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tsithious SERVICES
LAPTItt COO= ' • Rim 1 4 , B. Raw ,p
Math Services 10x a . w. and .m.
I•labbstb Se.booL
Prayer )(eating, Wednesday Eventszs 12
biTITAkIC eIIIIIR.CII: P.m J. &Arran.
Sabbath narrow ..... ....Second Sunday in tact Month
SagaWliebool Immediately Woes *am
, ..
ItPIIkII T AV.CIIVECII—Itay. i. A. Vrannman.llector.
Salemth Semites. 10M a. m. and Mr p.
m m.
EandialSetiool ... U.
Weak-Day Baffled—Wednesdays .......... A . ..7X P. in.
111STUODP3TE - PraeoPAL ....Rev. A, D. ta.aziablat.:
Babbitt' Baykal' ' ' ' 10.43 a. la. and 1.30 p. in.
_School 9 p, in.
Playrt Zeldin; Thumbls. 9.30 p. in.
imssnieTsitax mama Iter. 3. Cs. Malin.
Bibbatb Minim. • - 10.43 a. mama 7,14 p, in.
Babbstb Behnol ' 1/13 p, at.
Pinter Meeting, Thursday Evenings "V P.m
Business Notices.
We tart attention to the folloning new adter•
ttsetnetrts thlimeek.
~. e4-15Thrsi'llaritess,Bliop in Brooklyn—Shipman
th Case.
—NI:. C. B. Upterrovo will open A Boot and
Shai store onMonday, April the building
opposite tbellank, one floor below W. L. Coz's
.tiMie Thermometer down neatly to zero,
mad the triad several degrees higher than was
ever hnow•n by the oldest, will do for April Ist.
kfie 4 grasihoppers Must surrender we think
111temlon - 1111telnoeratle Cormaiittee!
.111 members of the Democratic Connty Com
.hereby notil.N.l that a meeting will
•take place at the 'Exchange (O. M. Soon's) Hotel,
•)tontrose, on Tuestley,, Aptil oth,lB . l2—it being
•{he first week of court—at 2 o'clock p. m.. "Ac-
Jrron "Is the watchwaii.
, , B. HAtm.r.y, Ctiattman.
Killed by Whisky.
- Welesm from the Morning Re s publican that
little-boy but Elixir years of age, living a 'Wilkes-
Barrie, killed himself one day last week, by
drinking nearly et pint of whisky.
This word oyould not be spelled diptberia
and should be pronounced diAberin. Even
Webster says diphthong is vulgarly pronounced
dipthong.. Its pronunciation is di/thong.
The, number of newspapers and periodicals
pabltsfied in the United States is as follows.
111y,.374; Tri-weokley, 107 ; Semi-wdeltley,
115 e Veekly, 4070 ; Semi monthly, OS ;
Monitdy,4l94.3lp4stontbly, 13; Quarterly, 49;
Tim building of a brigde across the 'BusqUe
hanna at Wyoming has now become a fixed
tact The bridge will be an open structure 1.41
feet t4e, with seven cables on each side, and
wrought iron tower on the abutments. Its esti-,
isanted cost is about $4.5,000, and the authorized
capital of the Company $40,600--38,230 of
-which have already been taken.
The Act repealing an Act, giving the fines and
forfeited recognlzances of this county to the
-Legariatiort has ,passed both branches of
She Legislature, hence. Will become s law. It was
gratifying to us to know that the people so
unanimously sustained our views in this matter,
and' We arc glad of the privilege to commend the
action of our Ilepresentativcs for having carried
out their Wishes.
Important to Gardeners
The following is the approved philosophy of
preycmting . hensfrom scratching up the garden.
Put gaff" or spurs on the bens, reversing them,
instead of the points up have them pointed
downward. Then when a hen lifts a leg to
scratch, as it descends the point of the spur
catches in the ground, placing the foot forward
"and a stroke with the other leg is attended with
like results, until pe hen walks herself right out
cd the garden.
Beihkethachr Tares.. •
The Lehigh Valley Railroad Company
en April 2,41, 1872, reduced the rates of passenger
fare on their main line (from Pittston to Easton)
a59n1 . 42.4.11 a cent per mile. The Company will
alsaissue and sell excursion tickets to and from
New York, on, and after that date. This an•
noulitepeTd, will b°' bailed with 'limn= by
the traveling:public, and is another evidence
that the company IS ever ready to accommodate
the public. Their reward, no doubt, will be a
largely increased passenger ,travel—fkilefehem
The Piano.
- The following simple rules more generally
known than ohSetva4 ~,aye all that 4 required to
keep Sp aaoit gqad older; Keep it out of a
damp room ; never place it too near the fire or
the window, or hetweett them, or in a draught,
hut place it at least a foot from the wall or in
the middle of the room. Do not load the top of
it tills books; and if it is a cottage, da not tarn
the tmttom—as some peapy do - 7 - int9 a au?'
board for wino and dessert. Keep the keys care
fully dusted and always shut down the lid when
you are done playing.'
Borrow/km Newspapers.
An exchange:warns people in regard to the
danger, of borrowing newspapers and not sub
scribing for them. It assures its readers /hat it
oncelmewn;poor but honest man who lioriww
ed a patkrlitriocently and inadvertently. Fatal
ant:, That terrible contagion, the small pos t was
conveyed insiduously into the extensive and in
larding fandly consisting of a doting father, a
and wife, several intelligent and heroic sons,
thirteen lovely' dauithers, tiro Popular mother_a
in-jaw and three beautiful tincit, one of
vrismn remains to tell the talc.
Thy-Years In a Min Tap. •
The long expected companion to "Ten sights
M allsItoom" is nearly ready, and will shortly
appeal:. the popularity and great usefulness of
this standard temperance book is evinced by the
immene sales that have been made; much
greater, it is,heljered, than those of any book of
its clays ever published: Who has not read this
remarkable honk, so true to nature ; so intense in
Gilect,•and so terrible in its moral,and who that
has read it has not Wi4ted feir a emapanion f To
satisfy this widely exprimsed,dealre' , the author
Gas undertaken and just completed a new "vol.
nme, that unmasks the liquor-seller and his 1 1 1-
J uriaus traffic in a way ttistmtle and arouse the
The new book is entitled"Tpazz YEARS ne A
343. *TRAP." It gives an inelde view of the
Plu9ffsretle,and prointys :thei.terrible effect of
that Millie in a series of pictures, fall of the In
tensest interest, with the skiji and.. fidelity to
nature so eminently characteristic of theauthor.
