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• -AU the negro is
Worth a thontand dollais. In the North Congress an Abolition Congress tins raved free ;
w.hio man' it_.,threel -r hundred..
The- -Venn . iy.lrania Abolition State
COnventien V4ll`tiSsnible at Pittsburgh on i
the*: ist - 4.tuly,ins Lead.
,of the 15th,-iu ptte l
---- , --X6en2you hear a young Leagneite
honsting.tliaVhd -- is'..anr.l - I:llpiiii :making
peaty with the.rebles on any terms,-set-it
'doWn• that. he is'also - oppOsx.4-tos.lioulder ,
lug a musket on •any-terms-,aW that either
lte Qr his daddy IniS 8300 to paythe (-loc
trnment in lieu , of his services:.
—The following is. ..the clause the
'W 'Of Stephen Girard,f - 4cluding
ters of the laospel froin •Girar'd College
ground ".1 enjoin ; -and. require
. that no ecclesiastic, 'mission:try,. - or minis
ter' Ol'an'y 'sect, Whalsoi.N:ei.; :Alan ever
-e - xereisesny statism or duty tvltp.t said College . ; nor shall any such
person ever be.admitted for any purpose,
•or Its, a 0r; V1 1 - 11
. 4111 the premises ap
protiriateti rto' the ptrepo.4eS of the said Col.:
:--A heeling dispatch slates that of .
316nday-30th, nit
. .si!ven hundred rebels
under Gen.-Jenkins, c tptttre<l -Point Plc
sant..- `"a.. Subsequently „the town. was
- retaken. Oar loss, one and one
wounded. •
—A Cincinuatkelegram is responsible
for the report that.the yebet,s; are retreat
ing from Kentucky rapidly. Pegram,
:last accounts, was south of Stanford, hotly
pursued, and is said -to have abandoned
;his cattle train. Polk's 'coriis is reported
o have -advanced "withinnineteen miles
of MUrfreesboro', ,Seonts atlirfn that the
r'ebels :must light or fail back account
-of scanty subsistnA,.
—No mentimi is made of any. attack
having been niade , on either Charleston or
Savannah, though. active 4perations were
o.olna . On , in the ~gi iadron. •
--Sayannalt is su Tering for provisions.
Even salt is twenty &lays a Sack.
—The negro tro'ops'. 7 ha l driven the
rebel forces-some eight or ten -miles. out
.of...Tacksonvilles%FlOrida-. Ai-co - Ming to
the-Savannah llepublican an -engagement,
had ocenrrol bet ween the eonfolerv.te
light batteries and the, Union gimboats,
resulting without. harm to- time former.
The.negro raid seems not feared, but rath
er courted. -
-In compliance with the reo i ni. , st 'of
tlie Senate the President has di,Fsignated.
Thursday, April, an, as Of national
humiliation, lasting, and! prayer.. '•
Cairo dispatch givesTarticulars of.
the attempt to runs IlLs batteries
tuatle April 'lst. The 4anis Laneaster and
Switzerland underwent a severe tire. The
.Lancaster Was soon sunk, turning a oon-i
-ple!e. smninerset as • she wcnt. The
iiisabk , d,.and in a. sink
ire, condition, Was towed off by the;
Albalross - . The crew of the Lancaster
escaped, except two. The loss on- board
Alm Switzerland was not
,ascerAin e d.
"he Hartford and Albatross on tiiLlr wav
li eneountmed'::a . liattery at. Grand Gulf!
store fortnidaiAc than those at Port Hud
.. Both vessels were injured. •. Three?.
en w,ere . killed on the ,llartford: Gen.
!eritrui's,Stinilower river . expedition is
-ported .returned to Young's
: Some guerrillas eaptured a train .
A•ween_lk.Lmphi: and Grand Junction on
giturday. - A federal force started in
wsnif. -
—The Harrisbur7 .Patriot and Union
ys Governor Curtin has' ' , one on an
, ctioneerimx tour to .-the Army. of the
t.omac. It is estimated that the Gov-
Aor has made no less than three - thous
_speeches sincelhe war began.- It is
)ected h will be the Abolition eandi . -
.e for. re c election. If Ills ExCellene!i.
Md:tau:l7,c to extend the term• of serv
! of the nine mmitine men until the first
next Nkenkr it ‘rould'aterially
prove his - chance,of success.
—'lt seems to 'be Nery well. ,understood,
iteS'i'Washititt.ton correspondent, that
soon as the
_provost marshals are select-
Landan enrollment sectired,'t hat a draft
'ill be fn:st ordered in th o se 'States that
not filled. their quotas under the„old
otmetit,7,:fbr nicaa e s oough to. fill .up de
'4,4,',hig will Ott at. - least fbrt v_
rousand•men in tile field, with prospects
'a call ere Tune of two or three hundred
lusand additional.
-rDemocratic:yictories sewn to kno,clt .
