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    gAWLEY & CRUSER, Editors and Proprietors.
itiontrost panotrat
II PL14.1.1113ZD EMIT VixonziaAt 11011112110.
At ifontrose, Susquehanna County, Pa
oprici—Wrst Side of Public Avenue
Contains 111 I be Localand General Newe,Poetry.eto-
rim Laecdotel.. Ylscellaoroo• Beadtpg.Correspotd•
once, and • tellable class of advertisements.
Advertising Rates
oar Naar e• (X of an (nob space. 39 area Xs. or leas $1
I month. $1.25 months, $l. 50 ; 6 monltta. VI 501 1
year. (;650. litutral dirconut on adverliaementr co a
arrater landtb. Ifnalotatk Lonle. 10 car aline for Arai
ititiOrt, and 5 ets. • line each I , aluerpezt
Kollar , and deaths. ; obituiules,:lonts. a Item.
- Quick Work. - 7 Ui
Business Cards.
YE lENDS V ILL 11,PA idSibint bi and dobbenalorse
damny a specialty In Ib, bnsinr.e. Wacona and
bletato Ironed and wort warranted Pr Debts cn
tracted wait be cane died by the arm, =I neither
member personally.
Friendeville. Jan. 13, IFM.—Sxn
..R8 1n Drugs„ldedicinee Cbernfeale. Dye
ales. PainuAlla LlcyLia. apices Pane/
171.C.161.Patant dediatnes. Perfumery and Tollelar
ekes. :Illetescriinton. sarofully compouaded..—
Brlck Mock. moutrgier. Pa-
Boom. • Anne igzoncria
!ea. 11. 1479
2. P. EINES, M. D.
Andra° of the thilverrity, of Michigan, Anti Arbor,
iStid. end also rifJeffertuti• lot Phi he
driph is, IRK has returned to Priendsvinec, where be
slli strendpu ell calls in his profession As nsdal.—
Residence to Jamie ticriford's house- Office the Mme
It heretolort.
Prleadsvflle, Pa., April 49th., 1274.—dm.
No. 170 Broadway, New ypektl7.
Attoods to all kinds of /atonic, Dueness, and con
tacts theme le all the Courts of both the State sad the
raltee States, .
Feb ".1. tett -'y.
DR. h. W. SMITH,
Damara. Room at hie &walling, next door north of Dr.
li►lray's, on Old Foundry strata—wherebewotild llr
happy to eon all tboae In want of Dental R ork. lie
feelaconfldent ttinlattextplalliran. Natalia qnallty of
work utd io often. Office boors from 9 ♦.l. to 4 P. 1.
lionmse, Fab. It. IBl4—tf
dui? Bssis, F . .. Situated near - the See Rallwaj De
pot; 1. • large Ana commodious bouse, lots undergone
• tirorocett repair. Newly furuisced rooms and sleep
ing spartmenta.splenaid tables.srod AlhbingSe eomptl►-
Inc • Cut class boteL. ILSItBY ACE.HWT, 10th. Ittao.-11. Proprietor.
8. , 21 ce 111 CA SS; • .
, .
aeasmss ttakilirnesaiiight and Leal.
at lowest cash prices. Also, Blankets, Breast Blau
tuts, Whips. and everything pertaining tullDo,
cluispetthain site cheapest. itypairliatticife prompt and Ingittua
hiontAissiPs.. Oct. MIMI.
Fresh and Salted Hams, Pork, Bologna Siti•
'time,. of the best qualtir..Gobet.ahit clet - Athd, et
Flee. to tuft.
Zdantr , mei Pa,, dazt.l4. • ;
bOdnesrattendetltoprooptly, op 4.1 x rano: 01:114.
Ina door mist of Unlink o , COopOr &CP
Pne.lcAironne,Montrote, Pa. • [Ang.I.IBER.
aly.n.lnt.l • . , • - ritopp.
iTHE HAYTI BA etBETt, tide mowed hli shop to the
building iserapied by E. hlslie =le b CM. Intone be II
prepared to du snikinds of work to hlanneonseh s• m*
king switches. proSs. me. All work done on Abort
WA= and prim.. Los. Please earl ands.° me.
• zio . r.taglo-.
Arsearitsvg e‘te thiv 16: [Ldi!* * Neu
Oice, opposite U. Tarbell Soar.. • -
Oro. P. talloga. -
Monteolpe.Oet, 15,18 n. EL L. BLAsseass.
W. B. D.E42rs,
DEALER in Books. Futlottery. Wall Paper. News pa
pers. Pocket. Cutlery. Stereopcopid V.teurs; Tinker
Nosinsa, ete. Neu dun to the pi:tett/Zee, Montr..4e.;
'Sept. BD. 1614.
M. J. RAIIIaIiGTON Arishell taints= thepublletbst
la INWAISPtitattEGMBOSZInaItatsIP-V,r.S.,q!
Montrose. AFg,1.808721.
Dealer di Staple and Fancy Des Good., Crockery, Hard.
•are. Iron, STAYeIy Drugs. Ulla, and 'Panda. Boraw
and dhow,. Hato and -Owe. Pare;Bullalo !Lobes. Oro,
cerfea. ktrurlinna. to. '
i a.. Nov, 6, '72—tf.
Administers Ez.ncrrao Tagrus..i. BATos, a bile Foot of
catsuutkortvs. , :coulagrozo4 - 4# APg-Tonie
s. YTON, '
Waal 3
(I.4:F'l2LteildierigAi tllte
Wia;ncePeppumiaiiiiiiEgOLZ4' SlltQaJ
Pt . f,"; /W -Lf 7rl! *?
,T s6 '"AmilZtrql'lT: - ' - ' .
bb6p Iv ile roi l / 4 , 5 (4_s_ l lf e he t L,,
baOluid mitarl e tgLit ialan kifil y '
iiitili ti 2 d k' , V iEi * 4* ( 9 . . b 6 .
_,...... .....
' 'l t ';'- ler;Pe °-34 N - '-'
l ' lli - f. , ei
D ;el L (ZI
DA tbir EE 4 S t
1 1 - Z : 4 l 5, 7 ; $ 1 ' A ;ler '
Win kaIMILLP Ole t -dtik r - tr r . ips 44 e 44. e.
c i . ' 1, 1' 4 4 - 4% *:'.t r i t ri arif t,
PHIVICIAI9'ffAINet ONJ a adifalona
lierA/49Tothe eartask Crlontro an virASlty..-
93afatidlitallMatVar94 11 "N.4 , 0 31 r 44 1 4 1' 4
MY :Ponailiat''' "•-"'''' ',.
- ,
I7Vaf r lA:
• Attorneyist 1.-aVtltra-ooll.vioritiiiSntti:' 9121er
4117tRoStrzi*.ase6retir"Uat.n0 3. B in g -
ant Nth Itns . • grditz•Erg
• • _
" • 7,7 , 11.0* Tpla
Dealer iii --17 •iroetb 3 St t i C l' e • ttleab ''rir °lll..
