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    0 Co 11::Mir'I r S" 3PW.A.IaMIIii.
Deal News. .
We would be thankful to our friends
t hroughout the county for such local news
as will be of interest to our readers. Send
gs the facts, and we will put them in
proper shape for publication.
School Books.
See advertisement of School Books,
note the advantages therein set forth.
Assessor's Office.
We have removed the office of Asses
sor of Internal Revenue to t he rooms over
the Drug Store of Burns & Nichols. En
trance same as to the Democrat Office—
first door to right hand at head of stairs.
Officehoars, as per regulations of the
department--fr Ont 9 . m. to 4p. in. '
No changes have yet been made of As
sistant Assestiors.
Attend !
The:Ladies of the Presbyterian Church
in Montrose will give a Supper at the
Academy, on Friday evening, Dec. 21,
1866. Come everybody.
Don't fail to attend Saxe's Lecture, on
Dec. 22d. Mr. Suxe will deliver his cele
brated Lecture on "Poetry and Poets,"
with recitations from his humorous poem,
Yankees and Yankee-land." The young
men finding that the hall would not hold
enough at 25 cents each to pay expenses,
hive been compelled to raise the admis
sion fee to 40 cents. Sale of tickets will
commence this week. •
Ths Ago.
• The attention of the reader is directed
to the prelt-pequs of the Daily and W 1 ekly
Aye, pnbfished in another coltimn of our
paper. The A3e is one of the most ab y
conducted Democratic papers in the coun
t y, and those of our friends who dteire
a city paper cannot do better than sub
scribe for it. Read the prospectus.
New Year's Ball
A New Year's Ball will be given at 0 e
Glenwood Hotel, on Tuesday, Jan. Ihr,
1537. Excellent music, etc., will be pro
Dec. 11.w2 V. CAFFERTT, Prnp'r.
Eedical Society.
The Susquehanna County Medical So
ciety will hold their next annual meeting
in Montrose, Wednesday, Jan 2d, 1867,
at the office of E. L. Gardner. A Clink
will be held at 2 o'clock in the afternoon,
when all persons who may present them
selves for treatment, will be treated free
of charge. Morning session to commence
xt 10 ' , 'dock, a. m. All regular practi
tioners are invited to attend.
Dec. 11. td E. L. GA.L'DNER 3 See . y.
Special Examinations.
Special Teachers' examinations will be
held as follows :
31.ntroie S. H. Nov. 28
Jackson, Corners " " 29
Rush, Su i yder's " Dec. 15
A!! wi , :hing to teach. the present term,
who could not attend the-general exam
ination will attend the above.
W. W. WATSON, Co. Sup't
New Milford, Nor. 22, 1866.
Agents Wanted.
200 Agents wanted immediately to sell
Territory for the Fire and Burglar's
Alarm in the different States ; and on the
Patent Hammer in Pennsylvania and New
Jersey. Extra inducements gi% en to good
and responsible agents. For further par
ticulars address
0. E. PicsErr, General Agent,
Auburn 4 Cnrni•rs,
N0v.27w4 Susq'a Co., Pa.
—ln May, 1866, a Mr. Kimball, ( f
New York City, ffll over a lamp-post
which was lying on the side-walk and frac
tured his leg. Recently he sued the corpo
ration for damages, and a jury awarded
Lim $3,400.
—Cincinnati is flooded now with coun
terfeits of the new five cent coin. The coun
terfeit has an unmistakably greasy feel,
but in other respects would not, be at once
—A clergyman attending the Sabbath
school convention in Chicago, in the
coarse of some remarks with relation to
Missouri, said he believed that the "negro
children of that State are no better than
the white children."
—A smart young lawyer hearing it sta
ted by a lecturer that man is merely a ma
chine remarked "then I suppose an attor
ney may be said to be a suing machine."
—Hans who is a judge of morals as well
as of money, says that being tender to an
other man's wife is not "legal tender."
NEw Yomr., Dec. 4.—The result of the
charter eleetbin wds the election of Rich
ard B.Connolly,theTarnmany and Mozart
nominee for Comptroller, by a plurality
of 2,066.
—There is not a civilized country on the
face of the earth that would not joyfully
accept the Southern States as a part of iis
dominions and grant them equal right with
their own people.—Boston Post.
—They tell in Washington of amistake
made by the wifeof a Western Senator and
er.member ofthe Cabinet. Th e lady is the
daughter of a Methodist preacherand her
husband before he became .a poliacian,was
1 . 1 circuit preacher. At a party one even.
lag, "M. Montholon, Minister of France,"
was presented to the lady, and she desiring
to do the agreeable, asked, "Pray,: sir,
What circuit do you travel
By Atlantic Telegraph—Great Britain.
- - - LONDON, Dec. 5.
