The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, February 25, 1864, Image 4

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    "7"-- • •
MOMS kilWatrangroti,-,
folio wing Of s -Wasbington - j
ought to be pliblislied iii revery newspaperd
in the land once a year
Use no reproachful‘ language against
any one, neither - chrses or reviling, , .
Be not too hasty to believe lying re
ports tolthe disferageitient of any one:
In yeir npparrel bo eid
eavor to a - accommodate uatinb, 'rather
than to procure adinirationl„:::
Associateyefirself only -with* . men'Of
good quality, if you esteem your reputa
thini.fur it is better to be alone _than in
bad company.
Let-your conversation : be wiithit
' iiialice
or envy, forit is a sigh of ittractabliend: I
commendable - 17 Kit ; untie nfises of pia:
sion, admit reason to govern. .
Use not base and frivolous things against,
grown and. Jearned men ; nor very difficult
questions-Or :subjects inneing - the ignorant
nor thindirbardto belieVe.
• Spe,ak not;doleful things in the time of
mirth l ffir .the table ; nor of melancholy
things at - dealli or wounds, and if others
mention them, change if you can, the dis
course.' --"
Brea - 14, a tst when 'none tako pleas
augh not loud, nem at all
'Without occasion. IDeride no man's
fortune, though there seems to be - some
Speak-not injurious -either in
jest or in earnest. Scoff at no one, thougli
yotrrnay,,ont occasion. _
Be not forward,. but_. friendly and cour
teous, the first to salute, hear an answer
and not be pensive when it 'is time to con
'Go not thither when yon' know not
Whether yon shall be welcome or not.
Reprehend not the imperfections of oth.
ere, for that belongs to parents, masters
and sap,ervisors.
Speak not in an • nnknoWn- tongue in
company, but in yonr own language, and
that as of - quality do, and not as the
vulgar. '
Sublime matters treat seriously. •-•
The Right Sort offieligion.
Some one whose head is nationally
a level" has written out his ideas of relig
ion, as follows. It will do to read and to
think about : sib
We want a religion that goes intolhe
ramily, and keeps the - busbaud from being
spitefril when. the dinner is late; keeps
the wife from fretting when the husband
tracks the newly-washed floor: With-his
muddyboots, and makes the- hushan" d
mindful of and particular - to use the scra
per and door mat ; keeps the mother
patient when the baby is cross, and keeps
the baby pleasant ; amuses the children,
as well as instructs them ; wins as well as
governs, them ; projects the, honey-moon
into the harvest moon, and makes the
happy hours like the Eastern fig tree,
bearing in, its bosom at once the beauty
ofthe tender blossom and the glory of
the, ripened fruit. - We want a religion
that bears not only on: - the sinfulness of
sin, but on the rascality of lying and steal
ing •; a religion that banishes small
measures from the counters, small baskets
from the stalls, pebbles from the cotton
bags, clay from - paper, sand froin sugar,
chickory from coffee, beetjuise from vine
gar, alum from breed, lard from batten ,
strychnine from wine, and water from
milk-pans ;
The religion that is to advance the
world will not-pnt all the big strawberries.
and peaches 'at the bottom. It -will not
offer more baskets of wines than the vine-,
yardsever produced bottles. -
`"itss Too - Late Now."
:A abort time ago as candidate for mat
rimony arrived in and straightway
repaired to the office of the obliging Co.
Clerk for the purpose of obtaining a mar
riage license. -
The clerk misunderstood the name of
the fair one Who had been makhiginroada
on the affections ofthe applicantiand con
seqiiently inserted the-wrong name of the
femcle_party 3vho was to be tied by the
silken chords. -
The intended groom was aci delighted
with tlie`prospect before him that he did
not stop to read the document after it was
placed i n his hands;.but forking over $2,
he thrust the leOl privilege in hispocket.
• Gaining an audience with the object of
his heart, the two repaired to the honk
of a clergyman where the document was
presented, which; in the eyes of the minis
ter, appearing perfectly satisfactory, the
fwii.were poen united,w the holy bonds of
widloeic: • •
Votpeat Morning, upon tugging them
selresat the breakfast table of one of the
hotels, the. grdeiri commenced reading the
ietort4WiniMage_in_ the R 3 rninpa•'
per, and found that the3printers,ha hint
married to another woman l -
Thrusting his bandinto his pocket, he
drew out the . Marriagii)iceMre, when lo
and behold; to his ntter aifenishmebt;'he
• discoierCd. that the .elerk.. had:committed
tho:krare error.. of inserting the wrong
nathefat kolkhatended bride. -
~Turniog to:the-object of his alfectionS,
and With. an.ezCited" yet tremulOite
he,eiclainied . - ' • '
" Maria, a mistake has-been made, rin
married to the wrong ivoman, : and- you're
not my lawful wife. '
ye a glauc, - Szt the sloc4-
oenV with haltdrawn Sigh, 'said
Inellif . 210 - use fretting; Jeremial' ii=.4.lthr
too lite # , -
To prevent niistales from happening
ttey - tfejvyo - nvitnoC - - - -
, ; - C4llilSiuid
;:. . - Wanton. Barber, isle et
•- liat4oillayffAioicat WiArnes, — .