DtA4M-4- 4#1 "1 10 14 li
siarh e zi
cr '. % r "traluz,,
4 ir;
ruse, Ps. Office treat of the Court House.
Montrose. Immo' ST, 146.-4yl
A. 9. w4s4telf. -
ATTORNEY A. LAYY. Bounty, Sack Pay. Pension
and Exemo on Claims attended to. Office de,
door below Boyd's Store Montrose /!a.
Attorney at Lew, Orrice et the Court House, tr the
Commissioner', Ofßee. W. A. Csioessom.
Moot:ore. Sent. . 1811.—tf. •
emu. Esentszu AND LAND tirintkaoft.
P. 0. address. Franklin Forks,
tinannetianna CO., Pa
}V. iv. B.lqTli,
of MAID street, Montrum-Ps. laag. I.IW.
' ! ACT BUTTattI: .
ACcrioNSlM,,and Lovaarics lumps%
an 16911 Prleadeville, R.
411010851, AT LaN„ orate ,:oresthe..Bl.ots•ol:ll
- the Blk Moak, Kontrose ,Ps. Leal pi
J8.(4 4. JfeCOLZUM,
ATTODASTII AT LAW Olkee aver the Bank. Kamm,
klanuora,lday 10, ThU. a
Addraas. firCrotiala.
in. /0414.
•-• .( "-. ‘ .1 .1 )( ) 1 " :`1 t ' 'r!it__)ll . 1 '7 0 1 : (,)11,
- • - ( i t
_ •
, - Par . -Fkk
1 I IL . ot. N . • ••- • L.,•,
I A 1
--")) 11. fl F
„.40 LH. . • ..e AU; .7: 1 14;'3 :,.014'" I CI '1,14,
• 1, 11
I - •
11 ,
:t ) 1 2 k ke ti h
• • " ,fl :11 -Mt 8 ,11,0
Ct • .... .t 1 •I • - .. V : ~v 1; V. . (! 1., Ni
• -.I:I:. t rs:;;,
County BIIIIIIIOILB Directory.
Two Hoes In thlsDlrectory, one year, $1.50; each ad
&Lions' line, 50 ems
WM. HAtiGHWOUT, Slater. Wholesale and Betel
dealer In alt kinds of slate rocdng, slate paint, etc.
Roofs repaired with Slate paint to order. Also. elate
paint for *alert* , the gallon or 'barrel. Montrose. Pa.
BILLINGS STROUD, Genera Fire and Life (non'
ante Agents; also, sell Hallman and Accident Tick, f
to Nev Yorkand Philadelphia. Office oar door east
°Mut Bank..
BURNS tit NICHOLS; the place to get Drags and Medi
c i o ,; cigars, Tob*eeo, Pipes. Pocket-Books, Specta
cles . Yankee Notions. &c. Brick Block.
BOYD & CORWIN Dealers In Stoves, Hardware
and Mannfacuirers n 'f Tin and Sheetiron ware. corne
of Main and Turnpike street.
A. N.•BULLAKD Dealer in Groceries, Provision,
Books,Statione and Yankee Notions, at head of
Public Avenue'
WM. H. COOPER & CO.. Bankers, sell Foreign Pas
sage Ticitvta and Drifts on England, Ireland and Scot
WM. L. COX, Harness maker and dealer In all article
usually kept by the trade, opposite the Bank. •
JAMES E. CARMALT, Attorney at Law. Office one
door below Tarbell House. Public Avenn e. • ,
L. L. LeROY. Denier in all klnas of farming Imply
meats. mowing machines. welll curbs. dog power,.
etc., etc.. Maio St., opposite savings Bank. 16ui•
(crest on all Deposits. Does a general Banking 80,
ries, -oil-tf S. B. CHASE &. CO.
Fl .0 A RRET .h SON. Dealers In Flour. Fred. M on
Salt. Lime, Cement. Groceries and Prot - sung
Main Street. opposite the Depot.
AINEY & HAYDEN, Dealers in Drugs and Medicine•
and Manufacturers at Cigars, on Main Street, near
the Depot
ar. F. EMBER, Carnage maker and Undertaker
l.lialu.Street, two doors below Hawley's Store.
er in genuine Cayuga Plaster. Fresh ground.
IacCOLLIIII BROTHERS, Dealers to Groceries and
Proeitionsoon Wain street.*
3. =HERMAN. Ja.,
Dealer In general merchandis,
and Clothing, Brick Store. on Main Street._
H. P. DORAN, Merchant Tailor and dealer In Read)
Nadal:lathing, Dry Goods,Grocarica and Provialune
Main Street.•
120 Wyoming Avenue,
Feb. 12. 1814,
Pain and Lamenese relieved to a short time by the
use of Taylor'. Celebrated Oil. The.. great Ithenmatic
and NeUraltgic Remaly. This media - intr.e not v cure
all. but is warawited.:lo airs sore of Ll:hails and ills to
which flesh Is heir than.-any-other med'cine ever die.
covered:' Give it a trial; If you do not end It so. it
0014! you nothing. .2t. may be used with the Inman
advantage for any kind at Pain. gameness. -Won ads or
Sores upon man or bast. Will not cleat the rawest
wound UT lore. Full directions for Use around inch
bottle. Aek your Merchant fora free vial. No Care—
syrup or nspetteant, for all Throat
and Lung (Recites. Is very - pleasant tO the taste and
contains nothing Injurious. Try it, and stop that
ague and take the soreness from your Throat and
1 alga. Ask your Merchant for a free vial. No Core—
, NO Pa
Taylors Caudill , o Powders for ell kiwis of stock and
poultry.. Warrant, 1 the best renovator of the system
of run citrwri or diseased stock. that has ever been die
covered.- Try them for all diseases incident to the
brute creatitaL Directions for .use around each pack
age. Methwe—No Pay.
All the - above medic nes for sale by Abel Terrell and
Barna la;lilehols. of Montage. and all Druggists and
Dealers throughout the conntry.
October 21,
"- MISERY. Just Pub/in/Led, in a Sealed
Prize six texts. - •
- A Uttar° on the Nature, Treatmunt.and Radical cure
of Sattinal Wei*neat; ter elperMaforrheina.induced by
Involuntary hmmi.atone, Itnpoteury,N erv.
Dna Debility, and Impediments to Marriage generally ;
Convemption. Epitepoy., and Fite; Menlo. and Phyel•
cal Incapacity. .Ac -by RUBEN J. CULTr.t:Whi..L.
M. D., author of the Green
The world-renouned author. in Chic admirable Lect
ure, clearly proves from hie own experience that the
&wild coneequences of Self-Attune may be effectually
removed without medicine,and without daugerrme car.
steal operatione, bungle., tnetrumente. tinge. or cordl •
ale ; pointing out a medeof cure at once certain and
effectual, by which every - euffaer. no mutter n hat toe
maybe, may cure bituvelf cheaply, privately
and rad hugly.
Or Vila Lecture will prove a boon to thousands.
Sent under seal, Ina plain envelope. to any address
pont pald, on TOCelpi Of •iZ COALS, cor LW! post stamps.