The London Times, in an editorial of
this morning,lully agrees with the policy
of the President of the United States, m
set forth in bis annual message to Con
gress. It frankly declares that the Ala
bama case ought to be settled prompt ley it
:Ifni:ably. It tixpresses deep regret that
the whole matter was not compromised
thus disposed of at a much earlier date
than the present.
LONDON Dec. 6—Noon.—Two more regi
ments of troops and a company of engine
ers have been ordered to leave immediate.
ly for Ire ald. The Admiralty board have
ordered three ironelads ()fate home fleet
to sail for the Irish coast.
,Dunt.rx, Dec. 6.—Frequent arrests of
Fenians continuo to be made by the Gov
ernment officers, who are increasing in
their vigilance, and prompt in taking ft.:-
tioa in all suspected cases. 'The Gover
nor of the city prison has telegraphed-to
London asking to have a military guard
assigned him.
Orr Awe, Dec. 7.—The Herald of this
city publishes extracts from letters writ
ten by-a citizen of Montreal, who served
in the American army and afterwards in
the papal service. When in the South
he became acquainted with John H. Sur
vitt, whom he identaed in Italy serving
in the Zouaves. This person informed
the American Ambassador at Rome, who
sent for instructions to Seward.
SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 29. John Bigler
has been established in possession of the
office of Unified States Assessor for the
Fourth Distriet, his nredecessor having
been ejected by the United States Mar
TO CURE CONSUIIIPTION, the system aunt be ro
wed so that the hangs will hest Ta accomplish et* the
liver and stoccuteh,mttst SrAt be cleensed and an appetite cre
sted for good wholcaoneo food, which, by these medielnea
will ba digested properly, cad good hosithy blood made;
thin betiding up the constitution. SCHENCK'S MAN
DRAKE PILLS cleanse the stomach of all bilious or mucous
accumulations; and, by uslng the Sea Weed Tonic In con
nection, the appetite Is restored.
SCIIENCK'S PtiLMONIC SYRUP is nutrielom as well
is medicinal, and, by using the three remedies, all impurities
Sr. expelled from the system, and good, wholesome blood
made, which will reps] all disease.' If patients will take them
medicines according to directions, Consumption very fre
quently in its last also, yields readily to their action. Take
the pills frequently, to cleanse the !intend stomach. It dam
not follow that because the bowels are not costive the.• are
not required, for sometimes In &asthma they are necessary.
The stomach most be kept healthy, and an appotlto crested
to allow the Palmdale Syrup to act on the respiratory organs
properly and allay any Irritation. Then all that is re I aired
to perform a Itmex=ent cure Is, to prevent taking cold.
Exercise about the rooms as much Its passible, eat all the
richest food—fat meat, game, and, In fart, anything the ap
petite craves ; bat be particular and masticate well.
w. ea. mo. 1 yr.
Phalan's "Night Blooming Cereno.”
PbslenPs ..Nlght Blooming Cerens.”
Phu'lon , * *.Night Blconuittg Conn:m.oP
rhololWe "Night Blooming Comma",
Phalan's "Night Blooming Cerra■:*
A mold orqui.lte. delicate. and Fragrant Perfume,
dbH led from the rare and beautiful Eimer from
ah:cia it Lase", its name.
Manufactur.d only by
PIZALON dc SON. New Week.
jlyl7 ly pulp x n 29 oew
M — Empire Shuttle sewing Machine•
are superior to ull others for Family and Manufacturing
purposes Contain all the latest improvements; are
speedy ; noiseless ; durable; and easy to work. Illus
trated Circulars tree. Agents wauted. Liberal dis•
count allowed. Nn consignments made.
Address EMPIRES. M. CO., 61.6 Broadway, New York.
July 2.4—1 y
fgr Notice. —The beautiful Piano Fortes of Gnovz-
STEEN at tn. are deemed by all good judges to be the
Ultima Mute of InAruments of the kind.
%%e cin tot suggest what is wanting to make a musi
cal instrument more perfect. although we are slow to
admit that the limit of improvement can ever be at
Before they had brought their Pianos to their pres
ent excellence, the, had submitted them to competi
tion with instruments of the best makers of this coun
try and Europe, and received the reward of merit, over
nil others, at the celebrated World's Fair. It is but jus
tice to say that the judgment thus pronounced has not
been overruled by the musical world.
Still, by the improvements lately applied by them to
their Pianos, it is admitted that a more perfect instru
ment has been made. They have accordingly achieved
the paradox of making excellence more excellent.—
Surely, alter this, they are entitled to the motto, " Ex
celsior." [ lune 19—ly
M - Strange, but True.—Every young lady and
gentlemen in the United States can hear something ve
ry much to their advantage by return mail (free of
charge,) by addressing the undersigned. Those having
fears of being humbugged will oblikge by not noticing
this card. All others will please addrrss their obedient
servant. THOS. F. CHAPMAN,
Dec. 21.--lysmp 831 Broadway, New York.
