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Allegheny County Democratic ifichet;
' _ 'senate,
THOMAS -HAMILTON, of Pittsburgh.
ROM' PA T TERSON, of Lawrenavil/e. -
GEORGE. R. RIDDLE, of Allegheny.
.• Assembly,
SAMUEL .W. BLACK, of Pittsburgh.
ROBERT H. KERR, of Allegheny.
JOHN H. "M'ELHENNY, of Jefferson.
Commissioner for 3, years,
Commiislomer for I year,
WM. - BRYANT, of Pittsburgh.
- Auditor for 3 years, ,
WILLIAM EWING, of Robinson.
.-Auditor'for 1 year,-
N.. PATTERSON, of Birmingham.
LEWIS WEYMAN, Allegheny.
New Carrier.
hmiSemployed a new carrier to deliver
the Post to its customers each morning. If any,
of gtir friends do not receive their papers for a
few days, they will please leave word to that ef
'tact at the counting-room, and we shall have them
served• regularly.
Are yori Assessed;
. .
If not, attend to it immediately—lose not a
moment. Examine the assesmont in each ward
hiithe city, and each township in the couuty, and
don't go away until you see your name there. The
law. requires cath voter to be assessed at least tea
days befOre the next general election, and pay a
State or COMity Tax, otherwise he will be deprived
of his vote. Democrats, be sure and see to this
matter before the :311 day of October.
Supply Yourselves with Tickets.
We request our Democratic friends in the vari
ous townships to call at 'the:office of the Daily Post
immediately, and supply themselves with tickets.
This matter should not be.neglected, by any means.
Henry Clay in a Quandary on the. Tariff.
Henry Clay, the "complete Letter Writer," has
been writing a letter to Some cute yankee to
who take this mode of advertising their
productions, in which he says:
"I - confess that I seriously apprehend great injury
to the general business of 'the country, and ultimate
ly to the revenue of the Government. If there
shall not be a large addition to the amount of our
foreign importations, the Treasury must experience
a large deficit. If there should be an addition suf
. ficient to compensate the, reduction of duties, the
increase tpust be paid for by an equivalent increase
in the value of our exports, or the balance must be
adjusted in specie. I have not the remotest expec
tation that we shall be able to effect payment by
additional exportation of the products of the court
: try. We, in the -west, do not believe that the re
laxation in the British system of restriction is go
ing io create any considerable demand for the sur
, plus ofour agricultural Produce. We shall, I fear,
be constrained to resort to the other alternative, in
the event of an excess of'importations, and pay for
them in the precious Metals. I need not dwell on
the commercial disorder, the embarrassment in
every department of business, the wide-spread ruin
which would be occasioned by a constant exporta
tion of specie in large amounts. We have had ex
perience enough of thes.elfatal consequences, when
ever protection of our own industry has been inad
The N. Y. EVening Post quotes from this letter
• of "the'einboiliment," and gives some truthful com_
meats, which places Mr. Clay in a quandary—
proves him at least to he no prophet, however much
of a whig he may be. from having written and spo
ken on all sides of all public questions. The Post
thus.uses up Mr. Clay's prophecies:
We do not know whether our humble sheet ever
falls under Mi. Clay's eye, and it is of little conse- I
quence whether it does or not,since if he will only
look to the record of the market, in any of the news-
papers, he will find his predictions of the effect of !
. the British ports to the productions of the
United States contradicted in the most direct man-
ner. With every successive week be will perceive
• that the prices of Ameiican produce rise; with
every successive week the amount which goes fur
ward to the markets of Britain and other countries
increases. He, and his friends in the West for
whom he professes to speak, will perceive that no
politician ever made a more deplorable blunder,
never .uttered a doctrine more absurd in itself, or
more flatly disproved by facts, than when they
maintained that the removal of restrictions imposed
in Europe on the admission of agricultural pro
ducts from America would not essentially increase
the demand for them. There is not a laborer on
our wharves who does not know that Henry Clay is
in the wrong bete. Nor is there a farmer in the
country-but knows and is glad. to know that the
opening of the British ports has quiekened the de
mand for his produce and enhanced its price.
The very transactions of the last week refute
Mr.. Clay's position. In the week ending the 18 h
of September, the following among other articles
were expited to Great Britain from New York:
• Wheat, bushels 97,668
Indian Corn, bushels 11,169
Corn Meal, barrels 1,900
. Beef, . tcs. 610
Pork, barrels 130
- Lard, lbs. 178,375
Cheese, lbs. 132,012
- Wool ; bales 66
Besides these commodities, We perceive that in
the last three days of last week, fifteen thousand
barrels of flour were. purchased for exportation to
foreign countries, and about an equal quantity of l
rye flour. There is scarcely any product of our
fields and pastures which have not found a readier
and more profitable market on account of the new
and friendly relations of commerce which have
been established between our country and the coun
tries of Europe.: Instead of that "injury to the gen
'eral business of the country," which Mr. Clay pre.
diets, the new system is already producing im
p:lase benefit. i When our own more liberal.: tariff
goes into effect, the advantage of this exchange of,
benefits between nations, we may expect, will be
'still more apparent."
The Gazette says that "the election returns are
now all in from Maine. The majority against
Dana; Loco Candidate for Governor, is more than
5000 l The Whigs have a majority in the House,
and. hope to increase it." Our neighbor should
have told the whole truth, when he was at it.
According to the Portland Argus, Mr. Dana, the
Democratic candidate for Governor, leads his fede
ral competitor over 400 votes, and Bronson is be
hind, an election some 13,000 votes. Instead of
the Whigs havirig, the majority in the lionse, the
"Boston. Post of Thursday states that the Demo
crats have a majority. Although the
candidate for Governor is not elected, yet he has a
large majority over either his competitors, but not
over all. In Maine Massachusetts and ,per haps
some other 'States, a candidate must have a 'ma
jority over all opposition, before he is elected.
'this is manifestly unjust, causes a great deal of
trouble, and puts the tax-payers to no little expense.
The method adopted in this State is correct.
14 V 1
4 .
? t .id,:.:r s-.'gF~'9l" k' ~~"r ~~ra>w'aT.r : ~.~ ~t ~"~ "'7z~. -,~ <c~-^,t ...~y~s: ~,'A±T'i- - aa.~fua~.:~. ~`-
Pimping the Water out of Lake Iliehigan."
We recently saw, in an rasierp paper a state•
ment.tht engines, and other machinery, were be
ini,rniae in this city; for the purpose of pumping
suffieient water out of Lake Michigan to supply
the Min:ibis and 3lichigan CaLlill; as the subject was
hew to Os, wornade' inquiry concerning it, and
throUgh the kindness of a friend we were furnished
with infoimaticin which may interest the public.
