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    he has given us on this occasion shall out=
live the malice,Of his detractors and form
a bright chapter in his unsullied history.
(Greaveleering) Ancl recalling what has
ii,_!en said in injury: . ef hint and the attacks'
:which have. be:en.made Upon our friends
fur the part : they have taken in the .Striagi..
g . le of the last few months,and Considert;
von of the change in public opinion that is
g?)ing on around us, I calf to inind the lan
guage of a favorite poet:
Though thotglits brood o'er the past, oar oyes
With smiling features glisten;
For lot our day bursts op !bosky,
'Lela out our souls and listen.
• The world rolls freedom's radiant wane. _
Aud'ripens with her sorrow:
• , Keep heart, who bear the cross to-day.
Shall wear thetrown . to-morrow. , _ •
(Great and continued - cheering.) -
The elaairman then stepped . forward
with a very pretty bduquet in las hand re.;
ceived front two young ladies in the audi.
enceas patrtotlei. as they were beautiful
—and presented it to Governor Seymour,
with the remark:
- "I ant requested by some young' ladies
in the house to tender you this bouqUet
in the full and 't dtrfident belief that befdm
those flowers fade you will be elected gov,
ernor,of Connecticut." (Great cheering.)
I,llantrose pentotrat.
~.,, .„?.- * I : . r. • • r... ‘ -•M' ,* , * . •
vf_ z...r .4. " --: .I-• Tz -,
''r .'%.- t l r' Z =•1: . t't --
.. A ' '''''' •
• ---r---- - • 6- q -
•s -. .
.• • T s ; "T...Y....., - ,- -, ,:,- -- - - 7 - - ...el .. .1 '
J-,>• v... . ..,-,..'"-.
_:±''r•-= - •4 - :. , ' .2',..:A
- *
\ I T '
~r- i i .... . , r.•`%, '' ',
. t .
..... , .„ A -
~- 1,, ~
..l 5' ‘
. . 'IOW 3
'. . k:" ,
y:, - .,4 - .-: 1,.: _ - ._sre:;- - ..,.• ,74 r..
' - ~.• ... -..-_- - 4- - - - ,;.to. __l- -,-, -7 ,;',7, • - .... --
V - ' , ..i.
---::.q.-• I ~ tes - .. 5 .5t...-. „ I rk ,r.-_,.„, ,:-.7 ,-- , =4.
1 -- - •''..airwe-- - .. - .. , ..-- ,- 4 „,,a1;,.. Y:,.,' . ~. , r , ..._.•-/
. ~
A. 3. GEARITSON, - - Editor.
Before abolition, secession, etc., disturbed its haratony.
• -
Eatorced and-respected in all Sections of , the country
Vlrformet men desirintr to attend a Commercial Col=
leze at Binghamton, Pittsbunzh, or at Philadelphia, New
Yc rk'. etc., can obtain information of practical pecuniary
value by callivg npan•ot. addressing the cthtor of this
paper.. _ .
.W . All private Letters intended _for.Abe
editor of -this paper should, iintil. further,
notice, be. addressed to
-House of Representatives,
Harrisburg., Pa.
Jan. 13.
_ The Democratic citizens of Susquehan
na County are invited to meet in . Mass
Convention: at the Court-house, in iMont
rose, on Monday * evening, April Btll,l 663,
to appoint-. Delegates to our State Con
vention, for the nomination of State Offi
cers, tt.g. -C. M. OEIIE,
Ch'n Co. Con].
Montrose; March 16, 1863.
C.. 14" "—At theilmuni'cipal election in Frat 7
risbnrg Vriday last, A. L. Roumfort,
Democrat, - was elected. Mayor.
jrDr. E..?-.llrusb, of Springville, has
received a commission as ASsistant Snr-
geon in the-army, and starts immediately
to join his regiment. - Dr. 13: looks like -a
mail who could stand " the tug of war."
