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    rllE DEMOCRAT.
, E. B. HAIVLEY (E. CO., Editors
Wednesday, Oct. 28, 1874.
Democratic State Ticket.
of Berks County.
of Westmoreland County.
of Green County.
of Philadelphia.
Democratic County Ticket.
of Bradford.
of Montrose.
of usquehanna Depot.
' of Montrose.
of Montrose
of Great Bend.
of Lathrop.
Mocha - -'rushy, Nov.
Gold closed in New York, on Saturday
night last, at riq.
The effect of the elections in the West
will be to determine the large class of
undecided voters, to cast their votes for
the Democratic candidates in the States
which are yet to vote, am] triumphs in
New York and Pennsylvania will swell
the tide of Tuesday the 13th inst, till it
sweeps the country in' 76 from the At
lantic to the Pacific.
The Republican seems to be afraid of
om its own shadow. It has charged E. B
Hawley with being the synonym of vll.
irony, and now just before the day of
election it is begging and pleading of
Republicans not to give him any compli
mentary votes. Does Homer fear that
he has made some of his readers believe
that E. B. Hawley is as bad as some of
his party leaders and therefore "promi
nent"; Republicans will be induced to
compliment him? We think he has
sloppedover. The fire has got into the
We are 1114 d to be able to assign a
rass , n for the turn of affairs in Ohio and
Indiana. We copy it from the Montrose
Republican and we warn those "apostate
Republicans" who are el emphatically
advertised in the last issue of that paper,
to beware ! We do not know who they
are but the editor of the Republican (or
Watson) must, or they would not speak
so emphatically. Be sure and not `stay at
home" for it is evident from the shiver
ink of Homer & Willoughby, that it
will be a dangerous thing, to them.—
Read the following and take warning :
"We begin to learn what was the mat
tet in Ohio. The trouble was simply
toss—too many Republican voters stayed
at home and did not vote!"
Fourteen Tears of Robbery
For fourteen years the people have been
cursed with radical administration in the
State of Pennsylvania. During this
time, (estimating the revenue for the
present year at $7,000,000) eighty five
million of dollars have been paid into
the state treasury. What have we to
show for it ? The Sinking Fund is near
ly $2,000,000 poorer than it was when
the state was delivered over in 1861 a prey
to spendthrift& The public debt has
been reduced thirteen millions of dollars.
Twenty-six millions have been paid for
interest. Forty-six millions of dollars,
over three millions per year, have been
expended to carry on the stare govern
ment. In every one of the fourteen years
of radical rule the expenses of the state
have been three-fold what they were in
1860. In the year 1874 they are likely
to be fourfold.
The last three years of democratic ad
ministration in Pennsylvania were years
of commercial and industrial depression.
Commencing in 1857, with its disastrous
expenses, and ending in 1860, collecting
leas than one half the yearly taxes now
collected, it yet met with promptness all
ordinary liabilities, including the expen
ses of government and the interest on the
public debt, and it paid off 62,235,882,15
of the public debt.
As our finances are now managed the
whole revenue collected from thP people
yearly from 1860 to 1875 would not suffice
to pay the annual expense of Republican
administration, without paying a cent of
interest or principal of the public debt.
All these tads are verified by official
figures, published from day to day in the
Patriot, undenied and unquestioned by
Reptiblican newspapers, officials or ora
tore. They cannot be successfully im
pugned. They are abstracts of public
records and authentic history.
Dower's Bull Against the Democrat.
in past History we read of "Popes Bull
against the comet" and future history
(if any one will preserve the Montrose
Republican of this week) will be marked
by Homer & Watson's bull against the
DEMOCRAT. A Republican friend, who
desired to warn us of our danger, whis
pered in our ear, early last week, that W.
W. Watson esq,had then seen night and
day in the street, with a large file of the
DEMOCRAT under biennia, and that he and
Honier,had put their two heads together,
and we were to be annihilated,not a grease
spot to be left to apprise inquiring friends
of our existence. Under these circum:
stances we sought the .10:publican oq
Monday last, fieo to our sanctum and sat
down to read it in the full expectation
that every moment would be the next,
when to our utter surprise,we found that
the firm of Homer & Watson had given
us a fine udvertisment by quoting some
detached extracts from our paper. We
would here tender them our acknowledg
ments for the favor. We will say that
the extracts they have given are correbt,
except in some instances they might have
done us a little more justice by giving
them in full. Of the interludes and
comments, all of which must have orig•
Mated in their own furtive imaginations,
we simply say, that they are just what is
expected from such a source, as what, is
poured out of a vessel, gives Cr. oder that
leaves no mistake as to what that vessel
Where their principal• "bull" comes ln.
is in the folluwing,which we give in their
own chosen words.