The Illinois and Michigan Canal, which unites
Lake Michigan with the Misiissippi, is destined to
halve an 'important influence on the Commerce of
the West. It was originally intended to be deep
enough to float the larger class of vessels on the
. lkes, and to get its supply of water from the Lake
at Chicago, but the Cut-being found too expen
sive for the bond-holders, to whom the canal has
been conveyed, by a law of • the State of Illinois,
for a nuinber of years, the idea was abandoned i —
It was then determined to fetch in a feeder from
Fox Riorr., by a side Cut of some twenty-two
miles, which would have been carried into effect
had 'lathe owners of property along the line, and
on Fox River, by too much greediness to obtain
large coinpensation for their lands. forced the ofli
cers employed by the bond-holders to devise some
other male of obtaining a supply of water. A
gnestionwas started of the propriety of pumping
up the Haters of Lake Michigan at Chicago, to
supply some thirty-five miles of the upper level,
which is eight feet higher than the Lake. This
idea was a novel one; but after mature deliberation
by Capt. Swift, Agent for the Eurodean bond-hold
ers:and Mr. Gooding, Chief Engineer of the works,
and hiS assistants, it was adopted. The engines
and machinery have been ordered at the Fort Pitt
Works, in this city, and are as follows, to wit:—
Two steam engines, each with high pressure hori
zontal cylinder of 23 inch bore and 6 feet stroke,
and; six double-flue boilers, 42 inches in diameter
and 20 feet long; each engine to have four open
top single stroke punips, of 4/ feet bore and 6 feet
The canal is expected to be in operation by the
first day of July next, and one of the most
substantial au!! complete works of the 'kind in the
country; for which much credit is due to the very
efficient, scientific, and energetic Chief Engineer,
W. Gooding, Esq.
Had the "right of way" for a feeder been given
by the land holders along the Fox River at a fair
compensation, they would have had a canal -at
their doors, and their property would have advan
ced several hundred per cent. in value; but by their
avarice they have lost all, and no one pities them.
May not this be a warning to the land-holders near
this city who will not sign a release for the .right
of way" for the Railroad.- Some plan, similar in
effect: to that adopted by the distinguished Engi
neer of the M. and I. Canal, may be devised to
avoid; them and give the benefit of the road to their
more liberal neighbors.
It has been charged upon Mr. Hampton, the ;
federal candidate, for Congress, time and again, that I
he is :a Royal Arch Mason, and yet neither he or I
his friends for him dare to deny it!. The truth
loving and consistent Gazette has this man's name
at the head of its columns as the 4ntimason (!)
AND WHIG candidate I 0, temporal 0, Moses!
account of the Geography, History, Government,
Reiources, and Noted Citizens of the State7 , teith a
Map- of the State and each cuunty—for thCstst
of Schools. By THOMAS H. Bunnows, Phila
delphia. Uriah Hunt 4. Son, No. 44 Fourth st.,
Pittsburgh, for sale by McDonald 4. Beeson, IS.i6 •
. Here is an admirable work, which has Just been
issued from the press. Although intended for the
use of school's, its contents will recommend it to
every citizen of the State. Indeed, we predict that
no book issued from the press for the last ten
years will be more sought after than this. The
matter is carefully prepared and methodically ar
ranged, so as to make the work a standard book
of reference, and it should at once be introduced
into eery public school in the State
We are sorry to see that Mr. Burrows has fallen
into an error in regard to the population of Pitts
burgh. He sets it down at 21,115, when it is well
known that double that amount will be nearer cor-
THEATRP..—The Theatre on Saturday was bet
ter filled than we have seen it for some time. The
new drama: of the Artizan of Lyons was very well
received by the audience, so well, indeed, that the
manager intends repeating it this evening. Owtss
in the farce excited such laughter and applause as
is not often heard within those walls. This even
ing the Artizan of Lyons and another new drama,
entitled the Cricket on the Hearth, are the attrac
THE HARMON zoss.—The concert of these chaste
and excellent performers at the Odeon, was very
fashionably attended last night, and we were right
glad of it, for a more deserving and gentlemanly
company of performers have not visited our city
foi some time. They give another concert this
evening, and we would advise those wishing to
spend an evening agreeably to attend by all means
—the price of admission is only 25 cents.
TAR] rs.—The Lowell Courier reports that the new
Mill is just about being completed in that place,
which will contain 200 looms—The new Hamil
ton Mill is last going up and is calculated for 20,
000 spindles, the new Mill on the Merimack will
run GOO looms, the new Prescott Mills are nearly
ready for operation, the new mill on the Concord
river is also progressing, and there are several
smaller establishments under way and about to be
started'in 'hat vicinity—all the effects of that hor
rible new Tariff.
—The increase of the price of Wheat and Corn,
caused by the abrogation of the oppressive corn
laws of Great Britain, (says the'Baltimore Sun,) if
calculated on the entire produce of this country for
the year 1846, supposing the produce of those
grains to be no greater than the estimated yield for
1845, will amount to the enormous sum of $42,-
443,700! That is to say, the wheat and corn rais
ed in the United States the present year are worth
about forty-tun and a half million of dollars more
than they were before the recent rise of price—and
the recent rise is clearly attributed to the demand
for breadstuff's in Englanc: and Ireland. So much
for the removal of one of the arbitrary restrictions
of trade, which shut out the abundant supplies of
the farmers of this country, to the injury of the
starving millions of Europe, that the few landhold
ers there might live in affluence. is Paz ess.---The Journal of Com
itie'ree says the downward tendency of the prices Of
doniestics has been arrested, and the current turn
ed the other way. Prlnting cloths, sheetings, and
other heavy goods, hate absolutely risen within a
}reek very decidedly.—Some of the manufacturers,
attribute the decline of prices in their'goods, in no
small degree, to the political croakers; and have
ceased to be pleased with.prognoStications of Iruin.
Moses Hampton a Mason.
-- ,f.
copy with pleasure, from thellis tyrie Gazette, the
following recommendation Of Mr. Fleming's new
system of book-keeping, Which has iott beeriitsued
hy-Messrs. McDonald-and' Beesoni of this city.—
Gazltte, says, "theigentletkm who have igned
it are,'from the natui4 of thiir pursuits in life ,
abundantly`quai.ified to .estimate the value Of any
system of Book-Keeliing; and their emphatic testi
inony in fayor of Mr. Fleming's system cannot fail
to commend it to public regani."
To the Editors of the Erie Gazette.
GENTLxxsx:—The undersigned have recently
had an opportunity of examining the National Sys
tem of Book-keeping, byJOl-1:9 FLEMING, Pittsburgh.
