The daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1846-1855, October 15, 1846, Image 4

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FOR transporting good between Pittsburgh and the
X Easterri _cities without- transhipping, This old
established line (being the Oldest portable boatline on'
the canal) is now prepared to receive produce and,
Merchandise for shipping either East or West. The
boats by this 'line are commanded by ABU', expe
rienced and sober captains, and provided with good
crews. Boats and easgoes are transferred from and
tacanal and railroad, saving all removal:and _separa,
tion of goods. Trips made, in as short time, and
goods carried op as fair terms as any other line.
- Thankful Ibr, and - respectfully soliciting a continu
ance of the" very liberal and - growing patronage hero
tefore bestoWed upon this line, we with confidence
assure those merchants disposed to favor us, that their
business shall be done to their entire satisfaction.
Goods carried by us, consigned to either of our
houses; will be shipped to their destination free of
charge for shipping, storage- or advance Of charges.
As we hold no interest in steamboat stock, merchanni
may depend upon their goods always being forwarded
without delay, upon ' good boats and at the lowest
rates of freight.' -
Produce consigned to our house at Philadelphia for
sale, will be sold on liberal terms, and advances made
either at Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. -
JOHN 111cFADEN Sr. Co.,Penn at.,
Canal Basin, Pittsburgh.
AMES M. DAVIS & Co., 249 and 251,
. •
eprlo-6m Market tit., Philadelphia.
Pittsburgh PortOblo Boat LiIIO,
VIOR the transpornttion of freight between Pitts
jr burgh and the Atlantic cities, via Pennsylvania
Improvements and Baltimore and Susquehanna rail
• The Proprietors of this old established line, having
completed their arrangements, are prepared to thr- 1
-iward goods to and from the East (on the openineof
the canal navigation,) on as reasonable terms as any
other responsible line, and are determined that no
care or attention on their part shall be wantini , to se=
cure a continuance of that patronage so liberally be
stowed upon them for several years past.
The decided success of the portable boat system,
so manifest in the regularity and despatch experienced
in the delivery of goods; the absence of al I risk of
delay, breakage or , other damage, incident to the old
system; where goods have to be hurriedly transhipped
three,timei on the way, and the merchantable order
In which produce has been avowedly delivered by
them, has induced the proprietors to increase their
stock considerably this season. Their extensive
warehouses at each point, (uneaqualled by any other
line,) affords them facilities to conduct their business
with despatch; and to shippers the convenience of
free storage, if required, until their arrangements aro
complete—while their long experience in the carry
ing trade, it is presumed, will be sufficient guarantee
to their patrons and the public that they will success
fully exert themselves to give general satisfaction.
Produce receiveli forwarded, steamboat charges
paid, and bills lading transmitted free tif charge for
commission, advancing or storage, and all communi
cations to the following agents promptly attended to,
Cor. Penn and Wayne sts., Pittsburgh.
278 Market street, Philadelphia.
North at., Baltimore.
.ctinghsuxes Transportation Line.
-- • -- 1846, Mg-, t - •••, ,
CIONDUCTED ou strict Sabbath keeping principles,
!Li though not claiming to be the only One that is so
conducted. The proprietors of this old established
line have put their stock in the most complete order,
and are thoroughly prepared to forward produce and
merchmudize to and from the Eastern cities on the
opening of navigation.
We trust that our long experience in the carrying
busine.s.s,and zealous attention to the interests of cus
tomers, will secure to us a continuance and increase
of the patronage heretofore bestowed on , Eingliam's
Our arrangements will enable us to carry freight
with the utmost despatch; and oar prices shall always
be as low as the lowest harged by other responsible
Produce and merchandise will be received and for
warded east and west without any charge for adverti
sing, storage or commission.
• Dills :of lading forwarded, and every direction
promptly attended to.
• Address, or apply to WM.--BINGIIAM,
cor. Liberty and Wayne sts.,
' No. 276 .llarket at., Philadelphia, •
No. 122 North Howard st., Baltimore,
Iprlo-y No. 10 West at., New York
Independent Portable Boat Line
, . - 4.1
FOR the' transportation of produce and merchan
dixe to and from Pittsburgh, Baltimore and
Biriladelphia; igrwithout transhipping. Goods Con
signed to our care,-will be forwarded without delay,
at.the lowest current rates; Bills of Lading trans
nttted, and ail inetructions promptly attended to,
freafrom any extra charge for storage or Commis
lion., 'Address
Plekworth's Way Freight Line.
. 142:13 1846
17 2 XCLUSIVELY fur the transportation of way
freight between Pittsburgh, Blairsville, Johns
town, Tiollidaysburgh, ,Water Street, tun] all- inter
' mediate places.
One boat leaves' the Warehouse of C. A. MeAnul
ty Sr. Cci4Pittsburgli, every day (except Sundays) and
fihippers • can always depend un having, their goods
forwarded without delay and on accommodating
terms. . ""••:•
We respectfully solicit youy:••;patronage.
paocntt 4 •Tons.
J. Picliwortli of boats,Wile, L'achange, Paris and
J. H. Barnes of boats, Push and Exolne.
, John Miller of Cars On Portage Rail Road.
J. PICKWORTH, Canal 'Basin, Johnstown,
JOHN MILLER, 't " Bollidaysburgh,
C. A. MUNULTY & CO, " Pittsburgh,
TO BALTIMORE, in 32 hours—flue $lO.
TO_ PHILADELPHIA in 40 hours—fare $l2.
ONLY 73 Lt/LES sTAGLNG! r -4.m4 1
- The Great Speed, Regularity and high Reputation
already attained by this pleasant passenger Route,
has induced the Post Master General, to place tile,
New York and Philadelphia mails to Pittsburgh,
on it:
The superior and swill steamers CONSUL and
LOUIS APLANE, leaves the Monongahela Wharf
precisely at 8 cOclocl. curry morning, and at 6 o'-
clock every evening, except Sundays. Splendid.
Coathes await their arrival at Brownsville, to trans
port Passengers and Mail, only 73 miles to the Rail !
oad at Cumberland.
The preparations on this routiyare ample, and the
connections complete, so that disappointment or de
lays will be unknown upon it.
By our tickets, passengers can delaynt Cumberland
or alklalthnore, during their pleasure, and continue
their journey either by steamboat or cars to Phila
'Office in the '_!St.' Charles Hotel," Wood st. Pitts
burgh.-- J. ISIESKIMEN,
3,9! Agent.
6 Fifth Ward Livery Stable.
THE eubscriber, having bought Out th•
well known Livery Stable kept by C. B.
Doty, in the filth Ward, respectfully informs his
friends and the" Public generally, that he will keep at
all times a stock of the beat description of riding
horses, buggies, carriages of all kinds, and in short
everything required, in his line of business.
A considerable portion of his stock is new, and he
isconadsut that no stock in the city will be superior
to his.
His terms will be moderate. His amble is on Lib
eity- street, a few doors above the canal bridge,
inhere he respectfully solicits a share of public pa
Itle. He is also previded with an elegant Hearse,
which be.furnished when required, oct2s-tf
• , _ Hate I _ Natal!
id • SPRING FASHION.--Just received by
express from New York, the Sprint; Style '-Asiis
- or Hats. - .All those in want of a neat superior Ha
are iespectfullv: invited to'call. S. 1.‘d00.12E, _
N 0.93 Wood at. 3 doom below - Diamond Alley.