Deafness, Blindness and Catarrh
Treated with the Inmost success by Dr. J ISAACS.
Oculist and Anrist. (formerly of Le. den, Holland.) No.
519 Noe Street, Philadelphia. Testimoniats from the
most reliable Noumea in the City and:Country can be
seen at his office. The medical faculty arc invited to
accompany their patients. as helms no secrets In his
practice. ARTIFICIAL EYES inserted without pain.
No charge for examination.
Philadelphia, July 1, 19115.
o , 'ro Consumptives.—The advertiser having
been restored to health in a few weeks bye very simple
remedy. after having suffered several years with a B.!.
vere lung affection. and that dread disease, Consump
tion—is anxious to make known to his fellow-sufferer.
the means of cure.
TO Oil who desire It. he will send a copy of the pre
scription need (tree of chatge,) with the direetions for
preparing and toting the same, which they will find a
sure cure for Consumption. • sthme. Bronchitis. Colds,
Coughs. and ail throat and lung affections. The only
object of the advertiser In sending the prefcription is to
benefit the afflicted, and spread Information which he
conceives to be Invaluable ; an I he.bopes every sufferer
will try his remedy, As it will cost them nothing, and
may prove a blessing.
Parties wishlmr the prescription, rEzz, by return
mall, will please address
Williamsburg, Kings Co., New York.
Dec. 20. 11343.—lpsmp
ClT'Errore of Vouch.—A gentleman who suf
fered for years from nervous debility, premature decay,
and all the effects of - youthful indiscretion, will. for the
sake of suffering humanity. send free to all who need
it, the recipe and directions. for making the simple rem
edy by which he WAS cured. Sufferers wishing to profit
by the advertiser's experience, can do so by addressing
No. 18 Chambers street, New 'York.
Dec. 26. 1865. lysmp
The Confessions and Experience of on
Invalid, Published for the benefit and as a caution to
y.,ung men and others. who auger from nervous debility.
premature decoy of manhood. etc. supplying at tho same
time the moans or seitcure. By one who has cored him.
self after undergoing considerable quackery. By enclo
sing a post paid addressed envelope. a single copy. free
of enarze may be bad of the author. NATBANIEL. MAT
ma. Esq., Bfooklyn. Nino co. N.Y. Una) lyszup7
b continually recetrim
new supplies of genuine Drnds and Medicines, which
will be sold as low as st any other Ste .4 in Mottrese.
WA Cough, A Cold, Or A dote Throat,
Ragman izazawrzArrzarnos,
Ir ALLOWED rd coaTimus,
Irritation of the Lungs,
A Permanent Throat - Disease,
or Consumption
For Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh. Consumptivo
and Throat Diseases,
will find Troches useful in clearing the voice when ta
ken before Singing or Speaking, mud relieving the
throat after an unusual exertion of the vocal organs
The Trodies are recommended and prescribed by Phy
sicians, and have bud testimonials from eminent men
throughout the country. Being an article of true merit.,
and havingprored their efficacy by a test of many years
each year finds them in new localities in various parts
of the world, and the Troches are tmivcrsally pronoun
ced better than other articles.
do not take any of the Worthless imitations. that may be
offered. Sold everywhere. nov27 6m ampla
Reported for the MONTROsE DEMOCRAT. by Fenton,
Fitzgerald it Tracy, strictly Produce Commission /der.
chanto, Se Whitehall Street, New York, for the week
ending Dee. 8, 1866.
Flour. per b. $B,OO 0912.001P0rkme55,b1.21,50 (al 21,75
Wheat, bush, 2.23 Ilt 2,8318eet, mess. IA 12,00 qt, 18,00
liye, 1,28 cp I,4o;Lard, per lb. 13 a 14
Corn, 1.00 8 I,2a , Tallutv, 12 0 - 5 13
Oats. Gii 03, 6 7 Eggs. per doz. 36 (T 5 40
Butter, per lb. 45 4h 30 Wool, lb. 60 (4 55
Cheese, do. 15 fat 17 Dressed Hogs, 8 Q 9
e—No tices of marriages and de.stbs published free
of charge. Obituaries published if paid for at the rate
&fifty cents per hundred words.
