN SNYDER.I ' '
6.u. Ors. •
SAMUEL HUNTZINGER, Strward,in;qccount
unth the Directors of !he Poor and of the; Metal.
of Employment for Schuylkill County.fium, tke
17th day ulJanuary,lB37, to lit day- f Jana
ary, 1838; both ,days included.
1837. - DR.
Jan. 17.- Balance as per last settlement 3 68
Cash received from Treasurer ; 1 00
29,805 lb. bay sold 21
7 buihels wheat, el bus. flaxseed,
and tiinotby seedll. l2 e
Butter and cheese, 4 12
Rags tind beef• 15 45
Wood aid lime 15743
2d crop liay ' ; 6 00
Indentures ' ! 2 00
3 calves, )3 50
• Veal and hides 2EI 46
Watch sold ' '2 00
. Fine for hunting on farm on le. !8 00
Wagon_ and hauling, ' t l 9 Ili
Sehixil and old amounts' ' ' 6 nit
• Briik and stone ' °5 00
Froin parer' ' il 4 )
• Boardia • paupers. &c. 1514m 1
ltluidio, satinets, shoes, stoking',
Linsey; check, Sae. for fiimily 35 IR&
, 1 - RENTS. II
George Hatiffinirti 1175 00 , 1 .
Henry Bold, 62,101 11
William Feaster, 12,00 i
Anthony _liras, , . 6.00 , 1. . .
45 RI
To Cash race Wed from the uommissiou.• ~ 1 .
ers of Sclanyikfil county, for boarding ~ ,
Au. of Joseph Hurdler, a luniitic, .., 126 S 6
' P S I4 441
, .
Jan. 1,1838." Balance,
.1 J. Potts
- CR.
By Cash paid-travelling expenses,, duo.,
11.939 lb: floor. 124 bos. oats, 911
- bnis,bel rya chop, 3h bus..Aip
litaff, 121 bus. corn chop, and
bui. rye,
---Atooltings and bag
ink, powder, beer, postage & eggs
36 'oadstdung
46 tool tame coal •
hired men spinvoiVon &in?,
' • assistant to Steward . -
m_ aids -
,shocinghones & repaint?' rim
sal UM, and .
state - 11a "Ind expeksles. ,adding'
d Winentpseptre end *lrv-
Warati - (
ad Tretisurer.
"No .emolumen
by the President
'sea, nor shall any
t from the mistitti
.3 , 46tf
1-.:ii ~.........
• 1
• '`r" -
4: • 73..,
• • i - 2• . 1- :..P.,. . I
. ,ir ,• . : -- - ~. r '7'. ^i - .<., i
1 :: 1 ' - :,. j.. .. , 7 -, '• . IF.:,'"!.
. ! .. ...,,.;.•, , ..,,s . 4 . r5.... 1 :',.....)p - ,1.. 1 .; • 4, l Ati ,. -1 , 2 , :*
~,- -',":4`.--4:;*144.444 4 ,.-44 li'-.4, 4 4?:
4 A; •*-"a.; 1 4 :'
.*, ~,,,- ti 2:=::,, ,
.: : . . 1 , i t:'.4.,:tiTiNliic ~. , : - tsie -. :,:ri •, , ,,..f l
~.t~.-~-+~..tvr, ~-a-c .Nr.-
• • f,
•A'N-1 - =l:,- - -..;;;- , 5...
o•i'iii4T,', - -,
. ko Itiotiet4
„.. e •', .. 15,21C;V:,,,:i
'lt! 10 - 2 .___. •
~_,...' ,___' 2,''''''' . .•lo 6 k.',Ft'.;
..1 1 1;upYww. pescomianultuntiste ~1,1 1 07kt
bra . ' A-twitteikiik banal& whlis. .; , ''''.•24.-•; - •? . :
. 1 t01!,,„;,. . ;•-"*, -• ' ~ v iii i iii . l 4. 4 * '.....;;.. , ..7 ..
yeed4conf t *ark In , . 0,144 f,...,„ ~..- -• '. f -tf,.
4 0,_ _ ,..._, 11117 k
pl ';ititii , W *till doveripeed- ; ' 250 -„.-,
ah -OnaNtifiketthr; oink &e. '-; . 1.11 ‘1 1 11 . :
cast ' ;Nair* illen. liar knifes 1 # 549 -U i•; ''':..
Ina pur)ctagei ,' - _ .-
.1 , ,-..0 1 1r - ''--".;
. _''' - 11ing,'111Ualing_ahing 44-I t,II,
c 4 reat
?<l3o l **pilltitoMo f: ~ . -- ,- .(4 , 0) ... .:
m 'no - -. _ I I - . .ki •,, . 4 1 0409 .','• ...
j9O , IP
For_, . ,- a.0:4,14 - tilillt;c..•,l.'
e f
et? 4l. . . I .P air use, tai m m o irl ia n n i on 44o .
h altintr,hanreatiteuiltonlinikka4,o4' - - - - ...;,i
'. " :15i.lhirlhae.'‘ +_' des?:..
i.:1: - 177..- - .41 '44 2:7:::',
16 to ylloniscoal .• -- , ~... '37.30 - ::.:;
a kat a:atiiig. hunoteandlialbit •T''7 . '93/,‘'•
Ailipg ocuPsewing ,- 4 .: 40 375
ugh and homes'
~ ,
, , 0-26
-17ort:ni garden - ' ' i; • — riflal , :` -',
niediohitl , ' . • *- li 'Sri
witnetai wagei -) - 'r , 416 i
fuming; pigs 3 BO
13 psi , blahketr,ls6l ydi muslin, . - • •.,. .- .