• ; • - , '
.1'74 c I 4, 4 •
-411 •
Reliance Portable Boat 'pine.
C. A. McANULTY F.: Co.,
Canal Basin, Pittsburgh
Smith's Wharf, Baltimore
. Broad st., Philadelphia
cEntigrafion Lincs.
Tapsoott , s - Goneral Emigration °Mee:
raREMITTANCES and passag to
=ELAND, by W. & J. T. Tapscott
75 South street, corner of Maiden Lane, New York,
and 96 Waterloo road Liverpool.
The subscribers having accepted -the agency of
the above house, are now prepared to make arrange
ments upon the, most liberal terms with those desi
rens of paying the passage of their friends from the
old Country, and }latter themselves their character
and long standing iu business will give ample as
surance that all'their arrangements will be carried
out faithfully.
Mess & J. T. Tapscott, erelong and favora
bly known for the superior class 'accommodation
and sailing qualities of their Packet Ships. The
ERPOOL; and . SIDDONS, two of which leave each
Port monthly, from New York the 21st and 26th and
from Liverpool the 6th and Ilth, in addition to which
they have arrom4.ements with the St. George and
Union Lines of Liverpool Packets to insure a depar
Iture from Liverpool, every fir edays being thus aeter
mined, their facilities shall keep pace with their in
'creasing patronage, while Mr. W. Tapscows constant
per-sonal superintendenee of the business in Liver
pool is an. additional security that the comfort and
.accommodation. of the passenger; will be portico ..
larly attended to. •
The subscribers being (as usual) extensively enga
ged in the Transportation Business betweenl'ittsburg
and the Atlantic Cities. :aro thereby enabled to take
charge of and - forward ;passengers inunciliatcly on
their landing, without a chance of disappointment or
delay, and are therefore prepared to contract for pas
sage from any sea port in Great Britain or Ireland to
this City; thenaturc of the business they are engaged
in giving them facilities .for carrying passengers so
far inland not otherwise, attainable, and will, (e
cessary,) forward passengers further Wil
West by the
best mode of conveyance :Without any additional
charges for their trouble. Where persons sent- for
decline coating hut, the amount paid for passage will
be :efunded in full.
The subscribers are also prepared to give drafts at
sight, fur any amount { payable at the principal Cities
and Towns in Enland, Ireland, Scotland and
Wales; thus affording a safe and expeditious mode of
Remitting funds lo those Countries, which persons
requiring suclighiilities, will find it their interest to
avail themselves of.
• Application (if by letter post paid) will be prompt
ly attended to
Forwarding and Commission Mercbauts,
marr d&wy. Pittsburgh, Pa
, .
,i.. 5.7 AItRANGE : .9.IEN.TS FUR
• 184 6 • kritt.
.BLAICEL I' 4- MITCLIEL, .I,unts. ,
1D EMITTANCES to, and Passage 'to and f rom
It Great Britain and Ireland, by Vie Black Ball, or
old Line of Liverpool Packets. Sailing from New
York and Liverpool on the Ist and 16th of every
mouth. And by first class American Ships [Sailing
Persons sending to the "Old Country" for their
friends; can make the necessary arrangements with
the subscribers, and have them brought out in any of
the eight ships comprising the Black Ball or ()id Line
of Liverpool Packets; (sailing from Liverpool on the
Ist and 16th of every month,) also by first class ships,
sailing from that port weekly, which our Agents,
Messrs. James D. Roche & Co., there will send out
without delay.
Should tlu;se soot fur not come out the money will
he refunded without any deduction.
' The "Blacklr, or old Line of Liverpool Packd
ets," comprise the following magnificent ships, and
will sail from Liverpool on their regular appointc-.
day, as follows :
Fidelia, On Ist Jan. Ist May. • Ist Sept.
Europe, 16 6 th : '' 16th " 16th "
' New York, Ist rob. Ist June. Ist Oct.
American, 16th • 44 16th 4 4 16th 4 4
i Yorkshire, Ist Mar. Ist July. Ist Nov.
Cambridge, 16th . 44 16th " 16th Dec.
Oxford, • . Ist April. Ist Aug. Ist 44
Montezuma, 1601 • " 16th 4 , 16th "
Notice.—lt is well known, that the Black Hall is
the very best conveyance fur persons to get out their
friends, and as other passenger agents advertise to
bring out passengers by that Line, the public are re
spectfully notified by the owners that no passenger
agents, but' Roche, Brothers & Co., and Blakely &
Mitchel, are authorized to advertise and to bring out
passengers by that Line. •
We have at all times for the Drafts at Sight for any
amount, direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dub
lint Also on Messrs. Preseottt, Grote, Ames & Co.,
Bankers. London, which are paid free of discount, or
any charge whatever, in all the principal towns
throughout ,
England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Apply to, or address, if by L-ettor, (post paid.)
,o. 35, Fulton street New York.
(Neat door to the Fulton Bank.
No. 75 Dublin street, Liverpool. I
Penn street; and Smithfield et.
Remlttauce• to England. Ireland, Scot-!
land and Wales.
s y
' ERSONS desirous of remitting money to any o
:the above countries, can do so through the tub
s on the moat easy terms. We are prepared
()issue drafiu for any amount over £l,OO sterling.—
Remittances Made through our house any day heron ,
the 23d of May, will be received in Irelaad, by the
720±12 of June. •
BLAKELY & MITCIIEL, Pittsburuli,
Agents for Roche, Bro's Co.,
New York
Paper I.Va—z:ebtiune
THE: undersigned having bought the paper ware
house and wall paper Manufactory, late of
Iluldship & Browne, have entered into a co-partner
ship, under the name and style of Hill EL Browne, for
the purpose nI carrying on the business in all its va
rieties. They will have always un hand a complete
assortment of PAPER liAffaNGS ANii_BORDER.S,
of their own . manufacture, and- their stock will be
improved and enlarged with periodical additions
from the best French factories.
Agents for' the well-known Clinton Paper Mill,
Steubenville ' from which they will be constantly
ING PAPER; BONNET BOARDS, &e.; all of which
they offer wholesale and retail, at their store, 'No.
37 Wood street, midway between Fourth and Dia
mond Alley, where country merchants and dealers
are invited to call. •
GEO. G. 1111.01VE,
1 . , Drugs, Drugs, Drugs, •
At No.?. Commercial Row, Liberty street, "Big Gol
den Mortar" once more.
IJAYS & ROCRWAY, thankful for the liberal pa
' tronage, which they have heretofore received
and wishing to merit an increased share of public pa
tronage, would respectfidly call the attention of the
public to our stock of goods which we are now re
ceiving for the fall trade. Among which may be
Mond in quantities to suit purchasers, the following
Rhuebard Root, Liquorice Root,
Flour Sulphur,do. Ball,
Cum Arabic,, • Relined Boras, .
1 Cal'd Magnesia, Sal Soda,
! Carb Magnesia, Spanish Brown,
Cum Aloes, • Gum Copal,
Cream Tarter, Roll' Brimstone,
Calomel, While Chalk,
Sup Carb Soda, Ext. Logweed,
Epsom Salts., Chi 'd
Glauber do. Madder,
Tartaric Acid, Yellow Ochre,
Gum Scammony, Chrome Yellow,
Bal CfMavia, do. Green,
Salt Pctre, Rose-Pink. •
Together with a general assortment °Mils, Paints,
Vafriikhes, Paint Brushes, Dye Woods, &c. &c., all
otiwitich will be sold as low an at any other house
in the city.