"n the price of gold.. But they also
vase. the. demand foi- copper There
so many 'new
.heads to ,be. coppered
the metal is going tip. The Dein
atie ship hi (.Idit..ion to . heing " copper-
Ided'," seems to be - copper-bound, cop- - ]
- ,tened, full riv,ed and full sail to.
port, of victory ! • NOte the recent
!tory in New Hampshire, and the tri
lhs at Inunicipal elections elsewhere I
lughout this and other States during'
past :month. -
Jae of the most significant Figtis of
error thathas seized . upon
inistrtion, is seen in its employme nt
the principal clin‘inallawyers..of ti
try-to defend it before the bar of pub-
John Vair Buren,
Brady, And,SPencet and Butler
is , ,,Torkiire for the de'rendants.
''44, -
. _ .. . .
The -SecontLiehd -Brown Rail -::-- • •
~ . ,-.- A., - A., - -- •
The -- PortsniOntliNe 4 ii'••• Hampshire, :
St;ites4inCifilitin: li 4 .S*t . :. Tr: :::. .: . . ~-
“ Weliaye ;often - ` - times' Wondered. at I
the unanitifily with tlibielt th Oemocracy i
have supported' the present tsar, • not that
We ever had the shah* of doubt ns to"'
the! aswerving . patriotism. of the Dern-
eratie'party, ' for that is proverbial - the,
World oVer„ but-because every Democrat
knew, or 4)tiglit t,.6 bare knowit, ', that it
was mi tubtic-JottpatriotistiOrrove of the
Constitution and the , comitry i • 'which .Aac
tuated the readers of the party dominants
In the i istigation, inpeptioul'and Inimage- -
thent. of the witic, :11 is true, they started
with high•sounding.wlnds - Of -fidelity to
the Union and to the..baths they had tit- .
lien to' maintain it : ::' But their acts - haVe
since sbown that; the basest of decepiion i
and treason-- wgre the:all-inspiring ,po.wer
whia moVed 'them in spite of their land
1 ,
prot-estaqons:of -patriotism. Their 'false
hoods beat- Munehausen - ' hinfself, and are
.vastly more numerous. than the smells
whicltColcridgefmud in the - city,of Cot.
og Th e , and o r a. worse eh a r a et er; . . .--.
" Eighty-seven diffirent stinks.
1 . All Area delintzel ; hid ,
. 4 \\ r , ilittil not - been - deceived. We '
never liii.4 any faith in the sadden •ebnlli
tions of . patriotism . bill-sting forth .froin
die lips of those whose . Whole lives are .a
cotmuous - record of perfidy to the. corm--;
try - and - violations' of constitutional -obli
‘gations. WOO iio confidence in the
,of tle hien. who in in*, in fun oils
ly refused tnv'ert impending ruin by
: rejecting'i p !oi, ooSition in - the_ win ter of,
1660-='til, which would have savecL us
I from -al the present - ealatuities: •
,• •
‘1 We knew - their record. • We have
heard their teachings. We have seen the
•ptiocess- by ki'hich' a generatibn the
North have been educated -•to- s hate - the
contemporaneous-generation or the South.
We have read the history - of Abolition
thro4t the :bloody scenes of 1;90- 2 95,
in the butelfery of innoci;nt women and
children, atiO . the.c.onversion of beautiful
,region!"; intoLhatTen wastes, the abodes of
indolenee, eune - and debanchnry.'
.. "- We 'have watched and. trea
l-sonable trail of the insidiousmo i nizter for
-t‘V'enty five years in America; *We have
seen Ahe thamrsed reptile intruding his
t•litny prt - :sence into every'l;e hannel not
barred with Gail's eternal - truths
his impious presence. - \lre hav e loer
known him to be a miserable., fal s e and
perjured iniseregaitt, iinfit for --tlie abodes
f l of common ci v ilization, much less the re
; fined habilations . tifoulightenell Atm-Au:in
socikv. ,
. .
"..\i'ell might Ave. wraider at: : the popu
lar imanimityfii support. of a fis• instiga
ted by such a . ,vill:all9d.s euctily to . : our
government - and our race. • That thereat
mass of the peoplc..have.b6ll, actuated:by
purely fiatriotic, 'motives, is an 'undoubted
Met. ' That they have been baselydeceiv
ed and betrayed is vgnallytrue. •,-,-, .;'•
"But. there is. a tremendous Waking. up
all °vet: the lan.i to a realization of • the,
awful situathm of our:itran•S. '
" The...war-is ,now avoxvedly' ' a John
Brown .!raid on a _mantic seale,'. :as we
said the Abolitionists intended -it should
he v.t.the. start.
.All tly, facts now prose
it.. The, originally declared purpose is
repudiated, and the lenders . are openly
and nuresen'edly pledged to .separation
and - final disunion. Greeley, the head.
