The daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1846-1855, September 12, 1855, Image 3

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John sr-Upm. J imeo W. UaUft.ll,
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Btoleh Iron Foubd.—Thirty-seven barrels of
the iron stolen from the Portage Railroad
were reoovercd yesterday by Mayor Adams
police. John Lythe, who is now In jaß oa aa9 ’
pioion of being oonoerned in the robbery, Borne
time since had asked permission of a nw
named Whitehead, residing in the Third yard,
Allegheny, to store the above mentioned lot in
a coal shed, remarking that it B 9J n ®
days before he ooold Bell it, and that he had
no convenient plaoe for Btoriog it. Mr. White
head, without stopping to inqnire about now he
came In possession of the Iron, granted his re
qneat. When he ascertained that it had been
stolen, ho was anxious to get rid of it, and
cheerfully delivered it to the officers.
Mayor Adams Intended to give Lythe and Nioh
olla a farther hearing on Thursday, but the ev
idence of oompliolty is ao strong that he yes
terday sent up final commitments against them.
TffEAtAs —Mr. Dav dge, Ute of the Broad
way, New York, finished a very sucoessful week
at oar Theatre on Saturday evening. Aa a low
comedian, Mr D. has fet? superiors in this
country, and is oertainiy ahead in bis peculiar
line of any person who has trod the Pittsburgh
boards for many a day. His Paul Pry, Poor
Peter PHHooddy, and Dr. Pangloss, were mirth
provoking to a fault. This, we believe, is Mr.
Davidge’a first essay as a “ star.” His success
here must bo truly flattering to himeelf, in more
senses than <no: and however muob wo may
condemn the system, until it is abolished we
hopo true merit like his will meet with the suc
cess his excellent talont deserves.
Rowdyism Pcnished. —Two well kncwu row
dies, named George Lull and James Braddook,
wero arrested on Monday evening by officer
Dougherty, while engaged in the innocent
nmusoment of kuooking inoffensive people down
ia the streets. They were placed in the tombs,
until yesterday morning, when Mayor Volz fined
them each ten dollars for their ••fun.’’ Brad
dock paid the fine, but Lutz being unable to
raise tho needful, was committed to jail for
twenty days.
Maw Drowsed. —A man named Fc-tcr Petti
grew, a deck hand on board the steamer Caledo
nia, was drowned in the Ohio river, near tho
Marino Railway, on Muuday evening. Tho man
went oat in the yawl to tako a line ashore ; the
night was extremely foggy, and he fell over
board. Every exertiou was made to rescue him,
bat without avail. His body was not re overed.
He resided in this oity.
Tub Western Agr iCCLtrniST Mr. Dr.
Ramaley, of this city, has issued the first num
ber of a neat paper, bearing the above title,
which is to be devoted to the agricultural inter
ests of Western Pennsylvania. The typograpbi
cal appearance ia exceedingly rpm. and the mat
ter soems to havo been selected w<’h considers
bio oare. Wo have no doubt it w:T meet with
proper enoourageuient.
Mas. Dpffielu mvde her second appearance
last evening, to rather a thin audience, in the
character of Margaret Elmore. The exquisite
acting of Mrs. Duffield should command greater
attention, as it is reuliy fur above wc hu<e
be id treated to of luc years, with bat r-re ex
ceptions We Lope to &ee % full bouse this even
UuY Dbowskd —A s.'.n cf Mr Kaiph Frost,
w t the Mayor's police, w a drowned yesterday
evening, while baLhing in the Allegheny river,
opposite Kuapp & WaJo's fouc.lry, in the J-ourth
Ward He was aged about eight yours. The
body was found soon after the unfortunate oc
currence had transpired.
pASSiaa Spurious Cois —A man earned C. M.
Kissinger yestorday nude information
Alderman Parkinscn against Mary Sobwimble.
for passing a “bogus’ half dollar Ho
sold her a half dozen bottles of Clark’s Stomach
Bitters, and she gave the spurious Co.o ia par*,
pay. A warrant was issued for her arrest.
A Fiao was presented to tho Jackson Blues
yesterday moruing, at the St. Clair Hotel, after
wbioh they left for New Castle, accordicg t,
previous arrangements.
Tub public sale of desirable dry goods at
Thompson’s, No. 106. Market street, near Fifth,
will bo continued this morning at 0 o’clock, by
P. M. Davis, auctioneer.
8. H. &vqo, Agent of 'he Pennsylvania Riib
road at Cincinnati, was drowned by falliog oil
the ferry-boat croseiog from Covington, Ky., to
Cincinnati, on Friday morning last.
Taxes were nineteen oases of drunkenness in
the tombs, yesterday morning.
Norfolk Bofferebs, —At a meeting of the
Board of Trade, tbc undersignod were appointed
a committee to solicit aid for the sick and needy
at Norfolk and Portsmouth.
As it is important that immediate aotioa
should bo taken, we beg leave to a»k those who
have not already givon their mito, to do 30 a: an
early hoar, to either of the ' ommittee.
Sahcel P. Subiveb,
130 Becond street.
Wm. S. Lavelt,
68 Wood street.
Walur C. Ron,
207 Liberty street.
Fbahcis K. Sellers,
309 Liberty strert.
H. L. Risowalt,
17 Wood street.
Blue Sla«*t ana *uoJjit m'.nmi *nm: oondu In
i the AheO* o! W-IA. Lute Uaeu lU * >dr t*» mal**° r fl
1 better production fr. m the vegetable kingdom In thw
4 ( ( Ho-utter's Stomach BUtein. Thee* celebrated Bit era
'1 are entirely and their «mUnabon of such *
ni'urn u to guarantee peifcot safety to b«ua* used by bah
J young and'ld, mile ot*d female, the later m par Jen.«
1 received the most salutary beneM ftvtn the the ot
‘ I tbe*e Bitters, «b-n a)l other treaun-ni from th« n»-*>
'! BkU'fal bands bars failed in rumoring tbem from a *Ute of
,1 debility to perfect health Fur «ic by Dn>cg«t» B^^al.y,
'5 and at wpS - L ' l
A*r Clarb'o Stomach Bittern *rc
by all »ho h»v tried them to be tb« W Uml.y
of the „ 4 e, for the core orDj.ptpsm, Ootoivenew and «<• .•
ordered state of Ih. Lleer and Stomach. ha '”
nf4 l The proprietor* do not protisad to ciucum people
ln-m using otter preparation* that t»n> palmed upon the
public uDder the nam* of Stomach Blu.-rfi. f-r
found that only one trial was needed to i.-udor B ucu camion
by CoUCM A Claek. No 22 Market
htreef ties IL K.rT6t&, 140 Wood btr*-wt, and . y Druggi-m
~ f i 'i'V» »i i u.<i h
Life Fire and Harino Insurance Company ;
'j HOB Eli T GALWAY, Pr*-«Ufnl.
1 ji« p. M’OftL, Secretary. ,
* Tbia Company male, -aery Ineurabnr appart.ibln j,O l.r
S with Lit L JtlHJvri- . r ■ jv i
I *. apalnat Hall ond Cargo lU--J os
Alan. J[ rtn an d tributaries and Marine Meae
Blearer' Loss and Damage by Pile, aod arfnlDib .ef
A " J ftu M and Inland Narration and rr«c«p»rt». n.
Porile cl the ,j „t ths lowest i.toa .'onaia'.enl will. <•»(■ -J
Pollrier mu'" 1
tt> *ll parties.
— n —cTU d and for sale by
arack on "* a l-LKMINO 81103.
I and for salejiy
' 10 bbla £r»dni»d " do
20 bblfi Crushed j
just MOBiYed and (or 4 xNDEBBOK, i
“ No. 89 Wood «treet._ |
riURNITTOK ktaS. M ' d by the fuh * rri '
r Hint polish. V«» ‘h® ilth fall directions for a so.
icr. Price aentt per M Msrkrt «.
told br ! tag? B ! _ B -!
- ... „n . 1 MAHON S 00. h>™ jA* l rtf'* l _L Exoolulor r li ceier !*'“• -J„L
___ or pu,n WKk s “^ r7 1 by b ' w fi«w Sri,.
\ »«p*
Reported Expressly to the Dally Morning Post
arrival of the steadier arago
Nxw York, Sept, il.—The steamship Arago. from Havre,
with dates to the 29th August, arrived at o'clock this
afternoon. Bhe brings BSO passengers
. -.Queen Victoria had retained toßngland.
Gen. PtUlsstar telegraphs, under date of August 24th,
that on the previous night the French carried the Russian
ambufcade on the glads of the Haiakoff. Subsequently
500 Russians tried to retake it, bat were repulsed with the
loss of 800 men.
Napoleon, la a letter to Qen. Pel Ussier, thanking the
army for the victory at Tcborusya, says he looks for a
speedy termination of the siege, and adds that If Sebasto
pol does not fail, he knows by Information that the Kasdan
army cannot again sustain a struggle through the winter.
* The Russians are sail to have doubled the garrison at
The Russians have launched several vessels at Nicola©(T.
Seventeen Russian gun-boats came out of Riga on the
IQth and fought two hours with the Bristiah screw steamer
Hawke, 60 guns, and 8 gun corvette. The result was In
Halifax, September 11.—The steamer Africa arrival this
morning with Liverpool dates to the Ist lust, being one
week later.
The main features of the news consl’te in details of the
battle of Tchernaya and the operations that preceded it, by
special reports. It turns out to have bo«*n a derided victory
for ihe Allies.
Another Russian attack upon the Allies' linos in the vi
cinity of the cemetery was anticipated.
It is announced definitely that Omer Tosha is to lake
command in Asea.
Tb»-ie la nothing important from the Black Sea.
Rattu or Tcqkrkata..—The reports of General Simp
son sod PeUlseier state that the Russian attack on Tchrr
nava was a deliberate effort to raise the eiege. If they
had succeeded In holding the heights, they intended a fur
ther attack upon the four points. The documents found
oo a dead Russian General clearly Indicate this. General
ftimpton estimates the Russian force at 56,000 infantry and
6000 cavalry, with 100 guns. The French had only 12,000
men, and four batteries were engaged. Tbe Sardinians
had 4800 men and 24 guns, and the English on ly one bat-
Ury. The Russians advanced three times with determi
ned bravery and thrice carried the ridge otowning the
heights but were repulsed; their ratrrat was covered tv
the Russian batteries. General Pollissier calls the French
loss IT officer* killed and It GO wounded, ibe Sardinian !<w
250 killed and wounded; the Russian 10-a 3U»o killed, soCo |
wounded, and 1800 wounded prisoners The Ru«Biai>B id |
mil great losaes. three of their General# ware killed. The
Russians cug»ged in the battle had just arrived la tbe
Geo Simplon says Redan and Maiakoff were bombarded
On the 17th, with as much effect os was anticipated.