"The Local Option question is not the
only one yon are dodging. You raised
your bonus question as a hobby, and rode
it furiously, up to about the time you
were nominated. Since you were notni
nab-d, have you not suppressed articles
written on that subject for your paper
Have you not refused or neglected to re
ply to questions as to your position on
the bonus question, made in good faith
by voters of this county, leaving those
interested by your silence to fear, and by
your acts to believe, that you have aban
doned your former profession on OW
subject, and pledged yourself to rupport
a higher rate of interest Is not your
course one of double.dealinf?
Could there be more pathos, rhetoric.
sound logic, and scathing rebuke, got
into the same number of words except
by Homer & Watson ? We confess tney
are so deep that we cannot fathom their
significance, as applied to E. B. Ilawle,Y,
but there may be some one who can. Stir.
Watson is not only getting the reputaticn
of a "prominent Republican," but alio
as the prominent author of some ofte
basest falsifications, (of which the abo're
is a specimen)that ever appeared in print,
even in the Moritrose Republican. Oir
position on the usury question is so ole
seure,and has been for the last three year,s,
both in this county and also at the state
Capitol last winter, that it seems to be
necessary for the firm of Homer & Wat•
son to propound to us the above intersi
atones. In conclusion we simply en
that we sincerely pity any candidate ler
office who has so little of the confideuee
of the party that nominatel him as to
his moral honesty or political integrity,
that be must sign a pledge for every man
or woman who asks him, because thcly
dare not trust him without. If W. W.
Watson is in that predicament he lids
our heartfelt sympathy. We do not iri•
tend to bow our knee or dwarf our man
hood that office may follow fawning. it
there is one Democrat in this county
whose usury corns or any other corn,
are so painful on our account as to Icad
him to desire us to do so, we frankly lull
vise him not to invest in E. B. Hawley{.
An Appeal to the Common-Sense 4
the People.
AND MECHANICS, all who contribute to
the general welfare and add to the iu•i
crease of state, and individual wealth its
the persuit of useful and legitimate
transacticns: we call upon you for the!
last time, before the day of final decision.;
to weigh in the balance of your most:
mature judgement, the effect, and calcu
late from the only safe guide to action—
the public record—the result of a cho c
between Joseph Powell and Bartholomen
Laporte as Representatives in Congress.
In the person of Mr. Laporte you have
a man not exceptionable in private life,
not objectionable as a n'ighbor and not
iu the less unworthy from his chosen
vocation of farmer and stock raiser on
broad paternal acres ; for these virtues
are conceded, and we scorn to write a
line or utter a sylable derogatory of his
social status or ; private character! But
the public.actsof evey man, who occu
pies office by the partiality of his fellow
citizens, is the property of the people,
and a subject of legitimate discussion
and truthful criticism at all times and
under all circumstances. It is with these
acts that we propose to deaL
Honored by a nomination, successful
in his election, and entrusted with the
responsibility of representing as intelli
gent a constituency as any county in the
state could boast of; iu the prime of life
and made conspicious by the large ma
jority which his party possessi;il at that
day (some 5,000 strong:) prominent by
virtue of the wide circle of acquaintance,
possessed by a father who had held office
ander the state for a term of years ; am.
bitious for distinction, with the finest
opportunity that any piling man could
desire in which to display his powers,
and place his name upon the scroll of
Legislative fame, what was the record Of
Bartholomew Laporte ?
Briefly but plainly stated it was this
lie assumed the right to rote himself an
increase of pay • owl of monefi he had no
moral right to touch,. and sanctioned the
auditing ofan account for mileage, cer
tified to its correctness and drew the mon
ey for fine fold the distance that lie was
legally and honestly entitled to.
It the axiom that a political mistake is
a political crime, be the true one, in what
language shall we characterize a deed
which is not only a mistake, but an act
of obsolute malfeasance with no excuse
for its perpetration, save a "want of ex
perience," ani l / 2 "evil ossoeiations."