'Now et M. &'ffffssuesStorli s dV i .._
• tiinametshemistaxitabam •
PLad MC cutting bairlo
Mud ins readyst ystsr__
At Ivor rearaze, vssaassors MOnaum.
Zautrope,va ff
riatiar rittearns
Light Blue:
French Biagi.
Clue: Blasilip - .
Dark BrOvrii,i •' ,
Llght 2 llrowit.. ,
Bauff Brown,;
Dark - Drab.l4,
VOrbiitni SEni;
Scarfs, Prase, 'oats,
Feathers. K lug,
• . and__o•cartug ,
'41141-tr44l*lF aoPer.
.For .2s 4:anti:You otit'colOras luniW y . goods' iiiiiitedd
otherwise to times.thateure-Variturs abides our
bd produced from the se tw z a:, , ,Titenrottei di staple
and 'any enemata° the - 7wlllt, per fectaueorlie: ,
,Dlrcetlelikth.ElWHAN'. • at
For farther information tralying. arra giving peed
knowledge what colors are best adapted to dye over oth
ers, (with many valuable recipes.) prelate Howe a
.Stephens' Treatise on Dieing and coloring. Beat by
t • mill oir rietifitof prtee. 7 loemlx . '
Idarittractal by :. :110WIL41.8111PaKilel
! - 16013roadway..Itestos.
For sale 13y Druggists end Dealers generally.
Oct.lBd3. Out
Win 'tDOPER :1-10.
- 808 .
TliOnipsdn't oßlaokifittieLine of
LivottOolPll4 okoto..
PERSONS inlet:deg ta send for theft Mends lathe old
Icounum ampureltsinpasssge. tickets by Oa 0.0 7 .11
line from the subscribers.
; ‘ 4ti r .ll; ”! 4 . 4 .1 8 4 1 3 111 1.11 1 A T 0 * 4*. rin k : suit ere.
17. Mit:. - AY t •
Over the.-..,Poit- fee,
peen f
to ignite the rieeeseary pa-
Ell pens foe all applications for Soldiers.' maths wid
owe. parents, heirs and Children of deceased bolglsra,fes
Botity,'.Bacittpay: i& : Pensions,
I will attend to that bteilnetafcrt tke mina of
a. TIVITCO *24:014C.a411.1‘091"
for eaelielahn—this to coverallexpenaes, Inch:dim
Justices' , fees. Clerk's CertifiCates,,lttud 'Postage.
This le about one-third the sum usually charged for
the business.
Alt persons interested will please take notice and dos
ern themselves aeeorditea ia ji L i s -
Attorney and Connsellor at Zaw, and Claim Agent.
3 fc. 4l tro!F. 4) 4'. 22 , 1.863-
Wholesale a Retell liteleri la
%imams, _isackirrakas,
ROMIG, 130 L 274, Nrisg mod wA18104114
HA4.11=3, SLIMES. IMES. &e. ea
CIRCILTImig AND 31:11.1.4AWS,Rmrsch PACKLIA,
c & wuNemomm
ma= ow GLASS, =Alum& inanNas
Scranton. 31arrA Si, 1803. ll
rtnexima boars, etiziimetteink .Ifotkisi, :Tan. 4th.
%JIM: ' Tranis willtearoGrut Itend,PLAtabont the
folkraitgbours,lts: - • •
1. But ttilattpasi Sai.T.; Rawess. =p .m
a, r*bt 14preila,115Bam ~ 41; Stiasaboat fklip.av
5, Xall at , , I:4Bpaa 111. Cizeina alitaaa
17, Wayl l l2bt. .19t37p.m 111). Way JIM, p.m
21, Age= Itoii,":l9 am , --• , ,
-Trtil2ll, runs otetr day, No.' la rasa Suave, tat
doesaot tua Matesys. 'Train all Bab:Ways, *oat New
York. Jima thron' to Bahl°. but doe t s4ot tem to Min
kirk,: _ • 1 • CRAM KM , Gm. Supt.
E. 84 H. T. AlrilloiTY,
PhcrOgraphiq *AteTials,
' • sot BizoLowAtor..r.-- ----
ioni•a. *svotettrait
,•.,. , . . _
(WU Catalogue nowernbrsois tonsidembly, oyez Far
VP Tiummad different subjects , . Oa ,which additkrns
are being etnitiortallrmads,) of armada cd Ihninent,
Ameriouts,,cts. viz: , 1 ~
gii_ or metals .- i9O Brigadier-Genends-259 Col- 1
OteLS-84 Lientenant-Colonel.-20Totkeroilleins-4031*-
try officers-545 Statesmen—lN Divines-1E Authors—
Di Artists-112 SL o-40 Prominent Women—ln Prom
inent Foreign Porta-2101- copies or Works of Ark
Including rot:meditations of the most celebrated Ingtav-
Mrs. Pintings. Statue'', a: Ottslospum stint mixer:Opt
of - stamp. `An ordrr for One Dozen Pictures hum car
Calaktgae inn b!#! 1(4 c'a receipt of S t r a kaadaP4- I s7
. '''' Photogriiihiet 'Albums,
Of these we Itteltufneerasra treat variety. ringing' its
price from 50 centa OM nth-
Our Albims bare %ha reputationof 'Wag superior In
beauty and durability toast/others. The smaller kinds
cantle sentillfelfitt mail at 1 poilaga,atliz as ta pa
or. The mom ire can be sent . hienpresi.