:Mr - Tlead' - the extracts from old files of
Greeley's Tribune, another coluirm:—
They show, when compared.with his pre .. .
cut - attitude, what fearful plunges and
'ffounderings a ileraagoue . can make when
guided . solely by the '
The Abolition party r which has chapg
ed:its name
as often as there are
letters itithe alphabet, knowing that both ,
the•party andits-principles hae 'become
odious in the eyes of - the people s and that
numbers of the RepublicAs are leaving
it as rats quit a sinking •ship;.the leaders
have hit upon a new; name; and acting
• upon. the old plan,as,soon as they sac de- I
-feat. overwhelming them, 'they- resort to
an alias, change their name, lipping in the
diSgaise to blind the people.. It won't do
iSitoO flimsy—it is already I
seeirthrotigh..., The iniquities ofyourpar- )
ti are too great to be - concealed 'in any I
Other say, than .by an owernhehning de- I
fean..nitheitext.clection. Your party may
swear* members' into the I" League," ,
but; it* of no avail % you are still the
samkAbolition party that has robbed Owl
Gai'erntrient nnildeCeived'the people by
false promises and-rank deception. :Yotir
dark lanterns and illegal oaths will 'not
be' tiandwritingis upon the
vnia4 people are .indignant - and. will
. . _
hall yon Ciona ppm-
-Loss Estimat,ed'at $50000!,:
, .
About O'clock on Friday morning last
the large Iron' F'onndry, and shops of
Messrs„...Sayre „Brothers, in this village,.
were discovered to be' on fire. When first
discovered, - the main building, including
the Moulding room,' Machine shop ' and
Store room, Smith-Shop; .&c, was all in-a
blaze: -Nothing,was saved from this
ding. AU the buildings being of wood,
the names spread rapidly to the - adjoining
sheds - and out-houses all of Which were
burned, together with the large building
known as the Plow shop. There being
but little wind, by hard fighting the fire
was - confined to the , block on which the
Foundry was Situated. • Had there been
• •
high wind, • such was the headway' of .the
.fire when first discovered, some of the sur
youndikg•dwelling4loUses must hay-c been
destroyed. The firemen. and citizens work-.
•ed well, but the oki•story, '", scarcity of
water," was a serious:. draw-back.
Some stock and: 'tools were saved
from the Wood shOp,
,but,the mass of
stock,- materials, teas, &c. were destroy
ed.: Mr. Osgood, Scale mannfactuctr, in
the main banding,lost e - I,7erything.-
'Messrs. Sayre lose some $40,000,. about
one-fourth of which, welearn, is :covered
by insurance. B. S. Bentley;-Esq. 'loses
Z;7,004. Some 50' or :6 - 0 workmen are
thrown . - out of employment.-by this . unfor
tunate affair. The origin of the fire is un
known. '
Public Meeting,
At a meeting of the' citizens ,of Mont
rose and vicinity, dOnvened•at the Court
House Saturday evening,:
.March 21st,
to devise, ways and means ko assist our
fellow .townsmen, Messrs. Sayre:Bro's; for,
the immediate erection ,of Buildings and
-machinery for the continuing the Found
ry and other . Manufaetuiing Business—
, lately destroyed by fire ' .
. . -.... •
The-rneeting"was called to order by S.
I Mitchell, Esq. • f - '
On motion, Wm. H. Jes Sup was elected.
1 Chairman, and C.M.. Gene, Seey. . .
Remarks-. were - : then made by - B. S;
Bentley, F.. 8.•• Streeter, A. Chamberlin,
B. S. Bentley Zr„. A..l.athrop., Dr.E. Pat
rick ;and Hon. M. C. Tyler:
On motion of C. L. Brown— • . '
, Resolved, That this meeting deem it
highly important that ways and means be
devised to aid our unfortunate,fellow citi
zens, Messrs. Sayre Bro's, in the immedi
ate -ercetiiirn of buildings and • machinery
for the' cMitinuing of the Foindry and
manufacturing business, lately destroyed
br fire r and that '• this meeting tender
thenr sympathy to them, and Mr. Psgood
also, a sufferer by the fire.
On motion of B. S..ipentley, Esq.--• •
Resolved, That—a committee of tirreebe
appointed to ascertain the amount of deb.ts
owing by Sayi4 , BrOs., , and
_the names of
their creditor's, to tdekise rt plan to -be
'adopted by all the creditors for die Post
:iponement of. their claims, and,to procure
-the assent of !the creditors to the Same,
and to report at a subsequent meatin . ..
Resolved, That said comnlttee consist
ofltressrs. A. Lathrop, G: V. Bentley and.