ispi.yds Calico, 'hdlifs,. thread,.
buttonydeatr, lion akin, lhascy,4to. 9VIIS
seal akin cap. and shoes ' . •:. 102 : 111
119 gals molasses, 211 Ili sugar, . -.. ‘ • ^
167 lb cacao% fish, Mackerel: ' ,
tobacco, salt 114,08
914 yids check, 1205 yds Plaid, 79 . •
- 'yclittoto Ilan • r 1 49 00 ,
imatiN Tests, brushes,lneetetwant 32 505
turkelys . . 1 ` . 5' 00
coffins, boards and bed pi:lta ••;4 20 •
by compensation as stew rd from
• Istil B'37 linuary 1837, to ISt April
I .
by coMpensation as stewird and -
`clerk, from Ist April, 1837, to
14:January. 1838. , {
Batumi in the bands of Steirard
' ' '
*Au 18 .
7 - PAVERS.; , - • • -
Pauper. remaining in -the flotsam thel6tb - ; , :
day of Januis7, 1837: -.,
itial. , .- • I 2•:..• _. : <
Male under L`2 eau, . • -. . • , •
Fem lei - I N , ts
. Vematee under 9 years.i I • • ‘'l4' ' •
One Male omitted in the Sworn* 1 N 1. , * g
. , , 1.. '. 1 1 -,.....-.- illk •
Admitted t 6 tit4hihonee from 4e / 6 41 - ‘ . N.
dartuarl - 1i33t.t0 let Jams , - 193‘ _ .N . .
fad A de idcluded: I
Make 1 • . 1
~ Pernik. i
Illalelkorn-14 boss. i
• '
.'w;re .:••Itorn in house :
. Out door paupers
199 00
104 38
.whole number
Maki *charged and a• 1
Females de
Femake died
Sonia out; 1 male and 1 re
114 246
Remaining in the bonne en
Inroad, 18311.., - .
- Males under 10 gears
Fetnaleet •
. . -
660 i
Fentilesi under 9.yeara
Out door, 1 female I
Sound Janis—William Itigh
Payne. NUrosiegiars townahip. L.
do Susan Haight, to
Norwegian township.' t
Out doUr i pduper Catharine
toWnships; •
Efelief g ranted
anteg ir Abrahan
towfahipi - j
Relief & , mil!to O
i r
167 Imp; wheai:o3i burr o.
do potatoeis. 6$ do flaxseed; 12
452 do coin in cobs, hi do !tiro
pumpkins t 6 loads corn ,ccipsi':
second crup w it2 lb wool.'
flax. ; •
, I .PLODUCE IN - : .
87 gals ap to b: 111.8
• 1 corm. lap. 1t0."515 dicta'
pair pantidodialt,".s lined . ,
delfts.' 4 PillestwestM lb ce
pillows. 4101 mm end
• ,
r ...? !
,•b el.
capaSodicap ~51,- b arels 40ip
lt i 8
; 3 *11;3 3 *4. 4 !hese..
.; Bf,Atialtn
- 1 (=lf,' qi p.oide i slb:i a tizio
, raunieihil.nii-44 - .
io dee - tip:436i; nfiiiit4o:iil
tallow, 1 , 181, lb.i liird,ollo.l!4
~1 .:6;:oss OF lIIVE M .
,l 3 hogs atel-piiiii.. , l-41 fi 4c,'2 id) .
‘ 4: . Pita*, CEbif , LIV,E
Badvew.lB litthatmOityoilico
• , 1 :
,987 head 4abett4. 2l 36Piski
kiwi dti . 50W41,40 do red bee
quarts addfseed. liilt 01 404
seed, Si* do eiwfaiititt,celiri;t,
• • i - .I v \,:4I)AIRY. ~,,,..1
7:B4ltiiicitie4 l 479o4 omen.
Ws ilie,ini .' ' ' beta Wing in
Ounce or thifightwaid artinfi x l
ii itsi
Menl. of njilkitt,conn* ,, ,
co me t. .
~.pltpuptia the, *int
Liana : . . item. Orland% ads
i k
. -
- * CIO lir Cilil
N .-. 1( - tANO
, ‘ ••itp - di' Annuli
. . t ' blink Kir
_do r ani
',. . ' *I" Odigat
Mo ' r4iitot ali
Fall a
piai ' half nanal
'nll alibi wotl
ephia; otor,
h. then
11194 49f
1 48 "
7 874
13 10*
'2B 00
0 6 56
, A4 -V ,
. .
Z ATtett
' :,:'Vi t tt* .r e . •
a is
435 00
194 49f
e .ust 4,4 e
- 911
.ed 9'
_f •
. • 9'.1 •
ale 2
- SO
illiam dariOll,-
Miller, Wayno
oup,Scbaygalls .
do tidekirliiiat e
ne t ts: 156f 4 f
46 tiaras
2ktabla labia-du
-'...--.. ip•.;•...;),1) .. .
11 . 11 M1 1 4 116 .:Eg
~.., -,—... , .t ::,3„ , •- ,
St S. - ' •
i ii:rq le
111. ig - das Ibis • -
4 -... 3 . ...-,.. ..• i ..,
et /
cfc:al 40:I. IA , .
r iqalie c rSYliesi
:;:ir 4.
I i t • O'f': .U. 11,1
:4 : • :: ' •
ii 3 lbild*, ' :•• . •
.sitik.biiiii• : ••
*: 2 ;44oegi:
ipm, -, 'lmmisoich , - ,
-. ' ~ " 'A l:1,•-, . ' .:
, 1 . ,::.4. , t- .. • •
n invillu
:day othpat