We alsokSegto amortkonitoV - . 1 -.
_. , _ -
Ourestslngettaf thasayllibisentlit inty a*
as?. Ali THOM: f
Mannfaetwers idPhotograpbloWiderials.
-• • - - -.) - 141 , Dro4Fay,Mortif 'FOAL f
~' Fill - iiiii iii lebtarlartent MUM:7 MS . 40
confertarrorby us tbelplikenesses to- corp. ,
Th_ey will be keptesi a w tdretured_slaMred.
___ -
71ne Albums Madero for ..... .. pas to lira'
Mitt to their_Pastar. or forotberipmposem arithitailia
blatrasertptlona, 'at fAste 20. wia. 4414-0
ri n ,. ' lii.
. ieumectibeagert 0 4110 WIsalle*
tetinsimt.44. Tta
er"4.4turtel 3 4:RP '
, Th. sens by II
nottjrc?a, Ara a g IVOi - - , Witiiier amps,
litaadelptub,Pa. ib petle va
psetilitt itor iiibta
illicit aro colt ficator.
Wks ia . dm cook
ittialtittidafet Maw
fiediseelaor bi
*kneed by: auenteebled.
(bated- stateof: dm Us*
--in 'that Ihdd betimes
Ipaent to mutt& the
forces itstbeirinnis,
1. and Tesses the
to tga *Op', disorder
.ienty., - . The scrothlatts
Bed . by mercurial
low dbordensi
4, imPue sirlfildr‘ end
_ tas depn- • vices..and. abova all ,
by the Venereal infection. - - Whatever - be its or ie nt
it is hereditary in the constituticat. descending "fruit'
woks' to children unto the third and SAM nen
ennintt e' indeed. it seems to be thit. rid 06 Him
whets:mi. " I will 'visit the ofsthe fathers
upon - belt-children." The diseases which it prig
inntes take various nIIMIgy accarding to sho otnins
it Amok*. In the ~Ituigs. &loft& pitshicii.titber
eles,and finally Constunption ; in the glands, swell
ing,* which, Sapp:lsta and, become' witternai sores ;
in ; the; Stomach -- end bowels, derangements which
produce indigestion. Ayspepsia, and firm complaints;
en , the ! skin, 'eruptive and cutarteoint gffections.
These all Wins the same origin;rarthe the name
mmely. viz., purification and invigoration of- the
Itood::. Purify the , blood, and these dangerous, dis
t Inners leave you. With feeble, foul, or corrupted
14(11.1. tell cannot Iwo health r with that: "Woof
tic thish " healthy. Jos cannot have *scrofulous
1 ,. compounded from the - most effectual antidotes
th•at medical science' has discovered for this afflict
bti distemper, and foi: the cure of the disordois it
eltsits. That it is far superior to any other rem
edy yet devised, is knowrs by nil who have given
it a • trial. That it does combine virtues Italy ex
tr.ordinary in their effect upon this chaser com
pl int& is indisputably proven by the great ranlti
rude of publicly known and remarkable MIMS it
has made of the following dispria- King's Evil
or Cbuidtdar Swellings' 'Leis, Ern lions,
Pimple.), Blotches and Sores,_ Erysipelas.
BO u 3 St. Anthony's Fire, Salt Rheum,
Scald Head, Co.gbs± from teacakes depas
its iv the Inite Swellings, Debility,
Bro . *. N Dys," or Indigestion,
Sypitili4 anti Syp "tictons, Mercurial
Dicease3 ? Female Weakneises, and, indevtl the
who'll series of complaints that nrisifrOM impurity
of the Wood. Minute reports of individual eases.
mar he found in APRIL'S Anzatess ALMANAC,
which is furnished to the drnggi.ta' for gratuiinti•
distribution, wherein miy be lesnied the direction
for its nit.; and some of die retnarkalite cures sal.).
it has matte when all other remedies had Hied to
afford relief. Thole cases are purpo=eiy taken from
all sections of the country, in onto.that crew mulct
MST have access to some one who can «peak to hint
of ft. benefits from personal experience. &Tani.
depresses the vital,energies. and thus leaves its %it,
timifar more subject to disepse_and hs final re , ult
thanlare healthy constitutions Bente it unnbi t•
shorten. and does greatly shorten, the average dur. •
tion of hunian life. The vast importance of dies ,
considemtions =his led us to spend Yet& hi p' -t
ing a remedy which is ad-rinnte fit its. cure. Thi
wo ,now offer to the public under the name e
ATIMI'S SARSAPARILLA. although tt is romp° et
of mg's:clients, some of which exceed the beet n
SarrapanTri in •alterativo power. fly its aid yo;
may protect yourself from tho suffering- aid dame:
of these disonlers,. Purge ontthe verruintn -
that-roc and fester m the blood Forge out 'th
causes of divaiss, andVimieurs — health will - Wren
By ha peculiar virtues this remedy stimulawq tb
null functions. and thus expels the distetnirl
which lurk within the system or bunt out on an;
part of it
We know the pltbrie have been deceived hr mans
-aanspncivain _thitt--.11-11111 4 714_ marl
and did nothing; but they will .netther eevivee.
nor disappointed its this, its virtues have been ,
proven by abundant trial, and there remains ,no
question of its surpassing.excellence for the cure
of the afflicting...diseases it is intended to remit.