Considered in the light of subsequent
-events, by men occupying the positions
to which Mr. Laporte now aspires, he
may say that the sum he then Voted to
himself was so very small compared
with the back-pay steal of the last
Congress that it is scarcely worth
mention at a period so remoto from its
consummation, but we do not believe that
length of time is a valid excuse for wrong
doing—while perhaps repentance may
serve as practical extenuation for an
abatement of sentence.
Eight years from the time Mr. Laporte
committed the above mistake the party
sent him to Harrisburg again, and all
there is noteworthy in his career at that
time, is the fact of his voting against Si
mon Cameron for senator, when to have
voted fur him, would have done neither
Cameron any good, or Laporte any harm.
But so much more difficult it is to forgive
a crime committed against party, than a
mere "mistake' in pocketing public money
that twelve years have been allowed to
pass since this man's name again appears
upon a banner somewhat rent by inter
necine strife.
If then he yielded so complaicently to
temptation to pocket a fete hundred dol
lars in the legislature of the state,because
it was done by others,whut would restrain
him from joining the noble army of grab
bers that cluster so thickly about the
if,dl of the House of Representatives in
Congress ? Nothing, we fear, but the
solemn determination of the people ev
erywhere, this year b•tng expressed, not
to glee any man the opportunity where
there is a pool reason to fear that he
may yield to the tempo, ion!
Citizens, we can say to you all in sin
cerity!: we can say to you with all the
strength that lapse of years can add to
careful observation ; we can assure you
by the record of a life of constant effort
in the paths of honest purpose, that your
support of Joseph Powell will never he a
subject of regret, or cause you a single
qualm of conscience. He stands the
lepiesentatove or an innuence that seems
born of the hour; an influence that
springs from a desire to regenerate poli
tics and subdue the asperity of party : a
spint that underlies the great upheaval
in the recent elections, and which floats
in the purified atmosphere of change,
silently and unseen, but with the subtle
magic of inspiration that seizes the em
pire of reason, controls the dominion of
thought, and determines the destiny of
What intlueoce can arrest the consum
mation of so goon a purpose in the hands
of a united p,ople, strong in their defer
minulion is be free Y— Bradford Argus.
Judge Busteed has hilt Alabama dis
gusted with its political leaders, and in
departing he fired his furewe;l shot at
that great man, Senator Spencer: The
Republican Convention recently held in
this cal. was not. in any true senor, an
exponent of the Republican idea, or a
representative of the better class of the
Republicrns of Alahama. It was put
tugathr r pieciselv as a piece of machin
ery is put together, to secure a preor.
dained result. As to now apparent, its
only object was to secure to certain per
sons, are continuance in office. It was
nominated and run by a man who, wear
ing the garb of the United States Sena
tor, is universally recognized as tne po
-1/6=l luxes nuturre of the period Of
the persons comprising it sonic sixty
were federal officeduilders, whose lively
hood depended upon their obedience to
the tuners of exacting and merciless
demagogues. Protanity and blackguard
ism went uncontrolled by the chair ; to
be applauded to the echo by a Senatorial
huckster and (his hireling& For the
most part, the atsenrtdage ua s a gather
ing of tyros in polifi:is, paupers iii intel
lect, iind affluents in profligacy. I chal
lenge its riebt to speak for the Republi
can party, and feel myself at liberty to
accept or repudiate its doings us my own
sense of duty and propriety shall enjoin."
Special Notices
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Liver Complaint and Dyspepsia are the causes
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Persons so affected, if they take one or two
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1.1 NOTICE Is hereby given toad persons con
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Estate of Thomas Reese, lute of Gibson,
ticifirDavid Reese, Fxecutor.
Dloghavaton, N. I
.Estate of Elias Northup, Into at Liberty,
deed, Itutit Northup, Adannistratrix.
Estate- of Minerva Post, late of Montrose,
deed, G. P. Little Executor.
Estate of Reuben Reynolds, late of Bridge•
water, deed, A. H. McCollum, Administrator.
Estate of Robert Moore, late of Bridgewater,
dec'd, Charles Avery, Executor.
Estate of Iliram. S. Giff:ird, late of Great
Bend, deed. Galen Newman, Administrator.
Estate of Isaac Reckhow; late of Great, Bend
deed, Vincent Reckhow, Executor.
Estate of Nathan Aldrich, late of Brooklyn,
dec'd, Eliot Aldrich, Executor.
Estate of Daniel A. Baldwin, late of Great
Bend, deed, E. S. Baldwin, Admimstratrix.
