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    juniata iitiwcl.
" .,- -v-r'-r-i CSW
V ---- - -
Wednesday Morning, May 28, 1873.
GEO. P. POWELL 4 CO, 40 Park Row, New York
S. M. PETTENGILL 4 CO., 37 Park Row, N. Y,
Arc our ageuU in that city, and nra au
l'ior'7ril to contract for advertising at our
law! rates. Advertisers in thnt city nre je
q;ic ted to leave their favors ith either of
the a'lovo houses.
Tub able au'l good M. Thiers lias re
itinl the. l'i&iileucy of tie French Ke-
p illic, mitl is s ucctede-J by the quiet,
r-:r ng ami ambitious Marshal Mc.Mahon.
It t!i French nre evtr given to praying,
thry desire llie perpetuity of a Re
public tliey should now pray, that I'res
idtut ?IcMalin'8 head and heart bo kept
pure and undtfikd He is strong enough
if he go defires to place the French peo
ple under the government of a monarchy.
Ui.Laj'py France !
Unittd Status trooj-s marched into
Mexico and kill, d and enptured a num
ber of Indians who had m.irdered people
in Texas a-id driven away tlieir hones
aud entile.
Tut he are cirtuia circles iu New
Voik still iu a state of excitement of tha
ami: y or insanity of Gtorge Fnincis
Train. Tiain himself says that he is of
fane wind and the owner of property,
worth two millijns five hundred and five
ihouaat.d doliors
Prkshie.mt Gkant issued a proclam
ation commanding the riotnessaud disor
derly persons in the State of Louisiana,
to disperse and retire peaceably to their
rrftiective a'mdos within twenty days
from the date of Proclamation which
was on the 22nd inst
A despatch from Prairie City Illinois
und:-r dale of the 2.1 says : A fearful
tornado parsed a m'le and a-half north
of here yestenl.-.y afternoon. '1 he storm
traveled ea-tw ird sweeping nearly every
thing before it tor hitlf a inde in width,
bloving dowa houses, bains, out houses,
'lire-?, telegraph Jcdes, and killing and
itijmir.g several persons. A number of
hordes p cattlu were killed and injured.
On the 2"2id Lieutenant General Sher
idan sent a despatch from Chicago to
iLe Secretary ot War as follows :
"General Atigiir telegraphs that Colo
nel Mackenzie, with six companies of
tlio rourlh Cavalry and tweuty five J
Seminole sepals, struck a camp of Kick-1
npoo a::d Ltjjin Indians, about eighty
uiiles fioai Fort Cl.-.ik, Texas, early ou
the I Sib inst., having marched all the
night previous. They killed nineteen
Iiidians, wouuded two, aud captured one
. .
back, a former chief of the Lining, and
1 .
loi ty oue women aud children, besides
destroying two villages with their accum
ulated property. He had three of his
men wounded, one mortally, lie had
already over fifty captured ponies.''
A proiiibitokv li(ii-r law is favored
by the committee iu the Canadian Parli
ament, which has been stu lying the
connection between intemperance and
ciim". They assert upon official infor
mation that four-fifths of tha ciimes com
mitted in that cauntry result from this
vice; for instance, 2 1,230 commitments
of 2S.2S9 made in Quebec and Outario
were to be traced directly to intoxication.
The committee forlify their statements
by the opinions of 153 doctors, who
agree that disease and premature death
arc the. results of indulgence in ardent
spirits. The fiscal objection to prohibit
ing the liquor traffic, that to do so would
deprive the State of an annual revenue,
which last year was f 5.034 543 48, they
meet by the argument that an equal sum
would be saved, under prohibition, in the
cost of hospitals, jails, conrts, and the
other appliances with which society now
strnggles against intemperance.
A despatch from Jlariisburg to the
Philadelphia Inquire under date of May
21th says : A case of great importance
to the Pennsylvania Railroad Company
was argued in the Supreme Court to day.
It involved the right of the plaintiff to
recover damages for the killing of a man
on a crossing at a public highway, where
the plaintiff proved affirmatitely that the
person killed did not stop, look nor listen
before he drove on the crossing. Coun
sel for the company contended ' that this
was negligence in law, and this was de
nied ou the other side.
Tlje question was fairly raised by
counsel, and the court seemed dnly im
pressed with his argument. Great inter
est is felt in the case here, as it is thought
to involve the safety of passengers and
travelers, and is an entirely new point
The rase is of great importance to the
railroad company, as it would hold them
responsible iu every case of injury at a
public crossing if decided against them.
It is thought the decision of tGe court
below will be reversed.
Tho case referred to by despatch is
the one commonly known in this county
as the-BealeCase." E. D. Parker is
I he 'counsel' who carried the case up to
the Supreme Court.
