The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, December 12, 1861, Image 4

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- PORTRArIt, - PORTRAITS-! - • 1 --- ' • i'-att, ':'i. „Salt. T Batt . .l
.. .
ir ' • tla Mt WO affi l llr2
PRICK ...-BLO(.) 0 •
"ix...; lii'lltiLES4iLl3 - SALIO I, " DEALER."
rum =detained hitting taken tne teems Larreetly ! , . 2011. 3, Washingitoison s , ‘• •
1 ocalpied byW. B.DEA.N lino* mutt= to tarnish
f ,
alliaray death with a good and tnithhal Portrait. (Directly opposite Washington, Market,) •-
weirpoeted in the pus:lnd:on of the 'rations 10.uds -
of - Pictures of the day, I Ratter mvaolf that my work isnot INT evcr "Tr, _ Cja•36;.;-
te oelled by spy in this section oftho country. - ..
• Among.thourions kinds taken at My Routes are the ... ST ILL CO . tit, 'INVES to ofet to the city , and ,
COVN't RY trade, ail kinds of FORIAGS'
1 Coarse and Fini! SALT, at the very lowest figures;
MELAI2' OTYP-6,--AWILLOaIi'3.PIT.I.I.OOOO sacks Anil .bags, &mediating in part of Ash-
Locket nctures -down to tho einallest sized miniature i ton's celebrated brand for table and dairy use;
Rl=. Transferred Arobrotypos--the tones( thing out, for' 1 . a ._ e ,
sandmen. PO4 to any of the World without extra I , t'ur ) & Dar 4, 3liarsiliall's, - Brow olow's, &e,,
postage. "Ily Pic= esare h o ld.-r,lgorons. and etpreseive 1 and bOOOO bus elm TitiliVialand, Sonatas.- Cu
-tat Mole taint, lifeless ehadowe oßen sold alsout the, ! ra ,, 0 ,„ ~,. yr , • ,
. ...I, ...74. •...r ULN,leisbon, Cad i....,1vi...a, Na ram!. !! . ....c.„ ;
country. Pictures taken in tali nds of member, equally
well, except those of young etildren, No picture nerd be ' all of Which % ill he sold at b4.-gain priers irtun I
taten unfelt' perfect satisfaction ta cives. 1 vessels, store 4cl !storehouses. •
In dressing for a picture, scald light color,--snob as ,
blue, purple, scarlet, ptak, etc. Blom othern take wellies , Any purchmtbr wishing to..seleet from-a good
green. black. red, sand; brown, !aim. etc. 'assortment will find ii to' his interest to gnat: ,
• C.:Cr ' Reznerther that the place to net year .. picture" is ,
in Cm Fitlet: Block, over Read, Wz,,,,ie.0. ,i,, F0,,t,,r.,., sto re. . ,N. 8.--Pine :i.abie FAR. put tip in stnalt brags, of 1
S. Ix. tiszukroti. , different sitemland on hand in ship. -
Itoa 'bee, Pa.,Nov.",:itA, 1;46,,. , . - ,
plug order, Mao a opleudid afticle of - Roek .
Ground 4t, innart - boxes, put up and for sate !
4 -the ‘l.-Witx.' , . in eases of,tive dozen e'aeh.. 1
(tOACIZES carrying and paseenvra betweea
N.) Montrota and Friandarilie. will leave Sc.r: , ".
to Stoat:Nue, daily, at Vo'clork, a. in. and . ..are /Y.C.:112.
TIN at 8 o'clock. p.
EiCgsas and . carriages caa bo procured at
Stable et the subscriber iia Montroae, on rcarozable ter.c.e.
Yoatioss, Aug. 16, 1160. It •J. 090 D
&mot. stock of Gnode, which they
Prices Perfectly Astonishing
,Re haspnot time to enumerate articies, or prizee, I.nt
fnrite tho public to call, examine, and satiefy thentreitc a
of the !rah of what we publish, and of course, then hay.
" J. L. MERRIiitAN fi SON . .
Cipsorettle, Dee. flt.'ith.,lB6o.
eII:TOWN La of Family Grocerlea 51.4 reca;rod and or!
llng 20 percent below former pitee4.
rnT Coafeelonary for (tielidarp, at
FAR][ PRODUCE of' for which tho hlghett
masketpritee V.ll be p-in r.t
Upsantalk, Pa. MERRIMANS. •
ciumnT J. r&L-r.
"TIMIS Consisting of 64 double celmut
pages. Wee or: published pending the political
canvass of 156.1. The." Impending Crisis," is a compl
, tattoo of all the sophisme'and malicioue doctrines by
which the public mind of the North hod,beeu eo far pois
oned as to produce the triumph of the Presidential can
didate of the sectlenal party lost fell. It was widely cir
culated gmtnitously, by .means of large contributions el
money. Cad did more than any other thing to deceive the
masses of our - people. In this Perim and Rv - tirmie, , i, ae
take np eseh of Ito chapters serwately, and every inipor
. taut assumption in detail, and Setote teem so completely
that no intelligent person can r6ad tle pamphlet without
being ranvineed of the falsity of all the wicked normap
none of the helper book nod of the folly of the sectional
stri!h which has enlminaTed' in civiLavar. As there is no
probability that peace will be permanently ta.stor..l to
per distracted land until the public mind at the North is
'disabused of Ito erroneous Impressions relative to the true
character ()four Seinthern sister6itate,,most o t whom ore
now in rebellion agr-inst our general govezument, as the
• result-of the trinmM: of sntiOnal fanaticism both North
and Soath,—ii becomes the duty of sit `roe patriots to do
all in their power to realnre unjust premdices between
the North and-South, nod there is prohohlyino more
lout means of accomplishing this result, than hy`generzl
circulation of ./kfutatioit of 116'j:tr. Tt contalus
. large amused of raluabie amtii.tirs worth. occerionol
reference, eteeral times the price of the pzmphiet to all
tuteZligent icltizenii. Price 35 cants per ei - ipy s or .19. pe
dozen—sent by mail. pnaiage. prepaid
4. J. 11ZEP.E.
iddletoerz. Orange
DELA - 11 , R, cf• 11".E.S 7'R'S' /7.
Or. cam tfter .onus?, •
. The Night Exprees Trail PAs.ea len. item N.York.
East on the N. -1. & !. R.! :ear,: l'idr No. •.:.North It.v.
arrives at Grcat B.:I/dd.:not or Lti' a. tn. 17,00
at la. tn.l f,!: . Or foot or Court2t,d-1...4,:i.J..)
connects w:t.l . : t.l.e - l' •ont l'',,iir..leipl,iu
Express - 1:1.m far 1...:v - e I' c -wt. ,-
N. Y. and Ph:lad'a LeaTe:tr.ct..c , r...
which leaves at - - . - . 2,.1 i 7U1',141 Wasniagzon,
Due at New Milford,. 1",;;•.) 01. for, ,p.r.a ': I ~...,
...Montrose, • ' b. : 11 , .... , ,(PiA11.er0,...ni0n : 1z...i4
Htopbottom, , ti. 1.):..!..:5 tut:Az:es to ,:a:, a , . if 2,13
Nicholson, L44n . 4..\-a , ,..-.1,!1, ,
Factorysi.le, • P.CV. '• V. - at,:•,r i....p, 1
Abtegton, ii,t,.! Stroud,burg. 1
Scranton, . 13, ! Teb , tazas,
MOSCOW, ' 10,41 ! ?J05 . ... 0w.
Tobyhsans ' 11,. 2 3: Scntat
Stroudsburg, ' 1.2,12 : --tbk?.4t ..
Water Gt.p, ",p. :a.] 1i1,.1:3 ~ ntetory‘l,:c,
Columbia, .I, , " , :.:.(1:::.......1.
Delaware, fl 5" to din'-`) , 11,.1 . pl,ottota,
Bows, (Philaci. connect.) 1.13 ! Mont::: ~
. Oxford. - 1..71 ' New 1,11: - ;,:d
Wash:vit.:l,.t.,lo ~ G7c.".t Decd.
Junction. ..t.,:l • Col, e1.,...ts Is :th zr,,.,; t::. in
New York, - . 1',..!31 , W,...:. t.t
Philudelp:l:,a. e.:5) , r.'.. - .,ci Ni.. - -;•hi Ix. We
The Express rt.ll COn:l^C LF a tire:A truly Night expre.s Ent t anti on the Er!. P., ad.