The book cannot fail to make a strong itaPrei
sionraml,as -a new auxiliary in the cense ,Rf
!•cr l . 3 ,Per4llo,iyinhaT O a wide and powertitliollt-
S!ce-, could be more timely than its
eiTeeranim now. We learn, by the publishers''
e"reehd:, that It A to 'be - sold
agepts and as it is a good opportunity to secure
a bo a ok
_which easily , and at 'the setae
lime* 4l'yast amount of good, we advise ittlY
one seeking prilltable bnplevment of that kind
to apply to - the'publishers, Stodderf ib Co;
*z 4 1 )4 - gt l 4:4 404,-; eldiadelphia,. rot
army, and t enter Mato thls work Qtirioi4l6/:-
at once.'
The following is a full 114 Of officers of
Great Commantiory, No,'47,:gdl'„ fF.tho : en.
suing Templar year:
Em. Sir, Rev. Ira R. Pardee Dutuntander,
P.T.B.Eminons, Getterallisaiino ; J.L Mayo,
Capt. General; Past Em; Slr.J.ll,Daselitairy, Pre
late; Sir, A. B. Whiling, S. Vti t 'Past 'Etti.iStr,
A. P. Stephens; d.
_chat'. Simpson,
Treasurer; Past Em . Sir, W: Sinirell, Re
corder; Sir, IT, W. Fox, ,Standaril Bearer; Sir,
Henry Tyler, Sword Beater; of, David Mason,
Warder; Brown, Sd Guard; Sir, B. T.
Gillespie, 2d Guard; Sir, B. pul l l ist,9o4 and
The usual Easter scrviecs were held at" St.
Paul's Church, on Sunday last Very much
credit is duo the ladies, :or the beautiful anti tiii
propriate manner in which the Church was
decorated with spring flowers, vines and signifi
cant Inottet'i. The attendance 3:11n good, not
withstanding the storm of .rain so much needed
and for which WE all shotild be thankfill. The
chlldreres service was well nitendedat.SO'clock
p.m., and the usual service and exhortations Were
interspersed With songs ofjoyfideoMmemoration
of the aniversary of the "Biting Lord. l L The
Sunday School offering amounted to ahout .180.
and the usual Easter 'collection was $l2O,
making in - the aggregate $2BO. : ,
Safety and Speed on Railroad.
A Pennsylvania engineer has invented a plan
of laying rails which will increase theepclency
and economy of railroads. It provides for the
laying of two narrow gauge tracks,sido by.side.
with a spacebetween the inner rails equal to
the present ordinary gauge of four feet eight
inches This thrnlshes three gartgeal ail, of
which it is proposed to use. The narrow gauge
will be teed for freight at a slow into of speed
while for pa.a.nger traffic the wide gauge will
be employed, which will admit of a rate of
speed being attained as high as a hundred
miles an hour. The cars of the passenger
trains will be mounted on four lines of wheels,
which the inventor claims will prevent oscilla
tion and thereby increase safety. The idea
seems a practical onh and will doubtless soon
have a trial that will test 4.—st. Pout Pioneer.
Control Tonr Tongue.
There Is as much connection between the
words and the thonghts as there is lietWeen the
thoughts and actions. .Tbeletteiis not °idyll/9
expression of the former, but they have a power
to react upon the soul, and leave the-stain of
corruption there. A young man who allows him
self to use one vulgar or profane word, has not
only tsown that there is a foul spot on bbs mind,
bushy the utterance of that, spot be Inflames
till, by indulgence, it will pollute 6W - ruin the
souL Ile carefid of your words and of your
thoughts. If you can control. your tongue so
that no improper words are pronounced by it,
you will soon be able to. control the mind, and
save it from corruption. You extinguish the
fire by smothering lt, or by preventing bad
thoughts front bursting into words. Newer utter
a word anywhere which you would be salamed
to speak in the presence of the most relined
lady, or the most religious man. Try this Prac
tice a little while, and you soon will have com
mand of yourself.
In _Nature.
Every day' we meet with persons who in their
families are cross, ill-natured, dissatisfied, finding
fault with ererybody and crerything,whose first
greetings in the break - 6.51-room is a complaint,
whose conversation seldom fails to end in an
enumeration of dilliculties mid hardships, whose
last word at night is an angry growl. If you can
get such persons to reason on the subject, they
will acknowleko that there is some' want" at
the bottom of it ; the want of a better house, a
finer dress, a more handsome equipage, a more
dutiful child, a more provident husband, a more
cleanly, or systematic, or domestic wife At one
time it Is a "wretched cook"..islio staxids be
tween them and the sun ; or a lazy house-ser
tant, or an impertinent carriage The want of
more money than Providence has thought prop
per to bestow will be found to embrace all these
things. Such persons may feel assured that
people who cannot make theinselvesieilly com
fortable in anyone set of ordinary circumstances
would not be an under any other.—Dr. W
Where Is the " Man amid Brother V'
We netiec in the Radicalhypocritical " neqe
equality " papers of this Congressional District,
a call for a "colored" convention to convene at
Towanda on Thursday last, and also that a "col
ored" meeting was held in "Zion's Churcb,", in
1 Montrose, to send delegates to it "to take steps
to secure the success of the Republican party in
the re-election of General Grant to the Presi
dency." What has ;fincoine of the infatnons
Radical heresy of "no distinction on account of
color," so blasphemous in theory, and which is
constantly developing tVbase hypocrisy of the
Radical political demagegtteavim disgrace their
kindred by a blatant and heartless defence, to
further their venal and corrupt designs upon the
liberties of the people?. Whyrtre these "citizens"
whom the Radical politicians of Susquehanna
County will bug to their philanthropic (?) bosams
at the polls and in their "back4fice" on elec
tion day's, and tell them that if ',they don't vote
for them the County Seat will be moved and
their property in "the valley" will not be worth
half price, but When contentions are held thti
are driven to act by themselves' ,Simply be
cause two thirds of the hon!st members of the
parts , tO-clayire fully aware of the ltollow heart
edneaa of the scheme that gags their manhood,
and which swept away one of their most sacred
of Constitutional rights, that - Pf regulating their
own. State affairs, by the, actiottof-a mtalSon
gmsi and a corrupt and Jo/Is-like Legislature,
and would bolt, the party did they Priketico, l7 44
they preach. These "colored brethren" are to
wears'Grant dog-collar, and be led like cattle
to the polls, and kicked out the back door after
election as a "nigger." Radicals denounce an
hont Democrat who dares to proclaim the-tua.-
alterable flat' of God, (a destineflon of races)asts,
Copperhead and traitor, arAi yet by Abele every
action declare to the world tliat they are galley
of a most Infamous libel upon truth and justice.