Trine* GortsrbakofT telegraphs on the night of the 27th.
that affair# at Sebnetor-ol were unchanged. The fire of tLe
allies being ec-a<*ionaUy very »trcug.
It Is reported that General Blmpson b Ul, and that t<*n
B-ntrick hse taken command.
The allies nr- preparing to cross Tcbenmya, and active
owratk'os ure delayed until thle movement is effected.
Umar Pabbawa* to leave for Trrbiaond. Nothing relln
*bl* wn* r**c«ivt,.J from K.nrs or Riserouu TL» Rusninmi
have i e-estublithej communications between UenHaiie and
Arab&t ....
The allied *t«-: in the Kaitk hn* U*-u ordered to r*M r-
Ifom before Cionstadt. Tbe dUabled gunboahi only at- re
turning beta*.
private letters state that the Russian lo*a in the bom
bardwul of ?weatr.rg is not !e«s than tA)OU u»on. ix* Nord.
on the con rnry. say* that only 60 men were killed, and
lb.»t 1300 guns io various fort# remain to Thu same
noaitioQ on tbs batteries, wholly uninjured.
Tiie Prussian circular Indicate* that that gi-verurueM
an-l the Qerroacle confederation oocupl— prevUely the sumo
tk<,- t'ou as they did *g°-
Tb« Austrian pap**' l ootnplaln that tb** uaUtfc6.«i vt n.e
W-Jtern power? to Turkey U fast ''hiaglntf InU »u a* '.u»i
occupation of Turkey. Tb* reply to tb** Auatrin-o rtmn.
elian<v*, by Gr«at Britain, W said to hate *t*t«d that tb*.
4 u«#tlrn of nationalities could not b# latto-du eU lnt« the
pr**««Dt rrisl«
Tbo depot of the I'ailan r<iTttiL». »t
rumored furthor the Austrian Irontier*
A Berlin lotte- e»ys Court N«-»w.lroie ha* i^m-d
another diplomat I ..'letter, sUtlng that the Ctar 1* otilln^
m makn honorable t#-tn« • ' p-ao-
There »re ruuior« cf a new ti•.n ct ;wo hundred CiU.uit.
of :• irica
A luJ'mnl ehSlUp* i* prvt>oa».i. wuh » »w»«
to pr»*MUl a -uitaM** \• tji CLane? Naplc:
K nut Uokr !.r.j Uat .<*Sqv. kiaaiu
I'hn potato IjarTMt In I rd»uJ if, vD L-Li sa L :uc, »«rr? « oV
; tir i,^.♦-t Ir< hj Frivol utilmp'.i uai l’i<* f »*
**•, „*(*• ory , ami u :V>u- flila#
B KI11! I' M.
A ouimii«-ou L»a Lcvn apv-iunlfJ t<‘ U»«
I option.
A rntror »» prevalent In IVrb* ' f b* io*> lut tar y abdi- •-
,1 Qu«*u I-a oil* Otl:«r Import*..t Htut»»rr
Th* export of Breadilutfi ii prohibited froiu tb« lUt-in
The political ferment* •'oquuo*- at NapU».
Tb« rurratit crop of C- phalonU ia ►adlj d«6-.U r*t
Thf Kie; of IWirnirfc it on a tW*U to lb* K ' 2 ••> swr..«*n
Thrt OIJ t ! -be tOUfcd iurf to prrpJc x iLe
g .'rprcmeilt.
We bare Bombaj dates to July 30tb. A formidable m
Ftirrcrtion had broVen oat In Bengal among lb. Sambo.*
atuJ other tribe*, numbering from th riy to lorty thousand.
They wm dwtroylnr rrarythlng European
»ll *i< quiet at Sbangbn.aul Canton. The Inaurgeut'
o*j> losing gre-and In the North.
The Norfolk Sufferer*
Baiti*o&x, September 11—B/ the Norfolk boat lhl>
morning we learn that lort> deatha occurred lh*r» iron'
f«rer oc Saud«r There had Ueo a considerable dlminu
l , Q 0 f Q OW At Portamooih on Sunday there ir«r»
BiX dea hi Among the etc Urn* to the »« 1
Karthall nod Flea***, of Baltliaure . Dr Cfayeroft, of PbUa
'•lphia. Dr. fmlth. of Colombia; and Dre Gooch aotf
XlDr*o of Richmond: al‘ of whom dfod on Sunday Dr
Balfour, of Norfolk, ual o dead. TL. «-»er U broken w»l
at Boffolk. lfl miles from Portsmouth. The people are uy
mg In erory direction.
Uaitixo&k. Beptembrr 10, 0 P. M.—Tbe rommlit**' l"* 1 to
the boat tor Norfolk tbie erectur. to make ■Tracgnmeate
to bring to Baltimore 200 orphan children, to be quartered
#t the new House of Refuge, no* !» prcc*** of •vwcCkiiu and
which i« being prwparcd lor their They
will nveh hare on Saturday. The ladiea of the rarfooe
rhurrt.e. are making Ibe rfotblofi to U »«nt down fo tbett)
The children will l« purlhed. end their (M ejothlnc borne,! Pay Line baa Tolunve* red to bring them > hr l tj
f ,-e , , Large
I>l*lne Klecilott.
A leuiros . ri'ieivieJ, but -hey d° l, * Jt vhnnpv
tb. ib’.rarter i f the v. it. »v reported . ilorr»h.
BrpubUceu. luuh. the l«f, but ill. |*ll r-eelvel bf Ui.
Wbl*randW»'r d«tror« th. |.rr.bnM;i: v . f tn Mil l-y
the people. The LlVi-li, vrirpcuMl ’! 1>«“ *"• Aml
Maine Ui me". »oJ Wl.lg*. bn.. » dK-uI.J m.j rll; '.
s-netor. enJ Jlepreoeol.livee, who will probab.y eI«T
Well, or H—i Th. > ole Li th.. heaviest «« «b, .1 eeO
log U
; ,»i> bIAPATCiI- i
P..ftTLlM> Ml
,|.t TWUIWd Mfoilo.. : irtTM M0.r.11
o:«» LU'l UwM i\rU«(toi > * r-" l1 ’ I[ .V 1 “
17t«- >Vl>«m , ■&<! need, WU*. I’-- 'Hifl
tarn* rereWed from ItW town* show the lallowm* tou *
Tb* j IROI t n.^Mi! ,,LttOK
_ " ' “° ,r . !A N Institution U «-du.-.i> U * MsINK.-r MAN (»•
Mltcellaneou* Il«m». I t-pea bi»y mid K' tr; ui "AM V ' W 1 M.
Mr Kv«a» K N., bn* b*«n to Coo*re*« from 1 '4 0O ,
Ttz-8 Tne election o( K N-> f%* L»*ui. *od *u.l «| **r.U U*» uutnet. *« :j «*• .-•• •«’»•
t* nil txt UjW*-i«>l»e rU ■' IUI -.<•’» , /Vci .
A p-ute K N Coii*-’uliyn, tc u< into* to rHat* < 1,1,1 [.nii j' • > »<■ :t- ’■ .i • I '-< • ■■> ''*••• •• ••• • • •
*’ H‘’'t n o, «.*• t t-*r , , &r'-® u
The ciU***in» »t Columbia h C , *te about U- oxt»iml *l-1 .
to tbe *otlereTi M hurt** and PnmaoUib. The Ct»
Conndls fubff-ribe $1 . , h „
A ot timber tb»t lay «rro»» tha thr«» b
punwr train nB tt. ronrt, .• »bjo < >» tbe
luth, killing tbe 6ram.c, tnj urlo*Condu.-tor IV etberel 1
I anil oth-r-
MW Tuk£. AJ<l> VO> HA 1.1 BI
ff*. 5 3 nrt* stnft, » A rm 1
nKCiiTBT', lh« fln*t ftrw of ft lin?« mvoi. • 01
Sunn* 4 Clark's untiTuUed Pianoft. ThUggCggagga
. boice lot will oompTH*- — BESBEESInI i
6 Octave square rornerr. reword. < Ter tJ J 0(] y ;
wrings*. “ W ■
6* , Octave, do 'b» ,
Octave, round '•c-ruarj. ros**r>r.i, rervp-J. **u*Ho • |
a* doable round coroerft, flnUhsi all amuo « \
do ' do CUITC-1 Iftj;?, hlual'»llfdt;
,\'l iio !:<-u>l-*?rprDtine, very elegant
7 do do do
ft . do Pull Serpentine, aplomllJ pattern
llj do *l® I
Tbf above t*!l positively be void at New Vntk /■ --lory
>nWo«i addition for /reiqht dc
' H. It LEBER. A &R‘».
Bole dilute for Nunns A Clark, for Pittsburgh
i h an l Puijndvhat;'..i,
i Fifth atrwiL, oearjhe Post Offlou.
first arrival 0 V
FAL „ L LoWot? B ? 8° I>S
, vVB DKKStf UOODd DEI’AItTMKNT It unusually .ul,
( ) uuJ route! na some of the richest and moat desirable
Ouoiie that we hare ever been able to otter, such aa
jSxtru super Bilks; "*
French Merino*; Oaabmerve;
MouadeLaines; Plaids; Strtpaa; Cobnu* Ac
NEIDLR WURK—The best aeaortmsnl in me ' _
Collars, Ohemiaeitei, BleeTes; /‘'i ROUND OkMIaN-
Klnunciugi, Rdgings and lowrtlngs: \JT auglS
Ant Velvet. |>o™U- W c..U >»• roster , (XJ
-nrim.u, w, Mu l USING GOODS jiCUTCU HEIM.™ ‘*'
MRNT is well *utplied, and we teal confident that w« can rpiN—lou pigs Tin jutd in Se«,r« and Iv-r
offer greater inducements now than we have ever been j **u by •’ w M• T ■
able to Offer before We solicit an examination o> our Young,
stock before purchasing elaeahore, as all will fl-id it to r l *** do jj l6 , k ;
their advantage to do 80. X. M caddies Young Myron au-1 lilacb Tenet
tVe will also be almost daily in receipt of new no SMITH. '1 A 1 It .t lit s Thu.