and front cif the administration party, is
for the best attainable peace' filler, three
months more of ' friiitless 'eff srts'"qO sub
due the South: No - Denuxsat can sup- -
port such a Wflej acknowledged, all round,
to be nothing, but a ni!gro crusade, to end
in dTgifision - an.J. asiarehy, or a• Northern
AbOlilion despotism.' l ;. „
. •
- • . Prayers for thc4lergy, _
' A lady sends us the fullowing`: ; The
faint. whisper of, pence, wllich- a few
months Since _scarcely. breathed aloud, arc
'now boldly proolalimed in the halls of leg
islation,' and re-echoed in many parts .of
the land. Although but the'feeble (dim-
Meting, of lig.lit'ainid, the :thick cIarkTICSS 1
that 4nshrouded us, (Tod grant it may be j
the- dawn aft new era in the pelitieal . ;'as-
pect or onr , country. But Whence, we:
ask, do these sentiments so in; accordance
with' the precepts of the _Bible and t,he l
teachings of: Christianity , ernanate?. Cant
we "Mint to this or that minister- of the i
gospel as the first to - welcome the- ; clad '',
sound, and prOclaiin it . .tar and Wide ?L.—,
Alas, no! we mast look to the Men of the -;
woridas the )liromulgators of- this beart: i
th r illi ng word; not to those who still pro. , I snored desk acid bring reproach
upon the blessed•Mastier they; pr9fess
,to 1
serv.e.' It is a melancholy faCt -that the j
Chtirch has loWered its high .;standard by 1
allowing these iniwortlly s.ervants to znin c I
ister at her
,nitars,- and that instead . p
keeping hersaffrom the. work];. her in -
pits have been taken-to delude the minds
hthepeople, and . to. infttse into their
arts a spirit of war and bloodshed-11e
respect once feltior the sacred profession
is gone, and the bad effects . of this depar
ture front the Gospel standard ofpreach
ing is 'being sensibly felt. If the house of
God is no longer thror4ed with eager and
willing listeners; if the_prayer meeting is
neglected, the holy Sabbath:day desecra
ted, they !mist turn to,
.themgelvca as she
afuthors of all' these sa changes.' 'Had
they ie'rved their God as.' faithfully : . 4s
'therbave served the. lmieko leidiws of
Withopt:,ditriiiiigl4, g'.an3lthinv . fronviii ,
, devotion, to -the eitimii sandhOspitiakite:Or-,
- er home, it leoks-•after those -whom no
'other body of can look - after; , -
the,../Votiongcl, the front, eAsii'lc
fulls sickor,ieounded.. .-.: -'. .':•]:. ,', --•,::':-- '',
Next to, the Government, attain - Oicto f!
the gotzcrnment,". comes the. SOn.Com:--:-
We 'ask•that theliest syStem , shall he fi' - er- -
_ il a in i l . l i o o lt t m l e!l e o - d s 7ip i P y ir t i d i l l e ' r t t e i l4 ia a li t t •ea t u to ( p i n l e i l es o l y n a l e l :W ° .
h i-t o l t d ra he b i s, j, :
shall send. their gifts - to - thoiii• who- haVe'
the best and only facilities- for reaching
- :and relations
the greatest sufferers to those who lia ,, e
Gurcrument.! trfin.4p ur t a ti u ;; i
. 4. •1 :with' the'lliedical dep . ointment, and tin tin,.
• . ----.----.4110- alb A. ,
.1.:. t , aertit an di n,, , „ ( i * . , With ' tii . Generls , of the
Letters frem Our Soldiers. .
Every one has noticed - the change , of 1- ,,, fd: - Whateyer you inns- hithertO been
sentiments among;:soidierkili•tlie . anny on don•.!, frinn this'tinie _Consider : how Von
the abolition question. Itis alike all over.. Ainii_ 4 * , N.reach the suffering, soldier, where
the CountrV. The .1-lonesdale, Herald has he is IVlOSN.,xp,;),ied,. slid aim Most tbro-otten:.
a long and' interesting - letter froth an' ofii- 01 :-ganize r a,P`! , iile• in--yoilr - - at ure C i, . your.
cer•who fbrinerly sent his letters to the •• vningUi ;:i,'Our _
= , I;
br.a* 'in as • many.
- abialtion organ, front whichwe dip :the 1e ii Wonen as'Yoxx,,.,in. Youanust enlist
f o ob w i ng : • :. ...
..._ _. •,
.! in the work for the- . 11i.,,..
.•It: is the •\M
ina:vs part in the patri.ov.,, strw ,A e -, T e.
When' we left. our homes_ our firesides-I
are iii.;_i„As - lolig as the ipti,, f - 4 -- lt, t h e
to -, th e
and oiir friends, we r .supriose ' d : Yer . wP:e
women lutist knit and sew,4 ",,,.._'‘'. friends
offering our servicesto help support one
of the best G-oYernmetiti.Alte :world has - a-f- home furnish, means
sorrows: and wants of the eitinp arid„,. _
ever.known. - We:Supposed. we.' were to.l
pitals. Make up weekly,o small '(or largi.iji,
assist in res . toring the Constitut4=nl as oar I
forefathers had framed it, and We Were ! o__ h
e or box„,and forward .
it to,- Philo'.
then willing to tight until the last drop of I whence it will- speedily find_ its way to
blood Was shed in- its . defence. Bul, O t . - NI ashingtonor:to Louisville, and be ills
- ,-
change haS conic over
. 66 spirit of our-I ; tributed m•the shortest posSible time, to
drearOsi I believe the conduct. of : thi s
. Ifliuse. who need it most. •Each' box should
war i4 -- - f running into -a Ol be inal-ked on the outside with the nameitical channel,thel ,..