M. C. Tyler. I -
Resolved, That, a proper subscription
paper be prepared by Enid committee to
be presented to the citizens of Mentrose
and vicinity for their donation; 4ile, •
Resolved, That the proceedings of this
meeting be'publiShed, and that the' meet
ing adjotirn to meet at the Court House,
Tuesday evening; March 31st.
The bill . relatii-e' to the . publickioniof
Sheriff's Sales, to .I - referred in thy.
letter •of three weeks ago; has passed liPth
branches. As it is of some • local
tance, full. „ .
-.• • -AST
ACT ••
Relating to Sheriff's Sales in Susquehan
na county
SECTION 1. Ee•it 'eneested • - the
. S'inatel
and House of Rip•esentativOof the . .Com=
monwealth- of Pennsyreania - in• Genfrai As.= .
sem* 11/-ei, 'and it is hereby enacted' by au
thority of the same, 'Bat the4previsions of.l
an, act entitled'" An act relating to Sher
iff's Sates in ,Luzerne county," .approved
the 16th day of 'April, aririp domun; one
thousand eight. hundred and sixty-one, be
and the same aro : hereby , extended to. the ,
county of Susquehatma.. 'Provided, That 1
isaid 'selection Shall not.' be restricted' to
l_newspapers published at the cotinty:seat,
but the said noticet'lnay be directed to
Ite published in any - papers in the Comity;
ianything the act to which -this isa sup.
pleent - to the contrary notw_ithstanding;
and if iab such direations be given by the,
party - '• or his 4 tttorney,
.then the Sheriff'
j:shallmake pubrihation as itiFtetaore.''
The'Luzerne Act itChig fotiott
- 11elatincr - to Sheriff's Sales in tie county
of Luzerne. •
SEertoN di Be it enueled Who Senate
rind troasegt .R.eptesentatives.of the Common
theatt4. of Pennsylvania in General 4ssetably
met, lone. it is hereby eurteted by authority of
th.e"same, That from and after the .pass - -.
age of this act, in all cases -of Sheriff's
s.alesof,reaLestate, in • the county of Lu
some, the publication of notices .of 'said
sales shall be .made in any two newspa
pers published at the county 416-at of said
county, and may ibe directed by the attor
ney or party issuing or basins cliarge of
the writs, upon which direction shall be
indorsed on the precipe to, the prothono
tarY, and by him indorsed .-en .the writ ;
and so much of any law as is inconsistent
herewith, is hereby repealed, so far as. re-
lates4o said county.- • • .
Approved April 18th, 'lB6li_
— An•adt has been passed reviving' the
charter of the Jefferson Railroad company.
It provides for building • a railroad 'front
Hawley, in 'Wayne county, through
Honesdale, and thence to connect With
the Erie Railway at.the mouth ofStarucea
Creek,uearLauesboro. tirbane.Burrowa,
John-Smiley, Tra Nichols, J. B. Gregg,
and Sarnuelinkenlitiry are among the
The eitYelection comes off here to-day.
The abolition party. are using every effort
to defeat the Will of the people. About
500 'sbldiers have...been sent away froM
here within the past two days,, to prevent i
them from 'voting, as!they would mostlyl
have -vOted the Democratic ticket. The
shameless prostitution of its military pow
er to political purposesby the adruinistra:
don - is •beginning.,to beyealiied by the
people, and a day, of retribution must fol
low. .
The _House has toted to adjourii from
the 27th of March to the:26th. of May.
The resolution goes-to the Senate for.con
currence. . • A. J. G.
—The reason assigned at the Treasury
Departmen\t for suspending the -printing
of the postal currency, 25 and 60 Cent
notes, is that there is already a sufficient
amount of such paper in proportion to
the other, denoniinations: The fact' that
there ire counterfeits -did not influence
this afltion.- . f .''
-,-_,A public speaker in :IStew Hampshire
recently stated that Mr.. Lincoln stated in.
is presence that " the radicals threaten-.
ed to place a. Dictator over him if he did
not issue the emancipation proclamation."
And these radicals are the men who talk
about " supporting:the governthent."- 4 --
They would be-ready to oVerth'row the
k. •
z.o'vernment to morrow if it did not suit
—White man and black man had a talk
in Baltimore. ',White told Black, " this
is your war ; you ought to fight." Black
retorted,." nigger has nufing. to de<wid
dis war.," '"Two do g s fight over a - bone-."