Although under the mama manse, it Is a very
fbrent< audit!' ne from any other which has been
before the people , tad is far, atom teffertual than
any other has ever been available to them.
The 'WOrld's Great Remedy fbr Coughs,
Colds, Incipient Consumption, and
- fbr the relief of Consumptive
patients in' advanced sta
ges of the disease.
This has been so long wed and so universally
known, that we need do no more than. assure the
public thnt its quality is kept np to the beat it ever
has 1... n. and that it may be'Tlied on to do all is
ills ever dons.
Prepared by , An. J. C. Avin & Co.,
• Practical and Analytical awaits,
Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all drvtricta everywhere ; and by
A. TURRELL, Montrose,
and by one trader in every town in the
County. may] 9 ew I
ring Surgeon !
TlVlRsubseriber hating been appointed by the Com
-11. Inissioner of Pensiona,a MEDICAL =AMMER at
Issue, to exam Ine and give cert.:dente. to all entitled to
pensions, will attend to all spoilt:dims' that may be
'minded :ohhn, at Mont:Die; Pa. Rooms at J. 8. Tar
Wit Rotel. R. PATRICK,
Montrose, April 6, 181M.—tf
LlAtrnew fay nestring
e :rarizl e f lTed. and" wnstan
, • !rt- ' .
J 9
J -
reePactire department* eitraie in which tibia
engaged, embracing everything, with few exceptions.—
He tenders his sincere thanks , to those who bare favor
ed their: patronage, and hopes to merit a con
tinuance ortheir tarots. The public are ly.lll
- to =UPI ids Store, sad examine qui es andpri
ea of his goods.
Non 'tease Nov. 5, 'BO.' •
DEArnmq IN •
Carden Seeds,
Wheat, Olover, Timothy & Flex Seed
Peas, Lard, candies;
.7tuuc, HMO, BUM ism
, pis ,ilinoked Halibut,
Syrips, M o bleeß an Su g ar° .
cash Paid ibr Shatter.
A cas,tiewm,l-.wit. L. *LEN.' . isAnimarri'
NONtrINNi APtftlea,
A wow awls. ; TintaLmit.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
1 111 antrgragilurrilnuti A -44 t
unowit.asgeheamaii‘! : .
:.• _ :,".; ) 31 P4OVEDAM VAP.
, •
• intMeOraPa azgurinkliszraßATloN •
%nab* COdientTllted" Compound
positteciand Specific itei iedyfor diseases of the
Bladder Kidneys Gravel, and Dropsical •.
' - Swellings. ;„
Thle Medicine bit:resin' 04 Over of digestion. and
excites the abhorbfttalete healthy Which the
watery or ealiarone 'depositlens. and all menet - oral en
largemeati ere rettdeed; tamell se pain sedinflamattoa,
ird to"1P o odtor mgo,alq .° art*ldTr?'
:trots terminuses:li • . • '•
Arising' froraiEieesses; habits of DiSsipa
tion,•Earli Indiscretion, 'or. buss,
Attended with tit'
Indisposition to Esertios • jot Power. •t. •
LOlllof Memory, Illeuity Of Etreathing,-
Weak Bervcs, ~Tratobling,
Horror ofDiscase; - . Wakefubiessi
Dimness of •. Paula the Back.
Universal laisitade of the'. Mashie* of the Body,
Muscular Spawn, • : Emotions on the Face.
Hot Hands, Pallid Countenance,
Dryness•of the Skin.' •
These symptoms, it allowed to go oh, which this mod
icine invariably removes, soon follow •
In one of Which ibe'patient may expire. Who can say
that they
. tro notifrcquaullY followed by those "direful
Insanity and Consumption:
Many .are awe* of
,the cause of their suffering, but
none will confess T h e records of the Wane asylarni
and the reebuicholly Aealbs by Constunptibi t i bear am.
plo witness to the truth of the assertion.
The Constitution, once affected with or.
.gante weakness,
Requires the aid cif medicine to, strengthen and lesiva , .
ate the sistem. which UEWBOLD'S EXTRACT IW
eRr invariably does. A trial ion convince the ' most
Female's, Females, Females,
Old or young, single, married, or contem.
- platip - g, marriage,'
many affections peculiar to Females the Extract Ba
che is unequalled by any other remedy, as in Chien:As
or Retention, Irregularity, Painfulness, or Suppression
of the Customary Evacuations, Ulcerated or richt - nous
state of the Uterus', Leuchorrhes or Whites, Sterility,
and for all complaints incident to the sex whether aria-
Ingham Indiscretion. Habits of Dissipation, or in the
ike no Balsam, Mercury, or Unpleasant medicine for
nnplcastun and dangerous diseases.
minsi szmarr DiszikEs
In all ;belt stages ;id. - Intl* pipeline ; littteorno done
In nb c no Inconvenience.
It antes frequent desire:and gives strength to Ur%
ate, thereby romoying oh:drat:lona. preventing and en
ring'Strieturea of the Urethra, allaying pain and Indent
motion, so frequent twain Class of diseases, and °veil
lug Poisonous, diseased, and worn•out smatter.