Mississippi hire out her convicts at
SIS a month and doesn't find them.
Hair of Captain Jack's Band Surrendered.
Caj tain Ilasbrouck li ft Boyle's Camp
May 7, and has been ecoutingever aiuce.
Ilia command consists of Battery B.
Fourth Artillery, troops B and G. First
Artillery, and Warm Spring Iudians
numbering in all 210 mm.
Captain Jack had change of troops B
and G, wiih which he harassed the In
dians. XI is men fought well in every
instance, and paid little heed to hunger
so that they vanquished the Iudiaus
Captain Ilasbronck especially praises
the gallantry of B troop and a portion
of G i'i the charge at Dry lake.
The men scaled a ridge tweuty-five
feet high iti the face of the Modocs, and
drove them away. Captain Jackson. led
the right, and Lieutenant. Mo?s the It ft,
and Lieutenants Botitelle and Kyle held
the other bold positions. Captain Has
brouck has not lost a man since the Dry
Lake engagement. Artena, Chokus,
Longlegs, One.eyed Dixie, and two Mod
oc resident of this ranch, last evening
interviewed the five women captured by
Captaiu Ilasbrotick's command, and from
them gleaned interesting accounts of the
Modoc operations during the few months.
The captives are Mrs Wachmetel, Bos
ton Bbarley's two sisters, the mother of
Black Jim, aud one maiden w hose rela
tives have attained no notable distinc
tion. They report that Shacknasty Frank
Shacknasty Jake, Shacknasty Bill,
Steamboat Frank, Klleu's Man, Hooker
Jim's father, Boston Nick and several
other Modocs have been killed, and many
wounded, duly headed Jack carried
a piece of lead in his body several days,
and when last seen was apparently
'booked' for the happy hunting grounds
The inability of Little John to travel at
a rapid pace delayed the band. Uaa
brouck ei. countered and got the Modocs
into this last difficulty. The account of
the cause of disaffection among the Mod
ocs after the battle is interesting. Cap
tain Jack consulted a stolen chronometer
aud, after sundry gestures aud exclama
tions, info, mod his followers that they
would shed rifle bullets as a duck does
water, and escape unharmed.
Ti e confidence this statement iuspired
was rapidly dispelled by Captain Has
brouck's encounter, w hen several Modocs
were killed and others wonuded. Indig
nation reigned supreme in Jack's house
hold. The Cottonwood branch of the
tribe from Fairchild's decided that they
would fight no more. This resolution
led to Jack's clandestine departure.
The Col ton woods, numbering twenty
warriors and fifty women and children,
hurried to the Snow Mountains, at the
southern end of the lava deposit, prepar
atory to traveling to the Yainoi reserva
tion, and imploring pardon from thcGreat
Father at Washington. The sudden ad
veut of Hasbronek's cavalry and Warm
Spring Indians disturbed their peaceful
meditations and caused them to run or
fight. During the stampedo Mrs. Hen
dricks, alias "Limpey," threw her six
months' old infant to tha ground in the
i lionn nf wifmin.
but was soon after
, , .., , , .
ward killed by a V arm Spnng warrior
,, , i . i
I he babe was brought hither aud turned
ug!it miner aud turned
over to a squaw.
Artena also learned from Modoc wo
men that tho Cottonwood Indians earn
estly desired any action looking to the
restoration of peace, aud would yield to
the soldiers if an opportunity were offer
ed to them About this time the Warm
Spring Indians, who were outside the in
terviewing apartment, commenced sing
ing one of their national melodies, aud
drawing their knives across their mocca
sins, which raused uneasiness among the
squaws, and terminated the consnltatiou.
Capt Hasbrouck said he was willing
to Iiave4.hu Modocs surrender, and would
afford them every facility for so doing.
Artena, Cbokus and Dixie, who bave
hitherto been of great service to the
government, ca ight the idea immediately
and wanted to be employed as emissar
ies. They were provided with horses
and provender for two days, and sent af
tcr the Modocs.
The women were taken into General
Davis' tent into the presence of General
Uardie, Colonel Gillem and Captain Has
brouck, Fairchild interpreting.
True to their nature they talked a long
while, but said little. Finally Artena
said the Indians were fifteen miles from
here, and they numbered 15 warriors
and 50 squaws and children. The Great
Spirit had caused their hearts to bleed
for the white people, and they all wan
ted to return to the fold and live in peace
among the whites , bat, iu the present
coudition of affairs, a doe regard for
their lives prevented them from appear-,
iug within reach of the army.