hlB floods throughout the season. - - 1 - -
(Formerly Young, Stevenson k Lots, i IJ bo tone E. H. Lytle’s Jun Uta Lumps,
sc p 6 No. 73 Market etrvet, Pittabnrgh. Pe. j 61 loos Juniata Bloom.-. t-r ~*" v ®y 40 ,
BW NOVEL, AT author or "Alone."—The Hidden I .‘“A"— - - p el^,n T"*tt Store,'
Path, by Marion Harland; just receired and lor sale R p . rT ,- gxitEKT, one dorr rest of ll.e Kichangr
r r.'„etSl JOHN 8. DATiKIN, 66 Market «.. I MO ; a8 BD d CUrIM EIGAIIH tor
Bale by (auglli! a jA '\ ES
HUSIhKY-HXi dozen Udlre', Ueott’ and zhildicu’s
Hummer lioaiery, ot every d.-rcrip'n;m m-.vvJ
-aJJonflcro hao'
HAVANA BEGAR& I have joat received a splendid lot |
of pen trifle 27ut>ana JSegtrs. I
flAfr&r can always obtain it at JOB. FLEMING S,
“Sn 4 3 Corner of Market Bt. and Diamond. ,
ffißß who wiih to refrain Irom the nee of lntoik.a n *
met nan now obtain this eelusbie remedy. It le Bold i ßt
liquor* can no bottle. In some cwea one bottle
the low prioß “ft m „ tap i ß ; and If deßlrßble,
effect* a cure. Mr« a,, Knowledge of the pa
y con be ndmlniß " (JCTHBKM,
tieiit. Bold only In the city oy o Mortet BtrMt
toi 1 *
f '
■. i -■■ - 1 ’fy
. 'J' v * •-■
. .V . J. *
," - p . ~ ’
COMMERCIAL POST.' •»*»» roR «**“
president— JOHN SfHPrON.
Pint Yxct Prcndzni —Wm. H. Smith
Second “ “ Wm. R. Baown
Secretary— Wm. S. Haver.
Treasurer— John D. Scully
Superintendent—'6. T. Nobtuaw, Jn
Committee of Arbitration for SipUnJMtr —T. 8. Clare , V.
P.; Jso P. PIA&S, Jis. O’H. Fcm.LT, R. T. LUUH, W B.
Commerol&l Summary
Per Africa \
Liverpool Mabret, Aug 31 —Cotton, Dennistoti's Circular
quotes pricea ap stiffer bu: not quolablv higher. The mar
ket closed firm; the sales for the week ware 61,000 bales,
Including 5000 to speculators and SOOO for export.
Breadstuff.;; Brown* Shipley's Circular quotes Bread-
Bluffs as dull. Some Circulars state that there was an ac
tive speculative demand fur Coin, and prices bad slightly
Advanced. TUe weather bad been farsirubl* for the crops.
Provisions —lUcUsTdf'Ptt, Spence A 0-' .jodo Ptorlilous
tfl unchanged. Lard bad advanced 6J
Money Market, Coo-’d.* f: r Mr,-.-; at A
Lrv eh POOL Markets —Cotton—Orient?? middling
6\<§.7-ltl; Uclan-lafalt middlngj <'>•* I; Mobile fair
£v- middling ti0 4 (gT ;; .. The clock of lo port is
396.001) bales Toshalcs'D PtUay were 1 - 000. of » hi-M
2000 balcfl we re -old to 6(wu'i.i.rk. The markets < '<■« -d
BreedPtuO- —Brown A Shipley White Wheat *t
IIeMt&LWW —Red -Of l l . 4 J(rtJU?;; ! : mixed Corn 3?-,6d.
Jlichcr.UoD, Spence A ic ~qiH tu ycM .w and mixed Corn
Linseed Oil Fteodj- an ar'iva demand. aa.e; at Lie; Sugar
advanced '-.'.dt# 1 • Mnrknt firm Cofle« RCUTe ftnJ prices
unchanged. Ton bioivdy, with moderate domanJ.
Advtrcs from Manchester me rat"« L»v-<rable.
Produce Aug. 31.—BarlDg, Brothers A
Co. np'i! the mark-i* h< evid-ucln/ an active
deiuanJ. Sugar adrHT.r.-j a*. Odfee steady. Tallow firm.
While Wbi-ft' 7<:.«v WJ? 7*«jTn. Fi..-or 4A-* Iron
market r.rm, WoUb rail* on lxu:d at s<>'. £;< lus
I U SO-.
I.ATVtV LiVfBP'W'L, Saturday, S.-ptair.bor 1. kbv..n A. M.
{iigland * Co. report that ’he w*-n’.Lfr, nhich baa boou
j'av. r ill - h\ has chiim'.l u Kllght decliu - * in sh 1 r-tulT.-,; Wheat
to I low«r, wilhiu tin: !iu-l 4 liiy*. I"- ur «•o I ; Corn 1••
Rui-vii advanced l* The U i.;i;d i* rotiuo. J. n.-l b*
La«hkM. Tallow, wirb an a.-’.iv,- rp-. ui.Htn - demand, ha
advaoc-d Is.
L'.vtx n Mostr Mxr.r.tT, Augu*: rd —7 ba Eupry market
id bUchtlv cosier C-muois f«.r urm-v quoted ,»• 91, and •>r
twjiu* ! 9':’ . Bullion in the lt-.nk of K'-vland ba? de-
£') 70,000 Ampriari tecur te- atJ
Ni a v u.F' pir.i'T 11 • v- ri. ■ *
. . r'pnn •
Put j.c.% , .
5... V f. : »»-.w
\VI - ? cn-MV <a r - ■ ! !•• •
sl,» .. ; l V.. T- ' :
»: Pw *n : i <n-l .h-- . .*• •
at *'■ !>••» tnu «>'>' "I* M ‘ 1
dui:i>it!i tut IHt *> .‘.ri.L/ '• )i n = :. l > A-;!
c<>T.< i tirt:: ruJ! p’.
; -rut, ; 1 : - ) • u,
pnu j:-nvr.
(Urriil.; • n:.
\S: al pat- - * 0- * at jt -•
.: e cvu ii.' f« I*l. au-
C'-rn Juil. nuJ j
-6aU l't-
T«tli. v. m rf.
«t P... 1
.i. ** .a i.SJ-. uiij i.
11-tts’ 1 .» *. u>. t.<
• r SI -«tii *' ; '- r '
t . t . VI -
Aurlloux'irliii t*«. t I Jf.
r ... H, - • r.- ! • • *.»
wl r-'t.- UN
Wid LA*. •, t.
Gi*-o** v N • •
lu-w. *U
•• •
£HJ > r - -
cl I v
1> H i; * VIS. A-Cltr***-
r n.
b Tit', i.-:
l. M >- ■
! i • 11 •1. . f til • U
4 \ Ul li ANr ' i' 1 ' “ • 1 f ‘
\ f .»;jh»o.
rnur.» 0-11' ' ■ ■' •
w i:l t.< u '
L«-t* i£%;li*4 u.*
b l- »• :'*> * •«
ft'OL' ’ *•: ! ' ■' ‘• ’•
i •; t, »i » *
*l#Do- J'jJ «1 r '-J • - - ;
one l. D!f >■ 1 fco l
»e: U‘"« N-n? t.
Lmwl t;. •:«-
-*r * « I •*>»
* rth la’>r
,v it' ,t A n J’ 1 K '[ ‘ 7 T 1
Cas'jrpaßsnd for Ppobd * Unrivulle-d f&t CviufuM
KK.-U 'iri.'kt
VFb'.r•'• H r.ot
larwt-b i’’ ••
K*U Ar r * lift «mr u t
On ti. 1 »!:-r SJ-d Ik ». * a <
mor r.; n*• n
Tb- Mrtri.\o* Un' !
%Q'! 1;M H A I ,
. »ill» nt r
1 K\ KMM* >•
ti: •• W * ;i -c; in
in* Wr<> i- *j?»""l * os' > " n rr.
: ‘i hr V; 1 o- --«>!•••’• •
C»|*l ‘i.-nlrn, tr J i LA h A I : ' H► K
fttt*bur/b • 'i'Tr 0• •.*• •• ' ■* *•
; »!*■••; n t-c-aM. m-.l >-*«■!• "
in ittttr for th» .Vt< > ,nw - ' i ''
1 mat'** '
; >.l i *.r
-! W U
J •- > .Li I K l• •
‘\ , \ . t ui.kl 1 : j V l . R’- : -• .
Buck K--i'r.
lur* v mid 1 r»<•*.!«•«I l’> »ini*D*! i;
Hmu. .< t.t*« !• r Ln t * | nr ‘ in> ;
r^niimunlilP - i-r-ii-txvii- imr >r .
."jiO- -run.- l'-r t.-- i'*“. 0..
lVtim.-.u-tnp. p't mi'Otl:. 1 ‘
.a ri! h ju«*' 11-.I 1- .
I**. ntoß M-bip aud •. t«jf m-r '*i. '
II !&!.<>? miVibfWiitlar„'u 11./ •■•...■ <>■ • •: i
draft i un «'ljat. i »i. m •»- : u rnl » n : ’•> l, r 1.1 5 n
t Df ( m 3 '‘on* l ruc'-U'ti —ob f-*r nrr*~iu.-Tj'
Th(*a* that a’t-n-i i-ulv in .•
ihn uJ. <( thr Jh* Is 1 n t i.T h< ' 'i*'-
r<'rt cr U < o l Mil I . tu ..
<• CYLir*.' Hail.** fppOM.r U.- l‘>.»ti>tlicr
Y VV J t NhI.NS. l*rlt»ol|.Kl
A A MAMIN & 0> ft
, l*ttaU< r l-t iLelr
nU-J 1 klcO; i! i ! l
r.xiU'-fi 'r, ;:s jjrWs
I>tKK fi KMM' M K F.f —M*rp Su m'»• A.,
e|>l rk, Ltovt-A. "tilt*' lt*vj-r. .'M’iM b utL^'T,
I*epi*r, WLU<* an 3 Hri-wn Mm uni .'tl
F K I'KAW .V. 1
Cl'»t’YiNti H'jnKr- t:i r > i:r a 1
/ Books lor null* Hy V 1
BI.A'JK - MUJ lit AM iwfii --J u*’ wrtvl, -'J\J vr.r !•> >•!
dttra (juaht)- Uiiufc .V iirc AQl!ju«-
A. A MABi.'S A 0 ) , 'J;'' KiM h *t
A A. MAbvN h U> Ini'... „
. uf • i-l i lair 1 'rt- U ;-:i
MI.K 6-
i">LAll> l>»' ' S 1
M<-n Hs, '•':•!. ■'»• ■ -n ;i
tie atylerf o( I'lni i I Iji
/ 'Oil I'KUJi -a'."a. iiA.-O.'- A I'' «. ‘ »I•' ■ * si '■ * 1-t
i i iuH., 3(>o plt'-ne id li«'" pittlu • <•!* r» .1 A • ktiil !‘ar
MIH'IU* _ hU,f ‘ V
DH KSl\ b rUi'TKH-K'i *»M» for •»>•; t.v
A _ B *'k a c .