And who hare paid 1:18&V Ir PEES to be cored Ins short
time, have found tbey were deceived, andtbat the "Poi
son, has by . the use of" Powerful Astringents." been
dried up in the system, to break out in an 'wavelet
Lorin. and
For 01 affections and Diseases of
The trrintOir:Orgne, . •
Whether existing irilliAtit ORlPtlFElLlt,trout It utterer
come orieriatium and no quitter
Diseases of than Organs require tho aid of a Diuretic.
is Tug sßskr Ditnistie, '
And it la certain to have the desired effect to all
• cues, for which it la recommended.
BLOOD! 131.00 Du: BLOOD
• liehnboldli highly Concentrated Compound •
Fluid Extract Sarsaparilla.
Thla is an sffeMian of tbe Blood, and attacks the Elex
ml organs. Linings of the use, - Mtn.: Throat. Wind;
plpe,and otheriductui garfacci, making ita appearance
In the form of Ulbent. Ilelmbold's Extract '8
Is purilles the BINA' and removes all Scaly:lirn a lt i emm of
the Skin giving to the Complmieip a Clear and Healthy
Color. it belngprepared expressly fOr this Masa ofcont
plaints, Its Slooc-Purlfying Properties sra preserved, to
:Neter extent than any other preparation of Sarsaps,
Helmbald's Rase Wash.
An excellent Lefton for Dismal of a Syphilitic Nature,
and as an injection in Diseosesialtho Urinary Organs,
arising from luibits of -disipatinti, used in connection
with the Entracte &whit and Sarsaparilla, in such dis
eases as recomMended.l • •
Evidence of the most responsible antltellable etenuter
will accompany the medicine*.
From eight to twenty years standing,., with mites
known to scienceand ,
For Medical PropertieufßUCHEolei Durpensatinyof
the United States.
See professorDEWEES' valuable work ou the - Pm , '
ace (4P/trite., . ,
See remarks made by the late celebrated Br. PIiTI3IC
of Pldladelphil.—
deeremarite made by , Dr./MUM= MciX)WELL,a
celebrated Physician, and member of the Boyal College
of the Zing and queen's Journal. - ,
SeeMedico•Cfrurgleillieview,Rielled by Benjamin
Wavers, Bellew alike Royal Co eof Surgeons,
See most Of the late Standard wor on Medicine. ' :
Etvtacr Beam • $1 00matr. norms, on err rot $5.00
_• Sausaranna,a,l 00 -'" , .+" 5.00
Worm Rosa Wasik Mk • - " :11 s
'othalla dozen death for VII 00,' which 'will be inaM.
chest to cure tlut most olisymiteettscs. if 'directions ate
ggir Detcribe Symptoitis it(en communications. Cures
guaranteed... Advice gulfs. • -• ' 1
Personalliatipetti befcirontean Alderman•of ttierity
ot Philadelphia. H. T.fielmbold.: who; being doly sworn
dotheay; his preparations contain no narcotic, no me
eery, or other *Jura= iliz4;lNbut-arannreiv-veretable.:
7 .4 I • aguireoux„
- Bw4* siihaelbedttaforolnuit__thilldatibirorNO)
- - -
Aldertnanalinttbstreit, &bore Bud,
A4sirilLettere for !afore:talon in eonddenc4,...i
• Depit 301,8odia TentketsFo, Wow,. estiiiti
Rowan* ov co
: ern trannustrraintorazona,
,; ' •
I Whii endeairor to dispel*" of their iiwn "atid -1 .
Elides on - the reouratitor attained by , , „
Beimbeld'a amine Preparati(ine,, -,.
, Entrant Botha, .••• .
". 7 'Sarsaparilla' .
•-• si Im•proyedato s e woo&
' .11rigghita ,
;04 za*- - 4,A0 NO' , 071000 • •
atbnttliaadtertfieniebionfillend for it. Mut' avoid
lopoaition and enyosura. Fara 10tb, 3883-Iy.
. ~`"~d~,:~t.: _ !.:a,`.. :!'~:.^'."-ss:~ yi::~ra.l~_ATi=~:~^i=-iE'Ce-x-a:c`JßFa3t')k.'~:;
Hdw_o~ir for eile maottiisluteif andbestietialini
of -
4 - 7. • t
Ever offered in SitegeO4nna County, and probably com
prising there - attest Torte*: or moettilfferent'articlia'of
any:SW=ln the Noititerikpart.9 l Pftedieylvonisiatl4Per N
baps of the entire State. An . assortment is kept :in
*bent thirty different branches of trade, arit , the seleeo`
Goes are Amide fromcbout forty. Adthe best Mounts In
New ,Tork.ind more than fifty 'Dealer* and Tdanufac
turers out New, York; A Isigo , prop.ntian'of the;
Goods are brought direct from the ruouttfacturers. thus,
Introit* genuine articled. Culla:men:on 'entering the',
Store welt not expect tolind'everything , ? fa sight.r,butt
tigrmy everj article wanted will bq pro luced,by
Some Mei of the Stoekitiay be formed by the follotrive
general outline, butenumeratien turretkiebie, ' .
Drugs and Medicines.
_Paintsand Ils. Dye Stu ff s ,
Groceries. Li gears, .2;rockety; Glass Ware,„ Wall and,
Window Paper, Jewelry, Silver vrateir.erfattlry.:Xtifity.