Are - the people blind ?
Singular Revenge: ' •
About forty years ago there resided in the
town of Jackson, Washington county, a well
to-do farmer by the name of Ferguson. he was
industrious and fritgal, but after a time 'lit:came
addicted to the use of intoxleatingthlnks,_ anti
-when under the influence Of his Tsioritei bevel
a ge would be liberal to such an extent that be
would give away pioperty which might be at
his disposal at the time., Feariog that ho
wOuldthussgatti!der: all his - effects, w =Mints-
Rion was ehttlined - and 4 the property placed b)
the bends of his . yon—ften
. the papers. was
served on the old uatinielvitiFt4 "You base
takeu,my property heti pie, arid are obliged to
support and take care of rite! giiinkcic:dtattly
took to bm bed arid .C . ontiriued tio 'Mudd there,
day and night, for twenty Years. ror the that
iew years he 'Mould g et upand sieve iiiraierf
every OPierat;Yt und,,then intpedlatery take to
bli bedagaht, for the hen fifteen Yeitie of Alta ilia
he mai veiled upon its a inhuat, notwithetsid;
hag fie eniqediced health, and wag in oosses
ileti Of nil his faMtitles, .mental aad 4:•byskal.
IliteCoikupondent mho sends •us the'aboie
' , ignites for Its truth:-'. 1 , a6il *IF!.
On 'the night of : the 18th init, a Welsh Minis
;ter,ind bl wife , femeihat beyond the maidian
of life; tesidetits Faltereek;.Bradibrd county
Pa.; ivhile retarrOg tothideliome frtim Frank
lin:(tobi tiles diStant)Whether they had been
for)kPititotis Miters of which. they had freely
Indulged, dropped by tho' roadside leading up
the inchnitain,hopeleiSly intoileated, Morning
'came and the old min by the aide of 4 hollow
stump, which 'heimbgined was his Wad 'owe
was barely . a tite la crawl, while the old 'oman
.only a fa* Pipet!rpsy t sleeping , thb steep that
knew fives unable tbli'sli s !md to his
callio light pirOlifid: liadubt lei 6, refreshing
smoke. 'Ceronee's inquest hltught hitt verdict
that death was produced by exposit:et drunken
ness,thei iMsdrkifuldcitabauld remind all of the
evil4,4f intemperance, even when springtime
coined' with Waibling blue birds, as they might
think it unsafe to take lodging out doom if
highly stimulated with the ardent.
Lest iyometr.
There Is a whole sermon tli Christian charity
and unedited Tiodness in the following lines
from the pen of lifts. Burlelgh. They refer to a
subject of the-gravest Importance, and if every
mother and slater In the land would view the
matter in a light ,
'which it is here depleted,who
can doubt the blOssing that would flow from It
prietical application of the Weise advanced.—
"Has it ever occurred to you what a commen
tary upon our civilization are these lost woman,
and the attitude of society toward them? A lit
tle child spays frdm tire home Inclosure, and the
whole community Is on the alert to find the
wanderer, and restore it to its Mother's arras. -L-
What rejoicing when it is found; what tearful
sympathy; what heartiness of congratulation.
There are noharsli comments upon poor, tired
feet, be they ever so miry, no reprimand for the
soiled and torn garments, no lack of kisses for
the tear-stained face. Bet let the child be grown
to womanhood; let her be led from it by the
scourge of want—what happens then? Do they
provide all possible help for her return, or if she
returns of her own motive, do they receive her
with such kindness and delicacy as to secure her
against wandering tigain ? Far from it. At the
first step she is denounced as lost—for 1 echo
friends and relatives—we disown you ; don't ever
come near us toilisgrace us! Lost says socie
ty, indilrereutly . ; How bad these girls are I
And lust I—irretrievably lost i—ls the prompt
verdict of conventional mortality, while one and
all unite in bolting every door between her and
respectability. 'Ah, will not those lost ones be
required at our hands hereafter?'
Local Option.
The following local option till' Which gives
the people the privilege of declaring by ballot
In any County „of the State whether licenses
slunl be granted or not ratted therein, has fi
nally passed both theses of the Legislature and
been signed by the Governor. Originally the
bill was framed leaving it to Wards and town
ships, but it was amended so as to allow the
people of each connty to vote on the question.
Acr to permit the voters of this com
monwealth to vote every three years on the
question of granting licenses to sell intoxicating
beetle et 1. Be It enacted, That on the third
Friday in March, 1873, in every city and county,
In this Commonwealth, and at the annual mu
nicipal elections every third year thereafter, in
every such city and county, it shall be the duty
of tbeinspectors find judges of elections in the
cities and counties to receive tickets, either
written or printed, from the legal voters of said
cities and counties, labelled on the outside li
cense, and on the,lnside for license, or against
license, nod to deposit mid tickets in a box pro
vided fur that purpose -by said inspectors and
Judges, as is reqltifed by law In the case of oth
er tickets receive d said election; and the
tickets so received shall beprented add a return
or the same made to the Clerk of the Court of
Quarter Sessions - of the peace of the proper
county, duly certified as is required by law, his
certificates shall be laid before the judges of the
said court at the first meeting of said court after
said eleition shall be held, and shall be filed
with the other treords of said court; rind it shall
be the duty of the Mayors of cities and Sheriffs
of counties, or of 'any other offier whose duty it
ray be to perform :inch service, to o eive due pub
lic notice of such Special election above provid
ed for three weekt previous to the time of bold.
cog the same, and, also three weeks before such
election every third year thereafter. Provided,'
that this act shall not be construed to repeal or
affect any special law prohibiting the sale of in
toxicating hquors, oenshibiting the granting
of licenses. Provided, that when the municipal
and township elections in any county or city
do not occur on the third Friday in March, the
election provided for in this section shall be
held on the day flied for the municipal elections
in said county; and provided further, that all
license granted after the Cult day of January,
1872. shall cease, determine and become void on
the first day of Aprlh 1873, if the district for
which they shall be granted determines against
the granting of licenses, and the Treasurer of
the proper comity shall then reftind-to the bold
er of such license the moneys so paid therefor,
for which the said Treasurer shall be entitled to
credit in his accounts with the commonwealth.