V'-irViIRINO >'■ l-bi/> |tu!liu»f':«• I! 1 rnnjj ro-N'iv*-! aiii tor
( AIL HPKLUK 71* .b. fn, , LXJ
- n i :>t-r Kirft. Mi-l W-• ! *tH
/lugf H ' K8 ”‘" 7 ” r Vik'nrVjl, COLLINS
-J oP >l^""' lu “ J r hknr’y H. COLLINS
- r. ~*? V*- •**.*
'S .- ✓
i: •<> * .* i
Thi Bivm.— Lae; evening, at •Ausi, wo*d 4 i«et \ *••
;u:bes water, by the pier mark- Weather warm aoJ sulUy
f pHKATftE— J C. FOSTJCK, sole Lwaee mJ MiDft-
I ter; Wsi. H RiO>, ritogo; C&a&lb* Fv<tek,
Amlng Hanagtr. Treasurer, J. V. Bourrrg.
Boies and Parquette.. . 60c. I Prlvata Boma, large
: Second Tier !»/ [ Private Boiea,en>all. ■■
Grapaahot" intends leaving ihie evening ; UfiMtei'eeoarinaliate, IJH ««■» Pltr “
Third night tf Mrs DUPPTELD, l»i« Mi» hAI'K
e •• s Ilemnhlll >lll WJSSIYSB, when ehe “i'l afprar m LaJt, Trane >u the
Tni fine ete«mar Fanny Fern, Capl =• u * 1 ’ wil * 1 •• pohool for
leave to dev tor 81. L.ula and all Intermediate landing*. WRIIsngBAY EVWCISG, SrtMMau IJ. 1.-,
J VS ]U be presrutfia
Th. fine netr parttenger st-anter •' Kmma Graham ">a, it , e School for VT^c/nnteah^'^
detained yeelrnlav ; .he wH l-M** '«»* lb “ Tl7J« e/,‘ 'j2.Jh '
for ZiaesrHle
Tax Bteamor “ Roaalk,” Capt. A. Sheppard, IB the regular
Wheeling packet thk morning; ab“ le *™ “ 10 c,olock '
Thi n«imitr
for Clnd until.
singing and Dancing.
Tstcu.mer ' l-'aJriCor,' CaoMlarXell, xili leave tbn To conclude -ith the Furce t>l
~r; direct. »U~ .*«. Uw.11., ' The Two Boh»ycht,...- B o W ,e, Mr. A. W
ffw*. wa w.mlil InTlte rh*m tu jrlvu Lh-i KDJt-n't-ir j. I.**.
offWra a cil
Arrive l no NSW eTiHW' I |ILU " D 0 “ " tarjl - „ r, V K WiS K K OSLntS
. Wrt .„h. »,* ,L«>r Hr 0 K«;.. i fb. i «-POK ° S 6. i%k. * K
other, t:.r Ur. C. H. Siamifl, U R “ mle-ffliet. ]( ) U RTIO WIS
U.Bt: on Jerk 1T,4 fc.t - 0"*- 40 f«,<; el-p.W , 0V ft ft TT
„ M ft,, win b,,»ppu.4*fi. 4 bci^AOtoeh*. ; ETHIOPIAN THRUSHES!
io diameter and 2i two C J u,le ” ** ! 7Y'<vj* of \\ culuiz no< ■ travdi*<] '
in diutiwter witu 7 JWt fitrolm. ‘ ,u ' wu * ,u 1 moN D A V EVkMNi], bKPTEMBEU iota/ IW*
»t Jl'K«,«pon, anJ (l„ '-oiihU-u 'l-.n-.. = - •nnteo.lrj t,y
Mr. I«»ar Haui.'tt, Jr
bio ultrnllon Tbo hull ulloj-ll.iT nn, , s 4 ] PoSteV Mid SHStribUlOr ,
trnll.u'lt by Mr L. M Spoor, cl Hoil.vrriK n. Tbo tlnAft-r , w, u „ tl . t ., u,. p, sting .nd Diiitributlng o( all
in „• 1,-. b.,1.1-. r.« i- Mlrnt-rtebcJ ' kln&tc-f
Thi,;.b« l .,.uKrt»t*.oJa'by Mr.l iu».ti,*r .wbo u. | uili.s yua ronckrt*. lectoeks, exhibitions, in.
I, nl: .i ll ,.|i o noi Ibfllwl Mr llsm ' Alt mmuniciinn—oilher by mull, telegraph, or othab
Ink. n grrat pain, in the ci.nstru. Hon nr » 15 ... . to t'.o olß.ie t.f lla Morning Poat, «ll! ry
| of. io a tnan o i-nndierabii otporlcnro, bar ng r , iV ,,p -: cnpt oUontinri. op"
; g.god in bo ol Many of tbo , f .. : - - - -
1 I.oro I, .non (ho Wesiom iratoro o»o ih'lr rnperiority to ] Notice to Coutractora.
, . .., ~r. | > " »ft«r ■ o»«<'l.KD PROPOBA L 8 will fc« rewired at the F.ngjn*«r a
hi- and »kiU J-hf :o n» mo- ' . i iyiQ-.- of thn North-wußtern Railroad, In Butler, But;er
uti; l.<. bvl tnJou h r««t «•«•«> ti-frUHiDbU.-r r redenrk i n) , uly _ i- cri na., until the 2tlth of September, Inst., for Ib-i
■ l <ir l •’■r rauMuri'H oo d--"* U»6 feet: beam :*.5 ' ,;ni.! U»t i- n rl-J uiaa-mr/of Buctiooe 40, 41, 44, 46, M. i
I V ' ‘ ‘‘ . «»,. u wltb Ihraolalhrn ■il and of part ol th* tiorthurrUm Itadroad, between
, * t! 1 '!•- 1 1 f u I'’'’ l Nub 1 ' ” . '1 r-a-'-t-orl BU-i itutl«r . aUo, Section S 6 at Now Castle.
, m tl. lOixtar acJ *24 fvo*. lon»t. t*i- • 7“° ; i* M .3]*B»nd *p«etlitaUc>nB ran bo seen at tb« Knjfloeers
. Jars :: tnr'-taa la .UauiuUir, Willi /* fee*. »tn>k«. HiaeaWh .ju-.iid Ihuier, on uod after the 10th last. All proposal *
f . «htrb ho tl«s«rTrn rreai !• In mar k«d afl »Uf hon iho outaldo.
• asi built by Wa.u Miaou, U>e «Uh h»* \ \ vt.'lw MALONE. PAINTER A GCNDKR
rr !,' Paintiu* by Mee»r» Morphy A Hpwff. whar " thsr ] »
, ( rt- Ji.pUytt,! iwtoniT the rn-Mtur U. ih-lr b.winrMe, ha , 1 A nhwH V Uysca, Imp'l and 0 P TV**
hobbit cb«'4tH iwe'd Black Teas ;
_ \ cittir* V il. aud iJ P ToaJ ,
: Ulo Ccflee;
■ Unit lair to prime Sugar,
pruu«* Rk'*s ;
(r<i bbls ii*'l M W hue Sugafi
60 l>b:s N. (). MoUsecs;
Vv lth’» H. 11 ,
T o bb I * extra floe Syrup
■X bhi* No 1 Bait;
LOU N'> 1 Marker*’.
i . 'j'.i Ci Irr 1 in-
t r) 10*1* S’ C Tar
OlrU JU-4ID ;
. i*j unM ,So. 1 lU>«tii b< ep .
. I.t-i laTufi’’* » a* ahd i IL
|f.nJ» r '4p® Tltrwa on thr puneli f f tb»
J J u.:ira K »r UulM b; M«*wr- C«*J
.+*• I t ,-wvr cn Tljur-vlay ti.T .*1 L^-ul^
• r*. *• rm i J 2
lSr ini--..
I', ;i»btt rg h, fc»i4«benTlll« »od WtifeliUß
Orphant* c'ouM Bale.
\I ;l l BK tAfrkKKl* hi I’uSiio ;>n l‘ plwml*-*,
V\ -.:i TiU’Hbl- tV, * 'h. «; Sclwk, M. ;
5»!» v ■ •*;, •• •?j ?.*»H Cw.M-Ut* ;he property of D««U
i tbit ulimbi-) M 1IJ)IN0 IATT. ►l'.wio the j
' , ra«*r ' !ao »-.J Marbnrr fro-utia* ou Teua
•trrvl :u 1 -, Jw*f, hdU running aioug Maruory street U* tb* 1 •
wtu- r. tb** graat P*on«Tl*anla KollraaJ D«p>t. (
Tei «• —-q.. : iu hai.T, on* tbirJ lo cm« y**ar, and
it,.- r*. <•< ;a.i iu 100 to Ui t..--urM tv bond uO'i »nm i
m\\L iot#r»at fr*B tb- da*p cfttarmatio-. uf tb«
soriiiA uukkr,
f^r , Administrator*.
rjtflj' UttihP iIC H->A V »-> u/-d i. r iu£»d*ring tbe nfetu
. ! ,-m H,ib. u.n. tod ieU.Atrlr »Uw, t<*om»tiou aaUfcW’
pri , „ a ,„.i r Mn~rt! tL« ik>o: all rhnp*. chafes, t a,
- .-n lb* nuD'lo »r" b* tt- It bas brru poM lo Ihi* e»y
!,i' tb- i>»*t d»- »**rs. and bn- *iw*}« «?'vfO aaiitfacUOO.