In Binghamton, Nov. 30, 1866, Mua-
THY, wife of Wm.. B. Sterling, after an
illness of six years, aged 56 years,,and 5
Peacefully lay her down to rest,
Place the turf lightly on her breast ;
Wetly sleep beloved one ;
Rest ti I the trump from the op'ning skies
Bids thee from dust to glory arise. '
1867• GET CP Torn CLUES. 1867•
" Net"
A Democratic Morning
The Daily Age contains the latest news from all parts
of the v, mkt, with editorial articles on Government,
Politics, Trade. Finance and General Subjects. Local
News. Market Reports. Stock Quotations,
Religious In•
telilgence, Legal Summary Foreign and Domestic Cor
respondence, Commerciallntelligence, Reports of Pub
lic Meetings, Theatrical Criticism.. Reviews of Litera
ture, Prices Current, Literary Notices, Agricultural
Information, Art, Dinsic, itc. Besides Special Tele
grams, it has all the dispatches of the Associated Press
tram every part of the United States, and also the dis
patches received by the Atlantic Cable ; and the news
from all parts of Europe brought by the steamers, Is in•
stantly telegraphed from whatever point the steamers
first touch.
The Weekly Ace will be a complete comsandium of
the news of the week , end besides the leading editori
als from the Daily, will contain a large amount of Inter
esting matter prepared expressly for the weekly ferns.
It will he In all respects a first-cas family Journal, par
tieularly adapted to the Politician. the Farmer, the Mer
chant. the Mechanic, the Family Circle and the General
Reader, having every characteristic of a live newspa
per. Each number will contain an Intensely interesting
by oneof the most popular and fascinating an.
Mors. and It is also the intention to publish, from week
to week. in the course of the year, three or four of the
best and latest novels.
TUE DAILY.—One copy, orteyear, $9.00 ; fiX most..
$4.50; three months. $2.50 ; for any leas period, at the
rate of ONE DOLLAR vermouth. Poetage. thirty cents
per quarter, to be prepaid at the office of delivery.
THE WEEELY.—One copy, ono year. $2; five c op
lea, ouc year, $9; ten spies. one year, $17.50 ; twenty
copies, one year, M. To Clubs, %here the papers are
sent to one address, the following seduction will be
made ; Five copies, one year, $8 50; ten copies, one
year, $18.50; twenty copra., one year, $3O. A copy will
be furosetted gratis for each club of ten or more, to one
address, for one year. Portage. five cents per quarter,
to be prepaid at the oMce of &lively.
The above terms will be rieldly adhered to. Speci
men copies or the Daily and Weekly sent gratis, on ap
plication at this oMce. Advertisement" inserted at
moderate rates.
STRIVED O stou p .
ABfOUTrom J I g i o; a p a sla i red two years old Here,
An e y o e no glvingrelgifloi fern in
where It nay be found. ortolan:ling It,WIU be suitably
rowirdod.. Ti. iIRGS.
Nontrowp, Dee. 1,1 S it tf
Ablierii g ned In atidttor appointed by the Court
Tof Common Pleas of Bustin tut County to 'dis
tribute a hind in the hands of the Sheriff arising from
theeale of the real estate of George Pooler, taken in ex
ecution at,thd suitor ff. J. Johnson, will attend to tile
duties of his appointment at his olllce in Montrose, on
Friday, Jan. 11th, 1867. at 1 o'clock p. m.,at which
time and place all persons interested in sai fund may
present their claims or be forever debarred from corn.
coming in on said fund. •
D. W. SEARLE, Auditor
?ilontrose, Dtc. 11, ISO.
late of flartord, Suequebaunn County, Pu., deed,
Letters of admint.tration upon the estate of the above
named decedent having been granted to the undersign
ed, all persors indebted to said estate are hereby noti
fied to ,make Immediate payment, and those having
claims against the same to present them duly antheutf
cated for settlement.
A. J. TIFFANY, Adm'r
Brooklyn, Dec. 11, 1666.
.Auditor's Notic©.
riiiiE undershtned, an auditor appointed by the Cr
.". phau's Court of Susgni henna County to make di 4.
tvibutlon of the fund In the hands of the adminis
trator of the estate of Amos Crandall, dec'd, will attend
to the duties of such appointment at his office in
Montrose, on Friday, the 4th day of January, 1867, at
two o'clock in the afternoon. at which time and place all
persons interested to said fund wilt present their claims
or be forever barred from coming in upon said fund.
A. 0. WARREN, Auditor.
Montrose, Dec. 11, ISGC. 4w
Auditor's Notic©.
rIHE undersigned, an Auditor appointed by the
pphans' court of Susquehanna county to distribute
the intiantif of thd fund in the hand.-of Philo Burritt,
administrator, among the heirs and lecal le_presenta.
tires of the estate of Samuel Borritt. deceased, will at
tend to the duties of his appointment at his office in
Montrose on Monday the 7th day of January, 1807. at
one o'clock. p. m., at which time and place all persona
arc required to present their claims or be debarred from
coming in for e share of said estate.
W. D. LUSE, Auditor.
Montrote, Dec. 4. 1866
Auditor's Notice.