. . -
Section 2. Thafin receiving, counting arid
making terains of tlit`vopes east, the inspectors
amtjudges and. clerks or ati4 elections shall be
governed by the laws of tile 'k Commonwealth
reghlatingzetteral elections, and hit the'penal
ties of said election laws arc heTetkir extended to
and,shaltapply tct tile voters, inspectoth:Judges,
ant' clerks voting at and in attendance upon the
eleCtlon held nude theprovisions of this net
Section 3. WlaMeyer by tiny yeturns of elec.
tionii in chy or county aforesaid it shall ap
pear that there is a majortty'ag,ajnst license, it
shall ha:tie - lawful - for any court or ReanTof li
cense commissioners to Issue a license for the
soli :of *tritons, vinous, malt, or. other 'intoxi
citing liquora, or; any admixtures thereof, in
said gawp at any time thereafter, at ann - election
as above provided. a majority shall vote in favor
of license; provided that nothing. contained in
the provisle of Ott der Midi prevent fhb lesu
ingof-li sdi To dtligti. its for the sale of liq
uors for calcine and - mandfactioing purposes,
provided .that: the - of- the-borough':ot upon the question on the
thitza Priddy - of .Ikterch,lB76, on. the .arnia - liey
ancilime_vvbert,the townships of the county of
Lebanon hold chair spring elections.
OblUwy. ,
doss&—ln• Libeity, on Salatesy nnlAng,
March 9th, 1872; Bela Jones, esq., Ia the 52d
reatof has 9ge:
An en:daunt good man, and a highly respected
cithwn has depart among us. 'Mr..Tones
vat - Vern inlvew‘Undon county, Conn, InJuly
1790."emigrated' to this -county in 1810,
when only about 20 years of age. 'and soon after
engaged in business near. this village, where Le
resided all a few years ago, when he removed to
his late tame in Liberty. His native intsillect
and cultivated attainments, acquired by extesive
reading end - a rdtstivei memory of facts and
statists:4, Yith ItV.Blinsisiesdgcsi integrity of
'character, rendered-hire a man of um riCamong
his 'neighbors and fellow-eitizdts; arld among
the _Coleus pu4llt thuite to Which 4e was called,
he was appointed a ,U. B. Marshal to . take the
first census of Ensquebanna &runty, rp - 1820,
servethmaaryears - aa Justice Lithe Peace :and
wan twist elected:to represent this county in the
State LegiSlatnre' l lvith-bonsitio himself and to
the Mead ptlisfaction of his constituents. -
61140 e lettlieg to his small farm pad kilo neat
and quiet, but cheerful and hospitable cottage,
called , the "Valley Houser' fh "Litcett, tfitrttggh
seeking - to publienotoriety, he WSa ojed safe
high esteem of hiS neighbors as a km friend:a
wise counsellor, abd premoter of " - pc' ace and,
gomi will smug mum"- Ills worthy companion,
to whom he west:tailed in marriage In earlylife,
Imithr teen prostrated with paralysis 'cyo'
year - ego; his nattrrallyrobuit constitution has
tinnily gwen wiry;lo lui InCeisaiit 'tire of her,
'with his •declinuag ege and 144 t*ditriorkrad•
ilea sp that he hes preceded her,shrcrogli the
"dart v l 4 o .le — Vb b 9. 20 tq tact brighter shores
beyon a. deatitwo aim as his life, end his
reps* 7 . ele colthtved to their restia,g_plaee by
his Surviving eklirett and graadthildren, ithd
nut:profs' sympathizing friends and neighbors,
by !shorn be fondly remembered.
Roan Column:tar—At the 31. E. Church,
Montrose, March 27, by S Elwell, assisted by
Rev. A„.1).. Alexander, F. A. Rose, Jr., of
Matamoros, Pa., to Miss Fanny.A.Cernwell,
youngest daughter of Pr. X. .P. Carswell, of
Fairdale, Pa. -
AvEnv—Bncrero--On the morning of tho27tb
of February, in Muskegon, Mich., liy the
Rev. A. D. StqWell, Henry kiery, of Hones
dale, Po,, and Miss Minnie :S. Beckett, for
merely of Montrose, Pa. - "
Ptilsumturtur—Th Rush, Mareh
child of Charles and gilts R. Plininerfeß,
WALLET—At Silver Lake, Widnes* /lath
18th, 1872, Jennie E., youngest daughter of
Nathaniet U. and Emily C. Wakely„aged 8
McCrteents—ln Montr - ozo
_Mach ath, 1872,.0f
consumptlor, Vulney A. McCracken, aged 97
years and 11 days,
Rismir..-At Nicholson, Pe., on Sunday night
Mahn - 17th, 1972, of brain -Wier,- Altai Ida
R ige3r,frged 15 years.. • . •
TYLSII—In New DRUM, nti the 21st Of meth,
Caroline S. Tyler, wife of Edward J., Tyler,
and daughter of Rev. A. Miller, aged 80
Bantu—Mach 19, 1872, in Clifford, Pa., at the
residente Sr Wtight Welly, Mrs. Sally P.-Ba
ker, relict of Rev. Einathan Baker ti 7 years,
11 months; and 12 days.
Esits—ln Nicholbon, March 15, Dr. Samuel
Estes, at the advanced age of eight.five years.
Re moved into Nicholson about My years
ago, and has been a practicing phystelan for
nearly that time.
Wartxtv—ln Rush, Mardi, 15th, 1872. Mrs.
Mabala B. Whitney, in the al year of her
Baurrxrx—ln Jackson, Fob. 27th, 1871, Gracie
P., oldest daughter of Avery W. and Addle
A. Barrett, aged 2 years, 8 months, mid 18
Ssnrrn—Mrs. Phebe Tingley, wife of Albert P.
Smith, and daughter (only child} of Chauncey
and Mary Tingley, deceased, died at the real
dente of U, Smith, esti:, ih filmock, lirach
20th, 1872, aged twenty six years, six months
and eleven days.
A Melancholy Break-Down.
There are yvely break-downs- that make an
audience laugh, and there arc sad and sorrowful
break downs that make the kind hearted grieve,
T. the latter class belongs the enervation of
body and mind whMla Is nstutilycalled"geneml
debility," or nervous Weaknms,'_ and when
neglected, too often terminates in =ropily and
death A wholesome medicated 'stimulant is the
one thing needed in eases of this description,
and science and experience unite In pointhau to
PLarrattok Burgas as the true specific: The
fact that it coirMines the properties of en !wig
nraht with those of a regulator and alterative,
in exactly the propattinns necessary to prdduce
a radical change in the tone of Um system, and
the scarce of Um d igestlve. ovgrtmOsim unsrer
able aigtilltent in its favor as a general' restora
Toni List. •
0. E. Pickett vs• B. EL Kennedy and James
Bosworth. Juegment opened.