We are highly'pleased with-its arrangement. The
easy manner in which Doable entry is taught in
this work recommends itself to the Retail as well
as the Wholesale business.. The method of keep
ing steamboat accounts, in particular, is worthy the
attention of all those engaged in that business.—,
For brevity, simplicity and accuracy, we consider
Mr. Fleming's Book•keeping superior to any other
system with which we are acquainted, and would,
therefore, 'most cheerfully recommend it to:Teach
ers,,Merchants, Mechanics and Accountants, as a
work well worthy their attention.. We understand
that a second edition is now about being,published,
which will be forwarded to'this place for sale.
Yours, &c., A. W. BREWSTER,
Erie, Sept. - 23, IS-16. -
We are glad to learn that, such measures are
now in progress as will probably ensure the speedy
.formation - of at least a tri weekly line of packets•
between Louisville and Pittsburgh. No one doubts
the necessity of such a line, and it now only requires
the co-operation of our business-men and mechan
ics to put it in successful progress. Self-preserva
tion is the first law of nature, and acting on that
principle, we have no doubt the requisite assistance
will be cheerfully given by our fellow citizens.
It has been ascertained that the sum of $12,000
will purchase a sufficient interest in four good boats
to secure their permanent continuance iu the pro
posed line. This sum it is desireg to be raised by
stock subscription in shares of $3O each, the amount
to be placed in the hands of a committee of res
pectable merchants, who will see it properly in
vested. It will be so arranged that in no case will
the stockholders be responsible or accountable for'
any torsos. It will only require 240 shares to be
subscribed for to put the line in speedy operation.
The shares we doubt not will be taken without de
cic•The above article is copied from the Louis
ville Courier of the 23d inst. We trust our business
men will give the subject that attention its impor.
tance demands. There is now in operation a dai
ly line of steam boats plying between this city and
Cincinnati, but there is no regular line to either
Louisville or Saint Louis. This frequently proves
very annoying to business men and the travelling
MURDEIL AT TUE Aursn.—At a camp meeting
near Memphis, Tenn., Mr. Winston Goldsby was
seated at the alter at which the congregation were
engaged in religious services, when a man named
Forbes approached-and inflicted a fatal stab, with.
out giving notice of his purpose. Goldsby was
about 21 years old. There was an old grudge be,
twcen him and Forbes, who is now in prison.
GEN. Sill cLus —jas. Shields' recently Copimis-,
sioner of the General Land Office, haying been ap
pointed a Brigadier General in the United States
Service, was charged by some of Whig papers, with
pocketing the pay for both stations. The Union
of Thursday has an article on the subject, in which
.we find the following, which nails to , the counter
another base coinage of Whiggery:—
- 'ALTOS, li.l.lsuts, July IS, BAC,.
'Stu: !laving receir(xl and accepted my com
mission of brigadier general in the service of tha
United States hereby tender my resignation as
Cornissioner of the General Land Oflice.
have the honor to be your excellency'g obe
dent servant, JAS. SHIELDS,
"The PrEs: DENT."
DCEL.-A duel with pistols came off opposite
New Orleans, on the lith inst., between an Italian
and a Frenchman. both traders qn the river, which
resulted in the Italian being shot through the head
at the fire. The parties concerned in this affair
hare fled.
FEMALE TI4EvLs.Two females, one 1•t and
the other IS years 01 age, have been arrested in
:New York, charged %vith committing a number of
From Mexico
Review of Passing Events—Gracia! Joy of the Peo
ple on hearing of Santa - Anna's .drrival—Adrunre
of OM' 4riny—Hopcs of the .Idhcsion <f neritaa
to the cause of Santa Jana—Proclamation of (lie
Constitution of 1521—✓ldd r ess of Santa Anna to
the troops of Vera C'ritz and Ain Juan de Pon
We received by the barque Tacio, arrived yes
terday from Havana. says the New Orleans Delta,
of the 18th, a full file of El Indirador, the Vera
Cruz Journal, for the month of August. We find
nothing in them but what our readers have heard
by the late arrivals at this port and Pensacola.
The several numbers Of this paper are principally
filled with the arias and Pronunriamicatos of the
different departments and principal cities, which
are but stereotyped copies of similar documents
seen by our readers, and likewise the first five arti
cles of the plan of Guadalajara
Accounts had been received at Vara Cruz on the
2d August, that a detachment of 8000 American
troops were on their march from Camargo to Mon.
terey. The editor of El Indirador earnestly urges
the necessity of opposing their advance. Robbery
and ruin, he alleges, wilt folloW their steps, which
he asserts are the main object of the invasion.
This paper advocates strongly the cause of Santa
Anna, and Mates up General Parades "like fury. -
The National Theatre, which was, when built,
called the Santa Anna Theatre, and which was,
when he was driven from power, dubbed the Na
tional Theatre, has returned to itsrfirst love, and a
large line marble stone, with brilliant gold letters,
apprises the inhabitants of Mexico, once more,
that it is the Santa Anna Theatre.
Gen. Santa Anna, after attending a splendid din
ner, given him at the Palace of Vera Cruz, on the
17th, proceeded on the 18th to his estate of Enccro,
accompanied by his family and many friends. He
was expected to remain there a week or ten days,
and then proceed to the Capital.
Public festivals were held'in the city of Mexico,
and salutes were fired during all the day, on the re
ception of the news that Santa Anna had arrived
at Vera Cruz.
On the 23d, it was rumored in the city of Mex
ico, that about a week after that date, public proc
lamation would be made, declaring the federal con
stitution of 182.1 in operation until ratified or atten
ded by Congress.
Strong hopes were entertained in Vera Cruz,
about the 28th August, that Campeachy would
pronounce in favor of Santa Anna, and as a conse
quence, that Yucatan would again voluntarily join
the confederation.
El Indicado• states that it is very possible that
Gen. Paredes will be ordered to change his prison
of Perote for that of San Joan de Ulua, and that he
will leave the castle for dome foreign country.—
Senora Paredes had been several times permitted
to visit her husband at his prison, and the papers
from the capital state that he is much pleased with
the treatment he has received.