Address the Publishers.
CllAti .1. C. KLINE & CO..
147 Bowery. New York; Pool Odlce 801.41586.
].Torte Better
, -
. •
j write policies in the following companies :
'Franklin Fire Insurance Co.. eon.. Aerets,s3.3o4:ooo
t,entincntal t F. Y. -2.275,0 U
Geplante, ." 1..u.n0h
Ilanover" 1.‘40,0u0
N lagara
Farmers. York
• • •
Queens. London. • •• 10.000.1110
-Tiger-Catiti*—AO National Board Companies,
mad use consequence. salmi and reliable, basing long
been tried and always found • rorthy. as all. who hare
met with my Ageacy.will testify. Those who
hare patronised - tne. will sezent 12iy 'Manta. And to
these lebb hate not, I can ortiy 14y, I promise to do by
them, if they witl favor me with- an 'application, as i
do by all,irtVil theminsurtnee valet for their money.
• Very Respectfully
liENlir C. TYLEI!.
s liartford UMW Inerrancy Company Pallet.' "reit,
fell one de? to one lone by
acticr C.
1011,the.ttmonlaBeneeiAnociaffon at Scranton.
liontrov,pct:etubcr 8,2811,-If
'GEO, CE 4S-, CO.
Theplder.t. Lamest : and Wirt Perfect Manufactory In
Np eater Ntislial. Inet4picrittlei•or,pAtritd the e!yrie
tairScad tor Price Lie__ ...
CIS % - L inintimwoti Y.
Bingitatitati litastile. - Worbs !
All kulti ;:if Mona oier.te.. nottletpiire, suilreeptii
Mantles. mode to order.: ditto. fininitps !au
baud. , , . lIPUMBIIII,O cO..
I. otelooteo; } Ors Coort Street,.
a. 111% MURZISIAI7, .
.11 owner. potgltototop, , ,
,f tied roetrg.
Over the chimnei , the night-wind sang
And chanted a melody no one knew ;
And the woman stopped as the babe she tog
And thought of the one she had long since
And said, as her tear drops back she forced,
"I hate the wind in the allimney."
Over the chimney the night-wind sang
And chanted a melody no one knew;
And the Children said, as they, closer drew,
•"Tissome witch that is cleaving the black
night through—
'm a fairy trumpet that just then blew,
And we fear the wind in the chimney."
Over the chimney the night•wind sang
And chanted a melody po one knew
And the Man. as he sat on his hearth below,
Said to himself, "It rill surely snow,
Anti fuel is dear, and wages low,
And stop the leak in the chimney."
Over the chimney the night-wind sang
And chanted a melody no one krlew ;
But the Poet listened and smiled, for he
11 as Man, and Wowan,and Child, all three
And he said: "It is God's own harmony,
This wind that sings in the chimney "
01 what avail that close about me rise,
Like sunward thoughts, the lances of the
Which in Ikttalions pierce the fervid skies,
And drink their dews as from empyrean
I dwell amid their grandeur but in vain,
While at their feet in golden vales I grovel;
Their strength but binds niy i spirit with a
chain ;
Meaner my palace than the herdsmen's
hovel !
What are their summits fur, if not to climb,
That thence my sight may drink in bound
less di-itsnee
Unsealed by toil, they only are sublime,
And mock the narrowness of my existence.
Below—the mountains shut my vision in ;
Aluft—they dwindle to my widening won
Their windy warfare sinks its wonted din
In the broad crushes oi the sovereign thun
der !
A pigmy yet among earth's lofty souls
I grope, while trom the earth alone I view
them ;
Beyond my sense their echoing thunder rolls
Jill with the etress of labor I pursue them
'Tis not enough to live among the hills
To tru4.e the Tictories of the vision splen
Whose eye the proudest mountain-summit
The soonest finds his outward prospect
ended !
11011 E LESS
It is cold, dark midaight, yet listen
To the patter of tiny fret!
It la one of your dogs, fair lady,
Who whines in the bleak cold street!
Is it one of your silken spaniels
Shut out in the snow and sleet!'
My dogs sleep warm in their baskets,
Safe from the darkness and snow ;
All the beasts in our Christian England,
Find pity wherever they go— -
(Those are only the homeless children
Who are wandering to and fro.)
Look out In the gusty darkness,—
ugh., bucas a s s su auu
That shadow that flits so slowly
Up and down past the window pane,-
It N sorely some criminal lurking
Out there in the frozen rain.
Nay, our criminals all are sheltered,
They are pitied and taught and ted ;
That is only a sister woman
Who has got neither loud nor bed,—
And the night cries, "Sin to be living,"
And the river-cries, "Sin to be dead."
Look out at that farthest corner
Where the walls stand hilt* 4nd bare
Can that be a pack which a pedler
Has left and forgotten there ?
His goods lying out unsheltered
Will be spoilt by the damp night-air.
Nay ;—goods in our thrifty England
Are not left to lie and grow rotten,
For each man knows the market value
Of silk or woolen or cotton ;
But in counting the riches of England
1 think our poor are forgotten,
Our beasts and onr thieves and our chattels
Have weight for good or for ill;
But the poor are only his image,
His presence, His word, His will
And so Lazarus lies at our door step
And Dives neglects him still.
elected ffitorg.
TUE LOaT 1111 NE.
"Let us go back."
To the States ?"
"To Buena Vista?"
"01-aourse, Where else would we go?'
The last speaker was a dark faced, bri
gandisli-looking man of lire and forty ;
his companion a handsome fellow at least.
filt-en rears his junior. They sat in the
light of a small tire in one of the famous
gulches of New Mexico, and seemed to
he'alune. Their" carbines rested on the
ground beside them, and the twain look
ed fatigued.
Tite words of the elder .caused a sneer
to ruffle the lips of the other and deter
mination Ilashed in his dark eyes.
"I am nut gding back to the
nine!' less to Buena before lhave
folind the tresture." '
Then, by George ! some' sun -wili-find
}op in a gale& "with' 'a dozen leafliered
sticks , in'your
"Deadr • ' "
"Aud'Aagerbrightr „
Dead V':
‘;Yea,.aod tf
Grande vou'll find peorlEcnight!ennaloity
atoll in the beet heart, ~.that .efer ,
'lied in
Ohio an Apache arrowhead. 'A . !ritere:
were five , :when we, left .13uentt'Viatit
you and I are all the fawns hivipared
A r .- ... r-, ki.
-1:1 1 - ke;ti by the Right though the' Heavens SIR
~p .f
All Heaven knows that they are after us
now !"
"You can go back if yon wish, kyle, 1
am going to find the treasure.'
"Rini ! go back and leave you here !
Chaibert Ross, von d ;Wt. know Kyle
Baine. I never morn half believed the
story about the lost mine, and wo have
been upon a wild goose chase."
"I believe we are near the treasure,"
responded the younger adventurer, con—
fidently. "I do think that the Milgrim
tion I gathered in Tous is altogetiso de—
ceptive. But we will talk while w:0 hunt
to-morrow. Kyle, I guard to-niftht, Le
down and go to sleep."