" Did you ever so de, Bone :fight ?"
—The JudiciaryConamittee of the Penn
sylAania House of Representatives has re
ported a bill to_prevent the immigration
of negrocs'bild mulattoes into the .State.
.It prevents any such persons from com
ing into Pennsylvania, either temporarily
or permanently , '
letter from ..Tybee Island', below
Savannah, says : On the :evening . of the
9ht a steamer tame into the harbor, fired
two guns, and left again before the guns
of the fortification, six in 'number,. could
Ibe brought to bear on her.. The ort was
in charge of Lieut. Albert F. Miller, with
.a detachment of the 4Sth New York.
is supp'Osed, that she_ was the
the Florida, or a, blockaderunner.
—The admirers of thee, immortal bard'
claimed for him a foresight as little short
of inspired prophecy.: He wrote not for
a day, but-for all - time. It would..eertain-.
ly seem that when wrote "be who
-steals - inn/arse - steals trash," he referred
prophetically to .pocket labOks containing
postage stamps and shinPlaiters..
?—We understand that effortshavebeen
made not only in - the Depaitment of Gen..
Banks, but. at Newlnirii and other places,
to induce the Nine Months ;troops 'to re
enlist for the war,. and extra efforts' in.
some cases have been. made. - There- are
but few who : are - to forege the
prospect 'of a Visit to - their,homei at - the
end of their term of service, after which,
i doubtlesS, a eonsiderablennmber . 'would
be willing to rejoin the Union .arrnies . in
. the field.--Boston Traveler, •
'A lOng.'letter from ParsenßrownlOW,
.dated Nashville!,.March.-Gth ; among other
things says 'told the peeple of the',
North, in my speeches . , As thOuSAn . ds :of
them will recollect, what how reheat---
.that is to:Say, cqe half Of all the slaves, in
the seceded • StAtet- will ICght foi; xheir
owiterS, and'fight3olieitetunte the4..own'
biidage.: ; -- • .
, •••-•* ; telegrAin fretia . Charleston,.in; tyre
Richni.OncipapOsof ,the 10th, states ,our
signal on Hilton Read wan: recently
c.aptured 'en nituiser , by' the rebels. • •
receive news indicatityi
the force ofl,ooo negr
St. Mary's' river on' th
it was even, thought ti
been captured. Thee,
Lion was to supply arm
it could incite ,to inSti
Rigginson. and. Montioniery comm andad !
the blacki. if taken they and other white
officers. were probablY t Shot. :
—Washington, 'Mirth .17, 1 8 03.—Maj-
Gen-Fremont left for New 17011{ to-night,
his interview with the Secretary this
morning having proved unsatisfactory. =
BefOre ,the adjournment of Congress
several leading Republican Senators were
assured on:the highest possible authority
that he was about to be restored to . active
service in a field that would satisfy his
friends. -
. . .
—Much speculatlo is indulged in corr.
eerning =the action o 1 the .government re•
spooling the affairs of Utah. Private par•
ties. have suggested Idifferent courses .of
policy. From what has transpired to-day
it is probable that Grtiv. Harding and the
judges complained of{ by the Mormons will
be sustained. - It is sid by gentlemen well -
acquainted with Utah affairs; that the
arrest of Brigham ' ming by Judge Kin
nefwas an arrangement. agreed noon be
tween the two to, test the constitution
ality Of the anti-polygamy, law, and to
create the. impression that there is no
resistance to judicia process in that ter
rit' -- " T Y'' he hopeful news that we bare been
receiving from Vicksburg is somewhat
dampened by the last report in regard to
the Yfizoe Pass - expedition. 'Yazoo' City
still flies the rebel flag, and the, story of
the capture of the ebeniy's transports in
the' Yazoo River ipronounce.d bosh.—
One of onr gunboa was seriously t t
sly worst
ed last Friday in a encounter with . a
rebel battry-at the, junction of the YaV
labuSha „and Tallahatchie Rivers : The
Lake Providence Olnal _was flnished,:and
water was probably let in on the .I.sth
inst. , • s
• , •_
•::-The Richmond. Whig of the lith says .