Good!, Musical inetruments, Brushes. American Pocket
EniVes . ;-Tablei'Cutlery and Sflier.Plated Ware, Lacips,
Materials for Lighta,ffardware,.Bed Cords,S tone Worei
Dry.Goods,Mirrors,Whydovr,Ghtis. Lithographs. Var.
nliktet, Bird. Cages.) Spectacles, -Whips, ind-Lashes,'
-Brooms. Onns„Pittols, immtmitton , Tobacco,Xedi
cal end Snrgical Instruments: Salt, SOO, Math, Xiii•
brellas,Porcelain T,eeth.te abort , : ye: l Tb' vreerYthill.o o
wstore the sick. to, Ideate the taste, te delight the eye,
Et gratify the fancy; and-alto to-eondice tit the rat and
tebstantial comforts of life,
The attention of the public is respectfully invited to
my'stockof Goods. bought exclatively for Actsh down,
settled' be sold on the same princilleforlawAr.
Moilif o3 o•4 4 nliarY/$4 1 868. ,
. „
oaw szogra
And wil; be folly::
- from April price*
Sarnia Reduction will include the
which bn found /111, largo as mini!, 'and sold
,jO ll -4001 . .ICA:ERtia
ON TIME,' 'or for 2 PRODUCE
New Milford.
At blontiose, Pa. -
Wm. IS, ELATCE/, Proprietor.
HlsnewandcommodlousHoteliseitnateden rablic
Avenue, near the Court noose, and nearly in centre
of the business portion of Montrose. The Proprlctoris
coriedent that he is prepared toentertaln gams Ina way
that cannot fail torivaßliTillE SATISFACTION.
The Hotel and Furniture are new, and no eX'pensehas
been spared to-render It equal If not superior to any In
this part of the State. It Is well supplied with all recent
Improvements and comforts; and obliging , waiters Will
always be ready to respond to the call of customert..
The Stables connected with tills house are new, and
The Proprietor. mercifully. solicits the .patronage of
his old friends, travellers, and the publie generally.
Jan= tf Wit. S.-lIATCII,-.
DEL & Ent
T RAVES Great Bendat 7.40 a. in..after the arrival at
IA 6.80 a. m.„ of the Cinclnuati Express from the west,
connecting at Scranton, where it arrives at 10.10 a. tn. ,
with a train .on the Lackawanna and Bloomsburg Rail
road, for Pittston, Wyoming Valley, Kingston, and
Wilkesbarte, and by omnibus with the Delaware and
Hudson railroad. at Providence,. for Olyphant and Car
bondale. At Hope sikstion,' this train connects bj omni
bus with the Belvidere Delaware. Railroad for Phillips
burg, Trenton and Philadelphia. At . New Dam ton
Junction, where it entree at 2.25 p. in., the same train
connects with trains on the Central Road of Raw Jersey
for Elizabeth. Newark, New York, Easton, Bethlehem,
Allentdain, Rauch Chunk, Reading and Hairisbarg.—
Passengers by this train arrive in New Yorkist 5.50, in
Philadelphia at 8.00.' and in Harrisburg at 8.10.
The train leaving loot of Cortlatd street New York, at
8.00 a. m., and foot of Walnut street, Philadelphia. st 6 a.
in., connecting with the Passenger train of this road;
leaving New Ilainpton Junction at 11.20 a. in., and arriv
ing at &mutat, at 4.02. p. m.. where ft coribects with
train on the Lackawanna and ißoomabtug Railroad, 'and
with the omnibus running to the Delaware and Hadacon
This train arrives at Great Bend at 6.10 p. m., making
a ( lose connection with the mail train going West on
the Behr Railway.
kayos Scranton st;10;10a: M.,,connteting at Great Bend
with the Day Express train west.on tho Erie Railway.—
By this train Passenger's arrive at Ithaca Syracuse, Bur.
fel°. &e. the same day,— Returning, this train loaves
Great Bend at 2.20 p. m., on the arrival of the Now York
Express going Eastosnd Bufthio 'Express going Wrist,
and arrives at Scranton at,3.81:1p. m • . •
JOHN' iIINSDrA, Sep 4 t : '
' A. HENRY. (Mug Ticket - Agent. • •
Scranton, May 20, lUD. • .
;; . ,
I=LE!=XaliL4,4!L32'. •
nici• and O ft er April senor Trains will
N./ run asfollows : • •
*passenger. ACCO/111..
Leave • • Scranton; at 5.80a.m. 11.0011.131: 1
Kingston. at . ., 6.40 Arrive 12.30
" Rupert. at 8.156 • • •
" •, Danville. at 9.24 a. m.
Arrive atNorthtimberland, 0.55:
Leaver' '
Northumberland .4.20 p. m.
" , Danville, • 6.10.
" Rapert, "5.46 • • '
Kingston. : ' 8.03 „ 1.45 p.
Arrive' at Serant ' 9.10p.m. 3.80 p. m.,
A passenger train also serves 'lllng:ston ALM is m:for
Scranton tai connect with train for - New York. • .Ileturnt
ing. leaves Scranton on arrival of train from New York,
a. . • ' •
Pasiengere taking train South from Scranton' at 820
via. Northnerland, reach Barrisbnrgl2.Bop.m.