By:the latest dates, we are informed that Don
Francisco M. Olaguibel, an eminent lawyer, had
been appointed Governor of the State of Mexico,
instead of Senor Gomez de la Cortina. -
We give below Santa Anna's proclamation to
the troops of San Juan de Ulna:
Brethren in 4nnsl—Your generous call having
reached me in my exile, I could no -longer be in
differentto it, seeino• ' that it was but an echo of
the solicitations- made for my return from other
departments. It were imposiible for me not to
watch with solicitude the calamities that have been
,A k Nklw,MlM.up„m=ex N ta l
crowding on our unfortunate country—l could not
but feel an absorbing ifiteieg• fn . the progress of
the national conflict -in Audi .she is :engaged.—
Youi.,conduct, brethren in arms has-been noble—
pathetic. /13y declaring in . favor of the :plan of
, Guadalajara, you have rendered an important ser
vice! to the, nation, Foi this - the - nation; will not
forget your nor suffer, your saciifides to:be forgot
, ten in ttte shade of oblivion. ! •
The joy which I feel, My frientls'in.futb, f; my
self once moWamong you; istinbolinded; and•when
I see you; as I'd° with the strongest feelings of
enthusiasm devoted to the service of our common
country, my satisfaction is, unbounded.' Relying
on your patriotism and virtue, I hurried to join you
as soon as it was posSible for me to do so; and I
am now hero for the purpoie of co-operating with
yon in working out the salvation of the Republic
—rescuing it from impending ruin, and raising it
from the ignominous position to which it has been
reduced by treason and imbecility. The cause
which we' are about to espouse is a just:one—aye,
a just one. It exacts from the devoted sons of the
Mexican nation, great and hisroic sacrifiCes.. Nev
er, perhaps, before have we brandished our swords
in a cause more noble. True, everything i is des
troyed, but we, with the proper Spirit, land aided
by the Mexican people, can everything recreate.—
Let us then to our duty, a labor incessantly till we
raise the Republic from the abject pOsition in whirls,
at this moment, it finds itself on account of the in
famous conduct of those against Whom, you have
raised theicry of indignation—who, without legal
right or recognized mission, usurped the national
Finally, we will, by our joint efforts, contribute
to fix at once the destines of the nation.
Soldieri of thellepublic! a proud and a noble
sentimentlanimated me when the happiness was
mine to lead you to the battle-field against the for
eign enemies of our country. With feelings simi
lar I appear again at this moment, to defend the
sacred rights of nationality. We-will Cause our
insulted eagles to rise victorious in the midst of
the combat: the nation ishall be tenfold Vindicated
for the nurnerous - outrages she has sustained ; and
we shall exact for her that respect which of right
she merit's. In this enterprizc, brother soldiers,
the glory that-a Waits us is immense! Be then as
you have always been—brave, subordinate, patient.
And, doubt it not, the mission which Providence
has assigned,- us, we will consummate! with the
happiest success.
Heroic Vera Cruz, IGth Aug, 184
i '°
Fire In Cleveland.
The Merchants' HIM and the Block adjoin ii Burned.
The Plain Dealer of Thursday say: The alarm
was given about 7 o'clock last evening.' The fire
was first. Seen bursting through the roof, in about
the centre of the two story building adjnining the
Merchant's.' Hotel. Almost immediately it com
municated itself with the Merchants', and, as both
buildings ;Were wood, their roofs were alt in a blaze,
even before our energetic and prompt Fire Depart
ment could get at work. With "great difficulty,
and only by pouring a flood of water upOn it, was
the lire arrested. The Hotel building maybe worth
repairing, though it is - doubtful; the other building
was almost wholly consumed. They Iware the 1
property Of S. S. Stone, and were insured as fol
lows: The Merchants' Hotel Ayr sl o oo,in the N.
Y. Equitable Insurance Company, Ai. F; Brayton,
Agent; for $3OOO in the N. V. :Mutual Safety In
Company; Lorence & Wright, Agents, and
IS MO each in the Xtna and Protection Insurance
Companids, of Hartford, Ct., C. C. Carltdn; Agent,
J. A. White, of the Merchants, was insured upon
his fu mitiiie for $2500, with the Hartford Insurance
Company, E. F. Gaylord, Agent, and $2,1)00 with
the Willianisburgh Fire Insurance Company, M.
B. Scott, Agent.
The insurance upon the other buildings was
with the Mutual Safely ; and s'2oOff with the
..F.tna. There sere stores in this buit4ing—fire
of which were occupied—besides the Canal Col
lector's Office. Mr, Wells; fruiter and confection
, ir, was insured, we understand, tar $:2.50 in the Pro
tection; Mr. Hagerling's tailoring and clothing shop,
and M. 'Monroe's. tin shop we cannot learn were
! insured at all. H. Kramer upon his stock of dry
1 goods and clothing Was insured in the !..lltna for
$ . 2000. J. B. Within: WiS insured in the PrOtec-
Con for $60U..7 '
'llle goods and funiiture were nearly; all saved,
and it is supposed that ttig insurance will;abundant
ly- cover tlig,lpsses.
Worms cannot exidiin the System, if a liberal nee
be made of the Clickher Sugar coated . N . e.getable
Purgative Pills. They not only destroy the worms
but thoroughly cleanie the stomach and bowels
of the mucus or slymy substance which supports
them. Their operation is so g.entle, that they
may be administered to children of the most ten
der age without prodnicing those injurious effects
upon the general health, which have always con
stituted the most serious objection to N"ermifuges.
Their metallic base is generally so violOt in its
operation, that the system seldom recoir - ers from
the shock until the patiegt has arrived at the years
of maturity or actually outgrown it. We know
sei era' at this moment %%lose constitutional v igor
has been so completely paralysed by tire injudicious
administration of metallic Verrnifugei while
young, that they arc almost totally unfitted for
the transaction of ordinary business. The Click
ner Sugar-coated Vegetable Pills, on the. contrary.
have never been known to leave any injurious a
reas behind them. They rather none to invigo
fate the system, and render it proof against the
roost inveterate ailments.
SEAL' by Wm. Jackson, cornesmf Wood and Lib
erty streets, who is general Agent for Dr. Clicke
ner's Pills in Pittsburgh and vicinity.
Brazier's Bellows.
T UST received an assortment, large sizea,Brazici's
Hand Bellows; also, Parlour and K.ltchen, do.
Wholesale mid hetet!, JOHN W. BLAIR,
sepd9. 120 Wood St.
Fresh Baltimore Oysters'.
r IIfE SLIBTRIBER has and will receive daily,
1 Fresh Oiisters and Sardines, which lie will sell
by the can, fialf can or doz. 11. LANDWII
bep29-3td.' White Swan house, Market st.
Fall and Winter Dry Goode.
No. 62; Market Street, Simpson's Row,
11 A F S 0
r rzc g e n i v a e n r d l , I s 2 t3
p c l a e se D s ry a G n d o itz
whic e h
h o a r y
o C h b e e z
recently purchased at ruinous low prices in the east
ern markets, and will be sold at extremely low rates.
%We name impart:
Splendid shaded Pekin and other styles dregs silks;
black and blue black Gro de Mines, Poult du Sole,
and Gro de Swiss; new style French cashmeres;
Muss de Loins; new style cashmere robes; Oregon
and California Plaids; new style Ginghanis, superior
quality; Alpaccas and Apices.