' senl9
______ ____ •
Pumps and Hydrants
Which are superior to and cheaper that
any in the city.
Please to call and examine for yourselves
DI-Hydrants and Pumps repaired. jan 1-w6&dy
WlllMarn McKee
TILL continues in his old business of manufactur
kj ing Wagons, Carts, Drays, Timber Wheels,
Trucks, and Wheelbarrows, on Fifth street, between
Wood and Smithfield, where he keeps constantly on
hand, or made to order in the , shortest notice, ally
amount of work, by the best of:workmen and good
materials, and at prices to suit the times. Those
engaged in the Santa Fe trade, and Furnace men,
are requested to give him a call before purchasing
elsewhere. ap7-y
Alicglzeny Cemeter:,
DERSON't desirons of purchasing- lots in this
Cemetery are referred for inforMation to the
Superintendent on the grounds, or to .E. Thorn
Druggist, corner of Penn and Hand streets, Pitts
burgh. By order of the Board. - J....e.HISLETT,
deg 11 Superintendent.
w.....r..~..._. ~_
litoiiii'Oii-s , ..e . i;iii . io- . 4 - i0
The Franklin Fire limnrance Company
CHARTER PERPETUA L.. $400,060 paid in of
fice Mk, Chestnut st., north side, near Fifth.— I
Take Insurance, either permanent orlimited, against
loss or damage' by fire, on 'property and effects df
every description, in town or country, on the most
reasonable terms. Applications, made either per
sonally or by letters, will be promptly attended to.
C. N. BANCKER, Prest.
C. G. Bascurn, Sec'y.
Charles N. Bancker, Jacob It. Smith,
Thomati Hart, George W. Richards,
Thomas J. Wharton, Mordecai D. Lewis,
Tobias Wagner, Adolphi E. Borie,
' Saiduel Grant, David S. Brown.
WARRICK Iliniertx, Agent, at the Exchange Office
of Warrick Martin, & Co., corner of Third and Mar
ket streets.
Fire risks token on buildings and their contents in
Pittsburgh ; Allegheny and the surrounding country.
No marine or inland navigation risks taken.
Pare and Marine liteurance. -
HE Insurance Company of N2rth America, of
Philadelphia, through its duly authorized Agent,
the subscriber, offers to make permanent and limited
Insumneo on property, in this city and iM vicinity,
and on shipments by the canal and rivers.
Arthur C. Coffin, Pres't. Samuel Brooks,
Alex. Henry, Charles Taylor,
Samuel W. Junes, • Szunuel W. Sin*
Edward Smith, - Arnbros4 White,,,
John A. Brown, Jacob M. ThOmas,
John White, John R. gaff;
Thomas P. Cope, Richard D. Wood,
Wm. Welsh, Henry D. Sherraid, Sec , y.
This is the oldest Insurance.Qompany in the '.l.lni
ted States, having been, chartered in 1794. Its char
ter is perpetual, and from its high standing, long,
experience,, ample. means, and avoiding all risks of
an extra hazardous character, it may be considered;
as offering ample security to the public. , •
At Counting Room of Atwood, Jones'kCo., Wa,
ter and Front streets, Pittsburgh. : 0et2,3-y.
New Ygek. .
THIS well known and respectable company is pre
pared through their PITTSBURG AGENCY, to
make insurance of every kind connected with risks
of transportation and inland navigation; to insure
against loss or damage by fire, Dwelling !louses,
Warehouses, Buildings in general, Goods, Wares,
and Merchandise; and every description of personal
property on the most favorable terms.
Applications fur Insurance attended to without do
lay at the office, No. 31 Water and 6S Front sts., by
At an Election held at the office in N. Y.; May
12th, the following named gentlemen were chosen
Directors of this Company, for the ensuing year,
Joseph W. Savage, -=:
. Stephen Volt,
John Browner, John ST Chain,
William G. Ward, Wm. W. Campbell,
John Newhouse, Jacob Miller,
William S. Slocum; Marcus Spring,
John F.Mackie, Joseph S. Lake,
John J. Herrick.
And at a subsequent meeting of the Board, JO
SEPH W. SAVAGE, Esq., n - as unanimously re-clec
ted President for the ensuing year.
au 4-1 v
Philadelphia—Charter perpetual—Capital 500,-1
000 paid in. Office in Philadelphia, No. 72 Walnut
street—NV'''. Davidson, Pres't; Frederick Fraley,
Soc'v. This old anti well established Company con
tinues to insure I.lMldings, Merchandize, Furniture,
and Property, not of an extra hazardous character: ,
against loss or damage by Fire.
Applications fur Insurances in Pittsburgh and its
neighborhood will be received, and risks taken
either perpetually or for limited periods, on favora
ble terms, by GEO. COCHRAN, Agent,
dec 21 No. 2G, Wood street.
Agents at Pittsburgh, for the Delaware Mutual
Safety Insurance Company of Philadelphia.
upon Buildings and 31erchaudize of
every description, nod Mantle Itisks upon hulls
or cargoes of vessels, taken upon the most tat °rabic
Office at the warehouse of King & Holmes, on
Water at., near Market street, Pittsburgh.
N. II King & rniney invite the confidence and
patronage of their friends and community at large to
the Delaware M. S. Insurance Company, as an Altai
union among the roost flourishing in Philadelphia—
ns having a large paid in capital, which, by the.oper
ation of its .charter, is constantly increasing—as
yielding to each person insured his doe share cif the
profits of the Company, without involving hitn in
any responsibility whatever, beyond the preinium
actually paid in by him; and therefore as posei•sitig
the Mutual principle divested of every obimaious
feature, and in its most attractive form. nov•l-tt
Agency of the Franklin Fire Insurance
Company of Philadelphia. -
N. E. corner of Third and Wood streets, Pittsbargh;
rpitE assets oldie company on the first of-Janua
ry, 1545, as published in conformity with an act
of the Ponnsylvaida Legislature, were
Bonds and Mortgages,
Real Estate, at cost, •
Temporary Loans, Stocks and Cash,
Making a total of $909,653 42
Affording certain assurance that all losses will be
promptly inct, and giving entire security to all who
obtain policies - from this Company. Risks taken at
as low rates as arc consistent with security.
Si cw not and Cap Store.
42% 11. POULSON, (late of the firm 04 .
Poulson & having opened his
new store at• No. 73, Wood street, next door to the
corner of Fourth, is now manufacturing and recei
ving from the Eastern cities a very:large assortment
of hats and caps of every description, warranted to
be made in the best manner and of the best materials.
Otter, Seal, tine and 'common Muskrat, Sealette,
lfair-Seal, Plush and Glazed Caps.
Also, a fine assortment of ladies, furs, such as
Lynx, Fitch, Genet and Coney Muffs and Tippets
and fur trimmings, all of which he otTers for sale at
eastern prices for cash, both wholesale and retail.
Country merchants will please call and examine
my stock before purchasing elsewhere.
N. B. The Fall Faol.;no fur Hats and Caps rcceiv
ed. sep27y_
Allen Kramer,
EXCIIANGE BROKEIt, corner of Wood and 31
streets. Gold, silver and current bank notes
bought and sold. Sight checks on the eastern cities
thr sale. Drafts, notes and bills collected.