B £.-*•:. m>v r:-»r* ai.d a 1 <'thcr* having *br c*T*
rb..drn» *: . t.-.d !; tu i'rreiloot articU
■ Oh- far* *si hands with «hLa eoap «Wf day will
bod !i.o£n*-lr*» ft a* Irvin chap*. rhafrt, and rouffhn*f“ ft
• 'l,r*l'n T‘ rvm r* Un. kr , tu*fc» a lathar n: tbn
l uo-i fi'lt *: 0 •. ,n teilrm* to r«t; in th» morning,
! rune :I.f u.-r in -bar **t#r It l< a’-® good Fha ring
i “>*l' I'rV"** 1 «*«. j"*r rail# 8o»U, SOo
U' >. U CUT MB BET, bS Market
JAraN a- IT Wi- A.-iD \rf K. HUJrefb, an'bor
<: tr.n IJirtrrr « f L' P
1 iu t: it n U
, u i-v ur tb«» OU R«tm
i V, ia;ovof Kur-. io—'V A
Kor Zauriville hi * i.f Uitrn#y. l\ Marki.o*i«
W.r KMiIA ÜB.AIMM. f« un „,v jlirtn b* W ‘1 i-imui
f* . , ..... wl! i •"**• for ’b« a * *t. i» 1 i : ; p.--.,0l s» ! I"r unli; tt
* F .. -n , t, \V Al'N K.' I* A V . A OILDENFEKNEV A tX.\V.
ki . (ippoaKt* tb« Tbew r**.
y 1 -i : *
Utfctilar 1 utitiftf l*»ckeC f«r Wh«clli»|
Slarlctia and
n.* t i*« *«.a «v.«..ha con'o'i
I Jfr i •• li lia:>*»r«u, o<rt.
i**»« '.ir U»- ».«*« »u(»r »s«* h»*.» » •' n
r .,rv -n»»)a«. »: * - **■«• *. I’ M ,
) r fr- •' • If I-*.-. •Cf. *pr r "« t- ■•■*■ - : -
. i a! 11 \UTUS. -•
rv r.f J-.. 1
ti.j 13.! n -fiv
V\ V kt.Y\\
vj ’•\ VI *.
- Ll . ,K 11 F?* 11■'T. v'-i-f ' v-
I O'tt, W V #*:m »>;•• »•»»«• *•* ;*“*
~ - ~ ~ »n.J »!'• J* •'» '■< *’*’•*'
> V *. \ f.
r ! I• • I;
t; H W A!U
I . I t '< >.V»Y
V ~f l*x i» .
V : 1 etlei
\V H MAN h s
y_l V .. j H ! i r *’•> va i U't >
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For S«. Lonli,
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r* a"! fO or i i liuunX PimVKKJ*—One and i*o
.: l' i, iL L 1 )•. - «r». w ..h £*«■», ni'**h>njc Machine*, Ac —or tbe
Kor SC. Luuld- ) . «, r* : m nwi.f.i t» 10. out. mar! tr<« adapted f'.r tuanol *<••
T , KNIiKA YOU, D»p ; -' ? '‘'•a- • .r-L,- : Call cud examine ibera, at 4’ Flf b at.
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..l. t- !" A ', ; f< r ;bte IvcaHiy can be supplied io Ur£t» quan
I-• ••o . , 47 M-thatm*. (a# P &) JAMES WAUUR.JP.
I'i.lN H V h, ■ , . _ _ - ,— — - - •
... .. i I 'ifSOl lU.a:K.!.N(J - l b*v<j reodTrd an article oi
J. K. Ueibonr, ; Jp f li.vkit.,: -uj-ri'f t > auy unr to use U
!i.\).r. uIKK.I., CT 1. t IS. >!., . (at " J> "*«“'• I mak - •'•!•!. •■•ni! U pat»u.t !*atb.*r, aud withr-u: any
j K h tHI. rtlt ba*u.': 100 it exp-rim. ■in | _ , ul{lzz u flr*t r*U aroiole gf t!:u kind,
i . - -..npl:* j (rt , JO.l. Jl.Klll.Su,
f ■ 'i! :•) mi-L »i• h 1 e»tniewrisw. a I'I.a.UAKu- _ t ,. Comer o' Market st and Dtsmood.
' y " I |> n -VA V? OK GINGER—I have juat .-rceivad
(OI'IKTY FA 111 , I) a Ijrj, kii.iii'.y Ihl* uXc*U«Dt Medicine.
.Tti ASM < ] FAIR .1 ibr Al.wkkm Cjlmv ; JO& FLEMING,
■ !»i • . f.-r W.-u-rti r.MT yhai..» ■••• , Corner of Market *t and L'Wmoo t
i»! I’lT'l t\ IKG 11. n .h«- -i, ,-l. 41' Kl ! , : , , . ~, JT,.' V i.j /, er v lor in «u:-'trial
.KT.IKIK, I-.:-. .. B \,, „, b ,procuml .1
. ..- bo a-ivmrv>l-t'on <rai ,• j A * j o g_ FLEMING*?,
;:t !•••■ ■' J u,' 1-t .-o * k‘- * ••• _„..i r Mat k-t •'t. ao-1 lMaU»"ii I
; i* ; 'v- ; . t- BM.n.Un I' *urr s >*‘ M r i - -'■
- -*■* ' :ir Li-o ; tt.K uLiuikb will l-e f .ri. !•-..«*. • /ih f. K
J,.'. .',.3,,, t: i. w'-i T»ark •: i icon.; .»•» V.'
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\ sr'i-’-.- for eiblbllioiv. »'*' ’■ ' fbn (.
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I ", u' t ui-.n m.J h.ijninlnj{ Uw Ivpf’t rf iho M«t9-
tLii-f i.i. K»i!r. *t, In lb** onJ
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: , : .i) wl.KI* \ v *U «t l.\i In u«m-:L. frv-uUt i *vt 'Q« '
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. 10 *1 } .!i■ 11 • Ul< I Si* "I t»* - i
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it, • (i r ; - w l.u'n «ui .1 fix ui- U *ot.
~,* .'i:er |T*t«*rty .-«'j 'j* fouuJ. *uJ it will l*' '•'•’l' l
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1 i! l. hit- 1 UKU T OILI-Sluliv.
oi tL« ii. IV-i
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JMi-r-tir, h. A I) .'U»( "l. I^'
IttllHtVL, N- U., JUQf yth.
;,J H A .P i j.—oeOll(im«*ti tfor tir** Joaru
. 1 !.«>.• B A t'«hn«-t.»-K .* S'rrmlruyi- Tot un an
lln-1 uih*'.ic in tov pru'iiiv, rtlV «UftitV>n »»» flrst U»
]• ,c H iu,» whirl- I li»J iVI-d I- .rmlnJoi- «no. With c.lo
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u, n.hor Itl.ti.i.. .0 HI" "* *> '
}’r-.. ar ,..l .in 1o I u Ilk *'.hlk atj.l rnlni. tv ti A PAIIN
KsTIM'K A CU . ■■oiuor "I Wcoj .U.J iflT.t •trciTr.. I’itl.i-
M'l *
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rplllj Kiuon... » A proporatl.m ft utm.-ii.-i -[•o .-t,,-.
1 In orj.inirv ■llnul""». u..'.|.i ru 1 . 1...1a ».,..Tt la nil
, ot pro.trinoui! tbr Jigi-nll' t It jr I inf
■hu.i.l. l.«nn« tl» pr»t«l«no® (.1 opd.taio ■ obl.T.
«„l sumuior i-nmpUiul., ■' V'?! * r Vi Ti, at,
i.n.l v In at tiwlet ihoolJ U » Mlwut It.
L-. t "no- —Bo mr- to Jk I Ibo If'auio* h.-ODOf, «hk h 1-
, i.- »,v v mtljWN. at hi* Drun hu-.I Cticmii-ul
r ' l- I'unujr C‘( Kirth mid ClirtPtuiit dtroi'trt. I'hllu-ltt!
i.t«.v , nud for s*> by ail tb- A).,-'ttecurit- >n the
li au.l (» A Co ,
• SCULLY <* Ci).
XT KW MUSIC—OII as dewy evening fulls—duo J
J\j They «>k me if i think ft the*.
1 my heart upon ft flower—Aih’. j Hawthorn*.
My early home —A F Mnrthcne
The lev.* of enr fond heart
The KM R< thj-Oeo Llr.leJ
lUd 1 never never known the*.
Therv’i* music in the voire we tovi%.
My nariy fireside —Alice Uuwthorue
How sweet to roam
Flag of cur Uni'D—W. V. Wallace
i r, ] lu Allegheny by The daw-Mi’l. M'-u- Sage Muhle)
D. P. SCHWARTZ, I* it nry ix.dv’3 huvnens
1)1 rtmdaw LEK A- BECKHAM. _ HwtsHlyoVr my senses stealing
n\/i ; iv THF COUNTHY' —FN PHle: a roiDforUble Mynouliidark. , .
ip 11B -
Al (. It.iu . flowers gripe vine*, Ac—nil In <<ui- ’ G peoP lk»-
'nr I'lnmixliftte pofStWMon cau be given, if re- i rafh.r P-k*-
p,,< ! r . ‘"h, ' f .i i u u healthy and agreeable locution | Anglera Polka M T. Wal.a-e.
, uln-d. HltaaUHl in * * on lb /Washing* n road ' Crown tf Ih M-s-avand wad,
ibreo mdeWrcro ihe l mut i _ Tho AQRP i w*pr. s € ctlm« nut, , , .
Price s2,'ioo. termfl * a *J; rocur | na * uU -, tl *,. a t Utinl Also a colletthm ot u«iw Guitar Music, just raeived by
persons who nru Jemro F CUTU BERT i SON. ! Kipreas, and for mlc by CHARLOTTE BLCMV.,
ibecity. bd Market st sepC No. 11H Wood st., 'id door above Fifth at.
•“£;. . , T ISTTsSJ-a Oa'aatwsr for citlMM. and ! UMUUUTS PKKMiUM KaTHAHION cools th. h«ad,
Boot fortomlgrsnU-l.yN. II I’.rUcr. ,YV -nd rsmosss nil symptom, of headaefcu.
L 4“ **' ■ ’"' h ; PBrS ° M U, “ V.OUrS KATIIAEION
‘ “ P ki.«-. W. Jf I A ” L '”' r WIuSH VS I>ass’cSl KATHAHION
mts of Blarney . “ o«,Vrf» ; by W ailmcre Slm«. I» ths most -ralusbls ecquiiltion to the toll.t, retaining ths
rUulllM. by Marlon Harland, author of A .or a. KEVSEIt and E. K. SELLERS
UaMts'd Men • *™J aD a u<i at 26 cents per bottle.
Hurper’ii Story j DU.'Mutlon ot i'artnerihip. - ""
Harpers p bmith—2 vein. milE Partnership formed by the undersigned and Jamis
Memoirs of Bydny I O » NsiL) lQ ldr rylng on “ ib« Ownden Coal Worti,”
The Ei<cap*‘ • y«pidmb#r, and all other N»w under the name and style of JONhift, O’NEAL AMI LLER,
AH the Mageilues for y * un ISAAC JONBS.