current of i Nvinchl:44lriftingft4?WardSElllall- I'.of the: Socaety, ,.. town ,ain t State, from
cip:ition; and if hitch is the object and end IV. it is,sent. BoxeS , stiould, lie: di
: Women's ?cop, Branch U. S.:San. -C:
i -
of the war - our military - iiidors must de:- I ieded : , • •
(ilial. lhave no doubt,. in - my own mind, I -
but that Gen. ' Mel:Mellon . was .rp,moyed 1 1307 Chestnut Street; Phila. -f _ -
from political, considerations and nothing • . .- Appeal. -
el: . ;e. - . ~ - And new Ladies of Susq'a .Co., as W.e
. would. not be a whit behind -in loyalty,'
I care net what the prii - sti or others may
say of Gen McClellan.
have. conversed- neither . /a us be se in - action I.' The Sol
with ad soldiersow hove been uliqk'r Bier's Aid _Society of .Montrose would
•his . conunand, and speak the honest m:116- I , 2: - L I ,p. N • k i j o , s w h at i s b e i ng th sve b y..the i r
inents' oftheir hearts; and every , one :Of I sisters in Brooklyn,.. Ilarford, Gibson,'
thern'say that they would fight underhini I Glenwood,, Susquehanna,'Greatßend,
as lOng'as they had a- drop ,of blood in Ft.aimiu, 'New - Miltbrd, Friendsville„
their'xemond when S'obliers, love their Brackney, Dimock,.Springville,• Dundatr,„
eommander so much,, lie must be the right
mid othercentres .of business throtighout
man to command the :10i - 12. - . I ! care not I the county,' in the , way 'of organization
what is said to the-contrary, his geireous !for sVsteinatic- and energetic effort to mit;
and social qualities, 1) 9 ( 4 .on the- battle i fo - at e.t he sufferings' of the sick and wound
field and it the; camp ; einhar him' •to •his i
ed of the National-army.. .. ,
- soldiers!: His success at , -! - Niitietutil, gain- I Since the freight (not express charges)
inz . l.lT:t. hardest fooght,battle tin the:cirter, .
1 on all boxes of HoiipitarStores will be set ? !
lean continent, shows his, competency to I tied for by thePhiladelphioArk . enc 'f tl
. .., y o the
- I ' •
' - Sanitary.Cominittee, there need be no de-
Probably by . the time this letter reach - lav in forwarding by railroad or'othersVise,
es yon the Conscriptiom Lill will 1
---- . ]rave ajeordinv: to the directions given above.
passed 'and bei:otne.the law of the, laud, I het us sii mantes each" other by corres
and if the, objeet ofthis,Waris to freeithe ! - t
pondetutedir.iasonneh as, possible at umi
.negro, 1 )rope every negro-(elver inWayne !i.,, of ',.
method -as Well 'as of purpose. '. So- - ,
count}• wili be. drafted yid have to shoal -1 , - cieties Or individitals will please addre - ss:
der his-musket and tight for the dearestl Emily C. BfactMan, Corl' , Sec - ,Soldiers'.
object of their affections ; but if the •.. - ob- • _
Aid SOciety, (lull .use:
1 'v
' , 1
. , ,
ject of die. war -is to sustain, the ConSti- . •
' - itaiks. - ,- .
-union anff laws, andshow. that we are .
A t meeting o the Sordid-% kid SOci
capable of se t f. ! ,, c , ,reirlinvent, r hnpe 'every -- , a „,, . , • . . -
vote to - the fill-
man of I , \''''syne eminty will offer his held!PtYi . mm'oll 26th, - a- ,
s'ervices for: its defence. 'Let- us ~oppose 110 wing. effect, was unanhuonsly,pOssed :
for histanceolie - nearo was free :old could . I W, hereas, .the Pr-inters of the COnnly
roam where he. pleased, would those gem-! n.i
pus always 'cheerfully and gratuitomily
- crow: abolitionists-of your country give'] accord space in their columns•fbr the' fre
him employment and take hint into their I fin",
~, - .„
't notices of the Society : Resolved,
ftimilies _on social equality ? Not : abit . of! that we teliderthem our ihanks,publiely,
it, they would driye,hint from their • 1 „. e5 ...-assuring, them of-our. hearty appreciation
ence. :1 tell you it, is lip - service; it -does.' c't tb.eir sympathy in our work. _
• not come fi•oni - thellealt.: ' - I
!,' By order of the Society
,- . • Yours'Nk.,e. i Montrose, March, 23, '6. "
~ i
. _
Lt. IL S. TALmADGE; .-
. - Co:, K. 1370 Reg?t, Pa:. Vor•s.
partyoKe ‘ sbottld ilot now bekald. a
-Aithoith ittiry
4tuleth9:TehuiehCh r i s t
seems -ii Tee Ingidte
yiseland:' jn'scr it tthle • ---
permitted - tke.. 'evil.. de- •
r o e f a i so le n : „a ui
I ,r ‘ l ,. 44 4olone~hus to' triumph
tl.3r 'tiro ‘v-e-mtt . ges . tly ask the..prayer s .
of all the Christian Veit and
. 11 . 0 „ 1 - en 01•
Otrr-latid leer -the ministers,- - (espeeiah.. -,
• those styled Conpe'gationali§ts,) that
they may. be .brought to see: the eerei; of'
their Way mid repent been
4et:dpart ter colleges,.and we •i !s p ect f u lk y
snages) that one inaybe set apwe. for the
cleettv also. . .