'that Admiral Farragiit attacked Port 12 o'clbek on the niglf the
f•ith, attempting to run by the, batteries.
ruder cover of the darkness. One of his
vessels was burned - to the water's edge,'
: another ;hot throngli and through- and
a third badly crippled. One only succee
ded in getting pat; the'rest were driven
back. ' - 1 . . i „
- ,- -.A.
' . —The Journal, of Louisville, Icy., is
alarmed as to the 4afety , of that city, and
recommends that it be immediately made
secureby fortifications.
.- .
—lt is said in 'Vas - liington- ilia a draft
Of five hundred :thousand men is soon to he
ordered, and that 'arrangements have'been
made .4 enforce he conscription without
, lifficultyll How is that to be done ? we
should like to kndw. " Enforce it with
out difEculty.". 'The Union Leagues are
prbably depend d' upon for that pqr
~..- ..i. ..
A LlVECorrEir,ppev.—A reanlar 'live
American eagle
- the eagle of crassie fame
and the national 'emblem of liberty-=has
found its way totthiS• city, and has been
purchased. by one of : oiirr prominent
citizen - s, for,pres . ntation to the Milwaukee
Democratic Cln . The head-of the 'bird
is a shining cop .er color, and he measures
eight felt from t i p to tip. _ The presenta
tion, of which due notice Will be given,
is to be accompanied by speeches and
other appropriate cermonies.—.lltilwaitkee
News. i -
- i ,_ - . -
. ..
Sta Convention.
The State Central Coininit
tee ot „Pennsylvania, some ,mouthi since
met in Reading and fixed the time • for
holding the next'State Convention at Har
risburg on the fr7th-of June, to nominate
:a candidate for Governor , A Judge of,
- the Supreme Ulit.. Subsequently some
olthe members of - the Committee -who
were not in atendance. at Reading, re
quested the Chi irthan to call the Commit-
tee' together again for the purpose of re- '
conaeriug thformer 'notion. ThePom-
mittecrinet on aturday evening the 7th'
1 inst.; the .1 dchant's Hotel, . Phila.-
1 dolphin; -twen y-seven . niembers being
present,'.and after a full discussion of the
subjeot and interchange lif sentiment, the
in °Ow to changelhe day was voted -do wn.
The day originally ;fixed Upon' therefore
remains, which is 'Wednesday ;he 17th of
Ju»e; This gives-. four months far= the
caniPaign,. wbchin the present -,nnsettled
cOndition of ti e , countryis ample time for
a vigerons cariVhss. , The Democracy. will
go into tbe. c4-4iftest with a - determination
to , succeed, and their efforts -will be crown
ed With succtSs.
~. ,
Allen's Gold cdal Saleratus is the best
article kbown .for making nice light Bread,
Biscuit, Pies 'Euddings, &c. Baseless
imitators are trying to palm off to the pub
lic their mile )°, saying it is Gold Medal,
or as good ;. therefore, All who would pre
serve their stOmachs and ,health, look and
see that the name otHeiTick Allen is on
the wrapper-and be 'not. put off with the
spurious because the Merchant tells you
that it i 4 as good. -Have nothing but the
genuine Gohl Medal. Dyspepties can use
end it veil} do them good. Try it. .
via Port' Royal; we'
a:reverse met by
I; es which - ascended
I 9thOf March, and
. .
at. it probably
Pot of this expedi.
Is to all slaves whom
AT LAST—Tht . Herrick
In Porect Lake, March Pith Nor. It. liakralk
enbarg; Mr.. John Braileford, of Forest Lake, and Mies
Nairlet Neweomb, of Vestal, Y.'
On the 10th inst., by-Eld. J. W. Patter, see.; llr.ll3en
jlitedn F. Vonstautine and itise Emma L. reacher, hll of
North Bridgewater. • •
In Jessup, March4sth, CnAnizs 'Simms, only non of
Ahn . and Lucy Lake, aged 1 year and 15 days. Scariely
had these fond parents left the gmve,of their lovely Hat,
tie, before they were again called to weep over the loss
of their only son. Clouds and datkness seem to gSther
about them, "brit Ile who
,doeth all things , well," we
trust has ordered A, for their good.
In 'Columbus, Ohio. of s i inall pox, Jong 8., son of Jos.
E. and SamanthiL Webster, Dec, 14th, Ifiti2, aged 29 years,
2 months and.%) days. 'The subject of this Obituary .en
listed in the service of his Country in Septt Idnt. An ap
propriate discourse was delivered on the occasion in
Liberty, Si:winch/inns 'county; Pa., Jan 12th, by Bid.