Oliedi,-nt the bearded man dretea blurt.
ket about his person, and threkhimself
upon the ground. A moment later he
was asleep and Sit seemed that his guard,
°halbert Russ, was nut far Goth the land
of dream... He seemed worn out with
traveling ; but there was a fire in his
eve, and his ear was on the alert for dem
onstrations of dangers
Perhaps he thought of the three Ohio
boys who in high spirits crossed the Ark
ansas at his side a short time prior to the
date of his present encampment. Brave
fellows and full of adventure they were ;
lint there were Indians arrows in their .
bod:es,cn the banks of unexplored streams
they slept the sleep of the dead. No‘‘'
Out two of the little band of five men
who left the Buckeye State to re discover
one of the many hidden silver tuines of
New Mexico remained. and they had
hunted many weeks with th, shadow of
death's uing above them, and durk mys—
tery before.
The iynisfatuus, invented perhaps by
some imaginative writer, h.ul lured them
to the gninheA un9 chasniof them
terra inroynita of America. Would they
ever escape ? It was a question they
could not anB'.e'er•
()halbert Roo Mt that sb.ep was stettl
ing over him while he watch,d his pros—
trate companion ; and emoted the refresh
ing slumber that el , sed his h. avv
lie rose and paned up and down the can
yon in the light of the fire. Far above
him glittered tee stars ; on each side,
dull, gray rocks, on which his giantlike
shadow tell. Once he paused to draw a
inedallom portrait from his bosom, and
looked at it.
Ile saw the beautiful features - of girl—
hood, bright blue eyes, and a wealth of
nolient hair, a‘: nitrate as the sunbeams.
"She wouldn't know the now," he mur
mured. "I look an old. I wonder if all
silver-hunters get so haggard. sought io
go hack to her ; but not without the
treasure. 1u! no'. no
He repeated the rnonosylable with the
and the giant, talking in
his dreams seemed to respond pathetical
ly, f.,r he said :
"Then we've gut to die ; there's no help
for it
Ross laughed when he saw that his
burly companion had Spoken in his slum•
het, and a minute later, having seated
lain;• If before the fire, was asle,p
Ile did not hear the steady footsteps in
the canyon ; be did not see the figure
ilut came from the gloom his eyes had
failed to penetrate,.
It was the figure of an Indian girl,who
earned a 1,4 w. The touch roused him,
and he looked into her eyes astonished.''
lie [Mich 'd her lips indicative of silence,
iind stepping beek,,motioned him•to rise.
He glanced at Barns.
Tile giant still slept, 'and, confident
that he would not awake for a while, the
votinger hunter arose and followed the
Apache girl.
Without a word, she led him down the
canyon until she began to asicend. He
followed her up the rough path to the
country above, and un the edge of the
0 ad, --"”i r .—ait Irlal/8
"The country so far as the w 4
can see bel ,ngs to Walpin, the Apache,"
she said sweeping her hand before hen
-He owns a thousand rifles, and more
li-rses than two pale-faces cau count.—
Neva is his child, and the only child he
has. She has followed the pale-race many
mile=, and she knows what brought him
to the land of the Apache."
She smiled as she spoke the last sen•
tense, and Chalbert (loss started forward
j with eagerness.
"Tell me—tell me, Neva, where is it !"
he cried.
"'['he lost mine of shining silver ?" she
"Yes ! yes !"
"What will the pale-face do if Neva
tells him ?"
"Anything you ask 1"
"Anything, he says," she said, trium
phantly, in i low whisper. "He says he
will iii, unyi lune , Neva asks if she tells
him about the 17tst silver mice. Site will
try him. Neva will see if the paleface
is us good as Ills word." " •
'•Try me girl. Chalbert Ross never
broke his purpose."
Then the right hand pointed to the
West —away from the canyon.
"Do the eles of the silver-bunter behold
a fire ?" she asked.
"They do."
'There is a wagon-train from the white
man's country." continued the 42ache.—
Welpan has said that it might halt in his
land, for the pale•tuces do not hunt silver
mines. In one of the wagons is o pale
Chidnert RORs started again.
"Will tne white man swear to obey ?fie
ra if she tells him where the silver is ?",
the chiefs daughter asked.
"Let him swear it."
The oath was taken.
"Now !" cried the Apache girl in tones
oY triumph, "Neva communan thenslver—
litioter,to stay the white ruse,"
With a cry of horror on hisAipP, 0144
pert Runs salted - hack, storing at the
Apache, cursing hiins,lf fur his rush
Hue a'mnment he did not spealt.^ ,
"Is the silver hunter u cuwailfr she
"No! bu t Toil have asked , . totrroucilii,i
N-va. It : lotild be murder!"
The fvdian girl laugh:d.
"Well,.if: the pale-face's word .is.lwgirtit
less, he W.ill=die near the lost' tilver-d4
his eyes Will never see it. Never , kiinavi.,
where it is: There are rocks or slijitiiifg
wealth ;- ;. 14t the skeletons of the span?'
lards glinra them."
"What care t for skeletons•?" cried
Rost. "1 will 'keep my , weal. , Where
the mine-? 2 •
. In 4,foelvordli trliOtkpclinjtirt Innnted.,
the lost silver - ltritel,lind swore to guide
the huut.rsthfihf
"But first the white girl must step up—
on the trail, &the hunter fails, Neva's
shaft. will find his. heart. She will meet
him to•morrow night. • Can he find the
the where his brother sleeps ?" ,
"7's," answered the young man, and
the nest minute the Apache. girl, was
gliding away.
For awhile he stood, alone, undecided.
He thought of making his way to the
corraled tiain ' 'find getting a glimpse of
the travelers; but, after some stiller think 4
ing, descended th the bed of the canyone
and joined his companion, whom he im—
mediately await:and.
Bains was 8 99 u made acquainted
with Neva's visit, and the oati,,she had
ciliated !rum his friend.
"Look here," he said. "We can't And"
the silver without the girl.-that's curtail ;
and she won't guide us• until the white.
one is out of her road. •A• little case of
jealonsy. Her red-lover bus- keen emit—:
ten by the rule girl.. 11l attend to that'
business. I've sinned ofteuer.than you,
Chalb , rt Boss."
" 1 1 3iit it will he murder." ,
"Well, what of it ! 'Nobody will know
it in Ruentt Vesta or eLewhere, It will
give us the silver!"
That Seemed to decide Chalbert Ross.
He would escape the crime; but would
lie not be parlicept crinitnis : to the fuel
deed ? In his eagerness to kid the mine
of untold wealth—lost for three hundred
years. -he never thought of that.!
The men kept "auphe until the light of
day dissipated the night, then, deer dis
patching a frugal meal, theygecured their,
steeds,whiei thy had turiletlout to raze
and -gradually left the canyon.
''Yonder,,is the train!" said Ross,point
ing westward. -Well ride down and
see where it hails fr-rn."