Estate or Samuel R. Depue, late of Franklin
dee'd, Phebe Depue and Samuel Truesdell, Ad
Estate of Jane Smyth, late of Bridgewater,
dee'd, Wm. C. Curtis, Administrator.
Estate of Wrn. Dl. Watterson, late of La
throp, deed, Jerustot Watterson, Adrninistta
Estate of Eliza A. Ward, minor, Eliot Ald
rich, Guardian.
Estate of Lucy S. Baldwin, minor, E. Gill,
That the accountants have settled their ac
counts in the Register's Office in and for the
county of Susquehanna, and that the same will
be presented to the Judges of the Orphans
Court, on Thursday, N ov, 12, 1874, for con
firmation and allowance.
11. N. TIFFANY, Register.
Register's Office, Oct. 14,'74.
1 COUNTY, SS .—WItEIIEAS, I. M. B. Helene,
Sheriff of said County, having been informed
of the existence of such contrivances for the
catching of fish as arc commonly called or
known as fish baskets, eel wires, kiddies, bush,
or famine nets, and other permanently sot
means of taking 11811, in the nature of a sieve,
in some of the streams and rivers In . aid county
Now, in pursuance of the Act of Assembly of
the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, approved
the 24th dixj• of may, A. a 1871, both. is
hereby given that such contrivances are known
to exist, and are declared by the sold Act com
mon nuisances; oud the owners or managers of
any of the above named contrivances are here.
by ordered to dismantle the same, so as to ren
der them no longer capable of taking or injur
ing the fish of the streams of whatever kind
in said Susquehanna county, within ten days
from the date of this notice ; and if, at the ex
piration of said ten days, the dismantling shall
not have taken place, I shall proceed to destroy
and dismantle the same In the manner provid
ed for tn said Act of Assembly.
M. B. HEIJIE, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office, Montrose, Oct 14, 1874.
Pursuant to an order of the Orphans' Court
of Susquehanna County-, the undersigned will
sell the following described real estate, at pub
lic sale, on the premises, on Friday, Nov 6,1874,
at 1 o'clock, p. m. The farm late of Gid Peek,
deceased, situate In the township of New Mil
ford, County of Susquehanna, and State of
Pennsylvania, bounded on the north by lands
of the estate of—Ayres and F. W. Boyle ; on
the east by lands of R. A. Johnson, A. B.
Smith, Henry Burritt, and John Boyle; south
by lands of—Robinson, and on the west by
lands of R. J. Vail and M. 1% iseman, contain
ing one hundred and fitly-seven acres of lane
more or leas.
TERMS.—One hundred dollars down on day
of sale, $lOOO on final cmfirmation, and the
balance one year thereafter, with interest from
final continuation, and to be secured by bond
and mortgage Possecdon to be given April
Ist, 1875.
'LADY F. l'Eux, Executrix.
Oct. 14, 1811. 41-4 w.
4oL.UDITOR'S NOTICE.—The ondersianed. an Audit
or appointed by the Court of Common_ Pleas of ens
quehanna County. to distribute the funds in the Sher
if. hands arising from the sale of real estate of
Martin Conrad. trill attend to the duties 14 his ap
pointnient at his Oran! in Montrose, on Monday,
Nor. XI, 1814. at 7 o'clock, p. m., at which time and
place ell persons Interested in wild funds must present
their claims or be forever debarred front ruining in on
said fund. W. H. JESSCP, Auditor.
Montrose. Oct. 1. 11474.
A CDITOR'S NOTICE.—The undersigned, an Auditor
appointed bytb e Court of Common Pleas of Sul,
quehatiivi County, to distribute the foods in the hands
of the Sheriff, arising from the sale of the real estate
of John Phillips. will att , nd to the Males of his ap
pointment at the office of Warren & Son, In Montrose,
on Tuesday, October 27, 1874, at one o'clock, p. m., at
which time and place all persons Intereste.l in said
fund must present their claims or be forever debarred
from paoming in von said fund. . .
A. 0. WARREV, Auditor
In I Moots. By L. 0. Emerson and W. S. Tilden.
In Book I. which Is Inc Primary Schools, we hove a
3 year. course of study. very plainly laid out with
abundant direction. to teuhere. and a large unmber
of Beret sonny., for the little ones to slog by rote ants
by note. Price S 5 cents.
- - .
In Book U. the course above indicated In contionrd
and become. a lade more theoretic. the book la titled
for the nee of the younger scholars in Grammar School"
Vries. hneents.