. -
- Another sgys
All of the oltl Arthv of the • Potomac
would wishlo have ',‘leClellan knack
yet I •suppose Mae. 'don't hill men fast suit the li'lltek party north:
think the people of the North -will get
enough of the war yet before it ends. I
know I have, -and-I wish it May end. soon;
vet I don't ivant to
g ive•n up-to .old Jeff.
Davis. I know old ..Ahe is not exactly
right,hut . we will settle it . with :him in
64. . 1 , - -. • " •
- .
Nizt;;not , :s IN THK . REv;ILUTION,—ExtriIet
frotu4he Journal of the." Committee of ?
Safetyt' of Massachusetts • Bay, in the i
'Revolutidn : • •
• Re's*ed, That the adMission 'of any
persons, as soldiers into the, army no - it'
iraising, but only such 'as are - freemen, will
be inconsistent with the principles Mit sup:ported, and alleet dishonor
on this colony ; and,that - no slaves be -ad
mitte-d into this army upoh any considera
tion.whdtever. •
--- Of this committee JcrnN TIA - NcociF Was
Chairman.- . :
Tactractlion a Circular,
Signed by Henry WT Bellows, President
.• of U. S t an. Cotii,,baving-referenc_it to
the Worrieil's Penn. I3ralleh. •
i k One half of all our sick and wOunded
men are within the military, lines at' corn 7
parativeiy inacOssible . pointS, and- exclu
sivelyunder a'strict military- Mid gov They are not ttt or. near'
Washington. They are scattezed along
the Cumber and and TenneSSe rivers, in
North Carolina *and„ - - near TOrt
down at New Orleatig,Baton Rouge; and
above Vicksburg: Here is Ilia
livid' of :the Sanitary -CoMmission. Its
agents are with eery cOlttinn;- its watch
,and • care the greater as thq' sot
dierS:go .t'arthot:. l frOiu friendit'aud'Utue.).
The. Ladies of the Soldiers'
Aid . Society, acknowlethre, with thanks,
the timely „gift, of 2 . 0 yards of unhiCaelied
Sheeting front Aziir Lathrop.
1,3 y order of the Society.
April 863. '
Notice.—Tlie,Mite Society -*ill meet
Tuesday evening, April:7th,'at the hoyS'e
0t. 1 31.r5. p. 4.Ltithrop. April 14th. at the
house of 131 r. S. A. Woodrufr.'aud on -the
eventriz of tue. 21st at the Rev. A. O.
Was-ren's.. . K. E. SE4IZ,LIS, See'b
To the School Direefors of Susquehanna
County : • ,
pursuance of the 43c)
;,Section of the Act of 'Bth May,1,854, you
are-hereby notified to.ineetin cotivention,
at_tbeCourt House, in Montrose, .on, the
I first s _MOndayin Ma?, A. D. 1863; being
the 4th day of themonth, at 1 o'clock in
tie afternoon, and select,- viva voce, by a.
majority . q the whole number pf Diree:
i tors preent, oiie pers'on of literary and
setentifie acquirements', and • of- skill and
fikTerienec in the art, of, teaching;
I . COunty_Superintendent,for the three sue
ding years.; find determine the amountof
i.cOmpensation for'the same ; and certifiy
the -result to the State,' SuperintendeUt,
I ra Harrisburg, _as required - by: the. 39th
I and 40th Section -of said fact. . • .
_ A. Supt:
• MOntrose, April 6th„. 1863. ' -
MA.r'2l, 1775
The Susquehanna Co. A'grieultural So,
`eiety will meet at; the ...Conn . ...House, in .
Montrose, - or! Monday 'evening-:April
13th, being the 2d week oT Court.
' C. 14:13iiow&-,
The Cunt enalone and Expo rlesi ee off an la.
valid.—Published for the benefit and at , a warning sada
caution to young men wh - o suffer.from Nervous
premature Depay, ctc.;. pplying at the tame the mean's
of Self• Cure. .-By one Who hay cured himself, after bein,
tiut - great' expense thrgni,Tli medic:a imposition and
nackery. By enclosinga post paid, - addraltired envelope
ein , tle milks may be - had of the author. NATHANLEL
'SIA'YFATH, Eau., Becifordarince -1tnb19137.:
Ie tl.e best acid chetmeal and mosebtantitalofaliSewmg
`This mitehinetvill ' .. anyttting-',.' -from the
running of: tuck in Tarlatan to the making of an Over
coat—anything from Pilot or Beaver Clo,th dbytt - trillie
softest Gauze or °crammer T.issue.and is eve; ready to do
its work to perfection-It can fall.hent.hlio,,outherstuck,
qu t,atid has a capacity for 4 grikt.VAI.IRLY-9r,Orn3Menta/
work.. !..tlis is not 11w only rnachjue that rub fell,
bind. and so-forth, But iv-will 'do so better' time any.othar
machine. The - Letter Farailyßowing Machine may
be had:ilia gre,it vaniety of cabinet cases. The Folding:
Case:whteli is - now becoming scrpbpniar, - Is as it 4 name
impiice, roc that earebelolded into a box ot'case. Which
wh ooo pened,makesa.beardifaliaubatantial.aud spacious,
table.for the work tb rest upon.".llo - -east.s are of every .