B> 32 Bmitbfield *t. July 7th. 1865- JO . HN
‘”‘ p ' 7t V’ AWN GR.ABB SKKU, suitable for fail sowing—making
I j a .dof*. iunooth, pennanant sod; at the Ware*
house, 4? 1 iftb ptieet. ( sepo) JAMBS WARDROP.
AwmMT^FKBMIuT KATIIAKION il 11,. unfair
R U n,u-» •hn Hair *o\\ anJ glossy. '-»•*%'A COFtfKK—SO bazfi, prime,for sale by
•ib cents. * ual ® I
' t w.-I** 4 ■.:
- » p «
-w i « y
‘-jit- c.*y I'ip^w.
• r. •* e-: q; 1 Y t*
; - liftrtiu/.,
„ . U. l»i« CitUillfv i-A .
l*n) keg.- NoJIi Mj-trt- I
A* kegi S L.. Puda .
'M <■ <« tl !='. T-!.» «V .
5 J>y nr-jiOii Wpx Paper
~n l 1 t /A' Wkrli :
4/ iw lie 1 (V-nJ*. M»'.l .
J 'KD Itro Hr- v'tua.
u »t< •■• »ad i : •*!*• !•?
ATWKI.L, 1 KR 4 f./
S<‘ ' Wood
H uv* A \ J'! iLi OINTMKVT tor Pal* *t
Da Kfc Vakil's,
* r..-i!.»! U •• -I mii'.l Vlnrln nil*/
\ )rf . , ;u AM) UltKlU fKOTv»KAL >or «*!•» a
Ur KKY*EK’*.
• -:r-R. •••«! \ trjctb
(•' Nl
ui l>b«Di' Court hftje
vi \ l*H n, tN# i>n.'p*rir n > D»*W Ore-r.
) , ln , ...J,;, . J-h- WirJ wf tb »CUy N'icoiY
~ I . i, : •r. t . u T-D “j . »nf>la *> *r n j«* V i i>utf **t r **«-l.
l£.. .t Mr-.l \ .Utv*-t, Bl«« .l-l .«~t.
„ HATLRUW, SrpUtoh^r
j il; i •• m i l. < ;j U>« 5
T :«;*<- ud» IIQ hUT, 1 nifl ttilrj iu cno aoJ
ti# ; .-.«luf :u *.<• r.. ’,*• st- ur.vl !.■*
nJ , »u>-, : t it. u. Jw r.. utrm*:».-u m th« k»i.*
- jfH! A wKXKH.
.Vloiat Jt i
Mx> ’.»»*■ w*.i
nj- St. *
•>.. A M -- lir ■W '
u \ H\ K.i .
i7_i. Acralx
H vliaßg* Pan*..
'■tl'* i Putlfcrn i'tV'’ 4 ’-'
pp.t.*bui*h Tnwi vVcipttto-:
CtUiruV LMDOriU li*bk;
Mt«ch«nVa’ Bonk.
j]. liV tat .rt.aa I Ch*.k* CQ the abofe B&Ults CD luiQ* - -
L i.«. k.* > •■ .'TJfr in uny - t Tl<- .l^:u*-L
W iIANh.N, I’niJter ac*t . Uti«Drr
f . Market i»:
jt at t «-r, t
mula, la/ |
f l'Or’ HtwUV'At' ' AtcriuN Th.«. lucro'Oif. .
1 Au.'iid r U ndoefc. nill >•** C(ui'!i« r
cud £fd«*a h>» m*. .-crcnr of Woo 1 pn.l Midi «ur< *tf-- >- ‘ «■
► n*w Ti p linger,
mu U
HAVK-.S .-.Lin.Kiuß VV HIT K <1 Kh‘ AdK, lor Ur: «■
\\ i u..iu L)r v- fcbJ reo-i » - ■
tor -air bv ' ! "Uk-l’i lIK.NKY 11.
r Ii K - h K \ 1 .S U —L.'TrrlQjt’B Fulfilled £u*tvr
(•(•tkfpr, j'ul li*t ii»>i, rru*U**J and alaritlod. at
p R. PKAVu’S. Nf> 1. Diamond. _
* , W ► K *« I'H ’I.KIU HK.MKPY—Thin val.if ••i.rttel*,
A] wnll ku. *u u-r 11/ umav c»ir«» tan b< ob:<uu«d at
Nttv h.--k
“ To- H'd !ri> I'eih !•} lUtlftOJ
•• llat-Ur. f.u.l Men by l>r I‘oruo.
“ Meiuoita id J Allied UorJoii UeDUCIt ROd bia T.Uino
•riir Pep-re." <>> U«<!‘ty Ward Ib-eoher
Tli*- l f > -d Nun. or bi*.' l(Wiun?H of o.»nreti! Life
•• MnuJ 1.u.1 oihei Poems ," by Alfred Tennyson.
••Tfe- I.Ue.t :*am H.asU't*"—illustrated.
•• l) sH < ticKa— wl ul lu; a*?*." bj Q K. b. DOMtickM, P »
•• purser i’.» lb>« bark ." » ul* of iMr i<u.* ar.J pi Iwdot e.:t
•• Henri's V«e, or lh« ■ Wlfn” - v..U.
midland TuKUjkj, »-r ih» uotl-rubli* M*n of our a;-.-,
bv H-orve W. Huu^y.
••Ml lh n and uiv Fr«vJ.' tu t vl-red. l>oO>;iU£*
"Olio or the Old VVast Boom; ' li. L M M
*• tlttUlra Ul liio Crluioa" Wllb two eU|'«rb mtpM.
•• The Temperance Pledge Violated by iloCsltbou
IB , cents.
• Pr<**h Fruits fcud \ rjcwtubleo all l tic \«»r at Puuiuier
rrloes;" —l'-I^cenu.
The above revived tills dnr b\ htpnw*. and tor mh>« at
l.ACmiK’* Ih»OK.PT>»HK. 30 1- ■ Ul. -•[.
** aL** *
'pen nt 7 : pe.'frvtQ*DC<; to h»glp %■
'm Asu'sTc UAL),.
AM» VtKMIM JK f->r sale low *
lip KEY*KR'*,
».■•fQ'if Wo*vl ctr>?«: and Virgin alief
k w \ a aSI- i ■ fit i’uWi>Kr. i
t/n K*Y*KU?.
« u-r \V -1 auJ ' IriOO *ll-y
- .-t;l .»f jh*-
. ll*« «-r boUle, n
r : tt >M #1 no 1 ' lijclq nil*-/.
hauk - j ,
or'buM..'! *aJ Mauatft :uui«* 13*.0k.
!' \l DA V 1.4. Au'’ i r’f-’-r
.1 s|m 11 n.« H »Xa HU'S Is . I') llt> Llh 1 J
Tho Graefeaberg Dysontary Syrup,
A fijjtrtjj/ atul iofliUibie remedy In I>iarrh*r-a, Dy#eOtery«
liltHxjy Flux, Cholera Morbus, Cbolora Iniautum, and
the Asiatic Cholera, If taken with thd first *ywp*
tom?. via: Yomiting'andjliairbcea. it n*v«r
[ill* to euro the worst possible cases of
hoarrl complaints, generally m a fuw
hours, seldom beyond a day. It
Is purely vegetable, and taken
in almost anyquantity is
perfectly harmless .
Price 60 cento.
The Grefenberg Groan Mountain Ointment,
Invaluable for Burns, Wounds, Sprains, Chilblain*, Corns,
Sores, Swellings of all kinds, ltheumatin’., Ery
sipelas, Bronchitis, Scrofula, Ulcers, Fame
lc tbu Sido or Book Iroiovdiatfly
relieved, Inflammations
of the Bowels, and for all
eases where there
is inflamma
Pric* Twenty-five cents
Marshall's Uterine Catholicon.
A certain . ore for Prolspeus Uteri, and for most of tha
dietrasMug romplainirt incident to Females. Pro
pared by Ur. Thar. Pomeroy of Utica,
solely for the Graefenberg Com*
jjaoy. Price $3,00.
Tbs other Graefenbarg Medioinoa are
Eye Lotion.
Health Bitters. *■
0-/TLsum/.'tive Halm.
(.'hudren's [’anacea.
>«wr and Ague 2*ilU.
Libby’s W« Ointment.
Sarsaparilla Cbmpottnd.
The Graefonberg Manual of Health,
A com pjute bend boot of medicine foi tamliUe-prlce SO eta.
011 l 5814 Broadway, Mew York.
The public la requested to beM In mind that everything
p re pored by the Qraefonberg Oompany has Ihelr seal upon It.
Bpurioua articles have been Issued oloaely reßembling tho
genuine in every particular eicopt the seal,and the utmost
care abould be observed before purchasing.
Bold wholesale and retail at Dr. KKYSER’S, 180 Wood
.treat. )yi:s^oia_
Aa- A Fact worthy or Record and Atters-
Oua--WRKIHTB TOKTO MIXTURE, a guaranteed and
c „;„n cur, fur fKVEII AND AGUE. This preparation
let the treatment of the above disease, and perfect eradlea-
U..U Cl the cause, Is one of the most Important Chemical
verien of the 19th century. Ita neotralltlng effect,
c-n the polaonoua gases sre Instantaneous, and cctß like a
Charm upon the whole Nervous and Muscular Syßtem, re
storing Che toue'of tho Stomach, and Invigorating the Dun
Oroibara,wHl And this Cordial after ihoy have used a bov
Urt or two, a thorough regenerator of the E7otom. In ail
direction* iro lo be found the happy p&renta of heOtby ctf
enriux.who yxuM noi havobocn eo bnt for thia oxtMoidl-
Ary preparation. Andit is equallypotentforthemany <to»
eaaea tor */hkb II la recommended. Ttoufland sot young
ineo have been restored by oalnglt, and aot In nalagUla*
stance baa H tc benefit them. • ___
or consumptive Imbitfl, are restored by theoee of a bottle os
two to bloom and rigor, changing the flldn from a pale, fal
low. sickly color, to a beautiful florid complexion.