Wm. Bell & Co.,
John D. Davis,
F. Lorenzo,
Pittsburgh, Pa
J. Painter & Co.
Joseph Woodwell,
James May,
Alex. Bronson & Co., 1
John H. Brown & Co., Philadelphia.
James 111•Candless, Cincinnati, 0.
J. It. lll , Donaltl, St. Louis, hfo.
W. 11. Pope, Pres't Bank of Ky., Louisville.
Europli•an and American Agency.
frillE undersigned European Agent having-again
_I arrived in America at the regular time, will
leave Pittsburgh, Pa. early in September neat, and
sail from New York on the first day of October, ma
king a THIRTEENTH tour through England, Ireland,
.X.cotland, Wales, and returning to America in May,
1847. By this agency money remittances can be
made by drafts fur large and small sums, payable at
sight in every part of Great Britain, Ireland, Sze.;
legacies, debts, rents, real estate and claims collect
ed and recovered; searches of all kinds made; co
pies of wills, deeds and documents procured, and
the usual business appertaining to this Agency tran
:mated as heretofore. Innumerable references giv
en. Apply porsoually or adrdesspostpind,
European Agent and Attorney at Law, Pittsburgh,
Mr. J. S. May will attend to all European heel
nessin my absence. 'Ol9.
Gold - and SilverWatoho•
O F the hest manufacture, both of England and
Genova, iu large variety and for sale at the
lowest prices—patterns, new and of the latest style.
Also, Diamond pointed Gold Pens, another large
supply,just received of thu best mirk°. Also, Silver
Ware, Jewelry, line Table Cutlery, Spectacles, Pen
cils, Tea Ware, Lamps, Military Goods &e.
je24 corner of Fourth - end Mat ket 5
LW ORLEANS SUGAR. —2ohhds - N. 0. Sugar
for sale by (je26) JAMES MAY.
After the lapse of about six weeks, I was attacked
with a distressing cough and a violent pain in my
right side. Some ten days after this when in a par
oxysm of coughing, suddenly and Incest broke, and
a large quantity of very offensive matter, mixed;
with blood, was discharged; most of which (handl
passage throtigh the opening of the From
this opening there frequently passed a quantity of
air, supposed to issue from the lungs. During all
this time my sufferings were almost intolerable.
My physicians, meanwhile paid the strictest atten
tion to me, and did all in• their power for my !Term:
ery. But with all their skill they could not reach
the seat of distress, after the Lungs had become affect
' ed. I was visited during this time by at least twenty
It was now reduced to a certainty, that in/lama/ion
of the lungs was rapidly taking place; and that this,
would terminate my life in a. very short time, was in
the highest degree probabie.
At this critical stage, a messenger was despatched
to Cincinnati, and a celebrated Physician of that
place was consulted. When he was made acquaint
ed with my situation, he remarked that nothing could
1M dune by medical aid, if the constitution itself was
not sufficient to throw off the disease.
My friends now despaired of my recovery, and I
had no earthly ground of hope to survive many days.
Fortuuately at thin juncture, I saw one of Dr. Wis.-
tar's Pamphlets, entitled "Family Medical Guide,"
or "Treatise on Consumption of the Lungs." As I
had often heard of dying men "catching at straws,"
I Mit this doing so myself. By the consent of my
Physicians, I sent to vou for a bottle of the medicine.
described viz: 4, Wisiar , s Balsam of Wild Cherry,"
which relieved me almost immediately. After I
had used some live or six bottles I solar recovered as
lo be up aril about. My cough ceased, and my lungs
were restored to a healthy state—all from the heal
ing and balmy influence and powerful medicinal vir
tues of Wistar's Balsam.
Were it not from the external injury I received in
my shoulder and arm by the explosion, I feel cons-'
dent that I might have been working at toy trade
(which is blacksmithingo but this has prevented.
By 'exposure, I have since taken several severe
colds, and my only remedy has been "the balsam."
And I now most cordially recommend the genuine
Wis!ar'4Dirlsant to all who are afflicted with Colds,
CougllS,V. Lung Complaints. I consider it an inval
uable medicine—a real blessing to the world. Any
person desiring further inform:thou, may call on me
any time. yours truly.
City of Dayton,
Montgomery co., State of Ohio
Sidiscrihed and sworn to, before me, Justice of
the Peace, this 11th day of Feb. 12415.
Testimony of Mare highly creditable citizens of
.Dayton, in confirmation if the above.
Wv. the undersigned, being intimately acquainted
with 11 , 1r.5 myth; end hating acca and; AVLIICIIeii over
him during has lute illness, do not Hesitate to say
that the foregoing in by no means an exaggerated .
statement, but so entitled to lull credit.
Kr - The true and genuine "lEistar's Balsam of
Wild (.7/terry,- is sold at established agencies in all
Marti.' of the United States.
Sold in Clutcnnati on the corner of Fourth and
Walnut at reetx, Sr S VOR.I) & PARK.
General Agont,d ror the Western States.
For sale by L WILCOX Jr., S. E. cur. Alarket at.
and the Diamond Pittsburgh. may _y.
THE WILSON PILLS, as a remedy peculiarly
adapted for headaches and dyspeptic affections,
are pretty generally known and esteemed in 'this
community; and the proprietor, so often as he has
occasion to write or speak of them, can scarcely re
frain from an expression of his grateful acknowledg
roents to his friends for their patronage and kindness
;to him. lkis feeling s are the warmer from observing
the — begiunleS and the entling"—thrown ahnoSt in
juxtaposition—aim many nostrums and kindred pre
parations equally loud in their pretensions, and
much more inAstrieusly presented to the public;
while his preparation noiselessly advances, even to
remote places, soothing and comfbrting the afflicted,
and permanently grafting itself upon the affections
of new friends, thus continually widening the circle
of its uselnlness. Although well satisfied that his
medicine has, as it were, a principle of perpetuity in
it, yet he is obliged to his friends for the most sub
stantial evidence of the fact.
8600,615 93
100,967 77
207,499 72
In its natural history, if you please,. the Wilson
Pill differs from most other preparations in not being
originally made for sale, or witiva<view to pecuniary
profit; while as every body knows, the greatest tyro
(as a general thing) no sooner begins to dabble in
drugs thaithe casts about for some cheap prepara
tion, or must 'get up,' as the phrase is, something—
anything that will sell. Often he attempts it under
an asst fined or fictitious name. as though conscious
his ow n were insufficient to sell it. The difference
I then between the Wilson Pill and the preparations a
have just indicated, would appear to be this; The
' consciousness of the value of my pill originated
the idea of putting them on sale for money, and at I
price. The chnsciousness of the value of money
originates in most instances the many preparations
I have alluded to; and the price most likely 'to take'
is always first carefully considered, and the pill or
other preparation made and graduated to suit it. The
ono is a DISCOVERY, and comes from the greatircana
of Universal Nature; the other a trick or invention,
and comes from a not very popular quality of mriol-
VIDUAL Nature. Reader! the difference here is
great. In one instance the value attached to the PILL
is the starting point; in the other, the DIONEY. But
it is not probable that some of the manyprepara
tions having even such paternity were accidentally
good, but that possibly by this process of "getting
up" as they call it, by puffing and blowing, as we
clean wheat, they have been "got up" too high be
fore their specific gravity had been carefully ascer
tained, and have blown offilever to no heard of,
with other chaff—some lighter, some heavier,
Whatever may be the rationale I must repeat it,
that I am most profoundly thankful to my friends for
their discrimination in not consigning my discovery to
that compenduous category of "inventions that did
not answer"—of "tricks that won't win.."