In Book 1.11, part singing I• introilneed. and tho car
la trained to harmonic singing. For Higher Clam... in
Grammar >ch note. Price 50 cent,
- .
The male In these charming and useful hooks was
selected and twanged by the practiced band of Mr. L.
0. Eraerron, and U. theoretic part has been well test
ed by ate. Tl'dcn before placing in the Readera.
For HIGH 81 HOOLS. strceeds the above
Read r. better Mao The Hour of Singing." lf1.00,)
already In extenaive use. If that has been need, try
— Choice Tr los," tsl 00,3 a collection of the brat 3-part
The new Singing School Book. ••The Bong Mon•
arch," 115 ctn..] is attracting general attention as one
of the beat books ever tootle for singing Schools.
Sold by all dealers. Either book cent poet paid for
retail price,
Barton. Tit Wdway. N. Y.
Sept. 2.-2, (May at, 1514.—ty.1
The undersigne4 will sell at Peblie Auction,
October 31st, 1874, at his residence, in Rush,
Pa_, the following property to the highest and
best bidder:
Nine cows, 7 two-year ultl heifers, 1 two-year
old bull, 0 yearlings, (5 heders,) 1 calf, 3 horses
and harness, 1 mowing machine, 1 fanning Mill
1 thrashing machine and cleaner, 1 lumber
wagon; 1 platform wagon, 30 tons of bay, 1
corn speller, 200 bushels of oats. 200 bushels of
buckwheat, 1 pair cattle, 100 bushels corn In
TERMS.—AII amounts under $2O cash, in
cluding hay and graln,balance nue year's credit
with interest and Improved security.
I will also rent My farm. of 200 acres, at the
same time.
Bush, Oct. 14, 1874.-2 w
•Panr u_.
'Allotted a, a warning and for the benefit or TOUI3C.
Men and others who .after (rota Warmers DITILITT
Lou or WaxgoOD, etc., supplying the mean, of Self
Cure. Written by one who cared hintecit after under
going considerable neackery. and lent free on remising
a polo petal directed envelOge.
buffeters are Invited to addreve the author.
P. O. Box 153, Brooklyn, N.Y
October 7th, Irt—Gal,'
Our Stock luu, been selected with great care and bougbt at iriirrati PRICES.
To all In searcb of a good bargain we extend a cordial invitation to call and examine our
stock, and take prices. We are prepared and willing to do well with you, and it will undoubt•
edly be to your interest to call and give us your custom.
Dry Goods Department.
Dress Goods, Domestics, Flannels, Rose Blank- Ready-Made Clothing, Men's, Youth's, and
eta, Shawls, Cloakings, Gloves, Hosiery, Merino Boy's Snits, Men's, Youth's, and Boy's Over.
Underwear, Dress Trimmings, Corsets and I coats, Taimas, &c. Buck, Kid, and Wool
Skirts, Table Linen, Napkins, Towels, &c. Gloves, Merino Shirts and Drawers, Flannel
and White Shirts, Knit Jackets, Hats and Caps,
I Trunks, Umbrellas, &a., Bows, Scarfs, Ties, and
Full line of Millinery Goods, Zephyrs, Worst- • '
~ A tine variety of Cloths, Castors, Beaver, and
eds, Germantown Yarns, Furs, and ! Cassimeres for Custom Work. Meas.
Furnishing Goods, Carpets urea taken, and good fitting and
and Oil•Clotbs. Workmanship Warranted.
- - Hornier 131eaaalcote. abo.
Montrose, °doter 21, 1874.
We-vv Goods Just'e'c:l!
Shawls, Buffalo Robes, Wolf Robes, Lap Robes,
MCCOPLIEIFI 337-5.EL15731.1111T13,
Issued by the Court of Common Pleas of Susque
hanna County end to me directed, I will expose to eale
by public tendon, at the Court House la Montrose, on
Friday, Nov. 6th, 1874,
at I o'clock, p. m., tho following pieces or parcels of
lane to wit •
AU that piece or parcel or land eituste in the town
ship of Thomson, In the County of Susonehanna and
State of Pennsylvania. bounded and described as fol
low, to wit : On the north by public highway, on the
east by lands of L. F. Searles and F A. Crosier, on the
tionth by lend. of Griffin Cook, and on the west by
Lands of Wm. Witter and D. B. Hind. containing about
two acres of laud, more or less,lari Lb the appurtenances
a one ands half story dwelling homes with wing barn,
chop. some fruit trees, and all Improved. rfaken In
execution at the .alt of Sylvester King vs P.
dick, President; IL C. Dow, Secretary ; Wilson T.