The unrest. Ptosenzer Truitt SorA. connects et th
Junction' with the S 1 F :p.m. train the N:l7 ;11,1,-;:v
Central "Road ;or 11.2.t.hleitent.:%;:ta. - h Chntik,' Itesetiv.s.:Q
Itarrietbu.g. &IL
L .
unve Stn utka.m.19,:."0., , N. Y. 1: - ...,. train East arrivn
Cuw..forvra.ln, , 11.13 lut Gnat Bend',.ii :,,
, :tchoSou; . 11,33 Leave tit. Dene.,,p . 2..0
!font - rose. (p...a.) ".•5 I ISlor..7rose, :ICC
;rcat Bend, ' 1.451 Nictole.b. 4.:.;
•‘*annectin, -, via, Duniclet I Pactoryv/r.n., Z1:1
F:sprogs Veat. at 42,r,s ': Due as Scrantc,u.,_
Tun A.,...nuamotiltion T-r.un dor,. not Inune Sural: nu till
. .
ftz:Cau rrival or the .rorning l riiir_on the Laelttiv.m.iiii
41a Itiouinsberg Tinilrotal, thnoi giving Padsengerf.
the Wyoming Valley u ciirte. connection to: the Wei.:
the moraii.g trath. •
For the accommodation of war travel on the aor.thern
di vialau. a passenger car will Z attacned to the Erna:ea,
Freight train, leaving Scranton at 4 a. m.. due at Stromli
barn 11, Junction; 3.15 p. Itetnrninc. lelres.dnnct ioz
at .1.53 a. in., .due at Stroudsburg S.'4l, Scranton p. m.
Patengem to and from New Tork. viii stun; ears r.t
Innetwu. To and from Philath:lnnis, vii. Bel..1)el. H.R
leave or take =rs ut Hope. For Pittston. Ninzeton and
Wilkes Barre. take lArk.k F.lonmsburg beroo:on.
Fir JeAmnia. A.rr..htkald. and Carbondale take Orunibu,. at
!Scranton. Ticket g sold antrnazzeze eherked thronjt.
JOLIN inui•kins. Superinfencte»t.
W.N. =NE 'S, Gen. rie«,..! .I.c.t. • tizranton,
LackstiVanna'it Bloomsburg 8.. P.
Osaid afterticks,l.lth, I§ol.Pastvngvrtr.aukuilimm
Es /acme:
- a. 3f: 10.:1011.n.
15.t1 .. m.
F. 40
1.41.1011 Seraztan,
. Kia;raton,
• .. Rupert,
'Arrive at Northumberland at te.o
3.101 - isa Non" It
Leave • tiorthntaberland. J. 53 p.
• • hanville, • 1 , .10
Arrive at Serinton. rAI
A Passenger train !rare.. icingston n: ror
Scranton. to cortnezt a v ian tram for N. York, ErluriOlig
le•ves Scranton ou airi•:at of train trotn Nen y,,,k
15 p. ta.
The Lackawanna st 111001119hUrg s with
the Delaware. Lackawanna t Wertern . mit:ro“,l at Scran
ton. foible. , York and int ennediato 1, 0111 1,
At llatpert ltconracta with the itaiiroail. for
points both east and arc,t.
At Northumhirir.nd it coline , ”+ with th , Wtiiatielphix
a Erie. add Northern C..utral and Erie L'liirontl
for points wetland south.
J. C. WELLS. Gen. Ticket Set
a lady remarked t 2. ea a day o f two tame, as
1.1113 exhibited the partrait of an only child, gala.
to tba "spirit land;" which was one of
"-flow I shauld regrtt it, had 1 not tioeurPd
thl'isrerious mentoea. of that dear une '
Shought we. The. !bred enea are not :2 v:ayn
with us,anci while we can call them ours. .-very
entahould secure ouch a memorial: ellpoeialle .
'since they etninve,thero no truthfulit taken b%
-that anmalatai'artint, A. B. T131119.' )1 Bing
tounton.- • - tier
- & Albro's
Roideis:Cerawit, for.gementlag aU Made n
f ro m *e heat chip. and Glass to the coaree
114. 41001. Lesther. Xeista. Marble itc
*a womb, Abel Tnerell.
. •
,--- • i! 7
/7 1 • - ,
`G..,.V.--,. -', •:- ;•,,; f...:L1.....- "e'7_..‹..."-.'..
''''').'/ • ' < \-..." - '
i tE
lEstablishe4 in Pittsburgh in 1840
The Oray o.73fizercial. College. in the
1 1 Irniun, ~Condmeted by a Practical
Mereha:lt. ,
O S Z it i - 0 rent al .. .
o n r h a:e " r e r 'l4 e 4 d i c t iJ: a h m ar ri been rt '
- sy,r.rded Duffs' SVitem of Book Keeping: end the new
:lrzularjust issued contains letters from students:li Phil.
adelphia. Baltim:lre, St Louis, Cincinnate'etc., proving
it to b,. the best known. :FINE First Premiums were re
; cently awdrded the 'Penmanship of Win Ii: DUFF, who
%kith' his asakociateirrofessor. C.:C. Cochran, are undouLt
, edly the best, penmen in America.
Barper's Edition Of Duffs Book Eeepingpost iiaid,• $1,7t3
. Duff and Dune:ail Gcms of Penmanship, . .' 5,0
Duff and Dancan's New School Cop); 800k5,..f, No's, 54
For samples of DEiff &Cochran's Business and Ornament
till Penmanship, With tire new circular of 44 pages, inclose
23. cents in stamph to
' nor 4 y S's
c ViII,
The propti . dari, rr.anufaettirers iiOS
- TES can appeal with perfect confidence to
physicians and citizens generally of the "United
States, because the .r.nicle has attained a rept
tation heretofere unknown.' A few:facts upon
this point will speak mere powedullY ilian
volumes of baie assertion or blazoning puffery.,
The coasumptien of :licstetter's Stomach Bit
ties for the last year amounted, to-fover a half
million bottle's, and - front its manifest steady .
increase in times past, it is evident that during
the coming year tho' consumption will reach-_
tzar one million bottles. This immense aracr.nt..
6u1.1 never liave been sold but for the tare
medicinal proitel-ties contained in Rae pzeptira . 7
t c ion, and the 'archon C . .f the most prominent
physicians in; those sections cf the country
where the article is best known,vllo not only
recomtutnd alio LiAters to their patients, but
are reedy ct all to give testimonials to its
efiicary :.11 c at's Ftolvtackic Cler:...ngements
rind tl,e ,
resulting there:Von.
This is not n'teroporary populaiity, ehtained
extrr.ordini:ry efforts iu the way of truzn
r ming the cluttliiie_s of the Bittern, but a t-o:ia
estimation of nit inraluahle medicine, which is '
iieetincd to bean el:6l:ring as time itself.
Hostetter's 't4teraach Bitters have proved
a Go..iseml to - reg,lots where fever and agno
and various other complaints have
counted their, victims iy hundreds. To be •
able, to state couidently that the "Bitters"
are aeertain cure for the Dyspepsia and like
diseases, is Loth,: proprietors a source of un
alloyed pleasure. It removes all morbid matter
iron the stomach, purifies the blood, and.
imparts renewed vitalliy to the nervous system,
wing it that tone and energy indispeFable
for tlit.restoration of health. It operates-upon
the stionach,,lii-er, and other digestive organs,
mil:11y but pots - errelly, end soon restores them
toa conditlon essential to the healthy discharge
of the fonctinis of nature.
T4l , ierly 1T:724:11S may nee the Bitters daily as
ilhfrctit , r.s oa the bottle, and they will find
i.: it '^ s‘immaulaut peculiarly adapted to comfort .
years, as It pleasant to the palate,
lur:,-;oraming to the bowels, excellent as a tonic,
at i re;;;lven.ting generally. We have the evi
diu:e.e. of thousands of aged men and women
wi.o Lave experienced 'the benefit of using this
Fil-ration Ithile Coffering from stomach de
rangements and enteral debility; acting under
:vice of p'. - si;ll.lta, they have abandoned.
all ci•Zetericras driip:a and fairly tested
merits of ills article. A few words to the
gentler ten. . Thera nra certain perioden - hen
t is circa are so harassing that many Of then]
c: der the The relation of mother
cliff iS so absorbingly tender, that the
r , other, espe , _:ally if she bq yotipg, is not to
tor Get lier own health in her extreme anxiety
for her infant. Should the period of maternity
arrive during the summer season, the weir of
body and mind is generally aggravated. Here,
then, is a : necessity for a stimulant to recupe
rate the
of the system, and enable the
mother to bear tip under her exhausting trials
amid respouSibilities. Nursing mothers gene-,
rally prefer the Bitters to all other invigora
tors that receive the endorsement of physi
cians, becriuse. it is agreeable to this taste as
well as certain to give a permanent increase
of bodily strength. •
All those persons, to whom we Lave pat-Lira
laily referred above, to wit: sufferers from
fever and ague, caused by malaria,-dicirrhimia,
dysentery, indigestion; loss of appetite, and
all diseases or derangements of the stomach,
superannuated invalids; persons of sedentary
occupation, and .nurling mothers, will consult •
their own phy-sical welfare by giving to Boa
tel-ter:9 Celebrated Stomach Bitters rk.
caution the public against
using any of the nanny imitations or counter
feits, but ask for 1108TETTEIC8 fI:LtTOIATY,D
STOMACH roTTIDS, and see that each hot tie has
the words'•• Br. J. Ilostetter's Stomach Bitters"
blown on the side of the bottle, and stamped
on the metallic cap covering • the cork, and
observe that our autograph signature is on the
label. -
gir P'repared and sold by 'HOSTETTER &
SKlTEE.,Pittsburgh, Ps.., and sold by afl
druggists, grocers.:, and dealers 'generally
thronglout the 'United States, South Ame
rica, and Germany,,
1. ..„, , , .., ....„
- v : ( 1 -.T. 7 .-. v 4, f Et . v z i?