TIIE undersigned, an Auditor appointed by the Court
of Common Pleas of Susq'a county to distribute the
fund arising from the Sheriff's sale of the real estate of
C. F. Loomis, will attend to the duties of his appoint
ment at his office In Montrose, on Tuesday, January Bth
180. at one o'clock, p. in.. at which time and place all
persons interested will present their claims or be de
barred from coming In upon said fund.
W. D. LUSK., Auditor.
Montrose, Dec. 4, 18813.
Auditor's Notice.
THE 'undersigned, an auditor appointed by the Or
plums' Court of Stmqnehanna Comity to make di n
tribution amongst creditors of the fund in the hands of
the administrator of Jonathan Miles. dcc'd.will attend
to the duties of his appointment at the oftics of Fraser
& CAPP in Montrose. on Saturday, the sth day of Janu
ary, 1867, at 1 o'clock. P. M., at which time and place
nll persons interested are required to present their
claims or be forever debarred from conning in upon said
Dec. 4, 1660
Auditor's Notice.
MITE undersigned, an auditor appointed by the
11. Court of ommon Pleas of Susquehanna county to
dl.tribute the fund in the hands of the Sheriff of said
county arising from the sale of the personal
property of Tinker & liagar,will attend to the duties o'
his appointment at the office of Fraser Jr. Case, in Mont
rose, on Thursday, Jaw 34,1587. at ten o'clock, A. M.,
when all persons interested in said fund will present
their claims orbe forever debarred.
F. A. CASE, Auditor.
Montrose, Dec. 4, 1866.
Auditor's Notice
TILE undersigned having been appointed an auditor
by the Orphans' Court of Susquehanna County to
audit exceptions to the account of the administrator of
the estate of D. N. Phillips, dec'd. will attend to the
duties of said appointment at his office in Montrose. on
Thursday the 10th day of January 1867. at one o'clock
p. m., at which time and place all persons Interested in
said fund will be heard.
J. B. M'COLLUM, Auditor
Iti - introsc, Dec. 4, 1566.
-1-%4 of Liberty township, Susq'a county, Pa., dec'd.
Letters of administration upon the estate of the above
named decedent having been granted to the undersign
ed. ail persons indebted to said estate aro hereby noti
fied to make Immediate payment, and those having
claims against the same to present them duly authenti
cated for settlement.
Liberty, Dec. 4th, 1866.•
deCeased, late of Auburn township, Susquehanna
county; Pa.
Lettereof administration upon the estate of the above
named decedent having been granted to the rindersign
ed. all persons indebted to said estate are hereby noti
fied to make immediate payment, and those having
claims against the same to present them duly authenti
cated for settlement.
Auburn, Oct P:i, 1866. WM. DONLIN, Adm'r
Auditor's Notice.
MILE undersigned. an auditor appointed by the Court
11 of Common Pleas of Susquehanna county to make
distribution oft be fund now to hands oPthe Sheriffof
said county,arislug from th , sale of the real estate taken
in execution at the suit of Leonard Dudleyve. A .L.Post
et al., will attend to the duties of his appointment at
his office In Montrose, on Saturday the thld day of De
cember, A. D. 1868, at 1 o'clock, p. m at which time
and place all persons interested, will present their
claims or be forever debarred from coming in on said
C. W. TYLER, Auditor
Montrose, Nov 27,18414. 4w
WILDER'S PATENT. with Powder and Burglar
Y Proof Lock—(liey won't fly out)—for sale by r
1 1"3121013 La CO XILIELN CUM
With Rai-swims FEND, to fasten ends of seams. Not
complhated—perfectly simple to all, except—other
rEr - Please call opposite "A. Lathrop's Store," end
SEE for yourself. Sold at Manufacturer's prices.
Montrose, Nov. 27, 1668. tf
THR Arm of Carr & Avery has been dissolved hymn
tual convert. The notes and accounts will be left
In the hands of T. J. Curr for collection.
Flurford, Nov. 27,1861. 11. U. AVERY.
T. J. CARR continues business, and respectfully so
licits the patronage of our old customers, and of as ma
ny new ones us feel that they would like to save mon•
ey by buying Goods for less than they can elsewhere.
Nov. 27, 1866. 4w
Is continually receiving
And keels constantly on hand a fall and desirable as
sortment of genuine,
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals,
Liquors, Paints, Oile, Dye-stuffs, Teas, Spices and
other Groceries, Stoneware, Wall and Window Pa
per. Glassware, Lamps, Kerosene, Benoit',
Tanner's 011. Lubricating Oil, Neatetoot Oil,
Refined Winkle Oil, Varnish, Whips,
Guns, Pistols, Cartridges, Powder,
Shot, Lead, Gun Cape, Musical
Instruments, Tot et Soaps,
!lair Oils, Brushes, Pocket Knives Spectacles, Sliver
Plated Spoons, Forks, and Ivory handled Knives,
Dentist's Articles, a general assortment of
Fancy Goods, Jewelry, Perfumery, hc.