They wanted a peace talk,and said :
Let the White Father (meaning Gener
al Davis) come out and see them alone,
and talk over nutters. Through that
medium the parties might come to au
amicable understanding, but no Modoc
would ruriender without a peace talk."
Dixie corroborated the statements of
The interview lasted an hour and three
quarters. At the close General Davis
told Artena and Dixie to go back to the
Modoc camp to-morrow morning and tell
the Indians he should not come out for a
peace talk ; that he did not believe in
peace talks away from his men, and that
the Indiana must come to him if they
wanted to talk. He would aiiow them
to surrender, and they had until Friday
morning to make their appearance at bis
After that time b.4 should shoot every
Modoc found with a gun. Tha women
told Farchild they would not return to
the Modoc camp. That question will be
settled in the morning.
Yresa, May 23. From J. II Mc
Coy, who has jiut como in from Fair
child's, in eight hours and fifty m inutes,
we learn that the Hot Creek band were
brought in by Fairchild's party. Their
surrender was apparently unconditional
They gave up their arms and were put
under guard. The band numbered fifty
five men, women and children, including
fifteen warriors. Among the latter are
Bogus Charley. Shacknasty Jim, Curly -
Head Doctor, Frauk aud others the
best fighting men Captain Jack had.
Boston is believed to have been killed
Tho troops are hunting for Hooker Jim
It is supposed that there are twenty war
riors with Captain Jack, whose wherea
bouts is unknown, though it- is surmised
that he is iu the Pitt River Mountains.
- F.ukchild's Ranch k. May 22 3
P. M. At one o'clock ;this afternoon
Oue eyed Dixie returned to General
Pavis headquarters at a slashing pace,
his horse being completely blown. He
made obeisance, and at once let his
tongue loose, reporting that the Indians
were close at hand and ready to enter
camp nnder escort. All they asked was
Fairchild to coaie out and meet thru
No soldiers need come. The presence of
Fairchild would be considered a guaran
tee of good faith.
"Where is Artena !'' asked General
Davis. "Tied up," said Dixie : "long
ride and no water." The absence of
Artena gave rise to suspicions of foul
play, which were only dispelled by her
suaueu advene, cue, too, reined ner
foaming horse before General Davis, and
said the Indians were hovering about the
hills, ueir here, waiting to surrender to
the troops.
Fairchild, Blair and two or three em
ployes of the former, with whom the
Indians were acquainted mounted swift
steeds, at the request of General Davis,
aud started with Dixie at five o'clock P.
M. The news of the intended surrender
of the Indians spread through the camp
like wildfire. The soldiers, Warm Spring
Indians and scouts were alike elated at
the prospect of a peaceful victory. The
squaw Dixie told General Davis that he
fore she started, tho Modocs feared the
soldiers would kill them the instant they
entered the camp.
First came Blair, manager of Fair
child's Raucbe, mounted ; fifty yards
behind him wag Fairchild, and, further
still, twelve Modoc bucks with their
squaws aud papooses. Among the bucks
were Bogus Charley, Steamboat Frauk,
Curly Headed Doctor and others of ltser
uote. They were dressed iu motley garb
nearly all of them wearing a portion of
the regular uniform of the United States
army, and every buck carried a Spring
field rifle. The women were dressed iu
clothes that had evidently been used by
the fair sex within the confines of civili
zati in. The Modocs said nothing, and
no one approached them until General
Davis came forward, lie met the pro
cession fifty paces from the house and
was formally introduced to Bogus Char
ley. He smiled sweetly on the general and
shook his hand, and then all the leading
warriors came forward and greeted him
cordially. Then every buck laid his
gun beside him aud waited orders Gen
eral Davis said : ' Give up your pistols
and all your other arms." Each buck
said he had not any arms. 'Then,' said
the goueral, "I shall give you camp
where you can remain to night, aud if
you try to run or escape yon will be shot
dead '' The order was explained and
all obedience promised.
The procession then moved across Cot
ton wood creek to a clump of trees. At
this point the tail end of the crowd came
in. These were half-naked children ,
geda squaws, who could hardly hobble,
blind, lame, halt, bony and the scum of
the tribe. There were sixty three per
sons, men, women and children twelve
bucks, twenty squaws and their children.
Fairchild says there are twenty bucks
missing from the Cottonwood branch - of
the tribe. Bogus Charley said Boston
Charley had been killed. The disaffec
tion heretofore reported is corroborated
by the captain of the Modocs, who par
ted company with Captain Jack eight
days ago.
Captain Ives is now rawing rations
and arranging for a feast. Captain E.