Wm. Burrows vs. N. W. Eastman. Appeal.
Charles Hay vs. E. H. Lathrop. AppeaL
Jennie Andrewa vs. IL F. Inderhed et al.
Ejectment. _ _
Jennie Andrews vs, R. F. Inderlied et al.
Daniel M. :Newland ra D. D Mallards Dena
Abel B. Snow Tn. James W. I3osworth. Judg
merit opened.
0. E. Pickett vs. John Filen. Judgment
John Cann - vs. L. A. Tompkins. Judgment
opened. '
Ezra:Mayhew vs. Ehas Lee. Afstanpsit.
S. F.4l.ane vs. Harvey Baker and Martin E
Baker. Judgment opened.
Llenry D. Casson vs. Lathrop Tusvusipt. As
Driwtri N. DeWolf 12. Lathrop Township.
William J. Vaughn vs. Lathrop. Township
Assam sit.
H. W. Robinson vs. Lathrop Township. As
)sear P. Hurlburt vs. Lathrop Township
A. P. Gates A's. E. Pratt ft Alb% Pratt.
Judgment opened.
John Snorer 1 - 3. Harrison Dougherty. Ap
Liberty Township vs. Charles Stanford. Debt.
11. Bender & Son vs. Geo. W. trig ,•a. Debt.
John Fitzgerald vs. William Daum, Gann.
aim of J. Fitzgerald. Execution Attschnient.
Jacob Brown I . s. B. Chichester. Ejectnient
Wallin:it E. Darrow ta, Thomas F. Meeker,
J. M. Donley vs. Michael T, Lauglilin and
'Stiehl Laughlin. Judgment opened,
F. F.. tow vs. Farmers' Mutual Life Insur
ance C 9. Covenant.
Jolin'Malworth, Ad'r. vs. Emily Moore.
Set Fa. , •
Julia tptergrnire vs. Orlando Wright Trap
Calvin Welhrinn vs. Samuel Grew., Case.
Oaken kTievson Ins. B. A. Gardner. 4,p
-peaL •
Anitinda Vardicry 4a. Jacob' Ro4ntiiints.
Jenppe B. Townsend n . Polley M. Ifjaney
and J. N, Reynolds. Replevin.
J. B. Wilton' vs. Silver 140 township., Ap
F. P., Grgiv vs. Lyconting Co. Mutnalinsur
nnee Cd. Debt.
J. J. Campbell va IYm. T. Mosley and :Wm.
Reynolds. Appeal,
John Bennett va. Martha Bennett. Appeal.
John Lannon vs. Judson Stone and Wn. J.
Small. Trespass.
H. C. Bross vs Wm. Potter. Appeal. •
John Vokely vs. Philip Titmtua. Appeal.
Moselle Brusb.r/ al vs. Bruce L. Brush and
Geo. 114 try, ejectment.
Miles Croak vs. Washington Hawkins.
Judgment opened.
plotlcc t ,
I hereby give notice ;lint all outstanding ac
counts must be settled withdirt delay The brig
nmi will hereafter be carried on by W. W.
Smith - and George A. Sinithonider the firm
name of W. W: Smith & Son.
Snrru, Cabinet Maker.
Itforyppe, March ID, 1672.-4 w .." •
Corrected weekly by' 4ardiv, IlAtiden a Co.,
- 35. 1 5 Wasbingtcrtl St., New York.
Butter, pail
t' • Arkin 3iC24
Cheese, dairy, per lb . ' • ... 18019
facosry" 18p10
Eggs, per doz 23@524
Flour, per,birrel....... ............ 5.803420
Corn meal, 100 lbs. 3.10@.4.00
Wheat, per - .1k§1ie1.,.4........ ..... 1.50Q11.68
Rye ." .... ..... ... ..... 01@,93
Ont.. 61054
Corn . " 10072
Hops, crop of 1871 80egG0
Tallow " ............... ~.... , x_B¢B
Lard per lb . 860
P A otatoes.peT bb1........ ..... -. .. ...i
pples ' • 8 00Q8
Turkeys per lb—. ~.,, ' ' . 221g80
Chickens " . . .2.•9e21
Racks" . . .... .
Grouse pe,r pet i t ' ..... •. •
flaTibite ' -1.
wctmql4. ..: _•• -,
Itirotrlmpsz RAILWAY co—koanaiderjaibi
.4.yi montrbio Ithihrey compeer ere hereby notified
uutt the renialeteg Inettameute of life tToltue per there
t adelhqledforhy reeoltitten oi the Board of Directors
parable as &Doves i ...
Fifthlnealetett , ... -.Annoy ItithOtrit
Fluhinstalanzat - Fetntiary 15th 1871
Seventh leetalineet ItareVlsth, 1811
Eighth Instalment , April 15th c liat
Ninth Instalment ' • ;,121025.i.117„V3/2
Wllll '
Jtethe wartewprot.,nastogniarottavora'oly. cariast
iydeatrattatti absolutely necessary that tba imaseats
ahottld be promptly Jut oa 4.1.01,,part of Ekttzektuatre;
• - R. COOPER, Tnuarer:
Montrovi, December:l3 11371:-51-td .
Aptcial gaticto.
A Voice From the Pialpet.
Rev. D. 8. Frost, Pastor of the AT:erg:l:Abel Meth.
Jonesville, Vermont, writes: had etacted for many
years horn Chronic Dineybont and Colic, becoming so
much reduced that I teas at times mud* to attend
to my ministerial duties.. I bad been trotted by
several pbysiciane, both Allopathic and lipereopathic.
but with no permanent reeras. While bri -a ilia to
Ilefanton;Pernm:, I experienced a very,seiere attack,
and by the advice of moms of ray friends procured a bet.
tlo of Ilnamen's Hann Ihrrins. Tits effect Then - pro
daced gars premise of tin ultimate core and on my re:
torn home I coatihnediti pie. I bare taken slxtrottlei
and cured. if It truly o salvable remedy." .