4 . t; • .!
''. itIA ' ' MEDIP ‘
'-T w i
[ lirpcy
. .., I
. '. IC; Tr EC .;%.' . .r
~ 1* the Pre•ont oge,ilio;e artitsiroti their great ptlitilarli,
ruby through yelre of trial. Untenanted natlebetloa -
is rerotvroti 17 them in rill came. •
rioo - iPLAN - D9s
L 65 p ,
Li•er Complaint! Drupepais. Jam:dim - Nervosa ri
Or....l..y,l.Thysonaeo of the Sidral-a;
Sad all diaeun ;:ri,log - from 1 ai,oi•Jorrd liner, or weak
nom or Ltc ii. , toraneu an p:gostiro Organs,-
, A:ra roger rarviliz •
Ere cu . ? Aftdaztv,.:cr pod.' ' Sties, :5 cati4 per WWI&
Hoofland's Balsaniie Cordial
708111M.F CCM
Cantu, Cold/. at Ilaa.issassa, Ilroachitia.lsteasza,
CrostP. Pikl44llolll.* Incipuat ConsnmPtum,
sasl bas perfonanthe moot rageulahlag mica eserimossa
cosrmimiEto -CONSUMPTION.
Ls a DiairbanCa it la uneipailc;l. rucc, 74 met
I per Walt.
bdngwetl know: re :roc:it Nueva and Aioatica, pee&
DO ODIUDID/OADOD here. They are purely yeirtabla, are
peepiina irith esactsteai, and are inapiroosted.
bat tilt Cathartic lilt can be fotmd. lluca,Z s cra. per box.
Then enaikdnii are prepared b 7 Dr. C. IL Jacssos
CO, Philadelphia, Pa., and St.'Lonie, Mo, and are said by
drialata and dealing in medicines' ernsiTiehere.. The Ot
tawa of C. Z. tracoi win be tin the ontaide of at*
bottle or bor.
In our"Ereirytedys.dilatonetc,"puhlialied annually, you
will Dud leidintony and iotonteridataty notkee in" an
sarts of the country. Theo Aluumees ere eyes itiay by
1111 OCkr SClSltik' • - - ,
ap3mdla etr4orticketitjast recelv!. Cb.thattles,ehadca
barnrr.4. 'wicks etc. , sat
ST. ::.1.,601 - g , Itoritt.'_ .',': i! 7 , :a. , ..:L.v otisl, ii , ' ,.
CHESYNUNT. i .:ABOV EAU 'EIJ I I ..I. IVE R ,- liel 6 0 RATtiliii;
PHILADELPHIA. ;. 1 .-1 :' r `'" l-1 ' ." 14 "" This ' ..'
TN the immedtate neighborhood of the Jobbing !louses
Ai on Ifarket, Thitd, and Chestnut streets, the Banks,
Post OSICD, Xerebants Exchemge,"Ac., , ,tc..
• ;:
...-„BOARD PER. DAY ; $1,50.:
ACcommodation. when required, on the EUROPEAINI
PLAN. Rooms D'ODI td cents and upwardic per dat. arid
Meals at a FIENT-61.A58 Itestanrant attached to the !lota.
Piices according to the Bills of Fats).
The City Care take Passengers from any- Station
TO or CLOSE TO the Hotel. ' 33 -18. 71.
M'English, French, arid Gemara spoken.
• xx. .Iebia..4.C.MEMITAL3%7
..IS 6 r g ogv . i n - n i t)Vicationa for Inatininne in the.tolloi
Wyoming INSURANCE Comp a.n
vvr 6 Lld ES-13-ATC E, Pa. •
Charter. Perpetual.
Capital 00;000. Sat-plug
o,';n), ber • A. D. 1557:
0. SL llor.enbaelz„ D. 0. Drleshnch, J. P. (rennis, '
John Itelettnrd, David Morgan, Chns Dortnr.ce.
Sarni AVatthant9. R I) Lary!,
L Stwomakcr, Gen P D. lit : llqyt,
R. C. StilTil, 414, 0. M. MOLLENBA , X. Pre<7. ,
W. U. Stmlumi. Mat L rit, Pre' I.
Intrtfora, Conneetieut. -
$1.N. 1 1,600 61
2.154,100 02
Paid r.p Capital
- tin. I Moorgate el rect. London.
',Capital, pig? Animal Revenue, $1.000,000.
Wx.GETTY, Apent, Philadtlphist.
PA:.111 of Hartford. Connecticut.
AOntnnlated Capital, $3.r..70,11C0 11
Any one wiahinz their lives Insured will do Nr6.11 to - call
and examinc their mode of iner.riii•;;, and their rata.
trittch are better than those of any other company, before
taking roligift elsewhete. 21. P. BLACKMAN.
ocb WI • Oft ee ovisr Chandler t Jeasup'e etore, !
P: DUFF ! t, §ON
rrin F., extensive Furnitnre Ehtabli.:hrnent o!
SMITH BIiOTHERS having been refined f.m)
gre:ftly improved, tho proprietors 1e:11°e:fully
»ninon:a.° to the citizens of • :11out?oso and Vie::lL
ity. , ,,th:4 they are constantly ninkinanini keep'on
hari.the LARGEST•rinct BEST 11 , 1•;.tatnient of
To be, found iu laic Country
Wo give iho follc‘wiirg, list c.f -wino of tlid 'a r.
e I Sell at greatly 'reduced
priees, for CASH or-READV : •
lluieaug, Walnut or Mahogany, with glt,s.s
lei Slti to :7735. . • .
- Pureans with notrl.4. or Itroi;titoile
818 to ;324: And a large ~ s morttut-nt, from $8:
$l6. 1:2. 14, to 818, •
V.' Nt:lnd., , , Card Stinds,CortieriTna Square'
81;toti. , , Ut alb yarietle's and pritt,.m, from 75 - e.,-nti
t,l ten dollar,.
t)ivans owc•I Itackm.
&e. • • •
t'rr.tre, hiring.
3::d Extension •
S ea t. ? ,
Can(., Flag, 'rand Seat,„•of t•ry carictß,
:•••P.LN, trio a .t,tos furnished - at bLort nr,Ce
at e s. - , •
13. made. coilln3 on hard q...r far
at short Ilbt.ieu.- , -.ll.arAes always in
.t witness then Bemired.
IVe noi.e but (7.. - 11:Erirr. and ExPr..t:l:
\Ve•intrnd lo U.) our
it as 1.0 m: as it e.ttn
VV. is . . 5311.11.
• `..s.snirraa...,:zt., •
At Montrose,: Penn.
Vrral. IL HATCH, Proprietor.
aw,d commodious notel situated
1 .
on Publ . ::: Alvenue:.flear tbe Court I louse,:t..'
I k tho ectdre of the bilsiness•poctit.r.
nowl2ti IC
w:...s . olyned on iiionday. 211di
Sty.t-rni‘r•r, Ir or a;:eommdd4h.n
(Le Pub - !>t• arid trro...ri3. The Pr,nrietor
,:oLiiit:: - .t..tLet Le 1.r.-i):Ir•-,1 to, un:rn4
1, ; ;1tc,7,4 t 1,71 to
Con=lete . Satisfacilom..
The Hat'o-I:zndrl'urnilure are new, .
perL4e has been spar,) to rer.der lino!
tkpi:rior to any'sirnilaf - er.tablishtnnt in this p
of: the Stnte. It i 3 we'd suppli v d with sil ti,
'recent itnprev.-ntents r4 , rnforts,
w":,.,tors will.siways be rradyto 'respond to
,:f ihles eiinnoctea with this i t. , uye are
The Pri.prietnr respectfully solitits the pzit run
Igo-4 his old frienciv, , ancl the public geUerz I
WM. ti. 111.11'CIT.