French Cashmere, Terkerri Printed, very rich;
Zephyr Worsted, Brocha, Damask, Thibet, Merino,
Woolen and other shawls. •
•-L4ncn Cambric handkerchiefs, all prices; Ilem
Stitched and Revere Bordered Hdkfin Irish Linens in
great variety; Linen Shootings; Damask Table Cloths
and Table Damask; Bird's Eye, Scotch and Hucker
buck Diapers; Brown 'fable Covors, Damask Nap
kins, Crash, &c.
New styles of Prints, of all qualities, one case as
low as - 4 cts.; one case Orange and Blue, slightly im
perfect, 61 cents; good dark Prints, fast colors, as
low as 7 cents; fine dark blue do. 9 cents; very rich
do. for 10 and 12 cents, usual price 18 and 20 cents;
sixteen bales brown Mullins, every quality, at factory
prices. Kentucky Jeans for 20 cents. Cassinctts as
low as 28 cents. Canton Flannels 9 cents. Also,
tickings, flannels, stripes, checks, blankets, counter
panes, plaid honeys, bleached goods of every variety;
one case Nankeen as low as 9 cents per yard.
Black, blue, olive, brown, drab, French, English,
and American Cloths, front $2 to 88 per yard. Sup.
black and fancy Cassixneres; all prices. Satin, Velvet,
Cashmere and Silk Vestinp. A full stock of gloves,
handkerchiefs, cravats, -hosiery, undershirts, draw
Cash purchasers are respectfully invited to call and
examine our assortment ti fore making their selec
tions. Selling exclusively for cash, we feel confident
that we can Mier greater inducements to bUyers than
those who practice the credit system.
sepn A. A. MASON.
Blankets I Blankets !!
ECEIVED THIS DAY, at No. 46-100 Plain
JR, Superior Twilled Blankets, Country made, a
beautiful article.
AJso,Fancy bound, in &eat variety, all of which
are selling at 25 to 30 per 'et. reduced prices, at
scp2B No. 46 141.tket St.
- -
Prices of, : .
First Tier;' 50 cent?. Second Tier, 37k cents
Third :c,20 cc • j Pit, i 25 "
; PRIVATE Doi, 75 cts. ;
77..T.E`SD.A.k EVENING; SERV:2O, 1846,
Will be slated a new, drama p"sititled,the
TO corielitde with the new drama of the
In preparation—the new play written by the Rev.
James White, called the "KING OF TIM. COMMONS."
Also, Victor Ilugo , s celebrated drama of "Lucxenn
Doors to open at 7, performance to commence at
7: precisely. sept 29
No Cure No Pay
ELLERS> LIVER . PILLS...--These celebrated
1...) pills claim public confidence not only On account
of what the proprietor may say about them, but on
account of the good resulting from their use. Read
the following statement from a citizen of Birming
Blrunirrelinu, June 24th; 1846
Me. R. E. SELLERS:-/ take this opportunity of
. in favor of your invaluable medicine. A
bout two years ago I was taken down With a severe
indentation of the liver, and was so recluced,by night
sweats and other effects of this dreadful ditieas'e,thet
my life was despaired of. After other means had
failed, I was advised by my physician to try , your
Liver Pills ' and I must say that after taking one box
and a half,l have been restored to reasonable health,
which I enjoy at this time. I therefore take pleas - tire
in recommending them fb others afflicted with die
ease of the liver. Yours respectfully,
These Pills stand unequaled by any 'medicine
known for the cure of liver complaint, and, may be
had of the proprietor, R. E. SELLERS, 57 Wood st.,
Pittsburgh. sep:l9
CiOFFEE-270 bags Super Riu Coffee, now landing
j and for sale low by
l i fr d Er r ,-- 531 2 :
by barrels Whiting now landing
PIPPED LOGWOOD-20 bbls..Chipped Logwood
I L , now landing and for sale by
-10 baskets quarts, /
"P. A. Mormon & Co."
10 as pints,
Champagne Wine now landing and for sale by
A _
TIRINCIPEE CIGARS-40 M "T. Barrio's" brand
Principec Cigars, in store and for sale by .
rpANNER , S OIL-15 Barrels Tanners Oil, just re
ceivetl and for sale by
CIRAB CIDER-10 Barrels Economy Crab Cider,
k_,/ just received and for sale by
Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad.
BOOKS will be opened for receiving subscriptions
to the capital stock of the "Cleveland and Pitts
burgh Railroad Company," at the office ofJ.' W. ROB
ERTSON & Co., corner of Wood and Third streets,
on Wednesday the 30th September, the books will
remain open from 9 o'clock, A. M., until 5 o'clock,.
P. M., of said day, and also during the same hours
on Thursday and Friday following. Several of the
Directors will be in attendance during the three days
above stated, and they hope to receive liberal sub
scriptions from the citizens oePitts.
By order of the Board of Directors,
Pittsburgh, Sept. 28, 1846i.,1wd.
Choice Building Lots, for Sale or tO'Lease.
1:10UR Building Lots on. Grant street nearly oppo
-12 site the new Court House, each 20 feet front,
and extending 85 feet back to a 10 feet alley.
Also, four Building Lots on Fourth st., between
Cherry alley and Grant srcet, each 21 feet 6 inches
front, (including the privilege of a 3 feet alley,) and
running back 110 feet to an alley of 20 feet hfwidth.
An indisputable title can be given for the above
desirable property, which will be sold on, the most
accommodating terms, or let on perpetual
,lease at a
moderate ground rent. For particulars, apply to
Corner of Wood and Second streets;
sop 21-Iw. Bakewell's Law Buildlugs, Grant st.
t_ tr : l tsi N r C s COUGHJ E E ' S xCipl t E O C I T J
I..Nr O P A
w about exception, the most valuable prepartion to
use for the ahove diseases. It converts 1100 PING
COUGH into a mild and tractable disease, nnd ulna
tens its duration more than one-half, and !produces
a certain and speedy recovery. From hilt - to one
tea spoon full will certainly cure the CROUP in in
fants and young children in half an hones time.—
The lives of hundreds of children will he saved an
nually, by keeping it always on hand ready for eve
ry emergency. Prepared at No. 8, South Third
Street, Philadelphia.
For sale in Pittsburgh at the PEKIN TEASTORE,
72 Fourth street, near Wood, and also at. the Drug
Store.of 11. P. Schwartz, Federal street, Allegheny
City. scp 23.
I_ persons labor under the mistaken, idea that
Goitre (an enlargement on the throat,(:produeing
great deformity, and often death from pressure on
the wind-pipe and large blood-vessels,) is incurable.