The Wilson Pillsare useful as a GENERAL r(11110dy,
and may be kept and taken, in proper doses, in fam
ilies, as a preventative of general ill health, or dis
ease of whatever name, by any member of the fam
ily, without any fear of the consequences of' expo
sure in the ordinary pursuits efzbusiness.
irrThey may always bg - Rall in any quantity of the
proprietor, in Penn street, below Marbury, and of the ,
principal Druggists of this city and Allegheny.
jH. CHILDS & CO., are now receiving their
spring supplies, consisting of one of
the largest, cheapest and best as-
sortinent of Boots and Shoes that they have ever
been able to bring to this market. Also, Ladies and
Misses Florence Braid, and Straw Bonnets, of the
latest style; together with a splendid assortment of
Palm Leaf Hats, mens' and boys' summer Caps.
Also, a large lot of New York Tanned Solo Leather,
all of which having been purchased at the lowest
rates, and selected with great care for the western
trade, will bo sold at a small advance above cost and
charges. All merchants wishing to purchase. will
find it to their interest to call and examine their stock
before purchasing elsewhere, - , mar27-tf
• 'Tie Found Ali net,
Seven Thousand cases -of obstinate Pqmonary Corn.
plaints cured in one year!
We ask the attention of the candid to' a fewcon
Nature, in every part of her works, has left indeli
ble.markeof adaptation and design.
The constitution of the animitls and vegetables of
the forest, is such that they could not endure the
cold of the frigid zone, and vice vesa.
In regard to diseases and its , cure, the adoption is
more orless striking.
t The Moss of Iceland, the Wild Cherry and Pints
•of all Northern latitudes (and "Dr. Wineit's BAL.-
sam"is a compound cherniCal . extract from these,)
have long been celebrated for complaints prevalent
only in cold climates. Indeed the tnost distinguished
medical men have averred that nature furnishes 10
every country medicines for its own peculiar diseases.
Consumption in its confituned and incipient stages
Coughs, Asthma, Croupand•Liver Complaint form by
far the most fatal class of diseases known to our
land. Yet even these may be cured by means of the
simple yet powerful remedies (named above) and
which are scattered, by a beneticient Providence,
wherever those Maladies prevail.
WISTAIO6 .13.tzsom Or WILD CUERILY, always trium
phant! cure follows cure in its onward victorious
Dna-rotr Feb, Ilth, 1845.
J. W. TFhi/more.—Dear Sir: Aa youare the reg . - .
ular authorized agent in Dayton, Tor the sale of "Dr.
IVistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry,", I take this meth
od of making a staiement of facts to you (which I
'hope may be published tb the world) in reference to
l an 'almost miraculous cure, wrought iu my case by
1 means of the above Invaluable Balsam.
Language fails to describe the salutary effects it pro
duced, and the great benefit I derived from its use.
. The citizens of Dayton and vicinity, well recol-
Oct that on the Bth of August last, I received seri-
As' injury from the explosion of a cannon. A por
tion of its contents entered my right side and breast;
and in all probability, sortie fragments or splinters of
the ram-rod passed through the "plura," and pierced
the Lungs.
J. 11. H. HODSON,
AV llson•s Pills
WholesaleShois Store.
Cure-follows Cure
. .
co , . .
. , ~..
Coughs, Colds, Asthma,' Bronchitis, Liver Complaint,
Spitting Blood, Difficulty' of Breathing, Pain in
the Side and Breaut,Palpitation oftb.e Heart,
Influenza, Croup, Broken Conftitution,
Sore Throat, Nervous Debility,
and all diseases of Throat,
Breast and Lungs, the
most effectual and
speedy'eure ever
known for
any of
. ,
above diseases -
A Trsfly Wonderf I
Dr. Sw.syri-n: Dear Sir—ln October last, while
gaged with Mr. Joseph Smith, in a saw mill, near
Wajiesburg, I was attacked with a cough, from he
ing exposed at night, which gradually increased, at
tended with spitting of blood and a severe pain in the
breast, loss of appetite, fever, &c. &c., which was
scarcely supportable. 1 had--e family Who were
wholly dependent on my exertions for 'support, yet
was, obliged to leave my business and return,home.
I was then, attended by several. Physicians, bath still
grew worse, until my medical attendants gavelmw up
OA incurable. Subsequently, my wife observing in
one of the public prints, an advertisement of Dr.
Swaynos Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, procur
ed me one bottle from Francis M'Clure, your agent
in Lewistown, which relieved me. Icontinued until
I had taken five bottles. I tun now able to return to
my work again. I write this to offeryou my sincere
thanks, and you are at liberty to make it known, leo
that if any l human being ie suffering as I have been,
he may: have recourse to your invaluable medicine.
Lewistown, Del. - •
CONSUMPTION, which has. baffled the skill of
Eminent Medical practLioners, where invalids have
been gip up- hopeless, by having recourse to, and
persevering in, this unequalled remedy,- have been
radically cured. There are now in the hands' ;if the
proprietor numerous certificates of cures, which
would astonish credulity itself, were they made
known to the world. To those who are afflicted
with any of the above diseases „ „ we say, give this
medicine a fair trial; you will then be convinced this'
is no miserable compound, but a safe and powerful
remedy, and that its curative powers stand alonb and
equalled by none. . .
Dr. Swayne ' s Syrup is the on true and genusne
article of Wild Cherry before, the public, and. we
would say to the afflicted, alwaye look for the writ.-
ten signature ofDr. WAYNE on each bottle before
your purchase.- -Beware, a - sid be not deceived !
Some persons may tell you that some other prepa
ration is as good. Heed them not. One trial of the
genuine Dr.Swayne's Syrup of wild Cherry will con
vince you that it is the most valuable medicine dis
From the increasing demand for the above article,
Druggists, Merchants, and dealers generally, will
find it to their advantage to have a full - supply of this
valuable medicine. Remember ib enquire for DR.
RY, as there have been some individuals with. the
assumed names of physicians making great effor.s
to push a spurious article, into the market under Pi'
fictitious naive.
The (original and only) genuine article is only pre
pared by D. SWAYNE, N. W. corner of Eighth
and Race streets, Philadelphia.
Let the a4ice'be repeated, do not neglect a'#ight
rough; if you do, you may liars occasion to regret it.
Why run any risk) Delay, fi ls , and may again lead
to serious censequences.
Spring nedicine. Dr. SWAYNE'S COMPOUND
These great purgative and purifying Pills are cele
brated for the cure of Dyspepsia, Sick Headache,
Loos of App4ite, Low Spirits, otches or Pin3ples
on the face, dr any disease where a purgative or puri
fying medicine is required. These pills neither gripe,
produce nausea, or any other unpleasant sensation,
and as a Spring Medicine for purifying the blood and
cleansing the; body of disease, they are unsurpassed
by any inedimne ever yet introduced to the public.
04- Manufactured and sold, wholesale and retail,
by the sole proprietor, Dr. SiVAYNE & SONS, N.