? I lEl,s u bscri er win g-Pu rCna;ed
JL retitled and newly furnished
16 4
it: sbOve well knovn and popular 11,4 e;.
prepnred to nccotnrnodato the trav
eling puplie aid others with all the I:taco - lien,
end - conveniences usually found in 'first-dab
tionses. No effort Will be spared by the Pro
prie4nt and his. Aitsistants'to tuako Clio Hotel
equal in every point to any in the country. •
The /tar alas be supplied 'with tn-
Choices,t Liquors.
e Stable*, cOnnec.ted with this lions
are large, roomy atvi convenient, and eerefril
attentive nostlers Ire always in charge of then
J. s , ItlIE
' a - xiD ,
- 6).
Delleiotia.Tonic .Stimulant. Especially destgned
1. for the a, of the Medical Profeabion and the Tardily,
havinc coperceded the to called •• Gins," "Aromatic."
"Ccrd!al." "Neditmted.." "Sehnr.pp4," etc., la now en
dorsed by all the prominent phi'alcians. ellen:data and con-
Lot.senrs, La, pow-easing nil.tbusa medicinal
"qualitiegs (tonic and diuretic) which belong to an-OLD and
Pp RE taN. Put.upiu qt: rt bottles and sold by all Dreg
mots and (Itoeel's. etc. A. RININGER •
[Est:. - blkhed in 17/.4.] Sole Proprietors.
oe yi to. 19 Broad Street. N. y.
For skile at Turrell'F Dreg Store. ...Voldrose. •
is the ba.:( .ifateine in theiroti'd for the cure of
' Coughs andpolds,
• Bronchitis. Asthma. Difficult Breathing,
Palpitation of the Heart. I
FC`T the relkt of patient* in adraeued sedges . of •
Cooedeiption together with all Norms ,
of the Throat and Chest and which
predispose to Consumption., ,
'" it attacks the motor climate, and makes theft. 2
dirtroyer :amain), kits influence. It alsoyrodu
eee fret - eryeitorution, rL induces healthy action
• in the amused l ifacrate itantetuie and tissue:
It is peculiarly adapted to the waged
, .
step of KSTIIIIA. • ; •
- ' doe.qf thieinvatuable SY7WP Ora
sivicmdcomeguentivlcfp. which the particular
nature qf the climate denies. IC isrery pleasant
to the twit, and prompt in Its effect". fry it d• -
be convinced that it is inralucUe in the cure cif
; Brolickial Affectionk.
Price 50 centsper lhate. Prepared 'clad by
71r.• A. .F:SE.6 WM*. unapt& hy A. Esaitnefn.
Ar.: W. corner oth and POPLAR crew,
• - Plata( a. Pa.: For rale In Montrose by
mho eine). AREL - Tr.S.F.ELL itracryiet:
. .
' • ..• 3K.e - r4:loerike. - -
BRIE Best 10-market: constantly irti hand. and at as low
a price -Grit can be obtained of any Dealer in Loon.
.M - Rem..ntbee T.arrell's Drug Store.
New and Convenient.
t 4, 4e I • y
IT ,
le couspoutt.!d t ttt ITtly frets Clasisn, emt
. ... r,ll4l.l,Nht.m.lsolNa.tultirt.l.l:l,l.ll
1.U.1 prux,.l by a 3 4-4,1 _ tare tied re.
4ot:if to 9iztiera.l.lento Le! ji , AU the ;Luaus An . stl.dos
raeolam. - :mlecL
• It LAe eirsq '; Ab,lnitlen the IBot two yet Lr'
'. l `a L. , r l, ‘ as the nnzae.vue
11,ru.:Cittti. •
•4!tettane.billst hr:adolAc.A l t.;. ;to nle OraiteruTerit tEe
;Anal LaLlnl I:Ott-11,1 , e 1 La IS to .
LsaLy Ott Lha lia.V2i.l. I ...I I •
ettl , yourl fc, jet anent pilde yea In the
toe rif 11. e Livrat IV- t . iNlGOltATaii,ar.l is
cure Liver Com.l .131/toutt
byeptimln„! IC.Strottlb Diarrhoea. I
gz Ira cr Dysenie-.
iiossr! iStompo),llablitisni
f'-- : ' -
: a r
'll"bk :ltostiveneft CtlOl.
t ieC i Caa,Ctoe
ea Moriiva,Zholera infai um, Plato
len ce, Jaundice, VCFrainJe Weakness
es;&army tie and ene :eadallas as Ordina
ry Famil y Medi.'t : eine. itallenreSlClC
RE A EVACH.lil,.pa .21;thocamds van teaCry.l la
tirblity taintitt.s, ifii
... two or three Tea- ,
avaantals arc la i c - - en at eameataee:aeat a
tt who liSe It art,. rs .. - leteig. th eir tesulatooty
la as avec, L i:" • .
Price One Daliar..yer Bottle.
... .
.., --.11.u1,_ . ,
C•1)1Totf NireD F 1107.1
' Care Vegetable L.Ttrae t s,,_ noel pot , up lit
\ ta..lliS Cl.SEtc Ale ltglit, and will keep
tn any etiolate.
- • rho Pa Alley. Cer-e.,..• t barite PILL karat.
tlr liii scLee Cathartic; ul I , th:eh the .propriater hos '
1...-..1 into praettee r.,,re I ..e 11,n t wen; v veer".
line inentnt‘r here ~ , vI re'S 41,enlafirt fiern. - 0 - .oae eta
Elrel,;tts , ittePlLT, , , ~3 oil the - se - We:Linn I, I:kb -
~rA.3 in reeerA t., 1: ell r's me, Insakheent LIOLOIAZCO
aer.,,..ale , n the reach of :a./ 14
1 i., Profe.ol 10 411 know I te,~ Chet di'rerent Cathartic. Ice •
on different twellens of the 9 I oue'al. ' •
• ILe PAIIITIA (71,1 .. . TifAIRTIC P. 1.1. la
• lila, Pith Gee reference In thts cell estatalhed fact,
ham Tampa:mice fames/
_sati variety of the purest Yeti
le h's Euracts,ithlch T O,l
_Ths. , elike c-n every pert of the
_:rceltary Canal. ant - ere e.II woof/ and arta In all Tao.
to there el Cotlea:eic Lei as nt...1.1. • Imola as Der
taagententa of ehri lei St a mon e le, et leelit-.
nes-, Patna In the , hark anti s . Lulus.
CI.I 11.C1e0., Pal 'I
44 and Sareneas over,
the r whet e hotly, lima so.l.aa cold; which
. frTiorra , T, If neslceiTe. en i IC. lot,e•tonese of re
try, Loss of Allot.", M tile ' le erreltillgteeln•
1.01101, Of (7°1,1 a, a•Crl I he.enoly • !teed,...
tit 1.011,; f iCillatilf., a r"4 even:hil t '. She kr n ,t.
0:1 let fin at tte'a tory I , I>larasee, -- VVoreats to
Child reit Tr"Allealf,s.! l Itleetntallsoa, a slant '
Portlier of the 1;100011 ..,.. and rasa, atones Io tchleh
:C^sa a•he.r. teeYtntineretts elf to n.cunon to this advertlso• .
elect. Dose. I - to 1. '
PICICE irtrit E. n Drittle'.
The Liver Invlanrator and I.'n an ily Ca
;halite Pet IN are rc:a;4 he ncorghor eaTroa7. sal
1,-11 a Lartsta by the "ir,!... fa s:r the I.,rge tee,,
B. T. \l' c . S'ANCillt IL M.
s. 1).., '
..- later . , 1 :'6,llr:Or,
'::: 35 tlrontlivay, :,:eiv York.
I.l's7En. compi,AiNT, ,
' Sin. the various affections coi.iequent upon a disorderod
Ind! . ; - ,tion, Aridity of the Stomach, Coliciy Pains,
of Apt • N.spoiniency, Costirennes,
Into,: nod alt Neriedts.l...,ewuritic, nod
7lrA l c' • Arf... - 1.: nA. it Ens in instances proved
:y OT,I in others ea.,....ted - o do.:l.led cure.
' I•orAIr n.;.. -- sta l i,OL'lnj•,l7.4. prepared on - strictly
after toe roannor of the ceicbrat,..l
ILA! ud 1•7.4.,,..r. I , erlrive. it. rept: ttion at brine•
r.l tie i m lion Lee, the denland commencing with
f the rather:and - scattered ot,er the Lice of , this
t:any of uhr.nt bronchi with them and
lit n 'tri.lition of Its 'slue. _ R a 1,110 errs!
:fg„ thal 'its trti:y svoarrfli
rte.?: r.• fq . o::.77,llthrigtd.