Imaginable dcsign.—plain as the wood grew in Its native
forest, or as elaborately finished as art can make:them, ...
The branch offices a'e oil well supplied with - Silk, twist,-
thread. needles; oil. etc., of the'vei7 best quality.
Send for, n Copy . 4.f. "SINGER R C0..4 GAZETTE:" • • •
' SINGER '& 453 Broadway, N. Y. -
r - P7 — Philadelphia °dice; fittiChastnut arreqt:
Fdid.D,IS"..A.THOUS - .k. FOSTElrAwents In Xontrdse,
Preserve tour beauty, g.yrnnietryQf otir"ltealth;"
and dental pawerF, bylw.itig- 'that Safe, .Plehsant. Pop.
War find Stiecific Remedy known as lielmbold's F.xlraat
Ruch - a: Tiead the Advertisement in another eolottin.awl
profit by it—dise,iiies and symptoins entunerannl. Cut it
otit„-and preserve it. _ You may not now regaine it, but
mar at so ma, future day. t` It glvesitealth and' vigor to.
the frame;. and 'bloom to the ; eheek;". -It gttiies
long sufferiMt and a's - post:me. 'lle ware oteounterfeit s
Cures guarnteed. ' - :March
•. -
Duel Strt:—\47ith
,yoUr permission I.wish to say- to
the readers:of vonr paper that I will send return mail
to allwho wish it,- (free.) a Recipe, with fult.directions
for malting and using -a simple Vegetable Maim, that will
effectually remove, iu,lo day, Pimples, Blotches, -Tau.
Fieckles, - and ..:1111 IMparties of Skin, leaving the
clear, smooth hnd heahtiful.
enatlair° mail tree to those:having "Bald-Heads' or
r,;ks.. simple directions and information that will
to start a full growth of Lnxorlent Hair,
p fk a tl on , i.; r l,kMousl ache, in.less than :30 days. All ap
tired by rtours
artotail wilhout charge.
Tn ' Y
P. CHAPMAN,. Chemist.
831 Broadway, New:York..
. • DEN, OR'ERlJia.`"'"'"—Al2 0,
Snitahle for Grapes, Peitehea, '
• -r- "Nutt py; ; •
Strawberries, Blackberries, et: manta, '' • P"err-ce,
10 or 20 acres each, at the .folloWing l 234, 5,
ent, viz: za. acres for s'4o, 10 acrea for $llO, r:" e Pres
, fur
2X acres for $4Ol, 1 sere fur sea.ray col by for
Z ‘'"••"
dollar a week. • '• -1•• r„.
Aleo, o:cid-Cranberry lands; and village lotain bkpt.
wood, '25 by 100 feet, at $l.O each, payable by Oue dollafit
week \ The above laird and,farnrs, are situated at Chet
wood $ WashiP,gton township, pirlington county, New .
Jersey. For further infOrmatton. - With a P.'o
nt l ainp, fora circular, to 1.1. F_RANNLIN.
, Feb. Tsui 90 Cedar Street, New-York.
The alvertiser having been rertored to health in a few
news, by a very simple remedy. after having r diered
§everal y - eat g with a Eevveturi); affection. and that dread
disease, eontnniption—is anxious to make known to his
fell ow-sti tferers t he means 44. cu re.
. To all whb desire it, he will send a copy of the prescrip
tion used (free of charge,) wli,ll the th'rections,for prepay-
ing "and.ll..!ing the same, MIMI-they Will find t *tire Cunt'
object erf theadvertlser in sending the Prescription is to
benefit the rtfliieted,•and spread infOrmation whfch he
epliceives, to be invaluable, and he hopes every r-ufferWill
try his remedy. 23 it Wi ll 'coat' themn 'thing. and may
prove a blel.siilf,r. Itev. EDWARD A WIKSON', .
-An. ti--.3in ' Williamsburg, King county. N'. Y.
. .
Now Offers for sale one of the..largest and hest Selections
Of •
Ever offered in Susqueltanda Connty; and probably com
prisiwg the greatest variety orriamst different articles of
any Store In the Northern part of Pennsylvania. and per
haps of the entire State. An 'assortment is kept in
abOut thirty different` branches of trade. - and the selec
tions are made from about forty of the best houses in
`New York, and more titan fifty Dealers and Manufac
turers out of New York . . A large prop.irtion of the
.Goods are brought direct from the - manufacturers, thus
insuring genuine articles. Customers on entering the
Store must NOt expect to find everything. in sight, but
nearly ever: article wanted will lie pro [need by inquiry.