TU«e are soma of the sad and melancholy effects pwdtt
cad by early habito of youth, via: wcekn^s of the b«xfc
and limbs, palna in tha h«ad, dimneon of sight, losaofmusv
cular power, palpitation of the heart, dyspepsia, nervous
irritabilltf, derangement of the dlgostiTefancaoss,gen«c«l
debility, symptoms of consaniplioßS,efco. . ■ . •
Mentally, tha fearful effects on the mind are much tO'-M
dreaded. Lew of memory, confusion of ideas, depreutoa
of erdrita, to aodety, Belf'djßtnut,
lore'of BoUtnd*. timidity, etc., are someol the evils produ* .
contemelatina marriage
aboaid reflect that a oouad mind and body aro the most ne*
cestt&ry r*qulaltes to promote connubial happino&s; indeed*
without these, the journey through life becomes a weary
nil ?r bn age—the prospect hourly darkens the iter; the
; mind tshadoved with dwpalr, and filled with tha
meUoeholy reflection that the happiness of another be*
| comes blighted with y our^UTI O N.
BaldTuAs tod Hord’d Hair Ucato- j D r .M.or«e’s Invigorating Cordial baa been oonatettaltod
r«r—poQUETiii.noca, Of. Peh. ®, 1*65 ’ lha will have the propria*
TbL- k* u. ®itiry Ui«t 1 base •• IttJßD’a HA Hi KB- j tor>a ftc-simile pealed the cork of ooch bottle, and U«
siov-t;-' tbr« auniu 4 . and m>- L«*Jw**bfcU t’ : following words blown in the glare: •
s ' ox, Biorao’s Invigorating CoirAlftJ,
a H. RING, Proprietor, R. *1
The Cordial is pul up, highly concentrated, in plot
ties—price thre* dollars pet bottlo, two for fire dohar*,
lot twelve dollars. C. H. RING, Proprietor,
192 Broadway, N. ?.
Sold by Druggists throughout the.GnlUd States, Oanad
end tbo W eat Ladlea.
Unllk* the general remedies rwcited to for Ita treatment,
inch as Quinine, Arsenic, A'., which leave the system
worse than they found it, It Improves the general health,
purtflet* tbe blood, and nilmolatee the different organa to a
regular and healthy action.
prepared under ih« immediate enpeniaitni of an
8-mmet.t Cbembit, uniformity of strength way always be
lulled ft n ltd unprocodented demand, and the thousand*
u r testimonials from eminent Physician*, and others *bo
iietn thoroughly rnred, are a sufficient guarantor of
iu Huncrlociiy over all other preparations.
We t an only add, in conclusion, if yon are suffering from
Peer sad Ague, try ,< «*£«»-' WIUOfTT A CO..
»41 Market at., Philadelphia.
And ell r.ape-tthla lrruggiata throughout the United
State* and Canada* „ . .
Per sale by GEO. U. KKYgfift, No HO Wood street,
and E K. BBLLEIW, Pittsburgh. upiff:diwBmw
nut uvvofc.l W»U* » luOtf lifOWlb of UH« h«ir.
C,.rr (la, a lumiMti, vf \fb»Whlp Mootesuoi,
c> m „,l toa'jdkrnj (S -Qknui ■ I*t.-tloii>i lo OKing
vuur [lender I grnuliy troubled iriio ni7 fc&lr
coming out- Allot Using ibrao bullies Ibe rcnini Ding la
*troD4 anl firm, and preount. a nth, gloeny and healthy
.ppaaiame Your., truly, II R WocowOEtn.
Ct , Frt- L^t
Tuis l" tool 1 li*T« lawn ludos •• Ucat/o 11-Uii
lUmrna" .Uui: ilmw month.; and. non, u here my hand
Ul 1. u ~*.red 'lib »mm If 0 " 11 * cl l “ ir ' UmCit
th.« ...h- on„. I h... L-h
■*“, *- ’ h * DJ '"'"‘La' GW. U. KKYSKMI.
. . . No. 140 Wood street
aj-SUk lieaiXocKie an»l Weurmlgla op Kwat
bYRUP—Mr William Trliable, M’Ke’ivy'ti Row, Bayards
town. Fifth Ward. wiyo b« was cored o i Sick Uuadacho of
eight year* flooding, by thro* bottles of Oakoley’s Depars
tjT* lie ha-1 tried raricua phjfliclans without i
cure. Lie la sow entirely well. Oakeley'u DepuraUfel*
for Rheumatism, Scrotal*, Tetter, cvndall eraptire diseases
Vor sale wholesale and retail, LR. KiYSER &,
No. 140 Wood street, 31gn of the Golden Mortar.
Price T 5 cents per bottle. *P 3 _
ANTICIPATING the want of facilities for transporting
Freights to and from the Eastern Cities, via. Pennsyl
taaU Canal and Railroads, we hate increased oar stock c-f
Boflti*, Ac , on same, 10 a DOUBLE DAILY LINK, which
gives u* B capacity of over 1200 tons per month each w*
Wa aware our friends, ami those iiisposed to patroniie
tho State Improvements, there will be nothing apated on
our part to r-ndsr general satisfaction in lotwarding East
ern and Western Freights with promptitude and despatch.
Canal Baein, Pittsburgh. I*B.
To Wboleo&U Grooeri, Liquor
and Dlanofaetarcrs.
rpHE SUBSCRIBER is now Importing e superior Quality
I of OIL OF COGNAC, of which %of an ounce with 60
gallons purti Spirit will pn>luets a fine Cognac Brandy.
end SCOTTISH WHISKY, ere acknowledged by tho New
York «ts by th« greet demand after thfem. Di
rections for ase will inriuiaWy be giTen by
P. ft.—lmporter ct Daguerreotype Chemical*, PLatina,
Bismuth Mangaume; Thorn's Kit.Copalva,Sulphate Am
monia. Ac. dnrtliß »
‘ "irTlag'd Greet Worn.
nfBK LIPR UP UKGftUK WABHINfIfON.—The first vol*
1 urne cl the above work id uow ready for delivery—the
volume will be ready hhortly. it l« ne*tljr gotten
up— printed on line paper, with three .or more portraits and
plana Price fcZ.oO P«r rolumo.
Thb edition Is published exclutirely hyeubsorlpuon.cnd
paydble on the delivery ol each volume
T. J. HI3NEK A CO. are sole Agents for the abore wots.
Ode-*, No. -0 Fifth street, opposite Mason's, 1.1 Dr. G.B.
Sbnw's Optician Store. , ~
fty- orders addressed to T. JK. A Co. will be strictly
attended to. Canvassers wauled. aug2alewlai
ASSOCIATION, on the Chester Plank Road, two miles
below the city Hoe, offer to boy-rs this season, AX MINIS
and VENETIAN CARPETING, at very reduced prices
for rash or city acceptance, (interest added > TUo stock,
comprising also IMPORTED FABRICS of every variety,
4&n U examined at the Factory Warehouses, Derby, or at
tbe Stor-s, Nos. 18 and 20 N. SECOND at .PtHLADELPULA.
Wocl l-ought, Spun, Dyed or exchanged for Carpel*.
Watches, Jetrelry, Silver W^rel
Watches now in store, from $lO to $275. We arc the
nxjluuiTe Agent for Ihe sale of the celebrated C. Frodsham a
Jinpnn-'U.I Timt4itfpert ; also, V. B. Adams A
Son, Stoddari, Cw|x>r, Taylor, Johnson an 1 other approved
Watches kept lor sale at U*3 than ifiuxkrn prices—owing to
llghUT expenses, and e desire to retain our home trade as
much as possible.
Sp*rla! attention Is devoted to th* repairing of Wsl-hts
and Clock*, Jewelry, Ac.
BUr«r Spoons and other goods manufactured in my own
sboo. Tm« Ware. Jewuirv, Military and Fancy Goods in
large variety. W. W. WILSON,
comer Market and Fourth _
Mscusfica’ Uaivx or Prrwcuaoa, I
August 81, l&So. )
rpup STOCKHOLDERS of tbe Mechanics* Hana of Pifts
1. -burgh are herubv notified that tho third instalment o!
por hhnrewlil bedue on the 10th of October proximo,
laU the twnrth aud lust lusUlmeat of $12,50 ptfr sh*re on
On- doth N teuib<*r following, payable at the Bnokir-g
House, on Fourth t.truet, as per resolution of thp Dcasd of
Directors. iwpll UEO. D. MoGREW, Outdo* r.
CnUi.sV Deposit D*«a, i
Pittsburgh, September 4, 1845,)
this Jay declared a dhlJund at the rate of PoDR per
• ont. on ttit' capital slock p*,id Id, out of the profits of the
last Ox months; psytble cn and after the 11th ln*t.
E. V. JONES, Cuahler.
J, Wllmn <9t Sou,
FAOTVRKRS, No. 91 Wood etreot, Pittsburgh, are
prepared to furnish all articles In their Hoe on tho mcmt
reasonable term*. Particular attention Is Invited to our
aarortroeot of LADIES’RIDING H ATS and GLOVES, also
uur Si SILK IIATB, which cannot be surpassed in the
city neps
1 >LO*.*MS --Ito tciua Lake ChompUiu ;
I*) luO Juniata; for sale by
P’lo lRi.'N—K-0 tons Hill Furnace;)
tu “ *• (Rough end Ready;)
2UO Anthracite, NvB.l and Z, for Foun
dry, for sale by (bejfi) JOHN MOORUBAD.
V> rvom falling out, and produces a luxuriant growth..
Removes all dsndrutf and disease deposits.
For sale, wholesale, by R. E. SELLERS A CO. [angifi
MAGAZINES, Ac Ac.—Putnam tor August;
UnrpAr for August;
Knickerbocker for August;
K&aklne's Half-Yearly Abstract.
Just received ami for sate at
Fifth bL, opposite the Tbeatro.
VV tour Gtrlß, te go to the country. High wages paid.
street. sep3
ACID TUM.~(Worahaaeen "oil Vitriol,'
O judt received Mid for Pile by
IT'HR partnership heretofore existing between the sub
-1 ocribers, under the firm of MUEPHY, TIERNAN A
was DLSSOLVJSD, by mutoAl consent, on the Ist inst.
The business will be aettled by either of the partners, at
the old stand, No. 4S Wood street. Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Sept. Bd, 1566. N. GRATTAN MURPHY.
«rThe undersigned will continue the JP 1 ?
Qgou IrutiTwst, under the Arm of JONES A * n
the house No. 48 WOOD street, lately
Tterean A 0* MORRIS JONES,
LAIN, to take effect from the let Inst. The stylo o! the
firm to be JONES, TIRRNAN A CO,
Pittsburgh, September 6th, WW—(sepB.dlm*wlt;
* J **
■*-. ......w l A * ~
Huul RtftVored *»d Uf*,LMgtbM»d
IT will' wpitco weakness With iatrangth, incapacity wit
efficiency, irregularity with uniform and natural
tivlty, and thir no', only without hoeard of roaetioa, bat
with a happy ftiTn-.-t on the general organisation- B«f
in mind that ail maladies wherever they begin, finish with
tho nervous syatom, and that tho paraliiation of the norfe
cf motion and eencatios la physical death, Bear in mind,
ai6o, that for every kind of nervous disease, the Hlixtr Oot»
dial la the only reliable preparative known.