This is a very great mistake. This disease, as well .
as SCROFULA, are eradicated from the system by that
pleasant, yet powerful medicine, JAY E'S ALTERA-
Tire. It is as certain to cure when properly used,
as that the sun gives light and heat. All iS wanted
is a fair trial of its virtues,
and the tuirtor will begin
to diminish in size, and gradually become smaller and
smaller until it entirely disappears. Prepared at No.
8 South Timm street, Philadelphia.
Forsale in Pittsburgh at the PEKIN TEA STORE,
72 Fourth street, near \Vood, and also at the Drug
Store of H. P. Schwartz, Federal street, Allegheny
City. sdp 23.
rb, THE STAUNCH low pressure,
~.„..4 . 4 4. 4 54 ship built StCam Packet, JULIA
having been put in complete condition fur sea, will
run upon Lake Superior during the season, commence
ing 3d August, between the Sault de St. Marie and
the various ports, as business may warrant. The
J. P. is well furnished in every particular, and is as,
line a heavy weather vessel as any ship that floats
the seas. Has good upper cabin, state rooms and
family saloons, as also single berths, ladies cabin
and steerage cabin. All well ventilated, and will
accommodate 100 cabin passengers. Freight in large
quantities can be stowed under decks. Parties with
or. without freight will be accommodated at the vari
ous landings upon the British and American sides
of the lake.
[o' One or two voyages will be made to La Pontei
during the Indian payments, and two pleasure voy
ages will be made entirely around the lake coast
wise, during August and September, giving to plea
sure travel an opportunity of enjoying the most de
lightful, unique and interesting scenery in the known
world. State rooms or single berths can be secured
in advance by addressing
W. F. PORTER TAYLOR,Managing owner,
Sault de Ste Marie, Michigan.
July, 1843. L jys2o-;3ta&3m
N. B. Property consigned to W. F: Porter Taylor
will meet with immediate despatch as ordered.
J. Crawford, M. D.
RESPTCTFULLY tenders his services tO the citi
, tens of Pittsburgh and .vicinity. Office, St y
Clair street, opposite the Exchange Hoteli
septl9-43tn ;
James Blakely, AldermaMl
OFFICE on Penn st., opposite D. Leech&
packet line office. Office hours from o'clock
A.,11.1., to S o'clock P., M.
Books for Ladles.
4 - RS. SIGOURNEY'S Letters to young ladies;
AIL Miss Jewsburg's Letters to the young;
Miss Chapone's Letters; I
Knapp's Female Biography;
Miss Leslie's Pencil Sketches;
Mrs. Shelley's eminent French Writers;
• The Life of Woman;
Mrs. Ellis's Prose Writings;
" Irish Girl;
The Sinless Child, by Mrs. Seba Smith;
Poems of Lucretia M. Davidson;
Library of Female Poets;
L. E. L. Complete;
Bridnka Drapers Writings, &c., &c.
For sale by IL S. BOSWORTH& Co
seplfi No. 43 Maiket st
,_ .
'RHODES &ALCORN, (Late olNew York city,)-
No. 27 Fifth st., between WOod 'and Market,
Manufacturers of Mustard; Ground Spines, Catnips,
Class Books. N 1 &c., &c., will Open dining the present week a large
UTHORS—Virgil, Horace, Cicero, Cxsar, Sal- assortment of articlesin their line, which, they will
J lust, Homer, Latin Lessons Prose Composition, wholesale in (01).1E1On:es to suit dealerS, at Eastern
and Latin Versification, Graca Majora, Minota, Ho: olesale prices. All articles thern,warran
race and Virgil Delphina, Greek and Latin Leri. ted.' Merchants intending to'go east would - do well
cons and Grammars, 4 , c. • j
For sale by H. S. BOSWORTH &. co., - , at their warehtntse . No. 27 Fifth street, in-Ryan's
seple , 44 Market street. - Building. - ; sep.
.. i.V. tX... - _ ~. ~ _ ~r.. _ shi 1'
1 -
IV 4,AEADING, N. 64. Memoiiii and Essays, il
lustrative' of-Art;-Litcraturo and Social Morale, by
10 Jameson,
No. 65 and:66. Travels in Italy, Spain and f orta
61+ ' with 'ati - excurtion to Alcobeca,larid-Batallif, by
No. 67 and 68. dlochelaga or England in the New
W!drld, edited_ by Eliot Warburton,: Esq., author Of
theiCresce4t and the Cross. • ' I
Wiley_. and Putnam's Library of iiMericati Bdoks,
Not 17 and IS. Mosses from an Old Maiise,"by Na-
thaniel Hawthorn.
Altowan, or incidents of Life andlAdventure bathe'
thellocky Mountains by an Amateur Traveller, edi
ted:by J. Watson Webb... • -
Lectures to Women on Anatomy and Physiology,
with an appendix on Water Cure, by Mary S. Grove.
Greek-English Lexicon, by Henry George Liddell,
M. A., late Student of Christ's Church, and now Head
of Westminster, School, , -and Robert Scott, A. M.,
with corrections and additions, and the insertion in
alphabetical order of the proper names occurring in
the!principal Greek Authors, by Henry Drisher, M.
A., Adjunct Professor of, the Greek and ;atilt Lan
guages in Columbia College, New York.
The Trees of America, Native and Foreign; Picto
rially and Botanically Delineated, SCientifically and
popnlarly described, and•illuatiated by numerous en
gravings, by D. J. Browne, author of the Silva Amer
icaria. •
. .
. . • ..
Leontine, or the Court of Louis the Fifteenth, by
Mrs. Moberly, author of "Meloathe," " Emily,"
" The. Love Match," &c:' ,
The Statesmen of the Commonwealth of England,
N0.!4. 1
Living Age, N 0.122: . .
• Shakspeare, No. 109, 110,1 . 11 and 112.
Chamber's Information for the People, No- 3. .
Ellen: Munroe, •a sequel to the Life in London.
The above - along with a numerous selection of
choice works just received :and for sale at COOK'S
Literary Depot, 8.5 Fourth street. sep2B.
rimEAßmo NEON S have the hopor to announce
to the Ladies and Gentlemen of Pittsburgh, that,
in compliance with numerous solicitations, they will
give a Series of' four: -
Grand Illngdeal
MandaY, Tuesday ~Wednesday and Thursday nights,
Sept.'2B, 29, 30, and October Ist, 1846.
'With charrre or FrOgramme nightly.
DoorS open at 7 . * 'To commence at 71- o'clock,
Private seats may be secured: on application:at the
between two and tliree o'clock each day.
sep26ilst '
Book, exhibiting the public and private life of
the most celebrated.Mcdical Men of former days,
with Memoirs of eminent living London Physicians.