John Donaldson, from Colossions, Ist chap. 27. „
Feb. 22nd, of consumption, ,Wrixtsx bL, JAcusen,
late of Montrose, aged 29 years, 11 months.
Mitch I'7; of diptheria, ALBERT W. Cauaan, aged 12
Years and 5 months,
, .
DEALER in Flour, Fced, and Meal, Darrell and Dairy
Stilt, Timothy and Clone -Seed, Groceries. Provis.
lone, Fruit, Fish, Petroleum Oil, Wooden and Stone,
:‘,Vare,:Nankee Notione, &c. &c. Or Oppositeltailroad
Depot, New Milford, Pa. MO 24, 1861-Iy.:,
9013:32.cbt1iy: Seed..
T URREL.L'S Pore Timothy Seed. for Foie by
Itioxttmge,lttartl.o24, /6113
_ .
RAN away trona, the subscriber—on the 21st ult.. a
black girl by themaine - of PRISCILLA STEWART.
This is to forbid all persons harboring or trusting her,. or
Itrustinglier on+ray account, as I will-pay no 'debts other
Dhuock,'March.9th, itd3. 11:1t-)
.Harvey & Brace,
Government Agents and ;It mrnies, Washington, D. C.
Branch for Susquehanna County, conducted by
• L. F. FITCH, Montrose.
Claims prclented and prosecutedbefore Congress, Court
of %Claims and the Deparimentt. PATENTS. PEN
The undersigned, being now LICENSED - ,l)y the GOV
ERNMENT (and associated with this agency at Wash
ington fur the purpose of evnediting business,) %TM at
tend promptly to nil calls in this line of business.' Infor
mation FREE, and !..:11 CUAgGE unless successful.
31ontrom, Welt Li, izza.-31n L. F. FITCU.
, -
New gil for4,lllarch 17, 141 4w*
"%ATE bhve the pleanure of informing yint that we are
11V npw prepared to offer, at our old Ptand.lll6*.lo3
104 & 107, Nqrth Second:Street, rhtladls,
a u'ell selected. Stock of !Moen , and Straw Goode, in
every variety, of the latest importations, and of the new=
eat and moat fashionable styles.
'Avill'coniprise every variety of Bonnets. flats and Trim
mings to be found in that line, of the late.ftt and moat ap
proved shapes and styles. Soliciting, an early call. I re
main yours. respectfully, H. WARD.
- 3ia.tch tStr,;. 4w -
License Petitions.
NOTICE is hereby given,- thatsin pumnance of alt act
of as.tembly, the following named persons have flied
their petitions with the Clerk of the Court of Quarter
Sessions of the Peace for the County Susquehanna, to
keep Taverns in said-Connty, for-which they will apply
at April Sessions, 1563:
Auburn, Joseph Carlin, E. L. Adams.,-Chociinuts Ja-
Cob Nimble.—Dimock, George IV. Lewis. P. S. Babcock.
Dundaff, Arthur Avres.—Forest Lake, Judson Stone.2nd.
Great Rend', David Thomas , Geo. .1, Smith. Baxter Jetx
ell.—Gibson, Silas Howell, IL S.llrundage,-M. Wtrhain
berlin.—llerrick, A. Tilden, John M. ' , AS - yet-IL—Jackson,
C. C. Payne.—Lithrop,David. Wilmarth.—Lenox, .A. F.
Snow: —Montrose. Leonard Searle, J. S: Tarbell.—New,
Milford, R. C. 'Vail„ Philander Phinney.—ltash. N.
Day. 11. Sherwood, Gehme Snyder.—Silver Lake. D.
0. Minkler, D. P. Phelan.—Springville, Julien Lathrop,
Spencer Ilickos..—Susq'a Depot,l'hos. Conovan,
organ. Peter N. Tillmati—Harford, John F. Ziegler—,
Friendaville, Edwin Hiles:—Brooklyn, J. 0. Bullard.—
Clifford, Edward Gram.
Apolacon—Corneline Donelly„
Mal . ch 14,1563. E. M. TURNER, Clerk. -.
and . a general 'assortment of Garden Seeds.
CASII .AID .1"011
Ir il lrEt="l9eeeLp
Doting the month of *arch. .