Baltimore 820 pork:. Washington 10 0. rm. Via Rupert
they reach . PhlUdelphia at 7.00 0.m..
T. G R O . B. RUNT. Sup - *t.
Blngitens; Aprll2B; 1262. , • • • ,
Territbrilbickistres 4 4ll4llolfOr the =Nu 2i
A . . ,
MOST valuable and wen:Wirth' publication. AriOrk
of 403p_ages;a033 colered engmvinge. „Dr...Usry
tees YR& mectutr;" an original and popular. treatise 'on
Man and Woman. their physiology. inactions, and seem
at disorders of event kind, with never,talling• remedies
Do their speedy- awe. 'The practice of Dr': Hunterbee
long been; and still is.",nnbotinded, but at tbetarterlit set
licitation of immeronsionsons. he has heenAnduted to
extend hi &Medical ruefulness threaten the' hietHwe 01
his " Vllde- It Is axolume Opt,. should! be in_
. tho bands of every family in the land. as'a - preVentive
secret viem.or sal guide fir the alleviation htotiewf
the most awful and destrectivo ectllnges, hat ever visit
ed mankind; 'One copy; seeurely,envoloped. willtio ter
welted Imo Otportsgetty . Part Attila United-Stasi
for 50senta in IF: O. stamps. or 3 copies for $l. Addeo!.
post paid. rinterilltr;street,MoW-Yrirk:
EIS: :. ..; , :.! - .: 3
IDr 1 141' ii:otnit _pig off=:
. - . .' ' ' inria: ' ati... 'to
iltutrDOES9lMBC.4l3"ll , " inuOrvipzu,
sale bp. ..: - ~.,, 0 ,, -,
''.ltouttote• Irk/ / 8 1 ima• - - .o. : --...t. , ,.
it s ';. ..‘, Itirelinilffttii. OAS
i° L 1 .'' ' 1 ' at ~' 14WMgAr'fit'
11 1) .P _...*:.'_ t4 PARFP ...1 In i t . .. . - -
~TSR~=ri~+i irk"~is~~~ 'i~~~,~~t~`( ~ '~~,
1 for pls by AHSL k
co •
;44:1'J-0 : 411,f
4- , .44447. , u0nft11M104)0.-,
AM,S:' ," ! •
. .
• `'.:pitaikiirei,"4l.i.'*:
, •
Dr: VL ,TAOIIIION • Thiladelpldtr,
otin .l
LIM ER. - 0011.1 6 444/.1141T
. .. . •
otimie or Mseisai 1 1 VM 10 711
. and all diseaseit'atidag
idoor !of Stomach. ,• , t
I tion,
i naraid Piles, • • ,
• Painaut i oeßlood to th e
ilead, aciditrof the afotriadt;
Zr6usimilluidlbtirn,; Disgust for road;
. rubies or weight in, e atomac,b, soar erne
tattoos, einkingor flutt th ering st the pit 6f the
Stomach, ewinuning of, the Bead, ,harried 114 dimttlt
Bieathlngalattcring at tbe licart, ehorMS of ag'
fotiatineeensations4hen In alyiegpoature,l •
Dimness Of Yiatpn, dots or web* nefiLim- 1
the aft htirctrer and dhlPPain'in tbs
_ . Itead, ddicienetof peapintion„ .
• Yellowneac pi -the akin and. 4 „, i., •
Eyet,"patn In . the Ode; • '
BeckeLltaatrllinhal -
t ,
• ' mini n g ln The, - •
Ccaistant ImninLogi
) al tdg re ? 4 4 e r tel l ti
p AU.
Ind positively prormtirelloarSelir, Forefead.
No Alcohol Or . Bad W4okey!
They wits. critithe Ono dlsdipekin Seems *US of 100
: 001113TEING BTEssfiTg3;YOU 1
TO FEEL WELT, ?' - •
TO SLEEPiIrELI t ?' l 'n.":f • '
Front Rev. X D
etoton Brown, D. ~ Editor
of tl!e,.Eneyoloi; edia of ReligiousNnowledse.
Although not disposed to favor or recommend Patent
Medicines in general, thro' distrust of theff ingredients
and effects ; I yet know of no stitrlcient repose Irby a
man may not testify to tho benefits he believes himself
to have.received from' any simple preparatiod 'in Ito
hope that he may thus contribute tothebenedt *tethers.
I do thlatitombte readily in reg.ard ownliand's Ger
man Bitters, prepriited by Dr. C. M. Ja of this city
because . I was prejudiced against. them for. navy years,
tinder the tranressiOtt that they were eldefly all alcoholic
mixture. I am indebted to my Mosul Robert Shoemaker,
Esq. for the removal of this pr e judice by pronbr testa,
and * for encourag,emot atryw Extern, when suffering from
great andlong,contilltind debniti..) The use - ofrbottiu
of these bitters, at the beginning of the present year,
was followed by evident relief, and resterstfou to s deg.
rce of bodily and Mental vtgor, which I Itad.not bitter
G =writhe bedbre. and had &Most despaired at repining.
I therefore ttuink God sada:ly friend for directing me to
the use of them. J.rinfT9li BROWN., JurniCkt, • •
And. the: rriendo of Soldiers.