For sale by H. S. 130SWORTH & CO., _
sep26 ',No. 43 Market street.
Thinks I to Myself;
Irving's Sketeh Book;
The Neighbors; •
,The Koran. ' :For sale by
sep26 : No. 43 Market street
;•• Bead Bag
OHThursdarafternobn, on Penn street, between
Maubury and Hay, or on Hay between Penn and
Liberty, Steel Bea/1110g. 1 I
The finder will be suitably rewarded by leafing
it at the office of the, Post. .; sep2s.
Tobacco, gbuff and.Clgar Store,
JUST RECEIVED, very choice ;lot of manufac
hired Tobacco, orVarioushrands- among which
. L;
are, I ;
Branch's Aromatic ilavendish;
Peyton"s Honey DeV Fives;
James Thomas', Jr.i'NectarLeaf;
John Ender's Honey i Dew Ladies' Twist;
Lawre Loftier Balt lore Plug; .
Also, a very fine lot f Cuba filler Leaf, which will
be sold in small or la „, ' quantities.
Toget ter with evertariety of Cigar's, which will
he-sold wholesale or. re il. .
sep2.s-411m 1 i JACOB M'COLLISTER.
Book anil Job Printing Office,
Jrproprietor of the Morning ' Post and Mer
curg Manufacturer respectfully informs his
friends and the patrons of these T r oopers, - that he
has a large and well chosen assortment of • -
Necessary to a Joh Printing Office, and that he
is prepared to execute
Books, Bills of ILadind, Circulars,
Pamphlets, Bill Bea4e, ' Cards,
Handbills, Blank Checks, Hat Tips. -
All kinds of Blanks, Stage, teanthaat and Canal
Boat Bills with.appropriate cuts, printed on the short
est notice and most reasonable terms.
- iespectfully asks the patronage of his friends,
and the public in rencrO k
, in this branch of his bus
ness. (sept 22) .1 L. HARPER.
State Bookof Pennsylvania.
. ,
TATE, 1300 K OF 'PENNS2'LVANIA, containing
an account of the Geography, History, Govern
ment; Resources, and Noted Citizens of the State,
with a Map of the State and of each County. For
the use of Schools. By Thomas H. Burrows.
For sale by LUKE. LOOMIS, Agent.
scieTO L . (Journal copy.)
Assignees , Sale of Dry Goods.
.8:3. ' Market Street. 83.
9111 E Assignees , of B. E. Constable are now• sell
ing Mr his entire stock of Dry Goods, consisting
of Shawls, Silks, Hosiery, Linens, Cloths: Laces,
Cassimeres, Mous. de Laines, White Goods, Eke.
T ARD, 100 kegs, No. 1, Lard on consignment;
Li And for sale by F. SELLERS.
sepat No. 17, Liberty street
I.I,GAR HOUSE MOLLASSES.-6 Ws. , Goodals, ,
I,D S. H. Molasses, in store and for sale by
. Sundries.
sTiereeefresh Rice;
1.1 bhls, Conklin improved Lard Oil; '
1 0,000 bs. Bacon, Shoulders. On hand and
for sale by P. SELLERS.
No. 17, Liberty street.
Fine Building Lots In. the Fifth• Ward
at .Auction.
A T 3 o'clortk, P. M., on Saturday the 3d day of
1-1 October next, on the premises, will be sold
without reserve,
Eight Lots, fronting on Penn street, opposite Dr.
Shoenberger's; the corner Lot on Adams street being
22,1 feet by 100, the others 20 feet front by 100 back
to Spring alley.
Also, five Lots, fronting on Liberty street, oppo
site the new Catholic church, each 20 feet by 160
back to Quarry street, with several frame buildings
thereon. Title indisputable.
Terms—l- Cash or an approvlod endorsed note at
4 months with interest, and thelresidue inefhree
nual payments with interest. tor' further informa
tion apply to Michael Allen or James S. Craft.
JOHN D. DAVIS, Aunt 7 r.
T) EFINED BORAX-1 Case, just received and for
It, sale by . • ._ _
Tip EFINED CAMPHOR-1 Barrel, just received
and for silo low for cash.
sep23 ' HAYS & BROCKWAY.
CASTOR 014,-1 Bbl., for sale by
SPANISH Bbls.,just - reoeived and
for sale by, •
COPPERAS -20 Bbls., for sale low_by
(ALIKE 01L4-1 Bbl, for sale by
QLUR-4 fot sale by
BUTLER'S Nerve and Bone Linemont 5 Grote,
just received and for sale by i
adj)2 . 3 HAYS Ez
0 . PR. TURPENTINE-5 Able, for .ea.le by
rep 23 ' t HAYS & BROCKAVA.Y
E SSENSES-10 Gross, for sale by
sep23 N 0.2, Commercial Rovr,7l..ibarty st.
1 000 Wanted, for'Cash. -
LB . 'S coarse bagging in large pieces, for
which I will pay 11 cents per poun'd, de
livered at my store S 1 Wood street, or Mikity rag room
in Virgin Alley, betweeki Wood and SMithfield.
sep2l 81 Wood street.
- -
. ,E,
. .
Philadelpltiaks ...par
Pittslaurgii.:••• • • •• • •pai
Lancaster,. par
Chester county.......par
Delaware .c - ounty.....pai
Montgomery county... par
Northumberland .....par
Columbia Blidge Co ..par
Doylestown par
Reading . . ......par
Bucks county par
Pottsville par
U: States Bank ......28d
BroWnsville .ld
Washington.— .. . .. id
All other. scdvent bks.2d
Lewistown 8ank,....20d
Mer & Man. bk. Pitt , b. par
State Scrip 1
City and County .... .
Lancaster 10d
Hamilton 15d
Granville . .. .45d
Farmers , 13k Centon.. 25(31
Urbana . .. 40d'
All Solvent Bank:v.—Lid
State Ilk Fa branches..ll6
" serip,6 8; 6 p c.. ppm
All solvent 8ink5....1-1d
Eastern 8ank5.....: .
Wheeling ld
del branches ...... I id
Br'ch at Morgantown...ld
1 8 4 , 6 #
BLIKELY ,S• MITCHEL, .11gents.
JEUITTANCES to, and: Passage to and from
Gieat Britain and Ireland, by the Black Ball, or
old Line of Liverpool Packets. Sailing from •New
York and Liverpool on the Ist and 16t1i-of every
month,. And by first class Ameriean Ships [Sailing'
Weekly.] ' -
Persons sending to the "Old Country" for their
friends; can make the necessary arrangements with
the subscribers, and have them brought out in any' of
the eight:ships comprising the Black Ball or Old Line'
of Liverpool Packets; (sailing front Liverpool on the
Ist and 16th of every month,) also by firitelass ships,
sailing - from that port weekly, which our Agents,,
Messrs.lames D. Roche & Co., there will send out'
without delay.