They urged th,ir horses into a brisk
gallop, and were rapidly nearing the
wagons, when Baths drew rain with an
exclamation of surprise.
"I've been thinking fur some time that
black mass was a party of Indians," he
said,with his eves fixed upon a dark body
approaching the wagon-train from:the
south. west. "If tit y're Apaches, Ross,
we wan't to keep our distance for the
prese t."
"Yes," was the . iesponse. 'We'll watch
them from this point.'
. It was soon distinctly seen that the
moving mass was a band of savages, and
some consternation seemed to prevail a
mong the emigrants. Men were seen
hurrying tountl fro, Feeiug w tiler steeds,
families, and fire-arena.
By-and-by, the savages reached the
trains, and the silver hunters saw them
mingle with'the whites.'
Fur a few munaents- the intentions of
the Indians seemed La be peaceful ; but
an ad Ally it yell reli t'• 11) 6 flirrunir the re—
port of fire-arme fotlowed.
"leavens I : , they're massacreing the
Whites! We must help them,Kyle, 'cried
"No !" was the response. "They are
doing the work you were to do,"
"I care not," cited the Tuna; hunter,
"I want to see the girl. They ibull not
kill her."
unsinnA hic?xpineo3,44 gave the
ste, d the shin tag splits.
"He is mad 7' ej3culated ,Bains "dash
ing alter him. "But I'll follow him-to
the gtvei of H ides ?
• He soon caught up with the excited
Ohioan, and t,.gether the .twain Last - K(1
among the cum hal an te, and deult dead'',
tikiWa right and left. Seiierai wtigoths
ware already, in flames, and the emigrants
Piero fighting for their familiei like tigers.
Suddenly Calbeit Hoag heard Ufa name
called in a woman's despairing tone.
lie tareed and beheld a white face in
one of the shattered wagons.
51ft#1.414,1-Ltral)oB- calthe
lanti4 tlit iglittered' s
about 61 . 64 .-
ed a path and was tilongiide.
"Hater he cried' 'how came you here?'
'4l had hoped to find you. Cushier,"
was the weak reply. "Buena V6ta—My
G , sl I look, for:your, We!! :1
,He tinned and struck the lance aside,
pruct @levy . tbd Apache: whose hand' bltikh •
ed it miuily. 'l.totri a press. of fu ce
hare him back • bat again, 4ftet 4 illi
ute's desperate fighting, he came to the
,Wagon.- ~,
Kate 4ylesforcl s face was still, lbte,hat
it,was so very I.lale. ', t . 'l' i i T. )
"Kate 1 Kate .'
No ampler, -He lifted het heac!,• y an.d
then cried : ' = '
"Dead ! the Devils have slain the wtt—
man I ]Hued !"
urfiglyr he turned, then, and hpw
fiercely he fought, the reader can
Bkand-by, •fortunes of battle
brought him "face to face with - Kyle Baine
"Cone we iriug eectipi.," hP cried..
- _
"Agreed !" said the giant, ana the two
men fought themselves clear of foes, i s ad
rode ASvay like the will • • •' •
Hotly the' litaianti' Ptiraned ; bnt they
nevttr, caught the e nieW t vvbo,,for thelkferf
Ic.tit6•4lesford, e';
She kva .11654 Cid& ' love :
her's, was the face on the !medallion, and
it was her lite the silver-hunter had prom
ised Neva to take. • .' ,""
TIM Indian girl never the hnntere
again, In their hutit„, tor vettgenno,tlie_v
forgot the lost miue,•• and yearsmfterwatiot
u mail' with gray' &Ars entered:the village
of Buena Iv''tsta.
14 ,wee Thalliert: .11oss, : iind :he '16.14-1
tale of, rep,ganCe't hat lifted. rnAnY hell";
os fell lalore an Alinche.arrow ;
1111 40 0 1 liSSAlMP9o.Y.F72 a jt.l.Viiii n g
his ' ;4-14 „„ ~.rnwee
r ~., epoz,i4,lernot
k )(11'.11:heuoilUitkadclUiiiiiiit Lit
could tell you, reader.
? malign ap►avf:
There was a time when valentines wer,
simply loye ; lettela . wittte . n_po,ve,ry !4 , ,i)ey
o „ pleerfand wbaiteh
of forgetmleeno!ffly - ,the, aped;; afty'
Toy (1 , 7, Arantimi , s4 l .ile-,iitti,J'lP PY ticb ,
by , iletiding
iIANg .Eitilr;,fild-ve or, Awe
the:. ip (1104. td, y,eVbir::'
toff "the,iii4ose.tgatiod , ,
:4 14 0Pte.
abaak these troublesome ipgs.
In the dark andAllar4 t , rr
vas: eia
`ld lbd - eiiltlit#4'llo t94 ht , psOCe
Nl3rAVSkli•klg .„
Of copra:
it—Ayppltiitio*ta:tevaleatiue ever 04
, ,
. -.
.! IJ. ' ••:1 I.' ' in :
vt.6140 !.I,4idip p li a r e p er ear, _
Advance.,' y, _ _
.4" ,- ,.., , ....
.:.s•,s-• j ' 4.,, , ' r . ,. (i ,Y-ei - •••- j14.!.. ',...',1 j.. 50.. :.!., $3 -1 ' • :4- '....,,.. $
—but I strohey suspctett BABY LaiVitt e;
and she had a bite out of my applomutO
I hand out coy -mistake-- ,Totstny.Jouta
Wes valetttioe, autl.l.gave. tltng aultuq:
ishing tur it, too, as, fie }gas rriciugAnXl
wetended - all tbd time 'that he didu'elike
her. .• e ,
However, the- old fashion has passe l o
away, and valerainekam.uow stery
rale thingt,etoployiog th,ousan4s of Fqopl)-,
Cul workmen in their manufacture.
save its the coVers 'Of till 'sorts of cost
presents,-and some pf them are"reill virlr
of,art. Clever designers are ,constant
ern I)in: the invention; of nem co
hinatiposr, preaeingffretr4,uf . ,gr9upmg
eolor,and whim 3ieal urpriies
call , I labor of &wig!' tsmen, II tti'okraili
wondien gravers, painters, cotorAirrn
ers, card board. untficual Eluwerand 'Seat
er . ,tualirrarire. spent, upon Ahem, to
nothing of, ,the Atssi4tinpe en by ; sl,for
ere in silk,. silvi'• l r glass.`, Even 4 1,11
tropical forests of 'Brazil .
of the Sea are ransacked forlfresh'rnateri
There is one firm in London whip
has three .hundr d and eixty ; eight digiql
emit kinds Of 'ralentiLes. The cheapest
are two cents each; and'the finest e'clit•
nearly sixty dollars. MI are pretty; an
some . are magnificent.. - is mile.
"Love's Photograph. A tiny mirror ; is
Bidden beneath a bunch of flowers" riot
some deaf dial that th A el'efiVctinn' (if
her own face is your love's phcftbgVh7--
There are true lo.ere . knots 'printed on
the softest-satin ;-birds-of-bright plumage
,dergatizett,-giria-inisilverivaanes ;
Der flowers which open when thelslent•
tine is opened and c!os. when it is shut
more pap r flowers hidden hchfnd sbreeits
of silver and an little wicker baskets,with
exotic flowers painted by band- on the
finest silk and framed in silver lace.