W. corner Race and Eighth streets, Phila'a.
The only iigents in Pittsburgh for the sale of the 4
genuine medicine are, Wm. Thorn, 53 Market st.;
Ogden Sr. Snowden, corner of Wood and 2d st. and
S. Jones, 18 Liberty St., where it can be obtain
, ed genuine, Iwholesale and retail, at proprietor's
prices. Sold; by Jolfu Mitchell, Allegheny city; E.
B. Hinman, Cincinnati;-Dr. Megoflin, Mercer; J. H.
Burton & Col, Erie; J. S. Morris &Co., Louisville;
Di. E. East/ 1y & Si. Louis; Andrew Oliver &
Co., New Or eans; Denig & Son, Columbus; Boyd,
Carus & Co., tinder; Mackenzie & Haskell, Cleve
land; Dr. Baker, Wheeling, Va.; Wm. R. Wood,
Maysville, lq.; Miller,Brownsville; Dr. 11. Camp- I
bell & Co., Uniontown ; R. E. Johnson, Carnberland ;
3. M. Sharp, Dayton; and by agents in all parts of I
the United SMtes. Sep 18 I
B - -,----
owEL. 9 --
confidently recommend and could refer to hun.
dreds of our cpizons wha have used
as a certain, safe and effectual remedy for Dysentry,
Diarbrea, or ',baseness, Cholera Morbuis, SUMME.'R
COMPLAINT' Colic, Griping Politer, Sour Stomach,:
Sick and Nervous Headache, Heartburn, &c.
This is onto of the most efficient, pleasant, and
safe compositiOns ever offered to the public for the
cure of the various derangements of the aromas
and nownii, and the only article worthy of the least
confidence fof curing CHOLER-4 INFANTLTiII or
SUMMER COMPLALVT; and in all the above die.
eases it really acts like a charm.
From the Reo. 'Asa Shinn, of the .Protestant Method
The undersigned having been afflicted during the
past winter with a disease in the stomach, sometimes
prodcing severe pain in the stomach for ten or twelve
hours without intermission, and having tried various
remedies with little effect, was furnished with a bot
used according'to the directions, and found invaria
bly that this medicine caused the pain to abate in
hrce or four minutes, and in fifteen,or twenty min
utes every uneasy sensation was entirely quieted.
The medicine was afterwards used whenever indica
tions of the approach of pain were , perceived, and
the pain was thereby prevented. lie continued to
use the medicine every evening, and sometimes in the
morning, and in a few weeks health! was so far re
stored, that the sufferer was relieved from a 'large
amount of oppressive pain. Fromexperience,there
fore, ho can confidently recommend Dr. 1), Jayne's
Carminative Balsam, as a salutary medicine for dis
eases of the stomach and bowels. A. SHINN.
Allegheny city, July 16th, 1843. ,
For sale in Pittsburgh at the PEKIN TEA STORE,
72, Fourth street, near Wood. -
Price 25 and 50 cents per bottle. jeIB-dkw
"Ho who in pleasure's downy arms
Meer lost hiebealth, or youthful charms,
A hero lives, amr justly ;Min
Exclaim—"ln me behold a maul"
DURING A TRIAL ofn number of years ? Dr.
Thompson's PILLS have been found an inval
uable remedy in cases of indigestion, bilious com
plaints, for derangements of the digestive organs and,
obstructions, a sluggish action of the liver and bow
els, whichoccasion more or less the following symp- 1
toms, viz: heartburn, giddiness, acidity, head-ache,
sickness, spasm, :and flatulent distention or thq stom
ach and bowels, drowsiness and dimness of sight,
an uncomfortable sensation experienced at the pit of
the stomach Rio: Inner eating, with a feeling of weight
or oppression, ap'petite impaired, breathing difficult,
tenderness about the region of the liver, bowels ir
regular, soinotiMes obstinately costive, with languor
and depression ,Cf spirits. Price 25 cents per box,
Prepared by the sole proprietor,
I EDGAR THORN, Druggist,
corner Hand and Penn sts., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Also sold by ail the principal druggists in the city.
je 23
which stand unequalled by any Medicine
known for the care of Liver Complaint, and other
diseases arising from a deranged state of the Liver.
This medicine Nas been in public use for about 8
years, and has acquired a reputation for curing
the liver Comptunt which has never been equalled
by any remedy heretofore offered to the public.
As an Anti-biliohs, or Purgative Pill, they are un
surpassed and shhuld be used in place of the com
mon pills of the day. Give them a trial and the
- truth will appear. Prepared and sold hy.
5'7 Wocid sreet
20 kegs Pled Tobacco;
5 " Ladies , Twist, do;'
10 " Va. I " d o •
10 " Ca.ol, Is Lump, d ' o;
In store and for sale by £ &'J. M 2 I3EVITT, .
ap 20 I 222 Liberty et.
Priterve tlieTeoth.
AR better is it to cure the toothache in one min-
ute, bybsing Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth Wash,
than to suffer the aching; also to cure soreness of the
gums, cure EI ofln e ss of the gums, stop bleeding of
the gums, and alwayti keep the ieeth, gums and
mouth pleasant, and in the best state of health. -
Whilst introducing WHEELER'S TEADEItRY
TOOTH, WASH to the public, it is the painful duty of
the'proptietcir, to state that this articleovhich is the
original, and only genuine Teaberry Tooth Wash, has
been imitated bynumerous Tot:them , ToOth Washes,
Teaberry Tooth" Pastes, and a variety of articles with
the name Teaberry annexed to them, when, in fact,
this article is thelfirst that ever bore the name of
Teaberry,•tind is the only one which possesses the
real virtue of the plant,and established all the celeb
rity for it s winch induced Others to.-rinake use of itt
name, though they never did present its intrinsic vir
tues to the pnblic. As evidence that it is the first
preparation of Tealierry for the Teeth; the copy of
the certified ;records. of the United States District
Court is published.
ottxt„. ? - i Eastern District of Pennsylvania, to
0. )
..zel„ . y.-it: Be it remembered, That on the
second day of February, Anno Domini,
W •••': ' th •
4,.... , ~, one. ousand eight hundred,and forty
.,.*-----',.,„ two, .. ' .
'44141!" W. NV HEELER, • '
Of the said District, 'lath deposited in this °ince the
Title of S. Driok, the title of which is in the- words
following, to Wit: ' , . , .
. .
The right whereof he claims as Proprietor, in con
formity with the Act of Conkress, entitled "An Act
'to amend, theseveral Acta respecting Copyßights.'
1111' . Clerk of the Dist. Court.
42, Feb. d. Copy 'deposited.
The above ',Copy Right for - the Wrapper of the
Bottle, showing the Title of the ArticAki legal lan
guage, and granted in the legal form, will prove this
to be the Orginal TEABERRY TOOTH WASH, and
all others are but imitations, which has gone out of
use.wherever the. Genuine Teaberry Tooth Wash is
sold. Then r remember, none is genuine but ..
Certificates of :the Magistrates of the City Q
- •
Having tnade use of your much celebrated Tea
berry Tooth Wash, I- feel convinced that it is the
beat article I have ever known, and hereby'. warmly
recommend itti use to the public in general, as a
pleasant and efficacious article for preserving the
Teeth, and Gnats. ROBERT E. JOHNSTON.