Patent Medicines
advertised In Montrose. and nearly every GOOD RIND
In short, nearly everything to restore the sick.'to
please the taste, to delight the eYe, to gratify the fancy,
and also to conduce totter real and substantial comforts
of life. Enumeration Is impracticable. as it would fill s
newspaper. Cell attlie Drug and VarietyStors of
ABEL TUREELL, Montrone, Pa.
NEW FIRM . . -
THE agbnriber baying formed a par.nersblp with
ME. J. A. STEVENS, wishes to mako Ms best
bows to his old Customers. and inform them that the
Mercantile Department of the business will herett.tcr
be carried on by 0. D. Deman k Co. with increased
capital and facilities, a large s•ock of New floods La all
departments, it store taorouF, , bly refftled, find
DP X' 10 0 .11.e3clu.00ci.
The Watch-Flaking Department
re retained by me, and will receive my personal atten ,
firm. I have secured tbeservtcee of Mlt. C. li. WOLD
BYE, a gentleman wh o has had twenty-flveyeara in the
beet Aloes of Europe. and has no emperlor . thu coun
try. I shell tiverclore. be able to do all work- within
thicerdaytifroia the tint? It le telt.
The (Hoch rind Jewelry Repairing -
Will be owned by Mr, Stevens, who will do all work in
that line promptly, uhd in the best style.
Nov. 21; 18Gti. . , O: D. DEVAN.
will consist of a full assortment of the following goods,
suitable for this market, which will be so d as low. and
many of them - tower, than by any one else this lido of
New York city.
Read the Catalogue.
American, SWIB9 and Eng,lleh, both gold and silver
An styles. including their cetebroted Colander Cloelvt,
which tell the day of the month and week, also the
name of the month, making the changes for every
month correctly, with no care but to wind therm mice a
Heavy, solid Gold - Chplns;,/kOks and Keys. Fine eel-
Id sets of Jeweirf=l'ins, Sleeve Buttons, Studs, Ear
&e. &c.
Warranted to At all kinds of eyes
A neat little Charm holding eight small Photographs
A ane assortment, with and without holders. Old
ones repainted.
Made to order of pure Coin, consisting of Spoons,
Forks, Thimbles, Putter KII iVCd. s igapkiti Rings, Fruit
Knives, Vest'Chaine,
Thebest In market—single, double, treble and quad
rnple plate, and W.iftllANTED—from a full Tea Set down,
including Castors, Cake and Card Baskets. Ice Pitchers,
Waiters, Butter Dishes, Sagar /Jowls, Cups, Tea Dells,
Mannfactnredfiy Decker Brothers, which, with their
late Improvements, surpass those of any other makers.
Also, Bradbury's New Scale Pianos—a splendid instru
ment. Other Pianos from $350 to $5OO.
C:llll.NiE7' 0 AG.-141 S,
From $llO to slslo3—warratted for five years. They
are the finest reed Instrument in the World; and I have
only - to say !hat 1 have sold nearly $15,000 worth of
them in the lust four years ; and they are all In good or.
der and have never cost my customers scent for repaira.
Violins from $5 to O. Flutes, Fifes, Clarionets,Ban
Jos, Guitars, Bows, Strings, Tuning Forks,
Supplied with instruments of the best American man
ufacture, by the single Instrument or fuilset, at the ma
ker's price—also music for any number of itn4ruments.
Instruction pooks and Sheet Alosic on hand, and new
supplies received every week. Piano Stool's from $5 to
Polet- t Sewing Nadia
We have the exclusive agency for R. S. Roberta' Pa-
tent Parabola Needles—the beet hi the world. Try one
paper and if not eattsfled the money will be refunded.
Fire Arms and Sporting Materials.
211IVTI P , ZpCMCI - SITU tiarm,•.. 117/.
fles, all styles Revolvers, Fowling , Pieces, Shot r ßelts
And Powder Flasks, Cartridges for all the 11. S. Army
guns ; also C.S. aud other Percussion Caps, Cooper
Cartridges, all styles and sizes.
Montrose, Nov. ^_7, 1566
J.W. Bradley's celebrated Patent
SS 1-E. X .t,_ ri" .
The wonderful flexibility, great comfort ar d pleasure
to any lady wearing the Duplex Elaptic Skirt Mill be
experienced particularly in all crow dedatsemblies, Op
eras, carriages. railroad cars, church pews . , armchairs,
for promenade and housedress. es the skirt can be folded
when in use to occupy a small place as easily and con
veniently 11c a silk or marlin Mess, an invaluable qual
ity in crinoline, not found In any Single Spring Skirt.
A lady having enjoyed tht pleasure. to tort and great
convenience of wearing the duplex elliptic et, el spring
skirt for a single day will never afterwards willingly
dispense with their use. For children, misses and
youne ladles they are superior to all others.