.I.Cu florist ever succeeded better than
the modern valentine maker does in put.
ting together the prettiest colors. Mash
roses arid forget-me note ; cainelias, with
rich dark green leaves; lilies of the valley;
water,liliee„ fern and pansiesnre combined
with a wondieus degree of taste.. and
•,k in. ;Sometimes the valentine is the
miniature of a transformation scene i: - . s
theatre. It is folded and unfold , tl by an
ingenious arrangemeor, which reveals d
garden, with a flock of birds flying over
it, and a lake of mirm-glass, with a swan
upon its shining liurlace.
Sometimes. too the flowers are neither
puinied nor made of paper or muslin;
Faraway in Brazil there is a cunyen,
in which tiN: , .sedate nuns make gay,arti
ficial fi. veers entirely out, of the. feathers
of the Borg-ous birds that 'lan fit thFlar.),
etas of - Smith America.' I caiiiiirit give
'you un - - idea of how rich 'and* histrouti
they are. More than this, Marine flitivere
gathered froni-t ,- e•bottorn of the 1 1 d.editet,
sruneati Sea a e used in yalen tines, isntl.,
'real birdtt and qiiite common: ikeLacy.
opens the box that conies to her witli a
-whole string of stamps upon it, it is pos
sible that she will tied the °unhinge-scot
humming birds in a little nt st, holclitg
lilP9Szig : in its beak. Not the, picture, of
one, inind Yon, but a real• ode, that fins
been caught nhd stnffed for the valentine-
The latest fashion in valentines la:to
with useful articles.. _A
lave o r pearl In:ndled fan, coating sixt,y
dollars, is secreted beneath flowers,`Mdt--
toes and Cupids. A fine silk necktie; fOr
a gentleman or toy, is wrapped- in white.
gauze. with the fender sentiment
- Through cloud and sunshipe, I am
thine." Articl. s of dress . Or jewelry sre
o f ten enclosed. Sometimes a strinkipg-'
sap or a pair of 'embroidered slippers.--
.The, desert ptive catalogue of Mr: .Kimmel,'
. 0e London perfum2r,.inclulles vulentines
. contai ni t r, Japanese ornamental
ttins, cravats: pin- cushions, chatelaine
liattletiThrnociteS: gold watch trinkets,
locket siturgnoise and garnet rings, , silvet
filigree -hrovebes, car-rings and bracelets,
hrad-dresses and double smelling-bottles
hen, too, there are musical valentines
in the form 't;f glove'and haialkerehief or
jewelry - cases. One magiiitleett atllile
costs-forty dollars It is made 'of blue
silk, and trimmed with...gilt. At Onft,side
is a eonipartment for gioves,and at ; Ow
other a plan. ' for handkerchiefs, with two
beautifill sibellingabottles ill the niictdle.
As the lid is raised, a music bor r niddeti
untl , roeath, playa a -favorite tart each as;
"Then you'll remember rot" or an !air
from un opt , ra.
I Umitot sure that' the new custom of
making et pensive ()reseal; is I:itter than
thetold one of writing' a lost-letrit;and
it is not a proof of greater -afSectionin
the senders. ; . t:tt
A pleasant. improvetunt tnigh be ,made
Upon both the pld anu the nelv.gustomB,
withtiat sacrificing the observance of the
day. 'Let the bond and - zirlit . "Titadie their
own valentines. during the lone winfen
evenings. . ,Aii the necessary :materials
may l e pptcliased for twenty-five or tbir4
ty cents at a stationer's store, pAittiblV i
designi are to Le fo ttiid in many
and softie tinsel; crayons,' water=colors,
and lace paper won't] enable clever goring produce very pretty, things.--o'
There saight,! for inAtance, be..A, simple
Grecian border around a sheet, of lace, j ,
paper, unit, inclos-d with lity; r n
rose,. or some illu minhted' 'verses.' Decei t ' 1
onmanie would-do very+twell,.in • case the!
valentine-maker cotild not druvit-;-.or, bet,.
ter still, pressed ntight4
the service., A red am tum n . tv(ti,
citrefally dried. prestikl,'atid" theantetrtin
tinted papbr,- and sti min n ded *.,tivaffi
of ivy, !pretty. !•01 , one , miiht ,
inaketninett. lug lowly out mr,very
colt; gnissys, musses, und
in them tit the liead.of the rapek,letiv—
intrlstit'i!Ce r, t' iittter wiltird •
ie't I • " bile
care.ftesta and patience Idiwork.
Otitis of , wopltl t he, more
h'ig" ' bt 141 P .
thatt linesnirodectloiiii ortlte proles:
eientif Val6titinAtitakei.. , • At -1 the swoop
time. their iireparatiou would • affortti.yett
9f.dtillisettlVitottla eXqPi4e.
it) , Or usgi of
heitin - 11 , ‘ntie' 'to yoil in Con
Alexander Wantright, iu stArialitasc:'''':
.Air 1 ,, . ;I,o*,
nin n nee vnti spas. uoltf:01
lie 'the 'il'otitTbelifiii:so'uli
"Nte , Work'
qirko ,
A drill) kortt sis gene 'a budqtargerp
for, Ot,ofte umr iloytettit4 tbu tbe;
0 .91 14 .it/P ( 04g1 , 214 0 14a.. , rt
BY " fie
YPI tPa4'sthe F I 4P O /IP/ 1 4 1 54
rh9,P l skeil ber94 l ,L.. • . •
the nelghticits made an Oita
; •'•• ) a)) i
Oar boys wlll 4 suisly masterher.'43tild , 2,"Yoii
watt atuisee,
7:1,; . EL wpm),f9r ibw dqesUicis 9Aa you ; , give
q l 4l° ll, ifidllP 2 '
'Well O the boys thetheerd their ;parests s so they
F laid }heir
`,.,4II II YtYkY-th.PiciFilft.4;; l 4 l Pciet ‘PV,P4 2
. 0 ,4 115)
And let'etlestilnks abitie'theliii
thiibOY4' ; "' q' •
in tset,!: letl-liksa Clfctsi; tvttJtiriiPtedchlor
thezlowdAz )
Pfnit Week i-disitt:4 (tilt
tes' " '"' '• ' '
And thought'their words lwapelling end pro-
nunciatiomgooc:: -
And said I, to Uto, teapticr,..:Thls achoo,4,,called
quite tough.' 5 •
Said she, "Well, 'Yes; I rather gueis 4amee
French la pretty' rough. ' '
And that tuty_tu...,LM
don't yet Itposty'
"Hum, yes," said T,'"he is 11 rogue tioy l Is
• - thy ion "'
At first ehe eeemed somelluttered,and then she
sort o' stalled,- • ' '
Aud said,: 2300 ,bad a man
_so good should Dave
a atm so wild r ",., .