M. Camp arrived from Van Bremer's
this afternoon. Companies E and G. of
the Twelfth Infantry, will remain here
on guard. Captain Kingsbury com
mands Company E. General Wheaton
and Captain Winters reached here this
The artillery has been divided into
squadrons, and the Warm Spring Indi
ans into small parties, for purpose of fol
lowing Captain Jack's faction of the
Modoc tribe, and the re spective com
mands will start ont in a day or two.
2 O'clock JP. M. Another Modoc
has jnst entered camp and rurreudered.
It is Hooker Jim, the Lost River mur
derer. WASHiNaTO, May 23. The follow
ing was received here to-night :
"Sas Francisco, May 23. To Gen
eral Sherman, Washington : General
Davis reports that about half of the
Modocs, being whipped and hard press
ed by Captain Hasbrouck, have surren
dered unconditionally.' Davis says he
will push the pursuit of Jack and his
party, and hopes to end the war soon.
J. M. Schofield,
A Williamsporter, on Saturday a week
caught a Siamese twin eel. It had two
heads, four eyes and two bodies.
A despatch hpm Washington Iowa
under date of the23d ears : A terrific
tornado or whiilrind, accompanied by
hail and rain, passed .ever this section,
about six miles north of Washington,
yesterday afternoon. Houses, barns,
fences, trees, cattle and human beings
were caught up and whirled through the
air like mere toys, and then dashed to
the ground with such violence as to pro
duce iustaut destruction.
One can scarcely conceive the devas
tation or realize the foice of the tornado.
School was in session at a school house
six miIi-9 north of here, and the tornado
tore the building to pieces aud carried a
14 year old daughter of Henry Rothmel
about a quarter, of, a mile from school.
When found she was mashed to jelly.
Miss Smith, the teacher, and six or eight
othei scholars were injured, some of them
The wife of Henry Walters was killed
A Miss Gardner and a son of Abo G bson
lie at the .point of death. Jacob Seek
was seriously hurt. A Mr. Baker was
hurt in the back. The family of J Camp
bell near Keota were injured. Mrs. Mc
Coy was seriously hurt.
The lives of many persons were saved
by their hastily getting into the cellars
of their houses. Sad havoc was made
with all kiuds of stock.
Hail stones fell that measured nine
inches in diameter. The roaring of the
tornado was fearful, and could have been
easily heard ten miles. At this place,
six miles away, it was perfectly appall
ing, surpassing in terror anything ever
A telegram from Keota last evening
says five persons were killed about three
miles from that place. One child was
torn to pieces.
The loss of life and property by the '
tornado was much greater than at first
renorteil. Six morn nersons have died
since morning, and the destruction of
property is enormous. In the town of
Lancaster but one house was left stand
ing. No one is reported killed, but a
large nnmbe r were seiiously injured.
Keota, May, 23 The most terrific
storm ever known in this part of the
State passed over here yesterday about 3
P. M. It started, as far as heard from,
ten miles southwest of here, on Skunk
Bottom, and traveled to within two miles
and a half of this city sweeping every
thing before it. Up to tbe present time
four persons are reported killed and eight
slightly hurt. Eight houses, three barns,
one saw mill and several grancries were
' Between two hundred and three hun
dred cattle were killed.
The storm did not exceed in width from
one hundred to four hundred yards. It
is reported that the town of Lancaster,
fifteen miles south-west of here, in this
county, is in ruins.
Sandusky, O., pull S-350,000 worth
of fish out of Lake Eric yearly.
Tbe old Libby prison is now used as
a S unity school room for colored children
M'Ewensville, Lycoming county, has
a blacksmith who has ptacticed on the
anvil chorus for forty nine years.
Parasols with long heavy silk ftinge,
and having knobs and handles of pure
gold, are all the rage among New. York
fashionables just now.
James Trainor, of Phil a., aged twenty
two, accidentally killed himrelf while
gunning, on Sunday a week, near Black
river, ld.
The Japnese hare decided to call the
six days of their uew week. Light, Moon.
Fire, Water, Metal and Earth.
There is a venerable old lady in De
trott, who was once too betrothed of
Jtffiraon Davis. They still correspond
John Peterson who is to be hanged
in Georgia next month, has, since Lie
sentence, fallen heir to a fortune of
Samuel Cram, an old and respected
citizen of Windham, Me, cat his throat
recently, being tbe last of four brothers,
all of whom committed suicide.
The keeper of an Ohio poor bouae
thrashed an old man almost to death for
saying that poor houae tea was half hay,
and that poor hoaje sngar was half sand.
Opinions differ everywhere.
The Egypt recently landed in New
York the largest number of passengers
ever brought by one vessel.
A Pig was killed a few days ago near
Leyburn, Eugland, weighing 210 pounds
which had, when opened, two perfect
hearts, one a little less thau the other,
but both perfett and healthy. ,
An industrious hotuo wife in Milwau
kee, has completed forty two dosen
straw hats since February in addition to
performing all her ordinary platitudes.