Should those sent for not come out the money will
be refunded without any deduction.
- The "Black Ball, or old Line of Liverpool Packd
eta," comprise the following magnificent ships, and
will sail from Liverpool on their regular appoints
day, as follows:
Fidelia, . On Ist Jan Ist May. Ist Sept..
Eurepe, 16th " 16th " 16th "
Nevv York, , . Ist Feb. Ist June. Ist Oct.
American, -16th - " 16th <" 16th "
Yorkshire,........ Ist Mar: ;-Ist July.; Ist Nov.
Cambridge,— ..... 16th " 16th " 16th Dec.
Oxford Ist April. Ist Aug. Ist "
Montezuma, 16th " 16th " 16th, "
Notice.--It is well known, that -the Black Ball is
the very best conveyance for persoristo get out their
friends, and as other passenger agents advertise to
bring out passengers by that Line, the public are re-
spectfully notified by'the owners that no passenger
agents, hut Roche, Brothers 8: Co., • and Blakely &
Mitchel, are authorized to advertise and tobring out
passengers by that Line.
We have at all times for the Drafts
,at Sight for any
amount, direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dub.
lin. Also on Messrs. Piescottt, Grote; Ames & Co.,
Bankers, London, which are paid free of discount, or
any charge ' whatever, in all the . principal towns
throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Apply to, or address, if by Letter, (post paid.)
No. 35,Pulton street New York.
(Next door to the Fulton , Bank.:
No. 75 Dublin street, Liverpool.
Penn street, and Smithfield et,
Or to
AFURTHER supply of the above just received
and for sale at manufacturers prices, by
.sep26 No. 26 Wood street.:
VINEGAIt-10 bbls._CitleOlinegtu7
. ' 2 " Wine " for sale by
22. J. D. WILI.L.A.MS & I.loWood st.
scp. z,
.11.AMS-75 Prime Family Hama, for sale by
J. -D. WILLIAMS & Co.,
110 Wood at.
LASS—IOO boxes 6-8, 7-9,3-19,9-12, 10-22, and
Ur 10-14; for sale by
aep. 22. J. D. WILLIAMS 8:.C0., 110 Wood at,
B ROOMS -50 do a Poorer r. Poeeroys
4 ; ‘,
50 Common;
In store and for sale-by
sep. 22. .1.11. 'WILLIAMS & Co
b,a,g !=to r; ;
50 ," Cassia;
2 bbls. Ground Pepper;
1 ca 6, Alspice; -
2 ~ " Ginger;
10 canisters Cassia;
5 4, ClovesL
1 keg Nutmegs; for sale by
sep. 22. J. D. WILLIAMS & Co., 110 Wood st
IANDLES, . 6 boxes. Sperm Candles.
k_,/ 10 Star do. . .
5 U. Summer mould do.
5 44 Dripped do.
No. 110 Wood street.
For sale by
SV.NDRIES, 10 Bble. Chipped Logwood.
- 5 " Ground Carnwood. •
• 3 " No. 1 Herring.
2 " ..Trira>d Shad. 4 , •
20 " No. I and 3 Mackerel.
3 " No. 1 Salmon.
Received and for sale by
No. 110 Wood street,
sep. 22
henry NV. Williams, • •
(successor to Lowrie & Office. at
the old stand, Fourth street; above Smithfield.
THE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between
Henry W. Williams, Esq., and myself, in the prac
tice of the law, wasdissolved by mutual consent on
the 26th ult. and the business will hereafter be con
tinued by denry \V. Williams, whom I most cheer !
fully recommend to all for whom 1 heye the 'honor
to do business, as a gentleman every Ivey
,worthy of
their confidence.
J UST received at Coos, 85, Fourth st. Lady's' w
Book for September.
- 2 or the Chevalier of Maison Ant, te, an
Episide of 1793, by Dumas.
The Mysterious Monk, or the Castle of Altenheims.
Tha Horticulturist and Journal of Rural Art and
taste. Edited by A. J. Downing; Nos. 1,2, and 3.
The Redskins, or Indian and login, hkj. F. Coop
er, new supply.
Three Guardsmen, and Twenty YearS After, being
the sequel to. the Three Guardsmen, by Dumas.
Life in London; a story of thrilling. merest, found
ed upon the scenes of happiness, misery, virtue and
vice, which constitute - Life in the British Metropolis.
Spanish, German aneFrerich whhout a master,
new supply. .
The Widow's Walk, or the Mysteries of Crime, by
Eugene Sue - .
Received and for sale by.J. W. COOK, 85, Fourth
street. ' sep22
UE have just received fine assortment of the
handsomest styles of Ladies dress goods that
have ever been offered in this market, among which
are new style Cashmeres of splendid quality, Ombre
Shaded and Satin striped Cashmeres, a most tie - dutiful
article; splendid Cashmere Robes; Rich Fancy-Silka;
Clermont and California Plaids; also, a fresh stock
of Muslin de Laines• French and Scotch Gingham;
Alpaccas, Chintzes, Bc. &a, to all which - we-would
respectfully invite the attention of the Ladies as we
are confident of their being pleased.
No 75 Market streei,
K. W. cor of the Diamond.
se); 1,9
Brick HOnte and Lot; for Sale,
Or in Exchange for Nails or Window Glciss
We are authOrized to offer for sale, or in exchange
for Window Glass or Nails, alvell finished and sub
stantial_ two, story brick bonze and lot, 19 feet front
by 100 feet deep, _situated on the Allegheny river
above the Glass House. It willho sold at a reason,
blo price,title unexceptionable.
Appy to -DLAKEI.Y & hfITCHEL;
"sep. 17. -- Real Estate Agento.'
State Bank & branches. 40
Shawneetown . 70w
State Bank & branches. )
All solvent banks - 3d
All solvent banks 2d
All solvent banks:
New York city:—
Country .........
!Country .
Mar & Fire In Co. Milvee 5
, •
Farm and Mesh bank.lod
Other Sol vent....lod
Exchange--Selling Rates:
New prna
Baltimore... . .. prin.
Frederickdors 80
Ten Thalers.. a.... 7 SO
Ten Guilders... . ... 3 90
LouiscPors 450
Napoleon 3 80
l 5( d-220;
Eagle, old., 10 60
cc new...... ..10 00
Doubloon, Spanish. .16 00'
Do. Patriot 15 50
..... 5 00
Cala.tort - Mlle Barrels.
New Books
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