Stone. .d P. Is. Cargill.]
ALSO—AII that piece or parcel of land altnato In the
township of Springville, in the County of Snrquehan -
no. and state of Pannsylv.ia, bounded and described ,
tes foliows , to wit: On the north by land of N. P.
Loomis, on the cast by public highway, on the south
by the abutment of bridge over the Meshoppen creek,
and on the west by the lileshoppen creek, containing
about a acres of land, more or lee, with the appurte
nances, one frame house and shop, some fruit treocand
nearly all Improved. fTaken lu execution at the suit
of Thomas Kintner vs. John W. Grow nod IL T. Bald
w ALSO—AIi that piece or parcel of land situ
ate In the townahlpof Auburn, In the County o Sus
quehanna. and State of Pennsylvania, bounded and
described as follows, to wit : On the north by land of
James Lott, 00 the east by lands of Wm. N. Bennett,
on the sout by land, of !Anton Dania A. D. Tewks
bury, and John Seteer, and on the weal by land of
John Setae:, containing about 4 acres of land, more cr
leas, with the appurtenances. 8 dwelling. houses, barn,
new store house, a good orchard, and all improved.—
[Taken in execution at the suit of G. L. Swisher v..
Willthm White and L. C Swisher.
. certain - .
ALSO—AII that piece or parcel of land situate
In the township of Jackson, In the County of Barque
hanna and State of Pennryitanla, bounded and Ms
Gritted as follows, to wit: On the northeast by lands of
Georg,. Curtis, on the southeast by lands of I,oliil
Marsh and Anthony Steinbach, on rho southwest by
land of Reuben Rill. and on the northwest by lands of
Ronne Idnch and C. H. Padthruoks. containing 154
arras of land, more or less, together with the appurte •
ounce.. one frame dwelling house, d bares, ay orchard.
and shout 10 acres improSed. [Taken to execution at
the snit of itentwn Hill vs. John Ilendrfelson,]
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of land Min
ate In the township of Lenox, lu the County of Susque
h men end State of Pennsylvania, bounded and describ
ed as follows. to wit: On the north by Janos of L.
-- Doran. on the east by lands of Wm. Pratt, Wm. D.
Diller, and H. Coleman, on the youth by lands of Wm.
Pratt, and on the west by land, of B. P. Breed, con.
t tang 120 ore., more or less with the appurtenants..
one frame house, barn and sheds, and other our build
ings. 2 orchards, and about 90 acres Improved. [Taken
In execution at the cult of Charles A. Hunter, assigned
to A. W. Gardner, vs._ Mary Gardner Atinex of John A.
Gardner. deed, and than K. Chase, T. T.]
ALSO—AII that certain tame 0, µocelot laud Min.
ate In the borough of Susquehanna Depot, In the Conn.
ty of Susquehanna and State of Pennsylvania, bound
ed and described no follows, to twit : Ott the north by
land of Wm. C. Frith an the east by Grand street. on
the south by land of James Tlchorot. and on the west
by River Street. contaluing id sere, or there abou toot)
the appurtenanres, one two story dwelling house,Wad
all Improved. (Taken at the salt of J. A. Lyons...
signed to B. I. Carr, no, Hiram Bash and James H.
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of land attn.
ate in the township of Ararat, in the County °Vitas
quells.* and State of Pennsylvania, bounden and des
cribed as follows. to wit: On the north by lands of
Wm. Bowen and lands now or late of William Wilson.
on the mot by lands of Nelson Yoder, Elirha Ogden,
and IL M. wheeler, and on the swath and west by lands
of Moms. Nichols A Co., containing about 191 acres,
more or less, with the appurtenances, one frame bonze.
frame barns, and cube, out buildings. 9 orchards. and
ab ou t .10 acres improved. .(Taken In execution at the
snit of E. I. Carr. assigned to Thompson 130clle, vs.