It Is 14: tizalAr!e recommended to those perime whose tint c boon hui.aired tits COUtillUol2. use
of ordelit Oilier f..nps of dissipation. Generally
trelent.,, ,, , in en'ts I. it finds its sty directly to the sleet
of in.. It,tli hilt end numkentng every nerve, raising tip the
dtC,ping and, in fact, infusing new health and vigor
to Vie
repents to And this a beversevelehl
d",:tt,1: but to the sick, weak end low rpirited, it
e aroMMIC wtdisl , novicased of alas - 111oz
rentnan: porti.4l:
^nt C;oto.ire coL, - otrated- Ikerhare's Ifolland
Pates, i. I.nt op in ha:flint 1 , at0., only. nod retailed at
ON Doti 1 .4 ,1-otzle.[t a ll b01.11(6fOr /ICE DOll-11111
pent ,lenmod for thl, truly relebratnl Medicine induced
:Duly eLizit the paLlle FLOUId r 1 egaine4
pnrolnu.lo , !,-
Z3o - P.c,,tro y Tr.11,1:::.,n: See fiat our name Ls on the ''.
laL*l of treey bottle Too Lay.
Solt by Dr:fres:a generally. It can be fomented
bfEzpresa to most points.
SOLE rnornirrons,
pharmaceutists_ and ciimists.
Tarrh BITTElo: arc €.4.41ta Al , r,trc , c I T -
et 4 7 A EII:L TI: In: I:1.T." Th-Jcp7Zst
. I
0!: 11‘111)11 t ‘" i l;
. tt • • •
' At e:zerient n stomachic preparation of
Ma' pzrn?--d Ozygen and Carbon by cora. _
batt,oo i 5 aid:ore:4 or.bigh medical author
ity rnd extraoriduaL-7
. Ciii:ary in each of the
, MADAM:EI. 1 - 17: - .A.L.B 'WEAKNESS.
TIM Efri. et'. '
The LEON bait; ab!orb-:d by the blood, and
thud circulating thr3ugh the whole system, no
part of the body can e:tape their truly wonder.'
ful influenci.
'The experion ee o" t t errands daily proves that
no prep =ration of Trza -can for a moment be.
com2ared pith it. Impurities of the blood, de
pfessien of 'vital enlrzy,.,pala and otherwise
tic' y compl-xtoae i-,-..r,cate its necessity in 111-
mast every connifable case. In all cases'of
timalo debility titter albus, chlorosis, etc.), its
effteM are delis - nifully,t enovating. No remedy
bat ever been discootred, in the whole - history
of medicine. which exiirts etch prompt; happy,
cud f oily restorative effects. Goodaptrtite, corn,.
piste, digestion, rapid acquisition of strength,
wit:o en • unusual • disposition-for active and'
cheerful exercise, immediately follow. its use—.
Az a grand stomachic and general restorative
it has-za superior and no substitute.
Pat Pp Irl,neet 5151 Mad hexer containing
. I v o riot.. 50 cents per Ibex ; rill boxes,
W.? 33; (vie 'leer" boxes. e 4 00. Por Nate by .
Detmazi.ts gooerotly. 'WM be seat free to,
nay nobler 4t rreelpt pf the price.
terv, ordure. zit... should be addressed to
'R. B. LOCK.E & CO., . •
- . : General Agents.
3.1301.1.0ADWAY,E11 - V. •
N.H.—The V above Is a far.elotHe of the
'alit on each box.. • .
Bl' now pre/mind to cure every cane of SCROFULA ".lti 1
..he Country, and be be a Remedy fur nearly crtry R
Ito which flea& le tick. Call at the
I. of ABEL t . itititti-R, and be availed of th a dbenefH ti - --dlio
rpenaed. -.- - , - Montrcoe, July 17 , 1861: -
Gold - Medal Saler,aatus;
4 ND *Tao, net kinds.,i' Ow bent in market. far rale
cEprui,ic., PILLS .
WIL L c oz.,,vilkE lyn,
theie testimonials were Unsolicited by 4fr.
Spalding, they aford unquestionable'
• proof of the efficacy o this truly:
scientific disc& ery. "
Su, Sesta - ma.
Sin .
I have tried your Cephalic Pflis. and hike them io well
that I-want you to send me $l worth mato. , •
Part of these are for tho neighbors; twwhoiergare ti few
out of the first box I got from yon.t
Send the Ells by mail. and obligo
Poor; o'3't scret.
JAS.. •
Ilaverfo r d, S.
IL C. Spalding:
• Sir:
I Wish you to send me tine more box. of vonr Cepludic
Pips; ;hers retired - a great destlelbeavi6frosa
them; -
Yuure, respettfullz.
kpl i ain S .. tinico Crock; Lintdoii co.; Fa., Jail. 13.
Sir: -
.Zi. .;
[ .t . h T er o n a ct o u - m ill e rAmmo said ma tivolmiCs of yonrllll§ . . Scud
7 75; 3 6 . B. stm&:s. •
P. S.—l/arra wed ;rat bo of your Piat. and find Men , ,
Belle Verncip, Ohio, Jan. 23:
Henry C. Spalding, Esq. _
Please find enclosed twenty-five -cents. for which send
me another box of yonr Cephalic Pills. They are truly
the bent .'pills I have ever tried.. -' • - •
Direct' ' • " A..ST.OVER, P.
Belle Vernon, W3andot county. Ohio.
. • i . . • •
- -•• Beverly , man.. nea9. -
IL C. Spalding, I:sq. ' I '
I wish for some cirefilars or large 'pbcivi bills, to brlbg
roar Pills more particularly before tuy - mastomprs. If you
have anytbin of the kind, please send them tome.
One of my customers. who is snhject Loa severe sick
headache. (usually lasting. two days). was cured Gran at
tack in an hove by your Pilo. which I sent her.
, Itespectfullyyours, _ , •
.1. W. B. WILKES...
• .. I
..--_,....,—... ,
.. _
- -
neynoldshurg; Fitnilln Co., 61it0,.1 .
Jammu. 9.
'Henry e. Spalding,
No. 4-S Cedar street, u. Y. '
Dear Sir: ,;
Inclosed find twenly..five coats, (s.) (Jr which :send me
hoz, of '• cephalic pills." Direct tol.Rev. Wm. •Filler,'at .
iternoldAnrg, Franklin eonnty, Ohio.
Your Pills work like a charm—dire Headache almost
Truly yours. I Wilk FILLER.
?rps(l4tl, Jan. a 4
lir. Spa:ably:
Not long since I sent tuyon for a the: of Cephalic Pills
for the cure of the Nervoits Headache. and Costiveness.
and received the same, and they Atid so good ‘ an (feet I
was induced to /end for more. ) .
Pleasisendliy return mail. Di net to
• -
F,,,nz the' E.ranziaer. Arnifilk, V.
Cephalic PilldricTomplihh the objec for which they were
made. care of headache 111 all I i (onus:
Front the'Examincr . ~..iThrff. )Ik. Fu. •
They have becnicated in more t •an a thonsauti enas,
m:th 1.110, etq...et66.
. - .
Fr. the Democrat, St.! Cloud. Minn
If you are. or have been 'troubled with the headache,
send for a box of cephalic pills, so that you .may hare
t nem in rate [lan astark.
P.1,,.0n the Advertiser.. rnr;dince
Pilb. 3rr 531 d to be remarkably effective
remedy for the headache, and one of the very beet for
ro.,t eery frequeat complaint Wide bad . ever been -dis
cos e red.
F,C4n. the li:extern e:4 , .: ettr, (.7Licago
W' heartily endoree r. Spalding{ at,4 - his unrivallvii
Frm.rt Stur, hunnr Ln . ICI. •
• We are gore that p”rsons saftl7l4 o ith lb° headache,
who try them, will stack to them. '
I,jir 2A1?1.1 Orl,fi;:a. La
Tr: t , telii! ( -lon that are afflicted l I and tee are awe that
-our te4idnony can ht. added to tue a lr ea dy nurnerout
list that luta receifed benelita that no-other medicine cat,
produce. .- 0 . . .
.CI. Lewis lrinotrat:
. •
TJ,lnio.r...n.“•tierliand for thG arti le (cephalic piliP) iP
rapidly incre:iPiai;.
Fro;»' tite Gazette, Da trnport. hind
Mr. S'•:,•ahlin wonhtsgit munect witlt r.n sr
t!de tetiid du: Lunn tiiroSsess r • • merit.
I .Fh,iir the ildtertizer..P oridenee l R.
The te..titnnny in their 1 - 11.0.1:111 k 114', from' . 'lke mod
respeetab!e quarters.
F r ., ;;; Lye:;/ _Yews, kris. ore, R. I.
tikinZ, the pl:led oral:
• -
I SN 4 1e L .46 .1?
d ) „,ge0id,,, f ,,,N5P1
4%7 - .CURES.
(3 " -
By the use of thCse Pill; the periods — eattacka of Nervous
or Sick Iliadaehe may be prneated; 'and iflaken at the
commencement often attack, immediate rale( from pain
and sickness will be obtained: -
• They seldom fail In removing theiNaurea and readaeLe
io which females am , to subJect.
They actgentiv upon the bowels.,--removing
For Literary 'Hen. Ettidents, Itelicate Pemsics.-and nil
persona of redenfary habits. theYare;valuableai a laxative.