• -
For a miniber of years' my Teeth.and Guras were
so much out of order as to prevent" me from eating
with any pleashre, and caused much-pain. Having
heird Of Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth Wash, I do cer
tify that I tried one bottle of it, and in less than two,
weeks my _teeth and -Gams were sound and good
believe that the use of it would be an-advantage to
many others. - - •.L BRAZER.
Certifithfes, of ltrembers of the Philadelphia Bar.
Having tilted Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth Wash and
powder, I have:found them to possess cleansing and
purifying properties; and while. they whiten and
beautify the Teeth, they have a beneficial effect upon
the Gums, by imparting to them free and healthful
action. F. A. RAYNOLD.
I have used Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth Wash, and
its effects upon my Teeth and Gums has giveii to me
a high opinion of its merits. I cheerfully recom
mend it to the general use. li. It. lINEASS.
My, daughter has used Wheeler's Teabehy Tooth
Wash (and powder) and has Found its effects to, be
cleansing and phrificatiomof the Gums, and a sweet=
ening of the mouth. I have no hesitation in recom
mending it as the most beneficial preparation for the
Teeth I have ever seen. C. J. JACK.
I Certificates of Ladies and Gentlemen of Philadelphia.
"It is with gratitude that I send the following cer
tificate, hoping That many who suffer will be led by
a perusal (Wit, t 6 obtain Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth
Wash, which article I used, and it has effectually
cared tooth=ache, soreness of the gums, removed
scurf from my teeth, and L fully believe has entirely
arrested all decay of them. I trust that all who sut
ler, having either of the same species of complaint,
will as soon, as': possible use Wheeler's Teaberry
Tooth Wash that they may be relieved.
"Owing to hating taken eold, but Mostly in conse
quence of the acid of a paint used in coloring prints,
my Teeth becanie very-much injured, giving excru
ciating pain at intervals for between two and three
years. Wheclerts Teaberry Tooth I,Vash was used,
and has entirely cured them,' which in certificate
! form I send, that those who wish a perfect remedy
for painful teeth, , ; and also desire a pleasant Tooth
wash, may with Confidence try Teaberry
Tooth Wash. - MART A TAYLOR.
"Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth W ) ash" having re
moved scurf and ured soreness of the gums,'which
had troubled me for two years, it is my belief that it
is a highly useful article, and that , it is advisible to
those who suffer With the• Teeth and. Gums to make
use of it. ' ! MARY SULLIVAN.
“Your Teaberry Tooth Wash cured the tooth-ache
and also sorekese of the gums in • my family-, and I
send you this ceaificate that those who suffer with
tooth-ache oraoreness Of the gums, may know that
it is a remedy for them, and a very pleasant Tooth
Wash. i • PRAS..PREVOST,
W. Wheeler. ! No. 148, Catharine street.
"Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth Wasli" having cured
soreness of the gums, and effectually stopped bleed
ing of tho gums, It deem it a debt of gratitude for the
relief which it afilartled me, and a duty owed to my
fellow beings, to say, that•it is nay firm conviction,
that those who edil use Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth
Wash, for the Teeth and Gains, will find that it is an
important article. ! TfIOMAS J. I.I•CURDY,
.No. 238, Callowhill st.
From much severe affliction of myself, and others
of my family, with: decayed Teeth and sore Gums,
and the many respectable testimonials highly in favor
was induced he give it a trial, after which my family
used it, and I rejoice to say that It did perform a
thorough and effectual cure for all, and •is the best
article that I ever knew of. I would recommend its
use to those who may be suffering.
W. Wheeler.
N 9.127 , Market street
Many more testiMonials are existing approving of
"Wheeler's Teaberry Tooth Wash." -
Sold at
.WM. JACKSON'S Store, NO. 89 Liberty
street, Pittsburgh, head of Wood street.
Principal Office, No. 86 Chesnut at., Philadelphia.
_ap 27-dly
_ _
•••.. • : 11•1.'„ McDONALD, Bell - and Brass
- 1
• . - .. . .I . 'ounikr, First street, near Market, - is
7-: ,i prepared tomake make - Brass Castings and
.' 1,•_ .::, BrasA works generally on the most
.i .r: .... .__-...._
reasonable terms and sho'rtest notice.
- -7-' • -..- • He invites machinists and all thown
using brass works to give
,him- a -call, as he is de
termined to do all',Nvork in hisline Very low.
May 27-ly •:•.;
.-. •
T LOGAN, leas removed to No 83, Wood
street, one door below Diamond Alloy; to the
store lately occupied by Clark & Cameron where he
has opened a Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods Store,
and having just returned from the Eastern Cities, is
opening ,-a new. and Well selected stock Of Goods,
consisting of French, English and American cloths,
(all colors ' ) a great Variety of new style - Cassimeves
and Satinetts; Cashinaretts, (a new style;) Oregon
Cassimere, a good stock of summer cloths of all
kinds; late style Vestings; also, a great variety of
Lawns and Gingliains; Pyramidical Graduates and
other fancy patterns; a variety' of prints 6 to 26 cents
per yard; a very superior lot of white goods, consist
ing of India Linen, Damask Plaid, Striped Cambric;
Victoria Lawn; striped and, plain Mull; Swiss Lace
and barred Muslin. ' figured and. plain Bobinets; black
end blue black Silks. ' plain, figured and striped; a
large • assortment of Irish Linens; bleached brown
blasting; table Diaper; Marseilles Co unterpanes,
(large size;) Moreent. a good supply of Umbrellas,
Parasols, Parasoletts and Sunshades; a very large as
sortment of men, WOMCD, and children's Hosiery; a
very fine .article' of Lisle Thread Hose and Gloves,
and many other articles not enumerated. He-would
respectfully invite his former customers and the pub
lic generally, to an examination of his stock, .6o
which he expects to inake additions rogulirly.
Pittsburgh 'and Conikeilsvl,llo Rat/ Road
, • Company. • •
NOTICE is hereby given, that in pursuance of a
41 resolution of the Stockholders of the Pittsburgh
and Connellsville Railroad .Companyi authorizing an
Increase of the capital ofsaid Company, and directing
an additional subscription, books will be opened for
receiving additional Imbscription to the stock of tha
Company, at the office of Writ. Latimer,jr., in 4th
street, between Market and Wood streets, Pittsburgh,
on.Priday the 4th day of September. The books will
remain open from 9 4,g. until 3 o'clock P.M. of said
day; and from day .to day (Sundays excepted) until
the requisite number;of sharee be subscribed, or until
otherwise- orciere By order of the Directors.
seP 2 WM., ROBINSON, Jr. Pfes7t,
Art - Aortistle:
Just received; a splendid assortment of - Spring and
and. Summer goads,
Unsurpassed fqr quantity, quality - or
Style. The Proprietor of this establishment
Takes great pleasure in informing his friends and the
In general, that he is now prepared to fill all orders
that his
Numerous customers may favor him with. Stringers
Travelers would do well, in visiting the
Iron City,City, te,:dall and examine his extensive and well
Made stock of ready made clothing. -Re has a com- ,
plete assortment of
English cloth, to which he would invite Attention,
French elethlt of every color and quality, wiCh he is
Offering.nt a very small advance on.eastern - prices.
Reinember at this store you are not asked two prices,
being . .
.Convinced that small, profits and quick sales is-the
- best way to secure custom. • ' - -
Raving, in his employ the best workmen, he, can war.