Peter Dunn and B. K. Dulrall
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of land Mtn.
ate In the borough of 'Montrose. In the Comas of Sus
quebanva sod !Otte of Penosylvaola, bounded and dew
cribed as follows. to wit: On the north by land eon.
treated to J. A. Howell. on the east by public highway,
on the south by land of D. W. Glidden, and on the
west by land of J. A. Howell, containing about 1,4 of
an acre, more or leay.with the apportonances,orte frame
dwelling house, some huff end ornamental trees. and
all Improved. [Taken In execution on sundry writs es
Gm,. EL Bo tgess..l
ALBO—AII that certain piece or parcel of land situate
in the township of Dlmock. In the County of Bonne-
Winne snd State of Penuiyleania. bounded and describ
ed as follows, to wit: On the north by lands of .1,
Young. on the smith by land of James Martin, on the
east by lands of Thomas Jonas and—Griswold, and
on the wept by lands of—llleleys. containing 100
acres of Land, more or less, and about nOnerea improv•
ed. 'Taken in execution at the snit of 8. F. Lane, use
of 11. C. Tyler, vs. Geo. T. Corwin.]
All that certain piece or parcel of land situate to the
township of Great Bend. In the County of busquehan•
na and State of Pennsylvania, bounded and deemlbed
as follows to wit: Beginning at • staks and stones in
the corner of lands now or formed y of Lee Smith,
thence north degrees east Mend six tenths rodsto
corner of lan& occupied by McDaniel,. thence north
80 degrees and 10 minutes east by IdeDantel's laud 13X
rods to a atone our the west aide of the blithwat
thence north ISX degrees east 41 rods to an elm stomp
thence north IX degrees east 4536 rods to a birch
thence east rz3 rude, thence south lak &grecs
east by line of tracts 1511 end 50 100th rods to an original
corner. thence tenth I and VT minutes west 1133( rods to
a stake and stones, thence south 1 degree west 150 rods
to acbeernet stub, thence north 83 degrees and 5 min•
etas west 61 rods 10 a Corner, thence south 2X degrees
west 61 nada. thence south ffIX degrees east 180 X rods
to east bounds of said User, thence southerly slung the
same 44 rods to a point 40 and four tenths soda item
the southeast corms of saki tact, thence westerly pat.
Clothing Department
M. 8, Dessaner, Managing Partner.
nllel with the eoutti line and eking part of acid south
line 415 rode to place of beginning, containing lOC°
acres of land, more or less with the appurtenances, 4
frame boners. 2 barns, steam saw mtIL and .boat 175
acres improved. Also another piece of land shunts. In
Liberty township. County and orate afoi °said. bound
ed and described ss follows, to wit: Being the whole
of original lots numbered 67, GS, 75, and la, lying to
gether Ia the tract formerly of S. A Law, and contain
ing in all 443 and 17 HMO acres of and, as surveyed
by Wm. Wentz. April 10. lB`6. excepting from the
above described premises, that tort vin parcel of land
sold to Aaron Young by deed dated Feb.., 106.4. situ
ate In the town of Great Rend. County of Surqueben: a
and State of Pennsylvania, bounded and deicribed ue
follows : On the west by a lot owned by Doctor Ed
ward Eldridge, on the smith by the sham mill lot.con•
raining 50 acres, more or lean. being known as the lot
formerly contracted to Joseph Hendrickson, being the
vat. premises ,onveyed by said Content and wife to
aald Burnt. (Taken In execution at the soil of Wm.J.
Coolant, assigned to Aaron Young, vv. John Borne.l
ALSO—AII - timae two certain pieces or parcels of land
eituate In the tosruship of Middletown, In Sonmettan
na county sod State of Pennsylvania. bounded end
described as follow. , The drat bounded on the north
by lands of John Verne., Corantine Galosh, and
Samuel Williams. on the east by lands of John Condon
and Timothy Murphy. on the :south by land of J. W.
Dodge and on the west by lands of Jen kin Jones. Mary
Prieherd and Samuel Williems, containing shout 105
acres of land more or lets, with the appurtenances-2
frarnedwelling houses, 2 frame hares and other out
buildings, 1 orchard and mostly Improved. The sec
ond piece bounded on the north by land of James San
derson, and George Jones, on the east by land of
Thomas Jon. and S. Dodge on the a nth by lend of
David Thomas and on the west by land of Edward
Jones and George Jones. containing about 40 acre of
land more or less, mostly improved. [Seized and taken
In execution on Sundry serks of la re LC. Dod,ge.l
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of lend situ
ate In the township of Brooklyn in ?manned.. Coun
ty and State be Pennsylvanie, bounded and described
as follows, in wit: On the north by lands of—Mon
roe and Ansel Sterling on the east by politic highway
leadidg from Brooklyn to tiopbottom. on the 'meth by
lands of Ferdinand %Whipple and no the west by land
of Ansel Sterling, containing 80 acrey of land more or
1t,.. with the appurtenances. 1 frame dwelling house 2
barns and out hone., 1 orchard and mostly Improved.