The True Grounds of Gintddtee:
' Whence comes that Com reliance, that 'absolute. on.
donbilii faith In the efficacy of litietetier's Stomach
Bitters as a rented, for indigestion, bilious disorders,
Intermittent sod remittent hyena which notoriously
prevail in all parts , 31. the United States I Title confi
dence has been growing for twenty years, and It is still
exceodiog. It is not the result hi' credulity; it has not
been- engendered by any human dertee, but is the,
spontaneous and'nataml consequinco of eiperlenco•
What peopto ace dolly going on 'tinder their own eyes
they cannot question. When families In anbmlthy tilts
Wets that resort to this wholeromo vegetable tonic, as
a preventive, &scope perlodicsi &Teraina tbdtr tmmedi
ate neighbors, who neglect this precaution, are prostrat.
ed by the disease, bow to it possible that the phenomenon
should be without its tension I In lite manner when
it Is seen that obstinate cases of dyspepsia, of liter con
stidatloo, of notions weakness, and of general debility,
yield to the operation of the &moos remedy, how can
even Incredulity Itself withhold Its enemy moult ? Eyes
wttness.% of the salntnry effects of the lllttersare to be
found in every civilised settlement on this continent.
The thousands upon thousands who awe their restora
tion to health and strength, or thalr preterratlan from
sickness, to Its extraordinary - medicinal properties, did
enthusiastic In Its praise. The multitudes who recom
mend It Ina neighborly way to their friends and ne.
onalatneees, its well Rs groom who troika riblie theft ea
reasons for the faith the ly In =l7. .vtes. l
..tigTh th enif
zither felt or Witnessed Its bmlne4cent operattone. •
Ag= gri mitt!, Carel fo i. r y d ear an efg e mar t r i on . 3 l
youthful indiscretion wilt, for the aake of outlctiog hu
manity, mend free to all wile need It. the receipt and di
rection for making the simple remedy by which he was
cored. Sufferers midden tw,prorit by thuadelaer'a expert
once can do - so by addressing, In perfect confidenee,
No. 4 . 1 Cam street, Newliork.
The advertiser, having been permeriently mired of
that dread disease, Compunption, by a elmple remedy,
Is anxious to make known to his fallowpafforers the
means of cure. To all who desire it. he will send a copy
of the prescription need, (free Of charge,) with the direr,
hose for preparing and using the aline, which they will
find a ell= Cent: ar CO3l=lloll, Aarn.i , BRONCELV
Paths wishing the preserlptlou trlll please address
204 South Third Street, Wllllamsburgh, N. Y.
• 42-17
PrausnED as a Warning and for the benefit of
Anna emu Chnct *Mm, who wilier from Nervy.
DeWitt: &c., supplying Tom SWAMI Or 1137.1=112.
WHtten by ono who cured lelmeelf and sent tree on
receiving a post.pald directed envelope.
Address, NATHAN MAITATIIr, Do klyn,N. T.
Brooklyn, May /7. rs7L Gin
us-Getting Rfarrfed.—Eseay• for young Malmo
the delights of home. end the propriety or imhropriety
of gettlug married, with sanitary help for those who
feel unfitted for matrimonial hap_piness Sent, irte, In
sealed eirvelopew Addrese, 110 WARD ASSOCIA.TiON
Von P., Philadelphia, Pa.
The Lat.lyeat Variety of
Dress Goods, Shawls, Domestic Goods,
Flannels, Fancy and Millinery
Goods, Dress and Clhak•
Velvets, Velveteens, Ladies' Furnishing
Goads 'alve4s kept on baud.
for Men's, Youths' and Boys Wear.
for Custom Work.
Best Selected in Town, and at
o Or m°[ I O;3,":COJOt Oa CIII3gSGICV Irtle4ter at
Latac or abroad.
At greatly reduced prices tor cub.
Montrose, ?Armin 8, 18731:12
fr 3ra 3%i .13 S 3 520
SCW iCI *whine
mo old friends and patrons of eurpueAatula county ',IL *gain to the field soliciting your patyonsgs ftir
The Original Howe 13.4W1eg MaeMeth
Enka isi ED,IS 7. nifiom,
please call and see It, arlth the improveteepje,atli'll
eon's store. Remember the Ueentne Rowe
• hes no medallion bead.
56 pop!. Street, Vinghampton, N, Y.,
WilsPn'!l storel,montrOß o P#'
Rtire. ITIVX le. 114
..C5C3 0 .4561a, CAC).411.1.11
1 4-. ri EVELZ - EI
siirMelti*. anal: l, ll4e
at ai i r bi Lat i iana.
-41 O . P. 8.0 T M I
am*, quantilloor Romp, bi tbe
Ton 4 tiitl fo wleglorprices ;
stair.. . . . :,.; . $4 00,
CSeifnat~'•• • • - • e 4 no.
groptiOttoat t ric. 2611. -. --is• • • •
quehanna County, take notice that' in pursuance
of the several Amor Assembly of this CoMmon
wealth to provide revenue to meet the demands
upon the Treasury and for other purposes, the
Appraiser of Mercantile taxes for said County,
has prepared a list of Merchants trading in said
County, and placed each merchant in that class
which to him appears just and right according
to the Acta of Assembly; to wit :•
Lin Errs%
Joseph Webster 14
D. to Stanford' 14
P CEnstwerl 14
E L Adams 13
A. A-Bcoman • • 14
Patrick White ' li
, • ; korraom.:. . •
Ii J Webb • .14
8 fl alone 14
Miner & Coats • 14
E Bacon • 14
C 0 Fordham 14'
A li Bollard II
IVJ Mulford • 11
Tewksbury Bras.
I P Benninger.
11-. T Carter 13
Geo.W.Browrt . 14
A plan); 11
, AMMO'.
Payne A- Moll= • 13
0 40 Worth 14
John Beaumont. 14
DAAT Titawortb 12
Lyons - Drake &Co 11
Z Cobb . • 14 ,
BR Lyon .t Co 12
IC Morris Gent -14
IF B Chandler '-;. -14
1. R DoWBt 4 12
(hamburg Rosen.' , 0
• basin &Co .
IBuros&Nlchols p m 412
Read.(biflis &Co 11
A Turrell p as 4 1.2
S 31 Wilson 13
W &Deans 14
I II Bullard , d 4
W W Smith ' 14
C N Stoddard 13
d Brooks • 14
Kent drEldrldgo
Al Daiwa.) , .141
Win Craver' 13
O P Malay 111
J Very
11 Hickey 14
G Welk at Brother 13
T F Johnson 13
P H Garchierp in 4 '.14
J W Baker 14
T J Wells .13
E Davis 18
B G Wearer p m'4 14
A Richardson - 14
B Thatcher - 14
Bdvd & CoK•la Il.' 14
Ildren.sle & Faurot 11
Henry Spencer 141
E P Chambers 14
A Niles .• • 13
'Stamp lt Talbot, ' 14
Sayre Co - 14
Geo 013111 14
A Bmtonic°
Stei , enif& Leebody 14
Wm H Thayer 18
. librorg.