A juror in Lycoming county recently
took his place in the box clad in a blue
cloth coat which had served him as a
wedding garment forty years before.
An elderly woman was robbed of
some $260 in greenbacks while entering!
a car at Phenixville the other day.
Boston is making addition to tho num
ber of public baths.
A atrange bird was shot in Backs
county recently. It was three feet long,
measured seven feet two and a half in
ches across the wings, and weighed eight
A young Hindoo has'just entered the
Methodist Theological School at Bos
tou' with the purpose of qualifying him
self for missionary work among his na
tive people.
The emigrant travel on the Pemtyl
vania railroad ia annually increasing,
and this spring has been unusually
i heavy.
Important Notice.
NOTICE is hereby given lo Retail Dealers,
Kerpers bf Ealing Houses, Restaurants,
to., and nil persons liable ta pay a license,
that there licences are now due, and if not
paid on or before the 14ih day of June next,
they will be collected as the law directs.
W. C. LA I It 1), Treaturer.
May 21, J873-lw
Auditor's Hotice.
rpiIE Auditor appointed by the Orphans'
J- Court of Juniata county lo distribute
tbe balance in tbe hands of William Van
weringen. Executor of Alexander McClure,
deceased, hereby gives notice to all whom it
may concern, that be will be at bis office, in
MitHintown, on FRIDAY, JUNE 0th, 1873,
for the purpose aforesaid.
LUCIEN W. DOTY, Auditor.
May 21. 1873.
Auditor's Votice.
TIIE undersigned, appointed by the Or
phans' Court of Juniata county. Audi
tor to audit, settle, adjust and report distri
bution of the fund declared by the decree of
said court to be in the hands of Joaeph Roth
rock, Executor of the last will of Robert C.
Oallaher, deceased, hereby gives notice to
all parties interested thtrein that he will, for
that purpose, be at his office in Minlintown,
on SATURDAY, the 7th day of JUNE, 1873.
I.L'CIES W. DOTY, Auditor.
May 21, 1873.
12,000,000 ACRES!
01i;ni Fnrnia J
The cheapest Land in market for sale by the
In the Great Flatte Valley
3,000,000 Acrea in Central America,
Now for sale in tracts of forty acres and up
wards on rtva and ts tkab' cbkdit At K ria
Mild axd healthful c.ihate. iebtile
The great mining regions of Wyoming, Col--orado,
Clah and Nevada being supplied by
the farmers ie tho Platte Vallet.
Soldiers Entitled to a Homestead of 160 Acres.
acres of choice GoTcrnment Land open fur
entry under the Homestead Lav, near thi
Great Railroad, wilh good maikrts and all
the conveniences of an old settled country.
Free faspe to purchasers of Railroad Land.
Section! Maps, showing the Land, also
new edition Of Descriptive Pamphlet w:
new Maps mailed free everywhere.
Address (. F1AVI
Land Commissioner V. .P It. R
Omaha. NeJ
In this township to ranvass for tbe new, val
uable and fast selling book by Dr. JOHN
Recommended and endorsed by prominent
ministers, physicians, religious and secular
papers. No other book like it published.
$10 per week guaranteed. A Idresa,
COWAN A CO., 139 Eighth St.. N. Y.
AfclENTS WASTED. Send fur Catalogue.
Domestic Sewing Machine Co., New York.
"Yoh Ask! rUTell!"
(The New DEPARTURE In Books.)
Igeats wanted. Exclusive territory girxn.
l'ne book will sell itself. Father, Mother,
Si.iter, Brother, Minitcr, Merchant. Manu
facturer. Farmer, Miner, Mariner, and Jour
self all want Tiikke is Monkti it. Send
50 North Slh street, Philadelphia, Pa.
A,necessary part of evtry person's education
in this advanced age is the art of Teh graph
ing. Apply lo the undersigned for Smith's
Manual of Telegraphy, the best work pub
lished on this suhjert. Price 30 els. Alxo
for every description of Tel-graph io Instru
ments and Battery ; Nitro Chromic Battery
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8 Dey St., Now York.
MflliTY Sll"le R"FiJ1-9 with Stencil k Key
. jujgn Quints.
Catalogues and
full particulars Fit EC.
M Sfexceb, 117
Hanover St , Boston.
HOW 'TIS BOTE, r the Secret Ont.
Mustache and Whiskers' in 42 days
Thi GREAT SECRET and 100 others. Gam
blers' Tricks, Cardiology. Ventriloquism, all
in the ORIGINAL Beek ef Wanders."