[ Seized and taken In execution oc a welt of .11 (a vs.
)'oeeph M. Kilmer and O C. Klnner.l
ALSO—AII that certain piece or lot of land eituale
In the township of New hillfoni, In the Comity of Snw
quehanpa and Mate of Penneylvsni.,bonnded and de.
cribed as follows, to wit: On the north by lands of
Mrs Hatch, on the south by lands of F. W. Boyle. on
the rant by public highway-and on the west by lands of
F. W. Boyle, containing 140 perches of land he the
same more or less, with the appurtena,ca 1 dwelling
house, and out banding. and all Improved. (Seized
and token in execution on a writ vs Denote McDonald
and Thomas Tierney T T.)
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of land situ
ate In thettownehipe of Liberty. Franklin sad Great
Bend, to the County of tinsqueheona and State of
Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows, to
wit On thenorth by lands of Chldester and Mott. on
the east oy P. Read and others. UZI the south be I Irwin
Trawls, end on the west by lands of Travis and Marsh,
containing about 85 acres of I n mote or lees, with the
appurtenances, 1 frame dwelling house, 2 barns And oth
er out Millolnge, •tt orchard. and about 611 acres Im
proved, (Seized and taken In execuilonon a writ vs.
Ellen IL etarl'il
ALSO—AII tbe,. two pieces or parcels of land altuaie
In the township of Lenox, in the County of Su-quesan
na and State of Penn.:vs:lla, hot tided and described
as follow. to wit : On the east by lands of Emery Hard
ing, on the south by triode of hi r'. Barber and Otis
Williams. on the megt by lends of Jos. Howard. and
on the north by lands of florae° Tingley, containing
agree more or less, with the appurtenancee, 1 dwelling
house, 2 barns, an orchard of about So acres, and all Ira.
proved. The second piece bounded and described as
fultowat On the earl by lands of Jesse Ilowerd, on
Jur south by land* of Otis Wlllinme, henry Cook, and
—Barney. en the west by lands of It. It Hobbs and
Alonzo Ransom and on the north by land' of Alonzo
Ransom. George and Horace Tingley, coßtainlng 90
acres of land more or Use, with the appurtenances. one
dwelling house, 1 barn, an orchard of about 75 trees,
and about 50 acres Improved. (Taken in execution at
the suit of Grow Brothers vs. Jesse Howard.)
ALSO—AII that certain piece or lot of land Minato
In the township of Springville, county of Susquehan
na, and Stoical Pennsylvania, bounded and•descrlbed
so follows, to wit : On the north by public highway,on
the east by land of 0. T. Spencer, on the !south by land
of A. C. Luce, and on the west by land of P. L. Fish.
containing about x acre of Ia d, with the appartenan.
CR., a few fruit trent and all improved. [Token in ex
ception at the salt or A. Bittenbender At Co. vs W, A.
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of land 'aim
ate In the township of Auburn, county of Sean aehanna
and State of Penneylvaoln, bounded and described sa
billow., to wit. Ileginntng at a post and stoney the
southeast corner hereof and the northeast comm. al a
lot numbered 233 upon said map, conveyed by the said
W. B. Cope to James Retiey and extending there,
west along the north line of last mentioned lot. 145
perches and seven tenths of a perch tom post and stones
and the southwest corner hereof, in the exterior boun
dary line of said Thomas p. Cope's tract, thence north
194 degrees moot 64 and fn. truths perch. to a post
and stones, thence west 13 and nine tenths perch. to
post and stones, thence north 194 degrees west 6 and
three tenths perchee to a post and etaues the northwat
comer hereof, In the aforesaid exterior bounden lino,
thence emit 159 d sIX tenths perches to a post and stones
la the Melding line between lote.No.VA and 401 thence
south along last mentioned line 09 and seven tenth.
perches to the place of beginning, containing about 63
acre. and Wile tenths ol an acre, more or les., with
the apportenances,l !nine house frame barn and out
bullrings 2 orchards and mostly Imposed. tTsken in
execit lion on sundry; welts offt/a vs. John W. Lost,]
Al. 11. ITEL24/1. Sheriff
Int.:Mrs 011Ice.Atontrose. Oct.?, 1.1.