They will not bend or break like the Single Spring.
but will preserve their graceful and perfeCt shape when
three or four ordinary skirts will have been thrown
aside as neelese. The hoops are covered with double
and twisted thread, and the bottom are not
. only double
springs, but twice (or double) covered • preventing
them front wearing out when dragging down Mops,
stairs. &C.
- - .
The Duplex Elliptic Is a great favorite with all Indies,
and is universally recommended by the Fashion 'Maga
zines as the standard Skirt of the fashionable world.
To enjoy the following inestimable •advantages in
Crinoline, viz: superior quality, perfect manufacture.
stylish shape and finish. flexibility. durability, comfort
and economy, inquire for J. W. Bradley's Duplex Ellip
tic, or double spring Skirt, and be sure-you gct the gen
uine article:
UTION. To ,gnard against imposition, he partic
ular to notice that skirts offered us Duplex." have the
red ink stamp, viz.: " J. W. Bradley's Duplex Elliptic
Steel Springs" upon the waistband—none others are
genuine. Also notice that every Hoop will admit a pin
being passed through ,the centre, thus revealing the
two (or double) springs braided together therein,which
is the secret of their flexibility and strength, and a com
bination not to be found In any other skirt.
For sale in all stores where first-class Skirts arc sold
throughout the United States and elsewhere.
Manufactured by the sole owners of the Patent,
97 Chambers, and 79 & SI Reade streets, N. Y.
Oct. St, 1896-3 m
::;.., ...;;;,, :: •.: -:;- • ,' . :,..:::,,
•''cy • '-. :.;,.. :,-;-) CrAtiT""-f ,--- ,
',: N .• 3 I \ii 4't liii,-.T WO. I: L.l-1 .;', . ' c ,:,
•i s 1 . U,i't .:.1 v:.(Pi.' ,l "l;4 l k';
•, ~ . i „.., , .... -1, r...,1•=. 4 1 re.:'.l
PATENTED MAT 294 1860.
TS le an article for washing without rubbing, ex
cent in very dirty places, which will require a very
Blight rub, and unlike other preparations tittered fur a
like purpose, will rot rot the clothes, but will leave
them much whiter than ordinary methods, without the
usual wear and tear.
It removes grease spots as If by maglo, and softens
the dirt by soaking, so that rinsing will la ordinary ca
ses entirely remove It.
This powder Is prepared In accordance with chemical
science, and upon a process peculiar to itself, which Is
secured by Letters Patent. It has been In use for more
than a year, and has proved itself an universal favorite
wherever it„, has been used. Among the advantages
claimed are the following, viz:—
It saves all the expense of soap usually used on cot
ton and linen goods.
It eaves most of the labor of rabblng, and wear and
Also, for cleaning windows It Is unturpassed. With
one quarter the time and labor usually required It im
parts a beautiful gloss ant: lustre, much superior to
any other mode. No water required except to moist
en the powder.
Directions with each package.
And can he r adily appreciated by a single trial.
The cost of washing for a family of live or six persons
will net exceed three cents.
The manufacturers of this powder are nwnro that
many useless compounds have been introduced to Olt
public which have rotted the cloth, or felled In rerun ,
ving the dirt, bat knowlyx the intrimic excellence of
this article, they confidently proclaim it as being adap
led to meet tv demand -- which' haklont." exif.ted; and
which hasherctororaTeraaltied . unaitpplted; Ushuaia.
tared by • • "
280 Bittadwayjloston. Alto. Martufachiren of FM 1
Dye Colors. For isle by Graeae and dtaterik every
where. oetleSmsmp9
soLaYmegi touVrit,
And:. act: . Pay!
'pH E undersigned LICMCSVD . AGE:Tr Or PRE GOVERN*
J. NEST, Will 41 ye prompt attention to all claims Intim.
Lcd to his care. No charge unless snocessfnl.
Montrose, Aug. 'U. J. McCOLLInI.
. _
ar co 4C) X 3
which will he 'sold
1.713.13.41..t= ;Ppm. cuLtozr..
Sculptor Drvss Goods, Silks, Grenadines,
Challie,s, Printed Cambric% Lawns,
ffluslics, Prints, .Delaines,
* Poplins, Hats & Caps,
Groceries, Crockery, Hardware. &c.
3foutrose, ?Say 20.
A large, Ilne'assortment
Consisting. of Ladies' Kid. Lartintand Goat Baltnor•
ala and Gaiters, .ten's Brogans, Boy'. Balmorala,
Yorith'a Congress Gaiters, Baby Shoes, etc. etc., all o f
which will he sold
N. B.—Klkintla of work made to order, and repairing
done neatly. C. 0. FORDIIA.M•
Montrose, May 8, ism tt
3r...,-7CO 3Ft. SS
fined.e AGENT
o T n EC lit-71wi:. g prompt attention to all
claims entrnstedto his care. Charge' low. and Infor
mation FREE. L. F. FITCH.