;McCollum & Bras 42
31 L Ball
Dickennan & Colo
L Blowerl4A F Tntffl " 14
Dll Merriman 14j11 Garratt & Son 11
J L Merriman 18'Ainei&ilayden inn 4 14
Joshua Boyd 13 W L Moss & Co 10
DC &,F H Forclhara 18 1-1130T1t p In 4 13
JH&EP Munger 14 Clements &Edson 14
M McNamara 19 J Barnes .14
David Summers pin 411
T T Kaman 14
Mrs M Tully 14
N Granger. pm 4 14
11 )1E44111 . 14
Wm &aim pm 4 1"
*hen Winters IB
Staik 14
R Clarke a. Co 12
T D Eastabrookp in 9 11 '
L 8 Lenhelm
N D Snyder , 14
A D DatterfieldADro 14
A T 114drick 12
Dun gerford
3leserole 1 •
Speneer & Dewitt 13
itelt Alger & Co 13
Wm Frank 14
A G Preston b 14
Stephens &Reckhow 14
W A Colsten - 14
Geo McNamara 141
H Doran • • 14
L W Chichester 14
Walter Padilla , 14
Geo-Wessell 14
H A. Clark 13
Thomas.enissack 14
, Mahofiey 14
'T SOllicma 14
1E G Meeker 14
J W Oabum 14
IMrs E E Forbes 14
A C Parleyman. 14
W 8 Mitchell pin 4 13
C Feinan 14
J Alibi • 14
ID Cagey 13
0 H Crandall 12
C A Miller -14
W Howarth 14
Thomas McDonald 10
McDonald &Nate 11
D 8 Lyon 14
Lewis Freeman . 14
D A Lyon 13
,Guttenberg, Rosen- I .6
bamu &Co .j.^
Z B McCreary Jr 13,
J Eticurn 14'
8 D Moss 141
II 8 Hanna 14
D C BroWnson 14
D E nolmes p ta 4 12
James Fuller 13
Dunn & Cop m 4 11
E Milroy &,Co 14
Smiley pm -4 .10
Cooperative Co 12
Geo H Wells p m 4 11
H M Tinley - 14 ,
Wm.D Amer 14
Kennedy & Bon 12
J B Stevens • 14,
copm 412
J &lager& Co 12
IT C ‘t- JII Cook . 12
James Bell '-' 12
J Clk J II Cook 12
11 (1 Lea p m 4' 12
Geo T Frazier '2
11 C Lea p Lc? 4 14
Illnion Stole 10
B F Smith ' 14
F B Thayer 12
Noah Bisbee. 14
A Lyons& Son 12
S Winters p co 4 1/
C Ii Ellis " 18
Moisc4Nlclholsp in 410
C Vitt:neer 10
itinronti. . "
T J Carr la
J C Foot
P, D 1,
B 8 Fnuae tt Co
...' D Lkun.
15irs E MeGrat4 1:4
IWra Bata! - 14
0 L Adams 14
IA 14 Tarbox : 14
rftr J Falkenbuty 14
P. Doren - 12
Maurice Myers 14
'Johntrukkman - 19
'John Tierney 14
M J Pendergrast 14
lElleti May • 14
itio T Smflti l3
31 3taylono 13
tiß Gclatt 13
- .l3abcoCk4. - NyTtoo 131
J C Edwards 14 1
13 31`Joaes 111
E T Tiffany 12
Ck e Payne to Sou 1
Edwards p m 4 11
D 11 ' 41:tens. pto 4 14
11 Il
J Ponor 14'
Norris & Fitch 12
' ansstrz
11 Rosenktans pm 4,34
John Wainer. 14
Henry Sperl . )4
C J Lyon 12
J G Dniko , 14
Geo F. Barton' 14
Thos BleKernan 13
Cal 31tCarty 14
T 1103.13011.
G L Longs 14
Rabert Grlatt 14
11 1 7 Messenger 14
E B Beardslee 11
D 13. Garfield 14
M It Zia 19
G W Reese- pta 4 it
E M Tilfatly 14
Hall & Bros 11
J 8 Wright 14
Thomas Handout ia
[lna, Scalds & Co
D Ransom ' 14
Grow &Brothers L
Brook, Burltans, I 2
ClassWootton of Tenders 91'
- '
Sales less Sup $5 000, class 14
Sales $ 5,000, less than $lO,OOO, class 13
Sales slo,ooo,lms than $15,000, class 13
Sales $15,000, less than $20,000, class - 11
Sales $20,000, less than $30,000, class 10
Sales moo°, less than $40,000, class 0
Sales $40,000, less than $50,000, clasi S
And the JudgeS'of the Court of CeraniOn Plena
of said county will hold a Court of : Appeal at the
Court House at Ildontfose,in lor saki county,
On Tuesday, Apritplili; 1870, at one dclotk is
in., at whiCh thre 4 and _place or of. the ,rner.
chants described, defined, and classed aforesaid,
or their agents or attorneys, liar appear and
peal:fri;:an said am:meant 1r they think roper.
• :Methuatile APpraiser.
I`lt9mscal, 11,arr,4 2,1672..
MIPCT ram me 3R.
Eatensisreyntafture Waremtnjon milt find the larr„eal
I T. U „ E
To be fond in this Section hf the tOniitty. of his esvn
manufacture, and 'Amite, tbat'eannot fall to give satis
faction. tie makes therm best
•intV; repairs, ardisVillittgrn item.
Of all kin& done the:neatest manner.
*!'xt. irtz' tra; 11 320 g 3
The subscriber will hereafter make the undoilaklng 4
gra lt andlh t s d ;i4 b A t eVgit 11 1 11 4 Palltil c ritWe e .. d A
needinghla 'mites will be attendedle protoptii and at
SMITH - tr. 00111.
Montrose, Pa., 'lats. • •
TiprlT/1 wittlout ElearidiV. &golf Ma d""t 6
I V' .for Metallic and :inroa d Diem:
- at. tee root of Chcsarat stract,3lentrose P.
April _
Plately out that ix apt" explode, • far turning l td
f ig ifautrel o lamp; hlarnstattorcii bypauslaw 4 Thoth
.aIIoOtRIES.-.--Teas- in great vanety
and, cap Siribngoalitte. bri the
DentOlol.llllEtt. • A aka gut R I , of 14118111 g, sugar, cur
fee. gotta Rill eaaertment.of r!s , ! er.e. 4011. • •
Idontruee. ABEL IBBSIZI.L.
Jury Term, - 1872.
' • 0 - 11 AND JUtto/19. - . ."