Improving-the appetite. giving toneund vigor tothe diges
tive oigans, and restoring the natural . elasticity and
strength of the whole srstcm.
The CEPHALIC PILLS are the- result of long Invest! ,
gation and carefully conducted ex periments.taVing been
111 -twt man.," Years.during which time they baveprevemted
tud relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering from
lie.tdache, whether originating in the nervous system or
from a deranged state of the gantlet. ' •
They are eatirelv vegetable in their composition, and
symbe taken at alliimes with perfe , M safety. without mak
mg anychauge.of diet, and the abeenee Vailv ditagreadde
twee renders it roe!' to adminiiter thern to Children.
- Beware of Coulnerfeits.
The ZPT . taine havelive 14:natures of Henry C. tzpaltling
oneach box.
Sold by Ilmmists and other Dealers In 3led!clue..
A but will be sent by mail prepaid on receipt of the
* 1 '1"1.4t340 Sas 4:J,ezatis.
. All orders ebould be addreised - •
eurl2 v
„74S Cedar Striet, New York.
will save ten times its cost- nnnually..ja -
team° m !
As ac; ideate will happen., even in w4l regulated fami•
Ilea, it is very deilnahle to have . some cheap and tonven.
tent way fur repairing furniture. lobs, . ow...WU', •tc••
,• .
• meets an ilia fiderje; pd.enii afford
.to be without it. Is always read f, and s up to the stick
. .
"PSEFUL' Ilkr EVERY fforsk." -- 7 .
N. B. —A -Smelt IleCOMplilieS ISach Bottle. • Prlce , 25
cents. . 4114rsIss, , ~./LF...N.1e1",c.1 sp4 .L . D Eva, ... ~, ..
• : - ' . -N0.0,:e • Btreet,'New-Tiiik:.":l
, 0.11.r.T10X
ds certain.unprineira a eildrons airs atiemptin,L* to palni
.off on the unsuspecting r;iiidtatteins of my Prepared
(nue. I would creation !persons to examine .before pm
chaoll,ffr =dee* ibatibe-411 *Me. :" (
IarTP.:IZDZSVS PRATARED 61,tr.t.„:v • •
is on the ontelde'wrsprer 7. alt others ore trindilig enan.
I 74 f GgivrivS 7 ' don . "
Groatept Remedy' in the World,for -
RumEATipm,and all PAIN.
tuTaletS;.to. 011711 a.
Foyer and Ague Onedai,' '• .
.Chlllu in ilYe infante*); •. '•
:Deafness !nix* to ftrar days.; .
Bnind and Scalds In we minutes;
Sprains, Fotinds and-Braises In from one to - threc (lays ;
. Indammation In one tiny; - , •
Manacle, Croup, Toothache, Barns, in ten minutes;
• Iletuoirhai, , e, Scrofula, 'Alike's. In ten days ; • ;
Brulsca, Wounds, Totter, in one to threcilays ;
'Earache. - Stiff Week. Aitus, In one day
Felons, Bretton fileast Salt nheurn, In 3 to - six days ;
. Quinsy, Palpitation. Pleurisy, In one to teu days ;
Asthma. Gout Erysipelas, in "fiTC . to twenty days;
Frosted Foet• Stiff Joints, chronic 'Wien.
rantisin, Sore ThrentrScarier rover, and the lame
made to wall:. by a tiny bottles.
This OIL, (Dc 0 rath'sils mild and pleasant, and is
greatTantily Medicine fur children teething &v.
Ladles should all, It always leaves you better
than it finds you, bottle often cures entirely.
" •
Read letter from Rey. James Temple.
, • PittLumeuts,..lnaefd.h, 1555.
Prof, ..e catrilf: I have been afflicted for thirteen years
with Neuralgia and' other painful complaints, and I have
been unable to sleep soundly or walk any distance fur
many yearn pant. Last week I got a bottle of your Eke
trict.q. The first night I slept soundly and well, and to-
day lam like a - new man. :My wife could not believe her
eyes. Your Electric Oil has done in one week what the
plusiciaus of Philadelphia fulled to do to thirteen years.
Gruteiblly yours. '
MO South Street.
• HAVEN. May 19th.
Prof. De Grath: My trotter has been deaf fora reftro.
After trylug many things, he need soul—Olin few times,
and it cured him entirely. ;.
. • Clab'FODD SCD \ ANTON.
1.74771P0r5a1e brie DruiTtlsts, and at' the -Depot. .217
South'Elghtb-ht, Philadelphia. , fehl4,3nt cy
0 'IT 9 .
LIFE - PILLS, . kt eiroExix: BITTERS
TIIIIESE MEDICINES bin'e how been before the public
for a period of 'Thirty. rears, and during that time have
maiatnined &high character in almost every part of the
(Iloilo, for their extruordiniu7 and immediate power of
ra4toring perfect health to persona suffering under nearly
every kind of disease to which the human Immo is liable.
`TA:2 following are among; the distressing .variety of hu
man dine:lace in which the
• I
Well known to be infallible. • ,
IiSPEPSIA, be thoroughly cleansing the lot and 2nd 1
61CW , , and creating a flotrof pare,hekithy btle,lnstead '
Lie stale and acrid kind;: FLATULENCY, Lost of .Ap. I
le, Heartburn:Headache Itatleesneu, Ell- Tinaper, Aux ,
,iLanguor and Ifilancholy, - whlch are general symptoms - !
ryspepsia, vanish, as a natural consequence of its cure.
OfilriTENEBl3; by cleansing the whole length of the
%tines with a solvent process, and without violence;
.tolont purges I eave the bowels costive in two days. '
EVERS ofsll kinds, by restoring the blood to a regular
niation, , thro* the process of respiration in such cases,
Moro' solution of all Intestinal obstructions in others.
ie Life Medicines have been known to cure REJEUM
-14 permanently in three weeks, nod GOUT in half_
t t ime, b. :removing log al inflammation from the ratts- I
i a nd liniments of 1110,14005.
1 OYSLES of all kinds; by freeing Site StreriritheidiT
kidneys and bladder: they operate most delightfully or,
c important organs, and hence have ever been fou'nll a
in remedy for the worst casesof GRAVEL. -
go WORMS, by from-the turnings of the
14 the sii:ny mutter to winch these creatures adhere.
perfect purity
. .t bleb these Life Yedieines give to th e
' ' i l Ali a iiiTl t C h il4.7.l 9 gTo NS and DAD COMPLEXION'S,
. eir eltarative caber upon the fluids that feed the skin
the morbid state of Winch oceaslons till eruptyl:e
' plaints, sallow, cloudy, and otherdisagreetible com
ke use of theca Fria fof h very short time will effect an
',re cure of SALT DE:E;TM. and a strik;n7 improve*
It iu the,clearness of the skin. • COMMON COLDS -
1 DIFUENZA will idways be cared by one ddsc, or by
i. irk :he worst cases: •
LES.—The original pcopribtor of these medicines.
cured of Mini, of 3.7, years standing' by the use of the
' .If,ditin4; alone. .
' 'VER AND AGUE.—F - or this scourge of the West.
onntry, these Medicines will -be fonr.d a safe, speedy
I certain remedy - . Other Medicines the system
,et to a return of the disease—a cure by` these Medi
a , i , . r,erumnent—Try (hem, be satisfied, and le cured .
• Iliiitim !Fevers • and Liver Complaints.
lets! Debility. Loss of Appetite. and Diseases of Fe
tes. -The Medicines have been used 'with the most
k .flcial results in cases; of this description :—liings -
i , and Sero s :ala. in its worst forms. yields to the.m..ild
powerful action of tLese remarkable. Medfeines.
tht fiweats, 'Nervous Debility, Ntrcons Comolsints of
binds. Pelyiltatton of the heart, Painters' Colic, are
:Wily cured.
lorrurialDistases:-Persons whose eonstitatisat
4:.become imnairtai by the injudicious use of l',lercvy.
i End these Medicines a perfect cure. as they never fail .
;Mdirate from t - Intsy.sierti, ell the effects of Mercury.
.nicely sooner than the Most powerful prcpa7r.tician of
aparllia. Trera ;NI ar.d 5613 by
. W. 1.5 11710ADVA Y. NT:W-Yeas. '
leor Sale by all Dreamt - Ista.
IWidtar's Balsam Of' Wild Cherry , .
I Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry.
of th
of 11
Asthma, Bronchitis, Hoarseness, Bronchitis,
Bronchitis, 'Warmness, Bronchitis.
Whooping Cough, Croup,
[ . Whooping Cough, Croup, •
[Consumption; Consumption, Consumption,
Consumption, Consumption,
• all like diseases, find an unfailing antidote, a
I • • y relief, and a cure and speedy cure, in that
• and universally approved remedy,
IWistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry..
Wistar's Balsani of Wild Cherry.