No language can convey an adequate idea of the h&CU.
diate and aimotbmirnijuto-cn change which it occasions ts
the diseased, debilitated and shuttered nervous system,
Whether broken down by eiwsa, weak by nature, or impair*
e<l by dickneße the oust rung and relaxed organisation ii
at once braced,’ revivi&ed and built op. The mental and
physical symptoms oi nervous disease vanish together on*
der its influence. Nor Is the effect temporary; tor the Oofr
dial properties of tho medicine reach the consUttttlo*
and restore it to Its normal condition.
Confusion, giddiness, rush of blood to the head, ne!an<
choly, debility; hysteria, wretchodness, thought* of self
destruction—foe* of Insanity,- dyspepsia, genaral ptostrf
tion, irritability, nervousness, inability to sleep, disease!
incident to males, decay of the propagating fiinctioas, hjv
terbi, monomania, vague terrors, palpitation of the besrlf
Impotency, convtipstlon, etc-, £toa whatever causes arisisg
it la, If .there bo any roiiance to bo placed oh human test!
many, absolutely infallible.
The unparalleled effects of this great restorative la eU
romp) aints Incident to females, mark a new era Is tile enosis
of medicine. Thousands of etirn nUntfl have been invented—
thousands of Inrigoranta concocted—all purporting to ho
specified In the various diseases and derangements to which
the dellcats formation of woman render her liable.
Who 4&ffers from weakness, derangement, nervousness,
tremors, pains in the back, or any other disorder, whether
pt-oili&r to hor sea, or common to both sexes—to give the
fur iterating Cordial a trial.
NtTs L.»mb o, Ct
NjfeiTion, P«l \ ISW.> BY
DR. C. M. JACRSOH, Philadelpiiia, Pa.,
m xmcruALLi ocaa
Chronic or JVerwKis Dtlukly, Dismiss cf the Kidneyl> and
uH dusases writing /rosi a dtiordetrd Leva- or StowasJL
• 65 Constipa
tion. Inward Piles,
Fulness, or Blood to the
Ural, Aridity of the Stomach.
N6o£<auisartbarn. Disgust for Food,)
fulness or weight in the Stomesh, Boar
Eructations, Sinking, or Flattering at tha Pit
of tha Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Hurried
end Difficult Breathing, Fluttering at tho Heart, ChoaX
, log or B allocating Beueation when in lying Posture, Dlmnada
of Vision, Dots of Weta bofcre tho Sight, FeTO mJ
i Dali Pain in tba Head, Deficiency of Perspiration
I Yellowness of the Birin and Eyes, Pain in the
! Side, Back, Chest, Limbs, Sudden
! fflcshee of Heat Burning In the
flesh, Constant Imagln*
tags of EtU, and great
Depression of
The proprietor, la calling the attention of the poblla t»
this preparation, doee eo wit a feeling 0f _lJte utmost confi
dence hi It. virtaeij article; atlonto the nieeaees fbr vhteh
it is recommended. . , ,
It b« no uaw and oairied article, bat one that has Stood
the teat of a tea ixara* trial before the Amsrscan people
end its wpuutioa ami ale H usotlla! by pu«
paatiecaexiist. Em testimony to:Jaftw
Spnobss s=i weC te=ra PhyeHans arniiadfrida.
eijt tea« -area =» saaetgj to Sasmee. tny
ffith mj -
Eton, sifaEoasMsl&ffito*, is £* hid gratis, of all th
j "prinnpol Gmt* »r-i" Hanarbcttry, ISO 'Arch attest, Fhilv
by Dr. 0«3- H- Sorier, 143 Wool (treat; & A
I FehnwSodt A Co , Eo. SWsod e_i»t; Fleming BroCbstt
! 60 Wood street; H.F. SaarttaasiJ.P-Flennig, Allegheny
} declthdewlyia : .
141 Maiden Lane, Now York.
Pittsburgh Da. GKO. H. KEYSEB, No. 140 Ww4 Si
Do PLSM3NO, BEOS., No. 60 Wood st.
Bo m }L, S. gBLUSfiS, Wood strcst.
Allagheny Oity...BECKEiAM 4 M’RENNAN;
Do .. ...JAMBS T. SAMPLE A 00.;
Agdßt or Ohio .J. D. PARK, Cincinnati. Japtlrdawly
Prirate DUease«« .
DR BROWN, No. 41 damond Alley, ae-
entire ettentioo to anofioe
WBf Hl< busings is mostly CO traced to fTfeote |35
JgfeL YcntrtaL Dutaics, and such painful oflectlpns, «9
brought on by imprudent*. youthfuUndolgen«andexwffl.
Syphilis, Syphilitic iSrapUonS,
Brethral Discharge*. Impurity of the Blood, Wl 2*22iBjjjj‘
aes of thn Venereal Organ. Shin Di&oases. Scorbytto&up*
lions, Tetter, Ringworm,' Mercurial DtSWSW,
Woakne.-rt, linpotunuy, l*iles, Rheumatism, Female Weas?
neas, Monthly Supprusdionfl, Diseases of Joints, WW*
in Aoo, Affections, Pains In the Back and, Lwo*
1 rritation of tho Bladder and Kidneys, sucoefififOßy
Cure guaranteed. . „ _
Twenty 'ears’ (ten in thifi cats) <hAWes W.
Brown to offer aesuranc-.a ot i rpcody odre to all Yno may
corns under hia care. "
Office and Private Consultation Boon a, 41 Diamond all^y.
Charges moderate. nov6:d*wly
RHKHMATIfIM. —Dr Brown's newly discovered remedy
for Rheumatism is a speedy and certain remedy tor'
that painfui trouble. It norer fails.
Cilice and Private ConeulUtion Rooms, No. 41 Diamond
Alley, Pittsburgh, Pa. The Doctor is always at homo.
Joseph 'White’s Carriage Repository.
JOSEPH WHITE, now carrying onbush Jgßgtt?
ness in his spacious premises, (nowft£sQ§g|ar*
lately enlarged,) on the Pittsburgh andftg»Sgi?6|J*“
turnpike, near the Two Mile Tlfflii
U: n.brtveei’ lift-burith and Lawreneeville, nrSpeetlttUy
iuviUw lUe public to inspect his stock of CARRIAGES.
BUGGIES, Ac. And he particularly Informs gentlemen
pulrhastrt, that one price only is made. FourteenycaS*
experience in the business, enables him to place before hu
patrons the some choice collection of Carnages which, ao
mauj years past it bas been his particular department’to,
select from the various and most talented Eastern maun*
ucturers. The success of his new system Is esmplet^— the
economy of his arrangements will supply the best aha most
fashionable manufactures at moderate prictt> •
Unencumbered by those heavy expenses, widen tha
mania for decorating houses of business has hesjradupen
the price of goods, (owing to large rents.) JOSEPH WIUXM
will eell, on ready money only, at mubh less than the tmoal
profits. [mh&daw]
in the test manner, with dwyt
To Printer*.
THE undersigned, proprietor* of the PLYMOUTH AD*
YERTISEU, wishing to embark in another enterprise,
offer tho entire establishment for sale. The pap^r? n
tecond volume, and la now a good,prcf.taple oaiicyEa.
Tha jobbing and advertising the preaent year JW Teuto
$1,600. The subscription list to large, ind to
Idly. With a lit-la or onion it can be donbled-Tba mate,
rial la nearly naw. Eaymenta made ««S- * o ' ‘S
practical printer, thto U an opportunity
Possession will be given at the clotO oltblsTciuma
nur All oommunlcatlo ns relative to tbeabovotan buad
dreaSei to tin, aubscrfbera,K
Ohio. [aagll-dawin ■ BOBIHEON A LOCKS.
ts«w Bottling EltublUhmcnt. _
BOYD A MOKTuN have t»partnenmll> »
transact the business I ‘ BOTTLING, In all Its branch
es, at 6 8 Liberty street, Neville Hall.
They bare constantly on hand a BUMllor MU«».l*.
INDIA ALB, pat np In pint bottle*.
will find It to their advantage to give UB a “11, And ««h
100 lor tbemeetvee. We uiro bottle 0 EUjwrior attKl»<?
Terms as favorable as any other hoUM in the City.
orders pnt up at short notice. BOYD A MORXON,.
jeliim • No 68 Liberty st-, Netfll*
A LOT 24 feet front on WYLIB rtrert, and «ttm<Ug
bnca 109 feet to Wide allay. On f, h n ™. F1? 2h13 Lot
Let ia a Cellar Wall, built for ;eo small fcfiold
is in a desirable location for a r 'ffmlclear from
low, end on faturuble terms, H'i t\®e r }, rT T.srolts.
Incumbrance. Enquire of jWrinaJoet.
Boarding School. CL£N h oiel
/“\E BUMMER BOAKMMTIOUSt-IW fe dtb „ tt»
(J and Qronnda orsofTa-edftr oßt of tto house,
above purposes. Tte fi * sa 4 , a^f«ofSe^ grounds. and Ok»
the beauty, extent and variety o' eec i tt ded from evety
singular advantage of t^S/P.. a' inost desirable location
thing ottfectloß*bl®, refldA . Jfor tsrnis» apP^J
rot either a Male or « Frontatawt
mhMetf ■
. --ir-VsShaid'jiKrt, ha»o
MINKS* CO, Books:
fr«h surplj ° f jjannettand Ills Times; by*
Memoirs of Jam® l u
Journalist. u„grcedoln; fcT Frol. Dougin's.
My Bondage .LmSiii Hail and, author of.AloO*.
The Hidden PaOi; liy o! Fate—* Story of
Light and Larfcntß
Fashionable Lite.. £he tteary at nors, *n»
OIK or the Old West Boom, an
the weary at rest. , .-_ aa nf ConVtsnt Life—
The Escaped Nun, or EndMOJM Ol urn
the Confessions of a Slaler yij, Pardee.
The Confessions of a PiettJ Woman
The Jcolons Wife—» norel; by »ls>
lleecher'B I'en Piotoras of the Binl*-
BUr Tapera.
Bell Smith Abroad.
Fot Gale by
Jtleftlflb? - • t»®8 T J '
No. SH fimltbflaW Bln-_