Mailed for 25 cents. Address 1. C. CUT
LER: Carthage, liiinois.
No fees unless jucce.-sfuL No fees in ad
vance. No charge for preliminary search.
Send for circulars. CONNOLLY BROTH
ERS, 108 S. Fourth St., Philadelphia, Ta.,
aud 608 Ninth St., Washington, D. C.
ttR tn COQ per day ! Agents wasted ! All
IU 4av elates of working people, of
either sex, young or old. make more money
at work for us in their spa-e moaocnts or all
the time than at anything else. Particular
free. Address G. ST1NSON ft CO., Port
land, Maine.
Is tbe nearest approach to a specific ever dis
covered for Dyspepsia. Neuralgia, Rheuma
tism, Gout. Gravel, Diabetes, Kidney and
Urinary Disrases generally. It restores mus
cular power to the Paralytic. It cures Liver
Complaint, Chronic Diarrkn;, Piles, Consti
pation. Asthma. Catarrh and Brnnshitis,
Diseases of tbe Skin, General Debility and
Nervous Prostration from Mental and Phvsi
cl Excesses. It is the Greatest Antidote
ever discovered for Excessive Eating or
Drinking. It e rrecls the stomach, promotes
Digestion, and Relieves the Head almost im
mediately. No bhusehold should be without
it. - For bale by all Druggists.
JgfFor a history of the Springs, for med
ical reports of the power of the water over
disease, for m trvelou cures, and for testi
monials from distinguished men, send for
pamphlets. WHITNEY BROS., General
Agents. 227 S. Front Street, Philad a, Pa.
Gstttsbcbo Spbiho Co.
IoA.llHterviIIe, Fenna
OFFERS nil professsonel service to the
public in general, in both branches ef
hi profession operative and mechanical.
First week of every month at Richfield, Fre
mont and Turkey Valley.
Seoond week Liverpool and Wild Cat Val
ley. Third week Millerstown and Raccoon
Fourth week at hi office iu M'Alisterville.
Will visit Mifflin when called on.
Teeth pot up on any ef the bases, and a
liberal a anywhere else. - '
Address by letter or otherwise.
ALL persons are hereby cautioned against
Hunting, Fishing, or in any way tres
paasiat on the lands of the undersigned, in
ftlilfora township. All persons so offending
will be dealt with to th full extent ef the
law. P. H. HAWK.
Dee. 4, 1872-tf
$500,000 CASH
PullIo Ijfbrnry. of Ky.,
Will be given fn the great hall of Library
BuiMing. at Louisville on Tuesday. Jult 8,
1873, at which time TEN THOUSAND GIFTS,
amounting to a grand total of SoOO.COO, all
cash, will be distributed by lot to ticket
holders. No reduction in amount of gifts at
this distribution, but each gift -v ill be paid
Orrics or Farmesh' and Droved' Baxk,
LonsviLLB. Kt., April 7, 1873.
Thin is In certify that there is in the Far
Mrs'. anal tr avert' Bank, to the credit of
the Third Grand Gift Concert fr tbe benefit
of the I'uhlin Library of Ky., Fit Han4re4
Tkaaa4 Dalian, which bis been set apart
by tbe Managers to pay the gifs in full, and
will be held by tbe Bank and paid out for
this purpose, and this purpoae only.
(Signed.) R. S. YEECH, Cashier.
One Grand Cash Gift $100,000
One Grand Cash Gift- 50,000
One Orand Cash Gift 25,000
One Grand Cash Gift . 20,000
One Grand Caab Gift 10.000
One Gtand Cash Gift 6,000
90,0 0
Total, 10,000 Gifts, all Cash, $500,000
Only a few tickets remain unsold, and they
will be furnished to tbe firat applicants at
the following prices: Whole tichets. $10;
halves, $5 ; quarters. $'i.50 ; 1 1 wholes for
$100; 5t for $500 ; 113 for $1,000.
For tickets and full information apply to
Louisville, Ky.
or, THOS. H. HAYS A CO.,
C09 Broadway, New York.
s Cucumber Wood Pomp.
i Tasteless, Durable, Efficient,
S and Cheap. Tbe best Pump
for the least money. Atten
'"yyVion is especially invite 1 to
i P-"! yBIatcbley a Patent Improved
' Bracket and ew Drop Check
M Valve, which can be with
2 drawn without removing the
wmji 32 pumporuisiuroingmejointa.
e3J H Al.o. the Conner Chamhi-r.
- ..... ...
which never cracks or scales, and will outlast
any other. For sale by dealers everywhere.
I cend for Catalogue and r rice-List.
tSAj. u. hutcbui, .iianniaci r,
06 Commerce St., Philada., Pa.
flfur drmisrrafnts.