'Montrose, March 3,1%3. 2m
Watob.' s Jetkrelry - and
Silver .Ware.
TrIE, -undersigned would - tespectfully. Incite
your attention to his well selected stock of Fine
1/4111# Gold and Silver WATCHES. Flue Gold JEWEL
- RY, of every kind and variety of styles-com,
prising all of the newest and most , beautiful designs.
Also, Solid Silver Ware, equal to coin—and the hest
make of Sliver Plated Ware. Each article is warranted
to be as.repreleated. : •
EV - Watches and Jewelry carefnily repo tred and natll4
faction guaranteed. (TAM RRARLEY.
(Sbecessor to Stauffer & linriey,) - •
No. B'4 Market Street, PlailAdelphla.
March 4th, 1863. 3withk3rnt.
,)oDifferent kinds of Wines and Liquors. oomprisign
nearly ever, kind in any market. warranted are.
Vor, sale at usual by ADFJkt TURREL.I4.-
pc a 4ul. El * oi!jitsgibleq,ler bii ta i m i zt
MIRE SIIIISCRIB T ESS take pleasure in annointitig to
_IL their nnmeroustriends and customers. that they ant
now ready to receive - their customers In the -
where they have fitted np the elegant store directly op.
posite the POST-OFFICE. Having just return( d from
liew. York, they now offers, huge and toll assortment of,
Watches, Clocks Jewelry, Silver-
Ware, Plated Goods, Cut-
- • -
'Cry and Pancy Goods. - •
Ilavingample room, they will foliar& their business to'
the full extent of the wants of this community: =de.
from their long:acquaintance with the taste of their cut:
tamers, gatter themselves that they wilt be enabled to'
tarn their Mod/matey by fire into a mutual benefit to'
'thempelves and their customers.
s AVAIVBES - 1 largo stock of Gpld.6o. Sliver
English, Ametican and finiiss.,Watchis' t
both ihiling•an4i)pon Faces, warranted good thin.
keepects r by EVANS & ALLEN.
SILVER WARE.—Table,' Dessert, Tea. Sugar,
1~1 fait . Cream, ?reserve, Berry" and iSitistard Spoons. ; '
Table, Dessert and Pickle Fasts., Butter. Pie and
Fruit Knives. • .
Cups, Napkin Bin a, Children's Sets in eases, Song • ,
and Gravy Ladies. Saint' Sitters and Oard Cases—sear..
ranted as pure as coin, (engraved g_raila.)
Old Jewelry:.
splendid stock of parrings and Plni. of the newest
ISJ patterns; Fini;ec Ripe of all styles: Bracelets,
Arnilets, Lot:twat; t, rd, Neck and Chatelaine Chains ;
.Thimbles. Sleeve B ttons, Studs, Belt Buckle 4 and
Slides, Snaps, Speeta es „18 carat Plain Rings, itc.• ~•
PLATED WARK—The largest -variety of Silver.-P11!
ted Naive's, Forks, Spoons. Castors, Butter Dishes,
Cake Baskets, fin,, ,, rir Dishes. Trays.- Cups. Salts; Tea
Setts and Extra Tea Pots. Butter and' le Knives, Ae.&.e.
ever kept in this market. syANs.& ALLEN.
SLEEVE BUTTONS_ AND STUDS, anew lot jun re ,
ceived—hOnle entirely' new patterne, by -
QTEEL JEWELRY.—A nice 154.0 t Steel 'Earrins and
iJ.Breatqpius, by EVANS AL LEN.
TEA. SETS.—Hatideome Tea Seta, five and six pteeee,
' heavily, plated. for'ihle by r Evatts- ALLEN.
elITIERY.—Pocket and Pen 'Knives, and Selesori. (a,
, ‘ good article,) for eale by Evans Astan.
IVEELILES.—The hart quality of Sowing, Crochet,
11 Netting and Knitting, Needier, by •
• ,
TotlitrStiES.---11alrand Tooth Brashell.f:T*
Evaen & AsiArat
pHOTOGRAPHALIiUMS.—A very nice lot, by •
Court-Street, opposite the Pciet-Office.:
BINGII.I3ITON, March 3, 1863: . •
The 'Nesi Commercial Buildings are Located
opposite the Court House, corner of '
Court and Chenango Streets.