We call the attend - Oki of aU having relations or
Month in the limy to the fact that: '...,IIOOIPLAND'S
German Bitters" will cure tine-tentboof tbe- Musses
induced by exposures and- Privations incident to camp
life. Lathe lists, published alMbot daily in the anis
papers, ou arrival of the sick. itkwill be noticed that a
very larpo portion areculferint /Ivey
ease of that kind can be readilycured by lioodamrs
German Bitters. Diseases reuniting froth dirorders of
thedigestivo organs are speedily removed. We have no
hesitation hksaying that'll theta Bitters Were freely used,
among our soldiers, hundreds - of Reel might bt sairW
that otherwise will be lost.
Wood' attention to the followlagtentirkabli and:well
aiithentieated cure or °neat the nation's helots.. w boss
life, to RIO his owVangea••• - '• has,beett saved 14ps
Pna.arter.ents. Angiist 121e11.:
Messrs. Jones ff. Etans:—Wei your Dot*
land's G erman Bitters has saved my life: Tune irr ite
mistake in this. It is Touched for fly-rumbas ofi my
comrades, some of whose names are sppended.and who
were cognizing of all the.eiretnastatices' of: my - setal;
am, and 'bate been, for the last four years, a monists of
Eiheruian's celebrated batten*, and dtder the innitedists
command of Captain R. B. Mres. Threingisthe eerpoimra
attendant upon my arduous Auties, I was attacked , is
Nor. last, with indammition.of , the Inapt and *Si for
72 days in the hospital. ...Tido was foll Owed bi
bill ty, heightenedan attack o ands nterysti wu
removed from theAfttite Rouse, tientto this cit t
y k es
board the Steamer "State of Maine,” where I landed as
the Zith OfJutte. ShiteMult time I have been about as
low as any one could bet.aritketlii retainfiinparkpf
ity. Fora week or more I wee scarcely able to swallow
anything,and if .Utirn tercel Monet downy it 'tract*
mediately thrown 13 P • " - 1 - " ''
I could not even kCeit a.gtasU of "water' WI initettunaes.
Life could waled - mart theseLeirentbstanees: 2C
eeratextri the PhYsleintill Who, badrbeenmerking
fnil}y~.. utorteh unsuccessfully, tdreisene lee from no:grasp
of the dread archer, franklytold inObe*, eou/d:
moreibr meowed Advised me to see ael and to
make o'nch disposition ofmy Unified fan slut Mt Milted
me.' 'Ablacquaintance who visitedes. at•MIIS .ItOcital.
Mr. Frederick Steinberp, of 6tisbeloirl'.och street, advt.
sed me, as a forlorn atmeito toy yralrilithireinhfl kind.
II Procured abottle. /from the timeLeeranteneed tett=
them thetidomy shaderoldeath reeeded';end 1101 1,
thank God for it, gettft better. Tholigist tive.takett
but two tattles, ;hare gained ten pounds, and tool sae
guinoofbeing permittW Vein and daughter,
from whom nave heard no aster 12 months t forAgs•
Gernert, lam a loyal Virgil 14 from vieiritty eflirrent
Royal To your inealnablo Bitters LeserfrAlteacertautY
of life which bee taken.the plate angels fears—to your
Bitters will I owe the Venetia privilege*, triihrelsep•
lug to my bosom ittose,who Ate.dearest to in_
Very truly yours,. ISAAC
We Billy cencuein ttieiboye *o' bid
despaired of seeing our gam:tidal/IL !Iftslottectiiitlitett
John4Cttiide . bait; I st I.r:'l".' - hathey:
Geo. .Aelley,'CoM, - 11 th Maine.
Lewis Cherldieri;92llMWri&V-7 7 `', 7 :
Spencer let air Whir ./iquery , .F.
' , ,F , VAPastiute4l7o.4)4lB4.,-7trysolitp!
filmy 11: - • Aromeic r
XehtyTardialdfASCOVa i kkar". •
" :rr John,?. jfaiit Cal .g . Sikkairiee - ;
/rehab» l'ods; /Co. 1/7.12d N,
4.1140*t0,-L - ginabc#l , -A 01
::, 01 yotio sn tt :
us - u
, .
aelVtin l7 fbe bigie eis bm ef," 4 , Cas. ae0z50117,10._ 0 ;
Oa W X 9 6 ,, c t o ttlPi 1 .. t I - A
7t ?*,* llol q s 64oPr**P e flit
.isouldoiiix‘iimsert i i tr Atto; ar
net be pa t'63 or -1 e
ib*VPSillelgrered a iletbio , OW ' Alseik44l , o
t.1':—....F , if.= 9-,.,=;-::L.,74 . 2 t ... , •i,../.l') ..t 1 5 ,1_1, 1 / 4 1.
Princitiid 00106 Olitlithi" idttoloiti
fiTo; - -63 - 1 Alicoris7r. s „
eh r
• ...,,77,7,,,.,•,.. 4,,,,V=4,11 4! WoZI t..k,:1.1 I.:1
f i rt i Vl l 4l‘"d
trl i 11A .4.C,6 I ,U .e-A, w.... ,..mva....,. z.4 _ . ..„%f11AT
Tailrb, reels by
tbe Milted fitlteta ll ""i l l .. / P r 7 T 7 ' r e 7r." llll
eat In AZIL rvpas,zz, a* amis.