Bald 1,.".1f they get off the tut; you:just send
down for me—;
Perkaps t would get 'em back again if I..,shorad
holler flee." • ,
Said she: "1 tbinic tbli is s school that needs
some work arid 'pains
I guess that I can guido this team if you'll give
me the reins."/
1 said, "GCled day,". add all the time thetie biiya
behaved like sin ;"
She knew she'd got to conquer 'em, and might
as wnilfiegin. • ' .•
For after IhaVeft, fh,e,rose and moved a step
or two,
And said :".Tamis French may come this CirtiV,"
' Said te, 4 4'went . yottl•
Anti then 136 marched right do,R tfte,a,isle,and
re4l6' caered .
The'tiChulatit radii Abei' truly itioughc
• - ' •'' and Miry tdm:. ' 4
But she.wasicirefattiow,atie hit, tftld struelrao
• . ;
You coublu:t nye, yqu,. which waa An'
end - which Wag eitick.
And tbeu•Javiuys; ,she went to. watk.liaid,
•• • ":w!A.i.lll l .'fAl:W/tb,lier tOusue,"
fte ( .1 1 4 e 9 1 F ,4146 .• / -• PM49 words, end A99te
eloidi too that stung.
She stud she bitted birebes;',nor j airecl to use 'em
P.1:7 I it, o•
She didn't eall'ira cowards, but she -Made 'em
-, feel liks sect, •._
And when they bad theirreoe' ss, why Jim had
changed bis song,. ' " •
Said be: • ''T bat teac4er's little; but., oht she's
mighty g!troug", , • . .
And now there's nothln' them . , boys
woul.i walk for miles
To do coonrp l ega r radyuy i. , , , to , feyne o' her
em'tle • •
And ;op'n,lippreyed ptna;ip;; pee
abaig - v#11.14 , jret 7 — .
An' “Ontd'fn-diy bogs
'And.everytimesl son beryiith tliechildreti pass
Lang, "That tpnOer's, .littln.,,,but,,, oh
mighty strong.''
Lalapuld Ihtnk:a drop of tkiirtahornin .a pint .of
'l2° l .44:P u g t 4.' . 3 ..
To be n.ggpat dna! strongerquiplwoldd,bein
A guar •
And e'd n'aroP Of tn 'people ';ivti)
itre t an ot . 2 ••• •
&mounts to , More than It‘ttsrere.pnt 'ln some
.folka el; .feet .
I ° ll .
.141.141261iiiiik 1 7
16;Q—Lands opj.',l3rFP*. Rock,l924.Bptil,PP
1631-Irtte4s tbant n'o'dankei
-- • ' ' '
la92.l—Balla alleetlagnotlle: ,
I423—Proc,lattna u Zut ;DO.> f;
: 1 ,c4 3 §794t, Ac , Alezcy,
Moent as e i rehtatep 4a,hl
ufas=ii criNitekr t6iliCeomtiAidatigiie; itriq
etakei out 4.3iiiatet:tiche. -. 's
4ettr—Makittlik6r.!6nn the , Ahtineinleas;qtta
:thtePoteol, , lndiatts,m24 whlttsbatkz,...o :
16 &-s;ar4 a Va ar#l,
„I.,Bwi r Eno up, a printiox ?teal. 4 „ . „
~l3dea auto O - I `lo4- .. 1 4 10 4 4 Ai;t;
Colonial COElgregi •' -' • • ';
'l4:l4ELsiYitieltinh th - 8 Cabibrittgo Plaitotni—
}lanai a witch: :7.74,-.8 , -
lip-804,A1181 lam tognipd. sta. Uucbristitut
oilstOßk of ..7,e , F 1 409,0g 4/4 3 ,13040 1 Y. 1 1
acid uncomely."
16 . 5V-ie rebuked rniuiritele . itiblk-iiceis' 'arid
gold. und,idiver late;or shy 651Cgtor-isatti.
-I.6s3riPoinsinnei. Treit7Bl2Wlngsl explan4koli
t 4 0 1 1 1 . 3.091! P 1 74 3 ,4 1 1119s- ;1;•., "••••::.
/ q 4 ;1 1 ,1 4' 0 1 1A a % la Nr•gle-Ail i aal4 4 •I ,•
1690--. -131.4 s'a "hling`9" .. ,cli4c; and o(*tslou
(111kletiiiiiis i'sll;l4' 'bini
Tiki"(24:thlit , tide 11 1 dilif4LAbitin't "Oritid lie
leqms to•tiactorks ta4tibill,••4ll•Tiesitlashitin:i/.
.18f4 7 .440 ft(ifFn ,t4y•A'Y Oche* stigil4,o3 tialonon
/1 111 ,1 . 81 . 4•4 1 19 1 .(4-.14•14
' 17,013:•-Folimy grynttrr,S2plifv, wbjc~ of lent
seittia'il(4ii N'Vviottityian"."'
luturif tintl ut his'
0Wn..t41404'., . ;
I , j7l*••--,conitlpetts ;N ittippt.4 ., ,,,platfumu - rrthiti:!
I,7 l4 !ifi!w:iiii, o9 kt , - , qa1..1 • ~- ' , l J.: : -
11);:-*1 , ,i,liii to iit l i , iit4—very, siiioil - 07: . ii
4allfdi 6111e'iaol'tiliNii ilii '4lO it;1416 0
pAr i. qat i f ig ,,i cis I".i .1. , P313.41L1•
3111-4hitl ilicuer
,4it /tiii OrstiPparrillacti .:',=
i i'lni-FAlik4:l"424ii/i null tukcs 411311149tAct.* .
i' l . l ... 4 9 l l. ll ,V. l t a ze_ r tk i r li g 4o °i Ntr.l! at.i.,,lii L - ,
I .41— it tms..* . rt for t ,thulm#,millo.t :
without grave riiitiltizuitraupes: *wit Ma oorisa,O.
.utrio l iAtathOili: l 3 Is 4 ' l ' ll ' ''. " 2 ' 1:4 . ' ll t
: • ticAICRIBIhrby trait bn 4 1441a4ri0 OiereiWi
encdenteking tquelt 1 oppOphirentl mat Ing •..
lotYfiltli ii l 44Mt; ty.:: i y . 11:-0.'"i .%; - .e; Hi? A.
1 f 4~'s
"1740:-Intinufacfnres tinned ware, and starts
the first Tin peddler on his travels.
1740—Seer - Fanenit - flall - built. The cradle
ot - lihirty Is ready to be racked.
= 170—Builds an organ, but does not permit
4t,toibephlyed in the-Meeting/louse.
1750—Buys a bushel of Potatoes for his win
ter's use = -all his" friends wondeiing what he
will bo mansr. . ' •
11•1751—Pots up a Fashion : - Stove Intik° beat
-soon) and tries one, o 1 the. ffliewlrlovented
Lightning, Rods. =
1760—About this time begins to wear a col
lar on his shire.-Wherkbe-can afford it he takes
,his-wife,to meeting In. a Chaise, Instead of a
aspillb n,
r heretofore., , . .