Sputc idea - of the Stud:may-he formed by the-following
general outline. but cilium:ration is impracticable. •
Drugs and Medicines, Paints rind Oib4; Dye Stuffs,
Groceries. , ,Liquors: crockery. Glas2, Ware, Wall and
Window Paper. Jewelry, Silver Ware. Perfumery, Eancy
Goods, Musical Instruments. Brushes. American Pocket
Knives. Table Cutlery and Silver: Plated Ware, Lamps,
Materials for Lights.'llardware. Bed Cords. Stone Wsre,
Dry Goods. Mirrors, Window Gass, Lithographs, Var
nishes: Bad. Cages, Spectacles: Whips.' and Lashes,
Brooms. Guns. Pistols. AMMUllit 'tobacco. M.
cal and Surgical Instruments, Sali.pSorip, POtash. Um
bruit:ls. Poreclain'Teeth, in shorCrearly everything. to
restore the sick, to 'tilease the Listg. o delight the eye.
to gratify the fancy, and also to conduce to the real and
substantial comforts of life.
The attention attic public isresPectfully -invited to
'my stock of Gnotis;bought exclnsivOlyfor cash down,
and will be sold on the same prinelpir tor low nriees.
Montrose•, Jannarylst,l£43.
Ar, • C: TYLER has specified intereSte with ns,
the•-sanie ni4 with -our predeceet , ort , .. MOONEY,
C011 . 1 7 .:14t Co.. XXisia-cliaurn,ro dits Cuter
iiox--sr Dealer:, anti happy to. bee his -old
friends, or rixeice their orders. which we will execute in
the'very best manner in his absenee. , -- - '
Itow, N. Y.
Jan. Ist;
Grateful for- past , favors, the subscriber would moat
respectfully call the attention of alk prompt paying-Mer
chants and Traders; to- the above notice. Ordets for
hardware 7will be received here, and fdrwaided (if ap
proved.).except darinp; the months of April, May, Sept:
and Oct. Dining those months he will he most happy to
sec his friends and servo them at 98Park Row. N. York.
ReiTectfully. 11.- C.. TYLEJ,t,
- Meintrase, Feb. lfth, i 863.
, THE METHoDIST CHl.7.ltCti.',. •
WEAVII6I:3;ZT nntiAn hard a 1.1116ral aaeortia rit of
Ma- (;.f the most approved- pat.;
terns; Buil ders'. litutware Of all kinds. -
PartnTools- ers' of All Kinds.
13rass WA re . ; Porcelain Ware, Japanned and Plain Tin,
Ware of the peat material. .
Paints, Oils, Glass, , Putty, and Sash.
-Pitrain7, Lead Pipe, Lamps; Bird Cagey,
Terms right - . Remember the place.. ..Callend seems
tr?t. It. BOYD, • t . BOYD let WOODRUFF.
WOODRUFF. - . Montrose. July . 22d, 18tH:
FOR Al,l , ltinds bf Macbinery, sat by "
-- - • - . , ABE
.oriaxt.crt3a3;c4pcit... ,
T URREL 4 :S Pure
Tl . mot, , b7 . . 7 .qe_ed t for paT6 by.".
itontrote,lfarels 21, 113= '
1111 TE SUBSCP.TEtrRc telie plettintifin:stnnopreingto
their numeretii frietel3 and ewitercerft,:t 4 at4ty etre
now ready to receive their &simnel% in the' _ •
• " "COMM •
Where they have titled nn the ega
ent store * directly op.
lostte the , POST , Orlqq&z Mardi!' inst - rdtdrned..lrotn
'ew Yntt, they now offer a Idik;e and Nit asitertnieto t
Vatchne i clocksi.ldw .
of -Silver
Wafe; PiatekGoods—Cr.t;-"ir
Lary knd,F4ttey 4 oil
havlngample room, they-Av.:ll 'P.idarge theirinajneaa
the fall ektent of the warts" of thia : and,
horn their lung &ctgattintanea'tviticxhq, it to of: t h e ir m -
Somer4, Hatter theinseiveet that they; wyll he ilrintileti to
torn their late gisaster by fire - lafOit - inittnaVhesielit to
.themselveti end their customers.
WATCIIES—=sI4rge qock 4.0 f Goftfaati Sl*ez:
English, Ameilcp.44 Swiss Walefied
both •Iluntiti; itlid Open Paces, %I - Arm:it - eel 'r r ,ood. Ulm
keepers, by: .. ..... .- . ... BVAIiE. ip , ..,4-14.EN. :
g s ILTER I)espett...'rea,, Bue z,
0 Salt, Cream; Pre6tave. Berry an& ILpstai d Spoons.
• Tatrie. De. , :thert untL,Piel:l9, 'Forks. ..,Butter; • Plc and
Fruit Knives. • •
Cups. Napkin Rings, ChililreWs RMS. in raseß; soup
aird kl*rtry Li,dies. Sugar Stitc,rs bud Oartl CakeS.-tKr.
ritatillBpll)* CIS Coln; (engrivetlgratti.llCy • "
' • - 12VAVS A A.L.L-EN.
Finn fold ; •-•
tplendier stock of Earrings and Mile, of the neweAL
13 - patterns; Finger flings, lar;„,alt 'stylus Erneelets,
Armlet g, Lockets; Guard; Neck; n i - nd chatelaine clwia
Tliiinbles. Sleeve 13utton8, Stu,ds, Belt Bnektei and EiUdesSueps, Spettaele4, carat, Plain Rings,
1..A.T.E1) WAR E.—The largest variety of _Silver,PlA.-
• tett Knives, Forks, Spoons,'C'aetors, Butter
Cake T.tae•kets. ;agar DilUtf. Trays.: Cups. Salt"; Tea:
Setts and Extra Tea Pots, - utter:lnd Pie linives . .s4o.B:e.:
ever kept In this market. • Ef. - XISS E ALLE.N.