The B. Jacob Seekler,
. ea known and snuck ref/porta among the amain peps.
latitei of country, 'sates the folksier 4'Blmm:fee
A. keep qf Lie totirtta. , -
i- • llAnoczit, PA., Feb.l6, ie.s9. -
Messrs. S . W.lovrr.t do Co, Boston,—Dear Sirs:,
ring realized in. my family important benefits from
Ile use or your valuable' preparation, WIS2AI3 DAL
um or WILD CUEART, It Affords me . pleasure to
rientrunemi it to the . publie. Sdmo eight' years age one
' or my daughters seemed to be in a decline, and Md.
Mom of her reroret; were entertained. I then pro
. clued a bottle of your excellent Ito:3' am, and before she
Ild taken the whole of die entente of the bottle there
yi a d vem ia t ean imp , ro m re ad m e en f t4 u n ta ut health .
y r our barlin uab rny le
edicine, and hare always been benefited by it. /
Otert ""r is a ' ;‘,. 4344.22. 0,1 deal . 41 :f Papiati:riquragaitrutistarf7:""Balsso% le-.
. d Charry trjtoat rfrough6Kt tie coluatrit.
Virgiais Testimony,
. . . .
- . •
' from Me. NOUBOII,IiE Nonroy, i4f tho
. . Mariner Offlie, lialaimi..
- •. -,
' Fajliptecep, VA., Feb. 21.1680.
Ifmak, H. W. Fowti CO, DOM; 9entlomen
. ~
1 with pleasure testify to the great merit. of your in..
s ir !labia lag medicine, Dr. WISTAR . S BALSAX OF
• ILD Onznav,which is likewise highly valued by
' any of .our esteemed citizens, who hive tested its
ues, by trial.' -. ..
, . •
1 gist made use of this Balsam some three years sine
fqr a' violent and 'distressing Cough which baled the'
gill of physicians , and, to my Joy, experienced such
asifying relief as to induce me to persevere in its use.
I?iltiays keep it by me, and ever find it to be unfali;
fug in its' effects. No medicine that I hive ever used
hits given each speedy relief. Yours truly, . .
4 . ,
.4.i. .
, Frnin Jesse Smith , Put, • ' : • .
- ' ' to tha Xerris Cased . Beek, and We is wed •
Assam and muck astienniii am:kw Nap Jerset . ,
1 0 -.. - .
• _ -•-•• • Blontwiroww, N.J., Jan. 94860 ,
Haan. 8. W. Fowew .di Co n —Demean : - Having
&limit 111100/1 Years; and havinji realized Its benedeial
T. realm in my family, it affords .me great plesanns'in -
! recounitendingjt to the public ti evaluable remedy in .
eases of weak map, colds; writs, de., and a remedy
'which' I consider to be entirely ...innocent, and may be'
taken With perfactaifetY by Mamma delicate in health:
. - .
....- .. Your, very respectfully, .
. .
•.' - -• . ' ' -51:819r. SMITH.
' ' 13?"- Beware of rile and trorthlese airnterfeifsl
The oils : Genuine, Part, and Medicinal Gdecies luta
the mine - of,":I—BUTTS," --written withot pen,
:.. slid the printed same of the proprietors, '' S. W. •
' F I OWLE & 'CO.," On the outer wrapper. - ,
,• 4/1 fa%
,soer wad_ any cluaie of the Throat,
or: . Chew' ;;Can obtain Ski relief by wing
... ..
i i mmjA
' t r iattiell BSI,* of-Wild Cherry, 1
fistoz"o,BOstuo of Wild - Cliorm
_ _ T . - PEEPED 81 - . '
• - 13. - , W . VONitiE 'lt: CO .,
..6dor; Tkale" and iittichanis -
•: . : ra, to acs tow
1 • :', ... •. - . and city in the- O&M &ates. • .. ' -- •
1. , " •
_._ •orplely AbeiTuircil and fiend, Watrons & Foe
104 Jitontriase: ,- ....,11. Woodruff. Dinrock ; • Amos Nichols'
:Br° iklyn ; Whitney ..t•Moley.'llarford : Weed & Ward"
Gre . t
Bend'; J. .:olntatcni; Dundaff; L. Grl din. time
Ilk , ._. - . , . . July 26—y to -
Coughs, Colds, Coughs,
Coughs, Colds, Coughs,
A - .y;e-..i.,,-,i--,:i.,,,.54,-.,:i4.4,4,14,,a.,,:ii:.1ia.,
.11r1 for the spr:stly cure of theiputioltietr vs:Jetta of
I - .
r.Frernfizia And Scrotalong Affectlame, such as
Tttiuutle,Snitif. Eruptions, .rim.
'illotehes t Dons, 111.alsui.
! , uutl fiLL/41'1.1Iseaser.
. , • •
i ~" , : • ', Ind.. eth June, tre.,2.
i J. C. AT:M. lz. Co. tienti: I feel it tor . dutr to ai.
i knowledhm tsdint !oar. Sirsitisuilla Ims done -Tor me.
I Rasing inherited ft Scroildouts infection; I "rare snffem!
from it In various ways-for years. - -Sometimen it burst
I out. in Ulcers on my hands awl anus: liontetltaos ft
i iratied Inwstrd mid distressed me at the stomach. Two - '
1 years ago it broke oat on-my head and covered my smith
and eery with one sore, which was paint - of and loathsome
beyond description. .I tried many medielneiand sever'.
I physicians, but whimut'tnuch relief froth any thing. I._
fact, the disorder grew worse. At kniftli I was rep:INN!
I to read in the Gorpal Measener that you had pm pared
r An alterative !Sersaparilla:,, for I knew from your repo
i tatlon that oars thhig you tat tl e untsfbe gore] . l sent e.
I Cincinnati find, got it, and nett. it tilt It cured Me. i took
1 .- St, r.s "* . c.n ndrha, In smoll doses of a tcnapoonfur neer X
; Inouthcand Used alinnat three bottles. 2:corona healthy
skin, soon began to forni wwicrstise scab. which alter a,
I while fell °Z. My skin Is stow clear. and 1 bison by tay
1 feelings that the 1115011 W is robefront my syaton. 1 . 1 , 4
Can well 14.11eVe that I feel what 1 am stisi,g when I tell
I you, tit I bold you out of the apoilles ortlal aim,'
and remain ever gratefully, Yours • • . .
.11.1 - ItLi.; It. TALI.f:V.
i • _
I St. -Anthony's Fire, - Ross - or - IgrriitntLar,
1 Totter and Salt Iliac ant, Scald . 11ratI,Iting.
smarm, tiore Plyex, Dropsy.
I • Dr. Itobert M. I'reble writes fronrSalem. :1": 1 . .. inil
I 'Sept.. it .:44 that he has cured an ISTrter tadisc of
Diwil TY. which threatened to terminal', fatally, -by the
I persevering use or our Sarnanarilla, awl also a danger
i ourattack of ilalionaal Err iprlad by large doses of ilea
. sanio; ralys'ho cures the counno . n F.sliptious by it con..
I - stoutly. '• -
• .
Eironcisocelv, Goitre, or - Strolled Sate L - .
• Zobnlon Sloan or, rmspetd, Texas, `Writes: "Threw
bOttles of your Soisnparillo cured the front ELl:nitre—Pi
hideous swelling on the Heck, whieli final titiared from
over V.v.° scars."
. .
1 LCarorrlicra or 'Whites. Ovarian TrsmOr, i 2
:a:Corti:to Ulceration, remote Dlrestiira..-
Dr. J. IL 'S. C.l. miming, of 'New York City, writes i "1 ---
I rnogt ciseerfulls comply wills the rennest'of your agant Ist
I, saying I liar lowed your Sarsopr.rllla.a most - excellent
alterative in the numerous complaints for , Whieli we era
! ploy fowl, a retried;-. but osperlally 'ln Alinafe IV , 4nriev
of the Strong:um diathesis. 1 linisi cured roans - Inset- •
0 crate curers. of Leueorrimm by it, awl some stlikre Mo.
complaint was ranged ty Ift.'cratinit rir Cie afmi.. 'l'lio
ulceration Itself was soon cured. Nvthing within my
knowledge'ermals it for these fcreob• ricrac -, ^mods!. •
- ntlword S. Marrow, of Newhore, Ala., writes: .. A can.
1 mewls orarian Caper OS oar orals,' Iterate,, Pi my family, 1
which had 4. , .:1 , Ni all the rentedh.s we could pray toy, Its.
at length been completely enrol by . your extract of Se:.
saparilln. Our physician thought nothing hut eallsmt.
tion coal! ;Vint relief, bat lc advised the trial or - your
• Sarsaparilla 'as .tlie haat resort ,before eiatiiir. mud It
prta.:l4•Jrvetual. After taking, your remedy tight track*
no symptonfaf the - disease remaissa.t.'-
,•. • • •
' Sy pistil's and - Ilteranrlnl Disco N..