:17607-S,bows his dislike to mai:riper! Paper,
YOGIS the "Sone Of Liberty" • '
176/Ttles his he;ld' at-Type Foondirig—not
iket succesaful-ria , Cunnecticut,
inl77ol43uya,a,bome-mado. Wooden Clock.
~Prd-,- W aters his tea; Boston , Lisrbor—
Plants Liberty Trees wheroverhe finds good soil.
1774—Lights flotaroa,streeis with oti Lamps
novelty . (thottgh "Nei.' Lights have been
plenty fur gichleyerirsi —, •
1777—Brother Jonathan—as he begins to be
_;in: the family—declares himself Free
,and Independent.
1780- 7 -Auys an "Umbrillo," for Sundays; and
,wbeneverhe shows it is laughed at fur his ef-
1191 , —Btarts a Cotton li4pinning factory.
l792—Has been raising Silk Worms, in Con
necticut.; and now gives his minister (not his
wife), o home-trade silk gown. Buys a Carpet
for the middle of the parlor floor.
1703--Invents the Cottonin, and thereby
trebles the value of Southern plantations.
17115=4800Wears Pantaloons obiesionally,
but notwifen in 101 l dress. Begins to use Plates
.on the breakfast, and tea table.
, ,18142—Has the boys and girls vaccinated.
1808—ties to burn a piece of hard Coal from
Philadelp'hla. A failure.
1807—Sees a boat go by steam on the Hud
son. •
t, his name 1
1815—Holds a little Convention at Hartford
but doluit propose to dissolve the Union. Buys
one of Terry's Shelf Clocks, tor $36, and regu
lates his
1817—Sets up a Steve in the Meeting House,
and iuilds a fire in it fur Sunday ; an innova
'don-Which' is stoutly resisted by many.
1817—Begins to run a Steamboat on Long
;Island Sound,and—after making his will—takes
passage 'milt to New Yurk.
.1819 Grown bolder, he crosses the Atlantic
in a steamship
1827Liglits Gas in Boston: At last, learns
lio* to make hard Coal burn, and sets a grate
Sn his parlor. Buys a Steel Pen (one of Gillott's
:sold t 34 per gross.) Has his everyday Shirts
made without Ruffles.
180.3—Abunt___this time puts a Percussion
Lock on.his old . musket.
1826-13nys his wile a pair of queer shaped
iirdia Rubber over 4 shoes. Puts on his first
11828,4astes his..fhtitLfromato—doutitingly.
h- told that-it is unfashionable to feed himself
halal[ his kuife-rand buys silver forks, for great
11.32—Builds a Railroad,,and rides on It.
``lBsB--Rubs the Friction Match—then called
'Mailer,. and afterward Loco-Foco. Throws
away the old Tinder Boa, with its flint and steel.
1835—Invents s . Revqlver, and sets about
supplying the-worawith. Etas a peace-maker.
Tries a Gold Pen, but cannot [tad a good one
yet, nor till 1844.
" - 1837—Gets in a Panic—and out again, after
free rise of shin-plasters.
' 1838—Adopts the new fashion of putting his
lotterslp Envelopes ; (a fashion that does not
twevatitill seven sears later.)
1840;-Bits fur his Daguerreotype, and gets a
Teiffully and Wonderfully made picture. Be
tobloitr himself up with Cumphena and
Burning-Fluid, and , continues the process for
years, with changes of the active agents, down
to and including Non-Explosive Kertriene.
1844—Sends his first message, by. the Electric
)847 -Buyshis wife a Sewing 31achine, in
Vainiiipe that it may somehow keep the but
nn' his shirt. Begins to receive advicen
tram the Spirit World,
,1855—Segins to bore and be bored by the
Hoome, Tuonel,
18.5/Celehrates laying of the Ocean Cable,
and sends a friendly melwage to John Bull.
Neit . Week - be begins to doubt whether the Ca.
bls.has-been laid at all.
~,1861f-43out south. to help compose a family
Takes, to using paper money,
18617-1136,57C1imbs the Hill Ditliculty—re-
UMied of his pa'c atter Jan. 1; 1§14; but loses
GrL' it Heart, tat the last; AprU'l4, 1803. • •
'4B6o—Gets the AMOS& Cable in working or
der at last;: n season to send word to his Brit
ish cousi% Wig, lvaltingi for an invitation to
his funeral, that-helices yet.- -
.1814 7 ,11375 7 1 . s i fteconstructing 4 and talking
aboutßeirmption. Sends his boys to the Mu
sitiCa; to see ai"Old fashioned Silver Dollar.
Harii iterti at the 'Ermine Ttirinel.;--/farrjoid
Outrank • •‘! -, •
HQD 13KEN,,EIN9S EN0174311
tentleman•nt'Washingtois was 'requested
by a:friers:l4o Join him on a visit to the depot
Uhwitnnsq:the,t.rrival of the King of the Sand
" b me, not mach; '' growled the gentle-
, "EfaaM"yoa aver seen a king ha your tmvelst"
Winked hisfrlend, marveling somewhat at his
short answer. -.7.
• rfeil f .sitli replied the gentlemen. "I was'
once guilty, cd'seclng three kings." Then, alter
a raiment's patine, went on to say : "And they
east me one bundraclandilltploilars sir. Those
Wyra„svar thue , s, kowever."
Ilts'friend suggiated • ho must have been, in,
bad' 'eediliehV. " r..
oVireil,grden't know'," says - the - gentleman,
thattglitlWasurgooll company 'at the time. tt
cidiedlo act:din:se three kings in cempahrwilti,...
thrieciuccrr,,anotlicr. king and an Iteneper,antl
havertever .liatf.,any„dOlre to See on:: of, tho
rpy4lttrilqy athcc." '
Ills tilendaaW the 'Point. Said' pasged,
Mad elititiled - •
PPIPESIA.TfIE REVOI.Orp)ri,- - Mrs., Jolla Q„
liirL§, , ,sFrlVng to Intr InlsttLnd in Eurupe,Opt,
iLIS I 'pop, giv,el(!he fullowing prices of pyoris
lontilii• tine C'oltinlCS' at unit LLnie: "thirn is
:ntivitti*, tie £27 peebtishel. Flour .C1:10' to
I.rittO perntindiedl , 'Biter $8 per pound . ; tont ,
. itori. 68 tataulilk tila.• $7l anti . $8 t butter' sl2: Per'
,P,llp4i clicsFso, AM, Sneep'ti wool , $4O . per
1,,P 01 1.E, 1 4 t,,ctix!fa,c).., Sognr tip) and , poo _ pe..
i' patina; ' niolasiektt4B per , liallon '; Lea PO : turf-_
iltePti/ e Cottailisciot CO _perputnitt: ' Money
1 ticitffiri;itleatjeut 'esitis t'enttimitus ttikiv:"
t, WA ip:f•-i ! OA Mr O. ; . '
fNly, l ,r/Okdelplit* ,l 4n4 rtemperioce dough