Aehtlin—Cilerlf4l ' L, • LtYw r
Jno. W. -
Bridgewater--Andrew, *trick, Wm.,
Jones. - -
Franklin—Lew% Travis. •
Gibsort=4"his...t. Kennedy, Solornotaitker- •
„Great Rend twp,—Enoch Hawkins._ ,
Verilck—BurrAtiturns,'Cluos: A. !loran.; ... I
' llaifor&-Alvalt 'Mama. • - ^
iptrinony--James 31. Thomas.
Jackson- , -WllHatn HOltneS, 'Fred. BYrane
etbroP":44 l,ll /P Keiluna. • • -- •
• Bile Meadows-Howard Kimball.
- 3liddietoWn—'3lll6 Baldwin, Hanna rue. .
' nontrefc , :=Divid-W. Glidden."
:New Milford tap.-.Wlillam Gunn." •-""
ilrer 141te—..tamn 'Meeker. -. • L ..
Thomcou—Jno. W. Writer.
7n.tymoz,JCl:tallfrbl; :!Yeek.•
Ai : a - rat—Lyman E. Baldwin, FreinnunaliJOev
den. - .
!kern ier—Benjumin Constantine, Spin:am-
Ilas J. Curt% Latham Gardner. ."7
Brooklyn-..Charlo F. Perrigo.- .
Clifford .0.. 'Weatherby, Alplnvisci.,
Rounds, Baniuel Owens, Pulaski ChamberßA..o
Citaeount4Letris Chamberlin. • •
Forait Lake—Geo. 11:Hendrick: - ;
Franklin—Brainard B. Llandrick, Lawvoneit -
Gibson--Geo. 13.3lilhken..
Great Bend tap.—Peter W. Hemicici Albert
Fox ; Robert Fursteson., . .
Grt Bend 80 - roX-La
ea -Lather E. Coisten: ,
. Herford—Bcnjamin Watrous. - -- • '
Jackson- 7 Gen. , .Ciirtis, Orrin Foster, 'Amin
Williams, • - • - -2
Lenoz-31ichael Dceler.
Lathrop--Willlam O. Gardner, fleol . W.;;
Tailor: • -
liliddletowil---Jno. 21 Davis, Nelson reoni. , J . ..i
' Montrose—Fdts,tard Hinds, Wm. IL NcOldri-
Abel TurrelL
New nilford Boro.—Octavitts 3L Hawley.
New 3111kird twp.—Formin •• , %-
Bash—Ebel) B. Cobb; _
Charles Davis, eta:
Shoemaker.: . • .
Silver Lake— s anSel B. IBM -- •
Susqa. Depot—Chan A. Miller, Jacob E. TaY:
Thomson—Ellis 31. Bryant
NitiTtllTE SUROILS- 2.d - Week. 'k
Apolaeon—George. Baiter, Henry Whltai4.
Auburn—James B. Gardner.
Ararat—Edward Warner. .
•Bridgewater—itarvin K. Bush.
Brno - Wm—Henry L. Bailey, Ethein.:l. ,
Weston. -
Dundaff-41enry C. Mau:
Erie ndsville — . Edward DuKey. . - -
Great Bend Boro.—Erans Griggs, Het
Skinner. , - • .
Gibson—Henry HoWell., -V
lisrford=Orlando NS'ntrous, Asa M; Data.'
mond. L• •
Herrick—Alvah G. Corey.; •
Harmony—John Keys, Daniel M.adan,LV
Jessup—Jasper Runde%
,Tackson—Francislif. Whitney_.
Liberty—Gee,. P i ak, Southsroilis;
Aleguider Webster. •- • '
Lenox—Andrew Halstead, OrLswald LnOlgis f .
Henry 31fflaicl, Isaac Truesdell.' . •
Lathrop—Rufus S. Lindsley.
Middletown—Jeremiah Canfield. '
Montrose—David 0. Hendrick. - V . • ';
New Milford Baro.—Wm. Brink:W.l=J,
Snap. •
Hew Milford twp.—Edward J. Tyler-
GaklandJohn G. Baymorid.
Rush—Edward Granger; 'Thos. Redding:
Henry W. Wheaton, Wm. IL Duel.
Silver Lake—John C. gasp,- Ebenezer Gage
Sop* itoittcoo girtacinti-
Tiro tines in tliie DSreetory',ons year,
each' nail/until line, SO - cti. '• •
icr,w '3LMFORD.
toren ou d 1 Deposita. Does a vnerat Bardstag .rtt•
nes•. S. B. MAU IC CO "
CATGOA PL! ST -57.01111417ig11.
Doer In gen nine Caynga Pl!sstcr. Fresh groFoL
W. L MOSS 6CO. Dealers la Dry Goode, Lists. CU..:
Roots sad Sbocs and Ocni , ml :%terchandlea, ma Was
streq, secaud da:prbelase Cup./plSCOpal Cltardt.
eNTW.T." TIOTEL, kept by WILLI=
.13311TE4 Hats -
street, scar eke Depot-?' 4, '7,
W. 8. 118 M). Ponndry. and &eater in PI oles and ether
nfensiJa, ono door (ram Pidnnef 110%), )dala
Y. P, Nr7tole Stator 'end Undertaker,-o:
Motu bStrtet, tFe doontbolow Ilawlera Stott,
McCOLL.II BROTHEIV3, Doalers_in growls* &WI -
PrOsislono, OD Main b.lteti..
B. GARRET & SON. Dealers $n pour. Pee& Mw..
Safi. Lima, Ceniint, Grocedes and Provisions o.
MalnSfreet, opnOslts tiao'Depot.. ' ' • •
TV. .t T. HAYDE'S, Dtantliseturers of 'Cigars' an•i
Mtn!meals dealers in Yankin Notions sad Fmk
Goods. Of 'Sato Street. below Episeopsi Chnreb.
.]Loss KNAp. peather Ittutufaetnrers ind.dealer4
ID U, Deco Fjudluge, &e.,prq Episcopal ctmech.
AESTY d trAyn=. Denlpas In bins and )ledlellie-.
nod Manarsetarcra of Otani, on 3Snln 813 4 0111., F1R1,5
STENIF.33, llone Shoelag and atneraltopairlii,c,L
on Main btrect, lop% orthA britte. ' •
7. mc - Enstasr. dn.. Dater In general •tnerehandli:3
and Clotntag. nrict Score. on Hato Street.. .
L. H. UNTIE : M. Manutsottater of r.entbir. uQ itesl'
in Fenoral Xerclaudlie.,oraLlin Street,* -
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