• , ~
This College ix in no way. connectedwith4n'y other
The energies of the entire Faculty are exelustirely
devoted td this. " - '
The design,ofthis - Institidlon-la to afford Young Men
an, opportunity for acquiring a ThurtnAg/t, Preaka/
Buhnexii .Educetion. - s' - • ,
Our Books and Fdrms are carqfnllparranged by practi-
Cal accountants,lexpresely for this Institution. and the
codrac of Instruction is such aeto combine Theory and
Practice. 1 2
._ ,
• •
- Cllcorlogilorte ,C7coulrates.
• This course embraces Book-Keeping in all its depait
meats, Penmanship, Commercial - Arithmetic, Bnsiteis
correspondence. Commercial Law, Political , Economy.
Commercial Ethics, °Partnership Settlements \,Detedting
counterfeited and altered hank notes, etc.
The 6pencerian system of taught in all
Its varieties, bffhe most skillfulonasters of theurt.
The Book-Keeping department Is nudertfic special an
pervison and Instruction of the Prlncinal,D. W, Lowns.;
ek-eank.esreil Izairoz-maxAticoxiet. •
" Students canenter at any time:. No vacation. Usual
time to complete the course, from 6to 12 weeks. Assis
tance rendered to graduates in procuring situationit.
Graduates are presented with an elegantly engravetl
'Por catalogue of Apage . s, specimens
tt o f
. penman
fre., enclose two leer stamps.and addr e ss
LOWEE4., wmtw,f4t, •
octl3 lylsc. ' , ,Blngluunfon, N. T.
Now offers for sale one of the largest and best selections.
Ever offered in - Susquelorrina,county, and probably coin- ,‘
prising the greatest variety Or most diffe,rent :glides of
any. Store in the Northern part of Pennsylvania ; mid per
haps of the entire State. An assortrnent is kept in
about thirty different branches or trade - , and the selec
tions are made (root about forty of the best BouSes
New York, and - more than fifty 'Dealers and Ilanufac
tuiers out of - New York. A largo propJrtion of the }
Goods are brought direct from the manufacturers, thus
insuring genuine articles. Customers on entering the
Store must not expect to find'everything in, sight, but
nearly overy.articie wanted will be pro limed by inquiry.
some Idea o the Stock may be formed by the following
general outline, butenumeratimris impractlenble,
Drugs and Medicines , Paints and Oils. Dye Stuffs, t
Groceries. Liquors, ;,•rockery, Glass -Ware. Wall and
Window Paper. Jewelry, Silver Ware,Perfamery. Brattr
Goods, 'Musical Instruments, Brushes:American Pocket'
Knives. Table Cutlery and Silver PlAited Ware. 1 Amps*
Materials for Lights, Hardware, Bed Stone WstrA,, ,
Dry Good+, Mirrors, Window Glue: Lithographs.. Yap:
Wakes. Bird -Cages, Spectacles. Whips, and Lashes.=
Brooms. Gnns,'Pistols, Ammunition, Tobacco, Medi,: •
cal and Surgical' , Instruments. Salt,lSoap, Potash.. Um
brellas, Porcelain.Tceth, In short, Beatty ermitdpg,,s9,-,
restore the: SICk, to please the taste. to "slated the eye.
to gratify the fancy, and skin to conduce to the reid.ant'
substantial comforttotlife; • , . , ,
The attention of the public is respectfully invited to,
• my stock of.Goods;bouglitsexelosively•for 4 cash down,:
and will be sold on the saute principle for Tow prices.
Montrose. 'limitary 15t.18113.. .... • •
Adttuttistra,tors s. Notice.
A Lime:oohs ladebted• iothe estatO of MATHIM
is. MORE, late of Rosh, &ceased, are herby requested.
to mako immediate psyment;- end all persons. hetim•
elatrosagaliget said estate; will present theli lizthekohf
to the audersizned for aottleroest; - • ,
SABAH DUNISORFt *nab; Ad ,, intstritton
O B. liBBI9E Thillgewater;
Feb. 10th,.1 . . r •
..ct i - -
liter CtkikO eine.
tlln. Bastin Inaba, constantly on ttisnit stailte, l l l
J. a micas' it nan to obtained ot any DORI lit
gr A meatx ;7 7., peretroats4
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