.- .
Every article Made at his 'establishment to fit well,
And to be of the beet materials; he would again in
rite _ . _ -
Purchasers generally - to give him a call
Before pm - Chasing in any other place, •
As he is confident that he can sell them as good goods
at as
Yteasonahle prices as . any house in this city,
Going so far as to say - a little cheaper.
Allhis - goods are new, and of handsome patterris,,
. purchased •- --
In the the east but a few weeks since. -'The subscri
Now returns his thanks - to his friends and the public
in general, and • -
Solicits a continuance of their favors-
Iron City Clothing Slore, No. 132 Liberty street.
'hreo Dig Doors Clothing Store.
No. 151, Liberty street. -
1 - 1111 E Proprietors of this old and highly popular el.
stablishment informs his friends and the publip
at large,
that a portion of his Spring and Stonmer
Stock of
! Is now prepared for their inspection, and he respect....
fully-invites all who contemplate purchasing articles
in his line to pay hima visit. - His stock this sensors
is peculiarly rich; comprising all the latest Fashions
and Patterns, and all his Goods, having been select
d by himself in the eastern markets, he can with
Confidence recommend them to his customers as be..
big of thc'very best quality. His lege assortment of
Is made in the most modern and improved style, and
ththworkmanship cannot be excelled. Pants r/f err.
cry desaription, Satin 4- Fancy Vests, He has a rare
and beautiful assortment of
TO which he wouldeall the attention of public as he
believes them to be more Beautiful and Cheaper,
Than anything of the kind that_ has been offered
heretofore. - -
Tweed and other coats, for Summer -wear la
great variety and made in every style, Fashio nable
Shirts, Latest Style of Stocks, Suspenders of every
descriptions, Handkerchiefs, and every other article
,necessary for a Fashionable Dress. - _
Ile has a very large and excellent.assortment of
Substantial Clothing, which will be sold lower. than
It can be purchased at any otherplace in the city—to
which he would invite the attention of workingmen
and others who wish servicable clothing for every
day's wear.
Having in his employ some the best Cutters and
Worlfmen, that the Country can produce, and being
provided, with a stock of Goods, which for excel
lence antariety cannot be equalled he is prepar
At the shortest notice, and in a style that Cannot be
It is not -considered any Trouble to show Clothing,
and the proprietor feels confident that after an ex
amination of his stock, all who desire to purchase
will find it their interest to deal at his establishment.
The proprietor wouid take this opportunity to ten
der his siithere thanks to the public for the unprece
dented patronage, bestowed upon his establishment,
and as the success he has met with ie an indication
that his efforts to pleas his patrons, have not .been
unavailing, he pledges himself that nothing shaillie
omitted on his part to secure their kindness for the -
future: • JOHN McCLOSKEY, •
Three Big Doors,
151 Liberty et
mai - 17-ddzw
J. S. Lowry, Merchant
IXTOULD inform his friends and the public in
fl' general, that he has removed to Wood street,
in the Sr. CutiaLES building, two • doors below the
entrance, whete he is ready to execute all orders in
the neatest and most fashionable manner, having en
gaged the services of Mr: how C2OIPELi as cut-,
ter, whose attention will be devoted to that branch
of the trade and whose well known ability in this Par
ticular having I,ong been established in the fashion•
able community of this city, induces the belief that
by close attention to business, he will be able to
give general 54isfaction to all who may favor him
with a call-;-having also made arrangements to keep
constantly on hand a general assortment of:every
thing adapted to gentlemen's wear; such as Cloths,
Cassimeres, Vestings, Shirts, Drawers, Bosoms, Sus
penders, Gloves, Cravats, and every article pertain.,
ing to a gentlnman's wardrobe, he will be.ready at
all times to supply any demand in his line.
Thesubscriber respectfully informs his friends and
the public generally, that having entered into.the
above airangement the establishment will be able to
furnish any article in the Tailoring line with a punt"
tuality and despatch scarcely.tequalled by any other
in the city, and for style and worAmanallip nor Bur.,
passed by any in the states. _ •-
aug24.-- , dam - JNO. M. CAMPBELL.
UST RECEIVHD—.A splendid assortment o.
Summer Cassimeres, Ginghams, and Gam
broons, suitable for coats and pants; a'large stock of
fancy Summer Stuffs; fancy Cotton Cloths; a new ar
ticle; Oregon Cassimeres; .Golcl Mixed Tweeds and
Berkshire; 10 dozen white shit Linen Bosoms and
Also, a great variety of Tandy shirt 'striped Ging.
hams, sc:; a-splendid assortment of Summer Cra,
iatsMarseilles, Silk, Satin a4id other Vestings of
superior styles and'quality; gi)cks„ Handkerchiefs,
Stocka r ßosoms, Collars, Lisle, Gloves, and all kinds
of gentlemen's wear, ready made, or got up to order
at tkeshortest notice, and at thelOwest prices, by
g ll 4-FrEP o
Pittsburgh Clothing Store,
je9 ; corner of Wood and Water sts.
Can't be Beat 1
1 M. WHITE has just received at his large
cl establishment, fronting on Liberty and Sixth
streets,,,a splendid assortment of TWEEDS for
summer; also, a superior lot of French Satin VEST
TINES, all of which heis ready to make tin in
the latest fashion and on the most reasonable terms
as 'usual. Observe the corner, No 167- Liberty
and Sixth streets.
myl4 J. M. WHITE, Tailor, Proprietor.
To Arms I To Arrok
ERN . PENNSYLVANLA.' by fel, 6wiß 4
with 10,000 mien, notwithstanding which,
White Will continue to sell clothing cheaper than
any has heretofore been offered in the, western con,
try, having the, largest establishment in the eity„
frontieg'on Liberty and Sixth streets. He is now
prepared to show to his numerous patrons the great,
est variety of cloths, cassinieres, vestiegs, and clo,
thing of all descriptions, suitable for the approaching
season, that has ever been offered in this market, to
which all can have the Right of Way. Observe the
corner, N 0.167, Liberty and Sixth streets.
7. M. WHITE, Tailor,
Pio • riet •
Fan Fashion of. Hats.
Ai At KEEVIL'S, to-morrow, Thursday August
27th, a neat and cheap article of. Pittsburgh
manufacture can be had at the above' store, ahead of
frshionable hats imported-from the East.
w o 152 head of Wood st.
Vexation Blindi.
d i WESTERVELT, the old and well known
Venitian Blind Maker, formerly of Second
and Foul - filets., takes this method to inform hismany
friends of the fact that his Factory is now in full op
eration on St. Clair st., near the old Allegheny
Bridge, where a - constant supply of Blinds of various
colors and qualities, is constantly kept on hand and
at all prices, from twenty-cents up to suit customers-
N. B. If required, Blinds will be put up - so; that
in case of alarm by-fire, or otheswise,they. may be
removed without the aid a screw-driver, and with;
the same facility that any other piece of furniture
can be removed, and without any extra expense.
tlfth Street Fitralture Wareroetne.
THE subscriber 'would- most respectfully call the
attention of the- public to his stock of. Cabinet
Ware, possessing advantages Over any other menu,
factoring establishment in the city. He. is enabled
to sell his Wares at much lower prices; therefore, he
would remind those 'who want good Furniture at a
farrprice not to forget the right place, No; .27; Fifth
street.. - (mar23-d4wy)