Orphans' Court Sale.
T) Y virtue of an erder of the Orphans'
lj Court of Juniata county, tbe undersign
ed. Administrator of the estate of Reuben
Landis, deceased, will expose to public sale,
on the premises, in Delaware township, in
said county, at 1 o'clock P. M., on
SATURDAY. JUNE 21st. 1873.
The following real estate of said decedent, to
wit : A Tract of Land in said township, con
taining 14 crps, bounded by lands
nf William N. Brookhart, Amos Stahl, Uriah
Shuman and others having thereon erected
a good two-story
BANK BARN, Shoemaker Shop, and other
outbuildings. There is a good Well of water
at the door, and a fine selection of choice
Fruit on the premises.
This property is located in Pfouli's Valley,
in a good farming neighborhood, about three
miles east of Thompsonlown, snd abont one
mill north of the Penna. Central Railroad.
TERMS OF SALE Ten pr cent, of the
purchase money to be paid when the prop
erty is sincaen oown to me rnrcbner ; for
ty per cent, of the same when the sale ii con
firmed by tbe Court, and the remainder in
two equal instalments, payable on the 1st of
April, 1874, and the 1st of April, 1875, to be
secured by judgment notes.
Further particulars will be given by calling
upon Win N. Brookbart, near the premises,
or by the undersigned.
C. 0. WINEY.
Adm'r of Reuben Landis, dee'd.
May 14, 1873-tf
Farm at Public Sale
THE undersigned will offer at public sale,
on the premises, in Walker township
Juuiata county, about one mile Northeast of
Vanwert, at 1 o'clock r. on
SATURDAY, MAY 31st, 1873.
The following real estate, to wit: A valua
ble farm, located as above desorihed, being
within 2J miles of tbe proposed railroad be
tween Mittlintown and Port Treverton. and
adjoining land of J. N. ft Vf II. Moore, Vim.
Curren and others, containing
One Hundred and Twelve Aeres,
More or less, about Sereuty-five Acre of
which are cleared and in a good state of cul
tivation. The improvement are a
New Sank Bnrn,
62 by 45 feet, erected in 1870, and other ne
cessary outbuildings, a Spring of ne'er fail
ing water near tbe house, also a good thriv
ing APPLE ORCHARD of choice fruit, and a
Peach Orchaid. Persons wishing to invest
in real estate, should examine this property.
TERMS Five hundred dollars to be paid
by the purchaser on the day of sale, or note
given with approved secuiity; one-half of
balance to be paid ou the first of April, 1874,
and the remainder to be paid in four annual
payments with interest.-
Haf Any perspn desiring to view the prop
erty can do so by calling on the under
signed, residing in Fermanaeh township.
April 23. 1873.
(Successors to D. K. Sulouff ft Co.,)
Grain, Lumber, Coal,
. Halt, Plaster,
The Highest Cash Prices Paid
for all kinds of Grain.
Lumber, Coal, kt., Sold at the
Lowest Prices.
Having boats of our own we can freight
Grain, Lumber, Coal, Ac. cheaper than say
other parties. We therefore defy competi
tion. fTYou can make money by calling on as
before selling or buying elsewhere.
Gbai will bb biciivbd is stobb to as
soxn bt tbb 1st or Jobs, 1873.
F. S. Our grain is not elevated oa men's
Miffliotowu, April 20, 1872.
LAROS stock of Ready-made Clothing fer
sal by UARLET ft CO.
21 Cash Gifts of $1,000 each,
SO Cash Gifts of 600
80 Cash Gifts of 400
100 Cash Gifts of 30
150 Cash Gifts or 200 "
690 Cash Gifts of 104
9,000 Cash Gifts of 10
i'7 . r- .
(KcaiiiaLl TVcnoi & Mas.)
Steam Engines.
Th Best ft Most Ccm;Irf c Asortmmt
in the Market.
The KririntM Havr w ty. r.:n vnr-! y.;j
liurhcat arttHwiani of xcr.n.-e. tY tujik
n&nuftvrtun nf F-nifim-B, tUT n-l KrMtlb
rvci.ity. V ha? Ok lftnc-t mi t mo cnmpltru
works of th kind in tin country, vim vjduaery
pecisUly Upttl to tlae work.
We kp CHMlantljr in prwm Laiy numlm c f
Engine, wfaii.h w fumiWi nf tiie rr lov-mf pric
and oq th thartft notier. VT buiU i.3vm
mctall adapt to Mine. Haw Mult. Oii.it Mill.
Tanner!, Cotton Gins, Tlirnhen and U cjmm
of mBnfartnrinr.