?..:aw Oar.r..vis.'Lltli .kiira t. l. WO.
I • Dr. J. r. Arra. Sir: I clmerintly comply with Ito
request 6fyony ngeut, Mist report to you noose of that
effects I Imre reddl ies , with your
1 hap, curad with it, In rorcrnettre, Most Of the com
-1 plaints for whirls It Is recom m
nuicd, and have found Etc •
effects' trulfwonderful lit the cure of Venereal and .1/er.
curial Thiscroe., prie.of my patients had Syphilltk ulcers
I In his throat, which were consuming... Ids palate mist Um
' top of Ids month, Xeur Sawapariila, stesollts- taksis,
cured him In flee weeks, Anotherwas attackel 'by soo
°minty symptoms it 1114 nose, :mil t h e itineration l e d
eaten sway a ermsiderable part s& it, that 1 beltrresim
disorder trosil.l soon reach his brain awl kill Lim. Hut It
j yielded to my administration of your, sur,ti.rrli;r.: Ur.. .
I ulcers healed, awl he is well again, nofof emirs. , ri:ti:ort .
i• some disfiguration or the Mee. A womm wt,.) had Irs.n
treated for the same disorder le; ider.enryl was anireriag
from this poison its her Wines. 'they had becomes° sjensd -
I tire to the weather that on is droop slay she suff.soilex-
I cruclating pain In her joints awl hours; she, ton, nap
icured entirely by your Snr.aparilist Is Ca fear weeks. 'I
knots from its fornsnla, Mist, your r4.tilli gore me, that
thin Preparation from your lahnrato7 unisthe a grsct
remedy; consenuontle, 'these truly remarkable results
with it have not surmised me. ' ' .
• Fraternally yonrs, ' G. V. I.AIIIYILIZ, M. It.
- Itatenntritlent, Cone, Liver - Complaint.
INDErz;:truit:w.6:„. Preston Co.. Va..V.tit .1:117,
On..T. C. Avti:. lair: I.hram: bee. afflieted with
fmtbehrontc Rhelonalism for a long time : Om - I
skill of phyrieinns, to Le! 13 r pity pf elf tho
reniedies I could until I tried your Sarsaparilla. Onn
bOttle curd me in two weeks, :mid re..fPrk,l my genert.l.
health lit) much that I am floe Irdter than hefore I wa•
attacked. 1 t'ain;: It a wonderful um:Urine. .1.(1 , 1:".:All.
.TnleS of St. I.unk, writes: •• I ' bra:
afflicted for years with an ion Licer, which
destroyed my herd tit. I tried every thhut- and every thing
failed to relieve me; mid I have-heen a broken-down 111-4..1
forrome years from no other VIII3e than rfernagrmeot
the Lirer:\ Ilyhtloind pastor, the Her. Mn rdgly,adrisefl
me to try your ScriMmtrilla;bewnwe he said he knew you,
and ;my thing you made was worth trying;" By time
lug of God It has cured me, and has so purl:hal my blood
as to make aMew man of me. 1 feel VO'l,ll^ :train. The
best that cm‘be sold of you is nut half good '
Sehlrrtas, toneer.Tettn - orts. Enlargement. trt.
eeratlon. 'Caries, and Exfoliation - of the
Bonet. •
A great variety of emus have been reported toms where
eir r e s o. then ftirmilabb: conr.l:64ts hays resulted front
the use of this remedy. hat our apace here sill ru: :a!-
iiICM. llama of thee, may In: round Moar .AlUPriVal
Almanac, which the agenb. low named are pleased to
furnish gratis to all who call for them.. •
Dyspepsia. Heart 'nowise, rtes. Epilepsy.
I" . .Zettrolla.
\1 any rcraarloibbs cures .r thr3t, lies-, b een
made by the alterative power or this nteOleine. It 'stimu
lates the vital Inneti rot into vigorous nation, and It..
overcomes 4:lportlees wooll be scipot.e,l beyond
its reach. Such a resnory has long been required by tit. ,
necessities of the people. aml vie are rout - pleat that this
will do.for them all That ntecilidne cm: do. •
. Ayers Cherry Pectoral-, •
ro'tlip: nArip ima:
Conghs, Cohle. 1 / I fillenZro llooesetiels,
Croup, Broneisitts. Ineiplent COnistimp.
tion,Natatt for the LGelief or Cousitanp.
five _Patleuts, in advanced'
str4ge,l of the rilsense
Thln In a remedy so universally-known to surpass env
other for the cure or thrust and long complaints, that It
is useless here to publish the evidence of its virtues. Its
unrivalled excellence for coughs and colds, and its truly
wonderful cures of. pulmonary digence, — have- made k
known throughout the civilized nations of the earth.
Fen , two the comminnties, or even families, among theta
who have not some personal experience of Its effects—
some living trophy in their nildht or its victory over the
subtle and dangerous disorders of the. throat and lunge.
As all know the dreadful fatality of these disorders, and
as they know, too, the effects of thls.rtinetly, we need not
do snore than to assure them that it has now nil the vir
tues that it did have when making; the cores which have
won so strongly . uporithe confldence of mankind. -
Prepared by Dr.:. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mu&
For Fale trAr,ul Turrol, :.,luntras4.l; Cburtb & rbigney
Dunduff; 11'altrunn k Auburn Ccutre:Und by xi
dealers and dru;;;:iFtu CTerywherc. , „oun y cw
ytIfiI)H . KEN,
An 'experience& nirse -Fcmele Physlciin. presents
•to the attention of mothers. her . •
which greatly facilitate - a the process of teething, by sen
t/ ening the gnma, reducing all inflammation—will allay-
ALL )'AD: and spasmodic action. audit
Delimit upon it, Mottars, it will give rest to-you, and
We Lave put up and sold this article for over ten years..
and can say IN CONFIDENCE AND TEETH of it, what.
wit have never been able to one of any other medicine—
EFFECT A CURE, when timely ured. licver did - we know,.
an instance ofdlsratirfactlon by , oakune who hid used It.
1.111 the contrary, all are delighted with-its operations, and
speak in terms of commendation of its ma g ical effects And
medical virtues, We !spin this matter "WHAT WE DO;
1:NOIV.," after ten yearn' experience. and PLEDGE ODE'
'REPUTATION for the fulfillment of what we here declare..
In almost every'instance whet the infant is suffering by
pain and exhauntion. relief wW,a)nolotind in Gftetm W 2.J
minutes after the syrup is administered: ' ,
This valuable preparation is the prescription of one of
New England, and has been used with NEVER FAILING
SECtEmi in
It not only rellet child fro pain, but invigorate;
the atotnach and bowels, entracte acidity, and gives te .e
and energy to thu whole system. It will inataLaly
• ,
and overcome conruhionq., which. Knot speedily Cried,
end in dcata. We believe it the BEST SUREST rein- •
edy In th, in all cotes of DYSENTERY and.
DlAltialcE.V IN :whether' it arises from
teething, or front any other cause. We would say to all
nioth.we who have a child angering fmniany of the forego
SUR Tilt; PRI:',IUDICE4nj OTHER& stand between
von alo'r your eutferin z child, and the relief that will be
Ul:l—,ea ABSOLUTELY SURE—to follow theme of
this medicine. if timely used. Full directions for uslr , :
will a:laminar:l each bottle; None genuine uniesa the f..e
stroll.. of CURTIS 4; PERKINS, New York; Is o: the
out . ei:h.; wrapner:
•. , ...oa.l by Druguitte throu;zhont the svitrld. • '
Priuripa7'OiNee,l3 Ceitur street, Now York.
do t y For kale In Arontrose by. Abel. Tamil. • •
.1 Bcnei..oknf Itititution established by ape.
Endounaint. for.: the' Relief of the Sick
and Pi.stressed, ajlietq with Vsruletit and
• Epidemic Diseases, and especially Jri the
Cure ri 1h eased tti"thi Sexual .Oryatas.
idg EDICA L ADVICE ftiecn, gratin by the
A.;:tin4.Borgertn:fc nil who apply by letter
with a aetzeriptihn.of their condition. (nge.'oacu'
riation. habits of fife. dze . ..j and in castes of ex
trer_le po, t .srtv.tnediein ra turnis , hed free of ehnrge
. 'lr:dim - We ittpnrttt on Sperinntorrhmn, and oth
er llitienetr4 of the tit Istal Orkans,• sent tu,'"t he of
tlitled in - t.onlcd letier.envelopee,'lri4 cf. rhergo
4dt.lrote. Dr. J. Skill in. ilonchtnn:Arting Sitr.
aeon, Ifoword'Assneitttion, N0..3 Smith 9th..0.
.Ifr ordernitt . ..e.Direntors.. forg
rAndlw, lamp 'Oll.,Sr.