QtEEVE 111.ITTONS ANI./ 5T1.71.)5, a new.lot-jnit
ceived—some egtirely 'new patterns, by
• . .
anWELRY.--,lliice lot of Steel Earrings SPX
Brewitplus, by , - • . 'EVANS S ALLEN,:.
"Inn &
1.,-.l l ,,:>,FTS.—ifirailtiome Tea S. eta; firc - and . afxoeockg;
• vlated,'lcrr.aalqby EVAI'S:4 : A 1 44.N. • •
rttlr rar
gontraOlei t lONt. and Pen riniveg. and Soissont, (a*
‘ Netting and Knittii,,Ni s ahty of Soiving, Crochet ;
LES.—Flair and T00#.0.54„ ‘,,... . bv •
"cpgmtp.6iAt BUlLljilqap •
• Court-Strict ; opp . . theraet.ool* .. ..
BINGILViITON, 3lnrch 2, .
. .
5.... CZI INT . - • . • .
Abolition'Slavery, and. the.
, . , _ ..,
.. •
• • .War. '-. .
I,IIIIIS work f. in pressmid will soon be ready. It con
-33. talus complete and ace irate copies of M. Vallandi:
gitat.Ws tprincipal tipeecims on the .tildects abovenamed.
Also: prirts.or many either SpeeetieLv. with letters. fact- -
dents. voted. etc. etc. Themork has been earl:11111v edit.'
ell and is 1)y!i e ved Pppresent, Thirty and:Correct:y.6e poi
lit icahrecord and position of a man whov view-s, it re
lation to the cause ^ f our:National tioubles., and the rigt
remedies ,for them. fir!: 'attraelinf,:' an extraordinary a::
moult oll,pnhlie attention, : , . ' • , .
• , The'w4rk• ialou good, substantial paper,
.208 pal, , ei,,
large 8 vo. - e, . , .
• ruicE—Paper,cover...4o cents ;.Cloth., 75 cents.
I..elivered oy mail or express, prepaid, on Tecelppor
the price. , - • . .
3Sentl orders, With the manv enclosed, to Colum
bus. Ohio, addressed to J: H. Rllly, & CO. or to Our.
3lzn.iitr. Mike of The Ctu,sts,' ~:i„large. sale is ex acted.
r,,.. , .'t'Ever.l. - new'igin.per that gives the above . thr.t.! inter
tloll:4. al,o this notice, and sends niarke.d copies dtlress 7
ed to" 13oK OP, Columbus; Ohio," will receive three eop
les of the work. ' . t .[3lch4n—E4 . v
l of
efrot the
i°P ntin.tot -orn; +oecupieh C.
Tyler. next.door td Tarbell";
Mud, Where he-i
ready to fellGooda to his old frionikaud the public, at
hia well known • •
• . ,
L . _ •
A good stock always on Lint consisting of "
CROCKERY- I ': • .1*
Nails, Iron, Hardware,
Notions, Sash, - pHs,.
Fish, :Sze: &c: -
All kinds of Produce at Cash PriCesi,dtim in exChsitge:
J. R. 1/E-WITT.
• March lOtit, 1563. • .. • .
• -
, . .
• • ',Xotttrtopn, rEn. With, ina.
lkrEry eg
r :c truilYl t e°mek9 l lrl l nae
as we have got tired sending letters to them. We must
have-pay for the Gdods we bavc sold over three months
ivzo,m3 we cannotpurchase Goods without cash hi hand
now. .Those who trill net-take notice Of thts request,
must not think hard If we make them coitt:, We will re
ceive Grid!), of those who ' have -no money; and if no
Grain, we - will take r -Naas, with interest.. A settlement
.we must' have,.either in; the-Store or before' a Justice.-s
We life in"carnest. .
Mu OUTTENBURG. IZOSENt.ittlf ..t. CO.,
Watches,• Jewelry and
•- - Sliver, - Ware..-.
THE. undersigned would, respectfully ` invite
• your attention to his well ,elected stoek:ofFine
4. Goidand Silver WATafir.s. Fine - Gold JEWEL-.
la - , of every kind and variety. of stvles—com=
prrsing all of the newest and most beantiful:designs,
Alto, Solid Silver Ware, eqnal to coin—nnd the .beat
• make of Silver Plated Ware.. Each article is warranted
to bens represe.ted. • , •
Zit' Watches and Jewelry carefollyreppiredand satis
faction guaranteeti. JAG° EARLEY. •;-
- • • ISuccessor to Stauffer . Hurity,).,
• • - 6:4 Market Street, Philadelphia.
March 4th, 1863.. . 3ms•k3mf. . • • -
. . .. . . . •
--,-, ,
4 . 3 fl Different: kinds of Wince and Liquors.' sorspeiaLgu,
•31J, nearly,every kind twiny matket; Wseesneed ours.
Per sale se venal ,by, . , - - . ABEL TERRELL •
, %
YvAlEi ALir*