We art) now bu.ldinff ti cri -1ntf M Tjtn Ctr-o
Inr 8aw Mill, the teat and mo t-oKip'wLc iaw zaJl
rrr invented.
We make the manulWtur f Saw ViH mil ftH
peeial feature of our bourne, and cau furnish
complete on th hort'. rK ie.
Our aim in all caw it to fitrr.iah IV Wt ma
chinery in tht market, and work absolutely on
qoalod for beauty oftWtrn. economy udUenfr.h
Bead for Circular and 1'rice List.
Administrator's Hotice.
titalt of Anderson I'uits, detsassd.
LETTERS of Administration having beea
granted to tbe undersigned upon the
estate of Anderson Pines, lata of Delaware
township, deceased, all persons indebted lo
aid estate are requested te make paymeot,
and those having claim against th same,
lo present them properly authenticated for
settlement te
Adminis tralors.
Notk The Administrators will meet those
who have unsettled accounts at tbe late resi
dence of said deceased in Delaware tap., on
May 2'Ird and 24th, 1873, for settlement.
All-account not settled on or before those
day will he brought te Mitflintowa for col
lection. April 9, 1S73 Cw
Full Upper or Lower Sets as Low as $5.00.
No teeth allowed lo leave the office unless
the patient i satisfied.
Teeth remodeled and repaired.
Teeth filled lo last for life.
Toothache stopped in five minute witheut
extracting the tooth.
Denial v. ork dme for persons without them
leaving ibeir homes, if desired.
Electricity used in rbe exti action of teeth,
rendeiing it almost a painless operation, (nj
extra charge) at tbe Dental Office of O. I,.
Dcrr, established in MiClintown in 1800.
Jan 24, 1872-ly Practical Dentist.
Kmiktis Hitter Wine of Iron.
For the cure of weik stmch. r-neral de
bility, indigestion, disease of me nervous
syrtem, consiipntion, acidity of the stomach,
and all enses requiring a touic.
Ibe wine includes lue moat agreeable en-1
efficient Silt of ln-n we potsess : Citrate of
Magnetic Oxida, combined with the mot en
ergetic of vegetable tonic Yellow Peruvian
The effpet in many ease of debility, Una
of appetite, and general proirati)n, of a
efficient salt of Iron, combined with our val
uable Nerve, is mo-- happy. It augment
the appetite, raise the pu'se, take off mus
cular flabbiness, removes the pallor of de
bility, and gives a florid vigor to the cwnte
nance. Do you want something to strengthen yoof
Do you want a god appetite?
Do you want to build up your constitution T
Do you want to feel well ?
Do you want to get rid of ncrvourn?s ?
Do you want energy ?
Do you want to sleep well?
Do you want brisk and vigerous feelings ?
If you do, try Knnkel's Wine of Iron.
This truly valuable Tonic has teen Si thor
oughly tested by all c!asesof the community
that it is now deemed indispensablo as a
Tonic medicine. It cos's but little, purifies
the blood and gives lone to tbe stomach, reno
vates the system aaJ prolongs life.
I now only ask a trial of this valuable
Price $1 per bottle. E. F. KunVel, Sole
proprietor, 269 North Ninth street, below
Vine, Philadelphia.
Ask for Kuukel's Bitter Wfhc of Iron, and
take no other, IfyourDruggiitthaa.it not
send $1 to my address, and the medicine,
with advice free, will come by next express
For sale by BANKS ft HAMLIN, Drug,
gists, Mifilintawn, Pa.
P AN AWAY from the auhscriber residing
t in Spruce Hill township, on April 1st,
18T3, Samuel Carter, regularly indentured t
tbe undersigned. Any information of hi
whereabouts will be thankfully received.
April 23-3t
ALL persons are hereby cautioned against
Hunting, Fishing, or in any way tree
passing on the farm occupied by tbe under
signed, in Milford township.. All person so.
offending will be dealt with to the full extent
of the law. JOSEPH FUNK.
New Store and New Goods.
Main Street, Mifflintora. .
PROVISION STORE in the old stand
on Main Street, Miffliatown, t would respeet
fully ask the attention of the publie to the
following srticlos, which I will keep oa band
at all tlaie :
Confectioneries, Huts, &c.,
Tobacco, Clifjxrsa,
Xloiir, Feed, Sec
AU of which will be sold eheap for Cash er
Country Ptedaee. Give me a can and hear
my prices.
Mifflintowa, May 2, 1872.
A FINE assortment of Cloths, Caasimeres
Testings, 4 e., jnst received and for sal
by 8. B. LOB DON.
AROEST STOCK ef Dress Goods in the
eeuaty at Tilt en ft Ejatehade.