Montrose, Jan. 14. lEk5. tf
QITUATED in the townehip of.Trickson, in the Coun
ty of Stholuellutia, cout.iniig about
with one hundred and sixty acres improved, Dwelling
House, good tiaras, well watered—a drat rate farm fur
Dairy purposes—two Orchards.
Said farm will be sold altogether, or In parcels to cult
purchasers. Terms of payment ninde Lasy. Fur further
information call upon A. Chamberlin, Esq., Montrose,
or upon the anbacilber.
QOLDIERS: Congress hteijnst passed an act to equal
-17 your Bounties I Thom, who have nut already
done Fo. ehonla atavliemiass.
owe moss orpareuts noldtcrs who hall: , died In the
service. are entitled to tho same bounty the soldier. If
living, would receive. Having already preruired over
two hundred claims, those woo have delayed making
application will find it greatly to their advantage to
give me a cull.
Invnlids and widows entitled to nn Increase of pen
sion tinder ,ict approved Jnne ii, ISM should also tuaka
application. Informatiou free.
Licensed Government Agent.
3fontrose, Ang. I.lSt i. tf
..-„,,-- 1 ,- WIIISKEES, MI:STACIIE4 ...!.....
A - ' 4 'l4 forced to grow on the snit).- 4 - • -.F:.
k . 4, thest face In from three to 5 ~, -,.
' weeks by using Dr. SEVIG-
~. - 2 ,, NE 'S RESTA UItATEL R , ~.
..,Ey.z,.., CAPILAIEE. the most WOU• :IF' '. ,
•c 0 ,:.7r 1. :!. derful di.,covery in modern-.;, -
'4 7 , 7 Z1 science. acting on the ISeard '* ; . -' l .- . .- - '
and flair in an almost mime-
Woes manner. It has been need by the elite of London
and Paris with the most flattering success. Names of
all purchapers are registered, and if entire sutisfeetion
is not given in every instance. the money will' be cbeer
fully refunded, Price by mail. scale' and postpaid, $l.
Descriptive circulars and testimonials mailed free. lid
dress EDGER, Sli I 'TTS & Do.. Chemists, No 283 Riv
er street, Troy, N. Y. Only agents fur the united
State. myl Iverepq
,E311:1c1. 13 ett.43lr.. Pair.
rairm, undersizned, LICENSED AGENT of the GOV
ERNMENT, haying obtained the necessary forms,
,tc., will give prompt attention to all claims intrusted
to his care. No charge unless successful.
Montrose. June 6th.
Winter Term.
TAE Winter Term of this School will commence on
the first Monday of December. , 188 e, and continue
eleven weeks, under the same corps of experienced'
Trackers who have en successfully conducted - tbe
School during the past Tenn.
Prof. T. T. HUNTER, Principal.
Miss ilscxx V*uuuy, Assistant,.
" NEMLIDL.BEAIIDITLET, Sup't HodelSehool. Pair
may and Intermediate.,
Memos lIATDISII. • Instructor Of Music.
" ti.J. Boum, • - Drawing and Panting..
High School $5 00
intennallato 00
Primary ~... 800
Languages....... -1 00
Music 10'00
011 Painting • 10'00
Water Colors , 0
Students wishing board or rooms will- apply to the
Secretary of the Board, who will clieerililly respond.
either - personally or by letter.
The Directors feel gratethl feftlie patronage ettend
ed to this School, and It is hoped that the salitactiott
whial the plat term has given, will-be a sufficient ins
ducetnent for the continuance of the taint.
F. W. BOYLE, Pres% Selma &ord.
JOHN FALTHOT, Seey. [Nov, 6.-44 •
Saves Time, Saves Money, Saves Labor,
Saves Clothes, Saves Women,
it al all Grocers sell it.
It Is used by cutting Into small shavings and ding*.
ina in hot water, then soak the clothes ore to ten Min•
nt s, and a little hand rubhlul• will make them as clean
as hours of machine rubbing would do, with ordinary
snap, and %Ili/most delicate fahrlc receive no Injury.—
We can refer to thouNands of families who are tieing it,
and who could not he persuaded to do without
arliold by all leadinv Grow rs throughout the State.
Manor ictured only by
3:3C0.11313XZW1S zacrtrin,
107 South Fifth Street, -Philad'a.
Nov. 18, 1866.—lysatto - • .
Are now receiving their iqew Stock of
Also, a good assortment of
Adtnloi*trator of Dov , ea Ekneon, dec'd
Jackeop, Sept. 4, Is6l. II
at the Fatrdate Cheap Store